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W-WW .- a vS".-
Attorney t J.aw .
OFFICE : Atresidenes on Ninth Mracl.t
linDWhtKVm vwt and Wales to.
At ll lli'llATiw offinr. CmrnJIIinui .
-a. Va If. XV .la
mmi u mm
Your House Needs
'ot onlv he, jti.e It k,ok dinpy and ru.ir, hot
wants protection from tin; weather. With this 1'uiut, I'Olt A .-MAM. fl'M.
jou cm j'lotcrt anl Heatirit your linue, making It
AtirnitUe uii'l ln llin.
I he Thi n and Oiiiiitrv INind v lic,l Idiots arc trciiai t d from pure- whil-.' b-:ol.
Vtire i (Side cl Inc. and Ihe linost and stroD'.-r't colonic luateiial uldinnat.ie, jiuxoi
villi Jiri ucil Mo'ced which dries w ith, a gloss ml dnrahi!ll) un.ilt linab'c ov
Hie viifir inn 1 1 riaJs mixed In 1 ordinary manner.
Lead and lue. mixed In thi wav, ur. not afl. i led h lnii;c nl temperature, will
imt i r( k, bli-ter, peel, flak C ebalk, and will alwav lr till the hi:livt pt-i..-(.iilili.
They are warranted t stand nu b r ail ei-po-ni". and will lortu a perfectly
it r pi not covering. Trv ela.iic ami baiitibit. I In v lil work freely iiinlrr tti brnh.
n I niny lie applied he the most inexperienced pci-on wdii flu dtrc flons ;iri follow e,,
i honyh tint employment I f'-'.'iilar painters i adv i-ed w ben oht.dtishle.
I til I "unit I- alffayt It e:oly l'r U-f III. Mil llie llicon chK-nee ir e.iii- 01
liny additional I rt t rial.
One Gallon -will Cover
Two Coats.
, Call ami ot .1 tin hIji- i inr all ! -Ir I inform at i-t ii) teird to flu-
'TOWN AND COUNTRY" Ready Mixed Paints
nM.V Ti I IK II W AT I Hi: "vr. ur TIIK f.Ol.l'KN l.lo.V,"
Fiver aad
The Greatest Discoveryi Age
il'atnited April li, 17').)
K'vUci' Fever and A yn ' I'ad I to imposition, lor doc it pv end to
niM" without tiiodivlbc. '1 lie I'ad if me dioated with effective compound.
u.l cure l.y ubsorpioii, a.liiif direct on the. Mver and Ptoniich Iniincd
uitly.thtu takio,' Iroui tbo system all malaria and llillotu pouon Kodctr'
rivirnotl Ak'iic I'ad nmk i klto a mre iun- i:i ll 'itfianm frrowini; out of
a diord rt-i Liw-r. ' ...
TUc l'ul lie nre aiiiiofit'd tt'niint ptir liair? ti e countrrliMt nrlu li-.
tin r are ii or two in t!ie market; xh'jl y i i r dii'.'il for KhJiumV f"e-r
nil Ayui! I'ad. I'iit. Apill I Jili. 1-T'i. Tliu i in only original pad. Me
me and ak lor tin- utcnU-'l arlhli-. 'I li pi In f.f l:od;:f.r' fraud
A I'll,- I'ad i-uly 1 mid i ! pt-p:iid t any i n h vi receipt ol pi Ire.
itwne direction and bti) none Imt Modi'i . Kur ialo ly
Gill and net u Circular.
Manures Remedial
tho Cure of the I1U that Flesh
tained Direct from tneir bources ana u.cpi on ice.
Of Waukesha, Wisconsin,
Blue Lick, Excelsior Waters,
Fresh From tho Spring at Saratoga.
All of the above Waters for aale on draught in Bottlea, by the Oallcn in
Jugs or Kelts, or by the Barrrl by
BARCLAY BROS., Druggists,
74 Ohio Levee, Cairo, 111.
t a w w m at n
I "v v ViUiUUUiQ LM b.lVC HlWHIIViiwiv
vor. s
Painting Badly,
.r llie more iuii-ortaDt reisou that' It
200 to 250 Square Feet
Gneral Airnnt'i Cairo. Illinoia.
ia Ileir tc Pure and Fresh. Ob
rmi ainr
I . d
i A
Offl.i. SiAilatlxx X3vLU4Lln.r. Csmn TwilP.h Ktx ni TValiir.a:t:n. jL-vmxk-.:
I'll K Hi.nonv NIIIRT.
W li. i, it fl.unti tlii liliKxIy iliirl.
W) li.i liiU, we nftkjo clear tlieir akin.
Wliftileajn in MJiim -ale amUtiit,
M'li tlill t. tal , and Ion), mill n il .
.Mm! 'lillM.vi should rivi-re,
ll llllrd till' land illi Iraihl and I' ir.
Our tilllcrr, uf tate iil.n !
'I In vi- nrnde tln niBfl--' thii'tii'K ina--'
Hi li'ild Ii'iW frtlvhiMsl rjirmili il h iiiK,
And lriT'9 it hadow like a lliin
HI' ilrfa'tful fM,rtrnt, w Itlicrii'ir.
Willi "inilins f.irr. w hir f:iirii- -iii,
I hi- flower oftititli, a o'er It fi
1 - Ijii'l-iii.t dismally it kton.
I'. linn Id howl of lirllixh ilin,
MmhiI In- llai ni--i "in.
Il- uutlii, 1 1 1.1: il- Mlur, -II I
ti?.reit likea llil of ill.
Ti iln.wn, to'iiiollier.aDd V kill,
An I li:i' tin-) Imt liU mighty atk ill.
flii-ir lliliiie ami etiti itluif then.
M i,ii! I hind thi tiling hand of niru ,
In H'lrsf than homU of van' and hiune.
W uiilj lil'-Ii alike t!iir Hia'ih and I'ainf .
I il,lri.k it a! till- man.
V I !.i h4 iloiie all ihat Ir- tan.
Kroin iri-.at lteerhela imU liau,
1 ,i ,l n-e him If w ell in the an.
Hf tho?e win) fliinnt the bloody hir!,
AnddahMf 111 fuli IkhwI and did
lint jit l.e linjfers far lliind,
The mde-fyr, Morton and h liml.
I- il n t Mniii-e tluil in thi hour,
of hlooty ihlrt an I (tifinlnM l i .
I ht TUJen LohM the right hand h'tW,r.
.' ',t fntiu a I'einncniile shoi r,
ifhallnt-t lawfully given
V" i:l In-Ut him Into curli a liven.
A Tl jive htra power to ay--
l liur oi it , e rough, nnil ak Ip away .
Whilft he and all lii Iriend? alert,
WV1I eloihed in white an. I -non y hiri.
Will how that wondrr-t,lool and iliit
Itri'laeed lv laceand nowy hirt,
AVho then will flaunt the MrxMy taunt ;
Tn Foster gauDf anil needy w ant.
Nil one -iioonr. 'twill nil t o'er,
And pe n'e anil plenty meet once inor
AvI m,)i!Ii love and fcrwly lut,
il l.uiro in their mo I her dunt,
I he wiong sliu'l ri.-lit, OdJusi ahall jilsl,
An1 Ir-iiibliiiK ! ul t -lil I luru to trmt.
And iacrful plenty cn-t al-roal,
Her (frariou. favor like a (feel.
And fraud, and ihelt, and Moody )el,
h.il rise and eelin but in he!l'
I 1.11 A.
The leiern a nf (.altealwu .
Kroni the N. O. Tiine-.l
We f i much luipreiied with llie aatute
iiesg of (ia!vetoii. Nature ba Cot been kind
to (itlveaton. The eaj.ricloiu bca will not
ai.undon its rights of ciuincnt domiin to
i lie lujpciioiM in-ei:t. who have camped on
that sand bar there Loping to build up a
wtsiein Vmtee. l imt-clasi waves flod an
oj.icr otiani e than timt elat ehips. Tho
capacity ol liaviog i not equal to the delre
of tiaviiij? in t.a'venon. Therefore nnsatia.
lied aspiration must eke what wutenanee it
can out of iich;oc:alonal w lodf.ills as come
a'onjf. SVUat (lalveston chiefly ueeds Is an
atntnloient to the conntlturion of the
I uited State!- prohibiting the thlptnent of
good from New Orlean to any port of
Teias uud prohlbltlD,' Texas product! from
obevin the law of corameie'ol gravitation
wberebv they seek the reat port ot
Sew Orleans Thi being at present Im
practicable, Oalvcston contrive a tempor
ary ntbstiiute ia the rimpe ot a Uavantlne
ba-cJ on a lew fpoi adic i-ae of yellow te
cr in tLii ciiy.
But aj'n. absolute nun-ijitereoup-e
is found inojuvenic nt at the wave-washed
nort after a few dav. 'Dital it limited
a -
and runs' be kept nioviny. Galveston hav
ing but a hivpence i bound it shall e a
nlm'.i'e one. Ousruntine init-t be ro modi-
l'n'd a foltt out some cotton and let In
some caih. Accordingly it is inodlued so
as to allow the Morgan steamer to go there
mid fetch awav cotton. The board of
health there decides that it li healthy for
steamers in jfo there tor that purpose, but
to allow them freely to transport passengers
ar.d trek' lit makes Ga'.veeton sick. Doubt
less thi. is a sotin 1 position. Wherefore we
remark the av.utenea of our step-sinter
city. However it 1 'iiMtc futile, uot to
My imbecile, far u to complain of tbee ec
ei ntrli ltie. ilveton, like any other ri
val port or city, may be depended upon to
prompt hor own trade at our expense by
unnecessary (piurautincs and by every
other contrivance which the ingenuity ot
sharp traders can concoct. It i pure child
ishness to raise a hullabaloo about it. The
true way as lo make the rivalrj audcompe
titlon on our part wholly remorseless, lu
a situation like this there are no amcucties,
Merchants who think it the thin; to stand
hat in hand aud deferentially n iiiei uicr
chantsof other cities to be good cuougli to
take precedence will, in the viporou slung
of the Uay,";ct left." t'ouiplalnw of the
forwardness of other cities on'y provoke
laughter. tiaUeston w ill repeat the trick
next year and the next aud lorevi r, the
opportunity being given. We should be
neither surpii'ed'nor put a poor mouth
about it. What we ought to do and what
wc will do, unless we are sunk in hopeless
lunacy, is to make ourselves independent ot
Galveston. We can do this only by get
tins railroads to icxas. men we may
snap our lingers at quarantine and other
spiteful dodges. Unless we move in this
mutter and move to some purpose too, we
will be left to hold the bag perpetually
For our part, we are not half so mush
uuiazed at Galveston's practice, as wo are
at the unparalleled suploenei an ilfogysm
hero w hich render it iioatible to cut oil our
trade uud put an arbitrary velo on our bust
ness by such expendieuts. Build a rail'
load aud Galveston's tjusrantlnci will be
come as futile as our complain W of her
want of magnaulinUy.
Tho Paris correspondent of the Boa
ton huturday Gazette says: "The Lai
Brt'is Carlo tte, widow of Maxlmillau, of
lexico was thrown. Into a violent parox
ysm ot frenzy by the recent excessive
heat. Reports from all our luaane any.
luius statu that the greatest trouble has
boeu given In all ol them by the eflect of
the luiusuallt hlh temperature upon the
i lunatics in them. Knif rr- CaMottc dor
tii forth 1'rom I ..i-rke-n. lt'0 (near lini
', seN) otiH of tli holtesf dny bf.the Jat
: lortiiitit. and run about the pntk in
1 Htittflol lurr tthir-li nothirn could clniui.
'J lie voice of hi r mot loved attendant
lial not tlic slightest pf!W-t on her. She
Tpamoi ghp would nevor entr tho priv
on (ilio filfli -) ojrnln. Tlu"( Rffnt- Imd
In-itoil lr hour'', when her phv-ii-iiui
(w ho litnl Iwen in nnintcrriiprcd rutfiiil-ar.i-p
upon hor n turn to licL'inni , r -ol-Irflin
that in lior pn.-wnt pliuvo of in;ul
lu'ss, In r mind dwi lit only on yoiitliful
sttne find oofiipittion. and that thou tin?
jrrratpst pa'fion ot iirr heart w.n llowtr,
(illortnl nil Hip ilowcrt h! could
g.t, and wont to lier. and with
out eayinc a wonl, threw a flowrr ;it In r
nVrt. 'slit rnr-rly, ainoroiily, picked it
up. Jlo rofrrntrd a fw rU i; 1'injf t
wardi4 thi? place, and threw another
ilower on the ground. She ran and
pleknl it tip. too. So ho went on.
i-omlmitly throwing: flower on the
ground, nud still followed by her. He
microti tho place. She, too, Vro.-' its
threshold, lorjrettin;? nil her aversion lcr
thnte walla, which scemeil a prison, her
aims filled with flowers which she liejran
to nrraii'rc in lu r ilrawiuar room as hoon
as Klin entered it. he was in buoyant
spirits She oftentimes passed away a
whole day seated on tho iira.s,arrangin;
then rearransiiiii llowcrs sometimes she
makes floral crowns, Hien jrarlands.
ayain Mic covers herself with tliein. as
you have seen Ophelia festoon nil lu r
peron w it la roep and rosemary.
t.Yn'-ral Martinez t'amtios has been
appointed captain general of t uba in the
ain bone Ihat be can improve upon the.
itinjlin2 work of his predecessor. The
pesent insurrection briike out under Cap
tain General l.erundi, in l.s, jie was
sueeeeded bv Inilee in lti, f aballero de
:odasinl70. tilmaseda in 1S71, Ccb-
allos (;) ftoi.) in 72, J'icltain in 1n72,
Jovcliarin l(7;t. t 'oneha In WJ, A'alma
seda again in W5, and Jouyellar (tlic
late incumbent) in 170. Campos ' the
enth captain general, therefore, who has
been sent to Cuba since W). and during
thit time Spain has had six dillereut
forms of government. The insurgents
to-day are rapidly gaining ground, and
Campos will prove a lailtire, ami wimt
w ill be more grievous to him, he will iind
the island pretty well cleaned of money
The Spanish government has already
spent 150.x "km mi trying to put down
the rebellion, and it does not seem proba
ble that much more money can be
raised. The new captain general will
have a very unhappy time at Havana.
37 Conrt Place, LOUISVILLE, KY.,
A rrsjHltrrf sttaea.tc-4 au4 Ufa II f qullflJ pbtlct t4 tk)
la!- m.cejswf Ji. till frujiwe! will fv,
Spermatorrhea mnd Impoiency.
M Uit) mall of arir-kbus lb J . tMrl-tal rvtittti Id te
turm jrM. ur et'itr aud frj4iititt acff t.f l lie ti-
Is'iB( ifl-ia .Her vuuv: rv uiini 1 attest 'nitrfttt f)ritU
rlAtt ) atrtrti., U.aut.tre o I lf hi. tio Mt'Tv. Hh-Klho-
, Fim;4i ois r'y. .rii i- 1 1 t' tjinki,
(atueM.il ut 14-, ll f .H urn I V -mt A' ,rfc d nu
CtArrtk4; ltuynxr nr ueh, irr thcririiiv i.1 p rm
ttmi9 eur-ti. SYsPHl-LIS cif-'. "t-'itu-
J ll!u-J Tth .r.triB. Gonorrhea.
QLEETt Brrlctwr), Urwbni. Rtrnta. vf J;--i imn,
pTiass u.d utf.er pn.tiu tt ut-'k i -rrU
It it wlf-i I4chi tbat t4,ictaa bo rial -ntir
t owrteln aaM vf iIimim, m,e irew'ibj (hfuauflt umi
a'4ilr rrl akilL "i tclnii iy wli t1 i t often
roni-iT.i jrsxm lo mr cr, U'hs-tt t 1 )n-vi!ot
ih !!; for trurn(Qi, jifrln-t d t-e -eut (rival It
i1 ttftry by apiil or n'.rM anyvrujir.
Coree Guaranteed in all Cae
C(-t,i.f.t iu" Ht f fc JtiT frf f ITlfl.
Cit: riaociftt Mie4 f -rrir"s4,Bc itrlrtlr ctfsieDt.ii.
Of rtafrt, nt f uny tl-lrvif, t.r' rll, lt 'tirt?
(f-) oeDLt. Si4t!1 t e rs-'J tot all. A'l litfi ii iUt.
OAe fcet.r froi Jk . U. " P. M. f f to P. U-
Lh tusUT.fd 4UwiKar
I? tkftppr it. the mai
rnaWeataiil on thss lurMv'.fl
Of tia1 Mlueki Ttru, lt 'aVUtitv
., klt rfitcuvrriec a lh
m ot rfjArodLMttoii t
?f !tb!t hftpor Ic. the rarm4 rL4tlm. Malt nd tri.
iBf uuQ EuiaueS Biceii tawLB nmts euu pewninii
tavlfisi inturmsitiosj. which DO OlM aB lbffU H tM WM
cult oo how to pmajrre tho health, nd eoroplww, tnl
Cirtlo fulrti chk the ttahooM ol roMbitho bsrot nl
u)T tnM Mama Gu.te In Vi9 vorld. Price) Mrta
hv Uil. The) author mar M ccnrultJ DfrasmailT or mm
riail on anv oftheubintamratlonHlin hi work .A
pi. O. OLZN , list V Mhuuia C-vicajo, Li.
Till HOTTAN ViN-a.
VtrriBii-u tt n:iaira
tiiMisiit ( i.t . i V ii'-
inia ehou rl ) t
I mtla.'np, Hiarr-af, lax)
Kiil' 9 lMii liner tor-tirsi
ftllklnd of Dittaet, with hnudrl ri juuli ttrt.pi
Who ahuuld iiitt ,tU iiiirnvl.iisrnU i mmnis, tStr m.
lur rad cur. Trvaraon a. I ite, hiiu rlininf t)i-!r
irauaea. aympronie ni mana to rur it 1 ht nmv rHw
xiQltfie vuri viif kinti rvcr pUtilirl, tinj U foinrMta
Id ovrr ripHrt. viit wmr'.y -oil m r'-nt ol -to.
Addrett, Ir. C A . Mowivmi, U vuli tiltU itr..
4. LmhiA Uo. E"b!ihed in lvJ
'Pi.r yjt-(cr.Tirin lhtra:iiitt ui Sexual aud
Chroma Iiacavtfsilth .
s m lam ur.Di ii nimait UIIINP,
mlmFLt A Phy.iolotficai View cf Marriwt
marriBsTf, ou th nijatrr; t1 rrprin
i h ana tha ttctt ioMniiiiutoi totn.
tF an (!" l mJ w.ttuaiitiiKxI An liiunnTe hoarttytVpjg".
tor pritato r-uti, wliu h o)Hute ha k-yi uuUuT iw a u4
koT. Si tit iin1t r k a i t .r.'iO eta,
of a Private Nature in both at-xca, tlic abu-a aad a.i
titiU rultli aini y4eia, and thaiisfaniuUmc.sxifijavi
M il U rdgroviiii, -lit UlisJer OfaJ lof rll.
ULD1CAL ADVICK un riualanU Chronic ri
Kittiual Vaku-a, C atarrh, Caorrr, Huiiun, ttui opiuiit
1 11 1 it, x., a-siuf urk pat ut.d r wnl lr lu tt$. All
thr booki 'tTait'itst 400pa4rtoarMlrv'ri'thit. wunfi
kufwiii' in. ihf eiifyi-vl, aoat durelx ftMi4 u r.
reipt of 30 ita. AJcltf. Or. ButU1 Dipnary.
No.l2N. bthtt.St. LouU.Mo. JvU'tafud ..j .
nnal t'rnaiklln
N Irvels. 4 hi.
csira, llliuuu.
Cluti u-red bv tha
Stata or miauls
lor the aipreaa
. iiurKM ol giriuy
. iiuniixliuta relul
n all r.., i,f i.rii',i,. rtirouir. auu uruiamli
stes in all thrir coiuiihratnl H'rms. It ia well
known I Lut lr. James ha stood at th head ol
ll.strofu.ioo for tha pat an ur. A and
xirlefi.vaibll-liiiiwirlMllt. Htlllinail VS C" H
ssttsa, nlKlit louses by dreams. )iiiiiks ou Urn
lac. li.t inauhiMHl, can in,silieir eurant
Indira wuiiUuk the ino.t ilrliiala aUeutlon, call
i.r mi. IMriMMiit tiiinia for uuli.aU. A hoek
lor llie uillliou. W.rrlnxs litiM, whlrb Ulla
vim .11 utxiiii tliHi diuar. who suoulJ HiaiTT
whv not lo criita to nay posta-a. . lr. Jiuuea
hn.su io.hu. su4 11 Ur lou sm no ou but
the doctor Ortli luHirs, am. lo 7 .au. 8uu
days, li to U. All biKineas strictly conlldra
Advertising Agents,
190 w, m Si, o
Are authorised to eootraet for advertle
leg la this paper.
tstunatee faraiskel free, teal for CirctUr
PlllhADF.r.riHA, I'A.
This .re.ii Ii ternational KxtiilMtii.ii.il
"l.iinl to oiuimcniorntc the one hunlrsilth 1
unnivf r-ry ol American lodetiendcnce, ,
njifni'il biy mill, aud will eloe November
loth. IS7U. All I lie nations of the world
; and all tlie tst ami territnrie of Die L'n.
I ion are particiratinsr in thi wonderful tie
: inntration, tirining toj;rther Ihe movt
' emnprehensive eoiicctisn ol art treasure-,
tnceoanical ioveution-, u lentiiie li.(ivrr
ei ic, inaiitifacturiiig ncliievcnunt, miner-
j nl swrt n, and agricultural ppulncts (
! ecr cxhiliitcd, 1 lio grounds ilcvite(l lo .
' Hie rxhiliilion are situstcd on the line ol
Hie l'cti'iylvauia Ksilmad and embrace I'm
; ae-' of Kali-mount 1'iii'k, all highly im- 1
proved and ornamented, on which lire j
creciM'i i ne iMTfru t ui 1 1, 1 1 1 1 ir- ever roil-true- j
ted live of these covering: an urea of lilty j
acres and ros'inu t..nOo.s. The total i
number of bullditisi erected for the pur- j
ioe of tho e.vbililtmu is near two bun-,
dre.l. i luring the thirl days inunriliaK Ir
followii.g the opening of the exhibition a I
niil!ion nod a quarter ol ncoic a titcd it. ,'
Ii the luos. direct: eotivenlcnt andei miioiu
ical way ol reaihiiig l'biladelphia and this
great Kxlilbitlon Horn all sections of Xhr
country. Its trains too and froia Philadel
phia will pass throufth a grand Centennial
depot, which the company has ereeted at
the main entrance to tbe exhibition
grounds for the accommodation of pae sen
ile is who wl h to stop at or start from the
numerous lirife hotels contiguous to Un
station aoc tbe Kxhibitiou a eonveiiiem e
ol the greatest value to visitors, and artonl
ed exclusively by the lVnnylvrnia Kail
oad, which is the only line running direct
o the Centennial buildings. Excursion
rains will a lso stop at tbe Kncampraent of
he I'atrnns of Huthatidry, at him Station
on till I Oad.
Tbe eennsylvania kailroad is the grand
st railway organization lu tbe world, it
controls seven thousaod miles of road war,
forming continuous lines to Hilladelphia,
New York, Italtimore, and Washington, over
which luxurious day aud night cars are
run from Chicago, t-t. i.ouis, Louisville, Cin
cinnati, ludianpolis, Columbus, Toledo,
Cleveland and bile witbous change.
its main line Is laid wlte double and third
trucks o heavy steel rail upon a deep bed
of broken stone ballast, and Us bridffhs are
all of iron or stone. iu passenger trains
are equipped witu every kno.vn Improve
ment for comfort and safety, and are run at
faster speed for greater distances thvn the
trains of any line on the continent. The
company mi largely increased its equip
ment lor Ccdtennlal travel, and will be pre
pared to buiid in Its own shops, at short
notice sufficient to fullr accommodate any
any extra demand. The tieequalled re
sources at the command of the company
ot the company guarantee the most perfect
accommodations tor all its patrons during
the Centennial Exhibition.
The magnificent scenery for which the
I'annxvlvanla Kailroad l"so tnstlv celebra
ted presents to the traveler over its perfect
roadway an ever-cbanglnc panorama of
river mountain and landecnpe views une
ijualed in America.
The eatlntc stations on this lino are tin
surpassed. Meals wlK be furnished at suit
able hours and ample time allowed tor en
lovlni them.
Excursion ticket, at reduced rates, will
be sold at all the pnncipui rauroan ticket
office In the Vet, Northwest and South
Ho sure that your tickets re J via the
Great 1'cnmylvauta route to the Centen
nial. FI1AVK THOMSON, I. M. ROYD, Jr..
icn. Manager, Oen, I's's'r Aj;f
Lincoln Butter Powder
(.Ml I rrali lliillrroll lis lrnr llomi
Lincoln llultcr Powder ir an Piitirclv
hartiilc. artlilo made from cclehrated
IJnalish rocioe, and now in dailr u-e by
many of tho most noted Isrmci'i iu the
nutter eoiiuties aroiinu 1 liitaoeipiiia.
lo bot weather this l ouiier makes t.utii r
iuu. ti lu iner and sweeter than it UMiaiiy is,
and keeps it from turning rancid. It alo
removes the tron;r flavor of turnips, garlic.
weeii-, com stalks, cotton seen, etc.: aim
the iucrescd yield of butter much more
than pay. the t'rlniDir exprat-oof uiic,' ii.
34 nils I'er l' l.ate.
Vll.,.KSAL llK.ror PVJ .Market t
Coal (Coal.
MT. OARBON(Blg Muddy)
Orderi for Coal by the car-load
t.on, or in hogaheada, for shipment
promptly attended to.
tStTo large oonaumera and all
nanufaoturera, we are prepared
to aupply any quantity, by the
south or year, at uniform ratea.
Ilalliibiy Ilro
'aeffioa, No 70 Ohio Laves,
'a hart boat.
-lUirnUy bro
At Ka-vullan Mills, or
At llu I oat Hump, tuotsl'I'autr-Kightb
lftot OaVa Drawer.
rrtiTCIOurUrinlifs-lika staal ngvaviugs
ftutRlwloi u, rSrseklsBlkal Caadiduln Mil
! a day!
riapiOly. laMliit circular. . 1 . t-t-lvTsVcole
Wall st..bo 3s,vT V.
NO. 250.
Wholesale anl kctail nalcrs in
Foreign and Domestic
No. 60 Ohio Levee,
have conpUnily
rno-l- Hi llie limr-
aVX a lunre et.u k o th !! kho-I-
kel, and rir eH'ial attention lollir niiuleKale
rancli or the I.iimiii
The Old Reliable
Boot and Shoe Maker,
Hax re-opencd iu e-tabli-hii)ent in the
Where can be Ciimd an
of i:ood in his line,
tiivc .lone a call.
extrs tine vto.k
Fashionable Barber
south si nr. of F.munr strkf.i
Bstwen Washington and Commf.rH
The Grand Pacific Hotel,
O It IC'ACl O.
Ono of tho Safest and Most I'lda-
Rnt ITotcls in Amcnna.
ltatiiiK all the ditVrrent Sufeioinrds Sain!
Hrr. makea ii nraciicall v tlrr nrool. linn i
ranllv underifone ext. i. she iiuioovf liienls -
laiK amount of new tnrnitiue mldcd, making
it one of tlic inn.-t elegantly lurni-liM holnli in
the coitutn" and the eutire tmiMinif rcileeo-
rsteil in a style, that for Ix-auty of Ue.ixo, sm
paHea an Ibinir ol tins kind in thcwuild
lhi venlilutli.il of the hotel uperfcel, tmviiiif
every modern imnrovemeni.
Cost of Hotel, $1,500,000.
Cost of Furniture, $400,000.
Occupied mii entire tiare. hnvlnvM
irotiiMite l l.o.-ko ie-i.
Nuiulier of rooniri, fi0,i; miitei of rooma, with
hatha eniinetiinK. sue of parlor., pnJ0
leet; tize ijt eraud dinulnK-room, 1 3' x i J.- ie
ol ladies' pioinenudc, IJi'xaO; Blze of ollh-e,
llx in.
Prh-e of rooms, with board, i.on, a i .'si, ixi,
t.JWand IS.oo jr Hay. accord
ing to 1 oration.
The tatile and service unsurpassed, being the
sauiato all.
A HFDI't TION will ho made from the
aoove prices to piu-iia i-einalniiii- u w kf.k or
more, and those drulnnir to visit the J.Apest
tion ilnrina- the nimilh of ."cj)leinler.
trfKooms cn le scured, stutlug prieeco
sarus, by 1 xlennipti, at our exiiense:
JOHN B. SHAKE ft CO.. Proprietors.
oTitnlncil in the t'nKed
States, CauavU, uud Ku
ror ; terms o low as
thceofaoy other rclla
lilo hoiiM. Corre.iutn
dence in vied In tho tn;
lish an'l foreten angnafres, wifn inventors. At
torneys af l-aw, and other Solieiitois, fopecisll
w th tho-e who have had thrircases retcctel in
thehantls ol other attoroeva. In rrlcetcil caiiea
our i'lvs are reusonahlc, and oo ehariie id made
liiiles are kih't'e.'dnl.
If rou want a pat
rut,2riiii in, a m.li I
or .ketrth and a
lull dcti riplion of
Vlav i, ii r Invention,
wilt make an
riaiiiinstioii at th patent utlice, and II wc think
it patentable, will "end Sou paper nnd :eh no,
and iToKecnte vnur rae. Oui iw will he in or
tl mii t cse, j ,,
WIS Unit or rillen in oiaio 1.
l I laliiiRto caiiii-.Tl
lt. I..T "i.miiiln.onero Patent,
land, liliio ; O. It. I,llc, trV'., frr'r
Vainnsl l.inor-e. l.iiuiville. lv . ; I oiinumlor
I'hii'I Annnen, I". H . S., W ashlniilou. 1. :.
t S-.-einl lamp f..r our "loildc f,,r i.l'tinn
ing Viitenth," a hook ot -opia-es
Addivsa I.oiiU llii(r '., i. i
tor 1. 1 I'ao ni", N nrlin.t i"". C.
To whom Pensions are
A TTs KVHHY . momier
aad diacEarfia of duly, either bf acldmt 0"
r,ih.riu ahnuld haro a Mr. loo. Tbe loss ot
a Inaar entitles you to pension. 4 rutUUH
eq m.taf how alff hs. irires tou a neeateru
a he loss of a toe aires you a jmhsIoo.
Th Iocs of an er jives foa a pension.
Any Injury will give rou a pernio a.
try will give you a J
MARY penw
rdrawUis- a penTIbOtare justly en a
croaM. TSarwTT'taTrfflXr 'f
SlSeii4llttiiipilJWVfe B a atk
jroopyof Fensioaaud BonntyAct.
Vttt States Claim Agent, Ispusarotuj sn.
Myuu all Utters murk 1'. O. baa 6ijasj
riaw on. a "ti" too u. it:. .ai.rUt.ciuu
til Ihu Itiatru t Couttol Die t'nited M.ite, l.,r the
Siiiitheiii Iitri.i nl liliuoir. In l.ankrupl.'i ,
0. IT-'.'.
Iii the matter rd'M.cliael II, ilhi.,11 A 11. i ii od
Weil, iniikiu,tH.
Notice ia heivl.y Riven th il a pet.iiou h;is l. a
tiled iu raid court hv eaid .Michael lleill.roii und
ller.ard Weil of aim, in the nntniv of Aha -ander,
in aaid clialnct, duly deelured hankrnpln
ou. lei the a.i of eoUiiiet ol Mj.il Jnd, l--si.',
l..r a ill., harite and cei tillcte llu n ol', Uoliiull
their del.U and olhei elaiuii pronlile uuih r -ui'l
set, sud lhal the ii;tli lay ol octolier, l-T'l, ai
1 levea o'clock a. Ul , ! asit:ui 1 lor Ihe heal 111 J
of the same hv Hie said court, u', the I 'ailed
Mates tourt roiun in ihe city of SpriugnVld,
When aud wueio all cicditoia ol .aid hankrtipt.
and all olher ociau iu iuleie.-t, mav attend ami
hweau,i uy Ihey have, why the piaet .
aald petit loui ahould nol a' grunitu
' i;r.o. r. lttiWKV,
l.inrvsrA Ijiusdau. aUorm v 101 m i,iiou. i i.
Daled hpriUKlli'M.
, HI
Ir, A.l. Iv
Trualee'a Knle.
WheiBul. nu lh Hill duv of Aliil.
A I'
;t. Johu It. I'hillU. and Ihichel J. l'hillis hi
wila, executed aud delivered fo tha imilemiKUrd,
lor the nurnoae ul' teem ing Ihenavinml of u
e.lNin prriulH oiy uute Ihrrelu inentioue.l, u
l,ii.i .Uvd !' ihe loUuwIlirf lracrlhri irenil, .,
lo stlt: I-ot uuinbeml einhleea in ldoi:k
UUlulaarl tour (). In the ityof Caito, llliuui.,
ami wherMS daiaull haa lxeu made in lb ray
luent of aaid note. Now, Ihervlora, in puuu
uotaof the aiitUirtily couurred by .aid tiust
duel, 1 will sell tha above described preiuiara.
at publio .vendue, 10 tha nicbt.t bidder, lor
iwnb iu band, at tba court hou door is Cairo,
llliuoia, on Saturday, tba ioth day of Ocluber,
A. !., l;o, at the hourol lo'tloU, pui.,of
aaiddar. said sals to b without rtdeuipiioa.
' AI-FKEU B. SAtTOUU, Trussae,
OBIEN C11BCRT, Att.ruty. sejirs-i.
tied loan lo
Evamvillo, Cairo and ' Memphis .
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, 8hawneetWD, Zvtna " '
rillo, IiouieTille, Cincinnati
oa an way lancunga.
The Hcirant sldt-wheel straia't
Wai.tek n. fasviscTos-. .... ,.Mir
Ch sni.r rr.sxixoiox C! x
Will leave r:ri rrory WKtNKrl T at n
o'clock t. m,-
Tlie fleet -IfSlner
I l I n.iui,,.
... rik
l-nvei mi., eveic SATt'ttOIY.
Kach IhhiI iiiiike rloe coiinectinn at Cairo
with IIrM-clss ureuiiieia fur M. I.ouis, Meni
. In and New nriean, aud at Kvansvills with
Ihe K. AC K. It. for all points North and fci,
and with the l.,Miiille Mail Steajner. foall
points on the l'p r fllil,,, f iinf throuah re
lpt on freiKhli and passenger, to all points
or miner Information apply to
Mil,. MLVhK, Pus-enter Agent .
ItMUHAYlUiOS. ,,..,
J.M,l'Hn,LIPS, 'JAjeats
uriiiti nilent and (inieral KrumSit Afrrat,
l.s-:i.j-i.li . Kvansrille Indiana.
tonst tHMio ntttriiAMTn.
Wholesale Grocers
ommission Merchants
57 Ohio Levee.
ileal. r in
Alt kind. fhsrd and soft.)
Mill and Yard.
Oornor Thirty-Fourth Street and
Ohio Levee.
Wholesale Grocer
And Iieakr in
Commission Merchant,
SPECIAI. arteutioi given to consignments an i
filling orilera
Kic lii'ive
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No wt.'Ohio I.cvev,
7 .il If.
Highland Park, Ul.
t olleuinte Mini lrepRrM(rr Inall
I till ii for l.sutle).
fall e,-ion lM;:in lieplrnilwr itlu Is!
Ciin-eol' .ticU liioioull lind emendeil. Kir
facilities for Mu-ie, UruwinSnd I'aintlnj
Milliner-, Moruls uud Health of the flnst iiUKr
tuni'e. College liiu'.lius coniniodiiius, and
well t'mni-lieil. No room, for pupilsahove two
flights ol atairri. I.oratiou attractiva. 'i'bwe
who have completid their ordinal-)' school edu
cation elhewhcr ny lie i,veivl "to puroie nur
hi-'her course vNith tM-eial advuntur. Ill
WAIIU l'. WKluS. 1'wstr.iM.
Kiull-b i;ru-eU. 'J'hree l'!v and Ingrain,
alo, si air 'ai ietn, 'el et'ltua, I riuiib
lotlie. f)il 1 loth, i t, ., erv chrsp
st the Old I'la. c
l arpets carefully packed and sent to any
part of the I niicd Staiee Ueeotcbarge.
T-l-ly. J. A. BEND ALL.
mm km ar sn a insijiinuti,
' awjaiw WW S V waliMgtr.uf a
fir. u.illco.1 voua.4ti4 aa4 alii aunlj mi m
tu-." A.mr,..,
St. toai.saertia'gkPubl'gCo . Luia,atv,
Slato Rooforo,
Rooflug aud Outtoring a Speoialty
Slate Roofiing a Specialty in
any part of Soutuera IlUaoia.
Lightning Bodf , Puznpe, StOTea
tnd Tinware.

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