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fftu bulletin.
H Mutter on
Tksj Mrlal fH of the Xntlniinl rm.
ThiNtion! Democratic Committee, to
whom U ilHegt-terl Ue power of Uxlng tlio
tin and place of hoUllngtho Hftlmnl Ue.M
ocn Ue soartutlOH ol 1870, have appointed
Tiiefdfy, the tnfnty-sevcnth day of Juno
next, boob, an the tine, and fclcctcil St.
Louiianthe ptacc of holding iucIi eotiver.
tlon. . Kaeh Btat will be entitled to a rcprccn
tation equal to doable the number of Hi
Baton and reprcenttlvc In the con
grew of the United States "'' ,lic ,crr1'
tory of Colorado, whono admlilon In .luly
at a State will give It n vote In the next
electoral college, if nlo Invited to send del
egates to the convention.
Democratic, Conprvatlve and other eltl
arnt ol the United State, Irrespective of
pat political atsoclatioui, deilrliiK to to
operaU with the Democratic paity In It
pratcnt eflorti and object", nic cordially In
vited to join in cndlllff delegate to the
national convention. Co-operation Is do.
fired from all pewons ho would change
an adniltiiatMtlon that lis u tiered the
puhllo troll t to become and remain Inferior
to other and lc i favored nations ; has per
mitted commerce to he taken away by for
elge power ; ha stilled trade by unjittt,
uueqnal and pernicious legislation ; lu
Impoicd unuiual taxation and rendered it
mott burufniome i ha chned growing
protpcrlty Into widespread fiin'erlnt,' and
wast; hai fquaudorcd the public money
rccVlciily and dctiintly, and thatnclcfly
uied the power that MiouUI have been s.vllt
to punish crime, to protect It.
For theic and other reason" the national
Democratic party deem the public danger
Imminent, and earnestly deiirnu of to cur
ing to our country the blcsslngi of an
economical, pure and free government,
cordially Invite the xo-opcratlon-of their
fellow-cltlzcm In tho cflort to attain tht
Tbomat A. Walker. Alabama.
8. 11. Coekrill, Arkana.
Frank McCapjiin, California.
WiUlam a. Harnum, Connecticut.
CharlM Hearten, Delaware.
entries t. liyve, r loniiu.
A. K. Lawton, Georgia.
Cyruill McCorrnlck, llllnoK
ThomaaDowling, Indiana.
M. M. Uam, Iowa.
Isaac E. Eaton. Kansa.
Henry D. McUcnry, Kentucky.
Henry D. Ogden. Loulaina.
h. D. M. Sweat, Maine.
A. Leo Knott, Maryland.
'WllHam A. Moore. Misblgan.
William Lochren, Minnesota.
J. H. Sharp. Mississippi.
Jno. O. Priest, Mlnotiri.
Oeo. L. Miller, Nebraska.
Thot. II. Williams, Nevada.
M. V. II. Edgcrly, New Hampshire.
Theo. F. Itandolnb, New Jersey.
M. W. Hamom, North Carolina.
John O. Thompson, Ohio.
J amei K. Kellev, Oregon.
James 1 Barr, Pennsylvania.
Nicholas Van Slyck, Khode Inland.
Thoa. V. Simons, Bouth Carolina.
William It. Bate, Tennessee,
F.8. Stockdtle. Tc.mx.
B. U.Pmalley, Vermont.
John Goode, Jr., Virginia.
John Blair Hoge. West Virginia.
George II. Paul, Wisconsin.
Thomas M. Patterson, Colorado.
FnEDIUCK O. 1'ltlNCl, Ma-sachu-ett.-,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
Washington, February 22.
Ocn. John M. Palmer, of tliU state, 1
mentioned qulto frequently In conncctloi)
with the democratic nomination for the
prcildency. As between Davis and Pal
mer, we would mucli prefer the latter,
Mr. Palmer is nn original democrat. He
belonged to the Vnu liureu school of free
soil democrats, nearly nil oi whom a$ht-
cd in the organization oi tho republican
party In 1850, and remained Identified
with it ever aitcrward, save In a few
noble instances (asin that of Mr. rainier),
who, when the mission of tho rebubllcan
party had ended by the destruction of
Atrlcanalavciy, returned to their llret
love, the democratic party. Mr. 1 left
the republican party In tho hey-day of
Its prosperity, not bccauo oi any disap
pointment he had met with, hut because
of Us enormous corruptions, and Its utter
disregard of constitutional law and the
tendency of the party toward a centrali
zation of power.
Vpon the question of finance, (Jen. I.
is understood to be fully in harmony
with tho great mass of the democratic
and Independent voters of the west, and
would "have no policy to cnforceaj;alnst
tho will of tho people." rettrsbury Dem
I'lcrrtpont Nmt lo Knulaml -'lad
Made Allomey Uvncrnl mill llitn
t'ameraii Herrrlary of Wnr.
Washington, May 22. The president
to-day bent to the senate the following
nominations :
Kdwards Plerrejiont, of Now York, to
he minister to England.
Alphonzo Tail, of Ohio (now secretary
of war), to be attorney general.
J. Donald Cameron, ot Pennsylvania,
to be secretary of war.
These nominations were continued by
the senate In executive cession.
John Pratt, secretary or thu Tenltory
of Xcw Mexico.
Jolm c. Pcdeck, of Nebraska, iii.-oelutc
justice ofthc supreme court of New Mex
Ben. F. Chambers, icjrlatcr of tho land
omcc ai iiourara, Minn.
George M. Miller, postmaiterat Apple
ton, Wisconsin.
As soon us the senntu u.-i,t i.,i,
tlte session the nomination ot Mr Picrie
pontwas referred to thu eoimnin,,
fnrclirn relations, that of Tuft u, n.
coBmlttee on the Judiciary, and Hut 0f
Cameron to tho cotnmltteo on military
afTalrs. Senators Cameron (Hep., Pa.,
Kdmunds (Up., Vt.) and J.o;;aii (Hep.,
ill.), the respective ehalrmau of those
committees, soon thereafter inado favor
able reports on thu nominations, which
were continued by the senate without de
bate. The reception of tho nominations
from the president, their reference, the
reports thereon and tho final action oc
cupied less than an hour. Tho nomlna
tJoni were surprise to altnoet every
body, especially that of Don Cameron,
on of Senator Cameron.
Tin I:IIiiIiiii-kIi lift lew.
The Kdlulmrgli Itevlew, lor Apt II, h
pilnled liyTlio Leonard Scotl htltlMiliig
Coinpauy, II Itarclny street, New Yoik,
Is now on our table. Contents as follows : i
1. Connop Thlrwull, lllhup of S'
David's. 2. Ilecent Jeolcli Novel".
3. Hallway llecclpt- nml Hallway
I. Lord MayoV Indian Administration
.1. Mcrohani hlpi'lu nml Ancient
(I. Lord Albcinatle's HemlnUecuecs.
7. Capponl's History ot the H(ittlilleof
P. .Secondary IMiication in Scotland.
. Lire and Let (en ol Lord Maraulay.
Tho mtlclo on Thlrlwall, of who-e
writings the most widely known nre the
History of lireece,, and thu pamphlet on
the ndmlsMon of Dlsenler to ucadcin
leal degrees, gives n sketch or hN career,
dwelling at some length on hk lllerarv
labors, his character, and t aching', and
especially his nianner of dealing wi'li
"Hceent Scotch Novels " Is a bi lei" his
tory ol Scotch Novel, Iroin the time of
Sir Walter Scott to the prcscntilay, Illus
trated with many extracts and eiltleal
The article on Hallways dl-eua-es the
comparative cot or ineiehandUe and
passenger tralllc, and tho cfleet ol In
crease or srosd on running expenses.
In the following article we have an ac
count ol' the condition of India, .it the
thnu when Lord Mayo was appointed
Viceroy, and ol the heneliclal etlt'ct- or
his rule.
The review ol Lindsay's McrchMit
Shipping and Commerce Heals of the
early history of navigation, and tho de
velopment of nuval energy and mail-tlmocnteipil-e.
Many eurioit delnils
will bo ionnd here relative to early mar
itime law mid u-sages, the galleys of tho
middle ages, early battles by sea, the dif
ficulties or ancient navigation, origin ol
nautical terms, and piracy (hi cnrl.v naval
history not a lei in or oprobriuni:) "e.ip
liulng'a roiclgiiTiierchantshlp, throning
her crew overboard, or selling them as
slaves, and approaching the cargo. wa- n
slightly Irregular but by no means dis
honorable proceeding.''
'Lord Albemarle's Hcmlul-ccuces" l
reviewed, with many extract', and de
scribed as one of the most amusing book's
or Its class.
"Capponl's History of l'lorenco" at
lords a text for aii-expo-ltionof tlio Intn
nal workings of- the Florentine dem
ocracy; and the review or the Life and
Letters of Lord Maeaulay furiii-hes a
portrait ot tho man which will he prizeil
by those who have hitherto only known
tho historian.
The periodicals leprinted by The
Leonard Scott Publishing to. (II
Uarclay Stieet. N. V.) are as follows:
The London Quarterly, Kdinburj;h,
Westminster, and llrltish Quarterly J..--views,
and Ithckwood's Magazine.
Price, tt a year fot any one, or only $15
prall, and the postage I' prepaid by the
M'lotl, tlif nilllurUUt.
On Wtdne'djy evening, tlie 17th Int.,
an extraordinary feat in billiard' took
place at the billlanl tonrameutat Horti
cultural Hall. Philadelphia. It was a: a
game of three-ball French caroms a
In which William Sexton, a j ooog "er.
monter, wa pitted against the uterearial
Frenchman Hudolphe, the former nu
king 251 points In a single Inniag. This
big one ever made in tin hi-tory of
or American biUiard-, hi- mule in the
tenth Inning, Sextoo liavlng only made
six in the nine proceeding iuniags. I1U
average was twenty-seven and three
elevenths, the highest in the Philadel
phia tournament and next to the highctt
ever made in any professional match.
William Sexton who has come into
celebrity since ho went to Paris
some months ago to compete with the
great Vlgnaux was born In ISurllngton
Vt., In 1S5I, and playc-d his llr-t game In
1G7, and shortly alrer that became a
rooni-krcper, locating in various cities.
In 1675 he played his lira match with,
Charles Killer, of Albany, N. Y.. Inclu
ding the :i-ball and l-hall game, winning
both. The later consisted of 1,500 points,
and Sexton made runs of 1 II, 1C5, 'JO I,
191 and 402, making theastonlshlng 1-ball
average of 107 2-11, his opponent secur
ing nltogthcr but 4S5 points. After sev
eral minor matches ho entered tho tourn
ament at Tammany Hall dining Novem
ber of lust year, and atlholi-ball game
defeated Slo.ou by i!00 to 2:1 1, Daly by
300 to -J;i7 mid Hudolpho by :!00 to 21! I,
being beaten himself by both thu I Hons
and Uarnlcr. Subsequently Vinaux won
the challenge cup and carried It with him
to Pari', and it was decided that an
American player should bofclceled logo
over and win It back, If possible. Two
good players were named, Slossou and
Sexton, and the latter was the choice.
He inado tho voyage, and on Maieh :ilst
last he crossed cues with the great
Frenchman at the (J rand Hotel, at l'aiis
Vlgnaux won bylXxi to 150, his highest
run liavlng been IM, and his average 1!)
ll-:il, while Sexton made a run of 1211 and
averaged 1 1 20-11, Since his lelurit Sex.
ton has sti-.ullly improved, and Ids run.
ol last night and lemaikuhlu average at
test his wonderful capacity as a player.
He l finite a young man, the youngest,
In fuel, among them all, and his vojago
abroad to bring homo with him tin) em
blem of the championship is evi
dences ol his pluck, lie Is ol asliui build
with a pale complexion, and his face will
never toll or victory or deleat. The stylo
of his game U tho very opposite ol Ids op.
ponent's. Ills lorto Is In "nuking" thu
balls, which he docs with wonderful dell
eacy and car. Like Vlgnaux, he Is
stiong tit lho mass shot, but relies inoio
on the cushions to bring the balls Into
IIcstHaki.miSiovi: iiinv i;v:u S.uv.
Housekeepers v,0 have uhhI the Charier
Oak for years say t u the best baking
stove they every mw -, bakes quickly and
evenly with little fuel, and, denn as a
Pin. (7)
Tiit'.oiiour. i ii.io.v.
1 "rrin liiMnnlni't.-)" i:iliiih- nl
VVi-llliiulnit Mil Nen.Mrli, lull
.SimielliliiK I.IKe
TheiidnroTlllou leeturrd at Welling
ton on Friday evening last, and succeed
ed lu so vividly Illustrating n certain
plnnsj In his "Problem ot Life" that it I
altogether likely ttmt'hc will never ngaln
be Invited to Instruct that portion ol tho
great American public. From reports
which have been brought down by re
liable ej e-wilnesses. one would be led to
Infer that the great plaintiff was only hu
man alter all. and that si llttlo alcoholic
Inspiration could fetch htm as thoroughly
as though he was made of commoner
The evenluj train brought the dl-tlu-giilshcd
guest to tho village, and lauded
him wifely at the American llou-e,
where telnet rooun had been engaged lor
the occasion. Fpon hi' nt rival, T. T.
Informed tho landloid that his lulcr.il nr
rangements were out of gear, and gently
hinted that a little of something warm lu
lis tendencies would icach hlui lu a vital
part. Anxious to relievo pain, the host
generously e.nt about for thc"ineillclne"
and In less than ten minutes a bottle of
choice old rye, with the cork out, rested
on the table In Theodore's room. Thu
lecture hour an lved, and n large and In
telligent audience gathered in tho best
hnllol'thc place, awaiting the .nppo-ii-nncc
v( Mm ultli tlie itmvifi- locNs. lleeame,
but u cloud lowered on his ma-rive brow;
and a certain eccentricity of aellon led
the average spectator to conclude that all
had not gone well with him, mid later d(
velopemenls dining tlie cvenlug light
ened the hniires'Ion. He had hardly
commenced on hi' "Problem of Life'' be.
fore lie switched from lho Mibjcci and
made a vigorous attack on the ventilation
of tho room, lie grew savage as he pro
ceeded, and t Mug hi oil'cndcd dignity,
deelaied th.-i( It was a shame that n uinii
of hN ability should be invited to speak
in such a hall. "As my friend Greeley
once said," he thundered, "the only way
to ventilate the room w ould be to take a
howitzer and blow a hole through the
The audience at llrst synipathled.aml
charged the somewhat unmannerly per
formance to the eccentricity ol' genius,
and one prominent citizen, a lawyer,
aroscand suggested that the windows
should bo lowered. Theodore objected
to tho Interference, and lu deep bass,
thundered, "Sit down, sir, sit down!"
and It i needles" to say that the com
mand was obeyed with alacrity.
Again and again.it is -aid. did tlie lec
turer go out of his wav to abuso
the audience, and the whole We-t. in tan
gling!) unmeasured and unstinted, lie
declared that lho people out this way
weie ignorant, and that they "knew les
and grew meaner as they went farther
West." His whole bearing during tlie
evening was -ucli that it wa' charitable
to suppose Uiat lie wa- under the in
fluence of liquor, and wa-not responsi
ble for bis pcfornisnces. The Bdfcs-e
were thoroughly dUga-ted wfch ikt
wiiol pertorsiaaee, were rfad wtwn
tlie "ProoteA bad oeca vacind to
the tod.
T?K-kce rettned to Us ami awl t
hiscwKfc. in lite mtnme he anted
Ms bin aad iHturi away. 7W iaaifiord
i-Wt.Ml Um rooes and uavestteaMd. An
eeiy bottle Ur on -J ta&te. aad tfce
room baoe itH-dmu trkitmut Uai Tko
dore bad wrr-ried wbk UmtU dacta;
tbe nlrh:. and Hat Ws-trife hfwqjdfiw"
bal Ue brwgta so ibe arsx las
matsjxrcropJroieatarjr uttkt prmt(
old rye.btu not eaJrolaied toraiK htoi ia
ooe refe: eiOwT as a man
brofbtr. a'tnd l.t4ts.
or x
Sm i liilt-u Coin rni l ,,ul ut lllikli
lit- '1riS- Tilt-. nrMonrs.
Special to the Chicago Time..
Was.ww;tox. Mav 22. ltolx-son's tie.
fenders aic thunderstruck by the leitl-
mony ellclltd In Phllailelphia, most of
which appeared during la't inontli In the
Times. I'p to tho very day of Its print
ing by the committee, certain pr"'f
made themsclvc busv In denoimein" !,ll
suspicions put upon the chief of lho navy.
ihu three volumii ot testimony now be-
lore congroH, Intensify tho vHenes or
Hobeson's n roiil. lie isproved from the
Hps of his lilends and partner.? In crime
to bo the constant sharer of nindi.ri.
ous contracts lu which tho government Is
the liner. In Philadelphia hi' peculiar
cronies have robbed In ftverv illff.tlr.ti
and evidently wllh tho knowledge and
emi-eni oi incir ciiief. sinco the recent
shows hlui In icccipt of funds otherwise
wholly unaccountable. Hu (!t contract,
lor bullillii'' shins, which WITH lu.vi.r
built. Ho signed away millions
ron ;i minors si-m.ii:-,
for thu navy which were never piocurcd.
He paid iloublo prices lor millions of feet
ofluinbcr which wcro never taKen from
thoswnmp. llo aided ami abetted thu
tale of tho Philadelphia navy yard, by
which thu government hist limn pt mn .
000 to SI 0,000,000. Among tho friends
favored most weie lho Cattells anil .loliu
Hoaeh. Thu eonimltttu Mini (hat lioaeh
was given contracts In violation ol law
and outride of any icquliemcnt'. Tho
following Is an extraordinary coi.iin. i -
"October, 1S7I, sleauier Tennessee, to
remove engines and hollers wllh their
appuitenuuces. and to build ami il.,.
below thu water lluu lu said steamer Ten
iiessco all luaclunery necessary lor Ihu
propulsion oi inu samo by two pairs
ui luiiijiuiiiiu i-4i;4iues hi niu most an-
proveil plans, wllh a eomposltlon-scrow
projieller and asuifaeu eondeiiser, sv;too,.
000." It was agreed nUn that lioaeh
should have nil and every part of
"I III! (IRKHNAI. MAl lllNimv
constructed for thu shin.
thu main steam hollers its may have been
removed, ileiu Is another; "Steamer
Naliant, hull rcpalis, vessel to ho raised
nftcu Inches, Iron beams and new dock-
plallng to take the placo of wooden
beams and old ileck-platlng, $.lSO.l(J0.''
Hoaeh has n bill of extras on thu ship, as
follows: MjiKIng connection? to boilers,
real ranging coal-bunl,ers, lira room plat
ing, iili pans mid mounting, J?lo,:l.,o
copper pipes and connections for two
Cameron pumps, furnished by the hu
I real i, $311 .00; thirteen and one-half ton
of lump coal, six cords ol wood, seven
gallons or oil, six pounds or tallow, for
trial trip, S1HU.0.J; total $ini.:i77.12. The
w ork on the steamer Wyandotle Is simi
lar to that on the Nahant, for which
SlbO.OOO wns paid. A hoard of engin
eer reported that the machinery of theo
vcsels wasdefccllvoand that.
riinv xr.i.iir.n xr.w noit.nn-t
which cost $3,000 more. The repairing
of thu hull orthe.Mlaiilouomalieost$i:i5.
00l A pair or hoiiznnlnl haek-nctlng
eoinpoiind engine with ey Under of 21
and 121 Inclies illameter respectively, and
12-lneh stroke ol pision, together with'
tho holler, cost $120.i0u. Thu contract
to bulht two Iron screw propeller sloops
of war was let at So.s'O.oOO, Tlie steamer
l'.U'-Iae's hull n-palrs cost $180,000. It
was alterward decided to put new ma
chinery, compound engines, costing
1210,000 Into ilieMlatitonoinali. Hoaeh
wanted tho old eugliiu thrown lu, but
dually agreed to them at thu following
rate', viz : Old boiler scrap, $25 per ton ;
old shnftlng, $:k do; old bia-s II cents
per pound' old copper, 15 cent per
pound; boiler tube, 620 per ton. Tlie
steamer Trenton whs ordered to have
new enables and boilers, the engines to
develop :!,500j Indicated horse power,
which ihny will not do. Many of the
nav.il ollkTS predict that the Trenton
will be
a i.itv isi.ow -mi-.
It not nn ab-olule failure. Hoaeh con
tracted to eon-truet nml eiect machinery
ror the ship for '."..OOO. Hepalrs to the
machinery ot the iteamer Jason and
Pa'salc, small vetl, were made for the
sum ol sjio.550 each. Hoaeh kiv: "I
will make every part of said machinery,
with new boilers and appurtenances so
complete that when tho vessels leave our
works, nothing further need bo done to
make their engineering department com
plete." lu addition" to tld', $S1,7G0
was paid for hull repairs of tho.la-on,
and $-l$0,000 for hull repair.' on the Pas
saic. Hull repairs nl-o on the double-turi-eled
monitor Puritan cost 155,000.
This contract was alterwards Increased
to 2O7,00O. Hoaeh carries oil $:i,000,030
alone in this -peelincn Job. ' Tho t'attells
connection is, a' is shown by these dis
patches, the most -haineless. For certain
privileges, they undertook to furnish
Hobcon willi a princely Ineomu and cot
tage at Long ilranch. There I'
to be established with these books in the
way. How can an olllclal who came Into
any department poor, from a salary of
a year, carry on such banking op
erations ss the committee endorse. Dur
lag tbe lirst year of his term Hobvsou de
posited SSO.M.-J, a' lieretofore shown, yet,
with all his vaunts of Innocence, he
i.-hiukx iptiiB thi reoarfcable Jiower
ot otl. ilk pajBMCs oT larr -am? to
Baflc araeoc exptaitHd na isjr the-
rj t vgmcn ytammm ti-iiweifcmi'. In ,
1kmt. tim aanxii-r part t this jiair fa
tbnt KoejHa tas -o unntiwm la tb j
eabia. r tluis Gtiat wtatmtfi u retain
baa. Tk pabiUMd t-.titawr aloae,
arbkb fe bjr samuu rbe worst U pot
'fait ef i eMiuu-iuee, woo 11 rofji any
odkial is isjr ..bToadifew-J bail
bh bt ibas emtrf. L-ndtaig on a
pexrbna S-j-bt xml auatttttain In
tbe pa;ri-a yzt-. it U artil tbe te
tturj wBt efta? odke. MrtSenlarty as
: swioc bi s Cf 4r t an end ibkt it
win tw irr.zm'Xbit tbe hoe to molest
bim. There ar i-rUoo-, however,
amMtg tk tat? elvs ot HirmbHeans
that th-r pre'-Wrnt wui be ptevallwl upon
to his rftsl-.' nation and leave Ids fu
tur to Ni dcWtl by
Tne lawyers of the how?! hold that
Hobeofl Is as rniKh ileserving of lin
penchrnefit. di'quaiifiAation, and tlie pen
itentiary as n-.-iknjp. .Holy;.on,.how
ever, Ii putting forth feeble pleas of In
nocence. He claim- to be able to explain
the fattell and Hock robberic. He
claims that hl3 tran'actlons, In tho Cat
tells began prior to his appointment a'
w-eretary ofthenavj, and that all his
financial relations in:e have been the
legitimate results of this beginning.
Hobeson Is nowglun up by all but the
more thick and thin partisan', and his
tumble enn only be a question ot tune.
It-slli'aXfWtp-iperii aul Masiulnva, tlio oMefl
ei!Ulj-l:ed llliutnitfl IVrloillcals In Aincrfi-a.
luy are now lliil ul'iinl to canrassers, nlio
will, If llicy sicuu-nii lycnpy ami e.cimln Ur
rllory. In-tiialjUcl lu liitio-ltivu M-iintini first-
il;mi IlliiilraUil l'trloIUil, tuiinl loan muiiy
illatlnct taslcDor wants, und, Willi tlio i holeu
IromtlKlit new uml beautiful elimmos, gmn
frn-of eiiDlf tn eiieh unuiiul tulm-ilbtr, lie en
atliil Ic Mtuiu one nr more milwrliilloiiK in
very I'mnlly In llieii ilbliict. To ukillful eau
vaer tills will sieuiei'iiiiuncnl uiiilojmint,
unit llic uncwiila micIi )rarwlllbn iisuiuci-o
I-vt y uml lusureil ruienue. fneliiu'ii puptid
unci most IiIkiiiI ti in, Brut l(iiilluiilutula who
nuine tlio tinitory tiny ilesln-lorunvnsd. Ait
ilii'ss, AKcm-y Dt'Mirtintnt '"muk t.ialie
fnlillp-lilim- Home, MT I'i-ui I fitr.it, New Voil;
Vi- lU-i.m
St. 0 harks Hotel,
Room and Board, 1st and 2d
Floors, $2,50 por Day.
Room uml Hoard, 'M l'looi- 2.00 Tor Day
Spoclul KutoM by Wook or Mouth.
A limited niiinlicr of very ili-lnilili- lamlly
rnoniaeaii licwrtued ulie.H'Oliiilile llitn lurlln
Miinincr monlln.
'I Imht. hurlc-M i Dm lnrKfil mid best iiiiiolnt
iillloiihu In onlliirn IllliioU.iiinl Ii tlie liwlmi;
liutid In fnlio, NotHllli.tunilliiK III" "IUmI
Itoek" rulnctloii In iirlcex, Hie lulile wlll.iw
IIIU'll, In-lllllllllly Ml,illcl Willi till- MTV iK-flt
orunrstlilnKlliateaii ln-ioiiinl In iiuirki t."
I Inu Uife m:iiii1o louina for eoiiuniielul liuv-
I'ter. on Kroiiml Hour, fneof cliainx
the liolct vrllbunt chat.
, ,, . .ii:v i; rr wti.no.v ,v co. ,
l-Ji'-tt. l'Mniitoi
Subscribo for
Leading Journal of Southern
S. -t".. i " - a it
vvAV-;-r TV)
The BuIioHo
Will stcudfnsilj- pppoc tlio rollelcs of In
ltejitiJjlicr.il party, nml relmo to bo tiara
moiled uj the dictation of any clique In the
Ucinocritlu orKauiKHtlon.
t heilevef that the llppubllonn putty nn
fulfilled lu inhidon, mid that the Ocnio
cratlo party an uow or;;utilzeil shotilb t c re-i-tored
to power.
ltbo'.lcvei the Hmlical tyranny that h;
for fevcral ycar oppro?ed the oulb
ehould bo overthrown and tho people cl ilit
Southern Slates permitted to control then
own affairs.
It believe- tbst railroad corporation
f hould be prohibited by lngl:tlve euaeti
nnw .'ran; cstortinj: and unju-tly dweriev
inati; In tbtir bolne;- trin ietlon wltb
th paMt.
Ureftgnt7t tJi quality ot ill nm
.'): tbe liw.
It dvo2'.ei fre commerce tariff fw
revcuae only.
dTOatei reiuniptlon of jpccle puy
cient,'and honest payment of tbe public
It advocate! economy in tha I ulnl.ttri;
tlcni of public iiflalr
The ilullotln will pulilNb ul the loeai new
of Cairo, Hint a variety of Commerch!, Io
lltlchl, I'orclxn anil (ienoral News, and en
deavor to plnano all tastes anil Interest ntt
-Til K-
Ieekly Bulletin
Ih a thirty-two toluinu papor, furnl'bcit to
fulderibera for the low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
I'oetage prepaid. It Is lho cheapest papc
In tho W'iM, and h u pleasing Klrei-id
Vleltorand Family Companion.
Cannot tall to neu tho vx-ivnlod indiite
mcntB offered bv Tlio ltulletln In tho way
ol cheap and urontablo .nlvcrtUcnienic,
Subscribe ior
Ai? Tou Going to Paint?
W hlll'-'f ' y' iu.Ni?' ""iuYnt "e. ndroil DIITorcnt Colom. inmle ofMi I.-lly prim..
CI ienu v i , lV- n w . 'i ' 5'J1(?i1iSmlunllV oinlilnc. win innl.il Mneli HanUsoinnr im.t
tiiMu! hiii. ',.iiJ? i n i i''.:V ,ISU n"v ,l,ll,r I'-'bil It li.ii liiken tin- first I'ltiimiiiW nt
tnl) Ih" 1 nlon, nml iiiv thoii-nii.t orthi- Hne.l hon In Ihi-i-nimlry.
.utrns n.;.fn.i,,M.o..-i.i! o.o.n w.sr n PW,f:ta.
a-it'-w l.
:i i:u Aivi:it'risr..iu:.TM.
T he p-ntral InleTOst In rmr thilllln? liMtruy
iniil.e this the I'.wletl si limit l)mikeor ihiIiIIhIi
nl. It roiitilni n I'nllii'-CMmt of the Kninil 1 1 li
lt nulul ixhlhllloii.
I'AL'TION lllil, lnriiii)h le nml miritliililc
Morki me hilnjt rircillululi ue Ihntlhe Inmk
j on I my rnnlnltia 112 line- cnirmlntM nml ''-'i
)i.i?M. Si-nil for elrcnlur mvl extra term Ij
HiienlK. AiIiIitm N'nlioniil riililihlnf o., I. nl
c.ik'o. olimilimanil St. I.mil.
A iliiv nt hmoc
Acrntl Wiitileit Outfit
'lltlTi: A. ! ii., AiiKU'U,
mi' I Icrni- fiee
Mn I no.
KA IMHMI CAIlTt-i wati your iinni" lltu
tJJ b' I'H'iOil, miiI lur av. We lime jh.
tlr Aitotilit Vtantrili 11 tniniitex unt
for atatiiji. A. II. I Ul.l.l.l: f( Ilrocl.toii,Mis4.
JOutflta'CToolpi-lnlM if lln Aurn.
.,nrri llnr lloteriiiiieiit nml lllM.m .
A 1-J- ltixlird rn1il'hliir lloliie
Kew Yoiknii'K lili-iii'o.
17? A VVl;i;it Kuaratit.nl In in
V ri'"jl aseliM In lln lr l(
t 8 II 'rt iniulii to Iry It. Pun
."J S fi f o viCKKi:y..
Iii male nml
CO .
iIIOIb!.'I, .vie.
to fti'Sfl lK.ril:l ' th'.riic- Sriiilrm,nt!i
Pniiliiml, Jfilw'
kt I D-Y(.IIO.M.NLV or ."Off. CIIAIS.M1M.
J. lion eilhi-r -' liny fjvinHl'mnl K.iin
the loe mi'l nrrtiouii of any ernin thev
ili'.o.c InlBiilly. 'Iliio art allenn umi4 Iito
l.iilnull, fni-'tenU) togclhi'i' with it Man
l.nlile, Lgvptlaii UriK'le. IIiciimh. 1 1 intn t j I .
dl f.tti l.iii .ft) ..l.. V (iiuer l:....k Vil
I -. -II.I.I.VM S I ) , Pill,', I'M,,
wine WillESillJIE
1 rir .'i f'nrltr, KircnifllianilFliiviir
tt -H-. 1 1,1 KmiiI We Ciniirniitrc' It i
oi. ylrt-lfi'jA ' Ar Jorolhc tt' ' ' ri
t t, .-(. r.itht Men VH I irtf.TrliftfluUerni -.1
ir.ik'lt, a ' crj. I r-t Vlnnjir Worl'ald t ii
Worlil. ;U,IM li V 1'ltO. 5l.SL.0t CO., CMc;o
finals & Epskipwvi
I I i- Wutet C.I. ! till 1'illK- -t "tall'llll' ll IN- I
UP.. IlnnilAUD'S CURE !
It Has Aurod Thonsandn.
nml .il ir hi- ti."'' l.irnra-e it wi i,i u-itlt
A Imtllemnl fni- to all u i.li. --n a
I I. DIIIHI.I 1 (Mii.l-t Hrti.es 1,1 UtotI.
wnv, Neiv iil.. f-l-ilAir tin
Cnp VJToTn !"i 1'iioka
JiCil. fji.l., I'rluU, I'h.to
itinpli Why then ilo )hi ae monv on
-wiiull.-r.- Iii-!i,i. Mnil to I he nhl tilluli!)'
hoiii-enl lliiuiir A Co. lUlatjllslieit in I-'"
Wc-niil ull 1km,L, nil jrooila anil nt lomt
raU-. -cikI for -utiH! uf iIh-k-, Irnnl: full ol
lun. l.'cj How to win a Swivthiatt, J i
linhlcn Wli'i'l rorlnni- IVUir, loe: licoU of
l-ine U-ltcm, Uv. i lloxlox JM Ky. IV
Moo-iui'a .1onry l.io-el, lipp, IlliHtulcl.
'e j How lo nt- horl liaml, "ci How l.
mimieaii erin.av I'Mrf jr. ifc i llaiu-inc mm r
Knar, ftec; llov. !iamu!i r win, ' -, i I.np eiu
I'ant-.l.'otirt-tnploitln, rrtitniH-TelfiiiB- I n'riU,
Ia)c JlaLInK I'uhN. 1 kiii1a-caeli in r.i-. only
l-ej I'limpltli- 1'ocUt Ilojli-, .'11 4 liwtt-r-lWhf
Letter Wrilvt. I'v t .Monitor of Free-ma-onry,
TV How to win nml how lo woo,
Sue ; '1 tie I.aw of Ije, tx t lytli.' i,iilU to
tauity. Cfv, Ac.. Ac. , Ac. Ilrini-fiilt-r any or
all ofthealmte will I nt to ou niiiii mi
rrlitoririce. Wt- import nml liuutSii for
.eanc ImkiVh. We make it a atmly
We wnntyonr tionsKe. -rml f.ir our encii
Inf. It will ut )'iu toileal Willi lia Do nut
ri.k UMiiiey with .wimlli r-hut i-ni'I nt ono- lo
lh''oH reliabh Hunter A lu., IliiMilnlr,
save MONEY,vr!::a1,j:!,r.
Iuy6l'.woriliorir'lfori". Wliy not do it.
'I he Great .V IJ. Iiollur "nl.-, . flioomflcM fin el,
ItnMon, li llrmly e.talllhel, nndlor vmr-lia.
rolil niilly rnlimlile trooN worth 11 'itof'
at nflvnt price ot only one Dnl'nr UVnri- en
ilol nml ieormiit mlel ,y tlie Unt 'u.iis
unit theleailliix in lcliaiit. uur i-nle Ii an lion
oralile tmsim-sa inti-nirm-, we ibw-ll Rooil-al
leatthan other ihiilet. In tl ic tlmen it pay
lo toic money. Wear)) Juvelrv, allvir nml
i!.itfl waie, Khmwnre. i-ntliry. ilry and fuin-y
ool-, uroierii-, l-.i,eolTee, plrea, nrnl In f t
iMrythlni:. Inclinilnir .'.,. rlimnt Wik,,
which retail nt one ilollnr nml filly cents to four
lollari, ami all for Ju-t one ilntlar. 1 here i no
tlcki't, onleraliii, or other tin kcrv line dollar
(rrureaany article on the list. Vc C o H, lt
5011 m frnodj huoie ).ayiiiif. Over '. n i.ut
rona ntleit the ponnlarlly ot our Rte.it nile. We
ennnot Rlvrnny Ide-i hcieof our Liiim-i Our
li-t of Eooda would till IMi entire iwper. Send
at once for eliciilar and ri-coiiitninilatlonr. from
oiirpnlroiu You enn wiue.i-li. Will yon do
It" ll'"o, nddte-H nt nine II. I)1!.MI i'ON A
(.0.. N'. I.. IlOI.I.AIt M.t:, :n lliooyilleld s ,
lloston, in.11. (I. "-) -i.l I.-win i
nml i'n.iilillii
Mi-ecc. I'lil
rill','). Illlliolo.
( hail' red h the
Mute of Illinois
for tin- rxjiiesit
i .in inifc- ol ui villi;
1 1 it 1 1 1 1 1 ii t c leliii
in im ca-i j u pritate, ehroiile, uml iirinnry di
'a('i In ull tl.elrcompllcalid fonin. It Is will
1.UOHII that Ur 'luini i hni aiooi'i nt the hind of
thu piolesjlon lor tlie pa t i i .irs Ape nml
exierleiiceareiil lintiorl.iut .Seniliml W enli.
iii-s-., Iilslit lot.H'j hy ilriM!ii. plliiile- on tlie
face. lo.U inaiiliooil can inllhely he cuucil
l.adli' wiuitlne tlin mo 1 ililleale iillontlon, e.ill
oi'wilte. I'leaiaiit liomu Inr patients, A honk
for tin- million. MurrhiKe (iiiule. which I' ll"
you all nboiit thiedlai:ucftwho ahoiiltl Iii.it iy
"Whv not lucent to pay po-.t;ifC, Dr -laiiu-i
has m looiiii uml pallor You mo no one hut
Hi'.-doctor llllice lioiira, u n.m, In 7 p.m. !-uu-da,
I" to I.'. All hiHlnc-is eti Icily eonllilen
lUl. l-"-iUwly.
'I lie lnt chance fur Koil nxili ullmul lamU on
'li.s Vkaiih' Ciii.iiiT. ut Mix i-cii in.NT Inli ii il.
Don't run unvilska, hut pi loiieouulry t tint li:n
hiciipiovcil to hepood. Sei.d youriidilKis hy
lioaial c.i id to ljiml foiu'r II. & U. I,'. II ,
L'uilinclon, Iowa, nnd leeilvvfreu copy of Iowa
und Xchisiikii I'liriuer, ulllielitilt of IainU, and
ow ionnd 11-lp rates.
BScAU for $1.00.
1 en 1 Icirant .liieH of C Imlcu ilmlo nri.iupil
tor the 1'i.ino I'm le will Imu nt hy mulluiiie
ci'liitofoni'ih liar, (pent paid) or single copies
.it 1 i rail encii,
'I hey can nl-n li onleied tliroiiflli any new
ilcnlirln the fulled Stuloi.
Ilappii rd lya Infctiuincniiil .Tom Ilrowu
Why cm 1 not l'oivt riniihle
1'iir (I'er the Waves MaWalh
IliKll l.lli WalU htiiiuat
Howil when- Hie ViuletH lirow Weatune
Whcn (lld.lli'kdiiii had hli Hay Wcalerne
'I he liniml old I'.-irru. liuhlrn
'1 he CollcK'e IjiilckHlcp tilnddaid
'1 licie's n I.i tier in tin- diinli' I 'sole
Hnyoiilically Thlnklie Hid
A 1 til r. onleri lo ISenJ w. llltchcoil;, 1'uli
liilier. f 'l'ihlrd Aveiinu N, V. K-khIC'Iii.
At tlie llt-LLitrtf cilleo Cnlro, Illinois.
Wm. Glenn & Sons
Keadquartors for Grocorlos
4,000 Rio and Santos Coffoo,
2,000 lilida Now Orleans Sugar,
2,500 bbls N. Orleans Molasses,
1,500 bbls White Reflnod Sugar,
1,000 bbls Yollow Rofinod Sugar,
500 bbls Louisiana Rice,
100 Tiercos Carolinr Rico,
500 h'fehs Green and Bf'k Tea.
AMI OIIII.lt I'ltollt ( l
OH, TO nml 72 Vint! hlrert, i;i. o.
r.f..tlV iwrfi'f nr.. ft.. rt .1... .... ..
ilcilul ..i I ii -ooihln- uml lu-ulinKl intaiirl.ini-nu-liK,
that we rnn i-niiililriiiuUv . ii,..,- ..-.n
alii-, lull- nu t ,,., arrlsin In. in llvili.
Icmt Hut Ihey ill iiirmlu liroLui li-jc or -ti-i-nilMiiK-OolU,
tut c-ii-ii In aiu li i-mm-hIic
Hill iMliiii- I lie lurlainallou uul Mop the lain
Norc.in Hi-KHUu-nti,. the pri.Kr n-xiill. 1i. ib
the Imj'I) la iiiiIskik-iI ,y ulilsUy. ',in.
K-mnii' la- iHTi'-mr tun iror J'lijuiral, at
I III- VWlltl- I I'lltlllll- I II, I, ..,,! I. .....
Ili.ul.irly ndai.M to all ea.caorilliiuiiiniliii.
I.niiii axo. .Stitnil.'U, l-rrniwlai. hpriiln-..
Ilili.lhilll.laln-. lui-, llruUi J-tlnjfa. Poison,,
.;j.. fciati.a. VWaK Rick, Pallia in thn ahli ,
Houii'l , iiiinf Mnewa, lliirn., rrostul
fifl. IMKs.l.ar-aelie, lootli-oclie, Hind a l.r.
I leer-, Old -on-i, lln.Li n llrcn.li. oiv Nip
plr, Core 'I hroat, Croili, lllptheii.i, He 'Ihc
ino-tu tlieM.-iomi'laintslln- u-iitaur l.lnlmcnt
wiileiiri-j iilloftliriii it will liemtll. It wi't
eMriii l III,- poNiiii frm bitw nml .tliifci,
and will cure liiirns mill .riiliN without
-i-ar llii-lollowlnli, tint a painidc ol'a thoie -and
t-lmlt.tr tc-timmiialii ;
. ,aimii. In- . Hc I.IITI
"My wile lun fi,i a lonx lim.- Utii a Irrrlhin
miavit-r li-oni KIihiiiuIImii .-In- low tiled inai y
pliyoiclananiiiliniiuy i.'MK.lii . . 'I he only tiling
wiin li has Khcn her relh ria I i-ntaur l.lnini-iil
I am Kjoicrd to any thhlii. curnl her
, . W. 1 1 UIMi, I'o-tuu.ter "
II ii an iiiilnputaWe Diet that the Unlaitr l.lnl-ini-Ulnili'iMrfurmiP
run- lli'li r hi lnrr
.ll.'i li il any piciaiiatian 111 evisleuce.-likii
(.lironlc Ith.itiiutlxinol llilrly j 'iii--stniiil.
Iiilf, slinlfthlcnini- linger iiiiillolutt which lia I
been HilTlnr ai. Tt-ar". lakinir the aoienin flolu
hurii-, cli ,
Our il,. liar, oi- eteii llftycrnta, Inir Ivl In
( ttilniir l.inimi ut will I within n-arli islieu
nil iieelitent oeciir-. mid will do more pjod
tluilinii) amount ul money rtl 1 for innllral
allrinUiii-e. When phyficuna an- c.tllnl tln-y
imiiicnty ii-i' Ull, l.iiiiineiit, and of courA)
cturare rral price tor It.
The Yellow Centaur Linitaent
lawhiptid to the toiin -mn, mu.i Icinnd llrsli of
the minimal rientlon. It, ifll(-ts uium ret era
ra-eo of ' t-pnvlii, .winy. Wiinl.i.all. IIU
Hind and I'olNl.ul, an-little leas lluu marva -Inn-.
, Meaar .1. JIe lure .t Co., IlniMMa, r r.
I.linaii'l rrnutata . (.'Incinnjtl, U , .ay
"In our tiilKhl)rhoo.la nuinlxr ol ti-aiii.lrri
nrc imnvf l,c l.'entaur l.iniiuent. 'liny pin.
iiounee liauimlortoanjllilnc they haic eler
"' " eull a hlith u four or Ihu onn
lioitlMiK-r month to nivwri of liorna ami
Welnve tilnme or tt-MimoniaU ilocrihlnc
ciin-jofMiraln. Klcka, l.alla, l'oli-l.ll. IIlf.
Hmd.nnileieu rounih ri', whicli are little 1.-4
tlnni iimrMla No owner of an animal cm
iut.i,.Mni!imilin iiuiiii! Ul M'lll.llir i.ini-
. imnt, whichnny day nuypioie worth nvnity
; lime. Its cost.
-old cut) n litre, hut lUfpalnl cnly ut tin
1 l.alx.iatory of. I. II, l-.on- A ( 1,
j l i In v it.. Nr.w Yoiik.
Cast or ia.
' f ro.-i, mckly li.thh inml tlilMien may entov
. Inultli, und inollierM tun rent, lr lliry Mill
j 11-c lastom Worm, leverlilinei, tMthlnv.
1 t lull collp, oiirtoiiiichiindiindlk'ale.foo l
, Inakeiliildivli cioi-s, and proliiee alekne h
. dut'iiU will iiiiiinllate the food, -.iii-I
uiiriii-., uml correct nil thm- tlilnit. l or
I tcntyyeiiiHr. Pitcher exKrlinentcl In Ida
I private practice to produce an iljcclhe Cathartic
' and sloiincli reju' itor ulili Ii would he n etfee-
tleni I'lisliie Oil, without Ha unpleasant
tate or recoil
'lliciiputitlowuf ht ierliiieiit 1 M0111I11I.
l'hyslclnua nnd niirae-i rapidly udoiilnl Ills
, rinicdy. to which lie isae Ihu 11.11m- of I'iis.
1 loria
j L"ntoi !:i fa an ili-nsiiii In lulu-im lioiiey.
1 leiftil.ilci theatomacliaml howels, nml ilnea not
1 j.-ri' It U nilaptcil lo all iij.-i-' 1 , u,
. nlclioliol, nnd la nliMiliiteli lini inli ss ij
I tin-mint lender Infant.
I 'Irvl iiMoiU once and )ou will m-t-i- IiO
11111KI111 11.
1'repiied nt tlie I.-ilHiniloiyuf.l. II IIoe A
Co. , Hi Hoy ami t..ew Voik. (l)-'.'-2l.l:ilw
KKMDK.SXK! No. SI 'flilrleentli Unit, bo.
tweiii WaslihiKtun avenue and Wnlnut ttreet.
111 1 iw. .Mirili Hue or Klchlli atrett l-e-
mil 11 iQinniiTciai ami iiinilntftnniminie.
ItKSIDlJ.NCi:: Corner Ninth und Walntl
OKMCII: Corner Sixth tlrcet and OhloU'Tie.
Ornci; IlOUItSi KromOa.rn. lam., ami
liom:' to 8 p.m.
'i'Kspccl.il nllcnllon ulven to Suriicry nml
Ireatiuent of Chronic HIbcim i. i-:o.Im,
Aitoriicy ul 1aw.
Ol r ICi: t At residence on Ninth Street, 1 1
twicnW-imiiiKloii avrniinnnd Walnut HI.
orrici: and i.ksidknciii i.Wiih sihci,
helw.cn WiihlnKlon mid Ciiiiiiiicu-ial Avenue,
Wlf CAIIIO, H.I.s,
I.von'h Kaiiuiiio.v makes hp.nitlful
L-lomsy, luxurliinthair; jirnvotitu Its fall
ing nut ur turnluo' any. It h.mPtood lho
lest of 10 y ears. U i'liarniln(,'lyiicrfiunp(l
ninl hiii no rival. ll-io-ilitwly
H.u!an's.Ma".nolia1Ui.m prcpcrvcs nml
1 ostein's tho complexion ; rt'iuovi' frcck
m, tan nml Kallovnof.i ; makes tho skin
Isott, whlto anil tlcllcalo. Itn niinllcailq
cannot ho lictcoteil. a-io-a&ivly,

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