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For KiMiint "'ill Ciiloriulii.
Till! Atiiilou,Tnpel;ii mid Haiila IV
rnllioad from Kansas ('111' and Ali:lil"ii
fin tins Missouri liver, vln Topckn, the
eapllol ol Kansas, nuil Hi" boaiitllul r-kana-t
valley to tliu Poiky .Mountains.
The shortest rmiti'to Puebclo III" (.irund
Cuiiun, Colorado Hiirlnt'f. Muiiltoii,
Pikes Sponl., 11,111 1)1 1 places of note In tin;
mountain ic-jjIniiL The favorite route
to Denver attil all point In Northern
Colorado. The best route to Southern
Colorado, New Mexico iiml Arizona. '11 if
only dlrret route to the famous San
luau inlni'o. The Intel, ami eiiiliuii'iit
ii tuii'iualeil, liuins tun tluouli from
Hie .Ml-'Ollll liver, to the Wr.cKy .Mtniij.
tain', inal.iuo; eoiinootiiilis in Union do
poll ami avolillnj' delay ami tiaii-x
for. Tor lull descriptive I'lieiilar-i
infip'i, time table, do., mlilrem
T. .1. A MM. IKON',
(ieli'l I'm". Ajtent. Tupekn. Kan.
All Miritlile Discing I'uicil
IIV Hit. Ill 1.1 ..
Ile Is located III Cniio, llliuni', ami Is
Ftlll e.-illlnr on you to Ik- healed. Why
will yon ilie ofolil chronic discuses, when
you can bo cured with so little cot or
money. Ho not i'lo it up yet. bir thole
I still hnlin In (ilload. ('alio Is the
place to come to lie cured "I all your
iiclie" and paln.
am now pnpaicd at my oIIIit to lve
inedle.iti:il bath", and persons uMilnx lo
receive such, will cull at my olllce on
Kli-htli street, No. '. from the hours ol
'J p.m. till !' p.m. Also plain h.tthi, hot
baths, warm baths, cold bath, or vapor
baths. AUo pcrous having the eon
miiiipUnnnr week Inns", and wMihit: In
receive medicine hy iiiliulati etui te-
reive the treatiui'lit at my olllre, lhl ho
In;; the only true way ol jctlhi;.' mcdl
cine direct to the limn. Aln I Heal dl--i',w
ill the ecd of year i-tandhc, aiul
Ihehlliid has been made to .-re hy my
treatment. All ill euM'H ol' the shin i
eure, I'lMilla cureil hymewithuiit the
iio of the Knife. It ou haven cancer,
come ami he e.ired. All private ili-ca-c.
In the .luulf-t time, i mod hy inc. In
Midi t, for all ehroiilc diseases of the hu
man sv-tein, jrn to Dr. Unit, Ii you wl-li
lo he cured. I compound ami prepare all
my medicines lit my olllce. It I call!
that practice make- peifcct. I have Ihtii
thirly yearn n iiiiiotlcluj.' phy-ician.
All letter. mid coiiiiuiltiicatioii" shall
he coutldi'iillal ami promptly attended to
hy inc. Ditect D11.llr1.r7.
, No. -.'J Kijrhth lree, Cairo. Illinois.
Real Estate Column
TOi: ItKN'l'.
.-Twoftno-I ii)llaj;e ouTwi nly-N'iulh
utrcei. near ('iiiiiii"r,lnl :n i-iiii-.
Stoie iihiiii on Commercial aw'iiu. ,
next to Wuvirly hotel.
Dwcllliii! Iioikc oiriiiirlceiith tnvl,
iH-jr Couiiiicrcial aeniie.
--tioinl dwelling hoioe on Wnluiit. U -twivii
Twenty-" c.nid .iihI Twenty Ih rd
Sti.ie.iooill i oiuer Twentieth and
I'nplar tn elu. '
Two morv lifiuie on ftth Mih'I, w-t
ol Wakhlnlon :i mi. ,
Iloii'eon Widuut id i cet, near Center
jili .'lllt prellllM'.
IIoiim! on C.nmnercial avnii' , near
1'ltll ticet. Suilahlo for hii-incs anil
-limine on t ,'oiumcrcial avenue, almi
dlh utrcei. Suitable lor biulnef anil
-- l!iilnite hnii-e on I.cvec, lukly oc
euplcil hy Cunningham ,v Siilwell
Wilitel' r.locl.' suitable tin liolel
(llllces or llii"liie rooms el:i ap.
Tenements niiiuhon I, snndli. in
inter's llow, fi room each, tin' : 10 per
A'n. Ill (eniiicr). $12 Ml -7 rooni.
( 'ottajre on Slxtli slice!, i.ear Vnh
inetoii avcniii t rootiiji.
Store room In "Pilot lli.iice," hiiely
..e. lipied ly A. Ilalley.
--Dwelling hiiii.e on SKIh -Hei t ami
,li llrr-oii aeuiii',
--Urpliau Ayluui liiiildln ami pieinl
fvf. Kent low, to a ;ood Icuiut.
Stoie loom, corner Twentieth and
Washington avenue, Sl'Ja inonlli.
Kooiik In vai Inns parts ot the clly.
1'ou i.i:.si:ui! sai.k.
I.aml, In tracts to suit, near C.tiio.
" 'houses
port xtmiNr'r
Dwelling limne, 7 looms; III lots
encloM'd, in jjood order, on Twenty
fiiiirlh tuiil Walnut sin els, Kent low to
a ;ood tenant.
Dwclllii; lioit'e, I looms and base
ment, on Poplar Mice!, iielwceu Tbir
Iceiith and I'ouitccntli street-. Kent
1 1 Two tenements on west side of Com
mercial avenue near I'lllli street, suitable
tor liop and dwelliiij. Itentforeaeh, $S
per mouth.
Dwelling house, ii rooms, on Fifth
street near Walnut, lnjood repair. Kent
.?l'J.riil per inontb.
Colin''!', 'J rooms and kitchen,
Twenly-lliM .street, near Svcamoic
iioi lli side. Itent per mouth.
Two small lioucs, noilliwest cornel'
l-'il'ieeulli and Poiittlai. Pent low.
lla'euieiit of hilek hulldliiL', west ililu
of Washlnlou nvciiue near Kljiliticnlli
Hllect.'llve looiiH III tfood eoiiilltlon
Pent low.
Ilullilin on east slilo of Coiumeiclnl
livenile, near Tulltll slleel, siilltihle fi.r
e.irpenier shop. Cheap rent.
lluilduiK on west side of Commercial
avenue, near Twelllh street, Old "Clly
Hall," Pent very low.
Teiicuienis, unices iiml rooms in vaii
oiis lacalious. licuts low-.
Lots and lamls for siilu or h use,
.InllN i). II.muun ,v Co,,
Peal I'.slale Ai-iilH, eonier Sixth and
I, iM ii "licet. lt-lfi-1 1
KMY .'IJSi'i' 01.0 iUiU thvofi for
25 iK'itln, nt V. 'i'diclunnn'ii, 102
Coiinno'oiitKiivoiuio. Jiio-lm
flic iulhilin.
loittii v ci.nitK.
l:nilciii III I.I.v.MV t I'li-ifmniiiiiihivlliiit I mil
ii camllihli-I'nr llii' iilllivnri it) I Ittk, Hi theni-irom-hlliKrlly
ilrcllnii Will. Ii, Hahkins,
U'h nicniilhiirliit In miimiiiici' Hi" nntne of
.lA.MKS V S'l i;V.ltl' it iiuiilhhilc lor Ihu
tHiri-nfl'll) I'li'lk, ill IIivi-ii'iiIiik rltv ilirlloti.
We mi- hiiIIidiIiiI in iiinioiiiii" Hi.- name of
W I'. A M. 1.1 n ii rum hlnlr Inr irs IitIIiiii In
tin' niiii nf I ily l li i I, at tin- iii"iilhi; (li.itlir
iin nun. in
SI NDAV, .MAPCII Hi. lt-7"i.
Nniiri:.--Mr. F. 'reieliman deiires to
notlfv 111" I'ricmli and the (iiihlie jjem ra
ally, that he lias removed liH tohacco and
cltmr tore from I.lL'hlh Unci, to w
Coiinnctcial avenue. i! '.'(Mm
I'm a hum. Due ear load ol iiotntoi".
one car load of onlou. one car load ol
eahh.iue. jimt recched and fornale cheap
hy If, ,1. Ciisiui I , Ki'hlh Stud
IfiiiiMs in Pi:ni," Pour tooiiis, and a
ne:it collate on Thlnl Slice!, lice from
slie waler. and in iood couililion. Kli-
ouiie of Win. .Mellale, at the Delia
House. i!-l.-tr.
KEY WEST CIOAIia tliroc for
an cento, at P. Toichmun', 102
Coiiiiiiorciul iivonuc. U-'JO-lm
eullemaii, wife mid one small child, in a
private family. !ood icfereiice ylveii
and reiulrcd. Apply at the llri.i.i-iiN
olllie. If
A. JIaMXV. A lllielot of lahle ami
pocket cutlery, llNo si.'ldes, kIiovcN
hoes, uikia, foik',aes and a jjcncral line
ofhardwaic Just icielved by A, Ilalley,
ll.'i ('oiuiiicicial avenue. U-lS-:iin.
.Ir.sr Pkckiviiii' A. Ilalley lia jut
iceei.'eda line lot of canary and mock
in' hi id eaj'e.s, llowcr l.uiiN, llower
liaiiiers, hakets, atelier, hearts 'and
wreathes, which he has maikcd very low,
at ll.'i Commercial avenue. 2-lS-:tin,
Pi.i'iriineAii.Wi Ken I!i:ah:ii. Sweet
Crniiu. Culard Whip ami i'rotlnf
uiaki r. l.i;lituin; Peclproeatlu tin
eliiirn. Ite't In tliu world. 'I rv lliccL'jr
healiT and ehurii and lw com Inced. I'or
sale hy C. W. lleliiler.-ou, li'l Coiiiiner-
clal aeniie, Cairo, Illinois.
I 1 in
Nil licit 'M CamiIiiaii.s. aiididate.s
may ue il.e eoliiums of the I1i-i.i.i;tin
to In If their names belnre the people, at
the following rates, in mltuncf1
city Clerk, j.l; Cily Trea-uier, A I.
!' rinan, j'J. No vaii ilton irom the ral,
in mlrnnff rule. If
SoMi:intNfi Ni!W. The IL'htun, re-
eipriM'ntln, tin chiiiii and e'j; lH-ater,
Ilie lalert and the he-t ever made, at A.
Ilalley who I now sellini; his lare
slock ot slove.s, tin and britlaua wale at
ideally ledlleeil pilcis. (Jive him ii call
h lore you pureha-e, 1 1 o Commercial av
me. iviun.
Pcaii Tins. Plrd e.iL'es, liowcrstamU,
llowcr trains, nni" ha-l.cs, ice, cream
In I'.tj. toilet ware, bath tub-, lainn
cliluiiieys, oil, Muling irons mid llutiuir
M'i'-ors : :iNo a lull upply ot plain and
stniupt d tin w.-ue, wholesale ami retail,
ny i . . iiemier-ou, r,n l oiniuereiai av
enue, Cairo. Illinois, :!-,"i-lin
Si:i; Kuril. C Koch, at his shop mid
.loie innin. No. tiO Commercial avenue,
has lor sale a tock ol ImhiIs and shoes of
Ills own make : alo a larite stock of St.
I.ouis custom tnaili! bonis and shoes. Ile
keeps the bet material and is up in all
the latest stjle.s. Ills llls.1re perfect, and
satisfaction Is Mia ran tee. I. Cle him a
all- !i.'j:t-ll
.Soi in:. Ilaidware, tinware and
-love', plows, hand cultlatnrs, spades,
hovels, l'nrl;, hoes, rakes, Mep ladders :
abn keep constantly on hand a line as
sortment ol table and pocket cutlery ami
builder's hardware. I am sole njjeiit lor
the celebrated Charter Oak stoves, oi
which I keep hi slock a full supyly of the
tllll'crcut si.es. The above ai tides at
"rock bottom llures-"
..Vlui C. W. llii.NiuuiMiN.
Mil Coininercial au'iiiic, Cairo, UN.
A .s. I i.iiiiinliy .
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
tliu laundress, No. 11 Pouitb street, be
twecn Wasblnglon and Coininercial avej
lines has one of Ilie best conducted laun
dry establishments lu the '-'Ily, mid land
lords ol hotels and hoarding hoti?c.-i will
Iiml it to their advantage to call upon
her. I Icr prices mo as follow.-: Hotel
mid boariliiig-!iouc washing 7.1 cents
per dozen. For piece wot k pi lees are as
follows: Single shirt mid collar, 10e; per
dozen, SOo; socks, flu; two collars, ."o;
two liaudkeichlefs, 10; vets, 20o; and
all geiitlemeirs wear, SOo. per dozen.
I .adics plain calico dresses, lii'io; calico
il reuses with extra trliniuingi', ."He; white
dresses, $1 2."ni : ladles' uuderware, lluu
andVoaise, $1 00 per dozen. 1-2'Mf.
Tell thousand dollars worth of goods
at eosi. 1 will coninieiice nil- day re
tailing the large and valuable slock' ot
goods, consisting of clothing, ladles' fur
uMilng goods, gents' furnishing goods
standard ill y goods, fancy goods, Jewelry,
etc., at the old slaiid of llellbiou & Well,
for cash at actual eit. N" goods deliv
ered until paid for.
I will make It an object for mcichaut.s
to buy these goods in Jobbing lots, for
cash l,i hand, lu iflautllies lo suit.
I am aullinilcd also to n eieve bids
for.the next ten days for the purchase
in bulk ot all tbat portion of said stock
which shall remain unsold on the morn
ing ol' March I lilt, Now lsllio time In
buy. (iv.niKii: PiMii'it,
Provisional Assignee of llellbroii ,t
Well, banki upts,
Culm, Feb. tl, 1S7H. H-MI
Allettlliiii Mr. Knlulits.
St A lei'iil ir onela e of Cairo
Cnmmamlcrv, No PI, Ii. T.,
s wlll he. held at the Any I
Monday evciiln-. Mateh 'Jdlli,
18(17, at 7:.:0 o clock.
.Sojourning K'nlliU are courteously
Invited, P. K(iihmi;i:ii, Pec.
Al IIiiiiip AkiiIo.
Mr. and Mrs. .lolin T. Peniiie made a
ItyhiK trip to Memphis lat week on a
llccbrunnlnjr sleamboat. They arrived
"home airalu from a loril''u shore,"
yesterday. Mr. I'ennle represenU busl'i
liess in the Illull'Clty as ececdlti(;ly dun
mid ays that Cairo Is much the llvellct
clly of the two.
AHi iilion, Ariils.
A reiiilar nnrtliiL' of the Arab Fire
Co,, will he held to-morrow (Monday)
evening at hall-pal seven o'elfiek. .Mem
hers are patlicularly reuueMed lo ho
proem. Nominations for the olllces will
he made, and oilier important hii-lue.s
will f ome befuie the inuetlnK.
II. P. Ki.akk, Secretary
I'ltlll on.
.Mr. C. II. CutuMnck, who ha mnilu
tcj'Ular tnoulhlv tillis aloiiu the line nf
the Illinois Cetitral railroad for the past
seventeen year", paying the employes of
the road between this city and Chicago,
arrived ycMciilav with the pay car mid
lepleiibheil the pockets ol the men witli
their pay for the iiioulh of February.
Al.onl llatlil.
The Mound Clly ViOiV says: "D. T.
I.iuear,,Ksi., ol Cairo, has n turned front
hi late trip to Sprinlield and St. l.ntil,
and says he never lecelved a dollar fiom
the whljky thlees except a counsel fees,
and he has litlly detcrmlticil to kick out
of his olllce the llrat client who even
uiako a proposition to treat, Delias a
wholesome horror of the slniions cniirfra
of Ilie entanlin lliiid."
Alter Ilie nre.
I. (lcorj,'i! ,Steiiilioue may hi! found
since the lite at his new shop, on Kllith
street in the Alexander County Prink
hlllldill, wbeie he will Welcnnio all his
customer?, mid sci ve them in as artistic a
manner as ever before, with smooth
shaves, fashionable hair cutting ami
thoioii"h shampoo.
We will pay no bills contracted by any
Ulploye ofTiti: Itlil.l.Kl is, unle.-s the
same is made on a written oriier silmiciI
by the preldent or secretary of the com
pany, and we will accept no order j;lven
by an employe of the company, lor any
purpose whatsoever.
Caiiki ISli.lkti.v Compa.nv.
Noveinlier 10. lhTo. tt
;il I'lllcen lliij.
Kelly, the rouster, who kicked up the
tiuiss with the Italian or'au grinder In
saloon on the levee on Friday, was taken
beloie limine ltros tor trial yesterday
iiioruiu. Ile was lined ; twenty-tlve.
dollar. and co'ts, and sent to the lockup
for liltceu days in default of payment,
lie will no doubt be in a peaceful mood
when becomes out.
Ilncs Inr Ilie JiiiIuc'h Hero very.
'The I larrisbur ChroiiieU "ays : ".Indue
It.iker, ot'tlie Cairo circuit, we learn with
regret, had an attack of jiaralysls while
occupying the bench at Mound Cily, on
Friday. W'w ..iuccrcly hope hetnay speed
ily tccovcr." .lude Maker did not have
an attack ol paralyW ; ami we take plea
sure lu eayhif: that lie has recou'red from
what he did have an attack ol a peculiar
Ickncss named overwork, a dl-ea-e that
docs not clleet many olllcedioldors.
A I'nril of Tliiuili.
The undersigned desires to return her
sincere thanks lo Ilie many kind friends,
especially those connected with the rail
road, for the many favors" shown In as.
lstlng her to settle up her business, and
the untiriiig ell'orts made to recover the
body ol her husband, feeling that every
thing that could be done to aid her, lu
this time of tilal, and to recover Ids body,
has been done. She will ever remember
them willi the kindest feelings, and her
prayer I that they may lie richly reward
ed lu this wot Id mid the world to come.
Mus. Fiiaxk Oll.l.MN.
Cairo, March lllth.
Sun please copy, J
'Ilie I'ultireil O1I1I I'ellowx.
'I lie annual celebration ot colored Odd
Fellows of F.gypt Lodge. No. 1,(1(17,0.
I. o, oft). F. of this city, to be held on
Tuesday, March tiS 111. promises to be a
big allalr. Among the dill'ereut bodies
ot the order who have been invited Iroin
other cilles, and who will participate hi
the celebration, are St. Ocorgc's Lodge
No. 1,5:11, ol Fast St. Louis; Fzeklel
Lodge No. l,l.il, St. Louis ; and Puducah
Lodge No. I,rt5. In the evening a grand
Centennial Leap fear party and .1 lluu
entertainment will bo. given, coniting of
vocal and Instrumental niiisic, orations,
etc. During tliu evening a vote will be
taken, and the most popular young lady
pro-cut will be pre-ented with a beauti
ful sot of Jewelry. The lady receiving
tlio next largest niunber ofvotes will bo
given a line pair ol Odd Fellows' cull'
Our Aiiroirliilliin.
We have received a letter fiom Hon.
Mr. Ilarlzell, our zealous member of
Congress, In which bu Informs us that
Hon, Mr, Hereford, chairman ol the
Committee on Commerce, to which com
mittee our appropriation was sent, is slid
absent irom his scat. Fpou bis rctiiiu,
Mr. Ilarlzell will imvii a licaung below
the eoiuuitllce, and will 110 doubt, get a
part If not all tliu approprhllou asked 'or
by his bill, Ile has been wot king among
members of the. eoiniulilce to good clleet.
and he believes thai I ho commltlce will
not refuse"' a demand io Just. Neither
done. There never was mi uppiopiia'
lion so strongly recommended, mid ll
cannot lall. 'I he only danger Is, that 11
may drag and he ildculcd fur want ol
time; but Mr. Hurtell will not penult
the grass to grow under his led in this
matter. Ile will push things, wu know,
tJcrniiiiilii I, Ile Insurance t'oiiiiiiuy.
Mr. Charles Will lchaiii of Si, Louis
traveling agent lur Ilie (ierinaula l.ilo
Insurance Co,, of New Viuk, Is in Hie
clly looking idler the lulciest of tin coin
piny anil will reni'iln fir a t?w week,
Anyone having any en. , nice! agaliiil
thecoinpiny e.lltsed h llieli lale agent,
.Mr. P. V. Itclznor" will veiy mucli oblige
-Mr. Wnrtzebaeh by calling 011 him or
leaving word at tliu Alexander County
Hank. After bank time plcae call at tliu
Arlington House. I will al( Inform the
patrons of the company mid the public
that we have appointed Mr. Thos. .1.
Keith a' agent at Cairo,
:i-lS-i!t. 'I'ravellng Agent.
Itiiml HelMcen I'nlru 11 ml llniiii,) t'lly.
'I he Mound Clly .'i'Mn(i,d.cusng the
plopo;cil good road between Cairo mid
I'uki'M county, with new bridges lor
Cache mid Trinliy hayou, says that, al
though Pulaski county Is luiichlutcicstcd
lu such a toad, "he ean not legally levy a
tax to aid In Its construction. 'I he
.t'iwmit f uggests that tlic il'illcully may
he overcome by a toll toad to be built by
n company, and says: "ll weuilslnke not.
a stock company Ii in existence Hint i
authorized to build a road 011 this plan.
The suggestion Is a good one, ami should,
but will not, he acled upon luunrdlatoly
" e nave 111010 man oiiei; in pat years
called attention to the gieat necessity fur
good mads out of Cairo and have
occasionally awakened a Uiouieutary In
terest In the mailer, hut that was all
of It.
Klder Smith will preach at the Chili,
tiau church, Klghtcenlli street, to-morrow
morning ami evening. Services at the
usual hours. Tim public is invited.
Pev. (Jinnies A. Ollhert will conduct
services at the church of the Pedeemcr,
Fourteenth street, this morning and even
ing. The public are Invlteil to atlcnd,
.Sunday fchool at II o'clock.
There will he tliu usual services at the
Presbyterian church, F.lghth street, this
morning tint! evening, conducted by the
Pev. 11. V. Uoorgo. All arc cordially In
vited. Sunday school at ll o'clock,
There will he services nt the Metho.
(llt church this morning and evening.
conducted by the Itev. Mr. (illliam.
The subject of the morning sermon will
bo "Faltb." Tliu Mibject for the sermon
or Hie ow ning will be, "The Way ol
Salvation." The public are cordially hi.
vited to attend. .Sunday school at :i
Dan. llogaii of Mound City, was hi
town yesterday.
Mr. .1. C. Wolf, a prominent portrait
palnterof Cincinnati, accompanied by
his wife, was in the el ty yesterday.
Mr. Hood O'Nclt ot Hie, Illinois Con
tral railroad, who has been very sick lor
a number of days, Is Improving.
Mr. M. H. Goodrich, who was at
tacked with pneumonia a lew days ago,
Is better.
Mr. A. .1. Poolnson, the popular
night clerk at the .St. Chailes hotel, re
turned from a week's vi-it to Chicago
ye-terday alternoon.
F. (i. Moutoguicr, Cincinnati; 11. C.
Shields, Cincinnati ; John M. ).iis, Chi
cago;. Mi 11 W, (Jood, liontou, Ohio, and
Allen Hughes. St. Louis, wereaiiioug the
guests at the St. Charles yesterday.
-Among the arrivals at the Planters'
yesterday were John Campbell and wife,
Tlptonvlllo; Phillip Meyer.-. Helena, Ar
kansas; II. Peed and wile, St. Louis ; L'.
Alton, New Orleans, and J. L. Howe,
Charleston, Mo.
liiille lo Texas.
Ollleer Andy Cain yesterday handed
Judge ltros a large envelope, with these
word- written in pencil upon the back:
"A Cain, give to F. Hross. You can
collect this execution. Good-bye, Cain
and all. "The directions upon thconveiope
are said to be hi the handwriting of a
well-known constable of this city, who
for mouths past has complained to a
gentleman that his homo was no homo
to him: that he was .1 very miserable
man, and that lie intruded .-oourr or
later to leave and sock a place where UU
mind could he at rest. He U said to
have purchased, on Thur.-d.iy, a trav
eling valUe and other nccc-sary euuip-
inents for a journey, lie was In the city
on r riday morning, nut is suppiisou 10
have loft nn the afternoon of the samo
day. In conversation with the gentle
man reterrod to above, some weeks ago.
he stated that when ho loft he intended
going to Texas, where it is thought he
intends making liN luturo home. We
mav seo lit at some time not far distant,
to tell all we have hoard in regard to this
all'ilr, but at present we deem It best to
let the matter rest at this.
Ilie OnllniMice-. lo lull Willi I 11
We are about to commence the publi
cation In book form of the Povlsed Onll-
nances of the cily, edited by Hon. John
M. Laiisilon, under direction of the clly
council, together with the general act of
incorporation, mil .Mayor s bill, all to bo
Indexed hi tliu most complete manner.
The minimi will contain about 'HO pages ;
will bo printed 011 lluu paper, on clear
type mid hi tliu llnest style of the prin
ter's trade will be, lu fact, the very host
tpocinion ol book printing ever bofurii
executed In Cairo, and as Hue as can bo
done anywhere. The edition minted fur
the clly will b'- a limited uumbcr.only one
hundred copies. Hut, If wc
receive proper encouragement, wn
shall pihit a number of
conic at our own expense lor sale
among our citizen. Kvory lawyer,
11101 chant, drayman, saloon keeper, anil,
indeed oilier citizens should have a copy
id 1 lut ordinances, "and may haveliy send
ing hi an urilor to us lor Ihu book. For
the volume, paper cover, $1 ; half-bound,
$.'k); hall' bound, mid Intel leaved with
ruled writing paper, so that mnoudinouts
mav lie marked mid this every lawyer
should have:!. Orders must all be In
yb Wednesday luoiiihig.
Tlu'Soiier-i -'lln. rliinilinx I'eliey .
'lime and again we have called the at
tention of Hie oily couinil to the fact
that Hie sowers aw nothing hul holes
through I ho levee, through which tliu
walcrollllilles llelf Into Ilie lily when
ever Ihu ui lace of Hie water rise above
(he level of Hie low places within, This
ileli cl ol Ilie ower toslllls lu tin Ibmd-
j liii' ol our prcs room and composition
loom three and, lour limes 11 year,. This
was not the cao during Ilie first lour
years we had our olllce whom wo now
have It; but It 1 a constantly reciirilng
event now. We are much Incommoded
anil put to groat e.nono. Probably
because the Mayor and council arc aware
of lid fact nothing u done to
stop the leak; hut his honor and
the council should nut forget that other
people besides the llifi.i.irn.v company
are Incommoded by their shameful neg
liiet to do their duly. We pay taxes, ami
have 11 right to demand that the cily gov
ernment shall not uo sewers built at
great eieno to load waler out. of the
oily (o let the ilver.luto it. At proenl,
water froni the liver I Mowing Into the
hod of Lake Sh.'twuessy near our olllce,
and ll' the river continues to'rUc wll1
soon llood our rooms again. We pielcrto
he ar-oncd outof the city to being Hooded
out of It.
Nun , "Toll" I'ur."
The Argii!;h'irniil misrepresent the
printing bungle of the oily council.
Here me thc'.iacts. The council In writ
ing asked us tosay how much we would
charge lor printing the orilinmees in a
book ol the same number of page , the
present hook ol ordinances, using small
pica leaded. Now wo did nut ask the
council to ask us this question, MIM did
not suggest to thai august body tliu kind
ol type it ought to u-c. Hut we
made a bid. It was so uiiioh
below the hid ol llowen ,t Co,, that the
committee concluded to not report It to
the council, uiul.iisked for new bids, again
specilying the typo small pica leaded.
Again wo made a bid, to print the ordi
nances In small plea type, '.00 pages, for
a certain sum. This, with Powell ,1 Co.'s
hid wa reported lo the council and out
bid, was accepted. When the contract
was to be made out, Mr. Iliirnelt wished
to have It say, that If Hie ,ook
made more thin 200 pages in small
plea leaded, wo should be paid so much
er page for the extra pages. His honor,
the mayor, lu the hone of keeiiltiL' the
work Irom us, refused to sign such a con
tract, and the council, alter exposing out
bid, ordered the committee toask for now
hliN. This time the type was named:
brevier solid, because the other olllce has
only brevier on hand. Well, we made au
olhcrbld and got the work njruin. This
all of It. That the mayor and council
acted towards us In this matter wilh ill.-
tlngulsbed unfairness no licrsou will
'iillliSliliiiiK Ttu niiKli I ntro ..lolin.
hoii'h Worn.
Through tin- dibits of the Illinois Cen
tral railroad and Its connections, tin:
bulk of the shipment ol cattle Irom
Texas and the Southwestern grazing
grounds will be transported, dining the
approaching c.ioii, over tin; now "air
lino" route to the Norih ami L'a't by the
way of Cairo.
When the geographic d situation of ibis
city Is considered, it will be sevn that,
located as It is, at the most t'avoi utile
point of the great valleys of two ol the
inot important rivers on llio continent,
ami the center ol'a sy-tom of railroads di
verging lu all directions, no other place
ean eipial it in Its advantages for forward
lug cattle. This new route Is or Inealoii
laiilu advantage to ihu Texas tock-hlp-por,
and has been gained through the
healthy growth of railroads through, In
most parts, a productive country.
The embarking points 011 the ".Sunset"
branch of the new rout.5 aro Klug-bury,
I.aulling, .Scbnilinburg, Wcinar. lvtgle
Lake, F.at and West Hurnard, Pierce'
Junction; on t lie International and Croat
Northern: Piorco's Junction, linokdale.
Keamo and Troupe ; points upon mid ad
jacent to the Texas Pacllle branch aro Ft.
Worth, F.agle Ford, Dallas, Terrell, Will's
Point, -Mluucoia, Tyler, Longviow, Mar
shall, Shrcvopurt and all other poin's 011
the Texas Paclllu to Toxarkana, where d'.
root connection Is mado with the Iron
Mountain road and a straight run through
to Chicago by the way of iiio Illinois
Central road without change, on the
shortest time. Tho principal feeding
points and yards of .substantial eh iracior
completed and lu cour.su ol completion at.
Toxarkana. Palestine, Poplar Ululf, Cairo
and Tolona, Ills., aro so lUmueol Hit',
If ueces-ary, shippers wanting to make
any shorter runs thou usual cm bu ac
commodated. Wu aro indebted to Jaiiies
Johnson, Ksip, of the Illinois Central
road, who has lately boon lu Testis lu Ihu
interest of tliis new enterprise, for lite
facts herein related, and expect to lay
before our readers, through his kindness,
furtlierdovolopmonts lu connection with
it, as they occur.
Tliu llrst consignment of hugs passed
through tbu city la-t night, en route fur
Chicago. There will arrive lu a low days
a tr.tlu consisting of seventeen cars of
hheop from Mr. S. Malhows ol San An
ton! 1,
l.'eiii'i'iil lleins.
llusiues.sl? Improving.
Tbu sewers tiro leaking.
- Yesterday was oold as blazes,
'Ibis Is the third Sunday in Lout.
- -Tuesday night, Hie great 111igl11.il
New Orleans inlutrels.
Tliu tux question is now tliu priii.
elpal tuple of conversation.
The lpo water has again coiuo lo
light in Lake Pdwanls, but it will bo. of
little consequence there.
Tho National Coronet Hand, have
Jiut received a new set of silver Instru
ments that are beautiful and excellent.
- II Is bc'doU' I Unit the I'leez." ol night
before last was too much for tliu fruit,
and that tho buds have all In n do
s troy ed,
Tbu silver coronet baud, compiled
nl young ladlis and gentlemen of ibis
clly aw lecciyiug regular lu-ii notions
from Professor KbTiibcrg.
Docs thu mayor and his council leally
biilove wu can bo dilvcu out by thu wider
they won't keep out uf the city. We arc
spoiling for a law suit.
-The AfiiiMii Moihodl-t Pplf'opal
chinch people will oho u lesilwd at
Whlllock s hall, coi ner of I'Milh -ticot
mid Wellington av.-niie, on Tuesday
night, tor the purpose 1.1 ral-ing money
lo p.iy-lho debts o Hie chinch.
-On. Ilotts-everybody know him
-has rented the Delnionlco saloon and
restaurant, with all Its lixtttrr, and Is
now having that Institution completely
overhauled, previous to embarking n
It l said hy a gentleman whose lic:ul-
quarters, are In this city, that the Narrow
Gaiine railroad, bctwien M11rphysb.ro
nun i;oi Kim. . in a dilapidated condi
tion, and tint a number ol cars of staves
and hoop polos are to bo seen Ij lug along
thu road hi Ilie illidies. This is to ho re
gretted, and Hie directors of the road
should look more to lis Intercuts,
There are two negro women living
on Twelllh sheet, who have nil theneees
.uy qualities lor heavy prize lighter,'
anil wiicncNer tin y chmicu to meet, 10
sure there Is 11 rumpus. Alow davs ago
they ciime together, lint failed to get sat-l-lacllnn,
and now one can be ccii dally
sitting 011 her step on Twelfth, walling
lor her enemy to pas, that she may have
an oppoitnnity ol 'litt-tlti her wide
open." She's one of Ilie kind liable
to "bust" mo-t anything.
A C U R L Y41 E A D E D C U R .
His Dastardly Attempt to Otitrane
a Child. u
1-reM iiml l.-iniliiiiiiiiH ,, 11,,. Viiiiutr
HelJ in tho Sum of One Thoimud Dollari.
koil ltl III Ilie ('iiilnly ,.
On Friday morning, Mrs. Apploin.111,
proprietress of Ihu Central llmi,,.. on
Slxtli street, between Washington avd
Commercial avenues, eoinnlalned to the
city olllccr.s that one ol" her children, a
little srlrl nine years nf
sadly nilsii.e.l, accusing ona Peter Curch,
anoaiuor in lier house, ol the crime. The
ollleer went to Judge Hross and liro
oiircil a warrant Inr the arrot of Curch,
wlio was captured mid hidicd in Hie eilv
jail until yesterday alternoon, when he
was taken out lor trial. Ho Is a youMir
man twenty-two years old. short
and rather stoutly built, with
dark curly hair and ilnrl.- eves
11ml complexion. He ean.o. lo this c'liv
about lour months ago, and being a har
ness maker, procured a situation hi the
establishment ot Mr. L. D. Aiken, on
Commercial avenue, where he has work-
oil up till the time of his arrest, lie has
an uiicii! and other relatives in Seymour
Indiana, and bis mother also resides In
tbat State, and is belluved bv Mr. Aiken.
who has been shown letters twin her to
young Curch, to bu in good .clrciim
stances, as In touio of the cnNtles slit
ollcr.s htm as u'i Indue.Miio'if, in iiiey with
which to go Into business for Idui
seir. Mr. Aiken informs 11
that Ciiroh has nut heeded the eiitreatle.
ol his mother, hut has spent nearly all
his wages nu "the girls," and n,.lt ,
now in debt to him. lie has nut only
shown himself to boa vcty iiiitbuiighttul
and unscrupulous young man 50 far as
hl actions witli women goe, but also in
money matters, a liu has nlllxed Mr.
Aiken's signature to one If not mom
pieces of paper which, proved him as a
When put 011 trial yesterday below
Judge Ilross, . assorted emphatically
his Innocence, saying (hat he was not lu
the hoiifu at the time .Mrs. Appleiiian
states the ciime was commuted. Ho
say that bu owed the Uttlu girl's mother
about nine dollars fur board, and tbat he
gave her an order on his cniployerl'orlho
money, and told her he intended to leave;
that lio got angry "because she thought
slio was truing to lo-e ii.ho.uiler, and put
lids Job up on him ; that he has been
lopeillii, but hu supposes the courts will
do hhn Justice," and there Is no doubt
Ihoy will. He admitted thaton more titan
0110 occasion he had talked to little .Mary
on subjects that ho shuiild not, but said
bo had never u-cd violence with her, nor
bad ho misused her as prol'ciroil hi thu
Mrs. Apploinan slated that oil Tito-day
night about supper time, she missed her
child, and that shu was poslilve Curch
was lu his room wilh her at thai time,
twin thu fact that when, on Thursday
evening, she questioned .Mary, who is a
pretty little blaek-eycd, eurly-licaded
gill, about her soiled clothes, H) child
began lo cry. mid told her that
she was up stair.- In the front room, when
Cinch caiuo up and asked her logo to Ids
room with hhn. She refused, ami ho
took her by the hand and led her to Ids
room, whew Ids cowaidly and MemlM!
purpose was accomplished, telling tliu
pour child that she should not cry mid hu
would buy her sninepiotty clothes.
Dr. Warduer's statement, he
having examined the child, went
lo prove that an assault had
been iiuidu upon hor person, and the story
of Mary, herself, was about hi siihstancu
that told by her mother. Onu or two
other witnesses were examined, hut little
ol Importance was deilvcd Irom their tes
timony, and Ctirch was held In the sum
ot onu thousand dollars lo answer thu
eharge of "as-ault with Intent to rape,"
at Hie next term ol tho circuit court, and
in ilclault ol ball, was given quarters In
tliu eouutyjall.
I (il'UIN
Fitly cents, at Wluier's nallerv.
K13Y WEST OIQAKS tliroo for
25 or.ntH, tit P. Toiolinnin'fl, 102
Commercial iivonuo. -'lio-lm
For Sale.
Colored ami mounted Map ot w
1 11 ol ( lalift nl $J .TO each (halt price.)
or urn
t liy ; I'.ilrrt,
oolorod and v.nnlshed, fur sale at hall
prion (S3.!; ') f lb" Hri.u.riN ulllco.
Fur any of Ilie above articles, apply a
he Hi i.i. min ulllco. F,, ., nxrn
KP.Y WKST ClfJAItS tlirco for
35 contn, nt P. Toiclitntin'M, 102
Co m morel nl tivonuo. ii.'.'oim
mvW news.
on Mm.
StemnerJlinl'l.u, i..,(Iunllli
" Pobt. Mllchcl, New Oi leans.
City ol Climter, St. Louis.
Florence Lee, Jnhusonville.
" Jim. L. lthod...Si. f.oids.
Hello Memphis, st. Lmds.
Pavon and barge, hi. ,,,
" Ibllllmit, barges, (ihiorHer.
" Petit I ami barges, St. L011K
Kleamrr Jim Fik, P.iilucah.
l.'obeit.Milchcll. Cincinnati.
('Hy of Chester, St. I.011U.
Finn-lieu Lee, Kvansvlll,..
Imi. I.. Pinnies, Ps,iirg.
Ilelle .Memphis, Memphis.
" Pawn nud barges. Pittsburg.
" Hiilliant, barges, St. Louis.
" Poticl, Pittsburg.
John W. (i.irroti. Now Orleans,
iiivmi, wi:w unit .sn nt siM.ss.
The rlwr la-t evening wa .i."i V. led 011
Hu-gunge. Inning ilscn III UHiiclu s dur
ing the preous 21 hours.
The weather is clear and cold, wilh
strong winds. Some snow fell night i,e
foio lat.
Ilusliicss (air.
iih.vi:i:.r, 111:11.
Pilot Mike Kelly is niaklllL' a Irln nn
tho Hello .Memphis for II ulrv Mai 1 1-nii
who is sick.
Capt. Lie Crane ha sold mi Interest lu
the Mary Miller, to Capt. John X. Shiink
who will heroattcr command Ihu Miller.
Mis. A. M. Ilnllldav will be a i.as.
songcr 011 the (ioldon Pule on Tuo-day
for New Oilcans, to loin her bu.haiiil.
Captain A. .M. Ilalllday In Florida
Hie Hollo Memphis encountered rough
weather coming out from St. Loul hut.
sustained no Injuries worth mentioning.
She ha a fair load for Memphis.
I ho J. . Carrot and har-'es not away
for New Orleans yesterday, with a lull
loan 01 grain, Hour, meal, tobacco and
The Florence Lee, answering 11 hall 1111
the Tciine.'su while Hie wind was liluuln"
very hard, landed against an old Mat boat
wilh foroo enough to uk It. It eon
tallied UJO biihcls of coal.
Tho Florence Lee lias gone home aenln
Tho river has rUeu so much that the bar
at Hie foot ofthe incline nl Fillhiorn City
is no longer troublesome, and freli'br mil
passengers oars aro transforeil again with
despatch, thus obviating the necessity ot
trnn-forlug (Jreen Line freight via. John
stonvlllo and Hickman. It Is nrobablo
the Florence Lee will he called back when
the river falls again.
Tbu New York IMlttiu speaking of
Fail's jetties says : "The success of thu
work will doubtless add to the eoiuniorco
of the .MIssdoii valley. Xrw Orleans
will undoubtedly hu u i0 , i;,r.j,.r ..vtenf
than heretofore the port of shipment for
iiuami lorcigu trade ; and. besides cm -tributing
to Hie wealth of the Western
oliios, the Improved navigation facilities.
If (boy do not create now ooimnerei. u-ni
at least revive somewhat thu old trade hi
isouiliorii cities, having direct railroad and
coatwiso transportation connection."
Tuesday Evening, March 21.
-nn: oimnxAi,-
I'mlir the MaiMirrnieiit of
(t'livral Aihulfdnii
III'-,., 1 ,l SlHltrf
...Ml t-L'llU
7" ivnls
KJIIeacrinl -.rati nun' ii-wly at I). Ilirt
ScIiiiiiI l.imil Sale.
Xnl li-u Is licicliy Kit en that on KrliUr April
7 1 ll . IsM, ut two ii'i'lot'L, 1 1. in . nl thu Hunt
ilimr nftln' crtnrl liim-r- in I nun, Ihu Initio's ol
oliuiili nri'ilttiishli No. 17, It. I went, in
Mexiimli'i-e'itiiil), ill sell, ul iiililii! unction,
M'liuol lni .So leu (l; in thusiotuh-i'ieit iii.unr
nt Mi'tinii Irn (In), unit lot iniiiiUiiil ttttnly.
om (Jl) anil Ittt'iily-rlKlit (' In iheNoillei'iMt
iiutiitir of seel ion No iri, In satil totvnhi.
Ilie linns of wile Iwliijr onu hull' eah ihiwn,
iiml Hi.' nihil' half inynhle In tttrltv uiniillis,
ttilh ten c eent Inuifst, Willi uiiii'Ikhiii' on the
l.ui.l sol' I, III sir me Ihu imyint'iil, us risjillreil hy
l.ltv in audi nm,
It) oiilur ol' tliu I'.n.nil ot I'riKlieuf Stiioiili.
John .M. I.issIils,
nnnlili 1 riusvirfr
Ciiiiii, IIS , Mm i'ii!, IsTii a-'.i-wit.
Mcelluii Xolire.
Cm v Ci.uiiK'a On hi:, I
tAiito, Ills., March lu, lsTii. )
Nollco Uluireby j,ivon that on TuciUy,
the 1Mb dav of April, A, l. 187U, u general
election bo laid lu tho city ot Cairo,
Alexander county, Stutu of Illinois', fur thu
eli'c.doti uf tliu Intloivlm; named city
nllltfirs, to-wlt: n City Clerk, a City Treas
urer, a City Attorney ami umi Alilurmau ,
Irniii each ward tor the term of two ymrs.
Fur tho purpiMO of nilii clcctlun P'.N will
beiiiicncd at thu follnwinj,' named pluod,
tj-uit: In the li'st wunlaKlio Attu iunuii,
nn 1 lie west ildo of Uoiiiiihti-IjI avouuo be
titcun Mxth nud-Sotoiitli tcU5 hi the
sciiid ward at tlw eiisino liouso ol too
It'iuah and Ufiuly lire company ; lu tho third
wunl nt llui ctiBino houiio ot tho IllberuUu
llrocoiiinuuy ; hi 'Jio louitti wnrl ut tho
Court lloii.e, .nidln tho H'lb wind at thu
store hoiisoot. billies' (' noil on the north
wo t corinr of TwciiD-Klslit Unset and
sjiiiiuorul.il avpillio. huhl ehiction Will
hiMiionodl tdlit o'clock lu the morning
ami eiiiit'iuiii ''I"'" 1111111 'oveno lioi'K lu tlii
alternoon ofllmt day.
Ily iinlor "I Hi" Cliy Cuiincll.
Wm. KitK.scii A.M.KV, City Clerk.
ST. O. XIualM,
CJmixot Xlllxxolar'
tf oimtr IUllroiMtWork;8lllT.

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