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Real Estate Column
Alo.xnnilcr county, hunls, Culm lot,
in oxclmiifro forHt. Linda properly.
Tlio south Imll ofllie "Pilot" hmo at
n tinrgnln.
Cottajio on Fourth Hired, between
Commercial ami Washington avenue.
Cottajro on Ninth Street, west of ,VnI-
nnt .ilrcet, $12 50.
Cottnxo on Fourteenth tr.el, west
of WiiMiiiigton avenue, $1 1
Saloon anil llxtiires, southwest corn
r Klghtecnth street timl Commercial
iventic, at u bargain.
Cottno on Twelllh slreel, wot of
.'omincreltil avenue, $10.
Dwelling houe on Cron Urect, wes
ol Wabliixloii avenue.
llisncs.shou?o on l.oveesli(el,;ihove
l'.l;hth, $20.
t.V oo'l cottage on Twenty-Ninth
Jlreet, near Cotnmerel.'il avenue.
Store room on Commercial avenue,
text to Wuverly hotel, 310.
Collage of 4 room? on Twenly-thiril
ilrcet, SO. Oooil yard ami cittern.
(.Jood dwelliiiK hou-e on Walnut, lo
tween Twenty-rconil and Twenty-th'rd
trcet, $10.
Store-room comer Twentieth and
I'oplarsticets, $12 no.
Store room adjoining nhoo.
Houe on Commerelnl avenue, near
IIHh street. .Suitable for hii'luess mid
Tenements numbered 7, 8 and
'.I, Winter's llow. f rooms each for $10
per mouth. Will be put in llit-chii
Store room in "I'llot Home," lately
occuplcil Uy A. Ilalley.
Uwellln bouse on Sixth street and
leU'er.'on avenue $10.
Orphan Asylum building and jitcini
(). Kent low, to a nood ten int,
Store room, corner Twentieth and
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
Kooms In various parU ol the city.
l.tiwls, In tracts to mlt, near Cniro.
Meiinit NiilMitor lleer
nl the Thalia saloon, oppo'ite the l!i"i.
nv olllee. v tf
Ski: horn. C. Jvoch, at his Miop and
'tore room, No..W) Commereial avenue,
lia for sale a steel: ol boot? and shoe of
hi-) own make ;aliia lull Pluck of leather
and llmlhixs lor salo; and a
large stock or St. I.ou s cu
torn maili! boon and shoes. He
keep' the Itcst material ami 19 up in all
the latest styles. Ill Ills are perfect, and
satMliftlon Is guaranteed, (live him a
rail- il.KMf
r.oo ilimu Ai:ini
Wanted In lllluios lor the new Illu--trated
ThI'tle Kdltlon of Sir Walter
Scott's Waverly novels and other popu
lar publication. I.llieral Inducements to
uood ajjenln. Send tor elrenlnr and
terms to W. II. F.aMon A Co., 12.'. i larl;
'Meet, I'ooui "!, Chicago. l-27-end Im
vti: wooii!
For ale at $1 .V) x-r load. Ftnve w.md,
oiwed and split. $1 er eord. Four foot
wonl,?:i.0 per cord, dell vi red In nny
liart ot the city. Itljj lot of stove wood
in hand. Leave onlcii at N'o. ill Fihth
'treet, ami they will neelve proiniit at
tention. .Vl.'Mm. F. W. W.oiii.
We will pay no hills contracted by any
employe of Tin; lli'i.i.i.n.v. null? the
same N made on a written order 'ined
by the pn'iIdent or secretary of the com
pany, and we will aceept no order- yiven
by an employe of the company, (or any
purpose whatsoever.
November 10. 1 K".,. u
tVnwiiiiliil Hut Hull One Niiloou.
Fred Ilolhein. has newly lifted nphl
pluee in the moft be.iutilul and m.iiiill
rent style, and U the handiest and coolest
place in the city tor cniufoit In warm
weather. He has ala private room for
bulk'-;, separate from th bar room, and
will try to make it a comfortable lor his
customer as polh!o, and will
tiy to treat every body with re
speet. lie will aUn have on hand the
be.-t brands ot cigars; Ihpiois and wines,
and oilier cool ihlnl; which the Centen
nial time require, lie will also have
lunch at all hours day and nljjht, and a
bljj Centennial las of lajier beer always
on h.inil, cool and cieamy, which can't
be beat in Cairo. He will have on hand
In the restaurant line Swl-s cheese. I.hn
herger cheese, hand chee.-o. Holland her
ring, sardines, sardelles.auchnvles.eaviar.
pigs' feet, sour tongue, pickled tongue,
pickled eels, sandwiches, nnd all other oat
Ihles hi the market. Come and give him
a call.
.N'o, 1 l.iiuiKlry.
It Is now conceded that Jlrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fouitli street, be
tween Washington and Coinmvrclal nvej
nucs, has one of the best conducted laun
dry establishments in the ;lly, and laud
lords ol hotels and boarding houses will
llnd it to their advantage to call upon
her. ller prices are as follows : ilutcl
and boardlng-home washing 75 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, h'c; per
do.en, SOe; socks, fie; two collars, ."e;
two handkerchiefs, tic; vests, 20n; unit
all gentlemen's wear, 80c. per dozen.
Ladles plain calico dresses, 2."e; calico
dresses with extra trimmings, fiOc; white
dresses, $1 2.u ; ladles' ttnderware, flue
and coarse, $1 00 per doen. 1-2.MI.
The undersigned Is prepared to pump
nut and repair cisterns or build now ones
on short notice and at satisfactory prices.
,1. S. Hawkins,
Slid and Cedar streets. I'oMolllcn box
DSI. t
I (it-nut
Fllty i
Fllty rents, at Winter's Oalkiy.
$xt iulttttiit.
AS.VOItM K.'lll.M'N,
KOIt Slir.llllT.
,.V''' lue nullioil.nt lo nniiiiiniiu IIIII.N II.
KUIII.NMl.V n n curiilliln c Tor Munffor Alex
Hixlorroiinty.ntlliP niniliiK county i kclloii.
WenreiiulliDilcl lnuniii.uiicc lleil II. A. IM
liimiiUiin Nun IhtliiKiiilent IUiiiIiIIc.iii riincll
illlu lur ."-lietlir, ut llio rnmiliiK count v i-lirtlnn.
ui ttnl horln-il to uiiiiouiK I'l : Tl.It 8A UI',
ror mi lnitvM-nilriitnimllilBli! I'ir -lifrltrir Al
exiitiilirrouiity, ut the t nriilnf; coiiuly i-U-olloti.
KiiIkMh of l'j tlil.u, tnn lscviry Vrl-
IKIH nl fteviti, III nun-
linn iinr,
C'lmtin llor (.'umiiiuniler.
-M.KXANDKK LODIIK, ill), tal.
Int rxlent Dplir ir MJ-l'il-lors,
iimcM irry Tliiiriwlny nlRht
ut Imlf-ii'iit m-iii. In tlielr I' till en
)iniiu trial uuuni', IMwwii nlMli un Pcrrntli
,- ! I Ciiah I.aub N tl
' UliO I.N AMI'-MHNT, I. O. O. t,. ItiwH
J,H o.M-l-vlluWit' Hall on Hi" Hrftunil tlilnl
ihjiIij In every inuntli, ut lutr-uut krven
.1X0 II (ill'SMAM, C 1
UAIItOMHMIi:. NO. '2)7, A, K. A A. M,
II t.. - t.lt l
L rCKiilftr ruiiiuumiiaii'iiifl in .tin-
sonic Unit, collier Conimerclal mcnue
'unit lillilli Ktntt, on llic tconil ami
mirth Monilnv of mch month.
it.i'iKH or Aivi:ttrNi.;.
tCJ"AII Mils rorwlmtliiuic, arc ilue riii.l n-
nlllcl.N AtlVAMCK
'I rniitlciit U'lrrrtliliiR will l,o innrk-1 ut tlio
rate of II (l l.crf.Uaie for the lint lnu rt ion
a li' 1 tfl tvnU for each ill i-vj uft t one A Uhur.it
discount will le maile on sUtiiJIng un.I -JUjil
Korlnsirtlntc Kuntral notice l ( Notice of
ino tin? of locttth-s or scen t orOfr 1" w-iiln for
rarh Iniertlon
Chun h, Socltty, t'rttirnl and Suir noticen
trill only l'-lnnTtc.I ao h'IutIUi limit
No aihcrtUftrtnt will lx: rtcclvwt at lens lliun
in cents, and no pmcrtlKmcnt will lie liirrtl
for lj.tlmn UmvilolIaM riiioiith
f--- . Local Buiilnesu isotlcvs, or
k (Y ten lines or moro, InHeitd
In the Bullotla as follows i
Commence Counting at ten Lines.
Ono inaartion per line " Conto
Two Inaertlons per line 7 Cents
Three Insertions per Unu 10 Cents
Six Insertions per line 10 Cents
Two weoks per line SO Cents
One month per line 30 Conts
No Seduction will bs made in abovo
TliriiSDAV. SIAV an, I'-TO.
I.i. nil Wriillirr Heinr.
Caiiio, III , .May it, Ult.
ITnTTw id. V.lT Wkaiii
7 a. in
an.-.-.l i I N
c lllomly
i I ll'l
't n.rn.
ISO i'r r.l j
i i; i " , limn
i i ' i ti f .o.
W.l-l 1 i.l .
5cri;eant. Slnal r Uv, lT. S. A .
Iry 4iiMtils,
Stoel. of l)ry CooiN at very low prices
it ...ll lin. C. IlANSVrt.
I'rlntx and Mii'lin itill cheaper al
.Vll-lm. C Havsv'.s.
I 111'IK'ls.
Large loel. ol Carpel? ollering very
cheap al tVll-lm. C. IIa.nsy'.s.
l.luen Damask Nupkins and Towel
ing otleritig at reduced prices at
.'i-ll-lm. '. Hasvv's.
rmteilis (i)i-llie I. miles
.lust received a large a"ortineiit of
llaaar (ilobe Fitting Patterns the best
lilting In ti'e, at Im. C. Hanxv'-.
IIihiIh mill Sliiiex.
Large Hock of Ladies, and Children'.
IJoois and Shoe? at low ptlec-i, at
r.-ll-lm. C. Hand's
llexl AIhh.Ih Hie liii'iipl-l.
Choice hams of Henry Ames and al-o
NVor.-ter's brands at the
i-2.'l8t Xi:w Vonif Sliiitl..
I.i 11 I'll l'iiier.
Linen lllire, plate lluMi, letter and note
paper at the IIi i.i.kti.n olllee. lllue and
ream laid, below St. I.oul ptlce.;.
WuimI! V4 i.iil ! !
On and alter this date .. W. Wheeler
t I'o. will oiler cord wood at .$11 .Kl per
cold; -riunj awcd and pllt, f ."i (V) ; slu
gle load $1 "." per load. Stiietly cash,
Mr. Stewart, having moved to the
large frame 'house at the corner of Sev
enth etreet and Washington avenue, will
board and lodge good reliable persons
at $20 per month. Jtooms large and
airy. .V12-II'.
Sernp Iron Wnuletl,
Wauled, "00 tons of scrap Iron In 10
tons lots for cash.
Vri.CAX MANtTACiTiiixd Co.
I" .McLeans' Hlocl;, St. Louis Mo.
Tin, l'lnee.
For a elca.: sliave, a fashionable hair
cut, or a thorough Mianipoo, go to .1.
(icorge Stelnhouu on ICighth street,
Alexander County Hank building. His
tliop Is always neat ; his towels always
clean ; Ids assistants always polite, and
his tables covered with the latest dally
papers, lor the benellt of his customers.
Tint lleiiHiin Wli.V I'limUn Micinld tie
iilroiii.eil In Ilie lee llimlncss.
To the Ulliteiw ofCalru;
I propose entetiug the Ice bu-luess
In Cairo, ami have already received my
tlrst ear load. Believing that If the peo
ple ol Cairo understood this matter, 1
would receive a lair Miaie ot their pat
ronage, 1 have chosen this method of
bringing It to their notice. If any one
lit in had a monopoly in .sugar or coll'ce,
they would be able to t-et their ownj
price?, and consilium would be com
pelled to pay llieui. The citizens of
Cairo know as well as I can tell them,
what Is to their Interest, and what will
tend to keep such a neees'Ity as ice li A3
become, at a lair and living rate, audi
leave the matter hi their bauds.
TidSlit. II. .1. Ci'NiiuT.
i:ilYC IlipCN,
Tidily thousand ut received at the
IU'i.i.ktin' olllee.
smm imrnmm i i m iiiiilniniwii.iiiaffmiiMii
One Tlmitmiiiil.
Pieerfi of tholro prints at the New Voik
store for", 0 audT cents per yard, also
a large line of nittus very low, nndla.
dies' dimmed hats jind lu.
r..2:i..t CO. Pa ni.it .U'e,
I'o r lleiil.
Cottage on Tenth street, mulli s'de,
between Walnut t-lreet and Washington
nvetini.TWill be let tiulil 1st ol November,
to a good tenant. Inquire nt llt i.i.iniN
olllee. V.. A. lli n.Ni;i r.
i:eclilor Million.
Tills popularsalooti, corner rotirtecnth
Mrcetnnd Washington avenue, Is open to
the public. The bar Is supplied with
pure wines, choice liquors and the liuest
brands of clgnr.
il-23-tf A. Knoi'H, Pioprielor.
li'i'i Ice!
P. .1. Cundin' has iul teccied a cat
load of Dubuiiuc Ice, ami will continue
to receive ice throughout the entire sea
son to supply tin; Jobbing and retail
trade. He tcpectfnlly solicits a share of
your patronage. ko depot. No. 17,
Llghth sttcet. .",.17-tf
For the place to buy lumber cheaply,
go lo.l.S. McCahcy, coi ner of Twen
tieth street and Washington avenue, where
he Is locating his new lumber yards and
timing the month will be prepared to fur-nl-h
tillkhuN of liullilln' material.
ol 1-1 in
I'or Itent.'
All the down stairs and part of tint bar
room llxtures ot thehouM! now occupied
by Frit. Sheeler, on Washington ave
nue near the Catholic church, will be
for rent alter the 27th lnt. Itifiulre on
the prenil'es ni .stair.
.Mi:-. L. .!. I'.viim:.
Ily a private telegram received In this
city yesterday alternoon, wo learn that
I). W. Mtnin was acquitted hi hN trial at
Chicago ye.'teri'ay.
i:nciiiii!iiic nl l'rsli vol.
The festival ot the members of the Ihi
eampmeut, at Odd Fellows' hall, on
Tue'day night, was a very pleasant af
fair. Tliete was quite a gatheilng of
the families of the members present.
4'ii riilt I'dlll l.
The greater pai t of yesterday was ta
ken up in the Alexander circuit court, by
the trial of .loliu Iltnhou, fertile mur
der of Jacob Sutton, the narrow gauge
railroad engineer, last fall. The ease
was given to the jury about three
o'clock, but no verdict had been returned
opto Ilie time when we left the court
Dr. Charles DcOrath, who was dis
charged for the lack of witnesses to tes
tify against him by .fudge linker, In the
Circuit; Court on Tuc-day, left for Ids
home In Sew Vol k city, ye.-tcrday morn
ing. Mr. Harry Hrown and Dr. Joseph
Woolen, who came to tills eitytotiitlfy
in IHOrath's behalf, "alo took their tie.
Mr. T. W. Fitch, ot the Cairo & Vlr
oennes railroad, left I'or St. Louis for
a short vl-ii, ye-terday afternoon.
Mr. and Mr. .Judge Green left yester
day afternoon via the Illinois entral. lor
.Mr. K. M. Stearns went to Chicago,
yesterday afternoon.
Squhi. Tom .Martin, ol fioo-e Maud, is
in the city attending court.
ItniU'ii ami Uimiiii Wunlfil.
Nor a man and wife and daughter (five
years of age) In a fimily of respectability.
Poom must be well furiiMicd ; have
wardrobe and other conveniences The.
gentleman will bo away a portion ot the
time and will expect to pay a certain
amount fertile room luriiislied and a cer
tain amount for wife and child's board
and gentlemen s board to be for the time
nt home. Would like a place where
could make a permanent home.
Address Pox XoSII, HarrUbiirg, 111. :i
Am ciisIoii liny Neriici-M.
The A-ceu-ion day ,-ervlces of tlio
Knights Templar, nt the church of the
Redeemer, to-day, will be very Imposing
and Interesting. The aildtes3 will be de
livered by the Rev. Charles A. Glhert.
Xo Invitations for the services have been
l-stted, but a general Invitation Is ex
tended. The Knights will leave their
asylum at .'I o'clock, ami march to (lie
church, where the ceremony will begin
at I o'clock prompt. Alter the conclusion
of the usual deinon-lratlon
at the chuich. the Knight,
headed by the Silver Cornet band,
will parade through the principal streets
of the city. A number of the members of
the order from the neighboring cities and
towns were expected to arrive In the city
la-t evening, and take part in tlio ceremo
nies mill parade to-day.
The cheapest and latest style Dry
goods, in the city also the cheapest lot of
Kmbroldeied Parasols, mid notions can
always ho found at
S. P.M:i:iii.'s,
1 12 and III Commereial avenue.
Tlio OcIeKiilu .Mcetini;,
The meeting was called by Col. Taylor,
chairman ol the delegates appointed to
make propositions lor the eelebntllou of
the coming Fourth of duly, was very
fcllmly attended. As a consequence, no
steps were taken by the delegate. It Is
probable that the whole matter of a cele
bration will go out of the hands ol the
gentlemen appointed by the Mayor, and
no placed in the keeping of the llieiucn,
who will leine nnthln;: undone that will
tend to make the demonstration a good
one. The members of the Fire Depatt
meul were tho" oilginator.s of the plan
adopted by' the Council for the celebra
tion, but since tlio majority ol the cili
.ens have.shown but very little Intoicst
hi the matter, they propose taking tho
responsibility of tho nlkdr upon them
selves, and show the people what they
can do.
Two Mem It Hint llim't lldil im One.
Vcslcidiiy morning, about '.) o'clock,
one of Iho-e traditional SouthcaH Ml"
soutians entered the olllee of tho Iron
.Mountain Itallioad, in this city, and did
a tale unfold that wrung (cars of sympa
thy from the susceptible young men wuo
preside theie. lie said he left Dexter with
his Lucrella and their little pledge, with
the intention of going to Carhondalc to
live. Kverythlng went serenely until the
arrival at Calm, where the demon a
swamp angel by the name of I light Cain,
who had been a neighbor of I.tieretla's,
at Dexter appeared upon the scene,
lu an unguarded moment Lnerelia lent a
willing ear to the pleadings of thy angel,
and the consequence was she appropriated
all the cash belonging to her outraged
busbnhd, together with the pledge,
nnd took Walker's line lor
parts unknown. When the head of the
family leturned and dUcoveicd tlio turn
tilings had taken, he immediately startetl
in pursuit of the two recreants, over
taking them about two miles north of
town on the Narrow Gauge railroad. He
used nil his persuasive powers to Induce
I. ucretla to return, but In vain, lie ap
pealed to Illght ; told him he didn't see
why he wanted to treat him In that way;
tohl hint he had always treated him kindly
and called him uncle. 'I'o tun liU own
words he "talked to Mm like a man ;"
but manly arguments would avail noth
ing with Illght, who said Lticretla
wa.ited the pledge and he would stand bv
it till no died. The head, seeing all was
lost, ictraced his steps to Cairo, and go
ing to the Iron .Mountain olllee succeeded
In procuring a ticket back to Decatur, In
putting his jicrsonal baggage In "soak.'1
He returned home a "sadder but nwiser
The Dom Pedro's assassination did
not tako place, but hundreds of wives
ami daughters all over the city are happy
to think that they can buv the best Cali
coes at 0 cent per yard at
S. Paiiiiiiia's,
112 ami III Commercial avenue.
Oil lils-x i lion.
In view of the many recent accidents
resulting from the explosion of Illuiniiia-
tiug oIN, which hac been adverti-eil as
nou-explojive, it has come to be generally
discussed by Iho newspapers throutrhout
the country whether more stringent laws
should not be pasted, .looking to a ilgld
Inspection of these dangerous oils which
have been palmed upon the people under
tho high recommendation of being per
fectly safe. So many Instances have oc
curred where customers' have been
duped Into buying these oils, under the
assurance that perlect safely Iroin ex
plosions could bo guaranteed, which re
commendation has, to the cost of many,
Ik en proved to be utterly amistake, that
a general It cling ol distrust, nas en-
sued. Were statistics to bo gathetcdas
to the number of deaths, alter long anil
exertitlatlug suffering, from explo-lons
of oil lamps, what a tcriible array of fig
ures could be produced. As
to the destruction of proper
ty, ami the consequent Ins;
to merchant--, capitalists and Insurance
companies, arising from explo-ions from
this cause, who can estimate the value
It Is now generally conceded that the
only safe illumination Is gas. Far too
many have learned this from the painfu
experience of having properly destroyed
and loved ones nurrieii to an untimely
end from fearful Injuries resulting from
the explosion ol oil lamp?. The follow
from the "Polytechnic Review " hits the
nail on tho head.
"We have lately no'iced with satisfac
tion tlio record ot a decision by tho
Supreme Court or Louisiana, alllrmlng
liability ol advertisers of non-explo!vo
oils lor damage, In the event of accident
or injury resulting from their use. The
petroleum lu-peetlon laws of this State,
which, If properly enforced, m'ght be
alVord a very reasonable degree of secur
ity to the Users of Durnhig oils, have
proved hi practice (which introduces the
personal equation) so utterly Inetllcient
as to be generally admitted to bo worth
less. Perhaps tho prosecution of uu-
etupulous compoumhrs of beii.lue
mixtures and combinations may lead to
something more tangible in the way of
protecting life and property." C. X.
Laud: l.Nii:i:ei.oiuisii. Ladies'
Cheml-u, Drawers, Skirts mid Night
gowns in lino -Muslin, tucked and em-
biiodered at reduced rales, at
S. PAIilllltA'si.
1 12 and 1 1 1 Commereial avenue.
('iiiiiiiir: !
llowca' Great London Clreus-Illptx.-
dromc, Sanger's Kngllsh -Menagerie ol
Tinined Animals and .Manli-iiras com
bination, that is to exhibit in thl city on
iituadav. .June .1(1, rcnuliing In the
transportation of this Leviathan Inhi
bition forty-two ol their own ears. 1 ills
fact in Itself establishes the fact of lis
aL'ultuile. and Ironi tho L'tueial out-
spoken and l.ivoiablo notices from the
nress as to the respectability of this vast
concern, at once commends itself to us,
Ilelow we copy from tlio St. .Joseph
Herald,' of .May 10th, in which It say:
Uxhlbiliou hero yesterday afternoon mid
evening. Tho morning opened dismally,
skies dark tiui rain lulling heavily.
About 10 o'clock Iho clouds fortunately
cleared away long enough t o enable the
company to make their strict parade.
"Grand." "Tho llucst display I evu
saw a show makes" "They tlesctvo lo bo
pal ionl.cd for that alone," wt ro among
the compliments tho pageant received
from tlio best clilzcun, and it deserved
every word of pinko bestowed. The
eh'iiiots weioof aiilstieiind novel design,
handsomely earvid and tlebly ndoriud
Willi minors, gilt and crimson. Tlio
stock was till line, lu lino condition, tie-
e ntly hatncsicd and well driven. The
menagerie comprises some rare animals,
specimens of their peclcs nnd
In good health and spiriis. It Is
wortlt the price of adinlslnn to
loologlral collections. They are all line
with others usually found in travelling
sic that cage or splendid Hengal
tigers. The live performing elephants
hick little or having' human intelligence!
and did all they were billed to do. The
ring poilortnatices arc better than the
average: some very critical and well
posted spectators pronounced them the
best, a? n whole, that they had ever seen
under canvass, lu conclusion, we desire
to call particular attention to the uniform
behavior of the attaches ol thlsniaininoth
establishment, and their unwearying
courtesy to visitors. They seem delight
ed to answer even the sometimes tedious
questions ot children about thu dltl'eteiit
animals thus making a visit to their
menagerie a source of much Information
to be attained only by this mrm of object
teaching. Notwithstanding tho; heavy
rain in tlio evening and the sloppy con
dition of the grounds, talr audiences were
present at both performances. Don't
miss seeing them Is our honest advice to
the people of anj place at which they
may exhibit.
.lliiMiiilt' Not lee.
A Cairo Lodge, No. 237. A. I, and
?VA' M"1 lloltl n com",,,",t,atlnn
lor Instruction this (iiiur-dav)
j evening, at H o'clock sharp.
maim j.ccuirci iouui-, in I in ti.r,
Illinois, will be present to exemplify the
work. A full attendance Is desired. Uy
order ot W. .M, W. A. St.oo, See'y.
S. Pa re Ira announces special bargains
In .Men's and IloysClothlng.good all wool
'asimerc suit only $0 00. A good boys
suit only $1 00 and upwards. All much
less than heietofore for equal qualities.
Soliinon Parelra has received an addi
tional stock of Dry Goods, Clothing,
Roots and Shoes which he Is oll'eilng, to
suit the times. Therefore, If you want
to save money give Dim n call at 1 12 and
1 11 Commercial avenue.
Itiiwn AkmIii.
'0, libs for SI 00
llb " 1 (Ml
libs " 1 00
IJIbs " 1 00
igar, II lbs for 1 00
:ilbs " 2.-.
Choice "
Pea beny
Prime Rio
lieing determined to sell goods low,
we Invite all to call and buy where goods
are sold the lowest.
Ni:w Voiik Srotti:.
Gteat revolution in the line of Roots
and Shoes, which I oiler at prices never
lieiud ol belore. Men's boots at $2 00
a pair, and all the rest In pioportion.
S. lAiti;tu,
112 and III Commercial ave.
Wai: IlkPAiirucNT, Uiviii' Uki-oiitT
.M.iy2l, .8J0
LOWWATr.ll. f'llAM.K.
I T. II. IT. IN.
Crtlro..'. 21 8 i
l'ittuburi! k I D .',
C'lnrlnnntl 31 .
liitNvllle !' in t
Xu,hvilli 7 I X a
St. IOiix li .n ,-,
llviimllle li n t i
Memphis al .'. i
Vlrkitiurg U 8 n
New Orleans 3 2 u
Ilelow liiKll water (if 1ST!.
IAMi:3 V.T.i),
si'ilieant, Slcnal Mrvlro, t'.sj. A.
I'lU'l I.Nt.
Steamer .Jim Fisk. Padiieab.
.1. D. Parker. Cincinnati.
A. L. No 1. South.
' Susie Sliver, New Orleans.
Tow-boat Nail City. St. Louis.
" l.lbetty No-1, "
' ' .1. N. Kellogg. New Orleans
imi'.un i:n.
Steamer .Mm Flsk, Paducah.
.1. D. Parker, .Memphis.
" A. L. No 1, Paducah.
Susie Silver, St. Louis.
Tow-boat K. .M. Norton, Pittsburgh.
" Liberty No I. Ohio.
" Nail City. "
.J. X. Kellogg, St. Louis.
The river last evening was twenty-nine
Icet six ami tlirce-lltth Inches on the
gauge having fallen twenty-one ami two
lllths inches during the previous twenty
lour hours. The weather continues
cloudy, damp nnd cold. Rit'lness dull.
The steam yacht Ariadne owned by
her commander, Captain Conway, was
towed from Xew Orleans to this city by
the .Joseph Williams, and will leave tor
her homo on the lakes In a day or two.
Copt. Conway took tlio Ariadne South
last fall, to be used as a pleasure boat,
but tho business did not pay.
The Liberty goes up the Ohio to meet
tho Raven, now on her way out.
P.. .M. Norton, ami Nail t'ity, wilh tows
of iron ore, cleared for the Ohio,
The .lames I). Parker passed down
eatly ye.-tenlay morning, with a good
ttlp for Memphis.
The Pool arrangement have been com.
pleted tit St. Louis, and all the New
Orleans boats tuo In 11 and will load lu
turn, following each other at such Inter
vals as may bo n quired to transact the
bii-luess oll'ered dining tho coming sea
sou. The Su'Io Silver went up to eomo
out with tho re.-t.
tinlir. lo Ilmisits oi- tloliu-mlu
Take tho Atchison, Topcka and Santa
Fo railroad, the new and popular Hue
from Atchison ami Kansas City, via the
beautiful At Kansas valley, to Pueblo,
Colorado Springs, Denver, Cannon City,
Cnchants, Del Not te, Santa Fo and all
points In Colorado, New .Mexico and
ArUona. Special round trip 00 day tick
ets to Denver on sale Mav lib. !
' )!.!. i l i.iii.,1- ivatiling places uli
Iho D. & R. G. road. Low emigrant
rates to UiuSau.luan mines.
Pullman palace sleeping ears between
tho Missouri- tlverand tlio Rocky Moun
tains without change. Close connections
mado "at Kansas City and Atchison in
uiilon'ilcpots. For maps," llnio lablcn.
and the "San .limn guide," adddrcss,
' r v t , - T. .1, Anpihojox,
Gen. PiUJi Afc't, Topeha, ICun.
llUnelolioii r omi tnrrlil)
The copartnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned Is this day tlis
solvcd by mutual consent, .lolui Madden
withdrawing from the firm. Henry L
Kltinear assumes ah llalillltlcs of. tho
lato firm of Madden & Klunear. and will
collect all outstanding debts duo the
llriu. and w ill continue business nt ilir
old stand. .lon.v Maiuu:v.
Ilnxitv L. Ki?xi:aii.
Caiiio, III., May 2:td, ISTii. lit
I)AX(ii:uor Dr.t.AV. Many Victims lie
In lcty, nnd many Lives are thrown
rtimy (by Colds, Coughs, Catarrh, and
Lung Jhnmu) that might be cured with
perfect w, for future Health and Hap
piness by using a bottle of WisiiauVs
Pine Tree Tar Cordial, an iiiMUhh
Remedy for Consumption. (2ti).V2.iwlt
linlNillliilip lit liteiu-e
Sr. F.i.mo, III.. .Inly M, Is" I.
R. V. Pii.itci:. M. D.. Rnil-.tlo, N. V :
I wish to add my testimony to tlio won
derful rnratlve properties.oryour Alt.
list., or Golden -Medical Discovery. I
have taken great interest in this medi
cine sinee I llrst used It. I was badly af
flicted wi'.h dyspenla, liver deranged
and an almost perfect piostrallon ot the
nervous system. So rapid and complete
did tlio Discovery elVeet a perfect euro
that It .seemed nioro like magic and ti
perfect wonder to myself, and since that
time we have never been without a hot
tleoftlic I)scoet, atul Pitinllve Pel
let hi the house. They are a solid,
.sound latnlly physician in the house and
ready al all times to ily to the relief of
sickness without charge. We have
never had a doctor in the house since we
lirst began the u-o of your Pellets ami
DNoovery. I have recommended the
use ol these medicines in several severe
anil complicated cases arising from, as I
thought, an Impure statu of the blood,
and hi no one case have they filled to
more than accomplish all they arc
claimed to do. I will only mention one
as retnaikalile, (though I could give you
dozens). Henry KosRt, furniture
dealer, of this place, who was one of the
most pitiful objects ever sceu. Ids face
swollen out of shape, scales and eruptions
without end, extending to ids body,
which was completely covered with
blotches and scales. Nothing that he
took seemed to ellect It a pal ticks
dually Induced him to try a few bottles
of the Golden Medical Dl-covery, with
daily usi; ol the Pellets, assuring him It
would surely euro him. He commenced
Us ue some six week .luce, Inking two
Pellets cell night for a Week, then one
each night, and the Discovery as directed.
I he result is. to-day Ids skin Is perfectly
smooth, and the scaly eruptions are gone.
Do has taken some seven or eight bot
tles In all, and considers himself cured.
This case had ballled the skill of our best
physicians. Mc-srs. Dunsford it Co.,
druggMs ol tlds place, aie selling
largely ot your medicines and tho de
mand steadily increases, and they give
jierfect satisfaction In every e.ise.
Respectfully, W. II. CI1AMPLIN,
ri.2l-d.vw lw(n."ij Agt. Am. Kxp. Co.
Tin; lTi.t.-iiAcu nur.ss. The fashion
are all the while getting Into hot water.
Hoops look It In their day, and now It Is
the pull-back style of dics Ladies who
have any regard for their health -hould
keep supplied with Il.u.i.'s Rai.sam, tho
best remedy tor coughs, colds, and nil
throat and lung complaints Price,
SI 00. Sold everywhere. iVJ.Vwlt ()
Real Estate
Lnrut Axontn of tho Illinois Central and
DurlliiRtcH and Ciulncy 11. It,
Ilusiness House lately occupied by
Wood Rltletihouse & Co,, on Levee be
low 1 Uli street. Rent very reasonable;
Dwelling house, 7 rooms; 10 lots
enclosed, in good order, on Twenty
fourth and Walnut streets. Rent low to
a good tenant.
Two tenements on west side of Com
mercial avenue near Filth street, suitable
lor shop ami dwelling. Rent for each, $S
per month.
Dwelling house, 5 rooms, on Fifth
street near Walnut, In good repair. Rent
$12.1)0 per month.
Cottage, 2 rooms ami Kitchen,
Twenty-tlrst street, near Sycamote
north side. Rent per mouth.
Two small bouses, northwest corner
Fifteenth anil Populat. Rent low.
Basement of brick building, west side
of Washington avenue near LMghtccnlh
street, tlvo rooms lu good condition!
Rent low.
Building on east side of Coiuiuercla
avenue, near Tenth street, suitable I'or
carpenter shop. Cheap rent.
Building on west side of Commercial
avenue, near Twellth street, Old "City
Holl." Rent very low.
Tenements, olllees and rooms lu vari
ous laeattons Rents low.
Lots-and lauds for sale or lease.
John (J, Haiimax i; Co.,
Real Rslato Agents, corner Sixth ami
Lowe .streets. il-I."i-lf
'JU.1 N'. Ilth .Street, Nl. I.oulx, .Ho.
U'liillnircslulilmlimuit ol Ihe Wist. Ulr
IM!. IIVINII, .I.Ti:itlNU. niul nil el
M llttnvra Wuil;il(ineiiiniiiilly. 'Ju'i'rllhieU
lur cnle. dniiyc lul'l nu Kouiln -ont J"""'
for I'hiln. .jj.il.twliii
(If Kvery eior!lton
, incur,
Attho UUr.i.K'IlN OllI.. l'A!ito,lr.i.
mi W iilii'J 18 VIM
ciino POETomo.
Omen Houn3-o.r77:30 a.m. to 6:30
p.m.; Sunday from 7to9a.in. Money
Ot tier 8:00 a.m. to f,:00 p.m.
a.m. r.m.
Illinois Central It HI a:S0
Ucntnil It U
Cairn A Viiictnnts
, K K Doily.
Culm, ArknnsiM A
TriM U ll-I).illy.
()hl9 Blvrr Itntita
Iiillyi.jc't Monday
MIm. lllur UnHtii
It, i. iin -r.. v.1
Huwn.Tu Thu.flat
1 HI
iniucs Koute
Koute t
. nil
. W. McKkaio, ! M.
K J (irwi lmvci, (ill rn dally 2 :00 p. m.
hirounrrlveat Cftlroiliilly...M.....J:fJ. m.
AceonintiKUtlon Iwivn, Cnlrmlnlly 2:00 a. rn.
AecoinmoiUtloti avrives ilally (exeset
Mimda) ..U:W. m.
litis t, m
3:CO 11. 111
Mall at
h)ircm nt..
t ri'luht nt...,
Kiriht nt....
M.ill at
Kxinras nt..
Krvlulit ut -I'rvight
a b
4:00 . m...Kxrit S tin. lay.
MO p. in... '
Aiir.ivc at CAino
2::kii. in .
2::t0p. m...Kxcejjt SumUy."
7i n m... ' Similar.
U tl) m- . " SumUy.
.T,IJj:3 JOHNSON. Ant.
"Wo Have Come to Stay!"
rpiIK Imlns nf this comtwny ronnert nl St.
Ll.oitl nml i:t.t. JiiIj, with all othtr
lines tith.iirlh, Kmm mill W(ih
time srTuinuf.i:
I-cinel aim ...10:lj,m.
AiiiviMitM. IiiiN (:S.'i.m
t-cive ICii.t St. IxillU
Arrive nt Cain
:.( A.m.
4:20 p.m.
.1. I,. MINI KI.KV, Ci'iicrnl Siirliitmilcnt.
.1. A. WK.N'I'Z. licnerul l'mucnxvr Agent.
Jims rouuiTT. Agmt.
Tin: siioiiTKST noi'Ti: to
Evanuvillo, Indianapolis. Cincin
nati ana Jliouistiiio,
Thu sjliorle-t ami Quickest Line to
Philadelphia, Bal'imoro nnd
Now Yirk,
M:ik I i.l- CIo-o Cmncctlons with the "Fast
.Mall" to the Kast.
Invi", Culro 3:en u. rn
ArrUvsatCiirml 10:00 '
Arrive at Vlncenntii 12:J5 "
Arrives at Kvaiuiiille t:ia p.m.
Arrives ut linIi.iii:iiolN '' )i. 111.
Arrtvunt North Vcruou C:0O p.m.
Arrive nt Cincinnati H: "
Arrivlsnt LouUvllle - B:1U "
caiiio Kxencs
fx'iivtw lnillnnaiolls C:30 a m.
I.e.,, ed Lluclnnnti 7:li "
Unvei I.oiiUville - 7:ll "
Arrives nt Vlnceiinca 1:43 p.m.
I.e.ie Vlncentica 2:0) "
Led M'H i:vuii9 lllu 9:2U a. 111.
Amvi-4 at Cunul 4tZ3 p.m.
Arrives ut Cairo - 9:00 '
Con' Pus. Ac't. Gfueral Sup't
ST-For Inriiriiullmi relative to rate and con
nection, apply to .IAMK", UIGtW,
I'm. Agfnt
City National Bank
CAPITAL, . $100,00
TV. 1" 1IAI.I.1DAV. I'rviMcnl.
lli;NltV I.. 1IAI.MDAV. ViLePreal.
WAII KIt 11YSI.U1'. Aas'lCuahlrr.
II 1,. llALI.IOAY, W I'. llALI.IbAY,
tl, 11. WlLI.IAUSON. NTirilS llllU),
A II. Sirroiio,
Esohnngo, Coin nnd United States
Bonds Bought and Sold.
DKI'OSITS recclveit and a general banking
business Mono.
Enterprise Savings
orricLH.i ;
A II. SAKrOUD, I'ruldent.
.H S. TAYLOJt, Vicel'rtwlitent.
W. 11 VslAlf, Scc'v ami TrtMiucr.
'. 31 . MOCKrLKTlt, l'ACL O, Scneil,
It. 11. L'L'.NMNIillAW. 11 L. 1IALL1UAY,
J. l. I'lULLir.
INTi:ili:ST piMonili'pnilts at the rate of
Lii:r cent per annum. March 1st unci Hepteni
i. v Ut. Inu-icst not wlllnlr.iwii la willed liume
llntcly to thu irinciial of the deposit, umby
(lvltiK them Ciiiuiioiimt iutm-at.
Uarriod Women and Children may
Deposit Money and no one
olso can draw it.
opn evrry biulucaalay irumiu.iu, lo 3 p.m.
J natunlay cvenltn for savings lroeits only
W. UYSJ.OF, Treiurer.
Y llros. I'leni'ii'iii II Wtlls, rjjhtcr.
I1. Kelt Via- I'ttM'L J . J. K111I1, ,Mt. ntU'r
mi nn w,
Corner Cominarctsl Av.nd Hth Street,
oAino, xxtXttm.
I II; rd,, t alto. V m. KIukc, I'ulio.
r .Sitf, I'nlru. Win Wolfe, Cairo.
, Siisiiiik.ii. Cairo. H.I.. llilllDgstcy,1! Urn's
I . llmWr, l alm, II. Wells, Culro.
r'. 11. Ilrinkman, M, I.011U,
'.Ucncinl minkliiK liHklucaji Basir.
C-r.xrh inire aoht ami bnnclit. Inlertel pahl
n Ilie saiin'llfparlBMiit. Ciilliloii4 nuwle,
niul all h'iluv,a t'lvinpllj attrnltl lu.

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