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flu IttUjitiit.1
RhI1bk Mutter on f.rrrr .
The tlfllrlnl ("II nf th Sfnllnnnl Iloiu.
OCrir vvnvniin
Ths Ntlonil Democratic Committee, to
wbotn I dclrrated the power, of llxln llio
time mill iilwcof hoMlnirtlie National IV.u-
orratlc sonviutlon ol 1870, have appointed
Tiiculay, the Uvonty-jovcnth day of .lime
next, noflii,a the time, nml Mcrled M.
l.oul ni tin phec of linldlnj; Mlrh i-nnn'i--Hon.
Kaeh Stale "III he entitled to n roprwon
t.itton cqtiil to Uoublo t!io lumber id lt
Mn.itor ami ropricnt.illf In the emi
KrcM of the United Slates; md the terri
tory of Colorado, wlm-o ndinilmi In .Inly
anState wlllfflvr It " 'dc In Uo ost
electoral college, In nlo Invltcil to tsciiit del
egate i to tho convention.
Democratic, Couervatlvc nml other citi
zen ol the I'nitcd State. Irrespective of
lal political noclattont, ileslrlm,' to co
operate with the Democratic party In Its
rreent cllorU and object", are cordially In
llel tojolu In ciiillti delegate In the
national convention. Co-upimtlnii U tie
fired from nil pcrMUH w In would clinti,'o
an admm!tratlon that lias Mtll'ercd tho
publlo treillt to become and remain Inferior
to other and lci favored uatlom ; h.n per
mltted commerce to lio taken away hy for
rlgc powers; ha Hilled trade hy nn.iiiM,
uticininl and irrnlcIoii3 legislation j has
Imposed iiniiin.il taxation and rendered it
ino.'t hurnennmo ; has chnnjjod (rowing
prosperity Into wldcprcad pti tt'erltii nml
want; has squandered thu publls moneys
recklessly and defiantly, and fdiamclct'l,
uted tho power that -hotiKi have been H.vllt
to ptini.h crime, to protect It.
for these and other rewonn tho national
Democratic ratty deem the public danger
Imminent, and earnestly desirous of recur
Iiijj to our country the blcitlnpi of an
economical, pure ami free Kovcrmuint,
cordially Invite tho co-operation of their
follow-cltUciuln tho effort to attain thl
Thomas A. Walker, Alabama.
rf.It. CockrIII, Arkan-a.
Krank .McCapplu, California.
William H. liarnum, Connecticut.
t'harlca llcatcn, Delaware.
Charles II. Dyke, l lorlda.
A. It. I.awton, (looreia.
Cyril II McCormlck. lllinol.
Thomas Dowllmr, Inillmm,
.M. M. Ham, Iowa.
Isaac K. Kuton. Kama'.
Henry D. Mcllcurv, KcktucLr.
Henry D. Odcn. Loultliia.
1.. D. .M. Sweat. Maine.
A. I.eo Knott, Maryland
William A. .Moore. .Mlshlgan.
William I.ochrcn, Mitinc.ii
.1. U. Sharpa, i-.iafca.
SI. y. Jtan."-,IVoVlIi Carolli,:1;
.Jolrn '. iliompsoii, Ohio.
.1 ame K. Kelley, Oregon.
James I'. Ilarr. J'oiuiMlvaiil.i.
Nicholas VanSlyck, llhode Wand,
Thos. Y. Simons South Carolina.
William II. llate, Tcnnc,ee.
V. S. Stoekdale. Text".
II. lt.Smallcy, Vermont.
John (ioode.jr., Virginia.
John lllair llogo. West Virginia,
lieorgo II. Paul, WUconkln".
Thomas M. Patterson. Colorado.
Al'GLTSTL'jj SCIIKM., .New Vork.
rr.Kiir.tCK 0. I'iunce, Maachii-oUs,"1'''
Secretary National Democratic Com.
ASIUNOTOX, February t! , lg;o.
Sicwakt, tlie deceased merchant, had
mnde elaborate preparations lor u rntl
reception at his hou'c to the Kmperor of
Brazil. All the arrangements, even lo
the minutest details had been made.
'J'nt funeral of A. T. .Slewart will take
place at St. Mark's cliurcli in New Vork,
llUhop I'otler pre.-ldhi", to-day. Tho
pall bearers nre cx-Covcruor Dlx, cx
Lovenior Morgan, .Judge Henry U. Da
v!5, Judge. Noah I).wl, chief JiiMlcc C.
I'. Daisy. Char-lea II. I!uscll, Kobert L.
Stuart, Iloyal PJieJps, Jacob I). Vennllye.
William M. KVart, I'eter I'oojwr,
Stephen Wray and Fraud ( ottltict.
Haiicock, who ha? been In the liahlt of
dL-tributln- million of dollars a year by
ittueofhh oOlcu as commissioner of
public KrollIUj and building, will do so
no more. The H0Ufc ,,rovK,0, ,
appropriation bill that m,,. of the money
.on - nmcntlonwl, should pas tl.roul,
-, ,a!r1S;,M" T,,CSI,a-v- " Scimto
passed he bill forimprovin- the .rr0unds
' " 'Habcoek thould have the hai.d
11111? of iioneortlifMnm,,.,.,,...... , , .. .
-.ii. uiun uiueii. liabcocU and 1
rebuke to President (iraut.
h tiii'i.it's m,u,.im: i on m a v.
llorjvr' Mtignnut for Mny U it bright
nml beautiful number. cIoIiil' tlio tllty.
second volume ol till? popular periodical.
Tho number opeti with nn lllii'lialed
nrtlcle on .Southern Colorado, In connec
tion with tlio recent explorations by
Lieutenant Wheeler. .Mr. f.ossliifr con
tribute an exceedingly Interesting paper
on .Major Andre. Hlit'trnled with entirely
new ptctuiv. from Dr. Kuinict'i rare and
valuable collection. I'ebeeca Harding
IhwU, In tho second part ol "Old Phila
delphia.'' gives some novel and clinroc-ti'il-itii)yllinie
of the people and inan
nersol that clly at tho opening ol the.
revolution. Her nrllelo l beanliriilly
liluliateil by-Vbbey l!yllne;p, nml other
iirllts. Profeoanr l.nekwood conclude
hlferle of lllii'ti-aled papers on the
The sitbjeel of Household Art, so admir
ably treated by .Moncurc I). ( "ouway In
foinicr number ol Harper. I resumed
in the present number. The llr.-t of a
series, ol Illustrated papers on .Modern
Dwellings: their Construction, Decora
tion nud furniture, is contributed by H,
Hudson Holly, tho well-known architect.
and U profusely mid tnlelully Illustrated,
Puder the title of Cardinal Mepldto,
Junius Henri llrowno contributes :i bricl
but admirable sketeli of Osar P.or'Ia.
Tlie poitralt aecoinpanltiL' the nrtlcle Is
eiifrravcd from KaplmTs n'lebrated pie
in tlio Palazzo Hor'hcso at I'ome.
Iiieliiding three of Woolf.s hit morons
sketches in tlie Drawer, IhU number con
tains eighty enyravlut's. Aiming tlio II
lusti-atcd contributions Is a ballad entitled
Naonian : a l.eend of the Hudson, by
IIWiop Cleveland Coxe.
In short stories tills number fully sus
tains the. reputation of thu .Ma''a.Inu In
tin particular, containing, Jut In Time,
by Prank l.ee lienedict; I!at--a humor
ous love story by Harriet I'rescott .spof
ford ; and a novel and piquant tale by
IMward Ilverelt Hale, entitled, Allf.
I.alia tho Kaslcrn name for Arabian
Jf course tlio supreme leaturc of the
.Magazine Is Ocoru Kllofs Daniel Dcr-
onda, ol which an entire book Is
jjlvcn ; but the space allotted to this bril
liant novel does not Interfere with the
usual variety so cuaracteristio ol every
number of llnrjicr. The publisher an
nounce i no commencement oi a newser
ial story In tho June numhorlJV
uiuaii .u. win,-, oivWehes u familial
ii iMi : an onw,.,! . ambition ; show.s the
...Mrof Fltfhlhi'' tlie Devil with Fire.
and, anions oilier things, lias n word for
country clergymen. The other editorial
departments aro as interesting a te-ital.
Gen. Hcdrlok Relates tho Man
ner of Securing Post Trador
shlps and the Money He
Has Made by the
Mr. Part's Continued As
severation of Supremo
Confidence in SehuneU
and Etuutii,
Qon. IJabcock FintlH it Necos-
unry to Contrndiot a Con
vict'u Story.
Doin Pedro, the Kinpcior of Ilr.iil.who
will vMt Xew Vork in a few davs. will
take an extensive tour through the United
.Slates. Tlie places ho ulll visit and route
lie will take, as now projected, will be a
Inimedialely alter his majestv's arrival.
upon the arrangements for the establish.
hi!.' the Knipress Theresa in the F.at be-
Iii' made, thu Imperial parly will start
overianit for ban I ranclco.
Thenco Ids inaiesty will return in time
lo take part In the opening ceremonies of
tlie exiutjition at Philadelphia.
I ho ceremonies over, tho onincror will
maio a lour tiirouU the coal and oil re
frlons ol Pennsylvania In Cincinnati, l.nu
lsville nml the .Mammoth eavo of iCi.n.
lucky. Thence the party will urocced if.
St. I.ouis and descend the .Mississippi
river io .o,w ui leans.
Mom the reseent Cily tho emneror
win return to riiiladelplila ami sneml 111'
teen days lnspectin-' the Centennial ex
ills majesty will then iro to Xow Vork
ctioy the sail up the Hudson, vlltlni:
araioa nnu -Niagara Fall, and thenoro
to t annua, jioln as far as .Montreal.
'llio uty of Itoston will be liN next
point of interest, wheneohls majesty will
an lor i.uropo on the lth ol Julv.
it win uo seen that tlie roval nartv
win pass through this cltyabout llio mid
die ol June.
alo a
Mr. Charles Xordhofl, the ob,crvln
Respondent of the .New Vork 7 Jl!?,
ti e omb1'"' ",U,k'W Scott .
' n C;, n UlS '"'"'Ml'enom
,r" "ca..UWatcor the Demoo-
, jrUs U '"cld Scott Hancock- as thn
AoS,.-?.r,IWH HUSMICy ho
is destined
'U'lircr In
tr I
w uL-uunie tin. t i. .
tllC atilirn.iiOiliiir , . . .
'Inlllo Tl " , liuvillUI
battle. lhtt nomination of Hancock
wo.ildBpikcthe principal ca, pa! ,
ol such leaders Morto '
'whoso stump oratory mni..i.- . '
MnalhisIonstothoboS;' U
;w,at.nore appropriated t'S'
lentla candidate In this our Xial
'year, than Hancock." K",li!Jl
OlIP llAtfl ,1 .
natlou will fpke ,lle Km.s of .Morton a
'ma nt,H David Davis, but, If th0
.;"vi,!!'!?.tl0,) """"!'t n. Ha.,:
for ..V w , B00U t'"0ll"h """JWato
'.ottakh,,DaV. , 1!'V;!'"0"'
ourhat.Klvothr . ., ' ' "n .laK0
f ...o.. .... ... - . """iiry. A mill.
...j iiv nut ail din ,,., i
i. i ... . oi a civi
.4.111. UIJU Wlllllfl Itrlt... ..... " '
iiicu inosc ouai t e of i,.i.i ...... ; '
erunc I innrnm . . -
uouniqi-icit nlckles. "tho smallest and
ineauest of counterfeits" arc circulating
throughout all parts of the country. "'It
'Is worthless," says a special to the Chlca
go. Jribunt, "only because the counterfeit
'although It Is Indention! in weight and
'fineness witli the genuine, coin, and
worm pistas iniicii, is not made at the
'government mint. Tlie live-cent piece
isasiiamand deceit at best, for It cost
'the government, Including material, la
bor, etc., half a cent apiece, or ten per
cent oi us nominal value. .Some of tho
'counterfeits were recently sent to tho
'biipenulcmlent of the mint in Phiiadcl-
'pula by the treasurer, for tlie purpose
'or making Inquiries and to test their
value. Tho superintendent says tho
'eountei felts have been assayed and
'found to contain copper and ii.cklo In
'the legal proportion ; that the coins aro
ol proper weight, slo and llnUIi, and
just as valuablo as the good coin. Thu
'only way to detect the spurious Is by tlio
iiupericci impression of the legend, "In
uou we trust.'
One of t'rct.Mcll'1, Mn,
New Oiliuns Ociuocrat, Arllu.
i . V'trmiywo rclerrcd to tho fact that
District .Attorney lleckwlth iiad com-
lUOUll-cd 11 I ,nvirnti,iif ilnldi nl Cr til
Kin ....t." .. .,-".,; "y: vv"" ".' ,,yi-
wv. i.uini iihj tiriaiiiirr i.fiwi.ii u- in
ui oiiu nine poitinasier of .Now
I-r eam., or the sum ol $0,000;
i thesatnu tlnm wo suggested that this
lor tm ".V10"" otll(,r. "'as a proper ono
lia i11110'1' , w lnttly certain
tablUiiVi "KO'iivesiigatioti won lit es
em ,'. ..!'' t?r . Lowell Avas
polltlebin wns ' " "I'lnt-'iitla
nartv i
would neve
hy bringing
' necessary to
ims s iiio ui.. i .1.... i.
tho ho ,,r Jre. Let
tidsinSi,,!,,;'!!. ""yo
L'tn r..i Louisiana and the postmaster
V.siiiX(inx, April 1'J. The sergeant
at-iiimsiif the liou-o Inloriiicd ( lilel-Jiis
tleu Cutter to-day that he held Kilboiiruc
subject to iiirtiier orders oi ino House
anil thu judge postponed further pro
ceedings under hakes corpus till Satur
nn: i nu'.siiMi: i;.mia .mini:.
Trt'iior W. Paik was recalled before
the lloii'-i' Committee on Forlgn All'airs
to-day. Hi' lestiiieii mat ins aeipiatui
aneo with (ieiieral Scliciick did not begin
until alter t no commencement oi iii
negotiations for the sale ol tho mine. I
was not true that llaron (iraut was In
diici'd lo take nart in tho undertaking by
the Information that (!en. Schcuek would
become a d rector.
In answer to ituestloiH, Paik said ho
should bae acted toward (Jen. Schelicn
as he did, even If (!en. Schcuck bad not
been the American .Minister.
A ,1,i1,.rri 1 1 fill riillt-lisfillllllir lifif lilliiil
banks. Incliidlnir Fnllls ot Cincinnati and
P.nglMi ol Indianapolis, appeared before
llio oiiiiiniici: in "u iiiiu .mi. ui? iu
dav. and advocated repeal of the provi
Ioiis ot the national li'iuk law Imposing
taxes on capital and deposits, spoke in
favor of leuislatlon denouncing the Im
position of municipal and State taxation
at a greater rate than the par value of
bank shares, and argued for a repeal of
the two cent stamp tax.
now ui:.v. iinnnicK hkctiicp rovr 'ii:ai-
Ceil. Iledrlck was examined by tho
( Iviuer committee lo-d.iv, Ills evidence
wai to the elleet that lie is intere-ted in
post tradersldps at Fort ISulord. Fort
Lincoln ami Fort Fctteiiiian. Ho has a
one-third Inlere-t in each, but never pip.
any capital in either, lie helped Was no
i n'so nol irai crs i ns aufi' u one-tliiid
filond of Secix'ti"--" Iledrlck should u.-e
i.-irt ot i' o wan ."secretary JieJknap
.mmi, aiinoiiiiiu'r i, avion, no said lie
would not have interested himself in the
matter if lie had not had a personal Inter
est In tho business. He, had received
nothing from Fort Lincoln, from the
others perhaps SIO.OW.
lieneral Iledrlck va examined at
great length as to the eanltal Invested nl.
the several pot, but ho could not give
any !inlorination. lie said ho bud'
drawn out all his prollts and did not
recall now how much wns still In tlm
business. Prior to tho Fort Fetternian
all'alr, Layton and liu secured post at
l-ort l. rutin and l ort Concho. They
were euual partners, and got out of the
posts about S2.000, but never got. any
nrotit out of Fort Laramie. He seenriil
tho appointment.at Camp;Supply for his
uroiucr-iu-iaw ami nun-cii. licvnoms
took him into partnership witli a one
third interest In the prollts and bo iot
about S'2.000 out of this post. He never
received any money from any one for ap-
iouiiiiiciu us pusi irauers oiuer man
those mentioned. From all his post
tradorslilp Im-lness lie has received less
than Slo.OOO. He could not recollect ask
ing ti'cncral llelknap for a po-t trader
ship when he was refued. His intlu
ence with llelknap was duo to serving iu
tlio some regiment with blm lor four
years and his applications were strongly
indorsed, tlenernl llelknap never knew
that ho (Iledrlck) wn Interested In nnv
ofthose posts, llelknap had never re
ceived any of the benellts. past, present
or prospective.
.M.MI S IIIAIMIlt lilX'AM.Kli.
James Trainer, post-trader, wns. in.
called, lie reiterated tlio charguth.it ho
paid bimon YoIf. recorder ot deeds of
vt asningion, lor assistance in get
1111; 1111- jiusi.
oeneral Ilabcock iironounces false tlio
siory 01 .u lies, a convict in tho W in or,
ennont, prison, as publMied to-dav, iu
which ho declares that the general' was
aeipiaiiiieii wun an me details oi the safe
llANPIC'Ari'l.Nli m:w .MKXU'O.
'I ho house committee on territories
voicu 10 amciiii ttie mil making Sow
.Mexico a Statu so as to provide that an
election lor mo adoption of -the State
coiisiiiiuioii snail tm held In June. 1ST'
instead of not later than January, 1ST
s uio fcnuic iniiK)sc(i. inis will pie
vent the now State Ironi taking part In
1110 nexi presidential election.
.mil i'ciima.n s iiusv Ti.MiiKii ixsi'Kcrons
ThoCoininltteo on Civil Servicocon
iiiiucii us invesugaiioii Into tho case of
taty Chktidler the onli true friend of the
president, reported Iu wilting to tho lat
ter, and I hcllevo he condciniieil Pierre
pont for betraying my jirojioscd mission.
Plerrcpont then, as I lime heard, denied
10 1 no president; nml he nan ever spoke
tome of either Secretary Hrlstow or
Postniastcr-Oencral Jewell. In his testi
mony of tho sixth, under oath, ho says
ho did not Inquire about me of both Hrls
tow ami .lewcii. if, as he says, no gave
me a bad name, why did not he,
ir true to tho president, lnlorni
him. and thus prevent my being com
mended to and given an appointment bv
Secretary Chandler, and as Sceretarv
( 'handler says my name was given him
ny 1110 president at a eaiiinei meciing, ut
ter lie uau mentioned to ine members
thereol that ho desired a good man for n
chief of secret service In hl depart iiient.
why was It then that UrMow and Jewell
did not speak, as all mv all'airs at the In
terior department, Including my appoint
ment, eiieued nfter Pierrcpont gave me
Ids twuit, and prior to t lint cabinet meet
ing, at which my name was, according to
( handler, opcutly mentioned ? I suppose
.Mr. Pierrcpont. after he aw my letter lo
the president, made amends by writing
the famous letters to tlie district nttor-
ueys. 1 met him licipieiitly. II when I
took tlio card to him he wan true to the
president, why did he mention my name
to Hrlstow and Jewell, and thus ill-close
my proposed inl"ion? Why did ho
iiucstioii my appointment when It was
desired by the president, as he himself
coiifes-es'f lie simply betrayed, llrst, the
pie.-lileiit, then in turn betrayed
llrl-tow. Details I will not enter Into,
but I will slate distinctly that I told
him the president only de-lred to know
whether or not Ilabcock was guilty.
Thoro could ho nothing wrong Iu tills.
Why. then, did he betray 1110 to Hristow.
knowing 1 was not to bo known in that
(liiartcr? Ml this was In December last.
Pierrcpont llrst allied himself to HrMow
and Jewell, and then, being caught nml
reported hvme to the president, turned iu
bcliall of ifabcock. hither this or liu was
the president's spy 011 them. He can
take Ids choice, but all around his con
duct lias been Jami3-laced. His actions,
niter mv report about the i!2d of Decem
ber last, contlrni my statement. I will
here state that 1 found long since that
Secretary UrMow wns honest and ear
nest, and acknowledge now. notwith
standing all my former prejudices at St.
Loui", Irom what I heard there, that ho
was on the right trick. As to Ilradlev.
ho savs he wished me to steal copies of
paper from Dyer's oillce. Strns '.'."i
should draw tlie line at (5!leflf ii""1
tl.t I ii n J-f "
nun J . , i,'i ilabcock, which I
iiieuiiniiii jjiiiucr z.iu, ami told him
1 prcwr.idiev's uronos tion. ri.. cim,...
(i no surprise, nut saiil, in substance
ah 01 me papers must be proeured-a
I Kiii. nuiu iiiiin; man none."
I left a prolltablo business, summoned
liy authority, through llradley, to aid
the president, whom wo all believed was
assaulted iiirougn ilabcock. I fell Into
nn: nanus 01 "iiuevcs nv in wnvn m.. 11
ami limling nut the comiiativ I u!ia in
nun iiiucasc. i.ei minor details speak for
iin.in.-i lies. .uai may nave mb-ied
me, lor l loved the president, and still
iiiiiik hiuuiy 01 nun as my old conimaii
iter. et this iiitiful beggar, Uabcock,
,1111:1 iuii-iij; me iu s.-im mrice lor mm
(through my devotion to the president)
111. 11 iiu na-, ,ui 11-iiiiiii nil', uriiiiii nniicr.
cai upon nccreiary ( Handler for SI.OOO.
lllii Upon Others for rreater mul Ioc,.h
sums, to pay thecxpuiises of his prose-
v.i.wu.1 iL-iiiiuu ifv in-iiiiiiurcrs ins tcrsc
cutlon. I have never hunted political
criminals. I have pursued hn. i.n
were criminals against. Die law.
111 1 conclusion wnere are Ilabcock and
Mickey nowV I.uckey Is out of the White
House, as may be believed, for inlcrnL-i.n
.cai ; uaucoch-, ior tiieit, so termed, of
wiu laiiious or intainoiis letter ol the attorney-general.
I am vol in In, tmi.rmi
n.,.l n. ., V ,
..iiu nn; lusiiiiiuii inns uir iiisiiues mo 111
moi 01 wnai 1 nave said, it would be
folly to expect men to criminate them
selves: inereiore 1 was siirnr si.il tn
ceivo even a partial vindication from Ilab-
cuch, l.ueKcyanu nrauiey, "The truth
is migniy. at 11 w I 11rtv.1i." tm n.
Kicai iiuuiic wait as more is yet to come
ami whatever tho result. I -hall await the
euuci wun pauenee anil liopefullness.
t . .1. m 1.1,.
crs ol bullion the tight to have It made
Into trade dollars. He thought It best to
allow the coinage of the trado dollar, hut
take away from It Its legal tender right.
If the trade dollar should continue as a
legnl tender, with silver depreciated, tho
whole country would soon bo over
whelmed witli that silver not at par In
gold. The question of coinage was an
International one. Congress must stop
to see what the laws of other nations were
011 the sublect. He then relcrrcd to the
laws oi F.nelaml. France, llclglum.
Switzerland and Italy, and argued that
wherever silver was hi use among
modern nations It was a legal len
der only to a limited amount. He
next referred to the financial laws ol fier
tnany, ami said ho had taken pains to
luivo tlio Herman statute translated, r or
inerlv. In that countrv. silver alone was
the standard ot value, ami it had been
estimated mat tno amount 01 silver out
standing in flermasv then was $:H0.0UO,'
000; but It had been shown since that the
amount was over 8100,000.000. He then
read from the London Economic as to
the amount ol new coin Issued by fler
many. Continuing his argument, lie said
the action of the Herman government hud
been to deinonell.o silver. Probably no
act ol nnv Parliament had won so wide
reaching as that ot thu Herman Kvlclislng
Its elleet had been to
liKriiKcurr. Mi.vwt
all over the world. It alio arrested the
How of -liver Into India ami China for
the llrst time In two hundred years, and
It was a settled fact that the sliver Irom
nil the world had steadlv flowed Into
tho-e Asiatic, countries. He next refer
red to tho gold 011 dciolt hi P.ngland.
France and (icrmany. and ald in the
Hank- or F.nglaml, tho Hank of France,
tin; Imperial Hand of (Icrmany. over
$0fi0.000,00(i hi gold Is now on deposit-
nearly onc-ntiu 01 me amount 01 1110
whole world. (Jreit Urltaln was now
discus-lug the iiucstloii of having
double standard, mid Iu Franco they
had provided for a double stall
dard upon the resumption of specie pay
ment. Cold and silver had traveled side
by side from tho beginning of time, and
110 net ot Parliament, nothing but the act
of tJod, could destroy tho 10 of these
metals among the nations ol tho world.
It was Impossible in the nature ofMiVer
to tlx the precise relative v.V would pay
and gold. II the goye.-r- Into circulation
out silver it wq'-,V,',-'',tca?Jtatcs nolv.
and take '.i,'-l,-ail tho svcr dollars
lt toiw used. Let the government
wnilo people and ten. Ilo w-nni.i
make any man take tho dollar In silver
"' grcenoacK- dollar; tint he would
desfredlt. 'rivlIeeot 'lolng so If he
New Goods ! New Styles ! New Prices !
Who has Jtiflt Boturnod from tho East,
Kllcnds arnnllitt Invitation lu the ettli nn ol Cairo to rttudnr t tlu'lr 9turr,
No. 124 Commercial Ave.,
One of the Finest Displays of
INI l.t'lUMi
of AM. KIMI81
Ladies' Fine Shoes, etc.,
I.w r0li"l lu Hits Mulkit. Tin- .Stuck ut
At Hit f-MalilMiintnt W by far tin- Hunt cinii.li-ti' mid ili-nmt from wlili Ii i.ur clt.'iitu lurr rrrr
liml the inhllryiMil u lii llns. .Mr. Iluiyi r .iiiikiiiihcii will, lmmiif Unit lirlma
Selected His Goods with Especial Referenco to tho Tightness
of tho Money Market,
Ami that, inlilt-dl') liltlunx i' rli in r In Hip Dry (Inmla I.ii.Iiim-, In-1
Enabled to Oiror CuutomorH Magniflcont Durguina nt l'rieon Which
Cannot Fail to bo Popular, Even in thoso "Ilurd Tlinoii."
Iimliurl IIUIKllllt A CO. ha vi- ilrtmiihiiit tn
No. 124 Commercial Avonuo. Cairo, lllln'-
ritow mill Wllnon'i KIMrln loPrv
ynt llir Fronldriil from AnhUIIiik
Noiiii) UiilHy .Men 10 Kurnpe.
VoilK, Ajirll 12. The Sun has 11
special te egratn this morning, detailing
at considerable length tlie particulars
ot an epionago established by Secretary
1 rlstoiv, or pursuant to Ids order, over
President Grant while visiting St. I.ouU
in .Seiiteinbcr I.-iif It ia Im...i .1....
. ----- - j HiUUlJll llJttL
llrlstOW Slianected flrnnCa vUir.... 1..
the interest of ItatwwL.-. n, nr.i.. n...
.. ... w.... V .IIIIMV
mm a chance to fvincnti ..tn.
loyco and .McDonald, wim w.
then under Indictment without
being held up to suspicion. Detectives
were ordered to shadow
and his private secretary, and to note
during their stay in Si. I.ouis. every
movement of.lovee ami .Mxrim.,.1.1 n-i:..
S,oi states that tfieconlldentlaleorresDou
deuce wh eh passed between Hrlstow and
..11.U.11 ionaiid jiyer and Hender
son and which is now or was until miltn
lately in tlie possession or Dyer, will
show that the president's sincerity was
doubted bv his secrclun- r n.
"""I that while osteudbllly acting In eon-
.1. ..iiu in.-iiLiiian nan me mean
""'" Mioieci mm 10 supervision. It
woi in seem to lie in order now for Dyer
tn alinu- nil tl. I.. 1.1. ' '
iimun ill lilt iiami,
I hv thl day oiurntd at tlmold SUnd or J Burner, villh n
Full Line Df Furnishing Boods andNotions !
Which I Will 811 .t Flure. Nev.r B.for- Ortor.d
to till. City.
And.Theyar.tb.B..tofaar.atWhoUattU Bankrupt ttotk, It will
B lony In Vour Pookt to Buy of tlu.
Remember the Pluoe J. Burger's Old Stand, Cor
ner Ninth Street and Commercial Avcuhc.
I'epresentatlvo I'uiinaii to-dav.
1 . 1.iVitigston and ilcnry Crews, of
riuriua, 110111 ICSl cd mat t lev wen.
appointed timber agents in Florida, and
llllll rill'lliail otlta lied the aiiiintiitiiii.nl
for them, lie told them they would get
forty-onu dollars per month, and have
iiouung 10 110. .Nuttiier ol them ever tier
lornicii any duty as timber agents, and
ueiiucr 01 mom Knew where tin. titni,,.,.
resei vaiioii was
lie 11 illiiiiniri's lli'ir.iw,,.i ii IM....M
'"i'et Spy.
NV.vsitiNdioN, April S. 1S7U.
10 1 in: I'um.io: l ins
luriuno 10 uu summoned belotu a C'ou
gicssloual coniinittee. The bread mid
butter organs at Washington have vlliiled
1111: i iltll. llie eillllin 14. i.l.'ltllllnir nrncu
t.l.. 1.- ... .7 j..o
uuikiiiu ii.-i-t gruuiiaiiy cotilo 10 llic irout.
mill tllrl.-ti i tliH.n..l l..A.. 1, 1 .'
...... ui...... 1,3 ,11. ,1111111 11 L'lllS!.. IIIM.I1I
to SCO till) truth anil tn minim. ml
singly dating to take up tlio batllu gauge.
ouj inn iiii in j, Diiasuug sjurit. 1 re-
urei 1110 war. 1 ill 1 nave mti.'ir in
in hum nine. 1 is now win or perish. I
rcallirin that I hau told thnirmii. 1 lit 1 1 Q
eouoiuei matters. i;.aniIno catefitllv
1110 estiniony. Secretary (handler savs
i.ucKey never spmm 10 him ol me.
Luckey says iu Ids te-tlmonv that he 1 1 , 1
speak to Chandler about nie. Attorney-General
I'ierrenont denies timi 1
over held any conversation with him in
regard to going to St. I.ouis, mid that I
wus only commended lu I1I111 bv the timet.
dent hi a general way. This "I deny. I
was especially commended to him by the
president as "tlie 1111111 nf wlmni I ciwiL-r. "
the president sent mo to him to tell all I
know, which 1 did, and directed him
to appoint and send mo to St. I.ouis. J
found him Intriguing with Secretary lirl.
tOW nUd Jewell, mill ill Mint limn l.r.llnv.
jiig Uabcock Innocent and 11 tiding Secrc-
Nlii'i iiiiui or Ohio .UnkM 11 u,
- wwiMcui miirr jiiiii fdulil.
ut tlie
lSii'iul WuslilHKton Curr.onil-iir
Svw York Hemic! 1
WAmn.M.iD.v, .liri in 1,-,,
lu the, Senate to-day Mr. .Sherman, of
wiuu, i-uiieu ui me jiuuse 11111 to provide
u. mi.- uuiitiuney in mu 1 iiuiiug ami i.n
graving bureau ot the treasury denari.
mcnt. and lor tho Issue ot sliver coin of
mu i-uiieu Binics 111 piacc ot Iractlonal
'I'lin ..,,..,..,111,.,. . .... 1 .
u .wiiiiuii.i,;u nn uuiiui.'i naviu"' re-
piu ieu aiueiiuiucuu, ill regard lo the coin
ago of a silver dollar, autliorlzl mr tl
change lorf United SUitcs notes, etc.. pub-
i.-nwii ..ii j uui.-ii.i ia.M, .nr. sueruian
said lie had hoped this bill would pass
the Senate without much discussion. The
.'bisection of the bill presented tin iiiics
tlon of a slnglcor double standard, a unes-
tlnn xi'lilM. .... . ...1 ..... '.
...v.i ...in uuusi-u mure uooks and
luiuiiiiniieis man any oiner question in
iMJi11iL.11 seieiiee. nu men rclerrcd to
hngllsh, French ami Ocrinaii writers on
tho subject, and, resuming Ids argument,
Said, the nrlrn rif Irnniiw.nl..,. ?i,u, ,.'
ill silver was 110 morn than lVii-,...r..,
ing S100.000 lu gold, as the cost was ba-cd
on tho value, and not 011 the wcWht
I-.ngland alono Iiad adopted gold oulv?is ii
standar.1. lie desired to call the atlun-
linn in mu nenaio 10 1110 law
NperlnllilPM itt Mpillrliie.
(From the Toledo lllade.)
U'.. mil.lt.l
.... i'uiinaii 1111 niir .iiiriir.i ..... ..
1.. 1..: - " i"i- u
.:nKui iiiueiu uescnoing the system of
mu iiyieii s eeiauvi, jjr. Ii. V. Puree, of
n inaio, 1 . in which he sets forth
witli considerable force and eion
reasons lor devoting his w hole time and
attention to a Single ilcimrtmmit r ......11
. . - " " V lll, .
uiiie mu ireauneni oi lingering chronic
diseases. '1 ho same article also tnL-..a ....
the Mibiects ordlagnosls, methods of con
sultation and treatment, etc.. and will
im lOUIlU TO enntnln mn...,
. , , , . . .. . -... ....... taiii-
uwit-iiiiiism 1 no inva ui. nr. .-,. n... a
.iiuiior 01 a work- which lie has alreadvat.
iuiiiuu .t i.ii'u i'irrinnrinii'i in.
pie's Common Sense .Medical Adviser"
cuiiuiiiiiiiL' Koine rime initnirmi t.,i....
ous y-iuustrated iiikcs. and devoted m
iiieuieiuu in a 1118 lininrlipa n wnrl- i....n
calculated lor the guidance and Instruc
tion pf the people at large, and which
may bo had for S1.S0 fnnjt.nntiii .,. n,i.
"""' iiiiiuur. jr. j-ierce nas now
liecn liefore tho general public Ion"
uiiuug 1 10 cnaiiiouio tormation or a care,
ful estimate of the clllclencyol his treat
ment and his medicines, and the verdict,
..1 ..ii.i:iaii iu h tin . nns iifnii ntiii'.ircnii..
r. .i:r.. ... . - .-.in.
iinur.iine id ooin, t JUJ-l-ia-di'W-l w
Wholoaulo and Retail
Kotlr.t'lii lifri'tiv tlv( tu 11... C1....1 1...1.1 ....
nn, 1 -.in. i'i.;iT-;:.v "'.v"-",""""B"'
.ni . . . uiii(biit, iu:ii u uirvtlnif
itUi;l!ilw,'',',,,J'?mc,!'r ut iKlVntt!
illnctoij tuMrrve the eii,u nw jvur, onil lorm-ii-oral
biisliie,,. iOS. SQ 'iia'i r 111A vfc "
Cairo, Ills., April U.lsM.
I'crNonnl Tuxi',
... .1...
I tilted .Slates as well as tho laws of A ,I,'t',,'r.10"?1 """'" remaining iu,,,i,i, are
Klllllatld. FianenMiiiI other .., 1... ... -CXllilclcr the liiw. iiuw delin,ii,?i. ' 'i-..'..i.
.. ..' . -------- - .v.11111,... (in 1 .,,..!,. , ..
1110 siiiijeet. liu llrst read from the art
Ol COIILTCS-i 17 I-' mill ll.rii....l I.
tabllshed a proportlonato valuo between
eilyer and gold, and resulted in drivin-'
gold out ot thocountry. 'J'hc act of 1S31
which niado an ouneo ol gold worth six.
iiviiuuiii.i.suiMner, urovo silver out of
tho country, and ''old i!nino i,o..l- m.
.-merman "iiioicii 111 length from Sevd's
........ w...u,,, .mi iruiiuno report ot
11..M.T. llunter. ot VI,ginla,ma(otothe
Sena 0 In 18..2, when ho was chalrnian of
L , T" . 111 , " '"!tc. Tho act ot
,b; 1 1,il,vi,.l.?,l1,r,v;11 sllvL'r t of tho conn
try. In ISi.l there was tm l,..m ,.i ,.
...:.i 1 1 .. : B.....II vii.inf.
,11111 11 nil! nilCII COI L'll'.J IIM,lf.rl..l. I..
. iiiiuiunnii iiim mo report or .Mr
Hunter was made, lii.tu...... mvi .....
lbMl there was about IVWO.000 lu silver
vvic'.1!. ,!"?,,,lt7' Vul the sliver dollar
on,. ..iiiiLi viiiiieii ai d never cntereil
into clrcu atlon. Tim ..ill V V S"'L,r.c.u.
of 1S3J was practically 1 t" . Z
silver dollar. Uy the act of I'cbniary L,
IM, congress undertook to rovi.-othe
laws lu reirard to coin n, .."..i'V..' " t
of. .. 'IM... ,.1.1 In. '.."'.'' ."t'4iv iere-
rir 1 , f 1. .1 ,, ""ilur was drop
n'i V.u.t. "vliloii. becauo it was
.. h-l-. II iiiiu ueen I'n nml fnr .,.,...
?-,."..''VM'J2S. trik ng ciumgi
nn; Tit.un: D01.1..1,.
The 'ovcrnuient bv eninti... .i. . .....1..
',:.hiu! '"'roduced hdoTtho co.n.nerco
w. 11. ii mu iu 11 nun- money wh eh was
Thf ,.a."fn0,r,,,cd ',al 5 CWn"
1 he trade ilollnr wna .
& far ho
niiiii I..7. 1. 01 Miver mu on
Sen t ,Vlitc;01,vur i;,limot'l'oo'"ars;
men mo law Kti'imwi in 1..
Irt.il " ... I1' " ,,,,, utu UlVUl
..1. . I
hIK-ll IHV l.i.lwrj Imii-..--. .1. "U 1. ,W "ne
iiuMcici.ui iirHin 11. 1111 nn.
Iiortuiilly to uiybli tuxes wtlhoiitoiM. the i.l.
cciorwiu m-civi! Dip hiium ..n.iw ..1,1.... .....1. .....
twrnliclh Inst. Air ii, 11.... .11. ....... . I
...... 1" ..." "-."-."l-V. """"'" III I
...... Mil UiiH.Ty , me lirilMllllpiitx,
.l.r... II. JIlVI.V,
n t .Mtiiiy iMiiit'ciiir.
'.uiro, niiniiin. April 111, ln7,-,. .n.(.vw.t; ,
l..'-l!.. All l.l,..lu ..r
riulUlEr-101' I'riiiliiiKutilulloiii PrlcrM
w .11 mu ii'i.i.ctix inuce.
(Suecc-8or to)
Drulvrs In
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
all Paper, Window OIbbb, Win
Alwyi on hAml, the ctlrhrti m
In Stock for Spring Trade:
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Pure Linseed Oil,
Guaranteed Boiled Oil,
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris White;
Glues of all Grades,
Feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
J. T.
"vhuV" "T ""IKUS iu
' I' i'.tmil i-limiH-r Job
rrroe ...... .1..
...i. .. ... j"-." . muni eiiuer
iinn nio irom llio trade dollar Its len-nl
tender tight or takeaway fIOm the hold.
tan any other nlllrt iiiuin JU.
At the lieu etis UIU, Culio, )Iuol.
Importers and .lobbern of
Foreign Fruits, American and English Ploklos, Catsups, Sauces
'huiihI nuoil. -ili, NeedM, (ieriuau roiliirv.
Soup Stuffs, Condiments, Flavoring Extracts, etc., etc.,
Fancy Groceries m Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attondod to.
6tr?!S52l,We,!t Socond Street, CINCINNATI.

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