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gltf iulliffin.
K4llaC JUMIcr on Kt cry I'ngo.
JOHN X. 03BIiY, Editor.
Tn Jton.-JCr.JIartr.cU pnvcl tliroujili
St. Louiioji Hmifliiy chills why to Wash
ington. t J f ,
Mit..MonuisN uwdea Miccclw In llw
House nu Monday on the llawnltan
treaty, which attriuiti'il very jrcnt ral nl-U-ntlon.
Tun rumor In rrjiar-l to (Jov. licit
rlck.,Gcii. I.ovchimI tlio Oatlhijr K '
nutliorltntlvcly ilonlctl by tlipparllo moU
Mouk than half tbo iim neccswry to
be mailr up by the jeliools of Illinois for
the projwr rep.rpM;nniloii of Uiq ciluca
tlon.il iHtrreMs of ' Illinois at tin; Ccntm.
nlal ha been forwarded to Sprlnlli'ld to
the Treasurer, Hon, 8. M. Ciillom.
SAYSowrlWislitni'lon correspondent
"Ilelknap live In one of tlio handsome
houses built and owned by Clou, llabcock."
Tlio friends of Itabcock, who am uoln
about with a suliscrlptlou lUt endeavor
lug to make up to Itabcock the thirty
thousand dollars which his trial cost him.
should first find out how many handsome
houses the poor young man owns.
A Washington special to the St. Louis
Ilfpultican states that Attorney General
Plerrepont had written a letter to Con
gressman Lord of New York, who had
introduced liitotho IIousu the resolution
calling for ail explanation of the uircuin
vtanccs connected with the Attorney
General's letter to the District Attorneys.
Mr. Picrrcpont denies that he gave the
letter to Mr. Storrs, or that It was made
public through him or any subordinate
In his olllce. The dispatch further saya :
The President was" furnished n copy ol
this letter, btit he said ho had not given
It to any person, anil was as anxious us
the Attorney General to learn by what
means it was obtained. Upon further
Investigation ll was ascertained thai (leu.
Itabcock bad obtained access to the doc
ument unknown to the President, and
made or caused to be made a copy which
he placed In the hands of Mr. Storrs, his
counsel. Upon being summoned before
the President and Attornev General, Gen.
llabcock admitted this to fc true.
a wi:ak akuumkxt.
The Chicago Tribune Is endeavoring to
shin the responsibility of the Itelkuap
disgrace from the shoulders ol the He
publlcan .party by declaring that Jlel
knap is. and always has been a Demo
crat. But this plea will not,win. Graut
was a Democrat, anil Logan was a Dem
ocrat. If bribe-taking should be traced
to the President and none will deny that
the trail reaches very cloo to him
if Logan were to be found guilty of beiug
a member of the whisky ring, as has been
frequently charged upon him, would the
Tribune attempt to clear the skirts of the
republican party ot the additional stigma
which such disclosures would fasten upon
it, by declaring tbey were Democrats?
The argument would not hold good, ami
has no force in the eaec ot Gen. llclkiiup .
He has been an actWe and honored mem-
bcr.of the Republican party. Several years
ago he was a Republican collector ot hi
ternal.rcvenuc. A few months ago hu was
a Republican candidate for United States
Senator from the State of Iowa. For
years lie has been the lieptibll.
can secretary of war to a Republican
President of the United Slates, and prior
to the first disgraceful revelations of last
Thursday, no Republican newspaper
would have dreamed of charging it upon
Gen. Grant that he had a Democrat at the
head of the war department. There Is no
escaping the eonclialon. Secretary
Belknap was one of the
chief oOiccrs ot a Republcau
cabinet. The late exposures dem
onstrate that fraud, corruption and
bribe-taking characterize his department
as they characterize all the other branches
of the public sen Ice. For his acts and
for all the other wrongs pcritctratcd un
der the wing ot a Republican administra
tion, the Republican party is directly re
simslble. rii.i ii.Li:i it minsio.v.
One of the influence .hleh contributed
in the j.an to make the Republican party
strong, was tbebelkf In the tincerity and
the hone-ty of the men who founded It
and nursM It into strength. Lincoln
and Chaw: and Seward and Sumner, dead
and in their craves, have helped to keep
Yitallty In the Republican organization,
and to Uirow around It, even In its de
generate and corrupt Uayt., something
of the lustre of their own virtues and
abllitltf. Rut this influence has reachtri
iutud. it has been tlowly weakening
for year. past. The contrast between
the lives and the aervlw of the great
men we bare mentioned with them ot
tlie leaders of the party to-day is ttw
treat not to l keen and observed ot all
men. In the early days ot
Republicanism, Its leaders became such
by virtue of their brains and thc-lr charac
ter. Of the lour wo have mentioned.
and they were the central ligurcs of the
party at the ba-aklug out of ihe war, not
one was wliat even at that time, would be
called a wealthy man. Mr. Lincoln, who
was z-rcsiuem 01 me umieu niaies when
money was the most plentiful cotumodl
ty in tho market and collownl fortune
mere made in a day, died worth about
seventy-five thousand dollars. Mr
Chase, who was secretary ol the treasury
from;i6C2 to 1805J; who was the "father of
greenbacks" and possessed unlimited op
portunities to engage in prolltable i-pccii-
latlons, and besides had been one ot tho
most industrious members of his profcs
sion!; mul been a United States Senator
and died in the Chief Justlce.hip, left u
fortune of about eighty thousand dollars.
Mr. Seward's possessions were inslguin
cast, and Mr. Sumper, including a lino
library aad ''uch 'rar? collections asu
trareler, acfcolaraod a states man, would
aturaUy father 'about him, would not,
II Mil it Will tWI lliuuvu muajll 1
9 purebwe ttw dUaouds, Ikcs and yel- J
..U . t.n .... M.II.A.1 imniifil.
vets of a fii'lilonahlc Wn hlur ton Indy of
the period.
What n feminist to the Republican
loaders of this day. The man who has
the not money has llir mot Influence,
and so well Is tills understood that the
desire to appear rich took possession ol
tho most lnlgiilllcaut member of the
office-holding portion of the party. ThN
Is tho secret of the ring nud combina
tions which halo drained every avenue
to the public treasury of the public
money and diverted It Into the pockets of
corrupt olliclals. The greed and the
fal'o pride which Induced .loyco and Mc
Donald to betray their frut were the
ruin aNo of Belknap and Robcon. The
receipt by Mr. llabcock 'of sixteen hun
dred dollars worth of diamonds from
Joyce, the sale of pot-tradershlp3 by
Mrs. RclUuap, the acceptance ot valuable
articles of furniture, Ac, from the fore
man of the United States navy yard by
Mrs. Robeson, arc like evidences of the
corruption which has not slopped at Iho
line which divides political from social
life, but has stepped over It and de
stroyed domestic happiness us well as
public morality.
Wc believe the limit of social extrava
gance. olTemale Polly ami ol'pollllcal cor
ruption, all intimately Interwoven a" li:i
hern painfully ilciiioii-tratcd by the re
cent exposures at U'ahliigtonnnd by the
Incidental revelations of the whisky
trial--, has been reached in
tlio downfall of the paily hi
power. Tlio necessity for it to
unload, Is pat. It has broken down. It
has no Mrcngth ol Its own and cannot
bulid anew upon the virtues of Its found
ers. Tliu people can no longer forgive
the sclliMines-. and the narrowiie.- and
the venality of ii Grant, because of
the patriotism nud the excellences
of a Lincoln. They can no longer en
dure the sins of u Delano and ol a Wil
liams, because ot the virtues of a Seward.
They cannot condone the corruptions ol
a Belknap and of u Kobc-on, bcau-e of
the purity of a Chase. They can no
longer overlook tliu vices ot a Schenck
and of a Itabcock, because of tliu up
rightness of a .Sumner. The Republican
tub of to-day must stand upon its own
bottom, and the bottom has fallen out.
The hoops are corroded and the handles
are rotten. Tho whole inas .-hould bo
thrown away with thcdcbrlsaiul theollal
fthe past.
(Our Wa-liliistoii ('irrvKiili'iict'.)
Washington, March 1, IS'it.
Of course theiu has been but one topic
of conversation during the pat two days,
and that has stirred all hearts with stic-li
powerful tin ills ot dismay and sorrow
that wc have talked hi low voices, while
each one felt as II the national OUgraco
was a personal stain. No lady lias been
In Washington for years whose beauty
and grace were so widely acknowledged,
and to think of Mrs. Belknap's queenly
head bowed In the agony of shame which
must rest upon her with no hope of re
lief tills us nil with pity in the mldtof
our knowledge of her wi-onir. I shall
never forget the llret tlmu I saw her. it
was her first reception after her baby's
birth, where crowds wero thronging to
congratulate her ; tho beautiful parlors,
whose walls have crimson velvet paper
with glided ligurcs, wcie full of happy
faces ; there was the low inuiiner of well-
bred voices, and a ripple of light laughter
now and then; pictures and elegnnt orna
ments were every where, but lalrer than
anything beside stood the ho-tess. Per.
fectly drci'cd, of course; from tho dia
mond vlgnctto In tliu soft pulls of her
dark hair to the too of her dainty satin
boot. The co-tumo was an artNtlc com
bination of black velvet with shining sil
ver gray satin. It llttcd her stately flgun
without a fault; there was such a light hi
her beautiful eyes; Mich a glow of health
on her cheeks; the coral Hps purled over
such perfect teeth, that I stood looking at
herns I might at some arti-t's dream ot a
loveliness never known in actual life
There was only one leaturo to bo critl
clsed; the nose was an unmistakable pug,
but one never thought of that when her
smiles sent their brightness oyer all the
face with an irrefutable charm. I re
member that the secretary stood hi the
front parlor, laughing heartily at some
droll thought, and that a gleam from the
setting tun .-truck through his tawny
beard. A bluff, Jolly son ot Mars, much
more at home In camps than courts, but
personally liked by all who knew him.
Again I saw Mrs. Belknap, only two
weeks ago, f binding in the tame place,
and ultoascvpil'ltc in every detail a.
when 1 first met her ; ovr on the piano
sat the baby with its 1'rvin'h iiur.c The
little Alice looks like her lather; she ha
brlght golden hair, blue eye and the
fairest skin. .Sot one bit abashed or dis
mayed she received the homage so freely
offered, chattered away in tliu unknown
jargon of baby-hind, got up on her little
feet now andihe:i, and I wondcied If all
her life would be as bright and happy an
ilsihtwuliig '
Not a wiek ago Mr. Belknap ewne
with some friends to tliu ro'erved gallerv
In the House, wearing a canlago suit of
black velvet plainly made, but extrcmelv
Incoming, while fiom her irlrdle thcie
hung the prettily gathered pocket with
Us broad silver clasp and chains. Ilow
vtry brief has been the triumph! how
long will be the years ot humiliation and
sorrow !
The secretary, as is well known was
from Iowa ; Ills present wife Is the sister
ol hK second ; his first wifu died many
years ago, leaving him three sons. Tlio
babeol his second wife only outlived iu
mother h very shoit time; 1 think two
sous are dead. The most dreadful thing
in all the sad all'alr Is the fact that at the
funeral of her sister the present .Mrs.
Belknap discussed the payment of tint
money which was to smiru Mr. .Marsh
In Ills post-tradcrshlp. Ol course tlicro
are a hundred rumors current, but
miinv of them are utterly ltoiiihIIcss
and It h cruel to heap more sorrow upon
one BUlllciciitly crushed, siilllelently pun
Ishcd. COXOKKSU ON 1 lll'KSIiAV.
Tho Baltimore (lazcttt was the lirst pa
- ' - - i
lcr reaching the city with lis startling
di pabli; the news prend with lighten
ing mi illness ami whin Congress came
together biislne.- received precious little
attention. Kvery hcail was heavily bur
dened ; there were lew smiles visible ;
the leading members clustered together
In groups- unable to talk or think of any
thing but the dreadful tidings; the al.
Icrieswerc tilled with Spectators who ex
pected impeachment proceedings to take
place; additional scraps of rumor passed
from Hi) to lip, and in the Senate many
a bill owed Its passage to the utter Indif
ference which Senators felt concerning
any legislative action. It win ns If
they said In their hearts, "where Is the
use ol law or the Issuing ol any opin
ion upon piihlio obligations when honor
Is so cheaply FoldV" When in the House,
the committee made their if port, It was
a strange scene. Mr. Clymcr was excess
ively agitated ; members left their desks
to conic crowding down the aisle listen
ing eagerly to every word of that fateful
reading ; ii slillne.s-like tlio hush before
some awful storm settled over us all;
faces grew pale and eyes were shining
Willi tears, for wo felt ns If Hags must be
at half mast when so great n calamity
had befallen the nation. Then yesterday
in the Senate it was like attending a fu
neral, but. In the midst of all this distress
and excitement, those who saw the Pres
ident, report him as calm and unmoved a
If nothing had occurred beyond the usual
course of affairs. There was a story that
he vented his emotion by driving n fa
vorite horse till he nearly killed It ; "but
tlio man In tlio Iron mask" never al
lows emotion to show Itself In his face.
m:c'i:i;t.uy uitisrow.
In striking contrast to thu usual Wash
ington display one llnds Secretary Kris
tow quietly living in a house on K. street,
which U by no means spacious or splen
did. Xow and then he gives a quiet din.
nertoafew friends, and .Mrs. I!rltow
lias held her regular Wednesday recep
tions, but there has never been any at
tempt at show : any apparent desire to ri
val or outshine others. Yet, Mrs. Itrls.
tow Is an heiress in her own right to hun
dreds of thousands; she Is universally ad
mired and dearly loved by all who know
her, o It Is not quite vetmry to be dis
honest. There Is only this fact : When
social position and dignity area matter
of heiitago; where tliu signet of rellne-
uient and henur is ligihly written and thu
consciousness ot (heir possession lunate,
there Is very little thought given to out-
ward assertion of pre-eminence. In car
rying out our beloved republlcaiilm wc
are too apt to forget this ; wo like to sneer
at the old phrase, ";ioise odfi'jf;" we
llko to asert that "one man Is as good as
another If not n little better,'' till some
day when wo have exalted our pot Ideas
Into practical dcMion-tratlon wc llnd thu
demontratlou trembling before us.
Well, wo arc waiting now to sco
"what xr.x'r'r''
and the "next" is very likely to be. the
olllcial beheading of nt least one more
cabinet minister. Thy President ccr.
taluly find himself iu n most disagreca-
blcposltlon wheru any other man would
be iu despair. There'fS an odd sort ot
poetic justice in the fact that all this dis
aster occurred on Ash Wednesday when
sackcloth and ashes are hi order, and that
Mrs. Belknap should have queened it to
the very last. The President declares he
has never had u suspicion ol the sccre
tary's Integrity, anil even when hu ac
cepted his resignation lie had no Idea of
any crime-in connection w ith the sudden
Isn't that a little odd, or Is .Mr. Grant
obtuse when he chooses to be? Hu has
been in thu most intimate! personal rcla
lions witli his cabinet oillccrs ; ho knows
their salaries and he ought to know some
thing ot their private Incomes. Has it
never occurred to him to Inquire how a
splendid establishment and Parisian toil
ette could bu sustained "without visible
means of support
Gen. Ileikiiap icsides in one of the
handsome houses built and owned by
Gen. llabcock on G.st. Tliu landlord
and tenant live very near each other, and
though a iury has acquitted one, the real
shadow over Ids roof Is scracely lighter
than that Is 60 heavily shrouding the oth.
cr with its black disgrace.
Said a prominent Republican yesterday
"Well! we might as well let the Demo'
ends run the country awhile ; tlier could
scar ccly make a wor-c series ot blunders
than wc have made!"
0:the miserable strife of partv! If
American would only rcall.e the grand
cur of being American cltl.eiis, If they
would only aim to put befoio the world
iu prominent places our best men, how
proud wo might be ! Surely iu thee
days when tho old lues rue so nearly
obliterated there need not be such bitter
You see I can neither think nor wiltu
of anything but thu one subject, which
has po-cssed us all, ami indeed there has
been little else of public. Interest. Tho
Hawaiian Treaty li being ill-cussed, but
nobody cares much. Fernando Wood
began making a speech iu Us favor on
Thursday, which will be memorable, not
for Its subject matter, butboeaiuu he was
Interrupted by thu necessity of hcarhi"
the committee's, ivpoit upon the case of
Mr. Belknap. That fact will live in his-
tory, so Mr. Wood's icmark' will also
surilve. Pitichback is again before tlio
Senate. That c.isu reminds one of tho
old woman who always kept knitting
work about bccaifeu it's so handy to
take up when there's nothing ele de
uiaiidmg attention, and the Senate took
"Pinch" in very much thu same way. It
will relievo everybody when tliu subject
Is "toed oil." Cai.
llt'inlrleltk ami the lliillinu (tun,
Ixiti.iSAroi.is, March 'J. In answer to
a special Iu to-day's Jln'iurer, General
l.ovu says there Is not tlie slightest foun
dation for tlie assertion that Gov. Hen
dricks and hhiiselt u.fd any Improper in
llueuce In procuring the sale ol the Gat
Hug gnu to tho war department. He has
telegraphed the speaker of thu house and
asked to be called befoio the committee
oil the war department, should them no
any Mich Inquiry us referred to befoio
that iMiiinnthc.
Policomen sit Belknap's Houso
to Prevont His Escape.
Articles of Iiupoaohxnent
to bo Reported To-Day.
Gut tho Trial Likely to bo Do
layctl Owing to Marsh's
Grant Rovokes tlio Appointment ot
Evans as a Trader at
Fort Sill.
M AsiiiNino.v, Man lid. The pt cedent
has sent to the senate the liaiuu of lllch
ard . Dana, ,lr., or Massaehu-etts, to be
envoy extraordinary and minister pleiib
poteiitlarytoGrc.it lliitaln, vice Robcil
l . fceheiiek, resigned.
niii.uNAi1 .ir iiomi:.
Kx-Sccretnry Belknap remains In Ids
own house, which lie lias not left since
his resignation, and Is to all purposes a
prisoner, tho entrant' luck and front be
ing guarded by two policemen.
Messrs, Carpenter and Blair, counsel
lor General Belknap, appeared at the at
torney general's olllce, to-day, and a.ked
that thu police be removed, as the secre
tary has no Intuition whatever of at
tempting flight Horn Washington. To
this, iin-wer wis niadu that as soon as an
Indictment was found the secretary would
be arrested, lie could then give ball,
which would relieve him from the sur
veillance to which hu Is now subjected.
Should the grand jury meet with anv
cmbarras-iiiciit In obtaining the neces
sary evidence to frame an indictment
upon, the arrest will bo made without an
wns oi' co.vnoMisn:.
Several personal friends have visited
General Belknap to assure him ol their
sympathy In his troubles.
Tin: win si:crii:T.uivsiiip.
A telegram was sent from die White
llou-etoa gentleman whose name has
not been mentioned outside of the Cabi
net, tendering him the appointment of
secretary of uar. Acting In accordance
with a rule of the president, no mention
will be made of his Intentions regarding
thi appointment until tlie party to whom
it is tendered has slgnltled that he will
accept the olllce.
at iiuic'ock's ii:ii.
Colonel Grant leaves Washington to
night in obedience to orders ot Lieuten
ant Gcn..MlcrIdaii. Ili:it hi r..iwiri u-lil......
delay iu Chicago tor service on the plains.
L S. Grant, Ir., occupies tlie desk at the
executive oiiic" ncrcioioru occupied by
Generals Porter .'mil l!:ihcncL- .mil .fti.ii.
the past few weeks by Col. Grant ; and
Mr. Snillen, as private secretary, occupies
mi; mi-s. 1.U..MUU ijy jir, J.UCKy, WHO lias
'iiicrcu iqiou ins iiiiucs at tlie interior
mi: iii:.w. i:iati: rooi..
.lllil"i llliicl; td.il'iv
. . ... ...j ill-mil;
the house committee appointed to Inves
tigate the Washington real estate pool,
and stated, us coun-el lor Hallett Kil
liourn, he would Wednesday present a
unui iuuuiiK uuiiioriucs to show that
tho committee had no right to call tor the
...iiln.iMnii r.t' l.'lll.n. ...... , .
muuiivuuii ii MIUIUMI M S OOOKS SlIOWIll"
his real estate transactions,
Tills afternoon .ludgc Snell ot the po-
Attorney Wells stating that ev-Sciiator
v..iii'i-mi:i miui iiii-u linn mat itelkuap
day with his ball and asking that his im
1... nllfttt'i.il In ut.itul .....I ,1... l.t.
incut had been agreed to. Belknap will
ii. niiiinii. .7. i, in, m il ins :ur:iiH'i .
11.n1.1111 in nu.- uu-iiiu- in mu court of ii
cers, and will have Ids hearing to-tnor
four sim..
Tho following telegram was sent to
lienerai aiieriuan to-day :
W.ui 1i:imihmi:nt,
ujiuaiu-i.enerars ofliee
W.f.llI.V(llllV. I). fV. Mnmli It
lo General Sheridan commanding, Chi
'I'l,,. :!,!,. . I .11..,...!. ..... .. . ...
. hi. Fivciui.ii, mucin uil in IIOlllv
Kvaiif, post trader at Port Sill, that lifs
ntmntnriiwmt la civr.1..l if.. 111
...... w. ... .,vniw. nu ll IIU
permitted to remain and sell goods at
nitus imvu uy it euiilien 01 :i(llllllll,tra-
llOfl till till fltlfinllltllWlIlt .I l.tj f. I ... . n
'1 he president de-ires you to direct a
uuiiiieii ui uuiiiuiisirauoil 10 meet and to
recommend to tlio secrctruv of war
through tho military channels a suitable
iiicMu hji uuuur. i.eiter uv mail.
(Signed.) K. Ii. Tow nsk.m.,
A IiK.Vl.W, IIV I'KNlU.no.N.
l- n.nt r.f ni.ln ...l.t,.. .i.i.. .
..... un.'in, ui viiiu, nuiiu silling 10
thiv us rlinlrtiiftn nl tlw r.m.i.i!,.An 1...
-:' - - nf. vuiiiiiin.1; ui iiiu
whole, received the following telegram
iroiu iioii. ueo. ji. i-fiuiietoii :
... i, C,XC,I.-VNA1I 3,"reh 0, 1S70.
lo lion. Milton Saylerand Hon. II, llau
jilng, House of Representatives, Wa,h
ML'tOll. fl. I'
It the article 111 yesterday' Cpital in
1..1.111U11 iu tu iaiiienioi money to ir?
Belknap to secure the nav
incut of the claim of thu
itowier csuue on tliu Kentucky Cen
tral railroad refers to me, I pionciiucc the
el..... iii..l.. r.i... r 1 . . .
iiiw-iij i.nsu. 1 nave leiegrapncd
tho cniiimlltiM! aillu" il.'it ti lli Llmli I ii
..... .....v nivj CilUlt
vestlgato, Immediately tills matter ami
permit my Investigation at thu earliest
iios,ioiu moment, i.nioreu my request
IMe:un cri, llt'il mi 1 1 1 a. ..,In .1........
, . -- vniifiiaiiu iiuiiiiii-
ci itloii of the story In all Its aspects oes
,11,01111 mu ii;?u.iiiti;i IHl'S Ill-paiCll.
signed.) Gr.o. Ji. l'u.siu.niD.v.
A VoiihI.
TlVtt tlllTilirt.ilit iller.n1v.lna . .1-1... .11 .
- ,-w. MinwiLUuq , J 111! HIS-
covery of America by Columbus, and Dr.
I'li.rr.r. f!.1ilki. Vt...lt..nl lit.
. iviv.nuwmi.il ..itiui-.u iiseoveri ; tnu
ouu opening up to mankind a new eonti.
nent, ihu other a fountain of health
which Is liidlspcu.abiu to the lull enjoy
tni'iii ni llli. .11111 ii.- i.i,.ci.... . i.r '
- in, -miijii, in n--
fcioiiu to the above seiitluieiit comu tliu
.in-. m il. .. .liu -l.tuOIIS 01 II.'IIS 01 1II0II
sands ofgnitcful paflenU, who have been
relieved of chronic ailments through Its
iiHtruiuciitality. Those voices nru
hailed to no 0nu locality,
but from 1 very city. vlllagej
anil hamlet in oiir )ron, domain, us
well as from other climes, and Iu thu
strange utterance or foreign tongues,
llku the confused murmurs of many wat
ers, coniu :unfelgn1;d and hearty com
mendations. It is, In combination with
the rieasant IMrgatlye Pellets, tho gieat
depiirator oft ho ag,.. Under Its benign
action eruptions disappear, uxcessfvo
wa-to Is checked, the nerves are strength
ened, and health. imK banished from thu
system, resume. , r(w.stah-
!ViU!i L'C ro,l,:il tlirono upon tlio cheek.
.MI ehfi linen n... 1.1.. ... ,. .
.... , 1 .1 ,r """"uguij listen in vir
UK'S III tlie illti. .,.. i;Z ...I.I..1. 11 1
- ' IWI ,,111.11 IV I IIT-
oiiiinelided unite In pronoiinclug It the
LTI'.'ll lllln Kl ill., ' .
Fashionable Barbor
Nouni .S7): or iuoutu stukui
Ufetwubu Wualilntrton und Oomuinroliil
A v 4iii iiu
and Oluars wsnl nreordliiW v . OoVl
MT .r..,iw,J- Why lr iliip Itiiowinif. to
.. .. 11 " ""Hli'il lnlior nnitaoviMiiinonl ini i.,Vt i..T.' ..m. " vn"eiu cohi of
u ivdlenlou, fashion of r.!dfiii,Hlini,i?,VK '
La Picoadura,
WAmHiED mwi mi mm
Civo thom a Trial
I he iiumif.iilur.-rsiinv-mIiipr ll.e (mi dial II,, nujorih f u,Un im U r In Imr Ihflr CliMrsns
l,.iy ...ill Kin. Ii.ii..i,.i.,t.,l tl,l.i,t.n,r i.lvrliiK II... 111.1inrllv.1iM,". 1..I I Ii ' ' i.l " ritvfci ,w
ln. ii the rule. I,j -. III... 1. 1 Iwr .,1 ll, , an,,, rr.li- h- if,,.. i,'. my , . , ,x 1
lly ii..ouil .)jf 11 sniKlo ..n..-y In 1, , iy, nlt y ,..,., ,,rrilt il,. li- I.i utumn. nVlii,-.. ihclr I.-, ami
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
In Consequence of their Deder
mination to Quit the Clothing Busi
ness, will Close their Entire Stock
of goods AT COST. We are in
earnest No Advertising Dofli?fi
Give us a call and astonish your
self how Low our Goods were
Bought, and what
fits there are in Clothing.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors
wiii.v xjHi v J!i Hi, - - UA1KO, ILL.
Koopa a full utock of
3E5Lo33.txxcIs.y 23oual3on,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
Tf t 1 - -
xouanouittDuy your
nm f-it- u-.n- II
xitvi. iiuuft. jciuuau, 100 oOUin U lltll
St., Philadelphia, Pa.
TlivCict of It-i lie-in In i,tiecosriil OM-ratlon for liiciii.iiw. 1
i !cntKii:uaiil.corr,illhliil mHiniWi,.!it. ii-tHo ymr, ik a hiiiii-
lpin".M! '"' K K "S i"lva,,U"c" 1,1 '"'J''"K, m..l u.. o nonl ...
Our HooU iiml Olfwnn- purclmfi-U In J.-uiri-miniilliiM i,,,n,. ,,,,. .
.. rut.-. u,l we trite o.'r ,..l.o.n II,., Uruvi Z, u U. V'rollVi " '" U'rj
,ol,r.,!,ok" "" u,,(1 J'Tr-ot, ut Hie loue.t n tjll nriu-4 nml ., vl ,
iuViv'iJT KS!l"?2,',li5BynrC"rtl ,V0"" fr0"' W WiuwRlI
Jilin K i!!!.iSj,.,?.,r '"'' ",0"tJ' "' h',U- """ " f " '""el, clea,
J, oil Kit iiioie for your money II1.111 can l,e liuil at any iiIIk i- mm,.
1 jiii.
I llli.
im. 1 utu uiu ciMiien il KMIIni-
ini'iia rui i rn. im m l- it u in iim 1
?,Jm"S?,,.,;3.I?ulC y"" '""t "'
.Kenljcin n-II llli nn tri.ul1-,
hr.ll.tlon plan, ami .1.. uol l,..- I.i
nu t.iiiiioiiiiiiiiu 111 11.1.111U our n
tn Hill- In rum 11,11 tin mi .1 1. I. .. .
isto. iaa soutu ar'ir tis. stroot,
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Dealer m Fresh Meats
TttM.w.n wa,lnvtrin mil GoinTni.rciiil
U Avmii)M, ttiUoliunif linnuy'ii.
'I '"KI'.I'H I'.ir fiile Ilie lii'iH lln-r, I'oru, Million
XV Vi-ttl, lalnti, Hiiilaap-, Art.. Mint l I'M-
,wiil U Krvr lu.'iilli.-a in an uivt nii-u- uiunuir
ln Vroiif iH,?i.Winr. KJ?.,rt went unloilOO
1 rntiiS .VA. " k Slffnr!' "'" to hold
filled cic-ar m five cen
and bo Oonvincod.
Enormous pro
Books at the Oriori-
tfir' rt
1- M1" u'c "''r'uB .tw .,,-!
elllicra linlilu f llvrr Wiilrli ,,r 1-1,
innL iiiiii.tniLj.il ".ji ut JjII-III)I
"'" '"U,-M " '"''"I-""" Bin Will
2f llnnkj on our iiln, in.,.,.... .1
InvV-l Ve" uy ,r t i u ' "" ",C,,M M,H
- piilal nu, niiil.aily u n l,v i,,.,.,
..... ,.. . 1 ..I, .' . '? V."" "J "I'J llllllll llllll
'',, IM.,.1,1, km nieiiay lli.-y inc 1,1 elu-.!
l li , cm, (..ill... ti K.AiiiH riiiuiuii
Xi. D. AlrirL tSc Co.,
- Hi all m lu
Harness 1 Saddles,
Whips, Collars, Etc.
105 Commercial Avenuo, CAIRO, ILLS.
!t-lli,uo I'avorlnir in Willi Hull inilionan-M-ill
Iiml a i-oiu,lrli- lliii-iil L'tio.l , liiiiii ulilrli o
Wil l 1,1.1 l,lll .lll i;., l'l-. y.
Subscribe for
Lcadintj Journal of Southern
The BuiieHn
WllUteaitfkhtly i,,io-e tlio ,ollrle of 111
lt-iiil,lli'Mi phrly, ami rrfii-n to tit tram
mi-lleil tlm .III Ultouot ui.yclliUs Id tbc
Ddiim rtl,- oinnlitlliin,
ft li(ilten lliat the Ittj.ul.Jlcau part j- bt
riitlllli-.l lb nilmlon. mill ttit tliu initio
rratli: mrty now orKaulnl tUoulii t-erc
ktorc.l tu power.
It l.uiieves tie Itmllcal tTttnny ttiat bit
for cvveral )tari ojiprcwrU Uc .woilU
utiouM lie ovurtlirowu mul tlie ieo(ile f t iu
Sonlliern Stitei. pt-iinltteil to coutral tlit-ll
own aiUlri.
It Iih1Iu tlirtl rallroail i'orj,ortlou
nboul.l be tirulilblte.l by I. xlilatlve tLtn il
uicnlx from ex tot tin- and tinju'tly dtirlru
liulln'ln their bUHliifii tranvactlotik with
tbc pul.llc.
It rcoi;nl7ei tlie citlallty ol all men
fore the law.
It ailvoi-atci. free e.oinuieret- tirltl for
revenue only.
It ailrocatca rceiiiuptlon of tpoclu pny
uiont, ami lionet payment of tbe public
It Advocate economy in tlis administra
tion ot pill, Ho aflalr.
The Iltillctln will publUli all tba local news
of Cairo, and a variety of Commercial, Po
litical, Foreign and (icneral Now, and en
dpuvortoplcasc.ill tauten ami InlereH all
-Til K-
jrVEEKLY Bulletin
U a thirty-two column paper, ftirnUbcri to
Huliscrllicm for tbe low price of
$1 25 PER YEAB,
l'ostace prepaid. It la the cbcupeHt paper
In tlio Went, and la a pleading Klroride
VUltoraud Kainlly Companion,
Cannot fall to ace tbo uli'Waled Induce
raoiits otrered by Tbe bulletin in tbe way
ol, cheap and profitable advertlietaenja.
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9 t.j, m

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