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Ami general
Commission Merchants
imhh i i 1 1
n i I 'fci i '
. I
Htmllug Mnllrr mi Hi cry l'uicr.
IAvv: riroiiiix ..iy. Jiu U .tck ot be
li)tf IiiIcovcJ ab.out.tho U.ibcock busU
1'iiJ.i ,
Tuts llrt train on' tin Narrow OiWgu
railroad from Msilvcrn to I It Sprin-.
nrrived lit the ttprlnifs on .Monday Hit.
Tn C MO i n iijil s Ufi lanch ? ad v 1 Jcs So ul 1 1
era firmer to uliiiit moic corn mullet
cotton this year than they have In former
TiiKStnto talr U to bo a highly moral
Institution, this Fall. The Statu Hoard
of Agriculture announces that Hiiro will
lie no premiums lor liur.'O racing.
Sk.vatoi: Loiia.n does not lieMtnlo to
say Out the late treasury exhibit, In lil
oilmon, postpones tni-clu re,-m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Indefinitely. .Senator Oi'lesbly denoml
nates tiio whole matter im "poppy-cock,"
nnd says we are not as near resumption
now m we Were a year un.
Tiik'vuuIIo 'records of the Dhtrict ot
Columbia show that from .May, 1S70, to
April, 1871, Orvlllu K. llabeock pur
elmu'd real estate lo tliu value ol ninety
thousand dollars. Tills poor young man
evidently had a great deal of Inith in lili
own resource or omubody elseV.
axiki:w j.it us(. win riiioK.vi:.
Old Admiral Whlulioruu has mine
thins f the spirit ol Andrew lacU'-ou
nbout him. When Secretary l!obc.on
short'eilu iJi4pujiiioii to avoid an.snoriiiir
tfic questions n( to Mm by (lie iiiw-t
gating committee, the admiral couelmled
to call on Kobesou and take soiiihIIii-
lle found Jtobeou uugry mid decl.iriur
that "lie would not bo pestered by a eon
federate congress 11 ultthoriic begged
him to be calm, lie vowed his sympathy
lorliim In Ins dlstrujs, but went on to eay
that heretofore the committee bad treated
the Mcretnry with courtesy, lie uiidu
stood the amenities between cabinet olil-
cera aim congressmen, ami nail scrupu
lously followed out the most rigid line of
courtesy, but (and here the admiral's
eyes flashed threateningly) ' jjivc J'ou
warning, Mr. Secretary, that we are In
earnest, and If you attempt any farther
blocUin of Hie operations of tiio commit
tiv, I s liall call you before the hou-e and
have you Judged, by the living God '."
'VUU Jacksonlati reply had an Imnic
diate cilect on the secretary anil he prom
ised to answer tlie questions of the com
mittee at an early day.
Minister Selienck will Mart from Lon
don for the I'liltcd .State to-day. He
comes to testily concerning the Kinma
Mine iwlnJle, and to wear lilunelf clear
of the charge of being "a 'capper' mid
'roper-ln' for a bogus mining specula
tion, and of gambling at cards in order to
cover the expenses incurred by fashlona
bie profligacy." Secretary ol War Uel
fcuap lias been, during tlie pa-t week, be
fore the Committee on Expenditures ol
the War department to answer the
charges of certain dishonorable transac
tion! la post-tradcr-shlps, nnd tlie iu
tounding result ot the Investigation has
jut been made public. Attorney ieu
eral J'Jcrrepout stands charged with a
grave dereliction of duty In the matter ol
the lUbcock tiU. IVcaidcnt Cmnt
sendi hU messages to Congress by the
hands ol Cum JJabeock, n mau whom
nine-tenths of u,u reading people
of the country Wieve to bo guilty of tlie
trime of deliberately and systematically
robbing the government. . How does the
make-up or the government liotichold
strike the people or the fulled States
Such a spectacle has never iMbrc bten
presented to the people or this country.
KoUeudoe not begin to express the
conditio,, or l're.ideut(.:r,nfs admini,
tratlon circle at this time. "It Miitlls lo
heaven.'- It hurt., or ouit to hurt the
pride or cveiy honeH American eiti.en
ut he Js eouii-.IUd to wlllL, t i lt
tentennial year.
the remarkable revelations comcrm
ig the operation, or Swretary llflkuai
andhU wtiu, as tmbllshe,! 1,. ,..i...h ...,i
umn, reveal a jIctiiu i,r the boelul lll'o ol
"Htuuigton almost tkkeu
...-W.IW!. .irb. beeretary llelknap has
ui me loremost ladles ol t),u
Capital, Her di ess. her hon,,.. i.
tiers, her beamy, have been the theme ol
7 ? a glowing panignqdilrom tl,op,lls
, lasmoii mm fcociely let
.-,i.f0 eonsn-gateil In W;h
...wm wj. VUa om. f ,
social autocrats, ndmiriii
flattered. It Is Icm tlmn .,
week siuce it was told In one or tho'o
Washlntoa. Jctters how ".Mr, llelknap
had 'set Uc fashion' or having tlie llttlu
iwople In the parlor on icceplion days,
by bavins her channlnif babe lll'll) In I if r
side In the arms of a nurse, mid how'her
...uiernai p-lde was grulllled by Hie
.raises wniel.iu beauty elicited." And
I ds admired lady, this loving mother,
ilia .i t,,lrlt w,,w' Iwretl him to
L U truction, whkhui,millM). T)lc
crlnw lias bng been couccidei-ihu Ml Is
Uddcn, Igncunlnlous and hrep, ;
Could there be a gharncr com,
unon the refill
TV ZkiLliuT' i, """'w-,iwie waste
, 3ySrtt, wln''ct',uio wwte.
I b:i jeiaractcrlaid
' h.H F? 0,U"HcJeth,
iui pruvaji
tlie Ui&k
SpiingnYld L'.whti: i: It Is (lie llt-l
time u national convention li:n gone
ncro Ibe MissNslppl. "Vetwnrd. the
star," etc. VVo Vankees tuny as well ac
cept the situation llrst m lat.
Atelilson Champion : "If -Vew York
deilres to throw awny her vote In cat
Ing n couipllmentniy ballot for Koscoe,
nobody will object. Hut It seems like a
foolish wato of raw material. The giz
zard of the enintry, so to speak. I not
troubled with any overpowering iill'eellon
for the senator Irom New York, lie Is
too peacoeky to suit the niase. 1 le has
braln, but ho soars Into the euipyuan
and slay there, above oidiuary
moilal-i. -V man whoje erenlty of teiu-
ier N destroyed, and whoo digestion U
seriously Impaired became ho gets a little
mud on his boots, stum!- very little
chance In this age of reaching the I'rcM-
deney. And this ls what troubles Conk-
ling, lie Is too iiersNteiitly and
cously llnleky.''
KlUTOItl.il. Norr.K.
Wild ilowdrs are blooming on the
prairie of Kills county, Te.:i, and ilpe
tnulheriies nre plentiful.
Julius Arpontomy wa e.invleled ol
murder In the second degree at Mom op,
Mich., on Wednesday morning, for the
murder of his wife hct fall.
At a Catholic church fair, held at
Champaign for live days dining the pat
week, the net income In cnli amounted
to 1,1) IS '20.
Silver mi! exists In Maon county
Te.a. hi paying itt:mtitics. Over 100,-
000 acres of land have been located hi
that county In the lal three mouth.
Two shafts are already sunk, and one 1
yielding eighteen dollars to the ton.
A hhootlug nil my between two men
named 'Join llurkeand Hugh Melirogain
occurred hi .laek-'onvillo on Wednesday,
which It Is thought will end in tlie death
of (he latter.
Mr. ICnowIes, of Peoria, rolleelor of
revenue for tlie l-'ilUi di-liiet, report Ids
collection lor the month ol February at
rW(i,70s' 77, ngalu-t 122,031 II lor tlie
eoi responding month ol lat year.
Two N'e.v ()rle:m detectives, named
Daveroux ai.d Hairis who have bivn
iiiiiin'' an old feud lor some lime, iiad a
lln.ii settlement on 11 educd.iy, xilileh
came loan cud by Daveroux killing Hat-
"Young girls," saj-s Jennie June,
like the opportunity Lent affords tliem
of getting them -el vc up In entirely dif
ferent style, and think It looks foreign
ind romantic lo wear black, and go out
In tho morning to church, Jmt as the
young men are going down town."
The revival, epidemic Lis reached
Kockford, and there Is great excitement
there. The laborers iu the vicinity have
become so much Interested that tbev
pend the lime allowed for their noon
day meal in nraviug instead of catiii''.
which l beneficial to the pocket as well
as to the soul.
Five hundred and seventy-one
persons contributed Sio.iO.") for the
relief of the Mill Klvcr, Mas.
sullerers, of which SC",020 was
was paid out by the relief committee, nnd
$0,t--.,3 directly by the treasurer at the
order of the llnaucial committee. The
expenses of the trust have been 20, In
cluding .") for clerk hire, le.ivlnj: $.!9,
which Is now drawing Interest.
A man named Harils, who wa em
ployed by a rich farmer near Galena to
work on his farm as a laborer, rceentlv
eloped Willi the old gentleman's daughter.
The farmer had Harris hunted up and ar
rested for jicrjury, but he couldn't prove
'he charge tine and Harris was dis
charged. Harris then sued the old farmer
for 10,000 damage, and now they are
about to compromise with the under
standing that the lathcr-ln-law Is to keep
his money, and give Jlauis ids daughter
witli his blessing.
Washington dispatch to the Chicago
W awl Mail: All dispatches and tlie
Opposition papers to tlie contrary not
withstanding, tho Illack Hills are prac
tically open to settlement. The Indians
have repeatedly violated the treaty, and
forfeited the right to the reservation, ami
the lailuie ol tlie Indian lieservatlon bill
hi tho senate, Is equivalent to a refund of
coiigio.sto Insti nct tin: war department
to drive oil' i-ettlers. it Is understood the
Sioux will be moved to the Indian Turi-
Tlie (Jrayvillo Iiulrjienilciit lias an
obituary poet who tlnow lieorgu Wa-li-
liiglou Chllds into the shade. Hear him
WiiiM'd mi tml't. unit uns on biiii
I h.iu (Ik'Iii In a 1 . i y iIiihiii
Aih I s.uv u llnii.iin-nt (' kdI'I.
I ll lt,lllll lit' lllf M'l llll Milt I ll.UIKlll
An I vlvuliiiiu tlie linli',
Whi le I liii'l urn ll- Hnmliroin llilnt'i
I iuw mi IllUlll'n Mllll.
A suMrn Iiiii,! a, in iu Ii.iik,
An llirouiEli llir mini i 1, ilm
In HliiKMlicliiratil .riUili
In IjIU lilll'UT IIVW.
'I'hu. Sioux Imliati.-i, wlio liave been
showing so much hoallllv to tho
III the neighborhood of thu I'latte and
Laramie ilver are about to gL-l their dc
crtf. All expedillon cotflstlug of ten
companies of eavulaiy, two or Infantry,
twenly-llve i-eout, one Immlred and lllly
tcaiiii-ler.suinl paeKer, rationed lor tlx
nun uuiivjt'ii uy cignty wagons
ami lour mmdrcil pack mules, lelt Tort
. ...w ,,,,, ,, iiioruing, lie-
eoiupanled by Ceil. Cool;, who has de
termlued to do a blgnuioiiut of klllhi",
ortubduu them.
llnivey K, Walton, a man about
t drty year urage, whti recently "got re
llsWIu Ketiolt, came to the coiiclu
"ion that hu would toilless nil his sins
lcn y and above board, In tho belief
that he fchouhl do so, and make re.tltti.
lion for whatever eilinesho has com
milted. Accordingly, he tet to work
nnd told a story of house and barn burn
lug, stealing and oilier crimes that would
till a book. He has gone to jKiople from
whom he claims he lmn
and paid tliem the amount ho took, anil
m met no hasniailenu example of him-
ll thatjlu not likely to be followed by re
ligious convert?.
A Tremendous Sensa
tion at the Nation
al Capital.
Astounding Rovclatons Con
cerning; Secretary Bol
knrtp. Tho Snlo of Appointmonts for
Cash in Hand.
Belknap Acknowledges tho Crime
ami Resigns.
His Resignation Accept
ed by tho President.
Articlos of Impeachment in
Course of Preparation.
Mrs. Belknap Rosponai
T)lo foz Hor Husband's
S!io Receives Ten Thousand Dol
lars for Securing a Sin
glo Aiipoiiitmcnt.
Cihi tut to llio !t. Louis KciiiiblKMii )
W.isiiiNiiiox, 1). C .Manh J. Tlie
mu-t iiiten-e excitement ei?l.s over rev
eiatlons regarding Secretary llelknap,
which became known here at an early
hotir.althougl, the morning paper had no
ulliMon to tlie mailer, -in iimi- oi
Miinnrdi are atlo.it. and It isdilllelllt to "-et
at the exact truth, but the following l
authentic: A .Mr. .Mar.-h told tho com
mittee on expenditures of the war tie
partmeni that lie had paid .Mr--. llelknap
SI0.0U0 lor a no-t traiiermp.
mid nirreed to ay her .l,(A0
iiunu.'illv, which lie ha done.
Thl ."tartiliig exposure was eommuui
rated to .Secretary llelknap, and before
ln i'oiiIiI atiiii'iir In I'nrf tin ro'iimitlee.
his wife waited Jipon the iiiiiiiIm-ii and
admitted the truth of the -tatrmeni, and
wild ehe alone was to blame, as the sec
retary knew nothing about it. ester
dav tlie secretary appeared and confessed
the storv was true, and raid lie desired to
a-jiune all repoiulbllfy, and not have It
put on his wfe. The committee was
shocked at tlds admN-lon, and decided
to renort article ot imiieachmciit ihU
morning. .Secretary lii'lkuati went to
the war olllce and remained for a few
minutes only, and then proceeded to the
i into llouo wiiere no u.ui a lonir Inter
view wllli the president In pre-eiice ol
other members ol the cabinet who had
been summoned to consult ihe result
of this interview wa that lfelkuan ten
dered his resignation, which was
iccelited. At 10 o clock a meetlnz ol the
house committee was had for the pur
nose of drawing up articles of impeach
ment, and wlille In progress I'epiecuta
the Ila", was summoned to the White
lloue to consult with tlie president.
l'he ame. messenger that brought tlie
request to Mr. IJas to come to the White
liou.'eiirougut nonce to iiie commuter
that the president had accepted
iielknap's n-.-lgiiatloii. The com
mittee, iiKtwith-tnndiiig the accep
tance ot the resignation, will, nliout two
o'elwk. pre-"iit lo the house articles ol
imiienchmeut. ft 1 held that the hou-e
can pre-cnt articles of impeachment not-
witii-iiimiing jiiiKtiap i- no longer a
member of th cabinet, liidkuap's
friend-say that he ha-taken the expos
lire .-o.senou-ly that they are apprehen
sive that be will commit suicide.
Tin: coMMirrni: KLiiTiiKii tkstwoxv.
l'he lllf ellll" of tho liniui. iYiintnlii....nM
expenditures ol the war ilcpartnienl
lasted until hall-pa-t two, when rece-s
wa- taken until If o'clock to ascertain
whether there was any more testimony
to be taken.
'I'lir. bfnri U fllrr, lit ,.n llir tl.ir.r r.rilm
house that other casti ot corruption have
uceu iniccu iu iuiKiiai,aiiii inai lliecoill-
lllfttf.r. li:itn fllll.'llriftl ltfl.inrt.iit ,.,.t.l........
ill relation thereto, ilontgomeiy lllalr
was before the committee yesterday and
again to-day. He s iys he gave tlie com-
ltlit(n ltntirirlnllt tntiriii'ttl.M l.,,l .1..
elines to say what it was. If the com
mittee nun mere is no more evidence tliev
uiil make. i renort tn Ilia lino W fit fm1t
ut three.
itKi.KXAr in.tuni: im; coMMrrri:i:,
Mil 1'itiiifitlf t ( v..lfirl'ii In. I... ........
tllUlll liOL to (.'.YpOMJ ltlui aitll UU Wilt',
Uauuilii proof, oMcriii to miIIIt In.llct-
Kiuiii i iuiiin jiiiil itjtu iiil vlllCT (.riuio
jirovitlcd thu horrible rt-ronl of
lh'.s cao lc withheld ; ami h(;
would at once plead guilty, llwu lliu
Illlll llTltl HIIMIllllT. Mlti irx .lit..,.
lantord oi'OIno ami lla-s ol New Vork,
weio inexorable, it is now Mild llmldow
lias bien Impending for u wee;,and
llelknap hearing of it Inn been inovlii"
heaven mid earth to Indue,; Democratic
iucmbcr ol the eoniuiltttco to he iiieiel
mis, iiLiaiNai1,
It Is lindeivtood that .Mrs. liidkliaii,
who is a ilcr of Iielknap's Hist wile,
made tills :i r i-.-i n m i r 1 1 Ih.Ii,,. 1,,.. r
. n ,i,di-
riage. and the annual bum of .t.'I.OOO has
oeen pam ever siuer.
Ollll'.ll (iA.MK.
The eimiiullteehai Ju-t a-i eonehn-hr
evidence ag.iinst another lugh olllelal of
the war department, and his de-tniclion
s al-i. Inevitable. I'ollowlug lite re-o.
lutlim lor llelkiiapV linpeaehineut will
come another directing lliu president to
at one,) order the recall of (ien. Meigs,
who Is understood t0 JU ,np0rtaut
lot 1.).
Ueiieral llelknap remained nearly all
day at Ids private residence alter irturn
lug from his brief vIMl to tliu Wldto
HuiisM and war department, during the.
loieuoou. Tho preMdent to-day appoint
ed .Secretary Hobeson iictlng tecretay ol
L.MiLiiivi: .Mansion.
W.-1IIN(ITIIV. I). (' 'l",i.'.l, o itrn
hut: l liu resignation of thu secretary
ccpted thU ,h,y, you uru hereby directed
alnl ug to the olllce of hecivtary ol war.
ill a, Idit on to those of your ow'li service
until otherwise directed. m.imlc
Vours truly, r. a. tin wr
To thu secretary of tho navy. ' ' '
riii: itrjion or si-icim:,
I I l'he president Informed several Kepub-
cun meiubers ol Congress this allernoou
that the rt Intimation In2lud
of telknupM malfeasance Was
from Im lips of llelknai, himself. An
unauthenticated rumor iievalled at the
capltol early iu the altriiirton that llelk
jiup remarked lo thoprr,ldciit thU morn-
f '.?, w "'" ,l" '"'a"1 wax hound
to testily, he exclaimed, "I wldi I had
killed mya ll".1' In which llir preddeiit
replied,;'" I wiOi oii had."
Tin; oiiiiii.N in ail ixvi'niin.iTio.v,
'l'he following Is uheii as the origin .f
the llelknap Investigation: While In
search Tor ii hniie for his ramilv In De
cember, Hon. 11. II. Lewis, 0f Alabama,
was referred to H. O. Amies, a
real estate agent In this clly. Dur
ing their search for a house. .Mr.
Armes, in eonvi I'l'lon, stated to Mr.
Lewis that lie had lormerly belonged to
the armv, hut wasui'iulssed through (he
enmity of llelknap. th:d H'ho had tlie us
slslnnce ofa inemtHr ol congress, U could
hi -ixty days develop facts that would
force llelknap to u-lgu. Lewis tendered
his ussUiance, and they tmbseqiieiitly
had several interviews. Lewis being Im
piesH'd.sought tlieadiceol L'andall, who
advised that Ihe lad' be brought before
Clymer, eiiairmau of 'be t'oninlltteo on
Kxpeiidltnre.s In lln' war department.
Lewis mid Arnn.s-.iw C'lymei, and the
latter gave a list ol witnesses, incliidlug
Marsh. Allcrw.irls Clymer Ihought
Amies wn acting in bad faith, as t he sec
retary said Amies li.nl proposed, If he was
restored to the nrm.v mid certain other
condition complied wllli, he would drop
the matter. L w ild Unit If Amies
was seeking onlv l levy bhukmall, of
course lliey would bave nothing to do
with It. but aihbil n4 Armes hail lur
iiislied tiio nam s of witnesses, that they
bo called and examined, which was done.
im i:nt.ti i:x v.
Clim-irc. i.n.l ""o lii'iiuiuls lot-
TIipiii lleli.ir t'uiiKrpHv,
W.siiix,iTo.v I). C, March '.'.-In the
lloiisnol Kepr 'entatlvts this nlteruoon
Jlr. Clvmtr pri -entcd a rcolnHm of 1111
peachu'ieut ag:ilnt Win. W. llelknap.
late scciclary of war, for high crimes. mil
misdemeanors In olliee. In Ihe midst of
a great excitement nnd with umi-iial
stillness in the house .Mr. Clymer arose
ami .-aid : "I ask pcrmls-lon ol the
house to make n report fioin the t'oni
niltteeon i:peudituivs iu tlie War de
partment ot so grave important that I
am quite certain that when It l heard
tills h se will agree that I am lu-tilled
in a-Mng that permission at lids time."
ri.ii.Missio.v was (in.ixii.ii
and Mr. Clymer, taking his position at
tlie clerk's desk, read the following
ncrour :
The committee found at tlie very
thre-bold ol Its Investigation such un
questioned evidence of the uialfeasiner of
f.Vn. Win. W. Iti.lL'itu, .tit.,,
w - -....... .,,,.1. .,,,1,1,
of war, tli .tthoy toiuid it thdr dutv to
lay the mimc hclori the hon-o. 'Vlwv
Iftrllifl- K fiiirt llflt flik it it nr II
nit,.-. ""I - - - .... .... lib it i. v i v. i
a Ifttcr ot the prtIdrnt of the I'liUed
lit frniimtttii,i
accepting the resignation of tlie secre
larv ol' war. tO"rtlii'r u l.li -i ..,.,. ..t .....
letter of relguatiou. which the prc-Ident
iimuiiirii uir eoiiiiuuieo was nrcepted
about 10 :M this morning. They there
fore IIU:illilll()Ulv rrnnrr nml ,,. ..!
that the -aid Win. W. Itelknan. lull.
eoretarv of war. be dealt u lih .,mir,i.
Ing to
Tin: i.iw or i in: i.anh,
ind to tli.it end siiliinlt 1
tluiony III tlie ci-e taken, together witli
several siaicmcnis ami exiiiolts tliereto
if .nr.,ii.il mill .ttrt .1
" '.I'm t .M iiiu pro
ceedings oi the committee had during the
iuvestiiration of tliU si.lili.nr ,hi t. ........
the follbwliig
liEsOI.fTlO.NS :
Hnaler.l. 'I'l.-it Win W I ...It-. .... ..
: ". .v.riiiii, i;,ie
-eerrttre nt unr l... 1iiii......i....i i.t..i.
, , . . ' .".i'imi-mvu iui iiiii
crimes and misdemeanors.
Ilefjlreil, I lint the testiuiouv in the
case of Win. W. llelknap, late'secretarv
ot war. Ik; referred to the .luillciarV
commlitee, with instructions to prepare
and rep-.rf, without unnecessary delav,
-tillable articles ot Impeachment ol tlie
said Wm. W. Itelknap. latu secreUirv ol
JiudttJ, Tha a committee of live
memUrs ot the hou.; be aiipotnted and
instructed to promd imineiliateiv to Hie
... ' 1 """"i "nuiiit're impeaeli win.
Vt . Lelknap, late sieretary of war, iu
the name of the ix-op!. 0f the I'nited
smies, oi nigii criun's and mlsile
meanors. wlieu In -,i u,. .,.,,1 ... ...
form that lody th it fiiml srt'iele 01 lin-
M-aeiimeui. w in, in .me time, 1 prefer
red, and to rei ue-1 the senate to lake
siieb order In the pr. mises as tbev deem
.Mr. ( !le..ior fhr.11 i.rAn.ul...i ... ... .., .1. .
.... .j ..... ...... ..tw,M:,, , ,VMI uu.
testimony ol Caleb 1'. MarMi, taken yes
terday before th committee, showing
U.41 hu uau iaiii.-i r, u,ry llelknap about
-.'0,OOfJ hi coiisidcrutiui, of ids appoint
incntas po-t trader .it Ft. sill I mil..,,
Trrrlforr. 'I'lu. p...!.... 11.. i
, , , . .'."i n.u nsieiieu 10
with intense intcr"est by the members of
me noose aim uy a large audience iu the
galleries. In tlie more
iMTiinric I'Oiuiox,
of the narrative, Clymer was frequently
forced by his feeling to pau.e until his
voice recovered from hi, treinuloiisness
and himself from his agitation.
One of Hit O11I1M n ,.ri. ,..
Lll'ii-OllT KU.OOII.OOlt lull..,) ,,r
.V IC .i.rl .Ki.liiHi 11. r
(Curit'.)ionlciicc lo Hu-N, . iriliuue.
WAHiiiMiro.v, 1'eb. L'-.-Dnu of the
oldest claims presented to the present
congress has been reported on adversely
by .Senator Morrill (Vt.) ft is reiue
seiited by u senate bill, leleircd to the
commltfeo 011 revolutionary claluis
which provides that olilctrs 01 ihe army
of the revolution, who become entitled
to hall pay for llle under thu resolutions
ol congress, passed on the Ifd and yist of
October, Is70, nnd under subsequent res
olution of Marcli !, l7Klr commuted to
lull pay lor live years hi advance, shall
be entitled to icrelve the balance of the,
amount, which would have been due to
such ollleern under the orMual
rr-olutlons. Tlie history of this ePilm
as it has been prepared by Ihe eomiui'ttce,
is luleresliiig. ity tlie re-olutlon ol Octo
ber ;t, I7HJ It was provided that, Irom the
time ol tlie lefonn yl the army, olllccrti
win. became supcnluuierary should be
entitled to half pay for wen years, In
specie, or other current money equiva
lent, mid also to a grant of lands at t,c
c ose ol the war. Ily the rcsoliitlo,, of
October '.'L , 17h0, It was further provided
that tlie oil cers, who M'lllll continue In
service until the end of the war, shall bo
'"titled to hall p:ly during llir, 10 begin
I10111 tiio thu,) of their reduction. 1-Voui
these resolution, mid other it Is clear
that tho conthn ntalcongiess propo-ed lo
allow revolutionary olllcer.s who should
f.r"V ,0 ,'i!J1''1"' of Ihe war half jiay for
lie, iu addition to the regular pav, ami
this as 11 gratuity. On March M, im.n
resolution wa- passed beginning with
(lie following preainblo:
Wiimiiav Hly olllceriof tho several
l ies under the immcdlnlo couiuiuud ot
i s execllcney (iceral Washington did,
ess tl ' V11,'! ,'1"L'1'1"- Coil.
.1 v t ., IL ll:i1' P'-y r.'mtei by sun.
,r t'!' ''' regaidcd in luunfa
toiauiii light hy thu clti.ens of sonie of
heso Males, wi.o would prefer u ' ,
ensatloumra mU , ,',, . .
r l e" "ind T ,0. "" ''"''"
! , '.' 1 ''" 1)11 ll,i,t nccoimt Milieu
comniutation 01 t,L.r naif pay; "
or.'!!ii'iim: ,V""IL'SS lV'i!,,'0U, ell
1 g atifihig tlu ,e;isoimblo expectations
0 tl eanny.as lemovlng all object 0 s
Si J."!r'Xl!,tl" " l,!l"' ol'the I'liitei
n! i'.0. "".! '"'" lldn of the hall'.pay es
al shine .t lor wh'leh llm faith nf' tl()
1 I n htatc lias heeu l.ledged ; ,, .1
-uiMlvU Cliat then- object ous ca, o V
111 is,, irom ti nature 01 me rnmpeua-
nun, 1111,1 1101 iiiiiii any nine posiiiou to
compensate tho-ewho saeillieed nr., I ntf.
lei-en, and have so Just 11 title to (lie up.
proptlailou ami reward of llielr country ;
therefore, resolved, etc.
Tim committee aseerliilned that Ihe
number of ollleers on whoso account
these claims are preferred Is upward ol
iwo iiinusnmi, wuoe annual pav was lie.
tween SoOO.WO and SlKHMXXl. I'.v coil
suiting tables ot mortality It is found that
tlie average expectation of life of these
omcer.s, 111 uir 011,1 01 ine war, would mil
.... (nj ....... ,-. .... .1.... .1
in- ii .--- in., 11 ..,., i-.ii -j pii 111:11 uir in. iiiiiii,
(hat would accrue hi the hill would be
between SIIUXHI.OOO and S'-'O.OOO.IKHl. for
American eltleiis alonr. mid inure tlmn
$:l,000,()00 for foreign ollleers. or an aver
age 01 yjj,i,iHi eaeii. 1 ne committee n-
portril that all claims under the irsolu
thins of the Ceiileunlal rongress had In en
fully settled, and Hint the Culled States
now owes the descendants ol these men
'lie llliiioto It.illroiiit Tax 'imr llrlurr
me milieu stinicN Niiprri.it. i'mirl.
WASIItXlIll.V. Cell. Wl.l l...tl,,i.
.110111ey Oeneral Kd-all, It. (;. Inger
soll. Obadiah .laeksoii, .liiilgo lleeliwlth,
O.ll. lllOWIlllllr.fl.nl l.t'llinn '.' ..1. 1.
, , 1 'iiiiuiiii
me licru arguing the celebrated Illinois
railway tax ca.e. The uuestloii Is imoti
the motion of the .state of Illi
nois to ilN.com .liiilifn lii'iim.
inoml's liiiuiictloii. whleli Win
made liPl'lietllai in llir rii.irl tu.lntv 'I'll..
facts hi the :,,! are, hi brief, that thu
.Staleoflllhiolsll'lril In fVillnir Dim M..-
Sacllll'.rlts lllW. Where llm IrnnrliUi, ...
corporations Is taxed. In .Ma-saeliu-
sens niiuo-t all tlie stock orcoipora
lions has 11 siili-l;i.ill..il villi.. nw1.1i .1. 11
a par value, and much of It above par.
There tlie franchise lor taxation is e.isllv
ascertained hy deducting the tane.-
bio properly from the capital stock ;
111 Other WOlds. ulnit W leild In Html.-.
holders. The franchise Is a Hihiir nf value
for assessment. ind taxation. Iu Illinois
tlie capital slock ol railroad companies Is
ol small value, ami ir tlie roads can pay
the interest 011 their bonded debt they
do about all they can do. The 1111-
mils State Mlie.nl nl I ''ft II fill fit 1 1 hi ne.
.sinned a valuation lor the capital stock
of their roads, but found this le-s limn
the I:lll"llilo nrntuTlv nml 1 r.. ... . 1...
. . ..V . . .1. " ...... ..l.ftl' 111-
cluli.'ii;iii the debt. This is held to be
equivalent to doiibln taxation. The
riUlls do not OWII their entillnl UtfT-f-1.- .Il.it
the point Is made that 11 they pav taxes
on their tangible property they "should
uu w leqiureti 10 ,10 more. It s rli-
mated that not less than $IO,(XK),000 art
Involved in llir question now puidlng.
frnrifl Hnnlf lcryUnly i,t.
W WW.. ,,,. , f I ...
In.? rhiMH nml refill. .-..I...... .. . ..I........
. ............. ...... .......I, , eviii 1111
puul Tor inii. ii.imi.l lliiiili r'sli.iiili.uiiil lia:
l;cr-Lnnii:inlr,n, nil nlnnit liiinthis, Inuiiiinir.
I -hln?. till. (lit- lul.L' .(.. ... 1.. 1 . '
.1. 7" . n , 11.1K1 1 ijiny
Iflialile work, ulllv.ilj. -lrrks nmllnilwrf
.v... ., u.,iiiii,-ir i-Aiii.-i; til lilt' tlulllKit tl,
t?vt-r 111 lnilti.r. (iiini.1.-. , I )i....ii... . 1..
ti. .t:,rli) pp.. ctiiiiiins list tf r.iiiiiiitiNur
.....ii. .. 11 ii - !,! jtiii - mi l e 1 1.11
ij-li.oiih i.ict,. 'Ihe Vi'iitriliMiiii-'n s.ttltl... i,r
lilitV III l.irti ..lit rOii....!..... L'..il 1....
, ' ..-... . ..ii iiisiruri lull,
examples, nnwlotcs, nUci liow tn make ll.p
nuiiiv i.j iiiuuiit.' uii 11111.4 nun itMiit, only Ji
.mm. ..inn irituiiiix mill tiiT'llklll'' linf.,... 1...
so tlie complete liur.u tJoelor. A lursf ui-Mm)
book, iiml ihu bc,t ever l'iitil, iitir I'm mi .
1.11 rv fiirimr r..l- ll ....1.. -. ........ t 1 ' t
tllqiit lit- of makmi? lof All ulintil It, liow ii
..' V "'v.y.jiiiiiiji u-f. I,., i i. mny ! t m
MiiL-lc limit- huj llmv to do nil tricks In lt,l
KtTiltTlllcIll, U-st iMHik till KlllijK t, only iO cenls
.-met. oi .o.v - iii. titvnnt rnroiiiii coMrniilt
.Vlmtila. A nl' u.i.i . ...I...... '
Uitalnffm- fn r. AtMiess r.ll i.nli r. In Hit-old
v? ll "I "v 1 1-15 .Vv,l).,lllllMl.llf,
HAW! HAW! HAW!;;"'
tiio-.- Krwrioiw, Kivttr. Kwal.it. liinul...
I.lualie UiiIjIm r I net lladi one III nuke P"
ilinnftit rjev-i, ami oh, to runny ' (inuti-.t ll.lns
trr tn.'tile JiL-t il.t-Hun r..r i...ii.i..... n..V.
will r.mvnlfe : wliole town. 7 klml , i'lt .il.il
fur for only roil, t-.wli, 6 fur tl. rn.l for
..ii.-iiijii laun ami jtrow Ml.'- W iitnKrl.ll
ilaslf linytr ! . inj.liry lml.l V.irai,
sllckit thrviu'li lut ami tt nnVi- i.r. imi,. . mi.
'.''.n,v?'H!1.',';':,,.',',.'.': !" ,-fii't Tor it ami la,,.
II.S l.)l!l. i: j! imly rt,iU, '.for l.
. a .... i ..nut. iii,i, intt'i.ukinv ntriH, rortiuie
tt lllntf ruril., i kmil., each In nt-il fire I n-t..
are llif In -t rjr.hcvfr miilenii'l eitry ..nn'
1..TMHH riifiltllum to enjoy tr,i-e iun' in n
lus. fJetnH r ..i. li, .1 rurT'iceiiN. .-cml
oil 1111:111 umi nme inn Willi wit cim ! I lie lilllr
flirt or laLKtiaite r l'.u. . take Willi Ilic
irirls. i)nl I. tnli. All alut roiirtiuy, cine
lor lof, .Vc. Only l.-. tents. Un't ttifniiili.
Mit.i uy ftry lour. Only n rent All
uuoicaic fie'JIiIiy liliimlnalnl Stnt rite for
oi l.-. won iur aic , 11 .1 oi'iie r.tr.
Allures in vn.lt CO , JHnwl.,1,., N. u.
--i tUwir-niij
wiioixsam; (ii:ii i:us.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio Iiovoo.
Wholesale Grocer
Dealer In
Commission Merchant,
QI'Kt'lAI.ujlrntloi (;Ueii lucoiisliniinrnla an I
U lllllia orilsra
I'.W.M IMI Ol I.N.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
if all Tupoi', Window Qlanfl, Win
dow SlindOB, &o.
Alwiiyn on hand, luu teltlinileil lllimilniillni;
Corner Ulovonth Street aut WiiUlmr
ton Avenue
fjCJ AVf?r Prills. flOO a nionTi
timm. lialf to Ki o.l AKi'iitK, Aiiitir liimk
Fmm0 free. JIU Ao;-r t'u HI, J.oul, iK
VI VH Cents? ui u"v. ?i' b " J l,L'".too'X 11 ,?ar " V0" w'M w Uh lo mok to
mit ClKitra went iwoXullJivniX'Pi 1J,,rf war oltt wentuptoilOO
tllnlrown Wliy l tl,u P It li"oJV ,,J 1",s ".on." XmoU '"'t C1"M "." "old
tiiaiiutiirtiir,, in nklllt lul.il- o.ow&?' to 11 r"1 tnI" oxtsnl, to tiio uilvuncea iot of
. re.llii,,., , r.ihlt. , f V, toil mill irr.mtt.r extent
11 'iniiuiiiiiiiiiiiiHl toeull tor a five cent mnr,
la Picoadura,
S Gent C5i-i,r,
(Tin- liimilfiirlill. is l.y !!. n-.,rp:il. nl.,1 Marlilnery me enal.l.,1 to ni ikf Hit- nlil. - r, Ie1,rul.-I
mmm mm am unu w.n m m nvc ceu
Civo thoEi a Trial and bo Ooaviaeod.
Sole Agents, Cairo. Ills.
In Consequence of their Deder
mination to Quit the Clothing Busi
ness, will Close their Entire Stock
of goods AT COST. We are in
earnest Ho Advertising Dodge
G-ive us a call and astonish your
self how Low our Goods were
Bought, and what Enormous pro
fits there are in Clothing.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer In
Wines and Liquors,
Hoops a full ofick of
I.oiatruLolx.y Bourtoon,
Monongahola, Ryo and Robinson County
ONLY $i.25 A YEAR.
The Gamble Wagon
MAXtJKAUTi;iti:i) uv
Near Thirth-Fourth Etroot
Wagon Maker,
aiXTn STHEET, Ilotwoon OniO
Mftnufacturoa hla own Horno Shooa nnd
cun iisaure uootl Work.
L. I, Aiim, Culm Jl, K, Ai.i.v V.UUuw
L. D. Alsia & Co.,
Harness ! Saddles,
Whips, Collars, Etc.
103 CommercUl Avenue, ... CAIRO, ILLS,
fl"'l llllUU lilVlllillir IIH u ll ll Hull' 11.1I1
Si-Ill llml 11 riniilli- llnuur b'ooil Iiiiiii HI1I1I1 (U
ii ivw 111 uiivhi i itvn. u. 1 lvly.
Coal Coal.
MT. CARBON(Big Muddy)
OrdorB for Coal by tho oar-loud.
ion, or in hogslioads, for shipmont.
sromptly uttondod to.
5yTo largo consumers and all
sanufaoturors, wo aro prepared
io Btipply any quantity, by tho
aonth or year, at uniform ratos.
Jlfallliluy Ilro.'solUcc, No. 70 Ohio Levee,
rlliiiriilay llni.'s wharf bout.
OTM huyiillun MIIU, or
'nJt ('0Ul lbot of Tutily-ElKlif
ta-'l'ost Olllce Drawer. Sot).
Dealer in Fresh Meats
uetwuon Wailunirton mnd OomuareUl
Ll Avonues, adjolutntr Uftnny'a.
Ki;i;iM for al lliu ut'it Brtf, l'otlc, Mutton
Veal, JjHiib.SuuHMKe, &a.. mnil la iru
I'ivsl tf iterve fiuulllra Iu an aocepUula limuuer

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