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Kt1l-iB Mmitrr '-"r VnKf.
JOItlf H. OBERLY, Editor.
The omr lM "'". i1!"""
Tin National Democratic Committer, (o
Whom I ilc'CRaMM inrpom-r tn iiMny iiic
time and ptacoof ImWinglbe National Dem
ocratic oDventton ol IrtO. lia aijolnl(il
Tue Jay, tlie t.venty-eventli day of.luiio
next, noon, n the time, ami iclcctotl St.
Louli fttlie place of liolltn- Mich conven
tion. KacIi Slate will lie entlttcil to a represen
tation ciinl to double (be number o( Its
ttnatorn ami reprccritalle In the con-grcfi-oftbc
t'nllcil State ; ami tlio terri
tory of Colorado, vlnjc admission In July
n a State will ehc It n Mtc In the next
electoral college, Is also Invltcil to scwl del
egate. to the convention.
Democratic, Con-crvntlve nndotlicr citi
zens ot the I'nltcd "'Utc", Irrespective ol
p.t't political n-3clatlnn, tlclriii to co
operate ultli the Democratic party In Iti
preent etlort and object', nio cordially In
vited to join In sending delegate to the
national convention. Co-operation Is de
sired trom all pcrsom u lio would change
an administration that lia nill'crcd tbo
public arcilit to become and remain Inferior
to other and le-l faored nations; lin.i per
mitted commerce to lie taken away by for
el.'e power; ba stilled traile by unjust,
uucqiial and pernicious legislation; bai
Imposdltiniiiiinl taxation and rendered it
most burdensome ; lias changed glowing
prosperity Into wldcprcnil ciitl'erlii!,' and
want; hai sUandered Hie pilblla moneys
recklessly and delliiitly, and lumeles-ly
Ued the power tint -boubl h ue liewi. .vll't
to punUb crime, to protect It.
For tliese autl oilier roaon llm niilional
Democratic party deem the publle tlarignr
Imminent, mid earnestly lcimiH of Keeiir
ln to our country the bloslm: of an
economical, pure and Irce government,
cordially Invite the ro-ope ration of ihlr
fellow-citizens In the ellort t attain thN
Thomas A. Walker, Alabama.
a.U.Cockrlll, Arknn-a-.
Frank McCappln, CnUbirula.
William U. llmmuui, Connecticut,
t'liarlc lleasten, Deluwarr.
Charles K. Dyke. Horltla.
A. It. I.aivton, (loori;l:i.
Cym il McConnlck.llllnoD.
Tnomai Dowllug, Indiana.
M. M. Ham, lown.
Jaae K. Katon. Kansas.
Henry D. Mcllenrv, Kentucky.
Henry I. 0'den. I.oul.lna.
L. D. M. Sweat. .Maine.
A. Leo Knott, Maryland
William A. Moore. .Ml;blgan.
William Lochreu, .Minnesota.
.1. II. Sharpe, MUM-slppl.
.Ino. 0. l'rlest, MIourl.
Geo. I.. .Miller, Nebraska.
Thou. II. Williams, Nevada.
51. V. H. LMgcrlv, New Hampshire,
rheo. F. itandolpb. New Jersey.
M. W. Hansom, North Carolina.
John (.Thompson, Ohio.
.1 ames K. Kcllcy, Oregon.
James P. llarr. Penniylvanla.
.Nicholas VanSlyck, Rhode Island.
TlioB. V , Mmons South Carolina.
W illlam II. Itato, Tennessee.
V.8. Stockdale. Texts.
B. ll.Smallcy, Vermont.
.JounOootle.Jr., Virginia.
John Blair llojre. West Virginia.
Oeorgo U. Paul, WWconaln.
Thomas M. Patterson. Colorado.
AUOU8TU.S SClU:i.l New York,
.. Chairman,
rliF.tmtCK O. PntNCK. Massacbu-etl-,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
A ASllixfiTO.v. Febiuarv'JJ, 1S7.
'I'iii: rcntfiinlnt commissioners liavo
decided not to open the grounds on .Sun
day. Tills decision will lender il im
possible for thousand oNalmrers to vlill
the exposition at till, withntit ."ubjretiii
themselves, to great lens anil incon
venlcna1. Ho.v. William .1. .Svk-us is icjm.ii toil to
have said that he knows three men in
"alro who could hulld vsery mile of (lie
Cairo and Tenuesoec river railroad, (the
estimated cost ol which Is $1,0W),0XI) and
who would build It It they eould lie Knar
anteed eight per eentuin pcrnunuin upon
their Investment. .Mr. Syke'n may know
such men; but the uexsineiil lists lnr
nlsh very conclusive proof that the as
cesser doesn't.
Hox. J5. O. Josuh U of the opinion
tliat Hon. T. S. ltlilj-way'.s iro.ieets for
the gubernatorial nomination are rapidly
brightening. Instructions given thus
lar, iudicale that the delegation Irom
Southern Illinois will vote tor hint in a
body. We do not agree with Mr. Jones,
however, In his prediction that n largo
part of the Cook county delegation will
cast their votes In thu game direction.
Ittdgway has developed no strength,
whatever, in .Northern Illinois. If ho Is
nominated at all, It will be with but little
help from counties t,0vc the central
As, as indication ot bow the people
money Is expended In and about the
-oerai governmental departments at
Washington, It U worth remarking that
the Hadleal Postmaster General expended
beventceu thousand dollars, last year, lor
carpels. The old carpet, which usually
hell for about half enough to pav (or the
new, were disposed ol lor t ,e iiulgnlil
cant Mim of eighteen dollar-! ten
thousand yard of .econd-lmml, but
.lightly worn all-wool -arpet, forilS (K).
or nearly dx yard fur one cent TImtV
aea.npleoithe t.M ,l;0ll0my , .
HdmluUtratlon ofpubiw nairs , H,,cl,
the Hepiibllcan party pkmKm it,.f i iN
.National Platlonn.
Somkiimi: .during the year lSfi-J. wi,c.
iloxa Morton was governor of Indiana
he visited IVislilngton, and by some
means that have never Ix.m, ......
he mcceeded In obtalnlug from the appro-
,.. ,.a.w:u, lliu mm 01 il'W,0(X), on
the credit of his State. This large sum
he pretended to use In the organization
mid equipment of Indiana troops; but
Uiat there was a tremendous; U:a the
matter Is becoming evident. The deter
mination to Investigate It. and lay bare Its
iniquities, U called by Itepubllcau news
papers, "an cll'ort on tho part of the
Jlcbcl Mousa to Inquire Into tbo meant,
employed to crush the rebellion." if iy
hunt down official thieves and the j,juu.
derer ofthe national treasury, I, to ques
Hon the propriety of the means employed
to crush tho rebellion, the people will
wiy, "go on with tho questioning.'
a MAi.iiiois ri.si:iio
' aii.i:i.
Tho people ol alro, next to lhoo ol
New Orleans, nro most deeply Interested
Iiu the progress and results ni the attempt
tonpply Hie Jetty MV-tem lo tlinmnutli of
the.MI.Issppl river.
(initial Humphrey. Alulor Howell mid
oilier civil engineer.' of,ome eminence,
long ngo predicted that eten shoulil the
desired depth of elianuel be obtained,
there would lie mi liiimi'dinte lYlnriuulion
ol'lhebarat the cn end of the jellies,
mid this process ol relorinalion would
continue until the woik. bceiiue of lt
Immense cost, would have to be aban
Jencnd Humphrey mid othetv having
made this prediction, seem wholly una
ble to divest their minds of the belief that
It U now undergoing fulilllment ; and
beneo the peilndical nppearnnce In the
newspapers ol tho country of paragraphs
like this : "Vessels drawing Mxtecn feet
can go to ton through the Jetties at mean
low tide; but there Is an ugly feature
that must not bo overlooked. A draft of
soundings made by .Major Howell's as
sistant, at n point (our hundred feet out
lrom the sea end of the etties shows that
the water shoals there suddenly to
sixteen feet. Assuming these soundings
to be correct, the luiprcslnu Is inevitable
that n new bar is loiiiilng, not on the sea
slope of the old one, but on the other
side ol ii narrow sound, across which the
swift current ol the river carries Its sedi
ment to be suddenly dropped, at a cei
tain distance out. This is a verv discour
aging feature of the eao, mid If It can
not be explained away, the sooner the
public arc advised of the fact, the bettei-
This, and all other statements to the
etlcet that there Is a shoaling of Hie en
In fiout of the jetties, Captain Kails pro
nouuees, over Ids own proju-r signature,
'malicious falsehood." "I wa iu'tilled
In thus emphatically denying these
anonymous communication," writt'5 the
captain, "beeaiiw of the lercut .'ouiid
lugs, carefully made by my asltant en
gineers, at all points wilhin a thousand
feet ol the sea end of the Jetties nud be
yond the bar. Thec .-oumllngs were
carelnlly located by ln-truments, and
were compared wllli tlin'c made one year
ago by I he I'nltcd Stairs eoat survey;
and they prove conclusively that there
has been a general deepening in advance
of the bar In trout ol the jetties, precisely
where (Jen. Humphrey'., .Major Howell
and other opposers or the system, pre
dicted n reformation of the bar."
'The cause ol this remarkable deepen
ing, which our soundings have discover
ed Immediately In the advance ofthe bar,
Is attributed by me to the lact that the
river current now concentrated between
the Jetties Is a strong, bold stream from
twelve to sixteen feet deep, possessing
such momentum nud force that tho pre
vailing westerly sea current, that Inter
sects It nearly at right angles, is forced
beneath the river discharge and lias exca
vated lor Its own accommodation an in-crea-cd
ilepth on the i-ca slope ofthe
This eaiiu being ot u permanent
character, theellccts will piove equally
enduring. 'apt. KaiN cleaily knows
what he Is about ; and he has mi nearly
demonstrated the success of bis great
work, it is about time, we think, lor the
Humphreys and HouelN of (he country
to "give mm a rest."
who ik ni.sitMiii.r. :
J no neiiiocratlc House ot coiigit-ss
hum i educed the general .-ippropiinlluii
bill $'i,0(K,iMJtl below the figures of Jnt
year; and it has been conclusively
shown that (his great saving can be ef
fected without imperilling the elllclency
ol the public service. Hundreds ot olllces
which were but i-lucuurcg to political fa
vorites, weit) abolished ; extravagant
salaties wen; cut down, anil the eoiiMilar
and diplomatic service, in which theie
wcie most llagniul Meals, m .subjected
lo a general ovci hauling. I'laco the bill
passed by the Home, beloie the country,
and the almost universal verdict will be
that 11 provides limply, forever branch of
the public fenlce. Tho senate, how
ever, governed by IU old penchant
for wasting tho public treasure deter
mined that thu ollk'lal pets ol thu Itepub
llcau parly shall continue to roll In alllu
enco and case undid the work ot the
Iioujc. and lu as many as three hundred
Items of the bill re-tored the unwarnmt
bly high llgures of lasl year's act. .U In
many of the leiluetlons made, the house
had the. coueut, and acted under thu ad
vice of the heads of tins departments af
fected ; and as in no instance were llg-
uies le.-s than what was considered an
amplu compensation for the tervlces re
quired, the house cannot, of course
agree to the senate's aimndments. Thu
senate insists upon wasting over $.'1,000.-
000 of the people's money. Tho house
resists, and a "dead lock" Is llneatened,
Who, under such circumstances, will the
country hold responsible;
" iii.ii:
max w..vri:i!
III his search lor a candidate, to trot
along hi tlie rear of lion. William llart-
zell. In tho race lor Congress, the editor
ol the John-oii county JmimuI has found
"just tho man," In the peixm ol J. C.
Willis, of Metropolis. Mr. Willis Mils
the bill, according to the JoumttV
notions, because he Is a "blue" man. ami
not -gray ;" and becau-e lor a period of
icn years lie lias been a federal otllce-
uonier, etc. .Mr. Hulls may be a vtry
proper man. Hut bring him out any.
bow. Having already held air olllce
about one-third of nu average llf'e-tlme,
lie could bear defeat, probably, quite as
philosophically a anybody. Tho follow
ing "pull" wo dip from the Journal t
Wo notice for the lust lew weeks the
pubi c eye turning toward Hon. .J. C.
S lllis, of Metropolis. Tho general
unanimity with whkn the press and peo
ple are urging his nomination, is mif.
Icicnt evldcuco of Mr. Wills' popular-
ltV fitnrilKr Hin in., 'T. i
Known lor HOiiit! tit
adM-wdly when wo say that ho is par ex
cellence tho most available man in tho
jl strict for congress, at tills time, ills
'.t0'lty. honesty and ellleieney arc
ou-rythlng that the most sensitive could
f'V, experience in public llfofor the
uu ten yearn, has made him thoroughly
acquainted with the wauls of tho people
or tills part of tlie.Slnte; mullliai we need
just such n man In congress,
trom this district, every Re
publican will readily agree. If
.Mr. Willis is nominated by the Itcpuli
llcan convention or this district, we will
predict for him a rousing vote from oltl
Johnson. This county is itepubllcau to
the core, and will not be sallsiled Willi a
"milk and elder" man. They want n
man who Is In lavor ol tho "blue," not
the "gray:" ono who has fought ugalut
the reliels, not with them, and will do tin;
same hi congress. .1. ('. Willi I the
man to do this, mid tin It well.
A 'KTl:-MAI, HIHTOItV Ol' Till'.
Joi!.vrv-Nii ti.i. vi: iiavi: ir?
The county boards of several counties
hi Illinois, Indiana and .Missouri have
designated (heir Centennial historians.
It will be the duty ol (ho historian to
write up a full history of tho county In
which he lives, since (ho admission ol tho
Statu Into tho I'tiion. or from tho date of
the county organisation detailing tho
character of (he county hi its physical
nud material aspects, as well as in Its
moral and social aspect. Advantage will,
and should be taken of the occasion to
set forth tbo ngrlcultur.il capacities, the
adaption of the soli for the growth ol
grahi3 and fruits ; thu mineral resources,
geographical nlid commercial surround
ings, manufacturing lacllities to mlr
roi, In short, each county as It is. The
town of Scdalia. .Mo., ha voted one bun
dred dollars for (hi purpose, and .New
CaMIc and Ulehmond, link, have voted
like sums. Decatur county, In the last
named State, ha produced a youth In
thcM'rson ot I -Yank S. Howlby, who,
yielding to the reign ol an unruled ambi
tion in his heart, has voluntcere..' lo per
forin tho work (which ought to Involve
two or three weeks labor) for the ni"ie
glory of the thing. Have we a I'rank S.
Uowlhy hi Alexander county '! Have wi
ll county and cltv board with a spate hun
dred dollars ;-
Tun Republican convention of llarilln
county has instructed Its tlelegatt't to the
ifepresentadve convention to vole for A.
D. IVarce, ol Pope, and (ieorge Merl.
of Pulaski enmity, as the choice id liar-
din county lor Representative in the
lower House of Hie Illinois Legislature.
Mr. IVarce Is Just closing Ids third term
a sheriff; Mr. Jlcrtz lias rendered his
country distinguished service, during the
past ten years, a boss ofthe .Mound City
postolllce. lie is a clever gentleman,
much given to Radicalism, and, in per
sonal appearance Is as ugly as hi politics.
The choice of.Mertz by Hardin, promises
to bring about his nomination, which that
Immaculate Republican of the .Metropo
lis Time, openly declares "would be a
mlslortuuo to tho party." McCartney,
better than anybody else in the district
knows the chap who should be nomina
ted Instead of Mcrtz. ; but his shrinking
modesty deters him trom mentioning
Tin: citizens ol Cairo who recently
pledged themselves to re.-lsl thu paymaut
of the taxes levied to pay luterc-t on our
railroad bond debt, should bear lu mind
that they have engaged hi no child's play
The power with which they must con
tend is the commonwealth of Illinois;
and she will not, in order to oblige us,
wall until we get icady to inaugurate the
conflict. fsliu will come down
upon u, unle.-s we have our
forces in band, like the wolf
on the fold, or thu rebels on (lencral
Prentiss. Delays are dangerous, q'he
delinquent list will soon be ready to go
Into the hand's of the printer, and if the
Hhcrlir is to be enjoined limn thu collec
tion oltlio?.i7,000ehargcdii2alnst u, by a
sale ol our properly, we must ho in read
inevs to sue out the luiuncllou. lYclim.
inary to this there mutt be a collection of
money to lee lawyers and meet other ex
penses. .No sluggishness now. Action
is required ; prompt and well directed.
i iix.s(.ii:mi.i.i.ss speculator.? cannot
now, as they used to, buy properly at tax
sales, and within an hoiirafterward exact
a hundred per cent, penalty from the
parly who may redeem It. The present
law is more merciliil. It the property is
redeemed now within six months, a pen
ally of only 'J.'i ner cent, can be collected
If redeemed within twelve months, 50 per
cent.; within eighteen months.?. ner cent.
If redeemed at any time between eighteen
mouths and two years. 100 ner cent
must be nald. At the extilrntlon of two
years thu purchaser obtains a deed. Ij
mo proper ty Is forfeited to tho Suite, the
amount ol the forfeiture, with 10 ner cent
added, Is charged up with the taxes ofthe
year following.
It is now generally believed that the
United States Senate will dismiss the Im
peachment proceedings agaiut llclknan,
(or want of jurisdiction, nud refer tho
matter to tho courts, q'hls will be a sen
slblo disposition of the matter. The Im
peachment of Itclknap, who s, tti all In
tents and purposes, a private citizen,
would servo as a precedent that might
bring In the Senate more Impeachment ca
st's man it could diio-eof. q'he House
has managed the matter buugllngly. loo,
ami ought toieei ready to (Imp it,
All Tiiitellier,
(Kmiikfuit (Ky.) Vorlimn,
The Western papers und people nro
complaining am! very Justly of the
slight reduction in tare to the Centennial
which has been agreed upon by tho dif
ferent railroad companies, q'wenly-llve
tier cent, less than the preterit rates Is
certainly very trilling, and hundreds ol
persons who would otherwise visit Phila
delphia and other Atlantic cities will re
main at home. The railroad companies
probably know their own business -her.
tcr than any body else or. at least, think-
they do but It seems to us that full ears
at a reduction of tlfty per cent, would bo
better than half empty ones at
a reduction of twcnt-llyo per cent.
.oi to luinco matters, it is too
plain a casu for argument Unit it would
be better for all concerned better inr
Philadelphia, better for tho railroads,
better for all thu Kastern cities, better for
tho whole oroide, belter for the honor
and glory ot the Republic at home and
nhrond, heller for Ibe ciu-c of complele
reconciliation and brotheiiy love mat
the reduction should be 50 Instead of 25
per cciu. i ncrciore, let mu press or me
tell. tin n.nt.tl . It. .1... ,-... .10 .....It 1.
,i iiwiu ..wi.iibi J , in uiu ,;-i il- "HI US III
the West, combine at once to advocate
the propriety, thu lndispenlble necessity,
of tho proposed reduction, and bring It
.1 . (
tieitiro me rauroan managers cvcr.vw neie.
Tin good work may even yet be accom
plished In lime, for Hie bull, ol Western
visitors by a long pull, a-tiong pull
and a pull altogether of the potential,
many-tongucd prcs.
Iltiu llte.v lire Opitr.ssc.l li.v llitll.
mini. , mil lli lil.
(From the Male KrjrMor.)
The citizens of Cairo held a meeting on
April 'Jiith to consider niea-mcs in refer
ence to the local debt. A sctnl' resolution
was adopted, of which the following Is a
synopsis :
The city and county wa Induced by
thu spurious promises Ivld out by the
railroad nld law ol lM;!)4kanme a largt
bonded debt, and the railroads built in
consequence ol the contracting ol .-nth
debts have ici'iiscil to pay
their taxes, and the payment ol
taxes to meet the lulercnlK on these
debts will ruin many properly
holders, therefore ilio levying and collect
ing of any taxes for that purpose s pio
le.sletl again! by the citizens and pledge
themselves In the uo of nil legal means
to oppose the collection of Hit' railroad
Interest tax for l,"5. The lesolulions
also !uss that it i the duly ol (he Male
to Us-sumc the local railroad debts.
The adoption of such lesolntloiis ns
these by Ibe people of Cairo shows how
deeply the people ol this Stale have been
Injured by the pa-sage of the railroad aid
law of ISO!), which uas devi-cd and put
Into ellcet by ,the general assembly ot
that year, which, as it contained a largt r
Republican maturity than any other ever
assembled In IheState, was the mnt ra
liaelous and til-honest ol any. q'he rail
road aid law wa only one ol a series ol
lulipilllous measures passed by that as.
sembly, nut! this alone has put tin im
mense debt on the people. A great man
mile1 of railroads were Iniilt in aeeor.
dance with its prnvMons. and It is be
lieved that every railroad company
framed under that law has paa'ed
through tne uual form ot bankruptcy,
and been Mild out for the benefit of
the bond-holders. In this process,
from lir-t to iat, it appears
that, witli the local snb-
cripllous and the floating debts due to
the people along the lines, which are
suddenly Increased jtist before the fore
closures are made, the people ol the
Statu have contributed every dollar ol
thu actual, honest costot the road. The
railroad aid law ol H51) was, therefore, in
effect, a prois,lon to enable or Induce the
pcopiu ot the Mate to nuild railroads at
their own expense for the bencllt of other
people, such Is the outcome ot a lngle
act ol Republican legislation.
.iter mill lllonil Diseiiset.
Ily It. V. I'icicc, M. 11., Author ol 'lite l'io-i-'s
Common .rncMHlicaI .Jl-cr.
A healthy liver secrets each day about
two and a half pounds ol bile, which con
tains a great amount ol waste material
taken from the blood. Whan the liver
becomes torpid or congested, it falls to
eliminate tills vast amount ot noxious
substance, which, therefore, remains to
poison tho blood, and be conveyed lo .
eery part ol the system. What miM be
the condition of the blood when it Is re
ceiving and retaining ca'-h day, two and
a half pounds of poison'? Natuio tries to
work oil this piii.-on thiough other chan
nels and organs the kidneys.luiigs.iUlu.
ele., but these organs become over-taxed
in performing this labor in addition to
their natural functions, and cannot long
withstand the pressure, but become var
iously tli-ea-cd.
Tlie brain, which is the great electrical
center of all vitality, is unduly stimulat
ed by tlie uuhealty blood which pu-es
to It from (he heart, and tails to perlorm
its olllec healthily. Hence the s mptoms
ofblhi poisoning, which are "dullness,
headache, incapacity to keep tlie mind on
any subject, impairment of memory,
dizzy, sleepy, or nervous feelings,
gloomy forebodings, and Irritability of
temper. Tho blood Itself being tlNcu'scd,
as It forms the sweat upon the surlaco ot
the skin, It Is so Irritating and poisonous
that It produces discolored brown spots,
pimples, blotches, and other eruptions,
sores, boils. carbuncles and
scrofulous tumors. The stomache.
bowels and others organs cannot
ecapo becoming affected, sooner or later,
and we have, as the result, costiveness,
pile, dropsy, dyspepsia, diarrhea. Other
symptoms aro common, as hitler or bad
taste lu the mouth, Internal heat, palplta
tatlon, teasing cough, unsteady appetite,
choking sensation lu throat, bloating ol
stomach, pain lu sides or about shoulders
or back, coldness of extremetles, etc.,
etc. Only a few of the above symptoms
aru likely to bo present lu any ease at one
time. 'J he liver being the great depurat
ing, or blood-cleansing organ ol the sys
tem, set this great "housekeeper of our
health" at work, and thu foul corruptions
which gender lu the blood, anl rot out,
as it were, tlie miiehluerv ot lite, aru
g adully expelled Irani the system,
r'or this purpo-e, Dr. Pierce's (Jolden
Medical Discovery, with very smaildo'ei
dally ol Dr. Pierce's I'leaant Purgative
Pellets, Is pre-eminently the articles
needed. Thej cure every kind of hu
mor from the worst scrolula to thu com
mon pimple, blotch or eruption, dieat
eating ulcers kindly heal under their
mighty" curative luiluence. Vliulent
blood poisons that lurk lu tho sy.stem are
by them robbed of their tcr rors, ami by
their preserving and somewhat pio
tracted use tho nio-t tainted systems may
be completely lenoyntcd and built up
anew. Kulargcil glands, tumors and
swellings, tin hull,, away In tllspalr under
the Inllueneii ol these gicat rc-olvcnK
IliiUKfroiis Nyiiifoiii,
Matter discharging from the throat or
nose, reveals ulcei-i'tlon of tho I'itultoiis
Membrane, causing a fatal disease of the
Pulmonary Organs, unless timely cured
by Wlshart's Pine TreoTar Cartlisl, nu
infallible blood purifying remedy, which
has saved many thousands who expected
to tlio of consumption ! C.'.'lj-S-lt.wlt.
Straw I Fell Ms
'-'0.1 X. tltliMrccI, NI. l.iMllo, Altt.
IwIIiik i-alahlmhiiifiit nrrlw West. III.KAI II.
INK. liVIMJ, Al.TCItl.Vd, arid till kliult
Milliner",' Wnikdonviinunplly. I'hislcrllloi U
Inr sale, I liHrfjts Mld on pimU sent u Niu
lor 1'l.itei
I l,Mllr
The MiMory of n I'lnMcr.
Vears ago tho Rubber I'oroiis Piaster
was recognized ns a tisclul uml elllclcut
external remedy, possessing peculiar
merits dlU'erent from anything ever
known or ucd for a llku purposu belote.
The reasons why II became so popular
were these : First, It was discovered that
rubber was the natural reservoir of elec
tricity, and, consequently, possessed
great curative propertle. Second, when
rendered soil and pliable It became a con
venient bast) for the best external stimu
lants. Third, It could be worn without
selling the clothing or causing the wearer
any lilt oncnlncc. I, Ike nil new invent ions
il was not. pel feel. hut capable ol Improve
ments, 'flie.-o Improvements haws
been made, lu IIKNSO.N'S CAI'Cl.NK
POROI S PliASTKR. The great ohj
tlon ever fount! to the porous piasters by
physicians and tbo public has been that
its action Is not prompt or decided
enough. The introduction of Capelue
Into a porous plaster overcome tills ob
jection entirely. It causes It to act Im
mediately, and to cmo in less time and
Willi more certainty than the ordinary
article. HK.NSO.YS CAI'Cl.NK I'Oll
Ol S l'l.ASTKR Is truly a reinaiknble
article, it Is prepared by a llrm ol skil
led pharmaceutical cheniM", who have
bad large experience lu manufacturing
various kinds -f plaster- and liniments
fortlic surgeons and hospitals of till uml
other eotllitlles.
'fills plaster, tbo lesult of their ex
periment and study, is Indorsed by the
best physicians us greatly superior in or
dinary porous piasters and liulmenl, und
ns being the best remedy that could pos
sibly tlevbed for rheumatism, lame and
weak back, pains In the side and chesl,
or any of the troubles for which u porous
plaster or liniment has been lletl. IVo-
pie 'Ullorlng lrom stubborn cold will
llnd that it iillortls them great relief hv
wearlng one on the breast. The secret of
Its marvelous Intliieuce over the circula
tion. It strengthen uml relieves pain
almost from the moment of Its annllca-
lion, i.et any one wno I skeptical of
me merit oi tin article consult tneir
physician. To be obtained of nil tlrug
glts lor 'Si t ents.
Si: mt it v & .Toiins!.
Pharmaceutical chemists, N. "i .
rriir essr
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wido Ruputatioa.
Acknowledge by all KOCxl Musician- to be the
hct t'lnno now made.
Of which we have sold over 400 during
twelve years pnt, becoming more and more
popular every day.
.Splendid tone. Tower ami Ihirahiltty.
Kimball's Orchostral Organ,
A very fine Instrument, adapted to lnttni
mental as well n vocal mu-lc.
At.r, Tin: ahovk a hi: om:i:i:i on
Ka-y .Monthly Payments, at low figures
regard I ets ot I.lst Trices.
In great variety, Including all tho new
and popular iniishs ot the day.
Orders from thu Country
promptly filled und sent
by mall,
Band Instruments of all Kinds
Kurr.liihed to Order.
Ol thu Uust Ouallty.
Classical Studies and Exercises
OfallKratlcH for Tlano or voice.
ESTKvery iI:rriptlon of .Musical .Mer
chandise fin nlhud lo tinier, .promptly and
ut prices lower than ever ollcrcd before,
Send lor llhictratcd Catalogue ami Trice
l.Ut of lhee heautllul troupes.
All Oooda Warranted as Kepreien'od'
Cairo. Illlnoia.
Wm. Glenn & Sons
Headquarters for Groceries
4,000 Rio and Santos CofToo,
2,000 hhds Now Orleans Sugar,
2,500 bbls N. Orloans Molasses,
1,500 bbls Whito Refined Sugar,
1,000 bbls Yollow Refined Sugar,
500 bbls Louisiana Rice,
100 Tierces Carolinr Rico,
500 h'fehs Green and Bl'k Tea.
US, 70 autl Vliiu Mreel, WIN., .
X !N" $ U JUL 33 IN TUB
Equitable Life Assurance
On tlio Savings Bank Plan for Your Own Benefit;
J. T. WARREN 8t CO.,
Impotti'is mid .lohheiM of
Foroign Fruits, American and English Pickles, Catsups, Saucos
('niiiicil Unmix. I'IhIi, Seetls, lerniiiii li tiiltici..
Soup Stuffs, Condiinunts, Flavoriny Extracts, etc., etc.,
Fancy Groceries in Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attendod to.
64 and GG West Second Street, CINCINNATI.
air i In.' . al i n
(Or If placed in & line, Of or)
t.vi.nv stovi: is
ill I
N'h-rcver fjul or ni
A; fail? 1
Nos. 07, 08, 30, 47, 48 and 40
Area Marri'loiu ( oiiiliin.itir.-i of
Ami ult Hit I.ointUl I'lilntitliat gu tn.MaVt'uii
Most Perfect Cooking Stove
i:er orn-retl lit Hit- I'll Ii Ik-
Mode Only hy the
Excelsior Manufacturing Co.,
No. CI.', tll, 6P nud el-X MjInM,
M. I. (Mils, sin.
'.OLD 11
-1-Hct,v atCiuAw
flTirin nmn
M-rm t.uujellluitr.t-j
-ltii lium.rouat'iijrrfttinK.
Iuil ill. K th. I thelo.
v. I, m m mm m - ''i't (rinvr, inn
ntnitup, .M.rnagr, tli
tii.i . . . ''lil.,-,tflTi,hoTI(irur.
tllkln. of Di.cii.i. win, Imr ilrtO, of v.lu,b rrrript,,
tioilio(iM mirrr,thi.mp..tniifi.ti Mm.rrl.fMliilr ni.
tut. irut.Trt.i.i,,,,!)1.,,.lUl v M.T.fj ,),,!,
I!fV.7 "'Pt'""" ") Mm Li uif ill. tl,. onl.V.lly
rlttitlfte orkg-Jh. lln.Uvfiulii,.il,ii,tc..tiiMfU
ltfrrv rr'lst. fwiit .i uf.'y trtlMl on r-rlM fit loci..
'V V.'' L-..A ll"ltSAsj, uj Kgtllt Jlll!i itmk
M. Jull,ilu. l;ilil,ll,l.lu JK,7. '
' ' t. t."r.'tj. m . . . .
iou aim trie .rtn-t Itilirmil.r. 1,1 timih.
ktv;SH,tiiii.l.r i.T..ri.)rt. " ' ' " """
, f - pi'.K EB;CAI. THEATISE on all JI......
,1 , 1T1 i"r'" b""1 'i"'ilil
MrDICAljAIJVlCf; on .s,-,ul.n,l chronic 1 );..,..
M I C"'' ln"t,llliliirr,llOp.uii,
ll(ili.t,lc..ft).ii.iirk.iiitunilrr Mil lor 111 eti' All
iMreo tookt r .nlnln400iaeeiinarvri-tl ina.onl!
liiuii..-uiiiheii.bj,.,t, unt ncouroly oilcil on ro.
u"w ?i c,."-e.A'!'1'",'' Or. Hulls Dipen..ry,
Wo.l2N.8lh it,, St. Lault.Mo, tl..ub.i.i.,a in;.
u nm m twm
hi uif nlllliE r pru oui.M.'uir
An lltuitntnl woik T.i
1 ... iwKi.ununiai niitirriri
ollh-Huliritni, Hi aliuKi,
tt-., Iit4-i tliuuv-rli- to lli
..,T " or rrprulurtlon t how 10
t.Mralj tnt.1.7 tr. um nurrlfil rrlnlun. lil fcu,l,
)oum nil tniild jf. ,huula rnul snd pn-rv Itt It
pltU tul.il tliwki the IrrlhliniolTauUlllhatnlllKl
l'rMU. ilio author iniy lo coniult.il nrrvonallv or by
'.'.'.'""ii1 V'JtV .1"llons In Mi work.AiWmJ '
nr. A. a, OUU , Ut Vthlu8Wu , CtUcwJu, iU. ,
Led: Hospital
Wfiuliiiii. tmi
autl Kriuirilln I
S Iri t is. Oil-
hkii. IIIiiiiiIh.
L'llllltfllsl llVllll- I
hliilt) or lllllioit
fur I lie cviiivHtt
(itmioKt- nl k luff
1 11 ii- i. .ti.i'
ni. - ... ...i. . mnl miliary ill-
M-.'l-i'.-l In nil Itit-li- rmuiillailtil t'nniiB. It wi ll
I.iiohii Hint Dr. iIuiiiob m hIimh I nl tin' In ml til'
I lie inulfi-sion Inr lliu mt an yinrn. Alio nml
ii.ifrliiui' nif nil -liiiiioitnnt. Ni'iiilniil V'itltJ
iic.s, nlultt limn' iiy iln num. 1 1 1 1 1 1 tint
futv. lint iimiilmiiil fun iiiiKitltly lif nun .
I.wlln wjiilinit lliu niiibt tlfllralt' ulli'iillnn, n II
tirMllt'. I'line.iiil liiiinu fur 1 ml 1(1 1 1 s. A 1 100k
Inr Hie million. MurriiiKv CnliU', tvlilt li Kiln
)OII 'II llllOIII lllfHtMlltlfllsl.H.-WlllI ilioulil ninny
-Hliv mil I1' triilK In 1 wy iioitnps Hi- iIiiiiiik
IiiinmD 1001111 nml i:nlor Y1111 m no tint' lint
Ilia ilorlor. Olllto Loins, I) 11,111. to 7 p.m. Mm
iluyit. lu to 1-'. All limlm-nd Blrlrlly runflilfn
lltil. 4-S8-dAvly. .
Fashionablo Barber
NonrusiDfi of manrn streei
Between Washington mt Oomtnoiclnl
UL3ffi, A riiy.lolpiilcnl S'low orM.rrinrs
flJZZaSfA f r,""'l"r"''1.1""1 """" nintiini.UUnT
lIMZZK -Sf ""''V. tl.c- liljrrterlri f ri piuliirl
$ -1,515,012 42.
$2l),0!l.OB7 70.
4'O.MMISNIO. Mliltl'll .TS.
Ii .1 Ayrw. fj Ii. Aytf.,
.Met r-inrjl
Commission Merchants
' No. Oil
Flour Merchant
; - Agent.
.No so Ohio l.n.,
.7 fi if.
-Dealer in
I All ltlnt hanl anl loft,)
Mill and Yard,
Jornor Thirty-Fourth Street and
Ohio Lovoe.
Coal Coal,
Ordcru for Coal by tho car-load,
ton, or in hogshoads, for shipment,
sromptly attonded to.
t&"Vo largo connumora and all
aianufncturors, wo uro proparcd
io Htipply any quantity, by tho
month or year, at uniform ratos.
rjrlhillll.iy Ilro.'sonice, No. 70 Ohio I.erre.
r.r"lltriiliiy Uro 'it wlinrtliout.
I V-At Kiryi'tlun Mill, or
At Hi- Coul lliiinii, foot of Tnu ty-KlKht
83-rot Ofllcc Drawer, .mo
Insurance Agent
oxxxo Xjiaxriaia,
Orer Uathuii t TJbl'i,
NONK bur KlHt-Clnss Connmulcs rfir
.tlilnl. '
Insurance Agents
City National Baak Building, np-iUln,
The OldtitEatablUhed Anoy In Bout 1
em IUlnoli, repreienUn over
05 OOO 000

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