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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, May 06, 1876, Image 3

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Knlffhlx of I'vttilai. mreLi ar-rv Krl-
ilsr night at half-paat nertn. in Odd-
FtllOWa' Hall. HOWIt,
Chancellor Commander.
sJmKHki Indciieiiilent Order r Odd-FtU
iJHp Iowa, meet erery '1 liiiraday nlxtit
nnp at lMii-aai M'vro, int'ir win on
.oiumrrrlal nvrnue, wtwin mxut aw p rentlt
' 1AIIIO KNi AMI'MKNT, I. O. O. t, Inert
yiiiOili.Frlliiwi' Hall on the AMI mnl tlilril
I nt-iila) In i-(try mooui, ai iiair-t-a-l aren
.Inn mionnMAW, 01'
A CAIItOI.OI'(JK. NO. in, A. K. A A.M.
iiom irrni-r roiiiliiunliallnn In Ma-
Finnic Hull, comer Cbininerclnt arraue
.'"'I I.llthth aireet, ou the acvond and
ourin iiinniiiir t.i turn month.
While liooila,
White goodi nml Hiriij. Iiicluilliir nil
Mini of wlilli! wenr for mills Tor Inilles
mid clillilri'ii, nt lltirj-ir ,V Or-. 'J'lm
Driers r Hit-( zooiU an; extremely low,
mill tlic stock U n most att motive wic.
Hurrah for HiiblcN.
Slotplug c4rrlnjcs ami jircmiiliulalorf,
for bnlriet ol nil size.", nt irlw running
friini $$ 50 to?2.', nt Win. Klclilioir fur
niture Inctory. comer Seventeenth Mrcct
ninl Wnlilimtiui iiTcniio. l-ll-lm
(Ji'llU t'tirnlolilliK JmmI.
1. ltnriiT V Co., Inivc nildi il to their
flock this cprlnoni' of Hi1 line! fclrc
tlOII" Ol L'CUl.V flirilMilll'' "001 M CVIT
brought to till city. (Iciitli'incii ni- lu-
vlleii to call nnd I'.xmiiliip jjooiN Mum
lurcli.ilii;: i.'ht'wliori'.
At llnll-.'..
' ThOiitounl;il HtriiiEfriitor ttiolrilrH
liiiiriiVPini'iil ni.il tlic bO't ever ininlo
nlro n lino aoi tuiwit of luirilwuro mnl
cutlery nt itrciilly rciluecil priced, at A,
llullfy.", No. US Coii)ini'ii.'lnl nvrnuo.
l.lriDtnt XiU'lllr.
iiiunniiy, latiDanii i:iraoii, laim .lli'f
nml lowest prices for gain at IJunfer A
'o'i. Also tin i'MHHlli;lnt of ca'-hunn-
nnd corn tlr, In the new tot ilolnr.
.Soilll'ltilllS: -New.
Hurler A; Co. have a ben ill Mil nort-
inent of ilrrm xnmU ol all l.lud', and
Miininerdlk as low a .'Ixly 'ii.
l'ryaril. Thwcnre cpli'iiihd bargain.
'nil uml M e them before Iburiiib.
The I'liieo.
For a cleu.t Hiave, it fahionnble hair-
i nt, or a thorough Mianiioo, o to .1.
Citoru .SIcliiliono on Highlit blrtet,
Alexander County Hank building. UN
flmp U always neat; bit towels always
clean ; I1I1 uIt:int.- nlwayn polite, and
Ms tables enwred ullli the latent dally
papeni, tor the benelltof bin ciKlnnicrs.
Wo will pay no bills enntracted by any
employe of Tin: IU'i.i.kti.v, iinlea tint
.auii' Is tnaib; on a written order M"iicd
by the president or W'cretary of the com
pany, and wn will ad ept no orders j;lven
uy an empioyi; ol tin; company, lor auv
pnrpow whalmK'cr.
C.MItll Ill'l.l.ini.V ClUII'ANV.
NoVetlllHT 111. ISTil. tt
."00 Itoitk .iKiiil
Wmited In llliuios lor the new lllii-
trateil Tbiitlo Kdltloii of Sir Walter
Scott's Wavcrly novels and other pnpn-
lar publications. I.llicra! Iiidiicctiicnts to
L'ood ni'diti". Send lor circular and
terms to W. II. l'.aMon A Co.. 1J.1 Clark
.Mnt't, lioinii 7!', ChK-.ijro. l-"27-eod-Im
Real Estate Column
Al xandcr county laniN, nirn ln!.,
In exchaiiKO for St. Louis proerty.
i on sali:.
'I'hi; fouth hall oftho "Filot" hoiiMiat
ti bargain.
l.'MIir III'V'II
-'Ua , Four.ee'nthMcKCunr.h.
nii tn it iimiiiiiiiii nvenue, 1 1
....(t,.i.i ... ... . . i
-Cottaire on Twentieth street, west oi
asiiltiKloit nvenue, 510.
Uwelllnir houe ou Cro itieet, wet
ol Walilnton avenue.
- llnie on N'inlli sin 1 1, In lui i n Wal
nut mid Cedar strctitn, lately occupied by
.1. Si:lileslnxer, $15.
lluiluefift house ou Lc vie flrect, nbtive
Klhth, i'H).
A j;ood cottage ou Twenty-Ninth
tlreet, near Commercial nveuue.
Store loom ou Commercial avenue,
iie.M to Wavcrly hotel, $10.
- Co!laro of J rooms ou Twenty-third
Mreet, Cood yard mid cistern.
flood dwelling house ou Valuut, be
tween Twciitjweoud and Twcntv-tlird
strectt;, $10.
.Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar directs, $12 f.0.
Store room adjoining above, $s.
Ifou.'e on Walnut Alrcet,iicnr Center
jileasant premised, $12 ."().
" liouae ou conimercial avenue, near
Itith .street. Sultablo for business and
'lencuients iiuinbercd 7, 8 mid
0, Inter 8 How, o rooms eucli for $10
per month. Will be put In llrM-clns.s
Store room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Halley.
Dwelling houu ou Sixth Mreet mid
Jcll'erson avenue $10.
Orphan Asylum building mid picml
fcs. Kent low, tn a good temtit.
Store room, comer Twentieth and
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
Jtoonis III various parts ol the city.
-Lambs, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
Somktiiino .Nkw. The lightning, re
ciprocating, tin churn nnd egg beat or,
the latest nnd the hurt ever, made, nt A.
Ifnlley's, who U now selling bis large
dtockot stoves, tin nniHirlttana ware at
greatly reduced prlwu. fllvo him a call
beloro you purchase, 115 Commercial nv
tnue. 2-l8-'.lui.
Skk Kocii. C. Koch, nt his slion nnd
f toro room, No. 00 Commercial nvenue,
hiw for salo n stock of booU and Mioes of
his own make ; also n lull stock of leather
nnd llndlngs lor sale; nnd a
largo stock of St. Louis ens.
tout made boots nnd shoes, llo
keeps tho best material and is tip In nil
the latest stylus, ills 111 mo perfect, and
satisfaction U guaranteed. air blin a
call- 0-23-tf
W ll ntf Hilllifirlf til tit ntitioitnrn .InllV II.
i.imiiami.'M ua a fintllila'n r,,r .mr,lT,r Mpt.
aiiiirrrouniy, alllic iv.nilnt; rounlj (Iitlluii.
Uc arfaiilliorl7rl lonnniiiiiirv tliat II. A. Kit-
llllllllllllfl In nn Imli itl ndnl IfKinililtrali i-niiill-
Inli- lor Mn i III, nt I Ik- rimuliii; roiintv tUrtlini.
Wiari-aiitlinrlHl liniiiu,iin,-..'i:Tl-:tlHAt!l'
for un Ihili'iM'iiilriii ivihilliliit.. r.tr .i.tnr..r Ai-
ruaiiilcrroiinly, nt the i-nniing ruiintf l(i Hun,
hatrn or a.ivi:ki-ikiku.
!,T"-V)I lillta furailtrrliHiiiK, are iluranil im-
Tniiiali iit uilvrrtlalnK will lx-inrrrliil at tlio
rati: of l (0 itrriiuarr furllie llral limrrlioii
ami .V) n nla fur iwh inlMiiiiiciit nur A lllHral
11 win h I will ie muile on atamlliiK aiuliiil
ailttrt mriils
rnr Inwrtlinr Kiinrrul tiolleo H " Nollrfol
niM'tlnK orauciitlra or n rtt unit M Vj n nln fur
l-acli Iiim tllon
Cliurili, .Socirly, KtallTui ami .viir notirra
will onljr lirlimi-rtril a) s'luitl" mrnt.i
So ailvcrtlffniMil will lrfrolvi'latl(-atlian
Kio-nta, uml im anrrrlNrniciit will Invrliil
fur Ifnlli.'iii tliri c iloll.ir Krinonlli
tojsTJia, Local Bualneaa Notica, of
Ufn ion linos or more, maurtea
lfi tnn Hullntin aa followM
Coraraor.ce Counting at ten LlnoH.
Ona Inaortlon por tin ,i Cents
Two insertion par lino 7 Cants
Thrno Innurtions tier Iln. . ... 10 Cants
Six inseitiona pnr lino . 15 Cents
Two wriiks uer lino UH Cents
Onn month )or line IIS Contn
No Itdductlon will bo raatlo in nbovo
SATI'ltDAV. MAV 0. 1-7U.
I'irnl V'iillirr Report.
CjUiio, III., 31.13' 5, li7'.
I Tnr.. Wiwu. 1 VL. Wiatii
Hi I C I r. i
M HI l . 11) i
in tr ! mi
fMt :i i
II I CjIii
I il'i
V n. in
li III)
yrrcraiil. ftluiial .-trle, II. 6. A
'i lilrty llioiifand ut received at I lie
Mi i.i kiiv olllee.
Kill (ilOtt-N.
i reMi arrival ol a very lar''o nssoit
inent ol ladles' nnd renin' kid iMovcn at
,i Hurler x Co. li.'JMI
Linen I'liper.
l.lnen libre, plalolliiUli, letter and noli
paper at the r.i-i.i.i.TiN' olllw. lllue and
cream laid, below .St. I.nul.s ptUw.
4 liolre .Apiile.
itit reeeivcil by Harden &. Drwcv 'M
barrels cholco Xnrlhcrn nppli-a. Store
room 01 Ohio levee old Maml of Math
n.s A l'hl. .VLMit
(Jit-lime re Lull ami .ettliiKo.
I a-hmerc laee mnl netting, a m.I ndlil
avsorlment, certain to please the ladle-
Jim hi, at .1. liurp r & Co. .'I i'l.tl
, Iieailllful lini! of ncweinbioldeiles
just rtivived by the recoin.tsl "embroid
ery hoiiH" ' of Cairo .1. Hurler & Co.
llo for the Criilriitil.il.
Centennial tickets by nil route., arc
now on Mil' at the Illinois Central ticket
llUCf. .lASIKK.TllllX.-iliV.
!i-!l-:it. (icneral Southern .tiwnl.
1 liistlcwood & Co., hatln-' removed
Irom their old ftand near the Stone de
pot, III hcrcalter be found at Xo. 78
Ohio levee, heretofore oeeunieil bv I'.ice.
Elliott ,t Co. ;,.!-:it.
M-.sr Ki:ckivi:ic A. Halley has Just
recel.-idii line lot of canary mid mock-
Inj? bird
eares, ilower MaiitN, llowcr
iminers, ba-kel.-, aicher. hearts and
Nulls! NiiIIn!
I.adie-i linen and alpaca suits, beautl-
Hilly made and tylMily trluiined, for
sale at . I. Hurler t CoV. Tlicu mills
are sollltir n low as material can be
bought in this city. Call nudcc them.
llIIM'!ieerr, Altdltloii.
Do you know that .1. Ilurgcr t Co. are
In receipt of a inagnlllcentllne ol carpets
ami oil clothe, all tho very latest styles
and designs '! The llrst arrival of the i-ea-sou.
Stop in and examine their stoek.
4'iiiM'riiur iir Nnle.
Cooper sliop, barrel house, dwelling
house and three lots, all fenced mid with
good gales. AIo lull stock of tools for
all kinds of work-. The whole will be
sum very einnp. Apply at. mop near
Narrow Gauge depot, foot of Foiirih
street, 1-21-tirT
lluilNe rurlilkliiiiir OikmIm,
i his (icparimcni at ,i, itiirgcr ,v ni.'s
store on 'omiiierclal avenue, contains a
stock ol tattle linens, towel", napkins,
marseillcsipillts, etc., etc., which will de
light tliu eye of every housekeeper
These goods nrc olleied at panic prices
mid will go oil' like hot cakes.
lint received, a largn stock ol Shaw's
Itcfrlirerators, and White Moiinlaln triple
in, Ico cream freezers ; also a large
supply of win; screen cloth for doors
and windows", all at rock-bottom prices.
( W. Hi:.Niii:iiso..
Comer 12lh street mid Commercia
ivi'iuu'. l-is-lm.
For the place to buy lumber cheaply,
go to .1. s. Mciinlicy, corner of Twen
tieth sticcl mid Washington avenue,
whcie lie Is locating hU now lumber
yards, and during I lie month will
he prepared lo furnbli all kinds
of building material. Jin also of
fers CO.OOO Icet of assorted lumber at the
Wall & Kut mills, from $R, $10, $12, and
$11 per thousand. Also, 20,000 feet ol
Mooring, siding, and surfaced lumber at
correspondingly low prices. The lumber
being stained mom less from thn
lato slpu water, he oilers It nt the above
lo,v prices, Pintles In need of lumber
will save money by giving him n call.
Terms cash, unless by special arrange,
menu. 6-2.1 w.
Hrimit ill.
II. A. Wild-look ,& t'o. have rciiiiivcil
their ofllco from 8.1 Ohio love, to Ni. 01
Ohlolevco, up sIiiIh.
Tin' Knll i-loop Wall Mill lake out mi
oxtiirnloii party on .Snmlav ariiTiioon nt
oiio ii'i'lork, slutllni' from Hit foot ol
Fourth Hlri-fl.
'I'li' lion. Unnlfl Miniti 1i:h li.nl Seen;
tnry llrUlmv Hiilipn'iincil. mnl that
lluinmi han lii'cn linlriii:li'il to lie In l.'lil
on tlm loth Inst.
I'liitiiililnii (Jrnltirr.
.Mr. .lames Clalli-y, tin; rlimtiiilou
Krnlticr oftho country, U toppln nl II
rtitien paint Mmp, on Seventh flrect.
OnliT sollclleil. .V(! :U
I'lii'iip llorivw.
I h.m'JiM received ten head of horse.
Anybody wMiIng n ood mid cheap
h(ir)ii) call anil hi; IIip.ii. ii, ll.un.vux.
rO ll Cor. Oih mid (.'nintiiirci.il Ae,
TurKiliij' liclil.
.Mayor Winter, owin to n lack ol lime,
Mill not Ix; ready to deliver lilt nnniiai
ine.i.ii! iK'fnru next 'l'neday evenliiif,
lie will ninkc liW niipolntinentt at the
KIIMl' lime.
Tim .Mil of' A tin ii ;i ,lli'ni(r.
The council met lat etenlug lo listen
lo the annual iucsngi of .Mayor Winter
but bis honor, not being pn p.ired. stated
Ids caie In lln; tilderineu. mid the meet,
was adjourned nulil Tuesday night.
Ho S e Ilim
At Henry llrelham's, ou Olilo levcc.
will Ix- ton ml the liuest bi-er ever brought
toCnlro in kegs and bottles; nbo soda
water, seltzer water, bottled ale mid the
bet ot sweet cider. Henry always keeps
n U ' supply of tl.e above articles on
hand lor hi? customers.
In Hie City.
Mr. and Mrs P. n. Pope, ol Chicago,
formcily of ('alio, un In the city. They
are at the rcMdcnci! ol .Mrs. Taylor-
Waliliig(ou avenue. .Mrs. Pope, we aro
lold, Is here lor the purpose ol receiving
treatment of Dr. Mitchell fur illcase
of th" throat.
Sine Time mill .Money.
'Hie Cairo and Vlncenne.s railroad Is
twelve hours shorter than other route to
the ( 'cntcuiilal. Pa'engers by IhN road
save sleeping car expenses by having
only one night's ride, leaving Cairo at ft
a. m ; take breakfast next morning nt
Pittsburg, and supper at Philadelphia or
New Yoik only thirty-seven hours out
from Cairo. Tickets lor sale by all
route. J-5.10L
Active men and woman, to sell hi
Southern Illinois and adjoining States,
Monllruaui's Adjustable, Sponge Hrusli
and Mop Holder. It Is mi nrtlcle requlr
ed in every hou-clioM, store and ollico ;n
fa-t selling aitlclc, small cost, nnd a gen
teel business, that pays well. For rclcr
i.'iiceaud full partleulars. address,
Ham., Woiik ,fc Lvov.
101 South WaterSt., Chicago, III.
Mrs. II. II. Masscy of Chicago, sister
of Mr. licxford, proprietor or the Plant
er's house. Is In the city. She will ac
company n party or ladles and gentlemen
ot this city, who start for the South this
The remains ol Miss .Julia K. Hagey
pa veil through this city, accouianIcd by
Mrs. Ilagcy and her son. Hen. M. Hagey,
yesterday atteiuoon They will be taken
to Smltldaiid, Kentucky, the former home
ot the family, wherelhcy will be interred
by Ihe side of her father.
.tiKleiit WenMn.
.Mr. John Hogau has in his poH'.-siou
a pike which Is said to have een service
at the battle of Clnntorl. in Ireland, hi
Hi.")?, where Prince Horn, the lust Irish
klu;r, met and disastrously defeated the
.Danes. The blade is about eighteen
Inches long, and ha u cutting edge ou
each side. At the end of the blade Is a
small a.v, and on the oppotie side a cir
cular shaped knll'e. It ha been lu the
family of the gentleman who presented
IttoMr. Hoijan, for over two huiiuieil
years. Though much rnt eaten It would
MM lie a formldiiblo weapon If iittnehed
to a stall. In the bauds of a resolute man.
Iliilel i'vrmiliaN.
Si. Charles Charles F. Fox, SI. Louis;
,1. W. Pratt, wife and sou, New Oilcans;
II. F, Harmon, Chicago; .1. II. Pecbler,
Cincinnati; D. Collins, 1. A. Orlm, Chi
cago; .1. Champllii, Mlnc.'ipolU; Mrs. .1,
W. A boy and sou, Clinton, Ky.: (iconm
W. l!utlcd''e, l.allayette. Indiana: W. L.
Allord and Mrs. K. Allonl, Paducah; D.
II. Mooray, New Oilcans; Cnpt. .1. II.
Duulap, St. Louis; It. ,1. Wellington,
Fulton. Ky.; Major W. .1. Sykcs, .Mem-
phh; Ccorge I). Ucniiut, St. Louis; Henry
C. Yacircr. I). II. Palmer. J. (.llllcsnle. H.
Wiucsteln, St. Louis; C. H. lllackburn,
Cincinnati; .1. F. dunes, Italtlmorc; (,. P,
Castlgau, Cincinnati; Col. ,1. C. Willis.
A So. I I.Hiiuilry.
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the. laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween Washington and Commercial avi'I
nues, has ouo of the best conducted laun
dry establUhmeuts In Ihe ?lty, and land
lords ol holeU and boarding houses will
Hud It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices aro im lollows : Hotel
mid boarding-house- washing 75 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Sluglu shirt and collar, 15o; per
dozen, SOc; socks, tic; two collars. Be;
two liaudkcrchicfs, 5c; vests, 20c; and
all gentlemen's wear, HGV, per dozen.
Ladies plain calico dresses, 2.1c; calico
dresses with extra trimmings, oOo; whit
dresses, $1 25e; ladles' unilcrwnre, Hue
nnd coarse, $1 00 ier dozen, l-2:t-tf.
A. IIai.i.uv. A lluelot of table and
pocket cutlery, also spades, shovels
hoes, rakes, forks.axes and n general lino
of hardware Just received by A. Halley,
115 Commercial nvenue. 2-18-Uui.
Survey of ihP i;nlro nml Trmiravee
Blr Itiillranil frurn ,M.Mrltl lo
As wo have before slated the Cairo and
Tciinc.'HO Itlver railroad has been sur
veyed from Mavllclil, Kentucky, to Paris'
in v . '
iriinescc, iiuriy-six mne., nnu n corps
U now surveying It from Paris totlm
Tenucie(! river, supposed to . thirty
miles. Th. leaves only from Maytlcld
to Cairo, supposed tolieloity miles, to be
suitcyed. Cairo Is asked to rurnUli only
two hundred dollars ($200) towards this
survey mnl the remainder Is to be raised
In Tennessee mid Kentucky. Ot u,e two
hundred dollars, one hundred and lllteeu
has already been subscribed, leaving, ,My
tlghty-llvu dollars to be raised. Surely
this can be done lu one day without
making ii heavy drain upon our citizens.
The amount that has Is-cu subscribed
has been done by sevcntei( tibcrlljer.s.
After Ihe tuiwys ami ctthnutcs ar,.
made, then It will be fur our
citizens to determine whether, as
Individuals, they can glvenny aid to this
enterprise. There Is no tlwught of ask
ing any subscription from the city in Its
corporate capacity. Wo thmk our cltl
zens appreciate the valuonml Importance
or this road, but whether they leel them
selves In condition to uUa It als-
lance weeanuot say. The money forthc
survey, howeter, we think, ean ruallv b
made up.
A filril Irani Mr. Nyke.
( aiiio, .May 6, 1875. Ki.itoii oi lli i.-
i.i.iix: lu dlscu?hig tho ways and
mean ol building ihe ( ' dro ami Tenui s
see Kivcr Itallroad, at the council chain-
bir, I mentioned Ihe laet that n gentle
man hi Louisville, by., of high character
mil standing and of creat pecuniary
ability, bad said that if he could be satis-
lied that Iho road (roin Cairo to Uic Ten
nessee river could be built and put In run
ning order for a million of dollars.that be
would rabe the inonev In sixty day's. I
then exjires.ed the opinion (It was a
mere opinion that theie were men In
"alro. I might have said three men. who
could, and I believed would, build this
road If they could be satlsilcd that It
would pay eight per cent upon lu entire
cost. I did not mean that they were
worth as much as the road would cost.
though they may be worth much more,
but that they could raise the means
to secure tho Iniildlnir of the ro.nl.
I staled In the same speech that If the
road could be built from Cairo to May
llcld, there would be no ililllcully in ex
tending it Into Alabama and Georgia. I
alo stated that the local work ou the
roid between Cairo and Mayllcbl would
not exceed $100,000; and Its entire cost
f.Wl.OOO. I now believe that there arc
three men in Cairo If so deposed
who could ralo this amount If they
were satisfied that the invest
ment would yield tight Jier cent.
I said hi the speech at the
council chamber that capitalists were not
yet satl'lled that these cheap railroads
would yield good dividends, though 1
was confident that experience would
dcmoti'drato Ibis fact. A railroad Irom
this place to Mayllebl, Kentucky, which
will cost only $.'!CO,000, will. I doubt not,
If properly managed, pay eight or ten
per cent. I have given this statement
from my best recollection of what I said
In order that I may not lie misunderstood
Vours, Ac, Wm. J. Ski:s.
I.rller I.lnt.
The following Is n list of letters re
maining uncalled fur In the post odlcc nt
Cairo, Alexander county, Illinois, Satur"
day. May C :
Ladles Iloal. Stclln; ltlvlng. S. C;
Hooker, Ella; Kills. Charlotte; Fltzgcr
aid, Lizzie; Frank, Martha; Green, Dora'
Goodyear. Martha; Hawkins. .Mary K.;
Keler, Henrltta; Lloyd, M; Lelinn
Julia; Moore, K. J.; Tlmbeilake, Sallie.
Gents. Andrews tt Lancastir; Hah-
cock, II. O. tV Co.; Ilabb. Simon; Cox,
.Jacob ; Cork, Will ; I evol, .J. C; Coodcii,
Dcwis; High, K.; Ham, Josh ; Hindi, J.
D.; Hoyt, Win. F.; Lu-k, Jaiaes; Lowry,
David; McClavary, Henry; Markcl, N. S.j
.Morris, K. li.; Levitt. M. I'.; O'llara. P.'
Powell, It. O: Hear.lon, Florence;
Sword, Albert ; Stowe. Frank: Sullivan.
Patrick ; Stltls, O. N.; Sanders, T. II. ;
Wesley, John; Weatherred; .Icruiue.
Persons desiring any of the above let
ters should please say "Advertl'i-d."
Gko. W.Mi-ICAi.i.i, P. M.
lluruiiliii lor lliiN Weeli.
I will sell the lollowhiL' L'oods for one
half their actual value. I have just pur
chased mid received n large assortment ol
seasonable goods at a bankrupt sale, and
o have tbeni go oil' rapidly 1 will sill
them for less than ninuufacturer'8 prices.
The stock consists ol Ihe billowing de
sirable goods :
Ladies' Slippers and Newport Tics;
Ladles' Side Lace Kid Gaiters;
. Ladles' Side Lace Cloth Gaiters;
Men's Calf Congress and Ilroadway
TI s;
A Full Assortment ol !ros Gnod;
Xew Styles Calico;
and n large assortment of Hamburg F.dg.
lugs ;
Men's and Hoy's Clothing, Astonish
ingly Cheap.
Mens' White mid Colored Shirts.
I respectfully Invite the publlo to como
and examine for themselves, as It is Im
possible to deserllU them. Come early
li'you want bargains, as tliey will go nil'
lively. Dan. IIaIitmak,
Cor.Slxth and Commmercial avenue.
(ireiil lliuil.riiil Nule.
Now Is your last chance lo get your
goods at lesv than co-t, as I have bought
the whole bankrupt slock of Hellhron &
Well, consisting ol dry goods, xollou,
clothing, etc., at such low prices that en
ables me to give everybody baigalus that
will satisfy even the hardest customer.
I will continue Hie business at the old
stand ot llcllbron & Well only tor thirty
days longer, mid nil Ihe goods iniut ho
sold wjlhln that Hutu on account of re
moval, llo on hand In time, before all
tho bargains nro gone, its 1 mean bus),
uess, Solomon Pahkiiia, nl Cln.
l-5-liii 112 Coiiiiiu'rcial avenue.
Tho Ohio river Is again on the riir
The predictions oftho weather cock-
Is that this w ill be n wet tnontli.
For a good linen orpapercollargo to
r-r. nt o. ll iY i nous a Co.
Another picnic parly goes out from
Wbllo and Perry, tho famous chnrac
lernctors, will pay Cairo n visit soon.
The minstrel iriliriuniic of the
Taylor Literary club will lake place next
! rlday night.
Iluy your sun umbrellas ol O. Hay
thorn & ( o. 5 t!-:it
i he rain of yesterday and the night
previous made the strcels very muddy
ami Ulsagfccable for pedestrians.
The slpo water Is going very fast, and
skliriltilng will soon be over. This has
been a yery popular umueincnt during
the beautiful moonlight nights of the
past week.
i no cnmiiiialcs lor shcrlll are
making usool every opportunity that Is
offered them to secure n vol:-. They
have begun theAvork ufcanvas'liiir unusu
ally early.
Uy all means buy your shots ol O.
Haythorn & Co. ft Mi
Tho young ladles and gentlemen
comprising the class which will gradu
ate lu the high school nt the end of the
prccnt term of school, we ate told, will
give their friends a reception ou tin;
evening ol' the clo-lng school day. It Is
probable the event will take place at the
St. Charles hotel.
Gentlemen's summer bailor sale by
O. Haythorn &. Co. ft O-.'li
The Odd Fellow's celebration at
Cnrbondale on Thursday wm u micccs.
George W. Wendlhig's address, the sami!
as delivered by him in this city, was lis
tened to by a mas of people. This Is the
tcned to by n mas of people. This I
the second time Mr. Wendllnghas spoken
to the Carbonilale people, and they hae
been delighted with him on both occa
"('. S. O." writes us and wants to
know what has been done toward getting
up a base ball club to go to Paducah, and
ghe the Idlcwllds of Hint city a game.
He suggests that next Wednesday he set
apart as the day for the game to laku
place. There has been some talk among
the players lu Cairo about a game with
the Paducah lads, but whether thero l as
been any dellnlto arrangements made we
cannot sav. t
A Mity lirinU.
Mr.Jackel, at the Thalia saloon, Is
prepared to set before bis friends and
customers the most palltable and delicious
drink ever prepared nt any saloon in
Cairo. Asperula Odorata, a plant which
grows In a few of the Northern Stares
and In portions of Europe, together with
orange sliced, Is placed hi llhlnc wine,
the wine extracting the llavorot the herb,
which Imparts to it a most vU'.i-ant ami
delicious llavor. Mr. Jaeckcl has secured
a quantity of this herb from Kelly Island,
nnd is now prepared to furnish wine ii
above stated. He will continue to sup
ply life customer with the drink during
the month ot .May, or as long as the plant
is In season. Mint Julljis are no where
compared to this drink.
Ice ('mini.
Phil Salt)) has renovated and refur
nished his ice cream parlors throughout
with costly furniture and Hue rarjiets,
making it one of tastiest and pleasaucst
places of resort lu the city, where pure
ice creams of all flavors and pure quality
will be kept every d.iy for bis patrons.
Washington avenue, Uuder'e block.
riirnlliiro t'lienp.
Mm. Jiiclitioil lias just lined Ills ware
house nnd factory, corner of 17th street
and Washington avenue, with the
largest stock and most complete variety
of furniture ever ollered lu the Cairo
matket. lie means busluess, and will
sell for cash only at rock bottom llgurcs.
It Is only necessary (examine his stock
am! prices lo satl'fy yourselves as to
quality and cheapness, and thai now is
the time to buy. 1-12-liu
Real Estate
(.and Anontn of tho Illinois Oontral and
liurlinttton unci (tutney II. K.
lluslness House lately orciipled by
Wood lllttenhouse A Co., bn Levco be
low I llh street, licit very reasonable.
Dwelling ho'uc, 7 rooms; 10 lots
enclosed, lu good order, on Twenty
fourth and Walnut sliects, Kent low to
a good tenant.
Two tencmciitH on west side of Com
mercial avenue near Filth street, suitable
lor shop and dwelling. Kent for each, $S
per mouth.
Dwelling house, 5 rooms, ou Filth
street near Walnut, In good repair. I'eut
$12.50 per month.
Coituge, 2 rooms and kitchen,
Twenty-first street, near Syenmore
north side. Rent $5, per month.
Two small houses, northwest corner
Fifteenth and Popular. Kent low.
Ilasenicnt of brlek building, west side
of Washington avenue near Eighteenth
street, live rooms In good conditionl
licnt low.
Ilullilliig on east side of Couimerela
avenue, near Tenth street, suitable for
carpenter shop. Cheap rent.
Building on west side ofComnieri lal
nvenue, mr.r Twcllth street, Old "City
Hall," Iteut very low.
Tenement, oHleon and rooms in vari
ous lacalionv(tents low.
Lots nml lands for salo or lease.
; 5 f Jonn (J. Ha-iihn ,V Cov i, 1
Itffl EitatoTOgciits, corner, Slxtl, ami
Le,vix4t?Alyi-?li. !trJM-"
Fllty cents, nt Winter' Gallery.
Vn Dmimiitmkst. ltrtin lUroirr,;
-May ft, .nu
LowwAnn. riMMni:.
rr. tw. t. in.
.11 ii" ' x'n
ii n o !i
17 II -II II
S 4. 0
II 10 X2 II
V. II -0 s
II ft X'l I
'II I' -Jl 7
II 7 .il
a ; n xu j
Calm .
HI. Iotiiii
'Srw Orlinna
IMiiw nlgli walfrnf 171.
iamiis Watson,
StTgiant. SIkiiiiI fiTtlri-, IT. M. A.
I'orl l.lsi.
Stennicr Coal M ill and low, St. Louis.
" Jolin 8. lthodcs. Pltl-burg.
" T.T. Hlllmau, .Sashvllle.
" Mary Housion, Xew Orleans.
" James Fik, Paducah.
" John Moore nnd low, X. O.
" J. II. Itlglcy.St. Louis.
Steamer Jn. Flk. Paducah.
" Coal Hill and low, St. Louis.
" JolmS. Itliode". St. Louis.
" T.T. Hlllmau, Xasbvllle.
" Mary Houston, ( 'Incliuiall.
" John Moore and tow, St. Lonl.
J. II. Illgley and tow.St. LouN.
The John Means came up from Xew
Oilcans with a good low or freight for St.
The Jocph II. Illgley goe.( back lo
St. Louis with two boats of Pillsburg
The Mary .Millar, from Pittsburg,
arrived about four o'clock in the alter
noon with a good trip for St. Louis.
-'I he Coal Hill came In yesterday, and
goes back to St. LouN with three barge"
of freight.
-ihe John L. l.'liodes came down
Irom Pillsburg with a good trip for St
Louis, She got nothing here.
The T. T. Hlllman brought 55 bhds
tobacco for the South, and some other
freight. She will go back with a modir
ate trip.
The Mary Houston passed up with
a fair trip of freight and people.
The Jim FIsk brought Slibds tobacco
for tho South, and a good trip of other
freight from Paducah.
Commission Merchants
No. 100 Commercial A-vcnuo,
4'iilro, Illinois.
Adv.ii'ccs made on ('un-li;nniciils. Ali-
straelt ol Titles made, Cemevutice- and
v oiieciioiis aiiciiucil to.
Sales Every Saturday Morning
Goods Sold Very Close,
tiorner 10th St. and Commercial Av
CAIBO. nxirroHi
C. 0. PATIER & CO.
Coal Coal,
MT. OARBON(Bi(j Muddy)
Orders for Coal by tho oar-load,
ion, or in hogshoadn. for shipment,
promptly attended to.
jarTo larso consumers nnd all
aianufaoturora, wo aro propurcd
to supply any quantity, by tho
nonth or year, at uniform rates.
Ialllilay lire, cifllce, No, 70 Olilo I.vre.
1 1'lluiritlny llio.'a whurllioat.
rHl KkjiiIIaii Mills, or
-At tliu Coal llunii, tout ol TOUty-KlKlit
Ijtl'on amev llruwrr. :m.
or . c xcii.ojH
mmm and blank boor
rlia DulldlB. Cor. Twain tmV
isna WMhlnKtou ATnu,
Cairo, XlltuolM
rj-C'mut-f nu't lullnwlWori 6tolulty
f. LlIiV I'rrat.lciit.' II. Wrllj.' ciilttw.""""
NT. Vice l'res't. T. J. Krrlli, Ailt. h'r
Corner Commorclal Ave. and 8th 8trut,
t , ItlltKITOItSi
'!r,fi"' llIr0' Wm. Kliirc, Cairo.
I'. .Vrir, liiiro. llm Wnu, Cairo
A . Snvinka, Cairo. It. I 1 tlUIn tcrtc r . V t I,uli.
K. Ilnikr, ( ulro. II. VV-lls, Calm.
'. II. Ilrliiknian, M. Utila.
i Urnrinl HiinklnK tliisliir Done.
tC9F.rliaiiKr fold and lioiiKlit lnt-rcl iald
n ifn' Sa-lnss lifpnrtmmt. t'olliYtiuns malr,
sii-l all liilnes irmnilly allf mini lo.
City National Bank
W. r. IIAM.1I1AV. l'rvalitont.
IICNItV I.. IIAI.1.IIUV, Vliel'n-M.
A. II. HAKr'Oltl), CiMilcr.
W'Al.TKi: Iir.SI.OI', Am'I Caflilcr.
Mtaitm TAVf.nn. It. If Cirtfvtwntf lu.
If, I 1 1 ALU HAY, W. V. It lllDAY,
i. ii. niLLiAMnoK, HTiriir-i itu,
A II S.irroiiD
Exchango, Coin and United States
Bonds Bought and Sold.
DKl'OSITS rwrheil and a general banking
liuMnrm ilone.
Enterprise Savings
A. II. SAFFUItll. IValdint.
S. S. TAVI.OIt, V'iccl'naidrnt.
W. lir.SI.Ul', .Sro'vamlT-wuiirer.
J. M. 1'llILUl-J.
LNTKKKST ull on deiiotlta at the rate of i
icr rent n:r annum. March lat anil H.trin
kt lit. InUrrat not vrlllidrawn la added liunic
ILittly to the principal of uie dKalta, thereby
ilvinic them eoinDound intereat.
Married Women and Children may
Deposit Monoy and no one
olso can draw it.
0n evtry Imsbessday Iromfti.m. to .1p.m.
d Matunlay evening for laving, depoatU onlT
roin C to H o'cloek.
W. HTBI.OF. Treasurer. '
The Gamble Wagon
Near Thtrth-Fourth Street
Wagon Maker,
Manufactured ula own Horae Shoes and
can Assure Good Work.
See Here.
Ho you want Itookrf,
l.'unla. l'rinU. l'liiiln-
KIUJiIih? Why linn do J mi iule monry on
nwlu.lltTH. fntlmd Mni I lo Ilir old rtllable
house or llnnlrr Co. KtlublUlied III UHO.
Wetiiiil nil IkuiLi), nil irool4 and at lowe-t
rali-.n eiid fur n.uiic of their. Trunk Full of
Fun. I.'r. I lli.H lo win u 8eethrnrt, 3W
liohli'ii Wh.tl Fortune Teller, loci llwik of
l.oie Ia'Iuth, lioxini; Jlailr r.asy, 1 o j
Moriiun'a .Ma-nury KxMibeil, looiip. lllii.trnli-1,
te t llou lo writu aliurt hand. Ml llovr to
nniut'un cvruiim- l'nrly, .nio Hancinff um(.e
r.iy, i-ic i now tiuuiuiern win, .m'c i Leap jeur
l'unii,CiiurlhiiCunld, FuriiiuuTtlllns Cutiia,
uie .iiukiui; .ain, 4 kinna earn in case only
art Ciiinnli'ti. 1'oi'L.el Ili It. UHll Clieatvr-
lluhl'a Utirr Wilier. I'c Mmiilnr or Ftte
inaiiinrv. i ilmv ton In and how to woo.
i"v 'I lit- l.-iw a nt Line, uie t lJidlin' (iuldc to
Uniily, cue, Ar.. Ad , Ac. Itriueiubcr any or
all of lu'iilmiu ulU U'frnt to ou prriialu on
ivri'liliifiiia'. We Iiii'muI uud hunt n far
ritnaiHl kUiire booka. We make il a aludy.
We waiitj.i.iit'n-.U'otu.KC cnd lor our circu
Un. 11 villi my )ou tadeul with u Do not
rlik niiUM'y itu nwindlera bill rnd at onre to
Ilir "old irlUlilra," Hunter A Co., lllnidalr,
buy !. worth orpxxi' for flo. Why not do it.
The lireut N.K.Ih'lUfale.! llinomllclil aln-ft,
lloston, U llrinly ralaUliheil, ami lur ear; liaa
told reully lalu'ibh'trood uorlh $1 'HltoU IW
t a IHed irln of only one Hollar w e are n
ilorsed and Hi-oinmeudiit hy the last wptra
and llielmdliiif nwriliaiiU. Our uV l-iau liou
orableluli,'1 enleri'rlH'. ve ill -ll Roodaat
Uaillian oilier ilialeM, In lln-. llmi It jisyii
,:le iiiouey. We aril Jvilrj alhrr ami
,i,ii.-lttar. iciAoware, rutlrry. ilry and faacy
iiMHln, Kroiurier, lia,watsM, aiilcn, and In Oft
rvmlhTii!;. Ini'liklinir &,iol elecuit booka.
ulilcli itull at one dollar and Uny cents lo tour.;
dolluM, and all lor Just one dollar. Intra is a ,.
ili krl. onler all-, or oilier trickery Una dollar
irourriany article on IhHIit. Ve O 11 V. kt
touMveiaHla lieior laylnK
rona ullc.l the poimtariry of o
rannot iilvrniiy lilraheieoft
our irrratsai.
e. w
cannot iilvrniiy Mrs neie or our uiuiseu.
u.tof itooda would ill I ihla mure
at ouve lor ctrciuara anu ia wawaaaaiiaa iiwa-
our paiioua.-- aim can "t awr 'wii xv .
li r iiihi. aiuiTM mi. vuw n. umm&M m
CO..N.H. DUI.I.KBAlBi,inni-MMnaam,,sv
ii lViTH'"Tallll.
lw ,k
At tb Ucixxtix Ottc, Utru. UllMlki,

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