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- ii ii ii i tit i ii i ' ii wm v rH 1 wa
mIIb Matter Kry
ra,0dMCall ftli ftcm
Th TSiillr UavM-.llM-.
Thi National' Pardocrattc Committee, to
whom lidclfffatcd the pWsr of flx,n ,,ie
time and pUce of holding th National Dem
ocratic joTntlon i Wl$, km appointed
Tucidajr, twMtjNmntt lr of June
nxt. noon,MtU tlm, nd lettcttd St.
Loulu m U plat of holding tucli conrer.
llon. Kadi euu trlH h entitled to a raprr cn
tatlon equal to 4Mbl tbe number of Itf
analon MdtnpRnenUtlrci In the con
gren o( the United 8Utc; and the terri
tory of Colorado, whoio, aduili'loii In July
a a State will filfe It a vote in the next
lectoral college la alio ftirf toil to ond del
ifatei to tho convention.
Oeino.ratlc, Coiirvatlv and other oltl
ie in ol the United State", Irrespective of
pit political afoclaUoni, delrlng to co
operate with the Democratic party In it
prertut tflortJi aud objecti, ale cordially In
vited to Join In nendliiR delegate to the
national convention. Co-operation U dc
ired from all pewoniwiio would change
an administration that lias iuOVred tho
palillc t redlt to become and remain Inferler
to other and leu favored nation.; hae per
mltted commerce to bo taken away by for-
elge power ; ha ttlfled trade by unjiiM,
uueuual aud pernicious legislation; 1ia
itnDoaed unuiiial taxation and rendered It
tnoit buraeniorae ; has changed growing
vroaperity Into widespread tunering and
want; hai tquandcred the publlo nioncya
reckleiily and defiantly, and hamelcifly
uted the power that should have been isllt
to punlih crime, to protect It.
For theie and other reasons the national
Democratic party deem the public danger
imminent, and carncttly doiiroui of trcur
log to our country the blc8lng4 of an
economical, pure and free government,
ordlaHr Invite the co-operation of their
felloweMtxeiu In the effort to attain thl
Thomas A. Walker. Alabama,
t). 11. Cockritl, Arkana.
Krank McCappIn, California.
William H. liarnum. Connecticut.
Charles Ileatten, Delaware.
Charles E. Dyke, Florida.
A. It. Lawtoa, Ueorgla.
CyruiII McCormlck, IlllnoU.
Thomas Dowllng, Indiana.
31. m. uara, lowa.
Isaac K. Katon, Kansas,
Henry I). Mcllenrr, Kentucky.
Henry D. Ogden. Louudna.
1.. D. M. Sweat, Maine.
A. Leo Knott. Maryland.
William A. Moore, MUblgan.
William Loctircn, Minnesota.
.1. H. Sharpe, Mlilslppi.
Jno. G. Priest, Missouri.
Geo. L. Miller. Nebraska.
Thos. II. Williams, Nevada.
M. V. a. Kdgcrly, New Hampshire.
Theo. F. Jtandorjib, New Jereev,
M. W. Kaniom, Worth Caroliua.
John U.Thompson, Ohio.
J amcs K. Kcllcy, Orecon.
James I. Ilarr, l'cnnsyhraula.
Nicholas VanSlyck, llhode Maud,
Thos. Y. Simons, South Carolina.
wiiuam it. uate, Tennessee.
F. 8. Stockdale. Texts.
B.H. Smaller, Vermont.
JohnQoode.Jr., Virginia.
John Blair Uoge. West Virginia.
Oeorge H. Paul, Wisconsin.
Thomas M. Patterson. Colorado.
FRKMUCK O. PrtlNCK, Mxssachusottx,
Cotto.v is aboTe ground and corn is
til teen Inches high In such localltes In
Northern Mississippi as escaped overflow.
The village of Hyde Tark, In Cook
county, pays out for salaries every year
the sum of $20,700. Nearly the entire
revenue is absorbed by the village offi
cials. 1'i.s'NEV, the ltadlcal clerk of the Mare
Island navy yard, fobbed nine hundred
thousand dollars, during his term of ser
vice, with an case that rather Indicates a
Chicago schooling.
If the lower Mississippi country can be
rescued from overflow by a system of
cut-offs in the river above, why may we
not provide against Inundation at Cairo
by cutting off tho seven-mllo Dog-tooth
bend J
If Mr. Willis is wise " noli on to
his collect'-1-'' u,,( ,10t surrender It for
.i unc chaoo lie has In teti thousand to
go to congress. Ho has a bird In hand.
The two in the bush ho hankers after are
wilder fowls than tho paradise birds ol
Uorneo. Hartzell has tamed them, how
ever, and can walls right up aud put his
hands on them. During the next two
years, nt least, Willis will not obtain even
a Kllmpse ol them.
Wi: are disposed to charge the follow
ing "good thing" directly to the account
of Parson Uoodall: Img John Wont
worth Is entirely ald, with the excep
tion of a small tult of hair at the Vtase ot
the rear portion of the skull. Whllo rid-
In 17 nn Mia .v.. .-i. t.w
scratched among this tuft ol hair almost
continuoiiy. A country chap observing
It blurted out: 'I say, stranger, drive
dm i n . 1. - .
.... ,iuu im cicann' nnu you
Vetch 'cm ill In two minutes."
Them Is more In tho effort to organ
...,un wwoouioi the territory of
fw Jl0lco "" appears upon the sur-
JMHi,w representatives favor It
imaon success will add two members to
the list ot Judical senators und prolong
JU.UIUU imwnuancy in mat branch ol the
government. But not a single, wiia and
rmfilclent reason has been urged In fMor
olthe measure, cither in tho senate or
noiise or representatives. The voting
population of the tcrrltorlty docs not
reacn nneen thousand. This, owing to
great excess of moles, docs not Indl
- population ot more than seventv
live thousand. Only about one-tenth of
v c oi American extraction, tho bal
tnco being made up of Illiterate and
'Witless Mexicans, Indlam and half,
reeds. Peopled for more than two hun.
Ired years, and containing a territory
jmterthan that of Indiana and llltuoLT
;t the entire real and personal property
t . man 17,000,000. The
mm oi me wiMDiunts have expressed
,o particular dcslr for Statehood ; the
ten Itor.v lias not Ihn population in en
titled It to Hint liniiur, anil the Pi'ino
crallo lioiifo tdiould sci! to II tlmt It Is not
As the pcoplo ol I'nlro havo had to do
with royal begKry, wo penult the New
Xoik Jlerald, to My what wo have not
tho time to nayi "Ono of tho biggest
nuisance? of modern society Is the IiIjiii
toned bcjTr l, In comparison, respect
able. There is something to ndtnlrc In a
beggar ho confesses to the tact. Kdlo
Ochiltree, the old gnberltinzle. In Scott's
novel of "Tho Antiquary," be
longed to this claw, nnd was
proud of living upon the
general alms of the public. Hut the gen
teel paupers of onr day prey upon their
acquaintances and IrlciuK Too lazy to
work lor their living In any un'Iiil way,
they work a, hard as horses to gain It by
scheming. They regarded Ihelr Irleiuls
a adventures do gold mines nnl arc al
ways prospecting for some new "lead."
It I- dlfllcnlt to deal with this high-toned,
professional beggary, which approaches
Its victim with the appearance of equal"
lty and robs him with all tho polite
ncss Fra Dlavolo displayed toward Lord
Allcash. The noble tieggar who calls
you "Captain" and asks boldly for money
to buy a drink, the tramp who demands
foods and shelter, the professional wo
man, with sonic one else's child, can be
eally dealt with. They can bo gratified
or dismissed, because they admit their
mendicancy. Hut there Is no protection
for the beggar who is not a beggar, but
an acquaintance. The number of such
people Is Immense, and they till
all the capitals of America nml Ku
rone. They claim to be ladles or gentle
men aud move In the best society, but
they are worse enemies to Its comtort
and peace than nil the professional beg
gars that Infest the strcels or prowl
around tho basement doors. The old
song Is right In telling us how tho dogs
bark because the beggars arc coming to
town, some In rags, sonic In lags and
some in a velvet gown. They come In
various ways and garments', and those
who wear velvet and broadcloth are the
most persistent and Insatiate of all."
Will the editor or tho Golconda Hera I J
give us his opinion of J. C. Willis, ef. i
With n few dashes ol his pen he demo);
ished McKealg and Clements aud set up
several pins for Dcitrlch; but his opinion
of Willis has not, so-iar as we have ob
served, found expression. .Mch'calg was
not the man to pit against Hartzell, be
cause, according to the Herald, he de
nounced his soldiers as a "set of lop-
eared hounds." The Jterald't "slander''
did Its work most effectually, and to re
fute it now will not have n retroactive
effect. Ot the six hundred and four men
in Mac's regiment the editor of the Her
ald is the only man who misconstrued
the tho Colonel's language. The regi
ment had just, returned in triumph from a
bloody engagement with the rebels, when
the colonel exultlntrly remarked : "Hoys,
you are a set of leopards, zounds I" and
have ihu testimony of slxty-idx of the
boys that "those was Mc's oreclso lang
nagc." 7'hus fortified, we defy the ed
itor ol the Ifcrald to go ahead and
In dealing with "Little Ike" Clements
the Herald man Is lesi severe, but not less
decisive. He speaks of him as follows :
"The Cairo Sun favors Hon. Ike Clem
ents as Mr. Hurt.eU's successor, and af
fects to believe lilm the strongest and
ablest man In the district. The Sun man
comes about as near telling the truth as
he knows how when hu gives 'Little
Ike' credit for ability and faithful ser
vice, whllo it member of congress, but
we think the remembrance of his defeat
two years ago would render
his strength as an available
candidate doubtful Just now. Dcitrlch Is
the cotnlne: man."
Now, If "Deltrlch Is the ctmlng man,''
Willis Isn't. Taking this as his starting
point, will the editor of the Herald prn.
ceed with his "tlmelr o-ervatlons"
about Willi-?
Oi the four hundred and forty-six dele
gates to the llcpubllcan national conven
tion, already selected, one hundred and
fifty-eight aro lor James O. Blaine,
eighty-seven are lor Morton, sixty-two
ate for Conkllng, twenty-seven arc lor
Bristow, fifty-eight are lor Hartranft,and
forty-two for Gov. Hayes. Many of the
leading llcpubllcan papers regard the
nomination of Blaine as a fixed fact, un
less, as was the caso with Bristow, his
availability Is destroyed by the develop
ment of the early future. In that event
the contest will be between Conkllng and
Morton. Bristow Is virtually out of the
field not because his honesty has been
Impeached, not beeausH he has faltered
In tils .devotion to llcpubllcan prin
ciples, nor yet liecauso he has been lack
ing in icarless diligence In bringing llc
publlcan thieves and defaulters to Justice;
but because (most unfortunate man I) It Is
said that he resigned his position in tho
aniry on accounts ol his unwillingness to
light In close fellowship with tho negro.
The llcpubllcan who holds the negro In
any other regard than that of a man and
brother dies the death ol the politically
damned; ami thus died Bristow.
Louis Houck, Ksq., who. several vchm
ago, practiced law In this city, in connec
tion wiin uuuge O'Mtlveny, has, for sev
eral years past, resided In CaHS Girar
deau. Ho married a lady ol means, and
at once entered upon an extensive prao
mSi'i 'i1!0 m'ent,y u0 Wft engagca In a
lXVxkU a Mr ,,a,,er was defendant,
cowardly ttWym fr(Mmcitl d
he telijtea.dere.iac.it a verbal castlg.
ion that Hi,r(moum.C(,notoll l
but merciless. Mr. Bader feeling dHIn
dined to all Houck to a personal Z
count, commenced u wlt for ilui,a
rig his dainacca at $10,000. Of course
U10 defendant was beaten. The court In
struotcatho Jury that much latitude Is
Klvcn to lawyers In tho discussion of ea
s, and lea tho Impression on the minds
oftheury that aggrieved parties, who
catfoot take eatlifHttlOtt out of thehtdei
nrhllloMongncl. abnsUa laV'jersj' iniuf
grin at'the torigue-lashltigs Inrllcli'il, uii.t
bear them.
Ass lUnnon. Michigan. Is Killlerlnir
the Infliction ol an nngry controversy le-
tween the nllopatiuc nun noineopaiiiic
physicians, In which, we arc constrained
to say, the former manifest consld-
iT.ililc Intolernncc. The bono of
contention Is nn act ol tho legis
lature, creating a homeopathic facul
ty In the State utilversllv. The allopath
chaps recently held a meeting whereat
resolutions were psscu conuemning 1110
nw In the severest termc nml declaring
that homeopathy is no where recognized
In the science of medicine. They lurther
ilonlnrp It (he dutr ot the State Medical
association to so alter Us constitution ns
to debar graduates of tin university
who receive Instruction liom homeo
pathic professors, of the lights ol mem
liershln In said association. Too much
"clos roiunumlon," In thai, altogether,
W'uiv of Mexico? A ilWpalch from
Galveston announces that a bloody battle
was In progress near C.imargo, between
the forces of General Mcojiedo and
thoo of the government. The losses on
both sides are reported to be very heavy.
and several Innocent persons havo fallen
victims to the exploding projectiles of
thu contending nrmk. The news Is as
vet Indefinite, but we learn sullleieiit to
inform us that the Mexicans are "at It'
full swing, and aro enjoying 1111 ntinos
phere loaded with the lumen of villainous
saltpetre. Kseobede Is a chronic revolu
tionist, and may be, said to be never easy
In his mind except when he Is lighting
somebody lor something.
I'mMiiiK.vr Gkant has been making
good use of the troops stationed at Jef
ferson barracks, In the management of
his stock larm. Captain Itoblnson testi
fies that hu was'peremptorlaly ordered to
repair to Grant's larm and lay olf a half
mile track. He obeyed the order. He
further testified that the tarrlers and
horsc-shoers stationed at tho barracks
were detailed to do service at the farm as
often as twice n week. And lor all this
work and the material employed the
president has paid not one cent. He is
"the quiet little man who never makes a
mistake," ehr
Rhean Paid linn. 1,000 on account or
S'rookeil I. J. CoiiklInK raid
hlaa Money.
C'nicu;o. Mav 10. In the Muun whl-
kv trial to-Uav after u number of witness
es had been called Jacob Rhcm was call
ed torthc prosecution. Up to tins point
the testimony lias Decn cnicuiaicu not so
much to Implicate Munn directly as to
snow that large sums 01 money nan vecn
paid to lUiem, who paid It over to
olhcrs. Ithcin testified that the first
motiev he received tor illicit
transactions was $500 from Mr.
Hesing. The distillers gradually ad
onted the nlan ot runnlm; crooked, and
Muun, Bridges, and other ollk-ials allow
ed it, aud shared the profits: had paid
large amounts ol money to Bridges, pro
bably $40,000 to $15,000; paid money di
iiCTirwayH eeiu iiuucu iu uisiuiitsui in
tended visits from government officials.
On cross-examination Itehm said he was
first seduced Into whisky stealing by A.C.
HcIiil'. Witness proceeded to state how
the cao was presented to him by Hesing;
how the various distillers paid large
amounts as election assessments. Of
these I.elim was the dlsburscr. He paid
to Hon. J. D. Ward S2.,000. Hesing
got a big share of tliW. nard knew
wncre mis money came iroiu ami inai 11
was Illegally obtained. 111 dinrcn, isu,
Munn Inspected Jlocllc & Junker. Wit
ness asked him what hu thought. Muun
said he ought to report It. Witness said
"belter let it go, he would settle It :"
witness said he was worth $200,000 or
more ; had received fraudulently troui
distillers, etc., $110,000 to $120,000; used
512.UOU to au,wu in pontics; uau never
been nroralsed immunity by the rovcrn-
mcnt. but It had been intimated that if
he turned state's evidence, the court
would take it Into consideration.
1. J. Conklln, formerly revenue agent
In Milwaukee, testified that Mr. Munn
nad tnudc to him a story of fraud while
ruling to a msiincry 111 aniwaiikeo anil
that he had received money from the dis
tiller there which he paid to Munn.
At the conclusion of the testimony for
tho day which concludes the prosecuting
evidence, the prosecuting attorney re
marked that the evidence was overwhelm
ing. Col. Ingersoll offered to submit the
case immediately, without rebutting tes
tlmoney or arguments. This nropoal
tlon was declined and the court ad
The Demoernlle Trltiimlr.
Krom the New York Herald.
With any Just comprehension of their
relations to one another and to the coun
try the three distinguished men who are
rffritnl'i(l ns tlin fi irr.itii.at l.nllt'Miinl j
In Democratic opinion, In the three great
sections of thu country, will not let a
great opportunity drift away and be lost
in a profitless contention as to which of
the three shall be noiniuly first. They
must settlo this point between themselves
hA.Mt t, .n .... i . ., ,
ui irciliiib 11 iu ij "vuiiii liuwvccil
ttielr Immediate Intimates, ami
when their names come beloro tho con
vcntlon they must not come as resolute
and relentless opponents, any one of
mem rcouy 10 rise on the ruin of tho
others ; lor It happens they must nil fall
together. They must go before the re
presentees or the National Democratic
convention prepared to hear with satis
faction thojudginenl by which It gives
precedence to one, and ready also to ratl
ly tho virtual compact that the other two
skill bu associated with that one in olllce
ir he shall receive the sull'rages of the
It may be said that this bargains away
the great olllces belbru they arc secured ;
hat it commits thu president to n pledge
before he receives olllce that Is to blHd
him In olllce, and that It requires of him
action tliat he may not deem altogether
wiso when the occasion conies to act.
hvcry government that Is a good govern
ment Is founded 011 bargains Just like
this; is a scheme ot pledges nnd guaran
tees and compacts between thu various
parties to such bargains. A II government
that docs not proceed on bargains like
this Is mere personal government, thu
result ol tho seizure of the political
machinery by armed force, as In thu case
or the first Napolean, or by Intrigue aud
conspiracy, as In the case of the last Nn
po ean. livery president I. put In olllce
with us on the assumption that ho will
govern by means uftho great men of
i.JS ieoUinitryl U8 ovcry constitutional king
1 M? ,nro,,u H similar theory.
General Grant aud George III. have been
?r n Mi 1,0 ..mo't conspicuous Instances
ZL i& Yh,!Mo!- or ,,,e -hewy. tliey
Violated it in the same way and sub'tan-
tlally fur tlea tame ren'onsi Ueorge:.-!!!.
Indulged hlf pei soiml pitlciences In tho
choice r mlnlstc!, miu perhaps
was unablu to lo'.npreheiid Hint
that whs Improper. H did
not jtercelve imv coii'titutlonal duty
in the premises. He did not want dls
agreeablo statesmen alwut him who
would bother him with polities. Ilu
wanted about him the men could Ike,
and thought tho men he Hketl could do
all that was necessary, and to hu went on
thinking till ho lost his kingdom, a world
of great colonies, such a no nation ever
had before. Grant also toll Into thu
same aiulablo error, ami has caused lo
his country a loss that may proves greater
than that which Georgu III. caused
Knglaud, lor ho has hall forleitcd tins
triumph or the North gained our great
It Is proM!r, llierefore. lo return to
that traditional svsteni of our great par
ties which gives '11 guarantee that great
olllces shall he filled bv great men under
compacts that hae lulilnd them such
sanction as tho assent f patty eonveu
lions; and It Is csjueially ie to return
to this system now when It points the
wav to a harmonious l"ii' from the rival
claims of (ho great men ol a parly hap
pily well supplied with such niateilul.
. -
The Credit Mublllrr Huim-Tlir I in.
irnrtmiiii Trlxls l'l l.ork An
tielintil Tli l.uiiNlitiii- T.'llblr.
Wasiiinuion, May Hi. -The Judiciary
committee to-day decided to report 11 res
olution to the liouc which will Mart the
Credit Molillier Mills In thu supreme
court. These suit., It will Ihj remember
ed, were allowed toeoine to a standstill
hyj Attornev-General William, and
rierrepont has not shown any Inclina
tion to prosecute them. Thu re-oliitlon
will bu reported to thu house on the first
Notwlthstaudliig the predictions to the
contrary, the dchnto In the senate to-day
conclusively proves that it will be decided
that the senate has Jiiri-dlctlou to pro
ceed with thu trial 01 Belknap. All the
leading lawyers of thu senate. lMmuiids,
Conkllng. Thurmaii and others lavor
Jurisdiction. The ground taken is that
Belknap resigned toccape Impeachment,
and that his resignation, besides, wn not
valid, aud that while hu resigned ut 10
.1.111.. ami was imiH-achcd nt n p. in.. Ihu
law does not know nny fractions of a
day, and that he was legally secretary ol
war till midnight ol the day he re.-lgned.
A vote by the senate will probably be
reached to-morrow.
A HK.lD-I.OCK I'ltOllAlll.K.
There Is a decided prospect of a serious
(lUacreement between the House ami sen
ate on the legislative. Judicial and execu
tivc appropriation bill, which is now be
ing considered by a Mib-committce ot the
Senate louimiticu on appropriation
The bill, as it comes from the house, cuts
down the number ot salaries ot nil per
ons employed In the civil service of the
eovcrnmcnt. the sub-commltteo will
nnisli me consideration 01 anil report tuc
bill to the run committee in n lew tlays
The indications are that the committee
will recommend a disagreement with the
house 011 many material provisions of
the bill, and that the senate will adopt Die
recommendations ol tho conimittee. It
is believed that a dead lock Is Inevitable,
and that the ses-lon will last till August
Titoniu: is Loctr,u.v..
The cabinet session to-day was of near
ly three hours duration. Ihe liuislana
difficulties were the chief tonic of conver
sation. All members oi the cabinet were
present. A telegram from acting Gov
Antolnu to Gov. Kellogg, who Is now In
tills city, was read by the president, the
purport of wAU.-vmc- in' r.aei rcirciuna
and other points, and recitinir his difficul
ty In securing military authority to pre-
... ... 11 1-1 1 In .. . 1.1. . 1
win uiuuuBiiuu, n-i -fen ik 11m uiif-rciieil-
slons that further disorders were
probable. The acting-governor also tel-
graptied that the 1 nlteu States authori
ties were not Inclined to act without a
violation ot the United State; laws. Tho
result or the consideration of thu matter
lu the cabinet was the sending of a tele
gram to Gen. Augur, commanding
United States forces in Louiiaria,Initruct
Ing that officer on a requisition of the
governor and on Its appearing that tliu
local authorities are not able to preserve
order to give such aid as in his dittrctiou
may be necessary to prevent bloodMieU
and violence.
Dr. Hbb- I'alarrti Rtiiivtly
is no patent medicine humbug, got up to
dupe the Ignorant mid credulous, nor Is
It represented m being "composed of
rare aud precious substances brought
trom the four corners ol tie earth, car
ried seven times across the great dc-ert
of Sahara on the backs of iMirtecn am
els, and brought acro-i tin- Atlantic
ocean on two f-hips." It is u' dude,
mild, soothing remedy, a i rlcct specific
for Catarrh and "Cold in ti Head;" al
so for ollenslve breath, loi? or Impair
ment of thu sensu ol smell, !ate, or hear
ing, watery or weak eyes, pain or pres
sure in the head, when eui-ed, as they
all not unfrequently are, ly the violence
of Catarrh. (JHr-Vd&w-lw.
Tlie Hcii.i.iin iirintlnv
'liitalilnlllinit lnukco a
clalty if Hill Ilruiln.
Vnti lfMjii. Itl.. Iffl.l
Statt-racnts, Canli, Ktc IKik rt thme prices:
Hiuull nlie Mil IhwU, ja-r PiCO. .a U)
Medium nlu: 1111 lifads, jier tboisitml 3 7
All on fuuitrvn pound por, trllle mill.,
rutwl two w-iits jkt ouml IiIkIit tlian iaj,.T
mjjl by any ;.tl,er onict mini it onlirat the
inllls e-iKCittlly for this onire
htutcmrnts. t'urlyhlf, r ! 011
Utler ll.-a.ls, Curly.le. rr 1(.... .., 4 m
V.0,r..Ht',Ml,,.t',r5'"u'' lr " .. 3 oil
litinK ranis lTiiackapp 7
uwn 1 card., No. 1 .,,!,. ,rlol jour(
pfr 1000 m, jti tZ A 4,
Iluslnesseunls, Jfo 1 hl,a .rP-1i s UJ
Wiuirter-ili.t t, r.ulr-,-tf ruu-aJiHt and llirte-
S!r'rr ' 0,1 w"k '1"r "''""I
silu'l'l''11'' ""k Wofk '',lc ,JU "wh
OKKICK A.SI) lti:sil:.V(!i'i t-ii.s. m..i.
lictw.rn Washlnglun und Commercial Ate mie.
w,r C'AIIIO, 1I.I.S.
It . Of Kvel v ll..jcrl,,ll,m
ft t'llfltp,
At the HUUMHH Olllce, (Jaii.o. Ill
3D as x x n. s
Straw Felt Works
SOS . illhNirret, Ni. t.l. Mo,
:il,r.""if.vUMi.hmeiit 01 IlicU'i.t. fir.KArll.
mi im iV,f'V'',:,llNt,, "' Ml U i t
Job Friatiae
3 tmi:
City National Bank
CAPITAL. - - $100,(10
- om.'KHs.
W. ! .llAIJ.IllAV,'l r.nldnt.
IIKNKY Ii. HAI.I.IIiAV. Vl.l'rl.
A II HAKr'illtll, l.'ish r.
WAl.TKIt IIV.SI.UI1. ,fM Cashier
S. 3rlT. TATLON, I! II. l'ltNl11lllkU,
II l, IIali.1I. ay, . I'. Mali 11.0,
U. It. Wll lUiiJie), sttiiii tlihi,
A . II, MIKlSl),
Uxchnnge, Coin and Uuitod Statos
uouaa uougnt ana bout.
DKI'OSI I.H i.ci'hi.t uml KelieMl hliLllig
K llr.i. I'ti Idem II VV. lid, Cuililir.
I'. Sill, Vice I'l.Vt. I..I- hrilli. Ami. nh'i
OorliftrOoiiilimrC'liil Avti ninlbthHtio.il,
Oitirto, xxjXjjei.
llltll.l "HH'..
K. llro, Culro Win. Klure, l i.lro
I'. Nitf. ChUii. Will Wolfe, C-ilr...
A. !-iinulH, Cairo It I.. llltlini.'iley,Vt l,ii
K, Under, I'ultii II. W.ll., i.'Hir...
r' II. llrliiKiiiuu, -t l.iiii,
. (leiii'lHl HmiklliK HuiliieHH Hone.
13-K.Jclimipe ohl and boilcht Interenl .'.ld
II I In' .1 1 llemrllllelil. I.'.illivllnua 11. lid.',
lid lillli'lsln.-s. iluniil) attended lo.
Enterprise Savings
A 15. SAKKOItll, Tn-ldeut
S.S TAVl.Oll, Vice I're.ldelit
V. HVSl.or, ec'v utlTinuum,
f, 51 bTOCKILKIII, l'ACL (i. .S I1L1I,
It. II IXx.si.xniiAM. II I.. IUlliuay,
.1. M. 1'lllLLll ..
tSTKUKST M on U"iU it the rule ol 1
croeut ierauuum. Slarch lit and f-tplein
Mr lit. Interna not llhdmwn U ldel lmlue
1 lately to the iirlnriiul of the dejKjjIU, thereby
rlrliu; turm comiMjuntl lutemt
uarriod Women and Children may
Deposit Monoy and no one
olso can draw it.
Oitn ercry hmtnedy rrorafti in. lo.1p.in
a i oalnnUy eveuln r. fur aaTingt deiKMlt oulr
romt! to S o'clock.
W. HYSJOP. Treaamrr.
K. J. Ayrea. 8. I. Ayi-..
And (cneral
No. 03
Hour Merchant
Millers' Agent
So Ml Ohio lA:tr,
7- r. tr.
Dealer lu
All Linda hard uml fori,)
Mill and Yard,
2ornor Thirty-Fourth Stroot and
Ohio Lovoo.
Insurance Agent
OTtr afathuis a Uhl'i.
VTONK hut ririt-Cliuu Coiujiauleu
Insurance Agents
City National Bank Building, up-iUln.
The Oldaat EaUbllahedAirenoy In SoutU
trn IlUnoia, repreaentlnir ovr
185000 OOP
ar. o. xxuoia,
Bulletin Bulldlnif , Cor. Twelfth atrnet
uud WMhlnitton Avunua,
Cairo, Illinois
WCoiiiim- and ItHllroinl Work 11 Hl'ecliilly
llllHll'I.TH !ltl(l .IllllllI'M (lP
Foreign Fruits, Amorlcan and English Picklos, Catsups, Sauces
' 4
Oiiiiiiw.I OiMttln, l'lji, Ni-i'iU. (lariiiiui I'rttiliici'.
j 1 Soup Stuffa, Contlimonts, Flavoring Extracts, tc, etc.,
Fancy Groceries in Endless Variety
Ortlors hy Mall Promptly Attended to
(J4 and CG West Soconfl Street, CINCINNATI.
llir lllr,il 1 '
Are Tou Coing to Paint?
rt.ud h.r ii- in Wlilt.i.iHid er Unn Itiuittri.t Diir.'iniit Colom, nudenratiiillv iiliur
W lule l.idd, iiu' nml l.ni e, Oil Clu iiili.ullv KiiuMuid. HUiimitnl Murli Ituiidaoinvi au.l
Clieuper, and tit 1st 'I W U I AS I.11M, ai uii) idh. t nilnt llh.11 li.keii lh l-'lrt I'miiiuiii ut
l lily Mule KiiImiiI Mm- I iiluli, uud I .u. 111 in lhiiiinint iir the Iiu. I li,n.. In Iheeoitiitn .
Addre, 3vriXiij3i2r. nnoi'MEiiiH,
i iiii-r.s limn 11 ii,saii i,i nn xun r m i.. ill at. Cluirilt., UtuvolutiU, Ohio.
il-W-W 1.
' r. 11. . .1- . .. ' -- -r
I'ho Pcoi.Io'b Rcmody.
Tho Univorunl PuinExt uutor.
Nuts : Aak for Pond'1 Extraot.
Tako uu other.
"Il.ur fur I will leak i.f excolUnl IhliiKt.
Ilnjiirlratu iUn.irlh-ajt,
I Kail, llrui'iti.
sirMlu, -trnlri, Coutu-
loin, llUlwatlonn.
I'rarliirt", cuu, Ijtoru-
Itxlor lticirl Wounds
,unliiimi. "
. . a,.... . .
j tit iiiiit-i tji
2JHII1UK..I ltU.O.1
.Votti llleeit, und IlUfd-
inr l.uin or '1 11 lit .
Voiiillliisor nioixl and
lltuody lllcluri;e.
-. tn.lL.,. I'll...
I lllludl'ile, (luulllhla )'
ntlKla, Swelle.1 Kurc
iatbriiuiailiii, Ithcttirui
I tlcSwdllusiir.Siiivixaa,
'AtlUueaiH r ..otTtiei,
I.umt.aKO, lame lltck
r Tltroal urQuiuj,
Iiiflitine Ton II.
Illpllirrln, llronrbl-
1 IlK, AOtlllllll.
Htirri.r Iuflune.1 Era 11
('Hlurrli, Uurrrh9,
llUrrhea, tljrevnter)'.
Sara Xlpplro, ludainkd
1'nlnriil or too I'ruliue
Milk Iir. Ovarhin I1-
.u nml 'limiur.
nrti rr I iirMvi-Ta,
nu airaunr'
tion ur inranu, cr
"" tarlroan 'Vrliia. ;.
FXTFRNII 1 larKwliirlnllaii.nl Vein.
tA I CnnNL U,-rr. Old oorn, InUr
ami, L ..to1 Ulcrratioiia.
inolla, Curliunrlea. T11
rarmTinvaT .inora. Hut hwellliiu.
INTERNAL 'rn n 1 lluiil..m, Ulml
nl or Sore Kurt.
Ttni-i 'l"flnf,IUn1ni)r.Suil
US. die ..nil,.
'Hon ,r Whllluir, rrot-
ed l.liuhn i.r I'url.
Miittijiillo IlUen. Insert
I ntliiK, L'Iuiim1 IU111U.
FU.VR'N KXTIIAIT I Tor alel.y all I'lral
'l.is llriiK-Ulti,aiii etoiiiinende'lhy
all l)ru(:(rit,, l'hyiiclan, and nerj.
buily Hholum i'i r in.-d It. .
PHHipllIrl rontalliln.r lll.t.jrr und Uelnll
e. lie.-1111 uilli Alli.ll, lfn.it li.lllid lit J l.nr
New York nml I.oii.I.iii.
St. Charles Hotel,
Room and Board, 1st and
Floors, .$2,50 per Day.
Room and Bouril. 3d Floor (2 .00 rur Day
lapaoUl Rata by Weak or Mouth.
A limited niniilri-r of erv dc-in.hln l.iuillr
rooim run U- Het ureil utmiolinhle rutr lor Ihe
Miiniiier iiinnlh.1
'I he. St Chnilen U the hirKeatuudlM-xt ill. point
I'llloiue in Southern Itllnola, and l Ihe lemliiiK
noiei in i.uiro. .-niunniiuiiuiiiK 1 n "lieu
ltocL" reduction In irlii-, Ihu utile will, a
iipiiuI. he HUrallv eiiMillcil with lheerrhet
iifeeryililiijihat can I! found in mark, t,
Kinc lure Kimple roonm for .'oiniiien lal Iniv-
ier, on uruimd floor, free of . halve
trjVAll huiriraifeof iriiuMl4 eone t-l lonnd Itolo
the liolel wllhoiit . hnrire.
11.wr.rr wii.-ii. ,ii-()
MU.tr, I'minkturv.
Commission Merchants
No. 100 Commeroiul Avenue
AilViiticcH 11111. tc on (.'(inliiiiienl. Alt
ktraclx nl Title inwle, (.'cnvi'Vuiii'f! nml
(.'ollfctlons uttciiile.l to.
I'ltO.MI'T ui:.iitta,nci:i.
Auction Hultn Kvury Saturday '.Murnliifc',
Wholesale Grocers
Oommiesion Merchant!
ft? Ohio Iiovee.
Win. Glenn & Sons
Headquarters for Groceries
4,000 Rio and Santos Coffee,
2,000 lihds Now Ortoans Sugar,
2,500 bbls N. Orleans Molasses,
1,500 bbls White Refined Sugar,
1,000 bbls Yellow Refined Sugar,
500 bbls Louisiana Rice,
100 Tierces Carolinr Rice,
500 h'fclis Green and BI'kTea.
AMI (iTIIiat l'llMDI . I
(IS. 70 mill 7'i Villi Mrn l. IJI.V.. o.
See Here.
I lu veil nun I
(,arl, I'rlnu,
i!raih t hv then do ir,.i un.te monev nn
rtllidlerf fcitrad ttnd lo Ihe ohl letuhle
!i.ueir Hunter .t I o. KiUllUhetl in l""1
We ti..t y all ImmiL), nil (TO(U and lit l.,we-t
rai- -end rirint-of thetc. 'lninlc full l
l'uii, l: ll.iiT lu win a settirart, Wc;
ioldtn Wh.el t'tittiinc lelltr, K't HotiL '(
l Itcr, ,Vv f Holing M.vlt .a)r. Il
Mnrnrau'- Jl.m,nry Ktioted, i:ii,, lllnlratel,
"e How to rite thort hand, '. ; How In
niinitenii eeiilrnr l'mly. W. li.helia inw.e
.ay, How .iiwiiUim miii, t 1 l-ji eur
alii , 'ocil t -In . aiil, r'nniilir'lelilni Cnrd.
Ie MaLInu l.nlt. I kll.d .ath In cr onl
..' 1 (.'oinpltli- r.x'Ltl lli.'le, f-V 1 (heater
Ill-Id'. Utler Wrltci, l"c i Jfonilor ot tree-ma-onrt
, j llnw to w in and hoir to woo,
3i,' I 'I he lM r iMt, 'IK ; Ivlle' ( .11 1.It- In
be-aiily, iv, Ac . An , An lie im inl-r uuy or
all of he ahoieulll 1-.cut 10 )nu ir. ui.l on
iri-i.t r prirt.-. Wc Import ami huut u. lor
eltnund noaree lMi.,ki. IVe inlf It a etudy
We Mint yi.ur nlrune. -rnd for uiir clrrii
I tr. It will uv j.m to !-l will. 11 Ho not
rlk 111.11.cy wllli awlndlen hill tend nl bl.ee 10
I lie "old I. liihlej," Hunter A Co., lllu-UI. ,
SAij MONEY"'!'
V I -a t .lolllde
Ini)'l. wurlh IimmI .,r Jl". Whr IioI.
Tlirl.r-.,. S' I.' Ii..ll..h.lu .11,. T.t.it-
1 0.1 ran
lo II
.... ...,.,. -.ir, i,i,n,oiuei,i eir. ei,
llotoii, U llriiilr .!,lilil, ai,J fr ...j,, u.
ohl really tat.i.ilile kixxU Worth l Vllotl 01
al a lltttl price ofi.nly one Hollar H'e ale rn
ilori.e.1 inl rroiniiirndtl hjrlhe l-t iuih-m
.-iihI Ihe trading incrclulit. Our a!e I an lion
omhlr bii-in.Ki . nl'tpilie, ne ifoo.l al
ei than other. lenient, lu lhe lime it iuiy
to ie inoney. We vll Jruelrr, 'liter and
plated ware, plaMwarr, rullrr). ilrr and fanry
ood. LMurriei., teat.ooU.va, iptcea, amllli Tart
ew-rj HiliiK. iuclildlii .... elegant Ih1
u h chrtliilt at one dollar and llll)i-. nU to four
dollar, and all forJiKl one.h.llar llirlnno
tirkrl, unl. r tliii, or other lrl.-l.er. I Ine ih.Uu.
Mtiur-uny aitide 011 Ihrliat. .Ve Moll. t
)ii nt iciH.ii iieinni l-niv i. r iK.I'it lint
i.iua nltet the H,i,iihiiy ol our yi.nt .j,. t
.viniiot ilie an) Idea heieof our hiiiiie our
li'lofi;'Hli Mould HU thi enllie .air fiend
at onre lor eirr.iUr and leeomineiidmlnii. fioib
our patrona. Voucjii mternh. Will vr,u do
II IfCMtddriM al 01.ro II. I IJtMI.S I O.V
III. V 1 . hill III) Cue it.
I i, . ....J MIIM.fllllt-Ml -11
I It Kt.lll. .Ma? . (IA31'S-i.-wiii
Lock Boipital,
t ItHlllllKl.lll
unl rmukllit
Mre-. hi.
IC. Illlliiila.
I'lllllerid h) Hie
Male .,1' llllnoi
for Ihe ekl,l,"t
l,lllpoe.i chili)
111 nil t'itea ol private, rhrniilr, and utlimiydl
in all their roiiipli.at.d Iniliii'. II id wrll
known that Dr .laiuiahua nUexl at lh.'hei.d..r
the prnfeitkiou lor the ut i-ura Aire and
experleiKealeitll. liiiiMiilanl, Meiullilll M't-iik
iic-jk, nlj;it utH- hy 1I11111111 ilinpl.Ti on Ilie
fare lojl mauluMid -:iu pooilirely le rill. id
IjulleawuntiliK the lllo.t ili llc.lle 11tte11ll.u1, rail
or write., rleariunl home for inllenU. A Ixxik
for Ihe million. JlarrinKe (inlile, whidi Ie'!
you all ateiut tlie.ll.eaeii who houlJ many
wIit not lu it mi lo pay )iohiv. Hr' Jitmea
ha :ai rooiiKiiiid parlni- You re no one hut
the dortor. Illhre lion 1 H, ! ii.in . lo 7 p ill. Mil.
dtiVH, ij to IJ, All hualiiei. alrirlly iMiiilldeu
Hal. l-.'-'-iUw-ly.
Slat Hoofers,
Itooflng and Guttorlng a Spocialty
Slate-Roofiing a Specialty in
any part of Southern
Lightning Bods, Pumps,; StovoB
and Tinwaro.
Johhlnlt jgrqiaPlly Poaa-
Ik tin: Uriliul Old
2d I lH
Which haa. stood tho tost of 40
rhero is no soro it' will not Hoal,
no Iiamonoss it will not Curo. no
Ache, no Pain, that Afflicts the Hu
man body, or tho body of a Horso
or othor Doraestio animal, that
doos not yiold to its magio touoh.
A bottlo costing 26o., 00. or $1
has often saved tho life of a Human
Boing. and Restored to Lifo and
Usofulno8s Mauy a Valuublo
in t.d'.lw ly.

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