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;a1R0 business houses.
Mat Anvtmaliieaallrinnanhavrihreeliac
IHU4, In thin coliimu under appropriate heeding
subs rate of S1.IW per month ur li ir yor
vsyable gaanerly in advsuos.
Hardware, Move una 1'lsa Ware.
4 urn r vn.! In MnvM. Tin ami Hani
m.r. i.,.i'-n uui Vinnsra' JaiuloiuciiU, Wire
U.lrlcrraUi. 1'UIIIK Klul IjllilWIK.
n.'i iimmucJ Avenue. I. uttering, slid Job
Work dune ou short noli'.
,T, S.McOAHB V f"1rlnhrd anil soft luni
lr, flooring, wiling, siding and surfaced
lumber , lath and shingles. Ofllce and yen
corner i weutieiu sireei ann n asmnglon avenue-
LANCASTER A ItlCK-Dmler In esdi.
door, blinds, !., herd end soft lumber ami
single. Vard end ollice. Commercial aveuue,
' vimer in street.
0. H ARTMAN Dwler in (Queens ware, Toys,
lamp ana all kind oriancysrtlr.p't. ( nimni-p
al avenue, comer olli street,
WILLIAM WINTKIl-Siith street In I wen
..oiuuierclal avenue and Waidilntjton avenue.
tlottuna; and Merchant Tailoring.
.I0HN ANTHIM Merchant Tailor end dealer
IS Heady Alsde UoUiing. 78 Ohio Levee .
Real KUtte Agenrlea.
M. J. HOWLKY-Jleal rotate Agent. Iluya
bdu ieiie real (mum, collect mils, imye lean
tor non-nwident,eu-,. Commercial auue, be
tween mum aiui lenu streets.
Shortest nd
St. Louis & Chicago
The only Road Bunning Two
Daily Trains from Cairo,
Direct GonnecUoa withEisternLine:
Train Leave Cairo
2:20 p.m. Kant Express, arriving In Hi.
LoUl KM p. m.; Chicago, 7:J, e.ln.
Arriving! n Cincinnati 8:30, a.m.: Louis
ville, b:2S, a.m.: Indianapolis, 4. IS a.m.:
faasengers by thli train arrive at above
, 1;30 p. m. Kant Mail with sleeper utta. li
ed, for KT. LOiriS and CiiICA0,
arrlvinf in rt. Louie at (i:"A a.m. Chi
caeo at 4.WI p.m. Connecting ut Odin
or Ltllngham for Cincinnati, Louisville
and Indianapolis.
fassenger by thl line go through to
tbe East without any ilulay canned by
Hunday Intervening.
AT 10:'iS.
Advertisements of competing line, that
they mifce better time than thin oik , are
are Issued either through ignorance or a
Uenlre to mislead tbe public.
Kor through ticket and information,
pply at Illinois Central K. It. Depot, ( airo.
irainh anmvi at iahi.;
ilfMHA . '') n IB.
Jail m. - I :!'.. in.
Qcn'l Southern Agt.
J. II. Junes. Ticket Agt.
ill,.v ruiiil U nuui 1 1. e" Hum
lb Hlfi-lK f rrrun and aluiMn ill!
jtarlvlilr. SlauUinil Krittorcd. im ,Q
'iiedlmenu to niarrnse tfinnvnl.
New nethod or tn'etnifnt. Sew
land rvniarkslile rvmrdi'S. Honki pT
nil nrrnJam Miit fnv In M-aled V
'eriTPlnpre. Addimn Hohahd Aa- g
ieo iatiom. II v. Mntn m. i niia-y
dflphia. I'u. An inttltution bav- nj
InKa biith rriiiiatiun lor lioiiur-,"
alilv conduct and rril-ional
For artistic Photographs at a moderate
contrail at r.imlavo Wctrll s .tll'ry.
lor Whip.
Horse, butrfjy, luirncn, ami a complete
Utfit for thn samo. Tli lioree, livn
years old, bugjty ami harnesH nearly
new, all lorone hundred and fifty dollar.
Apply to X. W. Hacker, 70 Ohio leyee.
lira. Thompeon A Mrl'rae, llomeo
eHiblc fbyelrlnne.
I With aome thirty year's experience in
the practice in the profession, are confi
dent la tendering our services to the
public. Office No. U4 Ohio levee, up
stair, 5-20-tf
Ilave Too a C'oagli ?
That dry, hacking cough Is the herald
ot approaching consumption. To check
the swllt progros or the destroyer,
prompt and decisive measures must be
resorted to. A dose ol Dr. Morris' Syr
up of Tar, Wild Cherry and Ilorehoind,
taken when the coughing pptllscome on,
will aflord immediate relief, and event
ually cflect a thorough cure. It will be
lound equally beneficial in all forms of
throat and lung disorders. In cases of
croup it is of inestimable vitlue. Call at
the drug store of
and tii'juirc about it. They will furnish
you with a trial sl.e bottle for 10 cents.
Large sizes 50 cents and One Dollar.
Also, agents for Trot. Parker's Pleas
ant Worm Syrup, which never tails.
Pleasant to take, and requires no physic
Price 23 cents.
Tobacco and Ciffra.
Merchants,groecrs, and saloon-keepers
hhould not forget that Messrs. CorlU &
Rankin, proprietors of the Trairle Stato
Tobacco Factory at .Metropolis, have
opened au establishment at the corner
of Slxtn street and Ohio levee lti this
city wlwre they wil. do a wholesale and
retail business in the tobacco and cigar
line. They have on hand the largest
and most complete stock ot
onfKCO ami cigars ever opened
in Cairo,' aad, are prepared to
supply the wants of" tho trado nt tho
lowest living prices. Dealers are in
vited to call and examine their stock.
V. bellry,
Dyer and cleaner of ladies' and gentle
mnna' garments, No. 30 Eighth street,
t'airo. Gentlemsns' hats dyed and
cleaned and blocked la the latest style.
Chemical soap on hand, warranted to
rtmov Impurities from U labrica with
out injury to the ofttcrlnl. lo
cJ W
ut 0
I I Tbt kniKhb or the above order nuoi
J at their hall the Ant and third Monday
in eeen month. Commercial aveuue, 'Jd door
eoutu of mtli eireet, ete p in.
June l. Hoi.MKe, U. U. M.
Kniphta of Py thlaa, meet erery Fri
ar niK
light at half-peel eeren, in Odd'
nuu. ngwe.
Chanceflof Comoiandvr.
Independent Order of Odd-FeU
Iowa, oieru erery Thureday nicbt
at haff-paet eerea, in thtir nail oa
Aituim-roial avenue, between bixth and SeTentb
InvU Will k. 11aki.nh, n. ti.
' 1A1KO KNCAUPMEKT, I O. O. T.. ueeU
.Mn Odd-rniowe' Hall on the flratand third
I in n'lay in tvry month, at half-past aeren
A.Comimqi, CP
A CA1HOLODOK.N0. 237.A.F. A.M.
J, Hold rrruler eornmnBicatione in Ma
XT tonic Hall, comer Commercial aTenue
' and Llnhih ttreet, on the second and
'oiirth Monday of each month.
I J-All bille for tdTcrtiainf, are due end pay
able IM AUV A t
Traneient advertieing will lie inserted at the
rate of 1 i) per square for the flret insertion
and y ccnte for each lulwKjuent one A liberal
diacount will be uiale on atandniK and displ
advertiaenientt '
Kor ineertiuK Kuneral nutiie 1 Notice ol
meeting of societies or iecret or lire M cent fur
eai b iueertion
Church, Society, Festival and Supiier notice
will only be inserted as advertisements
No advertisement will be receiveil at lees than
to cents, and no anvertlnement will lie Inserted
for lou iiutn three dollars per month
Of one square (8 lines space) or more, in
serted in the Bi'llkti.n as follows : (Jcs4
than one square counted as a square.)
One Insertion per square $ 50
Two Insertions per square. 75
Three Insertions per square 1 00
Six Insertions per square 1 "5
Two weeks per square.. 2 50
One month per square- 3 50
Special rates made on large advertise
ments or for longer time,
Loral Wealbor Kepore.
tamo. U.L., May :!!, Ittf".
Uab, j
r'.'i"T I
i'j'.)'D l
Vst. Wbth
M rleur
l'i lHir
11 cloudy
N fair
S n.ni.
Herxeant, Surnal Bervioe. V. 8. A.
FRIDAY. JINK 1, 177.
lor item.
A liouse on Diviion street, between
WaAhingUiii avenue arid 'Walnut atreet.
Apply to W. K. Smith.
Warta Kemoteii,
A positive euro. Palnle.. and Uiin-
!. I'nce$l. Order from Dr. OXmry
A. .S'ott, 27S I'enn aye., J'ittsburg, Pa.,
or fhrou;h any druggiit. A liberal dis
count to dealers. ircular free.
r-rlurea and Hrackcia.
K. C. Fori has removed his Variety
Bracket store to Washington avenue
near Tenth street. lie has opened a
large stock of brackets, shelve, frames,
ehromos, picture cord and tassels, rur
taln tas.seN fancy nail, hat racks, etc.
Picture framing made a speciality
Chroinos mounted in the cjieapet and
best -ti le. 1m
llnlluaay Pill and Olatineut.
Scrolul.i was eonaiilered ineuralile until
be great iliseevery of "liollowaj 'H Pill
and O "lent" flashed upon the world.
Diseases which battled the a-K ill of the
medical school, readily yield to these peer
e remedies. Scurvy, erysipelaa, salt
rheum, itch, and all cutaneous eruptions
ire curable by them. Twenty-five cents
per box or pot.
A Car.t.
To nil who are suflering from the
errors and Indiscretions of youth, ner
vohs weakness, early decay, loss of man
hood, etc., I will send a recipe that will
cure you, free of charge. This great
ernedy was discovered by a missionary
In South America. Send a sclf-ad-
Iressed envelope to the Rev. Joseph T.
luman, Station D. Bible House, N'ew
rk City. 1-30-flin
Th Debris af the Hyslein
Must either pass through Its natural
channels of exit, the bowels, the kidneys
and the pores, or, In default thereof,
poison and disorder the fluids of the sys
tem, la order to effect tbe complete ex
pulsion of this dangerous refuse, the
organs through which It posses oil' must
beactlve and unobstructed. Fortunately
there is a certain means of rendering
them so when they are not. Xlostettcr's
Stomach Bitters stimulate tho action ot
the excretory organs, aud by diffusing a
genial warmth through the circulation,
encourage moderate perspiration. By
this triple effect tbe exodus ol the toccal
aud other waste matters arc encouraged,
aud the system treed from peril it would
otherwise incur. The action ot tho
bowels which follows the uso o this
beneficent alterative Is easy aud unac
companied by griping, and ltd stimula
tiye effect upon the urinary organs very
conducive to their local health,
C'roaMiiB the Deaort
Is generally an eventful episode in life;
whether it be as pilgrim to worship the
prophet's shriuo at Mecca, or as a part of
a oarayan ot merchants. Tho dangers of
the destructive simoon, attacks ot preda
tory robbers and tho agony of dying
from thirst are dissipated on reaching
one of those gardens ot the desert, nn
oasis. Partaking of that which recuper
ates, they meet their future difficulties
witli recruited strength and renewed en
ergies. So with modern life, dangers
from disease threaten all humanity, but
it we make use of a remedy which allevi
ates aceute attacks of sickness, thus pre
venting their becoming chronic, we shall
realize that necessary and refreshment in
traveling life's desert which has been-dls-oovered
in the Bomb Stomach Bitters,
tocAt rocm rucii.
Dymond Grain Powder only 30 cent
per lb. at the Xcw York store.
"Domestic'' Sewing machines $45,
at Haunon A Co.'s agoucv, lit
Singer Sewing Machines ut bt.
Louis prices, at the gency of llannon
& Co. ;it
Mr. Jas. S. Morri aud C. H. Call of
L'llln, were lu the city ou Wednesday
'Ihe first day of June, and tho ''col
lector" will be out In force. Treat him
Bakinir. Powder, the best in ue tor
i'l cents per.pounu at ew i ork Store.
You cau buy Sewing Machines as
cheap In Cairo as any of the cities. Cull
and sec llannon & Co. lit
The rivers are lulling rapidly, and
we may now feel sure ol a respite from
elpe water lor Hie next eight r teu
Tho.o y, ho attended the tobacco aales
at the Farmer's warehouse say It was
equal to auy previous sale thli season.
Tho sales will be found In another col
umn. Shoes, Oaiters and Slipper i, call and
examine the cheapest line ot shoes ever
sold In Cairo at New York Store. Jt
Particular attention is called to the
cigar sale Jit auction this morning by
Winter A Stewart, where bargains can he
had, and the public are assured that the
sale Is without reserve.
The register at the Planters' liouse
show that there were one hundred and
eleven Jarrlyals at that hotel yesterday.
Rexford Is happy.
F.vcry variety of slippers lor Infants,
children, girls, boys, women and men
Just received at Livingstons' shoe store,
E'ghtu street. Jt
The Cairo City Bindery, A. W. Pyatt
A Co., proprietors, is now turning out
work of'evcty description in their line in
first-clai' and workmanlike manner, ltu
Persons having magazines, periodi
cals, etc., which they desire to have bound
should take them to the Cairo City Bind
ery, where they will be dine at reasonable
rates and in liriit-class order. 1-1 m
Tho Cnion county bond ease is still
going on in the circuit court. Mr.
Cauda, president of tho. ( 'uiro and St.
Louis railroad was on the witnefs stand
yesterday the greater part of the day.
Street Superintendent Gorman is
still at work on Washington avenue.
Yesterday lie put in the day between
Twelfth and Fourteenth streets, and the
amount ol work done has greatiy im
proved that portion ol the avenue.
Coffee Wo offer 4 lbs. choice Tea-
berry tor ?l oo.
t lbs. (Jolden coffee for 1 00.
4 lbs. choice Rio coftVe for $1 00.
4 lbs. prime Rioeoflee for l 00.
5 lbs. fair coflee for 1 00.
At New York 'torp. 4t
A colored man named Jordan vt
sondied suddenly at Scott's saloon at
ADOut Ore o'clock jr cntr.vUy afternoon.
Watson had been suffering for some
time! rom a diaease of tho bowels, and
died as above stated. Hi remains were
taken charge of by the authorities.
Yesterday during tlm dinner hour at
the St. Charles the guests were treated
to gome excellent music executed on the
guitar.by Prof. Wilson, who Messrs. F.g
new & Co., engaged for the occasion.
What next will be thought of for the en
joyment of the many guests, who are
now sojourning at the St. Charles.
Hams, broaklat bacon We offer to
the retail trado best brauds of suger
cured canvased hams for LMc. per lb.
Sugar cured breaklai bacon from 11 J to
12 per lb. Our stock In meats comprises
all lines, which we shall ofliT at tho
lowest cash prices. Xew York Store. 4t.
McCartney says in the list
number ol the Metropolis Timn: "We
recently enjoyed the hospitality of our
old triend and fellow-townsman G. W.
R. Coi lis, while in Cairo. He aud his
family are very pleasantly located, and
they express themselves well pleased
with their new hoaio and their neigh
bors and associate...'1
Lycurgiis, the great luw-givcr of
(ireecfl, In order to produce a healthy,
vigorous race, had all tho Imperfectly de
veloped children put to death at birth,
Such violent measures could have
been avoided had tho mothers of those
children known bow condusiyo it is to
the health of tho offspring to wear good
shoes.' Such as those kept at Livings
ton's bhoe store, Eighth street. 3t
Arrivals at tho Planter's House yester
day were: Jas. Burk and J son, Vienna,'.
J. C. Gray and wife, Vienna; C. H. Hay
wood, Homo Shoe Bend; J. B. Collins,
Thomas JI. Smith, K. R. Bush, C. Klrk
patrlck, Anna; W. I. Hess, A. J. Perkins
W. B. Carter, J. C. Crum, W. Bain, Vi
enna; W. U. Cove, Tunnel Hill; O. Fur
gesou, Harrifburg; W. D. Porter, Xcw
Grand Chain; J. W. Price, III; J. F
Myers, Ky; E. M. Prooln and son, liar
rlsburg; V. Riuhbone and eon, Harris
burg; .1. C. Bridges, Frank Chapman.
Arrivals at the St. Charles hotel yes"
tjrday were: O. Mcchand, St. Louts;
John A. Haynos, city; G. B. Welden,
Centralla; Jos. Shephard and lady, ltol-
lln, 111.; W.R. Welly, J. K. Perkins, I
Burnett, Miss Libbie Xeal, Miss Allie
" llliams, Vienna; Miss Rose Davis. Don-
gola; James Murry.Chlcago; J.W. Price,
Allendale; Thomas Patterson, Clay city.
M. Werner, Chicago; C. KlrkpatricU,
Anna; II. S. Joe, Stonelort ; (.'has. Car
ras, Washington; Robt. A. Hall Eldo
rado; J. T. Myles,Maytleld; W. E. Lacy,
Heinuap; iuos. Myers, Foreman ; W. A.
Myers, Foreman; F. C. stone Chicago;
F. D. Clarney, Canton, Mississippi,
Mr. Ed. Braxton, that nblcl of ton
sonal artlBts, has taken charge of the
shop on Eighth street, owned by tho lato
Daniel Lampcrt. Ed. Braxton Is one ol
the best barbers In the state, as well at a
gentleman in his intercourse with Lis
patrom. He wal one of the sufferers In
tho lato firo at the corner of Eighth street
aud Commercial avenue, and lost heavi
ly, lit is now trying to build up again,
and we bespeak tor him a fair share ot
patronage. He deserves It. u
Refrigerators, the very best, at A.
Hallcy's, 115 Commercial avenue. Also,
stoves and tlnwaro, toilet ware, table snd
pocket cutlery, garden and farmers' Im
plements, plows, corn planters and shelt
ers, sulkey rakes, and a general stock ot
stoves, tin and hardware, flower stands,
both wire and wood, flower trailers, dif
ferent styles, hanging baskets ot all
kinds ; the largest variety ot bird cages
In the city and will be sold very low at
A. Hallcy's, 113 Commercial aveuue.
The regular wee kly sales ol tobacio
at the Farmer' warehouse took place
yesterday. Fifty-three hogsheads were
sold as follows: 3 03; 3 y; 8 00; 0 73:
('. 43; 0 50; ft 50; 0 30; 3 50; 3 00; 3 10;
7 25; 3 50; 3 30; 3 50; 3 70; 7 00; 3 13;
7 05; 3 S3; 4 00; 0 75; 7 00; 7 25; 8 50;
8 50; 715; 010; 5 70; COO; 3 35; 313;
3 60; C 05; 3 13; C 30; 3 85; 5 50; 3 43;
3 00; 3 CO; 7 50 ; 5 20; 3 23; 4 80; 4 53;
7 6-5; 3 00; 10 00 ; 0 50; 7 50; 7 10; 4 45;
3 00. The prices obtained were fully up
to those of previous sales, and compare
favorably with all other markets.
Mr. Charles S. Sawyer having been
appointed general manager ot the Con
tinental lfne, has resigned his position as
geneial freight agent ot the Cairo and
Vlnceuncs railroad. Mr. Sawyer will
leave Cairo on Monday next, and at once
enter upon the duties ot his new position
His headquarters will be at Cincinnati.
During his connection with the Cairo and
Vincenncs road Mr. Sawyer made many
warm friends, who, while regretting his
departure from Cairo, will be glad to learn
of bis appointment to the responsible po
sition of general manager of the Contl .
ncntal line. Mr. X. 5. Pennington will
we are Informed, succeed Mr. Sawyer as
general freight agent of the Cairo and
Vincennes road. Mr. Pennington has
been connected with the C. and V.
road for a long time, and will enter up
on his new position with a perfect know
ledge of the ditties devolving upon him.
Really pleasant were the exercises at
the Thirteenth street school house yes
terday afternoon. There, in Miss Thomp
son's room, were congregated the pupils
of ;the rooms ot MUscs Rogers, Phillis,
McKee and Riley, and every available
foot of room was occupied by either a
pupil or a parent, or a pupil's triend.
We caunot tell of all that happened in the
afternoon, or single out the most meri
torious exercises, and must lump the
matter by saying the exercises were
all good in the superlative degree
Aud tho little ;folks enjoyed the
occasion, were perfectly happy, and by
their jollty and good humor, added a
brightness ti the closing hours of the
school term. Wewould like to ?ay a word
complimentary of the teachers, but (let
usu-etheold phrase) where all ate so
excellent it would bo an invidious dis
Uction to single out cither for special
praise. Wc like them all, admire them
nil, And hope they may enjoy the vaca
tion they are uow about to ontor upon.
This Morning, 10 o'clock, .Line
1st, 1S77.
loO.OOO Cigars, various grades, Select
Sale without reserve and positive. Sam
ples on exhibition.
U Winter A Stewart, Auctioneers.
Light lbs. of white coffee sugar for $1,
at New York Store. it
1'or Sale.
Three mules, spring wagon and har
ness, very low. Apply to James Ross.
Pieces of choice prints at lower prices
than ever old before In Cairo, at Xtw
York Srore. jt
Room to Lei,
Suitable for a bed room turnisbedor un
furnished. For particulars inquire on
th premises of Mrs. M. B. Hariiei j.. tf
Wood J Wood ! 1
A large quantity of wood, "ready lor
the stove, for sale at the Cairo and Vin
cennes railroad freight depot, at $8 00
I'aiiuotl UooiIn,
We oiler two lbs. standard peuches for
12 cents; all other canned goods very
low lor eivdi, at the Xcw York store.
Wholesale hu Itelnll.
Our stock is tho largest assortwl stock
in Southern Illinois, being complete in
all lines. Wc oiler our goods at lower
prices than ever bcloio sold in this mar
ket. All wc iuk is to call and obtain our
prices for cash. Truth will out. Xcw
York Store. 4t
I'lrat.ClnNN l.niiiulry.
It is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman,
the laundress, Xo. 12 Fourth street, be
twecn Washington nnd Commercial ave
nues, has one of the best conducted laun
dry establishments in the city, and land
.ords of hotels and boarding houses will
and it to their advantage to call upon
Huso, Loomis & Co., dealers in north
cm lake lee, have removed their office
lrom tho corner of Eighth street and
Ohio levee to the Ice houses one door be
low the St. Charles hotel, and are now
delivering ieo In all parts of tbo city
Those desiring the cold stuff will leave
tliolr orders at the new office, where they
will receive prompt attention.
James Kavanadoh, Manager.
Cairo, lus., May 17,1877. 0-17-lm
to rat PAtaovs or rat bvue
Just one word:
I havo been In the newspaper buiiuess
in Cairo nigh on to thirteen yesrs, and In
that time havo had an experience that
might have been pleasauter and might
have been far moro disagreeable than it
has been. I have been up and down and
around and across, and have managed to
be alwayi hopeful, although sometimes
sorely pressed by the Inexorable cruelty ot
confounded hard times. Be it
known to you. that I take thi
fact as a mark ot great merit In
the undersigned; lor hard times, even
when they are not contounded, always
press the hardest upon the utterly miser
able business ot publishing a little dally
poper In a little city busy at the lazy
work of not valuing either In population
or prosperity. And that is the kind of a
business tho publication ot tho Bulletin
has been the pat tour or live
Cairo, alter the close of the war, was
hurt by the unsettled condition of the
Southern states, and the panic of '73 gave
her, with the other cities of tho republic,
a tearful blow that has greatly Injured
her prospects. Tho Bulletin suffered
with its city, and has been going on
lrom year to year lately without as firm
a beliel as It had In 1808 that Cairo
would, in a decade or two, bo the city of
the MUsisdppl valley a city bigger than
Xew York, more energetic than
Chicago and richer than St
Louis, with a Bulletin newspaper
worth anywhere from a million to a bil
lion of dollars. But this vision has not
laded entirely. True it is at present in
distinct, but who knows how;soon it
may come out again In brighter
colors than It wore when Mose llarrell
with his flattering pen, used to point tbo
world to it through these columns, and
grow eloquent over our natural advanta
ges. Has not Hayes, tho Great Counted'
In, pacified the South ? Is not the South'
em Tactile almost a fixed fact? Is it not
probable that Lads will set .Cairo upon a
hill, lilt the Mississippi valley
above high water, and give,
eveu In the dryest ot times, twenty feet
of water to the Gulf? Who knows!
But life is short, and being a "servant of
the people" aud unable to do my public
duties faithfully, and publish the little
Bulletin with the attention it should
have to be either readable or financially
succcsslul, 1 propose to get off the tripod
miserable Btool ! rest, pray for the
good of Rome as it were, and wait tor
something to turn up. But I do not, as
the Sun says, intend to remove to
Springfield and make that place
my future home. 1 couldn't leave Cairo
if I would, and wouldn't leave it
if I could.
Retiring, 1 hand the Bulletin over
to the Messrs. Schuckers, who will give
all their time to its business and make it
a good enough paper lor Cairo or anv
other place of Its size. They aie not, as
too many of us little editors are,
too nig lor a little business and
too little for any thing else. They take
the business knowing what it U, satisfied
to follow It faithfully, and will succeed In
makiug both money and reputation if
they do not weary ol well-doing,
commend them to the patronage of tbe
good people of Cairo. (Jive the boys a
And ho with these hasty and as or,
Casey, of Mound City, always says
"tew de-sultory remarks," I bow to my
old readers, with whom 1 have not held
very many conferences during the past
twelve months or so, and bid them all
good-bye for a year or so at least. A'
mii', good patrons ot the Bulletin-, au
rerair. Thus 1 take French leave,and am
A evcr, truly, etc.,
John II. Obkri.y.
May ill, wr,.
The market here sinco our last report
has undergone no change worthy of
special mention. Business generally is
dull, and merchants are having a restin g
spell. Our only consolation is in the fact
that while business Is dull here In Cairo,
it Is equally dull in all other cities and
towns throughout tho country. Cairo
is doing her full share of business com
pared with that of other cities, and our
merchants are not disposed to grumble.
It is not anticipated, however, that busi
ness will improve much until alter wheat
harvest, and tho new wheat begins to
The weather is warm, aud the streets
of the city aro becoming very dusty
Wc have had no rain for more than a
week. Tho rivers are falling rapidly. '
Fruit and vegetables of all kinds aro
becoming plenty In this market and as a
rule prlec3 arc lower.
River rates to Xcw Orleans are .10 cents
per dry bbl., and 13 cents per cwt.
jtetfOur friends should bear iti mind
that the prices here givcu aro only lor
sales lrom first hands In round lots, lu
tilling orders and tor broken lots It Is
necessary to charge nn advance over
tliwo HglUVS.!(ra
Tho flour unrked presents no neiv fea
tures. Prices remain about as last quo
ted, though weak and unsteady. The
market is In buyers favor, and dealers are
willing to make concessions in order to
effect sales. The demand is very light
and entirely for good medium to choice
grades, Stocks are light, though in the
condition ot tho market ample. We quoto
sales as follows: 50 bbls choice family, $9;
CO bbls various grades, $68 25; (0 bbls
choice family, $950; 60 bbls good family,
$0; SO bbls choice family $9 75; 200 bbls va
rious grades, $8 7610.
Transactions In hay hnvu b; n very
light, and but lew sales have Leon effect
ed. The receipts are limited, and choice
Timothy to good mixed grades are
scarce. The demand, however, Is Tory
light. We noto sales of 2 care choice
Xlmolby,ll3;3 care ctwloe Timothy,
$13 5,1 car choice Timothy $13 80; 1
car good mixed, $11 CO.
There is a fair demand for choice white
corn. Arrivals during the last few
days have been light, and there Is only
a small supply on tbe market.
Prices are a shado lower. We quote
sales as follows: 1 car white In sacks,
C8c; 200 sacks mixed, B3c; 3 ears white
In bulk, C4c : 2 cars white in bulk, 53c;
1,000 sacks white, 58c.
Receipts ot oats are limited, though
equal to the demand. Prices are l2c
off since last report, dales have been
tew. We noto sales ot 1 car Galena, In
sacks, 45c ; 1 car Xorthern, in sacks, -14-;
There Is a fair demand lor city meal
though prices show a further decline of
5c. Country meal Is In good supply,
and light demand. We note sales as
follows: tio bbls. country, sold early In
the week, $2 75 ; 200 bbls. city, $2 75
2 83; 350 bbls. city, $2 802 S3.
Bran is in light supply and good de
mand, and prices are lower. Sales are
now being made at $17 5018 50.
The sales at the Farmers' warehouse
t j-day drew out a, more than usually
large board of local buyers, and the
number of gentlemen from foreign mar
kets who have been almost regular at
tendants on tho sales hero this season
wero also present. Tho sales com
prised fifty-three hogsheads, of
which the greater portion was
lugs. It is evident that farmers are
marketing the lower grades, and hold
ing the better qualities of tobacco until
later in the season. The prices obtained
were fully up to previous sales, and
were In almost every Instance satisfac
tory. Tho following wero the prices:
53 hbds. leaf and lugs : $3 05, 3 50, 0 00
6 73, 0 45; 9 50, 9 30, 0 50, 3 50, 3 00,
3 40, 7 25, 3 50, 3 30, 3 30,
3 70, 7 00. 3 13. 7 05, 3 85, 4 00, ti 7.',
7 00, 7 25, S 50, 8 50, 7 15, 0 10, 6 70,
6 00, 3 33, 3 13, 3 60, C 05, 3 13, 0 20,
3 85, 5 50, 3 45, 3 00, 7 50, 3 'JO, 3 23,
80, 4 53, 7 05, 300,; 10 00, 9 50,
10, 4 45, 3 00.
There Is only a light supply of old po
tatoes on the market. The demand Is
fair, and choice are worth from $3 75 to
$4, according .to the size ot the barrel.
We note sales of 25 bbls peach blows at
$3 73. Xew York potatoes are comicg in
more freely and prices are .a little lower.
We note sales ot 10 bbls at t4; 10 bbls, 4
4 JO.
The market is still overstocked with
all grades of butter except etrictly
choice. Common to good medium
grades are plenty and dull sale, and
considerable quantities of the butter is
spoiling on the hands ol commission
men. Sales reported were 3 packages,
choice country, 15c; 3 packages, com
mon, 10c; 100 lbs. Southern Illinois,
good, 15c; 100 lbs. Inferior, 12lc; tiOO lbs.
Southern Illinois, latajltl.
Eggs arc scarce and iii demand. Re
ceipts are light. Prices nre a shade
higher, and sales were made yesterday
at 10c. IV note sahs as follows:
400 dozen, f)j; 200doz-n, 10c; 100 dozen,
There is only a light supply of poultry
on the market, while the demand is fair,
Old hens are worth $3 to $3 23 per
dozen, and mixed chickens, f 2 502 75.
Spring chickens are worth $1 50 to $2 25
according to quality.
Receipts ot struv berries are about
equal to the demands ot the market.
Prices range from $2 to ?2 23, according
to quality.
We note the sale of 1 crate of Louisi
ana cabbage small but solid heads, at
$14 per hundred.
Hides are higher, and we now quote
dry flint at 15,l0c; green salt, 7J8c;
and green 7c. Tallow Is worth 77jc.
The market Is well supplied and tbe
demand light. Prices aro $1 50(51 7S
torchoice yellow, and $1 to $123 for
good red.
There Is an abundance ot nil kinds ot
dried fruit on the market, with but little
demand for any. Apples are worth 3 to
4c; and peaches, 7$ to 8c.
We quote Paradise nnd Mt. Carbon ol
traok, lump, $3; nut, $3, delivered cam
load per ton, lump, $3 50 ; nut, $2 73n
load red per single ton, lump, ; n; e
delive; Raum or iUrrisburg coal to
$3 25 per load, lump, 427; nuc, $18;ilay
track per ton, S3 00; Pittsburg per tr
on track $ 3 00 per te"
Wand ! W001I ! ! Wood ! ! '.
The Cairo Box aud Basket company
will deliver wood in any part ot tho city
at $1,125 a load ; also kindling at 3 cents
a bundle. Orders uiay bo left with W,
II. Mortis, secretary, ut his office in the
City Xatlonal bank building 27-25
Wan DaPAnTWSRT, Rivax iUpot,
', RlV tlEPOT, 1
.May id, W77. (
r w. it. iv,
117 T t
l ii 3
0 M - I
1 l' - s
.1 4 i
8 it .1
;'i n - M
In II -0 a
;i e ' I
81. Louis...
Memphis - ... .,.
New Orleans ..
"""Below big!) Wiiti'l
8ergt Sigual Service. U 8. A.
J. H. Mvutnv, 1. T. uiNiaan, J. M. Lamdin
Attorneys at Law,
orriCE: Couimnclal Avenue, at offlna ot
LinepauraUaaden 9-9m
bub picas copy.
Aawut newer. .
The most miser able bslM s In the world
are. those lufUrtog from dyspepsia sad
liver complaint. . .
. More thin leteaty flf per Hit at Ibt
people In tbe United Mate are iffltcud
witn tnese two aiseases ana tneir enectt
mch ss sour tomaab, tick haadtch. habl
Mti costlvenets, palpitation of the best
heart-burn, water briih, gniwtnit an
burning pains at tbo pit of the stomach
yellow tali, coated tongue ana oitngTee
uble ta- te in the month, coming op ot food
after eating, low spirit, te. Qo to Paul
u. 3nun, aruegist, a Toetnt rjoiu 01
AunusT Flower, or a sample bottla for
10 eents Try it two doses will relieve
Boirhee's Garraaa Ryrap.
Can tow be purchased right at home; It
Is the moat successful preparation ever In
troduced to our people. It works like a
charm In all case consumption pneumo
nia, hemorrhages, aatbma, severe coughs,
croup, and other throat and lung disease-
.-so person nas ever uaeu inia meuicme
without getting immediate relief, yet there
are a Kood many poor, suflering, sktptlca
persons going about our ti eeta with a bus
plnious cough, and tho voice ot consump
tion coming from their lungn, that will not
try it. If you die, it is your own fault, a
you can go to Paul 0. 8chuh, druggist, anil
eet a sample bottle lor 10 cents ana try it
three dose will relieve any case. .Hegular
ize only 75 cents. eow.
OHioe on KinhOi street, between Washington
and Commercial avenues, Cairo, ills..
IW mM tip
St. Louis, Mo.
IHOS. A. SICE, A. M. L. L. B., I
J, H. KUBW00D,
MOST Complete, Thorough snd Prsctica
course of study iu the United States a
course indispeneible to every yotina; man n
burking on the sea of life.
For Illustrated, ;Cirwlar,
U., Tj. L B.,
To every reader of this paper who send at this
certiilcste aud -jll we will lorward, for one year.
i no ir.iu.ure," a raaffniiiccni inusiratsa
Monthly Journal and Housekeeper's Magazine,
and one copy o!' our new aud elegant premium
chiomo, entitled
masterriei e of the DunBeldorf school ef genre
bHiuliiiir. or I'rol. .Imilau. size 20',xL. e
eeutel in the highest style of tbe art. futail
price ot, winch is ', and a copy of the lollow
in K bmiitit'ul poem descriptive of Uie chroiuo, in
elegant illuiuinuted colors for framing.
Ay i but wait, (rood wile, a minute;
1 have Uric a word to say;
f'o you know whut to dar Is?
Mother, 'Us our wedding day!
.Flint as now, we sat at supper
wheu theKiiesis had Kone away;
You Mt that Hide, I (at this aide,
r'orly years ago to-day !
Th"n what plans we laid togeUier;
What brave things I meant to dol
Could we dream to-ilur would Hud m
At this table me and you?
Better so, no doubt and yet I
Sometimes think I cannot tell
Had our boy ab, yesl 1 know, dear;
Yes, lie doeth all thing well.
Well we've had onr joy and sorrow,
Shared our uniles as well us tears j
Ami the beet of all -I've had yeur
r'aitluul love for forty years!
I'oor we've been, but not forsaken i
tiriel' we've known, but never shame
Fsiher for Thy .ml less mercies
.Still we blesa Thy Holy name:
This Is a rare chanee
for you to make mon
ey We m ill pay you
lanre cash CAmmi.
(ions and give yon exclusive territory. Send
us one dollar, avoid nunrceseary correspon
dence, receive your territory, and goes work at
once. Upon receiptor which we will forward
agent's outllt, ceriillcale of agency, eto. Speci
men oples I" ents none free
Adilrent Tho Treasure Publishing Co,
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E. r. Kniikera Bitter Wine of Irost
has never been known to tail in the cure of
weakness, attended with symptoms ; indis
position to exertion, loss of memory, diffi
culty of breathing, general weakness, horror
ot disease, weak, nervous trembling, dread
ful horror of death, night sweats, cold feet,
weakness, dimness of vision, languor, uni
versal lasxitude ot the muscular system.
enormous appetite witn dyaoeptio symp
toms, not nautili, uaantng oi tne oojy, ury
newt of the skin, pallid countenance and
eruptioui on the face, purifying tbe blood,
pain in the ba.-k, heaviness ot th eyelid,
n-etiuent black spot flying before the eyes
with temporary eulUnlon and low of tight,
want ot attention, etc. The symptom
all arise from a weakness, and to remsdy
that, use E. F. Kunkel' Bitter Win of
Iriiu. It nover lulls. Thousand are now
enjoying health who have used lk Take
only K. V. Hunker.
ew are or counterfeit and base imita
tions. As Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron is
so well ktioivn all over the country, drug
gists themselves nuke an imitation and try
tosellltofftothfllr customers, when they
call for Kunkel' Bitter Wine of Iron,
Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron is put up
only in II bottles, and haa a yellow wrapper
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prietor's photograph, on th) wrapper of
eacn uottie. Always iook ior in paeta
graph on tho outside, and you will alwiyi
be sure to get the genuine. On dollar par
bottle, or six for tjft. Sold by uruggltts aad
dealers evervwhera
. V. Kunkel's Worm Syrup never falls
to destroy l'in Seat snd Stomach Worm.
Dr. Kunkel. tbe only suocNful Dhrakiaa
who removes Tape Worm ia two hours
alive, with bead, and no fee until removed.
Common sense teaches that If Tape Worm
bo removed, ail other worms can be readily
destroyed, end lor circular to Dr. Kun
kel, Mo. 25!) North Ninth street, PUhuitl.
rni ,, i'a., or cuti on your arugansi ua Hk
lor t bottle of Kunkel's Worm Syrun
I'ric ei.00. t never tall. ...
- ;AMlatuieat af Aialaraar,
Southern district of Illinois s. 'J
At Cairo May SSIb, 1877. !!!'
The undersigned hereby gives notiee of
lus appointment as assignee of Cran
Bush of Foreman, in the county ot John
son and state ot Illinois, within said dis
trict who have been adjudged bankrupt
ou creditor's petition by tbe district oaurs
of said district. GiORfli PlSBBB,
Administratrix Halle.
Estate ol William Braokcn, deceased
The undersigned, having been appeHUd
administratrix of the estate of William
Hrufken, lute ot the county of Alexander
ami State of Illinois, deceased, hereby glvtt
notice that tlio will appear before the
oounty court ot Alexander county, at the
court henna In Cairo at the June term,
on the third Monday id June neat, at
which time all persons having claim
against said estate' are notified and r
imeated to attend for the purpose ot havlsg .
the sums adjusted. All penev Indebted
to suid estate are requested to make imaa
diate payment to the unrlcreifaed.
LHUd this ttth day of April'A. 1). 1877.
CAKOLUl'l E. Pmackbh,
4-t9wGw Administratrix.
Kaeti wuek in Arnts.flooA.tlaal., ASsT
teotlneiniaH mwilrM.tsr MMmi.Pf

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