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4 Clam
Klltv conn, t Winter's Onlltry.
Mil-lf. .
The undersigned Is prepared lo pump
out and repair cisterns or build now ones
on short notUe and nt sntWfactory prices.
,J. H. Hawkins,
!i.'ld nml Cedur streets. PoitoMoc Ijox
t'ltiH-tii rr ih ijmIIi-.
.Just received , large ii.ortiiicnt of
lt:i:uir (Jlobo Fitting l'iittcrii, Hie liest
titling In llo. nt llil.l ('. llA.vxr-t
ll.liilo ll Mil Nliur.
l,arD flock of l.ullc, ami Children,
Honis'tind SIhm- at low price, t
r..ll-lm. ('. lUssVrt,
I adiI'.' I'.siir.iH'l.oTiiiMi. - - Ladles'
Clieinlee, Hrawers, Skills nnd Night
gowns In line Muslin, tucked iiml em.
hriodprt'd lit reduced rates, nt
S. I'aiikiiuV,
11:2 nnd 111 Commrrclnl iivcnuc.
Solltnon I'arelra lm reeelved an hIi11
llonni stock or Dry (ioods, Clothing,
Hoot nml .Shoo, which ho is offering, to
milt the. time. Then-lore. If yon WHiit
to save money give nhn n cull at 142 anil
1-11 Commercial avenue.
One TIioiimaiiiI.
Piece of choice print at the New York
store lor ii, 0 and 7 cents per yard, nlso
a largo line ofintisllns very low, ami la
dies' trimmed hats Just hi.
fiiM-lt C O. lVriKit & Co.
i;xr-liir NiiIhiiii.
Tld poptilarsaloon, corner Fourteenth
Micetand Washington avenue, Is open to
(he public The bar I supplied with
pure wines, choice liquor ami the Iliict.
brands of cigars.
:W.Vtf A. Knot!), Proprietor.
Ire! Ire!
I!. .!. fiuidiff ban ut received a car
load ol Dubuque Ice, nnd will continue
to receive lee throughout the entire sea
son to supplv the Jobbing and retail
trade. He rcjicctfully solicit a shnu- or
your patronage- 'ce drpot, No. 17,
J'.lghth street. 3-17-tr
For the place to buy lumber cheaply,
jo to .1.8. .McGahey, corner of Twen
tieth street and Washington avenue, where
he 1 locating his new lumber yards, and
during the month will lie prepared to fur
nish all klmU of building material.
rr llrul.
All the down stnlrs and part of the liar
room fixture ot thchoiiM; now occupied
by Frit .Shorter, on Wnhlngton ave
nue near the Catholic church, will be
lor rent alter the 27th lust. Inquire on
the premises up stairs.
Mns. L. J. Hvrm:.
Voii4 ! Wooil !
For sale nt SI 50 per load, litove wood,
i.-iwed and pllt, $1 ler cord. Four loot
w oiel, $3 .V) per cord, delivered In my
part ol the city. Mis lot of stove wood
on hand. Leave, order at No. 31 r"ghlh
street, and they will rccehe prompt at
tention. .VlU-lni. F. W. Wai.
We will pay no bill, contracted by any
employe of Tin: Itri.i.KTi.v, unless the
Maine I made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary of the com
pany, nnd wo will accept no orders given
by hu employe of the company, for any
imrpoic w liatsoovir.
Com l-i xv.
.November 1!'. Ih7fi.
'Hip IMiirr.
For n elea.: shave, n fashionable hair
out, or a thoioiigh shampoo, go to .1.
Ccorgn Sleluhou-e on Klghth rlnot,
Alexander County Hank building. Ills
mop Is always neat ; hU towel alway
clean ; his a-sl-taiits ulway polite, and
Ills tallies coerod with tlio l.ite.-t dally
papeiv, lor the bencllt of hi customers.
IIIIITII .tiflllll.
fiohlcu Hlo coilec, libs for
Choleo ' " Jib- "
Tea berry ' libs "
Prime liio " 4Jlbs
New York, A sugar, 'Jib for
I'runcs, :tlbs "
jl 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Hclng determined to fell goods low,
we Invite all to call and buy where goods
are Mild the lowest.
.V.Ki-ot Nkw Voisk Srom
lliiiiril nml Ituoui Unnteil.
Nor a man and wile and daughter (live
year of ii"c)lua latnily of respectability.
Itoom must be well furnl.hed; have
wardiobeand other conveniences. The
gentleman will be away a portion ol the
tli, hi nml will extiect to pay a certain
amount for thu room lurnlchod and a cor
tain amount for wife ami child' board
nnd t'cntlemen rt hoard tobelorthetlmc
nt homo. Would like a place whcie
could make a permanent home.
Addles, ox NoS:. llarrisbury, Ills. II
(Juiiiir Itf KHtiNiia or )olornlo.
TaUo tlio Atchison, Topeku and Snntu
Fe railroad, thu now and popular line
i mm AiciiKon nml Kant-A City, via the
hi-niitlliil Arkuna.s valley, to l'neblo
Colorado Snrlnss, DctiTcr, Cannon City
Cuchartti, Del Norte, Santa Fo and all
..ntntH In Colorado. New Mexico and
Arlona. Special round trip IK) day tick'
cts to Denver on sale .May 15th, at $50,
tukltiir In the famous waterlnir place? on
the D. It. O. road. Low emigrant
rates to the San .lunn mine.'.
l'nllmau palace sleeplnir fa" between
the Missouri river nnd thu Koek v Jiouir
tuln without cliansc. Close connection
made at Kama City and AtchUon in
union demits. For mans, time tables
nnd the "San .loan rttlde," adddress
T. .1. Andkiisox,
(leu. I'ass. Aitt. Topeka, Kuu
Ii:ht llAhixti Stovk tiikv i:vi;ii fjiw.
Housckccpera who Imvo used the Charter
Oak for year any it is the hot baking
'toVti thoy every iuw 5 bakes quickly ana
"wilv Willi Utile fuel, nnd clenn a a
tin, ' (?)
$te uthiin.
10 It hllHItltT.
Wc arc nuthorlicl to unnouncf JIlll.V II.
I'.OIilNMIX ncimlliU r for Mn-niror Aki
miilrr county, at tlio cumtiite4iuiily rticlloii.
We iirmtillioiUcl Iuiinnouine tljnt It. A. IM
inunilioii ln liuli'i-oiili'lil IUiiib)lran ranill
Ualeliirslitillf, nl the cmuliuc countv eliTllmi.
nrr uiilliurlinl toannouncr I'KI Kit SAUI',
for mi liiilfpfiiilfiil cjiLiliilalu lnr!Ui-rlirof Al
pxanilrredouty, nt the rwniiiK county iln-ilim.
ASCAl.O.V I.DIIOK, N(l. m.
Kiik-M" r I'J tlila'i "'' I" e" 'y 'r!
itaynUlit lit t.iill'-ivl len1 in O'l.l-
JVIIoWi' Hull HilrtK,
I'lijim-ltur (.oinrtiuniiir.
I... I Iu..t llnfrrfif ll'ltt-rfl
low, imi-U e ry TlitirwUy iilht
,.i hi.ir.iuut m en. in tlalr mi
:.iiii!i.iiv.ll utimi-, liitwein .ilxtti imi lie mi lb
f,., iaiii hhk. u
() KXCAMI'mTnT, I O. O. K., iiki-I
. .u Oil.l-kVlliwj Hull mi Hi flntanil llilnl
iim'Ihj In er ry niontti, t lnir-mat mvn
.IfCO II ilIA-. CI',.
""a "'AlltO l.o7)Cii:. NO. W7.A.K. A. M.
.rt Jli.lt renuljr Oiiimiiuiliiitloiu Iii.Mii
Xjf nonlc IUII. corner UilxiinTd:il i4Vaue
u.l I'.lKlitli lnt, ou the MWIi'I unit
'illlh MomUv of afh niontli.
rl-All tillti for vlvcrtltinir, are lur ami luy
Iramltiit aUTUlUiw? will I Imfrtol nt tliv
rati- oMl W) riuar for the flnt Intrrllon
ami 50 trnt for -cli ulM-iienl one A lllwral
illKount will l(f irwli! on aUunlla; ami itlipl
a'lrertltementt ,
For Iniertlnic Funrral notlre t m Notice o(
nwtlnir of ocle1lu or cict onleM Winta fur
rarh Inwrllon
Church, Society, l-itlTal ami Supper nutlet
will only be Inserted m r.'lwtUeninM
No a.lTertlnemint will b-re.-ehel it less than
MernU, niinoa-lteitUtnteittwill 1 lnertnt
fur lei than thrrt dollar per month
Locl liualnoan Notlcaa, of
ten llnc or more, Inaertea
in the Dulletln na followa :
Commence CounttnaT at ton Line.
One insertion per Une. - Conta
Two Inaerttona per line - 7 Centa
Three ineertlome per line 10 Centa
Blx lnaertiona per line 15 Centa
Two weeka per line - 25 Centa
One month per line -...35 Centa
No Reduction will be made in above
'imsDAY. MAV :U 1S7C.
I.orakl Wther Kepurl.
Caiho, ILL., 5tay.2, t-7fl.
"t. '1
C I 0
nk I a
UK '. a
I Kalr
I do
S ii.in
JAM1'.S W'At'oON.
Eifrceant, Sljrnal hirlc, t'. b. A.
Thltty thousand ut received nt the
lit'i.ijrrix olllcc.
II ry JiioiIn.
Stock of Dry floods at very low prices
at .i-ll-lni. C. ll.ixxv .
I.elli-r I.lol
The followlnj; ! a li-t of letter- re-
inainlii"; une-illed for In the jiost olllco at
Cairo, Alexander county, llllnol. Satur
day .'May 27:
llrnl AlMilJ-. Hie
Choice hani' of Henry
Ames and
Worster's brands at the
i-a.J-.1t Ni:w
Voiik Stoiii:.
I.ineu Damai-k Napkins and Towel-
ln' ollerin' at reduced prices at
Ml-lm. '. IIannv's.
I.liirn I'liper.
I.incn libri', tilate tluMi, letter ami mite
paper at the llfi.i.r.Ti.v olllco. ltlue and
cream laid, below St. l.otiU prices.
U'ooil! Wooill!
Oil and alter this date C. W. Win eler
& Co. will otK-r cord wood at 3 .10 pet
cord; same sawed and split, $5 00;.lii-
;le loads $1 7.1 per load. Stilctly cah.
Largo stock ot Carpet ollVrlng very
cheap at .1-14-lm. C. IIaxxy's.
For Kulo.
Whste wood front Foreman Saw Mills
for sale at SS 00 per car. Inquire at
Cairo & Vlncenncs trelj;lit depot.
Nt-rnp Iron Wonted.
Wanted, 700 tons of scrap iron in 10
tons lot forcath.
(7 McLeans' Block, St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. Stewart, having moved to tlio
large fiame Chouse at the corner of Sev
enth street and Washington avenue, will
hoard and lodge good reliable pel ,1011s,
at $20 per mouth. Booms largo ami
airy. M'-ML
I'lirtiicrfttiip Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that. I.. I. .fen
nclle and K. II. Canine, have this day as
sociated themselves under the firm name
of Jcunelle and Canine, for
the purpose ot practicing den-tii-try
in this city and vicinity. The
Cairo olllcc will ho at MO Commercial
avenue, the rooms formerly occupied by
Dr. domicile. il. .1. Ji:n.m:m.k,
it. 11. Canink.
Caiko, May 20, 1670.
Skis Jvotiii. C. Ivoch, nt his shop and
store room, No. 00 Commercial avenue,
has for snle n stock of hoots nml times of
his own mnko -, nlso a lull stock of leather
nnd findings lor sale; nnd 11
Urge stock of St. Lou!s cus
tom made boots and shoes, He
kt-cpr the best material nnd is up In all
the Intcit stvles. Ills tits nre perfect, nnd
satisfaction Is gtmrnnleed. Olvo him n
rail. H-33-tf
w-Tho cheapctt and latest style Dry
goods, in tlio city nUo the cheapest lot of
Embroidered Pnnwols, and notions can
always be tound nt
S. I'aiikira'8,
14? and 1W Coruinvrclnl ttycinu'
Dr. Hinltli bat removed hli olllct- to
rooms Sand !, Ulntcr' bloeK. F.ntraucc
on rVvonili .iticcl.
Xew Turn T11I1I0. ,
The Illinois Cctitrnl rallro.id company
Is halu,' n new ttiiu table put down In
their yard".
Hclniol I'eiile.
Mls liogers will give a plcnle lo her
scholars on Thursday aliernoon In Mis
Korsmeyer's yard. The friends and
pnlronoftlie school nro Invited to at
tend. Sin lilioit.
A young man named Kalenborger,
uhlievl the picnic held In h'uiltucky l:i-t
Sunday, became Implicated In a quatrel
with a imtty of ICeiilueklan. and was
K-riouMy stnbbi d In the right !do by one
of them, lie was bioiight to this city
and sent to St. Mary's homllal lor licit
Itlee A- Hrsslcr.
lee dealers, corner Twelfth stieet and
Wa'lilnglon acnuc, aro prepared to de
liver Dubuque lake Ico In any part ot the
city dally. The wagon will run regu
larly every morning, delivering ico to
eiiMomcrs. A share of the patioimgeol
(lie public Is solicited. Ice depot oppo
site the Ilt i.i.i.riN olllco. iVIXMiu.
Iiiiinrliiiit ( IInslnp Men.
I.. W, Sllllwcll i agent lor the K.vccl
ilor Copving Ink anil liook, copying
without pre.-s or water. The Ink will
not gum, corrode or lade, and gives a
clear, distinct copy. AIo a cheaper
map of "Our I'epublli" for Its merit,
than any other ever ollered lo the pi op!e.
He will call on the hiilucss men ol Cairo
with these articles at once. o-HI-Ilt
I'll AkhIm.
Charley Stuart, the colored conlldcnce
man, who erwd n term In the calaboose
oinc two weeks ago for healing nil un
suspecting countryman, ha again bu-n
at hi wickedness, and isogalu an inmate
ot the jail, lie was caught by the olll
cers 011 Sunday night, for fleecing an
other negro out of live dollars, by a eon
tidence dodge, mid was sent up by .Judge
Ilro-.j yesterday morning.
To accommodate those wishing to at
tend the decoration ceremonies at .Mound
City to-day. May aOtli.thc Illinois Cen
tral will attach 0110 or more coa'che to a
train that will arrive at Cairo nt 0:1.1a.
in. Heturnlng will leave Cairo t .1:00 p.
m. Tickets will be sold to Cairo or
Moiiiuli at excursion rates.
C. A. IliXK.
Superintendent Chicago Dii.-lon.
llrrnrnlinn liny.
Fxcurslon trains on Decoration Day
will leave C:dro by alro and Vlncenncs
liallroadatSMfi ; 10:00 ; 11:15 ; a. 111. and
1:00 : 2::S0 ; :i:.V) ;.1:10 p. in. Kcturiilng
will leave Mound City at O.-HO ; 10:30 ;
11:1.1 a.m. and 1:1.1; :J:15 ; iM; .1:50
p. ni. Faro for the Hound trip (0 cents.
Children under 12, half rates. Tickds
for sale at station, corner Fourth street,
and at McGauloy'n drug store, High-
teenth street. '1'r.ilns will j-top at Eigh
teenth street.
Ilmr Hull.
The Idlewlld ba-e ball club of I'aduch
will arrive in this city to-day, nnd en
gage in a giime ot ball with a picked
nine this alternoon. The l'aducahites
were negotiating with the olllccis of the
cleirant steamer Idlewlhl, for an excur
sion tilp to t!u city, but whether they
comnleted any arrangement with the
boat we have not learned. At any rate
the club will be hero, ami a good and
exciting game of ball may ho looked
.Miti'Ih ill .Veil V 11
Thcie was a good audience at the
Atheiieiim ln-l night, to witness for tlio
llrst time, the Ju-tly famous piny, of
"The Streets of New Yoik," ns present
ed bv the Helen D'Kste conipany. The
nlav U exciting and lull ot Interest
throughout, mid was enthusiastically ro'
eelved and npplaucd. MUs D'Kste and
her assistants are t.u- shove the average
traveling theater peo ilo, as their actio
ollast night f tally proved. 1 hey appear
this evening in the play of "Married
Life," and wo hope will again be greeted
bra full house.
On last Thursday evening, at the home
of the bride. In Mound "Ity, Ml.-s Dora
CartcrandMr.Danllog.iu weio united
hi the holy bonds ot wedlock. The l'cv
K. A. YU-lls perloriiicd the wedding cor
cinony, Mi-s Atla llalllilay, ot this city
as bridesmaid, and Dr. 1'ack Chambers
of Dexter, .Mo , ns groomsman. Mi
Carter ami Mr. llogan who havu scores
ot friends in this city, have the belt
wishes ol them all, nml" ns lor the Ul'm.i:-
tix, wo say, "111 ij- their ways be those ot
pleasantness and their path hu ttrowu
with Hie fragrant Ilowers ol happiness."
The couple left for an extended tour
thiough the Kast on thu midnight train
Clicull t'ourl M:y;iVriu,
The entire morning was occiipltd In
hearing motions, Tim lirst was In the
cno 01 ucorgo uaxtcr, 11 is counsel
MesEN, Shaver, Hendricks mid McCiio,
entered n motion In arrest of
Jiidgincut, urging that under our i-tat-
utcs, no conviction for the cilmo of bur
glary could, stand bectuse under the
statutes n petit larceny Is a misdemeanor
while grand larceny Is' a felony, nnd our
statutes dccldo that unless a felony (or a
grand hirccuy) Is committed the crime
of burglary will not stand. TliU U such
an Important question mid will wink
such a change 111 the iirnctlco, (hut the
court took It under advisement.
Messrs, Audeinu and Black argued
motion tor 11 now trial lu the IlinUou
case, alleging that improper Inctr notions
were given and that the verdict did not
ngreo with the evidence. Thu motion
was over-ruled.
A motion In nrrost of Judgment In the
case of dolin Allen, alleging that he was
not pljht?cn years ofasro wns over-ruled.
In the alternoon was laken up ihcraso
of the people v. John D.tvl, charged
Willi liieaklnglu Tabcr' windows nnd
taking therefrom a quantity of Jewelry,
A verdict of guilty wn icturncd, and the
prisoner was sentenced to three years
In the penitentiary.
Atlioiii-niii. '-.NlrfrtH or .Vow Vtirlt."
Helen D'IMo and .1. O. Sttul.
made their first appearance last
night in tli- above popular play.
The eat of the piece was without doubt
tlie strongest that has over heen given In
our city. To say that the audience was
well plea-ed would bo lalul praUc to this
most excellent company. Helen D'lNte
as the cold, heartless Allda llloodgood,
gave a tine picture of the "city hollo,"
1,'nl'cd In nllluem-o, having all that
wealth could bestow upon her, ami with
but one object in life a m.triinge In
oi-lety Miss; Cooper as Lucy Fnlr
wcather brought tearsto the eyes o'
every Into woman. Mr. Maud
Beverly (Jon.ale and Knallo were
simply Jinmene. Badger (Mr. Stutt)
was life like and wo think th- bct piece
ol acting (his gentleman has given 11.
From the first scene till the last lie held
his audience, and especially so lu the
prologues, third and fourth acts. Ills
leap lor life where be recovers the re
ceiptwas Indeed marxclous at.d alone
worthy the price of ndmlsIon. The
snow scene was alo worthy of mention.
Master Dix as the Boot Black, and Lolo
is the News Boy, with Irish Jig, proved
tlicm-elvc- to be worthy little nrllsts.
Owing to the "iicecss ot this gicnt play
nnd deiinind for Its ieiroductlon. the
management lias connnted to produce It
gain to-night, when doubtless the Atho-
ncuin will ho crowded. Secure your
scats during the day nl I turfman's.
I'liiiciul or the r,iiti t'liptnln Diet,
i on icr.
In speaking of the funeral cb-cn,uio of
the late Captain I)ic' Kowler. known
well nnd favorably to nearly all of our
people, who came to such an untimely
death by the awful disa-tcr that betcll
the steamer Pal Cleburne, the i'aducah
'dune of Saturday s ay-, : ''The ex-
Coulcdcrate holdlcrs met at tlio appointed
place nt half-past 0 o'clock, yesterday,
and repaired to the residence of Captain
Joe Fowler, on Court street, where tlio
remains had been depo'ltcd after being
encased. At 10 o'clock the remains wen
iken in charge, and canted to
the l'rc-byteriati church. ltcv. Dr.
Hendricks, the pastor, rend the Wth
fiilm as the baIs of his rctnaks. Alter
in earnest devout prayer to the Heaven
ly Father, that this dispensation ol Ids
providence might bo received with meek
ness and result in good to us all lu bring
ing u Into closer communion with him,
In the honor and great glory to his name.
In arresting theeatcless and unconcerned,
causing tluiii to make their peace with
him, before It Is too late, ho announced
his text taken troni Sun,
2J:. "As the Lord Ilvctlt and as
thy soul llveth there is but i
step between mo and death.' Tlio ser
mon was short, but full of comfort nnd
cotii-olatlou to the bcieaiul loved ones
mil lik mis; of encouragement to thoso
who had put their trmt In Chrlit, and
warnings to the Impenitent and ungodly
Ills mention ot the fatherless and moth
s little ones were full of pathos, bring
Ing moisture to many eyes that me
strangers lo tears.
The services being concluded the
remains were borne to the stc-i.mtr
llapldau, and atone o'cljck the boat left
forSmlthland, at which place th y were
Interred lu the family hui,hig gr nnd by
the hands of those who had lonri.e 1 to
love tlio deceased for tlio man noble
traits concciitrit In Ids ehar. '-'i r at d
manifested in hU life. This o . !i tl tin
last sad rite to nil of earth that win left
of a brave.yut gentle, ins' ye-1. nil.tai'h-
fill, true mid uobie us Iris ever blended in
nuy among tho sous (it mm." '
Nut l'nsn Olc.
Tlio public road between this city and
.Mound City Is in an impassable condi
tion. Parties who have niado ar
rangements to go to Mound City to-day
by buggy should make a note of lhl.
1776 -CEMTENNIAL 1876.
Ilicoritlloii Itii.r ItUcr lAcnisloii
.Uiituiil City.
Tho tug "Laurel" towing n model
barge will make two trips to .Mound
City, May lilts. The I urge will bo nicely
titled up nnd leaves Cairo at 0 n. in., and
I p. in.; leaves Mound City nt 11 a. m.
nnd f:'J0 p. m. Tho steamer will stmt
from llalllilay A' Phillip' whaiiboat, and
lauding at tlio stone depot nnd Interme
diate landings. Koiiud trip tickets SO
cents. Tickets for sale at .M. .1. .Mcd'au
ley's drug store, I'aul Schuh's drug
store, nnd hoard of the steamer. A bran
baud will accompany the excursion.
It will pay all cash buyers to examine
tlio Immense stock of hoots, .-hoes, dry
goods, hats, etc., Just received by
o--J(5-:it O. llAvriioux & Co,
Thirty thousand dollars worth of hoots
and shoes for sale by 0. Hay thorn A Co.,
lor lcs money than good goods enn bo
bought nnywhero else. rt.ilil-llt
S. i'arelra announces special bargain"
in Men's nnd Itoyst lolhlng.good nil wool
Ciisslniero suit only SH 00. A good boys
suit only $1 00 and upwards. All much
lcs than hcietoforo lbrcqu.il qualities.
West llrothcr's lino shoes for ladles
nnd ehildreus' wear, havu no equal for
neatness nnd durability. A full assort
ment just ricclved by
n-SGVit O. IUvthoiini: ,1 Co.
Great revolution In tho Hue of Hoots
nnd .Shoes, which I oiler nt prices never
heard ol belore. Men's boots at $11 00
n pair, nnd nil the roM lu proportion.
S, l'.Mirnu,
113 and 111 Commercial nvo.
t lil Inn.
Pilots nnd Muslins still cheaper nt
The Centennial Carnival !
Booming of Cannon Fire Works! Every Day a Grand Fourth of July
. ppebr.a!ionl
Largest Show Upon Eai'th-Hippodromo, Monagoi-ie, Circus, Mardi Gras, etc..
Sanger's English
O o
sis' jmwmimm m
Travel by 'Railroad Exclusively.
n tho trannnortaUon of which requires FOURTY'TWO OF OUIt OWN CATi-no more, lfsa-lncludliiir 2 Wirner-a Bl.n.r.
1 Palace nnd 1'ussatiKei- Car, 4 Uox, SS rintlorni. 1 Uiurmure. 10 Palaco Hori Uara, and 2 Palaca Bliuh
ant Can?, rcqnirliwr three locomotives to transport thin Lovlatlmn Exhibition from place to plac.
Stoclt nil isx tli o DtJlsiot Oouclitiou.
No tired and Wurnotr. hor e., such as nro a'waj- foumt in Coinpanlos trnvrPng by I.:iml nnd Wagon Shown.
Has in ido a specialty of Training WM lleimts, tome o( which liavo hcrctolorc been supposed to bo utitniniihlc.
Thirty Cages, Dens and Corrals of Wild Animals, '
And is not oulv tlio largest. I ho niot ii'" I, (.'orgeoii'-ly appointed, ami perfectly original In design, ever presented In one. aggregation
ot amusement, but contains tlio most puftetly trained anlnial,llve purlormhn,' Klcpliants,llve pei forming lloyal Bcgitl Tlgars, and
All hi llic Clreiis Kins
Our Arenio Stars
Chniuploii I'ctnalo llarobuck Hitler.
fnmos DftriCol-r.lllo,
The Aiutrahau lIoreman.
The Beautiful lllondo Cij mimst.
The Cliamplon l.e.'ipir
A Scoiio of Beauty, Now, Novol and Interesting, Representing
Thu obit Of 'TO llio 'Jont nuntal l'ntrlots, etc. Thu Ulrdsof the air, Iho watch of Kndor, tlm Dtfiilzr in oflht) Jumrte, the Monsters S
I uo pint oi ,(., n o r,yi,;,ViililaJo'.tv , tind thoiiMiids of (irotoquu, Hbtorle. and Itcpicoiitatlve (.lura-jtcr In "
" ' Caileatuiu lu Carnival Uaioty and, Splciulor,
V7"o 01xc,11o-m.'s;o tlxb "VVVpX'l to XJctvxcvl - It.
A3DMXSS'I025T-'Crs-aal Price. 1300 Opera Cuhiond Sats.
Door Open nt X nxxcl V O'OlooU. X. 3Vt.
I'm-full naiilculars see i'lctorlals, I'rograuimes, null our illustrated I'lctoihil, the Advance Agent. Tickets for (VIiUwmnI
1 Opera Seats, nml nlso Tickets for (leneral Athiilsslon,
For Stile ct the Jewolvy Store of E. te, W. Bilker, Corner of Eigktk St. aai Vaik
iaston avciiao,
On the Day of fcxWtiHlou,
- uiiiisn(y. riiiiiy
Menagerie of
at the same time-, cost more ninnoy and make a grander tltspUv while lu tlie puhlli! procession tban all the nr
tontlous "llv-tiy-lllghts'' III tliocnimliy tut together
nt pycock'ln tlto inornltig, nt n sjlglit hdvaiice to cover commission, etc, t
f(l lOMIi
Trained Animals,
058 S3
rag II 2
Tho Magniflcont Wardrobe
Marailattiircd by Dlmt-y llrothers fcCurnton or
lomlf.il, lL-iirceiitlt.g thu reign ot the Iti-nryu
pr l.iulati.l, 1- Ittli and Klu-lith. Dazllng ami
bowllilcting. Heralds, Kings, JCniRlils, llody
(Itliiril', hmlif. of tlui Court. Waiting Maids,
f-ol leri. Ilmlo Mei e... clad in so.ld iirimirm
I y silver, steel ami gold, with rich silk, mllli mil
i,um ,re,-eN, viudiled with Kincraldk. Ilrll
I X, llarlsanl Siriililri's. and sliowoied with irnll
and -liver rp nglt-s, cnie nd i-ocoavs, tlio
i-iiais ni i r u ol Kn-jlnn I, wldi .IdehJi, K.inner
(.imillCi- ti lmttlf.axes of tliO'n ini'UnlvK'iii....
fo "diU'imof tlie grandest and most ijtag'-.lll-?t
'" ' 11 ovr tiehi-ld, hi ccmiecllon Willi the
L'Jturiiuu iiippodtiiiiintlu pcctiH-le on tht.ublic
11 ' nl"
itnrtii'. ili. L'riiinl P.ni.ilyftin.
Illlinnilrnintli-Mii'i'l.-n-le iriHittf tlm :lnni..iiin.
padroiiwtlcatidtorluui, cjpableol
Si, 'il,

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