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BT50RKT 800IETIK3 ( f tf C?l ..It . i
KnlirliH of PrlhlM. nu-ets eu-ry Frl-
lay night at lialf-pMt awn, in Odd-
rt-ilitwe-nan. nimif
Chancellor Commawler.
Imlriiemlcnt Onli-r of OJil-lel-
I -- . . 'l-lmvailn V niirht
mt IUWIi lliri'W '- , i .
at lialr-paM ;trn. In their I'all on
rnlal avenue, Vim-" sixth and fWcnth
re in
.., (Mil-Fellows' Hall on the flrntatel lliltd
ium.I i) In every month, at halr-ut aeven
Jmo II UoanMAH, U I'
a I a"IMJJX)I(1K. NO.zn.A.K. A. M.
-J HolilrrffiiUr cimmiinlmtiunit InMa
xLyT sonic Hull) romi-r Oiiiitmrclnl ateuue
' nml Klitlitli Btrittt on Hie eihii ami
miitli Muuilnv r each month.
Real Estate Column
- Iloiue on Ninth street, b'-hvecii WaN
mil. iiul Odar streets, $15.
"Store room on Level) Mrcct, atoo
Klahth, $20.
Two good cotta'oo on Twt iity-Nliith
rtrt-ct, near Commercial avenue.
Store; room on CommcrcM avenue,
next to Wnvcrlyhotel,$IO.
(Jooil dwelling houc. on Wnl ii ut,
tween T wcnty-Hcoiid ami Twcnty-th'rd
hlrf-cU, $10.
Store-room corner Twentieth anil
l'oplar street", $12 50.
Store room adjoining aliovo,
Twofitorv Iioii'eon 5th street, west
ol Wadilnirton avenue, $15.
lloii"! on Walnut street, near Center
pleaoant premise!", $12 W).
llouw on Commercial avenue, near
tilth street. Suitable for hiielue ami
dwelling $1.'.
Winter'. ltlock stiltaMt: for Hotel
(IIIIcim or ISuiitic? rooms! cheap.
Tenement numbered I, 8, n ami
10, Winter' How, 5 room eaeli fur $10
x r montli.
Cottage on Sixth Mrect, near Wash
liiKton avenue I rooms, $7.
- Store room In "1'llot Hoiip," lately
occupied Vy A. I (alley.
Dwelling bouse on Sixth Mn-et and
.lll'eroti avenue $10.
Orphan Aoyluui building ami picml
w. (lent low, to a good teutut.
Store room, comer Twentieth and
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
Kooms In varlou parta ol the city.
foi: lka.se cm Sam-:.
Lands, In tract to Milt, near Cairo.
Knout in Kkm. I'otir room, and a
neat cottage on Third Slieet, free from
Mpe water, and in good condition. Kn
oiilre or Win. Mellale. at tin- JMta
lloiife. 2-liVtf.
A. Il.i.i.i:v. A tttivlot of table and
pocUet cutlery, also pade., ehovcl
hoes, ralco. forks.axes and a general line
of hardware Jiit rerclved liy A. llalley,
115 ('niumercUl avenue. 'J-lS-fini.
.Ii i 1!kck.ivi;ic A. ((alley ha jmt
iHt-lved a line lot of canary and mock
ing binl cage, liower Mand. llower
indnen", baki-tr, archer, heart and
wreathe, willed lie ha marked very low,
id 1 1.1 Commercial avenue. 2-lii-3m.
l'i:cirnocjiTi.n lUw Iti:vn:n. Sweet
Cream. Cu-tard Whip and Fowling
maker. I.lgbtnlng iteclprocallng tin
churn, lleyt lu the world. 'Cry the egg
beater and churn and bn convliic.-d. For
ale by C. W. llendcron, 101 Coiumer-
i-ial aveniK', Cairo, llllnol-.
It .Vim
Notici: n Candihati:. Candidates
may uo the coluiniH of the IStn.LKTix
to bring their name betore the people, at
tlie following rates, eaih in adtanct
( liy Clerk, $.1; City TreAMirer, $.1; Al.
d'Tiiian, $2. No variation Iroiu the tmh
id advance rule. tf
Ski: Koch. C. Koch, at hi shop and
.tore room, No. IK) Commercial avenue,
has for Mile a stock ol boots and shoe of
hU own make ; alio a large Mock of St.
l.ouU eii'tom made boot ami hoec. do
keep the best niatcrl-.il and is up In all
the latef t style?, ill lltR are perfect, and
attraction I guaranteed. Clve him a
call- !'-2Wr
Kuslnes llouio lately occupied by
Wood l!ittenhoup t o., on I.cvee be
low 1 Ith t-treei. itc-it very reasonable.
Dwelling home, 7 rooms; 10 lot
enclosed, in good order, on Twenty
fourth nnd Walnut street. Kent low to
a good tenant.
1 1 Two tenements on west side of Com
mercial avenue near Filth street, suitable
lor shop and dwelling. Kent for each, $8
per month.
Dwelling houe, rooms, on Fifth
trcet near Walnut. In jrood repair. Kent
$12.f0 per mouth.
Cottage, 2 rooms and kitchen,
Twenty-first .Mrcet, near Sycamore
north side, (tent $.1, per month.
Two small houses, northwest corner
Fifteenth and I'opulai. Kent low.
llasenient of brick building, west side
of Washington avenue near Eighteenth
ttreet. live rooms hi good condition
Kent low.
Building on east Mdo of Commercial
avenue, near Tenth street, suitable for
carpenter shop, Cheap tent.
Uullding on west sido of Commercial
avenue, near Twelfth street, Did "City
Hall." Kent very low.
Tenements, olllcea and rooms In vari
ous lacationi. (tents low.
Lots and lauds for salu or lease.
John (J. (Iaiiman !t Co.,
(teal Estate. AgenU, comer Sixth and
I.eveo streets. :H5.tf
till! Ulovea.
' Fresh arrival o( n very large ansort
ment ol ladles' and Rent' kid gloves at
.1 llnrgcr & Co. .i-smi
run MiKititK.
M'rarF.itilliorlritl to announce that It. A. Kil-
riainiUon la on lnlinont I1pMiWIojn ramll
inif lor.-'iicnii, ai in.1 t-iiiiiin roiiinj- i-in-iinn.
Kiiin.ii Itri.LKii.H t I'liawannoiinictliat Inm
a lumllilati' lor Hie ortlrp oM.lty Clr rl., ut ll.i-ap-
)IIV.'lllnj( rty iln llllll. Wll.l. I. llAUKlit.
Wr arraiilliotlml. to annuiiiKc I lie natni of
IA.MKS W.iSTKWAIM- an n ramllitiilp for tin
ollircol Cll) l.'lrL, at HiTlilllllK tllj- ilnlloti.
We air nutlioill to annoiini- Hi' nam of
U . I' A.VI.KV aa uiiiillilal)- for it-rlo lion to
llirollf-i-oriily I'lirL at llir iiimiIok rharltr
fhrllon. M
-ir UU.1III irauon in nrrruj .
rarnllilalr for. MetnUrortlif Hoard of liirallou.
Miction, Katiiruajr, .ini
Tl'ESDAV, APISH. , 170.
Loral Hcalktr Keport.
C'aIii'J. III., April 3, !7.
timk. riu'ii. j Tnr.. I Wixu. j-VtL. I Wkaiii.
7 a.m.
VI "vi t T I C I I Oar.
I.i);i U. I M I in I Kalr
iM 9M J Mi W a i
VI ii.in.
1) Shi; I li i
ft rsrahl, SlKlial htrvlcr, I.' A.
Attention t llenlrra.
We have four dozen Imitation Ebony
Sprague Can-0encrs, taken for adver
tising, which we will sell at two dollar
x r do7cn. Iii'iulrc at Hulk-tin office.
i:r-llnr Mnlonn.
This popular saloon, comer Fourteenth
etieet and Washington avenue, 1 oX'ii to
the public. The bar Is supplied with
pure wine, choice lienors and the finest
brand of cigar.
:t-2.11in A. Knot!, Proprietor.
SoMtninxd New. The llghtnng, re
ciprocating, tin churn and egg beater,
the latctnnd the Ix-st ever made, at A.
HnlleyV, who Is now selling his large
Mock ot stoves, tin and brlttaiia ware at
greatly reduced prices. (Jive him a call
hclorc you purchase, 11.1 Commercial av
we. 2-iK-.un.
We will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tim IIui.i.kh.v, unless the
same is made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary of the com
pany, and we will accept no orders given
by an employe or the company, (or any
purpo'e whatsoever.
CaIIIO HlM.I.KTI.V t.Olll'A.W.
November 10. 187.1. U
Notilk. Hardware, tinware and
sum-., plows, hand cultivators, spade",
shovels, fork, hoes, rake, step ladders ;
:ilso keep constantly on hand a line as
sortment ol table and pocket cutlery and
builder's hardware. I am sole agent for
the celebrated Charter Oal: stows, of
which I keen In stock a full supyly of the
lIM'erent slw. The above article at
rock bottom figure"
Ul-lin C. W. lIi:xii:ii-.o.v,
101 Commercial avenue, Cairo, UN.
A .mi I l.itinulry.
It is now conceded thai Jlrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fourtli street, be
tween Washington and Commvrclal avej
nuek, has one of the best conducted latin-
Iry establishments in the :lty, and laud-
lord ot hotels and boarding houses will
llud it to their advantage to vail upon
her. Her prices are as follows: Hotel
and boarding-house washing 7.1 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, 10c; per
dozen, 60e; sock, "k:; two collars, .1c,
two handkerchief, .1c; vets, 20c; and
all gentlemen's, wear, M):. per dozen.
(lilies plain calico dre'.-es, 2.1c; calico
dresses with extra trimmings, .Vic; white
dresses $1 -J.le ; ladled nnderware, lino
and.coarse, $1 00 per dozen. 1 -2.1-1 f.
The Itri.i.KTiN has tor saleone niuulrcd
founts of Job type, Including many series
that are now generally In use lu the flrt-
clajobolliees of the United State, All
these founts will bo sold at half their
original cot. Many of them are com
plete and almost new, embracing a large
variety, among them being Paysou
scripts, Eureka texts, title text open,
Phldlau, rimmed black, monastic, broad
gauge, Egyptian, bank note italic, Tus
can, engravers' open, Celtic, French
clarendon, etc. We oiler these founts
for sale bccati.-e wo are fast renewing the
material of the IU'm.ktix job olllce with
the latest faces, all costly and adapted to
city use. In a few days we will send to
our country friends circulars displaying
founts separately and lu series, to which
will be attached price and terms. Where
whole series are purchased upeclal reditu
lions will be made. Orders tor Job print
ing Irom country ofllccs promptly lilleJ.
llniittelit-eiicr, Addition.
Do vou know that .1. llurger & Co. are
in receipt of a magnificent line, of carpets
and oil clothes, all the very latest styles
ami designs 's The first arrival or the sea
son. Stop hi and examine their stock.
For linnaiia mail Culoriitlo.
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fo
railroad from Kansas City nnd Atchl-on
on tho Missouri river, via 'i'opeka, the
capitol ot Kansas, and tliu hcautilul Ar
kansas valley to the Kotky .Mountains,
Tho shortest r-iutc to Puebelo the Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs, Maiiitou,
Pikes Speak, ami all places of note in the
mountain regions. The favorite route
to Denver and all points In Northern
Colorado. The best route to Southern
Colorado, Now Mexico and Arizona. The
only direct route to the ruinous Sail
luan mines. The track and equipment
Is uiiemmled, trains run through from
the Missouri river; to the ltocky Moun
tains, making connections in Union ile
um and avolilliiL' delays and trans
lers. For full descriptive circulars
map, time tables, etc,, address
T. .T, Anhbuson.
Geii'l Pas. Agent, Topeku, Kan
Vaahaicre f.nceinuil Xelllugn
Cashmere lace ami netting, a splendid
assortment, certain (o plna3c the ladies,
Just in, nt J. llurger ,v Co. .'l.-JI-tf
Utile (Seed Green, son of Mr. and .Mrs.
.ludgc Orecu, has licen very sick with
scarlet revcr for several days, and al
though his case. Is a severe one, he Is In
no danger.
Thr lrHihrl-rliiH C'lnirrli.
Tell ladies and gentlemen were re
ceived Into the congregation of the Pres-
liWcrlan church on Sunday. Ol this
number elbt vycre taken lu by Idler and
I wo by profession of faith.
'a be Fnrlah Mrfaottl.
The Kuv. Mr. (Jllbert having returned
much refreshed by his Journey in the
South, the parish school was re-opened
yesterday morning with a full attendance
of pupil.
The funeral of Mr. .(. H. C.reenlleld,
who died at his home In Missouri, oppo
site this city on Saturday morning, took
place yesterday. 'I he remains were
buried on his farm. There Jwas a large
number of people from this city present at
the interment.
for Stair.
For sale for twelve hundred dollars,
the Steam Ferryboat Nellie Thoma, lay
in;; at Bird's Point. For particulars ap
ply at the St. Louis. Iron Mountain and
Southern Itallroad olllce, No. .15 Ohio
Levee, Cairo, III. 3-25 tf.
The annual meeting or the stockholders
or the Cairo City Gas Co,, will be held at
the companies ofllce, city ol Cairo, Mon
day, April :M, at 10 o'clock, a.m., for the
purpoe of eleeling directors and trans
acting such other business as may come
before them. II. F. lli.Ak'K,See'y.
Thr HI. 1'harlea.
The Saint Charles hotel still, a ever,
holds Its place in the front rank among
the leading hotels In the State. An in
spection of the register tor the month of
February shows something less than
2,000 arrivals at till" favorite resting place
of the tourist and traveler. Extensive Im
provements are projected, of which due
notlre will be given.
Tl.r lMnre.
For a clea.i shave, a fashionable hair
cut, or a thorough shampoo, go to .1.
George Stclnhoue on Eighth street,
Alexander County Jtauk building. His
shop Is always neat; hl.s towels always
clean ; his assistants always polite, and
Ills tables covered witli the latest dally
p:iors, for the benefit of Ids customers.
1 Yfar Pnriy.
The Free lleiievolent Sons and Daugh
ters of America will give a leap year
party at Phlllls' ballon Thursday even
ing, April Cth. The committee of ar
rangements are making every prepara
tion and a pleasant and enjoyable lime is
anticipated. A general Invitation to at
tend is extended to the public. 3t
.r (.ooilx.
Mr. S. Koscn water of the linn or Gold-
stlne ifc Koscnwatcr, Is now and lias been
rorthe past two weeks lu New York,
purchasing a stock ot new spring goods.
The linn is dally hi receipt or large ii.
voices or new and fiL-liionablo spring dry
oods, men's furnishing goods, Ac,
which they arc selling at remarkably low
tires. It will pay you to call around
and see them.
For (be rrnfennlal.
Dr. Casey and John CarUr or Mound
City were In town yesterday. .Mr. Car
ter had with him an Implement which he
says was used by ;tho Indaius lu their
days In Illinois lor dressing hides. It is
a beautiful specimen ol Indian Ingenuity,
and wit dug from n mound on Cache
river by Mr. Carter. He proposes to
send it to the Centennial exhibition at
Aurlloii To.Hy.
We. will sell at atitlon this afternoon
nt 2 o'clock, p.m., the stock and fixtures
of the grocery store and vegetable stand
of Samuel Williamson, on Eighth street,
between Commercial and Washington
avenues. A rare opportunity is offered
to parties wishing to Invest in a good
paying business, hi tho most desirable lo
cality in the city. Kent low. Terms made
known on day of sale.
It W. F. Axi.kv & Co
ISirelr Iii) me lit.
George Lnttner, proprietor of tho New
Excelsior Saloon, Commercial avenue
three doors below Sixth street, is bound
to became tho popular resort of the city
This morning at 10 o'clock ho will luan
"urate a new feature in his line of busl'
ness, to-wlt : Ho will resume speclo pay I
ment pay out silver in making change,
A free lunch every morning at 10 o'clock.
The bar is stocked with Pilsner beer, and
the best of wines, liquors and cigars
Give the Excelsior u call It Is the place
for the best beer, and hard money, tf
Ur. J. W. Mlteliril.
Who cures pilot without knife, ligature
or caustic, will arrive In Cairo, Wednes
i av. Anril nth. and will locate here ncr
manently for the practice of his profes
Dr. M.. we learn from very reliable
authority, is a physician ami surgeon of
largo extier ence. acknowledged skiii, aim
also a verv affable gentleman. He lias
for years devoted himself to the treat
ment of surgical and chronic diseases.
Ho will guarantee cure lu every case ol
plies, and treats very successfully diseases
of the eye and ear, also diseases peculiar
to female.
From the ravnrable testimonials he
brings, wo recommend him .to the af
flicted in and around 'alro. I -1-1 1'
Special bargains .in muslins at Gold
stlne & ISoseuwater's! U-20-tf
A splendid selection or cheviots just
received at Gnldstlno fc ISoseuwater's.
, :i-2o.tr
Judge William 11. Oreen left the nt,
ypslerdar morning for Klizabclhtnun,
Harden county,
Charley Epcy, of the MIlssipp
Valley Tranportatloii Company, re
turned from St, Louis yesterday morn
ing. .Mr. C. Whittnore, one oftliu wealthy
capitalists or Dayton, Ohio, I In (hi city.
He Is rcgisteied at the St. Chatle.
Frank F. Horsnnnn, ol Philadel
phia Is at the Planter's.
-.Mr. Marx, the clothier, h it yesterday
afternoon lor New York nnd other large
Eateru cities to purchase Ids slock or
summer good.
Among the arilvals atlheSt. Chatlcs
yeterday were James l!oue. Kv.nisvllle;
IS. Loomls, J. Ulalnc and F. L. Towne.
New York; Col. II. F. Oliver. Warren-
ton, Miss. ; It. M. Gillord, Chicago, and
J. E. Harris, Terro Haute.
-Miss Annie Phlllls Is spending her
vacation at Anna.
Ill I.ree.
A goodly force or men, and the tugs
Cache and Montauk were at work repair
ing the wash in the levee all day Sunday.
A number ot people visited tin; icvec,
and after taking a view of it, all came to
the same conclusion, that there had ljecn
a"blgblow" over a small matter. It's
true, that had the wash been allowed to
go on without steps being taken to put
an end to it trouble might have ensued ;
ouias it wa ine scare was unnecessary
A breastwork has been built at the wash
or gunny sacks filled with sand, n lot o
trees cut for the purpose, and two old
barges which breaks entirely the beat
ing or the water against the bank, and all
l.s well again. Among the many visitors
to the levee on Sunday was Captain W.
P. Halliday, who, we believe, suggested
the plan taken to slop (he wash. He not
only told the workmen iiow to carry on
the work, but pulled oil his coat, rolled
up his sleeves and did as good service as
the best laborer In the party, nnd he is
satisfied that all has been done that Is re
To l.envp I'm.
Mrs. Aubrey and daughter, .Mis .Mag
gie, wo regret to inform our
readers, will take their departure from
this city this morning lor Austin, Texas,
where they will make their future home.
Mr. Aubrey and her daughter are known
to nearly every person in Cairo, and
there arc none, we dare say. who will not
regret lo lose them lrom among us. Mis
Maggie lias been a teacher In our public
schools for more than eight years, and
during that tlmhas won the love and es
teem of all her many pupils, and! estab
lished tor herseir as a teacher a mot en
viable name. A proof orthcapprcciation
or our people for Ml Maggie may be
seen by the fact that the board or educa
tion, without solicitation, gave to her a
letter or the highest recommendation.
Profussor Alvord alo paid her the same
compliment. The ladies leave our city
with the esteem and friendship of all. and
we do not doubt that they will liud
many warm hearts to welcome them in
their new home.
Since the death of L. W. Karber. which
occurred at Nashville on Thursday
morning, we learn the following facie.
The deceased was born on the banks of
Green river, lu Kentucky, hi the vcar
1811. At the age of three Ids parents
removed to this State, where at the age
or ten. he was left an orphan. In 1SG.1
be entered Into a partnership lu the gro
cery business, witli Mr. J. 11. Mltcair,
which was carried on until 1S00, when he
sold out his interest in the store, and
went to California. He returned to this
city in the same year, nnd lu 1870, was
married lo Miss Sajlic Mayes, a daughter
of .Mrs. E. G. Hill. Mr. llarber and his
wire moved to Nashville, Tennessee, hi the
latter part of 1870. where he commenced
the manufacture of vinegar m company
with P. (1. JSoche, or that city. The Unit
also opening a commission house, under
the firm name of Uochc & llarber. The
deceased was energetic, industrlou,and a
good business man, and was very pros
perous. About two years ago he was at
tacked with parnlysls In tho left side, and
which dually affected his brain to such n
degree that lie was taken to the State asy
lum at Nashville for treatment. Every
effort was made to restore his mind, but
each In turn failed, and on Thursday he
In attendance at the funeral were the
grief stricken wife, and Mr.-. Ella Wins
ton, widow or the IateGus. Winston, only
slstcrof the deceased.
The remains were Interred lu Olive
Cemetery at Nashville, and were followed
to the grave by n largo concourse ol
law rnctiiry.
Cairo now boasts or a new manufactur.
ing establishment, recently established
by Messrs. Malor ,t Tessicr, on Tenth
street. Tho prlnclplu business of this
establishment Is turning out their new
I'ATKNT ItKVKUSIIII.i: Tl.OW, wlllcll must
seen to be appreciated. Mr. Tcsler, the
patentee of the plow, is a practical
worker in Iron of a number of years' ex
pcriencc, and the blacksmltliiiig Is all
under his direction, while the wood work
Is done under the supervision of Mr.
Major. Tho lathe work, polishing, turn
Ing, etc., Is all done by steam, lor which
a new steam engine of twelve horso
power has been employed. In connection
witli tho plow factory the linn will do a
largo business In the .inanulacturo of
wagons and carriages, to which industry
the rear part ol their spacious buildings
will be devoted. They have Just got Into
ftdl running order and expect (o turn out
from forty to lllly plows complete per
dav. It Is nsclc.-s for us to attempt a do
serlptlon of these plows. Wo can only
sav that, hi our opinion, as well as thai
of all others who havu examined them
they nro destined to take the lead of
all others wherever they are Introduced
A beautiful lino of new eiubroldeili1
Just received by the recognized "emhrold
ery housci'' of Cairo .1. llurger & Co.
tlm'lliiK ol ,e Nlorliliolilrii. ir Hie
nlro t'll.t Sin 4 oiiiitni) Tlie Ohl
Olllrerx ami llonril or lllri-i'lor Hi-Hcclnl-TlM.J'rli-nor
un ItMluroil
Aml l.torj li.xlv IVniilril lit I'm. II.
The stockholders of the Cairo City Gas
company held their annual meeting at
tho l lrst National Hank ,on yesterday
President John I!. Farniim Inthoclialr.
The old board of directors consisting of
S. Statt Taylor, (i. D. Wllliamoii. It,
II. Cunningham, J. Ii. Farnuiii, II. T.
Gerould, Thomas W. Hallldav, ami II.
P. Wake, were re-elected.
John K. Pariium or l'.'ntun, was tc
Installed president: II. T. Geronhl, siiH-r-
liitendent of the works and treanrei: and
IS. ('.Wake, secretary.
The financial standing or the corpora
tion was presented by the secretary and
treasurer, by which It was shown that
for the first time In its existence the
company Is free from debt. The com-
piny Tvas ucorporatcd in 1M5.
The report also showed a surplus
amounting totwonti lone-half percent, on
Its capitol stock, which was declared us a
dividend. The stockholders were some
what taken by surprlsu at this statu of
affairs, this being the llr-t dividend ever
The feature of the meeting that will
no doubt most Interest the eltli-us of
Cairo wa the reduction lu the price ol
This question was thoroughly discussed
by the board, and It was finally decided
to cut down the price, and bring Itwilhin
the reach of all partle living on the line
of the street mains.
This new schedule of prices Is to
date from the tirt day or the present
month, and Is as follows:
For every 1,000 reel consumed :s.7.1,
with the former dleoitnt ol '.0 cents per
1.000 feet, $3.25 net, If paid on or In-fore
the 5th day of each mouth at I he olllce
of the company. There will also be
further discounts, a follows:
For consumption during tlie month
of 5,000 feet or over, 20 cents per 1,000,
lor consumption or 10,000 reel, 10 cents;
tor consumption of 15,000 feet, CO cents-
Parties consuming 20,000 feet or over
per month, will be furnished for $2.50 per
1.000 feet, net.
ThU being considered by the company
a very liberal discount, they led confi
dent that the citicu will give tin-in a
liberal patronage.
After considering other matters of
minor Importance, the board adjourned.
I'ollee Court.
Frank Urown was arrested by Ollleer
Andy Cain for disorderly conduct. Ho
was lined by Judge p.lrd live dollars and
tlie usual trimmings, ami went out with
his custodian to hunt a man.
Jame Mooro ami Mary Hunter were
arrested by (JllleeisAndv C;dn ami Mar
tin O'Maley for disorderly conduct Sun
day night. When the olllcers went Into
the domicile ot Henry ami attempted to
take them out, Mary' hot blood got the
upper hand other and she gently comb
ed O'Maley's hair with a twentv 'pound
split bottom chair, and causing to grow
upon that gentleman's head a Urge corn.
.Mary was finally subdued, but now
James began to get crank, and seizing
an ax, he was about to sacilllee O'Maley
but when he was allowed to gaze Into the
muzzle of Cain's revolver, he swung out
the white llag. The party darted lor the
lock up, but before leaching that place.
James was attacked with a desire to
bounce some one. and hudiimped Oilu oil
ot tho sidewalk on Ids head. The live)
couple were finally caged, and when
they were taken up for trail ye.lerday
Mr. Mulkcy, who appeared for the de
fendants proved mot conchi-lvely
that they were only playing when the ol
llcers entered Jaincsi' hou-e, and they
were discharged. O'Maley and Culnsay
Ihey never played that way.
Several very provoking errors marred
tho local and editorial pages of the l!ri.-
.ktix on Sunday morning. Saturday
was the llrst of the mouth with It Mils
to pay, and the devil seemed to bo to pay
ii this olllce. Whoever has been propri
etor of a littlu new.-papcr and job prlnt-
ug olllce lu a little city, can sympathize
with us. Cashier, business man, proor
reader, editor, printer everything hi the
ofllce, and a public spirited citizen to be
consulted by lot ol folks, the owner of a
little printing ollice Is the busiest and
most nil'crable of men particularly
when thojo he has hi hi employ don't
care a cuss and are too precious to bo
dispensed with. Well, wo are that pro
prietor; and ever since Sunday morning
when wo read tho Hui.i.khx we liae
been sinful very sinful. Hut thank the
Lord! lite Is short. It is a happy thought
that tlie proprietor of a littlu printing
ofllce, run by lilin and his friends, must
not live alway.
t'niu'or S uri-il.
Or, HebernClalllii of the Northwestern
Cancer Institute No. 1373, Wabash ave.
line, Chicago, will bo In Cairo, at the St.
Charles hotel. April 21st and 22d to treat
patients for lids dreaded dlcase. Can
cers may be surely, speedily and perma
nently cured, lu all Us forms, If taken be
fore the patient Is too far gone without
the useol the knife, with llttleornopaln,
and without debilitating the patient.
Tills remedy was discovered by Dr.
Clallin, and Is known only to himself
Having tested Us elllency thoroughly
during twenty years' practice, ho Is pre
pared to guarantee an nbo-luto ami per
manent cure lu every case lie undertakes.
i iii-iiio
Flltv cent", at Winter's Gal
Haiun'sMawoma Kami preserves and
restores the complexion ; removes Ireek
le. tan and sallowness ; makes the skin
soft, wliite and deliiMte. Its application
cannot be detected. 3-10-d.'fcwiy.
Lvon'm JvATitAinoN makes beautiful,
ghiAsy, luxuriant hair; prevents its fall
ing out or turning gray. It has stood the
test or f0 vear.s. Is diarnilngly iK-rfunied,
and ha no rival, 3-lO.d.lwly
CaIIUI, lu.., Momhy r.M-.stvo I
April 3, 170. J
Owing to Hie h(li rivers, which hi
many places have amounted to lloods,and
which have made the roads through the
country adjoining the city extremely
dllllcult and In omo places Impassible,
the receipts of country produce havu
been very small, (hitter Is scarce nnd
the demand I ery aelhe. Eggs arc in
good supply ,! (H, .0,y h vcrv
scarce, ami tlie demand Is lively. Apples
arc very earc and wanted. ' The very
highest prices will bo paid for choice.
Diessed meats are scarce. The wcath;r
I settling to he warm and siimmcrllke
and though the demand is limited, good
tirats will liud sale. Hogs well butch
ered will bring So. Flour ts renorin I
more active, a to lower and medium
grades, but choice Is unchanged. The
stock or low anil medium Is barely equal
to the wants. Tho condition of the hay
market Is unchanged. There is a great
over-lock nnd sales are comparatively
nothing. Lorn Is In fair demand at 10
cents In bulk for white. The receipt
have been very light. O.it.s are llrinir.
The receipts have been light, but there
are plenty In market lor thu demand.
Meal Is plenty and dull. Country Is In
good supply. Itrau is extremely dull.
iQTOur friends should bear hi mind
tint the price. here given are Usually
for sales from first hands in round lots,
(u tilling orders and for broken lot It 1
no:eary lo charge an advance over
these llgures.-Gia
Flour is more active to .medium and
lowgradcs. The stock of choice Is amplf,
but medium and I barely equal to the
want. We note the sale of too barrels
varlou grade. $1 00,; 75; 7O0bunels
city, various grades, $.1 f..yjis 50 ; 100
barrel various grade, $1 50,7 00; 200
barrels varlou grade-, $1 00(0,1) 75.
Hay Is ury dull. The market Is
packed and prices are lower. We note
the alc or2 car good mixed, $10 00;
1 car common mixed, $F 00.
Corn come-, in very s lowly, and it 1
scarce with a good demand. Wo note
the sale of 2 ears choice white in sacks.
Ic; 500 acks white, ffe.
Oats nrc firmer, with a supply fully
equal to the demand, notwithstanding re.
eulpts have been light. Sal is noted were
I cars northern in bulk on track, .10o : I
car In bills:, 37c ; .1 cars good Northern
Meal is dull with a good supply on
hand. We note thu sale ol 200 barrels
city steam diled, $2 2."a,2 30; 2.1 barrels
gri.cn $2 15.
llran Is very dull. Tlie only sale noted
was that o( 135 sacks at 513 (".
Culler Is still scarce, and lbs demand
is good. Wg price an; being paid. We
note the sale ol 100 pound choice South
ern Illinois roll, 3lu . 2 tub roll, 30c ; 5
tubs packed. UtHKIc; fi tubs choice
Northern, 35(i37c.
Egg are dull. The supply Is fully
equal to the demand. We note the sale
of 300 dozen, ll.Je; -100 dozen, ll.e; 5
boxc, Ho; i! boxes, He; I box, lie.
Poultiy Is very scatce with a good de
mand. Cholcs to atilctly ehoieu hens
will bring from $1 to Si 2.1. Mixed
chickens will bring from $3 00 to $3 75.
No tnle-i were reported.
Choice apples am still seaicc and are
wanted at fancy prices.
Potatoes and onion are glutted, mid
sales, are few and small.
The weather Is rather unfavorable for
business, but good meats will sell. Wc
note the -ale of 500 lbs hog 7.!(5;Sc.
We quote salt In car load lots, $1 00 ;
less than ear load lot. $1 75,
We quote Paradise and Ml. Carbon on
track, lump, $3 ; nut. $2 ; delivered car
load per ton, lump, S3 51); nut. $2 75;
delivered per single ton, lump, $1 ; nut
$3 2.1; l.auin or Harrishurg coal on
track per car load, lump. $27 ; nut. Sill :
delivered per ton, $3 50; Pittsburgh coal
car loads on track, $.1 50 per ton ; single
ton, delivered, $0.
All l liriinle l)sene S'liri-H
nv on. ni'i.T, ,
He Is located In Cairo, Illinois, ami is
still calling on you to bo healed. Why
will you die of ohl chronic diseases, when
you can be cured with so little cost or
money. Do not give it up yet, for them
Is still balm In Gllead. Cairo Is tho
place ti. come to bo cured ol all your
aches and pains.
I am now prepared at my olllco to give
medicated baths, and persons wlshlug to
receive such, will call at my olllco on
Eighth street, No. 22, from the hours ol
2 p.m. till 0 p.m. Also plain baths, hot
baths, warm baths, cold baths, or vapor
baths. Al-o persons having the con
sumption or week lung, and wishing to
receive medicines by inhalation, can re
eclve tlie treatment nt my olllce, this be
ing tho only true way of getting medi
cine direct to thu lungs. AIo I treat ills
eases ot the eyes of years standing, and
the blind has been made to seo by my
treatment. All diseases of the skin
cure. Fistula cured by me without the
use of the knife. If you have a cancer,
como and bn cured, All private diseases
lu thu shortest time, cured by me. In
short, for all chronic dicascs of tho hu
man system, go to Dr. Hultz.if you wUh
in liciiirt'd. I compound and prepare all
my im-dicines'at my olllce. It Is said
that practice makes perfect. T havu been
thirty years a practicing physician,
All letters and communications shall
be couihlentlal nml promptly attended i
hv me. Direct On. lliri.iz,
" No. 23 Eighth .street, Cairo, Illinois.
Kuaii Tillfl.-IHrd cages, ilow.r stands
llower trains, mocs baskets, Ice cream
freezers, toilet, ware, hath tub. '-'"'I'
chimneys, oil, llutliig irons and ilutlng
scissors ; also n lull supply nn,,
stamped tinware, wholesale and retail,
by C. W. Uendcrson, lfl ComnMTcUhiv
mwt Cnro, lllliml
Waii fJaPAiitMKii. Hivaw Ktroar ,
April 3; .870
I rt. xn, rr.
i" x
! 7 30 3
! .V, pi 2 0
, A! "
:', - o
x s
a J 4 t
L .' - i
TATtO.f ,
eiiMi.,1-.. "
...Miintiiie ..,,,
Nashville . .
St. Iaiiiix
Kfnille .,
Meniilil .
New Orlram ...
llelow IiIrIi Molirnf 1174.
I'ort MM.
Steamer Jim Flk, Paducali.
" liarnard nnd barges, St. Lonif.
" Hon Accord, Obion river.
" Ste. Genevieve. St. Loin.
" Arkansas Itvll, EvRiisvlIIe.
" U.S. Turner. Cincinnati.
" James D. Parker. Memphis.
Grand Tower, Memphis.
Eddyvllle, Nashville.
" Delia, St. Louis.
" Lilly, Cincinnati.
" Capitol City. Vlekshurg.
Steamer Jlin Flk, Padtieah.
New lion Accord. St. Louis'
" Ste. Genevieve, Vlckslmrg.
" Arknnsas liclle, Evansvllle.
" If. S. Turner, New Orleans.
" James I). Parker, Cincinnati.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
" Eddyvllle, Nashville.
" Delia, Ohio river.
apltol Ity, St. Louis.
' Liberty and tow, Mlddlcport.
' Coal Hill, low, Sttibcnvllle.
" Carnard, barge, Ohio river.
Tho rivers are still rising very slowly.
The gauge read ID feci and onu inch last
evening. The rie In tlie twenty-four
hours wa 1 Inch. "
The weather Is warm and pleasant.
Cashless was quite lively.
The fi rand Tower and Capitol City
passed up with fair (rip. .
Tlie Arkansas llelle had a fair trip
from Evansvllle for this port Sunday.
The Carnard paed up last evening
from St. Louis with two barges very
lightly laden.
The New Con Aceonl. after lying
about hi the Obion river for several
week, nnd tearing up her wheel houses
etc., got out on the last rise and passed
by this port for St. Louis yesterday.
Tlie James D. Parker passed up yester
day morning with a lair trip for Cincin
nati. The II. S. Turner passed down Sunday
evening w ith all she wanted, and lowing
a loaded barge. She had a good trip of
The Eddyvllle brought down .188 hhds
tobacco, 100 hbls llour, HI pkgs .iron for
St. I.onl. 11 pkgs wagons, and some
whlky for Vlekburg, 2 boxes and S
rolls ot leather for St. Louis.
The Ste. Genevieve passed down on
Sunday evening with about six hundred
tons for Vli-ksburg. She added nothing
Thu Cool Hill came from St Louis on
Saturday night witli four barges or Iron
oretor Stubcnville. She lay here all day
Sunday and part ol" yesterday, patching
boiler, and left lu the afternoon.
The tugs Montauk and Caeho were
hard at work all day Sunday, lowing
trees ftoiu the Missouri shore of the .Ml.
sislppi to the wash hi thu ievce.
Tho Mississippi Valley Transportation
company's barge No. 11 Is loading here,
and will get among other freight 200
hogsheads tobacco. She will be lashed
on to (lie (J rand Lake's tow. The Grand
Lake ami barges will get u ,lot oFcoru
above hciv, and will havu all shu wants
when shu leaved this port.
Thu Jim FUk had u light trip down
and return yesterday. Tlie Flsk l.s the
packet for Paducali this evening. She
leaves at five o'clock prompt.
Tlie light house tender, Lllley, arrived
from Cincinnati yesterday. Sho was to
meet thu Alice from St. Louis here, mid
turn over to her that portion of the 14th
lighthouse district between this point
Natchez, which will hereafter be attend
ed to by the Alice. aptaln Hoel com
mands tlie Lllley.
Evansvllle, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Faducab, Sbawnootown, Evans
villo, Louisville, Cincinnati
and all way landings.
"I lie unrivalled Mi-wIj1 altumrr
II, l. Kon lkii Master.
Kn. Ii. TllOMIS ....... -...Clerk.
Will lenvHKvansvllle for Cairo every MONDAY
and T1IUUSDAY at 4 o'clock p. m.
leaves Lalroerery 1 UKSUA Y aud IUI)A ,at
il o'clock p. in,
'Itie elegant alile-vrlirel ateaiacr
Utt Howard -..JlaJter.
WiLTKH II. rtNNINIItOM... - -I.r'k'
Will Iravu Kvanavlllo for Calroevery TUhS
DAY ami i'UIUAY al I o'clock . m.
Will leave Cairocviry WKUNhSUAt andfl.VT
UUDAYutOo'cIiHli.iu The elegant sio-wt atcame
JuiiN Gosr...... )" Mailer
Mat. SViiLIArj........,S.-..-;i.......i.,....U-rl.
miw KvuriiviUa for CaJaa narrVUNK-
)A Y ami SATUKAllT tin. oA T3
Uaveit Cairo wry YH VRS PAT ruiV .SDN HAY
at Hp. ". ," '".. ,'r
Kai'ii boat makes close COJiiiUiaua i Cairo
lili flnt-cUua tteamcv for. St. LwU.llrm
phUaudNe, Orleans, and al KvmmvIIIo wllb
I he K.lLVll. U. for all Dolnta North aiul K.nl.
and-wltoth- toulavUl Mali llifin.f n r t
oiauouuie Udhi IMIft.OivtMr Mir-liir-
viBwa un imgaia m
to ah ..ii.i
Vor urtteriafoftM&MMmlr to
, TrVartl,
Or la
juriutenilnt and (lent ral Vnluht Aio
.M.-j)-lv, fcvaaivmciu.i.iiLt,

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