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griff uni.;J0'
OKirrjt toNlt at the Centennial.
Et-OorsN8tijiof ,ol XewYorV,
lu tan tuBering from JIMieaJlli.
Secretary Ciunduiii, on tlic solicita
tion of Boric, once Grant' sccretaty of
the nvy, gave a thousand dollar to help
get Bibcock on hli fect ngaln alter his
The Rhode Island election on Wednes
day resulted u follows : Lippitt, regular
Republican, 8J13; Howard, Republican
Prohibitionist, fl',227 ; Beach, Democrat,
3,472. The election will be decided by
the legislature, which Is Republican, mid
will elect Llppltt.
Tin: iiiioli Press associaUou meuU in
Toilet tttt month, and elaborate urnnara.
Hons are bclnir made tor tlm rrixtitlnn
andentcrUliiincutor Uic knights ot the
qaiu. a ball and banquet, au ciitcr tain
meat at the niwra Uoiiir. vlkffir'ArmK nrn,
ilcntlary, roanufacturius cstabllslmirntn.
4c, Ac, are among thu jleaiiire. to be
oncreu 10 tnc visitor.
Mm. I):m.a .Mason Doivium.. wll'u (if
ffm. T. DowclalJ, editor of the Peoria
Aatwnal Dtmocrat, died in Peoria on
Wednesday tnornlnif last. Mr. Dow
tlall died of typhoid liner from which
she had suflcrcd for three mouths. Tim
many friends of Mr. powdall throughout
tho State sincerely lytnpathi.e with hhn
in ids severe affliction.
Tiik president Mill, it Is bclmml, ii.
olnt Longfellow as mlnlturto Kiiglund.
Longfellow has ncvur stolen anybody's
literary labor, and Mat; a New England
maa, though not a native ol Massachu
setts, hlsjappoiutincnt may appease the
wra th which the rtjeetiuu of Dana excited
in New England's breuM .Asa) out I .ong
fellow is Tcry popular in England, and
would be warmly received there.
Kvkry uowaud then woaro nominated
by somebody tor soniethlng. The latest
position to which we have been nomi
nated is speaker of the houu or tlm next
rcneral assembly. Tills is kind, and our
friends havo our thanks. IVe know we
ought to be elected speaker. This wo
ay modest'. But to offer us tho speak
ership is to offer us achicktn that has not
yet been hatched from an egg that lias not
yet been laid, and with no rooster in
The Anna Union says: "We have
met and conversed with Col. MeKcaltr.
'the Cairo postmaster, wilum the lew
'days past. Mack is a greenback Repub
lican, and would stand aj good a chance
'ot election to congress as any man in
'the district which the Republican party
'1 likely to place In nomination." Why
not V The gallant colonel is just the man
for the Radicals. They should hesitate
no longer. They should nominate him
at once, and then elect him it they can.
This Is the way in which the Paducah
A'em does not tell the truth about us :
"The river is to high now at Cairo that
an earnest prayer Is sent up there for a
continued calm. A little whirllgust of a
breeze from the right direction would
throw the Mississippi Into the town."
The rlrer at this point has often been
higher than It is, and it would take a hun
dred whlrligusts of breczo acting together
as a hurricane to throw the Mississippi
into Cairo.
The Illinois penitentiary commission
era have cut down the salaries ot all tiie
employes of the prison, from tho assis
tant oeputy warden to tho "last recruit
'on the wall." Tne reduction made is
twenty per cent, of the salaries and talis
hard on a class ol men whose wages
were not princely before they were re
duced. The board of commissioners
have not reduced their own salaries,
a matter that gives this exhibition of
economy as to the salaries of tmplovcs
an Inconsistent look.
The Stale Jovrnal says wc are lighting
the two-conventions trick maiiltilly, bid
it fears uwucccMfully. Why does it fear
this? When a deiiiultloii Radical bow
won paper tears wc may not succeed, wo
fear il would he a bad tliinr to succeed.
Or Is the Journal at lu oldlrkV of helping
the RtgUter while ptetcndlng to oppose it?
We almost know we will not eticcecd in
our opposition to the two-conventions
uowardicu. The thing has l.on sot up on
ui, as lu slangy boys say. Ed ha llxtd
Bill, and the dog's dead.
Tnr.HK ougut to be fair play among ed
itors, but there Is not. The Carlwndalc
Obitrer, followiug in the lead of other
uiuair nsptrt, misconstrues the languag
'i iuc aiiwiiuale Utm'itrat about
political wur that Uie Republican party
gcu airaiuu uiu .South. Thu
nntr uyg thc Denoerat failed to
woroe tuat expressed its meaning. This
uoi irue, and only unfair pmorn, conic
.ousiruiM me language of thc Dm
rU to mean w,al Uiu Obitrver Mr, it
"Timothy," the correspondent 0fthe
fuUy. Then," eay8 this ,0 ,
S; abandon Cairo to lc
Jtmond build a great city ,ipoll a rock
encourage U ItU.Uu.lppi to WMi her
to the gull? This accompiuuta, win,
(beopenlBgoithe river's tnouu, toT
'MA WBO kOare it-tt tlm i..
'Cairo W0ii be the rival in number,,
'greater taewtameree than Kt.i.oni.
bead of deep water navigation, the heart
of an empire, the gralnery for the
'otne now. trood State Jonm.it. sit
down here, mid let us talk together
about the jmllllcal situation.
lou say to us:
"It Is plain you will never be happy
until you abandon the corrupt Democ
raey and join thc Republicans. Come
In, friend Oberly; there Is still room."
No, thank you. What was It tho spi
der said to the fty ? No, no. Even ad
mitting our party to be going to or at the
bad, what about yours? Would it be
wise to get out of tho Democratic frying
pan Into the Radical fire? Who, having
good sense, would adv!o us to leave thc
Democratic pastures, poor though they
may be, to batten on tho Radical moor?
"Abandon the corrupt Democracy and
'Join the Renubllcans 1" Why. mv dear
journal, the Republican party Is not, if
wc arc correctly Informed, a proper ret
uge for n person flying from corruption.
wc remcmDcr correctly, a large moue
corruption Indeed a wholo drove of
mice, some thousands In number was
lately found in the Republican meal tub'.
is it not the voice of the lamented :iud
poetical Republican, Col. .Inhu A. Joyce,
mat we near wcllliiir or swnllliit'. nr
aometljliig of that kind, out ol tho Ml-
. . t .!-..! . . ' 11 . .
uuri ciuu:iiuiir) , minimum v Miim. ;
My name wm Johnny .tiiyre,
Ail stole t
A ail it tnailc my limit irjoirr
A I rtlfl Willi ilinutlnK Tulir,
A 1 tulr,
Ami wrote Willi my good .m
1'nr Uic jura.iirM unit thr Him .
A) I Mole,
M'thrlujl Ku'llruU
Ahoulf'l nil rtf in. Dip wl,
As nt Molt
It If, it is the volco of.luyce!
sad and bcautiliil his fong ! What was II
on Mid, my dear.uwmi", about the cor
upt Democrats?
And, by the way. U not that long inn.
cession, headed by Hie unfortunate Uel-
nap the iii'Plc-eatvr. Ilie ylehlcr to
temptation, tho latter-day Adam 1
not that long procession, winding lis way
towards thu ticnltciitiarv as iiiiiiiriil'ullv
as a funeral pi'ocisiou toward thu grave,
a Radical procession r Ah! sir, if tho-.u
wlio march in It had in their lintictt
hands torches, ami on their shoulders
Tanners' capes, no one could distinguish
that proccMlou Irom one ol your inimi
cal iiroceshioni of 187J -nr one. In il
nro thcauio fellows thu wry amo men
who wno loudcit lor tJrant when tiree
Icy was beiug killed bv thc tontiuc
of Radical Malice and Frflsehood. All it
lacks is the government brass baud that
used to go before Its brass faces. Kx-
cusu us ; but did wc hear you make a re
mark about thc corrupt Democrats ':
Hcforc wo lorcet to remember, wc
beg to call your attention to tho robberies
aiuic soiiin. Who plundered Arkansas?
aud Texas? and Georgia? and Virginia?
and North Carolina? and Mississippi?
Who arc now plundering South Carolina
and Louisiana ? If you do not see proper
to make reply, let Echo answer. But
don't you know Ol course, being some
what intelligent, you do But have vou
the honesty to admit, that, in all the
Southern Status, Radicalism means
thievery ? And, by the way, docs It mean
lllllll 111 111U Aurin.
Put that down, now. Don't shako
that shirt that bloodv. blasted shirt In
our face. That's a trick of yours. When-
ever we get you in a comer, out comes
your bloody shirt, aud to thc breeze you
mng it. nut the trick won't work with
us. Vic are talking about your rorrii-
As we wen saying, Radicalism and
Corruption are synonymous term". Or
If we were not savin? this, wtw uhnut to
say it. It is a fact, and you know it. And
yet you have thc Impudence to say t us:
"lou win never be iinnnv until vou
, , , ,
abandon the corrupt Democracy and join
the Radicals."
Really now, friend Journal, you ought
to be ashamed ol yourself ; and at once,
In a paroxysm of political remorse, you
should abandon the corrupt Radicals
and Join the Democrats, who will be lust
as honest as thc day Js long when David
Davis sits in the White House.
Come, now ; our arm arc open. Fly
Into them.
The lion. Jerc llarahou ol Selin.-i.
Alabama, representative In congress from
the first district ol that State, had an In
terview with President Grant during tins
llliH'Si ol thc latter. Hural'on ii a col
orcd man, one of thc six who Mood by
President Grant on the third tortu reso
lution offered in the Houc in the early
part of the present m ion. lu the con
versation betNveeii llmnUon ami thc
Preridciit, It was developed that Grant,
as has long been popularly Mummed.
favoii .Senator ('onkling as his jiic-cc-'or
and will throw Ihe weiL'ht
of ) Inlhli'liii' Ifi liriri" n In silt
such a re'iilt. Mr. Haralson
asMirrd I'lcideni Grant nt iiU
iinwavtring devotion to Grant liim-dl us
thccaiididateandnsrilalnedto him that
thc people of Alabama me very much
divided on the pre-ldnitlal nticitloti.
Ihietow, Morton and Colliding being
the thii.e candidate who have about an
equal amount of fctrcngtli. 'J ho late di
cUlen of thu
lorcemcnt act, ihlch is not iiuderetood
by the people, lias had the eflccl lo make
Uicm look towatd Morton foi ileli
Irom iniagimil oil.
The President icinarked that
Mortonlwas a very good Republican
and a very strom: man. but sniii
that Mr.? Conkllii!? w:i au..
a stronn man and had always been up
right and couslatcnt ami had nccr had
IiU reputation asballed in anyway. The
President lnoulrcd how thc delegation of
Alabama would go-for what candidate?
Mr Haralson could not say; Mr. Morton
was very highly thought of; to was Mr.
Conkllng and Mr. Brhtow, but thu col
orcd people would have none of Blaine,
On this Grant reiterated his conviction
that Conkllng would mako
1 President, and IlaraUon asked, "Why,
r. rrcsldeut are you goinir to elcc.
"oneertor him?" Grant' un.wor ,r
that he was deeldedl)
In favor of Mr. Conkllng, as M thought
'e wouia make the strongest Republican
candidate, llnralson informed the 'resi
dent that there was a preference for Mr.
Bristew among thc old lug element In
his .State, an clement that does not like
the Democrats and that does llkellrlstow
because lie l a .Southern man. After
some lurtlicr conversation, In which thc
President assured Ilarnlson'.that he would
do all In Ills power to encourage and pro
tect thc colored people, the Interview
A few days ago Hon. Win. ,1. Allen
addressed a large assemblage of citizens
at Miirphysboro, and discussed thc issues
01 the day. Thc ImUpemlent, of that
place, informs us that the Judga opened
by a reference to a movement among the
people to throw off the dictation ot thc
political leaders and think for them
selves. Under our system of govern
ment he said, giving expression to a not
iibw but certainly a now too little regarded
Idea, thc public olllccrs aro the servants,
the agents of the people, who hold the
power to apply tho corrective lor'ec to
abuses ol the trusts confided to their
agents by removing them from thc pol
tlons they disgrace, Tho speaker then
denounced centralization of power and
lauded the benefits of local government.
Ilodti larcd lor the abolition of the na
tional banks nnd a currency adequate to
the wants ol trade and commerce a
currency baod upon the credit of tho
government and issued directly Irom the
ti'c.cury hi tiie form of greenbacks. Un
equal and iiiiiiift taxation camu in for
their share of denunciation.
We cannot, from this shurl report of
thc speech, fairly judge of its merits;
hut wo have no doubt that, hi thu main,
It wa all that .lodge Allen'.-i Democratic
I'lieiiiU rspeetcd it would bo. Wc do
not agree with .ludgo Allen In some of
the positions lie has assumed upon thc
money question ; hut wo believe, when
ho has conic to understand that his owi
parly Is not in favor of Uiu o.trcuio ideas
ol the iullatlou school, ho will modify
his views somewhat and all into line
with tho masses of the Democracy upon
a platform that rclu-cs to recogiiic the
doctrine thai the precious metals hall
not he the basis ol tho currency.
a it it'ii iu:ii'i:m.
Vcaia ago, a gentleman by the name ot
Walter L. Newberry Invested largely In
real estate in the city of Chicago. As
the city grew, the property grew in value,
and al the death of Mr. Newberry lulbGS,
he left an estate ol three millions of dol
lars. His immediate heirs were Ids wife
aud two unmarried daughters, mid thu
terms of tho will were as follows: If h
daughter, died without Issue.iinmcdiately
on the decease of .his wife, or Immediately
after the decease of the last surviving one,
if the wife died prior to that event,
the estate was to be equally divided one
half to go to tlm brothers nnd sisters of
the testators aud their heirs, and the
other half to be applied to the founding
of a free public library in that part of
the city of Chicago known as thu North
division. The executors ot tho estate
were .empowered to erect a building, and
luriilsli it with such articles as are
deemed proper and appropriate lor a
library, aud provisions were made for a
permanent fund to be ucd In the care
and increase of the library.
The elder of Mr. Newberry's daughters
died in Europe two years ago, ami the
younger, Miss Julia B. Newberry died
last Tuesday, In.the Wty ot Rome, from
affection of the throat. Thc death of
this young lady makes a public library,
as desired by the terms of .Mr. Newber
ry's will, a fixed fact, the time of its es
tablishment depending entirely on thc
death of Mrs. Newberry, a health,
hearty lady ot fifty-seven years of age,
who has made her home lu Europe for
the last few years, paying occasional
visits to the United States. The estate is
now estimated to be worth nearly ilvo
millions of dollars.
IIO.'li:, THE Mmil'M.
Daniel Home, thc noted spiritual me
(Hum, died suddenly on the 1st Inst.,
while traveling In a railway train from
bi. reiersuurg to uerjin. Homo was
known as a "medium" from his early
years, and was always attended by "re-
'inarkaiJlo liianilcstations of spirit power."
Beside the ordinary phenomena of rai
plng, table tipping, writing uml playing
upon muilcal Instruments, they Included,
in his ca;e, visions seen by
the medium ; appearances of hands,
arms ami spirit forms seen
by other persons; "levitatlon" or
the preternatural uplifting of the medium;
the elongating and shortening of his body
by several inches, and his handling of lire
and heated objects without hurt. Ho ex-
penciled decisional intermissions ol his
power, and the;o occasion, he said, wore
bcncticlal.to the general health of his body
Homo claimed to have performed some
very remarkable cures, and to have leen
biiii-clf protected from sudden danger.
ami, ay an obituary no-
lice in tli.) New Vork Ut.nU, his
theories were credited by many of the
most enlightened minds both in America
ind the 011 World. The manifestation
hael)teu witnessed b nianv persons.
by crowned heads among others, ami con
tradictory accounts have Ihcii published
concerning them by different reputable
personages. Home was twice married,
both times to Russian ladles ol high rank.
In the year Jf5l, he becamo a member of
the Roman Catholic church in Rome. He
was the author of an autobiographical
work on spiritual manifestations In which
he related the main Incidents of his lito,
Jii'.vi voi.u.m:,
The numbers for the weeks ending
April 1st and 8th, begin a new volume
ot Llttcll's Living Age. Among the note
worthy articles contained lu these two
numbers aro tho following : Bishop But
ler and the Zclt-Gclst, by Mathew Ar
noldjJohn Forster, by Blanchard Jer
rold ; Maxims aud Reflections, from the
German ot Goethe; A Sermon of Budha,
translated irom the Pall Version ot .Vnrra
Pitaka; A Century of Great Poets, from
1750 downwards Alphone do Lamar
tine froiD'nc'ircDiL1 Tho Royal Bengal
Tiger, by Rev. JL CL, Watkln,
M. A. t Natural Religion. Part
V, Mttrmittan ; Mr. Thackeray's
Sketches, Jltaekicooili A Negro Meth
odist Conference. V nihil! : Foodlu Ner
vous Diseases, etc. The usual choice
tlction "La Bella Sprrentlna," "An Un
important Person," and an instalment of
"Tho Dilemma," and select poetry and
miscellany, nre included lu the numbers.
The opening ol a new volume affords n
favorable opportunity lor the beginning
of new subscription'. For Ufty-tWo num
bers of sixty-four large pages each, (or
more tlian-3000 pages a year) thc ul
serlptlon price ($8) Is low, or still better,
for $10 60 any one ot tho American $1
monthlies or weeklies Is sent with Tin
T.Mng Age lor a year, both postpaid.
Little A Gay, Boston, are the publishers.
Ex-Governor Seymour has announced
hlmscll lu favor of tho nomination ot
Governor Tildcn as the Democratic can
didate for the pre-Idcncy. The State of
New York has many "favorite sons" on
the Democratic side of the political house.
It gave us Gen. Met'lell.m, (ostensible, we
do not forget, of New.ersoy). Seymour,
t-treeicy, uud deieai in every instance.
Nov It dtrslrcs to add lo Its kinAnevs by
giving u. Tildcn. Will It taku
our thank", and pleae to be less
kind than it wMics to be. Wo, out West
here, appreciate Gov. Tildcn at hl true
value. Wclielleve him to lie it good
man and a great one ; but, If New Vork
will penult, we wi-h to try our'liick as n
candidate liirnMior. Wo have here, our
own D.iii? oi Illinois and Hendricks ol
Indiana. U'uc must go further East wu
would pnfer Gen. Ilancoek, the military
man nlio rcpocU tho civil power, I (a a
revolutionary war name, and is unexcep
tionable t DcmocraN North and South.
David Davis, as everybody knows, or
ought to Know, U the man for the lime;
Tildcn the man for the future.
-IIAItT.l l.l. 'OI,I.AU-Wi:.VIti:itH."
The Anna Cnioii has become an ardent
admirer o! lion. Wru. J. Allen and terms
all who do not declare that they are in fa
vor of tho policy of putting Mr. llail.ell
aside and nominating -lud'-e Allen lor
congress, "llartell collar-wearer;." The
t'liion, like a few other papers lu this dis
trict, denounces thu movement to nomi
nate Judge. Allen for governor, us a
llartxcll trick an autl-AIIeii movement-
Wo take pleasure lu being enabled to lu-
lonn the Union that II is mistaken
Judge Allen docs not desire the nomina
tion lor congress aud does desire the
gubernatorial nomination. Ho Is in fa
vor of the return of Mr. Hartzeil to eon
gross Is one of tho "Hartzeil collar-
wearers" and would be pleased lo ac
cept for himself the nomination for gov
ernor. Now, if the Union is the ardent
Allen paper It pretends to be, let It stop
Insisting that the Judge must take what
lie don't want, and begin to insist that lie
ought to have what he wishes to obtain
Iiik Paducah Herald says: "The
Mi?-Islppl river continues to rle aud
.('alio moves up the pegs In her stilts a
'hole higher. Move out of that swampy
'fog, Cairo, and tome up here where you
'havo high ground aud pure air."
Swampy fog? Why wc have here thc
balmiest of weather, and know nothing
anoutiog. e never heard ot tog. The
location of Paducah, hi so far as Its high
ground l concerned, pleases us ; hut that
town is to far away from any place to
ho a good place for an lndulrlous man
to live lu. If Paducah could only move
down to Cairo, out of the country, It
wouiu soon grow into a great city, and
o wouiu i airo.
lor Allen.
KLliomno, Airli;th, ls;o.
EntToit Cuito Bi'M.r.TiN: It was my
privilege to see a copy of your valuable
paper a few days ago In a C. & V. car.
and permit tne to thank you for placing
lion, vt . j. Allen In the front for gover
nor. Willie I am no politician, I am in
tcrcstcii not as a party man in the
best welfare of the state, and I am
such as a citizen ; and while it has been
my iuturo In the past to vot; airahut
Judge Allen, 1 am now anxious to be
numbered among hi; supporters. Wc are
living in times of corruption, fraud and
rascality, a time when a premium is
paid upon theft and plunder. Judge
Alien is witnout a stain upon his politi
cal record, is a man ol national views,
aud just thc man to kad tho conserva
tive hosUol Illinois to vlctoiy. If thu
Democratic party wishes to secure thc
votes of thousand or Republicans It
must put men In '.the field against whom
the charge of corruption and salarv
grabbcry cannot Iw made. Saline county
is for Allenand if a candidate, will "Ive
him a lousing majority. I do not speak
ai a Democrat, but as a Republican who
Is unwilling to support thc dominant
paily or those who support il.
( 'o.v-i;iivaii i..
K U Cnnrrrdnl.
I Ilj.-.Muri'h)iboirj Iiulrpcnil'nt, (Hem ;
ltiscoiRXtdedih.it Judge Davis will
receive the nomination for President at
the National Independent Convention at
Indianapolis. Judge Davis' chance iV.r
receiving the nomination by tiie Demo
cracy also, at thc St. Louis convention, ,
rapiuiy gaming ground. 'Phis will un
doubtedly prow a llulI.Run to thc Radical
paity.andinakca eolitlou so formidable
the combined power of Grautistn, whisky
nogs aim army p0,t trade thieves can-
not stand up against, ami must give away
.Hiieii nii-oiitfrr,
lTlieCibgnUlc Il.niocrut, (Htm )
J. Banks Mayhaui. esu.. is a much
stronger candidate for States enator than
a week since we were led to suppose.
A very large portion of tho wealth and
intelligence of Jackson county strongly
favor his nomination. As a private gen
tlcnianhclshcldln high esteem, and as
a lawyer and social pleader at the bar,
he has taken high rank. His stylo of
oratory U, we learn, of tho parliamentary
order. A stylo well suited to give hhu
power on the Door of the senate chamber
TtieMiiriiliyiiburo Itnlejii'uil.Mit, pern
Why should Democratic or Independ
ent papers hesitate nbout indorsing the
Davis move? .Judge Davis will not only
be the nominee of both parties, but will
afterwards carry the State of Illinois.
Tolinrro Plant Killed.
(Tiie I'mlliculi llrmlil.)
From all directions the newspapers In
form us ot the destruction of tobacco
plants by the late frecn. The papers lu
Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois nnd Indi
ana all speak the same language upon
the subject. Many of the farmers of Mo
Crackcn and the adjacent counties have
informed us that alt thu plants lu their
neighborhoods nre killed, though in a
few Instances wc have been told that par
tlcular beds aro not greatly injured.
Many have told us that not only the
plants that were out ot tho ground were
killed, but also tho seeds still In thu
ground which had just begun lo sprout,
A Muml Woril I'nr IV
1 he tarliomlale Democrat, (I)ciii.)
Our confrere, the Murpbysboro Imle
IxmUnt, favors tho re-election of the Hon.
.loliu 11. utterly to the house ot represent
lives, a i id thinks that he "would make
:ui utile, honorablu speaker, one that
Southern, lljlnols could be particularly
proud of." .lust so. Mr. Oberly lias ul'
ways been a prominent spirit atSriiig'
Held, has always taken u high position
among the leading men of IhuSlate. Ills
Intimate kuoivledgc of men and parlia
mentary usigc eminently lit hlin tor the
exulted station, and us he has had thc
wisdom to make himself obnoxious to no
party, his election to the pcakcr's chair
would bo an cay matter.
'I he. llei.i.i.ns iirlntiiii;
i.tnblltliliirnt Iiialrn u
sinfully or lllll IIumIk.
.Sole lluula, IaIUt Iliwls,
M.itciiirnts, LunU, Klc IOuV ut tlirrc )ulc;s :
small hle Mil hv.uU, vr Into (.1 m
Mnliiiiii slo Mil lun.ll, vt luoUtaml 3 Vt
All on fourteen pound iaHT, CarlMe mills,
raleil twit cents cr hiiiiiI lihflirr tlian m-r
used liy liny ntliir onict nileil In nnlcrat llic
mills cs dully for this oMrc-
tuti-im-ntu. Cut !)!. per Won .l M
lA'iii-r nrau;, uiriyaie, per n"i 1 on
Xole lleuil, Curlyr-lc, kt lew . a oo
. muni), 141D1.1 )ivr iiai-itUKi- ,m:
llunlnet ranis, No. 1 3-ply llil'lol Wnl.
Ir Iikki . , c, t 4 on
lliuliHrril'i, No 1 lilunk, jr luw 3 ui
tJuurUMhttt, Imir-shwt, lull-nhevt mid Ihrec
sliett poiWrs, uml colorulwtirk follow M Imu
I'mmihlt-t, Uook Work unil Price l.lU raa.lc
Sheriff's Sale.
BVxIrtucorun execution to mr illrectvl by
tlif-ck-rlc of the circuit court of Alexander
county. In the State of Illinois In fUwirof thr
1'enple ol the- Statu nt Illinois unci ai;alnet Henry
UatiOIl till) ami Andrew .1. Curie, I haxe lev
!!umt!ie folloxrlni; ilcitrlbeil properly, In
tliia comity o! AlexanderumlMateol Illinois, to
wit: 'lhcouthcatiuartcroft-ectlon nine I'D, In
township ;erclern (17) eoutli, rante two 11)
weitoriheanl P. M. in the rountyof Alexan-di-ijind
Slate ofllllnoln, ami uUo fot munfoerril
llilrty-llve (:) in Mock numbered eihtin (lei,
In the lint uilillllon to the city or Culm, county
or Alexander -ml Mateorilllnol. atlieproer
ty tif the raM lli-nry Wuton Wehli, which 1 Mull
oOTeral Public sale at the southwest door or the
court Iioum- In the city of Cairn, In the county
of Ale, imler und Suite of IlllnoU on the VOth day
of April, A. II. Ih7fi. ut the hour of eleven
o'clock, h m., of said day, for cali, to i-utlfy
t.ud exeeutlon. ALKX II. IIIVIN.
Hlierlff or Alexander County, Illinois
Cairo, IlllnoU, .Murrli nth,
TrimleeN Nnle,
Whcrea .Stephen II. Ward and wife, by
tlielr deed dated .March 1'Jtli, IS7.-!, nnd
recorded on nase 272 In book "(V of Tmu
Deed-, In the Recorder's olllcc ot Alexander
county, Illinois!, eonvcyo-J to the under
hlcned, lots numbered thlrlv-seven (H7) and
tliirty-elclit In block numbered twenty
seven (271. In the Klrit Addition to the city ol
x.uiru, iiiuioiH, in irn-i, 10 secure too pay
went of a certain nolu therein deenljed
Now, under the provl-Ions ol kahl deed, de-
lault bavin? been taaua In the payment of
said note, tho undcriilgiit-d will offer said
property for sale, at auction, to the highest
bidder tor ct.Ii. at thc Court Hoiim-iloor,
In the city of Cairo, Illinois, nt 2 o'clock
P, m.,oi Jionuay, April l.tn, s,D, for tlic
liiiipn-e in :uu trust,
Tnnteo and .Mortgagee.
Ohkkn & Gti.iiEitT, Attorneys.
Caiiio. Ills., Msreli 17, 1670. w-lt-d-lt.
'J en yearn ko Messr. Geo. P. Itowell A Co
cslabllihcd tlielr ttdrerllsliiK uiteiicy In New
Vork City. Five yean bxo they aborl-ed the
business conducteil byj Mr. Joint Hoor
who was the drat to go into this kind ol enter
prlbc. Now they have the satisfaction ol con
trolling the moat extend ve and complete udter-
tidlni; connection which liui cier Uen i-ecured,
und one which would In-Inn illy ponelble In imy
other country but thii They Inn e mea-eded In
xrorklnR down a complex Inulm .n Into .10
hori,iihy a ytciiiatic iiii-lhod Unit 110 change
In the newspaper ) Klein ol Aiuericu can eM-upc
notice, while the widest Infoniiallon ujiou till
toplcjt IiilrreituiK tn advertK-r U placiil rt Mdily
ut the iliajKisnlul the public.
Fashionable Barber
Between WachinKton and Commercial
Ten elegant nhctU of Choice Music iirrunEeil
or the Piano Kortewlll In; w.-tit i,v ,nii ..n ....
uliit ol'one dollar, (iKist puld) or single copies
ul IS 1 cnls each.
They can ulsn li ordered through uny news
dialer In the United State
Happier days-Instrumental
liy can I not rorget
Kar O'er the Waves ,
...Tom llrown
ingii i.uu-WulU..,,
'.w.,,?!,i7e!he v'!'i?y:VnwV".V""
Address orderu to Jlenl W, Hitchcock. Pub
Usher. MThlnl Avenue. N. V. s-s-ICm.
No. 314 N. 11th Street, St. LouU,
Mus. K. A. I.UT, M, 11. (In ehurge),
Ample ucsoiiimodatloiia und treatment. Only
lepot for ct rtalii vrry valuable spedilcs. Piompt
cure of Piles, lljitumatliiu and Nerrnus dlsettsea
guaranteed. Hates moderate, j-Vir ciroiilar,
end blimp. a-W-dftwIm
wi.iuiukiuu nail uis nay Westerne
I he (Jmnd OI, Kami ,. ltiiblee
I he College CJulckste , ifiS
' here's u Utter in the Candle Cootc
IIotoii ti v 'Ihlnklii, lil.ii 11
New Goods ! New
Who litis Just Roturncd from tho East,
KtteniWaenrdlal Invitation lo Iherllluu ol ( alio tn rxairihio ut their 'loir,
No. 124 Commercial Ave.,
Ono of tho Pi hob t DiHplayn of
OK .W.l, KIMOt
Ladies' Fine Shoes, etc.,
l.ti rOpeneil In this Market. 'I he Slock of
At this eiUhlMiiiient Is by far tlic most complete nnd elegant from which our clt ens have etrr
had the pritilrgeol selecting. Mr. llurger antiouncis Willi iin.uie Unit he lias-
Solectod His Goods with Espocial R8fcroncc to tho Tightness
of tho Money Markot,
And thai, ftisUndl-y Ids long evrlence In the Dry (iomU bii-lms-, he
Enablod to OlTor Customors Magnificent Bargainn at Prices Wliich
Cannot Fail to bo Popular, Even In theso "Ilard Timos."
Iimhort IIUIKtl.lt A CO hate lUtermlnid lo
No. 124 Commercial Avenue, Cairo, Illinois.
I have thin day opened at the
Full Line of Furnishing Boods andNotions!
Which I Will Sell at FlitureH Never Uoforo OtTored tothUCity.
And aaThey are tbo Beat of a Ortmt Wholesale Bankrupt 3tock.lt will
Be Money in "S'our Pccket to Buy of "Ua.
Remember tho PlaceJ. Burger's Old Stand Coi
ner Ninth Street and Commercial Avenue.
In Stock for Spring Trade:
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Pure Linseed Oil,
Guaranteed Boiled Oil,
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris White,
Glues of all Grades,
1 :.,
', ,. - -I. H !. ) 1 - . . . L. J J .
Are Tou Going' to Faint?
wi'V fnr ".J? 1,1 WihI,fe ttr',a,?,Vf, n5 Hundred Ditterent Oolorj. inydej Blrldly pr(i"7
JJ IilttiLewl, liic and l.lntil Oll.Ohemloally innililiud, triirriinltil Muoh Handsomer uml
uneaper, nnd to ml I n ICK AS MINI. 119 unv oilier unlnt. It Ua tnkfii the Klrnt rrwniiima it t
twenty bUte Kulrioftlie Union, uml unn munv IIkiiihiiiiiI nl tli Unfit lmui'. In tliei'nniilry.
rmcEs iibiil'crd,8amii.e CAiui sk.vt i iiKK.
Styles ! New Prices !
old Stand of J. Burtrer, with u
una Ilotuil
Feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
31 St. OToir St., Clovoland, Ohio,

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