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CYRUS 8. OBERLV, Editor.
r or PiFMtUat,
of New York.
l"t Vice I'lttiJei.t,
lHi:ftlit:TIl. H.n roKs-
Win. J. ALLEN, nf .Im-lnon r mnlv .
Wm K COOLBUAOH.of ( oek r unty.
ur pi-thii i.
1st Dla't-Thomaa Hoynn.
Sd " -S. S. Hayea,
HA " Arno Voaa.
4th " -Thoa. B. Coult-r.
:th " W.C. Green.
ta " -Jam B. Eckel.
7th " Geo. B. Martin,
.-th " C. W. Bullock
Hh " L.W. Jamee,
Kith J. W. Eavideon,
nth " W. E. Ewirjsr.
lith " -Charlea- A Keyaa
Uth " 0- A. Roberta.
Hta " -O. B. Flcklin,
15th " R. N.Biahop,
itith " -J. J. PhlUipa.
IHh " -O. A. Walker.
lth " J. P. Johnson
1-th " J. M- Creba.
Vot ( iovernor,
of KercUit county.
For l.iiitrnciit-iovernnr.
nf llri wn county.
for Seen tary of Stale ,
Vof Auditor,
of took county.
Kor State Treamrf r,
of Clint m county.
Kor Attorney (Irncn.l,
ijf Logan county.
Congressional District Ticket-
Kor l'opgrt.
of Itamlolfih comity.
f or Mntbr State H-'aril of Kquitiiuiion.
of t'liiun county.
Senatorial District Ticket.
rr M..tc Senator fiftieth litiiM,
of I'niiin county,
or t!crr;eiittive in the I.sfiis'.lM'I'f--I'.fliMli
lii strict,
of .lack ton county.
Wl.lle lutii'h may lie ai'roiiijilihlit'il f.y
iii.-mi iu.ii.iuh. It misfit f llc)lllai.rfitleluie
tilK'c'jtiiinx If 1 wittilioM here t lie ex pi en -muii
n inv i i!i I tion that no riTonn of the
t it il v. rii'P In tliU ountry will n com
i Istc mi l ifiiiitiiieiit until in chief iii.'iL'in
trste U uoniilt'.ultfnally .li.Uliliml t.ir !
.cclion ; exiiorlei.ee bu iiifl repent .vlly
expost-d the futility of nir-iiu.i.Til restric
1 1 jtii liy candidates or lucliiiibctits.
'l'lifiuj;U tliiii Mulrnitiity only cu lie le tl
fectuitlly ilctivcr-Hrotii hi grciitJ-t ttnijjta
liou to m'siuo tlio power ud ! jiiilruai;e
1;U which the Executive i rie.. ai ily
charged. ll-'roiii Samuel J. TIM ii' l 1 1 r
Of acCpitUlrt-.
The nuMir motive of humnuily mtcur
with tbe imtrrUI interest of all lu n iiur
n that every obstacle be leiuiivcd to u
cuiupletu nu.1 iJur.'iMf reconciliation he
tkVt.cn liu.ir.il Herniation once iiuiiuttir
:iy t .truu.-e.J , oa liic lai recognized by
the St. Louii j.l.itfonu, of tb vou-tituiioii
of t lie I'uitfl States, MitU kt amendment
Muhf-raally acct-pte 1 uj a final .ettlcuicUt
of the coLtrox tr t w hh-h ciif,'tnJtr-d civil
war." fcut, in aij of a roult o bcneliclcut,
t!.e moral iuflut'Ura of everj (foo.l i itlen, an
well every govt-rcniiutal authority,
ouLf to ! exerted, cot alone t-) luuiutaio
tbeir jjrt tiuul tj before the law, ut like
wieto etb:ih a coribl lrsternity and
K j-lwil anions ttm. whatever th re
ra-e or color, Uj ure tow united iu tbe
ooe detiny of a coininoo r-i lf-fc-overiituent.
If theOuty tha',1 lie aoigned to iuc, I khoul 1
not fail to extr ie the power with which
the liiWsaad tae to antiunion of our c.iun
try e'.olhe iu :hicf iiiiiir-trate, toi'rotect all
UatiiizcDt, whatever their lciuier coudi
li"ti. k tvry riolit'ral and ri-.ronaI ntrht.
IFroui Samuel.;, lilliu'ii letter of '.-
U f J Helmet the Jinititijition i l'iitse
af thr win 1 bTO, ami trt hi ir Jf
hvui'i itt rrj-t).X'it!tiitil ! iwtrtitie
S. u ln tint fruit i,f ;,:htiy are
j'ithtre,l far thr. of thr liihr, that
tiny nrr not wofd-l ly thr proh'gary
fraud or peruLitio of yijr .iiV
vj'ut. G'or. 7'il,l,
1 am anxious to jo out ol the Lcv.-iiaiK r
anJ prlutlnx busincsi into another Lum
neiii.itiidtliert fore oiler the wliolc Hi 1 1 1
ll I'rintinjf JUMUlimeiii utuclnnerj-,
Ihh, buildings, und yood willed the
new jmpr an J Job ofllix: for rklu ujion
Out easiest kind of teriiH. 'lUi news-j:tH-r
ttii-1 Job prlnlinj nitabli-liiiunt U
tin lo-ht ajijiointed one in Southern Illi
itoi, ami I a tnoiicy-iniikln concern.
Any one w lm wlilu k to enaes in the
i.u!nei will lln 1 tlii. to U- tin en-client
Inquire at the l'-i i i -nix tiiie, ol Mr,
K. A. Uuroftt.
rxt.'JO, 170. Jons 11. on i:i.v.
Till: Axil Hit.l H l:ir lioi
in not h m
We ilt'ii't .ti, tint tu iu-ti' fi Mr.
Mifily, wlm l.iiiiicrly :i tli" man
lb' 111 i i.ntv. we wlh toiiv it word In
! fell' d Wll.it ttie I ntt tie-.i:il)jlit
men full hl Ni'v" li'im.
W i'hnvr kti.iwii him liiim lil ymilli.
and are tree .i Imit tlint ever ince lie
a a lu'.v in !i"it el iilu. lu- ran to
Viiipitihy iih " "l'""'. l'pres'd
duw n-lioddcii nnd iiliu'eil hlave;
but, lis !!'!i llijferill VViillld uy,
"irnijof tn ?.y, lie wits alw:iy. h
ll. tniiclat." NVt-have iilleu vvallied liim
In In-ware id liW syiiipHllii'tie fiiiijrni' j
told ban. In kiii.liie.., HihI IcIliiw iS
we. tin Albribts of tin- I Mnuerntic
party, ilidn't like the ild niv'er, ami
llott il be, tbe afore-Mid Obrrly. would
nut tip bcitij; i'l-t to binl. tbe nlnn-itiil
it d nik'tfer, w vviuild ruin him a a
ei rat. Ill lbne l.t s. we.
tin' Albtijjht-kiud of l niiierats,
made very much nut of tbe lad
that the negro had long In l and
kinky hair. Tliec two article
ol tin' prrn:il wardrobe ot the negro
were the mo t polent plank in our plat
form. Ofien wo would make the Anglo
Saxon blood of tin! true Democrat run
wildly through their Vein, by exclaim
ing : "iA-t us nk you, in all seriousue,
would you would you would you.
have vour daughter marry a d t ng-
ger?-' The repono was with great
invariableno-s : "Not much, you bi t ;
old ho! S-t 'em up ngain, nnd go on
with the ineetin'." And then wewouM.a.
thus kindly requested, "et. 'em up
again," by exclaiming : "Ain't this the
laud ol the white man. where no nigger
has no rights excepting the light to be
wallopped ':" And tiaiu would come
from the Albright-kind of IenuK'rat,
thr hearty response: "lligfit again, old
hairpin; Where's the inun who denies
this? Show him to u." And the noble
Koinan thus responding, would blow into
his coat sleeve nnd double up hi arm
displaying his muscle.
lu those days we, the Aibrighl
kind of Democrats, were happy. They
were the days when lreedom was. most
meloJiously sung about, while the clank"
ing chains of the slavo made ft music
sweet in the ears of the Albright-kind ot
Demo rat; when we boasted ol our
civilization, while thj "lining, going,
gone!-' ot the slave-seller separated the
duky mother from htrdusny child on
the auction block, tearing the nipple
from the mouth ot tlicbatie, and marring
the horror of the mother' shriek with
the eoare laugh and brutal oath
ol the coarse and brutal I.egrce who
stilled tin; imputes of humanity in bar
tering human fie.h and blood, tieod old
days to he thought of ami folic ashamed
of I Then was Logan with u, rying: "It
is a crime iu a nigger to put his foot upon
the soil of Illinois '." TIk-ii wa Ucii
IJullcr.with his brutalism in Democracy,
one ot our leaders. Then was Hub lu
gt rsoll rare llob of the goMen-totied
tongue a Democrat who did
not bate t fie son ml of clashing chains
and who, at that lime, denounced the
Greeley, Suuiner-!, l'alnn-i. I'arns
w iirth, Julians, and the olbi r lricinls ot
Ircedoiii, with as much viioinoii tio
(jiieiici' as lie n.ive iu.-j in ilt niliici.il ion ol
his two particular awr-miis iod and the
I iciuiH ratie party. .
l.ut we wander. We km w, a we
were saying, or were about to say. that
when Obcrly got oll'lnio tin- "poor nig
iTer'' channel, be was l.st to Demoeratic
graee. We reasoned with him, but
in vain, lie was headstrong, and at
la-t capped the climax of political
iiiiipiity, by voting, while a member of
the legi-Iutnre, for n bill w hieh prov ided
that it any person t-hollld, for iustaliee.
brickbat a colored child because the col
ored child wii attempting to attend a
school it had a right to attend not a
"mixed one, but u colored free echool he
should be lined'. This, wa terrible!
Hut tbe bill uli-o provided, that, if school
officer should niusf to provide mean to
educate colored children, because the
colored children were nut white or
words to that eH'cct the otticcrs should
be fined. This wu sinning againt
Democratic darkiie, and we knew
Obcrly wm lost. Kver since that vote,
the Albright ol Egypt have, by aptx-als
to Icino ratie Ignorance, kept (Jbt ily in
the back ground of polities ; for again the
cry ot tbe old time became potent iu the
wilds of Alexander, I'nion and Jack ou
counties: "Would you have your
daughter marry a nigger? Oberly's b".ll
' intended to compel you to marry your
daughters to niggi r."
T.or 1 a-mercy, the c fleet of Uiis eppcal
was drcadlul! At once there arose a
cry ol anger from the fathers ol daught
er, and the cry was: "Down with
Obcrly!' And down he went; but
smilingly, and as he fell the last words
that gurgled from his lip were : "I go,
but 1 return. In a tew years you fellows
will not be the d d fools you now are.'
Uut OU-rly hasn't returned vet. The
fellow arc Ust as big fools as they ever
were, for tin y listen to Albright when
he says: "Obcrly mixed your schools."
He knows he is not tellii.g the truth
w hen he say this, but the school house
ha not made man) of hi fricu l Intel
ligent enough to know that he is dec iv
iiigthcin. 'ihe constitution, adapted by
a iHjtnocratio. contitutional convention
a Democratic supreme court ol this state
has said, did all the mixing of the schools
of Illinois that has occurred, and this
Mr. Albright knows; and this every
citizen ought to know. The bill that
Mr. Albright reproaches Mr. Obcrly
witl.ltas beeu in lorce three years nearly,
lias it uaii' more mixture in tin.- bchools
than existed before? It has not. and
every intelligent cill.cu is aware of the
tact, but uiifortuualely too many o Mr.
Albright's friends are not inteliig.-nt.
Hut no matter. M r. )lerly don't care
lor the consequence that have followed
hi vote lu lavor of that biW. Jl voted as
he did because he believed it hi duly to
o vote, and Ins has accepted the result
of hi voto with philosophy. Ho stand
by it. au 1 i confident that, lu the future,
In twenty-live or fitly year front now
hi iK-niocratic trietid. who are now
abiding him will acknoAledgt that thai
Vote was not mi' that should
hnc been denounced by any man f
common sense or common decency. A
few days ago. Hon. Henry I.. Vi itteisou
wa reproached w il It liiind.-hlp for the
negro, ami replied in these words, w hich
Mr. Olierlr may also ue. and which we
commenil to the c.iuidcr.itioil of the
Alhrloht-kind ot IVmoKi-itt living iu tbl
untortiinate neck ( Hn political wood :
"l or eleven enr." a s W ntfer-on, "I
have fought their b.ttl le t he iieroe.
lor them on their own ground. N In r-
ever they have been menaced, and their
condition hit exposed tin in to d.iticl '
nl i Very kind, and not merely to the pe
eiiii.ir dangers poitifed out by a one
sided, misdirected philanthropy, a fir-.it!
plolaiilhopv of the tie, sell-righteous
kind. I have bet n lound. I have been
found urging upon good men their help
ssnes. threatening bad men with the
eoncqneiiee tit their iirutaiity, impttir-
lug society at large for it own Fake, no
less th in lor the sake of a common hu
manity, which makes red t'lood to (low
beiicrali every sk'.u, black, brown and
w hite, to take the poor child ol destiny
by the hand, to lilt him out of his wretch
edness and squalor, to educate and ele
vate him, so that under God's provi
dence, and by God's blessing on him and
on u. he may be a helpmate and not a
hindrance, a worthy citizen and not a
mere obstructive."
Tin: i niCAtio iti iM.is mi: nut
i ii.i...
A (."hieago Tim' reporter ha been in
terview iig some of tbe most prominent
buines men of Chicago ntid Ibid a
marked change iu in-iny of them as re
gards national politics a change thnt ar
giies well for the prospects of i'ilden and
Hendrick in the. I.ake city, i he firm of
Field. Loiter Co. is known as one of the
wealthiest and most enterprising in tbe
West. It tloes a business annually of
from twenty-live to thirty million dol
lars. It member have always been lie
publicans, and hive aided liberally
with tnonpy ami influence In
J.ho clectiou of I'i'puhli.'an Ti'iniinee
forolliee. They were lor Grant in lS'lS
and IsTJ, and gave largely to the Repub
lican central coinmit'.cc in Chicago when
ever It needed help. All the members of
this firm are now working with tin- Dem
ocratic party for thet lection of Mr. Til
den. lieJicviug that only through bis
election is thepMthto be lound out ol
the commercial and lliianc-itl distress
the country is now laboring under. The
firm employs ibout, nine huinln-d men
iu all its departments, ,tu the senior
member informed tin; li.ws reporter
that seven hundnd'of thi c would vote
for i'ilden uwl Hendricks.
Charles 1". Kellogg, one of Ihe largest
clothing merchant oKincag , who dors
abu-mess of ten millions, ha decided j
tnai iuc iiiicre.-ts 01 1 no country require
thr defeat of Gov. Hayes and he u ill ac
cordingly cast los ballot for Mr. Tihleii.
Mr. Kellogg has always been a l.'epubli
can and was ma le a iiiemb r of the stale
central comiuitK-c lu lin e his intention to
VOle the Democratic ticket i nei.lo
public. He wailed on the Republican
manager and informed them that believ
ing llavesisin would be a bad a Grant-i-m
he would have to vo'e gniu.t Mr.
Hayes, and would thcrefbre have to de
cline the honor of beinif :; nicmher o the
Mr. L. P.. Uiis.tiic riehi-t real estate
owner in Chicago, a lite hmg Kepuhli
ean. will Vote for i'ilden. believes that be
will carry New York by siv'y tlom
nnd, and 1 lassi-s Illinois aumng the
doubtful -tales:.
l'otltr l'ahmr, Hiiother of ChiejgoV
wealthy men and on.' who has done
much toward building up that city, inu
ardent siippoifer of Mr. Ti den. rainier
is Fred Grant's br ithcr-in law and has
always been a Kcpu!licuii. No longer
than 174 he was an cnthiiou-tie Grant
iu in. 1 his lull he is for i'ilden and U
firm and his Imti I is ihe headquarters of
the Deiuocratl! sla'e r -ntral coininitt.-e.
These are only a few of the influential
busbies men of hieauro. heretofore Ke
publicans, who have repudiated the nom
inees tif tln-lr party, i hey are intlucnct d
by Lti-iness coii-ideratioiis entirely, and
their business iiutincts impel them to be
lieve that a change w ill be beneficial to
tbe whole country. They are very large
straws which shows how the political
wind is blowing.
II 1KI7.F I.I. Al HII. I V.
The Republicans, are whistling to
keep up their courage. They are say
ing, In a cheerful tone : "We are going
to elect Col. Lien Wiley." Indeed" 15y
what token, good friend ot the Repub
lican cause, do you make this assertion?
Your man lias no ability. He Is utterly
ignorant of even the rudiments of the
science of statesmanship; ho has 10
record as a soldier iu which his
bayonet-thrusting supporter can take
pride; he is not an hoacst
debt-payer; and he has none of tho cle
ment ot popularity about him. On the
other baud, Mr. Hurtell has been a
faithful member of congress, and Is es
teemed by all his neighbor and friends.
Ol popular maimers, ho has captured the
allections of his constituents, and
won the friendship and support of many
Republicans. In l'ope county lie will
run ahead ot hN ticket; in M.i,s.ic he
will stand at the head ot the poll,
although a bitter tight is being
made again.-1 him there by the Radical
manager; iu l'ulaski ho will hold hi
own ; iu liiiou and Jackson he will run
even with his ticket ; and iu Alexander,
Williamson, I'wiy and Randolph he will
lead all the other Democratic candidates
al al ia. . .
line is ticicaieti, los defeat will rault
lioni the fact that the Republicans are iu
the majority iu hi congressional
district, and will g.j out of it with
a majoiity lor llayc and Culloni. ThU
we do not believe. We have nu doubt
that Mr. llarta ll' calling and election
i urc. Hut for all thin, hi friend
a'aould not be idle. They uuut interest
themselves in hi behalf, and by industry
give to Col. Wih y :4 deei-ive defeat.
ffr.im .mi oyiihn ri.tiTin,nilrtit 1
I'Mll Aio 1.1 Ilia , Oct. I'll.
Although not approaching; hi nuuibr
the nttendaiiee on T'cnnylvuuia Di,''
the turnout ye-ti uliv, in honor of the
centeiinhil eelehritlon ot the southern
states and the Di-tii. t ol Columbia was
simfily immense. Hi" total c:i.h admis
sion amounted to pil.Iltll tint exctcd
Ing by about 4 l.O Hl the attendance on
New York il iy. hut tallin;- about '.Mi.iH.iO
short of that 011 the day ot the Keystone
Mo.st of the iiiilln i n gilc.-t. (ol W bom
it is fMiiiiate.lth.it W.IHH) people Wile
present iii honor of the itay ) i
paired to tin ir respective state building-,
where feci pi ion were he' ! tiy the gov-i-riior
of Delaware and Maryland. T tic
hitter (! these, e-pi e'ully, was fully at
tended, and the ceremonies wire lm
poing and ln'ere:ing. Governor Car
roll, the great grandson of Charles Car
roll, of Carrolltmi. ariived at a iju. titer
i;lt twelve o'chi , with hi stnlV and
party and was received at the entrance ol
the exhibition ground b; General Haw
Icy and President Wel-h ot the ccntrn
nial commisaiont r. From thence the
proeesio:i proceeded to the Mary land
state building, w here, a the strain ol
"Mary land my Maryland" and other air,
were heard the celebration commenced.
Speeches were made by Gen. Hawl'-y,
Gov. Carroll, and Mes-r. I Vinson nnd
Wilon, the l itter gentlemen speaking in
behalf ot the 1 Mnct ol Columbia, which
celebrated jointly with Maryland.
Similar exercise were held at the Del
aware building, while iu the Virginia
state pavilion, the oorctiiuuic were
wholly iiiforiii.il. ihe number ot vi-it-01s
from Virginia, however, was not
small, liiimbei ing ubout .".ooO or "J.Uio,
the majority ol whom attended the
Maryland festival.
The main attraction on the grounds
was the grand tournament itt the loot of
George's hiil. in w hich fifteen knights,
representing the thirteen original states,
the Cciiicuiii.jl and the I'nion. were to
coiitc! Pr tasteful and valuable prizes.
At two o'clock, the hour announced for
the commencement id the exercise, the
elv-.pe of tic loll above the course wi.s
CJVeied by fully sixty thou-aud specta-
1 t irs, mostly 1 cl;c. who h id been pa
tiently wailing for several hour to get
a view ol a -pe .tacl's so uue xiiiuoii iu
this section of the couu'ry. The roof of
the wc-tcru end of the in lehincry ball,
a- well a those of every adjoining build
ing, was crowd-!, Mid every av.iil.ible
elevated po-iiio 1 was occupied. The
course was about three hundred yards
in length; at intervals of fifty yard
were t;rce arches, each iii'iccn f. et hieh,
by tell or twelve feet wide. From Ihe
horizontal bar tunning tie top of t a -'u
illlnjI a IOll) ., ,,,
tn l of each rod wa suspended a liitie
red ring ol about au inch an J a hap' in
diameter. The roles ni liu- tournament
require thai ea.il knight should l.c
provided w iiii a spear not less than six
feet lung ; cv'i ry liier must -tart a hund
inlvaiils 01 iic. re from the first fin,',
and while 11 ling at lull -peed, thru-t his
spear through one or. it po-iMe. all ol
the ling; Ihe largest numb-r of ring
tbii carried oil' would entitle the rider to
the lir-i priz .
After k'fping the audience wailing ti r
an hour or so, as i- customary 011 such
oceaion s, Iho Spoil commenced. The
chief mal.-h tl took Up his iio-ilion be
hiii I the centre inch, near the judges,
stile!, 11:1 I shouted: Knight of New
Hampshire prepare to charge ; the
Knight appeared at the end of the couie.
spurred his hor-e on to a run, p issed un
der the first arch but f illed to e-ttch the
rin ir. which rolled iu the dut. i be sec
ond ring followed the tirst. but the third
Was dexteioiwly iiiiiMled upon the lance,
and the Knight ot New Hampshire, one
ring" run out from mouth to mouth.
Massaehu-itt's champion followed, but
failed to cany oil any ring. The
kniiiht of the sevt ra! other itltes now
followed iu quick sucec-sion, those rep
reseiitiiig D.ia.tie and South Carolina
capturing three ring each, and thus
ended the tirst pci uneau war.
Tbe second and third round ol the
tournatn.'iit were pretty much like the
tirst, the D.iawai" knlxht (who by the
way, Ufrom Maryland) winning the liisf
prize by capturing eight rings In all
'lilt; hoarse voice of the trumpets pro
claimed that the tournament was over ;
the multitude dispersed and the gallant
knight repaired to the Transcontinental
Hotel where supper was spread. Thr
show, although not a failure, failed to
excite the interest with the spectators'
usually manifested iu a horse race or
base ball match ; ir w.n 'wa ll ad
vertised, and being a novelty
In thi part of the country
It "drew'' tho crowds; but it is now put
down on the list of Centi nnial humbug,
those little will-meaning frauds which
have done more than anything cl-e to
swell the cer t, nnial treasury, ami to
which our people have taken so good
nuturcdly, 11- a i.ia'.ti r of patriotism pink
ably. Ill the evi Ling, the. iLieen ol lovc and
beauty'' was eiownul at tho .liijet,'
Hall, by the winning knight of the
tournament. The tickets for this cele
bration was placed al the stern figure of
?.-. but in j- .it- of thi ihe hall wa
crowded -wi.li the ..',: ol society, ol
cour-e and the allYir was a mece.-s.
I 'resent, wire the Governor of Mary
laud and 1 1, law ure.ihe Chinese 111 1nd.11 in
Wu-Tu Sii'g-Ding-D.iiig, i.iid many t-lh-i
r who,e name an- too long to men
tion. This Heathen Chinee, who, by the
way, is the touitli i,i:;n iu rank iu the
Celestial t nipirc. presented, an ch eanl
ihcrcup to 11,,. vi inner of the tourna
ment, iu which hoceuu to have taken
about a inn. U inteicst a any one. The
crowning 1 ertiuonii were followed by
dancing, and np to the small hour iii
the morning tlR. results of tho louin.i
amcut were thoroughly enjoyed by the
participants iu the same, while the ma
jority of those who had witnessed. Il were
doubtless dnaming of the heroic timet
ot old w lu n tourney were tbe order of
the day, ami lu 11 "ring" were un
known a imii k lor Ahe point, of tbe
lance, at lea-t.
Il M.ia.
Uity National Bank
CAPITALr 1100,000
or Mean
V. H AM.IHAV. I'n si.t, tit
HfcNUY I- HAt.I.tl'A , lv t'rvet
A It 'iM-'t- OUli, t .tsl.l. r.
H A It IIIM.tir, A- I Ibhirr
iiii:i.cioi:s :
S STVA1S TiVI.OH, It II. I'V 1-IMill M,
II I. Haii.iuay, W I'. Hau.ii.at,
It It. II I.IAM-Ml SltllltN IllKO,
. r. s AKKii.n,
l:elknngo, Coin and United States
lsomls bought and Sold.
OM'irMT" fcin'i.t uiid a reiifrnl ndVlt.n
I i:miiii .l"in'.
K l'r..r s, I n r-eti i t II W . !lt-. Ctsiiu-r.
e. .Vilt. V i.-i fivs i. I . .1 . Ii 1 Ui, . --t usli'l
(srt.cj Cor.mf r 1 vl Ave and tth Strt
CAino, iritas.
iHiiM. nu:.
I r"-, t niro W in. Kliik-e, I niro.
s .'li. I airo. W in VVnlfe, I aim.
. SI..-.U.1..I, l iiiKi It I.. UhLio'-h y, vt I fiie
I'n I. r, I ami II. W ells, t nin'.
K. II. l!riii' man. M. Ijhmi".
I. X.l li-iiii.u, t oli-ler.ia.
t.fdetnl ItiiiiKina: ltnsltie Untie.
I J"Krlmtitf o'.l ni.'l 1'iiiiiitit. fiiti-rist piiid
n il,f sal itifr- Di p, .1 111. nt. I ..11. 'i-l ions n ude,
Uil nil Ii ion en-. I't'.ifO'llv nl'i icli 'l to.
Enterprise Savings
A I! SAI h 1 1 It I . I'r.ri.hiil
s s TAVI.'ill. lie I'n-i.liat
V insi.ur, st-e'T and 'fr-usiiri-r
iC.I.KI tom :
f" . M 1n M'l.LIII, f'AILi S" Ill II,
J . M I'li'ILLII t.
L. I i'l. K-I' ).nii on li i.sii at tl-e Ta; el six
ii.rii!.: i r aiiiiiiin, Murrli 1-t ami ".tirii
rr lit lot' re-! net u'ilh'lniw ii la vMisI iiiiii.e
lialrly l i Oiu ) iiarij.nl .l the il'.'. .'", Ili. r-.tijr
rt iu 1! em r'iu: '-.al inii n--t
Harried "Women nnd Children niay
Deposit Honey and no ono
else can draw it.
iix-n fvt'ry Ltismcs. ,iy iY.,:n !a in ti. I p in.
I t .'-nliittu- CM-liiujtt t-ir Su lliKS Oi'tijl-lln Olilv
r nii i' t'j s ,. ..; i.-V
W. HYSI.OP. Trnaaurer.
ivst mix i:.
tii r.crl
Insurance Agents
Ti OHIO Li:V2.
City I.Ti'.iual I!o.k Build. tg, up-iutri.
?ba Oh.t KatftMlabeJ Agency in Soat
nn liUuuia, rcpruaeutlUK ov-r
f a ooo ooo
I (lie .1MI(I OI,l
LINIMENT Which Las stood tho teat of 4C
There is no sore it will not Ileal,
no Lameness it willnotCuce.no
Acho.no Pain, that Afflicta tho Hu
man body, or the body of a Ilorso
or other Domestic animal, that
does not yield to its magic touch.
A bottla costing 25c, 60c. or 91
has often saved tho life of a Human
Being, and Restored to Lifo and
Uselulness Many a Valuablo
US-. . '-IV.
For i' so In Summer and Winter.
Mali"' cfvti.f eh ail, -weet ami Very unite
Wllll'il 1 linlf.txt, ,.r sc.M.ihm;.
ITo Rough Hands !
No Yellow Clothes !
No Wash Boiler!
No Steam in the House !
i .u.ir iiitc il tni'lir " M-j:ilty imt to m
jlliv ci I lies, tile I ii;u iur IO' I "illcl Ulilt "lllil-
s.il'l ul smn-j, or a f niily iai kat'i' will Im'
ill, i-.iy- etitti'isi'ii I'lipai'l. i n rei't'j'l ol "lit
il'.llal' uli'l liny fif.ls. tin- lvllali.c ilealrr
waiili'l ul evi l l- m i ii-tl ..;mI ii- acenl, illi
uli ti, a l.l.i lal ai tii.'jjciui nl n ill lie iu.i :.
A Ml,--.
'U1--'-' 'U in i". Maiti l M. , fliila
Advertising Agents,
v,, rnrti a, wotau o,
Art nuthoiiEeit to cont-oct for aivurtia
isii iu thia puver.
itimiei furnished free. Stud for Circular
"I I vt iy )i s, a i li.m
( liel.
1 1 tit Iii
Indian Oil
Twj Sices, 50o. and Sl.00 Bottles, at
h;m Compound
For tho Suro
Holman's Fever and Ague and Liver Pad,
82 00 Each.
For Sale by
Homoepathic Medicines,
For Family Use, by theSinjrlo Vial or in complete sets- We have
neat cases containing Eighteen ol the Principal llomoapathic Remet
dies. Flnin Directions lor their use with every case- Will be Sen
by Mail on receipt of price, $1 50. For sale by
Either Store.
At Wholesale, at
ELAINE, the "Family Safe Guard," at BARCLAY
BROTHERS, lias received the Centennial
WAX FLOWER MATERIALS, Moulding Toola, Rruhhea, fcc, ic,
A Full Lino in
Wa.shinpton Avenuo Store.
The 4,La PICCADURA" or 'BOSS" 5 ct. Cigar ,
. Thla la th Orll ial Hi.rl Tru "Bo." Ciunr.
Golden Lion anil other Fine Colognes,
Choice Perfumery, Imported and American
in large variety at BARCLAY BROTHERS.
A Full Line of Toilet Soaps,
x Cheap at BARCLAY BROS.
For Plain and Fancy Writing Papers,
Note. Letter, Foolacap and Leal Cap. Envelop. Ink. Pena. Pencils fta . Aa .
Low Pjicea at BAHCLcY'S Waamiiiirtou Aveuu btora
Waukesha, Bethesda, Blue Lick and Saratoga
Mineral W atera, at BARCLAY BROTHERS, Ohio Leva.
Feather Dusters,
Either Storu. Be aura to call eiamlua and price before you Boy
White Lead, Linseed Oil, Turpentine,
Vamlkhca all color, and Paintera Mateilala, at
BARCLAY" BROS., Druggists,
74 Ohio Lcveo, Cairo. 111.
0 rs
and Malaria' KingP
Cure of Chills, at
t-j.-w.s I J
aa i i i m

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