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Every .
J0X1T H. OUttT, Bdltor.
rue """rfrwr vfom.
Ttu National Democratic Committer, to
wtiom it delfRaled toe power of llxlnjr the
time nd plere of holdlngthe National Dch
ocrtlc convention ol 1HT0, have appointed
TiifuJay. ttiF t.vanty-seTentu day of June
next, noon, a the time, anil (elected M.
Louis the plaoc of holdlmj noli eomec
tlon. KactiStsle will be entitled tn a repreen
tatlou equal to double the imbiber ol It
isnstors and representatives In tlie con
gnu of the t'nlted Stale; and tlic terri
tory of Colorado, wlioie ndmli'lon In July
a State will give It a vte In the next
electoral college, la also Invited to tend del
egatcs to the convention.
Democratic, Conservative and other citi
zen! of the United States Irrespective of
past political associations, desiring to co
operate with the Democratic part? In It
present eflort" and objects, aro cordially ln
vited to join In scndliir delegate to the
national convention. Cooperation Is de
Mrcd from all persons wlio would change
an administration tint ha suffered the
public trcdlt to become and remain Inferior
to other and lcifaored nations ; h.n per
mitted commerce to bo taken atvny by for
elge power; ha milled trade by nnjii't,
unequal and pernicious le;li'atlon; lia
Imposed unusual taxation and remlercd it
mopt btirdensouiR ; Ins changed growing
proiperlty Into wide-prtad mflerini; and
want; ha iuandVred the mhlla inuiuy
recklessly and ilriiintly, and iliatnelc-ly
mad the power that -houM hare been s vllt
to punMi crime, to protect it.
Kor these and other tvasons llm n itional
Democratic patty deem the public dinner
Imminent, and carm-.tly dviruus ol recur
In? to our roimtry the tiloiliic; of an
economical, pure and free xoM'i ninriit,
cordially in ito the co-operation of theii
fllow-cltUciiln the elloit to attain thl
object. ThomasA. Walker, AUbatiM.
8.11. Oockrill, Arkaii ..
Frank MuCappIn, California.
William H. Bainum, Connecticut
Charles llcittten, Delaware.
Charleit K. D)ke, rlorlda.
A. It. Lawton, (leoriihi.
Cyrus II McCurmlck. Illlnuk
Thoinaa Dowlinff, Indiaon.
Jt. ,M. Ifain, Iowa.
Isaac K. Katoit. Kaneao.
Henry D. Mcllcnrv, Kiutinky.
Henry D. Osdcn. IJUltiiiH.
L. I). M. Sweat, Maine.
A. Leo Knott, Maryland,
William A. Moore. Mk-blKnii.
William I.oelircn, Minnesota.
J. H. Sharps, Mississippi,
Jno. (1. l'rlot, Missouri.
Geo. Ii. Miller. Nebraska.
Thos. II. Williams, Nevada.
M. V. II. Edgcrlv, New liamnshlic.
Thco. K. Randolph, Now Jerscv.
X. W. Hansom, North Carolina".
MotmO. Thompson, Ohio.
.1 amcs K. Kollcy, Oregon.
James 1. Harr, Pennsylvania.
Micholaa Vanblyck, Ithode Maud.
Toot. Y. Simons, South Carolina.
William Jl. Data, Tennessee.
F. 8. 8tockdale. Texss.
B. II.Bmallcy, Vermont.
JohnOoode.jr., Virginia.
.tohnUlalr Uoge. West Virginia.
George H. Paul, vViacnnsln.
Thomas M. Patterson, Colorado.
Kit ic MUCK O. I'ntNCE, Massachusetts,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
Washington-, February 22, 1870.
Ukihtow Is growing in favor as the re
publican presidential candidate.
Hkksciui. V. Johnson Is spoken of as
a Democratic candidate lor governor of
The President has so lar recovered hN
health as to be able to attend to ofliciai
HK.v Wadk Is one of the Ohio delegates
to the Cincinnati convention, and Is said
to have u warm side for Morton.
'I'm: Paducah AViiu says wc asked It for
bread and it gave us a stone. Just like
the AirtM. So mean on occasions.
'fin: proprietor of the Dally Morning
HtralJ at St. Joseph, Missouri, has been
sued for libel, for twenty-live thousand
ItoBKnr Lincoln, son of Abraham,
who lives In Chicago, is mentioned as a
probable Republican candidate for Secre
tary of State.
"U: virtuous arid you will be happy."
was the commonplace remark- of a Cali
fornia sage ; "but," he added, "you won't
'have a good lime."
Tm: supply of fauctional. currency in
the treasury has given out, and;the depart
ment has ceased making deliveries to the
Washington bank.
tsoMKofthupiiboncr in the Western
Pennsylvania penitentiary have Ikcii en
deavoring to Inflate the currency bv the
Manufacture ol lead nlckeU.
A Wamhsuion dispatch tuys The
customs revenue is showing Iwdly and
will fall tlx millions below the depart
ment CBtlinnu.x tor the current vear.
Tin: Mississippi Uep.,bllc;m eoiiwn.
Hon met on March :wn,, appointed dele
gates to the Republican National Con
ventions. The majority are aml-Mon,,,,,
tt 1. . . ..
acin:x'K nau inrco munn
up daughters to dres, and his paitUi
menus kay this was why he vlcldcd to
temptation when the Kiiima Mine specu
lation preeiitcd Hsell.
Mrs. Maksh, whobc beaiily and ills
tlnguUued apiKjarancc, have been the
theme of many pens, u said lo have a
pair of "snake-llkccold, calculating i-vcs,
whose like were never seen at the eapl
rol." This trial, at Murpliysboro, of Rice,
for the murder ot Tabor, committed u
lew yean ago, was concluded on Friday
evening, and tiie jury retired. The case
excited much Interest, the court room
Itelng densely crowded during It; continuance.
tr mm
"Iiariiioiij," .sn.s lliu Miiipliysboro'
Independent. "Isj nit we want to octtro ii
'Democratlo victory In this district next
'N'ovcinlier. What tlo you say. Mr.
'Oborly; are you ic.nly to bury the
'hiitchot niul fall Into the ranks?''
Wc fear the lndeprndentM been under
.tome iiialljjn Itifliii'iicc. or cUi it would
not intimate that our hatchet had ever
been u'd to dUtiirb (lie liariuoiiy ol the
Democratic party of this district, or that
wo had ever boon out of Us ranks when a
battle was In pro;(rr.s. Thi'lltlh' hatehets
ol many iiu'ii. Illilo and liljr. have been
U!od industriously at thr work
of haeklnir it4 Into small pieces,
but ours has never Urn
wielded. it lias been permitted to
rest in peace. l'on it there are no stains
of blood not one. in the hands ol a vin
dictive man. in our position, it would
doubtless be active In revengeful work :
but In our forgiving srap It absolutely
refuse to do what even-handed Justice
prompts It to do. It Is. of no ue to us
none whatever. Let It therefore be bur
ied. Kali into the ranks? Why. good hoys
ol thecIcver'fqfnrfMf. ' have not been
out of them. Wc never hid at the head
of our columns any ticket but the Demo
cratic ticket. Wo never ran about the
pasture with the Granger colli, although
wc ;ic(l upon tlicm irotn a instance
with Moudcr-distcndcd vfes. con
lident they netc xolns I" "'c
rljlit diiectiun In the wron' manner.
No. no. V were with Douglas Mr-t :
with Me Icllaii next: with Sevmoiir
next; with Orcelcy ne.xl. We wore
supporter ol Allen when he ran against
1'ich-; of Allen when hu u candi
date for the 'oiistltiitioual convention.
Wu were lor 'rcb when he defeated
Miiiiii. lor Wall when lie anil Clements
were In Hie field, and for Ilarlrll when
ho dclcaled the 'watcli-doj; of the Li rand
Chain. llctweeii e.-iuvasei' wo have
suggested policio. and not inlic'iiicntlv
good Deiiiocrats have denounced n In
eon-ciiuenee ol the common hvwu ol our
siiggestion-i. but we have always had the
plcAstim of heeiiig all "the hoyV come
up to tmr po;illoii at fast, saving:
"Well, all right; liuteonfoundlt.Ohcrly.
'oii ate too last." Slow men too low
men always resent the promptness thai
moves orward at the pioper lime into
tliu proper position.
iiUltdl this is neither hero nor then:.
The time has, come for united action in the
Democratic patty, and we aru a imxioiii
for such action a (lie good boys ol the
Intlfiwttiii are. They have l.dlen into
the raukx. apparently in a limit cannot
mood, and we give to tlicm a right hear
ty welcome.
TIUM. During the past eight years ever since
the disastrous results of tliw presidential
canvass of l&CS cnUhcd the hopes of ant'
Republicans. North and South the Dem
ocratic party of Illinois has been In a dis
organized condition. Following upon
the heels of the Seymour-Ulalr blunder,
came to llio purls- Uio conviction that it
must make u departure from the policies
of bclbrc-tlic-war times, and that, being
the party ot the minority, in order
to obtain success, It must ccasu to
act with the arrogance ol a majority
party must open Its doors and invite to
enter alt displeased with (lie Republican
party. It attempted to do this, and soon
ascertained that the Democrats who had
conm down from a former gen
eration, wero unwilling to pull
in the truces with what they
called Reformed Radicals. The eon-
scqiicnce was. other defeats and an abso
lute falling to pieces of the party organi
zation. That this result lias been alto
gether lamentable we do not believe. In
deed, out of this Nazareth of Democratic
confusion has come, the good of a more
liberal disposition on the part of those
Democrats who take pride in calling
themselves the uncompromising mem
bers of the part'. These, hare softened
somewhat have concluded to not look
back with yearning regret to the
past have eschewed the belief that hos
tility to the negro and an inordinate de
votion to the doctrine of extreme Statc-
rlghtslsm constitutes the gospel of True
Democracy have fallen Into line with
the enlightened sentiment of to-day.
There Is therefore no reason why the
party should continue to be disorganized;
and we suggest that those whose duty It is
shall at once proceed to the work of reor
ganizing it of putting tl Into the Held tills
Full lu formidable array. At least, let this
be done in Lower Kgypt. aiidwlllioiit un
necessary delay. In every county we
hope to see this suggested work
done. In each comity we
lopn lo see llm Democratic putt
ic-nrguuird and a ticket nominated.
Let us go up or down in a gallant light
with thu Radicals, anil that wn ma hate
ndvanUige of all our rcsourci let us or-
anl.e oiganle the Democratic parly
thorouglilv ami without delay.
IIHii.ni:nr amii wahi;
Our neighbor of llm .S'.m Upiesslug Wt
ll.'Gilhcrt, Ksip, as Democratic candidate
lor kcuator in this district, and a eorrcs.
poudent of that paT remarks : "Par
'tics don't have any n.se lor hu Ii men as
I bellovo Mr. Gilbert lo be. Patties
'want plUble men, (liable men mid buy
'able men." Thcic is no person who
hold Mr. Gilbert In higher estiiiMllon
than we do; and Ifhu will consent to be
eoiiKj a uaudidalu for senaloi hu can with
out iimiculij, wo believe, obtain the
support ot ti, delegation Irom Alex
ander counts . lie. I. an honest man,
nil iilibi lawyer. an indiiv
trious worker, and a .sensible
Democrat. As kuAior, hu would not,
SToaio eonitdeiil, disapppoiut the expec
tation of tho.e who have the highoM
ojilnlon ol his talents, tint the .Vioi, in
it.s complliueniaiy notice of Mr. Gilbert,
went out ol Its way to strlko a blow at
Hon. Jesc Ware; and the, correspondent
of the .Vim went to the extent of even In-
tltuattug that some other pcrnou than
Mr. Gilbert would be iioiiiinaicd, because
Mr. Gilbert is neither "pliable, friable nor
buyable." Now, while wc are sure wc
regard Mr. Gilbert as highly as any ol
his other friends do. we are
not willing, and wc know he
does not wish, to have any
Invidious comparisons drawn between Ids
character and that of Jesse Wnrc. He
knows, as we know, ttiat'a man more hon
estly grounded In his opinions or more
honest than .Mr. Ware, does not live, lie
is neither pliable nor buyable, nlid as a
senator is above suspicion even. So one
would take more trouble than wc would
to secure Mr. Gilbert's election. If he
should become a candidate lor senator, or
Indeed any other ofllce. We are his to
command. He may draw upon us at
sight. Hut we don't want him to go up
higher at the expense ot tht good name
ol so f;oml a man as Jese Ware.
A Nr.W StTUKV AHOl'T 11 4. K COCK.
t. . . ...
oaocuck nas ween louiiu guniv or a
piece ol despicable meanness, says a
special Washington dispatch to the Chi
cago Joxrnnt. This particular sieeimcn
ot meanness came out before Mr. ciy
tntr's committee on Friday. A Mr.
Hell, tormerly a detective but recently
appointed a pension agent at the rcn,ue't
of the president, had been employed by
Grant to go to St. Louis and examine
secretly Into Habcoek's alleged connec
tion with the whisky ring,
and to leport the result at the
White llotiH'. L'icneral IJabcock and
l.uckey got hold of the witness, and In
duced him. bj the promise ot n larger
appointment, to go to St. Louis and steal
from the district attorneys ollicc any
evidence against llabcock. which he was
to Inud over to llabcock. lie went West.
and abstracted (roni District Attornev
Dyer's olllee the papers against llabcock.
which he took to the l.indell Hotel,
where llabcock and his counsel examined
them. The mcrs were not destroyed,
however, but returned. "The witness
got ilUgiisted with the whole thing,''
continues the narrator of this interesting
stoiy.aml letiiincd to Washington, and
told the president that llabcock wa
guilty. When Secretary Chandler ay
pointed him pension agent, he did not
know that he was in Ilabcock'n interest,
uml ho had deceived the president aho
The latter was anxious to know whether
llabcock was really guilty, mid was not
anxious to screen him from any punish
ment. UUII.TV!
The jury in the I'ahliuaii and Ruli
ca.se returned a verdict of guilty, on Fri
day last, of the first tour counts of the in
dictment. These counts are: First, that
the defendants, being distillers, destlUcd
one hundred thousand gallons ol spirits,
subject to a tax, with the Intent to de
fraud the L ulled States out of the tax
thereon ; the .second and third that
defendants carried on the distilling busi
ness and removed spirits subject to tax.
and on which the tax bad not been paid,
to other warehouses than those provided
by law; the fourth, that they engaged
in an unlawful conspiracy to put on the
market fifty thousand proof gallons of
distilled spirits, subject to a tax, without
paying the tax ; and thereby defrauding
the United States of the tax thereon.
The Hues and Imprisonment on these
four counts if aggregated would bo in
the minimum 'Ji.uou line, one years'
imprisonment, and a fine equal to twice
the amount ot the unpaid tax. Under
the second and third counts the minimum
would be $2:1.000, and Imprisonment for
ten years.
Mr. Storrs entered a motion for a new
trial, mid ball was tl.vwd nt $1.",000 each.
The two counts on which Palilinaii and
Rush wero not found guilty are those
which charge them with conspiracy -with
Ford, Oliver Jt Co.
tiii: ihii:.min sir jiiiui: ai.i.f.n.
The Arsux-Jountal. of April 1st. says :
The efforts to get Hon. Wm. J. Allen
out ot the way as a probable candidate
for congress in this district are decldcdlv
transparent. He is suggested for gover
nor and United States senator, all lor the
purpose of setting him out of the wav of
those aspiring to succeed -Mr. Hartzcll.
Ho would creditably 1111 any ollicc tor
which he has been suggested, but the tac
tics to elevate him above that a large ma
jority of his party In this district have de
sired to place him lu for years past, will
naruiy succeed ; tnojuugmeut ol tne peo
ple wilt be apt to govern in the matter.
The Aryui'Journal is assured that we,
at least, are not making an effort lo get
Hon. Urn. J. Alien out of the way as a
probable candidate for congress In this
district. Hu has declined to bo a candi.
date lor congress, and is of the opinion
that .Mr. Ilartell should be re-nomina
ted. This wo Lawn ; and we assure the
Journal that ho will not refuse to accept
the Democratic nomination for governor.
Wc believe wo may say, as if by author
ity, that ho would esteem such a
nomination us a high compliment ; and
wu may further add. Ihal it is the earnest
svitli ot .til .ludgo Allen's luthmito polit
ical Irlends that hi name shall be pre
sented to the Democratic, Slato conven
tion b the delegates from Kgypt. lu
good lalth we have therefore urgtd and
do iirgo tliatiho naiiiuol Mr. Allen ought
to bu placed at ihe head of the Demo
cratic Statu ticket tills Fall.
The lesignatlon of (iov. Ames, ol Mis.
els-lppl, surprised the counlrx , and has
created tho suspicion that he was afraid
ol consequences and stepped down and
out in accordance with an arrangement
a bargain. When llio l.lctitciiaiit-Linvcr-
nor resigned, Allies wins authorized by law
to appoint his successor. It ho hail done
so, the successor of DavN would, in a
matter of course, have been a Repub
lican, wiio would have heroine thu
Acting Governor upon Ames'
resignation. He did not however
fill the vacancy, and when he had re
ceived assurance that the articles ol im
peachment that had been preferred
against him would be witlidiawii ho re
signed. His resignation made a Demo
crat Uio Acting Governor of Mississippi,
and secured Mrs electoral vote of that State
pir tho Democratic candidate for tho
presidency this Fall. This looks very
much like a bargain and sale between our
folks andUmes. It Is n good thing lor
u, but death to the Radical-.
Qi'iTi: a itirrKCMCE.
The I Vnhsylvnnla and the Ohio Repub
lican platforms do not "consist" on the
tarlft question. The Ohio Republican
favors "a tarlft for revenue only, with
Incidental protection to Amerleant ndus
try." The Pennsylvania Republ Icani
resolve that "the attempt of the Demo
cratic House of Representatives nt Wash
ington, in the face of the depressed con
ditlon of American industry, to Inflict
upon the nation a Iree trade tarlft. is an
insult to the Intelligence of the people,
and nn evidence of the Inability of the
Democratic party to meet the present
want ot the country" and then assert
that "the remedy for our suffering is In
a higher not a lower taritl." Here is a
very marked difference on a very
prominent question and one calculated to
leave the honest Republican seeker alter
the truth in n quandary. Ohio and Penn
sylvania nro both great States ; the Re
public.in organization is powerful in
both; but what Is totind Republican doc
trine in Trumbull county. Ohio. Is rank
Democracy, "an Insult to the intelligence
ol the people," ncro-s the line In Mercer
county. Perm. This Is awkward, trouble
some, and shows that a wcll-considcretl
opinion on the taritl qitcstlon.'.boilcd
down Into a principle. Is not common
property among the Republicans.
AS) w; PS AID.
Wc corrected the misapprehension ot
the language of the 'arbondalc Democrat
into which a number of papers have fal
len, bv saving that when the Democrat
declared that the people were groaning
under taxes paid In a tanatical war it did
not mean the war for t1 c I'lilon. Thu
Dembcmt si:'.
That is our po-lllon e.xactl.s. and we
are surprised to think that the IIci.i.i.tin
Is the onh organ in the district, so fur as
wo have -ecu that has not misapprchericil
it. In our language quoted by the Ilri.
i.kiin wo had no reference to the mighty
phalanx of Democrats anil Republicans
who shed their blood in the late war lor
(ho t'ulou. nor to the cost. Incident to
can-sing forward the sanguinary strug
gle. W hen we penned the sentence wn
only had In our mind's eye the long list
of lederal aggre-sloiis waged ngalnst the
rights and liberties of the .South, since
the war. and the enormous wanton
.scneiess expenditures neces-aiy to car
ry tnemon.
Ot i; Iriend Williams . s that the
trouble with Oberly U that ho fears that
the engine named niter him may share
the same late as the "S. S. Taylor," and
have its name changed, "and it It meets
with another accident.'' Mr. Williams
adds, "It Hkels will." This has not
troubled ii1-. .uayor inter as
serted some time ago that "wc
have that matter under consideration,
and will take the uiiiic oil' sure."
All right; but we beg to say that that en
glue sticks tighter to the track urn) is the
dasliedest best engine on the road. If its
name is changed it will exalt us among
the Grangers, and result in the absolute
destruction of the machine. It that don't
frighten Cauda, what will?
Tiik Murphy sboro Indtptiultnt wlshe
ami In vit us -Mr. obcrly to coino "dowr
'squarelv and work steadily in tb
'ranks." Exactly what the Independent
melius by this wu do not know. If it
can point to the time when Mr. Oberly
lias worked with any part but tho Dem
ocratio party, wo would bo pleased to
hare that paper indicate that time ; hut
If It means that Mr. Oberly must give up
hhyight to have any opinion on politics
to break loose from the old Ideas of ante
rebclllon times and suggest the policy
ot acting with common cnse then .Mr,
Oberly will not "come down squarely
'and work steadily in the ranks."
The Stute Register says we seem to ar
rogate to otirsclf all the good sense nec
essary for.i political party to carry. No;
we aro too modest to do that ; but, by
Jupiter, we have more good sense than
some people wc know, and his name it is
Ed. Merritt. We can say lids without
doing violence to the basiifulness ot our
disposition which has keep us continually
out of public view made us shrink from
Tin: Carbondalc Democrat of .March
Hist, says : "Wo will have two candl--datcs
from this county for the senator
'shlp, J. Ranks Mayham and F. K. Al
'bright, both of Murphysboro, Union
-county has one aspirant for that office.
( 'ol. Robert Townes. They are all good
lawvers and either one would make a
'good senator. Wo think. Jackson county
'is entitled to tho senator, Union having
'had that honor for the last four vears."
Tin break in tho Worcester dam in
.Massachusetts, on Thursday alternuon.
caii'i d the loss of many millions of dol.
lar.s, but no loss of life. Dwelling houses,
mills mid factories that stood In the path
of the rushing waters, were swept away
like chad before the wind. The reser
voir held 77.",OO0,0OO ol gallons of water
and this vast Hood emptied itself over
tho town :md Mirroiiudliig country.
Fin n Douoi.sss Is making an efluit to
change tho place of holding the national
colored convention which takes place
this month, from Nashville totho District
of olumbia. 'flu! movement is oppocd
by many prominent colored men, who
hellcvo that the convention should be
held in tho South where the hulk of the
colored population ot tho country live.
Tin. Pennsylvania Republicans, In a
Statu convention controlled by Sunator
Cameron, emphatically demanded honest
men lu oltlcc men with brains enough
to know dishonesty when they see It, and
courage enough to light it wherever they
Hud it. And now wo may expect to learn
that the Devil has fallen into the habit of
praising the IiiefUblo Brightness.
Tin: Paducah A'ea-j declared that the
Democratic parly must put none but
Democrats on duty. Who arc Demo
crats lu tho estimation of tho -Vein
Would It have the people of the North
accept Jefferson Davis rather than David
Duvl as a Democrat V Would the AVi,
prefer Hen. F. Hill to (Jen. Hancock
Tun Democratic, caucuses of the House
held on the night of .March 31st, for the
purpose ol electing malingers to conduct
the Impeachment trial ot Helknap lieforc
the senate, selected by ballot, Lord. Me
Maliaii. Knott, Lyde and Jenks. Demo
crats, and Wheeler and Hoar. Republicans.
Ri.aim: and Conklluguro not on speak
ing terms have not spoken to.each other
since they were parties to a "row"
on the floor of the house of representa
tives during the war. All efforts of mu
tual Irlends to Induce them to burs the
hatchet, have been tutlle.
Don Pi:bno II. Emperor of llrazll. ami
the Empress, are ou their way to Amer
laa and expect to arrive at New York
about the '.Dtli of April. The .royal
visitors expect to remain in this country
about three months.
In the Farwell-LcMoyne election case.
Involving the right to a seat lu congrcs,
from the "Id Illinois district, Farwcll will,
it now apitcars, be declared entitled to
the scat.
Whist thr Independent h llenrd.
(Murpliysboru Iudrniltnt, (Dtm )
During the last few weeks we have
heard prominent men of Union and Jack
son counties speak very flatteringly of
Hon. John II. Obcrly. for re-election to
the Houso of Representative. We differ
ed very materially with Mr. Oberly on
his vote on the mixed school bill, and
took strong grounds against him two
cars ago. Wo believe that Mr. Oberly
now sees his mistake. We arc willing to
let It go w ith I ho dead past, and com
mence a new record. Mr. Obcrly, II re
elected, would make an able, honorable
Speaker, one that Southern Illinois could
ho particularly proud of. the po-itlou if
lie was re-elected his talents would se
S O A l
II.Miiilniiiu, Ills., Jau. IS, U7C.
AVp.ure now inlnins n very suiwrlor article
.ji lire iruin an nnpuriiifd, furH'CUIlT
adapted for anUm ami ImiiwlioM use irrarrally,
which we will ck'lhcr in Culm, nn (In- c.lr,.
Incrnnrs trarL hy thu air load otvm hushrl
ut nine (') ctnts -r liu-lnl, or two dollars aod
twruty-Ute ceutn tl 2.".) jwr ton.
We also have a very superior article of Ntit
Coal which we will ifellwr on track at tlxtrrn
(l) dollars jjrr car hunheli. I'artiea not
wishing a car load will call uon K. M Ward on
Eighth street, lielueen oimerctal and Wah-
liiirtonuvemii's, and )e ttiiplli-l at muonalile
trtiin. Mr. Want will also deliver this cal to
anv part of the city at M M per cur load, malt
ins coai cosiHiKjiu ... iierton. ah ti
iiacilhr the U. and V It. It. la nniilied from
ourinlnea, und It hut no uurlor in the inarli-i.
jiuiirrii an oruern lor com lo
Ja. A.
ViAll (ft CO.,
. Ward, h' , ha. teama and will de
her IIiIk coal at I .VI l .it car. lOMtf.
rpilK llUl.f.KTI.S- Is i.uLll.hed every UioriilDK
(except Morula) In the liiilletin 'liiilldliig, cor.
ner WuahiuKtou avenue and TweMb itreet.
Tin IltrtLiTiN la served to city subscriber by
faltliAil carriers at Twenty-Five Centa a Week,
payable weekly, lly Mail, (lu advance), 110 per
annum ; six month., in; three ugnths, 1; on
month, 1 '.'J.
Published every Thursday morning at tl 25
I: annum, Invariably in advance. The postage
on the Weekly will be prepaid at tills offlue, so
that subscribers will obtain for a subscription
rice of tl a year.
Dullness Cants, jx-r annum $30 00
One square, one nstrtlou, t ou
One square, two insertions, i so
One square, one wee
One square, two weeks 3 50
One aquaie, three weeks,- 4 00
One squie, one month ot)
W K K t L Y
Oue square, one Insertion,..! ,tl 00
fcach kiibsequenl Insertion,, 60
UOue Inch Is a square.
ICTo rejtiitar advertisers we offer superior In.
ducements, both as to rate 01 rhrr ,n.n.
uer of displaying their favors,
Communications upon aubjaota of (can
ral lutoruat to tha public aollolUd.
Zrl"AU lliisluessLattera should be addressed to
Cairo Hiillellufitiupauy,
I have thladay opened at the
Full Lino of Furnishing Good: andNotion:!
Whlih I Will 811 kt Fluii Nviir Before OrTmd tothUCity.
And aa They are tbu Beat of u Oroat Wholtaala Ultnkriipt Stock, It will
B Monty in TTour
Remember the Place J.
ner Ninth Street and
In Stock for
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Pure Linseed Oil,
Guaranteed Boiled Oil",
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris,
Glues of all Grades,
feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
Imnortar and Dealer In FOHEIGN and DOMESTIC
Wines and Liquors,
Keopa a full stock of
Ke1xtru.ols.3r Bourbon,
Fronon Xlxraxidles,
XXollaxid G-ln,
iEUxixxo Wlno,
Are Tou Going to Faint?
w'.WV.? I White, und oier One Hundred Different Colore. mdf'f 'rlelly pilmj
While Uad, Zluc ami l; Indeed Oll.OhemloaUy eonibln.d. warranted vHi??.n?;S1s ai
Oheaper.and to lastTWICK AS I.HNli aa any other paint. Khas ke" 'eVh?Ll,m.
twenty StoteKuIra of the Union, and Uonniaiiv UwusandUiaes' bi
VRicKH niVnt" Kn.iAMii.i: caiii. sKuPdmrit., OlevalanS; Ohio,
old SUiul ut J Uuir. with a
Fccktrt to Buy of Vu.
Burger's Old Stand Cor
Commercial Avenue.
and Rotail
Spring Trade:

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