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JOKJT B. OltUT, Bdltor.
MIlirllMMVnilO!! IS ITS I.O
la MiotlKr colanm ve publlili a com.
mWiIcBlloii under tfeq caption . "What
the Uta CItjr, Election Trachea." Ac
companying thi communication w.u the
following note:
Mr. Editor : The enclosed eomiiiunl
cation Is Intended for ntthllcatlon. It I
left to your Judgment, however, to deter
mine whether It l meritorious or not.
In Judging of It merits von will much
oblige me by not being influenced by n
desire to please Totirc, fcc,
P. 8. I ihould not hesitate to give you
my name, In case you should get Into
Onrdear "Wllhclin" Is mlstnkcn. He
has conlounded the late school election
with tic municipal election. There has
been In Cairo no city election since last
April wtiea tha elector elevated into the
mayar'i office the distinguished gentle
man who now fills It with so much dig
nity in a manner Uiat teaches many
things and mates us the observed of all
observers. If 'Wlllielm'' could be In
duced to leant of Prof. Alvord, of the
High School, the "hlgh-prlced principal,"
as he Iscalled by some, "Wlllielm" might
be taught that an election for members of
the board of education Is not a city elec
It will bo observed that "Wlllielm"
doesn't give his name, but Inform? us
that he will not hesitate to give it to us If
we should tret Into trouble. We cannot
understand why ho believes wc may ge
Into trouble By publishing his communl
cation. Doc he believe the members
of the board of education have horns, and
tuedisnosition to gorccvery eitlen who
criticises their action? Wc do not bcllcv
the members of the board rejoice in such
weapons, and why should not "Wll
helis" bravo the terrors of them If they
dor Probably "Wlllielm" Is one of the
brave men who light gallantly when
there it no danger one of the many men
of Cairo who grumble behind some peo
ple's backs and have not the moral cour.
age to grumble before some pcoplo's
faces. Evidently, he propose to bo brave
at our expense, and give to in the help
of hi name alter his ambushed gallantry
ha got ih Into trouble. "Wlllielm" I:
so llud.
In the commencement of his toaiiinini
cation, Wlllielm" Indulges In a disser
tation upon political corruption. II lie
means any thing by thlc, he means to In.
sinuate that the gentlemen who supported
Messrs. .Saflbrd and Strattou went into
the market and "got" votes. He must
know that this is not true. Messrs. .Saf
lord and Stratton arc not politicians, and
are as honest, as careful ot the polls, as
Messrs. Harrcll and Mctcalf. Wc do not
believe that cither of the four gentlemen
named attempted in any improper man
ner to influence even one vote.
But of what would 'Wllhclm" com
plain r Wc believe that the school board
should be economical, and wc believe It
will be. Some of the heaviest tax-payers
of the city are on the board, and wc do
not believe they will throw away their
own money. What we object to iu the
actions of the board, U lu secrecy. We
would like to attend lu meeting occa
sionallywould like to take an interest
In Its proceedings. Hut how can we?
The board meets where? and when?
and what does It do when it does meet?
The county commissioners and the city
council meet In public at stated times,
and the board of education should protlt
by their example. No public body that
expends public moneys should meet In a
quiet manner, and by Itself, excluded
from the public eye, do Ita work.
(I'ouimimlcite.t ) I
WHAT IH; I.ATK CITi I'l.t'l.'IIOJf !
It U cmtomary among ollliv-holuVrg
In these degenerate days to act iu accord
ance with the wishes of the party which
elected them, regardless of the opinions
ol the minority, be It ever so large or In
telligent. It Is needless to say Unit thU Is wrong ;
more especially at the present time, when
among a certain class of people a vote Is
n. much an article of merchandise as
gold in Walt street or goods on the shelf.
Among such people every election day is
great auction snle, where votes are sold
to the highest bidder; some votes being
an X, some a V, others can be bought lor
dmm and still others can even bo had
for a little Jaw.
The majority is thus Invariably upon the
side which has the most vote purchasers
(electioneered n they nrc mildly termed)
out. These are lacts sad, but stern tacts,
which no one will contradict. Such a
stale ot affairs makes It very doubtful In
deed that the majority of the votes cast
arc really the voice of a majority ol
honest voters voters who pay taxes for
the support of local government, and are
interested lu the economical admlnls
tratlou of public adulrs.
The opinions ol tho minority party at
our late city election are certainly en
titled to consideration 011 the part ol the
newly elected directors, because, first
they were entertained by nearly one halt
of the voters, and secondly, because that
minority (?) counted within Its ranks
some of our heaviest taxpayers, anyone
of whom pays more taxes per annum
for school purposes alone, than ten an
perhaps llfty ol the class above referred
to. pay altogether, and .who probably
voted, were induced to vote, a"nliit Hie
For theso rea-sons, ai.d several other?,
which I may have occasion to mention
hereafter, I beg the gentlemen who have
lately assumed ollieial honors In the capa
city of school directors, to kindly turn an
attentive ear to the following, what 1 be
lieve to be "teachings of the late election."
I think It is generally known that Ihc
defeated candidates were the advocates
of retrenchment in our public school ex-pcn'-i's,
and as neatly one-half ol the vot
ers east their voles for these candidates,
wc must conclude that the opinions ol
the candidates wercsharcd.by I lie voter,
and that therefore tho election teaches.
Ilr.t : That nearly one-half of the voters
of the city ol O'alro, and very ItUly morn
than one-half ol le, iat tayers are oppos
ed to the manner hi which our public
school funds arc being sun!.-.
Whatever may be said of the
excellence ol our public schools
and the good reputation they have ob
tained abroad, it is a fact that that excel
lence and reputation arc kept up at an
enormous expeusc, and what is worse, a
volatiou of law ; an expense which wc
cannot only not all'ord, but which is far
beyond our means, and a violation ot law,
which If preslstcd lu and justified will
lead to greater violations and terminate
lu the utter disrespect of the iicoplc'
laws on the part of ofllclals.
That our lormcr board of directors did.
lu several instances, disregard the statutes
of the State bearing upon our public
schools, is well known, and as obedience
to the State laws conforming the
branches of study and the use ol text
books to the provisions ot our laws
was one of the planks lu the platform
upon which the defeated candidate
stood, wc must conclude that the late
election for directors teaches, secondly
That nearly one half of the voters and
very likely more than one-half of the tax
payers of the city of Cairo, are opposed
to Uils disregard on the part of the direc
tors ol the statutes of the State.
Gen. Itufus Ingalls, who has been act
ing quartermaster for about two years,
has been displaced and Gen. Meigs, the
real Incumbent of the position, has re
turned bis labors.
It was known some weeks ugo that
Meigs had suddenly been telegraphed to
by cable, to return from his eighteen
month' tour abroad, upon which the
President had ordered hlra, with a view,
as supposed, to oitn the way to the In
stallation or tngalls as quarter-master
general. It has leaked out that the Presi
cent took' the alarm when a resolution
wm Introduced Into the house a few weekn
a-jo, calling upon the secretary of war to
Inform the hou: under what authority,
for what object, and at what expense
to the public General Mclgn had been or
dered to vWU Kuroi, ami that Grant
found tliis resolution would U: followed
' by one requiring him to order Gen,
Meigs to return to this country, lu ob.
dlence to the dispatch fJcn. Meigs took
pamgc for homo aud arrived In Wash
ington some days ao. lie at
once reported to the president and
demanded to Ikj restored to the
untie 01 ins uuice. 'litis was
not what the president had desired as he
did not wish to throw Gen. Ingalls oyer
board. Hut Secretary Tall and Gen.
Sherman work well In harness together.
It appears, and these two had decided
that the good ot the m .tvIcc, and because
Melgi had on undoubted right .to the
quarter-master geiieral'H oiikc, required
that lie ihouiu rc put in poiicsnian of it
Grant retired from the contest, abaudou.
cd ingaili, and Meigs was restated.
Grant's equivocal conduct towards Urn.
Ingalls, reprcMCntiug to him that he
should not be displaced by Gcu. Mclgs
and then consenting to the reinstate
ment ot Meigs a few hours after
ward, Is very severely criticised by mu
tual friends of both parties.
The female Sankey, Miss Emma V. F
Snyder, who has been laboring In the
field of Southern Illinois during the last
year, has lound a rich harvest In ltentoii
In that town some seventy-live souls
have taken "a glorious leap from elu to
Christ," and Miss Snyder, not willing to
hide her light under a bushel, publishes
the names ol these new followers ot the
Lamb, In the Benton Standard. Among
them we llud the names of several attor
neys, and llud also that the number of
males converted exceeds the number of
females. Tills unusual feature of the re
vlval is due, doubtless, to the fact, that
the Evangelist is a female. Miss Snyder
is a member ol tho Methodist Kplscopal
church of IJllcn, and lives at Villa Itldgc
I - 1
Cor'vdt. fiiAMBr.n, I
Caihd III , Arll illi, 1ST0. J"
Present Ills llonoi Mayor Winter
nnd Aldermen Lancaster, NoIIIk, Pnrke'r,
I'atlor, Jtitlenlumse, Tlil'tlcwood, mid
Alderman Thhtlewood moved to
nincntl the mhuiti s of the last meeting,
by striking out the words "approved
nun" relating to the adoption of the ap
propriation bill, and to lncrt words
who, with tho 4iiayor,'' relating to the
mayor's communication at last meeting
Motion carried.
Alderman Patter moved a Mispenston
of rules nnd that the minutes as amended
bo approved without reading. Carried
Hi tho matter of uutlnlshed business,
'An ordinance permitting the uool part
of Levee street" was read. Aldermiui
Nellis moved the ordinance bo laid upon
the table, and that action be ludell ill t-
ly postponed. Motion carried.
The following reports of city ofllcors
were presented and read, nnd on motion
ol Alderman Wright, approved ami or.
dered tiled.
Reports of ,lno. Clancy, city Jailer for
March; .I.J. lllrd, P.M. for February
F, Hross, P. M. for February.
The report of A. Coinings, J. P.. for
April was presented and read, and, on
motion of Alderman Wright, referred to
Finance Committee.
Tho Finance committee made the fol
lowing rcpoil :
To tils Honor tlir .Mayor unit (.much of llic
City f Cairo
Gi:xti.i.aii: : Vour committee, to
whom was referred the communication of
our treasurer, would report as follows :
That after duo deliberation on the mat
ter In question, the only plan w e can sug
gest ami recommend iu the absence of
lunds will be
First, To reconsider the vote taken at
tho la.-t regular meeting, authorizing a
warrant In favor of treasurer for amount
ot Levee Pay ltoll; and then would sug
gest that a warrant be Issued In favor of
the treasurer for tho amount already ex
pended on necouiit of last pay roll ; and
also a warrant for the unexpended bal
ance in the Levee fund, to be given lilm
ns a voucher when the said balance Is paid
out to the creditors pro rata.
Second, That tho treasurer bo author
ized to have Levee warrants printed (or
blank amounts, (on same conditions ns
lormcr ones) bearing 10 per cct. Interest
Irom date, and lllled up by said treasurer
for the amount due each creditor on tic
count of New Levee, to be signed by the
mavoraud city clerk, and paid out by
tlie"trcuurerai a settlement lu full on ac
count of New Levcc.
KesDeetlullv submitted.
Wood lirnT.Niiou.-Ji:,
ItA-i. O. Patieii,
Finance Committee.
(Alderman Vocutu appeared and took
his seat.)
On motion or Aldeiman right, the
report was received and concurred in by
tho following vote:
Ayes Lancaster, Nellis, Parker, 1'a
tler, Klttenhousc, Thlstlcwood. Wright
ami Vocutu 8.
On motion of Alderman Uiitenhousc
the clerk was authorized to cancel the
order authorized to be drawn in favor of
the treasurer at the last regular meeting
for lull amount of Lcvcc Pay ltoll.
V petition Irom Jas. DeMott, manager
of ltothchlld's show, asking the council
to grant said show license free one day-
was, on motion of Alderman Wright, re
ferred to the Ordinance committee, witli
instructions to report at next meeting.
The fnl lowing bills were presented and
read, and on motion of Alderman Patier,
referred to thu committee on claims
Henry Winter, mayor, salary.
March S 11 07
W. F. Ax ley, clerk, salary March 75 00
II. F. Make, treasurer, salary
March 50 00
John II. Gorman, uiarshal.salary
iiarcti ib W
V. Lallue, A. Cain, A ooten,
Henry Sargent. Win.llrown, M.
O'Malley. police constables',
each GO 00
J. lllrd, P.M 25 00
Tin: snow along the track ol the I nloi
Paeltio railroad, about tho middle
March, was from four to twelve leel dee
and in mjiiio of tlw deep gulches, was on
hundred feet deep. 1 lie snow guages
on the Nevadas show a fall of tlireo bun
ureu aim elgiitv-ninc Inches of snow
during tho winter. The- track oftlio rail
road was opened by Inimen-c snow plows
operated by locomotives ami hundreds o
('hiiicsc. On some portions of the road
the track was blockaded for lour days
and in some of tho villagen along the
line only the combs of the roots ot the
houses could be seen above the snow.
It. W. Tow.NSHi-.Nn of ijUawnetlowii.
Is announced as. , Democratic candidate
In the nineteenth' district, subject to the
decision of. the Democratic cougrcssloual
couventioatobulxld at Mt. Vernon on
Thb poatomce clerk at Cincinnati
waste Ute midnight oil now whenmak.
ng up the malls at night, and the post-
Offlce at t. loui is lighted with candles
Sn: considerable excitement atSai
Francisco against Chinese emigration I
developed Itself recently, and the Chinese
company have telegraphed Irom that city
to Hong Kong that emigration must
cease for Ihc present.
Dx Jli'.v.v's trial at SI. Louis has bee
continued until the September term
court. The indictments at Chicago are
crowding Daniel, and it becomes neces
sary that omo ol his (rials shall be lal
CO 00
00 00
00 00
IX) 00
18 00
18 00
7 CO
3 70
7 50
1 CO
ii :t:i
17 50
Tm: Democracy generally regret the
defeat of David A. Wells by u ltadlcal
majority lu his district in Connecticut.
The country and the party need such
men in Congress.
JuikikDavw K. Hsu:, who died hi
Cincinnati a (ew days ugo, left an estate
of ten millions ol dollars, lie made his
money by investments In real estate
Uross. P.M..
Itougli and l'eady Fire Co., one
quarter's allowance to April 1st
Arab Fire Co., same
Hibernian Fire Co., same
Delta City Fire Co.. same
13 ridge I Mulligan, tjoarumg men...
It. 11. Cunningham, rent of coun
cil chamber .'
Cairo UcM.r.Tt.v, proceedings etc.,
in .Marcn
las. Koss.coal for Jail
Jas. Hoss, coal for police depart
Jas. Doss, coal for clerk's ofllcc...
Jerry Murphy, work on old levee
II. Cashman, word on old levee...
M. Drlscoll.work on old levee
Jas. Harrington, work on old levee
D. Foley, work on old levee
K. llalrd, fsr.,work on out levee...
IE. llaird, Jr.. work on old levee...
John laucy, Jailer, extra meals...
Joint ( laucy, dieting pi 1-OHi-rs
. rowers, naming ucaueow
to r her
Peter Conly, work on sidewalk,..
i, i..n,r. r..i..... ..h1' .fill.
If. 'IL tiling, l J Hum
jail gang
D. McCarthy, days work with
jail gang ill ri'uruui
Jas. Farrcll, hauling 11 loads
1. norman. biipcriiiicmiaiu ol
C. W. Wheeler A Co.. coal and
wood for pest home
Cairo lliu.i.r.Tiv, letter heads and
envelopes lor chief of police
Mlie following communication was
presented and read by his honor the
Mayor, and on motion ol Alderman
Patier, received and ordered tiled.
To Hit City Council of Hit Clly of Cairo
Gi.Nn.r.Mi:, At a regular meeting of
muciiy council iiciu .siarcii Tin, tho fol
lowing resolution was passed:
Msuirw, inaiioriiiu purpose ol im
proving m. -nary s pane, tno street com
mlttec arc henmy authorized to mak
arrangements Willi a reliable party lor
use on of same, consideration to be nlaut-
lng';ind maintaining shudo trees, nnd other
improvements, ns in judgement ol com
uiltteo may be required, such arrange
ments to oc rcpoucu to urn council.
1 would state to tnu council that you
navo no aiiiiioruy 10 icaso property no
uated to tho city lor public use to nrlvat
parties for private uses, and tho carrying
out oi i no auovo resolution win ijo i
virtual abandonment ot the city's Interest
In and to the use of said park, and it will
revert to the possession of the trustees of
the Cairo City Pronorty. Please seo at
tached to, and made n part of this com
munication, a notice from S. S.Taylor,
trustui, of their right).
Also on the same evening the follow
ing resolution was adoptedT
Jtctoleed, That tho Mayor bo requested
to reduce the police force of tho city to tho
number provided by amendment to sec-
10 00
0 no
m oo
o oo
tloij siimber :w of ordliinnrV number 'J,
Haiti nnct on ki rathe nollcp ferec hnll
constat ofthccltv maHmlland'flvo pollru
constables, ami 'I would state that that to
just tho number now on duty authorized
ny ordinance.
Ordinance No. 70 provide for the ap
pointlnont of n health olllcer, Inspector of
meats, eic, with police powers, saui oi
tlcer to bo appointed by the mayor and
council, and who shall hold his olllco dur
ing tnc pleasure of the mayor, provided
however, he maybe removed by n vote of
mo majority or the Aiuoriuan eiccr.
Now, 1 am ol the oiiinlon It 1 not advis
able to remove him, a 1 thul him a very
elllclciit officer, and lie having received
his appointment by a petition or nil tno
aldermen olact, I did In re.pono to the
prayer oi sain petitioners, maKc mc ap
pointment, and ho bclnz the only police
man wnom 1 could iiicnargc. nnu inn
only ono I could detail lor special duty
without reducing the regular numorizcu
force : I therefore refer the maltertoyoii.
and If In your ludccmcnt you thliiK It
eccssarv lo rm men i noiireineii, you
have the reined v ourselves by making
the removal ol the health olllcer.
Yours respectfully,
Hknrv Wistkh, mayor,
Orrtci: or Tiicstke or tmk )
Cairo Cur l'noiT.iiTV
CxiM. ILL , March J, IsTC. )
To the llonorsblt Henry Whiter, Mayor of the
City Cairo llUi
Sin : I observe by the published pro
ceedings of the city council, that the
street commlitun Avere on tho 7th Inst
"authorized to make arrangements with
some rcllablo party lor the use ot St
Marr's tinrk."
This Is to notify you, and through you
tho city council, that any such arrange
ment will no coii'lilcreu ns mi noanuon
IlllMlf hethecitv of their Interest In said
park, and that thereupon Immediate
measures will bo adopted to reduce It
Into the po-eslon of this trustee, as Its
private property. Very respectfully,
vour obedient servant
S. S mat., Tavi.ok. Trustee.
Aldeiman Lancastcrofleredthe follow
ing' resolution.
llcioteal, That tho mayor appoint a
committee ot three, who with his honor
arc requested to call oh Hon. S. Stoats
Taylor, and sec If some arrangements
can bo made by which the proceedings
now in court against tho Cairo & bt.
Louis Itailroad cannot be stopped, lu or
that tho new levee may be sold
to tho Cairo & St. Louis Itailroad
Co., for the purpose of finishing suld
now levee, ami paying the Indebtedness
of same.
Hcsolutioii adopted by the following
Ayes Lancaster, Nellis, Parker, Pa
tier I.
Nays llltleiihoue, Thhtlewood and
Alderman Vocuui was excused from
voting by the lollowiug vote:
Ayes Lancaster, Nellis, Parker, Pa
tier, Itlttcuhouse, Thhtlewood and
The mayor appointed as such commit.
teo Aldermen Lancaster, Kittenlioiisc
and Nellis.
Ou motion of Alderman Lancaster the
Street Committee was Instructed to find
out the cost of 'J00 trees, and the
setting out and boxing of the same at St.
Mary's Park, and report at next meet
mho loiiowing ordinances weie pre
sented and read, and referred to Ordl
nance Committee : '
"AN OKOINANCK to create the onlrenrCIty
Be Itorihunedby the clly council oflhe clly of
tairo ;
Stcrinx 1. Tliat the laarnr ihnll. anil hf U
hereby ordered, on or about the let ilay of May.
isiu, io aiiuoioi, wiui inu uurice anu upprovai
of the city council, a clly comptroller for the
cltyor;olro, who-e lerm of office aliall be for
one year.
SEC. 1. The coinutoller lhall haven snlirr of
three hunilml ilollari, which nun shall be in
lleuornll his service lor raid city.
AN OltDINANCK lo refrulatethe use ol sleam
power on anil alnntr atreels and aenue with
in the cnrrteliiiillii oflhe city of Cairo.
Be it ordained by Hie city council of the clly of
Sectiox 1. It shall nt be lawful for anv
railroad louse uteam power for tramlt of trains
on Commercial avenue, betueen the north aide
of Twentieth street and the .South aide of Second
street, on said avenue; aUo on Ohio ec street,
btween the north side of Fourteenth meet and
the south aide or&ecnd ftn-eti also on Second
street, betweea the hour of C o'clock a in, anil
, o clock p.m. or eacn uay.
Sac. 2. A violation of Section 1 nrihltnnll.
nance shall subject the offenders to a tine of not
loss than llfty dollar nor more than two huii
drtd dollars for each and every otfente.
The State nnd city liquor bonds of
Miles W. Parker and A. Hagglo were
read, and on motion, approved.
Ills Honor Mayor Winter appointed
the following judges and clerks for tho
city election on the lid Tuesday iu April :
1st Ward Judges. O. W. McKaelg,
Jewett Wilcox, Jo?. Able. Clerks,
Tho. Winter, Ja. Garland.
2d Wardfudges, W. M. Williams,
Peter Nell', A. J. Carle. Clerk, Geo.
Olmstcad, C. N. Hughes.
3d WardJudges, F. Vincent. M. M.
Vourd.John Wood. Clerks, L. Axley,
J. W. Hill.
4th Ward Judges, F. M, Ward, M.J.
McGaulcy, Win. Wolf. Clerks, John
Holmes, J. P. Hely.
Cth Ward Judges, .1. P. Gamble, J. C.
Talbott, Thos. Porter. Clerks, W. II.
Morris. Karncst II. Pettlt.
On motion of Alderman Patier, coun
cil adjourned. W. F. Axi.kv,
city Clerk.
lIsMlpplbetWeeiithf tn.mOii.f the llll-
nun ami vuin
liuDMtrmrataof mouth of Mhsftslppl.. loo.taci
Oiajfrrlter .;. W.0"?
i anokia cnnie - v-"'
The sub-eommlttec of ways and means,
consisting ot Hancock, Chapln and
llurchnrrt, in cnarce oi me wnisKy uix
question, has reported to the full commit
tee against any reduction of the rate and
the subject was considered to-day. The
decision was posiponeti limn i nur'tiay,
when tho report of the sub-committee
will undoubtedly lie sustained.
Tin: TnKASt'iiY nmciiAY.
The rlnnle of excitement created by
the failure of the appropriation tor fuel
and lights In public buildings Is calmed
to-day by tho agreement ol tho house
appropriations committee to report a d
llcleney bill of $100,000 on Friday. Tho
greatest inconvenience irom pocrciary
hrlstow's order tails upon the pnst-olll-ccs,
liuller Marshall, who Is acting post
master-general, proposes to divert an un
expended balance of tho appropriation
ror Heating ami ugnnng post-omccs not
in public buildings, and In this way seri
ous trouble will be avoided.
Tin: nr.i.KN'Ai- impkaciiiiknt.
The presentation of articles of Impeach
ment of Kclkuap iu the senitc to-day by
the house managers was a dull show.
The galleries were lull but not crowded.
Not more than llltccu or twenty of the
members ot the house wero on the lloor.
.Mr. Lord rend the articles In n low mum
bling voice whlio the senators did any
thing else but listen to the reading. The
senate will organize ns a rourt to-mor
row, Mr. Ferry, president pro tern., and
not tho chlet justice of the supremo
court, ns in tho Impeachment of the prov
ident, presiding. Then the senator will
bo sworn, rules for tho court adopted
and an order issued summoning Gen.
llelknai) to appear at a day. n week or o
later. Past precedents seem to make it
optional with the house to attend (he pro
ceedings of the Impeachment court iu
body or not, as they please.
UKsroNsi: fiio.m mkckktahy iiiiistow.
Secretary Hrlstow has sent a reply to
the Lynde resolution adopted by the
house on Monday, staling that he has
paiil no money to any newspaper man
except tho commercial reporter of n St.
I have thU itny oimued at tlmolJ IjUiul of J Burner, with a
Full Line of Furaishing Eroods andNotions!
Which I Wilt Bell ut Fliruroa Never Before Ottered to thin City.
And hi They are tbu Beit of u Oreat WholuaaU IiiUilli uiA iilock, it will
So Money in Your Foolset to Buy of T7a.
Louis naiier, evidently Colony,
signed his position as reporter three or
who re
four days niter his employment by the
treasury department, ilrlstnw says he
has had much valuable Intormutlon from
other newspaper men but paid nothing
for It.
muicTiox or iivna's nomination.
The senate to-day rejected Ihc nomina
tion ot Mr. Dana. Humor says the dcl.
which has characterized consideration of
the nomination was Intended tor Mr.
Sehcnck's bcnctlt. It Is said he Is very
poor, scaicely able to pay hotel bills even,
and us he continues to receive pay until
his successor is appointed. Ids friends In
tnc senate nave ncrn spinning mini's out
so us to give him a little money.
Romombor tho Place-J. Burger's Old Stand
nor Ninth Stroot and Commercial Avenue.
r . - . . a . .
I'liarem Airalimt IJon. Merrell tlUsln.
Iipl Kltc-r liiiiririuinl Airu.
lirlKllunWiTie 'areuaury Urltrlur.v
rlttr ll'lkiiii, liiitHrltiiienl Hrjec
lion or IIkiiu'n Nouiliiullen.
Washington, April -I. Gen. Hender
son was examined by tho special whlsKy
commutes to-day, but no new facts In're
gard to Interlcreiico with tho ring trials
wero evoked. His examination was not
concluded, and will be continued to-mor
CilAUUi:S iliAINST cjkn. .mkiiiiki.i..
'Ihuhoubd military committee tiro to
exainlnlno (im. Custer to-morrow re
garding charges against Gen. Merrell re
spectinir brllies received for putting down
hu-klux In South Carolina. Gen. Merrell
says tho matter was Investigated by a
K-iiBtc committee hi 187:1, and ho was
honorably acquitted. Another charge
against Merrell which is before tho samu
committee Is that he took u bribe when
luduc-ndvocato (lf u court-martial in
Texas a year or two ago. Ho claims
this was liivcfti-atcd by tho war depart
ment, under a demand made by him for
u cotut of Inquiry, and that there was not
loiimiuvcu iKtsis enough lorun inquiry.
MISSISsllll liivmt lMl'ItOVUMKNTH.
The river and harbor bill, as reported
by tho committee, 0n commerce, shows
that tho MissMppl rlvor appropriation
havu not been reduced from previous
years. The Items are :
SI, Anthony fall tH.fne,
Unr MIllM'l , , '.mi.kio
Illinois riu'r ((i.iytj
Di-t Mol-iea rapl'lt TS.iio
Itock lUul rapiils :,)u
Jilslmliil, .MI.Hunrl and Arkuutan
rlTfrn... , Yi',t)
rjUlK DUIJ.E'riN Is -mblltlir.W-.rrr morning
(txotpt Mon'Uy) In tlie IlulUtln llnllOInu, rur
nrr Waalaingten avenue and Twelith ttnet.
Tiu ncLLKTi.N la aenr-1 to city auUcriWra by
faithful curriera at Twenty-Five Centa a Wrrk,
payable vreekly. lly.Mull, (In advance), lUier
annumi l umntlu, three luunttm, tV, nut
month, SI is.
Published every ThttraJay morning at tl 25
pes anirtun, invariably in udvanre. 1 he
on the Weekly will I prepaM at this office, eo
that eubrlbera will obtain for a aubacrlntlon
rice of 1 a year.
Ilualneaa Carda, per annuo Jo (X)
One, aijuare, one naertlon , wj
One aquare, two Insertions 1 M
One aipiare, one wee , j
One aquare, two werla 3 go
One aqnare, three weekn, 4 ocj
On npne, one month w
W K K K I. y .
One ai'itare, one luaertlon, $1 oil
Kath aubaeipient Inaertlon bo
O-Oiie Inch fi a atiare.
k3ToiVKtilaruitvrrtlrera vreoOrrauiierlorln
diiotmenta, both a. to rale ol 1 harsea ami man.
ner of OUplayliiK llirir favora.
OommunloKtlona) upon uhlaoU of gen
eral Interatt to the public olloltod,
CCfAll lliulnmUtUraahoiil.lbe aUil-vaaed to
Cnlro BiiIIcIIb Coiiiimiir,
WholOHulo riiiu Rotuil
In Stock for Spring Trade:
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Pure Linseed Oil,
Guaranteed Boiled Oil,
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris White;
Glues of all Grades,
Feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
Importers and .lohhers of
Foreign Fruits, American and English Pickles, Catsups, Saucos
l iiiiiiiMl (iiMMlo. -li, Neeili, fli-rimiu l'roiluro.
Soup Stuffs, Condiments, Flavoring Extracts, etc., etc.,
Fancy Groceries in Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to.
64 and 66 West Second Street, CINCINNATI.
uprt tnpiAat Ihv
Are T ou Going: to Paint?
?.-f?df' r"f Hi? '" White, ami ovtr One Hundred Different Colors, inadi-of alrlclly iirim
While I.(ui, .Ihb iiikI Mii.nil Oil .Ohemloally combliial, warrnntol Muoh Handaomer uml
Obeaper, uuil to lat 'I Wil l; AS I.ONli m uiiv other )alnt. It liaa taken the Flrat freniinin ut
iweniy Mute rulrHonii Union, unil in on many thoiiHaiul of the lliient liuuara In tlierountry.
Aihlrc, 3VriIjIjEin. BnOTHBIlH,
i'iiicks itKiiitc'HiiAMi'i.K ('Aim oknt KiiKK. Bl St. Oloir St., Cleveland, Ohio.
!ua-r It. '
fen elegunt nlieeta ol Cholco Music nrnilignl
io I'luuii roriewiii iieneni ny muunnre
of ont'dnllur, (poiit iulil) or ulngle rniilm
lor the I'luuii Kortewill lienent by inalloiire
ceim oi one urn
at lb renta raeh
They en almi nt urilereil IIiiiiiikIi uny
ileitterln the I'lilteil htate.
Ilaiiierilnya luatrumeiilul
Why ran I not Foritet
Far O'er the Wavra ..m
High Mfe-Walta
Down where the Vlolela tlrnw...
When 01iUrrkon had III Hay..
The Oram! uui r arm,
Tha Collexe Qulckateii
'l here' iwiwr
Id the Cunille..
Do you Jtcally Think he Illilr,
,'l'oni llrown
Aii.lreaa nnlerx to llcnl.W. IlitcheoeL. Pill,
IIlierH,.)MTIilnl Avenue. N, V. '.'''-iIi.iii,
Fashionable Barber
Betweau Waahinston and

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