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KniirMa of t'jrlhiaa, rueeta ewy Fri
day niKht at hair-paat nmi, in gdd-
Fellowa llall. Hows.
Chancellor Commander.
Independent Ord of Odd-Fellow,
inert every Thurly nijrht
l half-put seven, in their hall on
Jotufticrolul avenue, between Hlxth and Heventh
.riu i;h Lamb, N U
'lAIRO F.SCAMI'MKNT, I. O. O. F., meet
vln Odd-Fellow' IUII on the Aral and third
t lu-adny in every month, (t half-put wtrn
. J wo H Umw m a w, C P
4v ll"ll n-Riilar communications in Ma
nnir Mull, rimrr Commercial avenue
'and F.ighUi street, on the aetyiiid and
'ctirlh Monday of earn monlii.
Real Estate Column
Alexander county land, Cairo lotc,
e xdiange for St. Loui projK'rty.
Tho nouth hall of the "Pilot' home at
Good two tory brick tore room on
Commercial avenue between Eleventh
and Twelfth.
A nU'e brick residence on Sixth be
tween Commercial Washington avf
1 1 IK'S.
Cottage on Sixth ttreet near Wash
ington avenue.
Cottage on Eighth Mrcet near Wal
aut street.
Dwelling, corner Twenty-lourth and
Uolbrouk avenue.
First floor of brick dwelling corner
Nineteen tli ami 1'oplar ftrects.
Cottage on Fourth Street, between
Commercial and Washington avenue.
Cottage on Ninth Street, wet of Wal
nut street.
Cottage on Fourteenth street, wet
of Washington aveuue, f 11
Saloon and lixtures, nouthwest corn
?r Eighteenth street and omnicrcial
ivenue. at a bargain.
Cottage on Twelfth utreet, west ol
Jommercial avenue, $10.
Dwelling house on Cros street, we
ot Wahington avenue.
Bu.-incM liou je on Ix-vec street, above
Eighth, $20.
A good cottage on Twenty-Ninth
street, near Commercial avenue.
Store room on Commercial avenue,
aext to Waverly hotel, f 10.
Cottage of 4 rooms on Twenty-third
treet, $C. Good yard and cistern.
Good dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-th'rd
trwtfl, $10.
Store-room corner Twentieth and
I'oj.lar afreet, $12 CO.
Store room adjoining above, $s.
House on Commercial avenue, near
Itrth street. Suitable for business and
dwelling, $1S.
Tenements numbered 8 and 9,
Winter's liow, 6 rooms each for $10
er month. Will be jmt in flrst-clais
Dwelling houe on Sixth street and
Ic He rson aveuue $10.
Orphan Asylum building and iirttui
es. Rent low, to a good temnt.
Store room, corner Twentieth and
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
Kooins In various parU ot the city.
Lauds, In tract to suit, near Cairo.
Doing" la linnaii ur Uolurntlo.
Take the Atchison, Topeka and Santii
Fc railroad, ttw new and popular line
Irotu Atchiiion and Kansas City, via the
beautiful Arkansas valley, to I'ueblo,
(Colorado Spring", Denver, Cannon City,
I'uchaniS Del Norte, Santa Fe and all
points in Colorado, New Mexico and
Arizona. Special round trip 90 day tick
ets to IVnver on sale May 15th, at $.0,
taking in the famous watering places on
the D. & 11. G. road. Low emigraiit
rates to the San Juan mines.
I'ullraan palace sleeping cars between
the Missouri river and the Rocky Moun
tains w ithout change. Close connections
made at Kansas City and Atchison in
union depots. For maps, time tables
and the "San .luan guide," adddress,
Gen. Iu. Agt. Topcka, Kan.
Linen Paper.
Linen fibre, plate finish, letter and note
paper at tho Hui.i.kti.n office. Jilue and
cream laid, below St. Louis prices.
4 Oenia
Fifty cents, at Winter's Gallerv.
E. r. liunkrl Hitter Wine f Iron
has never been known to fail in the cure of
neaknesa. attended w;'U Hviuptoius; lndi
poHition to exertion, Inns of memory, diffi
culty of b.eatbing. general weaknes, liorror
of dlnease, weak, pel von trembling. lread
lul borrorof dep-ii. nliit swea.s. cold feet,
weakness, di nines of vision, languor, uni
versal latitude ot tbe muscular syatcin,
enormou appetite wlta dyapeutie t.ymp.
toms, hot bauds. rUtblDtr ol tbe boly, dry
ness of the itkin. pallid countenai ee and
eruptions on tbe face, puiityiug the blood,
pain In the buck, heaviness ol tbe eyelids,
frequent black spo.s living before the eyes
witb teuip.nary t.utiiion und loss of klbt,
want ol attention, eic, Tliese symptoms
all arise from a weakne.. and to remedy
tbat, ue K. V. Kunkel's Bitter Wine of
Iron. It never tail. Tbousauds are now
enjoying health who have used it. Take
only E. F. Kuukel's.
lleware of counterfeits and base imita
tions As Kunkel's bitter Wine of Iron is
so well known all over the country, drug
gUts themselves make an Imitation and try
to palm it otf on ttielr customers, when the)
call for Kunkel's Bitter Wine or Iron.
Kunkei's Hitter Wine of Iron is put up
only in 1 bottles, and bus a yellow wrapper
nicely put ou the outside witb the pro
prietor's photograph on tha wrapper ol
each bottle. Always look for the photo
graph on the ouUide, and you will always
be sure to set the genuine. One dollar per
bottle, or six for r. bold by druggixis and
dealers everywhere.
E. F. Kunkel's Worm Syrup never fails
to destroy Fin Seat and Stomach Worms.
Dr. Kunkel, tbe only suoceiwlul physician
wbo removes Tape worm m two nours
alive, with bead, and no fee until removed,
Coiumou sense teaches tbat il Tape Worm
be removed, all other worms can be readily
destroyed. Send tor circular to Dr. Kun.
kel, No. 9 North Ninth street, t'biladel-
Jibia, Pa., or call on your druggist and ask
or a bottle of Kunkel's Worm Syrup,
I'rico, 1 1-00. It saver fails.
glu Sullen.
KOH RiiKitirr.
We are authorised t announce JOHN II.
HO BIN SON as a candida'e for MiirilTor Alex
anderrnunty, St the comlnir munly elertion.
We are authorised tnannnnnre thai It. A. Kd
nmndsrin ' an indniiendrnt l(e) iMir.m tatidt -date
lor fheriff, at the enmiinK foil tit v eleetion.
We are authorised toannounrel'KrKK SAI T,
for an Independent rndi"lote for eeiitTnf Al
exander county, at the ennuiiiK omn.y election.
tJ"All bills for advertinns, are due and pay
able ia ADVAitca
Transient atlvertisinK will be inserted at ths
rate of II 0 per aquart for the Unit insertion
and SO cents for each subsequent one A liberal
discount will be made on standing and diapl
For Inaertins; Kuneml notice tl Notice of
mretlnK of societies or secret orlers So cents for
ea'b Insertion
Church, Society, Festival and Supper notices
will only be inserted as advertisements
Ko advertisement will fee received at leas thun
&0 cents, and no alvrrtiement will be inserted
for less than three dollars per month
5V3Sa Local Bnaine.se Notlcae, of
I'lZ J?" ten line or more, Inserted
's"1 In the Bulletin m follows :
Commence Counting at ten Linea.
One insertion per line ft Cents
Twe Inaertlone per line 7 Cent
Three inaertlone per line 10 Cent
Six Insertions per line 1 5 Cents
Two weeks per line 25 Cents
One month per line ...36 Cents
No Reduction will be made in above
The Bi'LLlcriif printing
nljeUbliihnwnt mukes s
VllT specialty of Bill Head.
Note Heads, Letter liewls,
Statements, Cards, Lie Look at thene prices:
Small size bill heads, per 'l 0
Medium size bill headn, per Uiou-and 3 '
All on fourteen pound pajier, Carllnle mills,
rute1 two cents r pound higher than paper
ued by any other oflioe ruled to order at the
mills especially for Una office
huttment, Carlysle, per I'Mt .t.1 00
Ietler llrtid', Curlyale, per I'M' 4 V
No-'e Herd Carlytle, per 1"C0 .. 3 no
VMiiiPtrtids pt-r du kdKe 7Sc
Ilm urn ca'd-, Jio. ij-jilv Ilri'lol xnl,
-r " 2 ' to 4
Bi"in cnid', o 1 blnn'.. tierl' 3 00
gunrreihee., ea'f-s.ieet, full-xheet and three-
heet pos;ers, and coioivdvcork Ix-low !t. Louis
I'arnphlet, Bxik Work and Price Lists made
luteal Wesitner Heport.
Caiho. III., July 12, IrfTO
Oak. J.Ths,
3i.0i'. t
Wiwn. Vel. I Weaxh.
7 am.
I p.m
4 I Fair.
i do
12 do
10 Cloudy
"crseant, feiiuil htivioe, V. S. A.
Thirty thousand Just received Jat the
Bi'lletix ofllce.
Dr. Smith has removed his olhYc to
rooms 8 and 9, Winter's block. Entrance
on Seventh street.
FarAiil and I'nibrelln Repnlred.
Peter Kiddle, repairer of paraols and
umbrellas, has his shop at Casino Saloon,
on Eighth street, where he will repair
articles left with him iu tirst-class style,
at the very lowest prices. Satisfaction
given or no pay demanded. 7-9-Tt
Loral Brevities.
W AXIkl).
A ifood wa-li woman can find em
ployment by applying at Hi i lkiin olliee
Mut tie a good washer.
cattlk ! cattlk ! !
Parties having cattle to leed can pur
chase the best ol distillery flop at the
'airo distillery, at tl ve cents per barrel.
6-2Mw II. Sciiixi, Prop'r.
A neat cottage on Third street, with
three rooms and Summer kitchen; also
two rooms on same street. Apply at
Delta House, Cairo. -2S-tf.
Kil RP.Alr.K.
ltcillic tier's Patent Lightning Recipro
cating Egg Beater, sweet cream, custard,
whip and frosting maker. Premium egg
beater of 1S74. and tho bet in the world.
For sale by Chas. W. Henderson, general
dealer In btoves, tin and hollow ware
Commercial avenue, corner of Twelfth
street, Cairo, Illinois. G-27-lm
J. GKOlUiK Sl KlXHOl'Si;
on Eighth street, two doors from Alex
ander County Bank, is the place to get a
fashionable hair cut or a smooth shave,
or anything else In the barber line. La
dies' and children' hair cut or dressed,
either at the shop or their homes.
At the store room of ('. Koch, on
Commercial avenue, No. 90, below Sixth
street, may be lound a lull assortment of
leather and findings ; also a large stock
of St. Louis custom made boots and
shoes. He also keeps on hand a good as
sortment of boots, shoes, etc., of his
own make. Boots and shoes made to
order of first-class material and satisfac
tion guaranteed. J-24-tf
A Urand Wuceeaa.
Tho Charter Oak Stove lu our kitchen
is a grand success, the best stove we have
ever used, and we cheerfully recommend
it with a clear conscience, knowing we do
our friends and neighbors a tavor who are
looking for a first-class stove. 7-tt-wlt.
A MaliriOMS Fabrication.
We do not know who was so audacious
iu misleading the public In a case that
could result only to their detriment, as
to assert that Hall's Balsam Is no longer
in lit market. We assure our friends
that tuch is not the case. The old stand
ard remedy for coughs aud colds is still
prepared iu its original purity, and may
be bad of druggist everywhere in the
United State or Canada. Trice f 1.
j (12) wit
A Colored Democratic Clnb.
There is some talk ol a Tilde n And
Hendricks club that 1r about t.i tte or
ganized by the colored voters.
Faying; Their Taaea.
We understand that since Judge Bross'
lefusal ol Judgment fur railroad interest
tax, the people are paying up their taxes
very fast.
Mr. niul Mr. I. W. fiarcluv. w ho have
been doing the Centennial and many of
the eastern cities, returned on Tuesday
II rotten.
'Hie cable laid across the Mississippi
river from Hird Point to this city by
the Iron Mountain railroad, at a cost of
of nearly seven thousand dollars, broke
on Tuesday night.
A aerennde.
The City National band, finding their
practice rooms too warm on Friday
nlifht, took up quarters on the Tenth
street concert stand where they played
until otter 11 o'clock.
A Donation or wftO.ttOO.
From the Itailrond Atie. we learn that
Paris, Tennessee, has contributed thirty
thousand dollars toward building the
Cairo and Tennessee River narrow
gauge railroad.
Kxrelolur Naloon.
This popular saloon, corner Fourteenth
treet and Washington avenue, Is ojien to
the public. The bur Is supplied with
pure wines, choice liquors and the finest
brands of cigars.
3-25-tf A. hitAf s, Proprietor.
Police ourl.
A colored boy named Freeman was ar
rested by John McNulty for striking and
imposing upon another colored lad. He
was up liefore Judge Ilird, who, alter
giving him warning that il he was again
accused of the misdemeanor he would
punl-h him severely, let him go.
Too Slneh Driving-.
A. J. Carl, the Washington avenue
livery stable man, lost a fine mare on
Tuesday evening. The animal was hired
by parties and driven about town, and
when returned to the stable was over
heated and dropped dead a few minutes
alter being placed In her stall. This is
very hard weather on horses, and fast
driving bhould not be indulged In.
Pole RaUlnar.
The Sweepers, who are now in
thorough working order, propose raising
a mammoth pole in this city within a
tew days. It is to stand just opposite
tne Argun-Journal ofllce, on Ohio levee,
and will be raised by the steam capstan
ol the steamer Robt. E.Lee. Alter the
pole has been planted, Captain Cannon,
who Is a staunch Tilden and Hendricks
man, will raise the flag and deliver an ad
dress. The Bindery.
Having purchased the Cairo City Bind
ery from Mr. Hue), I have sold an inter
est in it to Ambrose Pyatt, a young man
w ho is a skillful book-binder and in
every way worthy ot the public confi
dence. He will hercalter have charge of
the bindery and iu business, and I be
speak for him a liberal share of the pat
ronage of Cairo. John. H. Oheiely.
July 1st, 1870.
4 arl of Titanke.
Cairo, Julj 12. 1S7C.
I hereby return my sincere thanks to
Messrs. Halliday, A. li. Safford. Judge
F. Hro-s, ,lohu H. Olierly, Barclay, Wil
son, Harmon, Rev. Gillham and Hon.
Judge Raker and the good citiens of
Cairo, who kindly tendered their services
in obtaining for me a pardon, aud I will
endeavor to prove by my upright walk
how highly I appreciate their eflorts in
mv behalf. Robert Caldwell.
Taxes are being paid more promptly
since the decision of the county court re
fusing judgment for railroad interest tax.
This tax amounted to more than one
third of the entire taxes and to be re
lieviHlfrom its payment, without running
the risk ol sale or forfeiture ot their lots,
is a great relief indeed to our citizens
these hard times. Mr. Sheriff Irvln and
his assistants are kept quite busy In
making out receipts and receiving money.
Until the tax sale, which takes place the
17th inst., we suppo.se the sheriffs olliee
will be tlie busiest place in the city.
A Aio. 1 Laundry.
It is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween Washington and Commercial ave
lines, has one of the best conducted laun
dry establishments in the city, and land
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
lind it to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are as follows : Hotel
and boarding-house washing 73 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, 15c ; per
dozen, 80c ; socks, 5c ; two collars, 5c ;
two haudkerchiefs, 5c ; vests, 20c; ana
all gentlemen's wear, 80c. per dozen.
Ladies plain calico dresses, 25e ; calico
dresses with extra trimmings, 50c; white
dresses, $1 25c ; ladies' underware, fine
and coarse, $1 00 per dozen. 1-23-ti.
Eseuralou ou the Robt. E. Lee.
We understand that a number of the
admirers ot this fleet aud elegant steamer
are agitating the subject of an excursion
to Hickman and return on her. She will
be completed, it is expected, in about ten
days, w hen she w ill immediately take her
departure lor the south to enter the
VIcksburg aud New Orleans trade. It is
the object of the friends of Captain Can
non and the Lee, to give the people of
Cairo an opportunity to take a trip with
the old veteran and his lamous boat before
she leaves. We have no doubt that should
Capt. Cannon cousent to run his boat to
Hickman for the pleasure of our people,
the occasion will be one long to be re
membered by both the commander and
his guests. There are few who would not
pay a reasonable price to enjoy a ride on
the lamous Robert E. Lee.
(Ib'Kiilar Metln.)
Corvcn. Chambkh,
Cairo, III., July 11, 187(1.
Present His lloior Mayor Winter,
and Alderman Halliday, Lancaster, Par
ker, Putier Rittenhouae, Wilcox nnd
V right-".
On motion ol Alderman Lancaster
minutes ol last meeting were approved
without n ading.
I ity .Mardial ( iossman reported in an.
swer lo resolution passed at last meeting,
giving in full his reasons for not enforc
ng Section 1, Chapter 20 of the Revised
Ordinances, which report was, on motion
of Alderman Rittenhousc, received and
ordered filed.
(Alderman Mel iau Icy appeared in his
The Street Committee, to whom was
referred the bids read at the last meeting
ol the council for furnishing the city
with lumber during the present fiscal
year, reported back the bid ot Mr. J. S.
McUahty, recommending that It be ac
cepted by the city council, being the
Aldcnnan Halliday moved that the re
port be received and liled, and the recom
mendation of the committee concurred
in ; also that the proper oftlcers ot the
city be Instructed to make and sign a
contract with II r. McUahey.
Tho Committee ou Claims reported
back the following bills recommending
payment therc" in full :
Henry Winter, mavor, June sal
ary .". $ 41 C7
J. tV Stewart, clerk, June salary 75 00
F. M. Stockllelh, treasurer, June
J. il. Uossman, marshal, June sal
50 00
ary 75 00
M. 0'.Valcy, policeman, June sal
ary CO 00
II. Sargent, policeman, June sal
ary CO 00
Wm. brown, health otliccr, June
salary CO 00
J. J. Urd, police magistrate, June
salary .7. 25 00
II. H. iiUck, city attorney, June
salary 20 8.1
H. IL lilack, city attorney, com
mission on fines paid 4 05
F. Bross, police miiflstrate, salary
for M irch and ApriU 50 00
J. C. Lhue. John bheehan, R. F.
Billitg-ly and Daulel McCarthy
two .lays service's each as spe
cial tolicemau at $2 per day.
each 4 00
James Moss. 14 day's work with
team ou streets at $3 44 25
Wm. tjuren, 14 J day's work with
team on streets at $3 44 25
Jas. Kiatiiig, It! d y's labor ou
streeB at $1 50 24 00
M. Hi'gins, 13j day's labor on
streca at $1 5u 20 25
P. Ktinartin, A day's labor on
streets at $1 50 4 50
B. Caiiman, UJ day's labor on
sidevalk at $i 50 li 25
JamesCaToll, 15J day's with jail
ganr at $2 31 50
P. Cuilan. 15 day's with jail
gan; nt $2 23 C3
P. Coilan, 3J day's watching at
city pump 5 25
P. Conan. 4J day's work on side
walk $1 60 6 75
Dan lcCarthr, 1J day's with
jail ging in May at $2 3 00
Tom W ilder, hauling 8 loads lum
ber at 30 cents 2 40
P. Mationey, lutnling 3 londo lum
bcr at 30 cents CO
Tim Unrman, salary as street
superintendent forJnne - CO 00
New ton Rie?, 3.500 feet oak for
sidewalks at $16 50 00
Cairo Bulletin Co., priming pro
ceedings in June 15 00
Jame9 Carroll. Uietinir prisoners
in June 50 00
F. Vincent, one barrel lime for
tail 1 25
R. II. Cunningham, oue month
rent ot council chamber 15 00
Klee t Kessler. lee for e'erk's of
fine 2 SO
c. W. Henderson, one wuh pan
for clerk's olliee 1 00
Chas. F. Parker, legal cap for
clerk's ofllce 4 50
( has. F. Parker, stationary 10 20
D. J. Galligan, 3 days services as
commissioner of sidewalks, at
$3 00 per day ! 00
O. V. Hendricks, same 9 00
Jas. Garland, same 9 00
On motion of Alderman Lancaster said
bills were allowed by the following vote:
Ayes Halliday, Lancaster, McGauley,
Parker, Patier, Rittenhousc, Wilcox aud
Wright 8.
Nays Noue.
Bill of N. Williams for removing dead
horse from city limits, $3 was reported
back with recommendation that $1 50 be
allow ed on lull payment of the same.
On motiot of Alderman Patier said
bill was alio ved as recommended by the
lollow ing voe.
Aye Hall day, Laucastor, McGauley,
Parker, Patier, Rittenhousc, Wilcox and
Nays None.
The bill of the Cairo Bulletin- Co.,
for printing one binding one hundred
copies of the rev sed ordinances,$235, as
reported back wkh the lecommendation
that $225 be allowed In full payment of
the same, that being the amount of their
hid for d( ing the work.
Ou moinu Alderman Patier said bill
was allored as recommended, by the fol
lowing v)te.
Ayes-Halliday, Lancaster, McGauley,
Parker, futier, Rittenhousc, Wilcox and
Bills oG.D. Williiams for rope aud
axes, $4; and of stratton & Bird for two
kegs uaii, 7, was reperted back with
recommodation that they be paid in Ittll,
On melon said bills w ere referred back
to Comuittce on Claims lor further con-
The rommittee on Claims also
preseutd a further report as follow s :
To His louor the Mayor nnd Council of
the CiP of Cairo :
Gentixmen : Vour committee to
whom w referred the bids lor city print
ing woul report the same back. Alter
examinaluu it appears the bid of D. L.
Davis is he lowest, and we w ould recom
mend Hit the proper oftlcers of the city
execute :contract with Mr. Davis for one
year to o tlte city printing, in accord
ance win tli" advertisement for sealed
proposal. The above bid i understood
to provie for publishing the proceedings
in all cscs it one Issue of the paper.
Wood Ritten'housk,
M..I. McGailkt,
B. F. Parker.
Committee on Claim.
On nation ot Alderman Wright there
pott ofhe committee was received, and
the recommendation therein contained
concurred in by the follow ing vote :
Ayes Halliday, Lancaster, McGauley,
Parker, Patier, Rittenhouse, Wilcox and
Wright. 8.
Nays None.
The Ordinance Committee reported an
ordinance entitled "an ordinance levying
and assessing taxes lor tho current fiseol
year," which was read the first ti.me by
thecleik, and, on motion of Alderman
Halliday, was relerred to the Finance
Committrp to have blank amount
therein filled. .
Petition of Henry Boede, Jame Ken
nedy and others representing that Center
street, between Walnut and Cedar, ha
become a nuisance by the closing up of
tuc gutter and water accumulating there
on, and asking tho Council to have the
same abated, was, on motion ol Alder
man Halliday, referred to the Street Com
mittee, with authority to abate said nuis
ance. CLAIMS.
The following bills against the city
were read by the Clerk:
Globe-Democrat Co., advertising
notice ol sale $ m 90
Samuel Walters, 500 feet ot 8-Inch
Sewer pipe 135 37
Arab ire Company, one quarters
allowance 00 00
Rough and Ready Fire Co., same 00 00
Hibernian Fire Co., same CO 00
Delta City Fire Co., same CO 00
On motion of Alderman Halliday said
bills were referred to the Committee on
Alderman Halliday oilercd the follow
ing resolution whfch waa adopted :
lltnolted, That the City Clerk is hereby
directed to furnish to the following named
persons a copy ol the revised ordinances,
iree of cost: To Hon. J no. M. Lansden
(compiler), the Mayor, each Alderman,
City Marshal, City Treasurer, City At
torney, City Jailer, Police Magistrate,
and each of the Justices of the Peace
within the city, the Clerks of the Circuit
and County C urts of Alexander county,
for the use of said Courts, and to the
Sheriff of Alexander County.
The city clerk is authorized to sell
copies of said revised ordinances to any
applicant lor the sum of $2 per copy, re
porting the number ot books sold with
the treasurers receipt for amount, to the
city council monthly.
State and city liquor bonds of the fol
lowing named saloon keepers were pre
sented and approved:
Mrs. Margaret Walker, F. Gazola, J.
Desimonl, Herman Igel, J. P. Russell &
Bro., and Louis C. Herbert.
Bond of L. B. Church, as railroad and
steamboat runner, was also approved.
On motion;of Alderman Halliday .coun
cil adjourned until Tuesday, 18th Inst.,
at 7:30 p.m. Jas. W. Stewart,
City Clerk.
Abont Confidence Men A t'ard Irom
Sheriff Irvln .
Cairo, Ills., July 13, 1S7C.
Editor Cairo Bulletin In your is
sue of Tuesday last you published an ar
ticle entitled, "A deplorable fact," In
w hich It Is stated that the city is over-run
with confidence men; that a gang make
their headquarters here who prey upon
innocent strangers, until it has became a
common thing lor men to come to Cairo
w ith well filled purses and tine watches,
and leave without them; that the atten
tion ot the authorities has been frequent
ly called to this fact, but
with steadfast stupidity, amounting
to culpability they have refused to rid
the town of this gang. In your issue of
yesterday you say Sheriff Irvin and his
deputies have taken this article very
much to heart. Nov.-, Mr. Editor, the
statements made in I fin first article are
objectioiwl, not only to myself, but to
every ofllcer in the city, because they arc
untrue. There has been but two cases
in the past mx mouths where watches
have bcou taken upon the Ltrcct, and in
neither case was the work that of a con
fidence man. In both instances the par
ties became badly intoxicated, so
much so as to be oblivious of
what was occurring around them, and
while in that condition, aud asleep iu the
open air, were relieved of their valuables.
The work has been conceded by all to bo
the work of uegroes a class of crimi
nals.by virtue of their habits and associa
tions, iu a town like this, the most dill!
cult of all others to detect. White men
who visit dives and baginos, kept by ne
groes, w hile under the influence of li
quor, can expect nothing less than to be
robbed; and while it may be gratuitous
in me lo say so, I sometimes think they
ought to be. It is a physical impossibil
ity in a town of such a vast
importance as a traveliug center, lor the
small number of oftlcers in charge of
police business, with the character of the
people who are dropped every day Into
our midst, by river and rail, to watch
all. They simply do the best they can.
As an evidence that the duty has been
well performed 111 the pi, not more
than six or seven witches have been ta
ken in six, years where the fact was re
ported to the authoiities, in which a ru
covey has not been had. It is notorious
ly well known, and 1 the subject of uni
versal comment among professionals that
Cairojs "crooked to them;" that it is
the most dangerous town lu the country
in which to ply their vocation. It will be
remembered that In years no robbery of
any great importance has been commit
ted here. No case of a professional con.
lidence man pursuing his calling here has
occurred in years, except the one referred
to in your paper some time since as hav
ing occurred at Powers' livery stable.
Iu that case the man beiten, himself a
gambler, while boasting of his exploits,
was singled out by two professional con
fidence men, aud for his peculiar astute
ness in the business, beaten out of some
forty dollars. Alter getting hi money
the operators Jumped Into "a
skid' and escaped lioui the State. They
have since that time failed to put In an
appearance here, probably rightfully con
sidering it an unhealthy locality. Under
existing laws vagrancy is ouly an oflcnce
where a party l without visible mean
ot support, a Interpreted by our supreme
court. A man or set of men may come
here U he baa an abiding place or money
to pay hi hotel bill, and remain until the
crack of doom if he commits no offence
against our laws w ithout heins liable to
arrest. Ho may ply his Infamous calling
every lay In the week in our
neighboring States, Kentucky or
Missouri, but if he keeps
"hands off' here, lie can not be hold
amenable to the law. I submit that it is
admitted by all that our police force is
too small Tor the duties they are called
upon to perform, and that their conduct
should not be open to criticism, at leat
without Just cause. In this case there
is not the slightest foundation lor the in
sinuations and criticUm contained in that
article, unless it 1m the failure of the olil-
cers to accomplish results in the two
watch cases, where the most skilled de
tective might lie at fault.
Very Respcefully yours.
Alkx. H. Irvin.
Attention, Sit. Patrick' llenevoleiit
You are hereby notitled to meet at your
hall, in lull uniform, at halt-past one
o'clock, sharp, to-day, to attend the
funeral of our late brother, Thomas
Noughton. A special train will leave the
foot of Eighth street at three o'cloc k.
By order of the Society,
P. O'Lauohmn, See'y.
War jjbtahtiiikt Kivhr Itironr, 1
.luly 2 ISTiJ
I Aiiova
j rr. iif. ft. t.
Cairo I 3 11 j ji 1
t...Miurf :l ii o ii
Lmc:nnpii 12 11 n ;
LoH:si"e 7 i 0 I
. ivml'e 4 s ci 1
8. . I mm 27 :i u J
Kfinnv Me 9 i 0 n
Meinlii M 2t ft XI .1
Vic.nliunc 3' X'i 1
New Orleans ft :i n 1
Below hifrh water of 174 .
james Watson,
Serjeant, Signal service, I'. S. A.
Port LlMt.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah.
" Arlington, Cincinnati.
" Mollie Brown, New Orleans.
" Polar Star, tow, St. Louis.
" Capitol City, St. Louis.
" Robin and tow, Ohio river.
Steamer Jim Fifk, Paducah.
" Arlington, New Orleans.
" Mollie Brown, St. Louis,
Polar Star, tow.
" Capitol City, Vicksburg.
The Ohio river declined one inch
The gauge mark last evening was 34 feet.
The weather is cloudy, alter a heavy rain
yesterday afternoon. Business dull.
The Jim Fisk had a very light trip
from Paducah.
The Capitol City for Memphis and
Vickburg, came down from St. Louis
with the lightest trip she has had for a
longtime. She made some additions here
and passed on.
The Robin passed down out of tho
Ohio with a tow of two barges of freight
for St. Louis.
The Jim Pick leaves for Paducah at
.) p. 111. sharp.
The Mollie Moore had a fair trip for
St. Louis.
The Polar Star passed up the Ohio
with a tow lrom St. Louis.
npk i n, xorirEN.
The stockholders of tlio Fir-t Nationa
Bank are hereby notified to uiuet at my
ntH.'O f'uirn 111m hi tflti nN-lml' m Uut.
urday, Julv. 1 5tli, IsTti, to clone up tbe f-
1 1. ,1 1 . .
lUir- Ul 4UI HUNK. Jl Uitr..MMilUHi
7-P-dHt Trustee.
enleunlHt t'.aeiirxitintali.
Will, of course, Winn to ce all tho sight
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has, through its connections iu tne Wet
and Northwest, placed on sale a large
number of ToritisTs Kxltrsiox Tickets
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gers can not only vhit the Centennial Kx.
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EltS is the only Hue lrom the west running
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view of the MIUUTY CAT A It ACT,
KAI'IDS, and landing them directly at the
Full. Tho track ol the CANADA SOU III
EUN Is an air line, laid with steel rails o
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ceipt ot'one il. liar, (post pai'lj or tingle copies
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They can alto ha orJereI through any uewa
ileal In tile United Mttlea.
imiipier nay iimirumenlul loiu lirown
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HiKli Life Walla Mrausa
Down where the Violet Grow Weaterne
W hen OMJrvkaon hail bin Day Wemerne
'I he o rami old r ami , Kulilee
1 he College yukk.tep .....StoUilanl
There' a Letler in the C'amlle liote
Do you Really Think, he DiU?
l.Mn nLr, ti. Itu..l U. U it ..I. ...... k
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tfU. ft SCSI, CtKCIXTl.
New York,
Wil l. OFFER
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In all Their lipiurrmibti
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fllaL rU...J ..J m
A UHkU LUILICU ill! LI I fl.IlLU ul K
ruin 1 nmann nmm nun vi
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At Wc I.P.liinr.1 tr.imtl la.
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piieea. 50u. to Tc.
hiinple of goo'U, and catalogue of !
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wear, ami iulanta' eutt)i, aenl Ireaol charge
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llulca tor uli-BieiLU uu-ni a in on appli
eat m ta U pariitot tlr AHUiiry.
Order for god of all kinda will be care
fully attended to, aud ibe good packed
nd forwarded lUoutbars. jans-wim
Broadway and Twentieth Street.
Grand and Christie Sts., N.Y.

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