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. Kaiiral of Pylblaa, meet mrj
davaktht at half-IMl atrtn, IB (AM-
r UiaaccMor Comaiaarta
a m v Aimvtf f nrwlie. NO. KU
- - fmWr of (Md-Ptl-
' kalr-Mat wb. In Ibtlr nail on
. . . -. (Blin llul KJKMllli
. jY..lClJUwa' HaH oalbt inland IhlrU
M.M.ilAnta left Mr A V A A U
iii.u naaCv flBBUBUBlauioBi in M-
l BtNUC null Burner umiKinij
"ana IIB mn, on KM aeoonu mil
Moadav or (ob moaui .
KIT WHT CIGARS three for
at:aMti. at F. Toichman's, 102
Cotnm8rolivenuo. 2-20-1 m
b. 19, IH78.
A goodwill lunny time Is anticipated.
Different features ami characters will lie
brought In during Hie evening by the
entire force of the Turner.
John Koehler, William. Under,
,S. "jchwannltz.
Ghs Ruder, Klw.
II. Appcl.
F. M. Stockflcth, Cut. Under.
AdmlMlon Gent $1, Ladles MJc.
No Improjier characters admitted.
By order ol Commlttc on Arrange
ment.. 2.20-td.
We will self 1,000 to 5,000 ton best
lee, delivered on earn at Chicago.
Delivered months of April and May.
Johnson & Uaiikkii.
No. 302, Water street Chicago.
far Kaaaaa atf OlaraUo.
The Atchison, Toinka and Santa Fu
railroad from Kansas City and Atchison
on the Mluourt river, via Topeka, the
capltol ot Kansas, and thu beautllul r
kansas valley to the Rocky Mountain.
The shortest route to Puebelo tlw Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs. Maultou,
l'ikef Speak, and nil place of note in the
mountain region. favorite route
toLH'uvcr and all point In Northern
Colorado. Thebet route to Southern
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. The
only direct route to the famous San
.tuau mine. The track and equipment
It unenualcd, train run through from
too Missouri river to the Kocky Moun
tain, making connection in Union de
pot and avoiding delays and trans
fer. For lull descriptive clrctilurri
maps time table, etc., address
T. J. Andkicso.v,
flen'l Fas. Agent, Topeka. Kan.
For Sale.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) llnl-h,
valued at $85. Will he sold at $20 dis
count, on good term, and ordered direct
from the factory.
Colored and mounted Maps ot the
city ol Cairo at $2 00 each (hall price.)
A No. a Wiliion Shuttle Mew lug Ma
clilne valued at $73. Will be sold at $13
discount, and ordcreil direct from the
A $90 Remington Sewing Machine
$30 oil for rah. Suitable lor tailor or
hoot and hoe manufacturer.
A .trie " "Clough, Warren A
Co,'" Parlor Organ, rlglit from the fac
tory at Detroit. List price, $300. Will
be sold for $300.
1000 sheets of bristol board just re
ceived at the IIui.i.ktin oltlce, and lor
ole to the trade.
tr Valr,
colored and varnished, for sale at hall
price ($1.50) at the Hullktin otllee.
20,000 note head, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter head, 10 ream statement,
20 ream bill head Carlisle paper just
received and for Rate at the Hullktin
For any of the above article, apply a
he Bulletin oIHoc. K. A. Buk.nktt
Real Estate Column
Lot 2. block 0. cltv. on Ohio levee,
above Twelfth strret, outside lire limit.
Very cheap. Terms liberal.
Cottage near Nineteenth and Poplar
steels. $8 er month.
Oood dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar street.
Bualuess house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Stilwcll.
Winter's Block- suitable for Hotel
Office or Buiines rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered -I, 8 and 0, In
Winter's Uow, 6 room each, for $10 per
-No. 10 (comer), $12 607 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 1 rooms.
Store room in "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Halley.
A small llouie west of Twenty
luuvtml atroil.ni.ar Pliu. SJ .wr month.
, - ? i-
Dwelling house on Sixth street and
I..Kwnn ni'niilln
Orpluui Asylum building amljprenil-
se. Keiil low, to a goou u-iuut.
Store room, corner Twentieth and
Washlngtou avenue, $13 montn.
Uooms In various parU ol the city.
-Lands, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
KfAH Mill for MimtliinKi are due and 'Hy
alite IS AIlVANf
TraimiHit aduitlsing will twlnvrU-4 atUit
rate of It (O rtiuare furtlie Ont Inrrrllon
ami Wwnt4 for rach ub.ueiit on. A HUnil
illKcount will he made on ntandlng and JIiliy
Vot Inncrtlng Funrnil notice t (o. Notice o(
mretlnK of ocletlrt or secret order f J cta fur
each Insertion.
Church, .Society, Keatieal and Suiiper notln
will only be inicrteil u ailrertlcnient4.
No ttdvertlMtuent will lie rereiret at let ttian
"leant, and no niUrrll.fliunt will ) inairted
fur iMKtlian tliree dollars )ier rnontli.
Local Bualneaa Notice, of
ten llna or more, inmrwa
in the Bulletin aa follows :
Commence Counting at ten Llnea.
One Inaertion por line S""."'
Two Inaertlona per line 7 Oonti,
Three inaertlona per line 10 Centa.
Six Inaertlona per line 10 Centa.
Two weeka perllne - ......BO Centa.
One month per line Jo CenU.
No Reduction will be made in abovo
t. ... u..ti...lul i.k antw.iittr. II. titn fir
JAMK" W.hTKW.MIT an n rinlllle for the
orUreorCitr Llerk, at llieeniiuinK :"7 eircuon.
Wi; air Qulliorlnt to announce tli n.imc of
it ... ft VI fc'V pmm.II.ImI fi.p te.flin'llfili III
IheofilcVof lilty Clerk at llir eumluK clmrltr
eleilion. 1,1
25 cents, at P. Teiohman'B, 102
Commercial avenue. 2-l!0-lm
Qi ikt. Thu police courts were very
(julet yesterday.
Knit Kali:. A line horc and buggy.
Enquire ot . I). lathus at 01 Ohio
Levee, up etalr-. i!--,:i-.'it
Titv TiikjiJ Tnv Tiikm! Hall dime,
hall tllme cigar, Havana tiller, at
iM-tf Cowi'Kiiwaitk iV riitLi.iiy.
i1., AkHKMiiLK. All Turner' and
fri....ii. nr n-nuestcd to u-cmblc nt 0
o'clock In Turners' hall lor the procession
on Tuesday morning. -'
itKTi'itNKii. Mr. John P. Gregon,
who has been tilling a government olllce
in San Francisco, for the past year, re
turned to hi home lu this city on hun-
day night.
Laiiokly Aitkxoki). The funeral ol
Mr, .fames S. Morris, which took- puce
yesterday alternoou, wa largely attend.
Don't forget ttao Turners' mas-
qucrado ball nozt Tuesday night
Don't forget tho Turners-. mas
querade ball next Tuesday night.
Foil Uk.vt. One of the new cottajres
on the north ide of Tenth street, iK-twecn
Washington nvenuc and Walnut street.
Apply at the cottage
2-20-tl Mits. A. U. Hkli.
Notick. Mr. F. Tclchuian d'.-lres to
notify hi ft lend and the public genera-
ill v. that he has removed tits tobacco nnu
cigar store from Eighth street to 102
Commercial avenue. 2-20-1 in
C.fiisn Vkiiv Fast. The sltie water,
since the opening of thu sewers, has been
running out very rapidly, and will, we
tnut all be gone belore many uay.
Rooms to Rk.vi. Four rooms, and a
neat cottage on Third Street, free from
slpi: water, and in good condition. Lu-
quire of Win. Mellule, at the Delta
Contini'kp. The injuuctio'i suit be
tween the Cairo City Property company
and the Cairo and St. Louis railroad
company, ha Ih-cii continued until the
June term of the rolled States district
Potaioks. New York Early Rose
feed potatoes lor sale at New York store.
Wc garrantee our s-ced potatoes to he
straight, and brought from the East.
Failko. It was reportedjin this city
yesterday that Moskovlt. & Uraudt,
clothiers at Dexter, Missouri, had fulled.
Mr. Moskovltz Is well known in thlscltyt
having la-en In the clothing huslne.es
here some two years ago, and sold out to
lake up his abode in Dexter.
A. Hallky. A illnelot of .table and
pocket cutlery, niso fpades, shovels
hoes, rake, forks.axes mid n general line
or hardware Just received by A. Halley,
113 Commercial avenue. 2-18-Um.
Sol'iaiilk. On Friday night, the la
dles of the Methodist church will give u
sociable at the parsonage, to which the
public is cordially inviteii. ueiresii
incuts will be served, and a very enjoyu
ublo affair Is promised.
SoMirnixo Nkw. T
'he llghtnng, re.
ciprocatlug, tin chum
thu latest and tho best
and egg beater,
ever made, nt A
Halley's, who Is now
selling his large
stock ol btoves, tin and
brittnim ware at
Olve him a call
greatly reduced prices
betoro you purchase, 11
3 Commercial av
IlAi-risisn. Three converts were taken
into thu Rev. Mr. Shores' church on Sun
ilav tnornmir. Thu baptising took place
iu tho Ohio river, between blxth and
r w . ... ..
Eighth streets, and was witnessed by a
largo crowd ol people, both cotorcu nnu
WminiMi. Thu marriage ot M
ItmiSkille of till Cltv. to Ml3 AgllCS
Bryant of Columbus, Kentucky, took
place at tho Church of the Redeemer, ar
fur Hoi i-natotnarv services, on Sunday
night. The Rev. Mr. Gilbert perlormed
thu marriage ceremony."
Tho Turnor ball, noxt Tuosday
evening, promises to bo a grand
CosTWMKi. A St. Louis coMumer will
urrive on the afternoon train with cos
tumes for use of those gcnllemen hold
lug invitations to the masquerade socia
ble. Tho costumes will bo at the St.
Charles hotel, where they can 1k pro
cured at any lime niter Ih.TO o'clock to-day.
(lo. He at Klugfc's hall and get ac
quainted with King and Ojteen Comu?,
as they will be there in person nnd give
a Jovial greeting belore leaving lor other
parts, They will unmask at 12.
To hip. FaumkksI Fresh garden an
Held seeds at the New York store ; also
seed oats, onion tops, etc. Just in a large
lotol plows and plow harness, for sale
low. (.'. O. Patur & Co.
TheTurnor ball, next Tuesday
ovening, promises to be a grand
.!isr Rkckivko. A. Halley h.n Jiift
received a line lot of canary and mock
ing bird cage, llowcr Mnnds, Mower
trainers, bankets, archer, heart nnd
wreathe, which he has marked very low,
at 1 13 Commercial avenue. 2-18-:im.
Ski:i Potatoks! Caiiiiaok! R. J.
CundltV has Jut received one car load ol
Northern Early Roe, Russett and Peer
less wed potatoes ; also a car load of
Northern cabbage, all of which Is lor
sale at his store, north side of Eighth
street. 2-22-lOt
Rkad Tims. From the New York
store Commercial Advcrtlzcr: Matches,
1 boxes 23 cents; March, I yound 23
cents ; soda, -I pounds 23 cent ; soap, 0
bars 25 cents; lye, 2 boxes 25 rents;
rice, :i pound 25 rents. A few price of
good sold at the New York store at ro
tallr 2-2010t
Pkn.masiiiii'. Lesson given lu Pen
manhlp, fine PentnanOilp, Steamboat
and Ilook-keeping, In all its forms,
Card writing, Posting up account,
Copying, etc., at the rooms ol C. J,
Howe.Nos.lS nnd 10, Winter's lllock,
corner Seventh street und Commercial
avenue. I-adlcs class every afternoon
from i to 5 o'clock, and Saturdays from
2 to 4 o'clock. 1-23-lm.
Viirir-K I'lirlles Indebted cither bv
note or book for the year 1875, mut cat1
and settle their account at once. All
accounts not settled by March 15, 1870,
will be nlaced for collection. We mean
business and arc determined to sell goods
low, but 'only to prompt paying custom
ers or for rcaily cash.
Chas. O. Patikii.
2-27-10t New ork Store.
Tin: Tcu.vKr.s. Remember the Turn
er' masquerade ball to be given on Tues
day evening, 2Cth mst. Come and sec
the fun. Tickets can be obtained at P.
O. Schuh'sdrug store; Louis Herbert's
aloon on the Levee ; E. & W. Uuder's,
and at Henry Schick's, on Commercial
avenue, between Eighteenth and Nine
teenth street. 2-27-2t
Skk Koch. C. Koch, at his shop and
store room, No. 00 Commercial avenue,
has for sale a stock of boot and shoes of
his own make ; also a large stock of St.
Louis custom made boots and shoes. He
keeps the best matcrlul and is up lu all
the latest styles. His ills are jierrect, and
satisfaction Is guaranteed. Give him a
call- 0 23-tf
A Bn? Co.vniiKOATio.v. Tho largest
congregation that has assembled in the
Church of the Redeemer for many
months, was present there ou Sunday
night to listen to the sermon of the Rev
Mr. Gilbert on "Sunday Life lu Calro.'i
The discourse was the most Interesting
and spirited preached in the city since
Mr. Gilbert' sermon on "A Plain Pic
ture ol Cairo Lite," which we daresay
will not lie forgotten soon by those who
heard it.
l.L'XCit! Lt'NCii!! Luxcit !! ! At
Fred Hofhcluz. The proprietor of Our
Saloon will spread n grand lunch from 0
to 11 o'clock every nlght.The bllljol fare
roast beef, mutton, veal, turkey, sour
tongue, sour rabbit, pigs feet and No. 1
oyster soup ; and every Sunday morning
a No. 1 lunch at 10 o'clock, nnd a big
glass of Cincinnati beer; all tills for 3
cents. Come one, come all.
il-20-Ot . Fkki Hofiikin.
Nkam.y a Fiiie. A little blaze occured
In the roof of the building In which Roth
child's & Co' animals are being win
tercd, yesterday morning, but it was put
out with but very little damage. While
the tire was being put nut, a German
who keeps lu repair tho company's
houses, while passing by the cage ol a
couple ol leapords, had his arm chewed
pretty severely by one of tlio beasts, but
managed to get away beforu ho was en
tirely gobbled up.
Wiiittlk and Bliss. The great re
ivnllsts. Whittle and Bliss, who have
linen cirntinir such a sensation auioni:
tho unrighteous of Chicago and St. Louis
arrived lu this city yesterday. They are
on their way to New Orleans,
wtieru thev will proceed with their
work of turning the unclean from tho
oaths of wickedness, i torn tho very
limited length of time they spent lu our
:lty, it look us It tliu gentlemen consul
cred our sinners of little consequence
and too far gouo to make any ufiort In
our behalf, so lliey went their way, leav
ing us to our doom.
All who wish to celebrate the
tho 28th. of February, will find n
pleasant time at the Turner ball
See advertisement first column.
Dkad and UuitiKD. Mr. A. C. Cole
man died on Sunday night at twelve
o'clock. Three years ago yesterday, tho
deceased was attacked with sickness, from
which Tslio never sufficiently recovered
to rlso from her bed, suffering during
these long year untold agony, auu irom
which death to hcrwas a welcome relief,
Mrs. Coleman was an estimable lady, aud
her loss Is mourned by all who knew her
She was buried at Beach Grove cemetery
at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, a
large concourse of friend" ami arqualnt
nnccs of the family paying the last ra l
rites to her memory.
A Fumous Canink. A yellow poodle,
owned by a colored woman named Clay,
living on Washington svenuo, between
Tenth and Eleventh street, went mad
on Sunday morning, nnd by his furious
nutlet kicked up quite an excitement lu
the neighborhood. He made a dive at
Mrs. Clay while that lady was standing
In her yard; sho retreated Into her
kitckcti nnd sfamnd iho door.
In the animal; focc. Finding
hlmscll shut out,' lie began snap
ping at the door and tore one ol the pan
nels entirely out; then,!' seized a
broom standing near nnd starlet off on a
plank laid acros the sipe water in the
yard, when he tell on" Into the water,
nnd shuttled off this mortal coll without
further ceremony.
Tiik Maskkii Sociaiii.k. The sociable
comes off at the St. Charles hotel this
evening. The ladles in whoo charge
the management was placed have elect
ed every preliminary for the event, which
will no doubt be the grandest of the kind
ever seen in the city. An Immene num
ber Is exacted to be present, tho majori
ty ol whomjtvlll go lu masque. A profes
sional cotumer lm liecii engaged, who
w ill arrive from St. Louis this afternoon,
bringing with him a Hue and elegant
assortment of costumes which will he
worn by the ladles and gentleman In at
tendance. Those who hold Invitations
to the sociable should not neglect to pro
cure their tickets of Mr. Frank Robblns
before going to the hall, as no tickets will
be on sale there.
Tiik Pahaki: To-iiay. The Marill
Ora promises to be very grotesque ami
amusing, and the ceremonies at the
wharf, where King Counts Is expected to
arrive by special steamer, and wheru
also, Ills Honor, Mayor Winter, will de
liver tip the keys of the city to Ills Maj
esty, with an appropriately eloquent and
fitting speech, will bo very Interesting.
After the scene at the wharf, the process
Ion headed by King Comu, w 111 parade
the principal streets until they arc satis
fied, when they will uisperso to meet
again at Turner hall to-night, wl-ere they
will revel until the break ol the morn.
To-day's festivities promise to be very
amusing and pleasant, and will prove, no
doubt, the inultlatlve step to a permanent
Mardl Gras celebration in Cairo.
AJbVwho wish to oelebratitho
29th. el February, will find a
pleasant time at tho Turnor ball
Beo advertisement first column.
Rk.uj This. Dan Hartman Is xlling
off at eott. llils Is no dodge to Induce
peoplu to buy, but Mr. Hartman means
what he says. He desires to go out of
the dry goods trade and will 'quit that
branch of his business as soon as his pres
ent stock can be disposed of. Iu this
connection it may be well to state that
his stock is not old or shelf worn, but on
the contrary is fresh aud seasonable, nnd
ot the latest styles, consisting of such
goods as are usually to be found In a
first-class dry goods store. His stock ot
notions and gent' lurnlshlng goods Is
also large and select, and will be sold for
one-third less than tho same can ho pur
chased eNcwhere. All Mr. Hartman
asks is an examination ol Ins goods and
prices to convince every one that he
means lust what he says. Call and stc
hlm. 2-11-tf
Maiidi Gius Knkiiit ok tiik Mys
tic KitKW. The society of the "Knights
of the Mystic Krew," aided by a large
num!erof citizens .vlll celebrate the 21ilh
of February hi an appropriate manner.
A grand street procession and parade in
which the Knights of the My.-tic Krew,
nnd other societies with a large number
of citizens, will participate. The proces
sion will be tho grande.-t ever seen in
Cairo. The grand carnival will take up
the line ot march from K luge's
building, corner of Sixth street
and Commercial avenue, at 11
o'clock a.m., and march through the
principal street of the city. At the
above named hour King Comu and his
guards will enter tho city, and receive
tho keys of the city from thu hand of
our worthy mayor. All thoso desiring
to participate in the festivities of thu oc
casion, and pay homage to his Royal
Highness, the King, will asscmblo at the
corner of Sixth street and Commercial
avenuo at ten o'clock, and be ready to
start ou march nt the designated hour.
Thu Knights of the Mystic Krew extend
a cordial Invitation to all societies and in
dividuals to join in the celebration. Tho
festivities will wind up in the evening
with a grand ball at K luge's hall.
Raiiiii Bitow NK. Of this distinguished
Hebrew lecturer, who will deliver his
celebrated lecture on "The Talmud, Us
Ethics nnd Literary Beauties," In this
city on Friday night, tho Indianapolis
Stntlnel sneaks as follows : "Tho lec
ture delivered yestarday at tho Y. M. O.
A. Hall was in point ol brilliant scholar
ship and lino liberal tone, thu most re
markablu ono heard lu this city for
months. The speaker was Dr. E. B. M.
Browne, n learned aud well-known rabbi
ol tho Jewish church, aud his presence
yesterday, by special Invitation, at the
rooms of tho Christian Association should
bo looked upon as the dawn of u better
day for people who think as well us pray
He said It was curious as being the first
Instance on record lu this country wlicro
a rabbi of tho Jewish creed hat- como to
address a Christian audlonco on such
themo and Irom such a standpoint; flu
was formerly located at Peoria, III., later
at Evunsvllle, but Is now traveling on a
liberal mission. Ho has no prejudice und
expresses his views with tho earnestness
of an apostle and tho liberality of .a largo
minded scholar. While he does not uc
cent Christ as u Redeemer, he believes
most cordially in his doctrines und wants
the blblo retained In tho public schools.
The audience tilled the lull, and was en
thusiastic lu Us applause. Many of his
owu pcoplo, Including the Rabbi Mess
ing, were prtscnt, and. heartily joined
tho Christian present In seconding his
plea for' more liberality nmnng religion
ist)'. In manner the doctor is
vlvlclotis, clear and highly en
tertaining. An effort will be made to sc.
cute another lecture from him at an early
KEY WEST CIOAB8 thrco for
25 cents, at T. Toichman's, 102
Commercial avenuo. 2-20-1 m
Pkiwonai.. Mr. anil Mrs. Charle
Pink returned from Evatisvlllc by the
steamer Arkansas Hello on Sunday after
noon. .' Col. S. S. Taylor has returned from
St. Lout.
Mr. and Mr.
known to um
are at the A
Mr. Lou
In the
the cllv' y" " --Vt"
Mr.N. MoiwttCs-M'ailiiealt.
for the Paducah , :-abcthtown ra
road, was at the SCiC'Srles yesterday.
Mls Ada HalllCy, who has been
visiting Miss Dora Carter at .Mound City
during the past week, returned home
lat evening.
-The Rev. Mr. Wells of Mound City,
assisted Mr. Gilbert with the religious
at the church of the Redeemer on Sunday
Rabbi Brown, who Is to lecture lu
thl city on Friday night, will In all
probabllty, deliver his discourse under
thoausplce of the Taylor Literary Club.
Annuel Feces, G. II. Harrison nnd
Peter Mourman, all of Bird's Point, who
are Interested lu n law suit hero, were
In the city yesterday.
Captain William Hamilton, ol .Mound
City was lu town yesterday, giving his
friends something new iu the way of re
ligious stories. He never tells any other
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Candee returned
from Evansvllle last evening, lu time to
participate In the grand masquerade
oclable to be given nt the St. Charles this
Mr. S. A. Ackerson, representing
Lailln A Rand, powder company, St.
Louis, Is lu the city arranging to movj
their powder magazine Inside tho new
Willie Ayers, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.
D. Ayers, ol this city, who was consid
ered dangerously sick on Saturday, with
scarlet fever, Is we arc pleacd to Inform
me many tiiemis or the family, much
better, and thought to be out of all dan-
Mr. Charley Austin, the affable
young Cairo and St. Louis railroad pas
senger conductor; was married atSt. Louis
last week. Wish hlm and his bride all
the Joy imaginable, but we should like to
know what will lieeomc of hi friend
Among the arrivals at thcSt. Charles
yesterday were W. II. Harris and I). C-
Boyd, Missouri; J. M. Beadle, New Or
leans; II. M.Morse, Boston; J. C. Med
ley, Farris' Landing, Mo. ; Mm. Lee and
two children. Farris' Lauding, Mo. ; R.
M. Morris, Detroit ; A. S. Ackeron. St.
Louis; Mrs L. Kspcneschled, St. Louis.
Tho choir of the Kplsccp.ii
church Is undoubtedly endowed with
greater amount of uiusii-al
ability than any body oi" singer who
have served in llils cipaclty In this city
for many mouths. It Is composed ot Mr.
W. II. Morris, bass; Miss Annie Pitcher,
alto; Mr. Frank Howe, tenor, nnd Mr.
W. P. llalllday, soprano, with Miss Ella
Robblns presiding at the organ. We
have heard man; compliment bestowed
upon the member of the choir, which
were very Mattering, hut In our opinion
fully deserved.
A Cliral.
Caiuo, Ills., February 2Sth, 1870.
lolluii.il T I.lnctrur, W'm. Strattnn, Win.
Mcllile, A. LniuliiK. liiury w inter, Llim.
rrank, N. A. Devoreuml others:
Gkxti.kmkn: Accepting the "call"
signed by you und many other as an en
dorsement of my olllcial conduct as City
Clerk, aud ns the expression of an honest
desire that 1 should stand for re-election,
I feel Impelled to give you an alllrmatlve
answer. Thanking you anil 11100 who
joined you iu the "call" for the Mattering
exprcs-lon of coulldence you have given,
and for your promise of generous siq.'
port, permit mu to subscribe myself
Your most obedient servant,
W.M. FltUNCH Axlky.
25 conts. at F. Toichman's, 102
Commercial avenuo. 2-20-lm
A No, 1 Ijimnlrj'.
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the laundress. No. 12 Fourth street, be-
tween Washington and Commercial avej
nues, ha ono of the best conducted laun
dry establlshinent iu the city, nnd laud
lords of hotel and boarding houses will
Hud It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are a follows: Hotel
and boarditig-hoiise washing 75 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices arc a
follows: Single shirt and collar, 10c; per
do.en, SOe; sock, tic; two collar, 5c;
two handkerchiefs, 5c; vests, 20c; aud
all gentlemen's wear, W)o. per dozen.
Ladies plain calico dresses, 23c; calico
dresses with extra trimming, 50c; white
drcscc, $1 25e; ladies' undcrwarc, tine
and coarse, $1 00 cr dozen. 1-23-tf.
.trier I lie riro.
J. Gcorgu Stciuhotisu may be found
since the fire at hi new shop, on Eighth
street In thu Alexander 'County Bank
building, where lie will welcome all hi
customer, und serve them in a artistic a
maimer ns ever before, with smooth
shaves fashionable hair cutting unci
thorough shampoo.
CohII coolt
I wish to Inform the citizens of Cairo
that I keep on hand a largo supply ot
coal of different kinds, which I will sell
as follows, delivered lu any part of tho
city : $2 50 to $1 per ton, cash, and full
weight guaranteed. JAiiisaRoss.
x --yi
Caiuo, III., Monday Evknis-o,!
February 2H 1870.
Tho weather since our last report ha
been warm, nnd on Friday and Saturday
threatened rain. To-day It Is much
cooler. The rivers aru falling rapidly.
Rate to Memphis New Orleans aud
Yick'burg are 23 cent for barrel. For
grain, per cwt, 12 cent, and on pork, to
Vicksburg and New Orleans, :t5 cents,
and to Memphis, ISO cent.
Business lu most of It branches has
been moderately active. Flour Is mov
ing along about as lat reported, with n
ei TIA- h-tlnr limn.
lu llmftei. .
country who-- ;
Saturda' ' "" "
Tliey are o..
lu all prohabllit)
poultry Is lu fair demand. Good hens
arc sellluir at $.1 50(&l ; there Is a big siiii
ply ol mixed and Inferior, with no de
mand. Choice turkey will bring $10
12. Thu weather to-d.iy Is cool, and
dressed meat are In lair demand. A
pie are hi good demand. Potatoes are
plenty and very dull. ProvMons nre
tyOur friend should bear iu mind
that the prices hern given arc usually
for sale from tlrst hands in round lots,
lu tilling order nnd for broken lot it is
ne:essary to charge an advance over
these figure .-fist
Flour I quiet; stock arc moderately
good, though choice grade arc in fair
demand. Wu note .the following sale :
200 barrels various grades, $1 507 ; CO
barrels low grade, $3 25 ; 300 barrel va
rious grades, $l0 75 ; 800 barrel va
rious grades, $.1 &00 30; 330 barrels va
rious grades, $4 757 50; 300 barrels va
rious grades, $1 fi0(3,7 23; 100 barrels
choice XXX spring, $1 73.
Hay Is very thill. There Is little or no
choice here, while the market Is over
stocked with poor grades, for w hich thcro
Is no sale. Sales reported were 2 cars
prime mixed, $11 ; 1 car choice Timothy,
l; 3 car Stump Tall, $3 30; 2 cars
mixed Red Top, $0 ; car mixed Timo
thy, $10; 3 car mixed Timothy, $11 ;2
cars strictly prime Timothy, $10; I car
common mixed, 9; I car common
mixed, $11 ; 1 car Gilt Edge, $10.
Corn Is very scarce, and few sales have
been made. There I a good demand for
It. Tho ouly sale noted was that of 1 car
mixed iu bulk, 40c.
Oats arc dull, and mixed are offering
freely at 3Sc with no buyer. We note
the sale ofl car mixed lu sacks delivered,
37c; 1 car Galena in hulk, 3Gc; 2 cars
black mixed hi bulk, 3iic; 1 car black in
bulk, 37Je.; 1 car white lu sacks de
livered, 43c; 1 car mixed sacked and de
livered, 41c; 1 car mixed sacked and de
livered, JIc; 1 car mixed sacked and de
livered, $40c
Meal Is reported cry dull with noth
ing doing worth reporting.
Bran Is ns dull as ever, aud offering at
the Usual price, $13. The only sale noted
was that of 100 sacks, $13.
Butter is lu fair supply with only a
moderate demand. Sale were 10 buck
et Southern Illinois, 202.'Io ; 120 pounds
Northern, 2Uc; 3 bucket Southern Illi
nois, 20c; 10 tubs choice Northern, 2C
.27c. EGGS.
There is plenty lu market, und they are
slow- sale. Wu note tho salu ol COO dozen,
12Jc; 300 dozen, 13c; S00, 13Uc; 5
boxes, 12J14c.
There Is a fair demand for both turkeys
and chicken, at good piices. We note
the sale of 4 do, choice hens, $4 ; 3
coops old hens, $3 75 per doz; 3 coops
mixed $3 50 ; 3 doz dressed geese, $0 60;
3 coops roosters $3.
The weather to-day Is cooler than It
has been for the past week, aud If It con
tine thu demand lor dressed meats will
be good, while It Is only fair now. We
note the sale ot 1,000 lbs pork, 7Jti)9c.
Provisions nre qtilvt. We note sale of
1,000 lbs dry salt, clear tddes.lSJe ; l.SOO
lb dry salt shoulder, SJc.
APPLES. ,,;,
All kind arc lu good demand. CIioik'
aro very seurce, and aro. selling Onounu
price. Wo noto the sale o.A,
choice, $5 ; 1 barrel Wlncsatiwtttea tr live
5 barrels good Ben I.',r,,r';:rvi,""",K'" IU,tu'
lS.yi.NK A 1IBSTI.F.V,
, , . liruxKUt nuil Clii'MiMs,
Potatoes v- Wu-iitiiKton, u. c.
In,, nt mw'JioIo hi Chl.wo, lisr 1111 Schaaek
Ingnt 000 llll(r smith Co.
$1 75 per barrel."
Oranges aru lu good supply. wrrTTMO
tho sale 0 1 10 boxes $5 ; 10 boxes, $5 ; 4
boxes, $1.
Wu note thu salu of 300, $1 per hun
dred. SALT.
Wu quote salt iu car load lots at $1 GO
por bbl; le.-s than car load loU, $1 75
par bbl.
We notu the aiu or iu ddis at
I (notations.
, Wo quote Paradise und Ml. Carbon on
track, lump. $3; nut, $3; delivered car
load per ton, lump, $3 60; nut,$,a 75',
delivered per single ton, lump, $4 J nut)
$3 25; Raura or Harriiburg coal on
track por m load, litaipi $37 ; nut, 10
dfllrered per ton, $3 50; putb
car load on track, $5 00 per ton
ton, delivered, $0. 1
inue are dun, but there u a fur de
mand for fur, at quotation :
YAVIT1"' "" "Kiajc. ury salted,
IW. lUICCOOn Nfl 1 7,Vfift . r o
40o ; No. : 20c; No. 4
No. 1 cased, $1; No. l'otwn. 7flc No 5
fi000o; No, 3, 2ftc. No? 4. wit Red"
No. 1 cased, '$1 COj'No. 1 opeVils'
Skunk-Black. SOcrill ; half atrlpelsoa
00c; narrow, 33c; ldttcn. 16c. OpoS
gum S10c. Beaver $1 BOraa. Musk
rWm Bear- 1, $8; No. 2, $5;
" on
" John QIImore,anrf bs.
" OuondeluL St. Loul.
" City of Vicksburg, "
yesterday, the decline from
previous, until live o'clock 1
being 2 feet 3 3-6 Indies.
The weather I clear
though colder than for sever
Business at the wharl was rathei
Tho Jim Flsk leaves the wharf at flro
o'clock sharp this evrnlng for Paducah.
The Grand To war had a good trip,
and put off a big batch ol cotton here.
The Andy Baum added eight passen
ger here ou Sunday morning, who go
to Memphis to sec the great carnival.
The James Howard has come and
gone, nnd Captain Pegrain has changed
Ids cot from 40 to 3D.
The Jim Fisk had a good trip from
Paducah, and returned with a moderately
good list of passeugcr and freight.
The Mary Bell and Kittle lleglarare
now among the list of defunct steam
Thu Caroudelcl iaed up Yesterday
from New Orleans lor St. Louis. We
hope she'll keep away from Horsetail
thl time, and we guess she will.
The John Gllmorc, with a tow of six
barge, tour of which were empty and
two were loaded with bar Iron, passed
up the Ohio from St. Louis.
The Mary Miller, Captain Ia Cra,
passed this port lor St. Louis with a jrood
trip Irom Cincinnati. She will toad at
that port for New Orleans.
The Sherlock arrived from Clucbt-
natlon Sunday night tor New Orleans
with a good trip of freight and people
Shu was compelled to lay here several
hours, on account of heavy wind.
The James D. Parker went down
early yesterday morning with 80 people
In the cabin, and a big freight trip. With
good luck she will be In Memphis this
The Belle Memphis got Into port
about eight o'clock Saturday nljrht wilh
a big trip of passenger lor Memphis,
who go down to see the great Mardl
Gras to-day.
No spirits having materialized on the
James Howard on Sunday morning, a
number of her lady passengers, piloted
by friends in this city, attended rclifioos
serylccs while the boat lay In port taking
011 freight.
Mr. W. R. Porter, a gentleman of
Helena, Ark., holds a claim of twenty
five hundred dollars against tha St. Fran
cis Belle, which boat padeltal past this
city the fore part ol last week like a
streak of greased lightning for P'
The City ot Helena left
with 1303 bale of cotton,
trip or other freight. h
at Memphis, 592 a', this pc.
003 bales to St. Louis. Sfu.LIST'lN
ton pig Iron and some ot,
'''-The VIcksburr ran agroul,rn,,1'l, 10
tall after leaving St. Louis on
evening, but got off all right a'
work. She laid up for the wlm
ey's mill iu Uw afternoon, ar
started on In
compelled epahi. It U tho cboapett paper
yJrt'Mt. and is a pleasing Flre.ida
on tojr and Family Companion,
Cannot fall to ee ths e ved Induce
mtfnta offered by The Bullotln In tha way
of cheap aud crofltable aitTcrt!emBtc.
ur -V -a'"
. Aon Sunday after
a at V,
noon at 2 o'clock and burned to the wat
er' edge. Tho Mary B:ll wu UmImrmI
boat on the river. She was buJJt Ult
summer by Captain Alf. Cutting, of Kt
tropolls, for Captain Hicks and Alf Otis
som who valued her at $00,000 aad had
$30,000 insurance. AtthetlmeoCtTMslta.
aster, there were two h rlrriVrnmijrH
on .board Jhor.wuo .fortuaaWy all w.
raped, though not without tho let of
all baggage. They were Marly If Met all
on their way to the Mardl Gras calsWa-
UonatNew Orleans to-4ay. The
corulated of between live sad tlx
and bales of cotton, aal a large atneant
of seed aud sundries, which were vetaad
at nearly four hundred kvmA fclltii.
i price.
, 5?V 3.,,0ip 5 Welem-Oltr, No.
SS i0, lnk-No. 1. l
l 25: No 2. &nr?Ai. v . . j r Sf

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