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A8UAI.O.N I.OI)()K, NO. fit
ICnUht of l'rllilui, iuiU txety Frl
nay men
Rlit t lmlr-'t tunc, 111 (Mil
ium. . mm k.
ClinncHlor CotiiiimmltT.
,sMMfc. In.liniUnt )nlT of M',I;
'TWW ut half-imt eMi. In their hall im
imim rclal incline, lirtwreii " """tli
tftH l!llH LANK, N (I
'XUItO KNf.AMr.MKNT, I. O. O. 1.. mn-U
. .in rt.ll-F tIowi' Halt un llw llmt unci tliirtl
liu'iilnv in every mould, ut lmir-ulM.'Vrii
' Juti II (1o;ma, C IJ
A CAtltOI.OIMli:, .NO.iKn.A.K. A A. M.
- 4Vi. Milil rrrular roiiinmiiliatloiu in Mn
fiJK (unlo Hull. wrmr (.'uiiiinrrrlil avmue
l unit Klitlitli Hint, on
thf srcoml anil
i'iitli Momlav ut' nidi month
Wlifl Uiiinls,
While ijoods nud liiiui'. Iiiiludhie; nil
Isiiiil". of while wenr for- mUk leu- l.iilics
ami chllihi'ii, nl llurjjor A Cn's. The
juices ( IIicm' jjdoili nri! uxttcincly huv.
nml Hie stock Ik si most ntlinctlvc one.
Iliirrnli lor llulili.
.Slit plug carriages nud pit-ambulators,
for babied ol nil ml.i'i, nt prices ranging
liotn $S W) loJ.'. nt Win. Klchhoir fur
iiitHie factory, rot tier Seventeenth street
mill Washliiirton nTcime. MMin'
tlrnl' l iiriii-liliik- IJiiimU.
.1. Hurler A '.. tin" milled to their
' lock this prlni: 01,0 "'" lm,,,d f,,'r
thill ol KfllU' furuUhlnj: good ever
brought to thl rity. flcntli'liien .ire In
vited to will mid e.nil.llie goods before
purchasing elsewhere.
Al llnlle.r'k.
Th' Centennial ltcfrlgijintor the luted
improvement nud this bct aver made;
ul-o n line nnitment or hardware, nml
cutlery nt iii willy n diieed price, at A.
IlalleyH, No. 1 15 Coniinen-liil incline.
IMl'KHIIt Xoll'lllCN.
Itibbotiri, funs, and pnra.sols, latent styles
and lowest prices for salt- at Hurler ,1
. os. Alio an exquliltulot of cashmere
and ecru tle, In thu newest design.
No ill el ll ill if
Ilnrpor it t'o. have a benhtlfnl nnort
ment of drcs good ol nil kinds and
silk. Mimnierrllk :i. low ns sixty cent?
per yard. Thee are splendid bargain''.
I all and fee them before theruh.
Tin llee.
1'oratlea.t fhuve, :i fashionable hair
cut, or a thorough i-hainpoo, go to .1.
(eorgi; Steinhoiise on highlit tlnet,
Alexander County Hank building. Ill"
shop Is always neat; hi towels nlwnyx
dean ; Ms asbtnnl.s ninny polite, and
his tables coured with the latest daily
palters, for thu Ix'iielltof hh ciHtomer.
Vi will pay no bills eontrarted by any
iMiiiiloye of Tin: Hi'i.i.r.ris, uulc thu
.ami; U made on a written order l;:ned
by the president or secretary of the com
pany, and we will accept no order tflven
by an employe of tin.' company, for any
purpose, whatsoever.
Cuito Hi.'i.i.kiin- Company.
Novemlier 1U. 1S75. tl
.1(10 Hiiok AkciiIh
Wanted lu llllnio lor the new lllus
Irated Thi'tle Kdlllon or .Sir Walter
Scott's Waverly novels anil other popu
lar publication'. Liberal inducement lo
ood agents, rtend lor circular and
term to W. II. IviMon .V Co., lU.'i flat I:
street, Itoom 7H, Chli(i. l-iK'-cort-lin
Real Estate Columu
- Alexander county laud, Cairo lots,
I u exchange for St. I.oui properly.
ron SAI.K.
The smuil ball or tl I'ilof house at
n bargain.
( "ottax'' on Fourteenth Men el, north
weM of Washington nvenue, ?1 1
Cottage on Twentieth strict, Wet of
Vnnin;lon nvenue, 10.
Dwelling lioti'o on 'ross Micel, iet
ol WashiiiKtou avenue.
- House on Ninth stru t, bitiucn Wnl-
nut and Cedar stieets, lately occupied by
.1. ch1csln::er, SIS.
llu-luc.ss house on l.evcu.ctieet, tihovo
Kluhtli, $20.
A Kood eottagi! on Twcnly-.N'luth
Micet, near Comnitrclal avenue.
.Store room on Conuneiclr.l avenui
next to Waverly hotel, S10.
CotliiL'c. of I rooms on Twi-nty-lhiid
Mreet, $0, (iood ynrd and cistern.
(Jood dwcllliiK house ou Walnut, lo-
tween Twenty-second and Tiienty-th'.rd
ttrects, Slt.
Storo-rooui corner Tiventietli and
I'oplar streets, S12 CO.
Storu room ndjoiulne; above, $5".
House on Walnut hired, near Center
pleasant preinli-eg, $12 50.
llouso on Commercial avenue, near
intli street. Sullablo for business and
Tenuments numbered 7, 8 anil
0, Winter's How, fi rooms each for $10
tier month. Will he put lu IliM-ulass
Store room In "l'llot llotiw," lately
oeciifilvd by A. llalley.
Divelllii'' house ou Sixth street and
.liitliirsnii iiviiiitin S10.
Orphan Asylum bulldlii),' and preinl
res. Kent low, to a j,'ooil tenint.
Store room, corner Twentieth and
Washlnjitou avenue, $12 it mouth.
Hooins In various parts ol the city.
-Lands, lu tracts to suit, near Cairo.
SoMKriit.vn M:w. The llalitnln, re
clprocatliiR, tin churn and cut,' beater
the latest and the best ever made, nt A
llnllnv'u. ulin Is now selllllir Ills lni'L'l!
cliiel: l tlnvi.a (In mill brlttllllil WMM at
Kieatly reduced prices, filvo him a call
beloro yon luirchasc. IIS Commercial nv
cnue. 2-ls-:iiu
Ski: Koch. r. hocii, at Ins shop and
More room, No. !t0 Commercial avenue,
has for f'ale a slock of boots and shoes of
his own inuko ; also a lull Mock of leather
and findings lor salu; nml u
large Mock or SI. Lou's ens.
inndo boots nud Mines. lie
i n.r, iw.ai nvitcrlnl nod is tin 111 all
.i . i LL.tnn iilj illc nio uprfrrl. innl
satisfaction H guaranteed.
liiyo turn H
Itf $ulliHn.
.v.(r.v i:mi;ms
l-Olt MIKIilFK.
We nio ntttliurlnl t niinoniKC .Illll.V II.
ItdlllNMIN nf) n mnillitii e for MienlTur Alex
umlcreiiiiiily. nt tliu chiiiIiik nmiily ilicllnn.
We nu'iiiillioriril t . ti 11 m ,11 in ; llmt It. A. IM
tiiuiiiUiiii Innn Imli ixinlint I!i imMIc3Ii iiimll
ilnlclurMifilirrul Ilie i ihiiIiik rimiitv i In limit
We uli' uiilliorletl toiiniKMiiii'e I'K'I I. US ALT,
Tin mi lmleieiiili nl i-.imllible rr "l.t riffcil' Al
Xiimlrrroiiiity, nl tin- cnmlnc rniinty (Iti tlini.
It All:1 Ol' AllVDHI ISI.Vd.
J f-AII MIU lur U'llrilirmi', ie One nnil -
Hlite II AllVANl K
'I llllilli lit tvlllltiiillK Mill tie llmrllitl nt tliti
late r,r)l hi tr tiui.if lorllir dint Ii.k-iIIoii
utul .vi it nU fur eucli nlitiii'iit nrie A IIIhtuI
illM'iiiint will he iiimIi1 un Maii'lln itml ili'il
fur InnrrtiiiK Knmiul imllee l ' Nollif n I
linlliinri(lttiioi nerntonlfli '"nutudir
inrli lim rllnii
Churili, Ktieietr, I'mtiVnl slut Milpprr tmliret
will mil) liuliiMitnl uii mlnrtlM ini ntu
No inlierlltniDiit will tie if fell id lit Icm lliRti
01 rentii, Hint iMiBMurll-eiii'-nt ill I"' iiin-rlitl
Till' li-5 Dim tliren ilulluri )ier 11. until
Local Btinlnuss NotkkB.of
ten linen or morn, Iimcrteil
lu tho Ilnllutlti hu follow s
Coinmcr.coOountlutf nt ten LlntH.
Ouu iiiBiirtloit pur lino. . - CuiitH
Two lnsurtlonii liar lino 7 Canta
Threo tnsertlouii porllne. ....10 CiiiIh
Six inanitions per line. 18 Centn
Two weukuperllna 2(5 Centn
Onn month per line 35 Cnlii
No Itcduction will bo m utt o In nbovo
KKIOAV. M A V 3, lb7G.
I.iienl WoHllirr Ilvpori.
Caiiiu, III., -May 4, I-TC.
llAn. 'Iiik
iti.uu I M'
? Wl , Hi i
ji .;n J 7u i
3 1'. t"
.IAMK.S M'AlfitiN,
.sir(unt, filifiial feiiil,c, 17. S. A.
i:n elupet.
'I'hirly tlioii'aml itt recoiled at Ihc
Hi i.i.kii.n olllco.
Kill (iliiles.
I'rijsh arrival ot a very lirjic nort
uient ol latlleK and "outs' kit I "loves nt
I HumerA. Oo. :i-''l-ti
I.lm ii I'lipcr.
I.lnen liliro, plate tlnUli, loiter and note
paper at the Hri.i.mix otllce. ISIuuaud
n am laid, below St. I,oul prices.
Cliolee ,1 iile..
f n -1 received bv Harden i. Dewey 110
barreN cliolci! Xorlhern applc. Store
room !! filiio levei' old stand of .Math
ti Vl'ld. iV2-:tt
(llolllllei e l.nres Hllil .cl 1 1 llii".
Ca'hmcre lace and netting, a f pleudid
:isi-orlmeut, certain to plca-o tho ladies,
u-t lu, at .1. Ilurccr it Co. :'.-21-lf
Two emumtttilcilious were recoiled a
the lit'i.i.r.n.N olllco yesterday, but too
lato fur puhlicitlnu. They will appear
to-morrow inoniiti''.
dull rulilerlis.
beaullful line of new embroideries
ju-t lecelvcd by tile rccouizi'il "cinlirolil-
ry hou-e' of Cairo .1. liurger A Co.
'I lie i't I'lilli erl.
Tlie next open air conceit
ace on Friday night. It w ill
will take
bo given
:it the up-town stand, by the
nruct baud.
lli I'm- Ilie ( eiili iiiiiiil.
t'euleunial ticket.", by all route-, arc
now ou ale at tho llllnoU Central ticket
ulllre. .1 illKI .Illll.V.SON,
S-IWt. (icneral .Soulborn Agent.
Itelllill ell.
Tbisllewood Co., haling lemoved
from their old Maud near the Stone de
pot, will liero'illcr bo found nl No. 73
Ohio levee, heretofore oceuIod by 1'aco.
Klliott & Co. .V2-:it.
.1 csr Knt'KiVKir A. Halloy has Just
recei.-edft line lot of canary and mock
lug bin! cages, llower .stanils, Honor
trainers, ba-kets, archer, hearts and
wreathes, which he lin marked very low,
at US Commercial avenue. 2-lb'-:im.
Soil".! Suits!
Ladies' linen and alpaca sull. beauti
Hilly made and Myli-bly trimaied, for
alc at .1. l'.urgor it Co's. These suits
are M'lllng as low as material can bo
bought lu this city. Call nud ce them.
II (timekeepers, A 1 1 en I Ion.
Do you know that !. liurger iv Co. are
lu teceipt of a inaguitlcentlinu ol carpets
and oil clothes, all tlie very latest styles
anil designs '! Thu first arrival of the sea-
mjii. Stop in and examine their stock.
Ciinperiiue ior Nulc.
Cooper shop, bauel houe, dwelling
hou-e and thiee lots, till fuiieed and with
good gales. AI-o lull stock of tools for
all kinds of work. The whole will he
sold verv cheap. Apply at Miop near
Narrow Gauge depot, foot of Fourth
sited. -1-21-Ut.
.lust received, a large stock ot Shaw
Itefrlgerotors. and Wlute Mountain triple
motion, lco cream frce.ers ; also a largo
supply of wlro screen cloth for doors
and windows, all at rock-bottom prices,
t . W, IIi:ni)i:i!Son,
Corner I'.Mh street and Common:
uietiuo. in.
f.tmilic I-.
For the place to buy lumber cheaply,
go lo J, S. Mcfiahoy, corner of Twcu
tlcth Mreet and Washington avenui
where hu Is locating Ids new lumber
yards, and Is now prepared lo furuMiiiU
kinds of building material, lie also of
fer 50,000 led of assorted lumber at the
Wall it Fnt mills, from $s, $10, $12, and
$11 per thousand. Also, 20.000 ri ot
Homing, Millng, and purfiieiil lumber
correspondingly low price. Tim lumber
lidm? Maliicd mom loss Irom Iho
lato Mpo water, lie oilers U nt the ahov
i lotV prices. Pal tics In need of
ll 111 cave money by "lvlllg him
a call
i lerius cam, unless oy rprci.u unmw
I mend
L. A. Wheclooli , Co. have i.'inoved
their olllco Iroin !H Ohio love, to No. HI
Olilolovcc, up stairs. S-S-JIt
I'll iilc.
We arc told that a picnic parly Is being
gotten up, to tnk a trip to Fort Jeffer
son, on Saturday. The parly will be
compared of mostly married hullo and
gentlemen, who tiro anticipating a tiloa
tint time.
Mir fof uiiiniiiiiiis.
Sir Knights I'nee and Dunning, ol Ihii
city, lealo in a day or two for olunibuJ.
Ml'-Mppl, when; they; will attend the
nnuu.1lcoucl.1vi' ortho Oram! ommnud
eiy ol the Knights Templar of lhat Slnle,
which lake place on the Nth InM.
I'e rsiniiil,
.MI'S Kinma liiley, ol this city, is lis
iliug Irictiils lu Fulton, Kentucky.
--.Mr. Ilrooki, ol .loncslioio, foimerly
Klta Walker, of this city, is visiting at
the rcMilencu of .M r. and .Mr. ( '. .1. Hone.
-Miss I'er tie Munn, and .Mrs. I). W.
Miiiiii, who have becu viMtitig many
Iriondiiu Cairo for the past two week",
return to Ihelr home In Chicago via the
Illinois ( cutral tallroad to-night.
Sin e Time ami .Honey.
The Cairo and Yinccnncs railroad Is
tui lve lioitu Miortir than other route to
the ( cntcnnlal. I'asfeiigers by this road
save sleeping car expeii'es by having
only one night' lido, lenilng Cairo at "
a. m ; take breakfast next morning at
I'ittsburg, and supper at Philadelphia or
New York only thirty-even hour, out
from Cairo. Tickets tor sale by all
route?. l-S-10t.
'I tie Concert l.nut Kvriilnir.
'1 he parlor concert tit the residence of
the Itev. .Mr. Gilbert and lady, was at
tended by a goodly number or the ad
mirers ot line uiu-lc, In-l evening. The
tdl'orti or the vaiious singers were highly
praised by the audience, which is all we
dare say. Tor were wo lo particularize,
we could not, wo reel certain, do the jus
tice merited. The next concert will be
held one mouth from last night, uhen
another gaud treat may be looked for.
Ilenlli ol .Mi-i J ll I In llngey.;
It ts witli the deepest regret that we
Inform our readers of tho death of Miss
Julia llagey. The deeeaseil was well
known lu this city, having ro'lded heie
for a number of ear. She had many
Intimate and warm ft lends here, who
eply ttel her loss, and whose heart lei t
ympatny U nun me nercavcu rela
tive. Her death occurred at three
do?k ou Wednesday afternoon, alter
long Mcknes with that fell destroyer,
Active men ami no.iian, to sell lu
Southern Illinois and adjoining States,
.Montlgnanrs Adjustable Sponge Brush
and .Moil Holder. It Is an article rcciuir-
d lu every household, store and ollice ;a
f.i-t selling article, small co-t, and a gen
teel bu-luc-s, that pays well. For reler-
euceaud ftjll particulars, ntldre-s.
II .ii. i., Wonii it Lvov.
Kit South Water .St., Chicago, UN.
The Delta city Cornet band took ad
vantage of tlie Uellglitlul wcatlier ot
Wednesday night, ami paid their com
pliment.- to a number or their Irlcud.
Tin! .music was indeed excellent belter,
lu tact Ih.in we have ever before hoard.
rrom them. The boys who eompose the
baud are hard worker, and aro rust com
ing to what they dc'lre Ibey shall be, a
baud un-urpn?seil by any In Southern
Ilaiiil Itmily .Kaiiuleil.
A day or two ago, a young negro boy.
who Hies In the cortel. had a shot gun
with which he was toying; lie pointed it
it various objects, and among other
things, lie leveled It at a playmate, but
the thing didn't go oil", as he did not wish
it tu. Hut hN fun was suddenly brought
to an end by the gun being accidentally
discharged. Jut ii Alexander Aloxau-
lcr Mos was his name had his band
over the mu.zli;. Thu band was fearfully
mangled, and Alexander don't want tiny
more play with shot guns in Ids.
'Iho I.nsl xail lilies I'alll
lllMlll Ollicl.
Thu remain of Mr. Hood Oniel, who
died at half-past ten o'clock ou Tuesday
night after a ino-t painful attack of pneu
monia, which kept him confined to his
bed for more than two mouths, were
taken fioui thl city via the Illinois C;-i
tral railroad on the midnight train. Wed
uesday. The body will be taken to Day.
ton, Ohio, for bin ial. Tlie sister of the
deceased, who, we are told, is t lie only
Hi iug relative, an I veil lu Cairo from
Dayton ou Tuesday, and wu at the bed
side ol iter brother at tlie time uf his
death. Thoicinalns were followed to
the train by the Cairo Coininaudery of
Knights Templar, of which order the de
ceased was a most active and valuable
member. -Mr. Oiilcl had been lu the em
ploy of iho Illinois Central railroad com
pany at their depot hero for several years
He was ever attentive and correct In his
woik lor thu company and was highly
esteemed and valued by thu managers.
During his life Lore hu was a In ways
courteous and a thorough gentleman,
anil by his conduct toward his fellow
men and associates, won tho friendship
of all. There me many here, though not
connected Willi him by ties ol relation
ship, who fiel it deep grief tit Ids untime
ly end. Through thu long and wear!
some days flf ids sickness, Ids sufl'dings
were homo wllh furtUudu and bravery
that wore truly noiiic, Ills licdsiiio was
I 'nun the first hour of his Mines'?, watched
by his brother Knights, who are deserv
ing ol Iho hlglustprai)ofor their untiling
attention to him, and who all mourn his
loss sincerely.;
A. 1 1 Ai.i.r.v. A llnelot of I able and
pocket cutlery, also rpado, shovels
lutes, rakes, foiks,axes nud n general lino
of Imrilivari! just icoclved by A, Halloy,
1 IS Commercial nvenue. 2-lS-Hm
I'lil.llc. Hdmol". AhiUii.
I havo been watching tho Mnliaiy
movoinont ou the public school question
with the deepest Interest, and should
have had something to say belorc this,
had I not been scared oil' by the evident
"Kilkenny cats" dispositions ol the cor
respondents. Now, however, a stern
seme of duty to my children and the ris
ing generation, compels me to speak,
though I do so with fear and ttembllng.
First or nil, I want to address a few
words to "Country School :" My dear
dr. or madam, as the cn'C may bo, the
slmpliell.i ol your Idler mwkeil so
Mrongly of rusticity, lh.it it
did not require Iho Mgnnltui!
to convince people you had not.
yet brushed oil' the contact of "butter
cups and daisies." ' Volt seem to think
a knou lodge of grammar tin o'cnllal
qualification lu public sehool teachers
and pupil. What nonsense! Voupmlm
bly belong to the old logy clas. who
think It necesary to thoroughly under
stand (lithography, grammar, arithmetic,
and other old-time studies (uol valued
unywheru now excepting In country
schools, peth.ips) beforu ouu Is lit to, or
should be allowed to receive a diploma.
.My friend, you show that you are not
fully up to the times, when you
cherl-h or preach such heresies. The
real objret hi view now h to gratlunU,
nfler having been "crammed"' wllh as
many .sclentllic stuilk- as pos-iblo. It
does not pay to waste one' time upon
the trite branches already mentioned
when the luring tnistciics of Greek
Latin and German are before you when
electricity stands rituly to do your bid"
ding, and its twin sister in rapidity, pho
nography, is placed within your grasp.
Why, It docs not even pay to leach the
common studies. Witness, the small sal
aries ol those most excellent teachers, MIs
Kogers and .Miss Thompson, who, al.
through giving their whole time, combin
ed with In valuable experience, to a much
larger number of pupil, command sal
aries only a little nunc than half what the
neitntijie teachers receive. Do you not
begin to realize the weakness ot your po
sition ir
Hut I must not forget the prime object
ol this article, I have n nord of en"
treaty, so strong It borders on command,
to lay before thoe liberal experiiiiental
its, tlie school director. Tlie teacher of
phouograph.x has gone, I hollevo, and ns
tho pupils aro nf entire prollclent In Unit
science, wemuit have another. propose
and lnMst on lithography. Like phonog
raphy, it may bo ledlou to learn,
but it will be or even more
value when learned. Few people
comparatively underMand It, so within a
year (like phonography, our Cairo pupils
can of course master It in that period)
our children will be experts iu uu almost
unknown tine art. and can adorn
our walls with chromos of homo manu
facture. I'nless our directors have hearts
of stone, too hard lor lithographing pur
pose", I shall expect to hear Immediately
that a teacher lu lithography has been
scenn-d, without regard to such trilles
as thu cost. H the teacher can not
be paid In any other way. tlie salaries of
any of the teacher, excepting In the high
school, might bo "cut down," so that our
accomplishments may llotirish.
.Mrs. M.P. Lemon, ol Greenville, Illi
nois, agent lor Almira College, is lu the
city. .Mrs. I. emeu, as secretary of Al-
mira KUttcatlonal Association, a society
connected with the college, Is visiting dif
ferent sections of the State lu the Interest
of the association, the object of which 1
to relieve tlie college from ikbt, and also
as-Nt worthy young ladles in obtaining
a christian education. The ladies ol
Cairo are appealed to to become incur
hers or the society and thus help In the
good cause. The collegu has attained
a hfgh educational .standard, and I
highly spoken ol every uliere. Several
ladies now living In Cairo received their
education within its walls. Mr. Lem
on, during her stay In the city, may be
round at tlie home or licr mice, -Mrs. !
A. Huruett. We hope tlie ladles of Cairo
will not disappoint tlie college lu Its
expectations from our city, whose roputa
tion for liberality lu all worthy causes,
has reached throughout tlie length and
breadth of the land.
t'eiileniiliil Asuuiliilliiii Ilepnrl.
Tlie following is a report ot thu re
ecipts and expenditures ot the Alexau
der County Centennial Association :
ltKcr.ii'TS :
Miss Lulu Phillips. (St. Nicholas
party) S
ii Oman's eltiu
10 00
13 00
Centennial ten party, at
Leap Year party".
Centennial tea party, at Mrs
1S8 00
12 ao
euwater s
Sundry donations'
Total 21S 23
Paid exnenscs Incurred by Lean
Vear party $ 7J IS
Paid to Mr. Myra llradwell, treas
urer ot Illinois Statu Ccuteuuuil
association 11S 00
Sent postal order tills day to same 2i 10
Total 2IS '.
Mus. P.M..I C Gji.iNdiui,
Treasurer A. C. C. A.
Cuiio. May -1, 1S70.
For Sale.
Colored and mounted .Maps ol the
cHy nl Cairo nt $2 Ml each (halt prleo.)
- -A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle
Soiling Machine, hard (piano) llnlMi
valued at $.HS. Will hu sold nt $20dls-
count, ou good teiius, and ordered direct
from thu factory.
A $00 ltcinlugtou Sewing Mnchhie
?:) oil for cash. Sultablo lor tailor or
hoot nud shoe manufacturer.
For nuy of the nbovo :irtleles,ajiply nt
tho Hiii.i.ini.N ollice. J'.. A. Jtuu.NK.'rr
of nit:
t'liy r i'ulru,
colored nud varnished, for sain at Jin
prleo ($2,60) it thu Uum.kti.n olllco.
limine rnriit'ililiij, OoiiiIh
Thlj depattuient nl J. llnrgoi X Co.'i
.More on i oniiiiorcial ttienuo, contains n
slock ol table linens, towel", napkin,
marsclllc quilts, etc., etc, which will de
light the eye of every housekeeper
Theo goods ore ollered at panic prices
and will go oft' like hot cakes.
let Crenni,
Phil Saup has renovated and refur
nished Ids lee ereain parlor throughout
with costly fuiniluri! and line carpel,
making It one of taMlost and p1cnaitct
places nf resort lu the rity, wboio pure
lco cream of till ilavors and pure quality
will bo kept every day for bis patrons.
ii asJihigtiiu avonno, Under' - blin k.
I 21. 1 1
I'lii iiKiire- ( lieiip.
Win. I'.lrlihotl'hasju't tilled Ids ware
house and factory, corner of I7lh slicet
and WashliiL'tuu avenue, wllh the
large-! stock and njot complete variety
of furniture ever ollered iu Iho Cairo
matkd. He means business, and will
soil lor easlt only at rock bottom flguit.
It Is only necessary to examine his Mock
and prices to satisfy yotiisclvcs as to
quality and chenpue. nud that how Is
the time to buy. Im't
Irenl Itiiiiltriipl Sule.
Now Is your last eliancij to get your
good at loss than eo't. a 1 have bought
tlie whole bankrupt tock of Ilellbroti X
Well, consisting of dry goods, kotion,
clothing, etc.. at such low price, that enable-
me to give everybody bargain that
will satisfy even the hardest cufoiucr.
I will continue the business al the old
stand ot Ilellbron A, Well only lor thirty
days longer, and all the goods must be
sold within that time ou account of re
moval, lie on hand lu time, before all
the bargains aro gone, as I mean busi-
SOLOMON 1 AltElllA, Ol Cill.
1-5-1 m
1 12 Commercial avenue.
A .liny Krhili.
Mr. Jacket, at the Thalia saloon, Is
prepared lo sot before his friends ami
customers the most pnlllableand delicious
drink ever prepnrcd at any saloon hi
nlro. Aspcrulu Odorata, a plant which
grows lu a few of the Northern States
and in portions of Kurope, together with
orange sliced. Is placed iu l.'lilnc wine,
the wine extracting the llavorof the herb,
which Imparls to It a most pica-aul and
delicious flavor. Mr. Jacckcl has secured
quantity of this herb from Kelly Maud,
and Is now prepared to furul-h wino as
nbovo Mated, lie will continue to sup
ply hl cu-touier with tlie drink during
the mouth of May. or te long ns tlie plant
is In season. Mint Julius are no where
compared to this drink.
A Nil. I l.lt-.V.
It is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
tlie laundress, No. 12 fourth street, be
tween Washington and Cotnnwrcl.il ave;
lines, lias one of the best conducted laun
dry establishments iu tlie ;ity, and land
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
find It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are as follows : Hotel
and boarding-house wa-hliig 7S cenU
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, ISc; per
doen, t0e; socks. So; two collars, Sc.;
two haudkcrehlofc, Sc; vet, 20c; nud
all gentlemen's wear, .v0o. per doen.
Ladles plain calico dres-e. 2Se; calico
dresses with extra trimmings, SOo; white
dresses, $1 2Se: ladies' uuderivare, line
and coar-c, $1 00 per doen. 1-2 MI'.
(Jiiiui; lo Knnsiis or ;iIiiiiui
Take the Atchison, Topeka nud Santa
Fe railroad, the' new and popular line
from Atchison and Kansas City, via the
beautiful Arkansas valley, to Pueblo,
Colorado Springs, Denver, Cannon City,
Cucharu. Del Norte, Santa Fe and all
points in Colorado, New Mexico nud
Arizona. Special round trip 00 day tick
ets to Denver on stile May 13th. at $ii0,
taking in the famous watering places on
Iho D. .t It. G. load. Low emigrant
rates to the San Juan mine.
Pullman palace sleeping ears between
the Missouri river and thu Rocky Moun
tains without change. Close connections
made at Kansas City and Atchison in
union depots. For map, time, tables
and the "San Juan guide,"' adddress.
T. J. Anuuuso.v.
Gen. Pass. Agt. Topeka, Kan.
Real Estate
Lund Aftenta of tho Illinois Contral and
Burlington and Uulncy R. It.
ltuslncss llouso lately occupied by
Wood Itlttenhouse &, Co., on Luveo be
low 1 tth street. licit very reasonable
Duelling house, 7 rooms; 10 lots
enclosed, in good order, on Twenty,
rourth and Walnut streets. Kent low to
11 gooil tenant.
Two tenements ou west sldu of Com
mercial avenuo near Filth street, suitable
lor shop and dwelling. Kent for each, $8
per month
Dwelling house, 3 rooms, ou Fifth
street near Walnut, In good repair, l'eut
$12.30 per month.
Cottage, 2 rooms nud kitchen,
Tweuty-llrst street, near Sycamore
north ride. Kent $3, per month.
Two small hou-es, northwest comer
Fifteenth and Populai. Kent low.
Ilnsement of brick building, west side
or Washington avenue near F.lghtcciilh
street, live rooms in good condition!
Kent low.
Ilulldlng on eat side of Coiniueicla
avenue, near Tenth street, suitable for
carpenter shop. Cheap rent.
Itulldiug on west side of Commercial
avenue, near Twelfth Sitect, Old "Ci.y
Hall." Kent very low.
Tenements, ulUee and. rooms iu vari
ous heat ion. ,ltenls low. .
Lots ami hinds for sale or lean'.
, s , (John Q. Haiui.in & Co.,
Keal r.gtntu igents, ((irner Sixth 'am!
LevcoajrcW) ,j ', ) SMB-lf
' Fur
Kilty cents, at Winter' Gnllery.
Caiiki, Ii MN'oii.Turusiiiv F.vf.vimi.I
Mav4, 1870. j
The weather Is again warm and picas
ant. Tho rliers aro still declining, and
are down to about their usual stngc.
Hates to New Orleans remain as last re
portud. They aro 12 and 23 cents
through, and 17J and .13 cents way.
Iludncs hns been a very Utile bit
more brisk, but Is still very unlet
throughout the city. Flour is very dull ;
there nio plenty of choice ami low grades
but medium grades are in limited suppl.i.
The demand for nil Is light. Day has not
changed iu the least since our hisl Ismic.
and from indications of the piceut nml
llhat has bron ovperieiici it iu the pat, It
dees not k'ciii probable that any material
change will take plnee Tor poiud tlnti! (o
conic. There Issonie Inquiry at the mill
for choice while corn. Dealers alo re
port com scarce and lu good dcui'uid at
prices quoted lu last report. Oats are
very dull. There is a very light demand
with a fair supply, notwithstanding re
ceipts liaie been small. They are held
at from H7 to 111 cents, according to qual
ity. There is ,vi ample supply ol both
country and city meal. The demand Is
light. Prices arc unchanged. l!ratil-a
dull as usual. There Is a fiiir lot of com
I moil and Infeilur butter hi tlu-tuaiki l
which Is lory slow sale. Choice Is earco
and will sell rcadlli . There is a fair de
mand lor eggs, with a liberal .supply.
Prices huv; declined a trlllc. There aro
no choice apples in the market, and theie
ts an urgent inquiry torthciu. There arc
a few common hero, but they .-ell only
moderately well. Poultry Is iu limited
supply, and there Is a very good demand
for it. All the good stock Is taken ou
Mirlval at good price?.
Sr2rOtir friends should bear in mind
that the price here given are usually
for sales from lir-t bands lu round lot-,
lu lllllng orders and for broken lots It is
neiessary lo charge an advance over
these Hgures.-i56a
Flour I dull. The market Is well sup.
plied, wilh the exception of medium
grades, of these there Is a limited upply
on hand. Tlie demand is very light.
Sales noted were 200 barrels various
grailes,S I J."7tj7; 100 barrels various grade.,
$:i 30(V,0 CO ; tiOO barrels various grades.
$:i 30(0,0 73 j 100 barrels, 5IW; 100 bar
rels various grades, ft -10(2)7 US ; :t3l bar
rel various grades, $Q,S 30.
There has been no change whatever in
hay. It l lu great abundance, ami there
Is no demand. We note the sale of 1 car
common mixed, $7 30; 1 ear choice. $15
Choice white com is wanted by miller
for milling purpose. Tlie supply In the
hands of merchants Is only modernte.and
tho demand is good. We note the sale
ot 2 cirs white in sacks JSc: I car white
in bulk, lie: 100 sacks while 30c
Oats arc very dull The receipts con
tinue to be light, but the Mipply 1 good,
wllh a very small demand. Prices have
not changed. Tho sales noted since last
issue are 1 car mixed. In bulk 5'2c; 130
sacks mixed 40e.
The market Is well supplied with
country nud city meal nud the demand
Is light. Prices remain ns last quoted
Sales noted were 200 bbis city steam
dried, 52 :I0(?2 .'13.
Ilran Is very dull. There is a big sup
ply, and thu demand 1 nominal. We
note the sale or200 sacks, $12 30.
The market Is full of common and iu
lerior butter, but there 1 very little
choice here. Choice will sell well, but
Inferior I very slow stile. Wo note the
sale of 3 palls Southern Illinois, 20c; 100
pounds Northern Illinois, 21c.
There has becu a slight decllnu iu eggs
since last report. Them N a fair de
maud with a liberal supply. Sales noted
were 100 dozen, 12c; -100 do.cn, lUe.
There are some common tipples iu the
market, but ol' choice there are none.
The demand for superior is urgent.
The supply of poultry is very light, and
receipts aro slow. All the choice that ar
rives are taken readily. We note the Milt
of 1 coop choice hens $1.
Wu note the sale of 10 boxes Lading's
F.xeeUlor, tie.
We quote salt iu car load lots, $1 00 ;
less than car load lots, $1 73.
Hides und furs aro quiet at quotations.
Hums Dry libit, 12(W)12Je; dry salted,
0J10o; green salted, 5llu; damaged,
J pi Ice,
Ftuts-llcavcr No. 1 $2 30; No. 2
1 00; No. :$1; No. I 30o. Otter No.
l$0;No.2$l; No. !l $2; No. I $1.
Mink No. 1 $1; No. 2 73e: No. II 30c;
Xn. .Mile, ltiiccoon No. 1 70o: No. 2
tOis : No. .1 20u t No. 1 10c. Skunk- No.
I S3u No. 2l'.0o: No. II :i0e: No. I Inc.
Fox G lay No. 1 $1 ; No. 2 73o ; No. II
30e; red lux No. 1 $1; No. 2 75c.
Opossum No. 1 lOe; No. 2 Hu ; No. U
3o. Muskrnt-Nu. 120o; No. 2 15u; No.
a 10c. Itear No. I $10: No. 2 $7; No.
. Sit: No. 1 SI. Wolf Mountain No. 1
2 30; No. 2 $1 75 : No. J $1 ; No. i im;
Prairie, Wolf-
Mi. I cl -', .. J.iue.
Wild Cat 23c
House Cut 10o. Ihidger
Sjiuk.i' Pui.ts Green 75c?l 00; dry
lOfeOOo; shearlings 10&201!.
Wo qiioU Paradise and Mt. Carbon 011
track, lump, $11; mil. $2; delivered ear
load per ton, lump, $:i 30; nut. $2 73;
delivered per single ton, lump, $1 ; nut
$:i 25; liauni or llarrlsburg coal on
track per car load, lump, $27; nut. 510;
delivered per Ion. $.'! 30; Pittsburabcoal
ear loads on track, $3 50 per ton; single
ton, delivered, 0.
,11.1. KIN1S
Al tin llfi-tKUM Oirtce Cuiro, IIU110I1,
VTaii DKrARnntST, Inn RiroRT.
Mjr&. .870
IT, IK, rt. IS.
"Ti 4
n ! (i
i a o 7
s .- o e
o xo it
i x iu
it o o e
ti i
41 n
a 4 ii ii
Ci Iro
Cincinnati .
M. Ixnim
Kviimlllo ....
VIckulMiri? ... ,
New (litems .
ll.lfiiv liltfli uiUrrnf 1M4.
.iamks Watson,
..-rei lJ'.J;J'fp' !sr I'.s. A.
I'orl MM.
Sto.-iiiier.las. Flsk. P.nluoiih.
" IteriuiKld. Nashville.
" Grand Tower. Vlokburg.
" Gnhleii llulo. New Orleans.
Alice ttniivn, Nashville.
" Cons Millar, Memphis.
" lllsuiatck, St. Louis.
" Iron Mountain. SI. Louis.
" Arlington, St. Louis.
r. U. Church. Cincinnati.
S t inner Jas. Flsk, Pnducah.
" Uermitda. Nashville.
Grand Toiler, St. Louis.
(.olden Itiile, Cincinnati.
" ons' Millar. Cincinnati.
" UUinarck. New Orleans.
" Arlington. I'ittsburg.
" . 11. Church, New Orloaiu.
" Alice Urown, Memphis.
" Iron Mountain, .Memphis.
Mildness dull.
The weather Is cloudy and threaten
ing. The Arlington Irom St. Louis had a
very nice trip for Pittsburg yesterday.
The C. II. Church added seveialhbds
tobacco and sotnu other freight here yes
terday, and his a very fair cargo in quan
tity lor the South.
The Mlsinaik left St. Louis at 3
o'clock evening before lal, nud arrived
here at D o'clock yesterday morning
with a very good cargo. She found
some freight hero, hut not enough to till
The Uermitda brought 5t hogsheads
or tobacco for New Orleans, 21 sacks or
millet t seed ami 23 tons of pig Iron. She
had also a good lot of freight for Pa-
ducah, nud reports business Improving
along the Cumberland river.
A boat drawing 17 feet can now go
through F.ad'f Jetties at south pass and
the channel is deepening constantly.
More tlinu tills, tlie current ol the sea
carries away the sediment that Is carried
outoftlioldlio.sand the depth or wnter
beyond thu old bar is deepening Instead
ot diminishing. This result Is something
better than was expected by those who
were most sanguine of the enterprise or
Capt. Had.
This river last evening wasSt feet I -t-S
Inches ou the gauge, having risen 1 1 5
Inches during the past 21 hour. The
Tennessee, Cumberland, Missouri and u-
pcr.Mlssl-siiM.il rivers are rising slightly,
and itlsprobabie wewlll havo more. water
here, before another decline sets lu. The
sewers have been closed once a month this
year so far, and II look now as though
this monthly operation will have to be
Commission Merchants
No. 100 Commercial Avdnuo,
Culm, IIIIiioIn.
Advances made od l'oiiij;iuiieiits. Ah
Unlet ut Titles made, Ouveyauccs tnd
Collections attended to.
1'ltOMlT KK.Mt'iTAN'cKri.
Auction Sales
l'.ery Saturday MornltiK.
K. .1.
Ayri'. S. I), Ajrra.
Ami Krncnil
Commission Merchants
No. 03
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
NuMOlilo l.ncv,
7 11 if.
Dmlrr in
Allklud turd uiu loll.)
Mill nd Yard,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Btroot and
Ohio Lovoo.
liellclincofuri!0(Ht inftlriiUunil UuiU on
I k. VKAIl' LH1.0IT. t8uehc.NT. tuimtl.
Imii'I mn huv rUks, biit gu to countrvtliAt lus
I iii nroicil f) bKwl. , yelir addrtM by
,..,.t t mU iu UikJ Com'r li..t.n,H..
luiiliiuiliin. Iowa, ami ntlvt ftw eouy ot low
nml ,Nilnwla t iirmvr, wild chut or unnt. ami
oiv 11111111I till' wtw. 3-ai-wnm.
No Belts or Bellowi .
wnx wbu s-uiox nox.
.lust what It w6tU. il'SSjPA'
1 1 1.OV, X. V. B--"r

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