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.,, (inirlal H ol'tliP Xiiflomil llcm.
Tnr urrnllr nnrnll
TJiJ 'tlonal Dcmocratlr Committee, lo
jvliom If delegated thcjiowcr of llxln the
lime tul place of lioldlnjjtlio Nat loiinl Ih'.u
orratlc:oneiitlon ol IsTfl, haw iippsliiti'il
TtiMiiay, I lie t.venty.eveiitlj il.iy of .Mine
next, noun, a llic lime, nml tolednl ftt.
l.oul a the place of holilln;; Mich comet:
Hon. K.icli Statu "III bo rtilltlcil to a rcple-eii-t.ition
ntial lo double the lumber ol Hi
n'M.itoi ami repicctilalie In the ton
(rc of tlio I 'tilted State: anil tlio terri
tory of I'jlora-Iti, whine rfilmlHoii In .Inly
a a State will Ivc It Mto In tlm next
clcct0t.1l collcjjo, Ualsolmllcd to cnd del
egate.' to the convention.
Democratic, (.'omcnnllvc nml other t-it I
zcnmil tlie I'nllol Males IrrcupcclUe of
p.it political uvoel itlniii, ilcMrlmr to to
operate wllli the Drniocr.ilic party In Its
prc.ciit clloit- and object, aic cordially In
vltnl tojoln In sctidlii:; delegate lo the
natloa.il convention. Co-op 'ration j dc
ired from nil permit win wntiM cliana
an nliiiItillr.ttlon tli.it hn Mtilcrcd the
ptiltlic vredlt lo become and remain Inferior
toother aml'i'M lAorod natlon ; lu pel
mlttctl commerce to bn taken away hy for
clgc power! Ii.i Milled trade by unluM,
liueillid and pcinicloil- Icd'atiim ; li;i
lmpo.ed.iintl!iiiil taxation and rendered it
mot littrilenomc ; li.t- chinked prowln'
proiperity into widc-picad puileiin and
want; has tupiatiderud tho pnblla inonc.M
recklessly and deliinlly, and i-limiclc.'-ly
uted.tlie power tint hotild li.ie been wilt
to punish crime, to protect It.
Korttictu and other rcaioni the national
Democratic patty deem the public danger
imminent, and earnestly dc.Mioin ol recur
lug to our country the blcliij." of an
economical, pure ami tree eminent,
cordially invite the co-operation of their
fellow-citl.ciuln the etlott to attain lhl
'i'homaiA. Walker, Alabama.
S.lt.Cockrlll, Arknn.
Kr.mk .Mct'anpin, California.
William U. Itanium. Connecticut
Charlci IteaHen, Delaware.
Charlct I'.. D)ke, rlorida.
A. U. I.awton, (iuornin.
Cyrus II MeConnlek. Illinol-.
Tiinma Dowlint,', Indiana.
M. .M. Il.iin, Jowa.
I'aac K. Katoii. K.ins'i.,
Henry I). Mellenry, ICeUucky.
Henry I). Ojtdni. I.oul.lna.
1.. I).. M. Sweat. Maine.
A. Leo Knott, Maryland.
William A. Moore. Mijhluu.
William l.ochren, .Minnesota.
.1. 11.. Sharps, Mi.lpp.
.Too. . I'rlet, ilinouri.
Ceo. I.. .Miller, Nebraska.
Thoi. II. William-, Nevada.
M. V. II. Kdgcrly, New Hampshire,
llico. K. Uitidolph, New.Ierxev.
M. W. Itannom, North Carolina".
John (f. Thompson, Ohio.
.1 utne K. Kcllcy, Oregon,
.lames 1'. Harr. lVnnsylvaiila.
Jjlcholat VanSlyck, ithode Maud.
Thoi. . Slmon, South Carolina.
llliam II. Date, Tennessee.
V. 8. Moekdale. Tcx.
H. H.Sinallcy, Vermont.
John floode. jr., Virginia.
John ItUIr Hojre. 1Ve.it Virginia.
(iVoifc'e II. J'atil, (VIeonlu.
Tlioniad JI. l'atteron, Colorado,
KltKWttCK O. 1'ltlNCK, Masacliuctt,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
Washington, February 22, ISTu.
Kim-atiiick says Unit Hutterllelil did
attempt to bribe liltu, nml Hint lie did not
run away from Washington.
Tiik Slate Journal informs us that Ell
I.. Murrltt has committed himself to the
support of Jttdiro Davl? for President
Well, wo always said their was outcome
tn .ucrritt anil now will swear lo II.
Hon. Ww. ,1. Svkks inform us that he
U quite Mck and will not be able to bo at
Cairo next Friday nlht. Therefore the
meeting ndvertljcd to be addressed by
him Is withdrawn postponed.
Tiik J'jyne linaiieial bill the lJetno
trade caucus liiiaiicl.il eomproiiil.e
lallcil in the House liiomlnlously. .Since
so soon I was done for I wonder what 1
was betm for, I, the epitaph of the
tlead measure.
Tiik Chle:izo.t,i;viftf siiys It is mi in
sult to the Tre-idcnt, the Senate and the
the country to call Dana, the literary pi
rate, "ulmo.-t nu a,.." I'rohablv it
would improve matters to call him "alto
utlher nn ass-or two as.-es, lor Instance.
lr the Independents will accept .Mer.
nit, of the AVaie IU0iUr, for Secretary of
State, we can nmte with them in one
'Hatter at lca.t. Kd. will M,lt and wc
anxiou,ly acci pt him m ur eaudl.
date If he can eaptuie the Kewaneeitc.
WV.liope Mr,r. Sallot.l tmil Sirattuii
way be elected inemlM,,r of the board o
education next Saturday. There will
we arc Informed, be .juiiu a contcu.
. itlMtis not pleased with H.u pro-m
iaiiaZcment ol the m-Iidou ro -olii" tn
raise arow nt the polK-a lilendlv row
u row with ballots.
Till! Stale It'nuUr mistaken when
tsays: "ri.e cmro ittM.i.i:,,.v et ilM
Ideas of Democratic political p.oM,ect,
from thoSpriuglleld Jor,,j. or idc-is
of Democratic political pro.pc,u v,.(ra'w
from the knowledge that a lot ., ,'Wim
uerm ore riiniln tho parly. Our Idea,
nrc conseaueiitly a little gloomy.
- i
Tiik Sparta Haimlcaltr say wo have
forgotten HoyU, Uoso Tweed, l'cmlJctuii,
&e. Not so. T,oy continue to lw to
memory dear. Floyd, rase.il ; Tweed,
Wgger rascal ; Pendleton, tin iinforln-natc-very
uiifortuimte mail. ForKet
In this distracted tlUU:,
Tiik Stale Journal hat forgotten tho
row In 1U own party , contempWio, Z
ttialove.pu now pr0Kr,8l , ,
Why, we .ball soon lull upon F.dwurd's
neck and he uixm ours, when we will
again be the Jonathan and David of l.
noli, lovely and pleasant h, our v- itnd
in death Imi not dlvhled.
i.oMint 1:0 v ir A.Mt nn: im:mi-
It.lTir l'.HI v.
"Lower l.'oypl" thai poilion of
Southern HlluoN lymy south ol Hie Ohio
and Jlllslppl railroad can bont ol 11
mol sahtbrlou climate, of a o!l a ler
llloiK :iuy In the woilil. of Iruits 11ml
j,'ralnol :dl MiuN ami mineral of every
dc-cilpllon. Wit hill this territory there
should Uvea aruilii nml prosperous
population. .Ml il vallejw nml pralrle
sliouiii, loin: aao, nave been made tie
iiu.ilnlnl with the plow : lomr n-'o Its
hills should have been covered with vine
yards: tony tiL'o Its mines should have
been tloudoped ; lon 11 yd It sliould have
iH'come Hie seat of"ieat niaiitilacliiriiiir
Interesl". lint the fact Is. that notnlth-
sliiniliii; Its srval natttrnl advantage,
"Lower lljrypt'' e.iiinot boast of 'he
prosperity of Middle and Northern IIIU
nois. Here and there, an eiiteritlln
man like Capt. V. 1. Ilitllid.iv. has
built till n L'reat Intciol liko
that ut Si. Johns, or .1 company
Ims lnveled In 11 irreat enti'i-.
priso like tliat at Ml. Carbon ; but these
are isolated examples. l or the tuot
part capital has refused to do any effect
ive woik in the development ol tlio Inter
ests ol this part ol the Slate. Our towns
h.ne languished; our farmers have not
been encouraged by the results of their
labors; our mines have remained tindls-
tin lied ; our inauufaelurniL' otumriunt-
lies liavo been iieL'leelcd: we have been
cursed with taxes ami blessed bv no po
litical advantages.
Tlieeuriinis, who have Investigated to
it-certain the eati-cs of this eoiidltlon of
nllalrs, have round It where the casual
observer would never have seen it have
found it In tho fact, thai Lower Kirvnt
and indeed all of Southern Illinois-has
been over .-hadoweil In the pol
itic of the commonwealth by
the uoitherii and middle pa its of tlio
State. There is always hostility between
the Noith and the South, and tho section
alism that created ihecoullict In the l.'uloti
between the Northern nml Southern
States, will be found to exist, tit least in u
decree, In every State that stretches from
the North to the South. Ktnpire, taking
Us way westward, found its path across
Illinois above the northern line of Kgypr,
and dropped population then that speedily
overshadowed the population of this part
o( the State. The power of this popula
tion was soon felt in the leNlatlon ol
the State to the disadvantage ol the
Southern counties; mid its dominant;
power was al.so soon developed in our
political orpauintlons. Northern and Mid
dle Illinois have, during many years, not
otuy nictated lejilslation in Illinois but
have controlled parties ; and Southern
Illinois has submitted with a patience
that has given all observers n high opin
ion of her meekness.
It may be said that this has not re
tarded the prosperity of Kuypt : but we
are sure it has. We. have not time to go
Into nn elaborate nrirument to move our
position, but we confidently aert that,
It the territory south of Sprlnglli Id In
Illinois were erected Into .1 State with its
capllal at Centralla, within two de
cades from the happening or that event
the State of Southern llllnol- would be
outstripping tho State of Illinois In pros
perity would bo boasting of cities, and
n manufacturing, mining and agrlcultuial
Interest second to none In the I'liion.
We have referred to thc.-o tacts
for the purpose of calling thoiittontlon of
our people tn another fact tlm IcirlHnmtn
outgrowth ol the doiuluaneeof thopowci
of Northern Illinois In this Stale, and
that Is, tho apparent ludilt'crenco ol the
people 01 Southern Illinois to these facts,
They seem to be satlslied with theli
position In tho commonwealth to be the
servants ol tlio managing politicians of
Chicago and Spriuglleld. They do what
they are told to do. They have lost the
power to assert themselves. This Is trim
ofbotlt l.'epublleaiis and Democrat. If
a governor Is to bo elected, the iminiiging
men of tho republican party smile when
an h-'yptian is siiL'-'osteil lor nilico ;
and the Democratic Miitlcmen. with tin
wires in their hands pulling them, bieak
Into a loud gtillaw when a dat ing Demo
crat from this pari of Illinois suggests
that, by way of variety lor the purpose
of adding. 11 little life and common sense
to Democratic politics 411 Kuvntlan
should now and then once, lot 11s
say, In a couple ofdeeades be nominated
lorthogubernatoii.il ofllce. The result
I-', we, tho Democrats of Southern Illi
nois, beg pardon of our managing men
for tliu temerity ol the innocent political
bravado, and remain as stolid as Kgyp
ti.'lll llltlliiiiii(:.
Now, III Oliroiiiuiou. It is abinit thonli.
change, this condition ol alfths it U
high time we should make the
power ot Lower F.gypt fell, at le.it in
the Democratic- party ol the State. Wo
have hero thestull out o which most ex
celletit p.irti-an leader, may be made, nml
who will not hesitate to go ahead If the
Democrats of the-c lower counties will
Hutrliit their pack. r iustancp.theic ar
the Hons. Win.. I. Allen, Win. 1!. Morii
son.s.S. Marshall, John II. Mulkey, tleo.
W. Wall, M. c. Crawford. t:.rl,u,
Voungblood, William W. It.,,,- v... 11
- i . . ...
Green, John M. (.'rcbs, Suuiicl p. Wheel
er, the two Caseys, A. It. Dull', .1.
M. Wnslibuiiie, l Hro.i., jt.,,(. val0)
and others, all good Democrats, and men
who should have a controlling voice in
the councils of tho patty 5 imt ,,, ,,...
They do not, and this U Into because th.-v
are not backed by their own people, and
'!' mt dwell In unity. Pity Mi, 'tis t, no;
wieo men should unite in purpo-e,
hey umbi ,!Xrt R,at lm
" ' l'Ott er or southern llllnu,up.
Wo legislation ol the State.
In a .lew week, t1(! iicnineratie pa.ty
olillino swill meet h, State niuveiitlo,
and nomliiau: !t ticket. wi,. ,i,...u
ern Hllnols-Lower Eirvnt-Mr..,,... ...
do about It? Shall we permit the North
lo km. uscrjHiuig-to dlctalc-as usual V
Wo hope not. In ouronlnlon. w i.1,,.,.1.1
make a great effort to put an Egyptian at
iuvniioi mo iicKet-MmrUon, Mar-
r .11e11. Kituer or iUVH. woilM
inakett i.troti"nMvncs tn.. ,..
..,.i. , ..,.. "i.-.uiic. nml
"o.h has nivngtli petHillatly hi' own,
Ol the threo our pivfereueo. under tin
eiieumst ince, Is for Allen. He habeen
called, not Inaptly, "The favorite ou of
'the Democratic party or Egypt:" and,
while we cannot conceal the fact, that his
political character Is not elotiietl In com
plete proof that a Javelin might be thrust
In hero or there where, we should like
to know, l the public man ot this time
who can boat that lie has no weak
place in hl armor!' Within the imt de
cade and a li.ilf 1110U wonderful events
have happened In this country, and he
who, having passed through them all as
an actor, can stand to-day and sav;
"Heboid me, the conltcnt man ; the
'man who wa wise In all matters and
'wrong In neither word nor act'; tin:
'man never rash but always decreet!"
ha" not yet met our seaiclihnr eye. Hut
if, sharing the fate of nil men
ol opinion, Judge Allen may beerltlcNcd
because he walked alonir this nath or
that Jin the pat, there can be no doubt
mat. in me picscm, no nas tue love ami
coiilldcucc of a great mass ol men in
Southern Illinois of licpublicniis it well
as ol Democrats and would poll here a
nondei fully large vote lor Ciovcrnoi
Hl nomination would no doubt create
an active hostility upon the part of
the liadteals. but it would also
create an enthusiasm on the part ot the
Democratic masses and the reasonable
licpublicniis, that would make Southern
llliiiolsccho with shouts In his favor. Do
the stump, be would be stronger than
any man tho Democrats could nominate,
tor who Is thete in the State that
has a more eloquent voice than Win. J.
Allen': And who can name a man more
espiblo of discharging the dulie- of the
olllce of Governor'?
We therefore hereby nominate Wiu.J
Allen, of Jackson county, lot Governor,
nnd request Lower Egypt to send up to
the Democratic State convention at
.Spriuglleld, a delegation thai will ak,
with unanimous voice, his selection as
the bearer of the standard ot the Demo
cratic party of Illinois In the canva ol
mis t all.
tiii: ni:vii.s i:i,now iT-orr.
It the ''overnnicnt would cmiilov Cant.
James it. Eads to help the .MI.-sNslppi
river, Cairo would soon be above high
On last Saturday ni -lit, at a point about
twenty miles above Mciuphi-, the MN.-U-slppl
liver made u cut-oil". Just above
Island No. !I7 the liver out Its head Into
the hank and forced Itself through, carry
ing with Its current fences, trees and
Iioiim'.. 11 distance of nliout half a mile.
coming out hi llraudy wine bend just be
low island .Nu, ;i'J. rom the point at
which the eut-olV commenced to lis out
let, the distance, by the old bed of the
river, is about twenty miles. Thus the
liver has been shortened about nineteen
miles and a half.
The ellect of tho cut-oil was to lower
the water-level several leet above it, ami
to rali the water level below. At Pecan
Point and Shawnee village the water
level was dropped seveial feet, and as far
down as Memphis was raised several feet.
"The opinion of pilots and river men
'concerning the elfects ot the cut," says
the Memphis Avalanche, "are varied, but
'all agree that Islaudll'.t, at tlio lower end,
'will soon bo swept away, while Fogle
'uian's outlets will be of no use to navl
'gatiou as soon as the new cut becomes a
'sale route for passing steamers. Ilsef
'feet further down and .ilonc 1 In- rk-,.,-
iroiu 01 our city Is at tlio present
purely conjectural. Engineers all
'agree that time alone can determine this.
uiione point, however, there is no differ
'once, and that Is the tilnntatlm
'the river shores below the cut oil', even
'as lar us twenty miles below heie, will
'lie more or less nilcctcd by the Increased
Ti-cot tlio liver at each successive hl:h
water." ( )n the point on w hlch then- Is
110 dill'ereiicc all tin- river men are wronir.
ax nine win prove, cut-oils do not per
manently raise the Hood-lino below them,
nml tiieieloto there will bo no Increased
1 No of the river below the cut-oil' alter
each high water ol the future.
Ibis cut-oil is a part of Cant. Jainc
It. Ead's livcr-iiiinroveuieiit nl.m. n
claims that .1 correction Ot' tilt lllfrli.
water eh:iuneUy reilia-liiif it tn 111 !ih
proximate unitonnltv nV width
give uniformity to Its slope and current,
almost entirely prevent the caving of Its
banks, mid through its present shoals,
which now constitute tho rcsllnir nlaees
for its snag, give a navigable depth in
low water equal to that which now exists
In its bends. "Ity such correction." in.
add', "coupled with a few ludleloiisly
located cut-oils Iho llood-slopu can be
safely and permanently lowered above
'each cut-oil, and in mis nv 1111; kn.
'llltt: AI.I.I N I II. IIAsIN i iniM Vk.KsIipkii
'hi Conn c.n hi: i.iitkh, as 11 wiiiik.
'.iiovk .0.1, vi:itn.n, ami i.i:vhi:s in
1 11 vi ram or 1111: utum jii:nii;ui:i
'I SKI.l.ss, 'I'liimii , .: itr. so ijl'l I lo.V
''l' Mils I .let.
The kindness of Hie liver iUoir hua
given lo us one ood cut-oil. Now let
tlm government employ Captain Eads to
give us a low more und to correct tlm
hlgh-watcr channel In accordant win,
J ils theory, so that we mac nri., n ,.r
the waters, ami being seated on a hill
look down upon iho MIssl-lppI ami call
l apt. Eads "tho blessed."
Mir ins oitfj.t.v
The Carboudalc Demoeinl desl.-es to
say that It is not Jmliro Allen's homo
organ. We lliereforo hasten to make the
correction ''Once lor nil." K1IV4 tlm
Peiiiocrat, "wu desire tns.-n- il.,f 11,..
')emoiif'iiJ not the oiL'an i,t ,mv i,n,.
clique or laeiion. e intend 0 advocate
'true Democratic principles, nml good
'men tho exponents nf those principles.
'Hut to suppose for 0110 moment that w'e
'are lhlluoiiccd;in Judgment or action
'hy the vlutvs or any gentleman, how
'ever highly we may esteem him. would
'do us the grcalet Injustice. Our paper
'we trust will hojudged by Its merits.
'We propose to iiuiko it a decent Demo.
cratlc tliect, Intending to take the re-spoii-lbinty
on ourownshouldeisloraiiy
'error or shortcomings; that may occur
'In It" iii'iniigi'meni''
- i .. ... . '
tmi: .HTiti:Mi'rii or Ji nui: oain.
In the special telegram to the Chicago
Timet, from Washington, published In
nnother column of thl ltio of the lift.
t.mi.v, will be loiind a discussion of the
several gentlemen uho have been named
In connection wllhtlieottlee of President.
It will be seen by tlioc who read this
dispatch, that .India- David Davis has al
ready become 11 formidable candidate for
the Democratic notiilmtlon. Wo have
reason to believe he will gain In strength
front this time until tho meeting of tho
St. Louis convention. Wo are not sure
tliat he will be nominated by the
Democratic party, but wo are sure
tliat ho ought to be. The Demo
cratic party l slow in the
acquirement of partKin wisdom, ami Its
sagacious counselors may not be able to
teach it up to the fact that Judge Davis Is
touscaSchcnckimi Its strongest card.
Hut wo hope tliat they may be, ami that
David Davlj-th.it most excellent alliter
ative name may be , placed ut tlio head ol
tlio National Democratic Ticket.
Tho very circuit Washington cor
respondent ot the New Voik Herald, Mr.
NordholV, says, In adipaleh to his paper
dated March Jiith: "Within the past
week Hie Southern Democrats have ills
'cussed very lively a proposition totirt;e
'the nomination at St. Lotus of Judge
'David Davis, and the strength of the
'movement In favor of Judge Davis li.i
'greatly surprised Southern men
theuisclvi.." In Pennsylvania, and
sonic of the New England States, the
uavis movement Is obtaining great
strength, and hi Ohloevcti there Is known
to be a decided outcropping of sentiment
in Ills favor. Indiana Is, of course, pro.
iiouiiced hi lavor ol Gov. Hendricks, but
second in the estimation of tho Demo
crats of that State stands Judge l)avi. In
Northern and Middle Illinois the Davis
sentiment Is pronounced, while In South
ern Illinois, and particularly hi Lower
Egypt, the sentiment ol the nartv has
been Mowing In the direction or Hen-
drtcks. Lately, howevur. JiiiIl'u DhvIs
has been gaining much .strength even in
Lower Egypt. Men like Hon. S. S.
.Marshall and Col. Win. It. Mortlsou. are
his warmest advocates, and ate laborlui;
with great liuln-try In his behalf.
a ( oxi i:iik( k sr;;.M;i.
There has been 110 concert ol action In
tho Democratic party or Southern Illinois
for many years. In tact, the p.utyhas
managed Itself; and whatever successes
It has achieved have been tho tcultof a
combination of accident and I'epubllcaii
stupidity. This condition of the all'alrs
of the Democratic party ol this part of
the State should be changed. There
sliould be an ellbrt made to secure hnr.
mony within Its ranks, to consolidate the
coalition of Democrats and Liberal He.
publicans, anil to organize In a thorough
manner all .the elements of opposition
to I'adlcalUm in Egypt. How can this
bo done? Not by standing still
notbyaklng the State Central Com
mittec to do the work tor us but by a
prompt movement among all the Dem
ocrats and Liberals in this part of the
State who reel an interest in tlio antl
Kadlcal movement, which now bids fair
to result In the election ot the candidate
of the St. Louis convention to the preI
dency. With the Intention of Inaugurat
ing such a movement, wo sttgget tliat
it... T. ... m ...
iiie I'ciuoeriiiic committee ot this con
gressional district take the matter In hand
and act promptly.
1: have received the llr.-t number ol
tho Tamaroa Knterprise. It is little but
good Lord ! It Is Kcpubllean in politics,
also, so giau. v e hope Mr. Howard F
Montrcsser may make his newspaper ad
Venture a financial sticecis.
r.iiilicrnlioii iii tl 11... 1
From tlio present indications, the year
tH7U U n limit ti ii'tttiiiwj ....... 1..
......... U.MCIISIVO
nioiicincnt westward from tho Middle
.St.'lfpi. Tlio I'lnw nt'l.lnli.rnll.... 1. .
' , - if.. . ''"ti"'""" PIUIIIISCS
to bo very ilillercnt in character to that of
ji.ni. jiais, iuni no suau watch within
terest the result.
In previous rears uutnbe
ed westward with the chimerical Idea
nun 1110 possession 01 mi or m) acres of
laud, would bring them fortunes, even
though they lacked both the mean, and
the knowledge to cultivate a farm with
These men have tailed in the West, just
as tbev were lionml i (.ill
whereas others who had small capital.
some experience ami 1110 will to tolLhavo
in nearly every Instance been riicccsI'iiI,
mill ifiiiu nt tlinm In n lifi.l. ,1
It is of this latter clas that the bulk of
wis years emigrants consist or men
who know the. (lllllniltl,. .1...
.... ------- ....v.., iiiiviiuil, ,1,11
t.tllli, ill, 1 nf .. mm. I.. , . .
....... v.. i.h ,u iiouie, ami men wno
n'j m uicei ,11111 luineicoiue those dllllctil
ties. 1 he matter ol selection Is so Important
hnwovm. In tlioso il.-iv ,. ....n ..1 1 1
' ' nilliu.iti liiiui
"rants, anil si'd 1 icl I v.. Milv,.riui. i.n.
tlie inlendliig emigrants will do well to
uiaKo ins selection 111 person.
We am pleased to see that tlio Hurling-
recngnl.intr tho liniiortaiieo of this, mid
i-i'inix uuuiiueiii. 01 wc exeeiicnee of
Ihi'lr lowu nml Nebraska !aml, arc Invlt
iliLr insncetlon nnil nili,.iir u,,..r.i.ii ..1,1 ...
this end, by the adoption of low rates
mi luiiiii l 1 1 1 1 iipKi-ix. irnni iiiit.if...
ImllanaiHilU. cii,,.i,,,,.,n .,11 1.'.?..'
V ' VMi.M.n,. .,. IUI1C
t 0118 llollltu ni, II, . !.(
Ilurllugtou ,V julu,.y railroad to Lincoln.
Nebraska, and other points. Moreover
thee oiler to n l'mwl n... f .r.. tn ..... .1 .
ol and on sl years credit, and one half
"It 1 "o'c w lio buy on ten vears time.
I his Is a move that bears the ilug ol
rue metal, and wo take pleasure In call
MIL' attention in 11,,. i.,,.t 'i'i. i.,,,,i..
his company arc well mid favorably
known, mid for agriculture or stock nils-
ng they will compare wltli any lauds In
the market.
Full liilormailoii can be obtained bv
addressing the land commissioner, 11. ,t
M. II. it., Iliirluigton, Iowa.
'01l FARMS I
No Bolts or Bellows.
wiwwkld :i-inoh iron.
.hint hat l ; HaniMl. Send a-rent Mium, fr
iicnlur to i:Mpt: I'OltTAlll.K I'OllliA vl,
jimiv, i. a-'.-in
n.dar rarant4 utlna our Wk.
UmWWttn. JIU Au;-r f 01, iXula, , i
rjllll! HDIJ.KTIN l.iiMlilir.liiiryiimrnliiK
(vxrept .Momlii) Iti the Itnllrtlii IIiiIIJIiik, cor
ner Wnslm.Kloii aifiiue sail TwelAli trwt.
Tin IIcllhin la ut rsitl to city (iiliscribvrs by
fultliAil carriers at Twenty-Kite Cent a Week,
paynMcwirkly. fly .Mult, (la advance), tlopi r
niiiHimi lx Niantlii, tl tlirte inoiitlin, one
uionlti, il ::,
l'ulill.!,nt eiery TlmriKUy inoriilnK t It 24
: annum, imarUbty In advance. 'I he i)Uge
on the Wkly will bo pivpaM at thla offlr, o
that tubtcrltiera will gltaln for a aubacrl,tion
rice of l a jiur.
... I A I I. Y .
IlUDlnraa tanla, r annum
One mUre, one neertion,.
line square, two iiiaerllou
One i'uare, one iv ,
One a'lUare, two wetka ...
One aquare, tlini- WM'ka
One aquie, one inoiitli
..t.W Ul
.. 1 HO
.. 1 M
.. 3-W
.. 3 SO
.. I UU
.. Il
W K E K L Y .
One aquare, one Insertion ..) 00
haeli auliaeiiieut Insertion 60
Q-One inch la a siuure.
lTJrTo regular wtvertlsera we offer auiierlor In
diicements. botli as to rate ot charcea anj man
ner of illaplayJnjr their fmora.
Oommuntctton upon aubjeota of arnn
ral InUruat to tho publlo aollclted.
"O-All ItiialneseLettera should be addresnt to
'lr lliillellu 4'iii,iiiur.
iryon have any ragicil, dirty, torn mil-
iiiaicu. auuott worthies, "scrip" notes, or
0111, which 110 one cares to take, don't hum
It. e want it. and lor It we will cue you
good, clean nooks, -'notion.." or even ea.li.
send It alone and select what vou w-int
Knowledge In a Nutshell, a.yjim.' w0: "The
t wuf .r.', rN- Xv" i1?'" "
t Oil. I.lfft llT !a Vuaiilnnlt .... .
l'ockctAlhiim.'JI cards, -r,c; W do.', r'lie-
. t..uii ..mil. 1 lajuifj nrus oniy ,oc: I'no
toirraiihs, lOcriclorMc. 25 for a?l; huiierh
lull L'ilt I'lidtn A 1,1101. ai -1 i..'
and up. Klegant Auto Alliums, :ioe, Wc,
..V, fl, 81.60. Host .Steel Pens only -fie n
Krois, l-aber-'ri Pencils, Me do; London
".J ink uius, ouc; joiin ft'rincs fj9c: 2.1
do. SupeihOxlt French C'bromo Crosves,
perfect, tieautlen, 1, Crots and Hoses, a
lJros mill l.envf-k. .t. r-i-ft-u.i 11.. '
and llowcr worth Mc our price l.'io .
or u&c. 0 loaWc, 1, forfl.rsj itylcs. Agents
i mar Tiimuiiv icuing inesc. A10 10IKJ 1.1
egant Col'.l Kngravlngs, slu i:jxl. Heautl
flit (.lrls,-any nainu you wbli-Coinle, He
IlL-ntU nml nlnnr k,ilili..L AM.. .....
r.- . . . ....... ni.trii.vir.. Ullt. ,11 ! K ,
lofnea .no Wi.twi r. ..... .1-.-. " .."!
, ,u ivioKUO. Ileal
nnlv eltli ,1 i-r.Uiit.1.. I
- -- .lulu,-, .uiiii on your
dirty money (notcounterlflti and n-ml for
anything yoii.waut to HI'MTIt A CO.,
!u' '!! '- pay I,W tor Jowelr
uimcrv. Miii i'iiini i , ...r,i
buy the i very sainu article-. Iti- a met that
tlio S. K. Dollar riale of Huston, ,, ,oe,
mis mi cum neon senium an immcn-c
variety oliroodsworih fi to .). utonlv one
dollar. sl i u-UI fui.ir.. nv n ....
ii V ..-...(, ciuii uii iiii
onl) hDllevo what wo say and buy where
I. i , -i"-"!-. '"si eieL-amnew
and 3 books all lor l. Dry and Fancy
liOOllri. Itpni.i.rls. U.il.... ... . ,
il. .7 .. i i ' . - ,v ' ' ftc,l 1,1 H;,U
iiou.1- imcca. luereis no "ticket" trick-
u,.,i,u rm.;r, uo nciays- ah ordeisl ed
nromnt v. rinii.l...ni i n i - "
, : . . ....... jt ... iuii can
sec them before paying Wc need afjeiitt,
o.... ..ui. ,uu io Ki,u us u trial. Lmllis
and others cyn raise clubs for us and make
we pay. VV o dealt with ii;o) people in
Uce.. 1H..I fllvi. iih ,pl..i i in. .i
. i I ., ...w..w ...i.iuiiuiiKU IIJUIl
lauds of others wo know we shall aecil-e
your continued patronage. We sell one
art el for HI. . ?.i....i .
for clubs 1 ity im and hkk. Wo cannot here
Klvc ourll.t, It would till tbeentlro papVr.
Ourhotuo U endotsed bv tlio best mer
ebailtri anil natu.r nril.,.1.,.. i .... -V .
1 1.0 U ill ST ON A: To, I) Oil Ut
SALK, aa llromiield St , lloston. M.a.''AK
-'i ir,..'j-UA;w K w(a,V.)
PRAIRIE I. a isms
The lat eliaucc for koo.I niri I.-nlturnl i.m.u ..
IKS J KAKS- f.nirilT, at Six .Kii cist. Iiileieat
I, , i i'iroJi'lV.'"1"' ,u " 'm.lry lha has
I ,h.,..!.1,.l? '''""! Con''1' . AM.lt.lt..
.....i v. -l ', """ leceiieiieii copy ol IiiHii
iinil.Nehuuku I-in mk-i- win, ..i,..n I.r.,.i. .."'i
low louniltilp niles. mSiI,
Dealer in Fresh Meats
'KKI-S for aal the taut Jleef, fork, Mullou
. Veal, lanub. HatiMtge, di.. ami la lire
t t erve rmnlllea In an e.'ntahl manner
In Stock for Spring Trade:
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Pure Linseed Oil,
Guaranteed Boiled Oil,
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris,
Glues of all Grades,
Feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
Importer and Dealer In FOREION and DOMESTIC
Wines and Liquors,
Koopa a full stock of
Rontuoky Bourbon,
Fronch 3Qi'txxcLlos,
IIoll.xacl Gi-ixi,
nialixo Wlno,
wi: Am: sii: iai, acknts imt
AND II.VVK ll'l.r. fj'MICIC I IK
axii an' i:nih.i:s v mi:r ik
Ijulle' Kilietiiilil Wutrti.'H
1 .111(1 IJIieri C llltlllri.
Iiiilil Ni ri ClmliiK,
Mler Vent Timlin,
Talile CiuliirH,
Cake llutLeta,
Nut 1'lrka,
'aril Sliimln,
Napkin Itliijrn,
n alleiH,
lllltler DUhen,
liolil ItlliK",
Unlit WhIiIi KejM,
I .'ill ill lli'.nN.
I'nntl XeekhiceH,
I'mnl HeUunil Itlnirt,
Itrone OnimciM,
1 1 T Spooim,
'fi'il SeC,
Offlco and Parlor Clocks of ovory Description. Watch Materi
als ana i oois
Cl-Kdiy iiiieWiltiiiKnilOAtiO hIioiiIiI c.ui nt ,ir ilnlill.linii lil Mini evaiiiiiiiMiur (i,i.,.,-m
I he I lun,t..ul nl.... i ......
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nml Holnil
and Retail
i;iiflVe t'nn,
Symji Dlnlies,
J mull llolilcm,
'iiia anil (iohK-t-i,
tinhl Thlnilili",
Silver 'I hliuhleri,
ini f.nrketH,
Sent ItlnKa,
I. allies' vu,
IViill SeH,
Ice I'ili hi M,
Ujktii ( 1 1 1 - a o.i , ,Vi-
ror Jewelers.
inn ,n ,iit, .I,,.,,...

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