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Knlirht of I'y llila", niirt cvt ry Krl
imy iiikiii hi iiaii-pu-i -vrcii, in wn
Klluwa' Hull. , Horn:,
Clintiecllor C'oiiiiiiiiinl'f
. Ai.KXANIIr.ll I.OIKIK, NO. il
jHb. Ii..lj.i.nll.tit flnler nf 0M-rii
p Iowa, Hints rvrry llmrwliiv i,l,:,t
at lmfr-ul it mi, In IlK'lr hull (111
'omtnirrUI atrmii, ikhvcii mum nnu Mt iiiii
rfl'U ,IIAW. (.-.BIR., n. 11
t Viu (Mil-KrlldWn' Hull on Ilie llrttlaml thlnl
I in lay In every month, at liair-iut wtiii.
Jno. II (Iokkman, C. I
m. I'M HO I.OIKll. SO.'UJ.A.V AA.M
J"A llnlil regular mfiiiniiiili'iitliiiiii in Ma
jCXsoiiIc Hull, corner CoiiiinirtUI uteuui
''ttinl Klglilli ntntt, on Uiv sccmil uml
nurw Homlat nrwli Inoniti.
20rconts. at P. Tciclnnan'H, 102
Commorcialluvonuo. '.Wu-lin
for Kmmnii iiml t'ulnruilo.
Tim Atvtil'oti, 'I'ojtokn nml Santa I'Y
railroad from Knii'.ti City utiil Alchlmi
on lht! Missouri river, via TnpeKn, t l.o
capltol ol Kansas and the hcautllul r
kanii valley to tho Cocky .Mountain"
'J in; shortcut rnuluto I'ucbclo tin; Oraml
Canon, Colorado .Sprint"1. .Munilon
I'lkcs SH ak, and idl places of note In tin;
mountain rc-jlnn. Tlio hivoillu lonti
to Denver and nil points In Northern
Colorado. Tins het route to Southern
Colorado, New .Mexico anil Arizona. Tim
only direct routu to tin' fatuous San
Juan inlne.i. The track and equipment
In uiu'iunled, train) run through from
tin; Mlfsourl river, to tho lioeky .oun
taln, inakiiii connections In Colon tic
pots and avolillii'' delays and trans
Icra. I 'or lull iloeriptlvt; circulars
map", time table-, etc., aildrc-s
T. .1. ANIiKliSO.-.
(ieu'l I'a". A(-ent, Topeka. Kan
Notice In lureby given that the tax books
lor the year lb"i, hate been placed In my
hand- anil thai I u III he at the following
places In Alexniler county, on the iluy he
low let forth for the purpoe of collecting
mill taxes, viz:
III Clear Creek precinct, at the More of
K. Cullny ic Co., Clear Creek l.-imllrg,
.Mnrth Tth, 1670.
In Thabei precinct, at the tore of C- A.
MarchlMon, Tbebc March Mb, liTG.
In Santa Fe precinct, at the tore of V.
Ireland, .Santa Fc, March !, luTii.
Id Gooc Iiilaml precinct, at the More o
O. (ircenley, Uoouc Mand, March in, 1S7J.
In Dog Tooth precinct, at the houn of
N. Iluntacker, K., March II, IpTo".
In Ilazlewood precinct, at the office ol
Sam llrlley Kico, March 14, IbTfi.
In L'nlty precinct, at the tore of V. M.
Atherton, 1,'nlty, March 15, JS7tf.
In. South Calto, at the olllce of .John Q.
llartaan, Cairo, March Pith, 170.
In North 'Cairo precinct, nt the court
home, Cairo, March 17th, l!7(l.
The collector hereby call the pcclal at
tention ol tax patera to Section 1.17, ot the
Chapter upon revenue, revl-ed t-tiitc,
lu which he l required to make lltrahit
upon the pcr-onal property of all tax Jitt
er. In default lor pcrtonal ta.Xcf, alter
March inth. This protMon ot law will he
lKorotuly enforced. Thoe interested wll
therefore hear the tact In uiluil and .ite
Itrln your lait year tax rcrelptu and do
tiottrutt to the tuxliookn fordlcrlptiou of
your land. AI.K.V. II. IUVIN.
Dlitrli t Colli etor.
Cairo, 111., rehruary'JIh, 1&7U.
25 conts, ut F. Tcichnian'a, 102
Commercial avenue. 'J-'JO-lm
For Sale.
A tllvcr plated No. 0 Wilson .Shuttle
Sewiujj Machine, lnrd (piano) llul-h,
valued at fSTi. Will hu Mild at $-tdi--couut,
on food terms, and ordered direct
Iroui the factory.
Colored and mounted .Map ol the
tltyot Cairo at ft) each (halt price.)
A No.!) WlUon Shuttle Soulnj: Ma
ehlne valued tlJ7:. Will 1m told at $l."i
discount, and ordcreil direct from thu
A $fK) I'einlnjfton Sewing Mi'fhliu;
S:!0 oil for wiili. Snltnhlo tor tailor or
hoot and 1iik mauilfaeturer.
A fctvle "K," "Clouli, Warren ,:
Co,V I'arlor Orin. rl'ht from the fac
tory at Detroit. I.l-t price, ?.!(). Will
he sold for SJttl.
1000 sheets of lirMnl hoaid
tvlved at tho IIi'i.i.kiin oilke,
lor tale to the trade.
'lly r Cnlrti,
colored and varnMicd, for sale at
price ($2,50) at the Ik'M.r.TiN olliee.
2(),00l) note head?, :),(K0 envelope',
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements
JO roams hill heads CarlMe paper Jut
received and fur Mile, at I lie, r.ti.i.mi.N
For any of the above articles, apply a
ho llui.i.Kn.v olliee. K. A. 1Ii,'ii.ni:i i
Real Estate Column
l-'OK sai.i:.
I.ot2, hlockO, city, on Ohio levee,
ntwvo Twelfth strrct, outside lire limits.
Verv cheap. Terms liberal.
Cottage neat Nineteenth nml Poplar
fitectx. $ per mouth.
(Jood dwelling houo on Walnut, he
twecn Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twentieth and
l'oplar streets.
Uusliicss houso on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham Si Stllwell.
Wlntcr'u liloek-.Rultablo for Hotel
Olllces or llusluess rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered -I, 8 audi), In
Winter's How, 0 rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (corner), $12 507 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue i rooms,
Store room in "Pilot llouao," lately
occupied k-y A. Ilalley.
A small IIoiku west of Twenty
second street,, near l'lnc, $1 per mouth.
Dwelling housu on Sixth street and
.lull'erson avenue.
Orphan Asylum building and indul
ges. Kent low, to a good ten int.
Store, room, comer Twentieth and
Washington avenue, $12 a mouth.
Itooms In various parts ot thu city.
-Lauds, in tracts to cult, near Cairo.
lu itttlittin.
uvr: or aivi:ki i.m.vj.
gTAII Mill) liir iiilti'ttliiiiiK, mc Our unit iny
ulilc IN AtlVANI K,
'liniiHlint ichntlsliiK will In' Iimrliil nt tli
rule nril " 'ir piiiiiic lurllic llrnl IiimiIIuii
nmt Vih nta fur cm Ii iiiliMiiirnt one. A lllx rul
iIIhc.miiiI will lie in cle on atunliiiK unit illiil iy
iflti illinihi ntn.
t'nr liiMitlhK Kinicriil nollip 11 (o, Niitlceof
liKi lliiK of bik-Ii tl,M ur M en t null n Miii-nln Tnr
nu ll i ii 1 iun
( lilirrli, hucli ty, IVslltul ulcl Hiiirt-r hotirc
will only he Inn rlcil :u ii'Im iIIm in, ntn
No nlt rtlfiiicnt will lxa ruiHi.l alhta limn
V) renin, nml no ti'ltcrllM mi nt will lie Innilol
for li.illiaii I line ilnll ir per iii'mth
Local BualnnH Noticed, of
tun linen or more, InBortml
In tlio Bullutln us ioiiowu
Commonco Counting ut ton Linen.
One lnunttlon tier lino B Contii
Tui.iitidiiHifin.tuirliiifl 7 Centii
Three iiiHurtloiiM por lino u ueniii
Six Inanrtlonn Dor lino 16 ContH
Two wenkiii)rllno Ho Colita
Hnnltirmlh llpr llnft ..10 Cfltltlt
No Jteiluetlon will bo miulc in uhovo
11 Icuh.
ANNrN i:ii: rs
i niton v iji.kiik
lm, ,iu In i.i rtiM i - Plin.eniinouniclliat I nm
a caiellitulc for ll.e nltlccofi it) I liik , ul llicup
lnniulilliKcily ilcrllou tt lM.lt. lllWKI.vn,
We arcniillmrl'il t nnniiniKc 1 1 in iinn.e ol
IAS It W. VI lit, Alt! lis n riiinUilate for llm
olllrinl Cil) lei I., nt the e nulling city iImIIoii
We nic antliririeil In nnnolliirv Ilie linme nf
U 1' A M.I. V ik a cniiilhliile ft.r lii'tlfili I"
Hu-olliee of I ily ( UtV. ut the eiiiiiltijt cl.arlir
cletlidll. "I-
SI NDAVi MAIIl II n, l"s7(J.
Judge Mulkcy of this placo has
lost his pocket-book, containing
. I Tl
some vaiuaDio papers. i no
finder will be paid ten dollars,
by leaving tho same at this
offlco, and no questions asked
in reference to tfjo matter.
K..M. K. '
An i:tiov. 0-.'l-."i 2
2t I).
Cn v Col ncil. Theru will he a regu
lar meeting ol thu city council held on
next Tueday evening.
ltKronr. Wo have thu annual report
' thu treasurer and M-i-retary of the
Woman's Club and Library asoc! itlon,
whlcfi wo will publl-h on TciiMlay.
Nona:. Mr. I'. Tclchmau do-Ire.-! lo
notlfv his friend and the public genera-
ally, that he ha-s remoted his tobicco and
ar rtore from Lightli street to 102
Commercial avenue. 2-20-1 m
i::i I'oiaioks. 2. barrels choice
New Vork Kcarly Uoo --ted potatoes for
ale cheap at dohn Claney-.-, corner
1'tvrlfth street and Coinmerclal avenue.
Nona:. The lAdie-of the Centennial
Vociatlon arc reipteMed te meet at the
rc-ldcnco of.Mrj. Dr. Vtar.lner, on Tom
day afternoon at hall-pi'C two o'clock,
JtooM to Itf;sT. Four rooms, and a
neat cottage on Third Street, free from
Ipo water, and in good condition, l-.n-
iiilrc of Win. .Mellale, !U tho Delta
IIou.'c. 2-1 Mf.
Almost Com:. The -ipo water has
alino'tdUappeared. and at the end of the
next lorty-2lght hour thu ctly will bu
rntln.lv free from it. Let us ,iu thnnk-
fiil, and hope It may never return.
A. Il.ti.i.r.v. A '.llnelot of table and
pocket cutlery, alo spade, llOvel
hoes, rake, fork,axes and a general llm;
of hardware ju't received by A. Ilalley,
11., Commercial avenue. 2-ls-:im.
,lrr I'lifKivmc A. Ilalley has jint
rel.-eda llnu lot of canary and mock
lug bird eagr-i, Uower Maud, Hotter
trainers, baskets, aieher. hearts and
wreathes, tthlcli he has marked very low,
it 11.1 Comuu relal avenue. 2-IS-:tm.
Iti:ciriioruixo Koo lin.trKU. Sweet
ream, Cui-tard Whip and Fro-tlng
maker. Lightning l'eelproeatlng tin
churn. ISe-t In the world. Try the egg
heater and churn and be eon inced. For
ale by C. W. Henderson, 101 Commer
cial avenue, Cairo, Illinois.
:i fi-ini
Nona: n Caniuk tins. Candidates
may ue thu eoiumns ol tne lii i.t.r.riy
to bring their names before, the people, sit
the following rates, cimi h ndeancr
City Clerk, $5; City TreAsuivr, $r,;Af.
erinan, $2. No variation from the cush
in ml ranee rule. tf
Monday Nniiir. Alf. Itiunett, the
great humorM-', asNted by MUs Helen
Nab, will glvi! an entertaluinent at thu
Atlieneum on Monday night. Burnett
Is second to no man In the country in
his prolession : and those who wish to
enjoy a really rich treat should not fail to
go. Admhsion llfty cents.
So.Mi:riiiN(i Ni: Tim llghtnng, ro-
iproeating, tin churn and egg beater,
the late.-t and tlio best ever made, at A.
Ilalley's, who is now selling his largo
stock ol stoves, tin and brittana waro at
greatly reduced prices, filve him a call
beloro you purchase, 115 Commercial av
enue. 2-lS-'.lui.
Si:i: Itocii. C. Koch, nt his shop and
store room, No. no Commercial avenue,
as for sale a stock- of boots and shoes ol
his own make ; alo a largu stock of St.
.outs custom made boots and shoes. JJu
keeps the best material and is up lu all
the latest styles. Ills Ills arc perfect, and
tatisfaction U guaranteed. Give him a
all- 5KMf
Nona: I'.u ties indebted either , by
note or book for thu year IS".", must eal
and settle their accounts at once. All
iceounts not settled by March 15, 1S7II,
will bu ldaeed for collection. Wo mean
business and tiro determined to sell goods
low, but only to prompt paying custom
ers or for ready cash.
Cii.vs. O, r.tiir.ii.
" 101 New Vork Stoic.
I'KiD Till'i. Illlil cages, llowei Mauds
Mower lr.iin, niif ) naieic, ice erenni
fieeers, toilet; Willi', bath tub, lamp
chimneys, oil, Muling irons and Hilling
scissors i also a full supply ol plain and
Mumped tinware, uhole.-alo and retail
by C. W. Henderson, ltd Conuneielalav
enue, Cairo, Illinois, ll-o-lin
ltor.sn i on low.t. We learn that Mr
liohert llaguell, late contractor for the
roiiMrucliou of tin; new levrc, has taken
an extensive contract on a new railroad
now being built in the vicinity ol llur
lingtoii, Iowm, and that his hi others,
Tliomno and William, will proceed thither
Willi their tools and Implements us mioii
as they can wind up their hii'lucss heru
Dikd. Mr. John I'rlndel, residing on
Sandy llidge, Unity precinct, died ol
pneumonia, at his home on I'ridav after
noon last at about threu o'clock. Mr,
I'rlndel was thlrty-fonrycars ol age, nml
well known and highly respected by hl
neighbors and thoe who knew him. Hu
leaves a wife and four children, tho oldeM
of them, a daughter, being sick and not
expected to live. The funeral will take
place to-day.
Viutv Sick. Mr. W. .1. Mdico, f on-lu
law of Capt. .lohu l!oblnon of thl city,
Is ury low with pneumonia at tho res!
dcnei) ol Mr. I'obluson. Mr. McCeo
came to tho oily from Crand Chain,
u here he has been teaching school, one
neck ago Saturday, Intending to return
thu folloulng Tuesday but, lu tho mean
time was taken sick and has been very
lowcter since.
Aiiiii:sri:n. Iletwceii liyo and six
o'clock lat evening a couplo of ruttiatis
attacked a lot of colored men near the
corner of Ohio levee and Sixth street.
when olllcer L illuu attempted to arret
them. They routed and lu the melee
the ofllcer dealt one of them several se
vere blows over thu head with Ids "per
suader,'' after which they went along
quietly. They were taken to the eula-
booc and locked up.
Orrit-Kiis Ki.i:cti:d. At a meeting ol
thu Ladies' Library Association at the
lioii'o of Mrs. Dr. Wardner, yesterday
afternoon the following ollieers were
elected lor tho ensuing six mouths :
I'roldent Mrs. John II. Obcrly.
Vlco-rre-tdcnt Mrs. Dr. Smith.
Secretary and Treasurer Mrs. C. C. K.
Hoard of Dlreetoi.- Mrs. Dr. Wardner,
Mrs. Alvord, Mrs. ICorsmeycr.
No i ice. Hardware, tinware and
stoves, plows, hand cultivators, spadee,
shovcN, torks, hoea. rake, step ladders ;
also keep coi.stantly on hand a line as-
ortment of table and pocket cuttlcrv and
builders' hardware. I am sole agent for
the celebrated Charter Oak stoves, of
which I keep l.i stock a full supply of the
dltlercnt sles. The above articles at
rock bottom ilgurc."
C. W. Hi:ndi:i:son,
Ml Commercial avenue, Cairo, UN.
3-51 in
Caiiio CoMtiANDr.u v. Cairo Comman
der-of Knlglits Templar U recognized
by their brother Sir Knlglits throughout
the State a one of tho most, If not the
most thoroughly organized, best
drilldd and bc-t working couiuiau
dcrys in th.i We-t. Hut why should
this not be .-o? Cairo Coinnmudery num
bers nuioiig Its members our very best
and most sub-tantial citizens men who
never fail to make a ,-ucecs of whatever
thev undertake.
Itiii.Kiior-.. I'cetor Gilbert will con
duct services at thu Church of tlio Ite
decmer to-day at the u-ual hours, niorn-
ngand evciilag.
-l!uv. Gilliam will occuiiy tlio pulpit
it tlio McthodUt church to-day. All are
Invited to attend.
At the l'resliyterlan church, l!cv. II.
. (ieorgu will preach morning and
evening. Sunday school at U o'clock
Nr.w Tnr.sn.K. Wont;. During thu
la-t year the Illinois Central railroad
ouipany has repaired, and in many
place- put In entirely new trestle work on
the line of their road. They are jiiit now
completing one of the llHest pieces of
workol thu kind on thu line a short dis
tance below rilin stalion. Thu trestle
s several hundred feet in lengfli, and
built In the inn-l sub-tantial manner,
making It pei haps one of the strongest on
the road. The lengthy trestle a tew
miles abovo this city was rebuilt last
sumiucruud fall.
Ai.r. Ili'i'.Nr.rr. Our readers should
bear lu mind thu fact that Mr. Alt. Mur
nott and his talented company, ;will ap
pear attlio Atheneuin to-morrow evening
and give one of his mu-leal, mirth-provoking
cutcrtnliimcts, which has made
him so famous wherever he lias appeared.
Alf. is making Is a farewell visit as hu In
tends retiring from thu rostrum shortly,
Thu prices tiro within everybody's roach,
only 50 cents for reserved seits, which
are now on sale at Hai tinau's. Tako tho
children and spend n pleasant evening
witli the "prluco ol humorist."
Coal Minus at Sr. Johns. "Humbler,"
a correspondent of tho Chicago Inter
Ocean who Is now tiavellug through
Southern Illinois, writing from DuQuoin
under datu of February 25th., speaks thus
llatterlngly of Capt. W. I'. Hulllday's
salt works and coal interests In Perry
county :
On the lino of tlio samo railroad (the
Illinois Central) only a mllu north of Du
Quoin is St. Johns, lamous for tho Para
disQ mines ot Captain ilidllday, of Cairo,
and thu salt works of tho mime party.
Thu coal mines, a Utile, cast of town, em
ploy inoru than 100 miners, and the vein
Is fully seven feet. Tlio coal has
111 per cent, of carbon, ill of
volatile, neai ly 7 of inoiMuru and a
little more than 1 of rcsidum, ashes.
From twenty to twenty-live tons of coal
are run up to the railroad track and
dumped every forty minutes. At thu salt
works am tin ei wells, 1,1110 feet deep,
abundantly yielding water which con
tains ! percent, of salt Impregnation,
Thirty men aro al work theru thu year
round. Tho capacity ol the. salt-housu Is
15,000 barrels, and It Is usually lull. Tho
salt Is of a high grade nf excellence. St.
Johns has sixty dwellingdiou-es and ono
store, Ihilllday'fl, whein inii-l. of t
milieu nun uii-ni:oei niitinc; laiuuics
no 1 iiili trading. 'I no llllle lottn Is lll.i
n bee-hivo in clover time.
DkOiiaih.-Iii rcrfpoiwloa note from
Dr. Charles Dedrath, now In tin; county
Jail under Indictment lor perjury, a re
porter for the liri.i.ni in vblled tin frill
yesterday morning to aitnln what the
doelorV hudness with hiui might be. Al
ter shaking hands with the reporter, and
a few preliminary leinark-, Degratli pro
duced imopy of thu lli.'i.M.iiw ofsomi1
four or live weeks ago, cotitiiliiiiir ,, ,,s,
tract from a New oik corrertionileiiei
ol the Philadelphia l)iilelt glting a
history ofDcflrathr! arreMand Ihecaiiies
which led to It. DcOrath denounced the
story as a ba-o falsehood, and iiijucteil
to have us so slate, c. wnH
anxious to Irivu us -.it down
find ll-ten to his story ami nub
lull it. Kilt we couldn't do it. ,0 U
too short, and Ids story would be of no
particular interc.t to our readers, lids
very bitter In his feelings towards his llrst
wife. Hu ays she Is a had woman, and
backed by U eneinie, Is trying to levy
blackmail on him, but that ho will dl
before she shall succeed." He says he has
$500 in cah and property in Jersey city
worm sixteen hundred dollars which he
will give as security to any one who will
go his ball and release him IV..111 the
loiinty jail.
Pr.ltSo.VAL. Mr. Jo-enh .MelC.nzli.
alter paying his Irlcmls In this cltva
short visit, left for his homo In Metropo
lis 011 1 riuay nliernoon.
Sam I osler Is at Duhiiiiiie nackiiiL'
Iru for (lit Cairo market tlio coming sea
yon. -Geo. W. Patrldgeand W. I!. Archer.
of St. Louis, were among the guests at
thu St. Charles hotel yesterday.
O. S. Stern, of Cliiclimnll. ive 01
the city yesterday, and re-d-teied m i.
St. Charles.
James 1!. 0''den. 'a nromluent mil.
road man or ICnoxville, Tenneco, was
reglftercd at the St. Charles hotel v..c.
Miss Lizzie Afoul f'noir.pt- tt'lm Im. ..
large circle of friends in this city, Is now
iiiuiL' ncr si-ier. Mm. k. f 'I'ltna
Villa ltldjrc. Mis Montr-cm,
Is at Coshocton, Ohio.
Mr. William Ila-'nell. havl ii film.
pleted his work on the new levee, left lor
St. Louis on Friday morning by the Nar
row uawgu raiiroau. Mr. Tlio. IlagncU
will remain In thu city until alter" the
10th, when he will al-o tiku hl depart
ure. Tin: Nr.w Li:vi:i: Woiik j iscontix-
ci:i). ork on Ihc now levco was dis
continued on Tuesday last, by order of
thu Levee Committee. Thu levee as it
now stands Is 'in excellent shape, and ca.
pable of withstanding any preurc of wat
er that Is likely ever to comu against It
The average width of the luvec at thu
ba-e is about 15 feet, with a slonu of .1 to
1 loot on tho outside, and 2 to 1 foot on
the iuide, thu top ol tho levee being six
feet t ide. The new levee lu Its pres.
cut condition Is the same lil'dith of the
Ohio levee, though about ilfieen Inche
lower than the old Ml-.l.-lppl luvec. It
should liu remembered, however, that
thu MissiIppI Juveo Is nearly two
tect higher than the Ohloluvce. Thu total
cost of tho new Icvec so far Is about
$11,000, which, all things considered, I
not an extravagant price for the amount
ot work. Competent judges givo it as
their opinion that thu embankment N an
excellent piece ot work, and constructed
In a compact and safe manner. Mcr.
John P. Hely, and Thomas and Wll
Ham ltagnell dc-ervo credit for thu faith
fulness with which they performed the
duties a!gncd them lu the construction
of the levee.
An Old Hook. Among many other
very ancient books In thu library of Kuy.
Mr. Olmsted of Caledonia, N ono of rare
literary value, being probably, one of the
oldest volumes to bu found in the coun
try. Ills a Latin Hible, with which i
bound a copy of the "psalm," pnbll-hcd
lu London two hundred and lilty-lour
years ago. The following U a cop ol
the tltlu pago of thu "Psalms" :
"The Wholo Hook of Psalmes,
Collected into Kngll-h Meetcr. by
Thomas Sternhold John Hopkins, and
others, conferred witli thu llobiew; with
apt notes to slug them w Khali.
' Set forth and allowed to be sung In all
Churches, of all the people together,
before and after .Morning and Lvenlug
Prayer, and al-o beloro and after Ser
iii(in,' moreover in private houses for
their Godly solace and Comfort, laying
apart all ungodly songs and ballades;
which tend onely to the iiourMilng ol
vice and corrupting of youth.
Jamk V.
"i If any be allllcted, let him pray, mid It
any bu merry, let hlnislug Psalines.
Colo.. HI.
Let tho word of Uod tjtvel pleutloiuly
in you, In all wlsdomo teaching and ex
horting ono another In Psalines,
Ilyinues and Spiritual song, Singing
unto thu Lord lu your hearts.
Printed for the Compaulo of Stationers.
Cum Prlttcliglo llegls Kegall;
..m illion, sir KiiIkIiU 1
A legular conclave of Cairo
Coinandcry No. Ill It. 'I'., will
k juu hciiiai 1110 Asylum. .Mnu
Svday evening, March Olh, 1&70,
&ys at " o'clock. Soloiirnlng Sir
Knights are coidl.dy Invited.
F. Iwiits.Mr.Yi'it, l!ee.
KEY WEST CIGAH8 throo for
25 conts, nt F. Toiohmnn's, 102
Commoroinl nvenuo. 2-20-1 m
Aller llio Tiro.
J. George Stciuliousu may bu found
blnco the tiro at his now shop, on F.lghth
street In tho Alexander County Hunk
building, where ho will welcome all his
customers, and servo them in as arllstlu a
manner as ever before, with smooth
shaves, faililouablo hair cutting and
thorough shampoo".
River news.
I'orl f.lnf.
.Steamer Jim Fiu. Paducah.
" J.N. Kellogg and barges.St. L.
" y of Chester, Memphis.
" John F. Tnlle, SI, Louis.
" Arliiiglou, Pittsburg.
" Ironsides mid low, HI. I.oul".
" James I). P.uker, .Meinpbii.
Sleamer Jim I'M;, P.ulucah.
" City of'heter,St. I.oul.
" Arlington, St. Louis.
John F. Telle, New Orleans.
" lroiiides and tow. Pittsburg.
" James D. Parker, Cincinnati.
The James D. Parker parsed up with
a big trip ye-terday. Sliu had among
other Items of cargo, 0S2 b.iles ol cotton.
She got a lot ol'empty beer kegsand some
other freight here.
The City of Alton it undergoing re
pairs nt St. I.otih.
The City of Chester paused up yester
day with a good Hip. Shu put oil 120
hales ofeotti.n for tho I.nt, and added
Kitno freight beie.
Thu II. S. Turner U duo fiom (.'In-
elunatl to-day, with onuof the best tilps
of the season.
--'I'he freight added here by the Tollt"
included MJ I1I11N ot tob.iceo.
-'I'he Aillnglon arrived from Pitt
burg wllh u fair trip. Shu put oil' 70
kegs beer and Idt Tor St. Louis without
making any additions to her cargo.
The John I'. Tolle aniyed about!!
o'clock yesterday morning. Shu will add
about :I50 tons here for tlio South.
The Colorado will be ready to leave
on Monday for Vlcksburg. Her machin
ery was expected Ian night, she Is
adding considerable freight here.
All Clii-.iulc Dlseucs i'nieil
iiy nit. iu ltz.
lie Is located In Cairo, 11111101", and Is
still calling on you to bu healed. Why
will yon die of old chronic dUeae., when
you can bu cured with so little cost or
money. Do not give It up yet, for theru
Is still balm lu Gllcad. Cairo is the
place to come to bu cured ol all your
aches and pain.
I am now prepared at my olllce to glvu
medicated baths, and persons wMilug to
receive such, will call at my olllce on
Klghth sticet, No. 22, from thu hours of
2 p.m. till 0 p.m. Also plain baths, hot
baths, warm bath-, cold b.itln, or vapor
baths. Al-o persons having thu con
sumption or week lung, and wishing to
receive medicines by lnluUUon, can 10
ceivu the treatment at my olllce, this be
ing thu only true way of getting nicdl.
cine direct to thu lungs. Also I tre.il dis
eases ol thu eyes of years standing, and
the blind has been inadu to seu by my
treatment. All dleacs of thu skin )
cure. Fistula cured by inu without thu
use of the knife. If you haven cancer,
come and bu cured. All private dl-cascs
in the shortest time, cured iiy me. In
short, for all chronic di-cascs of thu hu
man system, go to Dr. Unit. If you wUh
to be cured. I compound and prepare, all
my medicines at my olllce. It H said
that practice makes pcrfce. I have been
thirty years a practicing physician.
All letters and communications shall
be confidential and promptly attended to
by me. Direct Hit. llfi.r.
No. 22 Flghth struct, Cairo, Illinois.
Tell thou-aml dollars worth of good
at cost. I will commence this day re
tailing the largo and valuable stock of
goods coiul-tlng of clothing, ladles' fur
ni-hlng goods, gents' fiirni-liiiig good
standard dry goods, fancy good-, Jewelry,
etc., at the old stand of llcllbron it Well,
for cash at actual cot. No goods deliv
ered until paid for.
I will make it an object for merchants
to buy thesu goods lu Jobl'lng lots, for
cash in hand. In quantities to suit.
I am authorized also to reclevu bids
fortho next ten days for the purchase
in bulk ot all that portion of said stock
which shall remain unsold on the morn
Ingof March llth. Now is the time to
but. Gr.oimi: I'isiii'.i:,
ProvMoual As-lgnre of Ilellliron A
Well, bankrupts.
Cairo, Feb. 3, 1-.70. Il ll-ll
A .V" I l.Klllllll'.t .
It Is now conceded that Airs. Coleman
the laundrc.-s. No. 12 Fourth street, lie-
tweeu Wa-hlnglou and Commercial ave.
nues. has one of the bet conducted laun
dry establishments lu the ?lty, and land
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
tlud it to tlieir advantage to call upon
her. Her prices aro as follows: Hotel
and boardlng-hou-o washing 75 cents
per doen. For piece work prices aro as
follows: Single shirt and collar, 10c; per
dozen, bOe; socks 5c; two collars, 5c;
two handkerchiefs, 5o; vests, 20c; and
nil gentlemen's wear, SOe. per dozen.
Ladies plain calico ihosses, 25u; calico
dres-cs with extra trimmings, 50o; white
dresses, $1 35u ; ladles' underware, lino
andjeoarse, $1 00 per dozen. l-2:t-tf.
I (JeuiH
Fitly cents, tit Winter's Gallery.
25 conts, nt P. Toiohmnn'H, 102
Coinmoroinl nvomio. 2-20-1 m
jh.li. h. canine!
ori'K'i: AND III.MDI.NXT.I 1'IhMIi Mini,
liittncu W'uililiiKlmi nml Luliuiii'rulnl Atemu.
Fashionable Barbor
TTATn X3n.X3f9H91IS XI.
Botwesn WimhltiKton uud Oommnrolnl
Monday, March 6th, 1875.
Mr. Alf. Burnett,
Amorion'fl Favorite IltimoriHt,
Ai-irr.ii iiy
Miss Helen Nash
nnil Vwira. ."-....... ..nr .., ,.,,
'lli-.Mii-)lr.il IliiLiilmtiil ttlll lw In lliclmn.lior
Mr. L. Percy Williams,
Tin Mn inil (.culm, In hi.,
Willi irt'llljl from lllllill'l.l nunil nu.n.utl.l.
nf liiMniiiifnti.
Aiiinltaion l.
liallcry 2,-Ci
.l'Ht- mil III M'l'tll'nl III UlUlOll... uithr.lll
Jtlruclriri'iil It. Iliitlueiii'i, li-a-IJ.
Tii .Volici.
NiiIii) It lu-rrlir irltcil In nil nr.nin con
nrnnl, Hint at u i,r l.iml nml li.tvn ion I city
loti, lii lil nl tin riiiillittp-t iliiiir nt tlio court
liiill-c, In Diet Ur nrrnlrii. l oiinly nT Aliun
iliriiinl Malt or lllliiol,oiiilic I.ih lUy iil'Juni.
A II . mi, lor tlio Male romily,ilincliln,ol
ainl ntlii r tntct iiTIIii jcarliT.l, umt roH, the
iliiili-rli;ii. il luniiiit lliciiin lni,ri or lln li.tlott
luif ilc-criUil Iniul In km hi enmity, tal nml
until as Mow i t fiirlli, t l.i
.. . It'll In tilio.i. mtnr
l"rl Mf. Sir.T'n Wei A'rn Inxnl ami .,,
tt'.mv :-l 11
c'antf .ai 1",
11 trait .11 l'i
HW ur 111 In
I t-0 M.irlii.l.i .MaulilMoii
1 ro .1111111 Jxnulli )
.oury .. ..iriif.
l( In Kiiiiiiii 1' lliittliiiK
ii !l r,
And Umt Hit lime i.r 11-T, 111111..11 uHi ..v,.i.
liirn lilli, A. II , l;. '
.lACtlll .MOIIKMK K, I ,:iMr.
( Alttn, III I not 1 , Miirrli lt, 1;.,
ShcrifTi Sale.
V tlrluc of n ditl cxciulliiii to im
Jrtcliil lit- tin: Clerk nf tin- l.lrrnl- C...1.1 ,.r
.ii'MiuiiiTioiiiiiy. 111 inu -iaie or 1 1 1 1 11 1 I x , in
Utorol'.l. V. U ootrn, ami m-aliisl T. .1. .Ur-ftrli-i,
I will fill tin Tollott lin- ilr.--rllt iirou
crly in the Klrt AiMltlun ti) tin ctlf or I'alro,
county ol' AlfMtmkr nmt Mnte of llllnoln, l.i-
ui 1119 iiiiiiu-t.'riM ix tn; ami ti'tcn in
lilork nuinlrcml foiirtiin (II): nml lolt tnun
licitil lite ('.) ami -l (), In lilock iiuiiilnrfl
Ittinlf-lliru (il), Iftlnl upon n lliciiroiK-rty nf
IIicmMT. .1. .Iillrii-i, ut 1'nlilic .alp at lln
."ontli-ttcHliloorof tin Court llonx In tlio cliy
of Cairo, lu tin conn ty ol Aloxanilcr and Iiil
orilllnoUoli tin- '.'Till tiny nf Alaicli, A II.,
1M, nt tlie lioni of plcvcn o'clock. A. .M., for
cntli, lu :it.fy hiIiI t'Xtctitlon.
Alfa. It lnvi,
Slif-rliT of AtcMimUr comity, llllnofi.
(..tir.o, Illi. , .March I, 170. :M-ill4.
ShcrlfTB Sale.
Ily tlrtitc nr a -pcclal execution tonic dl
rcctcil hy ilia clerk of tlio circuit court ol
Aloxanucr county, In tlic .Statu ot Illinois
in I'.ivor of 1'rcilcrlo.k Kalrtliorn nml Tlico
iloro Ilanil, llrm of Kalrtliorn .t lt:iiul, nml
lurnlntt Sarah I.. Klloo, 1 will cll tlio ml
lotvlnn ilc.-cnlieil jiroiicrty, to-tvlt: Lot
nunilicrcil!evcn(T)anilcl,,lit(, in lilock
iuttiit,c roil tlilrt y-ciirlit (-'l-sj. In Die city of
Cairo, county or Alcxamlcr ami Statu ol
Illinois n the property ot the rani Sarah I,.
Itlini! at public -ale at Ihc -oath-wot door
of the court lioii-o in tho cltt of Cairo. In
tint county of Alcxamlcr ainl Stato ol Illi
mils on t o Seventeenth (l'tli)ihy ol March.
A. I)., IbTil, at tlio hour of i.teten (11)
o'clocV;, A. M,, for cadi, to atifv alil exe
cution. Al.KX. 11. IllVIN.
hhcriil ol AtcMiuiIci county. UllnoU.
UAlltn, Ills, February .i!tli, 1S7U. 2 2 I
Sheriff Sale.
1 1 V virtue ol a muclul cxecutlnn In me
ilircctcil by the clerk of the circuit court ol
Aicxaniier county, m tlio siat'j ol Illinois
In favor of (Ieorgu lioehmer, ami a.Mlot
UclnlioM V. Ilclner.inil Scttlo llclncr, I
tvllUclltho lollmvln,' ifccriljc! propcrtr,
to-tvlt: Tho liouiie-i hltuatcil upon lo'tn
numbcreil lx (() ami jctcit (7), In liljclt
nuinbcreil ltvcnty--lx (20), and lot
numbcreil thrco (il) in block
tivonty-3ovcn (J7), In tho cltt of
Cairo, county or Aleximler, In the State of
Illinois : anil al-o the len-choM otate of
llclnbolil V. Ilelznvr nml :eUlc llcl.nor. In
anil to talil lot, Mx. etcn, ami three,
u 1 11 c property 01 .-.ilil ueiu
I10I1I V. Hvlxn.tr ami Ser
tlo llel.ncr, at public alo at the toutlnve.t
uoor 01 1110 conn uou-c 111 1 He cut 01 umro,
III the eouutv of Alcxamler nnil State ol
Illlnol, on the Seventeenth (I7tfi) iliy of
.11.11-cii, .. u., i,ti, at mo Hour nt clctcn
(11) o'clock, a. 111 , for cash to n.itUfy salil
tvimlllldii IIP IT fl,l',J
Slinrllf of Alexander Co., Illlnol-i.
, in., Feb, 2(!, is;.!. a-aa-tii
m l CM
Will inott i.i.-ltliily cure any rase or rhi tirit.i
lliliior ilii-iwii.'illt' Koiit.no mailer lintv lon(f
etamlini'. on tin liici ul'ltiecnrtli. Ili'int-1111 1 1
tvaril iippllcation it iIom tht-tt'nrk 'inlckly, tliur
onatily unit permanently, liitviliK tn nyMcm
ttroiiK ini'l healthy Wnle to any pionilm iit
iicrnon in WiuliliiKlim t'ily, ami you will learn
ihal Ilie hImhu atatfintiit il line In ctcry partic
ular. cosnr.NSKii LiiuriKic tks.
National Hotel,
Waihliilon, D. C HecrnilH-r'.', U7I.
M-aH lltlihi'n.4llni lleiillcyi
i.'cnH 1 tcry rlnrrfnlly latc Unit I uwl Hu
iiiiiU'd illK'nin ilii. Ili'ini-ly uillnlivlili-l lieiieilt,
Mi iiiIk r on'onurcm of I in.
I'riniili'iitlal .Mansion,
Winhlnnloit. 1. '., A Mil 2.1, IS75.
Mi'ssri llrliilii ii-ilni' ,v Ilcntluy:
liints. lor (lie luit M'teu )car.i my ttlfe Inu
been n urt-.il-iilVr Irom 1 liemiial Inn , hi riloi'lora
I'ailinir In flte her ulnf. slieu-etl thlcu IhiIIIih
lluraiiK' llheiiiimtlu lleim-ly, ami a iictiiianrnl
Cllir ttai Ihc icniit. W.M. II. t'llilOK,
"KMvntlte Cleik to I'nulilek.dnmt."
WathltiKlon, I), t'., .Marrhll, l-"S.
In Ilie HU'ii'tiiil Mielto liollnl lilt' rlielllllilllillll
um Konc. Iiavliiir taken llirivilo-eH iil llilmiiK's
lllieiiiniilii' llemcilt. .Mt'lirollier .1. II. Len-hu.
of Ileill'onl, I'u , ttuaeiirtil liyaniinllarninniint.
.iiiii. it.ssn.t,
Member uf ConirrFHs of l'.
I'lli'e iiiie ilollar nlwttle, or 8iv liotttcH for lite
lollarn. -k MmrilnniKlit lor IHimiiK'it Ithcii-
liulic lleineily inaniifaeliiriil by "
1 1 1.1.11 1 1 .- 1 i.i; . in..1 1 1,1. .
I i tiirKl'" 'ud I'luMiMs
WuHlilimtoii. 1 C.
IICTFor sale In Chlraso, by Van ."-chuutek
Sletemion A liilil, und Lord bliillh A Co.
Wlioli'xali HiukkULS
Slate Hoofers,
Itooilng und auttoring a Specialty
Slato Roofiing a Specialty in
any part of Southorn
LiKhtninpt IlodH, Fumpa, Stoves
and Tinwnro.
JolibiaK PromPtlr Douo.
l.'act," a Trcatltc on tbn
Cauie", lii.tory, cure and
I'letfniMiiif I'll.Eh. I'ub.
1 ly r. ,S';ti
TKI1 .1 I'll. t'lk HracL
!'.'.' IKk. hrnll'Kt'.t!ir.il
Frtvt'l'l ft KU-r aumr.
irlf i.flhll I'llltfHl KI1ia tin
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