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$ht ttlliiin.
BtadHtff Mnllrr n Ktrrr Vnfr.
JOHN B. OBKRX.Y, Editor.
Tlir OMUI CUI rihr .al tonal Itrni.
rtitllr ttanvtntlon.
ThJ National Democratic Committer, to
whom li delegated the power of fix!o thf
time and place of holdlncthf Nitiontl !.
ocratlc :onventlon ot l-tit, hf pMtfd
Tutaday, the t.vBt;-enth dy f Juf
of xt. noon, th; tltae. ! WUd St.
l.0ultatht jirfOt a p lunar fvt
tlon. rrjj rt i : rpcvfi-
t-i:w fill t tlMMf 11 ' lt.
ituim u4 rf7rv-oiln la tkr tH
frt Ur I'mKiri Ut : aaJ .H tt-rrl.
SfiWlMAK,wv iutoBin July
i. iu wt fit it is :kc axt
iMtjz-iZ 3-t It x'-tolaiiw! d dt
i wo df-awetfec
lVaDKruif. Ca-Titn aanloUtrr Htl
KHrttfJtirf Viiw.i irrwpwtKe of
fsi:.c wtA ti lkami party in its
!: 2n aa4 ottfttt.. are corUliMy In-
Tj:iw)t3 la cdin; Jlente to the
biUocaJ ojsvttkc. Co-optr.ttlon l tlo
'trti trorn iU proa h would chn?c
3 adnisutntlon that ha nifiertd tfcc
pahHj ttnlil to tc)ra and rctiula Ir.ferier
to other isd r- fircred nttlon ; lias per-
ni::J ronmcrcc to bo t.tVf n mv by for
U power ; lu- ftiriVd trade by linjii-t,
ustquil and peraidoa lcri slfon; lia
inpoteduautuAl taxation and rendeml it
aa: burunome; lu- clutijed p rowing
prosperity Into widre.id miTcrlni; and
want: h xjtundercJ tbc jmblU money j
recfclet.dy ltd deSiiitly, and .'liiniclcsly
uwd tlie power lint hou!d liavc been vltt
to punhh crime, to protect it.
for tlicjc and other rcion tbc national
Democratic pirty deem the publli danger
linuilntnt. and earnestly de-iroin of recur
la; to our country tbc bleulng of an
economical, pure and free Voernnunt,
cordially invite tbc co-oper.itlon of their
fellow-citlzeiiilii tbc ctlort to attain tul
object. TbomaiA. Walker, Alabama.
S.K.Cockrlll. Arkana.
Frank McCiitn, California.
Willlim H. llamum, Connecticut.
Charles He.vtcn, Delaware.
I'lurle. K. Dyke, Horlda.
A. li. Inn ton, (iuorida.
CyruiH McCoriuIck. JllinoK
Tnoinn, Dowllng, Indiana.
JI..M. Ham, Iowa.
IucK. Katon. Iun.i,
Henry D. McIIcnrv, Kcutuckj .
iicurj it. wucil. I.OUItlll.l.
L. D..M. Sweat, .Maine.
A. l.eo Knott, Maryland.
WiUiam A. Moore." .Mijldan.
William l.ochren, .Minnesota.
.1. U.i Sharps, Mll-lppi.
.Ino. (i. 1'rlft, .Miouri.
ico. I.. .Miller, Nclira-ka.
Tlio. II. Williams, Nevada.
M. V. II. Kd-crly, New Hampfblre.
Thco. r . Handofpli, New derev.
M. W. ltanom, North Carolina".
John(.'riiompoii, Ohio.
.1 amc K. Ki'lley, Oregon.
Jamc I', llarr. Pcnn-yrvanla.
Nicholas Van.-lyck, ltliode 1-land.
riioB. Y. Simons 8outh Carolina.
llllam It. Hate, Tennus-ec.
r.8. Stoekdalu. Toxii.
H.ll.Sinallcy, Vermont.
.lolmdoode.Jr.. VlrB-lida.
John Klalr lloce. Wet Virginia.
(Seort-o II. I'uul, Wlc.inln.
ThomaH M. l'atteraon, Color.ido.
KltKDRtCK U. I'lUNCK, .Ma.aclitictt,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
ASIIINGTON. February 22. IsTU.
Ik foiiMiug Is the nominee oftlie Citi
clntmti convention, J'cnnsylvanhi will
vote against him, lieeauso lie opposed tliu
pet fcheme of l'liltadelplila-tlie ( en
tennlnl ccleliration job.
IIo.v. Jksse W. Fiii.t. U iiuile ck at
home, in Xormal, III., of I'netinionla.
.Mr. Fell Is well known In Cairo, and
the owner of largo bodies of land In the
adjoining county of Pulaski.
Wnr.x you hear a man declare a pur
pose to go the Dlaek llille, you may con
elude that man has made up his mind to
go upon a low diet-to see. In other
words, how long a man may liye with
out food.
Tun Democracy ot New York feel
inlte conlldent of their ability to scenic
the St. Louis nomination lor Governor
Tllden. They are averse to letting their
estimates, plans and expectations go into
print, yet ot thelrsuccess they express no
CoMMODOiti: ltoi.uxon., who lias ac
quired fcome reputation as a publisher ol a
river almanac, is no other person than
John II. Carter, who once upon a time
kept a baker's shop In the Fourth ward,
of Cairo. He writes laboriously; but
rather humorously.
Tm: Indiana IladicaU expect to carry
on the State campaign by raising the
banner of the bloody shirt and defying
uie rope, it in leared that these vital
questions will occupy them so entirely
mai iney win not be able to dUcuss th.i
uoctriues of original sin and total deprav
ity. VUMiKKssMAX JIOI.M.IA. Wild Urn
lather of wit, money, was the llrst man to
make application lor silver at the olllee ol
uie tergcaiu-ai-aruis. He obtained It,
and Jingling It lul.W pockets declared
the sound to be nm(ic u.at reminded
nun oi mo old and better times of Demo
cratlu ascendency."
'I'..- In..l.ll.. i
nr. jtujiuuiituiis ui wHiuorniA reeu"
ulze tho lltiiess ol things. They read Mr
John S. 0 Harrison's cxpo'u oflllaliiulii
uieir morning papers yesterday, and
straightway assembled In convention and
resolved that "thev recoLMiled In .Mr
Maine an eminently able und Died expo.
i-ui.cm.ui wio principles of their party,
Hakiiv Clait, tliu eon of old man
Clapp, the congressional printer, says his
lather kept hU eeounts In hit head
Where did ho keep turn $.vi,000 ol govern'
incut funds, young man? That Is thu
conundrum the people are asking, and
when you lave answered it, perhaps you
way be willing to tell them when you are
going to repay the JaH of It
'i lit: wiii!,t:r.itvi i:riimit rn n
One e.xpoMin1 of Kadlral villainy fol
lows another in sneli rapid iiive.Ipn
that the public mind I? ?carccly able to
keep track of them. The rutins public
service seem? to have Itch rotten to the
very core, ever since the Kadleal party
eauielntopovuT. t oiuniciiciiiK In Xew
Hujrlatul the r.toally Infection ha
talntwl the lnIe country lrom ocean to
ocean. Awl not the leat ajtoutullti);
devrlopiiient of tliU villainy have lccn
mad tjtiitc recently on the iajt ot the
Pacific nearly d,(0 mile from the cor
rnptlnc tvnter. No wplc In the world
arv nwrv .ulty ailllctcd with rln tli.in
ttte tMpti oft aliforula ; :iml ainoni: no
IjIp arf llllnii' more 1kII and ili tl
ant. Of the t alltornu hlky rlnsr the lco.
pi lve liennl. Now wc have it that
there It a rinj; in the fulled ttate mint
at an tranetsco; a rlnp anions the olll
cr ot the revenue service, and a rin in
the Marc Ulatul navyyanl. One l'inney,
who recently left hi place In the navaj
par tnater'. ollice, stole tipwanls of
one million of dollars ; the clerk of the
mint director ha stolen his tens ot thou
sands ot dollars ; but the books ol the
mint are in ucli n muddle that the
amount ol the iltileney cannot be ascer
tained. It maybe S.V),OtK); It may be
$.VV.U0O. It Is doubtlul whether Ihe ex
act amount can ever bo a-certalucd.
The whisky rln has tlelMtided the
revenue out of millions of dollars. The
villainy of this rln' is barefaced and a
totiiHilns, yet the oHicers ot the govern.
incut whose duty It Is to bring the thieves
to justice, have not taken a single- stoti In
that direction. .Mr. Van Ovkc, the dis
trict attorney at .Sun I'raneUco. Un
thrown obstacles in the way of every
agent ol the government sent thereto
make investigations ; ami a demand being
made upon him to commence proceed
ings, he tendered his resignation as at
torney. And thus matters stand there.
The whole service is reeking in villainy,
and the government sLein unable to ap
ply a corrective.
It I" conceded now, even by those who
oppose .iiidgis David Davis' nomination
;it .St. Louis that he Is constantly gain
ing strength ; and it is further conceded
that he Is the only man whom the Demo
cracy can nominate that would carry In
diana. Ohio and Illinois.
In climating the strength of the
several gentlemen who have been named
Ililcoiineetion witli the Democratic nom
ination, it should not be forgotten that
Darld Davis will probably be the nominee
of the Indianapolis convention, tie is
very popular with the laboring element,
and as that clement Is perfecting an or-
inlzatloii, it will excrci.-.u a poweilul
inllucui'u upon the campaign.
The argument that .ludgu Davis was
once a Ucpubllcan would have much
force, if there were no doubts as to the
ability of the Democratic parly to elect a
president. Hut as our success depends
upon the co-operation of dis-athlk'd Re
publicans, it is nothing to Judge Davis'
disadvantage that he has but recently
abandoned the r:iuks of the enemy. His
recent Kcptiblicau sympathies give hlui
strength rattier than weakness. To shut
the doors ol our party against all who
cannot show the moss of long service in
our ranks against ail who are not will
ing to swear by the resolutions ot "JS,
'free trade and sailor's lights" Is to
provide for a defeat as orerwheliuing as
thatoflSIO. Such a policy will not do.
and as long as wc pursue it, Just tlm'
long may we expect to rest under the
shadow ot defeat.
Wi: have seen a few of them of the
bright silver coins that continue to come
lrom the sub-treasuries In exeliangu for
the worn, greasy, lllthy little fractional
shin-plasters that u-ed to perlorin the
service of change. .Many thousands ot
dollars ot this beautllul coin have been
put into circulation already, but how
scarce they arc notwithstanding? It
will be weeks before the newspaper car
Her will gather them in from his subscri
bers. A week later they will be seen.
poradically, in the beer saloons. In an
other week they will bo given out across
the counter of the family grocery.
iter Mill they will jingle In tho pockets
the book-blacks and apple girls ; and
finally they will bo heard to drop in the
plate at the churches. Hut how long
ill It be until the country becomes so
saturated with them that any ot us will
cry, hold, enough 1 Forty millions
have been authorized ; but thai stun will
not supply the demand, nor will twice
that sum. It is Democratic money, this
silver is ; and too much of so good a thing
is rarely complained ot. Give us a hun
dred and lllty millions. II that aiiiii
should prove too much an actual Inflic
tionwe'll bear It with patience and
christian resignation never u ehiip ol
complaint will escapes us.
Tin: whisky ring and its political ag-cis-oii,
have had a -rang of men in Wash
ington during tho two months past,
whose sole mission teems to be to work
up scandals against Secretary Hristow
md solicitor Wilson, ol the same deinut-
incut. This gang arc actuated in nai l
through a ilcsiio lor leveneu for himvx
the lings have iccelved ; and lupaitby
the money ol Hadlcal politicians who
would kill ISil-tow's chances for a iioiul
nation lor the presidency. The opinion
i? expressed that these men are operating
m the interest ol .Morton, who IhIum
somewhat alarmed at tho irrowini iionu
liirltyof lliistow, confederates with un
scrupulous rascals In an cllbrt to crush
ohil. And this man Mm Inn 1. It L- tIM It'll
J iwixt to Illaluc, the apparant choice of
"anient putty for president of the
i-iineu hlutcs! Whither orjwc drilling'
IS II n .
"A"iiiiunNr. will not bo a candi
uaiu lor governor of 11 uols. 11.. wi oto
from Paris to a trlend In Chicago that he
wouiu no compelled to decline nuinlna.
tlon, absolutely, It tendered. As Wash,
burnc was tho strongest maH In tho Held
nis declination win greatly better Sir
iimgWiiy'S chalices. If K! ..gcanes the
I assistance oftlie Chicago papers, ho may
ou mauc in,, nominee.
Tin: Me.il uncoM-ied by the house In
vestigating committees are becoming so
enortnom in amount and so villainous In
kind that sums of $100,000 are denom
inated "small nlTalrs." It was $100,000
that McCartce. late chief ot the trei'ttry
bureau, paid to his brothcr-ln-lawns roy
alty on a kind of sizing that was used to
give gloss to greenbacks ilnring the
years Intervening lb"0 and 1S7L The
llng was a fraud, and the ow ner would
have sold the government the tight In
tiM'lt lor $400. or for $10 for that matter,
lr he hadn't seen a chance to steal $100,
IX0. Tin: Investigation golngon at Washing,
ton hav disclo-ed the laet that the means
employed by the (iraut administration to
purify the New York elections weie to
hire as many ballot liox-sttillers, bum
incrs and rase.iN as tho tlcputv inarhals
might pleae to employ at live dollars per
day. And In this way, by featuring lllty
lliou-aud dollars among the lowest, short
haired scoundrels ol the city, the admin
Istratlon of (iencral Ornnt piirillcd the
New York elections.
bi.sci: the government ol .MLslsslpn
has passed Into the hand of .Morton's
Kti-Klux. Uie tax'.levy has been cut down
troin tl ij on tho $1,000, to $0 .10. As
. i t . . .
uie reuiicen levy is somewhat less on one
thousand dollars, than the property
owners of t alro are pav lug on one
hundred, It would be a good thliiir
the Ku-Klux would get
the control of
Tin: St. Louis Timen has a Washington
lady correspondent who In a vein of a-
parent sincerity declares that she met
Grant on the avenue the other day, and
he was ptrt'tctly .iobo'.' He was pale and
careworn, says the same l.idy ; but this is
not to be wondered at. liclng sober he
felt quier something of the lasltude
and depression that are inseparable lrom
an abandonment of stimulant'.
( ait. Gcoitoi: IV. C.inii.n, of Mound
City, lias been confined to ids tooni by
sickness, during the live month" past.
There are but slight hopes of Ids recoy-
The llelkiiiiji liiiiriieliniriil Xii Post
ponement llciliielluu nr i;-sene
orilie Will- lemrlniinl -I lie ( eillell
ilnl tJoilgv.
WAMii.Nino.v. April -T. The llelkium
imieacliiiient to-day proved quite a suc
cess as a spectacular attraction. Uie
house did not attend in a body, hut fully
two-thirds or its members were pre-eiil.
Great Interest lielug manifested in argu
ment oftlie legal iiic-tlon of Jurisdiction.
1 he galleries were nio tnroiigeii again,
more than lour-lilths of tliu audience be
ing ladies, giving the senate nioro tin; ap
pearance of an opera than a legislative
hall. The ladles wcru hrilllahtlv and
fashionably dressed, so that " the
scene was attractive as well as novel.
lieiknap, who occupied his u--
ual seat at the table with his
counsel. has the satisfaction ot
knowing his trial Is to bo an enduring
sensation until muled. The motion of
Ids counsel to continue the case until the
1st ot December was plainly as much ot a
surprise to the house managers as it was
to every one else. Thu proposition was
so patently absurd, however, that the
managers did not think- it nccessarv to
reply to the argument of Belknap's
counsel. It i reported that thu vote ol
the senate on the motion, whlcli was in
secret in the senate reception room, to
which the seuale iilwavs; retires la hit
pcacluncnt trials when questions which
may occasion debate are to be con-ldered,
was very near unanimous ncnlnst 111 V
rostponemeiit ol thl, tr a until De
cember would have been stih.tniitl.nllv
dismissing it altogether, as it is always a
close push to get through with the regu
lar ousiuess oi uie snort session, and It
would be absolutely impossible to II n is-1 1
an impeachment trial.
Argument on tho question of Jurisdic
tion will now proceed, and It is tliou-dit
the question will not lie finally settled in
side ot two weeks. .Messrs. Jllalr and
Mack said in their speech to-dav that one
oftlie house managers had on tlie Monro!
the house managers declared that
lieiknap could not be lin-
neaclicd alter resignation. .Mr.
Hoar is tlie one referred to, but he say
that was a mistake; that ho onlv nrotnst.
cd against a hasty resolution to Impeach,
ami never neciiireii mat there was no
WAll lihl'All'I.MIINr KSllMAIKs.
When .Judge Taft took the win- nnri.
folio, the house committee on appropria
tion, in courtesy to to him. returned the
estimates lor tlie war department for ic-
Ision, and for several weeks he has been
engaged In looking them over, with tho
assistance ot Gens, hherman und Slierl-
uan. secretary 1 alt lias made reductions
lu the estimates amounting to live mill
ion dollars in round hiiiii1t. ulilcl,
while cutting tins army expenses down
to the smallest pos.Hile llgiire. will leave
reasonanie sunnort. T in ndirn sm
ile thought as long as retrenchment was
ill laslilou he would see what inrnulil
and as the Democrats had been so courte
ous as lo reler the matter to dm. he
would save them as much trouble and
laoor as pnssiuic.
Gov. Ames of Ml-sis-lnnl was l,i.i,n
the senate committee on .Mi-sls-lppl at
latr.s UMiay and gave a brlel account of
the condition ol things in that State. Ho
was not sworn, nut will he to-day, when
lie will he nun (i thoroughly examined,
paruciiiaiiy in leiercneeto the frauds at
the recent flection. The eoinmiitee
i Iocs not expect lo leave tor the South be
fore the latter part ol next mouth.
I he Philadelphia centennial l'oiil'i has
niossomul mice more. Honk in-, has
new Idea for bleeding rncle Sain to bene
lit tlie exposition, lie proposes that
congress authorl.e tho president to an
poimtix mechanics irom each emigres
i... . i . . .. . i
siouai ui-tricl to a cud he l'h ai e In hi
show, study tlie arts, industries and inn
duets exhibited and make a report of all
iiiiu is iiuporuiut nun iiseiui to the prac
tical ami Kcieutilic industries ol the
country. J ucu appointments ntu to be
made on the nomination ol the members
oi congress, inter an open competitive
examination, and aio to bo paid lor the
iiinu iney sieim at. uie snow i such u sum
lis lilu sruiulillV III Illl iroiicllfi nmv
deem fair and proper. Ho will liitrodiie
i inn snoruy carrying out lids absurd
lrl-unii-Klcliiieii Aulleliiiileil
r ','"' ,Co"-r'"l"l liivrmiitniioii
M:w Om.KA.vH, April 20. Itlch devel
opnientK ure expected from tint Investl
Kui ouoi tuoieiicrai oitielals lu this Stat
inner the resolution adopted by the
luine oi representatives at Washington
n . M necessury, the committee
win siiimrmg recess.
a special to (be J)(l,,n,mt to-night
says: "A custom home oilleial from
New Orleans Is lieu', and !! preferred
serious charges a, iint li. !'. Ilenvlg,
deputy collector.' He Is accused ol
smuggling cigars en a large scale and
passing them through hi waiehoue a
guava jelly. A large elgar dealer Is Im
plicated with liitn. Poeuinentnrv evi
dence Is said to be overwhelming and
A special ol the 7' iff says: "The at
t ntlon of Secretary IlrlMow has been
called to charge ol an oilleial made
against lvlnella, special agent of the
treasury department at .New Orleans.
Tho secretary vcsb'r.lay untitled persons
preslng the" mailer that lis 11a
would lie Investigated Immediately,
and If the charge are sustained ho will
be ousted."
Correspondent of lhee papers aie
well posted in relation to the matter al
luded to. Colli 'tor i asej h it heie a
week ago for Wellington to look after
malteis hlui'elr, but does not seem to
have thwarted the instigation. Custom
houe matters have been under secret ex
amination here fur the past two mouth
by llrooks. assistant chlel ol the ecret
service, nnd enough "crookedness" ha
already been discovered to Justlly the
piedictlon that the fraud when hnwn
up will be of the most tartllug char
acter. NpcuUcr i,.rr' Letter llerllnlnc it
Wasiumjtox, April 2i'. The following
Is Kerr's letter ilicllnlng a renomina
tlon :
Wasiii.miion, April 21, 1S"(. Hon.
Jonas G. Howard, chairman Democratic
Committee, Third Indiana lltiict .ly
Hear .Sir: In response lo numerous in
quiries Iioiii friends in our district, I l;g
you to permit me through you
to announce to my constituent il.at
it is my lin.a determination in no
event lo be a landidatc for congress tli.s
yt ar. Without reference to what it might le
niydcslu t iilounderotliercirciunstancc',
this determination Is made a matter ol
person: 1 diiiv on my part bv the uiisatis
lactorc condition of my health. I Im
prove" this opportunity to return to
my constituents, and especially to my
generous and faltlilul political friend.., i
my sincere and gratilul thanks for their
support and coiilldence during the period 1
oi my public services. I think it is
proper lor me to as,ure them that
I chcri-li li strong hope that before the
cre.it nolitlcal contests ol this vear are de
cided. 1 will be able to render some useful
service In lclialt of our siiU'erlng eountrv
md looking to tlie restoration to the peo
ple ot good and honest government. The
nrnloiiud solicitude 1 have so long felt
lor the welfare and honor of ourconslltu-
cut, ami of the country and national
Democratic party, eniboIdcn me lo con
clude this note with tlie expression oftlie
hope that our friends will select a siic-
ccssorinaii respects worthy ami compe
tent, and in sympathy with the best purpose-
of the Democratic party. I am
laithlully your friend. .M. C. Ki:uit.
I'linelliui of Itlvers,
One ol tlie essential olliccs of livers,
and, Indeed, of all running waters, is to
carry oil" the loose materials that accu
mulate on the tiirlaco of the earth,
whether from the disintegration of rocks
or vegetable or animal remains, layers,
therefore, are natures common sewers.
emptying their lloatiug burdens into the
sea, which l a vast reservoir of solvent
II till . Uccaii water Is not a brine for ar
resting the process ol chemical decompo
sition. On the contrary, it is a powerful
solvent, which liberates the particles of
organic matter, mid permits them to be
waited uwuy in the atmosphere to assume
now relations.
Tlie rivers grind down Hie uneven sur
faces ot continents, as rivulets rasii awav
the sides of mountains w hich slowlv but
surely reach the sea. forming out-sfretch-
lug initu-ucds at nrst. uieii projecting
ma-ses, and finally deltas, or new land.
Thus the sea Is constantly beliii? dis
placed from some direction, while it en
croaches upon the laud In some
other place. W hen the moun
tains and hill have all been leveled
by the unceasing agency ot run
ning streams, which is tlie tendency, and
inut. of necessity, be accomplished If the
globe remains long enough in its present
relations, upueavai lorces will then ele-
ite tho eonccateu regions ol the in hhtv
deep to undergo precisely tlie same meta
morphoses me stiruce oi the earth has
many times tiscJ through, since the
dawn ot creation, In tlie various gnolo-'I-ftil
revolutions' indicated by the revela
tion- ofscleiice.
- -v- -
'I 111! lllHlory ol a I'limlcr.
Years ago the Uubbcr Porous Plaster
was recognized as a tiselul mid ellleient
external remedy, po-sesslng necullar
merits dlllerent from anulilm ever
known or Used tor n like purpose belore.
'ei.. ..i. t, i v. i
iiiw iwauiia t li ii mcc.iiiii; so popular
were these : First, It was dlscoveicd that
rubber was tho natural reservoir of elec
tricity, and, consequently, possessed
great curative properties. Second, when
rendered soil and pliable it became n con
venient base for the best external stlinii
hints. Tliird.lt could be worn without
soiling the clothing or causing the wearer
any inconvenincc. i.iKea 1 new ii vent ons
it was not jierfeet.bttt capable ol improve
ment. Tlieso Improvements hive
been made in IlL.NsuN'S CAl'CINK
rOKOUS l'I.A.VJ'i;i . Tho reat oblee.
tlon ever found to the porous plasters by
uiysiemus ami uie puniie has been tiiut
ts action Is not prompt or decided
enough. Thu introduction of Capcluo
Into ii porous plaster overcomes tins ob
jection entirely, it causes It to act Im
mediately, and to cure In less time mid
wlthiiioic certainty llian the ordinary
arueic. iir..nu. n i. Al t I.MS 1 UK
Ul s I'LASTLK is truly a remarkable
article. It is piepaied by a linn ot skll
led pharmaceutical chemists, who have
nan largo experience lu manufacturing
various Kinds ot Plaster., and liniments
for tho surgeons and hospitals of this and
oiuer countries.
Tills plaster, tlie icslilt of their ev.
periiuents anil study, Is indorsed by the
best physicians as greatly superior to or
dinary porous plasters and liniments, and
us neing tne Host remedy that could pos
sibly devised for rheumatism, liiino and
wciik nacKs. pa ns in ho s du and chest.
or any of the troubles for which a porous
piaster or iiiuiiieiit has peon used. Peo
ple hiillering liom .stubborn colds will
iinti turn it ailords iliem gi cat relief bv
wearing one on the breast. The secret of
its marvelous Inlluenco over tliu clrcula
tlon, It strengthens and relieves pain
almost troin the moment of Its applica
tion, l.et any on0 who Is bkeptical ot
thu merits ot this article consult their
physician. To bu obtained of all dm
gists lor 2,"i cents.
I'liai'iuiiceutical Cliemlsts, N. V.
"lleiil lliuiltrillil Nllle.
aow is your last cliaiico to get you
goods at less tliau cost, as I have bought
the whole bankrupt stock of llellbrou &
Well, consisting 0 dry goods, notions
clothing, etc., at such low prices that en
ubles me to give everybody bargains that
w III satisfy even the hardest customer,
I will continue the business at Hie old
stand ot llellbrou & Weil only lor thirty
nays longer, and all tho goods nuK bu
sold within that time on nccount of re
moviil. He on hand In time, below all
tlie bargains are gone, as I mean bus!
Iicn. .-soi.OMON I'AHKIIIA, OI CIll.
I-5- iii 1 12 Commercial ayenui
Hi niplniii ol it 4'rtlMirh.
Mull, heavy headache, obstruction of
uaal passage, discharge fulling Into the
throat, souiethncs'proluso, watery, acrid,
thick and tenacious mucous purulent,
niiico-purutcut, bloody, putrid, olleuslve.
etc. In other, a dryness dry. wateiy,
weak, or Inflamed cves.ihmlnu In ear..
dcalncss Inwkhig and coughing to clear
the throat, ulceration, scabs lrom ulcers,
voice altered, naat twang, olleuslve
breath, Impaired smell and Inste, dll
lies, mental depression, lieMIng cough,
etc. Only a few ol the above symptoms
are likely to be preeut hi any at one
When applied with Dr. 1'lerce' Nanl
Douche, and accompanied with Dr.
I'leree'.s Golden .Medical Discovery a
constitutional treatment, Dr. Sage's Ca
tarrh Kcinedy produre tier feet cures of
the woit eases of catarrh and o:ena of
many year' standing. Thl thorough
course of medication constitutes the only
scientific rational, sife, and sucecsslnl
manner of treating this odious di'ease
that ha ever been offered to the nlllctetl.
Hie Ili i.i.t.tiN i-rlntlnn
i-MiiMiMimi-nt HUM-
lcilly of Mill lien-1
Note Ursula, I tti r lliivls,
Sljteinruts, ( urds, lite lxok nt these pi In
Mnall s Ic bill licuils, iivr " i '
Mi lium Mr tiiil luiiit, kt tlious.itiil a
.Ml on fiiurtmi pound lupcr, ': 1 1 i 1 mills,
rjtiil ti cents r ixiuinl lilzlirr tli.in li:i-tr
iisiil liy imy nthi-r olllee nilot In iinli rnt tlie
nun i'9tciiiiiy mr nils nniie
si.ilrtiicnl , t'urlynlc, r li" (.1
Ultrr llnuls, Uirltele, r l' 4 t
Xnte lluula, (.'utljsle, )-r Klsl .'I ti
Vltiic.-ml -i'i.-ii'k:i;e TSc
llusliuvs cunts, No. 1 .1 ply llrl-tul Imnnl,
pir l w $1 'i to 4 hi
lliuiiir. cards, No 1 lilunk, 1-or . . a 00
(Jiuirtcr-slieel, li:ilflint, lilll-f luf t Bihltlini-
fllllt)-tcrs, lllnl I'uluH-ilHulk tittoWM IrttlU
l'amplilct, Uook Work unJ Price Lists maile
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wiclo Reputation.
Acknuwlrtlxeil liy ull tcaA Musician, to 1- Un
ix it l'lnno now maitc.
Of which we have sold over 100 dunnc
twelve years past, becoming mole and more
popular every day.
.Splendid tone, Power and Durability.
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A very tine Instrument, adapted to Instru
mental ui well us vocal uiitsle.
A i.i, tiik aiiovi: Am: oiTi;iti:t) on
Kasy Moutldy l'.iymcnts, at low llgurcs
ardleis ol I.tst Trices.
In great variety. Including all the new
and popular music ot the day.
Orders from the Country
promptly tilled and scut
by tnall.
I'UK.NCIl HAKl'rf, IsTC., KTU.
Band Instruments of all Kinds
Kuir.Isbcd to Order.
01 tliu llest Quality.
Classical Studios and Exercises
Of all grades lor Piano or voice.
5t3T"ISverv dccrltilIon of Miirlcul .Mcr-
chamliso ftirnlslied to order, promptly and
at prices lower than ever otleied bclorc.
(iK.NOV AtSO Ol'
Hcnd lor Illustrated Cataloguo and I'rlce
I.lflt of these beautiful troupes.
All Ooodi Warranted ai Beprtiented1
Cairo, Illinoin.
St. Charles Hotel,
Room and Board, 1st and
Floors, $2,50 por Day.
Room und Doiud, IKl Floor $2 ,00 For Day
Speoial Rates by Weoli av Month.
. lllulti'il iiiiiiilji-r ul' iy iloslrnlilc liinilly
..Minis Liu, ui. Mviiit-u ui iraiuiimtiu ihu-h iiir lur
Miinmc r n ion I li 4 .
'I lunst. (,'liuilis U tin- lurKi'stiui'llK-rtl iuulii.
H House In hoiitlii rii llllnnln, iiml 1 tin- IiwIihk
Imtil In Culm. NiitMllli.tuiiiliiii! Ilii- 'liiii
Hock" riiluclliiii In inlri'ii, Dm tntIu will, uh
iisuiil, lu- lllirndly nii.ili i with llw i-ry lii-iit
Ol'l'VllVlllllluMllilt (1111 liu filllllil in ln.ul.i l.
Kliu' liuKu wiuiiln I'limim lur i iiniiiu rcinl tmv
rlyrji, oil Kioliuil Hour, Iiii'iiIi-Iiii..
tS-All ImintimHofKiif-iM roiiif) fit to anil linm
llir liuii'l Wlllliiill riiuiKii
li;T.TT W'll'OX X 10
I HI tl' I'lnpiUloiv
Equitable Life
On the Savings Bank Plan for Your Own Benefit ;
SURPLUS .' $ 4,515,012 4.
ASSETS $20,0:10,087 70.
Importers :uid .lobber.s of
Foreign Fruits, American and English Pickles, Catsups, Sauces
Ciilini'il IliMitli, I'lsli, Ni-i-iN, (ii'i-iiiMll I'rilililr,1,
Soup Stuffs, Condiments, Flavoring Extracts, etc, etc.,
Fancy Groceries in Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to.
64 and 66
npr 4 tm-iAfal i'.w
West Second Street, CINCINNATI.
rpilK IIUI.I.irilN l i,ul.tUlid .T) iiiortilii
(vxcrit Mumby) bitliv IlulU-tln Itiilldlnx, cor
ncr Wsslmifitun sm iiuc mud Tucl.lb strH-t.
Tine IIclliii.n It ttrfl to city suWriU-M t
faithful rarrli-ri at Twenty-i'lTv (nt aWrtl,
laynlli- wwlly. Ily Mall, (In a-Waiir), lloprr
amituiii tlx iiiontlK, id; tlirr luuntlis, tl; one
monlli, tl ::.
rulilUliiil iM-ry 'Ililirwlay mornlnKat tl'U !
t! milium. IruurluMv In u'hiilii.'. 1 lip imilniti- I
on the Wit 1 1 j- Mill ) )iri'nid ut IhU otUte, ao
that siilMCrlhiTB will utitatri fur a iiliti:riit!on
rice of 1 1 u yi-:ir.
lltmliH-sn Cunla, .i runnui tJ Ul
One n-iuiiri', our nairtloii, i l
Oni' eiiaru, two lnsvrtlonii 1 M
One liarc, out: wit- 'i M
One f'luarc, two witln :i .VJ
Oni- k'tuaic, tliri i wirk-i, 4 Kl
OlIU klftllC, onu iiionth no
W I! K V I. Y .
Ont' iUari'. one limrrllon,
Kutli Biit)Bi-iUint Insirlion, ,
,.! Ul
O0nc Inch la u ?iuuru.
KJ-'I'o ri'itulur lulvrrlliii'rii weotriTsuiHTlor In.
iliictim-nls, Ijotli h to rate ol chnrKt'H ami intin
hit of dUiluyliiK Ihi'lr favora,
Oominunlctttlon upon nubjoot of Ken
ami Inturuitt to the nubllu oltoltod,
wl3"All Ilimlni'M Lettcri slioulil lie uiMrruAcd (a
4'hiro lliillctlii 'tiiiiuiiy.
'JI MISSION .1ll;lt( ll l.H I'M.
K .1.
A jrrn .
S. I). Ayrm.
Ami KcncMl
Commission Merchants
No. o;i
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No MltiliKi lxMr,
" c If.
tln.Hr in
All llh-U luitd (.ml mit,)
Mill and Yard.
Jornor Thirty-Fourth Strcot and
Ohio Lovoo.
OA I..
Coal Coal
MT. CARBON(Big Muddy)
Ordors for Coal by tho car-load,
ton, or in hogsheads, for shipment,
sromptly attondod to.
trTo largo consumors and all
manufacturers, wo aro proparcd
:o supply any quantity, by tho
month or yoar, at uniform ratos.
t1"Hullliluy llro 'lolllce, No TO Ohio J.evi-e.
jj-llairiilay llro ' whurllioiit.
t-At Kuyptlan Mills, or ....
t-At the Coal I)uiiip, loot of TbUty-hlxlit
Ol'ot OIllcc Drawer, .wi,
Insurance Agent
Orer Mathaii Uhl'i.
NONK hut Firit-Cl.ua Coiujianlo miira
Insurance Agents
City National Bank Bulldlm, np-iUiri.
Tho 01dtEUblllied AKenoy In South
ern IlUnoU, ropreaontlnic ovor
85 000 000

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