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B4lM Matin- K""Jr
Tka Mrliiaill nfthr National linn
Thi National Democratic Committee, to
whom li Jcleflcd the power of fixing tlio
tine nJ pUco( holding the National Den
ocratlc :onrcntIon of 1870, lmvc appointed
Tueiday, the t.venty-ievciiUi day or Juno
neit, noon, a the time, ntnl (elected St.
I.ouli a tlis place oflioMIng micIi coiner.-
Each Stato will be entitled to a reireen
tatlon equal to doublo the nunibrr ol Its
senator and representatives In the emi
gre of the United State; and the tcrrl.
tory of Colorado, whole ai!inllnn in July
at a State will give It a vote In the next
electoral collego, I". il.o Invited to rend del
egate to the convention.
Democratic, Concrvallvo and oilier cltl
zeni ot the United .States Irrespective of
past political association, ilcltlng to co
operate with the Democratic party In lt
present, cflort and object, aro cordially In
Tiled to Join In rcndlui; delegates' to the
national convention. Co-operation la ilc
urcd from all perron who would change
an admlnlitration that lias sullercd tho
pnbllc eroillt to become and remain Inferior
to other and lesi favored nations : lias per
milled commerce to be taken away by for-
iC powcra; Milled trade by unJuH,
unequal and pcrnlcloin legislation; lim
Imposed unutual taxation and rendered It
moat burdensome. ; hxs cuaiip;oil growing
prosperity Into wldctprcad "tiil'crlm; and
want; ha? cquandored tho pnblla money
recklessly and dcllautly, and fhamelo-ly
mod tho power that should havo been b.vllt
to punish crime, to protect II.
Korthcic and other reaioiu tho national
Democratic party deem the public danger
imminent, and earnestly desirous of secur
ing to our country tho blcisInjM of an
economical, puro nnd free government,
cordially Invito the co-operation of their
fellow-citlzcui In tho cllort to attain thN
ThomaiA. Walker, Alabama.
S.lt.Cockrlll, Aikansat.
Frank McCappln, Callfonii.i.
William il. llarnum, Connecticut.
Charles Hcastcn, Delaware.
Cliarlc- K. Dyke, Horiila.
A. Jt. Lawton, Ocorgla.
Cyrus II McConnlck.Illlnoi'.
Thomas Dowllng, Indiana.
51. M. Ham, Iowa.
Isaac K. Katon, Kiin'"..
Henry D. Mcllenry, Keutucky.
Henry D. Ogden, I.ouUlna.
ti. D. 31. Sweat, .Maine.
A. Leo Knott, Maryland.
William A. Moore, -Mlihlguu.
William Lochrcn, Minnesota.
J. 11. Sharpe, MiatUidppi.
Jno. G. l'rtest, MUsouri.
Geo. L. Miller. Nebraska. .
mo, u. wuiiami, Nevada.
M. V. U. Kdjjcrlv, New Hampshire.
r . ihkuuuniu, new .jersey.
m. i, . iiuuisuiD, norm unronua
J amcs 1C. Kolicy, Oregon.
James l Ilarr, Pennsylvania.
JJIcbolaj VanSlyck, Mode 1-land.
'.i S'jnons, Boutli Carolina.
William M. Hate, Tennessee.
F. S. Stockdalo. Tc.s.
H.H.Bmalley, Vermont.
John Goodc, Jr., Virginia.
John Blair Hoge. West Virginia.
Ueoro n. raul, Wisconsin.
Thomas M. Patterson, Colorado.
FitKimiCK 0. 1'm.NCK, Massachusetts-,
Scirotary National Democratic Com.
WiSUINOTO.v, rebruary 22. IS7U.
lonn li. l inmntnn. llhln
Tin: sedate old codger ortlioSt. Louis
lltpullican having declared that women
In mourning wear black corsets, n
pert young widow on Ollvo street
replied: ''Oh! tho Inexcusable ignor
ance of you men J"
The House a-kvd l'ri'.ilileiit Grant to
explain the necessity for his half-yearly
absences from the scat of government.
Ills Imperial majesty, with courtly po
lltcnss replied: "ll'i none of the House's
business." Surely, we have n model
It Is stated that newsboys on the
Cairo and Vlnccnnes railroad charge ten
cents per copy for newspapers. Since the
Jli'LLKTix is the only newspaper sold on
the road that Is actually worth that sum
the call upon Major Morrill to put a stop
to the petty extortion, Is not innvar
ranted. Cait. Eaus, exasperated beyond nil en
durance by tho Huuiplirey-Howdl ru
mors to the cflect that his jetty project
Is, or must prove, a lallurc, disposes ol
them with a very short srlft. He tlm
ply denounces them as "malicious lal-c-hoods"-aud,
a thousand miles uwnv, us
we arc, we aro not prepared to question
the Illness of the terms ho employs.
Tnr. election contest between i'.u n vU
and he iloyuc, both of whom claim to
have been elected trom thu Third Illinois
congressional district, wns decided, on
Thursday last, In favor of I.uiloyne,
Democrat. There can ho no doubt about
tho justice of this decision, yet we shall
havo the usual lici.nl, u..n.. u . . ....
rebel disregard of the expressed will of
I rival iofn1n
a he uiosi lenuig indictment yet found
against the Grant administration nnd In
sponsor, Is preferred by the New York
Sun. That bold, but trustworthy Journal
declares that It Is Imnosslblo tn timi
Ml . . . ...
sound spot In tho administration ; that In
nery ucpanwent and branch ot the pub
lie service rottenness Is found wherever
the marching probe of Investigation Is
applied j and yet the discoveries thus lar
made aro in a great measure due to uccl.
dent, or to the reckless habits, of Jtcpub
llcan ofilclals who, from long Immunity
and conscloumcss; of power, exposed
themselves to detection. The editor of
tbe Sun, recently In the full conlldence of
the Republican party, knows exactly
what ho la talking about ; and he li light
In hl declaration that, since reform
without new hcatU and new hands I im"
practicable, the Ilepubllcan party must
bo annlhlUUd. Thero li, there can bo
DO other remedy. '
im i: of . i nti'.i it a i i,it o.t hi
Hlnce the elly ol Cairo mint, to hoiiio
extent, share In tho projpciliy of
tho several rallioads that Uml
termini here Miicc tho Interests of
the roads nudol tho city are, or ought to
be, Identical, we nolo wllh epecl.il pleas
uro the grow lug business Important', and
Improved condition ol the Cairo nnd
Vlurennes railroad. Tlih road lias had
tniieh to coiitend against. Us manage
ment, at limes, was short-sighted and
unfortunate; but It seems lohavcrrosscd
(he liubleon of its liu.sotinents, and
entered upon a new and belter era.
Hie present superintendent, Major
Morrill, Nn gentleman who seems well
adapted for tho position ho occupies. Ho
appreciates the value of tho road as n
connecting link In the northeast nnd
southwest system of roads, nnd has per
fected connections mid arrangements that
will eventually render tho road an Im
portant part ol the great through route
between Texas and the Atlantic sea
board. I'mler the major's superintendence the
road has been placed In very good condi
tion. The rolling stock Is of the very
best tho passenger coaches being of ele'
gaut llntsli, and supplied with the Wct
liighousn air-break, patent platform and
couplers, passengers are not only Insur
irood speed and increased safety ; hut all
the comforts that are enjoyed on the best
supplied and tho most popular railways
of the country. Hlght hero wo may say
to Centennial vlsllors that no heller route
out of Cairo Is open to tlicin.
The country along 'the route of the
road, hence to Vluccnnca has Just entered
upon n course of rapid development,
notwithstanding tlio general depression.
At every station thero aro Indication: of
thrift and prosperity. The vast forests
of timber arc being converted Into lum
ber, staves ami timber lor agricultural
implements. New coal mines aro being
opened ; and every year adds thousands
ol acres to the area of corn, wheat and
tobacco. This being true, there U of
course, a corresponding increase of local
patronage; and to such nu extent has
this patronage Increased that In an
other year It Is believed It
will furnish an income equal to tho mu
lling expenses of the road, leaving tho
through business which Is increasing
very rapidly, to provide for the Interest
and principal of tho outstanding debts.
If this be a correct fchowing, (and we
have no rca0M to doubt Its correctness)
the road Is already on a sale footing, and is
certain to become, not only a highway of
commercial consequence, but one of the
best paying roaiN In the State ot lllinol..
Such an end may not be realized next
year nor within the next llvo years ; but
of 1U ultimate achievement wo entertain
no doubt whatever.
The Ilepubllcan editors ot this con
gressional district have been "heating
the bushes" during the month past, to
stir out n suitable candidate for congie
The editor of the Golcouda Herald was
cognizant of this; but didn't sav a word.
nuiiMiigii Im had his eye upon tho "right
man" nil the time. Tho "right man"' Is
Thomas Ji. Clark, tho prosecuting attor
ney for J'opc county. The Herald did
wrong. Tho Johnson County Journal
threshed tho bushes ol .Tol
huh scareu out tho ennvlucd nacKnvkim.
.. . . . . j i
dall, The Metrotiolls Journal sbnnk-llu.
Infantile timber, and out Jumped much-
used and Still-O lltcd W111U. TlmCnlrn
Shu Hung a dormlek Into the chnimnrnl.
nnd tho little. short-lcL'u-cil tinm.
Clements, came out. Tho Snarta P!:Z.
dealer caused a rustling In the bushes of
Randolph, and the over-fed, short-wind.
cu Deitrlch appeared. The Murphys
boro J'ra-lllinohiin raised a commotion
In tho undergrowth of Jackson countv.
and calculated upon the appearance of the
heavy, over-worked roadster, Wiley ; but
vulcy didn't enter an nnnearani c. Ah
this, while tho Herald had Its eye on
Tommy Clark, and didn't say so. Hut
let tjjat pass. Tho Democratic Peytona,
Hartzell, light of heel and swift as "an ar
row, neighs out Ids defiance, llriug out
your Tommy. He'll make thu best time
possible, no doubt ; but under tho load
of party Iniquities that will burden him,
he'll do very well as u Republican nag,
if ho Is within hearing of thu multitude
when It gives Its shout of welcome, as
Hartzell ends tho homo stretch.
TllltOWI.VG Ml'll,
Tho Cincinnati Jinjuirer and Louisville
(Jourier-JourHut aro engaged In a nasty
personal controversy, exceedingly debas
ing to both papers. Of the JCnjuirer, tho
C. J. speaks ns follows : "It Is not arc
spectablo paper. It Is a vulgar, black
mailing concern, the organ of prostitutes,
equally reckless and responsible. .Volh
ing Is too brutal or nasty for its ue. In
Clm liiuati It Is not allowed hi decent
households." This, and much mora of
theamc sort, was called out, by a refer
enco made In the lUnirer to the election
ot a llfc-sizo marble statue or the lalo
George I), l'rentlee, over thu door of tho
C'.-J. ofliec. Tho Hii'juhcr talks about
tho matter In this way: "Mr. l'rentlco Is
the good old man who gave the l.ouli
vlllu JvurnuUte brilliant leputatlon. A
few years before hi., death the prccnt
inaiingeisol the Courier-Journal kicked
the old gentleman out of thu ollleo in-.
causu ho was no longer able to earn tho
paltry salary which was assigned him,
l'ubllc sentiment compelled them to rein
tuto him. Having uiado tome luonev
oUf nn Illegal, thieving lottery, the
(uiM).jou,;Mi proposed to bid for a little
popular fuvor by perching a statue of
tho honored Mr. l'rentlco over the door
of their bullaing, upou which Mr. Wm.
Kno, of Xew York city, holds u uiort
gage ot $170,000.
All ol which Is very conclusive prool
that both tho Enquirer nnil !.n,r',: .!...
nal aro experts in the art ot mud-throw.
Tin: legislature of Texas has not, at',
ter Bevcral ballots, been able to elect n
Unite J States senator. General Coke seems
to be the favorite, and it Is thoughtihat,
ultimately, hu will bo elected. 4
Tun Moiigollani are haUng a hard
(lino of It in Snu Kransltco, and their
final expulsion from lli!.t city seems to
have resolved itself Into a matter ol lime.
It is urged that the labor intercts have
been sadly domorall.cd by the prcenec
nl these people; that they llvo like hogs,
make no permanent Improvements, nnd
have no higher object than to obtain
money enough to enable them to return
lo China mid exist there beyond the
teach ul want. Not one In u thousand
becomes naturalized; they have no pub
lie. fplril. contribute nothing to public
cnterprlzes, and stand in the way
of Intelligent white men who would man
ifest the ono and aid Hie other. Jt can
not be dethed, theiclore, that the Chlneso
clement Is aciir.-e to S.iu I'ranebco ; but
the evil cannot be rcniiedlcd by n uso ol
the faggot and bludgeon. The strong
arm of the law must bo Invoked. Let
tlx Legislature, now in session In Sacra
mento, enact n law that will stop Im.
migration. Tho 00,000 now on the
raclllc Coast will soon die out, or return
to China, and 11 others are not allowed to
come In and It 1 1 up their places, the
problem will soon bo solved. Ao amount
ofcrueIty.no levies of nionev, will ac
complish the end so .speedily and so ef
To the Interrogatory, "who Is L. lire-
tano, of Chicago, who seeks thu Republi
can nomination for secretary of state,"
thcSpritigllchl ItegUtcr replies : "llretano
was the original editor and proprietor of
the Chicago StaaU '.tetany, which paper
he sold to .Mr. Heslng In ISOj. Lately ho
lias been Cultcd States consul at Dicsdcu
hut was recalled for the purpo.-c of mak
iiur a place for the son of that K, W. l'o.t
of St. Louis, who gave up the secrets of
the Jury room in tho Ilabeock case to
to Grant, lie will probably have a hard
time In his canvas for the nomination, ns
he will he opposed geographically by the
fi lends of llevcrldge and Sliuman; on na
tional grounds by Haniburgher and
Rutz, and for ollleial reasons by Seroggs
and Harlow."
Mn. O'ilnii v manifestly a Russian
Is a member of cotigross from Maryland
has become M) disgusted with the gentle
men of the cloth, that he seeks to exclude
them Iroui all public olllce.s, 1'cderal or
State. In furtherance of that purpose
ho recently proposed an amendment to
the constitution ; hut the manner in
which it was received, Miould
be accepted by Mr. O'llrien as u very
palpable Intimation that neither congress
nor the people have any desire to divest
preachers of the rights of citizenship.
Hut Mr. O'Hiien has shown Ids hand. He
wants to keep preacher! out of oilier.
Let the preachers go to work, now, and
keep O'Brien out of Heaven.
Mom: Radical thieves in Northern Illi
nois are being uncovered. One S. 11.
Tortcllottc served as deputy I J. S. mar.
shal during tho period Intervening 1S05
and 18:), and during thai Interval
ho received trom his principal, much less
than one-half tho money that was
charged to the government on his ae.
count. In the year ISli" he received $750 Cj
M,'J0. that was charged ; In tho year lSGS
he received $1,000 out of $.i,3:W that was
charged ; and so on. Altogether the lr
S. district marshal for thu Northern db
trlctot Illinois, drew 10,000 or JlL',000
from the government on account of Mr
Tortcllottc, and paid over less than half
that sum. So salth (he papers.
Tun Arkansas Republican Statu con
vention (compo.-ed ol Powell and Dorsey
about thirty other disreputable whites
and u half hundred negroes) Instructed
Its delegates to the Cincinnati convention
lo vote for Morton as Arkansas' tlrst
choice for president. Thu colored ele
ment In the convention insisted that Mor
ton should bo declared the llrst, second
and only choice; but a motion to that ef
fect-was voted down. It is believed that
a portion of the delegation will violate
their Instructions and vote for Conkllng
Arkansas Republicans aro too independ
ent n criss ot pcoplu to be fettered by
paltry pledges.
Iris the impression at IVashlnton that
tho senato will decide that it has no au
thority to try llelknai) unoii tho Innioaeh
incut charges preferred by the house or
representatives. A contrary opinion
wouiu uu nailed with pleasure, as dishon
esi omciais couiu not then cecapc wllh
impunity by simply resigning their of.
Ilces. It cannot bu denied, hnwnvc
that SUcll a disposition Of Dm atn wnnl,l
open uu "eligible hole" lor the Clymer
i-ommuico to crawl through.
Tin; Republican achieved a "gloil-
ous victory" In Indianapolis last Wed
nesday. Stout, beastly negroes, armed
with bludgeons, stood at the polls, and
as soon as an Irish voter put In an ap
pearance, tney "downed him." Thu ono
thing most needed in Indianapolis on
that day, was the prccuco of about ono
bundled muscular Hibernians, each with
a stout "-prig o' fchelalah." In the ab
sence ol these, the day was carried by tho
negroes and their bludgeons. "Huitah."
ll all thu mud In thu bottom nt'Chlc-Km
river were at hand, Hie Republican scram-
mcr lor nomination by theSlate conven
tion, would (ling the wholu of It upon
each other in less than a fortnight. If
one-half tho slorlcs these men eirculato
at each olhcr'n expensu were true, tho
public would.not bu very long forming
tlio conclusion that thu wholu batch or
them are deserving or striped sults-not
respouslblu oHIccs.
Am. tho talk about silver change being
of less -aluo than greenbacks or the
eqlvalent of grccnMcks, Is thoj merest
bosh, l'ubllc opinion llxcs the standard
of value as well as congress, and whero
U thu man who, having tlio choice be
tween a shining, clinking dime nnd a rag.
ged "fractional" representing tho same
amount, would not aclzo upou tho nilvcr?
Give us plenty of diver change, uml we
will not complain of Its depreciated
i !Hn-iicliii-tiu Vltlimo llntinlt'il l,y
I lui UIioiIm or u .Miilbci- uml llcV
from the Motion lilobv )
Till' llt'lirn nf I ., 1 1 , , 1,1 1 1 1, I'..........
v. J'.al ilimwiiiii It'll, 1,1
miles from Falmouth, revels In a ghostly
sensation. It is no ordinary ghost Unit,
walks in the twilight, or appears at mid-
tllxrllt to tlio t.fillli.,l liehulllcr. Itrnnil
daylight and clear sunshine tire the con
ditions of Its Appearance. Several weeks
ago, uie who ol J-;ieaer i isn, wiillo
calling on u neighbor, looked toward her
noiiso ami saw n woman sitting at the
window. Knowing that she hail led thu
lioiisu empty, N,c Immediately re
turned home, but to Hud It
still empty. In n fcv days tho same
thing happened again. A witness was
called, and plainly saw the woman. On
approaching tlm house, I In shape van
ished and did not again appear Shortl
alter, the applration was again seen n"t
the window, this lime Willi a baby In her
arms. And since there have been many
appearances of the ghostly lady, sonu:
tliiius with nnd sometimes without tho
Infant. She generally tippiar on n picas
ant day, and usually when tlio spectator
stands at a certain distance Ironi the
house. Within tills distance no shapo Is
vMble. The spiritual visitor Is suppoi d
to bo the llrst wile of.Mr. Kish, who died
come years since, and the-Infant Is set
down as tho present .Mr. I'l-h's child,
who died last winter. .Mr. I-'ih'n family
arc not lu the hat dlsttirled by thu
appatltlou, but rather HiJoy thu
novelty ol tho Munition. In tact
some of tho member of thu laiully take
prldu in saying that, In addition to the
spectacle a't the window, s:hoy nol-es
aro frequently heard within thu liou-e.
Hut there are -eoHer at all tills, and al
though every one admits that at times
the window in question .-hows it singular
appearance, the s -optic: say it is merely
a lelleetlon trom fomc object near by,
and that Its Hidden appearance Is due to
Its never having been noticed before. One
lady remarks that nobody but weak
minded persons can see gho-ls, and that
tho village clergyman, on being invited
to inspect the spectacle, said after a inln
utosN observation that some folks could
sec a great deal more than he could.
wheicat tho believers are greatly In-1
censed. I
. j
I.l4riunl tlliioil IllNriisr.
li, V. Tiercr, 31. !., Author i Ihv lio
lllii'fl (.'oilllliuil ."I'lluiltilli'n! Ailtl.er.
A tif 'il f lll'nr tiij-rila nonli line nK.nii
uviiv,g -'l.U V1IIJ IllJVlli.
two and a half pounds ol bile, which con
tains a great amount ot waste material
taken from tlm lilimil. U'li-m ilw. Iit-..
becomes torpid or congested, it bills to
iaiiiiiii.nu nn- tasi aiiiuillll Ol IIOXIOIIS
tubstanee, which, theiefore, letiialns to
poison the blood, and be cmivcvcd to
every part ol the iyslcni. What inu-t bu
the couuuton oi uiu mood when It Is re
ceiving and retaining each day, two and
a half pounds of poison? Nature tries to
wui k mis i"isuii uiiunn oincr cjian
nels and organs -the kidneys, lungs.skin.
etc., but the.su organs become over-taxed
In performing this labor lu addition to
their natural functions, and cannot long
withstand the pressure, but become var
iously diseased.
Thu brain, which Is the great electrical
center of all vitality, is unduly stimulat
ed by thu tinhcalty blood which passes
to it frntn tlu heart, uml Inltj t. ....-i. ......
Its olllcu healthily. Hence thu inptums
in uiiu puivuiiuij;, which ore uuiiness,
headache, incapacity to keep the mind on
any subject, impairment of memorv.
dlz.y, sleepy, or nervous feelings,
gloomy forebodings, and Irritability ot
n iiijiui. uiu uiuuu iiscu oeiug iiiseascu,
null I'nrniu tlw. cuwif ntmn tlir.
.v.u....i ...u .ink. m".. ..'votutiiv:.;!!,
tlio skin, It is do Irritating and poisonous
that It produces discolored brown spots,
piuinv.'s, uioicuc:, ami oincr eruption
sores, boils. carbuncles and
scroiuious tumor.'!. Thu stomache,
bowels and others organs cannot
escapo becoming allected. sooner or later,
and wu have, as the result, costlveuess,
piles, dropsy, dyspepsia, diarrhea. Other
symptoms are common, as bitter or bad
taste in tbe mouth, internal heat, palp'lta
tatlon, teasing cough, unsteady appetite,
choking seii-atlon lu throat, bloating ot
stomach, palu in sides or about .shoulders
or back, coldness of e.urcmcties, etc.,
etc. Only a few of the above symptoms
aru likely to bo present in any eaeat one
time. 'Ihu liver being the great depurat
ing, or blood-cleansing organ ot the sys
tem, set Ibis great "housekeeper of our
health" at work, and the foul corruption
which gender lu tho blood, and rot out,
as It were, the machinery ol lilc, aio
gtadully expelled Irom tlm svstem.
For this purpose, Dr. Pierce's i'iolden
Jledlcal Discovery, with very small doss.
dally ol Dr. Pierce's I'lcasant Purgative
Pellet?, Is pre-eminently the articles
needed. They euro every kind of hu
mor from the worst scrofula to thu com
mon pimple, blotch or eruption. (Jicat
eating ulcers kindly heal under their
mighty curative fnllueiice. Virulent
blood poisons that lurk In Hie system are
by them robbed of their tcirors, and by
their preserving and somewhat pro
tracted uso tlio most tainted systems may
bu completely renovated and built up
anew. Knlargcd glands, tumors nnd
swe lings, dwindle away In dUpalr under
thu Inlliieiico of these great resolvents.
f..I) A
H.K.Akix Chicago
L. D. Akin c& Co.,
-lleuleia hi
Harness 1 Saddles,
Whips, Collars, Etc.
105 Commercial Avcnuo,
..6i?,T"i10,t' r"v!,rl"K wllh llielr palronuKC
w irilm eiiuipltte llncof kuuU I'loin ulili h t
ftcleit.iitliiilliun iirlim. l'l-ll-wly.
l.Kliroii iii;.i.i:i(s.
Wliolteale uml rutHtl I)wcr in
Foreign and Domestic
No. 60 Ohio Lovoe,
MhsMlS. SMYTH A CO. have constantly
a large stock of the lx-Jt kooiU In tlie mar
ket, amlKUeeupeclal attentluu toltio Wtiolbkitlv
ranch of the liiiAlriioi.
Fashlonablo Barber
Bstwoen Waahlnatou nod Oommsrofal
Coaunereial Prifiting,
At the llcLLtTiN Office, Culio, lllluoU.
HISTORY of the U.S.
The general hiloiesl In our tlirllllnilii'tnry
limkes Mils Hie r.itinl silling Imnkt'lrr nilillrli
cil. It i-ont lina n roll nuroiint ol Iho jzr.iml ( tn
totili ill (AlilMlh'll.
lUri'lON uliI, Incomplete mi. unit li iMe
mil l;s nrr IkIiik elrenliilrili i ih.it Hit- tinnl.
J on Imy i'(itilaiiii) Hi line rnui.iwiiK" ami 'r-f
I'.iKrs. M'lul I'nr elrcnlur uml rli:i litm- Id
ii;;i ills. AiMii m Nali.'.liil l'ut'l l-ltlli w, t ill
c:io, Cnltimliiin ami St. boms
A ilny nl Inline, .Wi'iiU wanted Ontflt
nnil Iviim live. 'IKt'i; A HI., Augii'tn,
Kn VIHIHS'd CAItDSHlHijourii.iliii'llni
t)J ' printed, nenl lor -J-V. We Iimmi
ctjli AjiiiiIii W'niilrili 'i famuli". mii(
rorslnmp. A. II. I I. 1. 1. lilt CO. l!n. kiui,,.l:i-.
gOutllt!i'',l'l' f Hie Am-H.
ct ntiwfl '"eriiincnt iiml IIMory.
-rani (i,..i,il I'lllilUhlii" lloil-e
New Yolk nml L'hlrimn,
A WI.KK RiianiiiNiil In limli-nml
I'diiali' iil'iiiIa In llietr loiitllt v.
Costs iiiillilnx In Irr It riirtleuliirn
frir l' O. VICKKItV.tCO.,
Amku la,AIp,
in Cion t'Tilayiil linine. Saiiiplm worlli
fpj 10 fp4U;, (nv. Mlntuii A. Ciniiany,
I'nrtlalel, .Maine.
" I JsYtllOMAM Y or-dt't. CIIAUMISI..''
.1. How elllii r ' Innv ra-elmiK' an 1 (mill
tin- bile uml nlTerlioni) of any jhtm n ihrr
rliiM -v, Insitaiilly, 'llili art nlliaii -n llee
liiiiiimil. fur . eenl ', ("icr with a MurrHiRi1
liltiili. I .'.villi.,,, flnii'li lliiilll: t. I .
ill h, etc. i,ir ,n('il aoiil u ,u s 11. Si
illinji IM.IAJI tt CO, t'uli'i", riilui
wine w ihcuah
br.V' il forlti I'urllr, SlrrnBUiandl-'luvor
vv.irrntPi to Krrpl'lrkl-a. Wf liiiiriinte II l(
ii. entirely rrfo from KnlpHtic Aeht or oilier lclrrl
ii?HnUnrn. wllh wtilcli Vo-I IVnjTrl.nitr rtp,l
I 'irMlclirAlldroccr, Uiririt Vim-cur Wor. n thi
Wor.il. ,luM9K li U Till SSIXfl & CO., CtiKga
FHs & Ene)sy
Tlie w.ir.-l cam- oi tlie lontse-t MaiiaiiiK In ut
Dn. HEDDAnD's cunii
It Hits Aurcd Thousnntln.
iui'1 wilt Kie sl,'iii r..raiu-e It will not Unellt.
, botlle m nt freu to all wMirv-iriu
.1 i: IHIIHI.I.l;. Clieml-t 1)111. el i.-.-T. I!r,
way, .New Uirk. v 'l-ilAn-lm
vaicii:tv stoki:.
Tew-Y"ork Store
Goods Sold Vory Clone.
Corner 10th St. and Commercial Av,
Blake Co.
(Sueeec'or lo)
Dealers In
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
vVall Tapor, Window GIq.83, Win
dow Shades, &c.
Alivaya on hand, tbe rileliratiil illnuilnMIn
Erom' 33ulldlxip;,
Corner Eleventh Street nnd WaahtnK
ton Avcnuo
Insurance Agent
OZXXO Xi33Xra333.
Orer Hathun li Uhl'i.
!N6en!iilljUt i',rt"t-,:168 Coinpanita rcj.r
Insurance Agents
City National Bank Building, up-italrs.
The Oldtat KatabliHhed Aironoy In Sout j
eru IlunoU, ropreauntini; ovtr
t85 ono nop
St. Charles Hotel,
OAi-ao, ills.
Room and Board, 1st and 2d
Floors, $2,50 por Day.
Room nnd Board, 3d Floor $2 .00 Por Day
SpeoUl Raton by WeeU or Mouth.
A llnilleij number of ery clelr.il.l i.uiillv
.v?;!;,!;"n,r.i1v."M 1,1 ,n,io" iuu"
...i'ii,0.?1, P'"lll- Hie, 111 W4t mill liest uiiiiulnt-
lu,l.l1.(''l'.t;uu,l',vrl,.lll.l,;"l"',,l'lsl',' '""'i?
t,?.l,!" '"lr,"' K"tlllulaiiillii; . ..,.fl
I. r', !!t'11'','! ,M i'r,.i;M.' "'f. "lblu win, u
fuul,li. lUnilly fciipplU-.l willi Hie. my u-i
oi ei niiilnit that can lie timmt in inarUet.
I Inelaiiru winiplo icioins fur rominc rclal tniv
Jii?" irullliil lloor, Ireeoreliniue
-IC-tf. l'riiiitoin.
riHHDg At the IU'l.LUJ'JN Omee, Uiiio, 111,
J. T. WARREN 8l CO.,
Importer jiihI .loliliers of
Foreign Fruits, Amorlcan and English Pickles, Catsups, Saucos
CiililH'il IJoiiit. Hi.li, Nec.U. (Jvriiinii I'lmllli e. ;
. Soup Stuffs, Condinioiito. Flavoriny Extracls, ole olc,
Fancy Groceries in Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to.
(M and GO West Second Street, CINCINNATI.
niM IneiA-al (11V
Wm. Glenn & Sons
Headquarters for Groceries
4,000 Rio and Santos Coffee,
2,000 hhds Now Orloans Suaar,
2,500 bbls N. Orloans Molasses, j
1,500 bbls Whito Rofinod Sugar,
1,000 bbls Yollow Refined Sugar,
500 bbls Louisiana Rico,
100 Tierces Carollnr Rico,
500 h'fehs Groon and Bl'k Tea.
AMI OTIII.lt I'ltDDt tl..
. Ti im.l y Vfn ii..,.. i;i V..O.
V llrt.i-, I're.lilelit. II Welts, Co-liler.
I". .Stir, lee Ties't. T. J. Kertli. Ant. n.-li'r
Corner Commercial Ave uivl bth Street,
CAino, iritis.
y I'.ros, l iiiro Wm Kluicr, lio.
I'. Mir, Oilrti M in Wnlfi . i tilrii.
. mimiiIh, Calri). It Im 1IIIIIi,IJ' ,t. Ixillit.
I' I'mlir, I'siro. II. Wi ll. ilm.
K. II. I'.riiilniaii, t. Inili,
. (ii'iietul lliiiil.lni I'.tisliH".' Iliine.
tTFAcliance no!il ami iMiiiiht tiitrroit jmM
n Hie Sm lnpi llt-inrliii nt. ( nltertioii ininte,
lint all 1,'ifliiwn iniiiiitly iittnnlKl to.
City National Bank-;
OfKl KtW.
W. 1'. HAl.I.IDAV. l'ri-liliit.
IIIINItV I.. HAl.I.IDAV, Vlcerreil.
A It SAKFimil. l.'ililir.
WAI.Ti;iC IIYnl.ill. Ans'tCaililir.
Staxi TAYi.on, H. It CcyitKniiAu,
II. I,. IlAI.llllAr, W. 1' II ILIIMY,
,, I). WlLLIAMXIr. HrKI'IIK.S 1111),
A, 11. .SAIroiiD
Exchange, Coin and United Statos
Bonds Bought and Sold.
KI'OSITS nedvcil and n general ljanUlDK
Enterprise Savings
A. II. SAl'K(ltI, I'realilent,
S.S TAVI.OH, Vice l'resiilent.
W. HVbl.or, heo'vaml'lrettsiiier.
CM. MOCKftltTII, l'AL'MS. bl.llfll,
It. II. C'C.V.SlsnilAM, II I. IlALUDAY,
J. M. I'llILLir.
.VTi:itKST pilil on ilejunlU at the rate nf
i:rcent ieruiiniiin, 'lurch 1st unit Soptein
ler 1st. Inti'icot not wlllulnnvn U mlilcU liunit
lliitcly In the principal ol' the ikpoolls, thereby
living them eniiiiioiinil IntereAt.
Marriod Womon and Children may
uepoBit money una no ono
oIho can draw it.
Open en ry luiiiiieailay fiuiuKi.in. to.1 p.m.
c- .-utiinluyeieiilriifi furfavlnhn ileponlU only
W. IIYST.Or.Troanuriir.
Is Hie (irllllit Old
Which hn Htood tho tost of 40
Thoro is no Roro it will not Hoal,
no LamonoHs it will not Curo.no
Acho, no l'ain, that AillictH tho Uu
man body, or tho body of a Ilorso
or otlior BomoHtio uninial, that
doos not yield to. it raoRio touch.
A bottlo cohUiik U5o,, 60o. or $1
hu8 often saved ttialifo of n Human
Uoing. and Rcstorod to Lifo and
Usofulnoss Many a Valvtablo
Bulletin Buildlnif, Cor. Twelfth Blroet
and WaamnKton Avenue,
Ovlxo, XllixxolM
W'Ccimty nml Itullro.ulWoik' u Specially
l'ho rooplc's Romcdy.
Tho Unlvorflal l'ain Ext actor.
Nolo: Ak for Ponil'" Extrnot.
Tnko no olhur.
"Jlenr: for I 111 tinuk of rvn Hint Ihinjin,'
I nj M rles to Mam or Hunts,
I'ulla, llnilna.
NlrnliiH, (.pruln, Contif
loti, HUtucAtloni.
I"riu liire, t ut, Iicera-
lul or Inci,ei unl
i hllliljllrritf .
k ai il'leeilliiir I.iiiiu-i, or
fi 7 W . sl'llllnrillo.l
II llle-il,niii lllfeil-
II 1 11 ''? '" r Ttth.
M H ,,'i"lll"icl llliioilauil
. Illmxly lHrlniri:e,
, , tllfcit I tr I.iiiiu-i, or
tPlli 111-!,,,,. 1.11.,-
I Hl.nll'lle, (Infjlllhle )'
raljtls, Swellcl Kiirt
ItlK'llllllllNlll, Ithruilllf
; UnSvrelliBKorKorennn,
,Sllllii' or riirneii,
i I.uiuKico, Iviiiih li.ick
Sir4( lliruiil orOuiur,
Inllnii,' il Tonilli.
iDllilliiTlii. Ilronrlil.
IN, AiIIiiiiii.
Sore or InOmnnl Y.vtt u
(iiliirrli, Ixiitvjrrljra,
liiarrhnl, Pynrnirry.
Hinc .Miili'H, InlluirmJ
I'm I ii fill nr im I'rofutt
PEOPLE'S 'n,,t .'. ovarian I).
m uml 'liimura.
. , Klilm-3' 'iliiiliiln,
REMEDY, tii&rl!TZ,u.
i llun of I ii rants, or
ro Ailulu
irleis- Vein-. Kn-
EXTERfJ&L 'rKMlorl'"1'"i vein..
tA I UIIHMU r.,.r, om bor.-, Inter
anii i.. nl Ulcemtton.
HtiU, crbuuclp. Til-
INTERNAL; m. ami llnnloni, Umt
lor ."ore Ft.
TTC-n i'i'",lii:',IIurnrorSl
USL. ... . ill (ialla.
J olm or Whitlow, Frot
i . m I.IiiiIm or l'arw.
Mosimti, r. IhmcI
I yilurf, C'luiMivl ilanda.
fOMt'S IIXTItACr U ar 'al-hyalt I'lral.
( lltK llrllull, u ,i...i.nun.U.ll;
nil llrutvi'l'", rii)lcin, ntnl I'lrrj-
linily win, lin e,TiiFii It.
IMlilplilel ci.ntalnllik- lli.t.rj-ni.il L'-eA null-
,it frii-oii nppllcullon, Tuot foiimlut your
ii.i.r.i3.,iiv V " Y"" ' '
The Gamble Vagon
OA.nao, zxjXjXitozo
ma.nl KAcriritKi) isv
Near Thirth-Fourth Stnot
Wagon Maker,
Manufucturos bin own Jloriw Shooiand
can Aueuro Good Work,
Lock Hoipitl,
nml I'riinldii
Slni'lH, 'l.
enuo, llliimli.
Chin tereil by hu
Klatu ut' IllimU
I or the exiiiTH
I or the exiiiTH
In uu cjitc nl inlHile, rliiunli', iui'1 in 1 1 in ry 1 -
fe.isc.i In nil tlitlr iiiiiiplU'jiliil IUIII19. It H ml
l.noMii that l)r lainiM haH blood tit lheheadi
thu prilled Ion for tlm p.nt :i" jeurs. Aue uiil
fXpcrlcmoiiiiwiH-iiiiiinrtiint. Nemliiiil Wfiilw
nexs, iiIkIiI li4.-ei hy ilreiiini, lilmples on tin
e.ll-l. ll.J, I I ...... .....Ill ur.l I In. IM.J
inn an iiiniiK nml putlnr. You nee no one oui
the iloelor. Dillre liours, n.ni. In " l'-'"- ,f,,,""
iIiivk, lu to p.'. .AH biialncsu strictly ronllilen.
it'll t-rj-ft-aj
Dealer m Fresh Meats
Between Washington nd Oommerotal
Avenues, adjolnlnir Hdnny's.
KKKI'8 for talc tho beat Iteef, Vork, Mutton
Vcat, IjiiiiIi, huuwigc, &a,, and in pn
piJid tc nerve ruiulllea in un uccepttlil niaauei
l.nilleniillnitthe most ilellcnlo ntleutlon. cul
ni Mille. I'lea-inil homii lor patients. A hoot
lor the million. .Manhiite linlile, ivlileh tclh
J H all iihurit tlietfdlM'jiwH who ehaulil iimiij
liV lint lu rent to psy ptne;u. Ur. .Iiunei

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