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$hf iullflin.
! Httr every Pa.
Da v Mcx.v'x M tl wanVcc
trWthli wek.
rno will N
Tbk probability are fatorablc for ttic
ulmlMton ot Sew Mexico n a Stntc.
Morton ptwlilcnthtl stork li.n ."fc'n,c
down fttnot Orant declirctl for Onnkllnjr.
Dvkr and; Henderson have been re
summoned before the Inrcilljratlnjr com
mittee.,, The nit was nothing In the latest rumor
that Bristow wu irolnir to reMan, Ifc I
going to stay.
Tun RussUn court looks favorably
n the proposition to ( iidow Queen Vic
toria with the title of Empress of India.
Tn Olobt-Democrat $ notlilcil to take
back "Islsc and libelous clmrjres" n.ilnst
Postmaster Flllcy or tnko tlio conse
quence ol legal proceedings In tho r:iu
Tin: Louisville Votriei-,fovri'tl thinks
that, as a Democratic camlidntc (or gov
ernor ot Indiana, Dan Voorhrrs "would
wake snakes In tho black-Jack country."
Tilt: I'ontlao Free Trtuter lioWts the
name of Judge Davis lor tho Presidency,
and the Cairo Hum.v.tim follows tliu ex
ample. Macotnb Eagle.
The hngle has put thu cart lirtiirc tlio
horse. The Hi-i.lkti.v Is the 'tliow" in
this case.
nox. J.C. Wilms, ofMctrojtolIs, micuis
to be the foremost Koptibllcau candidate
for congress In this district. A large
number of tho pnpera of that political per
suasion spcuk most favorably ot his
claims upon tho party for tho nom
Tim impeachment trial of lidknap Is
not attended by any sensational features.
Mr. Ferry .president of the Senate, who at
tempted to.lcud solemnity to the occasion
by looking profoundly dignified, failed in
tho effort and wore the expression, say
a correspondent, "ot a man who had fust
'received a letter from his mothcr-iu-law,
'announcing her Intention to pay him a
Tiik Courier-Journal publishes (Sov.
BeverWfic as one ol the State house com
missioners. Tho Courier-Journal Is nils
taken. The Ucvcridge who is one of the
State house commissioners Is James 11.,
brother of the governor. The governor,
toa limited extent, followed the Illustri
ous example of President Grant In the
distribution of offices and apportioned a
fewproflUble ones among his relatives .
Considerable: sympathy is manifested
tor Magulre. The petition for the presl
dentlal pardon is shared in by many of the
best citizens of St. Louis. The Time of
tnatclty, whose motives are purely dl.ln
terested and unprejudiced, speaks a fit
rorable word for Magulrc ; lays his part
in tne onenscs against the government to
his liberality of views and generous im
pulses ; acquit him of having profited,
!vcn to the extent ot a single dollar, In
the Ill-gotten plunder of the whisky com
bination, and believes that Justice may bo
tempered with mercy In his case without
detriment to the Interests ot the govern
Olive Logan Is writing Washington
letters to the Chicago Times and delight
fully readable letters they nre. In her
last, she describes a visit made to tho
White House family In company with Tl
tlens, the celebrated opera singer. The
great singer was received with marked
hospitality and was delighted with hcrrr.
ceptlon; she fell In love with Mrs. Fred
Grant, and the "cngamng young
glrl-wlfc" played TItien's accompa
niments, while the prima donna
ang, "In a maimer that would liaye
'made Chlcagoans proud ot their own
'beautiful Chicago girl, who held her own
in a musical encounter with one ol the
greatest lyric geniuses of the age." Sen
ator Oglcsby was present at the reception,
and in tho Intervals ol the hinging, do
scanted on tho excellencies of the town of
Decatur, In illluoU, flopping in hi, en
comiums to listen to tins waring voice
of Titlcns. It tho occasion itself was a
pleasant as the pen of "0' Logan" pic
tures it, a few rays of enjoyment still
lcnctrate the clouds of gloom popularly
believed to envelop the White Home.
llallctt Kllbourne, the Washington wit
ncsa wuo wont tell, uud who has been
living on terrapin, shad, spring chicken,
ouu mviimwm, Mrawuerrics, anil green
peas from Florida, hU bills of fare aver
aging about thirty dollar a day, at tho
eipcuso 01 iim government, lias been
brought down to ''hard i.i,." lty tho In-
StrUCtlOHS Of tho icrccaill.nl.npm.
of the House, Kllbourne's meals
are not to wist more umn
one dollar per day. Thlrty-tlutc
and a-third cents a meal will not buy
Urn any of the luxurious delicacies which
have nattered Ida palate since his Impris
onment When he opens his lips to drink
bUckoafloe, and to eat plain bread and
iS 'Cd l'y ,,olWl o delicious
2w fc'.nJ 'T'' ,H! ,uy ""'
also to give to au hmui.tn... ....i.h
UjaniahoulU reotWe a fair trial! TmS,
wb devours tcdolLr. worth of v u
"t!',,1" 1131 5ou Wdout
against tWrty-threo ami MblrU ceuU
wwin. uhsinuiuui swjinacli wUi fall
t.l.n mil tiA will aiam t.1. .
wiaHwinnaivjxii in. muuiu ftCCOrd
ji'nnr. w.tiTR'M ui:rifto.s ox tiii:
i m!i: bill,
Although a matter ol genera! Interest,
tho cxttcmc leneth of Chief Justice
Walte's decision on the Force Hill lias pre
vented many journals from publishing It
and deterred many readers from reading It.
The enterprising Washington correspon
dent ol the New Orleans TWi, In a letter
to that paor. gives thedetalU ofu conver
sation with Judge dere Hlack, In which
thatdUtlngutliedJurist gave the seun of
tho decision, divested of legal technicali
ties, nuil In such language that persons,
unlearned in the law, may comprehend
the full meaning of Judge Wnlte's opin
ion. "The dcclxlon explicitly
'sets forth," said Judgo Hlack,
"that the government ot the Tnlted States
'as a government, cannot protect or dc
'fend any right which It did not Itself or
iginate. The right to bear arms, to vote,
'and the rights of assemblage and pctl
'lion, were inherent in the States long be-
'fore the present federal constitution was'
'framed. Therefore the federal constltu
'tlon has no right to interfere In any way
'with these exclusive prerogatives of the
"The first Important niltnWMon ot the
'supreme court Is that as these rights arc
'clearly stated as existing In the con-tltu
'lion, thu general government can neither
'Interfere with them, nor pretend to cn
'lorcc or regulate them. The conMitit
tlonal amendments do not change oral
'tertlui relations between the States and
'the general government. They only do
'clarc that person' having otherwise the
'right to vote, shall not be dlsfranchi-ed
'by reason of race, color, or previous con
'dltlou of servitude."
In regard to the popular mUapptehen
moii in to the. scope of thu amendments,
Judgo Hlaek declared he had never met
with a lawyer or ability, no matter what
his politics were, who held the opinion
that an amendment to the constitution
conferred the right of sufi'iagc.
The amendments may remove one of
the obstacles in the way ol acquiring
the right of suffrage, and this Is nil they
can do. Sull'rage U a right granted by
the State, nnil when bestowed, It is a
personal right vested In the voter. Tho
State protects htm In Its oxercl-.e. and
can alone punish those who attempt to
interfere with It. This was the decision
given by the supreme court, and though
It docs not expressly declare certain Mic
tions of the bill unconstitutional, yet it
nukes any conviction under the act an
impossibility, by providing that all alle
gations in an Indictment under it must be
proven, which cannot bi done, as It is n
mutter of Impossibility to prove a man's
motives in assaulting another at tho polls.
We have given in very nearly Judgo
Black's own plain language, his construc-
ot the most important decision that has
been rendered by Judge Wnitc.
In tho United States circuit court at
St. Louis on Saturday, Judge Treat pro
nounced sentence against Col. Maqulrc,
convicted some months ago of complicity
In thu whisky frauds. Maguire's sentence
U a tine ot live thousand dollars and Im
prisonment In the county Jail for six
months, which Is the largest Hue and the
shortest term of imprisonment allowed
by the statutes of the United States. .Ma
guirc was released from the custody ol
tho marshal, on parole, and permitted his
liberty until Sunday noon, at which time
lie was ordered to report to tho marshal
and submit to the sentence of the court.
His friends In St. Louis, "Including some
of the best citizens of the city," says the
St. Louis Globe, have prepared n petition
to President Grant for his purdon,
worded as follows:
St. Louis, April 8, 1S7U. UN Excel
lency Ulysses S. Grant, President of thu
United States uear Sir : The under
signed, citizens of St. Louis, composed of
all political parties and all political
creeds, and having large property and
commercial interests in the eity of St.
Louis, do respectfully represent to your
Excellency, that we have a long personal
acquaintance with Col. Constantino .Ma
guire. and that his present troubles have
arisen through his boundless good nature,
and the unfortunate circumstances which
surrounded him and not from am innate !
msposuion to contravene tlic lite-long
firinclplcs or honor and probity which
lave characterized his career. The coun
sel for the government have admitted
that thev have no evidence showing that
he received a simile cent during his offi
cial career, nud we so believe. We there
fore nrav that your Kxcc encv w ex
ercise your high privilege of pardon, and
remit thu penalties which the law forced
the fudges to Impose upon him, and wc
will ever pray, etc.
After the disposal of Maguiro's eiu-o,
Wm. Mclveu was taken Into court and
Judge Dillon proceeded to read tho de
cision of Iho court agaiust a new trial.
Judge Krum, counsel for defendant, an
nounced that there was a motion on lllo
in arrest of judgment; the court
ordered counsel on both side- lb submit
brlels embodying Hie. points, and staled
that a decision would 1m rendered w ithin
two weeks.
In thecase of Avery, Judge Krum an
nounced that hu was In Washington, out
of money, and unable to get to St. Louis,
and suggested that If thu couit would
postpouu action, the friends ot Avery
would raise tho funds to pay his way to
St. Louis. Tho court postponed the ca-c
till Thursday.
m. r.
NTA'S'i; ri;.v
The Argus-Journal note the nomina
tion, by the .Vim, of .Mr. W. IJ. Gilbert as
Statu senator, and mentions In that con
ned Ion tho names of Judge Hross, Capt.
Thos. Wilson, nmlS. P. Wheeler, Esq., as
Ucntlcmcn.who, In its opinion, would also
fill the place well. Of Mr. Wheeler, tho
lryni-Juiria says:
.Mr. Wheeler deserves remembrance at
the hand, of his party. He has ever been
at Its service, and ha, asked nothing in re
turn, i or uiurt than half a score of
years ho ban taken llus st Hum ivliennvi.p
called uKu In behalf 0f his party,
and in Iho mean time has attained
to eminence hi Ills profession, to tho
front rauk In the bar ol tlm State,
demonstrating hU ability to till well the
"'UIM'M mimmcui uiuec. WV HIIOUlll lie
not be remembered Why not exhibit
some appreciation of hU fidelity to his
party and his efforts In Its behalf t Ho
would Ikj a very proper man to nominate
iur either State senator or congress. If
"lAuiiuorcQuniy claims uicMHtouator
this vear. .Mr. Whcclc-i'i merits Mmuld
not he passed hv without duo conldera-
Wo agree cordially with the ,lr,'M-
Journal In Its estimate of tho services ami
ability of .Mr. VI ler. Ho would make
an excellent candidate for Slate seimtor.
would make a strong canvass anil II
elected would do credit to III dlsttlct
and his party.
Tho Greenback party of Connetlcut
have solicited II; Marvel -Donald (i.
Mitchell author of tho "lievcrles of a
llncheloi'," to accept a nomination fur
governor at their hands. Mitchell's an
swer U characteristic : "I would rather
'lie farmer than governor," he says. "I
'would rather sit In my library of an nfter
'noon and watch the growing corn iindii-
'latlng in the western wind than sit In the
chair ot State, signing bills for public
'acts, nud Iho bright ting Moating above
'the capltol would not be so pleasing In
niy eyes as the smoky banner of the far
'off steamer seen athwart tho dancing
'water silvered In thu June sunshine."
Babcock's Oonncction
With the Safe-Burglary
Extraordinary Story
Guilt and Shame.
Whitley Believed That "He was
Acting Under the Highest Pos
sible Authority."
OlH't'lul Tclrxmin to Hip Cliluitfo 'J'Iuipi.)
WAHiiNiiro.v, April ".A loikcd shalt
struck to-day on thu very verge of the
white house again. Tills testimony,
backed by incontestable witnesses, leaves
Habcock In a position more infamously
dishonorable than he would have been if
pronounced guilty at St. Louis. Day
light in the safe-burglary business has
brought darkness upon Habcock, ami,
liom present appearances, on cien tliose
higher than Habcock. Sutliclcut proof
had been presented to the sub-comiulltce
ol judiciary some thueagu to Indicate
that the current minors concerning the
authors of tho safe-burglary business
were not well founded, and that the
workers of that Iniquity came from an.
other quarter. Upon this hint, the um
chincry was set in motion and a quest
was made for Whitley, chief ol thu old
secret-service forces. It was known that
he mid those who had been associated
with him were, by a suspicious chance,
catti:ui:ii r.ut wusi w auu
from the city where there would be likely
to be fewer dangerous Inquiries concern
ing them. Wilhlna week Whitley has
been brought here and Informed that
sulllcleut Information Is In the possession
of the commit tec to Indict him lor bur
glary unless he will take advantage of the
Immunity extended by the committee
and make a confes.lon. At first, it seems
mat wmticy anil his confederates ic-
fused, being incited by a reminder Irom
outside sources that the statute ol limita
tion would expire the 21st of this month.
and then nothing could be done. A rcso.
lutlon, however, passed the house and
senate this week extending the timo a
year. This brought tho requisite con
cession, and Whitley to-day mailo a clean
breast. Put on the stand before Proctor
Knott of Kentucky, Ahtoii of North
Carolina, and Hiird and Lawrence of
Ohio, he told
of guilt and shame. He said that lie was
first sent for by Gen. Habcock to come to
his house. He went there and iccolvcd
word that Harrington wanted him mid
that ho was to act under him. Whitley
here explains his compliance by his
understanding that, as he was receiving
orders from the highest possible author
ity, it was not for him to question why
ho went ahead, being assured by this
same authority that his service was
needed to protect the administration
Irom scandal. This Involved a repeti
tion of
scandal in substance as follows : Just two
years ago this last w'ntcr there was a
union ot tax-payers, under the lead of
Columbus Alexaniler, here to break
down the mighty power of "Hoss" Shep
herd's i in-:. A congressional Investiga
tion was pecured, and to produce the nec
essary documents before tills committee
these antl-lJistrict-rlng men. or 'memor
ialists," as Ihcy were called, strained
every nerve. It was thu custom in those
days to meet every evening to the number
of -JO orlHJ at the liouso of Columbus Al
exander. So earnest and comtiact were
these men that "Hoss" Shepherd and his
crowd liccame very much alarmed. One
night at tlKJili.gelub-hoiiseouNow Vork
avenue, Dick llanliigton, an assistant
district attorney and a leader among the
district ilugstcrs. and intimate of "Hoss"
Shepherd, anil
a vi:itv IIKII.I.IAM IT.I.H.U,
devised a plan to get ahead ol tlm mem
orialists. This was nothing less than a
criminal project to implicate thu memori
alists in such a manner that the ring dis
trict Attorney could get hold of them and
push them into the penitentiary, thus
breaking up effectually the prosecution of
the ring. This plan consisted of putting
up a Job by hiring a burglar to go to
Alexander and say he could secure papers
for him by
IIUUOI.AIim.NII HAKIt'l.M! IDN'f, Ml'll,
It was thought that Alexander would
jump at this' chance. Alexander, how
ever, said to thu man that he would give
him money for the Important papers pro
vided ho were ablo to see them first be
fore buying. Harrington then arranged
lor a mock burglary of his olllcc. Hu
had the police warned and was to follow
the pretended burglar with his sham plun
der to Alexander's house at a timo when
tho memorialists were thero in meeting.
These nil were to be arrested with Iho
burglar among them and n clear case
would have been made out against them.
The secret service oftlio treasury. It was
afterward shown, weie tlio Instiiiinenls
ueil In working up Iho !b. It failed
through the. police iinestlng
Tin: sot. ut iiiii.At:
before ho reached Alexander's houc. It
lias alwajH been belleed hero that thp
real losponslbilty for this scheme rested
In very high quarters. Grant was then
an intimate of"ltoss"Miopherd and sent
hi Ids name ns district commander when
th(! district government was broken up
and nil connected with It covered with
disgrace. llanliigton nud his crowd
were afterword tried. Tho Jury was
bought at first so tint it disagreed.
Alter this, Kiddle, the special assistant
attorney gci.eral, who had made him
self very obnoxious to Hie district ring
by hU zeal In prosecuting Harrington,
was discharged uud the cases In court dis
missed by order of Attorney General
Williams, Much abuse bus been
iii:ai'i:u iton wii.i.ia.mh
for this order ot dismissing the cases in
the safe-burglary trial, but by the testi
mony of Whitley this altcrnoon It Is
shown that this man was not responsible
for this order. It Is related this evening
by a lawyer that Kiddle visited William?
after hl dismissal and asked w hy the
cases had been dl-coutluucd. Williams
Without n word, pointed to the White
House, visible from the window upon his
left hand, as Ids reply. At this Kiddle
withdrew without any further questions.
Tiii:. im ikw i:i tiii: cam:.
from Ids Inner and intimate knowledge
and described In detail how he aided lu
putting up the Job. He furnished the
men to Harrington without fully com.
prchcndliig thu scheme until it was nearly
completed. Afterward he was promised
protection, but lie was only made a scape
goat. When tho story came out, the prin
cipal Instigators denied everything. As
they looked about for victims to take the
edge from the public scandal, Whitley
discovered licit it was proposed to allow
him. Harrington, and a smaller conspira
tor, by thu name of Momcrvllle, to be con
victed. His dl-covery ot this plan led to
a disagreement of the Jury, as he de
clared that It he were betrayed hi this
in: wot.'i.i) iikt i: kn.
It was evidently thought by the dis
trict ring people that Whitley being lu
the conspiracy, he would not tell of It.
At last, however, he lost his place, and
now has told the story.
Grant's responsibility in this .imaging
business Is the subject of comment to
night among the few who know the sub
stanco of Whitley's revelations. It is
known that Gcu. Habcock carried also
uu order from the white house to Wil
liams to dismiss Kiddle. Whether Hab
cock acted for Grant or assumed to lue
the order upon his own responsibility re
mains to be shown.
For years Whitley has kept silence,
waiting vainly for some recognition or
ruo.M IILS OLD ritlK.VDS
hero. lie has been nbued In every quar
ter and held up as an associate of thieves.
He lias, after long waiting, been reluct
antly forced. In justice to hlm-elf, to tell
his true s'.ory. This lie related to-day
with such corroborative evidence that a
new presentment will be made before tlio
grand Jury to-morrow, q'lds case against
Gen. Habcock Is a clearer one than the
St. Louis one against him, nud will doubt
less connect him a one of the principals
In the sale-burglary scheme.
Latj:ii. 'Ihls evening it has been
shown that
oiuNr is as (irii.iv as iiaiicock-.
lu October, 1S7L niter the conclusion
of Hie safe burglary trial, brought to an
end by the disagreement of the Jury
Whitley went to Kiddle, tho special assis
tant attorney general, and oficred im
munlty and a pardon to tell the true his
tory of the safe-burglary biisiues, ji0
then revealed to Kiddie, under the
seal of confidence from publication, Gen.
llabcook's complicity with the case. Kid
dle then went to Attorney General Wil
liams and told him about Whltlev's state
ment. He In turn communicated the
facts to the whlto house. The next day
Kiddle was dismissed by
Alter that tho supreme court ol tho dis
trict decided that the Indictments found
In the safe burglary were null and void
on account of Illegality of tho formation
ot tlio grnmljury. The principals were
then dismissed ugon their own recogniz
ance. Some day6 ago this new test!
mony was given to the grand Jury so
that any day Indictments may bo ex
pected against Harrington and Ids crowd,
with Gen, Kubcock also. '1'lie same sort
of evidence that indicts Habcock Is also
considered enough to
lMI'KACII 1 Hi: I'llUslDI.M,
ns It can bo shown thu he knew of tlio
full details ol this safe-burglary scheme
when ho Issued orders for Kiddle's ills
missal. The next witness to ho exam
lucd Is ex-Solicitor Hanllcld. who was in
tlio treasury when Whitley was chief o
tlio secret service.
till JiJirs iiu JIi-.jiv lieu. lloMtll ,V Co.,
eiiliil.llslnsl their h'IhtIIsIiik fiicy in Niw
York City. Kiuj-.ai, ago ilu-y uhsoiUit ibf
liiisiiirux cunitiuicl ,Mr, .lotm Hooper
wIki wan lliellr.lt,, K t Urn) ol entir
inlsc. -Vowthtyliuio (lie uatlitfucllou ol con
trulllnn Ilie most emii,lB ami complete n.lwr
tislui: connection uhkl, m ever In-en neciirwl,
urn! one which woul.t k hunlly pollute In tiny
oilier country but thU Tlicy la e succeeded In
working down h complex limine Into no
lioniiiKlilyuy.teiiutlcmellioilllml im clmnge
u lheiiewsapci riiiol America cuu escape
notice, wlille the Information upon all
loiile Interesting lo ailurllttrnilii placed nudity
Ht Urn ihapoeulol the puMli-.
Iniujuntioa of lb Csniennkl Seaiont
Saturday, April 22, 1876
Circus and
k -j-i
Wild Animals and Rare Birds
TIIK Menimrrle itnil ( Ileus culnlltule Ills
TI.NI.T KXII1UI1IONS. Meiuik'trie oj-i
our hour previous to Im-kIiiiiIiij; ol urenic t
foruuuice. Trick Ilorsen. Trained I'oiilcn, Mulct,
Kir., i:ir.
AiliuMlon to all, Ol cents) I hililrcn umli-r 10
yearn. -Jcrot. Doom open ut I ami 7 ii.ui.
liltAXU HI(ICIM(1N between tbu hour ol
'J anil 11 o'clock n.m
0T.Kor particulars Me rrojjriiiiiiiien ami ll
cripthe CutolOKtirt.
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Puducah, Sbawnootown, Evans
villo, Louisvillo, Cinoinnuti
aud all way landingu.
'I lie linrlvollwl fllile-wlieel uteaiiier
IJ. O. t OH'LKIi Master.
nu. 11. inoMAR Clerk.
Will lMveKranivllle for Cairo every IIO.NIIAY
and TIIUIISUAY all o'clork n. m.
Leurn Cnlroetery TUKSUA Y and r'UIIIA V.al
The elet-anl Bldr-wlieel attamrr
Hex Howard Mutter
Will leave Kvauaville for Calm every TUKS-
DAY' and FltllMY at 4 o'clock li. iu.
Will lravc Cairo every W K U.N KSDAYali'l.S AT-
UI1D.M at o o'clock u, hi
Tlic ileKunt snlc-vfliee Hteauie r
John Oorr Matter
Mat. Wiluaiu Clerk.
Uaves Evansville for Culro every WKDNK.S.
OA V and iATUItAOY atS p. in.
Leaver Culro every TIIUItSOA Y aud SUNDAY
at A p. ni.
Each boat make close l onncctloim at Cairo
with llrst-claiis ateumerafor .St. I.ouIh, Mem
plitnand New OrleaiiK, and at Kvnnsvillc with
Ilie K. ft C. K. It rorallpolulaNorlliaiid Kail,
ami with the Iulaville Mull .SteumerH fot-all
olnU on the Upper Ohio, Kivlnk' lliroiiKh ri
chila onlrclKliU and passengers to all ikjIiiIs
tor mt her Information apply to
SOI,. HILVi:il, ViuMiiBcr Affent.
.1. M. rillLUl'S, 'jABnt.
Orlo (1. .1. UKAMMKIt,
.sueihileiiiteut and (JsWrul Kreljiht Agrnt,
hKl-w-lv. Kvanitlc Indiana.
The Ilui.i.KTis prlnlhiR
estalihhinent mukes u
npecialty or Hill Heads,
Nolo Heads, Loiter Heads,
Stuh'iucnts, Cunls, do Ixiok at these prices:
Small slc hill heuds, jier loco $1 (m
Mcdhnn al.c hill heads, n'r tliousiiiul 3 7S
All on foiirteen pouml paper, Carlisle mills,
ruled two cents r pound higher than paper
u-cd hy iiny other olllra nihil to onler ut the
mills especially for this ollleo
hluteinents, Curlyslc. jicr lum j j
A-uer iiewis, uiriysie, K'r iw i w
Note Ikuds, Curlyslc, per Hkjo a no
Vlsitiuguirils per pnckiiKe 75
lluslnes cunts, Nu, 1 il-ply llil.nd lioaid,
. l'rhKio u ui io 4 i
Inislncss curds, No 1 blank, per looo 3 U)
Oiiarter.slieel. luilf'Slieel. nill..li....i ,,.,.1 iiir..u.
slieet posters, uud vain red weik below St. IaiiiIs
i'uuiphlet, Uook Woik und 1'rlce Lists made
TOAll for $1.00.
rill elegant sheets of Choice Music arranged
lor the I'iuuo Korte will bekout by million ie
ceiiitofonednllar, (post puld) or single copies
at IS cents each.
Ilieycanulso ho ordered through any news
lealcf In Ilie Unlled Jstates ,
Happier days Instrumental .Tom Drown
Vvhy can 1 not Forget Cluiihlr
Fur O'er the Wines.. Muylalh
High Life-Wall Strati
Down Where Iho Violets lirow Ueslirne
When UldJickson hiul his Duy Wistcrne
Tiie (Jrund old Kami Ituhlce
'1 lie College Ouickstei Moddatd
'1 lu re's a Lellcr In the Candle ( Joule
Do you Iteully Think he Old?.
Ail.lrxsk nnlers In lien W. Hitchcock, l'llh
lisliers JWThlrd Avenue, N, Y. '.'.vd' m ,
wwm Ml
New Goods ! New
Who has JtiHt Hoturuod from tho Ktist,
I'.xlcndj 11 nndial Inv IIhiIoii to tln'elllen id I .ill 11 to nawilie at then "tore,
No. 124 Commercial Ave..
Ono of tho Finest Dlnpluyx of
mm v c i mm m
Ladies' Fine Shoes, etc.,
l.vcrOeiiil lu llih.Mnrl.it. 'I In-siim knf
At tills C4lahllhliietit Is hy fir Ilie imi'l coiupieli' 11 lid elegant from which our ell ens have er
had the f irl liege ol fell cling. Mr. llurgir niiiiniinrcs Willi pleasure that helms
Selected His Goods with Especial Reference to tho Tightness
of tho Money Market,
And that, ulstcd by his long cierlenre In the Dry (Hods lmlnc, lie l
Enabled to Odor Customers Magniflcont Bargains at Fricos Which
Cannot Pull to bo Popular, Evon in thcBO "Hard Times." .
In short IIL'IKiKIl A Co. Iiarr deterniliiiil In
No. 12-1 Commercial Avcnuo, Cairo, Illinois.
I liuve thUiluy oiiened ut tliuoUl Slum! of J llorxor, Mllh h
Full Line of Furnishing Boods andNotions!
Which I Will Soil ut FIkuihh Kevur llefore OlTnr.nl lo tills Cit v.
And uu Thoy uro tho Bout of a Omat Wholnaala Dankmpt Dtock, it will
B MonoT TTour Pcckot to Buy of TTs.
Remember the Place J. Burger's Old Staud, Cor
nor Nintli Street and Commercial Avonuc.
In Stock for Spring Trade:
Strictly Pure White Lend,
Pure Linseed Oil,
Guaranteed Boiled Oil,
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris White,
Glues of all Grades,
Feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
Importer ami .lobbi'M ol'
Foroign Fruits, American and
rniHMMl M001U, t'lHli,
Soup Stuffs, Condiments,
Fancy Groceries
Orders by Mail Promptly Attendod to.
64 and 66 West Second Street, CINCINNATI
Styles ! New Prices !
uiut Retail
English Pioklos, Catsups, Saucos
NretlN, Ucrniim I'roiliiei'.
Flavoring Extracts, etc, otc,
m Endless Variety

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