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BfftdMC W-r on Kry Pit.
JOHH H. OBEXXtT. Editor.
t-ha OMrUI l'H of ah Nnliniinl linn
Tli) National Democratic Committee, to
whom Ip lclrfrtnl the power of llxliiR tlic
time an J place of holding the Natlminl I o.n
ocratic :onvcntlon ol 1870, have jiiolntoil
Tuesday, tlio tivonty-navcntli day of.tiino
next. noon,n the time, ami crlcttnl St.
I.oul Mthe place of holding Midi convcr.
tlon. Kadi State will be entitled to a rcnrrcn
Utlon equal to ibublo tlio mcnbcr til Its
rtnntors and representatives In tlic com
grciiofttae I'nltcd States; ami tlio tcrrl
lory of Colorado, whoso ndiuliloit In duly
ha a State wilt give It a vote In the next
rlcctoral college, it also Invited to rend del
egates to the convention.
Democratic, Conervntlvc and other citi
zen ot the United State?, lrrcfpcctlvo ot
past political uvo'clatlon. desiring to co
operate with the Democratic party In lu
present cdorts and object.", nio cordially In-
Tlted to join In (-ending dolomites to the
nitlonal convention. Co-operation Is dc
Kired from all persons who would cbnngo
an admltitttr.itlon that hi MitVcred the
public vrcdltto become and rcimtln Inferior
to otlior and ten favored nations ; li.is per
mltted commerce to bo taken away by for.
clgc powers; hai stilled trade by nnjiitt,
unequal and pernicious legl.-'iillon j ha
iinposcdtmtuti.il taxation and rendered it
most ImroenMinio ; lu ihanjreil prowlii;;
prosperity Into vvldci-prcsil siill'erlm; and
wnt; has squandered tlio pnlillj inoncjs
reeklcstly and ilcilmtty, nod tliimcle-ly
uicd the power that i-liolild have been s.vllt
to punish crime, to protect It.
For those and oilier reason tlio national
Democratic party deem tlio public danger
Imminent, and earnestly desirous of. secur
ing to our country the hlcssdngs of an
economic;!, puro ami free govcrnim lit,
cordially Invite the co-operation of their
fellow-citlcusin the cllort to attain till
object. Thomas A Wnlkcr, Alabama.
S. II. Cockrlll, Arknn-ii-.
Frank JlcCappln, Culiforula.
William U. Itanium, Connecticut-
(J!iarlci llcatcn, Delaware.
Charlcx K. Dyke, florlda.
A. ft. Latvtoii, (luorj-'in.
Cyrus II McCornilck. 111noK
Tnomas Dovrlhiff, Indiana.
M. M. Ham, loivn.
I iac E. Eaton. Knna.
Henry D. Mcllenry, KcLtucky. .
Henry D. O'deii, LouUlna.
1. D. M. Sweat. Maine.
A. Leo Knott, Maryland.
William A. Moore. .Mljhlgan.
William Lochren, Minnesota.
J. 11. Sharps, Mla'Uslppl.
Jno. G. l'rlest, Mif-ourl.
Geo. U Miller, Nebraska.
Thos. 11. Williams, Nevada.
M. V. II. Edgerly. New Hampshire.
Theo. F. itandolph, New Jersey.
M. W. Kansom, North Carolina.
John U. Thompson, Ohio.
J ames K. Helley, Oregon.
Jamei r, llarr. lenu"jTvaiiI.-.
Klchola? VanSlyek, Ithode Maud.
Thou. Y. Simons, South Carolina.
William It. Hate, Tcnnes-ee.
F.S. Stockdalc. Te.i.
H. ll.Smtlley, Vermont.
John Goode.Jr., Virginia.
John HUlr Hope. Wct Irirlnla.
George H. Paul, Wisconsin".
Thomas M. I'attcr-ion. Colorado.
AUGUSTUS SCllKl.l., New York,
FlsKimtCK O. I'ntxcs. Maacliuclt,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
Washington. February '2i. isTu.
IN AM'.VA.Mtr.lt A li:.M4M'HATI(!
I'rotn what lacl." tlio editor of tin Cairo
Sun draws tlic conclusion that Alexander
Is not it Democratic coiintv, vu- nro at
loss to conceive. At every election tfnee
1S72 (wherein party lines were drawn)
t lie Democracy have triumphed ; and wo
nro very certain that all changes since
then, have been so many limits from the
rnnks or llm l.'ndleaN. If tlic Shu knows
ora finale cxcvplion, will lie ji1eac name.
the man!' In every precinct In tlic conn
(y (ho Democracy have made steady
pilm the, clianjo of cntlmont In Clear
Creek hciiijj of n cliaraelcr that nhnot In
sure. the overthrow ot that Ccpulillcnu
cilaihd, at the coming November election.
The colored vote In the country lias been
greatly diminished since 1871, without a
corresponding Increase. In the city ; and
can the Sun say, for a surety, that the
colored vote ot Cairo will bo thrown sol
Idly lor the Kepubllcati ticket? We hap
pened to bo tulvWd to the contrary.
01 white licpubllcans in thu
country there U not, outside
of llalowood and Clear Creek,
"corporal's LMiard." They arc few
nnd far between and devilish uncertain
Furthermore, who Is lelt to rally them
to administer to them their political pap
to nerve them lor the Impending Iray?
Munn N In Chicago, lighting ifdaik coir
spiracy" that seeks to rob him of lite
good namo and put him in tlic peniten
tiary. Pope, the slirewcd political stmt'
egtet, U not hero to arrange pitfalls for
Democrats to tumblolnto; and the clarion
voiced l.lnegar li;n fallen into a political
languor, from which no parly ncccs'ity
can arouse him. ll'i'M these Alexanders.
the I'.idicals hereaway, were very Mn;o
douiaus ; without them the party Is head-lc.-,
nerveless, dcinorall.ed.
This being tlic situation, a Democratic
triumph a regular oKI-llme majority
Is as certain as nny fact can be that rc
mains for future determination. The
Democracy can carry Alexander county ;
wii.i. carry Alexander county, and Cairo,
Qctxcv elected a Democintic mayor
last week, and the result is published as a
"splendid victory.'' The retiring mayor
is a Radical.
A coxstOEiiAiiLK emigration from Ken
tucky and Tennessee is now setting hi
the direction of Waco, Texas Tlic land
thereabout Is said to be exceedingly fer
tile, but the zephyrs are quite as lurious
as those of Washoe strong enough to
uproot a hitching post.
It has beeu suggested that there Miould
be a meeting of the Democratic editors of
the SUite Mime time during the month of
May, to decide upon a plan ot action that
will insure harmony ot cftort and one
ncss ot purpose miring tno campaign
auoui to ne inaugurated. '1 lie sugges
tion Is a good one.
In the May number of Scribner. Col.
Kttiug, of the Committee on tlio Restora
tion of Independence, hall, discusses the
Portraiture of William Pemi. The Illus
trations include tlic (anions Poiiu Treaty
Picture, by West ; Penn In Armory, at
tlie age of twenty-two (from a rare en.
graving on steel); Admiral Pcnn (the
father of William). -and the newly dis
covered portrait of-WIUIain Penn, a copy
of which was recently added to the Na
tional .Museum. From the forth-coming
Bryant history of the United States, an
entertaining passage Is published con
cerning the True Pocohontas. The Col
lege Scries is continued with a paper on
ISowdoiu College, containing reminis
cences ot Hawthorne, Longfellow and
other distinguished men ; among the pic
tures is a silhouette of Longfellow, at
about the age of nineteen. A series of pp.
pers, giving (in account of re
cent American and foreign ex
periments in Co-operation is begun in
this number ; these articles will be
vvilltcu by Mr. Charles Harnard, author
of the paper on One Hundred Thousand
Homes. Among the other papers are
Itret llartc'saml Kdward Kverctt Hale's
serials; an illustrated sketch of .lolm
(lutenberg, by Theodore I.. Do Vine (one
ol the printers of the magazine), a papt'r
which group', wo believe lor the first
lu Kugllsli, the result ot the latest
foreign research; The DcFoo Family in
America; a Canadian story, by .Ml?s Now
ells; The Wedding at Ogden Farm, by
Col. Waring; Double Crimea and Out"
sided Laws, by Dr. Holland; and The
Old Cabinet papers. Ilric-a-Ilrac con
tains something about Col. Randolph
Slaughter, of Virginia: Uncle .llm
Baptist Revival Hymn ; Fashions for
Spring; The llcaulitul Rallad of Waska
VAee, etc. Mr. P. T. Quiun's paper on
gardening ami tlie general management
of small places lu the country, this mouth
glvc3 timely directions about evergreens
pears, grapes, and vegetables.
presence t capitalist among us; to
hultd up inahutatorlcs, to increase our
population, or to promote, lu nny man
ner, the well-being of the city. With
this certainty staring us In the face, there
Is but one course for us to pursue, but
onunim lorus to accompll'll, Wc must
remove the obstacle In the way of our ad
vancement, by throwing oil it portion, at
leat, of our public butdeni The law, It
Is believed, provides a way for the nc
complWhmcut ol this end ; nnd the meet,
lug to-night is to take steps preliminary
to a resort to the law. F.vcry citizen has
an Interest lu the movement, and should
manliest It. by hU pre-encc. Let the
house be crowded, so that those who
may be placed hi the lead, may have an
assurance of the endorsement of the
many a guarantee that, in the prosccu
tlon of their work, the many are ever
ready to sustnln nnd uphold them.
sr. ylmuit.AHrou.nxY.
With Its May number, St. Nicholas be
gins a new serial story, Tlie Cat nnd the
Countes, translated from the French by
Thomas Jlalley Aldrlch, Illustrated with
sllhoitttes by Hopkins. Tlio tlrst Install
ment introduces tlio principal characters
In n scries of striking Incidents, nnd con
talus no less than thirty-six comical sll
lioutte drawnigs. Indeed, the lllustra
lions to this story are n novel nnd stirring
feature for St. Nicholas, and can hardly
fail to make a sensation nuioi'g the boys
and girls.
As for mlsscellancous attractions, tlie
large number of them forbids even the
mention of all : but among the ilrt are
Mrs. Ollphant's second paper on Wind
-or Castle; Susan Coolldge's Talk will
Girls on Ready for J-.urope; and two
beautiful poems, The Palace ot Oomlo-fuiu-by
11. 11. and Snowllakcs by Mrs.
Dodge. The stories of dough's
Top-Idiot and The Dottrels'
Luck are excellent; and the rhyme of
Tlie King ofiho Hobblcdygoblins, with
lis fantastic picture. Is a feature lu ilsell.
Mrs. Abby .Morton Diaz contributes a
May-Day play; .Marion llarland has an
other Little House-Keeper's Page, witli a
line lllutratlou; and the department lor
Very Little Folks Is occupied with a
chat tiling poem. The Fate of a Ginger
Ilrcad, with little pictures by M. Woolf.
Jack-ln-thc-Pulplt is us brilliant a
ever. The Little School-ma'am awards
several prizes, and Deacon Green oilers
several more. Tlic Letter-Uox anil Rid-dlc-llox
are crowded with good tilings.
1 in. late secretary of war purchased a
moth preventive, about two years ago, at
a cost of 150,000. Don Piatt, the Re
publican editor of tlio Washington Cum
raf, was paid 5L"O,O0O tiy the Inventor tor
IKirsuadlng the secretary to buy It. Piatt
now dtclarcj that the whole, thing was a
fraud, and that the government wii
klmply robbed of f.'iOOO. Such, at
Icait, Isa late Washington rumor.
Pm:siin-.NT Giiaxt assumes that, in ve.
toing tlie bill that leduces the President's
salary trom SM.Ouo to S'Jj.WX) pur annum,
ho meets the withes ol a large majority
of those who Indirectly pay all the salaries-meaning
the people, "in thus seek
ing to justlty an unju'tlflable act Presi
dent Grant makes one ot two things
mute manifest, viz : that ho Indulged "n
a bald-faced lalsehood, or doesn't know
anything about thu sentiment of the peo-pie.
The friends of Senator Morto-i tie
iiouncocx-iteaKerui;,inens a plunderer
as a puwic keryaiti SVl0 im jUmc(
unholy grin?, etc. Rhino's friends, re
torting, denounce Morton as udnbaiichce,
as a beast lu thought and a bean hi his
t'.Mwiwin, nun tiiii uwiMj ui luvih are
contending for the honor of a preslilun-
llul nomination at the hands of the Ro
publlcan party, tlio probability belli
strong that thu one or tho other will re
ceive It.
Tiik Sangamon circuit court has per.
jK.ii.un) cmomeu me city of Springfield
irom issuing "illegal city warrants" or
making "illegal expenditures." This
means that no warrant thall be drawn
upon tho city treasury, or any debt con
tracted, unless there Is mom-y In the
treasury to pay the same on demand. If
we are not mistaken, Sprlnglleld, like
Cairo, Is Incorporated under the general
law. II wo arc rigid lu this conjecture,
the decision applies to Cairo with as much
force as to Springfield.
Tin; Urst Democratic Slide convention
llm one Hint Is to select delegates to tlic
national convention al St. f.ouls, will
meet at Springfield on tlio 21 day of
Tunc. Alexander county Is entitled to
two delegates. Tho sctcml convention
that which Is to nomlnn'e ite ticket,
and repeat somebody cl.-e's notions ns to
what constitutes the tenet or tlie Demo
cratic party will met t "at a time to bo
named hereafter." Thu arrangement Is
n Hue thing for SpiinglMd hotels; but It
will servo as rather a heavy draft upon
the pockets of tho selM.icrilhing Demo
crats who may attend a delegates.
Ir there ever existed ,i neces-lty for the
thoioiigh organization of tin' Democratic
party in Alexander county, ol Southern
Illinois, Indeed, that rceosslty exists at
till time. The enemy Usadly demoralized
Its ranks have beenikviuihiatcd by doer
tlons ; It Is lu an Kgjpt of despondency,
and no Moses is nt ha.nl to load it to the
promised laud ol harmony and conscious
rectitude ot purpose. Democratic soldier
ready for tlie fray, arc "lying around
looso" on every iiand. Place llicm in
ranks, put competent leaders at tho head,
and the enemy will go down before them
next November to stay down.
Sixer, tho Carbondjlo Vemovnit (ptlb-
IMicdnt the home "f Hon. .1. W. Allen)
has onenlv declared for the le-nomlnn-
tiou of Hon. William llaitzell, the suppo
sition Is allowable that .Mr. Allen Is averse
to the usu of his name in the same con
nection, lie would, however, accept
the Democratic nomination for governor,
and make a vigorous nnd thorough can
vass of tlie state. Concert ol action
upon the part of the Democratic papers
of Southern Illinois tu recommending
him for that position, would do much
toward bringing about his nomination.
L. P. I!t Ti.i:ii. Fsipt formerly ol this
city, is a candidate for tlie olllce of pros
ecuting attorney for Jackson county.
Mr. ltutler Isa young mnn of line abil
ity, and although a comparatively young
practitioner, takes rank among tlie best
lawvers ofSoutherii Illinois.
Tilt: m:vv .VAUitovv-ti.ii'tir.
We are inclined to agree with thu Hon.
Mr. Sykes: Tho Cairo and Tennessee
river railroad would contribute more to
the business of Cairo than either of the
railroads now in operation here. The
country traversed by the new narrow-
L'aiiL'e. for the tlrst llfty miles of it at
east, would have no other outlet ; and
he places a very low estimate upon the
alue of the surplus products ot the
country, when he names the sum ot live
millions of dollars. The wheat crop of
Graves county, alone, is valued at over
$.00,000, and the tobacco crop of llallard
of scarcely less value, and so on
throughout the whole list. We do not
believe lli.it we employ cxtrvagant lan-
,'auge when wc say that at least one-half
of the-e surplus products would find Its
way to Cairo for sale or shipment. Rut,
were we insured a return of one hun
dred dollars for one, Cairo is estopped by
constitutional barriers from subscribing.
lu her municipal capacity, a single dol
lar. No such obstacle, however, is in the
way of our merchants traders and
molded men ; nnd from them tlie help
must come, it it come at all. That It
thould come, we have no doubt. Tlie
road would do a great work in building
up our business houses, and In prosper
ing all our varied Industries. It Is but
fair then, that those who expect to profit
by the project, should aid it. Let those
who dance, pay thu fiddler."
llliNJAnlN HIM, Ol' til'.OlKil.V.
Hen. II. Hill, the Georgia llrc-eater
lias written a letter to one Mr. Davidson
ot .Monmouth, Illinois; nnd tu that let'
ter he gives great emphasis to the asser
tion : "1 never felt or uttered a disunion
sentiment in my life." Wo can't say
Unit lie has; but how does his rebellion
record harmonize with such tin utterance
in the samo letter he confesses that he
labored with might and main for the sue
cecs of tlie rebellion labored, as he puts
II, to defeat tlie attempt at subjugation.
Ic further confesses tliat, alter the North.
cm arms had triumphed, lie labored willi
(jual zeal to defeat a reunion or recon
duction ol tlio Slates. Ho "never felt
or uttcied si disunion sentiment in his
life;" hut what kind of a welcome did
ic try to provide lor Ids "fellow-uiilon-
I,'' who, hi prosecuting tlie war for the
union, might place their feet on Southern
ioll? I nlonist, as he claimed to be. he
tlic author of tlie infamous resolution
that every federal soldier found within a
seceded State should Miller death as a
murderer and spy. I'nlouist, as ho was,
hu rejoiced over every lehel victory as one
more step toward a complete separation
ot tin; States ; and unionist as he was ami
now claims to be, lie defended the lienors
of Andersonville, mocked at tlio groans
of the starving thousands there; and
with brazen cllrontery, still defends
them. It is a God's blesslui: that wu
have, at tills time, but few such unionists
m Benjamin Hill of Georgia.
V. H. II.
Sammy llrookshcar Is an uiitorrtmate
boy ; but not the worst of his misfor
tunes, is that lie lives lu the town of
Anna, lor there are good people there,
and sympathetic, as the sequel will show.
Not long ago, according to Dr. llar-
wood, a train on the Illinois Central rail
road caught up Sammy and pushed him
through the company's water tank,
breaking his arms, and sma-hlug him up
quite as .-seriously ns lie smashed the
water tank. In breaking the tank he gave
the company oll'ence, and in a spuit of
resentment they sought to injure his
credit, by giving public notice that they
would not be responsible for any debt
contracted by Mm. Now when it Is con
sidered that the boy didn't hurt tlie loco
motive, and iigued to patch m thu tank
ill soon as his arms grew out, thu public
will feci Inclined to agree with Dr. liar-
wood, that Hie noblu old corporation
ought to let him oil easy. He doesn't
propose to smash any more tanks, and
being armless he can't bo dangerously
helligeient ; then vvhv should the com
pauy wiiu us .nu,uw,uou, tiring its pow
er to the work ot enishliiL' Saniniv
Ilrookshear, who Isn't worth n copper?
The contest Is unequal amUhould not be
prosecuted nny further. "Let us have
lilt (Mioler for .Senium-.
(From tin-Carbonilwlc Diinocnit
Our suggestion tor senator is the name
of Hon. Win. A. Lemma, .lodge Lemma
lias represented Fgypt In the legislature
already, and always did his duty to his
constituency, and although not a chronic
spouter, was largely successful in carry
ing through his legislation.
"It"i:icrl the Mrtii."
Kroui the Carbomlult- Iicinocnit
Two hundred thostiand dollars has
been apporopriatcd by congress for the
improvement ot the Mississippi river,
one-tenth ol this through the inllucucc of
our representative Hon. Win. riartzell,
lias been secured for tho city of Cairo.
These are times of retrenchment, and
coiisidcri.ig everything the sum is quite
handsome. Tlie citizen ot Cairo doubt
less as well iis the rest of the district
hilly appreciate the value of Mr. Hart-
zell's laltlilul services in thn easp. He Is
not a boisterous man. I Ic has not talked
himself to death, at the out-set, likeagreat
many young members, but ho lias kept
steadily at work lu the directions where
his service" could be ot advantage to his
constituents. Re-elect the man and he
will become a power In congress, and an
honor and a blessing to bis district.
Hun, M. J. Illsi oie.
From the Miirphyatioro lira IllitioUan
Several of the leading newspapers ol
the State have mentioned Ron. Matthew
J. Iuscore of Union county, as a suitable
candidate lor lieutenant governor. We
most heartily join these gentlemen in the
suggestion. It Is altogether probable
that tlie governor will be selected from
the north part of tlie State, and conse
quently the south will be entitled to the
second place. There U no one hi tlie
south portion who Is more entitled to the
place than Mr. iuscore. Ho has served
four years as n representative, and ac
quitted himself with honor. He isa true
Republican, u hard worker, an excellent
stumper ami an honorable gentleman.
Wo hope the people generally will take
up the question nun dHciifs it, so lliev
may be prepared to make thu llgnt ut
Sprlnglleld for this young giant of Kgypt-
All that Is necessary to make It a success
is to keep tlie ball rolling.
"A llrop or Joy in I'.vri-y Word."
I'i.i.mimikin. Hunterdon Co,. N. !
.Iiiiio 20. 1871. Dr. R. V. PimtOi:, Hull
nlo, N. Y.i Dear Sir: - It Is with a hap
py heart mat i peu tnese lines 10 ac
knowledge that you and your Golden
Medical Discovery ami Puriratlvo Pellets
are blessings to the world. These medi
cines cannot nu too nigiiiy praiscu. ior
they have almost brought niuoiilotine
grave, tiiitu inonins ago i wa hiokcii
out with large ulcers nnd sores on my
body, limbs and face. I procured your
tlolilclt .Meuieai iiieovery ami i iiiginm
Pellets uml have taken six bottles,
nnd to-day I am hi good health, all
those ugly nh crs having healed and h it
my skin Inn natural, healthy condition.
I thought nt oik! time I could not be
cured. Although I can but poorly ex-
til-ess tnv frrntltnilii tn vnn. vet. tlien is 11
diop of joy in every word I write. God's
blessing rest on you nnd your wonderlul
medicines Is the humble prayer of, Yours
Irillv. .I tMlwO III t 1 11
When a medicine will promptly cure
such terrible eating iilccra nnd free the
blood of tho virulent poison causing them
wuo can no longer iioutit its womieriui
virtues? Dr. Pierce, however, does not
wlshtonlacu his Golden Medical DIs
covcry lu the catalogue of quaek
pateiit nostrums by recommend-
iiiir It to cure every ills
ease, nor does he so iccomuicnd It; hut
what lie does claim Is this, that there Is
but one form of blood disease that It wilt
not cure, and that disease Is cancer. Ho
does not recommend his discovery for
that disease, yet lie knows It to be the
most searching blood cleanser yet discov
ered mid that it will Ircu the bloo'd and
system of all other known blood poisons
Do they mutual, veircmoio or mineral.
The uoltlen in-eovery is vvnrrnnieo ny
lilm to cute Hu! worst forms ol skin di
eases as all forms of blotches, pimples
and eruptions, also all glandular swelling
ami tho worst lorm of scrofulous nnd ul
cerated sores of neck, legs or other parts,
ami all scrofulous diseases ol the ootics.
as while swellhi'". fever sores, hip joint
and spinal diseases, all ol which belong
to the serotinous disease.
St. Charles Hotel,
;;:: kzduced to suit trs times i
Room and Board, 1st and 2d
Floors, $2,50 per Day.
Room and Board, 3d Floor $2 .00 Por Day
Special Ratoi by Week or Month
A limited liumlier of etv ik-lralilc tnnillv
room can be M-cnrtd nt reasonable rate lor the
Milliliter months
'Hip M. Charles Is tlie l:irBetnnilK-t Minlnt
cl llniifu in s-outlii rti Illinois, mill it the IiwIiiil
Hold in (. In i .Notuniutiih'llUK the il
Hook" iiilucllon In jirli-i-x. Ihi- liilili! will, as
usual, in; 111 rally iiiiIIh1 Willi Ihv Very Ix-it
of cut) think' thai can be foil n-1 in markit.
r Hie hirife uniie rooms ror commercial trav
eltrn, on ground Boor, rrtvuf cliario-
CT-.vu naifk'atrt'oi Kut-its conv i-j in to anuirom
the hotel without chark'i-
.it.w r.i i w ii.' i. .v tu. ,
1-lB-tf. Proprietor.
Equitable Lib Assurance
On Ihc Savings Bank Plan for Your Own Bonoflt;
SURPLUS 8 4,515,012 42.
ASSETS 820,030,087 70.
J. T.
Importers and Jobber of
Foroign Fruits, Amorican and English Picklos, Catsups, Saucos'
I'Htiiiril llnuilo, I'IhIi, Need, (Ivriimu I'roiliire,
Soup Stuffs, Condiments, Flavoring Extracts, etc, etc.,
Fancy Groceries in Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attendod to.
64 and 66 West Second Street, CINCINNATI
npr 4 Uic.V.al CV
tvuv ii4ir v mil r rPiv
LILb imiliL UUUUElllll.
rpiIK IltJI.t.KTIN Is .ul.llhdtviTyinorulnK
xctjit MomUy) In the liiillctln UulMIng, cor
nr VV.ntunzton nvtriuo ami TwtMh strut.
Tn ItcLLkTts 1 M-nt-l to city intmcriU-ri by
lthful carrlrrnutTwi-iity-KlTe CeiU aWftk,
payable wi-.-l.ly. UyMall, (In advance), tlOr
annum; tlx uionlhi, to; mm.- tuontba, ; out
month, tl '2i.
Pianos and Organs,
civr.r.NS' mm:tiu
Aticmi tho citizens' meeting to-iilht.
Tho questions to be passed upon concern
tho poor man as well as the ricli man
tlio lauorcr n well an the professional
man. cnici auiong tliesu ipicMiong Is
that or taxation. So exccsslvu havo our
taxes become that an absolute conllfca
tlon of our property by tho .State seems
Inevitable. Indeed, nnk-ns the burdens
hnpoed upon It can be levelled, theru
aro many uinonf us who will not care to
letaln It.
w hllu tliU condition of nilalrs exl-ts it
will be cllort waited to try to secure the
Of World wido Reputation.
AcknovvlplKcd by ull Kooil Muslclaus to be the
best l'lano now imulc.
Of which wo havo sold over -100 durltiK
twelvo years part, becoming moro and more
popular every duy.
Splendid tone. Power and Durability.
Kimball's Orchostral Organ,
A very lino Instrument, adapted to InitrU'
ineiiini as wrn as vucui music.
X. Kny Monthly l'uyinents, at low ligurcs
regaruicn.i 01 1.111 rnccs.
lu t,'rc'H variety, Including ull tho new
and popular iiuihlu ol tho day,
Orders from tho Country
promptly tilled and sent
by mall.
. .nun .mikniiik iur iinri.v.iiM- yi-iirs,
in. ificH in noiiin iiiH'rii'ii, i.t-utmic
Mr. X. Arland. under tho date ol North
Kiist, I'a., April 17, 18(, write.- tlio lol
iowlii'' straiiL'u allulr. llu say
' I hlrtv-llvo years nun, Krastus (Jood
rich, an early 1-cttlerot levcland. 0 be
came suddenly missing, and at tlic time
nil ciiorts wero made to solve thu mys
lerv. hut tu mi avail. Kverv mn- tun.
po-cd he had been foully dealt with, until
now it H learneu inai notlieii in Decem
ber. lHj.i. In houtn America. A lew
iiiuntli-i lii'lorn lilsdiiaiincaraiico his wile.
a very estimable lady, tiled, and he was
U ll Willi two small uoyn, to Wliom he
was very much attached. Ills depar
ture at biicti u tiiuu made tho occurence
still more straiiKu. Why ho should havo APPAimVnMa AT?TM17Ta
.mi... nvi-nv s M.il b. i.,v. . ..,..1 It I. ilVJV VUilHlHWIU
h-... ...... ........ ,...,,, . .. .
triouieii to ins uesiro to roam, ns at the
linn) 01 ins very mysteriousulsappcaraiieo
no was iiuanciaiiy nrnsiicrous ami n r iiv
esteemed by all who knew him.
llu has uti a tor linu o ss. ioo.no .
which falls to .Mr. . I. Dudley Goodrich,
youiiKcst sou nun oniy neir.
.till; hly Menu. Oni- uiMlr-il mill liflj'
.ni-iiiuiiiii i iiuiiirt-M iinriirti.
A dispatch from I'lttsburff under (Into
ol Saturday last, speaks ot tho utter
destruction ol thu Methodist canin-nicet-
III'' "rounds at 'rai'i-nliim. I'a.. he lire.
Thu tiro broke out about 12 o'clock Fri
day ni'Mit, and uh tho cottaccs wero all
frame, the llames spread with frightful
rapidity. Thu Tiirtntum grounds havo
neen owned ny tlie .Methodist ol tills vi
cinity lor many years, and tho cottages
hcloUL'Ini; to members of tho church In
this city arc numerous. Tho grounds
nroiiat) y contained one hundred ami llliv
cottiiKCH, vvhlcli wero Kcncrally ot four
in iivu IUUUI3, in iH'jn urciilicciiinii ue-
iiAur.i:i.i, a.m Ai.i.t:.
The.Malrou J'rcss Indicates an inclina
tion to Insist upon tlic noinlu'ittoii o
lion. William .1. Alien lor eon;;res. Wu
place us lil'h nu estuuato upon Mr,
Allen's ability, and iidmiru liini as much
lor his htuadhist Democracy, as any man
in thu district. It Is an easy matter lor
us to say therclorc, that If he U nomliia
..... ii
uiu m i,i,i;iiN win yield him a cor
dial support. Wo arc ol thu opinion,
hownver, that Hon. William llartzell will
bo re-nominated. His friends arc earnest
ly pressing ids claims, and Insist that if
his congressional record remains unob-
icctiouablc, he should receive tho iiomln
ation as an endorsement of his service, lr BlK" miJ many coinnletcly furnished ox-
for no other reason. Mr. Jiartzell tin- 'Pt bcd-clothlng. Tho only buildings
doubtcdly called out tho full strength of WnSSte ISfflS W
Ids party, In tho last contest, and cxhlbl- Intenilent and tlio Camp hotel. Tho llro
ted a very considerably personal wl" l'rvo a very illsastcrous one, nnd
iioimlariiv ni n i,i, - ..i. may seriously interfere with tho nrrantre
.;re; :V V:;,, :r.. . ! !''!'' r tho national cam,Vn.cclh.g,
- - u.M,k, i, mi i which was annoueed to ho held on the
panj siiuiiiu see in to re-nominate him, I grounds in August.
Band Instruments of all Kinds
Furnished to Order.
Ut tho Host (Juallty.
Classical Studies and Exercises
Uf all grades ror Plmlo or Voice.
HrrKvcrv dosi-rlntton of Mlislonl Mcr
cbuudlso funilshod to order, promptly and
v prices lower limn ever ouerou oeioro.
Kciul lor Illustrated Cataloguo und Trice
List ol tlicso beautiful groupuH.
All Qoodi Warraated Keprsienled'
Cairo, Illinois.
K, .1. Ayrt. 8. 1), Ayrai,
An! Kcnerat
Commission Merchants
No. on
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No to Oldo I.cn-,
VruUi In
All V lu ll lianl an-1 lofl.)
Mill and Yard,
lornor Thirty-Fourth Stroot and
Ohio Lovoo.
ubll!it--l i-Tcry ThurnUy mornlnRat ll'ii
I: annum, invariably In wlvancc. Ibc oiUige
on the Weekly will Iw jirrpalil at this oni-, so
that subscriU-ra will obtain for a sutcrlitlou
rice of $1 u year.
lluslncss Cards, annum 30 00
One square, one usertlon i OU
One square, two imrrtlons, 1 to
Ono square, one wee M
One square, two wm-Vs 3 80
One squaie, three wttka,- 4 00
One squie, one iiiuntb ou
W K K V L Y .
Ono square, one Innrrtlou 00
Kach BuLscqitent Insertion W
(J-Oue inch Is a square.
KlTo regular oilmtlsf is weoITtrsuiiertorln
(luceiiH'iits, liotli as to rule ol charxes and man
hit of displaying their favors.
Communication upon subjects of en
oral iutoroat to the publlo aolloltod.
fJ-All Ituahipei Lettfre should lie addressed to
t'nlru Ilulletlu t'oiiiiiiiiy
Coal Coal.
MT. CARBON(Blg Muddy)
Orders for Coal by the car-load,
ton, or in hogsheads, for shipment,
aromptlv attondod to.
tSTlo largo consumers and all
manufacturers, wo aro proparod
to supply any quantity, by tho
aionth or yoar, at uniform ratos.
O-IIalllday llro ' olllce, No. 70 Ohio Levi
CIIuiriday llro a vvharlboat.
CJ-At KKyiilian jiuiiB, or
tAl me woai uuiiiji
KJ"l'ot Office Drawer,
foot ofTbhty-KiKht
" o7n. hughes,
Insurance' Agent
OTtr XkUrasi UU'l.
NONK but ririt-Claaa Conipanlc rejire
Insurance Agents
City National Buk Bulhunf, np-italn.
Th 01d.tE.Ubllbd Agjnoy in iBouth
185 000 000 '

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