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Walter If
-k. arUl Ctl f Ik Hatlrart Dcm
Tbi Ntlonl Democratic Committer, to
wuom 1 delected the power of fixing the
time nd plcc of holding the NtlonM l)c;n.
orrUcJOBTentlonofl870, have appointed
Tuf idv. the twBty.erenm uy 01 .iune
... umii.u the time, ami idectcd St.
LouIMtherUccof holiltng itich eonvec
KMhSUtc will be entitled to rcprcfcn
Utlon equal to double the number ol 1U
wnitor and rcprcenUtlven in the con
grew of the United 8Utci and the terri
tory of Colorado, whoc adinliMon In July
.. sti will clve It a vote in the next
electoral college, l aluo Invited to aend del
egatei to the convention.
Democratic, Conservative anil other citi
zens ol the Unltod States, Irrespective of
nait political anioclatloni. desiring to co
ntents with the Democratic part; in Iti
nreient cflorU and objects, arc cordially ln
vlled to ioln in acndliu; delegates to tho
mtlaml convention. Co-oncntlou la do
ired from all persona who would change
an admlnlitratlon that has mfl'cred the
pnMIs ercdlt to become and remain Inferior
to Other and lest favored nitlotu ; Ima per
mitted comnioico to bo taken away by for
elge powcri ; ban (tilled trade by linjiiM,
unequal and pernicious legislation; baa
impoaed unuiual taxation and rendored it
most buraeniomo ; has changed growing
prosperity Into widespread aiiflering and
want; has squandered tho publia taoncyi
recldenly and delUnflr, nnd tdiameleiply
used the power that ahould have been axttl
to punish crime, to protect it.
For theic and other reasons the national
Democratic party deem the public, danger
Imminent, and earnestly dcuroua of 'secur
ing to our country the blessings of an
economical, pure and free government,
cordially Invite the co-operation of their
fellow-citlzcnslii the effort to attain till"
Thomas A. Walker, Alabama.
8. R. CockrIII, Arkansas.
Frank McCapplu, California.
WiUlaaa H. Barnum. Connecticut.
CharleiBeanten, Delaware.
Charles E. Dyke, Florida.
A. ft. Lawton, Georgia.
Cyrus n MoCormlck, Illinois.
Thomas Dowling, Indiana.
M. M. liam, Iowa.
Isaac K. Eaton. Kansas.
Henry I). MoIIenrv, Kcutucky.
Henry D. Ogden. LouUina.
1. D. 31. Sweat Maine.
A. Leo Knott, Maryland
William A. Moore. Mlsblgan.
William Lochrcn, Minnesota.
J. H. Sbarpe, Mississippi.
Jno. G. Trtest, Missouri.
Geo. L. Miller, Nebraska.
Thoa. II. Williams, Nevada.
M. V. B. Edgcrly, Now Hampshire.
Theo.F. Itandofnb, New Jersey.
M. W. Kansom, North Carolina.
.lonnu. Thompson, unto,
i amc it. Keiiey, Oregon.
James r. Harr, rennsvlvi
Nicholas VanSlyck, llhode Ikland.
Tho. . Simons, Bouth Carolina.
William It. Bate, Tennessee.
i S. Btockdale. Texts.
U.B.Bmalley, Vermont.
JohnGoode.jr., Virginia.
John Blair Hogs. West Virginia.
George II. Faul, Wisconsin.
Thomas M. Patterson, Colorado.
r'KKDRICK O. PntNCK, MassachusotU,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
Washington, February 22. 1870.
During his recent gpccclt on llio Trans
fer of the Indian Uttrcati, Congrcsstuaii
Cook read tho following communication
from the Chippewa Indians, who now oc
cupy tlio "Whlto Knrth'' rcscrvnllon. it
Is the production of Holc-ln-tlio-Uay,"
biuI la addressed to tlio honorable Con
gress oft lie United .States ol America:
We, the iititlcnlfftictl, chief's of the
Chippewa Indians, at Whlto Karlh reser
vation, would respccttully represent to
your honorable body that wo are all
srcatlr dissatisfied with the cours nur-
itied by tlio present ncrnt of tho White
Karlh reservation, nucl tlcslro the manage
mcnt of this nectiey transferred to the
llonmn Catholic church.
Wc make the reaucst nt the earnest en
treaties of our respective bands, who
unite witti us in this petition.
The reasons upon which our request is
oaseu ore as ioiiows :
First. Our nrcsnnt ntrnnt has uniform
ly used tho most unjust discrimination In
dlstrlbutliiir our annuities nnd supplies,
nml liiiM (idled to tmv over to us lame
sums ol money that are rlgutnuiy our
Hocniwl. Wn lmvu never Dec 1 1 consult
cd by him us to the uianucr in which the
money left In his hands to be expended
for our benefit should bo laid out, and
our rights have been violated In thus de
barring us from having any voice in such
Third. Our people are suffering most
toriTplv unit nm In n irrcnt dainrer of los
ing their lives by frcezlng.as thu clothing
wiucii snouiu nave uccn tnsirimueii
amoiur them lias not been issued only In
exceptional cases.
Fourth. Wc have In many Instances
performed labor for tho agency for which
wo were to have been paid In supplies,
and the supplies were Issued ; but Instead
of their being considered by tho ngent as
payment for labor, they stand charged to
each Individual Indian who drew them,
as tho books of the nircnt will show to
Fifth. Wc are all ol tlio Catholic lalth
and have greater confidence In that de
nomination than any other, and uciicvo
that our rlchts will bo more respected
and our interests better served by their
mauairement than tliev would under the
management oi any other sect or denom
Wc would further show to your honor
able body that wo have been heretofore
greatly imposed upon in tho matter of
naners purport Incr to bo an expression of
our feelings, such papers having fictitious
signatures nitacneu tncrcto; nut in tins
instance our wisncs arc correctly ex
pressed and our signatures nrc genuine
and true, nnd we perfectly understand
what wc arc doing.
This Is an outrage. Tho accusation is
made against tho Indian agents nnd the
whole bureau, of excluding them from all
care and protection, nnd especially ol
withdrawing them from their own relig
ious teachers and -placing them under
t eachcrs of an entirely different fiilth.
He says again :
We do not sec why they should steal
from us and uso us as tliev have heretofore
dally done. They arc surely not so In
structed to uo by li oil's Holy book, licnco
our decision is to leave them and flock to
tho true followers of Ciirist, who aro tlio
Catholics, as tliev have never been known
to steal anvthlnir. Wo humbly beseech
our Great Father to remove our otllclals
und replace them by true ltoman (. atho
So outrageous was tho conduct ol these
agents, professing the l'rotestant lalth,
that they actually drove them to the care
and custody ol tho Catholic priests nnd
the Catholic church for protection.
lot m any pat t of the pavement. rnoii
that resolution Mr. Logan made itM.ulto
manliest that he didn't know much about
the matter, iiuda great deal less about
macadam. Said he addressing the com-
mtttcu :
"Youeav they shall not take wood?
that they shall not take stone. What
then shall they take ? They can not take
macadam. Why? You do not exclude
it, but yet under tho bill they cannot put
down n macadam pavement on Pennsyl
vania avenue, nlliioujjii some genueinen
say that Is the best pavement. Why can
tney hoc iiikc inacaiiaiiir uix.-iu-u ,uu
must underlay It with btone and you ex
clude stone In your very bill.
.nr. Morton nio suriacc may uu m
hrokiii stone.
Mr. Logan Tho surface may ho of
broken stone; but gentlemen speak
Hbout tho manner of tho pavement in
Central Park. That Is paved by llrst
putting down stone nnd then covering It
over, nnd then covering it again with
broken stone. Tills is a niacauam pave
ment. Mr. Clayton That Is not macadam.
Mr. Logan What Is It?
Mr Clayton It Is not macadam. Ma
cadam Is broken stone nlonc.
Mr. Logan Very well ; macadam Is
broken stone on the surface.
Mr. Clayton Alone.
.Mr. Logan Very well, alone.
Alter a seven hour's running discus
sion of this clmtacter, tho senators very
properly concluded that they didn't
know what they were talking about, and
gave the commissioners a carte blanche to
put down any sort of pavement they
11 dlivinil llicn lhchonrt Inipinellenldcs
can administer on hi? 1 cumins. Until wo
can get n new patty, however, out nnd
out, no more crookedni's no more.
Itltltoiirur- l,.Triiilcrlili-Ioiiil
I'lnll tilllllOMlltr Mil-"-!'"1 .Tirximil
Mimlrr-riirthvr Omitf" AkbIiiiI
Hellene!. Xoniliinl ion". '
The Paducab A'ewj refers to Mr.
Obcrly's effort to get up n horse fair, and
suggests that tho affair would bo more
successful 11 it were made a jackass show.
The iViri man Is always selfish. He
Is moved In this matter solely by a desire
to "show oil." lie could prance around
the ring with the blue ribbon on his ear ;
and he knows It.
Tiiu Democracy ol Ilardiu county met
In mass convention, a lew days ago, and
declared for It. W. TownUicnd, of Galla
tin, for Cougrcss. Col. John M. Crcbs Is
also a candidate lor the nomination, but
the Impression prevails that Townshcnd
will carry off the prize. Anderson will,
ol course, bo a candidate for re-election.
In spite ol his nondescript political creed
he will be a formidable opponent.
1'rtKSiDr.XT Gn ant has vetoed Uie bllj
that reduces the Presidents' salary from
$50,000 per year to $23,000. As he
sanctioned tlio law that Increased his own
pay, It would not be entirely consistent
to approve a law that would reduce tho
pay ol his successor. Congress will now
pass the bill, no doubt, over the presi
dent's veto. The House will, at all
events, and that will place tho Demo
cratic party "right on tlio record."
hWAnrzcoi-E, ol the Grand Tower
Htm is a Irecthlukcr, alike In religion
and politics. Tho charge In Infidelity, In
religious matters, which ho did not denv.
contributed not a little to his dcreat hi thu
race for county commissioner. And uow,
If be has any political aspirations, his
bold avowal that American politics con
stitute nothing more than a
mercenary struggle between tho
"Ins" and "outs," will surely
nip them In the bud. Democrats whom
he embraces within such a sweeping im-
puiauon, will become angry, because
slandered; Radicals will raut.bccauso he
lias toiu them an unpalatable truth,
Hence Swartzcope Is, politically and re
llglously, a "dead duck."
Tut: Democracy of Alexander county
unouiu cneci an organization. Tho
County Democratic Central committee I
should call amass or delegate convention, I
for consultation as well as for tho 8pl
IK)lntmcnt of delegates to tho State and
several district contentions ; and this
call should bo Usncd very soon. A full
canvass of the situation may discloso a
necessity for the nomination ol u Demo
cratic county ticket. Alexander Is a
Democratic county, and as tho nomina
tion of a county ticket would liisuro tho
exiicndlture of greater effort on the part
of every Democrat who Is worthy ol tho
name, than would be otherwise called
out, and as It would exercise a most de
Irabk) Influence otherwise, in the work
of ergaaJzatlon, we can see no reason
why a aquiro party ttght iiould notbe
Inaugurated and iought to a conclusion.
U'a... . tin .
nu eays nayr mio nan anything to
Our lato fcllow-cltizen, Captain Danlc1
Ilurd, was a member, and a very usclul
one, of tho Colorado constitutional con
vention that concluded Its labors about
three weeks ago.
In Colorado as In Cairo, Captain Ilurd
manifested great zeal in the causo ot pop
ular education. This lact did not escape
general observation there, and thecaptaiu
was very wisely tuado chairman of the
Commit tue on Education.
Wo have, through tho courtesy ol the
captain, a copy ol the new constitution
before us. The article on education
Is quite lengthy, but does not
prcscut u redundant sentence or word,
and wc are pleased to notice that It hears
tho impress ot the captain's abhorrence
ot auy connection between church and
school, it declares hi very plain and
most emphatic language that the school
fund of the State from whatever touico
derived, shall ever remain in tact, and
that no poitlou of its principal or the in
terest arising therefrom shall ever, by or
through any pretext whatever, bo appro
priated or used for the establishment or
maintenance of any school, college or
academy, that Is controlled In
whole or in part by any
church or sectarian denomination
whatever. This is pretty strong, but the
constitution goes further, and prohibits
in tho most positive and explicit manner,
any town, county, school district or pub
lic corporation from giving or devising
auy moneys, lands or other thing ot value,
to any church in thu State, or for tho use
benefit or behoot of any sectarian denomi
nation. Aud yet lurthcr it says : Xo re'
llglous test shall ever be required as a
condition of admission Into any cduca
tlonal Institution ot the State, either as a
teacher or a student, It being tho opinion
ol the framcrs of tho Instrument
that the time has arrived when
everybody bhouldlbo.sccured in the right
to think exactly as ho pleases. And to
both teachers aud pupils are reserved tho
right to refuse to participate In any rellg
lous services, whether hi tho reading
of the bible or the singing of religious
songs. In short Colorado declares that,
before tho law, all boys and girls, us well
as older folks.aro born free and equal.and
that the strong arm ol her constitution
will shield them from any and all classlll
cations aim discriminations because or
their race, their religion, their politics or
their color.
Thus founded tho public schools of
Colorado are upon a sure basis, and will
escape tho discords, the embarrassment
anu UUtracttons which, in manv oilier
sections, of tlio country, strip the Institu
tion oi iu power lor good, and render It
an evil aim an nbsoluto rurse.
nr.nocHATic onty
The Democratic county convention
that met In Cairo on the 22d day of An
gust, 1871. appointed the following
county central committee :
North Calro-T. W. Hnlllilay, M. II.
Harrell, J. H. Metcalf, .lames Carroll.
South Cnlro .1. II. Gossnian, Dr. I).
Artcr, Jno. llowley, JolinM. Ilogan.
Clear Creek-Thos. J. McClute.
Gooso Island O. Greenlee.
Hazzlcwood .las. K. McCrlte.
Thebes J. G. Kolwing.
Dog Tooth X. Ilunsaker.
Santa Fe-.I. W. Itenlio.
As tho party has held no county con
vention since ISM. the committee above
named nro still Invested with power to
act, and as a quorum of thu members live
In Cairo, and can meet at auy time, we
suggest an early meeting, and the timely
Issuance ofn call for u comity mass or
delegate convention. As tho committee
mlzht feel disinclined to net unadvisedly
in reference to matters upon which it
must pass, wc suggest that It hold
preliminary advisory meeting.
nnd Invito thereto leading Demo
crats of both cltv and county. For
instance, shall wo hold a delegate or mass
convention? Shall the convention be
called with a view to thu nomination o
a county ticket, or shall It confine it
work to tiic nomination of delegates
tho State and district conventions? Mi
depends upon nu Intelligent dcclsl
these questions, and the coinuv
should (and no doubt will,) advise
fellow Democrats before Dually dtjfc
Ing them.
Xo vacancies exist iu the c
cxeept that created by the rt
Dr. .1. W. Kenfro from Sauta Fi
of tho members live in Cairo
come together at an hour's notice,
may wo not, then, have an early (
of tho questions that arc primary
call for a convention ? Iu this m;
least, there should bo early action,
IvII.IIOI IlMi'S i asi:.
NVhiiinoion. April 111. I" llm Kit;
bourne case to-day .luilge Carter stated
that he wished In hear tho question of
Jurisdiction of the hon of representa
tives iniiy nrgucu, anu h ihm-h iu -tain
a motion to admit Kllboiitnc to ball
at this time. Arguments will probably
lat several days.
THK I'OST-riiAliDK'lllty.
Tin' r.'ninmliie,. ,m lViiendltures hi thu
war department to-day heard A. 10. ltey
nolds or thu llrni of i.iu & Iteyuohl,
post-trader at Camp Supply, Indian
Territory. Keynolds tetllled that hu se
eineil hit almoin! input through General
llednck, antfpald htm $l."00. Ilu.ncvt r
paid n dollar to General Ilabcock or
his brother.
Mr. Geo. W. llietra. of George W
Cowles & Co., read a long statement be
lore Clvmer'n Cmiiuutteii to-day 111 re
irard to their uroct f lor tlio iiu-crvntlon
of tents and clothing for tho war depart
ment. General Meigs mvorcu the pro.
nil j a I. nt ii, it kinMLim-v of wnr nnimM'd It.
They had paid nobody to work lor them
except Colonel Donn Piatt, editor of the
Washington Capitol, and thinks tho eon
tract with Plait was lor ii per cent, of the
irros proceed of .the work. In 1874,
Colonel Piatt nut in u claim n-'iiltist
Cowles & Co. lor $11,000 or $12,000. but
the coumanv rehired to pay lilm on the
"round tli.it la had been paid In full lor
his service. Piatt then threatened to
havn their work stopped. Piatt had been
eiillilnved to 11-0 Ills InlllK'IICC
with the .secretary of war on .Inly
lOtli, IS" I. The work ol ( owles ,V
ctnnned throiuih Piatt's efforts
Wit ncs went to see tlio Secretary of War
and aked for a copy of the charges
nerntnet tho company, litis secretary
lmvu him no sathlactlon. and said he
would he d il If ho would irratlfv hi re
riiinst. Tho witness went to l.oiur llranch
tn thn president: was not ncfiualiitcd with
the president or Gen. Ilabcock, but saw
Ilabcock mid told his story. The witness
whs told that there must he some mls
take, that the secretary ol war would be
there In n lew days, and that he had bet
ter wait till Gen. Ilelknnp came before
L'olnir to see the president. The w lines
did wait, aud a lew days nltet wards re-
celveu a copy ot tlio ciinrges tiirnugn
Gen. Babcock. The amount of money
paid to the company was about $11)0,000.
The company put iu tin answer to the
tin: muxrwx Tiiot'ni.n.s.
Jns. .1. llayuer. I'nlted States Com
mercial Agent, telegraphed to tho statu
department from New Laredo. .Mexico,
under date ot April 10, that thu revolu
tionists had levied forced loans oil thu
merchants and said If not paid by thu
J7th their stores would he forced open
(louuie niuatiK
hcylmve iilniost brought inn out of llm
grave, rnien mourns ago i was nroi;cn
out wun large Ulcers ami cores on
body, limbs and face. I procured your
tioiucn .Mcuicai Discovery mm rurgniivu
Pellets, nnd have taken six bottles,
and to-day I am hi good health, all
thosu ugly ulcers having healed and left
inv skin In n natural, healthy condition.
thought nt one time I coum not do
cured. Although 1 can bill poorly ex
press mv gratitude to you. yet there l n
drop ofoy In every word 1 write. God s
blessing res i on yon nun juur uuiiumi
medicine. Is tlTeliumblo prayer of, Yours
truly, .l.iMi.s 0. Min us.
Whenn ineilicllio will lironinlly cure
such ternblu eating ulcers and free thn
blood of the virulent poUon causing litem
who can no longer ilotint us woiuicruu
virtues? Dr. Pierce, however, does not
wish to nlneii his Golden Medical Dis
covery in tno catalogue oi quaeK
patent nostrums ny reconiinenu
liur It to cure every dlf
case, nor noes ne so recouiiiieuu it ; uni
what ho does claim Is this, that there Is
hut one form of blood disease that It will
nni i-uro. nml that il .scasn is cancer, no
does not recommend his discovery lor
Hint disease, vet ho knows It to bo the
innst tenreli in? blood cleanser vetdiseoV'
eieil mid that It will free thu blood and
system ol all other known mood poisons
nullify nuiumi. vckciuimu ihuiuihi.
Tin. rinliliiii lil.enverv U warranted liv
him to cine tho worst lormsol skin dis
eases a till forms of blotches, pimples
nnd eruptions, also nil glandular swelling
and the worst form oi serotinous ami ul
cerated sore of neck, leg or other parts
nml nil seroluloiis diseases of the hone
as white swellings, fever sores, hip Joint
nnd spinal disease, all ot which belong
to thu scrofulous diseases.
Inauguration of the Centennial Season
New Goods ! New Styles ! New Prices !
Who has Just Boturnod from tho East, v
Kt tends nronllnl lnvltnllnn to the cltlcn ut t'nho to I'imiilnrnt llii'lr Here,
No. 124 Commercial Ave.,
Ono of tho' Finest Displays of
mm v Cpt o j
t.NCl.t in.su
Ladies' Fine Shoes, etc.,
1'.it ()iVnl In llils Miuki t. 'IhcHliicUof
At tlilsejUlilMiiiiont In ly fur tlio most rotiihtcle nml elegant rioin wlilcli niircltizriisliirmrr
Imil the prlvllrKu ol itl(-vth)K. .Mr. llurgcr itiuiuiiiirr with iIiumiic that he linn
Selected His Goods with Especial Reference to tho Tightness
of the Money Market,
And tliut, uuHtilliy lilnlmin ex)n rli'iici hi tlie Dry OomU hinhinie, he I,
Ennblod to Offor Customors Magnilloont Bargains at Pricos Which
Cannot Fail to bo Popular, Evon in thcao "Hard Times."
Indian llUltaillt A CO. Iinvr iletrrmlnnl tn
Ko. 124 Commercial Avontto, Cairo, Illinois.
Saturday, April 22, 1876
I havf thlii day opened at thud J HUml ut J Huivr, with a
fouHuijio (iuiiuio mr 1 1 n n 1 1 11 t itm
jUUl U divided IMlfeflHlM
imiscii. PHiPVPPPpCJ.
i. wC nsli1liiti,i,
Full Line of Furnishing Baads andNotions!
Which I Will Sell ut Fluuri-s Wover Beforo OtTuretl tothla City.
And aaThey are tboBeat of a Great Wholeaale Bankrupt Stock, it will
Be Money in Your Fccltot to Buy of 7s.
n:ii; tiii: ii.i.i.nois i.iai'ou
A Itlooiiiliiton saloon kcciicr is test
ing tliu ttifllcicncy ot the i-o-cilled Upton
liquor law. Thu point lie niiikw is Unit
after tlio law hail passed tho fcenato by n
majority of tho senators elected, tlio title
thereto was amended by a majority voto
of the quorum present, which was less
than a constitutional majority.
JtuUjo Tipton, before whom tlio ease
was tried, ileeltled that the tltlo Is no
part or parcel of a statute, but bltnply
thu natue or description of It. Uo refer
red to several authorities sustaining this
opinion, and declared that tho law had
been regularly passed and was in all re
spects Till id.
The Hloomltitftoii saloon keepers are
dls.-atiMled with this decision aud have
appealed to tho supremo court. In the
hope of obtaining a reversal, Hon.
John McXulta Is conlldent.i however,
that I lie decision will stand.
tatcnicnt that ho ro
ick tor his services lu
ajiool" a bill passed by
benetll of a Colorado
IminlL'ratlou laud scheme. No Kiys ho
received no money whatuver for his ser
vices lu his capacity of member of con
gress, but whatever lip received was lu
pursuance ol n contract made with the
parties lu Knglaml lu 1SG0 for leual advice
and In formation lu ) elation to American
ormtATio.v or Tin. sii.vin: law.
Tho treasury to-day ilNbiused, In ex'
ehango lor fractional currency, aboil'
$n5,(Hj()ln silver.
Vim'e.v.nu3 lias awakened from a cen
tury's sleep, and Is putting on an nlr oi
tlirlltund bustle that furnishes quite a
contrast with her days ol torpidity and
old fogylstu. Many now buildings of a
substantial and costly character arc In
process of erection ; her manufacturing
establishments aro running on full time,
and there Is a steady, though slow, in
crease In the valtto of her real estate. Her
three railroads with their shops and
foundries and hotels bring In llvo dollars,
for local ues, where Cairo's llvo roads
bring Cairo one dollar. It cannot bo de
nied, Indeed, that Cairo has been rather
shabbily treated by her railroads ami ii
there is any prospect of a change, In this
particular, wo confess that "wo can
seo it."
The U. H. senate devoted thu whole of
tho 10th Inst, to a discussion of the com
parative cost and Uurublllty of the vail,
ous materials used lu laying down pave
ments. Tho proper committee reported
a resolution authorizing certain commis
sioners to pavo Pennsylvania avenue,
stipulating that wood nor tono should
"So Morn Crookeriiie."
ll'nimlliu I.oiiUvllh1 Cuiirlei-Juiiriiul.
l'or three successive campaigns llm
Democratic party has been lorecd to com
promise a part ot Itself. This time It will
try it alone plain straight no sugar or
sugar ol lead lu It. There Is an Indepen
dent voter, and, being a lively animal, ho
Is not going to bo suppressed, nnd will
havoto tako himself somewhere, l'or
ourparl, Judging him iroin his oracles,
we despair of him. Ho will never act
against tho licpublicm parly In a crisis
unless tho Democratic party be out ol tho
way, and that Is Impossible lust yet. Wo
therefore look to seo him a good Itepub
llcan, provided Morton or Colliding is
not tho Itcptibllcau nominee ; aud we do
not expect to find him much of a disturb
ing element at Cincinnati. Morc's tho
pity, we confess; but it is well to tako
things usiheyarc. If tho Deinocrj
parly, with Us present atlvanf
not (he wisdom to work its wn.
.WniHiiij; ol llm 4it criiiiicnl I'orcr
AKititiHt uie iii'wiiiiiiiiun.
OAi.vi:sro.v.Tcx., Am 11 l'J. A Galves
ton ..Vcws special from IlrowtisNlllu dated
the l'Jth, says tho following was just re
ceived from lllnggohl, April IS, !) p. in.:
Thu stage from Monterey, which ar
rived at Camargo this evening brings the
following which may bo considered re
liable : The Government maintains a firm
attitude. General Qulrogo, with ilvo
hundred men Is hunting for Trcvltio, and
It Is thought they met at llamos to-day.
General Tudro Martinez is expected In
Monterey with six hundred cavalry.
Generals Axeuella nml l'alaclos are at
route to tho frontier with their respective
corps. General Condo entered
Monterey- Saturday last with
lour thousand infantry, four mounted
pieces ot cannon nnd funds to pay the
troops. Naranjo will enter Mier to-day
with COO men. General Fuero, command
ing the forces nt Monturoy, doe not allow
correspondence of any kind from tlio In
terior to lias's. All tho telegraph lines
between Monterey nnd Mexlcoarelii good
working order.
I Mio GitANDi: City, April 11), :i p.tn.
Mler was taken yotenlay at 1 n.ui.,hy Xa
ranjo and Vara with .LIU men. All tho
ciistoni-houso otllclals and employes have
gono to Guelrlono. Tho citizens made
no rcsistcneo anil tho revolutionists en
ivrcu wiiiiuui opposition, ruiraujo is ex
pected nt Ciunargo this evening. A
largo forco ol government troops are on
tno way to tnu i;io Grande, and soino
hard lighting may be looked for within
a few days,
Tim IllluolN llciuorrntle Convention.
SrUlXdril'.I.Ii. ill.. Amll 1!) At a moot,
lug of the Democratic. Stato Central Com-
UlltteO tO-dllV. a rcenlntlnn wn mlrmtnil
that It Is expedient to hold two Htoto con
ventions, mo not on tho twenty-second
i . i uue, io select only Delegates to tno
.National Democrat h rmvintlnn nt St.
I.ouls, nnd tlio other to nominate a State
ncKet at a uatu to ho named hereafter.
"A Drop or.loy in r.wvy Woril."
l i.uMiNaio.v, Hunterdon Co., X. .1.,
Jiiiio2U.187-l.-Dr.lt. V. I'lUltoi:. Hull.
alo, fc. .: Dtar si,-. It is With a hap.
vj nturi, nun. i lion meeo lines in tie-
.knowledge that vou and vour Golden
Iseovery and Purgative relicts
Lo tno world, tiicso nicdi-
bo too highly prated, for
s and
Wild Animals and Rare Birds
rplli: .Mciiuterlo uml Circus uinttltnte DIS
.1. TINC1' KXIIIIUMON!!. Momiffrle ciiicii
one hour pii'vloua to beginning of iiienlc
Trli li IlurNCN, Triilnoil Poiilrt, .MiiIun
I. ii-. ,1.1c
Admission to nil, 60 ci-nts; Children uniler 10
jiiim. lit ctnts. Doors niifii ut I and 7 li.ni.
(JltAXI) HtOCKbSilON between Hie hours of
o nml li o'clock n.m
iQ.I'or particulars see I'ropiamnics nml Do
Remember the Place J. Burger's Old Stand Cor
ner Ninth Street and Commercial Avonne.
Wholosalo and Rotail
Sheriff1 Sale.
BYiiluuofan execution to me illn ctid by
lliucleik of the circuit court or Alcxnniler
county, In tlicHUituof lllinoU, In fuoril' the
t'ciiplc ol Uni Statu of Illinois mill iif.ilnM Henry
Watbon Welili ami Andrew .1, Curie, 1 lime lev
led upon the fiillowliu! ilenoilbed pronrrty, In
this county ol Alexander uml Mutn oHIIIiioIh, to.
wll: 'IhoBouthcuiitnuurtcrot'M'cllon nine (ti,ln
touiishlii feventeeu (17) south, nuif;e two (.')
welt of the .'Iril 1'. M, ill the county of Alexiiu
ileiiiml state of Illinois, nml also tot numbered
tlilrly-lli- ( i'O In block numbered eighteen (If),
In Hu; llrst addllluu to the city of Culm, county
of Alexamler nd Mate or Illinois, no the iroier
ty of tho mild Henry Wutson Webb, which 1 nlnll
oil'erut I'lihllo tiiile at the KOUtliweSt iloorof the
court hotii-e In the rllyof Calm, In the county
of Alexander und State of Illinois on Ihc'.'otli iluy
of April, A. II. lHTil, at the hour of cleeu
o'clock, a. in., of euiddny, lor cash, to satisfy
l.ud execution. AI.IC.X II. lltVIN,
hheilllof Alexnmler County, Illinois,
Cairo, Illinois, Xlurcli autli, Mo.
St. Charles Hotel,
Room and Board, 1st and 2d Floors 2.BO
Per Day.
Room and Board , 3d Floor 3 ,00 Por Day,
Special Raton by WoeU or Mouth.
A, limited number of try ilcslmble lamlly
roumi can be M'ciired ut reasonable lutemorthe
Mimmer moiiihs,
'I he hi. Charles ill Ilic larcent nnd best unpolnt
cdllousu hi .southern lllinola.uml la the kiulmir
V"1,1..'11 J-nlm' .otiMlhstttiKlliiK the "Ikd
Kock" rvtluctlnii hi prlcw, thu table will, as
usual, be i I bend I y riipplitil with lherylMSt
of Vverythlntfthat can Ik- found in market.
I Ine liirjro Bamplc moms for commercial tniy
clers, im uround tloor, IreeofclmrKe.
. i '' l'ttA"ai00.ri'lll'8ll,'011Vi')l',ttoiiudlrom
the hotel without cbaritu.
'"''f I'ropiletow.
fi..'.l!-.. All Kin, Is r
I tMW rr'iillnirut HoMinii lrlt.
In Stock for Spring Trade:
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Pure Linseed Oil, , -
Guaranteed Boiled Oil,
Artists' Tube Paint.
Best English Paris White;
Glues of all Grades,
Feather Dusters,
Window Glass,
Importers und Jobbers of
Foreign Fruits, Amerioan and English Pickles, Catsups, Sauces
Ciimipil OouiIn, FInIi, HvvtlH, Uvriunu Pruillite.
Soup Stuffs, Condiments, Flavoring Extracts, etc, etc.,
Fancy Groceries m Endless Variety
Orders by Mall Promptly Attended to.
64 and 66 West Second Street, CINCINNATI
pr4 tu?Jt4tt otr
At th' IUj.lktikoi)Icc.

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