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Real Estate Column
Alexander county latuls. Cairo lots,
in exchange for HI. I.onlt prorty.
Thu south hull of Hip "Hint" lioup .'it
Cottage on Fourth rUnel, ttetwreii
Commercial and Wftuhwijrlon avenue.
Cottage on Ninth Htreet, west or W'al
nut street, $12 CO.
Cottage on Fourteenth strtet, tvest
nt Wnthlngtoii avenue, $11
Saloon and fixtures, aotttliwest corn
er Eighteenth Mm itltd Commercial
ivenue, at u bargain.
Cotfagt! on Ttvrlltli street. svrst of
.Nnnmcrclal avetnle, $10.
Dwelling house on Cross wticet, ww
of Washington avenue.
ItiulncfrthoiKcon Levee Mreol, above
F.lghth, $20.
A goo'l cottage on Twenty-Ninth
trcet, tienr ComiiwwcW avenue,
Store! room on Commercial avenue,
text to Wsiverly hotel. $10.
Cottage of 4 rooms on Twenty-third
street, (lood yard and cistern.
(lootl dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Tweuty-Kcond and Twciity-tli'.nl
streets, $10.
Store-room corner Twentieth and
roj.Iar streets, $li 60.
Store room adjoining above-, $8.
lloue on Connnerclal avennr, near
I 'j tli street. Suitable for business and
I welling, f IS.
Teaapsrnts numbeml 7, H and
'.), Winter's How, rooms each for $10
I wr month. Will lc nut In ilnt-class
Store room lit "ifilot House," lately
cupled Isy A. Halley.
levelling house on Sixth atreet and
letleraon avenue $10.
Orplian Asylum building and pieml
. Henl low, to a good tensnt.
.Store room, corner Twentieth and
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
ftoofiut In varlotu part ot the city.
! .acids, la tracts to Milt, near Cairo.
VlrauK Nlalr Brer
at tin! Thalia saloon, opposite Ihe ltt'i.
i.kiiv ntthe. It'
Vleiuin Malvittar aster
' U."' 'J')1-1"'' "iloon. opposite the Hrr.
nvnirW. If
Ar.r. hocii. . hoch, at Ins itiop and
store room, No. 90 Commercial avenue,
h:i for f ale a itock of boots and shoes of
hi on ii make ; ului a lull stock of leather
mid findings for die; anil a
large Mock of St. Lout cus
iotn made ImhiU and shots. He
keeps the licit material and it up In all
the latent style. Ill 111 arc rfiit, and
satisfaction Is guarantee:!. Give him a
call- n:i-tf
.loo Areata
Wanted In llllnios lor tin- new lllu
irattil Thistle Kdlllon of Hlr Walter
-k-oti's. Waverly novels and other popu
l.ir publication, l.ltieral Intluccincnls to
ikm agent. Send lor circular and
lertus to W. II. Katon ,V Co., 12.i I 'lark
Iteet, I.'doiii "ft, (.Iilcago. l-'JT-eoil-liu
SAuutl! N ihiiI!
For mIu at $1 .V) per load. Stove w.vxl.
awed nnd spilt, $1 per cord. Four toot
wnod,$:t .V) per cord, delivered hi any
pal tot Hie illy. Itlg jot nf stove wooil
.in hand. Leave order at No. HI Klghlh
it reet, and lltey will receive prompt at
tention. .VKMin. F. W. Waish.
We will i;iy no hills contracted by any
I'liiployi! of Tun Un.uniN, utihs the
same Is mailt! on a written order siguctl
ny the prllcul or secretary of the com
pany, and we will accept no orders given
by an employe of the company, lor any
purpose whatsoever.
Caiiio IIiu.i.ktin CflMI'ANY.
November It). IW.". tl
ONleuiilal M-rr llnll-iir ftloaa.
Fivil llolhelnz has newly fitted up his
place In the most beantiliil and magnlll
cent stvle, and Is thu handiest and coolest
place In the city lor comfort In warm
weather, lie has also a private room for
ladlei, separate from 1 1 in bar room, and
will try to make It as comlorlable for his
cu-toiners as possible, and will
try to treat everybody with re
Fpcct. He will also have on hand the
Ih'H brands ol cigars; liquor. and wine,
and other cool drinks which thu Centen
nial 'times require, no will nl.-o have
lunch at all hours day and night, and a
big Ceutcnni'il glass of lager beer always
on hand, cool and creamy, which can't
he heat In Cairo. lie will have on hand
In the restaurant lino Swiss cheese, I.im
ticrger cheese, hand cheese, Holland her
ring, sardines fardelies, anchovles.cavlar.
pig' feet, sour tongue, pickled tongue,
pickled eels sandwiches, and nil other cat"
Idles In the market. Come and give him
A .Nn, I Lannflrjr,
It is now conceded that Mrs, Coleman
the laundress No. Vi Fourth tired, be
tween Wihhltigton nnd Commvrclil uvej
lilies, liai one of thu belt conducted latin
dry ejtiililllini(nl8 In the ?ily,am! land
lords ol hotels and hoarding hoiuea will
liud (t to their mlvanUgu to call upon
her. Her prices are ns lollows i Hotel
and boardliig-house wathlng "5 cent
per dozen. For piece work price are a
follows: Single shirt and collar, l.lo; per
dozen, NOV.; sock, 5e; two collarn, fift;
two handkerchiefs 5u; vekt, 20c; anil
all gentlemen's wear, SOc. per dozen.
Ladles plain calico drcsfie, 2Ac; calico
dri'-i' with extra trltninlngs.COc; white
dretrca, '$ 26o Indlea' Hiulcrwnre, fine
and coarse, $1 00 per dozen. l-3:Ml.
The undersigned la preparrd to pump
nut and repair cisterns or build now ones
on short notice mid at callsfactory prices.
f. K. ITaU'KIV4.
3'ld anil Cedar street. I'oMnrlli'i box
6SI. . ,
4 oeiMa
Fllty cents nt Winter's flnllery.
mt bulletin.
ton siiKittrr.
W are tnUiorltfd to ooinxe JOHN II.
KOIIIX8UX Mran4tUSr (thrrttor Alfi
amltrrowiljr.altht cunitoR eoiioly clcctlmi,
Wc trr anlhofttrit to finoiiar that It. A. t'A
mumlKin lsn Itnlrptndrut Kmbllrati unll
lUlf lor Mifllff, t thr rniulax rounly tlnllmi.
Wc r mithorlfnl In unnounc I'KTKK flADI',
iir an liinpndf nt rnilille rnr nueriB or ai
Mnttrruunl)r, tl Ihr fiuulnjc county rlrrtlon.
KBlahlK of I'ylbUt, tcU emy Krl
ibvnlktit at Ualf-wwl mm, tnOthl-
Ktllowt' Hall. How,
Chaaccllor Cominanih-r.
a .lu.a llialav nf lMlaVplai
I low. nwU Try TbrniwUr Blalil
aw alhair-iiacTeai i; ;iwm
,'oiBinrrclal arnw, bttwwn BlaUiaoJ Sjvrutb
"lAIBO KNCAMl'HKNT, I. . O. O. r.. liiU
ymOlMi'Uuwa' Hall on tlx llrttaol third
I uel lu tvrry luoatb, at lialf.Mt n
lli.l.l rnli,r fsriminunlcatlam in Ma-
JOsTo"lc oimtr foramrcll arB
' 'anil KIRntn nrm, ou ine khiim anu
mrlh Moivlar of arii month.
r9AII bllU fur aUrlllf , are 4u atwl py
Trtotlrat adrtrtlilng will be Imetlrd at th
ran of tl Ul ptr tquatt for tbc Brit ioMttiau
ami Si unit for each tubeiient one A liWat
dltcount will be mule onttaudinc amlili(il
For inttrtitg runrral botlct l Notlreol
toecUacoftocictiea or aerrtt orJert Mrrottfor
tack laterlion
Church, Society, lntiTal ttl Supper ootlcet
wilt only bt Inierteil at a-tf ertitemenU
So adtertlaeaanit will U rtctUed al lttt thtn
Vietntt, and noaatrrtlMiDtnt will be ioterted
for let than three dollart irBjnnlh
L,oeaJ Bwalataa HoUoaa, of
tas Uimw morm, InaarUd
U tlu Bmllatla m nllowa t
Ooataaano OoubvUm at test Ltaaa .
Oat laatrtloa pr llBt Otnta
Twa lsaarUoaa ptr Una 7 OtaU
Tkraa lBMHtOM vat- lima -10 Coate
Mat ta rttoaa sr 11a 1 OtaU
Twa trnki par Um M OaaU
Oh month par llna Oaate
Wo Kad action will be awUla in iMn
WEDNF.SHAV. MAY 24. 1870.
Iiral WmUmf Btaaru
Csiao, 1U., Ms) tl. !;
1 a.m.
.Ti rpi I II- I N I S I Cloudy
: j SK I V I do
:H Imi IJi i I NK I r . do
M.l'ri' If, ' NK ! do
.(AlltS WAfSnN.
.ergeatit. Six ntl fenioe, t'. !. i..
J p.m.
Slock of Dry floods at very low prices
at .VU lm. C. Han.w s.
Large toe ol Carpet offering very
cheap at ft-14-lm. C. Haxnv's.
nllvtaia fur Ihr IMllra.
Just received a large assortment ol
Bazaar fllobe Fitting l'littern. the best
lilting in ue, at lm. '. Haxxv's
Linen Paprr.
Linen libre, plate tliiUh, letter and note
puicr at the ltci.i.i:n oltlce. Itlue and
crrani laid, below St. Louis prices.
Nellie I'p.
An imineiliatc settlement of all ac-
conn's tine the tlrm ol Stuart A holou
Is di mandeil. All bills not paid on or
lielore .liiue 1st, will In- pUccd for col
lection. STi'.i:r A Cimii.'Iin.
ft'ST Kkckivkic A. Halley lias just
reeelretl a line lot of canary and mock
ing blnl cage!, flower Mauds, rlower
trainers, tiakets, archer, hearts and
wreatlica, which be has market! very low,
at 11. Connnerclal avenue. 2-18-3m.
.Mrs. Stewart, having moved to the
large frame 'hiiiiit! nt the corner of Sev
enth it reel and Washington avenue, will
hoard and lodge good reliable persons
at $20 ht month. Jtooms largo and
airy. .VI 2-1 f.
Al llallry'a.
Ths Centennial Itefrigerator the latest
impruveinenlat.il the best ever nimle,
also a line assortment of hardware and
cutlery at ureatly reduced prli-es, at A.
Ilalleys, No. 115 Commercial avenue.
Baala aaitlMiara.
Large slock of I.atlles, and Children.
Hoots anil Shoes at low prices, at
5.14-lm. C. Haxx'.s,
'I he Plarr.
For a clea.i shave, n fashionable hair
cut, or a thorough ehampoo, go to J.
Ueorgu StcluhouKC ou Kighth street,
Alexander County Bank building. Ills
shop is always neat; his towels always
clean ; his assistants always polite, and
his tables covered with the latest daily
pa pen, tor the benefit of his ctitomers.
MUMKriii.Mi Nkw'. The lightning, re-
olprncntliig, till churn and egg heater.
the latest and the beat ever made, at A.
Haller't. who la now selling his lurire
atock ot ttoves. tin and brlttana ware at
greatly rtduoed prices. Give him a call
brtoro yott purchase, 115 Coinmerelal Av
eniie. 2-lS-:iint.
Tha Hi'ttM Why 1'uuillM" RhaalU Itr
rainaimi ibj iae irr naaiarat.
To Ihr CllUeus of Cairo
I propose entering the Ice bulucsg
in I 'aim, and havti already received my
Urn car load, lielieviug that It thu peo
pie ol Cairo understood this matter, I
would receive a lair share ot their pat
ronage, I have chosen this method of
bringing It to their notice. If any one
llrm had a monopoly in sugar or coffee,
they would be able to set their own
prices and consumer would he com
pelled to pay them. The citizens of
Cairn know at well as I can tell them,
what Is to their interest, and what will
tend to keep such a ncccsty ns Ice has
become, at a tnlr and living rate, and I
leave Urn matter In their hands,
fi-18-nt, II. J. Cn.NimT.
Thirty thousand uit received t he
Hi'M.rtix otllee,
llr. and .Mm. II. II. Caiiibi! h it loi the
(Vnti'iinlul, on Sunday.
I'M no I u IJlKiir
At I'aul II. Schuh'H for live cents.
J'rluts iiml.Mii0lii still cheaper nl
w-i-iin. t;. iiavxv's.
Try thriii.
Try thudlob live cent cigar nt Paul
I.lneii Damask Napkins' mid Towel
Ing.ollerlng nt ri'diiced prices at
5."l4-lm. C. IIax.wV.
, ytir Rest,
FitiI lloflheln. says he has the best
In-er In Cairo. If you don't believe
it call ou him at "Our Saloon.''
The Royal.
The lioyal cigar, sold by Paul II.
Schiih, is the smoker's favorite. Try
The Real.
The rjolden Buckle cigar nt Paul II.
Schuh'a are going oil' like hot cakes.
They can't be beat.
Rati Alwaya tlir 4'lirnt' l.
Choice hams of Henry Ames nnd nl-o
Wo'rslerV hrntiil nt the
C-2:i"t Ni:w Yoiih' Sroni..
Wauill Wooil!!
On and alter this date C. W. Wheeler
A 'o. wlllofler cord wood nt i'-i .Vt per
cord; same sawed and split. 00; sin
gle loads $1 7"i pt r load. Strictly cnh.
Mrraplroii WMaleil,
Wanted, 500 tons of -crap Iron lu 10
tons lots for cash.
47 Mclans' Block. St. Louis .Mo.
One Thnuminil.
Pieces of (holce prints nt the New Voik
store for fi, 6 and 7 cents per yard, ttlo
a large line of niusllu very low, and It
dies' trimmed hats Just In.
&.23-r.t C.O. Paiii ii &. Co.
t'ur Reul,
t ottage on Tenth street, south s!ile,
Ix-twecn Walnut street and Washington
avenue, will tie let until 1st of November.
to a good tenant. Inquire at Bi'lli.tix
office. K- A. UrnxKTT.
ThN j.opular saloon, f.nrner Poirlpt jiti
street anil Washington avenue, Is open to
the public. The bar Is supplied with
pure wines, choice liquor? and thu liiiest
brands of cigar.
:-2.Vtf A. Kuor.s, Proirictor.
Irrt Ire I
11. .1. Ciindlll' has iu-t received a car
load of Dubuque ice. and will continue
to receive Ice throughout the entire ea-
-on to supply the jobbing and retail
trade, lie respectfully -nllclts aharecf
your patronage. Ice depot. No. 17,
Kighth street. 5-17-tf
Bi:n Bakixi! Stuvi; fitr.v r. r.u Saw.
Housekeepers who have tistd the Charter
Oak lor years say It Is the hot baking
stove thev evcrv mw ; bakes quickly iiiul
evenly with little fuel. and. clean as a
pin. K)
For the pl.ic: to buy luuilx i cheaply,
go to.l.S. MHiiihey, corner nl Twen-
tlelh street and Wa-htngtonnveniie.wiiere
he Is locating his new lumber yartls and
tinting the month will he prepared tofur-
ul-h all kinds of hulldiii!; inalerlal.
.'. 14-1 in
fir fteut.
All the down stairs and part of the bar
room fixtures ol Ihehouse now occupied
by Fritz Sheeler, on Washington ave
nue near the Catholic church, will be
for rent alter the 27lh hi't. Inquire on
the premises up fctairs.
Mhs L. . ltYltM,.
Just received, a large stock ol Shaw's
Kefrlgerators, and White .Mountain triple
motion. Icecream freezers ; nlo a large
supply of wire crceu cloth for doors
nnd windows, all nt rock-bottom prices.
C. W, lli:sni:u-ox.
Corner 12ih .-trect and Coinniercia
avenue. 4-18-lui.
Tlir .lliiiatrrla, Moiulny Mlil.
The performaiiee given by Harry Hob.
lnsou's iiiliiatrel troupe at (lie atlieuctiin
ou Monday night is Mild to hnvu been
excellent. The troupe ill-baiidcil after
the iMTlormnuce, and left fur their re-
SpcCtlVl! IlllllK'.S.
I.nalilnir for Tlit in.
Sonic unknown parlies captiiicd the
carcass of a dead :ow, belonging to a col,
ored man named Peter Diiutleii, nnd
dragged It. Into the vicinity oftlm ga
house, eklnned it, nnd left thu body ly
ing. The olllcers nie looking lor the
Uttiiv Iw Jrni;H-lit.
Messrs. C.corgc Fiher, fames Phillis
and Judge Bird have gone to Spiinglleld
to attend the Republican Statu coiivt u
Hon, They will cal their ballots lor
ThoRina Ilidgway for governor, Scrogirs
for secretary of State, and llaiubiighci'
for Plate lrcnurcr.
WrlrifNlra' Alrelliiir l.nal Malil.
The gentlemen appointed liy .Mayor
Winter to make prepnrnlions lor the cel.
ebration of Ibn coming Foiirlh of July,
held a meeting at thu council chamber
laat evening. Tito proceedings of the
meeting will be published to-iuonow
Damikh or Dki.av. Many Victims lie
In titit.y, and many Lives ant thrown
an'iiy (by Colds, Coughs. Catarrh, and
Lung DUwtr) that might he cured w till
perfect ni tr, for fill lire llenllh nnd Hup-
pluess, by u-ing a hnltle nf WisiMiu'ri
Pino Tree Tar Cordial, mi Infallible
Hemnly forConsiunpHon. (20)5 2."wlt
lltlr l'itllitpellil:i l.rller.
We, Hilt ui(iiiug, publish a letter fioui
Phllailelphla, wrlllen by a (.'alio hoy,
which will piOMi liitci'ctthig. It I a
Very well worded, well written article,
ami reflects; much credit upon its author.
Tin: iri.t.-nAOiC iinnst. -The fashion
nie nil tin: while getting into hot water.
Hoops tool; it in their day. tuid now It Is
the pull-back style ol'drcss. Ladles who
have any regard for their health should
keep supplied with IIai.i.'h IIm.swi, the
bet remedy lor coughs, colds mid all
throat and lung complaint". Price,
$1 W). Sold everywhere. r..2.Vwlt (f)
lltiwii Aicnlii.
n..l.l., IM.. ..nit.... .Illm fur
;?1 Oi)
Y. .. i ..r ir.ivi , " .....
Choice " " 4lbs " ' 1 00
Pea lierry ' " libs 1 00
Prime l!io IJIbs " 1 (X)
New York, A sugar, I) lbs lor I 00
Prunes, :Mbs ' 'a
Being determined to sell goods low,
we Invite all to eall and buy where goods
are sold the lowest.
r-2:i"t Nkw Youk'Sioiu:.
Tlir Jtrw Hnle.
The t'lty National Bank has a new
article of bank furniture, one of Hall's
latest Improved safes. The olllclals of
the City National are linnien-ely pioud
of It, nnd with reason. It is u beauty
and :ittrnct the admiring iittenllon of nil
who ie it. Wu have n lengthy descrip
tion of it w hich wt! shall puhlMi ns soon
in the extra labor caucd by the selling
up nt the delinquent tax INi is ills
posed tit.
Ml I'o'e Winlou, ilmit-litcr of Ihe
Hon. Claj borne Winston, member nf the
Illinois IcgMature from Hi's district,
was the recipient of a very nlca-innl sur
prise hut evening. A number ol her
friends embracing apaity of tibonl ten
couples called ou her nt the resilience
of Mrs. Jordensou, hi u body, mid re
mained during the cw'iilng. Mis l.'oie
prosed the hostess ol hostcf.se?, nml the
time svns pasctl in Ihe plensmtest of
Srrtlrm To-HiirroM ,
Wu are rtqiiestetl to state that no Invi
tations for Ascension day fi rvlces will be
l-fiied hv thu Kniglils t'einiihir lor eer-
einnules to lake place at the church of
Ihe I'edcemei to-morrow, but a general
invitation is exlendul. The ineinbers
ol the CommamWry leave their n.sylum at
3 o'clock, and headed by the. Silver 'or-
net baud, will match In the church,
yyierp lie ll'iml fersiccs will begin
at I, sharp. After the conclusion lit the
church, the Kuighls will parade the prin
cipal streets of the city. We nie told
that n largs uuinhtr of members of
the order from nbroad will l.e here ami
prMleipatt! in the celebration.
t'Irt'liil I'ourl.
Ir. Charles Dcgrath, under indictment
lor bigamy, appeared before Judge Baker
in the Circuit Com r, yesterday, with liii
wlincv-es and expressed hi rendiuerf
for trial. The witnesses for the pro-ecu-tion
failed to come lorward, however,
nnd the defendant svns ilhchargcd.
Thu iuipannuling of a Jury for the tiial
of John llu.l-on, alias John Hiitcliluxiu,
for the minder of Jacob Stilton, in till
city. Iat foil, sva then begun, and eoi .
suiiied neai ly the balance of the day, only
two or tliree wlt'icsscs being hciird up
to the lime of adouriiuieul.
lltlllllllX t'lllh.
The I'airo Alexander llmiling lnb
propose to celebrate Sunday , the 2Sih
instant, III the groves opposite Cairo in
Kentucky, in a becoming maimer worthy
the celebrated hunter ol Keutiitky.
Professor Ki.enburg's full Mri'iig
and brass baud have lu eu engaged.
A steamboat will ply regularly between
Cairo nnd the Kentucky .-liore through
out the day. Fare fur the round trip
25cnts. This club U eiunpo-eil of Hut
true nml brave stalwart ti.cn of Calio,
and nnythlng they iimleiJako will he
sine to succeed. See programmes for
particulars. Cuius Oiitii,
R W. Si it mm.
Committee of Arrangements.
Itcnlrn Needetl.
While the street Kiiiicrliiteudent Is at
work, would It not lie advisable for the
authorities to instruct him to give a little
time to Fourteenth street, between Wash
ington nvciiuu and Walnut street? This
Isonu ot the very worst places in thu'eity
for team. There sue tveral mud holes
which are not only annoying, hut dan
gerous, only yesterday, thu driver of C.
O. Patler & Co's dellcry dray, In at
tempting to get through, mired nnd
threw ids mule down, and wns compelled
to cut his trousers to pieces in order
toextileate the anlinal. The dray was
sunk so deep lu the mud thai it took two
horses to pull it out.
A I lite Ceiileiinlitl.
Wo milillsh. as a matter ot Interest to
our holy rcailei.-, Ihe following extinct
from a letter written to friends
in lids city by n llttlu Cairo
girl, now in Philadelphia, svho at tended
the opening of the Centennial, anil who
has n svoman's eye for feminine at the:
"I Raw thu Kiiipcror nnd I'.innivs.
of Brazil and the President nnd Mrs.
(rant. We went lu to thu main build
ing, nnd while wu sveru there the pro
cession passed through. FirH came thu
President with the IhnpreVoji his tight
arm nml a gentleman on lilt left. Fol
lowing them wciu the Kmpcrnr ami Mr..
Grant! The Ktnpress Is very homely
mid slghtly lame. Shu was lu'.iulll'ully
dressed in lavender silk, uniilu with a
long train ;tliu skirt was tilmineil stlth
narrow rnllles reaching up to thu kne"-,
and I think them wn? nn overdress, but
am not quite fine. Her basque was
hiail-shnped at thu nccl; and had lacu In
side, and the bonnet w.u white Mnnv
dimmed wiih while ilowcrs
Mrs (Irani w.n dressed in black till;,
and her bonnet wns tiliuniiil in black
lace. Mntiy prominent persim, ladles
mid gentlemen, followed the Vn-'thU'ii-llnl
IHsaDliitloii i.i HrTnefhli.
The copartnership heretofore existing
between thu undersigned is this day dis
solved by mutual consent, John .Madden
withdrawing from the firm. Henry I.
Iv'luiiear nssiunc nil liabilities of; the
late llrm of Madden it Klnnear, and will
collect all outstanding debts due the
llrm, ami will continue business at lh.'
old stand. Joiix.MaIii:x,
IIkm'.v L'. Kixxkiu.
Ctitio, III., May aid. 187C. :tt
Itciilnlloiii ol Itrapvrl.
At a regular meeting of the Delta
Fire Co. held May 17th the following
preamble and resolutions were unani
mously adopled:
Whereas, Hie Chlcl Kngliicer of thu
universe, having call'.'tl from active duly
and placed on thu honorary roll our
much esteemed companion A. W.
OWcsil, the rclore be It
Kfsnlvcd, that hi thu death of our
much beloved fellow-meinberwe have all
and each of us Mistalned the loss ol u
friend and hrotber, socially ami menially.
When at Id post of duty ns it llreinau, di
ss lieu engaged lu the pursuit ol business,
Hood O'Neal stood pre-eminent n nn
hoiict, uptight man. svhoso sole endeavor
lu life seemed to be to do his duty in any
position in which bu might be placed,
anil to dcsei vu an I retain thu love of hi
fellow man.
l!eolved. tliat hulls Idually and col
lectively we tender our hem licit ssinpa
tide to hi be leaved iclatlses, imping
and thinking that their lo Is his gain.
I'ctolved, thai these proceedings bo
spriad upon the record of the company,
and n copy sent to hi; nllllctcd relatives.
JoiixT. TniNiiu, Prc.
M. J. MrfiAi u v. See'y.
Oillrntilnl Heporl. t'.itftitrrnlti Cam
arrraaiitiirtl lllalrlrl.
To ihr W'umtii of the Centennial Anwi'ttion
tfthe Eighteenth Congressional Diitrlel:
Lawks. : I herewith submit the IbP
lowing report of the fund raised by the
ladies of this district for tint purposes of
the State Centennial Association.
Our district has exceeded the expeeta
lions of many, even nf the friends of the
cnterpri.-e. In doing so, it has set a
worthy example to the people of Ihu
northern parts of thu State, who are
accustomed to look upon our Kgypt ns
wanting hi thu quality of gn-ahcadltlve.
lie. In point of fact, had It not been fur
thu -plrit manifested in the Southern tlis
ti lct, the women of Illinois would have
made a pitiful showing of their patriotic
zeal, although thu northern pot lion of
our Stale Is doing it-elf great credit in the
character and amount ol the exhibits
scut ou to Philadelphia.
Countie.t, 7Wi?. Amoiiitti.
Alexander Calr $142 10
J'tekson .Murih'Ssboro
.i.RMon cnrbondalu j " u
Johnson Vienna "! 2.'i
Massac Metropolis 'J,-, 00
Perry ..DiKjuolu 1(0 00
Pope. ...(inleouda II 00
'"' yZ!l w
ltandolpl Cln-ier 2J IKI
Cnioii Cobden :il ,"i
Net proieeds ot certitleales sold,
not iucluded In the above Item.. II 00
Total $701 2.-
Mrs. I). I.. IS. Waiiiisi.ii,
Vice l'rcsideut, niliteeiilli 'tiittri fs
lonal District, Woincus' Statu Ceiilen
nlal As-neiation.
The JiiIiiisoii C'onnly IieoKii r.illeS'.iii.
ti nlii.n.
The Johnson county Deiuncratic con
venlion metal the court house in Vienna,
III-. May. 20 Ii 1870. The hotiso was
called to order by I ir. J. M.C I).imriin(
Ou motion. I, A. J. Parker wns fleeted
chairman, nnd Julius A, Pinker, secre
tary. Ou motion, duo. M. Culver anil II. It.
Hardy weie i lecled to attend Ihu Demo
cratic State convention at Sprlngllclil,
III., svith iu-triictmns to east there bal
lots for Ihe Hon. Wm. J. Allen, for tins'
eruor, ami without instructions tor other
Ou motion, I. W.OnruT.C. Karri and. I.
Johuon were elected to attend the De
mocratic coimrcssunud convention with
histruttloiis to ca-ttlulr ballot for the
lion. Win. Ilartzell. Delegates alter
nate, L. P. Jacobs, J. M. Parish, Asahel
Burnett and Dllslia Webb.
On motion, 1. N. IVaree, James Oliver,
Samuel Dowel, Dr. Daiuron, W. W.
Boyt, Asdiel Burnett r.ud.M.J. I .i id
son were elected to attend thu Demo
cratle representative convention. Dele
gates alternate, Win. Flemiiilug, Irvin
Morgan, Isaac Wise. John Alhilght,
James F. Cray, I. A.J. Paikcraml Jo'iti
Sharp, with histriicllons to cist their
ballots- lor T. O. Farrls, for rcprescnllvu.
Motion that a copy of the proocccillngs
ol (Ids convention lie sent to the Johnson
enmity )Vomi, Johnson county Joiinml
mid t'dro Bri.ixnx with tins icqust that
they piiblUh the same.
Ou motion (he following resolution
was adopted.
ISesolvcd, that we, thu Democracy of
of JoIihkiii county, hi convention ns-im-bletl,
endot.su the Democratic liousuof
congiessln IVrrilliig out tlieconiipllon of
Ihe government oniclals, and aUolii redu
cing the expenses of our government,
lliilni; lu Kitnsim ue IJoloriulo,
Taku thu Alchlson, Topekn nnd Santa
Fo railroad, the new and popular line
from Alcluoii and Kansas Cily, via the
heautilul Arkansas valley, to Pueblo,
Colorado Springs, Denver, Cannon Cily,
Cucliiii'iis Del Norte, Santa Fu and all
points hi Colorado, Nuw Mexico and
Arizona. Special round trip 00 day tick
ets to Denver on sale May 1'ilh. nl' f"'11,
ir.l.lng hi Ihu l.iiiniu- wattling place ou
thu D. & It. (i. mad, Low emigrant
rates to the San Juan mines,
I'lilliuiui palaco slieplug cars between
lliu Missoiut liver ami Ihu ISocky Moun
tains w ilhont change, (.'lose coniu clloiis
madu at Kaiifas Cily and Atchison in
union depots, I'or maps, time table
and the San .luaii guide," adildress,
T.J. ANUUitsox,
Gen, P.iss'Agt. Topekn, lv'aii.
Iiiillapulnhla Ktidvitre
St. Kt.su), III., July S, 1874.
IS. V. PiKttct:, M. D., BulValo, N. Y :
I svlslt to add my testimony to the won
derful curative properitet.ofyour Alt.
Kxt., (irdohlen Medical Discovery. I
have taken great Interest lu this medi
cine since I llrt used It. I svns badly af
flicted ssl.h dyspcis.la, liver deranged
ami an almost perfect prostration ot the
nervous system. So rapid and complete
did the Discovery effect a ierfcet cure
that It seemed .more like magic and it
perfect wonder to myself, ami slnco that
time we havu never been svllliout a bot
tle of the Discovery nnd Purgative Pel
lets In, thu house. They aru a solid,
sound lamlly physician in the lioue nnd
ready at all times to liy to the retlel of
sickness without charge. Wu have
never had a doctor in the house since we
first liegan thu nsu of your Pellets nnd
Discovery. I have recommended the
ue ol these medicine, lu several severe
and complicated eases arising from, as I
thought, an Impure state of thu blood,
and in no one case have they railed to
moru than accompll-li all they are
claimed to do. I will only mention one
as remarkable, (though I could gls'c you
dozen.). Henry Koster, furniture
dealer, ol this place, who svas onu of thu
most pitiful objects ever seen, Ids lace
swollen out of shape, scales and eruptions
without cud, extending to his body,
which svas completely covered sslih
blotches and scale. Nothing lh.it he
look seemed to effect It a paitlcle. I
finally induced him to try a lew bodies
ol the liohlen Medical Discovery, svith
daily use ol thu Pellets, assuring him It
would surely curt! him. He commenced
Us lie some -ix week" since, taking two
Pellets each night for a week, then one
each night, and the Discovery as directed.
The result 1. to-day bis skin is perfectly
smooth, and the scaly eruptions are gone
He has taken ome seven or eight bot
tle lu all, and considers hhufcll cured.
This ea-e had battled Ihe skill of our best
physicians. Me-srs. Dunsford A Co.,
diuggists, ot this place, are selling
largely of your medicines and the de
mand steadily Increases, and they give
psrfect satisfaction In every c.ie.
ISespectfully, W. 11. CHAMP!. IN,
5-24-tUsv lv(:t.1) Agt. Am. Kxp. Co.
Ir. Nnarr'a Cnlnrrh Rrmetly
is no patent medicine humbug, got up to
dupe thu ignorant ami credulous, nor is
it represented as being "composed of
rare anil precious 'iilislaiiccs drought
irom the four corners ol tin; earth, car
ried heven times across tliu great tltsert
nf Sahara on the hacks of fourteen cam
el, and brought acros (hi! Atlantic
ocean ou two ship." It Is a gentle,
mild, soothing remedy, u ierfcct specific
for Catarrh and "Cold lu the Head;" al
so for offensive breath, loss or impair
ment of the sense ot smell, taste, or hear
ing, watery or weak eye, pain or pres
sure in thu head, when caused, as they
all not uufrtqiiciitly are, by the violence
ofCalnrrh. (.'H)-.mIAw-1w.
A. IIai.i.uv. A Itluelot ol table and
pocket cutlery, also spades shovels,
hoes, rakes, forksaxes and a general Hue
of hardware iit-t received hv A. Halley,
1 l.'t Coinmerelal avenue 2-lS-:m.
W All lllfAIIIMLST. Itl tl' ItKI-OIIT. I
Mil y V I . .sin
nl a
; it xi
.'I ii . i r
'' !' A I
ii in i
VJ 0 -il
II s x :l
:: : :
us- I
a i i
Calm I
ritlalitirir I
CluriniiHti 1
Mt. Unu
New Uth-.ili
llelmv lilgll svuteriif 17I.
Syriritnt, Slnal Prrtfcf, li.S. A.
IMrl I.Ui.
Stiumcr Hubert Mitchell, New Orleans.
C. K. Peek. St. Louis.
" (icnevlcve, Vlcksbiirgh.
" Hickory. Mound City.
" Jim Fisk. Pnilucah.
Tow.boat, K. M. Norton, St. Loul.
" Joeph Williams, N. O.
' " Blue Lodge, New Orleans.
Steamer Hubert Mitchell, Cincinnati.
" C. IC. Peek, Pittsburgh.
' Oeuuvieve. St. Louis.
" lllekory, St. Louis.
" Jim Fisk, Padueah.
Tow-ltoat, Joseph Williams, Louisville.
" Blue Lotlge,
Tlie liver, last evening, was four Inclitft
outliegaiigu having fallen two feet one
Inch during thu last twenly-liours. The
ss'calher was eluiuly and quitu cold yes
tenia y. Biislucss dull.
The Hubert Mitchell put off consider
able raisins and molasses heie and has a
fair Hip for thu Ohio.
Tint Ironsides went to St, Louis In
-.lead ol the Ohio as reported sesterday.
Ten boats svhh tosvs nf coal arrived at
Cincinnati the other day.
Captain Smith ot the tow-boat Oakland,
the other day, challenged the Captain of
the tow-boat Fred Wilson, to a trial ol
speed, and the latter lias accepted, naming
Louisville to Pittsburg as ll.e couise,
Thursday, May 2.1, ns the time, and from
$1,000 to $.1,000 aldu as tin stakes. The
first boat to Plttsbiug lo take Ihe money.
They are both rattlciH to run mid will
maku icinarkable lime If they ever start
out together.
We regret to learn that the vcncrabla
mother ol Capt. J. 0. (r:timuar,supcrlu
(umlaut of the P.vniisvlllc Packet Com
pany, died yestcnltiy.
N. M. Jones nf Memphis, will shonly
load tho Coraudolel at St. Louis, for
New Oilcan.
Tho steamer (icnevlcve svas quite light
for St. Louis.
The C. IC. Pick h.n 720 ions lor ihe
Ohio river.
K. M. Norton tiiwid one hargu of
ore, nun of pig metal and one ol railroad
Iron Irom Si. Louis, and will add others
Joe Williams ami Blue Lodge wlih'
empty bnrges pa-sed up the Ohio yesterday.
JOHN tt. latUUM 00.
taad Airtnta of tha IlUmata OaattraJ ul
t. i10- RaWT
Business llousu lately occupied by
Wood lSllteuhoitse& Co., on Levee be
low Mill street, licit very reasonablat
-Dwelling house, 7 rooms; 10 lots
enclosed, in good order, on Twenty-
fourth nml Walnut streets. Kent low to
a good tenant.
Two tenements on west side of Com
mercial avenue near Fifth itreet, suitable
lor shop and dsvelllng. Kent foreach, $8
ler mouth.
Dwelling house, fi rooms, on Fifth
street near Walnut, In good repair. Kent
$12. .10 mt month.
Cottage, 2 rooms and kitchen,
Twenly-lirst street, near Sycamore
north side. Kent $5, ier month.
Two small housfi, uorlhwest corner
Fifteenth and Popular. Kent loss-.
Basement of brick building, svest aide
of Washington avenue near High teen I h
street, live rooms in good condltloul
Kent low.
Building ou east side of Commercia
ivenue, near Tenth street, suitable for
earM-nter shop. Cheap rent.
Building ou west side of Commercial
avenue, near Twelfth street, Old "City
Hall." Kent very low.
Tenements, olllces ami rooms In vari
ous lacaliou. Itenti low.
Lot ami lands for snle or leae.
John (j. Hahman A Co.,
Heal F.slatij Agents, corner Sixth and
Levee streets. It-LVlf
riLLXAK S. Mf ITH, M. D.
UK81DKNCK: No. 21 Thlrteenla ttrtel, bt
'.ween Waihliurton avenue and Walautttmt.
OKF1CK:. North utile of Klxhtti ttrttt be
tweeu t'ommerrlal anil STattilmton avenat .
KKSIUK.NCK: Corner Ninth nj Walau
orriCK ! Corner Sixth street ami Ohio Lavet.
orrtCK 1IOUKS: rromua.tn. Um.. and
Irom" to s p.m.
Attorney at Law.
OrriCK : At resilience on Ninth Html, l
tweenSVtlilngtoii avenue ami SValnul at.
OKKICK ANH I KSIDKNCK: Klslilli ,lreel,
ljilwnn SVushinlun hiuI Camnteri'tal Avenue,
wtr OA I IIO, 1I.M.
City National Bank
CAPITAL, - - 1100,00
W. I'. 1IAI.1.IIJAV, 1'reaMenl.
a. it. SAh'rimn, :ai at,
S. stasis Tavloh, It II. Cuhmkuiiaii,
II 1.. Halmoay, SV l. IIali.idav,
il. I). SViLLiAUtn. HTii'im lime,
A, Ii, SArrotii.
Exohonge, Coin and United States
Bonds Bought and Sold.
DKI'O.HTS reccivatl ami a general banking
Enterprise Savings
A. U SAt'f'UKD, President.
S. 8. TAYLOU. Vice ITe.Menl.
SV. IIY.SI.U1, Sec'v tn.l Treaanrtr.
f.SV. Uahclat, Ciias. UAUaiiaa.
r. U. nrocarLKTii, I'al'l (i. iScuch.
J. M. 1'uiLLirt.
LN TKIIKST .il. ou iluili at the raU ol
percent, -raunuui, Itarcti 1st an.l tt4tnt
wt Ut. Iiilrir.1 not wlUHlitwa It aUdtU iinnit
llatrly lo llw rlnclinl of Die UmmIU, Uirrvby
(Ivinir tht'iu nouiHiuml iutervtt.
Karriod Women and Children may
Deposit Honey and no one
olso oan draw it.
0wn titty Uutluettaar rroms.m. toln.ni.
t sliinly eretiliif I'or tus inxi Wotlu only
W. HTraT.OI.TrjttrtT.
r llriii. l'iMnt. II. SS'vlla, Caihier.
I. NfO, S'lw frv'l. T.J. Kerlh. Ami. ath'r
Corner Commarolal Avt au4 MUt Strttt,
f. llr. Culro. Wm. Kluxe, I alro,
1'. Nrff, I tliu. Wot SVolU. t'tlrv.
A . Suwuka, Cairo. It. I,. UUav!ey. 't I-uu)t
V, lltuler. Cairo. It. Well, Cairo,
r. II, llrlukinau, M. Loul.
S UcNaital HMHltlua; HaalMtaa levue.
k3Ekcaauxe tolil awl lioughl Inlerent
n the Saviutr IKiaruunl. Collei'tlout made,
i ml all b'uluesi I'rumpll)' allf nle4 lo.
or Tin:
vlly ut 'Mlr,
coloreil anil varnlsluil, for sak at hall
price (fJ.M)) at the Ut't-LKTIN oWee.
IIauan'h M aonoua Ualm iirrarrus ami
restnrs'S tho couiilexlou ; rviuove fmrk
les. tan nml sallowniss ; makvi th skin
solT, white and ilflh-ate. Its appltcMllon
eaunot be tlettctf il. Si-10-tlAw Ir,
l.v.ix's Kathaiko,' make lieautlni
glossy, luxuriant hair; prevent lt (all
Rig out iir tnrnln gray. IthMitoetJlhn
tost of 40 year. la charmingly ptrfumtlv
aiuUvas no rival. 3-tOt'AwIy

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