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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, March 16, 1876, Image 2

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jilu j wilful.
Hrail lug Mwltc r owjy
JOHWH:jBBt''' Kdltor.
I'm- imnt I'nfl'h'Httho IJnlNil St:ito
lin evi-r had. i. drawn llm InWoM mI-
'I'M kfnUickliliii nnM proud of llirlr
hotter of ilrsli ns n My. with a ni-w play
A KiiNiftrhV li'ilorwrlliTMyslliP .Mr
!rll.ii:i wrru rorrnpliil Uy thi'lr itiw '.
nllnn with li.nllivil ring nml i-llim-..
Tin: IVtilan prisoners ntv to he t Crrr
on the day whin Victoria l nriwtolimil
I-.iiiirt" ol India.
- i
Cnxsi mitio.v "runs In" tho Toinliinon
family. Tho ill'ca''P,ln tho pipfont Mrs,
lb-lknan' rase, tooWaccnliar lorm slu'
confiuiipd pot-tradcilil".
U.U.i:t KtumntsK won't till the
name of the live person Intcrc'tnl In
thpnaltMWftiMxd in tho lltrlt of Co
luinhla, nnd nnvpliic In jail.
1'i!Kiii:xt tin 1ST fia nrnnlnateil
l.'klianl 1'. l)erlekon Collector of Intor
lml licvcnne In place of lien WYb-tor.
Tin: lmliannpolW JftrnU. which lm
lcn, for a year, halting Jwtwwn two
opinion concernlnjr Orvllle l'.rnnf
brother, l"lycs whether he 1 a knave
or a fool ha come to a conclusion.
lir.s. .1. 1. Wkihtki:, Internal revenue
collector at Chicago, died In that city on
Monday. In IsM, ho had cliaro of the
defenses about Cairo, and was afterward
C.en. r.ranfs chief ol artillery at Tort
Douald'ou and Shlloh.
Tub onlnlnlon prevail- in Washing
ton that Mr. Keir H a littler .iH-akcr
than liiainc. Whero Maine wn feared.
Kerr Is respected and rule the. llouo In
n man tier at once deliberate, emphatic
and forcible.
Olit friend, the -,'ood Hon.. lone?, of the
Metropolis Journal quotes poetry at a
slow court quotes iiaiulel about the in.
solcncu of olllee, the law'a delay., ete.
If poetry falU to make the court hurry,
what can. We hope, the good .lone? will
hurl several more ver.es at the Jud'e.
Tin: bill reducing tho salary of the
''resident to twenty-llvu thousand dol
lars pa'scd tho Senate on Tuesday. All
the Senators except llayard ol Delaware,
wltofc names have ever been mentioned
In connection with the Presidency, voted
for tho bill.
Tin: people ol England do not look
kindly on the Queen's purpose to endow
herself with the title ol Kmprcss oflwlUt.
A resolution is to be offered against It In
the House oi Commons by the Marquis
of Harlliigton.
Whk.n lie went Into olllee he borrowed
Sl.SOO Kobeon Ud. He lias been In of
fice several years and is now worth
000,000 liobcson is. 'J'hereforo there is
against Hobcson a clear prima fade eao.
In consequence of which tact he must be
held to be a thief until he inn proved
that he is an hone-it man.
Tin: nomination of Dana to
Sclienek's successor Is most heartily
eclved in Kngland. The people are glad
to haye a Literary Pirate In place ot an
Honest Poker Player. Well, tastes can
not ne accounted tor, as the old woman
laid when she kissed the cow.
Waiiiixoio.v "society" expresses much
yinpatuy wuu .Mrs. liciKiiap uecause
"when this U over they will have notli
lug." Mrs. litlknap should have thought
of that. She could not expect to rather
rake and have it. Here is a lesson to fu
ture fetnlnluc dealer; in post-tradenhlps
and the like.
Mns. Pitr.Mur.ST C.i:ant lia very sms.ll
feet and Mrs. I'.elknap has little feet two ;
nut wine conseicnoolcss ni.-wipaptr
writer says Mrs Secretary ol War Taft
ha? feet like ral-.ln boxe. but uVx.-Mi't add
that the size ot them has anything to do
with raisin' her im-baud to a d'utin
guUhed po-ltlon.
'I in: colored troop fought nobly for
I.lentcnant-Uovenior D&rU lu tln-illa-
Ipl Senate. On the vote on liut I
ini'iit the result kto thirty-two for,
four ogaln't luij htm-ut, and th- fwir
mgatlvcf were "lortl i'mbltaui
One colorwl Iteimblkan Seukior vtl
In the alllnnatlve.
tiii: imii:im:mh:mn im tiii:
The llliuiili liuli'pi'iiili'iitK, lu rmivcii
tlon iit'Uibl('d id Decatur, iinnilimti'il
candldate-i for the State olllces and pro
mulgated n thelaratlon ot principles.
Thp purpose of the movement Inaiigu
rated by the ponveutlon and now In pro
gress ha not been wnecalril. Kvltlettt
ly the gcnt.Yiucn who urn the author of
ft, in Imitation of tho strategy ol'thc val
orous liMimau, who, by hhnell, captur
ed a w liolcariny by surrounding It. have
detrnnl.lcd to surround the Democratic
parly of tin State, make n pri-mier ol
it and then mauufactuiv II Into lliclr ally
ngalnl 1,'epubllcaiiNni. They ilo not,
In oilier wnril. projimn to say to lhi
)'iiin riits, who outnumber them many
lhouaiHN, "l'.yyourix,rml''ilou," but to
:tsei t, "Yon tnut." The very audacity
ot theo gentlemen the ennlldeiit Inso-
lciuv which dNtluguNhes them In their
bearing toward the Democrats, entitle--them
to a kind of admiration, the admir
ation we ylve to rt wry little tumble bug
rolling forwanl indii'trioii'ly a very
largo ball.
in view of these considerations, what
nro the Democrats to do in the iH'tid-
lug cnnvaJ Shall wa go to Spilnlield
nnd In convention asscml.liNl uurklv
wallow the Decatur thkctf Or sbal'
we say: "v!. e.tniii.ih on tint ti-k,'t
please it, ami thcrclorv wo adopt him :
'1'lils one is tiot obJtH'tlonabb, and thetv-
fon' wp accept lilm J" To tnko the
ticket lu It entirety U to jurremler to the
Independents without tcrtnsis to lay
down ottr arms, and sny to Mr. Smith
not John tho vtry dUtlngnlshcd gentli
man who has talked the little Independ
ent irty into existence
.liKtu vrm wllii it cwflra,
Kt6it oor vnlf n- all lur tliw,
Oti' tiranfrr Mn, mrmiiu-!
To nominate only n part of the ticket
of the Sinith-llooten i-omblnatlon would
not be a politic movctm nt eltlicr. If. for
lntnncc, we should nominate Mr. Stew
ard, the Indepemli'iit nominee, for Uov
crnor, and Mr. Mcrrilt. the Democratic
editor of the .S7ic llegiiit.; for Secretary
of State, the ro-ult would be, probably,
that Mr. StewanI would be elected and
both .Mr. Democratic Merritt and Mr.
IndciK'imVul Hootcu would be defeated
by Mr. Hadica'. Scroggs or Mr. liadlcaj
Hatiow. Itut, it may bo said, the Inde
pendents will withdraw a part ol their
ticket and permit tho Democrats to nom
inate candidate? for the places thus made
vacant. This would be very kind In
deed; but It will not bo done. How can
It be': Who can say to tho independ
ents for tho Democratic party : "With,
draw Steward and Hootcu and Ill-e, for
Instance, and let us nominate candidates
In their stead, and wo will consent to a
joint ticket':" Ami If any ono had au
thority to say t III -a lor tho Democ
racy and should say it tv the Inde
pendents would tho Independents reply,
Wo will do as you wl-h ':"' Could tho
Independent SUto Central Committee
ay this with authority, and then com
mand Messrs. Steward, Hootcu and HL-e,
or tiny ot the other independent candi
dates, to get oil' tho ticket': It is true the
counmtlcu intent uuim: to call unou
their candidates to step down and out
but would they": A man may call spirits
Irom the vast deep, but will they eoino':
Wo doubt. It is Impossible, that
any of tho candidates on tho Indepcnd
cnt ticket will consent to not "run." in
dependents have a pleasure In run
ning for olllee, and do not often forego it
IIoih- ijirlMRs tiTiial in the i.rjiixvr lncat,
Minth nrtir it, but ulnars ti In.-, Ui'--t.
Steward hopes to bo elected, Apern
hopes, Hootcu hopes they all hope.
Tho hopo will never bo gratified, of
course, but still It springs eternal in theso
Granger breasts, and while It does all the
committees In Christendom could not
tear ICewaneo'e candidates from tho Inde
pendent ticket. They will stick, aud we
must swallow theni at a gulp or put
them all aside.
Well, what shall wc do': Put them
a-lde, Ls our advice. While wo aro willing
to do anything In our power to consoli
date the opposition to l.'adicalism In Illi
nois, we aro not willing to iM.rmlt cvtrv
little nolltleal orgrudAtlon.ledby v-attcr-
bratned lellows, to .ay to us; "Come
here, swallow this." liven if the
incut U well cocked we do
not like to swallow It on comtiuUlon :
ind to (swallow on compnlMon lll-cokI
Ifilltleal di.lM.-s men like lswu;
Miilth command to our paUU-, wby .;
win w. lilm wnl hit iiarty d 1 iirr.
'Hi" iKrroo'.-rttk- py wsw iwjt goiimiIU.
uy h ww uniu be (wjiii!ijmJ hU
li Ut, uni tl Deu rati jmrty owe It
t Itx-U U0 tmi UtmiliaU- iutf byU if.
nrwiw e vi ur lafnuumi to kur-
W to V, UTUi :Xt. tin- iM-mtM
live .tear lor hit reward Minitld
gel It. This conclusion Is lr
teslstllile. Hill If this cmidcra
lion had not already lled us for I VI rich,
the fact that he was personally acquainted
with the lamented Lincoln would. And
above all the fact that he l an honest
Kadical would laslcn us to hint
as wllh hooks of steel. Hut
It might be an . objection to
the ICepublleaus who intV the straight
ticket. Theywould pmbably prcler a
man to whom they might be fastened
as with hooks of ttral. f We mil-t be
pardoned but this Is surh a bad witticism
lu the direction ol truth we could not
keep it oiit.l
Another poioip candidato for con
gress mi the lladieal ticket D lion. .1. ('.
Willi, of Metropolis, nominated by the
Massac Juurnnt. The Jviniml declares
that ho Is eminently suited for tho posl
tlon, because being a I'i publlean revenue
collector, ho has conn1 loith
from the midst of Investigations and
revenue traiids"si(itles," as our fileiid
.tones says, "without the smell ot cor
rupllon on his gar.uents," anil bcatisP.
although he ran m On1 palled an nintnr.
ho D t niphaticallv ''''-.and can roll
as large a stone aT ,.Ui .U'pulilatis.
Theearo ry fon iP rinisons why Mr.
Willis should Ik- split up to Congress. A
npimhlicau revenue eolhvtor who has
conn' out trotn the midt ol Investlgntlou
spotles,anil who can roll ns largo n 'tone
as most UVpubllcttn workers, ought to bo
rcw;inleil. Spotlos collector, stone-rolling
Willis, wo ,ilai hail yon as a most
noble victim, lio In, Willis, and penult
us to beat you. Do.
i ni: m:wi.v;
Iikok Au.k.v, "Jinvoy Kxlrarirlju
Minister Plenipotentiary, l'rivy Couu
cllorand Lord Chief .lutk.Ue., etc.,"
Hint to Wu4bliigton y bis iiiaji-.ty of tb
Sandwich Islands In the intjrot of the
Hawaiian treaty, U descries a an ex
trcint ly small man physladly, whojorlg
Iual projiortlous have been shriveled by
'tho weight of seventy years ol life.
Tin: latest sensation In English high
llfo U tho cloiK-mciit of tho wife of Lord
Aglesford, recently called hoinu from In
dia, with the Marquu of Itlandlord, tho
eldest sou of tho Duku ot Marlborough.
The Marquis Is notorious for hi Kjelafc
capadea, and though only thlrly-two
years of ago has spent a largo lortune.
The lady was n wlfo for thirty years ami
has a sou tw enty-four yeans of age.
Stales Isnnl jet uiiilervtmi'l. M. Cliealicr
defl.ncil that I lut picu'lit or 'f ciller was
predicted by llitlnltoI.il In Nr.'. while ho
was Intosllgatlng llio Mexican inlin, of
which ha then wrote lint tliey worn only
"skliuuied," nml, whea woikrd by rnlrr
in l.lni; po iple, wnu'd prcliti'i' enough to
luiiiHltte Kurnpo wllli Mrr.
Till" l'..tnlil.
t fro in tho ,.,v Vork ll-m'il.)
'I dp nnalj sN nftlii" niiitl. r uppi-il In lo
llodi, and which was slinwtri'il mi tho soil
of Kentucky, Would go Uijaevolli it It In the
p'lallnous subtalie's nl tin 'pawn of hv
lr.iv hl.'in reptile-, or, In other word", of
Iron's. Tho disappointed luiitlliklaiis will
dnnlilli'ss be illU'tt!d nt tl'i" di'slructlon
oftlielr cliamplon inj story. IVnin IiiiiI'mIo
limnps and enlvm cutlet t' frog spawn!
"Oil, wlinl a full wm tlirro my country
liii'ii!" itut until lurttiiril' tuils wo are In
olitii'il to. Man. I by f , 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 : i -1 1 ' -1 opllllnn li
girdiug the nature nl the ab.laiii'o, w lih li
m i) be summed up in one word "woi m.''
DVnin Ilic ItiullliKl'iii llrtki')e.)
'lliftT was mi old ftllow naiin'1 Iti'lsti r.
W lio provid ino't Mri.lrlioli1lsli)li r
"WVrantiDt irn on .
Kurour wlln"'liMK""p t
Wi aie JIarslinl," rxihiiiml l ljimr tin
ItviMrr ll'Xiillil'iil
ll'roni the ;oiirr-.liirinl.
(iencral (Slant l it p 'Mecl Id l.o in a rry
de-ponilt lit stale of in'ii'l. His cits si-ik
the t;tniiinl. lie I repotted to lute audi
bly -1-hc.l.
r.vililii!illou Unit Duo .Vol
lllllll-llP l'll ,,
IHK New York Sun oxprtssen the
opinion, without any unnecessary lloui
Uhct, that tho effort to iclbriu tho liejuib-
iican patty, l.y ltupiibllcaiilsin, will prove
a luuurc ana mat tiiu purpO'O to do so Is
only pretended any how, that tho wing
of tho party which will rule tho Clncln.
natl convention le powerful, untcrupn
louii, guilty of unblenilshlng frauds hi the
past and meanU play tho eumogume
on again lu the upproachlue eouvuntlon.
It Is bent on burglary, and If any man
In tho crou-d is sentimental and doesn't
want to carry a jimmy, it will object to
his company, and what Is moic, won't
Have it.
' 7. u7 juu ttU Uk vsmu,'. .
KLflCMf't) t "WJUfs J. lull
JittrV ut in jim t(y Ut
iiiSitUt fur coo-'.'ew.
Judg Ivkl J. HUa, hi
Un uggtij v f ipft im Vu I)
the ili-pujlicaoi to vt'.-VM-y. 'J'kU lit
Judge WMihl wxjie n-arr llg ll:n
iny I'vpiiblican within tb- rti-k- ot our
iicipinlutmiut;. lie i an uhlu lawyer, it
Just judge, a goc-J dtlmi and a very
clever gentleman lu en ry way. Hut b
will not consent to lead the llery, mi
tanud hosts of Kgyptlau Itailiealliiii.
i no sparui i-iaunit'tUr, of the 1 Jib
Inst,, nominates Hon, John J:, Detrlch
a tho I.'epubllc-in candidate, and urges
i hh behalf that in the legislature "ho
was ono of the gentleman conspicuous In
restoring tl.eciedlt of Illinois, that ho was
a pmoual acrpiai,,t.im.Q ut thil iamenU.,j
Lincoln and that his political opponcnu
have noer utteinpted to cast a blot upon
his reputation. w do not know Mr.
Detrleh, but we assiuo hhn that he ,all
have ut our bauds, if hosliall obtain tho
lladlcal nomination, very kind treatment.
Wo could not Had u iu 0I11.
maiiiim: jkimii'-
The Coinmlttec on Patents of the
House ol llepresentatlves havo reported
against an extension of the Wilson sow
ing maeliluo patents. The llr-t of these
patents. b:md on the Invention of tho de
vice tor feeding sewing machines, ras
ued November, KM, and ba licen re
newed and extended at varlou times
by an association called tho Sewing Ma
chine Combination. This association,
which Included the wealth o! the most
dieee fill and pro-)crou sewing ma
clime companies, has been enabled to
control the; sewing machine trade through
out the country, nnd has tlm-maintained
tho price of one ot the iuo-t Useful arti
cles of domestic ue at llgures ,-o high
that It Is often beuind the reach of tho
very cla who stand most iu need of the
bcinflta to be derived Irom it.
The last of these patents will expire
uet year and the combination have
made application tor another extension.
The net profits to.tholmanufacturcrs, dur
ing the year IS" I, were upward of thlrty-
elht millions, two hundred thousand
dollars. The renewal ol tho patents
would guarantee them an Increase ot
these enormous, prolit.-. The llotiso com.
niltteo ascertained that on every machine
manufactured, none of which arc
old for less than sixty-tivo dollars,
the net protlt exceeded by u large
percentage, halt this amount, and that
tho companies have long shipped ma
chines to nnglaud, where they were sold
for much less than the price asked for.
them lu this country and that on theso
torelgu sales, lare prollts were made.
In the light of this knowledge, the com
mittee decided that Allan 15. Wilson,
who. memorialized congress lor the
combination, had been lully recompens
ed for all labor and expense involved lu
the invention and development
ol his deviso for feeding machines;
that the consolidated power lu
the hand of the combination
has Ik-cii used oppressively and tyrannic
ally lu many Instances ; has been able to
keep tho prices ot the machines at an un
usually exorbitant ligure ; has brought
great wealth to the companies and Indi
viduals belonging to It; and Ins stilled
the growth ol a Iree and healthy compe
tition, and by this means has kept from
the public other and ii-eful machines
which could have 1km-u sold at a much
less price.
The refusal to extend thee patents will
lower the price ol sewing uuehltics to
one-half that Is now asked lor them.
and unless the eouinanles
will curtail the sales of uwhiiu m itcri
ally until tlm expiration ot the p.it nt.
ii.i.i.mms at 'i nr. ri:vn:.VM.w..
Wolmve rcx-ivod a letter from Hon
Jaiif- M. W ahbiirn, Tii.prrld tit of
w: lllmoi. SUIe IM of Agricultori
for Uh: Lightwnth Congressional Di.
trfcl, n-spu-.tli, m u publih a circular
'mhI u-iu-r In r-isrd to the
terttoo iA kgrt-ailuiral iniiM-ml nro-
'laK. iA UiU Sut- it t OuutiuUl V.x-
MHwm. w - iumI uWi4d nut lr ular
uuiux tut tyAutnn hufotn Mr. Wb
ww run mm fu-rl hy u. jt
u," my Us. K.f ' tnnirulzriy n-.,)!
u ukmi u fVxurtr AgiK-ultural
Mil iMM(Jy liw- irUry, Ut
'"' .' we lb H:' of Mm
1 f&V ,,. , J ...
' ' 'a AgrieulUirp. ut
tHniuKtoM. Mil.. Vvt Uj Uwrf;
imiiig ami Mip4iix' 111,,, !
.J:ightii0i DUlrtet h rich In li irf.
'culture and mliM-ral propK U-ha, a
gnuter variety than any oilier dutrH In
ourgifrfUSUU-. And .hall we m-lw.t tbl,
'grand oj.portuulty of showliiL' to n.
world our cijiablllilfs'? u-t oery eltt.
'an do hUduty, and the Kighti i.nth Dls
trlct will bo creditably -grandly-reiro-sented
nt the Centennial. Then i.rci.ar..
OValiiii,..!i'lilcKrai!ior ll.pl llli lint )
Mr. IVndloloir.s testimony beforo the
eoniinlttioon war department expendi
tures, this morning Is tho talk of the
town, and few mo found to deleinl the
position III which ho has placed hjiiHcll.
Ilo denies that ho paid anybody any
money or other consideration to oLtaln
the pas-ngo of tho railroad claim, but
boldly admits that while ho wa paid
president ot the railroad and tlm ad
ministrator of an estate owning three
tlfths ol tlio road, he made a ver
bal agreement with himself, with
the consent of the other owners of tho
nud. It U true, for the collection of a
claim of $118,000, which ho says he
thought a sound and just one for a com-mis-ion
of fifty per cent, lie got the
claim allowed, drew tho niouev and was
paid about W),O00. of which SlS.OdO was
paid for a clerk who made up the ac
counts for lilm. 'The estate of which ho
was administrator got only threo
llllhs of the remainder, or less
than $3.-,,0C0. Pendleton says he
thought the claim was n good one, but
Senator Stevenson tcstillcd that tho own
ers were satisfied with tho fifty per cent,
becau-e they regarded it as so much
money made ; that such was ono owner's
opinion of the value of tho claim that ho
ottered to sell his shaio iu It for live cents
on the dollar, and that ho, Stevenson,
was surprised when told that Pendleton
had succeeded In getting it paid.
'I he lt-iiiiil Initio Curry llm Nliilc
lli-lknnii IHiln'l Win rorlliv lltimi.
(Ilojlmi Ttlcsi-ani of llio tltli In, I )
A Concord special to tho ',, Demo
cratic, concedes a Republican victory iu
.Vow Hampshire, a majority In both
branchc ot the legislature and tho elee
tlon ot uioncy !y tlio people by a small
majority ; but as was the ea-o lnt year
later returns may materially affect tho re
sult. Ono hundred ami sl.tvIx towns
and wards give Chenev 27,7'Jl, Mareey
Deni.. 'J-VJ'JI. Kendall nnd scattering Wl ;
.same towns last year gave Republicans
2i;..:i, Democrats 'J-Vni-i. and scattering
171 ; I'.etiubllcan net gain 2,1 is.
Tlio Republicans nro oulldont that
they have made a clean sweep, and an;
very Jubilant. There Is no doubt that
they have elected a majority of the sen
ators, and they claim a majority In tho
house of fifteen. The Democrats do not
concede that tho hoti-e Is Republican.
K. H. Rollins of the Republican State
committee, considers that the Republic-
uii uas i.'iu'vivu rune oi twelve senator'.
ana mat they will iiave a majority of
twenty in tin: house. He thinks Che
neys majority win no at iea't 1,'JUo.
Tlie Sny Hceri'lury liili-rilcu .
lilt' I'r-lili iil-ll,, r it
' j
(WaliuiKljn Tflivrjiu of tin-1 in, irist,j
It Is said that the liresldi-nt e-ill,.il
.-xcretary isonesnn to a private Inter-
n-w toJay.at which he snoku to Hut
M-cretary of current rumors atlccthi" Ids
oiuciai integrity, ami a-Ki d him to say
u;i mere was in ineui. r he n cn.i.iri-
rcilic. that ho was eoiwious of no dero
le' tion Iu his duty, anddi-slrcd theelosoht
scrutiny of all his act", l-roui all that
ran gatneren noimng has yet been
uis. oven.-d in the navy department ills-
credi'ablo to the secretary, anil the
wom tho Investigators aic vet aliin to
IV of him Is that be h
Subscribe for
- Sheriffi 6al.
I.y Mrtoi. of a special i XLcutlon ii. nm
lift:' !. j i.y tlt. dork f ttjt nircull i otirt ol
Alcxab . r county, In lh niati, ol lliinnh.
iiiuwjr ,, j i.. or re HjilmiLr, ami against
Miuiiu.il . iivinur ar.n . uic llvlm r, I
ill tlm lollowlng iiKcrlljf:d piopertv
t"-vlt ie Inu.c-, sitilateil 111,011 ln'ti
nuo.Ufc.1 lx (i,y and tven 17), In block
amiiutre'i twenty.lx i;, ami let
iuij.k,:ic'I luril) m block
iwoiuj-icitn , in the city of
.... 'I 'U"V " J" imur, in the huto ol
I llii'jU : ar.d al-o t,(, lonselioM ( statu ol
JtelunoliJ . Ii.mr nml -tth llolmr, lu
f i-ui mt, oven, auu lliree,
" " propeity of .,, tt.
.i f. . . " '' '"in fv
lie Ik-lner, t ptibllt ile at the southwest
. .. " K""1 "'""e l' tlio city ol (,'iiro
hi ui fwiniiv oi .inai,.r ami htatii ol
lllliioi., on tUf ftMinteenth (I7tu iDv ol
7, , it tho hour of ctiitun
'II) iiU,i, a. ni , f.,r lasli to sall.fy sain
" . -ll.KA. II IKVI.s'.
"".'"".."f Al. xaiidcr Co.. I IllnoU.
'your sample at om and without delay;
'and ir you need asubtatiot, r htructluu
'In packing and shipping, call ,m n,,, Sw
'retary ol your County Agriculture So-'clety."
'llm.Mlti-r Uiii nIIuiin.
IIIit.iI'I Lomloii 'li'k'Kliilii, lllli.J
a rucnut meeting of tlio Politico-
t 1 t..., .
.. "."..K.immiKnmi , eiH-ltm was tlio dec I mi in tlio value ol .11.
mutnrlng the ucasurcs which redeemed ver. U w,Keaef,.lly a.recd tCu,0 t
' he credit of our bUite." A geutlemaii lutlunoftlin piobloin io be found ii, th
w ho was the doer of good work hi 1S.11 Jmnicn-.. pro.luotl it American mines.
8 i.uia,;(,,taInlybo elected to Cougro s It w ul,o ml nheour,eof dlciisIon
iui.i'j. A man who lun .valted twenty, tlrdtha moiHinry policy of tlio Uultod
'am, in., Kcb.a,.ih7,i.
Hktrifl't Sale.
I)' It luo of u ,(.. laloxeciltlbii to inn dl
rc Uiib) llm clerk oi u,u elicult conn ol
...n;i run in, , hlll 0 nil,,!)!,.
'" l4"r" lri.ili.n-i. l airtliorn mid Theo
ilor-iltatiil.i inn ol l-ui, ihoni.t Ituiiil, nm
ngalu.t narnli I.. Hi,,,,. w ll tlm lol
lowlpg i cicr.bul pfunurtv, lo-wlti Lot.
nimiiwei m;vii ; auu fiuliL mi. in block
nlllll!lfK'lltllilt).(.;.(l,;W, J ,, tly 0
Cairo, county m ,( xandcr and .Statu ol
I nob, u-, tlm pro;it,tv u,0 h sarM, j
Kllnii at public nalu at ll,u hOUlli-wu.t door
of lliu court bou.u in nl0 t.ty of Cairn, In
iiicoiiniyoi.vit.iiiriinii Statu ol till
iiols, on tf.ii Hu nti en tit r 1 7110 Uv ol March
' .'i ri tUu l"",r uf I'leven (II)
', ,i ' ' ' iini, in Halisiy kiiiii uxc
7' ..... AI.KX. II. lltVI.N,
.. hherlll of AIi'MiikIcc coiinly, Illinois
aiiio, nn i cbnuiy inn,, isfju. a-li-td,
AuK6r Driiia. aifio a lt,..,T7iT
ilT U; ooU Aj.ntl, Auger bonk
W. tllUAuc-tVVnaiilrVl-SUg;
Loiuliiig Journal of Southorn
r j Miif ... - .
l,rVH"c2iSK1S,ffvS?wKiy a ,r,r.nr n.n.y" ' wlnli to ninokn fo
nml Olwuii w.Viit ii urrurd.iiiVl Unilnir tin. w,ii- nlil wunt uutollUM
llinlrown Why I. tlililr 11 1 L'l., " "Jl! lll,H t.'".1" hn, h ,,,,t 'khih hoih lo liol.l
miiiilirai tiiro III Hlillli'cl lfilior ummA'. ' ';' " oilMit, lo tlm n.lviim m cost ot
The Bullefin
WllUteaillnstly opjioso the polleleH ot In'
Republican party, and re hi in to do tnim
moiled I)' tho dictation ol unycllipio In the
Democratic organization.
It tieitevcf that the ltcpublkan parly nat
fulUlled IU mUalon, and that the Demo
cratic party at now organized hlioultl bcro
utorcd to power.
It believed the Hadlc&l tyranny that ho
for several yearn oppressed the foutb
ehouM be overthrown and tho people ci tb
Southern .States permitted to control then
own atfalre.
It bcltovei that railroad corporation
hhould bo prohibited by IcuWatlve cr.acti
menu from extorting and unjustly di"crim
Inatiiif in their bimlncits tranvactlotm wltk
the public.
It recognizes the cmiallty of all men
foro the law.
It advocates free comiaerco tar 111 for
revenue only.
It mlYocatcH resumption of jpccle pHy-
moot, and honent payment of the public
It advorates economy in tho admlnhtra
ttou ol public adalri"
The llullutln will publlih all tlm local newt
ol Cairn, ami u variety ol Commercial, l
lltlcal, Korelu and (lenoral Nuvth, and en
deavor to ploaco all tauten and intcrot all
Weekly Bulletin
U a thirty-two roiiiuin papor, fitrnbheil Ic
nubHcrlborn for the low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
l'otu;e prepabl. It Ih llio chcapriit paper
In tho Went, and In a pleating Klrec.Ido
Vlaltoruud Family Companion,
on -
C I ht- tf.-mir.i. lnri i - In ll. ii i' orpitfi1,,.M,1(.,ii,,ryi1ir r,,,,,(,,, ,n.,,,. tl.nb...TiI.l,r.ilMl
laK.iri.la n.-tmtu. it u I. i; lit 1. limn i.lb. r Mniiiil.viini i no. i,i.I.',mi I'lxnri.l
i.ii,il.iulilv, liini!l iii.Mh.iri.r.iilii.i.o..iiiniU l. iipplj ,ii..,l.. r will, u .iK i,r lii.mt
llK:o lur m i.U) wi" I'!..' ' I" l-ii.'oilr p iti.in ii 1
l,.-n Ih.'iut.s l. r.llli.fM'"li.i:l-l litarut ll. win...', ..i..,,, if," i . , , . i 1 1 i . r i V 1 . x
"V "I Oitiiii' a nik,!;; "'; .;ily, II.. ii.nr. i.ln.lr lb. ir l.ii-ln. -. m.u ,. il,. Ir H
.i.k...imI kit p tip I imllty..r Hi.- iwr, lm ..iliml a,liHi.l.n .,1 II,. i ,, l,.V, mi" i
siiinrrH, nml lb. il u. nl. i . h
Givo thoxxi a Trial and bo Ooavincod
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
In Consequence of their Deter
mination to Quit the Clothing Busi
ness, will Close their Entire Stock
of goods AT COST. We are in
earnest jno Advertising Dodee
Give us a call and astonish your
self how Low our Goods were
Bought, and what Enormous pro
fits there are in Clothing.
Cannot fall to ice tho uii'lvalod Induce
raonU offered by The ilillletin in tho way
of cheap and profitable advcrthicmcntc.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
27,03?L2I3ia-Xr ATVX DOMT1STIO
Wines and Liquors,
Kooph a full Htck of
J3orxtvj.ol.y Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
You Should buy your Books at tho Origi
nal im $ook Mouse, 135 South Filth
St., Philadelphia. Pa.
11. lliirCHt.ibllsbiiiiiit Mb., i.l.l. i iiii.I i, nly Hluiblf.in rl ii I In l.tri- I ttr.ii .
. 111.- Kll, III III' M III l I .
.'ml. It b.n Ikiii I'liilorMil byllii. cut Irr niv, :iml 1 1. i 1 1 . t it I',,Mi,imi ,d,1i
"R'l, I,,' ' U.I..I .711.117.
Iril. 'I In-fan uf il Miiif In .nr-HMnil iiHTilliiii fiir Iwinly tun -nil' , I :i -nlli-i
li'iit Kii inuil. nl t.iliniiil in uiHyi n,i ni.
llli. ou an- run- of linii.ir.ilili', pn limit ami lilu ril ,l,-,illnif , I.y m ihIih,: In lln
UliKiiiil I. Ill I sluii-
llli. II li:iiiiilliMl:illiYniiN,irr mi, I illll In .k ii-n intjiil, nd.'iiiif 'iiu. r In-
.in., jii. riii. irinii i-ir iH'iiui-,
Hill. Our ton- iii. in., in UHUiT.it ii,unt.ii;i inbiiilnx 1 v i'jii ti IT. . ) . I I,
bl- W II' I Kill1.
rill. Our IIiiiiLhiiiijI (iinmin-i lu-id In birgi iii.iiillln. l,olly l,,rr:i-li, at i n
..... ..... , , Hl. ,l t.lllV HI,. 'HKt-K Hl , 111 1 1 J, Hill ,.
lli. OiU Kii-al mhuiilHitiM In bnylni;, iii:il,l.- lllln (;r f l,l"l Hmlli nl lilfU Mill
...ij . ..., i.iMiKn hill, I .
illli. Vnii nil jnur kikIh all in w mid h i l.t-1, nt Ibf limi-nl i . la it nl,,n, nml a inlii.i
lillt In ii'lillliiiii, Ini-iil'iiMi, uilli ll, .''I n ut In haiili.ll.in Willi iiii'l,
lllMiriny mirik 3.111 liny.
Itllli. Vi.ii ki-I tin-lull aliii.i,' ymu-iiioiii-y In Imi.l.rt, nil u- uUU mi- ' inm li i.li'in
Kiln 1,1 lhi' ,urrli.iM r.
lllli. nil k I lii'iu- fur J imr iihiiii'J" t li t 11 ism lu- bud at any mbi 1 tlon-.
IUIIi. Von lm. Ibo ibaiiii- of mlUiij; illlii-rn tinbtiir Mlu-r W11I1I1, nr l.lifiiiii
.... ,.,,, iii 11 Km u 1111 mi' mini. iuiririM 11 (
llllli. Vim i'.iii ml any bmik you waul allln- Iiiu,-sl inlir, inula liiiii,bi,ini- irlll will
II, llll-lll l-il'IIM-
Mill. .Vki'IiU nui nil illi 1111 liniibb-, i I!imiKa on mil- ,liiu. In 011 Ibi-i.l.l nib-
M'rl,linii plan, 111, 1 iln nut baM' In Imrtl a ( 11113 r nnllll,
I .Till. U'i- raniiol all, ml In liaiml mir ri liiibilliin. ilrnilv unn. b- anv In:, II, mln
tiiiiir,:iliili,iilii Hi-inaki-11 a rule In Miip all 11I1I11 1 tin- il.iy llii' aii-iiu li-il!
I'lini'iimroii in- 1111:
3NTo. laa QoixtH OCirtlv Stroot,
Subscribe lor
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Fashionable Barber
mum sun: of mawm streei
Botwuon Waariinirton una Oomtnerctal
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Between Wuhtnifton xnA OoniinorcUl
Avenuea, aiflolnin Hanny a.
. . ., .1....1 n.'i.r p,,.i Miiiinn
K'l U me limilllwi In c l'Uil.lo luanttr

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