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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, February 18, 1877, Image 4

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. it published every morning
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.aavteyi rathe Bulletin Buildinj, cor
act Wtstoagtoa ithuc snd TweUth atreet.
Tn BotAlTi U served o e"T eubacriber by
faithful carrier t T wenty-Five Cnti a
ptribltMAir. By ( advance), HO per
.;imi ait month. t three month. t one
! month, ft 25-
Published every Ts uraday moruinf at J
pa: tiium. ia variably in advance. The postage
' ob the Weekly will be prepaid at this oflioe, o
ait tubooribert tail obtain lot a ubacrlptiua
no of 1 a year.
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rt"Jl BuineaLeaerhouldbBdilreaaed to
Ctra BalUUa Caaapaajr.
Leonard Scott Publishing Co.
41 Barclay It.. Sow York,
ooutlnut their UorinS UeprinU of th
Elaaarth elew (w hl).
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WaaaatLaater Kevlew (Literal),
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TbaTMtlah Quarterlies riT, to tb mdrr w !'.
dimmtrA ubruuun uioa tb creat timU in
eaatcaspoimneoua hUlorjr, and contain masterly
ariiiaaoM a aU toat u freah and valuable la
Iflnatura, aa well aa a luminary of tha uiuifipb
rCieae and art. lb wan likely to toatMH
a Varopa will form topica fur ducuatlvn. that
Will Dt uaated witli a UioroiiKhnM and ability
avwaar ! to ba f'ud. liiaukwood Mjra
aax is baotu for thxie , nuvi, and kkvtciir
faailUshait lihcrary menu
TEBKS (Including Postage; :
4 - Ptjrtlt Strictlj la Airasei.
For any oa Review, f iOOptr annuo
for any two JUviawa, 7 0u
ot any thrco IUthwj, 10 00 "
For aUfour lie view,, i j ou "
Far Blackwood'a Maga-
atne, i 00 '
For BUckWood aad one
JUview, 7 0 "
For Blackwood and two
aUviawa, 10 00 "
FotBlaakwood and three
Reviews, 13 00 "
For Blackwood aad tht
lour Reviews, lo 00
A discount of twenty par cent, will be al
lowed to clubs of four or more pron,
Tans : four copies ol Blackwood or of one
Review will be Met to one address for
til 00, four oopiee of the four Kevie w and
lackwoodior and so on.
New subscribers (apply log a arty) fur vu
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iv ton uwj u.iBp wuuuui cuirgv, ins
numbers for the last quarter ot lHTti of such
pertodlcali at they nay subscribe '.ot.
neither premium to siibsrribert nor dis
count to clubs can be allowed uuleaa the
mskey is remitted direct to th publishers.
opremiums given to clubs.
Ctrcaiars with further particular may be
, had an application.
The Lteuri !cstt Miitag C
lock Epi'.il
Charaerad bv tha
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PiMBhUt. an addrett, for Two Itantt-
a..B.UUvra.foTSO Conta.
Mtahetd WoMMMhood it) Uormon, Hn
k.ku. Bhaalralat u coma.
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Tlfty waderfai rmriurm, treat
rraaar a.
in up. ae mimct
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Shs4pB.BM.tla aimelea.aaHta'
aawan s
JiruitiMaraCi porosal. teatUHO
mlSimZ. CheaMM (Mt-OUM la AaMric.
now agonal. iailliitaoa.
617 8t Chtriet tret,8t. LouU. Mo.
61? St. Ckarloo Street,
Treats all forms of cncral I )iseaf c, Semi
nal Emissions' and Sexual lability, with
unparalleled success. No matter who failed,
call or WTite; pamphlet or consultation free.
Can refer to the medical profession in all
parts of the Country.
"Tha K.lnr of all PubUoationa loouad
for tha Tounz on Elthor Side of tht
Atlantio Soutt'.amptoo Kngtanaj Oteerver.
The third volume of thi incomparable
Mafaxlue Is now completed. With itt
ebzht hundred roval octavo pa?s, and Jta
six hundred Illustrations, its tplendld teri-
nit, lia anorier atones, poeoin. auu .mkuw.
etc., Otr., In Its beiutitul bliiliny of red
and gold, it 1 the most splendid yifVbook
for bov and Ctrl ever Iwued from the
presn. ' rriee, ft ; in full gilt, f 5.
ST. NiCHOiua Is f till of the rholcert
thing. The piibHcation I, tn an repecia.
tbo bet of iuktn.l. We Lave never jet
aen a number that was not surprifcinlv
Kood." The Churchman, ittrttoro uonn.
St. Nicholas for 1877,
Which opens wttU November. HfI6, bcffiD
A tbort and very entertaining rial trom
the rrencu, "The Kicgdom ot the Ureedy,"
a etory adapted to the Tbankofriving teason.
Another serial, ot absorbing interest to boy .
Br J. T. Trowbridge,
author of the "Jack Hazard Stories." be
in the t.'hritUuaa Holiday umber.
Hi.idp at-rial stories. Christmas stories
livelT sketches, poems and picture for the
holidir. and some astoniahins: Ulustrat'.ons
of Orienulsiort,wiih drawing by Siamese
Th Chrifltmas Holiday Number of
Superbly illustrated,
esting paper.
contains a very inter
tt) iriiliam Cullen Bryant ;
'The Bore Hotel." a lively article, by
Charles A. Barnard, splendidly illustrated ;
"The Clock in the sky," by Euhard A.
Proctor ; "A Cbriitiua I'lay for Home or
Sunday-cbocU." by Ir. fgleton ; "The
I'eterkins CbruUuas Tre,' by Lucrttia
P.Hale: "Poetry and Carol, of Wiiittr,"
by Lucy Larcotxi. with picture.
Do Not Fail to Bay St. Kicholaa for the
Chrtatmaa HoUdava. Pnoa 25 eta.
Durini? the year there will be lnterert.nif
rat'rs for bovs. by t lldsm cullen rsryant
JohaG. Wbittier. Thomas Hughes. WQUsm
Uowitt, ur. fiowaai. ueorre Jtsf-Doaiio
Baniord B. Hunt, r'rank 11. Stockton, and
There will be stories, sketches, and
poems, of special interest to giris. by II sr.
net l'reacott fponord. r-unin oonoze
fearab Winter KeUogg-. Llizabetb ftnart
Phelps, Louisa Alcott." Lucrttia P. Halo,
Celia lhaxter. Mary Mapes Uotfge, and
many other. There will be also
By Professor Proctor, the Atronomr,
with maps, showing The Start of Each
iUODin, wntcn wtu ne uaeiy it turps in
interest any aeries on popular science re-
coduj tjitcn to mt puouc.
Amuaement and Instruction, with Fun
and Frolic, and Wit and Wisdom, wIU be
mingled as heretofore, and t. Nicholas
will continue to delight the young and give
pleasure to the old.
the London litluauy wouli
'There it no msgezine lor the yourig thai
can be said to c-jual thji choice pro Juctioo
of Kkib.eii' press. All the articles,
whether in proc or rhyme, are throbbiDi;
w ith 1ttlity. The literature and
artistic Illustrations are both superb."
The London Daily .News say : "We wlb
we could pniut out its t'jtial In our own
periodical literature."
iO0D NEWS Foil BOYS AM t.lltLS.
To meet the demand for a rheiu r St.
Nichoiuh (jlit-lU.ok, the price ol vols. I
and II hat been rcduied to each. The
three volumes, tn an eleyant library case,
are told tor flu (in full gilt. 15;, to that all
may give their children a complete set.
that volume contain more altraettve liia-
v.b. wmm nwj aoar- wortU ol Iba tr4u
ary childreu'a books.
. Subscription prl, fi a yetr. The threo
bouad volumes and a subscription lor this
year, only $12. Subscribe with tbe nearest
oewsuoaier, or tend money in check, or 1
t. money order, or in registered letter, to
tu Broadway. N. Y.
I lira tbuusand. two hundred and any dutiar
Tno oi oewapaiier aavaruaiiiK, al anibliahcrs'
-ana. aiyen lur I .uu. aaa a Ujr mouttia' 110U1
wpiea in yaysuent rrom a4lvatlarsof rrapoa
bliity. A printetflint. glviris; name, character,
3tual dauy and weekly urculalion aadschwlule
sUaof adfsrtiaing, aert fro to any addreaa.
H"tlyto tieo. V. kowell Co.,
idvcrtiaiag Aciitj, 1 I'm, .tow. N. Y.
1 a. KlaraUhaA
r. tvot ut. Bit.
111. . 01.10 t.i.. .....jh. . "p1. m waua, aav
' i - iimIi.4 akica -'-iraat Ba aaam
lU.il. . mmml Au.M.M
He wee
..... . ma
fnivi ri atasioaxnaUnMaa an
; . P'.apl ttoumt. aa4 Um aMaaaal MR,liauai
iriS:'''JMssaal tort cm.
Headquarters for Groceries!
xne Finest Assortment in the West.
68, 70, and 72 Vino Street CINCINNATI.
r 'I
-MSi-v I J, J J
fTdl rW Lfeai
1 A
wvr I A
i mil i.j a m jh ' ip n a r - miii i ww ii mw
i n ir asv m. jt cj? ma Lnu vu-"
I I arHnT3ft m k
LI f it B -? R
It niru ts Zinrtiss ts ra it It c;r. t:i g& ni cf crier.
It vCl li cr:r7 clia tzl ef vnrh.
It srr r:n Tszzs Paper to Earzets Leatlur.
It la far la fcivarcs cf ctitr Srrisg Saclises la tiuraaalo cf lt3 npeticf
iprrrerat3, n a Sttaa Car ezw23 la aihirrescali
tie cli fellaei ta C:ach.
Prices Hade to Suit the Times, either for Cash or Credit.
pf Send i or Hlustrated Catalogue of STYLES aad Prices.
ChlcafOtlll. New York, N.Y. New Orleans, Li. St. tools, Mo.
Clieny Pectoral
For XHteeaea of tha
Throat and Xjun-t,
auch as Couichs,
Colds, Wbccpina;
W n ' T Atthraa, and Con.
r v.. t
taTaai eumption.
The renutatiou it has attained, in
cooKctjuenco of the marvellous, enrea it
Iiaa produced tiunnz tne laat Half cen
tury, la a aimeient swKuratice to the
public that it wilt toatiunu to realize
tne nappieat results that can be denintl.
au anuobi, every beet ion or country
there are persons, publicly known, who
have been restored from alarming and
"r ucaptrate uiHeaacs or the lun-'H,
oy us u. All who have tried it tt.
knowledso its sujx rlority s and w lit re
its virtues are known, no one hc.siutcs
an to what medicine to employ to re
litve the dlstnsa and buBerinn peculiar
,o uuuuonary anettious. CiithKy prc
iohal aJway a alTtirds in-sUnt relief, ami
perform rajdd curea of tins milder va
rieties of bronchial disorder, as well as
the more formidable tliHeaes or the
.. aafeifuiirtl to children, amid
the t IstnatiiiK disease which beset
the Throat and CJiest of Childhood. It
la invaluable, for. by its timely nV
aiuititudea are reaeued ami restored to
Thia luedieitie jjaiiw friends at
t very trial, at the cure n U eotwtautly
producing are too remarkable to U
forgotten. No family bi,oui(t i. wlth.
out it, and thoo w ho have once ued
it never will.
Kminent l"hyskiaii throuijhout the
country prescribe it, aud Clergymen
often reconimeud It from their knowl
edge of Its effects.
' raxrauD at
Or. J. C. AYCR & CO., Lowell, Matt.,
Praettaal as4 AaalyUcal Otaaaiett.
aon tt au. vavtfwiii syuairtuu.
J OCIiTU M M ill-
: is I l.X )
l' .
With a Cte htt-tl F.rtraitof A T. fclrwar
Carter, l esllj, V, ;i i. hturetsibii.
And iK-sidna tlrf: ll, ,nt t.ii'1 Tuluubla Diary o
JJiixjriiint tvriita ail oecurreuiva ilirouglioa
Jtt worM. ttiia ntin, r e'ulaina, amuiiK tu
sundred other article,, (1,. (Jlowiiif points ol
Ipecial LUWrre.l
ijwm Viclorja's but Title
lit. .lolin lla" a Airii l'iilliaiUer (l-'ooli
1 be True Aiihrn- eliaraitftristic I'oem
W.LiJixt.u a Ur-bl 01 r ranve-
Jeao Irilow'a m v
'w ilor-jif I'wu'y, for April.
iHitu I'trtrij'a tbaraeu r.atjca..
A W'iiM Part v in ln A rk
1 hr lpitalMta Atr. thwart, Vau'l. rln! t.
iu at a llor Auetiua.
rif tiu fv.ltj i.t at Waobmf U
lUe t.iri (, -vii e a hiiaaiab 1'oeiu.
Koya.tr in n,- i i,,im Hi-u-a .
Arrninu, v Mr.j ,( irai Urraiid 1'eculiariliea.
Montiiiy Iu.irr,i i ,.,,1rr.a. etc.
IIiiok to U UjrliP! at,vlularand Ujurblnt
ixiciim, euji. ii.i-.iili utB. Ac iu aneb allrw-
J variety, t,t( 1( frlut M rii beat amount fit
taiiiaon- mm eiiu-rlainina teailtnK alnioat ever
Ibis ntw I'eriwin-jiwbh'.h baaslrwly nwen
sl am ii an tuoi iimua iioiiularuy, la
lMiUl.ii if , , riuinal 111 till- waV of I
J-aonlhiy il-aiii,. fceTne a aort of Itel. rnica
uraii-iiuoi. or n.... n.l ricsni ol imiiorUint
cam inai r.aj.n BUy part ol tlie woriu,
with a arlH:ii.,u ol t,t- moat Hirtilar ruiset llanv
ol tli cmi. t I..,,,.,,. uud Doptry. lotvixn
n. doinm,.; K'litl by 'rauk Muore, of the
i.i iKilioii Keeoiil '
Ibaiilifull. i.riniHl. with an eli-irar.t Htee, "'.r-
irail ol Hie m,,at iirouuueul lroii of tlie moLtu
in .atl! SujoU..'.
Cllieol tlip in.... ..... i.l..(n an. I vpIiihIiIp flrMt.
clanaiuonllily uuojuneaever biauel. I'riue, W
xaia a inoi.iti.or t ' si lor a ye.r'a auliacilp
lloa j-.rUift i,j, ur ,ilt iMiblitflier.
t-tarly BiiUM.rii.doss Ukiu with anv
0. W. CHAELET0JI a CO., Fublithtrt,
Madiaea Riuaie. Kew York
im. SOR1SK1M
Martiur Oukla 11 1 1Mb.
US uwrrtNuaaiicratiii
Irpia in ira. 1 all Ik iu.
ul.Hi.e ab"4 ai-ov oa
VL'llDlJiTin " Marnaia, H.a
nniin r. i -'-i"'.v o-"r
asvaaa w aiu a in am i,jaii
ma al Hi
pvtual ,ylpin.l.uwt.i rura
-Jl X, vilSa hanla VI ,aliiaDW raclla,
liiMd m, tm,,,, t i,,ara. lullr aapTalaiDf tknt
S . ,1.4 ni.HuO"t l ', Uiauoly rpai.y
u..ac au., ,h.iJ.c4. ai-4 1. Me
4-711! s w-iy -"f pta
aoawaa. Ii, c A t-. . .. . - liu k.u 1 ink -
The iiinte can be healed and I he wounded
made whole. We now kn-.w mot wlial the
Centaur Ltniment wid d.. I'hry will not
mend broken b.nes or euro l ancer, but
they will extract ;ren?. aiiay pam. i-uic
Kbfumattni and s laryef raotre ot fl"h,
tione and musele aiiuieott than any article
ever before diveri.
Stlentino sain eauiioi ko uejuuu m
fects id tlee reiiurkal.de preparation?
t linos ic HitniMAifM of many years
standiop, Neuralgia. Weak-llaek, reer
WreDin-sincw. Scintiea. t aked-
ltreab. lilorted .loint aud Spri;ncd
l imb nfthc wor-t kind are cured tv the
wi.it a t'entaur Lininient.
It will destroy the pain ana neamiiuoin
a scar all ordinary l.urns and eald. It
will extract the poicon of Bites and Mine,
and the lrot from Fiozen Liiub. Ills
very eineacious lof Kir-aehe, Touth-ache,
Itch und Cutanenu Eruptions.
Mr. Josinli W'ej'ilake, ol Marysiille, O.,
writes :
For year my Rheumatism has been so
that I have been unable to stir from the
boue. The Drst three bottles of Centaur
Ltni-pciit enabled me ta walk without mv
crutches I am mending rapidly. 1 think
your Liniment simply a marel.''
C. U. Bennett, inuit, Kock Prairie,
lo., sa) :
"Centaur l.Iniaieiit sells better und give a
the beet satiMactlon ol iiiiything in the
Whntthe Cetitnur l.iinuieiit im uone lor
others it will do for ) on. It is reliable, ami
it Is cheap.
The Yellow Centaur Liniment
is worth Itt weight in ,'! 1 t owners oi
tutraea ami mills.
ThtsL nimenl has cured more Sprained,
Sweenied. KinL'-boned and Oalled Horses in
three years than have all the Farriers in the
country in au age. its enects are timpiy
We have thoiisauds upon thousands of
certificates as strong as the loiiownijt :
Mv luirB wuh lituia for a vear with a fet
lock wrench. All remedies utterly failed
to cure and 1 considered him worthies un
til I commenced to use Centaur Liniment,
which rapidly cured him. I heartily recom
mend It. "Itr,V. tifcXI. W. FfcltKIS,
Manorville, Schoharie Co., . Y.
"Iear8irs I have used jour Centaur
Liniment in my family, and find it to be ol
great value. Please send me two dollars'
worth, one for the mules and horses.
"Falls Station. "Wyotnini: Co., Pa.
It makes very little difference what the
ca-e is, whether it be Wrench, Sprain, Poll
Evils Rinirbone, Scratches or Lameness ol
anv kind, the effects are the same. Llverv
men. State proprietor!, Farmer, Ac, should
never be without the Yellow t entaur Lini
ment. It is 3ld everywhere, and warrant
ed la us etie?ts.
Laboratory of J. II. ItO-K A CO.
4'i Ikv Sr.. New Yokk.
Cast or ia.
It is a mi-take to suppose that Caidoria Is
not adapted to prown persons as well as
Children. They oIy need to increae the
quantity. Put ehi.dren have so many com
plaints for w hich Catoria i adapted like
WindColie, .our Stomach, Worms. Tetter,
Teething and Croup, that it is especially
recommended for them.
Itseftci'ta are more certain than Castor
Oil. It contains no alchohol and I- as plead
act to take as honey. It neer gripe-, liy
regulating the stoniaeh and bowels the Cas
tor! a cools the blood, expels vor.ii and
prevents feverishnes', quiets the nerves and
produces health then of eoiir.e children
can sleep in quiet and mothers can rest.
Ca.storiais recommended by all physician
am nurses wno nave uieu it, anil it is hav
lne a rapidly increasing tale, it i irepkrsd
with great care alter the recipe of Ir. Sam
uel metier, or la-s., at the Laboratory ot
.J. Li. Rose & Co.. to Dev York.
lo the ssorklna el: We can lurmrk
steady ilyiuetit at a bich you can make very
larjfe par, in your own localities without beinir
away trom home over nifrbt. Arentn antwl in
every tows and county to take subscri tiers I'iT
Tlie Lent-nniai Itecoru. the larft i.ubli nation
m me mum oiatea 1 paires, coiumea; r.i
et-acitv Illustrated: Terms only l ixr vrar,
The Uccord is devoml to whatever ia ol int-rel
connecte.1 with tlie LrnU-nniul year. The liml
Kxhibitioa at Philaylelphia is fully lllontrated
in deuil. KverybiHly wanta it. The aiioie
l0)le feel b tfreat intert in tlielr Conntry'a
Contennial Kirtliday, and want to know all
aUjulit. An elraut patriotiu crayon drawinx
premium piciure ts preafUH-a irr to y uui
scrilier. It Im rntitird, "lo rniembrane ol tht
One Hundredth Annivi-rary of the Indeprnd-
enceoftlie CuiW htans. ' biw, i by ' in-
r.bea. Any one ran become a aunt't-atful agent,
for but snow the inr and picture and nun
drwla of aulmcriliera are euaily obtained evrrv-
where. There ia no Inn mesa that will pay liae
una ai preaeni. n e nave many airenui who are
iuaJ.ui(( aa Ii 1Kb aa tjo per day and upward.
Now is the lime; don't delay. Jtiuieinlier It
costs nothing to irive the buemep a trial Send
for circular , terms, and sample copy of paper,
which are art free to all who apply ; "lo it ID
day. Complete outflt free to thoae who dwide
toens;iKe. farmers and mecJtaniii, and their
sons and daughters make the very bent of a)?' Dt.
Portlaiid limine.
'A Complete Pictorial History or the
Times. '"Tha beat cheapest, and
most successful Family Paper
In the Union.
Harper's Weekly.
KOTIl s i,Y ma fai rs,
IIAUFKIC's WKKKI.Y sVuiM I hi iv.rv
family tlirnughout the laud, aas nurer. more in.
trresting. higber-Uint-l, lietier-iflnstratcil paper
ia not uulillnlieil in this or anv other muiiln
tonimeieial llulletiu, lloston.
J he Wl.hhLl is tlie on v illiialrata.) unr r,i
tha day that in its mai niial eharaettrisiiua ia
recognize. as a national oais r. itrooklyn Kavle
Ihc Inuling aiticlea iu 11 A KI'KK'n WLKhLY
en politn-jil toinca are inwhl. of hiule-lone.1 dia
cuanion, and it picUirial illuatrabou, are alien
orroborativa ara-uincnt ol nu am:ill i.m...
r.iaminrr aii'l lironicie, . .
'Ihe WKKKLY has to a still larger ilL-n Hn
Uniaxl all coiillietilbrs as au illuatratcd iirara.
pajier. lla ediioriala ar aiuong the most able ol
tneir Kimi, an -1 iu other ruwiuig in-lier ia al once
learned, brilliant, and arrnising. lo, illurlra-
uoiiaareaiiuiiauut anuoi rate eiceilence. t hiia
liau A'trocate, .. J ,
Postage freeto all Subscribers in th
United States.
MAltl'KK'S WEEKLY, one rar...l no
f isi Includes oeiiavintit i.r I.' . 1.0.1- l.u
..,.i.i.,. ' '
sam taattrirtaa
bubaeriiitions to IIAKI'Ik'S lllciyivK
W 1. 1.K 1. 1 , uiicl IIAZ.tit. to onealilrei.a for una
year, am u: or two of Ibirocr' 1'erioiliinU. i
uiir.immi loronayenr, a oi; ikisiukv irpe.
An r.atra tunv ol'pilher tha Mi.iriolnp WmL
iy, or liazar wni ii aupplieil arratia lor every
um oi i ive suoatrioera i ans each, iu ona rn
mittuuee; or, bia i'opiea for Alio, without
axtraiviiiv.tifMti.ir t'ti-m
n4 k number can be uppllel al any lima.
T he oluiuea of the Weekly comiuenc with
th year. When no lime ia lueutioiied, it will be
understood thai Hip subscrllr wirhc to rnin-
iiieuca ub Hie uuinber next alter the receipt of
HI uruer.
Tb Annual Volume ol Baruer WeeVlv. in
Drat cloth binding", will be sent by exnreaa. I'reat
ofeapeusa, for7 oo each. A eonplete Met, com
prising Twenty Voluinei. sent on recrint of eaah
st the rale of ii per volUitie, freight at expeuae
of piirehaarr.
Cloth ( jiaea for each volume, aul'sble for bind
ing, will ba pent by mail, iiostiaud, oa receipt ol
Al uo, aid).
Imteia, to each volume sent grati on lectin.
of ,uuup.
set paer are not to copy tui auverttaement
Without th expresa order of Harrier ft noU)rs.
Address IUIHI Hi MiOTHKsiS,
w-if New York
W (ten KIPNsa -ne. m ltMi id
mMer ll.idsy Nomtwi tx .lni , sldeixiu
onn.' ssld el it t "W e are .t sm btit t It at
KtnK hs iiMit lied hiwlvw stcr iiikiK,
We !., not see v hsi ,rbt an Irlt to it tit
i iitwuer." Km the publiohors da not ron
sidrr that thry haxe rvaehed th ulilm
thule of esielleiier Ihev brlte e "tbrrr are
ether world" l conquer, and they piopoe
to rontitier tnem.
The pmsH-etiis fir ibe new solunie ittxes
ths title ol mre tli in titty paper vuntiy
Illustrated, by writer oi the inflict nu t it.
I nler the brad ot
Foreisn Tiavel,"
we h..c "A Winter on the Nile,"
by Urn
MeClellall !
sauntcriots About Coustanti-
Charles Pudley Warner: "Uut
of My Window
at Moscow," by Lunelle
huler: "An American In Ttirkistan,
etc. Three serial stories are announced.
"Nicholaa Mlnturn,"
Bv Dr. Ilolfand, the Editor,
wuose eiory oi ".-se cnoass avc tuc inv j
est satisfaction to the readers of tin1
The scene oi this latest novel is laid on
the banks oi the million. I he hero is a
vouuif man who has been always iied to a
woman s apmn strings," tun wno, tiytno
death of his mother, Is left alono in the
world lo sir i tt on the current ot lilt w ith
a fortune, but wltbotit a purpose.
Another serial, -jus inheritance. ' ny
.Mi Tralton. w Iii beicin on the eotupletio.il
ol That Lass o' I)s rie's," by Mrs. Jloiljt
son Burnett. Mrs. Burnett's story, beirun
in August, has a pathos and dramatic power
which have been a surprise to the public.
There Is to te a series of original and ex
quisitely illustrated papers ol "Populai sci
ence,7' by Mrs. uerrii.k, each paper cone
nlete In itself.
There arc to be, iroiu vsrtou pens, papers
''Home Life and Travel'
Also, practical suggestions at to town and
country life, villa improvements, etc., by
wsll-known specialists.
Mr. liaruaru's articles on various Indus
tries ot (ireat Britain include the history of
Some Experiments in Co-operation,'' "A
Scotiah Loaf Factory" iu the .November
number, aad "Toad Lanei Rochdale," in
Decembsr. Other papers are, "The British
Workiniraian's Home," "A Nation of .shop
keeper," "Ha'penny a Week for the Child,"
A richly illustrated series will be given on
"American ?poris oy r looa ao'i t ieni,- uy
various writers, and each on a dlflcrent
theme. The subject of
"Houaehold and Home Decoration"
will have a prominent piaco, whilst the
productions ot American humorists will ap
pear from month to montli. The list of
shorter stories, biographical aud other
sketches, etc.ts a long one.
The editorial department will coiitlhoe to
employ the ablest pent both at home and
abroad. There will be a series ot letters on
literary matter, from London, by Mr. Wcl
iord. The pages of the m.tcazlne will be open,
as heretolore, so far as limited space will
permit, to the discussion of all theme af
fecting the social and religious ble oi the
world, and specially to the freshest thought
oi the Christian thitikei and scholars of
this country.
We mean to make the magazine tweeter
and purer, higher and nobler, more genial
and generous in all its utterances and in lic
ences, and a more welcome visitor than
ever before in borne of relinement and cul
ture FIFTEEN MONTHS for tt.
Scribnkr lor December, now ready,
and which contains the opening chanters ol
"Nicholas Minturn," will be read with eaer
curiosity and interest. Perbapi no more
readable number of this magazine has yet
been iued. The tbrse numbers ol Son li
ner for August, September, aud October,
containing the opening chapters of "That
Laaf o' Lowrie's' will be given to everv
new subscriber (who requests it), and
who.-e subscription begin with the present
volume. I.e., with the November number.
(subscription price, it a year 3.'j cents a
number. Special terms on bound volumes.
Subscribe v ith the nearest bookseller, or
send a check or P. O. money order to
743 Broadwav. N. X.
L ... I
f . Munkel'a Bitter Hiar or Iron
has never been known to fail in the cure of
weakness, attended with symptoms; Indis
position to exertion, loss of memory, dinl-
culty of breathing, general weakness, horror
oi aiseasc, weak, nervous trenibiinir. dread
ful horror of death, night sweats, cold feet,
weakness, oimneas oi vMon, languor, uni
versal lusritude ot tbej ojucular syalein,
enormous appetite with dyspeptic ymf-
iuuih, u'H nanus, naming oi the outy, dry
nest of the akin, pallid countenance and
eruptions on the face, purity ing the blood,
pain in the baek, heaviness ol tha eyelids,
frequent black spots Hying before the eves
with temporary sullision and loss of sight,
want ol attention, etc These symptoms
an ariMi irom a weakness, auu to remedy
that, use E. F. Kuukel's Bitter Wine ol
iron, it never fail. Thousands are now
enjoyiug health who hae used it. Take
only j. r . bunker.
Beware of counterfeits and bac imlta
tions. As Hunker Bitter Wiue of Iron is
to wen kiioivu all over the country, drug-
nicely put. on mo oinsioe with the pro
prietor s puotograpn on tne WTapiier ol
each bottle. Alwav look for the Photo
graph on Ihe outside, and you w ill always
ne sure to get uie genuine, one dollar pel
bottle, or six for fi. Sold bv druggists and
dealer cecrvwhere
K. F. Kunkcl's Worm Svruu never fails
to destroy Pin Scat and btomach Worms.
Dr. Kuiikel, the only successful physician
who removes Tape Worm in two hours
alive, with head, and no foe until removed,
Leslie' Newners aud Magazinea, the oldta,
etabllabed Illustrated Periodical in America.
ebey are now first offered lo canvassers, win
win, lrthcy secure ao agency ana exclusive ter
uory, oe enaoieo to inirouiu-e aevenieen Urst
claas illustraleU 1'erlodlcrls, suited to a luanv
distinct taak-a or wants, and, with the choice
from eight new and beautiful chromus, given
tree or cost to each annual aunscrmer, be en
abled t secure one or mare aubaeriptioua :o
very lamily in lueir district, lo skilllui can
vassers this will secueiermanent employment,
awl the renewals each year will ba a aouroe o
ylad and aaaure.1 revenue. Spaclmes paiers
and most Iiberul ermaaent la all appllcauta w ho
fame the u-muiry uiey uvaire vo canvass, au
res, Agency liepurtmen, S'runk J-e tie
puhliahlug House, V7 I'earl I trtet, ew York
14-111 blU
English Unisaols, Three Ply and lngralo
also, stair aipet, tlvet Kugs, Crumb
Cloths, Oil Cloths, etc., very cheap
at the Old Place
Carpets carefully packed ami tent to au
part oi tue i tinea Mate, irteni charge.
gisis iiieniMives niaae an imitation ana try 111 i lu l"r 1 nueu
to sell it oil to their customers, w hen they I Jr 4 r v 4,-. htAt'' ,"l". and Lu
call for Kunkel'a Bitter Wine of Iron, ' K U I Q 7 fl,lVr -i'v , IfJ'!."'4
Kunkel's Ritter Wine of iron is put up (Xjj ljltinioua1)Dy VTrJTlT
only in 1 1 bottles, and has a yellow wrapper w w w vvdencei invti in ih. U.
uommou sense u-acnet tnat li i ape Worm HI u
be removed, all other worms can be readily A H I TT iO H pTut lit i Itl H
destroyed. Send lor circular to Dr. Kun. ft 1 1 1 I P Uinvemlon PlOnf-t
kel, No. aoa aorta Ninth atreet, Philadel- III V I lin IbJelCS.,-. : P Vil
phia, Pa., or tall on your druggist and ask mv w IIon.M.D.Leg-l I llf
for a bottle of Hunkers Aorm Syrup, gett, Kx-Coromls!oneroi rateuu,
Price, $1.00. It Devar lulls. Cleveland, Ohio O. il. Kelley, ai., fee'v
vii v Ann tub
a l .-c ataV
The Best Coal Cook Stoves 1
w quickest mm
SusS styles and price to mil 'JJJ u,..r
ht sore and ask your dealer for tht MQNITOft.
WM. RESOR & CO.. Cincinnati, 0.
kioremi or au urm tTom rot coomm
v til taiiaurunr.
tr tn-1 fcf Catlcuf
The Most Kmlnetit Living Author such
I'rol. Mas Milder, I'rof. T ymlall, Kt. ioiji
K. t.la lstiiiie, Dr. w . k.i rtiemer, i rni ims-
b-y, H A Proctor, Frnca Tower tow. I ne
1 Hike or Arsrylc. -Ian. A. t romip. sirs, nuinn n.
Mr,. Ollnhnut. Mrs. Alfxand.-r. M iss I harl.nay ,
Jean Inireiow, i.rorre MaelMmald, Win, I'la. k.
Aiithoav Jrolli.asi, Matlliw Arnoin, iii-niy
Klngsle'y, W. W. Story, Auerlaeh, Uu-kln,
Carlyia. Tennyson, Browning, and many others,
are represented in the na;c of
Iiittoirs liiving Ago.
Jan. 1, 1-TT, THK LIVIX, Al.r. entr np'.n
Ita l.ll volume, with the continue.! exinunetels
tion ol the lieat men anil Journals of Ihe country ,
and with ciHlstantlv incteuaing sucres.
In 1S77. it will mrnisn to us renoer ii.e pro
ductions ol the foremost aulhora above uunel
and maiivotlicrs: embracing the chotot Sciii.1
and Shori Storier, bv Hip laadlng Koreian V.vel .
ista, aud an amount
TJnapproached by any other Periodical
in the world, ofth mt-st valual Ic literary and
scientillc mattprol theilav, Irom the pens of the
lealing Ksaayista, Seientisls, Critics. Iiiacover
era, and Kiliiora. reprvspntiiifl every ilrpartiueiit
of Knimlilk'p ami rnre.
1 UK Ll IN(. A(k, tin which its onlv com
Iitor, KKY SA Il ltHAY, ' ha l-en
merKl), ia a weekly maghrine of sixly-Mii
patres, giving more than
doublt: column ocuvo pKa of rea-iii.g-inaiirr
yearlv. H irvsents In an luexreiive tniin,
conaidering It amount ol niatier.w ith freshnes-,
owing to il weekly is.ue, and w:th a sati-.faetrry
rompleteneH ath lupterl by no other ptilitiratioii
the Ik-hI Lsaays, l!eiie, Critieirin,, iules
Sketches oi I ravel and Ilcoery, Totry,Scir
title, ltioicrai-hiiuil, ilist'TIra! anil l'olilual In
formation, from the entirt tody of Poreign
Terire-lieal I.lier.ilora.
It is theretoie mtahiahle to every Ami ri'n
reailer as ihr onlv freehand thorough cfiiiipn
tinn of an indisiiensahle rurient lileratiirr, in
duipenauhle laM-aute it emUac , tlie nrodtn I. on,
Tho Ablest Living WritcrH.
in a'l lauiu'he, of Literature, Science, ,tt, hi- I
0 I' I X I o s s
' simply indisperiallc to any one who l:,ir a
to kp abreast ol Ihe thought of the bk in anv
departiiif lit of (.ieni i.r bterulure " lio-icn
A pure ami perpetual re-a-rvolr and fountain
entertain inert aiel in-tru' tion.' Hon. lii.Un
C. W llllhrop.
"'Ibe tept petiiKlietl in ArneriiM " 1 heoloir
I.. uyler, I,. Is.
"It haiio4ual inaiiy couutiy ' I'loliul. 1-
phi lYir-s.
i! reproduce the Lol thoegbt of it s ls I
minds o the civilize.) vvurl-j, tipon all topic- ot
living interest. " i'l.iladt lj Ida Inquirer.
"I he tie-t of all our ei lectU piibliiuiions. "
Tho Nat'ou. w York.
And thecbrai-nt. A monthly thai con.eaevi t v
wi-il ' '1 he Advance. ( hiciro.
"w Ith it alone a n-ailer nuy filrlv keep up
With ad tlialia uiiporlant iu the literature, hi--tory,
iiolitica. aj-d aciem-e of the dav. Jl.e
kltthodint. Sew York.
Ihe ablest emays, the most entertaining
stones, the fluent poetry nf the Knp!ih lanirnoge,
are here galheirtl to getlii-r." illinoia Mate
s'linll-pensable lo everv one who deeire a
thorough coinindiiiiu ol"all Unit 1, adiiurnlili
and noteworthy in Ihe literary worbl." -11., .ton
"Uut:ht to find a plai-e in every Amencan
llnme."evr ork 1 iluci.
l'iihlislje-1 Htiut at -.'i a ye-.ir, free ot
To all naw ruliscriliers for IsTT, will lie sent
gratia the aix number of lTt., containing, witli
other valuable mailer, the llit in-lullti.eiit of a
new aud powerful serial story, " I he Slar.iu-s o,
Loie."l,y OJ-.i.liijL M.V(. IxiNAI.Ii, now ap
ap(iearing iu Ihe Living Age from advance
Club Prices for for the boat Uoiiio
ana F oreign Literature.
"lOH-.esed of Tlia I.IVIKO Ai.E anil one or
other of our vivacious American monthlies, 11
subscriber will Hud Inm-elfin command oi il,-
wnoie siluKlii.ii. I'iilladelphia Kv'g bulletin
For tliLfiu Tub Livino Ai.k und eitier one ol
the American It Monthlies d.r llamer'a Wwl.lv
or Bazar) willlieaeut tor a year. In lh jKmlpanl';
or, tor t'J ."i. Tub Livino Ana and Scrll-nerH
M. Nieliolas or Appletmi ' Journal.
.1'iurepn j.n j i.r. i,.x, ftostou.
hah and foreign anguages, witn inventors, At
torney at lw, and oilier Koliciitora, eapecull
W th those who have hail their ease rejected in
IhehamU oi other attorney, in reiechvl case a
our lee are reaaonahle, and no churge ia made
unless we ure auci eseful.
T If you want a pat.
I ent.send us a mode I
examination at the patent offi'-e, ami II we think
It patentable, will send you papers uinl advice,
and proaec.ute your cae. Our lee will be in or
uinary case, t-
Satlonal uranre. Iouisvilh. Kv. i ( oi
lian'l A milieu, V. 8 . N., Washington, li. C.
t J"eud Stami) for our "Uuida lur ol. in i,i
lug Patents," a book nf Ml puire .
Addrep : l.onla ItUKaer rV '.. Solid
Uir of PaU-ntn, Wsehlnglon, I). ,.
Marriage' utffii czvrzx
.J J I Bi.iTT, oo tha pLe.lolnrloa)
ValUluOi I aiilenu aa ratalaUun. al
. I lt. eiu) ,?,wai, wit, xtm
l.uu4iMnrMalalaaaalMoaar,,i,rlueuau vraMCrloa
p.!,!.1" ioI.'",d"r SaadiPt aa ,li
p'fc wll aumaraaa wraiiLa, aad auataiu ealuatiia
nan: .ull It I. a b, tut euhl u S. Si liSaV Iri
ai.J .... ee4 aot l.fl c.r.11. a. bouia.
ii Pvaiaiu. uia aiiwrl.Do. 4 avlo. cf a rSrairUb
, . "I ' an fcmal, Ua-oualKiul Hi. .an r,
l. Iterafcraca, ,rrUi:ria n ... ......
miva it ,ien that Unrii kauauia. an uiua uwi u am
rvlnl.l id any or, ur '
Eiiiik ,m
Notlct to tht Afflicts and Uaferiuatt.
Ikfare aitjlyu o ia. aottrtiuta aaaeka wba aS'ertia, la
tutiiia ftir., or uul aor auark ppSip V br.
utu' aurk, ao auuar wtai lasr lim la af aa lwr.
Si.' your osftdiiloa.
lr kullaooaapiaaaaoasfekeaaeortMatr-amannoB.-b
lailaraa b, aene ar lap ana oalpbraxnl aSiaal arr-
vbia ooualry aa luroaa, aa aaa aa eoa.ulie4 pr.
ar lj aiall, aa Ua l.aapw Mllaaa ia SU aor..
rsi, rhn.M..,, Hi V"i,
WK . B.
Physloion x surgeon.
Offiea ia Winter' block, comer Seventh aud
Commercial Avatme, (antram-a on karrntbi.
Healdaaos lliirteenta tlreal, watt Of Wtthlnatea
, tveau. tl.
i ar a . i.. 1 - ... n i
v 7$:" '
A 1 11 I- .'. ...
V , . , -

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