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MMItai Matter 1,"'c'
JOHIfg1OgJtl:'T' 8dtor'
URMtoir Ktix-k lit Minnesota Is jjoliijr
up, up, "
Bcl.t.b the Ifltrst 11. tlmt litis romc to
Ike front and It can't le ricnlttl that he
buzzes loudly.
Tiir. Golconila HtraM thinks .linlc
Maker' dlttrlct Is too largo nml Mioulil
be retluceil.
'J'MEiti: Is two million eltflit hundred
tliouand dollars worth nf rntton In the
city of Memphis at present.
Tnr. Masfachufotts house of rcprcsen
tatires rejected the bill for the taxation
of church property by a large majority.
Sour. Missouri newspapers have found a
"favorite son" In James O. llroadhead,
and arc "writing him up" as a prcsl
dential candidate.
Distinct Attouney Dvkii appeared
before Clymcr't commit tee on Saturday
and substantiated; Hell's statement eo
tar as It referred to himself.
McCartnky, of the Metropolis Times,
has a friend in Tope county who thinks
that McCartney should be sent to con
fess from I Ills district.
Ix the Metropolitan Methodist church
on Sunday, Rev. Dr. Newman prayed for
Grant's recovery from his illness, which
is said to be "periodical neuralgia."
Xkw Yonit and Brooklyn li:ivo n
whisky ring, and names and eases are
now being considered by the l.'nlted
States grand Jury, in session at Saw
Tin: President is in IJiimicIaI difficulties
and has ordered the sale ot Ids Long
Branch and St. Louis property. ISuinor
says he has become Involved through un
fortunate real estate speculation.
Uiitai.y Jamk.s TituNi.it, post-trader
at Concho, Texas, and one of the strong
est witnesses against llclknap. paced
through St. Louis on Saturday last, on
his way to Washington. Trainer refused
to be interviewed.
TmiJIonic Rule members of parlia
ment have been given to understand that
it they will give their support to the royal-titles
bill vole to call Victoria, Kin
press of India, the Fenian prisoners will
be released.
The Chicago Times shudders at the
anticipation, it Colvln Is not beaten for
mayor, of bearing him salute the Illus
trious Emperor of Bra.ll with the saluta
tion, "Well, Dom, clean up, and we'll
show you 'round."
Tub public debt statement shows a re
duction of the public debt during March
of H,240,8C ; cash lii the treasury, coin.
$83,750,794 ; currency, $r,0(!Ti,0jn; ieclal
deposits tor the redemption of certificate
ot deposit, $31,2:10,000.
As enterprising Inhabitant of Golconda.
who had been engaged for some time In
1 1 1 . 1 I t ..-- r. .t r 1 l i . ... . .
mu uwaiiicaaui luiuiumi'iuriii'icau hickcis.
was discovered last week. The authori
ties were a little too slow in their move
ments, and the counterfeiter es:aped.
The town of Falrmouut, West Vir
ginia, had a destructive fire on Sunday.
Twenty-two buildings, valued at one
hundred and twenty-live thousand dol
lars, were burnt. The total Insurance
wag about thirty thousand dollars.
Fouictekx out of the sixteen Repub
lican delegates from .Mississippi to the
Cincinnati convention are Instructed to
vote for Mortou for President, and he
was declared the unamlnous choice of the
colored convention of the State.
Uk.s'. Finnic P. Blaik lea an ctate of
five hundred dollars. Ho was a member
ot Congress for three terms, a general In
the army and a United States senator,
but ho never made any money out of
these positions and died poorer even than
honest public men usually do.
Wi: publish to-day an Interesting letter
on current political topics, written by
"Grayson," whom many of our readers
know Utter as Mr. Lloyd O. Harris,
formerly of Mound city, uow of St
Louis. Harris is often on the whig and
enjoys peculiar opportunities ot becom
ing acquainted with the subjects on
which he writes.
Hon. Ciikiw u. Jf AO wrM K JutM o
the Golconda Herald, under date of March
JOth, announcing that he Is pot a candi
date for governor ; that lie has "unabated
confidence h, the houestv of Hie nm
mw or the Republican pariy.andor
m'n I61'" Ucy l,ro'.nd that ho
will fight in the rav a.,d lily 10
'party for lis succtw
HiSMAitCK celebrated his Ku.S(.C(1.j
birthday on Saturday last, and wa, Kr.
sonally congratulated by the tu,(IT
the crown Prince, the iliniom-Hi.,
the federal council, and the. leglslatle
uij.mn.-B, was serenaded by the band ol
the imperial uuurd and reei lvi-.l .-, ni
dations by telegraph ftoin the king of
Havana, niey did the old gentleman
This aiobfl)eu,erai
vigorous attempt to prove that Gov.
iiiuen was uisuouest lu bis dealings with
the St. Louis. Terra llnutn nmi iu
railroad, for whlsh be acted as counsel dur-
ingits Muscuuuimculties, The charge
has been sbowu;to be a uise one, but
i-rvrmugt oa to it tenaciously.
Uncle BlUy, like winery, seems to like
NOV. MIX OS t ilt Ki ll Y.tAATIOX.
Oov. Dlx has written a letter condemn
ing In tiio strongest terum the move inado
In the New York leuUlature to Initios a
tax on church property. Tlie governor
tlitnks that the proportion is virtually
one to Impofo n tax on
tliu worship of Alniighty (Sod and
could have had its origin In no other
ureat than out! unfriendly to all church
organizations, or one in which the love
of money Is the predominant
palin, he says: " If thosu
who l.aye set this move on foot,
want more money, let them tax thelrrnin.
their tobacco, their pictures, their fast
horses, game dogs, liquor saloons, dance
houses, clubs, theatre, diamonds, equip
ageseverything In short, which minis
ters to their pleasures, their talis and
their sensual Indulgences." Alter thus
shooting these mercenary worldlings on
the spot, nslt were, (iov. Discontinues
The scheme should be repudiated and
denounced in nil Its parts. One can
hardly ilelialo It without a leeliuir ol (lu
basement. It is not a subject lor liumnn
Iol'Ic. It Is not a problem ol protlt and
los'. to be aruned by religious obligation
on one side and tlnauclal cupidity on the
other, it is a matter ol Instinct, ol in
born reverence, of the consciousness
which every mind not perverted by the
sophistications ot worldly science m 01
Its immeasurable luferioity to the Sover
eign Ruler of the universe and of the
homage it owes to him us Its creator and
redeemer, there Is somethlm; rcvoltlu
to the moral sensu lu its normal Mate li
the Idea ol makluir a mcrccmirv nrollt
out of an edilice consecrated to 'his ser
vice. When this inner. senc is wanting
HrKiimrui is iriuucss.
From this eloquent protest against n
scheme into which u paragraph In l'rc.4
blent Grant's last nnnual message put
new life and energy, it is evident that
Governor Dlx is an old-lashloned Cliri
tian and has no sympathy with any ol the
Isms Darwinism, Tynda1lm, .Sjdrlf
uallsm, that have in these latter years ni
ifcn to vex mankind. Governor Dlx
concludes his long letter, of which we
have only given the silicht points, with
this paragraph :
It seems to mi: that this whole move
ment Is calculated to create In the breasts
of rellevting peooin n f'cclliiir of profound
sorrow and unnilllrated 1 1 -iru -t . The
proper mode of treating it is to scout It
out of the committee rooms, legislative
halls and social circles which It has de
nied by Its presence To, give it any
countenance would bo to 'liirnMi new
ground lor the. national reproach too n.
ten cat upon us. that the alniighty dol
lar Is the chief object ot our adoration.
mi.vi:k itiu.virri .-.
The text ol tliifVHvci resumption bill,
passed by the house of representatives
on Friday Jat, is as follows :
lie ilcwicteil. etc.. That there be. ami
hereby Is. appropriated out of any inonev
in the treasury not otherwise appropri
ated, the sum of $1KI,000 to provide for
the engraving, printing and other ex
penses of making and issuing United
States notes.
Six1. -. That the secretary of the treas
ury is hereby directed to issue silver coins
oi me unueu suites ot mo denomination
ol 10. '-"0, 2. and DO cents of standard
value In redemption of an equal amount
of fractional currency, whether the same
be now in the treasury awaiting redeui
tion or whether It mav be presented for
reucmni on: nnei tuu ccruturv ot mu
treasury mav. under tbn regulations of
the treasury department, provide for such
a redemntlon and issue liv Kiilutltntlnn nt
the regular sub-treasuries and public de
positories oi me unucu Mutes until me
wuoic amount ot fractional currency out
standing shall be redeemed.
Sko. X That silver coins ot the United
States of the denomination of one dollar
shall be leiral tender nt their imiiiiiuil
value for any amount not exceeding S.V)
in any one payment, and sliver coins of
the united states, or denominations of
less than one dollar shall be a legal tender
at tueir nominal value lor any amount
not exceeding $23 In any one payment.
The bill was passed by a vote of one
hundred and twenty-two yeas to one
hundred nays. Of the Illinois delega
tion, .Messrs. Hartzcll, Campbell,
Springer, Sparks, Stevenson, and Eden
voted lu the negative. Messrs. Morrison.
Wlke, Farwcll, llurchard. Whiting. Caul
flcld and Harrison voted lu the allirma-
tlve. The probability Is that the bill will
pass the senate without amendments. In
anticipation of the passage of
this bill, preparations for Isssu
ing silver from the United States sub-
treasuries have goncactlvely forward. At
the sub-treasury in St. Louis, on Friday
last, fifty-five thousand dollars In silver
ten-cent pieces were received fiom the
mint at Carson, Nevada. During the
past month, there have also been re
ceived, three hundred and four thousand
dollars In half-dollars; seventy-six thou
sand dollars In quarters, and one hundred
thousand dollars In tweutv-cent pieces.
Total, live hundred and thlrty-llve thou
sand dollars. There are al-o in the sub-
treasury vaults in St. Louis two
hundred thousand dollars in gold;
but this will not Iw Issue
Willi the silver.
I'iiielilMck was present at the Repub
lican State convention of MIM.ppl on
Friday last and made a rather remark
able speech. Ho. began speaking about
twelve o'clock at midnight and con.
tinned till alter one o'clock in the morn
ing. HcpraKcd the generalship of the
Democrat!" patty lu Mississippi; ,a!il
the result of the last election there
proved that no p.uly could
Will (111 tin; rni.. 1.,,.. ..i
-tu muni: ,
believed that the H'tiato would t-ltortly
tend a committee of Investigation there
(0 IllVCiti
' ....in 11 mo i'icciioii
lii that SL-ite and reconstruct u,L. joum .
that tliu whole Noi tli weio alarmed at
lllti C I t... .
KMiiuui-ii siiuation, but all should
--wi.MiriMi mat a conlederatu Demon.
ho . .i,,W Mnr 1Ulc s'wl; ex-
S .lo,U,:,lUr! ,K",,l,,u,u '"J ,lr'
heir duty lu order t be, especled
r en lu" ,",l'r,cru wlt"
of -laveiy; BlU Um
eet cajmblo men for oftlce-to put
orward respeetahlcnenaud there wo! Id
be no call for troops at the ,,olL;,ohl
cm to have good men for oillce, eve,, If
hey had to take Democrat,, to find such .
e .on.ctlh.es wished he wa, , Z 2l
crat hlmsell-the Democrats had been
favorably dlsj-osed towards hhn, but the
Republicans had slaughtered him ; the
oloi-od people were beginning to think
Independently lor thciii'elvcs and the
habit would grow on them whether ,lt
was liked or hot.
These were rather mixed senti
ments to drop from the red
lips ol 11 colored Republican
in one of the most milled of Radical
roiitheru conventions, lie asked the
convention to pass Hit! vote) ol thanks to
Morton, but Morton will have to keep
his Southern colored allies welt in baud
If Plnchbnck roams around loosu and
talks unrestrainedly in many conven
tions where the colored troops do n con
siderable part ol the flghiug.
IIIII.HTOW'.-i 01tnr.it.
Secretary liristnw lias sent to nil per
sons having charge of government build-
lugs, a circular oidcrlng tlial, ns the ap
propriation for the fiscal year ending
dune IW, Is now ne.irlj exhausted, nil gas
and water in each building shall be shut
oil' and nil engineers, laborer.', and other
employes, paid from the nppropr.it ion,
shall be discharged. This order is ghen
in accordance with the section of the re
vised statutes which provides that node
partmunt ol the government shall expend
in any one llscal year any sum In excess
ot the appropriations for that year or
Involve the government In any contract
for the future payment of nny
money in excess of such appropriations.
The appropriation which has fallcp short
was made by the last session of congress
Compliance with the Older, which must
be observed, will shut oil the gas In
the New York postolllce and stop
all night w-ork there, as well as in
the olllccs lu most other leading cities.
The result will be seriously felt in nil
business circles, lly nil Immediate ap
propriation, congress can, 11 it will, step
in mid relievo the department from its
crippled condition.
mttm: itiionv.
The Rhode Kland election for state of-
llcers and a legislature that will elect a
successor to Senator Anthony, took place
yesterday. There were three tickets in
the field: Democratic. Republican, and
Prohibition. The Democratic platform
rcalllrmcd devotion to the union; de
nounced the otlicl.il corruption which has
stamped Grant's administration with
deep disgrace; declared that the present
blighted condition of the bu.-iucts inter
ests ol the country is chargeable to the
Republican paity. for Its desertion of the
well-fried and established theory ot nil
enlightened governments ol the earth.
mil its adoption Instead of an lixedeem-
ible currency; and that the only possible
return to prosperity is a return to sound
urreney based on n gold redemption, to
be made as soon us consistent with the
business interests of tiio country. It ex
pressed opposition to that system of rob
bery known as protection to American
producer.-, and demanded in its place a
tariff for revenue, and closed with a res
olution lu favor of the adoption of the
property qualitlcation, which unjustly
discriminates against naturalized citizens.
The Republicans adopted no platform,
and the Prohibition party confined them
selves to temperance issues.
CIKMIKI'.n I'ir.Ultlll'OXT.
A story very discreditable to the repti
tatlou of Attorney General Pierrepout has
just couu! to light in Washington, and
will form the basis of another scandal in
vestigalion. lu IsUSn sale was made to tho
government of two old steamers, the
hmplrc ( ity ami tho Illinois, for six hint
died thousand dollars. It Is said that
these vessels were rotten hulks, not worth
more than -evcnty-ilye thousand dollars.
One of them, it is said, Merit to the City
of New York for hospital purposes, and
has ever since been practically useles
in the outer bay. The steamers were
owned by Marshall O. Roberts, and the
sale was negotiated by Kilwards Pierre
pout, then attorney for Robert", now at
torney general. The charge Is made that
some curious things might be learned
about the distribution of the six bun
dred thousand dollars. Gen. Meigs,
quartermaster general, protested against
thepiiiehaseofthe vessels, and it is upon
his testimony that the new Investigation
will 1)0 ordered.
a.oiiii:k sr.HT or tii i t:i itv
Nichols, the superintendent of the tov-
eminent Insane asylum at Washington,
is a typical administration olllcer. He
raised cabbages for the asylum at one dol-
Jar per head and M.ent ten thousand dol-
lars in fertilizers to raise live homln-d
dollars worth of vcgotablcs. He em
ployed two physlch'us to attend to six
hundred insane persons. Sometimes
these patients received uttentlo n nil
sometimes they did not. Freunentlv ihn
medlcliiQ ordered for one patient wn
. 4 v .
given to another, and the poor creatures'
were often beaten, cuffed and Ironed tor
no cause. 1 he food prepared for them
was scanty and unwholesome. Per
contra, Nichols has a fine house, luxuri
ously furiil-hed, keeps several carriages
and horses to match, nml glvc elegant
dinners. Hu Is now under Investigation.
and may come to grief.
Miss Scs.w R, AxriKi.vv w.i. one ot
tho original proprietors of therofiitort,
the woman MilTragi; ncw.spaer published
In loton some years niro. mid which was
one of tbn Innumerable caravan of Jour
nalistic ventures which have wratined the
drapery ol their couches about thorn and
laid down to :i sleep in which I here are
no di earns ami fiom which there is no
awakening. But the ghost of tho news
paper, lu the sliupo of a debt of some ten
t!wuaud dollars, haunted Miss Anthony's
waking ami sleeping hours, and kept her
generally lu a very uncomfortable frame
oi mum, hue, made up her mind to take
thu "lecture Held" for tho purpose of
making money to pay off tho debt, and
she succeeded in her undertaking. A
lew weeks ago she paid oil the last dol
lar of tho ten thousand laid the ghost
of the Itecolution and Is now a happy
woman lu one particular.
Tin: Mississippi Republican Stato con
vention passed a resolution tendering Ihe
gratitude of Mississippi Hepubllenns to
SJenator Jlorlon "for the Interest he hail
manifested In the protection or Southern
Republicans in their personal freedom
and In the sacred rights nl free speech
and u free ballot, and that he was entitled
to their thanks nml gratitude rnr tils devo
tion to thesu principles." This resolu
tion deserves n vigorous waive or the
moony snirl from Morbin.
Wr. have received the first number of
the first volume ol thcS.ui Juan (lii'nlt,
published nt Topckn, Kans,i. Tim
GmVe Is devoted exclusively to the min
ing interests In San Juan In Colorado-
gives the location of the .nines and many
items ol Interest to the present nnd pros
pective miner. The paper contains a
map of the country wIUi the railroad con
nections from the Mast, ami Is lu short,
a thorough guide on all matters pertain
ing to the mining country of Colorado.
Tho Nutmeg Stato Fires the First
Democratic Gun of the
Governor Ingenoll Re-elected by over Six
Thouiand Majority.
IlAUirniip. April The election pro
ceeiled quietly. The polls do not clnu
till live anil It Is Impossible to give nny-
I.I.... .Ij.Oitttn .ilinill tlln rnanlf 'I'lu. ..!..
. llllll iviiiii.v. - .win. alii, mill
! iinnti ntnl pnu- ilU-irrrennlilA nt l-III nl.
icct the vote some hf the State.
Four Stale tickets are In the field and
tho chances are against an election of
governor by the people. 1 he legislature
will probably be very close. The green
back men are polling a considerable vote
here. There are three candidates for
mnvor here, a Democrat. Republican nnd
and Independent, with the chances in
favor of the first. There will be n pretty
full vote in the city.
eccnnil lllnpitlrli.
H.iumiitP, April 3. Hartford city
gives Ingersoll u majority ol .111); I ist year
ingersou nati aniajoruy oi i.jii.
The Indications are that White (Ren
Is elected to congress over Wells, (Dem
be n fond nifilnrltv.
Nxty towns, mcuuiing nariioni, gives
Robinson (Rep.)l.".7J:i: Ingcrsoll. (Dem.)
17.M7: Smith. (Tern.) VJ2 : Atwater.
.. r : v . s .
(Greenback) -110; The same towns last
year gave Green. (Rep.) 10,007; Inger
soil. (Dem.) 18,019; Smith, (Tern.) SOI;
scattering, 0. So far as heard from, thu
itepuoiicuns nave gained 11 representa
tives and the Democrats It. lngcrsoll is
no doubt re-elected by the popular vote
and tho legislature. Is Democratic.
3 Third lltMialrli.
Nk.w Haskn. April :). Thu votelu the
town of New Haven resulted as follows :
Robinson (licputillcan), :i,2,;i ; lngcrsoll
(Democrat). -I,:i0.; Atwater (Greenback),
1,'JiK); Smith (Prohibitionist). S".
H.wsti oiip. April 3. One hundred and
nine towns irlve Robinson 117.594: hiirer-
soll, 33,490; Smith, 1.0S0; Atwater,
7S1. The same towns last year gave
Greene, 2S.'2H; lngcrsoll. 35,0-JO; Smith,
1,023 ; scattering, 0. Net Republican
gain, l ,.. in the senate there will prob
ably he lour republican to seventeen
Democrats. The Democratic majority
in the house Is thirty or more.
Norwich, April 3. Walto (Republi
can) Is elected to congress bv between
700 and 800 plurality over Wells (Demo
crat). rourlli IHtpatrh,
Haiitfoiip, Conn., April 3. One bun
dred and thirty-seven towns irive Robin
son 30,777; lngcrsoll, J2, 100; Smith, 1,:)C0;
Atwater, Ml. Scattering, J-.. Republi
can gain 1,01.1 over last year. New Ha
ven is not included In this.
I ll III IHhi.iiti li.
M:w Havk.v April 3. Fairfield
county, one small town wanting, Hvcs
Robinson 0,7-11 ; lngcrsoll, 7.311. Now
iiaven county, three small town lacking,
gives Robinson 10 310: lngcrsoll, 11,313 :
,1 1,1 iliei , .Flu , i3 111! Ill, uso,
Vt Flutter nml I'ulillf H-I'rmlileiitlnl
Hfclp Tlic lieiiiuenitir 'out rlillou
Juilifr Ilnvlw.
(Correoiiilu:e of Hie Si. I,m Itrjiubtlcau,
IvIiicago, .March 30. The mouth of
-Marcn uas ocen quite savage In this di
rection. It came lu like a Hon, roared tor
tinny nays and now refuses to go out
like a lamb.
While the weather lia stormed and
raged, so has the troubled ea of whiskey
trials and politics.
Thu day set for the Cincinnati conven
tion is drawing near at hand, and the Re
publicans are very active canvas-ln" for
their respective candidates.
Just at present the anxious ones have
developed their strength in the following
order: (llalne. Hristow, .Morton, t'onk
ling, Hayes. Washburne, but I still firm
ly believe that Gen. Sherman, if em.lii.
end a candidate. CUM COIlCfUtmfp timw
votes in tne convention than any three of
wic uuutv, .mu his name win oe prcented
notwithstanding his objections. Gen.
Grant was not a candidate when he was
first nominated, and said more than once
that he preferred ills position ns
In Ihe army, but afterwards accepted the
nomination. Illinois is tomewhat divid
ed but will no doubt present Wash bu rue's
name. isconsin, under the control of
Matt (."arientcr, will rally for Illalne.
Concerning tliu Democratic convention,
I Unit that the Northwestern people are
pleased with the selection of St. I ,.n.
and every one who lias recently
visited that city is loud In founding
the praNc of the chamber or coin-
nicrce building. Illinois will un-
doilbttdlv Instruct lor ll ivls 'I I,.. ,i..i
gatlon will bo nearly tho same as the one
inai auenuen miumore. '1 he llou. .lolm
II. Obcrly. of Cairo, w ill no doubt i mm,.
of the members from "Kgypt." Wiscon
sin always semis a fine delegation, and
lids year will not I.e an exception. Sena
tor .1. R. Doollttle. Governor Dewey,
Ion. J. H.Cary.Gen. Galxi Rouck, .1.
liwlcr, hsq., Gen. IM. Rrag, Hon. Geo.
II. Paul were amoiitr the members wi,
attended the Raltlinore convention, ami
from what I hear in Milwaukee- nearly
the same delegates, w lm aro really a tal
enteil and wise body of gentlemen, will
be called upon to attend tin. Hi. t nnii
convention and will not bo instructed.
lly the way, I am runlndcd that Senator
Doollttle 1ms mi criL'.T'i-niepi! in t,.iiv,.r
n lecture before tins law university lu St.
Louis. May 15. and cm tiromlso nil
attend an Intellectual treat.
The Davis movement seems to loom up
stionger every day. The judgo Is quite
wealthy, but tho best posted say ho
tpCllils 110 money to further Ills urn.
peels, and where hU popularity comes
from Is more than I can explain, except
Ing tho one fact, that hu was an Intimate
friend of Lincoln, ami the people In this
un ciioii six-Hi m it -yarn nun as a seconu
'Old Abe." With all ll, Imnexlr lli.il
Lincoln had. Some nuestlon tiio nrn-
iricty of looklli" to the
for a candidate, nnd even favor an amend
meiit to the constitution deelarlngall fed
eral Indues nnd o u i,nt,iinViiv, ,nci.
tlony Ineligible for tlioodlco orprcsfdeut
until their res una I Inn n-.t i,n,,'i,e-,in,i
at least lour years. They would have this
Include the general ami all army nnd
navy olllcers.
Jiut, as I said beloie, lm people think
the mantle ot Lincoln has lallen on the
broad shoulders ot .Indue Davis, nml fur
ther thrBiitih are will phased with ail
Hie decisions he has made concern in? re
construction. One thing Is to bo hoped
and devoutly prayed lor, anil that Is n
Utile less enthusiasm on the part of his
llloomtngtou friends who attended the
Cincinnati Llber.il convention, provided
they attend tho St. Louts convention, and
1 1 icy certainly will, lor Ihn "Future
Great" sends an In invitation to every
body, old i n I young, lo Join thejlargcst
gathering ever held in the west.
('41 A I,.
If inniSM'KO, Ills,, -Ua. 11, 1s7C,
Knre now nilninit a tenrmiKTlorartlrle
ol real Pt-v Iruni nil linmirltir. rsm-clullr
ailaiitnl for (.t.iIm nnd liouirliotil ni- grnrrsll),
which uru-lll ilclhrr in L'nlrn. un the Culm nml
VinrennFA track lir the car load ofsnn lmrlitls
nt nine f) centu lxr Imdii l, or to ilollam und
lUt-nty-nrc wills (.! 8') ktIiiii.
Wnlo Iiiiifh i-ry riiH-rlir Brllrlcuf Nut
Cim lil rh we will ifi-lhi r nn Imrk nl nlxtis-u
(In) ilnllun iM-r rr 1,11-lirln. TartU-n not
wittiliiK n car louil will mil ii'in K. M WanI 1111
Kijrhlh liTtt, l-chvft-n (ninicrrlal and Wnh-Inulociuveniic-i,
ami ! 1 nppllril nt n-ainnaltlr
trnns. Mr. Want will ulmi ilillu r litis coal tc
any part oriheclly Bl SI tt tn-rcar load, mak
this nal rintnlmut SJ M iwrlim. All thrroal
used bv IhcC.nnil V It. It. In eiiiilli-d from
oiiriiilnc,nni It lias no rtifrior hi the niarkit.
Ailittras nil outers Tor cunt til
Jas. A. Viall A Co.,
IIAIIIIIiSllt'Itn, If.l...
, Q"l'. M. Ward, K'l , lia tisims und will ile
ler Ililt rial a! M .V) m r cur. l-2u-,Itr.
No Belts or Bellows.
.lint what Is Wanted. -enil S-ccnl utaniii Tor
circular to K.MI'lIti; I'OftTA III.K KOHUli I'll,
iiiov, N. . a-i'lif
m Fm cotton
I III. ofiki
il Jil 1 I Ikrecelpl ct
WU1T IQruil re t
Kscti," a Treatlto oa tho
Caaie,UltorT, Cure and
rrneollooorPII,E)l. Pnt.
Hrtftl Ijr I'. NarA!:ii.
TKR rn, 44 W.lker KU-mL
.ttwTtr.it. !Dtl'HCKlga
DWII oflka tmud Kl.u. cn
receipt ct a Inur aunip.
rrdlK llUI.I.KTfN l.ulill.heU every mornhiK
(exciit Monday) In the Bulletin IlulMIng, cor
ncr Waiuiufcton avenue and Twel.lb atrett.
The IIcllisun 1 aerve.1 to city alcrlbi-r by
IdltWul carriers at Twenty-Five Ceuu aVetk,
puyalle Weekly, lly Mall, (lu adranrO, SlOper
annuinj tlx montln, r tlirec woiitln, . one
month, tl 'Jj.
I'ullhbed erery Thur.lay ruomlng tt SI 25
ei annum, Invariahly Iniulranw. HiejioitAKe
on the Weekly will 1 prepaid at this office, go
that uWrlU-ra will uhuln for a mihucrlptlon
rice of Sl a year.
Ilulne Canl, xt annum M oil
One aquare, one n6rtlon, i oij
One uare, two inwrtloiu .. i jij
One aquare, one wee , 2 ji)
One wiuare, two wika 3 50
One aquare, three ww-ks, i 00
Ou tquie, one tuuiuii 00
W X X X L V.
One iijiiare, one Insertion .ai 00
Kuch ute'ueiit liiH-rtlun u)
K3Onv inch la a nquare.
CtTo n-irular alvcrtlMra urcbOeriuiwrlor lu-
duamenUi, IhjIIi in u rat ot rliri and man
ner of illnplayhiK their favora.
OommuiiicaUona upon auhJecU of ean
eral lutoreat to the puhllo aolloltttd.
CCl-AII Hulnii.Iitfraiho!ilillM!a.lirfim-d to
fiilro llullfilu t'oiiiimny.
No. 314 N. 11th Straot, St. Louii,
K. A. f.UTZ. M. I). (In r.li.rv.1.
Obi AT q
l.-i ''"'"'latiiijn unU Ireatiiient. Only
0 11 ,f iuV ! wy SjHiclllc. I'riiiniil
, , 1 r! I'li' ""tli!iaiii Nervoiu .lUca.c.
. ,1. i1 "l''iatu. 1'i.r ciruular,
ml -tnn.p. :l-'Jj-iKVu Hit
I liav till day otienect at tho
Full Line of Furnishing Qopds andNotions!
Which I Will Bell at Figure!
And uiTlioy firu tbuUeHtofaOro.il yVhoUaitln Uanki utit Utock, It will
Be X&onoy in Tour Pcolsot to Buy of 17s.
Remember tho Place J. Burger's Old Stand Cor
ner Ninth Street and Commercial Avenne.
In Stock for Spring Trade:
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Pure Linseed Oil,
Guaranteed Boiled Oil,
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris White;
Importers and .ioliber.s nf
Foreign Fruits, American and English Pickles, Catsups, Sauces
t'nmiril flood, I NreU, (icriiuiu I'roiliico,
Soup Stuffs, Condiments, Flavoring Extracts, etc., etc.,
Fancy Groceries m Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to.
64 and 66 West Second Street, CINCINNATI.
upr 4 ttieiAsat IV
Are Tou Going to Paint?
u'.'f?ltyr"Vu.5? '" Wtilte.iiml nvcr One Hundred DlfTeront Oolora. mwlr of drlctly inline
lilli-I.iil, .liic ainl l.liiM-1-.l on, Chemically lomhlnnl. wurrantnl Much Hondaomeraml
Ctieapar, hihI to last I ItJi; AM Mi.Nli 111 any other paint. It ha taken the I'lnt 1'iemlunn at
....ii., mmcriiuiui uie union, ami la on iiinuy tlinunaiiil ol the liucsi lioimcn In thecountry.
rniCKs iti'.ni:ci:ii,s.tMn.i: oahii k.nt iiiki:,
H-'H-W It.
i ' i
T.m iiI.imiiI mIi.u.Ij ..r !. If....!.. I
.... ---n-M . .un u v.. ..iiuui: piunm niiniiKil
lor thu I'iaiio Korluwlll bearnt hy mall on re
ifliitoroneiliillar, (iiit paid) or nlnnle eoplea
ut f.'irentaearh,
Tjiey can aim, Iw onlf reil tliroiiKli any news
ik-alcrlii Ihv Unlttil hlalen.
I lappier ilaya tnttruiueiital .Tom Hrmvn
V Ity ran I not Kormt Clui llili-
Kur O'er the. Wiui-hh Mayhilh
IIIkIi Ufu-Wall. btniiia
Down wliere Ihe Vlolela lirow Uenteru
When Oil! Jrekaon lial lilt lay Weairiiiu
'Ihe (iramt Oli Karm ItuliW-.-
'1 hu Cullrire Qiiiektlep htwhtaiil
There's niftier In the ChikIIv Coote
lloyonlteally Think ',I. . i. ,
Ail.ln iu m-.l-ra in llenl W. llllclimrk. Tub
llaherdUThlnl Avenue, N. V. a-Mein,
old titand of J Burser, with
NuV.t Before OrTjroJ tothUOlty.
and Retail
Glues of all Grades,
Feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
31 St. Glair St., Clovelond, Ohio.
Fashionable Barber
TtA. X XV 3DIl.aafMXX
Between Wublnirton Mid Oommerotal

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