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Mole, --Any huslnes firm con haven-rut lin e
kpiu-c, In this column under ijrwfrtiire linadit,;
at the rat of Sl.&o pet month or Hipftftur
r)BblC S.UIUl('l'iy in UVUl'
Hardware. atovea find Tin Ware.
A. HALt.KY-Lalerln9toe,Tinnud Hard
Ktil, e,nnln and rnriui-rs' 1'i pli rti r.t, Win
wood, Refrlgerat'-re, J'ump and l-i.lcl.ri.
US Commercial Avenue. Uuiliriu-, Hud Job
Work Uont on rort notice.
J. t. McGAIlkY Hard and oft ImubT.
I ard, comet iii'lU street and Watl.inytun avenue.
LAXCA9Th.fl 4 RICL'-Preler. In sna.
doore, l,U.i' l, tic., hsrd and sufl lun.bcr and
(hlngies. Yard nnd oflicu, ComiurtcSul avcuue,
miiutr 17th street,
D. H A FIT M Ay teak r in Qiecrntvm. T.ys,
lamps and all kind of fancy ai-tii l-. t yiniiu i
sh1 avenue, corner iih nrevt.
I'hototrrapliy .
WILLIAM WI.VIF.Il-'ixlli ilml 1jiwi.o
Coliuuercialavt-mie and Washington avenue.
Clothing- una .Ieri-hnnt I -t.lor.iiir.
JOHN ANTfmf-Mc-rclmrit Tuilnr and dtulcr
In Retail y Mada Clothing, li Ublo Uw.
Heal i:tate Afcvenclev
il. J. HOWLET Real I. stats Agent. liuj
and Mlla real estate, collect renta, i.ays Utin
fur saw rnnlMiu ate. Coionieicial avtuuu, be
tween Xlntu aad Teutb streets.
Real Estate Column
Alexander county land. Caio ." in
mclnmge for St. Louis projicrty.
A flue residence on corner LTalbiook
-iVruue and Twenty-third street, nt a bar
gain. Cottage on Sixth street between Vj.li
ugton avenue and Walnut street.
House and lot on Eighth street between
Walnut and Cedar, $1,650.
Two-dory houe on Twenty-eighth
street, between Toplar and Commercld
Store room luteljr occupU'd by Howe
Mtchlnc Co., on Commercial avenm be
tween Tenth and Eleventh trtet-'.
Tbe flMt floor of a brick dwelling eor
tier of Nineteenth and TopW street-.
Cottaze on the north id of Twt Uth
treet between Walnut and Cediir.
BoMiie house on Levee ftr t above
(slight, and In good re; air.
Itooim In a two story hou" on .'oui
luerclal avenue between Ninth and Tenth
Store room mar comer ol Twentieth
ar.d Poplar street; J8.
TenewcnU 3, 4, l and 10 In Winter'.
Uor lor S 10 per month, end in C.-it-f la??
Cottage on Twenty-fir street between
f vcamore and Toplar.
Hootns in nearly every part of the ity.
Latida In trsrts to fuU, near t'tlio.
rirai.f'lnan I.iaiiuiir) .
It ia now conceded that Mrs. C'oleujjti,
ibe laundreu, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween Wa hui8,tou and Commercial aye
nue, has one of the best conducted laun
Ury (-tabliahtnents in the city, and Inmi
lurds of hotel and boardii.fr boun-s wlil
Bnd it to their advantsjr to call upon
t r. Her prices are as followa : Hotel
and boarding house washing 75 cents rx r
Jozeu. For ptere work prices are as fol
lows : Single thlrt and collar, 13c ; two
shirts and two collar-", 1.3c; per dozen,
sOs; sotkj, 6c ; two collars, 5c; two
handkerchief, Oc ; ects, 20c ; and all gen
tleman' wear, 50c pr doen; ludieg
plain culico dicsse?, SI 23 per du;eu
calico dresses with extra tiln.iuing, 50c;
white dresses, J 1 23; Indies underwear,
fla or course, $1 per dozen. 1 l-'.'s-lf
l urour'a llall.
The i umer i.Kiety of Cairo are pre
paring for a grand bail, to tke placo on
Christmas night, Monday, December,
i5tL, at Turner Hail. Everybody
should attend. Each ticket holder will
be entitled to a prize from th' Chris tma
tree. 12-C-tf
J. Ueurare aji(.inoui.
on iiiighth street, two doors trout Alex
ander County Dank, is the place to ge t a
iashlonablc bair cut or a smooth shave
e r anything else iu the barber line. La
dies' and childrens' hair cut or tlrefsed.
Hither at the shop or their homes.
For a 6 mouth shave, u neut and lash
lonable hair cut, or refreshing champoo,
go to Ed. Braxton, at the planters' barber
parlor. The best of perfumeries and
hair tonics always kept on hand. The
bath room connected with this establith
ment it the only one In the city, and Is
alwayi kept in the neatest order, ready
for the convenience of customers. U
We ill pay no bills for goods or mer
tiandlse purchased for tha Lii.i.ltin
by any ot the employes, unless tho pur
chase is made on a written order signed
by thelpresident or secretary of the com
pany. Cairo Bi-llktin Co.
Tbe Ilnrber.
Jell Biowu has taken charge ot the
barber shop on Eighth street, near Wash
ington avenue, lately kept by I)aniel
Lamport. Jeft is a good barber, and so
licits a share of patronago. Give hlta a
t all and satisfy yourself. tl
Sold at tbe very lowest market prices at
the rectifying houpe of Morelock &
Schult?, 70 Ohio levee, under tho ex
press office. Nov2&-lm
IIaoan's MaONoua Balm preserve
and restores tlw uAuiplcxtou ; removes
freckles, tan and sallow nr w ; makes the
rklu sott, white and elelicute. Its appli
cation cannot be detected.
Lyon's Kathajkox makes beautiful,
glossy, luxuriant hair ; prevents its fall
ing out or turning gray. It hag stood
tbe teat of 40 years. I charmingly per
fumed and liai no rival
Knight of Pythias, tueet every Lrl-
tlV r.l-'t't Ml lllllt'-ltUJlL MMVatl lit 1 1.1.1.
! i.l )' Hull . Il.iwr
lU'.nctlli.r ( onuuan-lir,
a a .a aa,- .'jjr, v.
-f.. If.. Ian. ti. I'M-.!.. .r f L,l. I 1ri
AT If f A V lll'l) f Ilk. lU1 ems
r r wjjt- h'iiui wa -a v a wa-a ar r
Iowa, ini-eM evtary Ibura-lajr nlulit
' at lijklt-frtult vrl.. In ll.(ir l.jll t.ti
uT.jiii rcii'l avenue, butwit-u Siixtti au events
' 11li: KW.AMI'MKNT, I O. O. r..Ml
o'ni tMd-Kflltma' llall t-n the llmti-nd third
in- rt-mv 111 1 very uinntli, al lialf-aFtiwven
A . C'lMio-, (', V
H. I Ali;JI.UJ(,E, ,MI
lidl'l U'l-Ulsr I'OHHI
7'aenniB liuil, oirnrr
' ' ni,. I Kiti,!!, Hfr-et,
. I AIIIO J.OI(,E. .11X1, A. Y. 4 A. M.
eomiuinin atinna la Ma-
on.iritn iiil a:nun
on the teUiiid aad
..I'ftl, n.iulnv rl rtl.'h fniinl'l.
f.oonl Wrainrr llrri.
l AiHO, Ii.t.f L'ex. fct It.t.
7 a.m.
p. tn.
WlMI 1 VM.. I WtAlll
li Clear
si;x i i s it i
io.isi : J N ; I
JJ.'iH '.' I SW I 4 I
VI I d
JAXir.s wai:ox,
Praorit. ftiynwl riTVl-'. V. S. A .
JA11 biila for ailvi-rt.-nita, are due and tay-
tlUl' If! AIV!( a
Tiniiflu-nt a.lvi rtirinit will l InMrtrd at tha
late of ?1 ijO P'.t gunre for tua lli tt inaertion
aDd tr' euita for each lulisequeul one A llbxral
aiusoutit trill be made on ttaO'tlug and dl;il
For InxerUnK "i intra 1 notice eo Kotiteol
niwtir.K of sorittlc or m'i.ret orltra 5o rs nl for
each lntcrtiiyn
Chtirch, Society. fuUval ar.d Sujirxt notiiva
will only be InserU-l at atlTertiM-meuta
Ko adrertlfiment will t recejred atli-su than
t'i c-iit, and no riivi-rtineu.ent will 1 lniTi-d
for lea ttun therm dotlari per month
I or.ii. nt nii:m oth 5:h
Of one square (H lines space) or more, In
serted in the BtLLtiiN as follows : (i,es
than one equtrc counted as a square.)
One Insertion per square $ 50
Two I nations per square 73
Three insertions per square 1 00
.Six Insertions per i qur.re 1 75
Two weeks per squure 2 50
One month per square- 3 tO
SfK'cial rates made on larye advertiHC
inents or for longer time,
I.otrnI ItrrtltiP.
May tbe good Lord end us rain!
There was no business in tho pol'ce
ciurt yesterday.
Btirgains this w.-ek at O. Hayihorn &
Co. ' 17-Ct.
T. D. Dean, of Detroit, Is in the city
adjusting the Insurance claims of several
of the parties who lost property by the
late nre on Commercial avenue.
Gcntltmeu's fine boots and eliocs,
lull assortment at O. Iluythorn A Co's
At Win i m & Silwaiu'i,
Ot Cbrnrno?, Oil Paintings, Engravings,
Etc., Etc..
Deecviubcr 22d, 1S7C, at7J o'clock.
One hundred pieces prints Just opened
at O. Hay thorn & Co's 17-Ct.
Fr.-sli Oyte-rs n-eelvod daily at the
New York Store. 12-17-10t
Gents line slinpers lor tale by O.
Haytliorn X-Co. 17-Ct
Gloves, hosk-ry, handkerchief, kn:t
goods and notions, just opened at O.
Ilaythorn & Co s 17-Cf.
H. Chace. oi the whole?aio liquor
houeof II. Chaec & Co., 711 North Sec
ond street, St. Louis, was In thj city
yesterday, and registered at the St.
LadicV ties, kid glove and notions
tbeaper than anywhere eheiuthe city, at
O. ILiythorn &, Co's 17-6t.
Toys for the millions at Saup's for
young and old and small from five cents
to live dollars. tf
A ble'siusf to humanity is what Dr.
Bull's Cough tyrup cr.n well be termed;
for it has done more good alieidy than
any other medicine. (23)
Just received a complete assortment
Ladies' fine shoes. O. ILivthorn & Co.
-Died.in Metropolls,lll.,ou Saturday the
ICth Inst., Mrs. Harriet E. VTorthlngton,
relict of tho late Capt. Hugh Worthing,
ton, and ceeond daughter of Dr. D. Ar.
ter, of Cairo, Illinois.
The finest stock of holiday eoods ever
brought to the market can bo seen at
Phil. II. Saup's, who pell them at rock
bottom figures. tf.
I have now over four thousand
pounds of choice candies, whole-sale and
retail. Dealers can get a bargain by call
I iiz nt Snips, Winter's block. It.
Mayor Winter was not so well yes
terday, and was still confined to his bed
It is leared his sickness is of a more seri
ous nature than was at first supposed.
A horse and water cart belonging to
Joe Stephens,-was backed Into the river
near. Messrs. ILtllldny Bros, wharfboat
yesterday morning. After considerable
hard work, the rig wa rescued nnd
landed salely on tho levee.
Merchant can buy goods ol mo at
barely city prices. Bring your bills and
save drayage and freight on candies.
Will duplicate miy order.
tf Pint SAir.
Go to Black's thou store for great
bargains. During tho next sixty days his
entire stock will bo old at retail at whole
sale prices. Assure yonrsclt of this tact
without delay. if
For holiday presents thero Is nothing
more acceptable to a ladv or gentleman
than a fine embroidered slipper, or a fine
pair ot boots or shoes. A large and sc.
lect variety at A. Black's shoo store, tf
There's an old classic saying, You
may know Hercules by lib foot. Bo you
may know the best and most popular
laundries trow the fact that they use B.
T. Babbitt' Best Soap, which very
largely conduces to their success.
Seven Cord 9 of Seasoned
Hickory and Ash Wood, sawed
and split, for sale at a bargain.
lltmetiiper this is no blow, but I
mean business: will sell at reUll, at
wholesale price. The exclamation of fill
K "t think you are telling at such low
price"." Pmrmber the Xdacc, Mill II.
Saup's. tf
Judge Uross adjourned probate court
yesterday afternoon, to convene again on
Saturday morning. Tho Jtidgo is look
ing up tho "law points" iu the questions
at issue in the llarman-Rocve contested
election case.
Madamo be Toy, clairvoyant und
tortune teller, csn b found at the Ar
lington houe, room No. Pj. All per
sons in trouble or flecking advice on love
aflairs w ilr do well to call on her. Fee,
50 cents, and upward.-. It
The concert at the re.-l.lenee f Dr.
C. W. Panning last evening, by the pu
pils of MisnAnna Pitcher's music c!a,
was attended by a large number of the
Mends of the dais nnd teaeher. Tht lit
tie iolks acquitted themselves in fine
style, and to the delight of those pres
Tho colored masons of the city will
have a public iutallatIon of officers at
rJcheel's Waslilrijrton hall, on next Wed
nesday evening, December 27th. The fol
lowing are tho officers elect: Jas.
W heeler, W. M. ; Geo. Britton, S. XV. ;
B. Ilolsten, J. W.; John Bedford, treas.
urer, and Hrry O'Brien, secretary.
Mrs. S. Williamson, milliner.Cemmer
cial avenue, opposite Sehuh's drug store,
has just received a new stock of feathers
nnd Slower, which she has marked down
to the very lowest figures. This is the
best und cheapest lot of millinery goods
ever offered to the ladies of Cairo. She
invites an examination of her good".
Ml ,t:ue D.; For, Jortuna teller and
clairvoyant, is at tho Arlington House.
The Madame does not claim to be a spir
itualist ; or to bo able to see through the
lids of locked boxes, or to read the con
tents of sealed letters; but if anybody has
lost property, she declares she can find I;
for them. Youn? ladies and gentlemen
w ho hitvo become entangled in love af
fairs are Invited to call on the ma lame
for advice. Shu deals out advice iu qun
tities to suit, from fifty cnts to five dol
lars worth.
John H. Barber, who during the
years ot 1SGI-5-C ofilclated as internal reve
nue assessor for th. old Thirteenth tis
trict, desires to deliver a lecture Iu this
city on tho evening of tho 2Sth of the
present month on the subject ot river
and harbor improvement". Mr. Barber
Is now residing at Stetl's Mills, Randolph
coifhty. Ha has prepared a lecture on
the above subject, and believes it ot great
importance that the matter bo agimed
among Cairo business men. Mr. Barber
has writtfn to several Cairo parties on
the subject, butajj.the 2'Mi is so near at
hand tho lecture will doubtless be post
poned until some future time.
The Thome Comedy company gave
their second entertainment at the Athe
neum last evening. There was a lair
audience In attendance. This Interesting
Irish drama, in tour acts, entitled "Katb"
ltcn Mayourneen" was produced, cud we
believe we only express the sentiment of
the audienco when we Fay tho presenta
tion ol the drama was uever surpassed
by any troupo visiting this city. Miss
Bonnie Meyer in the leading role has
fjw equals, and on this occasion won
her way t the hearts of her auditors.
The other actors were well dxilleeT in
their several parts, and acquitted them
eelve. with credit and to the satisfaction
of til? audience. Messrs. Thorne and
Maiden are actors of ability and reflect
erfdlt on the profe'Mon. As we have
said before, the company is an excellent
one, iiud deserves the patronage and
support of the public. They close the'u
engagement her to-morrow evening,
and wo ndrl.se all to go and t-ee them
while there Isyetuu opportunity.
Martaiu Smith, an old German lata
an employe at the Horse Shoo mills in
Goose Island precinct, came to the city
on Tuesday evening aud put up at the
N ayeiiy House. Eefore going to bed he
handed to the night watchman, one W.
B. Shattuck, familiarly known as "Old
Shad," a sum of money amounting to
neariy tweuty-hve dollars to keep fcr
him until he called for it in tho morning.
Hie uext day w hen Smith called for his
money, "Shad" denied all knowledge of
the money, and declared that tho old
man had never Klven him Shad) nny
money to keep for him. Smith took out
a w arrant for "bhad." who was arrested
by Sheriff Saup, who yesterday morning
took him bclont Justice Comings for a
hearing. The evidence was pretty clear
against "Shad," and he was sent to jail
under five hundred dollars bond. It is
due to tho proprietress of the Waycrly
House to state iu tin connection, that
Shattuck was not an attachce of the
house. The regular night watchman be
ing absent, Shattuck was employed to
supply his place for the ono night. 'I ho
proprietress believed him to be a strictly
honest man, or he would not haye'been
allowed about tho house.
Peter Zimmerman Otis of tbe Atbes.
Mr. Peter Zimmerman, cleaner, reno
vator and repairer of clothing, was
burned out in the bin fire of Saturdav
morning last, but is already ready to
serve the publie and his old customers
again, llo lias opened out In John fly
land's old staud, at the corner of Com
mercial avenue and Tenth street, and re
spectfully solicits patronage from old and
new friends. If you have a coat, a vest
or a pair of pantaloons that needs clean
ing or repairing, take it to Peter Zimmer
man and lio will make i: as good as new
at a price that will astonish you by its
cheapness, ltememlier Peter Zimmer
man, at the corner of Commercial avenue
aud Tenth street. l Mg i m
Buy your dry goods at she cheapesl
store Nw York Stor. 12-17-lOt
Special cetice to our Ti leu 1. a t.lirltttcaa 1ay It
Who want to nu.e.e flue (.rt-cni, and know not
Wbattotmy, v
Jaat come to Tab sr Ui oi! ra and W in j your rady
t'on't ttott other oealers an J iMin-baitcotonwa
Wa will greet your iruiling fast a
A i w meet yon at the door,
Aad we'll fire you inch fine batgttLi
Ai )on never had before.
Nothing makes a better preaent
Than gold when flnelv wrought.
And the doner It remembered
As sure ai lueh ia bought.
It Will wear a good long lifh-tiiu
And never will decay)
Then buy thii kind of preseuta,
To girt on Christinas day.
Don't tklmp your on thort llfa-tiu.
And feel io very poor,
Cold and silver li as plenty,
Aa It ever was belore.
You can be a hnju y Willi It
At you could With ten tla.ri mole,
If you'll only ttop that airfhi'ig
"Oh, I'm io very poor I"
IVi Invite Die special attention ol teny reader
of the BtLLErtx to ourremarka onSiiver T inted
Waie.M thry ar tounded on faeti e.taMUbedby
actual test.
TAI1KU TROS., 128 Coumi.rclal Av
Probata Court.
Li the probate court yesterday the fal
lowing business was transacted :
The guardian of Julia E., minor heir
ol Isaac Denten, deceased, filed ills re
port which was approved.
E. Dickerson, administrator of the e s
tate of Aaron C. Atherton, filed his final
report, which was 'ordered recorded.
It was also ordered that said administra
tor file the notes aud account. invento
ried lor the benefit of the parties in in
terest, and upon filing the same his final
discharge be entered ot record.
Wm. Weber, administrator of the es
tate of John Brown, deceased, filed proot
ot notice for adjustment of olaims against
said estate, which was approved. It was
ordered that claims against said estate
may be filed at this term of the court.
Same estate, Wm. Weber vs. Wm. Weber,
administrator. Assumpsit; demand,
$100 73. The administrator being the
claimant, it was ordered that W. C.
Mulkcy be appointed administrator
peixitnti lite. The parties were in court,
and the evidence heard. Judgment was
rendered for tho amount, to lie of
se venth-class claim.
Chas. Baker vs. same estate ; debt, de
mand, S7.93. The parties were in court
and the evidence heard, and judgment
rendered lor the amount.
A. Swoboda, guardian of the minor
heir of Ferdinand Anian, presented his
petition to sell personal property,- The
prayer ot the petition wa3 granted, and
guardian authorized to sell the property
at private or public sale, as lie may deem
best, for cash in hand, and report the
amount received Irom ueh sale to the
Court adjourned until Saturday next.
Cairo, 111., Dec. 21, 1S70.
There is no material change in the con
dition of the market here. The weather
i much warmer than ot the date of the
last PitiCE Cckrekt, though It Is yet
cold enough for the shipment ot all
kinds of perishable merchandise. The
gorges in the Ohio and Mississippi rivers
still hold fast, with no prospect of them
breaking away for sometime to come.
It is also said that a gorge has formed at
the "Iron bank" near Columbus, Ken
tucky, which, for the present, retards
shipments south lroru this point. Pates
ot freight south remain as lost quoted
CO cents per bbl for flour, aud 3ft cents
per hundred for round freights.
There is no change in the flour mar
ket. The receipts of all medium grades
arc light, and tar short of the wants ot
the market. Prices are firm at former
quotations. Choico grades are ia mod-
crate supply with a lair demand.
There is a fair demand for choice and
good mixed hay. The receipts are light.
Owing to tho lack of shipping tacililics
and the lee gorges iu the river south ot
Cairo, the market will necessarily drag
for some elays to come. However a few
days warm weather, such as we are hav
ing now will remove every impediment
in the way of shipments south.
Notwithstanding a decline of from one
to two cents, the oaU market is iu a lair
condition. There is a fair supply on hand.
Choice heavy oats are always saleable at
good prices.
Thero is no material change In tho corn
market. There Ls a large stock on hand
with no demand. Good white was of
fered this morning at 33 cents.
Transactions in meal are light. There
is a moderate supply on the market.
Bran is in moderate supply nnd slow
sale. There are very few potatoes in the
market. They are wanted at former quo
tations. There ls a fair demand for good
apples. Common and interior are hard
to dispose of. Butter la plenty aud dull
lor all but the very best. There is a large
stock ot common on the ruirkct, find it is
diiliciilt to work off. There is an ur
gent demand for eggs. There are very
lew on the market. There is a good de
mand for dressed meats. Dressed hogs are
selling at 5(u;5 cents. Young c hickens
are not wanted, for they cannot be sold.
There is a fair market tor good old hens,
turkeys, and ducks; live ducks are
worth 2.
tuyOur friends should bear iu mind
that tho prices here given are only for
sales from first handa In round lots. In
filling orders aud for broken lot it is
necessary to charge au advance .oVer
these ngures.aa
Low aud medium grade are wanted.
There is a fair supply of choice on hand.
Sales reported were! 500 bbls., various
grades, $4 0OQ0 23 ; 100 bbls., various
grades, $3 OCYO 75 ; 400 bbl., various
grades, $4 237 00; 300 bbls., yarlous
grades, $1 S5&7 00; C20 Ibis., various
grades, $3 00 50 ; 100 bbls., various
trades, 14 C07 50.
There Is a lair demand tor choice and
good mixed. Common is plenty and
dull. Sales reported i Two cars choico
timothy, 412(3,1 2 GO; 2 cars mixed, $ 10;
1 car choice timothy, $12; 1 car gilt
edge timothy J13; 1 car prlmi timothy,
511; 2 cars choice timothy, $12
The supply Is good, with a decline f
one to two cents since last report. 3 cars
Central Illinois in bulk, sold at 32c ; 3
cars good Central Illinois In bulk, 33c; 2
cars Northern mixed, In bulk, 37c.
The market is full oi corn, and ery
dull. There I no demand. for it. Two
cars new hite sold at 40c ; 2 turs, do
Me.il is in good supply. The demand
is not active. Prices are about as last
quoted." No sales were reported.
Bran ls in moderately good supply,
with a light demind. 300 sacks sold at
C5 cent.
There is a fair demand lor good ap
ples. Common and interior are not sale
able. 10 bbls. Ben Davis sold at $2 50;
130 bbls., Winesaps, $1 50.
There is an urgent demand lor pota
toes. There are very fev on tho mar
ket. They will bring from $2 75(53 CO.
Butter ls In good supply and dull for
all kinds but extra choice. Common and
strong ls not wanted. Sales were COO lbs
Southern Illinois roll, 2022c; 300 lbs
Central Illinois, roll, 23c ; 200 lbs South
ern Illinois 20c ; 2 packages Southern
Illinois roll, ICc; 5 packages Southern
Illinois, 20 22c.
Eggs are scarco and wanted. The mar
kct Is bare. Sales noted were 600 doz. nt
23c; 6 cases, 25c; 2 cases. 2Sc,
Onions are scarce. A few barrels
would sell at former quotations.
The market is in good condition for
the receipt of dressed meats. Hogf arc
selling at 55Jc ; 1 beef sold at 5c.
There is a fair demand for good old
hens, turkeys and docks. The latter,
live, are worth $2. Three coods old
chickens sold at $3 ; 1 coop young chick
ens, ?2; 1 coop turkeys, $9; 2 coops
mixed chickens, $2 25.
Two hundred and eighty bbls. sold at
$1 50&1 60. '
Sheep pEtTS Green, 73c$l 25; dry;
4090c; shearings. 1020c.
Fcbs Beaver No. 1 $2 50; No. 2
$G; No. 2 $4; No. 3 $2; No. 4 $1.0.
Mink No. 1 $1; No. 2 75c; No. 3 60c;
No. 4 10c. Raccoon No. 1 70c ; No. ,
40c ; No. 3 20c ; No. 4 10c. Skunk No,
I 85c No. 2 COc; No. 3 30c: No. 4 15c.
Fox Gray No. 1 $1 ; No. 2 75c ; No. 3
60c ; red lox No. 1 $1 ; No. 2 75c.
Opossum No. 1 10c ; No. 2 8c ; No. 3
35c Muskrat No. 120c; No. 2 15c; No
3 10c. Bear No. I $10; No. 2 $7 No. 1
$3; No. 4$1. Wolf Mountain No. 1
$ J 60 ; No. 2 $1 75 ; No 3 $1 ; No. 4 75c; .
Prairie Wolf-No. 1 $1 25 ; No. 2 50c,
Wild Cat 23c. House Cat 10c. Baisrer
V e quote Paradise and Mt. Carbon or
track,nj mp,$3 ; nut, $2 , delivered car.
load per ton, lump, $3 50; nut, $2 75,
delivered per single ton, lump, $4 ; nut
S3 25 ; Raum or Harrisburg coal oi
track per load, lump, $27; nut, $1(J; de
livered per ton, $3 50 ; Pittsburg per.
car loads on tack. $5 50 cer ton.
n. it. n. w. r.
King & Swing's self rising buck
wheat flour at the New York Store.
Try it. 12-17-lOt.
Cottage for Stent.
A neat and very convenient eotfage of
four; rooms, centrally lot ated, for pr
month. Apply to
21-21. B.K.BLafcK.
Tour found
Choice Golden Rio coflee at the New
York Store lor $1. Full lino of sugars
at less prices than can be bought in the
city. l-17-10t.
A car-load of chcic cabbage and a car
load of choice apples Just received, and
for sale cheap by R. J. Cvsvu-r. No 17
eighth street. nt
Best and Cbeapeat.
The best and cheapest jewelry, watches.
clocks, silver and plated ware, In the city
is to be found at Buder Brother. They
have no second hand auctlon.'oods In
their store. S-tf
llttuae- For kale or Heiit.
1 oiler lor sale or for rent, my dwelling
house on Tenth street, west oi Washing-
ing avenue. The house is newrjr papered
and painted, and is in thorough repair.
For terms, etc., apply on the premises.
Furniture nnd carpets can bo taken with
tho hotic. 3t E. A. Bcrvktt.
I'lflurw Framing-.
e nave tins day sold to Mr. E. C
Ford the entire lot of moulding tools
etc., of the picture framing department
ot tho Bulletin. All orders for frames
etc., should bo sent to him or left at
tills olllce. We bespeak lor him tho lib
erality ol patronage that has been be
stowed upon us. His assortment ol
moulding is complete, prices beyond
competition and ho guarantees satisfac
tion in all rases.
Cairo. let. 10, 187(1.
U Cairo Bi ti run Co.
The rapidity and certainty with w Men
Drx Morris' Syrup ot Tar, Wild Cherry
and Horehound cures diseases of the res
piratory organ and its reliability as a
remedy for consumption long ago secured
for it a foremost rank among medicines
of it class. It is in fact tho recognized
specific for throat and bronchial disor
ders. It promptly cheeks a cough, no
matter of how loug standing, and af
fords great relief in cases of asthma. It
should not be mistaken for a pallation,
since it not only affords immediate relief
but also removes all traces of the malady.
It Is a specific lor croup. Trial l7 lrt
nt. Lnrge sieg 5o nia mi jl,for
sale by Barclay Brothers, Cairo; also
agents for Prof. Parker's Pleasant Worm
Syrup, which never falls. Pleasant to
take, and requires no pbysle. Price 25
ceuts. Nov. 2l-5w-dlw
Hotels, Steamboats and
Eating Houses
Cite tiUer-flaUd tuareor reonomit's
iike only. It can b mended fltnf re
pairtd if damaged or worn, and ifont
piece of a left ti lo$t, it can ht replxoed,
thai keeping the tell entire. FamUiet
thould vse it, and more of them would
do to if thty could procure it at ;inVfS
Kitltin reach of the poor. The lett
gradet of goodt may le procurtd from
u$ at piiie$ tmily within the rtarh of
It can le readily demonttrated that
liher-plated ware is cheajer in the long
run than the common earthenware, and
in order to do s, il it only neeetary to
calculate the amount or hreakaye to
uhith the latter Would le tulject in tht
course of ten years, which it really
much under the average duralilify of
plated ware. With any proper care it
will wear ttctnty years, and in this com
pariton vc make no note of the leauty
and deairalility of the one above the
other. Think for a moment of taking
your "tifu of Ua'' out of an old cracked,
grcany "crockerywate" teapot, giving a
dishwater flavor to your tea, or an old
decrepit, lent and loitered tin one,
which h'is itiYrt one year of nenice.
Think of your queensware cream pitch
tr with the spout chipped ur broken so
that you cannot pour out the thinnest
kind of Cmiro skim-milk vithout
slopping it wer. or of a butter-dish
which must be held level with both
hands, while your neighborship him
self to a small cut butter. ! Lay
aside your old stule, undesirable and
really expensive crockery, and call on
Taler Bros, and avail yourself of the
opportunity of procuring Silver and
Plated ware, at prices such as toil
never again be ojjered in this market.
At Private Male.
Oiw Bedstead, springs and mattress.
One marble-topped bureau.
One washstand.
Three tables, three looklng-gla s.
One hair-cloth sofa.
One rep sofa lounge.
One ten-loot dinning table, ash.
'xr.n evening star wood stoves.
O n cooking stove, wood.
. T vo cts chairs and rockers.
On e loange and mattress.
Eight cords hickory and a.-h wood,
sawed and f plit.
"Wl tat-not s," window curtains, pic.
tures, ttc, eta. Apply at No. 32, Tenth
street. tf E. A. Burnett.
The .Iron Trail."
.Be spicy sketch, descriptive of a trip
over the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa
Fe railroad, the beauties, scnery and
pi easure resorts of tlw Rocky Mountains,
by "Nym Crinkle," the musical and
dramatic critic ot the New York World,
sent free on application, together with
the San Jnan Guide, maps ami time ta
bles ot this uew aud popular route lrom
Kansas City and AUhlnson to Pueblo,
Denver, and all points in Colorado, New
.Mexico, Arizona aud the San Juan Mines.
The finest line of Pullman sleepers on the
continent between the Missouri riyer and
the Rocky Mountains without cliange.
Special round trip tourists' t-'eket lrom
the Missouri river to Denver at .$50, good
to stop ofl at all points. Address,
T. J. AvDERso.v.Gen. Pass. Afc'X
Topeka, Kan ass.
Jims Recelt
For holiday retail trade
Choice Mince Meat 12$ cent per lb.
" New Currents 10 "
" " " Prune lo
Figs It)
" " Itaiseiis 17 " "
New Citron, Fresh Apple Butter, Fresh
Oranges, Choice Apples, Michigan Cider,
New Jellies. Crarnberrles, Dried Corn,
and a full line ot fresh Canned Goods of
all kinds. The above goods in quantities
will besold lower. C. O. Patiur & Co.
Ilolloway'a Pill and OUUotaat.
We stand aghast at the thousands
hourly hurried to a premature grave, vic
tims of haying neglected the first syra
toms of disease. Whether tbe complaint
originates in tho body, or be introduced
accidentally through the skin fatal re
sults may be warded off by a timely re
course to one or both of these medicine
Twenty-five cents per box or pot. .
da w-1 w.
Sew York Ntore.
Wo are just In receipt ol a lull line of
stick, French and American fancy can
dies, toy and lruit candies for the noli
days. We also ofler five-pound boxes of
choico mixed candy, for family use, for
$1.00. To the trade we will job randy
10 per e int. lower than the lowest.
12-17-1 Ot O. O. Patier & Co.
(jputeuinlal Beer llall for Kale.
Anyone- who wishes to go In the saloon
and restau rant bushiest has now the op
portunity ito buy me out, as it Is the beat
business hi )use In the city of Cairo, for I
intend to ,ro into some other business
after tho fir it of January.
Fred Horuhixz,
Dec.-10-3w Proprietor.
Orange, die., tor (ho llolldaje.
Choioe Oranges, extra aud selected veiy
tine, by the barrel aud box. Choice butter
packed aud roll, or by the package. Choice
apples by tl te btrrel. Choice lemons by the
box. CUolc Michigan cider by the barrel.
Coooauuts. All for sale cheap at
S. K. Wilson,
Cairo, Dec 21.-U. Ko. 83 Ohio Levse.
You ran Kt nrst-class board for 4.50 per
wwii at toe European Hotel. Oysters
semsd in ayery style.
Mas. H. Walker, Propr.
In conn etlon with tbe hotel Is the Crys
tal Baloon wad billiard balk Free lunch
eveiy night.
M0t u. Walks, Sunt
Twenty boxes olRatton,
roll butter it tha New Yor
The stock of Jewelry of eyerjr descrip
tion to be found at Buder Brothers, is
simply magnificent, and they are selllnff
at bottom prices. . Their stock cannot be
surpassed. Call and examine. 8-tt
WStteki le Beat. , .
The following communications explain
Cairo, III., Dec. 13th, 1870.
Emtor Cairo Bcttrrrx : Enclosed
I send you letters which, if published.
will doubtless be of some Interest to yonr
renders. They are a correction ot Mr.
J. W. Lemp's advertisement in the Bol
i itin. zno rurtber explanation is neces
sary. Please publish and oblige,
Yours, rcspecttully,
Ukxry ' Brew ax.
Cincixsati, O. Dec. 6th, 1878.
Mar. Bergner A Enirel, Philadelphia, Pa.:
Gentlemi : Was any premium
awarded "for the beat lager?" And il
so, who got It f The enclosed (extract
from the Cairo BrLtiTiNl will speak for
itself. As you will readily see why we
ask, no further comments are necessary.
Fraternally yours,
IIacck & Wlndisch.
Philadelphia, Dec, 7th, 1S76.
Messrs. Hauck ft Wlndisch, Cincinnati:
Gkntlkmen : There hat been no dis
tinction drawn between the premiums
awarded. They are all alike. But the
exact adjudication of the judges in deter
mining the quality you, will find In the
last number of the Gtrman and Ameri
can Brewer's Journal.
BtRa.NER AEnuel.
Waa DaraBTasirr. Hire Raror, t
D0. 21. -.878. f
i anova
rr. m.' tr. nr.
Cairo .. 1 e X ' I
fittaburir u i o
CraciiinaiJ 14 I X 4
Louisville .... . 4 X S
Kaalirille i 4 u u
8t. Louia li . g X 1
Eranaville - .
Memphis S 3 9 0
Vickabuiy . A i-
KewOrlwtna .. 14 S X's
.Sergeant. SIxnal Service. U S, A.
River lulling and Ice thawingM..w.No
arrivals or departures Telegrams to
Commodore Riley report the Ste. Gene
vievestill fast in the gorge at Columbus
City of Chester has been taken lrom her
resting place, and is receiving lrieght for
Memphis, Vicksburg and way landings
J no. W. Garrett and barges have
passed Memphis. City of Alton is re-
shipping her cargo by rail Captain
Kelser, superintendent of the A nchor
Line Is in town, attending to business
pertaining to his boats Freight
lrom St. Louis is plentiful, and is now
unloaded at the Vinccnnes wharfboat.....
Col. Rearden's barges are loading
for New Orleans and way points
Sid Humphreys and Arthur Brown
the'popular clerks of the Idlewlld, left
last night for their homes, their boat
being detained here on account of Ice
and low water.
election Nolle.
Tbe stockholder of the City National Baidt
of Cairo are hereby notified that an election will
be held at tha banking house, 1 uesday, January
bib. Is;;, for acyen director.
id. A. B. S.U rORD, taahler.
I have been and still am sole proprietor
aud manufacturer of Dr. Wm. Wood's Fe
ver Pills. Any one telling a Wood's Fever
Pill not made by we, wll be prosecuted te
tbe full extent of the law. For sale at the
Sew York Store, A. Swoboda's, F.Heaiy'i,
P. U, ScLuh's, Barclay Brother, aud at nt
onlv-e. Sold In W et. and 11.00 boxes.
Special rate to dealers on application
Scut postage paid on receipt of price.
dJtw-tt. Dr. Wm. Wood.
Trustee's Hale.
SVhercaa, Joseph HcEenzle and his wife
did, on the 1'Jlli day ot August, 1873, exe
cute, acknowledge and deliver to ase a cer
tain deed of trust, now of record la the
recorder's oiflce of Alexander County, in
book H of trtiMt deeds at page J7tt, and also
did on the 3rd day of October, 197A, in like
manner execute, acknowledge and deliver
to me another deed ot trust, now of record
In tbe recorder's office of said Alexander
County, in book Q ot trust deeds at pace.
270, botu of which were given to secure tue
payment of eertain promissory note, exe
cuted by the said Joseph McKeetie to Mary
J. McDonald. And whereat, default has
been made in tbe payment ol said prom i a
sory note, now, therefore, I rive notice
that by virtue ol the power given me by
said deed of truat, 1 will on the 18th day of
January, 1877, at me hour of 11 o'clock, a.
in ., of said day, at tbe eourt house door ta
the city of Cairo, County of Alexander and
State of Illinois, sell at public vendue, to
tbe highest bidder, lor each, the following
described lots, aitualed In said city ot
Cairo, to wit: Lots thirty-three (S3),
thirty-four (S4). fifteen lfi, and sixteen
.iu block . fifty-three (53), being the
mine, granted, hericalned and sold to sue ia
trust, aforesaid, by said deed of trust
The purchaser will be entitled to a deed
lnmtfdliiterr. Dated December 13th, 1379.
w-M Attorcey for Trustee
Winters Block!
A Larger Stook and Lower Prloaa
Than aver for CASH:
-' ! I .
Frum Tilly oeuU to Twenty-flr dollars.
A lull Iiue of Uta atyle eoraeta aad hosiery at
" iim inaa ever orior oneraa la
Cairo. eld straw niada orar, or ika
iu exctiaag r aw good.
A full fttock of Ladies Woolen and Cettea
UNDKUW t Alt. . v""
feather, Flowers, etc. , or every variety aad
al ail fricea. , '
My tork aiiul be cloead out. aad I will git
V CUatomisj Im-Mot lumltaa h mC
. - - - W .
bstore MK. c. M'LBAJI.

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