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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, April 11, 1876, Image 3

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lJ'pi! KnlalitsofPytliits, ir.et-uemy Krl
''v llltit Kt hull ut neVeii, III OiM-
t'ifcfV? r.ltow iuii r-- iiovit.
(Iinorollor imuiiuiiiucr.
f low. metis every I hursilav iihht
oiiimen-lal nwime. imwivii hUiiinwJ eunUi
tr Cii4 I. mt, N (l
' mini i:ni AMPMKNT. I. O. o. I'.. IncH
in f .!)-tVlloM a' Hull on Ilic Unit nml tlilnl
. i . .1. 1 1 J in i'.i month, :it liair-ut Bvvrn
.IS II II lllMHUAN, (' I
( ii:ti i.mixii:. no
ti'KiiUr iviimii
;i.v 6"iilr. Il.ill, corner (
' V" . r.ifinf, mint,
( MliOI.OIiDi:, NO. 17, A. K. A A. M
nliiinilnlnit niui In JIM
t'lllimiTI'lM HVfllllH
. fin tin. (.eentiM mill
u Hi M a in ui mli moiilh.
Real Estate Column
roi: sam:.
Hho ffiutli hall (d'thc Pilot" hou-c lit
it bargain.
l'Oll 11 K.ST.
- IIiiiinMiiiXlnlli -tri rt, between Wal
nut mill Cedar i I reels, lately occupied by
.i. .Sciiic.inj;iT, si..
Mouse on Twelfth Mrrct West ol Wal
nut, r rooms nml l.ltelirn, $11.
ltn-liip home on l.cveoBtrcct.nbux:
J.ljjlith, i'U).
A goiA cottage on Twenty-Ninth
Ircct, near Coiuuittelal nvcniic.
.Storu loom on Cuuuucrcial avenue,
next to Vaverly hotel, ?I0.
Cottage of I rooms on Twenty-third
.-tree!, (iooil ynrtl ami cittern.
(iood dwelling house on Walnut. In.
teen Twenty-second and Tweiily-th'id
Much, $11).
More-room (timer Twentieth and
I'lipl'tri-trccls, $12 f0.
Store room adjoining above,
- Houn-on romtncrelal avenue, ahove
Mnlh i-trei'l, Millubh; lor bu-lncs and
dwelling, $10.
Mou' on Walnut Mitel, near ("enter
- pleasant prcinles, $12 W.
Mouse on Commercial avenue, near
I'.ith street, NiilnMe for Iin1ii'f and
Tenements uuiuheied 'J, 7, S nml
fi, Winter' Kow. .1 room1, each fur $10
per month. Will hi iut In Hrnl-cla
(.'ullage on SWlh idtcct, near Wadi
Inglon avenue I room', $7.
.Store room In "l'ilot llnue," lately
..einpled Vy ,. llalley.
-Dwelling hoifc on Sixth 'treet ami
JcUVrsoii'nvenue $10.
- -Orihau Asylum hiiilding and picnit
H . I.'elit low, to a good trlimt.
-Store room, comer Tweuileth and
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
Ilnotns In various pnti.s ol the oily.
- Lands, In ti.icts to stilt, near Cairo.
- VI -
Ungues Moue lately occupied by
(mI lilli'-nhou-c A ., on l.evee he
low 1 till 'treet. I!e it wry reasonable
Dwelling house, 7 rooms; 10 Jot
. iielni d. In good order, on Twenty
fourth and Walnut -tn-et. I.'eiitlowto
.1 good ti unnt.
Two I" ncuicliUou wet side of Com
inereial avenue near KilUi Mreet, mllahb'
lor hop and dwelling. Kent for each, $5
per mouth.
Dwelling hou-e. A rooin', on Kill 1 1
; treet near vtVinut, In good repair llent
$12 M) per month.
Cottage, '2 rooms and Mlehen.
Twenty-Ill "d Mud, mar Sjcniniut
north Mile. Kent $.', per mouth.
- -Two Miiall houe. noithweiil corner
Fifteenth nml I'opulai. Kent low.
- ltaemenl of liliek hnlldllig, Wt-rl id(.
of Washington avniue near Kigliteenlh
."treet, live loom hi good condition!
Kent low.
ltnllding on eat Mile ol Comiuiic!a
avenue, near Tenth street, unliable for
impenter .-hop. Cheap rout.
Building on we-t fide of Commercial
avenue, near Twelfth street, Old "City
Mall." Kent very low.
Tenement-, ollicc. ami room in vari
ous laeatioii'. Bents low.
Lot.' mid land" lor -ale orlea-e.
.Ions Makman v Co.,
Ileal Kstale Agents, comer Slxlh and
I.i'Vic MlreeU. 'M.Vtf
All Cliroiile IHscncH Cureil 1
IIY lilt. Iiri.17.
Me Is located In Cairo, Illinois, nnd U
si 111 calling on you to he healed. Why
will you die of old chronli! disease, when
you can ho cured with so Utile cost or
money. Do not giwi it up yet, for tlieie
I., stlfl halm In niicad. Cairo N the
place to eomi! to he cured ol all your
iiches and pains.
I am now prepared at inyolllco lo give
uiedlented haths-.aud persons wNhlug to
receive such, will call nt my olllco on
Klahlli street, No, 22, from Iho hours ol
2 p.m. till U p.m. Alo plain hallH, hot
baths, warm hath, cold hiilhs, or vapor
baths. A Wo persons having tlm eon
Miinpllonor week lungs, and wMiiug to
receive mcillciuus by inhalation, can te
eelvo the treatment at my olllce, tills he
lug tlm only true way of getting modi
cine direct lo the lung'. Also I treat dis
eases ol the eyes of years standing, and
the blind has been made lo see by my
treatment. All diseases of the skin
cure. 1'istnla cured by mo without the
ue of the knife. If you have a cancer,
come and he eiueil. All pilvato lhc:i;cs
In tlin shortest time, cured ny me. In
short, for nil chronic dieaes ol tlm hu
man system, go to Dr. Mult-, if you wide
lo ho cured. I compound nml prepare all
my medicines ut my olllce. It I fM
Dial praeilco maUes perfect. I have been
tlilrly yearn ii nnieilelug physician.
All leltcr.s and communications shall
be eoullileutlal and promptly nllcndeil to
by me. Direct Du. Mim.i,
.No, 'Si i.iguiu sueei, l airo, Illinois. ,
i in .ft,..
A. M.ti.i.nv. A '.tlnelot of table and
lioeUet cutlery, also spades, shovels
hoes, ralies, l'orks,axes niida general Hue
ofharUwaro Just received by A. Malley,
110 Coiiiiucrclal nvenne. 2-lS-ltni.
lu ullittiit.
AK.vorx mi i:tn.
t-'Ult HllKlilt F.
We nrr millioi.i-.l liiiiiiiinuiii'e Hint II. A. IM
IMltiilxin i nn lluli lie lelcnl l!( Mil.llnn rumll
laic lor Mil 1 1 If, ut tin- cmulhj; roiinly eli-.ll.iii
tOltt'llV CI.KKK.
Kihtiiii IIci.lkiim il'lrmi'niin.)UiH'(Mlut I uin
it e:in.Uil.ilc Tur Hie nniiniiri it) ( lirk, ul tlicii)
luc.idiliiKellj'i-lutiiiii W'n.i. K, IIauki.k,
Wrnicniilharlnt lit nniinunce Hip mine nf
.lA.MKn W S'IKWAItr let n rnmllillc lur Hi
iillieenl Cll I leik, nl tin-ciuiilni; ily clecrion.
We aie milliili In ninionncs Hie iimnc ut
. P. AM. I.i mn i'.in.ll.l.ili' l.ir ii'-fI''IIiii l
Ihi-(iili.e i.f Clly l.li rL ut the inmlnx cli.nkr
i in I Kill. in-
We mi' anlliorlro.1 In iiiiiioiiiio; Mr. V. M
HHICKI 1,1,1 II u ii (Mfiitl'ljlB f.ir l.lty Itruf
lllfrntlhc ui.riiaclilMK iiiiiiiIcIkiI elci llili
roil cri v a 'itount.v.
Weurc nullioriot lo iiniiiiUIR'e tlm Ii:iiih' nT
IIAIIMON III.AI.K.nnn uimlHitti I'uric-ilH:-
ll.iiitiitlieiilUpfor (;ily Altnrney, nt Uip nn
liiK'liiiili r t U Hun.
jt.i:s or AKvr.ui isinij.
tf-All Mill for U'tvirllinK, arc ilur nml nj'
'I rnimli-nt n'ltcrtlrlnx will !. Inn. rliil ut lliw
lulu i.ftl 10 r tvlure furtlir ditt lli'.'lllcill
mul urtfi-nti for i-aHi uli-iirnt one A lll rul
.IKcoiiiit will I..' iiu.l.' on jtiui'lln( nnd ilhily
Kor liiMTllntf ruiicrut nullre (I fo Nulirr "I
inrt-llni; of (wiclli-n or ni-it-t orilers ' ruila nr
euvlt liiMTti.m
Cluircli, society, Kiwtual ami Siiikt tmllnii
will only liv Innrtol a mHi-ttl-i mm ntt
Nil chi rlUfjnint will U' rr. "iM'1 tt Ii s limn
OiieiiU, ami no :i.iirli(ini'iit will lx' iiimliil
fur l.'i- Hull lluee ilolUra )r monlli
-- Local Buiiiness 1,'otlccB. of
aft Jr1 Ilnea or more, Innortoa
iu thn ilullutln us follows:
Commence Counting nt ten Linen.
Ono Insertion uer lino Conts.
Two Insertions por Una 7 Conts.
ThriHi Insortlona per Unu. 10 CentH.
Six lnseitions per line . 16 Ceiilti.
Two weeks per line HZ Conta.
Ono month per line ... !I5 Cent.
no itc.iuctlou win us mauo in auovu
TI'KSIIA V. At'BII. 11, 1S7A.
I.ueil Vii,llier Itepori.
Caiiio, 111., A). ul lo, I sic.
TIWB I IUH. I lllK. 1 W IND. I f.L. I 1.AT1I.
7 .111
yi 37 1 oi'
!f.!llT I -S
21 1 1 Too
'. ICIinrliiK
Ii ciinr.
f l'ir
1 1. III.
JAMl'.S W'Afsd.V,
Sergeant, Eliil irtn Ice, I?. S. A .
I'eilli'llllilll II Ilia
.lust received by (Jobl'dlne ,t Bovn-
water. :i-2"Mt.
Ik'lll illl-4.
Kreh arrival ol a very large ajort
ment ol ladle' and genN' kid glove. at
.1 Burger A Co. ::-2l-ll
Linen I'll per. "
Linen llbre, tilatellnih, letter and note
paperat the Bfi.i.ni iv olllce. Blue and
ream laid, below St. I .mils prices.
(li-lilucre l.neeslini! etlinu.
Ca'hnieie lace anil netting, a 'plendid
iorluieut, ecitalu to itesiu the ladles,
Jti-t in, at .1. Burger ('o. ."..21-tl
Attention ! Keillors.
Wo have lour dozen Imllatiou Khony
prague Can-Openers taken fur adver
ttslng, uhlcli wo will sell nl two dollars
p r doen. Inquire at Bulletin otllec.
A beaullful line of new embroideries
jus-t leceived by tin; recognized 'cuibrolil-
ry house" of Cairo .1. Burger & Co.
llull'.el.i'i pers, At trillion.
Do you l.now dial .). Burger A, Co. are
iu iccelpt of a mnguilleentllue of carpels
and oil clothcJ, all the very latest styles
mid designs? 'The lirt arrival of the sea
son. Stop In and examine their stock.
i:rrlMiir Nullum.
This jiopular saloon, corner I'oiirlcenlli
street and Washington avenue, Is oien to
the public. The bar U supplleV' with
pure wines, choice llnuurs nnd Ihi'ne't
bninds of clgnr.
:t-2."idm A. Kiini s, I'roprietor.
Not Ice.
We will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tin: llri.i.irn.v, unless the
same Is made on a wiitteu order signed
by the president or s-eerctary of the com
puny, and we will accept no orders given
by an employe of the company, lor any
purpose whatsoever.
(.'.mud Biri.i.r.ii.v CoMi'.t.NV.
November IU. 1$7". U
'I lie I'l.'iee.
Kor a clea.s shave, a ta-hloimlili' hair
cut, or a thorough shampoo, go to .1.
(ieorgu HlcIuhouc on Kighlh street,
Alexander County Bank building. UN
shop Is always neat; his towels always
clean ; Ills niMauts always polite, and
Ids tables covered with the latest daily
papers, lor lliu bcnellt of his ciietniiicix.
Npecie I'n.vnieiit.
(Jeorgo l.atlner, proprietor of the New
Kxcel-ior Haloon, Commerelal avenue,
three doors below Sixth street, U bound
lo became the popular icsort ol the city.
This morning at 10 o'clock ho will inau
gurate a new feature In his line of busi
ness, lo-wlt: Me will re-muiospccie pay
mentpay out silver In making change
A tree lunch o cry morning at 1(1 o'clock.
The b ir Is stocked with I'll-ner beer, and
the be-t ol wines, liquors and cigars,
(ilve the Kxeelilor a call it Is the place
for Iho liciit beer, and hard money, if
Hi:i: hoi'ii. ". Koch, at his shop and
stoic loom, No. !KI Commercial avenue,
has for sale a steel; ol bonis and shoe of
bis own make ; aUo a large stock- of ,St.
I.ouis ciiiloin made boots and shoes. Mo
kecpstho hcit mateilal and is up iu all
the latest styles. Mis Ills are perfect, nnd
satisfaction Is guaranteed, (live liiiu a
rail- WW
liny Your Hoods
At wholesale at the New York store.
Call and obtain pi Ices.
l-SMOt J'Aiir.it it 'i.
The Mrhiiiil.
The public, schools opened lor the
spiing lerm yestctday morning.
I'ifty cates of 'lines jul In and lor sale
low, nl the New York stoic. 1-S-tOt
I'm- Item.
Twofiirnldicd rooms; apply Klghlrenlh
and Commercial avenue.
Idl-lwd. .Mns, W. V l'nciiKK.
The next coeiahle of Hie Melbodit
church will take plce at the paronage,
next Thursday evening.
The funeral of Mrs. Kugciie Kitzpalrick
took place yeslerday afternoon, and was
largely attended by friends and aefpiaint
nucc, llr.v liOIMl.
10 bales ol l-l inuditi Jc at the New
York store. AIjo UXK) pieces ol prints,
choice styles al 7 and 8 cents er yard,
retail KS-lOt Permit & Co.
KlfKittit .Vioellli.
Bibbonii, fans and parasnli, latest styles
and lowest (irlces for sale at Burger A
Co'. AIo an exquisite lot of ea'hmere
and ecru tie, In the newest design".
Hun IMce
D.ui l.'Ieu'o circus w ill pay Cairo a vldt
soon. Mi agent Is in the city making
arrangements for the coming of the
.ludgo Bird has returned horn Na'h
llle, where he went to represent the col
ored people ol this city In the National
colored convention.
A telegram pa-ed over the whes iu
this city yesterday, saying that A. T.
Stewart had died at his home In New
York I il al half after two o'clock, p. in.
Nonietlillii; .New.
Burger &, Co. have a beautiful as-ort-
ment ol dress goods ol all kind', and
silks. Nimincr silks as low as sixty cents
per yard. The.se are splendid bargains.
Call and see them before the rush.
Ver NlcU
.Mr. 11. D. Campbell, ono or the oldest
reddents of this city was lying In a very
ciittcal condition la-t evening. It was
thought that he could not survive.
Null! Nulls!
Ladles' linen and alpaca suits, beautl
lully made and -tyIIhly trimmed, for
ialont .1. Burger A (Vs. Thee -tilts
ate selling as low as material can be
bought In this city. Call and see them.
All Here.
The members of Jiolhchild ,V Com
pany's circus company have all arrived
iu thi city, and gone into training.
Tin; first exhibition ol the company will
bu given in this city on the 22.1 lu'tant.
Ullll'e (iixllU.
White goodi nml linens. Including all
kinds of white wear for suits lor ladles
and children, at Burger it Co's. The
prices of these goods are extremely low.
and tljo stock Is a most attractive- one.
i'.i) lot: (ill.
City Treaurer Blake began paying the
levee laborers, as directed by the cltv
eiflucll, on ye'tcrday, and hU olllce was'
crowded Willi anxious people during the
whole day.
.Vol H C.tnillilatv.
Km roe. Bi i.i.irnx : I'lease state hi
your next Issue, that I am not ta candi
date for alderman in the llfth ward, and
respectfully decline the same. Yours,
A in i I 10. l$7(i. C. W. Wur.r.i.K.n.
I'olire t'onrl.
ludgo Bross did nothing iu the way of
police business In his court yesterday,
lodge Bird Is at home and at his olllce
again, hut his labors In the police hu-1-ncss
amounted to nothing yesterday.
Iliirrnli for lliitiiew.
Sleeping carriages and preainhulators.
for babies ol all sizes, at prices ranging
from .V) to $2.1, at Win. Klehhoirs fur
niture lactory. coiner Seventeenth street
and Wa-hlugtoii avenue. 1-1 l-l ni
l.ents I'liruMiliii; linixli.
.1. Burger it Co., have added to their
stock this sinlng one of the liuest selec
tlons ol gents' liiinlshhig goods ever
brought to Hill city. Geutleiueu nro In
vited to call and examine goods before,
llurchaslng elsewhere.
Alter Lent.
A number of the young men of this
city, who run the s-T-ely machine, tire
talking of a big ball iif'iho St. Charles al
ter Lent. They have been resting their
feet tor forty days, and aro pining for a
Tile Tiilrd Want.
A number of gentlemen residing in the
Third Ward, have solicited Alderman
Wright to stand lor re-election, next
Tuesday. Mu has not yet decided, we
are told, whether ho will comply with
their request or not.
llelilml Time.
The passenger train on Iho Mississippi
Central, which was due Iu this city at
11: l.'i on Friday night, was twelve hours
behind time, owing to the wrecking of a
freight train on the lower end ol the
I'ne Alileiiniin.
Wu hear that Mr. Isaac Wuldcr has
been solicited to oppose Mr. .luwell Wil
cox for a seat In the clly council on next
Tuesday, hut 'cannot ascertain whether
he will accept or not, II he should con
clude lo run, It Is believed by'many ho
will "jist cat ilewclt up alive."
Ilunse I'lii'iilnliliii; Omuls,
Tills department tit .1. Burger ,t Co.'s
storu on Commercial avenue, contains a
slock ol tablu Uncus, towels, napkins,
mursclllcs quilts, etc., eie which will de
light Hie eyu of every housekeeper.
Those goods are ollered at panic prices
, and will go nil' like hot cakes,
KI...1. r..f'lttr Atliirfift,'
We cull ntienllnti to the amniotic. numi
of Harmon Black for city attorney. .Mr.
Black Is a rflng young lawyer and has
filled the olllce which he aks, for the past
year In a creditable and sathfactory man
ner to the people, who will undoubtedly
do him justice at the polls next week.
(Jive no Nome Mu.lr.
These iiic lovely nights we are having
now, and open Mr concerts are In order.
The stands are ready to he occupied; we
have Ihrce excellent bauds now, and If
the gentlemen who eompose them will
but lavorour people with a concert now
and then, everybody will appreciate their
If Vte (live il I'alr.
Much Interest Is manifested by a num
ber of horsemen residing In ail jacenl cities
regarding n horse lair In this city. One
gentleman, Conductor Tom Conlon, ol
Charleston, says he will bring Ids horses
to any fair gotten up by our horseman,
whether there Is any money in It or not.
Me Is Iho owner of three ntt runncri.
The ( Inircli or Ilic Iteileeiiiec.
Services In the Church of the Bcdeemer
during tld, the last week or Lent, will
be as follows:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, at
I::t0 p.m., Thursday, (Moundy-Thursday)
at'..W p.m., with the administration of
the Moly Communion, to which Chris
Hans of all denominations are cordially
On Kilday, (Good Friday) sen Ices nt
11, a in.
The i:.iillulile l.lle .tusoeliilloii.
Tills Is one of the soundest companies
doing business In the United States. The
lato Capt. Dyas T. l'arker held a $."i,000
policy iu the J-:qul(able, and his heirs re
ceived $3,0IS at Ids death. Some of our
leading business men hold heavy policies
In this company ; many of them on the
endowment plan, which seems to be the
favorite, will fall due iu tin: next year or
two. .Mr. K. A. Burnett has been ten.
tiered the agency al Cairo of the Kqulta
hie. I'll I ill Nlltioliiijf,
From Conductor Condon, of the SI.
Louts, Iron .Mountain and Southern rail
way, we learn that on f-Niturilay after
noon, a pas.-enger conductor named Set
tle, who had charge ol an accommodation
train on the- St. Louis division of thw
road, got Into a quarrel wilh theeuglnccr
on his train, and drawing a revolver from
his pocket, shot the engineer, whoe
name was Corwcll, and killed hhu almo-t
Instantly. After shooting ( orwoll, Set.
tie shot himself, and was expected to die
at any moment. Conductor Condon was
unable to learn what caused thedilllculty.
Clly I'er-onuN.
MUs lldiiiio Snyder left ye-terday
afternoon for Alton, Illinois, for a two
weeii's vl-It.
.ludgo (Ircen has returned from
Mr. .lames Coleman of the linn ol
Cross, Coleman & Co.. returned trout a
till hi the South, on Sunday.
Miss Klla Steele, we are told, who
has In en vi-iting relations In Salt Lake
City lor several months past, will return
to this city on Saturday.
Dr. dames Ilea, of the Biographical
I'ubll-hing Company, ol New York.
Cincinnati ami Chicago, U In the city,
collecting materials lor sketches for the
Illinois volume, lie .will conler pictured
immortality upon .-everal of our distin
guished citizen.
t'oiirlnlilp anil Murrluue.
There was an unusally large congrega
tion in attendance at the church of the
Bcdeemer on Sunday evening to hear the
Itcv. .Mr. Gilbert's sermon on "Court
ship and Marriage." Mr. Gilbert said
during the discourse, that this thliur of
young men calling on the young ladies ol
evenings, taking tliein to church, parlies,
halls, etc., was not the proper course lor
a young man who contemplated mar
riage. Then he said a young lady was
very apt to don her llnest dress,
sinlle her sweetest, and make herself
agreeable and winning, but this was not
Irnm what a young man should judge.
The time came to a man after marriage,
he said, when ho wanted something more
in a woman than a Hue dress and a pietty
face. The sermon throughout wai most
Interesting and sensible, and one
that If Its teachings were followed, would
save many a poor man sleepless nights
and many a lively deal from his better
hall, hi tin; days to come.
Sunday Is the last day of Lent.
The clly election takes place ono
week Irom to-day.
Dan Bice's circus will show In (Ids
city next Friday, tlm 1-1 tit Instant.
Special bargains In muslins at Gold
sllne & Koscnwatcr's. :i-2(J-tf
Tlm Tailor Literary Club Minstrels
are rehearshigdlligenlly.and Intend mak
ing their next performance the grandest
success of any undertaking In the exist
cnee of the club. They have not yet de
cided when theallitlr will take place.
The Kev. Mr. Gilbert's sermon on
'Courtship ami Marriage," Sunday even
ing, created much talk yesterday. Not
only dlil tlm young speak of its many
good points, but alo the old, For next
Sunday evening's discourse Mr. Gilbert
has chosen for his subject, "Gossip."
A splcndl selection of chcvlols jut
iccclvcd at Goldsllno ,t Boscnwatcr's.
The Odd Fellows of Boeklord, llli.
mils, will celebrate their llfty-?econd an
niversary Ina grand manner on the 2Hih
ofthls month. All the prominent lodges
oflhe State have bccti Invited to partici
pate In thedemou-li'allou.and a number
of the members oftho Cairn lodge, we
aro lolil, will be present. Mr. Oberly of
this clly will deliver the address.
Iiwr lli:i'i:i'i:i'' A. Malley has Just
received a line lot of canary and mock
ing bird euges, llower stands, llower
trainers, baskets, archer, hearts and
wreathes, which ho has maiked very low,
at 115 Commercial avenue. 2.18-Jiu,
( Aino. Ii.t... Monday livening, 1
April 10. 187(1. J
Since our lat Issue the weather has
been warm and pleaant, but business has
been quiet ill all lt branches. The livers
are declining slowly at present, but will
go down very rapidly in a lew days.
The Hour; trade has been very quiet.
Prices are not changed. Slocks are w ell
llllcd. May Is very dull. The supply is
greatly In advance or the demand. There
Is very Utile being done whh corn.
There 1 a Mipply in market fully rqual
to the demand. Oats are quiet. They
are coining In slowly, but the demand Is
very light and the supply on hand Is
good. .Meal Is very dull. Bran Is ex
ccedlngly dull, and has declined from
$i:t.OO to $I2.W). The supply of butter Is
increasing, with Iho demand limited to
the local trade. Anything not perfectly
sweet will not tell, Kgg nro scarce and
the probability Is that there will be a
good demand throughout the week.
Poultry Is scarce, and Iho demand Is
great. Mens nnd turkeys particularly are
wanted. The weather Is too warm lor
dressed meats. Sweet potatoes are sell
ing well, but the supply at present Is suf
llcient. There are no apples In the mar.
ket, and there Is a good demand.
CfiufOur friends should bear In mind
that the prices hern given are u-ually
for sales from llrt hands In round lot-.
In tilling orders and for broken lots It Is
ne:cary to charge an advance over
these llgiires.'iiMa
Flour has been quiet, stocks nie gener
ally well tilled, and the demand Is lim
ited. Prices arc not changed. We note
thosaluor200 hbls variou grades,
C 00; :I00 bids various grades, I 0C$
C.0;00 various grades, SI WVi; 75;
100 hbls X.N.V, $5 25 ; li20 bids various
grades city, $ I OUi&S 50; KM) bids vail
ous grades, $1 25g,7 25.
May is not changed. There Is an
abundance on .the market, and the de
mand Is very light. Sales noted were ".()
bales, fair mixed, $13; 15 bales, good
mixed, $15 ; 1 car prime Timoth, $15.
We note Iho sale of 1 ear No, 2. $1 110.
The coin trade Is very light with pleutv
In market to supply the wants. Wis note
the sale ol 1 car while In sack-1. ISe; 1,273
sacks white. 176; ISc.
ftecclpts arc slow, hut the demand Is
very light and the supply is sulllcicnt to
sallsly It. We note the sale ol 1 car
Xoithcru in sacks, uOQIOe ; 121) sacks
ml.xed, 3'Jc.
.Meal Is very dull. There Is no de
mand, 'j he market Is well stocked.
We note the sale of2.V) barrels city steam
dried, $2 :tO(.i,2 ; 25 barrels grecih
$2 15.
Bl! AN'.
Bran Is extremely dull. Wu note I lie
sale of 125 sacks, $12 50.
Butter Is coming in more freely, mid
Hie supply is Increa-lng. The demand
Is limited to the local trade. We note
the sale of !! tubs Northern, ::0(.r;i5e ; 2
buckets .Southern Illinois, 25: 10 pails
choice, .'I5e
Fugs are scarce ; there 1 u good de
mand. Wo note the rale of 100 do.cn.
lle; noO dozen. 121e.
The demand Is very urgent lor all
kinds of poultry. It Is veiy .-caree. We
note the sale ol 20 dozen liens, $1 25.
There ! a fair demand lor sweet pota
toes. 1 he supply Is good. We note the
sales 5 bbls, $:i 'j;,,
We noti) the sale of 10 boxes Lading's
F.xcel'ior, 0 cents.
We quote salt in car load lots, SI M ;
less than ear load lots, $1 75. Wu note
the s-alu ol SO bbls, ?1 75.
Wo quote Paradise' and Mt. Carbon on
track, lump, $11 ; nut, $2 ; delivered car
load per ton, lump, $:i 50; nut, $2 75;
delivered per single ton, lump, $1 ; nut
$;I25; ftuum or Marrlsburg coal on
track per ear load, lump. $27 ; nut, $10 :
delivered per ton, $1! 50; Putelmrgh coal
ear loads on track, $5 50 per ton ; single
ton, delivered, $0.
Hides arc dull, hut there is a lair de
mand for lurs, at quotations :
Mints-Dry lllnt,12J0i:i.Je. dry salted,
lOJCAUJc; green salted, njUc damaged,
3 pine
No. 1 eaicd. $1: No. 1 onen. 75o: No
riOffililk! : No, :i, 25e; No. I, lllu; Bed,
No. leased, $1 50; No. I open, $1 25,
Skunk Black, 60cOO$l ; halfstrlped,50(i)
(;0o; narrow, :t5e: Kittens. 15c. Opo-sum-10c.
Bcavcr-sd 502. Musk
rat 105o52e. Hear No. 1, $S: No. 2, $5;
No. Il, $21 : No. I 50c.
ok thi:
I'll)' ol' I'alio,
colored and varnished, for sale at hail
pilce ($2.50) at the Bt'i.i.iriix olllce.
I'm Kiiiihiis ami I'lilai-ailo,
The Atchison, Topcka and Santa Fo
railroad from Kansas City and Atchison
on iho MU.-oun river, via Tooeka, tbu
eapltol ol ICansas, and tlio licaulllul r-kmi'-as
valley lo the Bocky Mountains.
Thouhortc-t route to Puebelu the Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs, Manltou,
Pikes Speak', and till place- -if ncu In Ilic
mountain regions. The favorite route
lo Denver mul all points Iu Norihcrii
Colorado. The be.-t roiile to Southern
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. The
only direct route to the (limnus San
loan mines. The track and equipment
Ik iiuequalcd, trains nm through front
the Missouri river to lm' ftoeky .Mouii-
I., tm iitfiL-ltltr fHklim-IM Id list III 1111IUI1 Lit'
pots and molding delays and .trans
(.iu l.flM lltll lli'41'T 111111 II LII I IIIIll N
miips, time tables', etc., address
Gen'l Pass. Agent, Topcka. Kan.
! I'us wc quote : western utter, mi,
1, $GT.i.(l 50 ; No 2, $:i&:i 50 ; No. II, SIM
1 50; No.'l, 25e. MTuk-.Vo. 1, $lfij
I 25; No 2, 5075e; No, .1, 25c; No. 4,
10c. Itaecoon No. 1, 75(i.SOi ; No. 2,
lOe: No. II. 20o: No. I, Sc. Fox (iray,
Cheap (laml..
I pounds Molded Bin collce for SI 00
I " Choice green Bio eotree," 1 00
II " prunes, .
.'I " choice rice.
II " Deinora sugar, 1 00
I boxes of matches large.
A pound best soda,'.
I If l.l .l.knl.. . . 4
All other troodras lolChdlcii hulter
ny tlm pound or package nl the
l'S-10t Nt:w ViHiKSrom:.
Ureal tlioliriiil Nale.
Now Is your lat ehancn to wt vnnr
goods nt less than cost, as I have bought
I he wholo bankrupt stock of Mdlbrou it
Won, eonslstliiL' ol drv lmoiN. sotlnns.
elolhhig, etc.. nt uch low tirlccs that en-
ables me lo give everybody bargains that
will satlsly even the hardest customer.
I will continue the bmlncfs at the old
stand ol llellhron it Well only lor thirty
days longer, nnd all the goods must be
'Old within that lime on account of re
moval. Be on hand In time. hefori all
the bargains are gone, as I mean busi
ness. Soi.omo.v P.u:i-.ii:a, ol Clu.
l-5-lm 1 12 Commercial avenue.
Cancer- Cureil.
Or, Mebcrn Clnlllu ot the Northwestern
Cancer Institute No. i:t7:t, Wabash ave
nue, Chicago, will be In Cairo, at the St.
Charles hold. April 21st and 22d to treat
patients for this dreaded disease. Can
cers may be surely, speedily nnd perma
nently cured, iu all lis forms, 11 taken be
fore the patient Is too far gone without
i he ue of the kniTe, with litllcor nnpalu,
and without debilitating the patient.
This remedy was discovered by Dr.
Clallin, and Is known only to himself.
Having teted Its clllcncy thoroughly
during twenty year-' practice, he Is pre
pared to guarantee an aho-lute nnd per
manent eiiru In every can; he undertakes.
Nn. I l.niinitry.
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the lauudrcs, No. 12 Fourth street, he
tween Wa-hlngton and Commercial avej
lines, has oneot the best conducted laun
dry establishments hi the lly, and land
lords ol hotels and boarding houses will
llud It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are a lollowe,: Motel
and boardlhg-hou-e washing 75 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices aro as
follows: Single shirt and eollar, 10c; per
doen, f-Oc; socks, r.o; two collars, 5c;
two handkerchiefs, 5c; vest", 20c; and
all gentlemen's wear, We. per dozen.
Ladies plain calico dresses, 'j.-K;. calico
dres-es with extra Irimmlngs, 50o; while
dresses, $1 .-,; ; ladies' underware, line
and coarse, $1 00 per dozen. 1-2 Mf.
Ajiril 11), .SM
, Aiinvic
low WATCH. (.11 ISOK.
1 rr. ts. rt. is.
Culro I tl !J l 2
PittKiiiirK J a ii :
Clneiiiuiitl il u il
I'mimillf I.i I .Vii I
Susln ill.- hi a -1 n
st. imis '.'i a -ii a
KmiMUlf -11 a ! I)
MllllilliS - M ll II II
VickliiHK II ii Xil 1
Sew OrleitD - a 7 Ai) 1
I'llnw liluli water nf l-TI.
.l.Mi:s W.MSllN,
yergcanl, Signal .-ervli-e, It, M. A.
I'url i.i-l.
Sleamer .lliu Fl-U, Paducah.
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
" I.'obcrt Mitchell, New Orleans.
City of Alton, St. LouN.
" Ste. Genelveve, Vlel;sliurg.
IMdyville, Na-hville.
Diii'Aiti nn.
Sleamer .Uin Fl-k. Paducah.
' Grand Tower, St. Louis.
Boberl MilehcU, Cineiuiiati.
" City of Alton, New Oilcans.
" Ste. Genevieve, St. LouN.
" Kdilyvllle, Nashville.
The Ste. Gencvievu came up from
Vlcksburg yesterday iiiMrnhig with a
light trip. She staid here not morn than
ten minutes, having no business, ami left
for St. Louis.
The Robert Mitchell, from New Or
leans for Cincinnati, and the Grand
Tower Irom Memphis for St. Louis,
passed up with light trips.
The Fi.k leaves at llve o'clock
prompt, lids evening.
The dim Fisk had a fair trip down
from Paducah yesterday. Among other
Items of her eaago, was -15 hlids. tobacco
for rcslilptuent to New Orleans.
The .Bin Flsk on her return tilp to
Paducah lat evening, towed a bargu he.
longing to the Mississippi Valley Trans
porlallon company, which Is to be loaded
wilh tobacco at that porl, for New Or
The Fddy vllle came dow u from Nash
vlllo on Sunday evening wilh a good trip.
She had among her other freight. M
Mids. tobacco for New- Orleans. She
went hack light.
The City nt Alton pas.-cd down Irom
St. Louis for New Orleans yc-lerday
morning without .-topping, which means,
wo presume, that she had alt the freight
she wanted. She put. to shore near the
wash iu Hie Mlssls-ippl levee ami put oil
several passengers, thus avoiding paying
The boats leaving SI. Louis to-day
lor this and other ports are Captain
Shenck'sMary .Miller, for Pittsburg; Iho
ami barges for New Orleans, and the
beautiful City ot Helena for .Memphis and
The Itejmbllttin ofyestciday says the
John I,, ithodes milycd (hero on Sunday
evening with OXi tons, tbu largest cargo
ewe received at that port from PiUs-
hurg iu one noiioiu.
SoMHiniMi Nkw. The lightung, re
ciprocating, tin churn and egg beater,
the lale-t and the 'liest' ever made, at A.
Malley's, who U now selling hi- large
stock ol stoves, (in and brlltana :ue at
greatly reduced prices. Give Mm a call
bcloro y t iif purchase, 115 Cnnniifreljil av
euiie. ' ' 2-ls-:iin.
4 lloin-
Fifty cents, at Winter' Gallery,
V4iMa t . ft
lector will receive the (nine nthli in 'until the
t..UIeUi In.t. Altet that time uhlrilnt ill to
iniUe upou the tiroperty orthe ilellnqtiem?.
AI.K.X. II iltVIN,
- "'"'Him,.. AVriMn, r'iltei
Piom tlio Plains of Colorado,
From tho Rooky Mountulus.
Moris. Paul's Colcbrntod
Performing Bears
The Blind Horse
Cairo, One Day Only
Attornoon tts JUxroxxlxxe
Ailmiiilon, SOcti. Chlldron under 12
yean of age, 23 cti.
Triiilcc. Nnle.
Whereas Stephen II. War.l and tvlfo by
tlmlr deed datud .Mnrcli IL'lli. 1H7;I. and
rcrordoil oa ia'e 272 In bonk "'' of Tnnt
Uucils, hi the lU'conler's otllco or Alexander
county, Illinois, eniivcyo I to the uuder-
MCneii, mis nuinovreii iiur.y-scven taij anil
nun r-eiKiii (.w), in diock niunnercu tweniy-
nevcn(271. in tlio First Addition to tliuclty of
Cairo, IliliioN. In triut. to eeuro tlio nav-
inent of a redain note tliercin detenbed.
Now, iiiiiler tlio nrm (slons of mid deed, da-
fault havhi" In't'ii mai.o In the ii.ivinotit of
aid noto. thu uiuturslL-neil will offer said
prnpcriyfor salo, at iiiivtion. to the highest
liludur lor caslt, at tue Court Homo door,
ill tlio cltv (d Cairo, Illinois, at 2 o'clock
i, in,, of Mnnil iy. April 17th, ISTti, for tho
purpose of fid irut.
Al.FIIEIl II. S.rK01lI.
Trustee ami Mortgagee,
flni:i:v .t Oii.nKitT, Attorneys.
Caiiio. Ii.t.. March 17. lti.il. wlt-d-lt.
Sheriff's Sale.
1 TV vlrliiuol'nn cuciillim Id Hie illivclcil liy
.1 Jlliei-Uik of Hie circuit cimrt of Alexumler
ciilintv. In tliv Mate of llltiinls, In furor of lli
IV..ilc nt Hie Miilworitllmili ami iiualnit Henry
Wnitoii Wi lli) mul Amliew.l, I'arle, I linru lev
list iiimii lliu lolluwiiis iierlljril jitiMierty, In
this I'uiility nl Alt'MiinU'riiiiilMuteot IlliuuU, to
will 'llii'Miiiiliti.iliii.irtir ofecllun nine CD, In
lnnslili MiVf'ilifii (17) mjiiIIi, niliKn two (I)
et nl' Ilic !lnl P. M. Ill tlio enmity of Alexnii
ili'dmul Mule of lllliuilt, nml iiIm) lot iiiiiiilivrtil
llilily-lllt (M) In lilnck lilllllbt l e.1 eljtlilivn (IS).
In Hie Mr. I iiilililiun Id thu city of Cairo, county
of Ali'MimliT iii Miilu nt Illinois, us the proiier
tv nl' tlie nalil Henry WutMinWeMi, which 1 tlilll
olt'i'-iil 1'iililiu f-iit! nt the imtlii'vt iloorof the
couit ii)iiu In the clly of I ntro, ill Ilic county
of Ale umlcr mul Miiieol'llllnoliioii the '.Dili day
ol- April, A. I. I7il. nl Hie hour of clern
ii'i liii k, a in,, of anl day, lor ritsli, In ajtUfy
lulil cm ration. AI.K' II. IIIVIX,
.-hi'iilfol' Alcviiiilrr I oiiuty, lllllioln.
Culro, Illinois, Mul'th J'Jlll, 1:70.
:i. aul'i-u
111 suciiii, lll , Jan, hi, I87i),
"Wri iii "' titltuo i try iiierlor article
A' ul nl ln iiviii M liiiiurlllta,.ejaaaUJ
u.lji fctl fociimteH ni hoiiehidilwMieri
Vtliii Ii ewlll i lei It en In Culm, ultiXlnai4' '
Vim-ennes ini' k hv the cur- lo.MtTrf ; taaktU
ul nine C) i-eoi. i.'i' lihcl , or tvii Unlbraaail
mniiy-ilie..iils(i 8-i) irliinf
h ...,l.,. inri.a teiv bUM-rlor arut-le Nut
fo il hi'-ll we will ifelher mi tincW- Iwaaity
C.ii) ilollaw lr rur '' lnulicl. Part not
n i.lilurf ii car hull will cult iiioii KM. Vara on
i.lulitli tlrect. lnLniu (.' aiinerclal aMWaah-
llljtliui i.i iii,-n, uin, ti .i(ip"n ..wwiw.'.
lii im. Mr. Wmil Hill ulio ihltter till coallo
uiiy urt urtlnclty ut J Wi tt cat Wl, .mak
thniiinalnutiiljuiit'j W if Um." tl AeewU
mcilbv the U. anil V K. ft. to;(MU(l HWU
Durmlnea.anil ll liaa no auwrlor Iu tbtiaattl.
liixloniiveiaiin, ami im inoiiiniai reaoiuoie
tyt M. Ward. Ka, . b !" ifAjSll1
her thi coal at rl.iw wer ear J-.'1-"".
ffii His Dies Iisell

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