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Ta nilaoU tefUktun will adjourn on
wax nuidv, uth iut. '
x-Pbuidint Giant, Mrs. Grant
toil tea tailed from Philadelphia for
Xnropttby tbeiteamer Indiana, Thurs-
Cm. Epa U now In New York for
tlM pwpoM of borrowing money with
which to carry on the work at the jetties
until a time thatthe second instalment
laduefroin the government. This will
be whea he bu twenty-two feet In the
channel. Ha aayi he hai now twenty
feet la folly hall the channel, and ex
pecti to haye the required depth the lull
length of the channel to aecurj the second
payment ot five hundred thousand
doLUri by the close of next September.
Ik r election of Associate Justice
WUlard to the chief Justiceship of the su
preme court of South Carolina, Gov.
Hampton bu gained a signal victory
over the malcontents ot that state. Wll
lardli a conservative Republican and
aupported Hampton in all his struggle
with the Chamberlain gang of carpet
twffcera. HaoiDton beliVa lUub Hie
aucceaaoihla administration depended
on WiUard'a belntf mado chief Justice.
VTfilarrJ will not be antagonistic to tbe
Democrats, and as the vacancy on the
bench will be filled by a Democrat they
will haye a majority ot tbe court.
A niw and strange Insect has made its
appearance In the blue grass regions of
Kentucky, and Is destroying much of the
grass In that section. A Kentucky ex
change aayi that the Insect looks the like
slugs that appear on rose buds, and al
though yry small, Is dreadfully vorac
Jous. This la the only enemy that blue
grata bu ever bad, and givea cause for
the great uneasiness that Is felt. Whero
cvar the Insect appears the grass presents
a white, dry appearance. .The Insects
bare been examined through micro-
BOODea. and they were found hideous
enough to be dreaded.
Dtmcra the twelve years in which the
carpet-baggers had control ot the state
government ot South Carollca nearly a
million sad a halt of dollars were appro
priated for the equipment and maintain-
ance of tbe state malltia; and yet a tew
dayi ago when the Radical adjutant gen-
am oi ue state turned over tna arms,
etc., In bit possession to bis successor,
au were was or . them was about one
hundred worthless muskets, and a few
thousand ruined cartridges. This is
very bad showing, considering the large
amount of money appropriated on ac
count of the militia, and the question Is
now asked where did the money go to?
Tbe biggest end of It undoubtedly went
Into tne carpet-bags of the vlllians who
o long prayed upon the state.
Tn ..fame of the American, cnt-rwf.
hgger u not cvuwiea u ais native land,
Be is known to tbe Inhabitants of the
farthermost portions of the earth as a
creature to ba hated and despised. The
London (England) Standard in a lengthy
articlepn tbe "American carpet-bagger,"
concludes u follows:
We may hope the period ot so-called
"earpeuag" government in tne soutn
tbe rule of Northern adventurers sup
ported by Ignorant negro votes in the
leecn 01 tne whole educated and tax
paying body of citizens U at an end.
Only the most extreme Radicals will
regret It. Tbe men who, taking advan
tage 01 me aisirancntsement ot great
bodies ot Southern whites and the pro
scription ot every leading Southern
statesman and soldier, took up tbe trade
of affltaton in order to make themselvna
rulers of states in which they had no let
gltimate Interest, have done nothing to
uenent um negro, mucn to injure tbe
whites, and still more to produce bitter
ness and distrust between the two races.
Kbpobts from the scene ot the East
ern war all go to prove that a great bat
tle will be fought soon, and perhaps it
It now In progress. For the last week
the Rossi ans bave been concentrating in
large numbers at Glurgevo, preparatory
to a forced passage of the Danube. Tbe
Russian army is reported to be in fine
condition and excellent spirits, and anx
ious for tbe coming slaughter. Oppo
site Glurgevo, In Rustchnk, the Turks
bave a strong force, and that they will
resist the efforts ot the Russians to cross
tbe river la ctrtaln, and It la at this point
that the bloody struggle will in all prob
ability take place. Great activity is re
ported all along the Russian line. Heavy
cannonading wu heard ;on the Turkish
aide of the Danube, and a number of
amall town below Ruatchuk are report
ed to hare been destroyed by tbe Rus-
slan artillery. The Russians are consid
trably embarraated on account ot i
lack of transportation facilities, and
thUr movements have been greatly re
tarded. . Tbe Turkish commanders along
the Danube bave issued manifestoes urg
ing tbe Inhabitants, In view of the im
pending battle, to remove lurther inland
toward the Balkan mountains. A num
ber ot light engagements are reported to
have taken place at point of minor im
portance, but they are of slight corue-
ejaence compared with the great strug
gle te take place on the Danube. The
Turks bay captured two hundred small
vessels In the Danube, containing 13,000
bectollre of wheat.
The Washington correspondent of the
New York JW bu Just returned from
a tew of the southern states, and la a
kUktterto that paper gives a very
tfooory account of tha condition ot the
wpabUe pstty south. De believe.
tbsStke Radical party la the southern
n beyend resurrection ; and
tttteauM time scouts the Idea ot a
'ore la the Democratic rank.,
'Dataueratlc party in the cotton states
una correspond
u able lo see, It more firmly united
than ever, and all efforts on the part ot
Mr.llaycs and the administration to disor
ganize it have failed utterly. Ou tul
score the Times correspondent writes as
follows :
Alter an extended tour through the
South, made principally In the hope of
finding some evidence ot approaching
Democratic disorganization, 1 am com
pelled to express the couvictlou that ou
all national questions the Southern states
for years to come will be
lound casting a solid Demo
cratic vote, lu making tho state
ment 1 only echo the opinion of every
vtll-lnloriued Republican who has lived
ar traveled In the cotton states, 't hat
even I'ostniastcr-Uem rul Key is begin
ninir in antim measure to sharo this De
lict is strlkinjrly evidenced by bis recent
letter to his brother, in wiucn occurs tun
remarkable statement that If the south
docs not support the nationul administra
tion, tiie lederal olUces will be given to
Republicans. Hut if further evideuco ol
the soliditv of the southern voto Is nec
essary, It can be lound la abundance
by reference to any ol tho newspapers
published In tho South. In tho Middle
Stales, in New England and the West the
comments of party journals or party
leaders cannot always bo taken 84 an ex
act expression of prevailing public sen
timent. In the sections referred to men
and women read, reason and form con
elusions lor themselves. Ac the South,
however, for a number of reasons which
I need not now enumerate, the people
bave their thluking done to order, so to
speak. The expressions ot leading news
papers can always be taken as luirly In
dicating popular opiulon. feeling and
sentiment: nnri aa T havn fntiniiifeiil "'"
Is not In tho aoitou .m. to-day a
leadfmr newspaper time does not rejoice
at the solidity ot the Southern Demo
cratic vote. And looking at the matter
from a Southern standpoint, why
should the vote referred to be divided ?
What have the Southern Democrats to
gain by disorganization ? It la not usual
tor victorious armies to disperse. Great
political parties only separate when u;oy
have been defeated. . The Democrat f
the South have been successful beyond
their most sanguine expectations, t hey
have triumphed where tuey amicipnteu
disnster, and they would be more or less
than human It they did not press for
ward to fresh victories and still greater
How A Book Agent Captured
the ' Times" Office.
"The Idyl of Fourth Avenue .
Blue Gloss nntl Green Untr.
Chicago, III., May 10th,lS77.
A story appeared in last Sunday's
Timet concerning tho successful capture
ot that offlco by a
Of courso the heroine was a young lady,
and the young lady as it happened was
petite, fragile and fair. She had
tresses ot gold and eyes ol brown
with a tawny tlngo In them like a hint
of the sunshine, to match the same sug
gestion in her hair. The writer ol the
story it was the man who hashes the
local column on the Times went on to
relate how she approached the editor,
and how mysteriously one alter another
of the nowspaperlal brethren succumbed
Of tho young lady agent. The only man
who held out against tho general infec
tion was the parngrapbist, and the reason
he tailed to fall In line
with tbo others was accounted
for on the ground ot a striking resem
blance which existed between tho book
agent and his wife. It was supposed ho
bad become fortiilcd by long practice
tgainst similar attacks. Tho Times
writer Interested himself sulllclently In
the book canvasser to make some inqui
ries concerning her and from theso ho
has woven a
wiuding up with a marriage between a
certain naval officer la Boston and the
heroine. The only essential element
lacking in the romance is truth. The
girl was not engaged to a naval olllc er
and Is not yet married. She never had a
brother and therefore was deprived ol the
chance ot displaying that sisterly devo
tion which the Times man so graphically
portrayed as existing towards that imag
inary individual. Tho reason of her
leaving home could be summed up in
one sentence. She had a step-mother.
The editor referred to Is Franc Wilkie,
and the story ought to be told to illus
trate him or at least ono side of him ;
for he la altogether a kaleldscoplc man.
The girl canvasser sho was
Did see him In his sanctum ; bearded the
lion In his den, as It were, but when ho
found she was only a book agent, his
brows corrugated tdcmselvcs Into
black, thunderous lino down over his
eyes emiting portcntious lightning,
and lie made some harsh
reply to her timid advance. It was more
than enough. Tho brown eyes of the
girl filled with tears the sensitive or
ganization had been wounded. Wilklc
and Instantly all the gallantry in ills na
ture came bravely to tho rescue. "Give
me your Dook :" tie cried, and at once
his name went down on tho subscription
1st. Then he summoned every avail
able man In thatolllceto his room, and
down went their names on tho same
list. The victory thus begun nt head
quarters of course communicated Itself
to tbe rank and file, and it was therefore
comparatively easy to capture the com
posing room.
So this Is the whole story lu brkl. It
has a moral. It is to the
effect that the hearts of men aro not
adamant, even towards book agents, and
that when the light spring Is touched,
the rocky Iporta' fly open, often dis
closing a good da of unexpected tender
ness and warmth.
In this case Is like a chestnut burr, bris
tling with repellant points outside,
fruited rich with a big heart Inside.
This is the way the story begins, and
altogether It is a genuine prese poem
brimming over with tho very
The moa who could write it reveals a
nature capable ot the keenest sympathy
and, an intuition so penetrating
that if " ono did not know tho
writer to be mascullno It would naturally
bo credited to a woman. It Bret Harte
had been the author of the sketch ho
would have christened it "The rdylot tbe
Kourlh Avenue Ghoulery," or some
such pretty flourish ot trumpets.
cwrnu LEONARD,
A wimauol well kuown literary reputa
tion 41 Chicago, Is writing a historical
novel on "The Last of tho Henecas"
which brings in Red. Jacket, of course,
largdy, Slio attempts to show that
Free Masonry was discovored In tho con
tcderitlon ot the Iroquls, ind that the
church and land companies especially
the OgJeu land company combined to
defeat a high degrco of Indian civiliza
tion. It Is a seilous charge to bo laid at the
door ot tho churches.
has subsided, but tho azure panes dot
ting tho city ly sections show ut what a
high water mark it reached. Auw, if
anybody indulges lu tho violet ray it is
dubbed a "I'leasantonian experiment."
I had occasion to visit a north-sldo ollico
tho other day in which a blue glass win
dow served to refract tho rays of light.
I inquired about the ell'cct and whether
It leut a tonic propriety to the room.
"Here's one effect," said the gentle
man at the desk, plucking at a lock of
his chestnut hair. "Do you see that
"It was brown, but now, I vuni, it's
Sure enough the hair on one
side of his head, which
h e blue rays had flooded with a daily
baptism, was transformed into a rich
dark green. I thought ol tho Jumblics:
'few and fur, fur and few
Arc the lands where the .lumMies live .
An4 their hair is green ami tluir hands are blue,
And they went to sea lua seive."
Their hair hrobably became green
through the reflection of light from their
blue hinds.
gave us a delightful entertainment last
week with "Tom Cobb" and "Sweet
hearts" both of them (Jilbert's plays.
This week Rose Ey tinge holds the boards
in "Led Astray" and other well-known
productions of the drama. For a won
der, the Chicago citizen like her.
The furore about lire escapes and rope
ladders Is ebbing. Most of the leadlnsr
hotels, however, haye provided them
selves with rcpe ladders,
Being anions tho first to take that liu
oortant stec Mr. Wilcox leaves noth
ing undone which Is calculated to secure
the comfort or safety of his guests. The
Tremont is said to have the coolest din
ing room in tho city, ar.d the season Is
already upon us when such advantages
are a decided desideratum.
The celebrated Chinese lecturer, attracted
a good deal ot attention heto the other
day by his rich Chinese dress, long pig
tali; and intelligent face. Ho makes
the'transit of Chicago quite frequently
1 am iuiu, and always stops at tlie Tre
mont while passing.
Mr. Editor, It your space held out I
would like to relate a little &ory which
might bo entitled "Legend of a soap
mau," showing how the humblest aspir
ations in tho most unpretentious lives
have their modicum ofronance, and that
even soap can inspire enthusiasm In the
human breast. But this " will wait.
Meantime the crowning sensation of to
day Is that Gail Hamilton has put Joe
Medlllof tho Tribune in tho rogues' gal
lery. Wherelore? Owl.
The Eastern War.
A Great Hut lie Imminent-Oil I lie
Danube- llenvy tiring Capture of
Kiihnihu Vessels. .
Xkw York, May 17. A special to the
Times irom Uiurgevo says a grout buttle
is impending, and already heavy canon
ailing is lu progress.
For several days the Russians hayo
been concentrating in largo forces at this
point, preparatory to a forced passage of
the Danube. This army Is In lino con
dition and good spirits. Opposite to us,
In Rustchuk, tho Turks are in strong
lorco. That they will resist our advance
is certain, and to-morrow or tho day
after may witness a bloody struggle.
Tbe intantrv force is at present in urent
numbers, nud as 1 write aro on tho march,
while great activity prevails lu all de
partments of the army.
Is heard on tho other of the Danube al
ready. Turkish monitors are hurrying
toward this spot, and more advanced
ones aro taking up positions In the lront
ot or near to a point wnere tne uussians
hope to lay their pontoon bridges. To
night the scene ou the Danube is indeed
a magnificent ono. Shells arc bursting
in the air. Distant camp lires lend en
chantment to tho scene, and signal rock
ets ascend and fall and tell the story of
advancing forces. Cannonading grows
heavier and havler, and at this rate it
will not tako long
The place is tho weakest In the quad
rangle of Turkish fortresses. Further
down the river tho nky is reddened by
the llames of burning Turtukai. The
town has been fired by the Russian guns
in Oltcnltza. It will bo comparatively
easy tor the Russians to cross at that
point. The headquarters of tho left
wing are still at lbrall.
News has just reached us that Mats
chin, some five miles distant from that
point, has been set on lire by the Russian
The Turks have captured 200 Russian
vessels In tho Danube, containing over
13,000 hectolitres ot wheat. A reconnol
tering expedition ot 500 Russian Infantry
crossed the Danube in boats a little bo
low Reni. The Turks allowed them to
como wt.ll into range, when they opened
such a li-avv llro that the Kussluns were
compelled to retreat to their bouts, with
serious loss, mo itussians navo
crossed tho Aluta - and entered
Little Wallacbia. which It was
expected would bo occupied solely by
Roumanians. Russian floating batteries
on the Danubo aro small, nut inircnl
ously made, consisting of three pontoons
Joined together, Each battery carries
one gun. . "I tie pontoons were noaieu
down the Pruth and Joined the Russians.
They have some larger steamers. Oen.
SkobeliO's division of Circassian Cos
sacks, intended to head tho advance of
tho invasion, is passing through Buchar
est cn route; for tho Danube. 1
Enterprise Savings
A. B. 8AFFORD. ,
8.8. TAVI.OH. Vice Frealdent.
W. HTSLOP, Sea' Tand Triauurct.
P.W.Habclat. Chas. Galiwiim.
r. M. 8tocklth, Vai l C, Stain,
a. II. CmiNUiOHAy, U L. IUluday,
J. M. I'lULUM.
INTEREST puld en depoalu at the rate ol ill
percent, per annum. March ljtaml Suptem
wr Int. Intlreat not withdrawn l added triune
llately to me principal of the depoaiU, thernby
riving thein coiuiwund iuttrtwt
Harried Women and Children may
Deposit Money and no one
else can draw it.
Optn every buslneaaday rrom9e.ro. to S p.m.
a J tutunlay evenings for aavingn di-poelto only
romB to 8 o'clock.
W. HYSLOP. Treasurer.
F Lroas, Prenldent. H. Welle, Cashier.
P. hieu, Vice i'rua't. T. J. Kerth, Asst. aen'r
Comer Commercial Ave. and Bt Street
P. Ilross, Cairo. Wra. Kluiw, Cairo.
I'. Ni'ff, Cairo. Wiu. Wolle, Cairo.
A . Siixunka, Cairo. H. L. Billinxiilpy, l. Louis.
K. Under, Cairo. H. Welle, Cairo.
F. 11. Rrinkman. St. louia,
J. Y. Clemson, Caledonia.
Uvnrrnl llnnkinff BiialiirMa Doue,
I3-Fxi'lmntre o!d and tioufrht. Intcrcet paid
n the Savinx" Department. Collii'tioua made,
nd all M'idiuea brumutlv attended to.
City National Bank
- $100,000
W. P HAfXIUAV, President
HEN It Y h. HAI.LIDAY, Vice Prtat
A. II SArKOHD, Canhi.r.
WA' I ' It HlSLOl', Aaa'l Cashier.
it U. HALLWAY, W. s . tlALMDAf
Exchange, Com and United Statei
Bonds Bought and Sold.
DEPOSITS received and a general banking
biBineaa done
Insurance Agent;
City National Baak Building;, up-itain.
The OldeatEatabllskedAirenoy In SouttJ
em Illinois, representing ovit
185 000 000
The Southern llote' burned down, and
yet how many peoile carry their own
risk. Go at once to Henry Well, General
Agent, and have join property insured at
The loss of
In this tcrrihle St, I.ojI-i tire was great.
Ohtuin a Lilo Insurance Pulley at once,
tincfl one-tenth ot all the doutdn in the
United States is the remit of accidents.
This in no
Story put forth tor the occasion, but is
taken Irom tabular fuements, the reliabil
ity of which can not he impeached.
British America, Assets - $1,130,000
MillvlUe Mutual, . 1,440,000
Union, of Fbila. " . 360,000
Firemen's of Day ton " - 420,000
New Unaland Lutual Life, 37,700,000
Illinois mason s Benevolentfioolety
ltopresented by
General Insl'haxck Agknt.
None hut Noaml nntl Honest Com
nule Kepreaeuted.
OFFfCE-In tho Alexander Conntv flank,
J. If. Mblksy. D. T, jnkuar, J. M. Lahsdcn
Attorneys at Law,
OFFICE: Commercial Avenue, at office of
Liucgur Lansden t-W-Sm
Sun please copy.
"kits', Patent Papyroffrapl"
Frnm one to a thousand fac-slmilles of any
design, writing, drawing, maps, notices, price
list, eiamiiiution paper, etc.. using one writ
and an ordinary eopvingpress. The process Is
simple, euiy. and iapid. Heml for descriptive
rircuuir, anil address tiik rarnR.HAI'ii
CO. ,J Norwich, Conu. or JOUN ilONTItlll,
4o:i N, si , Hi bt. tit Lotus. Wo.
iTi.;i m 'mnr) i" wn
awaue 'iwjte tniiii r 'it ''w"1 V",-Ji
i ni oi vaauuntioi mnw VI a" 'II'" (1 " tvoBut
-J.xl twiit.Q.j uwo Auftji nij,un(ie ir) ,t us
gxiii inniai pnajqnw , n nm e fmi 1
l,uwi uM.,.iiw, iw Hieu tW9 Mraioou rtma '(J
WIMP ana n ti iHf mo IH Junta ue una
'(t ..iumI ',.ivwaj enb ine D(.n m ',jdij otiquj
I Htuoiie ti i,h nieiwioa etn 1 tirade io).a
'MunMOiun pu ptWIM 'HI l t90
eaj 'rrnoq ,g
wifin ( c( 'UnSmt .rmt -jo mivpv
nJ iust "4 tXW" Hl"llniln vut
-liu, j.k in I, paqinqnd
Ml Lit enia h 'hiini wuit wn tamii.ine
mt ,j it ,gai vn go tmWMU MoeJaw tqa
ain,q, lutSnumeiwuei ipaiij...j.
o1ti ei h ni pn -efia'awui , unnoaM tt
Mte. q, ,Mit intMt, ,e pti 'it pus
I mm m ei ilo oo4 . ,) nni :
airfiiu nniM pin aoiiiue. nuning iAi
jl fwt ptjpnv, um ) liHMimi m m nu
m via ' mm .ti i , m
K mitewui pn MMWa & wTCkQ
PMAiieti.iia ti ae 'Jjjim M aF
K. r. Hnukcra Bitter Wiae or Ira
has never been known u fail tn the cure ol
weakneM, stteaded wUb aymptom ; ludln
poettlon to exertion, leas of memory, diffi
culty of breathing, general weakness, horror
of dUeuso, weak, nervout trembling, dread
ful horror of death, night sweats, old feet,
weakness, dimness of vision, languor, unU
vereal lassitude ol the muscular system,
enormous appetite with dyspeptic symp
tome, hot haudi, flatbinK ol the boiy, dry
neae of the skin, pulliu countenance and
eruptions on tbe face, purifyiiiK tbe blood,
'jain in the back, heavlneas ol tbe eyelids,
frequent black spots flying before tne eves
with temporary lutttrion und Iota of eight,
want of attention, etc. These symptoms
all arise from a weakness, and to remedy
that, use K. V. Kunkel'e Hitter Wine ol
Iron. It never fails. Thousands are now
enjoying heaich who have used it. Take
only K. K. Kunkel'i.
beware of counterfeit and base imita
tions. As Kunkel'i Bitter Wine of Iron is
so well known all over tbe country, drug
gists tberuse'.rea make an imitation and try
to sell It otf to their customers, when they
call for Kunktl'a hitter Wine or Iron,
Kunkel's litter Wine of Iron is put up
only in 1 bottles, and baa a yellow wrapper
nicely put cn me ouisiae wun tne pro
prietor's phitoL'raph on the wrapper of
each bottle. Always look for the photo
graph on tbi outside, and you will always
be sure to ge: the genuine. One dollar per
bottle, or six for n. Sold by druggists and
dealers evenwhere
E. F. Kunicl's Worm Syrup never rails
to destroy 1'ia Heat and Stomach Worms.
Dr. Kunkel, tbe only succenstul physician
who remove! Tape Worm in two hours
alive, with bead, and no fee until removed,
Common ser.se teaches that If Tape Worm
be removed, ail other worms utn be readily
destroyed. Send lor circular to lr. Kun
kel. .No. 259 Horth Mnlb street, i'biladel
ifiiu,ia., or call on your drmnrtot and ask
lor u bottle of Kunkel'e Worm Syrup
I'riti $1.00. Hoever tails.
$0 00
Ti every reader of this imer who nds us this
crtillcHte and 1 we will lorward, fa- one year,
'The Treature," a muKnilleeut lllimiraied
Monthly Journal and lluuxekeeiier'a Maiuuie,
und one copy of our new and elegant premium
chlumo, entitled
A masterpiece of the Dusaeldorf ackool cf genre
imimitiK, hy I'rof. Jordan, al.e i; ''ijxl.V , ex
ecuted lu the hiulie-t Btyle of the art. Ik I nil
iiriee of, which Ut and a copy of the lollow
lug heaiuiful poem deacrijitive ol the chroino, in
elegant illuimnuted colora forfraiuiiiK.
Ay; but wait, good wile, a minute;
1 have first a word to any I
Iio yon know what to daj in?
Mother, 'tis our wedding day!
Just as now, we sat at supier
when thcKursts hal gone away;
You but that side. I (at Ihis aide,
'orty yeurs ago to-day I
Then what plans we laid together;
What brave things I meant to do!
Could wedream to-dav would Had til
At this tuule me and uut
Hitter eo, no doubt and yet I
Momeiiinea tnina i cannoi leu
Had our boy ah, yea! 1 know, dciir;
1 es, ue Uoeth all tiling! well.
Well we've had our joys and sorrows,
Blmredour cnnk'8 us wellns tears)
And the liest ol all I've hud your
faithful love for forty years!
I'oor we've been, but not forsaken :
(.rief we've known, but never shan.e
Fath r for Thy tmllese mercies
Btlll we bless iny iiuiynume:
This in a rare chanee
for yon to make mon
ey. We will pay you
lurire iamK f.iiiimia-
aionsand give you exclusive territory. .Send
us one dollar, avoid unnecessary correspon
dence, receive your territory, and go to work at
once. I'pon receipt of which we will forward
agent's outilt, certificate of agency, etc. speci
men copies in cenls. none free.
Address The Treasure Publishing; Co,
No. 'J Cedar. Street, New York'
sr. c. mimz
Celebrated American
1IIE countenance is pale and
, leaden-colored, with occasional
flushes, or a circumscribed spot on
one cr both cheeks ; the eyes become
dull; thcpupilsdiliite; an azure semi
circle runs along the lovrer eyo-lid ;
the nose is irritated, swells, an J some
times bleeds ; a swelling of the upper
lip; occasional headache, with hum
ming or throbbing of the cars; an
unusual secretion of saliva; slimy or
furred tongue ; breath very foul, par
ticularly in the morning; appetite
variable, sometimes voracious, with a
gnawing sensation of the stomach, at
others, entirely gone; fleeting pains
in the stomach ; occasional nausea
and vomiting; violent painsthrough
otit the abdomen; bowels irregular,
at times costive ; stools slimy ; not
unfrequently tinged with blood;
belly swollen and hard; urine tur
bid; respiration occasionally diffi
cult, and accompanied by hiccough j
cough sometimesdryand convulsive;
uneasy and disturbed sleep, with
grinding of the teeth ; temper varia
ble, but generally irritabje, &c.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
Will certainly elTect a cure.
n any form ; it is an innocent preps
rat ion, not capable of doing the s tight
est injury to ihe most tender infant.
The genuine Dr. VS. Lane's Ver
mifuge bears the signatures of C.
MVLane and Fleming Bros, oh the
These Pills arc not reeonimonded
as a remedy flu-"all the ills that
flesh i.s heir to," but in niTcctiona of
tho Liver, timl in all Bilious Com
plaints, Dyvpepsiu and Sick Head
ache, or diseases of that character,
they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used
preparatory to, or niter taking Qui
nine. Aa a 8imp!( purgative they are
gouuiiii) aro never sugar
Each box has a red wax seal on
the lid, with tho impression Dr.
MVLaxk's Liver Pima
Eiieli wrapper boarn thesignnturea
of C. M?Lank und Fm:minj Bros.
Sold by all respoctablo druggist
and country storekofiicn general!.
won't do any
iiianv ihi,'rir
mhr, until
Vi.ii .i.lniir II ..
III1'. l( kill ., ...I, ,Mln.,lltf miuI u.ll .unl.
Hinniy. Aililri'.;, '
Mui.iivvms'j rubrjco .si ioui. ua
Lippincott's Magazine,
Au Illustrated Monthly of
Popular Literature. Science, and
Tbe number tor January begun the uiue.
teenth volume of the 3Isuliie and wbllo
Its past record will, it Is hoped, be dnenied
a sufficient guarantee of future exoeUoni'e,
no e (Torts will be spared to diversify in at.
Unctions and to provide aa im rerscd sup
ply of
Popular lleutliiiy in the licit and Muni
Emphatic Seine,
The great object and constant aim of the
conductors will bu to furnish the public
varied character, as well us to present in
a gruuuiu auu aiiiaiiiK uinum-i mo .nun.
w.n 1 in.a l..n ami .ntinilnul VI.WU All
tvut luiuiiun.iuii aim uiiiiuv.v ..v.... u
subjects of general Interest; in a word, to
rentier i.iiipiucoii s .uaguzinu RiiiawiH;
distinctive in
Those Features (hut are Most Attractive
in Magzine Literature
Tbo contributions now on hand, or sped
ally engaged, embrace a highly attractive
list of talcs, short stories, descriptive
ketches, namtives, papers on science and
art, poems, popular essays, literary criti
cisms, etc, etc.
Hy Talented and Well Known Writers
A large proportion ol the articles, espe
clully those descriptive ol travel, will be
Profiuety and Meuulifully Illustrated,
The pictorla embellishment of the Mai; a
zine constitute one ol its many attraciivo
lu addition to the General Attractions of
lifher would invite attention to the follow
ing Special Features for 1877.
1, A new serial story,
"The Marquis of Lottie,"
by George Maodonnld.authorof ".Miilcom,"
"Alec Korbea," "Kohert falconer," etc.
To those ol our readers who are familiar
with "Malcolm,'' this new story from
the pen of this distinguished writer will
need no recouiuiuiidution, and his reputa
tion is a guarantee to others of a deeply in
teresting and powerful story. It began In
the November number, whli h isMie, with
the Ducuiuber part, will be furnished gratis
to all new subscribers for 177.
2. A profusely Illustrated series ot
sketches of
Sirecdish Seenery and Life,
by Prof. Willard Kiske, of Cornell Unlver
sity.wbo is thoroughly fami'lar with Sweden
and Its People from personal observation,
i). A series of popular papers on
Art and Art Matters,
by Edward Strahan (Karl Sbinu), author ot
"ihe New iiyperlon," etc.
4. Illustrated sketches of Travel, entitled
Iictures from Spam,
by Kdward King, author of "The fireut
South," etc.
5. Mrs. f.ucy II. Hooper's Interesting and
i n(uaci
Papers and letters from Paris
will be continued through the year
The Beauties of the Rhine.
will be described in a richly illustrated
series of papers.
7. During the year will appear a number
oi nanubomeiy illustrated snort articles, de
scriptive of Life, Travel, and Adventure in
the United States, England, South America,
japan, jnongoua, ana oiuer louuiries.
For Sale by all Book and Xcitadeulers,
Tkrm.i. Yearly Subscription, $J j Two
copies, f i : xnree copies, fiu ; five top1
ics, fm; in copies, f w, wun a copy
gravis wj iub person procuring me cl'lb,
Single number, 35 cants.
NOTICE. The November and Deeejil.e
Numbers, containing the earlier chapters
of "The Marquis ol Losslc," will be pre
sented to all new annual subscribers for
Specimen Number mailed, pottage paid,
to uuy nuuiess, uu receipt oi cems.
To agents a liberal commission will be ul
lowed. Address
J. B. LIPPINCOTT CO., Publisher.
71o and 717 Market St.,
English Brussels, Three Ply and Ingrain
also. Stair t'arpets.Velvet Itugs, Crumb
Cloths, Oil Cloths, etc., very cheap
at tbe Old Place
Carpets carefully packed and sent to an
part of tbe United States free of charge.
Coal Coal.
MT. CARBON(Blg Muddy)
Orders for Coal by the oar-load
t,on, or in hogsheads, for shipment
sromptlv attended to.
lTo large oonsumers and al
manufacturers, we are prepare
to supply any quantity, by th
oaonth or year, at uniform rates.
IJTfullMay Bro.'aolBoB, No. 70 Ohio Levee.
rrlJairiday Hro.'s wharf boat.
lJ"At Kgyptian Mills, or
IT" At tbe Coal Bump, foot of ThUty-Klghth
tJ-Post Office Drawer. ItOft.
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No 80 Ohio Levee,
tv.. vim? nt all Publication laauad
forth Yournr on Eithr Bid of th
AtlaBtlo."-SoalluniploB (England) Observer.
Th i third volume ofthl. Incomparaoie
Magazine -is now eompleud. wiu it
eight hundred royal ooUvo yuM, , nd lu
six hundred lliustraUons, 1U splendid lerl.
all, Its shorter storie. poems, and keteue".
etc., etc., in lt bewflhil bind ng of red
and cold, II U tne inosi spieumu s"-"
for boys and girls ever lued from tho
press. Price, ft ; In full gilt, fo.
"St. Nicholas Is full of tho choicest
things. The publication Is, In all respects,
the be.t of its kind. We have never yet
seen a number that was not surprising
good." Tho Churchman, llartlord Conn .
St. Nicholas for 1877,
Which opens with November, 1870, begins
A thort and very entertaining serial from
the French, "The Kingdom ol the Ureedy,"
a story adapted to the Thanksgiving season,
Another serial, ol absorbing interest to boys.
Bv J. T. Trowbridge,
author of the "Jack Ilazird Stories," be
gins in tbe Christmas Holiday Number.
llnl.L.u ui.rlul utstrlna I'hrt.tmatf Hlnrf,.
lively sketches, poems and pictures tor the
l.,.H,l ...a .nil bitlia Au,nn(ulllncr I llll.t Pu ,1f ill.
ol Oriental sports, with drawing bytliames
The Chriatmas Holiday Number of
Superbly illustrated, contains very inter
esting paper,
'1I1E im'3 OF MY BOYHOOD,"
Hy William Cullen Bryant j
'The Ilorse Hotel." a lively attlcle, by
Charles A. Barnard, splendidly Illustrated ;
U'lm Clock la the sky." by Hichard A.
Proctor ; "A Christmas l'lay lor Homes or
Sunday-soboi.ls," by lr. Kggleston j "The
Peterliins' Christmas Tree," by l.ucretia
P. Hale; "Poetry and Carols of Winter,"
by Lucy Larcom, with pictures.
Do Not Fail to Buy St. Nichols for the
Christmas Holiday. Prion 26 cU.
During the year there will be Interesting
papers lor bovs, by YYillism Cullen Bryant,
John O. Whttner, Thomas Hughes, William
iiowitt, Dr. lloliaou, (ieorgo JU' Donald,
Saulord B. Hunt, 'raiik If. Stockton, and
There will be stories, sketches, and
poems, ot special Interest to girls, by liar,
riet Prescott Spodord, Susan Coolidge,
Sarah Winter Kellogu, Klizabeth Stuart
Phelps, liuisa Alcott, J.ucretia 1. Hale,
t.'elia Ibazter, Mary Manes Dodge, and
many others. There wiU be also
By Professor Proctor, the Astronomer,
with map, showing "The Stars of Each
Month," which will be likely to surpass lu
interest any series on popular science re
cently given to tbe public.
Amusement and Instruction, with Fun
snd Frolic, and Wit and Wisdom, will be
mingled as heretolore, and ST. Niciiola
will continue to delight the young and glv
pleasure to the old.
sab :
"There Is no magazine for the young that
can b said to equal this choice proiuetioo
of ScrihnkK'h press. Al! the articles,
whether in prose or rhyme, tire throbbing
Kith vitality. The literature and
ortlslic Illustrations are both superb."
Tbe London Daily News says : "We wish
we could point out its equal in our own
, eriouicaf literature."
0001) NEWS FOlt BOVS AND"' Gil
To meet tbe demand for a cheaper
Nlcifui.AS (iilt-Bnok, tbe price of vols,
and II has been reduced to ($1 each. Tu
three volumes, In an eirgaal library case,
are sold lor f 10 (in full t.Ht, f 10 , so that all
may give their children a complete set.
These volumes contain mere attractive ma
terial than nlty dollar-,' vortu of the ordin
ary children's books.
Subscription prico, year. The three
bound volumes anj a subscription lor this
year, only JIJ. Subscribe with the nearest
newsdealer, or Bond money In check, or P.
0. money order, or in registered letter, to
"Wdroiitiv. N. Y
The Most Eminem Living Authors sum as
I'rof. Max Muller, I'rof. iyiulb!!, Itt. Hod W
K. t.lailsuine, Dr. W, B, ( irlrni-r, I'rof. llnx
ley, it. A - Proctor, Frances Power tobtie. 'Hie
Iiukeof Ar.ryle, Jas. A. t'roude, Mrs. Mulocli,
Mrs. Ullphani, Mrs. Alciainler, MiaaTtuchrray,
Jean InKelow, liuorKe Mar.Doimlil, Win, MUw k,
Anlhuny Trollope, Matttitw Arnold, Henry
KiuKlty. W. W. Hmry, AutrUcli, liunkio,
tarlyie, Tennyson, Browning, ami inany outers,
are reoreMnted in the duo of
LitteU's Living Age
Jan. 1. 1KT7, THE LIVING AUK cntert upon
its I ail volume, Willi the continued counneuila
tion of the hi-nt men and journals of the country
and with constantly increusiiiK sucocss.
In Is77, it Will furaisb to its readers the pro
ductions of the foremost authors above named
and many others) eniiiracinn the choicest 8xial
and .Short Stories by the Iailing t'oreiirn Novel
ists, and an amount
Unapproached by any oihar Periodical
in the world, of ilia most valuuble literary and
scientillc matter of the dav, from (he pens ol the
lealina- Essayists, bcieiitists, Critics, Discover
ers, and Kdiiors, represeuliui every (lc)iartiuent
f Knowlilve and l'rr.irress.
TIIE ElVlNli AtiE.lin which It only com
petitor, "EVtRY HATl'KDAY," has U-ell
BierRiil), Is a weekly magazine of aixly-luiir
pages, giving more than
double column octavo pages of reading-matte-yearly,
it presents in an inexpensive form
considering its amount ol nutter, with freshness
owing to Us weekly issue, anil with a satitfactory
completeness attempted by no other publication
the ljtst Kssays, Reviews, Criticisms, Tales
Sketches ol Travel and Discovery , Poetry, Hcicn
tillc, lliographical, ilisturical and Political In
formation, from the entire body of Foreign
Periodical Literature.
It Is therelore invaluable to every American
reader as tbe only fresh and thorough compila
tion of an indlsiienfihle current literature, in
dispensable because it embraces Uie productions
The Ablest Living Writers,
all branches of Literature, Science, Art, and
"Simply indispensable to any one who desires
o keep abreast of the thought of the age in anv
denartment nf &iimA ,.r !;,.... i j . '
A pure and pcrpttual reservoir and fountain of
jptcrtainiuent and Instruction. "-Hob. Mobert
V. " til UK Up.
"The best patiodical In America." Theoioro
L. Luyler, D. I).
''It has noeipjal in any country. -"Philadelphia
"It reproduces the best thought of the best
minilsol Uncivilized world, unoaall tonics of
living Interest. "-Philadelphia inquirer.
"Thn liMtlnf nil nne a.ln.xi ..l.li .I..-- ,,
1-he Nation. New iork7 - "
' w"?. 'hecheapest. A monthly that comeseverf
week . "Ike Advance, Chicago.
-! nM.1 f1.00. reader, ma' faltIy kep p
With all that la Ininnrtunt n ,i n. V. H
---- - . ... tlJftlllirT. UIB-
tory, politics, and science of tbe day. "The
"The ablest essays, the most entertaining
Stories. th IIhmI luwlra ..f'l.A L-..llak I
are here gathered to gether. "-Illinois atate
indispensable to every one who desire a
thorough compendium ot all that Is admirahla
anil lllllulVI.WI.M In IU II. n ,1 1.
Bust. worm. numwu
iil-"1. I? 6ni . P'10 every American
I,0,me."-New ork Times.
PUhllshHl viKKiv ut au nr. .
" m. ,.,iiv y tXkL . iin
poatars ' 1
Trt nil n.w II - . ,,l 1.-
uwy, ouuaciiuvrs lor 10(1, Win V wwu.
gratis the six numbers of 1870, containing, with
wmw TniiiuiQ inauer, ins urai iiihuuiiiwuii i m
new and powerful serial story, "The Manpiis oi
bosaie Dy UKOKUK MAVUunsiiU, now ap
aiinearinu in The Living Axu firoiu advance
sheets, .
Club Priees for ior the best Home
ana D'oreign uveraiure.
'Pnauuaed of Till LlTIKO Ao and on or
other of our tItmIou. American monUille., a
subscriber will And himself Mr oommanS of the
whole slrtiatlon."-Phlladelphla Kv'g Bulletin.
for S10.M Thi Living Aua and elthw one ot
ths American M Monthlies or (HarW wkl
or Bazar) will be sent for a rear, both postpaid
or, for $H fKi, Tin Liviko Aoa and Scribner's
HI, Mcnoias or Appiewn-s ,iournai .
Auures 1.1111,11. auai, noston,

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