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Role. Any bnalneae flrtn oil bare three line
' para, In till rolumn UDlrr appropriate beading
Itbe rale of gi .ao per month or Si par year
payaoia quarterly MJf rea ce,
Hnrawnr. IttfH ui TIN War.
A. MALLKT-Talrt'lB,toTa,Tlnani1 Hard,
war, Uaiden and Farmer' I m piemen U, Wira
jo4n, Rerrieereter, Pnmpa ami l,.Mt-r.
IH Commercial A renin. Ututering, ami .lob
wora oone en anon notice.
J. B.MoflAriKT Dealer In hanl n.l nft lum
bar, flooring, ceiling, aldlnc and atirhtwd
lumber, latli anrt ahlngle. Offlo and yard
rurar nuimn eirari ana vraamngtonarenue-
Le!CATEn A KICK Dealera In ah.
Soot, blind, etc.. hard anl e.rt lurnlier and
inmajiea. lara ana omre, uomrueruuu avenue,
1). HARTM AM Dealer U Q.um.wm T..r.
laiape ! U kind of fancy article. Cvmriwr-
?iai avenue, corner Wh itreet.
: Phetograpay.
WILLIAM WINTEK-Slsth atrwt brtwecn
uotnaierutal avenue ana n anhington avenue.
Clothing nd Merchant Tailoring
JOHN ANTRIM-M.-r. Uut Tailor and dealer
in nraay Made Ulotbine;. 78 Ohle Levee.
Beat KntMe Ageaelea.
M. J . HOWLEY Real Katate Agent. HhT
and real eatate, collecta rent., jti taiet
ior nou-Taaiaema.eic. vomrnerctal avenue, be
tween Ninth and Tenth etrerta.
Real Estate Column
Alexander county lands, Cairo lota In
nchange tor St. Louis property.
A fine residence on corner Halbrook
tvenue and Twenty-third street, at a bar
Cottage on Sixth street between Wash
ngton arenue and Walnut itreet.
House and lot on Eighth street between
Walnut and Cedar, $1,650.
Two-story house on Twenty-eighth
itreet, between Toplar and .Commercial
Store room lately occupied by flowe
Machine Co., on Commercial avenue, be
tween Tenth and Eleventh streets.
, The first floor of a brick dwelling cor
ner ot Nineteenth and Poplar streets.
Cottage on the north side ol Twelfth
itreet between Walnut and Cedar.
Business bouse on Levee street above
Eight, and In good repair.
Itooms in a two story house on Com
mercial avenue between Ninth and Tenth
Store room near corner ol Twentieth
and Poplar street ; $3.
Tenements 3, 4, S and 10 in Winter's
F.ow lor $10 per month, and In firste-lasa
Cottage on Twenty-first street between
Sycamore and Poplar.
Rooms In nearly every part of the Wty.
Lands in tracts to suit, near Cairo.
flrst-Claee lannary.
It is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman,
the laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween Washington and Commercial ave
aues, has one of the best conducted laun
dry establishments in the city, and land
.ords of hotels and boarding houses will
find it to their advantage to call upon
ber. Her prices are as follows : Hotel
and boarding houe washing 75 cents per
dozen. For piece work prices are as fol
lows : Single shirt and collar, 15c ; two
shirts and two collars, 2Tc ; per dozen,
SOc ; socks, 6c ; two collars, 6c ; two
handkerchief, 5c ; vests, 20c ; and all gen
tleman's wear, 80c per dozen; ladies
plain calico dresses, $1 25 per dozen
calico dresses with extra trimmings, 50c ;
whit d resacs, $1 25; ladles underwear,
fine or course, $1 per dozen. ll-2s-lf
Peter Zimmerman On I ar (lie Ashea
Mr. Peter Zimmerman, cleaner, reno
vator and repairer of clothing, was
burned out in the big fire of Saturday
morning last, but la already ready to
serve the public and his old customers
again. He has opened out in John fly
land's old stand, at the corner of Com
mercial avenue and Tenth street, and re
spectfully solicits patronage from old and
new friends. If you have a coat, a vest
or a pair of pantaloons that needs clean
ing or repairing, take it to Peter Zimmer
man and he will make it as good as new
at a price that will astonish you by its
cheapness. Remember Peter Zimmer
man, at the corner of Commercial avenue
and Tenth street. 1-19-lm
Picture framing-.
We hare this day sold to Mr. E. C
Ford the entire lot of moulding tools
etc., of the picture framing department
olthe Bulletin. All orders for frames
etc., should be sent to him or left at
this office. We bespeak ior him the lib
erality ol patronage that has been be
stowed upon us His assortment ol
moulding is complete, prices beyond
competition and he guarcntees satisfac
tion In all cases.
Cairo, Oct. 10, 1876.
tt Cairo Bcllktix Co.
A Cot.
To all who are suflering from the
errors and indiscretions of youth, ner
vous weakness, early decay, loss of man
hood, etc., I will send a recipe that will
cure you, free of charge. This great
remedy was discovered by a ml&aionary
in South America. Send a self-addressed
envelope to the Rev. Joeph T.
Inman, Station D. Bible House, New
York City. l-30-6m.
The Barber.
Jell Brown has taken charge ot the
barber shop on Eighth street, near Wash
ington avenue, lately kept by Daniel
Larapert. Jefl is a good barber, and so
licits a share of patronage. Oive him a
call and satisty yourselt. tt
IIagan's Magnolia Balm preserve
and restore the complexion ; removes
freckles, tan aud sallowness ; uak.es the
akin toft, white and delicate. lUappll
cation cannot be detected.
Lyom's Katsuikom makes beautiful,
glossy, luxuriant hair; prevents IU fall
off out or turning gray. It has stood
she teat or 40 years., Isjcharmingljr per
fumed and has.no rival.
Knight of PythlaS, aaeet every frl-
uar aigni n nau-paat a van, in uaa
r'eJjowa' 1111. Mows,
Chancellor Corximander.
f X Independent Order of Odd-Vel-J
Iowa, inert every Thursday night
at half-peat erven. In tbeir kail on
oiniiH-rriai avenue, netween mxui an Hevente
:rtete win. K. IIawsinh, N. O.
MAiao KNCAWPMKNT, I. O. O. ft., meets
ilio uuu-reiiowa' tiau chih nntirnl third
l lay in erery month, at Hair-peat aarea
A. Comaaa, C P
A CAIKOUIMJK. NO. 137, A. F. A A. M.
Armv Hold rerular eommunioationa In Mm-
k aonie llaTl, corner Cvmniercial arenua
; 'ami t-lglitn atraet, on tna aeooml and
ourrn atonnar or eacb moo to.
RATES) OP ADYEtrriftlllU.
fCfAU bills for adrertiainx, art due and pay
able im Aovaitca ,
Transient advertising will U Inaerted at tba
rata of 11 per squara for tba Drat Insertion
and to canta for each subeeqaent one A liberal
discount will be aoade on ttaadui( and diapl
For Inserting runerml notice 11 00 Notice of
meeting of societies or aeeret orders &0 eeats for
each Inaertlon
Charrh, Society, Festival and Supper notkee
will only be Uaerted aa adTertieementa
No lTertiarment will be reoeired at leM Uian
60 cents, and no advertisement Will be inaerted
for leaa than tbrea dollars per month
local BrsunKM hoticcm
Of one square (8 lines space) or more, In
serted in the Bulletin as follows : (Less
than one square counted as a square.)
One Insertion per square.......... $ SO
Two insertions per square. 75
Thre Insertions per square 1 00
Six Insertions per square 1 75
Two weeks per square... - 2 50
One month per square-. 3 50
Special rates made on large advertise
ments or lor longer time,
V n n ounoementas.
anaaaaeeiaeat will n lanrted
Im Ito Hallotln aiala k aaaaajr m
BMBMkailaa Ska aanaa. Tula rata la
taaaaratlva. BSTU Aaaaaaee-
maasa lar rliy naaa, 3 ; Alaarraan,
Ior tlljr Clerk.
Wa are antborixed to aaannaee Jamea W .
Stewart a a candidate for ra-elecUon to the of
floa of City Clerk at the ataroaohlna charter
eiartioa. ,d
Ciiao. lit., leb It. 1"77
Baa Taa.
7 am.
30 44A
30 414
Ootid y
Oaad j
I p.m.
erzaast Slnal SerTloa. U. 8. A.
We will pay no bills for goods or mer
chandise purchased for the Bulletin
by any ot the employes, unless the pur
chase is made on a written order signed
by thepresident or secretary of the com
pany. Cairo Bulletin Co.
Hollaway'a Olatraeat.
Erysipelas and all infl amatory diseases
yield to a diligent use of this powerful
preparation. In the loot, hand and neck,
their approach should be checked at
once if Eupperation ensues, danger immi
nent, and the knife cannot be employed
without jeopardizing life. This oint
ment will remove the disorder, without
cutting, pain or peril. 25 cents per box
or rot.
A tiraad Sfaaqaerade Ball
will be given by the
At the St. Charles hotel on Tuesday even
ing February 13, 1877. No improper
characters will be admitted, and every
person will be required to unmask before
entering the hall. Tlekets for sale at
Paul Schuh's, Parker's book store, and
M. J. McGauley's. Admission, gents.
$1 ; ladies, 50 cents. M2-13
Tba Uratliuele af mm Invalid
Lai ens, C. II., S. C, Sept. 24, 1873.
Dear Sir: My wile has been using
daily your bitters, and I am glad to say
6he has been greatly benefited. She is
now stronger and in better general health
than she has been for years, and I feel
certain that her present gook health Is
the result ot using a lew bottles of the
Home Bitters. She joins me in thanking
you tor your klndaess. My wlte has im
proved so much that she does not need
the Bitters now, but thinks she will send
for a fow bottles when cold weather sets
I commenced this letter at the re
quest ot a Irlend greatly suffering from
bronchial aflectiou, which has brought
on general weakness, lie asked me to
order lor him a half dozen bottles. Kend
them to Rev. W. F. Pearson, Donalds
vllle, S. C. Mrs. May, a lady of our
town, says the bottle I gave her did her
a great deal of good, and that she would
order more soon. I am, as ever, your
friend. Rev. J. R. Riley.
To the l'rekident of the Home Bitters Company,
St. Louia. Mo. '.'-5-ltu
Cagoat Boaaona far a Grand ftureeaa.
Conspicuous among the highest ex
amples ot success which the present cen
tury can show is Hostetter'a Stomach
Bitters. The record of its triumphs over
disease is to be traced in the written ac
knowledgments ot thousands who have
experienced its beneficent eflects, and
the evidence of Its popularity is to be
tound in the vast and arrowing demand
for the article In North and South Amer
ico, Mexico, Guatemala, the West Indies,
Australia and Europe. The reasons lor
its unparalleled success are cogent ones.
The accumulated evidence of nearly
thirty years shows that it U a certain
remedy (or malarial disease, as well as
its surest preventive ; that it eradicates
dyspepsia, constipation, liver eons plaint
and nervousness, counteracts a tendency
to gout, rheumatism, urinary and uter
ine disorders, that it imparts vigor to the
feeble, and cheers the mind while It In-
vigoratei the body. a-12.
Oeaeral llama.
Go to C. llsnny lor bargains.
-Specialty In Teas at C. Uanny's.
Choice Canned Fruits at C. Hanny'd.
Choice New ork cheese at C
Special reduction In Dry Goods at
t. Harm vs.
In dally receipt of New Ooods at C
New Orleans Molanneo ami Syrup at
C. Uanny's.
Now stoek of Prints and Bleached
Muslins at C. Hanny's.
Just received a large invoice of New
Orleans Sugars, and Choice Koan Collect
at C. Hannv's.
C. Moerlein's Cincinnati lager beer,
made from the best barley and hops.
Try it. 1-31-lm.
Expectorants though good In certain
cases, ior series affections of the lungs
cannot be as eflective as Maeulre's Tar
Glycerine Whisky and Rock Candy. Try
a sample bottle, only 10 cents. P. O.
Schuh, Agent.
Among the guests at the Planters'
nouse yesterday were T. J. Goodall,
Marion, Ills. ; It. E. Hopkins, Clncin.
natl; J. A. Wren, Chicago; Jackson
trick, Jouesboro; Harris Rsndleman,
Cobtlen ; C. A. Howard, Albion, Ind.;
Capt. I ItU, I rankford, Ills. ; Miss Dora
Fair, Mound City.
He had not slepa wink for twenty
tour hours, coughing all the time. His
sister bought a 23 cent bottle of Dr
Bull's Cough Syrup at the nearest drug
store, gave him a dose, and the cough
was broken at once anu he slept quietly
(juriog the night.
Guests registered at Herbert's yester .
day were A. Levy, L. J. Conioy, T.
Bradlord.Geo. Tschudi, St. Louis ; R.T.
Calvin, Caledonia; J. M. Edwards,
Brooklyn ; Jas. C. Atherton, Memphis ;
Ham Meyers, St. Louis ; ;T. S. Megar,
Chicago; Sam Wlllman, Homer, Tenn.
When Nilsson, the great musical ar
tist, used to sing the simple old negro
melody for an encore piece, Way down
upon de Swanee rlnber," she enraptured
her audiences even more than when she
rendered classical pieces. One enthusi
astic gentlemen was wont to say It re
freshed and soothed him like a bath and
fresh linen when he was travel-stained
and weary. Of course the comparison
Included that indispensable addition, B.
T. Babbitt's Best Soap.
The following were preminent
among the guests at the St. Charles hotel
yesterday : T. B. Freeman, Cincinnati ;
Jas. Russell. Dockville, Ind.; J. W.
Yoorlln, Philadelphia ; C. B. Dicklns,
Champaign ; R. E. Duncan, Hayneivllle,
Ky.; Mrs. Norton, Memphis ; J. Spencer,
St. Louis; B. McKernln. Cincinnati
Thos. G. Allen, St. Louis ; J. W. Buse'
St. Louis ; C. P. Laitner, St. Louia; W.
II. Horward, Cincinnati.
I always have been and still am sole
proprietor and manufacturer of Dr. Wm.
Wood's Fever Pills. Anyone Belling a
Wood's Fever PU1 not made by me, will
bo prosecuted to the lull extent of the
law. For sale at the New York Store, A.
Swoboda's, F. Healy's, P. G. Schuh's
Barclay Brothers, and at my office.
Sold in 50 ct. and $1.00 boxes. Special
rates to dealers on application. Sent
postage paid on receipt of price.
d&w-tf. Dr. Wm. Wood.
We were exposed last week to a pit,
less storm.ttut wet our ieet and stockings
and indeed our person all over. In fact
we took a cracking cold, which brought
sore throat and sorere symptoms of lever.
The good wife asserted her authority,
plunged our ieet In hot water, wrapped
us in hot blankets, and sent our faithful
son for a bottle ot Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
It is a splendid medicinepleasant to
take, and did the job. We slept soundly
through the night and awoke well the
next morning. We know we owe our
quick recovery to the Pectoral, and shall
not hesitate td recommend it to all who
need such a medicine. Tehuacana(Tera$)
Presbyitrian. 2-0-1 ni.
Full Hue of new style Prints at the
New York Store. 2-10-10
Sew York
Early Rose seed potatoes for sale at
New York store. 2-10-10.
Masquerade suits for rent at the Ailing.
ton House to-day and this evening, by
Mrs. Louis Kurth, of St. Louis. It
Buy your coflee, sugar and teas at th
lowest prices, at New York Store.
Mrs. Horn has removed her dress-mak,
Ing rooms from her lata residence on
Seventh street to Washington avenue,
one door above Mrs. R. II. Cunning
ham's, where she will be happy to see
her friends and patrons. 1-20-lm.
For Bala.
Wilson's Albany seedling strawberry
Lawton blackberry plant, and Early
Llnneaur pie plant roots.
All iu quantities to suit buyers.
John Limbert,
Residence opposite Nineteenth street,
on Commercial avenue. 2-8-lm
uraager Plaw.
Best plow in use. Sold and warranted
at the New York Store. Try them.
Hernias Clary llania.
We are just In receipt of this celebrated
Ham, also Beef Tongues, Breaktast
Bacon, best meats In the market.
2-10-10 1 Naw York Stork.
At Wyoming, Minnesota, Friday, Feb.
9th. 1877, Mrs. Ella Edwards, wlte of
Lieut. C. M. Edwards. U. & A., and
daughter ot Mrs. Elizabeth White of this
k oJontown, Ky., papers please copy.
aeda I ISaada I
We have Just received and oner lor
sale clover seed, timothy seed, seed oats,
and a fresh line of garden seeds for 6 and
10 cents per paper j also bulk seeds by
the quart and pound, top and bottom
onion setts of all kinds.
2-11-lOt New Yom Store.
Circuit court convened pursuant to ad
journment at 0 o'clock yesterdry morn
ing. The Jackson county bond case wss
called, and set for trial on Wednesday
morning, alter which, without transact
ing further business, court adjourned
until 9 o'clock this morning.
The Merrhans'a Exchange.
Louis C. Herbert, proprietor of the
Merchant's Exchange Restaurant and
Saloon, (late of the Arcadia saloon, oppo.
site the court house,)Commerclal avenue,
near corner ol 8th street, keeps on hand
at all times the finest liquors, wines, and
beers. Lunch spread at 10 o'cloek every
morning. 2-8-lm
CI Iff Haalawaad Da ad.
C1I0 llazlewood of Hazlewood pre
cinct, died at his house on last Saturday
night, and was buried in the grave yard
near Toledo yesterday. Mr. Hazlewood
was known to nearly all the old citizens
ol the county, and although he had his
peculiarities, be was a good citUen and
highly esteemed by his neighbors. He
died of softnlng ot the brain.
Ou Sunday night burglars entered the
Waveriy hotel near the corner ot Sixth
street and Commercial avenue, and stole
an overcoat and a small amount of money
from one gentleman, and an overcoat
and notes or hand of the value of thirteen
hundred dollars from a Mr. R. R. Bur
nctt, who was on his way to Kentucky
and put up at the Waveriy to stay over
night. The officers were looking tor the
thieves all day yesterday, but up to a
UUi hour in the evening no trace ot them
could be found.
Eighth ntraas Between Waaalagtaa
J Ceutnaerelal Aveanee.
Louis aeta abot lunch everv mornlnir
at 10 o'clock, and a cold lench at 0
o'clock" every evening. He always
keeps the best beer in the market, and
the choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
to be lound. nis old lrlends, as well as
new ones, are invited to come and see
him. Locis Blatteau.
Ten are Wrang, Brasher.
The Sun Is sorry that the ladles of the
Library association are going to send to
Europe lor part of their collection of
books, "because the editor believes they
could get better terms from American
publishers." The Sun is mistaken. The
ladies can get about two and a hall times
as many books in Liepsic as can be pur
chased for the same amount of money of
any United States publishers. The ladies
have informed themselves upon this sub
ject aad know precisely what they are
Notice to the Pnblle.
On the night of 11th of February, 1S77,
in passing through Cairo, I stopped at
'he Waveriy hotel, and delivered to the
andlady, Mrs. Gaffney, one over coat ot
the value of twenty-five dollars. There
was an account book in the pocket ol the
coat containing four notes for the
amount of three hundred and tweaty-five
dollars eacb, payable to R. R. Burnett
and endorsed by Joel T. Watkins and
Wilson Edwards. A liberal reward will
be paid lor coat and notes. I farther
stated to landlady that I wanted pay for
my loss, and she inlormed me that I
could not make anything out ol her by
law. R. R. Bl'RXETT.
Cairo, lils., Feb. 12, 1877. 3t.
Convicted .
The St. Louis Railwa7 World of last
week contains the following : "The trial
of the engineers, charged with being
concerned in the strike which took 'place
on the Cairo & St. Louis railroad some
time ago, was concluded on Saturday
and submitted to the jury. Alter an
absence of several hours they returned a
verdict or guilty under all the counts in
the indictments. Their counsel gave
notice ot a motion tor a new trial. The
punishment for the offense charsred in
timidation Is a fine not exceeding $200,
or imprisonment in jail not exceeding six
months, or both. The follow in ir are the
names of those convicted : Frederick
Mes6itt. Ambrose Long, John Kingdom,
John Ryan, John O'Brien and J. C. Mo-
Personal Mention.
Mr. A. Black, of the city shoe store,
left by Sunday afternoon's train on the
Illinois Central for New York, where he
goes to purchase bis spring stock ot
boots and shoes.
J. Burger, the dry goods merchant,
and I. Farnbaker, the clothier, left tor
New York on Sunday afternoon by the
Mlinols Central. They go to purchase
new goods.
Mr. Oberly has returned to Spring
field. Mr. Linker aud Charlie Cunning
bam have gone to Chicago to be gone
about oue week.
ad rata ml Cans. SJrnell.
The St. Louis papers of yesterday con
tained an account of the burning of the
little steamer Lizzie Bayliss and the
death ot Capt. Oliver Gruell, who per.
lshed in the flames. The Bayliss, with
Oliver Oruel as captain, and Billy Wil
liams of this! city ss clerk, ran in the
Cape Girardeau aad Cairo trade for a
while, and seemed to be doing pretty
well; but when the Mississippi river
opened up, Capt. Gruell concluded
that he could do better by going
to the upper Mississippi, and a few days
ago withdrew his boat and started p the
river, and had reached Alton, where, on
Sunday night, she took Are and was de
stroyed, Capt. Gruell perishing to the
lave ten Triad) Is.
We reler to that most irroarkabl mm
pound, Dr. Morris' Svrun of Tar. Wil.i
Cherry and Horehound, for roughs
colds, blood spitting, weak lungs, croup
whooping rough, asthma, bronchitis.
and all diseases of the lungs and throats
aa a a ...
iTooawy no similar preparation ever be-
fore so quickly found Its way into public
favor as this. Its sale In onr community
is simply enormous. Thoo who have
been disappointed In other aivealled rem-
edlcs, are specially Invited to try this.
Besnretocet the genuino Dr. Mnrru
Syrup of Tar, Wild Cherry and Hore-
nounu. a nere are Imitations in the mar
ket. Trial size 10 cents. Remlar
60 cents and $1, at Barclay Brothers'. '
ery pleasant, and alwavs effective u
Prof. Parker's Pleasant Worm syrup,
and no physician requlredriAsk us.
v 2-CImdAw.
Of the Mretle K raw -Arrival of the
nine; ana Ken to or tne Proreeelen.
Ills Malpctr. Kino rVimua will arettr
"aTf 1 weaaaawa, lllii aa a a V
per steamer to-lay at 1 o'clock, landing
at the upper wharf-boat. He will be re
ceived by the Grand Marshal and Royal
Guard ot the Krew and escorted in ear-
rlage to the Tenth street musle stand.
Arriving there, His Majesty will be pre
sented to the Mayor, and from "him rc
celve the keys of the city.
Welcome song by the "Krew."'
Music Delta band.
Procession will then form and move
as follows :
From music stand up Washington ave
nue to Twentieth street, east on Twen
tieth street to Commercial avenue, down
Commercial avenue to Eighth street.
west on Eighth street to Washington ave
nue, up Washington avenue to musle
stand, counter-marching around the mu
sic stand and down Washington avenne
to second street, east on second street to
levee, up levee to Eighth street, west on
Eighth street to Commercial avcnue.down
commercial avenue to Sixth street, west
on Sixth street to Washington avenue,
np Washington ayenue to music stand
and disband. By order
It Grand Marshal.
Ifellbran A Wait.
The following, concern in c the trial of
ueaara. ueuDruu and Weil of this city
in the United States court at Chicago, la
taken Irom the Chicago Eveainsr Journal
M n .
ui oaiuruay. n e mar add here that an
far as we have been able to learn,
tne defendants are still at larire.
The trial ot Heilbrun & Weil, the Cairo
firm charred with rhparlnir ai Pal fPil-
cago wholesale houses ont of oyer $40,000
"rm ui ury gooms, came to a conclu
sion yesterday alternoon, and was given
tO the larr. The latter roHriul .
- . - wuu, M
tnev aid not return urt tn a late hnne loot
evening, Judge Blodgett sent them word
that thev could return a uilul varriint
Alter several ballots and much discus
sion, a decision was finally arrived at,
and this morning the clerk of the United
hi..... t. . . . . - .
uwiriCTouun, in answer to .Judge
Blodgett's question, "Has the Jury
agreed upon a verdict?" arose and
opened a large envelope and read the
verdict, which found the defendants
guilty on three counts ot the Indictment,
and not guilty on the other five.
Are the defendants in court ?" asked
the Judge.
A dead silence prevailed.
Judge Blodgett repeated this question,
when one of the counsel for the defense
arose and stated that be was of the opin
ion that the two men had jumped the
town. On of them
night and cold him that ha wai going to
VUUT1V.-WSU, uuu uiat am was going
to run away. Counsel remonstrated
with him. but tn n af
fect. The court remarked that
inhisopin on the counsel were not to
blame, but that it was a looaa war tn man.
age mat ters. He would issue bench war
rants ior their apprehension. De then
declared their bonds torlelted. Bail
was riven for each of tham in th mm r.t
$2,000. 1
The prisoners are liable to imprison
ment for three Teara ein eah pnnnt nnnn
which they were found guilty.
Hunting she Old Maa'i Honey.
Mr. Mowery, the administrator of the
estate of the late Dr. Augustine, ot Ha
zlewood in this county, is having consid -erable
trouble in getting together the old
doctor's wealth. Long before the old
man's death It was known that he had
amassed a snug little fortune, the great
suite ot it being In hard money gold and
silver. He was a strange man, and had
little faith in banks, believing that he
could take better care ot his money than
to deposit it in bank. While
he would not allow his money
to go out ot his hands,
he was In constant fear of thieves and
burglars, and to guard against the possi
bility ot being robbed, resorted to bury
ing his money. Some two or three
months ago the old man sickened and
died, but before his death never intimated
where the money would be found. Alter
he was laid away, the work of searching
or me money uegun and in the course of a
few weeks about $2,800 was found some
ot it In one place and some in an
other about the barn. The greater por
tion of this amount was In greenbacks;
but the gold and silver was still missing
The search has keen kept up ever since
and every few days small sums ate being
unearthed. A few days ago in digging
about the roots of an old tree standing
near the house a small tin can was dug
up and found to contain about one hun
dred dollars in silver. This can had evi
dently been burl.-d for many years as
the roots ot tho tree bad grown under
aad over and all around it. A day or
two alter the can was dug up,
a little dog belonging to the
widow; was digging after a mole
in the garden, but Instead of catching the
mole dug up a shot bag containing one
hundred dollars in gold. It is believed
by those who were best acquainted with
the old man In bis life time, that he bad
somewhere between fire and eight thou,
sand dollars in gold and sliver, and so far
not to exceed one thousand ot It has been
found. The search, however, Is kept op,
and it la expected that sooner or later
the searchers will strike s rich mine,
Don't forget the strand uasqua bait
to be glTea.hyth K. M. K. C. thU
evelf tbe St. Charles hotel.
Cairo, Illinois. MoRnar,) .
Februarys, 1877.
Business here Is fair, and a little more
active than for several weeks taat. Mr.
chants rcnerally are doing a good busi
The Flour market is firm, with
prospects good for an advance in price.
Advices from New Orleans report the
stock In first hands there as rttj nearly
exhausted, and the market on all grades
ranging Irom treble upwards from 25 to
50 cents higher. The stock of low and
medium grades In the hands ot mer
chants here is small, while the demand Is
good and increasing. There Is a fair
supply of choice an-1 fancy, with a good
There is no change of importance to
note in the Hay market. There is a large
stock of common and low trade on the
market and it is dull sale. Choice in fair
demand and limited supply. Pricea rule
nrra at quotations.
Oats Is in lair supply, and transactions
have been liberal. The demand Is moder
ately active. Prices are firm at quota
The stock of corn on hand is light,
wnue tne demand is a little more active
There Is no change in prices.
Meal is in fair supply and firm at quo
tations. The demand Is good. Bran Is In
good demand with limited supply,
Prices are unchanged. rot&toeM are
scarce and in active demand at better
prices. There are very few on the mar
ket. Choice apples are wanted at good
prices. The supply is light, with a more
active demand. There U a fair supply
of chickens on th market, and the de
mand is limited for anything but good.
There are very lew turkeys coming in.
Prices aro unchanged. There is an over
stock of common and interior butter
here, and It Is almost Impossible to work
it eS at auy price. Choice table, how
ever, ; is always in demand,
and is taken at good prices.
The supply of eggs on the market is
large, with a moderately active demand.
Prices are a little lower than at last re
port. There Is a fair demand for hides
and tallow at quotations. Dressed meats
are in light supply with a fairly acllve
demand. Prices are about as last quoted.
Dried peaches and apples are In demand
at quotations. Onions are iu light sup
ply and fair demand. Rates are un
changed 30 cents per dry bbl., and 15
eantsper cwt.
JSPOur friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given are only tor
sales from first hands in round lots. In
filling orders and tor broken lots it Is.
necessary to charge an advance over
these flgures."isl
Sales reported were 100 bbls. various
grades, $C7 60 ; 200 bbls. various
grades, $5 507 50; 150 bbls. Good
Family, $7 25 ; 100 bbls. various grades,
$5 507 ; 300 bbls. various grades,
$C8 75.
Sales of Hay were 2 cars Prime Tim
otby. $11 ; 3 cars Choice Mixed, $10 ; 3
cars Red Top Mixed, $9 ; 3 cars Choice
Timothy, $12 ; 4 ears Choice Timothy.
$12; 3 cars Prime Timothy, $11; 4 cars
of mixed, $9 50(310; 2 cars choice
mixed, $1011 ; 50 bales, $13 ; 2 cars
choice mixed, $11.
Transactions were 5 cars Central Illi
nois, in bulk, 35c ; 2 cars Central Illi
nois, in bulk, 34c; 2 cars Southern
Illinois, light weight, 33o ; 3 cars Wiscon
sin, in balk, 37c ; 2 cars Wisconsin, fancy.
38c; 2 cars Central Illinois, 34($35c; 240
sacks, white, 44c ; 2 cars white, in sacks,
43c ; 3 cars Northern mixed, 42c.
Sales ot corn were 5 cars white, in
bulk, 40c ; 2 cars choice white mixed'
40c ; 3 cars mixed, 39c ; 430 sacks white,
40 48c ; 1 car white, in bulk,. 40c.
We note sales of meal as follows : 25
Dbls. city, $2 30; 100 bbls. city, 2 25-
2 30.
Sales reported were 60 sacks, wheat
bran, $15; 200 sack, wheat bran, $15;
160 sacks, corn bran, $12.
Sales of potatoes were 60 bbls. Early
Rose, $4; 60 bbls. Early Rose, $3 75
(2,4; 100 bbls. Peach Plows, $3 50$3 75.
We note sales of 5 bbls. Wlnesaps and
Ben Davis, $2 252 50 ; 15 bbls. Roman
Beauties, $3 ; CO bbls. common, $2.
Sales of poultry reported were 5 coops
mixed chickens, $2 25; 1 coop mixed,
$2 25 ; 1 coop old hens, $3 50.
Sulci noted, 400 lbs. Central Illinois
roll, in cloths, 20c ; 700 lbs. Illinois, com
mon to medium, 1418c ; 150 lbs. Good
Southern Illinois, 17c ; 2 packages, South
ern Illinois roll, 1617c.
We note sales of 800 dozen, 13c ; 60
dozen, 12Jc ; 250 dozen, 13c ; 300 dozen,
12Jc ; 450 dozen, 12Jc ;
Sales reported were 450 lbs. green salt,
6c ; 600 lbs. dry flint, l5UJc ; 330 lbs.
Dressed hogs are selling at 56c;
beef at 4J5c; mutton, 6c. The supply
is light, with a talrly aotlve demand.
Good died apples are worth from 4 to
6e, according to quality ; peaches, 8&9c
Pealed are worth 3 aud 4c more.
Are worth from 1 76 to $2. There is a
fair demand for good.
Sales were IS bbls. $3 601 ; 10 bbls.
$3 $603 75; 4 bbls., $3 73.
yYR-Beaer-No. 1 $2 60; No. 2
Mink no. l a f u. 1 1 "I"' '
v-n a inn. Raoeoon No. I ?0e. No. 1
atm . Wo. 1 tte i No. 4 10c, Ekunk No.
I860 No.$0c No. I tOc; No. 4 I6e
Fox- ray-No! 1 1 No. i Tie ; No. S
60. . red toxno. i u ; no. i too,
DosunwNo. 1 lo No. a Ra-Ka t
SBe. . Muakrat Na. 1n. Vn a j
3 lOo. Bear No. I tio. Ttv ct W. a
$3; No4$l. Wolf Mountain No. 1
$2.60; No. a $1 75: No3 $1 , No. 4 75c;.
Prarle Wolf-No. 1 $1 25; No. S 60c,
Wild Cat 25o. Hone Cat 10e. . RiHr
Weanote Paradise W. t'arhnn an
track, lump, 13 ; nat, U. Cered oar
load per ton, lamp, (1 60 1 not, $3 76.
delivered per single ton, lump, $4; nat
$3 25; Raum or Harrtsburg coal oa
jraca per toad, lump, fTf ; nut, III ; de
livered oer ton. $3 60 1 Pittahur nar-
car loads on tack. $5 60 per ton.
War DarAamjrr, Rrvaa Reror, t
rep. ja, iBii.
ST. tW. ST. Uf .
Cairo . M S X s
Pitta burr; a t a
Ciar.inaatl. ...... ti lo S S
LoaiiTiUa ......... 10 o o e
Maahrille ..... .....I o i s i I i
St. Lou I a . 11 s X S
Era nT tile....., ......
Meraphi,. 17 0 a
Vlckabnra;. . 2 1 S
New Orleana - T S I
Below high water of lt)74.
Sergeant, SUaal Berviea. U.8. A.
Port laat.
Steamer James FIsk, Paducah.
Eddyvllle, Nashville.
" St. Joe, Memphis.
" Golden City, New Orleans.
" J. W. Garrett, barges, N. O.
" Arkansas Belie, EvaosvUle.
Steamer James FIsk, Paducah.
' Eddy vllle, Nashville.
" St. Joe, St. Louis.
Golden City, Cincinnati.
" Arkansas Belle, Evaasville.
" James Howard, New Orleans.
Yesterday the levee presented a lively
appearance, owing to the loading of the
Howard for New Orleans and way. She
left at 4 p.m. well loaded, having received
1,600 tons here. More freight was offered,
but having cotton promised her she de
clined to take any more than was en
gaged on her arrival .The Eddyvllle
had a good trip, and reahlpped 33 tons
pig iron for St Louis
The St. Joe brought up a good lot of
cotton for the east, and left bidding
Cairo adieu for some time, as she had
orders to lay up The Golden City
passed up on Sunday "having
a full cabin. The Garrett and barges
arrived at 10 a.m., yesterday, bringing a
light trip of sugar and molasses. Capt.
Boothe is undecided as to load here or at
Evansvllle. The Arkansas Belle was
net on time owing to the quality of
freight she took on between here and
Evansvllle TbeFislr, as la usual on
Monday, was light ; She Jeeves this
evening at five -The elegant steamer
City or Chester will leave this evening at
6 p.m. Yore Is her commander.,
The Belle Memphis is due for St.
Louis with 1,060 bales cotton........
The old stern wheeler, Jas. D. Parker,
registered nearly 110 passengers on her
last trip from Cincinnati to Memphis.......
The little Lizzie Bayliss that has been re
cently plying between this point and
Cape Girardeau burned at Alton on Sat
urday night Reports state Captain
Gruell, who was master of the' boat at
tho time, was burned up with the boat.
She was owned by Captain
Gruell and valued at $7,000..
The Alton is due with 7S0 hhds. ol sugar,
70 bbls. currauu, 200 bbls. rice, 00 casks
cocoanuts and many sundry packages, In
all about 700 tons.
Tuesday Evening, Feb, 18, 1877.
Will be presented, by the young ladles
of Paducah, Ky.
The drama is Interspered with the
roost charming solos, duets and choruses
from the finest oratorios and best com
posers. Price of admission as usual. Reserved
seats can be obtained at the usual places.
Performance begins at 8 o'clock. .
The proceeds of the entertainment will
be devoted tor the benefit ot the Presby
terian church at Paducah.
Nebraska Ahead I
The B. X M. Railroad Go's Lands ! The best
Agricultural and (Hock Country
ut America 1 .
Low prices. Long Credit Low Fares
and freight. Premiums tor Improvement!.
Free Paas to Land Buyers. JT For full
particulars, apply to B. A M. .K-JtCo.,
Burlington, Iowa.
General Auctioneer.
Special attantioa paid to outside salea
Mo. nl tllgata treat. Cairo, lUlnele
CUAS. 8. DaLAY, Anetioaear.
RQQncu'l Da maae y everr agent
fe? 00V every ntoath in the buaiaaa we
rurniab, bat Uom willing lo work can eaaily
turn a auxen dullara a uy rixat la Uiaur ooa ly
u 1 l 1 1 m . U.n ui MAm u uuLiiB bar. Buei-
wae pleaaant and honorable. Women, bere
tod glrle do aa well aa man. We will faraiab
jrou a complete outfit free. Tba buaiaaa par
batter tbaa anything eiae. We wUl bear, -sanee
of alerting you. Particular free., ante
ind aee. ramwra and mecaaaiea. Inair aoa
.j.i....k..M ..J.ll.lumu aaad ot DavlDff
work at borne, ihoidd write to a and la.ra ail
about the work at once. Now 1 the Uae
don't deiajr.l Addiaaa Taua A UfcAilguala,
XLaUeTlabae of iaty, if by
aecieeet or etaerwM. A
f VMf of aay tuea. tae
Ki of a atajp-w
the lo.of uiM laaJlH
TURK, if baaaagM. givaa a
paauoa. Eaaeaae of I
V Am. "-
V f.atli 1 i-.
f ' A II

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