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$hf guUttto.
. Gov. Yocsc, ol Ohio declines to be a
candidate for re-oleetlon, glflnj
reason that litt private business requires
personal attention.
A Chablkhtos, South Carolina, did
pateh of tbe 3d i ays :
Chief Justice Walte last nlglit Mini
moued the jury In the EUcrton cases into
court and found on ltitero?atlnjr them
that they eould only agree upon a verdict
In the owe oi one ot the cloven jM-rsons
charjred with the conspiracy. This was
Abner W'atklnson, a man over sixty years
old. who was acquitted. The Judge then
discharged thejury and the ten remain
ing prisoners were released upon giving
bonds for their appearance at tho next
term of the court. Counsel think It un
likely that those cases will ever again lie
Ai.thocih the government is too poor
to keep its ships on foreign stations in
seaworthy condition, and has lot some of
them go solar toward ruin that their
guns have to bo put ashore, It still
contrives to keep Robeson's yacht, the
Tallapoosa, In good order fur official
pleasure excursions. She was employed
lor that purpose the other day, tho party
consisting ot three or four members of
net and a portion of the presi
i . ...... L.f
Ul LA.11IC IJIJI. I J .lil, ItCU U3l
eminent steamer lor such purposes that
an equal number of street Arabs would
have when going out for a holiday. The
Tallapoosa has bci n devoted to these
dead-head pleasure trips lor the past four
or five years, more or less, and it is
about time that she should be laid up to
rot, It some better use cannot be found
for her.
On Saturday Governor Cullom ap
proved the following bills passed by Hie
legislature: Senate bill 501, nn act to
extend the principles and organization of
township insurance companies so ns
to embrace counties. Senate bill 20S, an
act to establish judicial circuits. Senate
bill 290, to amend the practice act. Sen
ate bill 279, to establish appellate courts
House bill 559, an act to prevent the ob
struction of railroad companies in tlic op
cration ot their roads. 1 his is an act
fixing penalties against the unlaw
lul acts ot strikers' combinations. The
. governor has vetoed house bill 201, which
provided tor an interchange of duty by
, circuit, city and county judges. The
bill is vetoed on the solo ground thai the
constitution does not propose that these
judges shall be of equal grade, or shall
be required to possess like qualifications.
The signing of the abovo bills disposed
ot the last ot the bills remaining in the
governor's hands.
Gkn. Kogkr A. .Pbyok, the cx-Confed
crate soldier and statesman, delivered the
oration at the decoration services in
Brooklyn. Therowa soino opposition
to his appointment, but his address was
so appropriate, andl n such good taste,
that general satisfaction was expressed
that he bad been chosen. Referring to a
restored Union, he said :
"The Union is re-established not only
in the supremacy but in tho bcnitincnc
oi us power ; re-estaDiisnca not merely
over tho will but over the hem to of the
veople, and ot all the people. While Its
privileges and protectiuii were unequally
dispensed, while toward the South the
constitution shone with darkened and
sinister aBnect, the aftectlons of the
people were chilled and their conlldencc
repelled ; but now that every state
is respected in her soverignty, and every
man in his rights, the Lnion is restored
in all its ancient strength and glory; and,
oe persuaded, you may repose with ns
serene a trust on the loyalty of Louis
iana as upon the well tried hdelity ot
your own great commonwealth. In ob
literating all discriminations between
Hates and between citizens, you have ef
fected the ill-omened distinction of sec
tions, and henceforth. In the vocabularv
of American politics, the South is only a
geographical expression. This is the
tribute a confederate soldier brings to
day to the graves of the fallen heroes of
tne Lnion the solemn assurance that
they fell not in vain; that tbe work they
died to achieve you have accomplished;
that as they, by their devotion, saved the
Dnion from overthrow, you, by the pol
icy or magnanimity, nave enshrined it In
the hearts of Its once lurious but now re
claimed and reconciled losses.
Slsday last was the fiftieth anniver
sary ot the elevation to the episcopacy of
Pope Plus IX. The occasion was appro.
priafely celebrated by all the Catholic
churches In tho country. Wo Hud the
brief sketch ot the life of Pope Pius In
the St. Louis Re publican ot Monday even
ing. It will be read with interest ;
Giovanni Maria ilastal Ferrettl was
born May 13th, 1792. Jlls thoughts soon
turned toward the church, tor at an early
age he began bis education for the priest
hood. Ill was ordained priest lu 119.
His earlv life was lull of scenes of dra
matic interest and wild adventure.
He was scut on an expedition
to South America, during which
he was thrown into prison, narrowly es
caped shipwreck on the coast of Africa
and bad many adventures In the new
world, lie Is tho only pope who has
ever set toot on American soil. After
remaiuing six yeats on this side or tho
Atlantic Be returned to Rome and was
pnolnted canon ot the Santa Maria hos
pital, lie was remarkable for his great
charitv to the Door and tinlortunntp
classes of Rome, out possessed In a no
less degree shrewed financial ability and
rare executive talent. The combination
of these qualities Boom made him a
marked man among she Roman clergy
any opened the way lor his
rapid advancement. On May
21, 1827, he was appointed archibisu
op of Spoleto, and on June 3 was con
secrated. In 1830 be was' appointed car
dinal. On the death of Pope Gregory
XVI., In 1840. he was elected pope ou
the fourth ballot by tbe college of car
dinals, receiving thirty-six votes out ol
mty-four. His election was Immediately
made unanimous, and three days latter
be was Installed In tbe pontificate. His
reifo, though much disturbed by the
many revolutions that bare swept over
Kurope and by tbe los of his temporal
power, has been one of the most rein irk
able of all tbe popes. The declaration of
the dogmas ot tbe Immaculate concep.
Uoa and of the Infallibility of tbe pope In
matters of faith and morals has drawn
the attention of tbe whole Christian
world, and tbe promulgation of the latter
dojroia rave rise to the old Catholic
Movement In Germany and Switzerland.
Tbwtifftoilt all his trials and anxieties,
however, Vopo Plus IX. has shown al
ways tho same greatness, patience and
wisdom. Ho is recognized vhrougnout
the civilized world as one ot the grand
est llgurcs in history, temporal as woll as
Tho Now Orleans Democrat says the
NlcbollJ legislature lias saved the stato
over a million dollars ulroudy.
-Only the settlings of the Republican
nartv In Ohio are left from which to so.
lect candidates for state olllces this year.
-The New York Trlhuae has linnlly
crlvcti ud the bono of a split in tho Dem
ocratic party. Jtsays'-ltwillbo sale to
li iw.n on the. subiect for six
months or a year."
-The Philadelphia folks recently took
occasion to greet Grant warmly and
fit 1 Lives coldlv. lloth gentlemen
visiting that city.
It appears Unit old Simon Cameron
was a thief as long ago as 118, and that
he. at that early day, formed and openi
ted an "Indian ring." Truly, Simon is
what may be called on original Republl
S. S. Cox, who has been on a South
ern tour since the adjournment of con
gress, entertains tho opinion that Mr.
Hayes' policy has not taken a man from
Mm ncmnerutic nurtv whom wo could
not well spare..
P..tnr.l i.-Vnvcrn - " if Jluve rw
TUls Is the legal case. 1C Is as clear as
the sun at noonday in a cloudless sky.
Chicago Intcr-Ocean.
The 'story is now going the rounds
that ex-pre9ident Grant is oor and that
all ho has taved was the amount ot Ids
last year's salary, $30,000, having failed
In all his speculations (luring his term
of oilicc.
This full there will be an election in
Iowa for governor, lient-governor. sup't
public instruction ami supreme judge
The Republican st ito convention is called
or Wednesday, June 27th. Let us have
"To-day,"' say3 n Philadelphia paper,
referring to the departure forKtiropo of
cx-Prcsldent Grant, "the only living
man ever elected and duly installed
president of tho United States leaves our
city and country for a sojourn in Eu
It is notlce-iMc that the Republicans
never express any solicitude tor any part
ol the constitution except the three last
amendments. They ore like tho man
with patched breeches, who didn't cure
anything for the breeches but fairly doted
on the patches.
Secretary Sherman tendered Cham
berlain, ex-governor of South Carolina,
the ollleo of solicitor of the treasury, and
the presideut urged him to accept it, but
Chamberlain has no love for Mr. Hayes
and don't want office at his hands
Chamberlain is plucky.
Now that ex-Gov. Chamber lain ol
South Carolina has been admitted to the
New York bar, "he speaks well of Gov
Hampton's administration." When men
throw away carpetbag spectacles it Is ns
tonishinjf how Hindi better they see
Sew 1'nlciir.
List of touts Issued to Jnvcntoi.s ol' Illi
nois for tho week endiBj? May 211,177,
and each dated June 12. 1877. Furnished
this paper by Cox & Cox, Solicitors of
rmcnts, wasuinytou, u, l.
II Adams, harvester reel, Sandwich ;
V Briggs, game apparatus, Chicago ; A
Klngsland, horseshoe nails, Chicago ;
V McClelland, three horse equalizer,
Fowler; J Parkliur.st, hottlo stopper
tastners, Chicago ; J Stewart, barbed
fence wire, Piano; .T. Stewart, grain
binder, Dano ; Z. Waters, pavement,
Bloomington; O llersman, hay eleva
tor, Ilcrsman; C Hinckley, thill coup
ling, Rockford ; L Jeflerson, road scra
per, Monmouth; W Clark, friction
clutch, Chicago; R. Excel), boiler, Chi
cago ; A Pike, bosom forms, Chicago ;
J Richardson, desk, Majority Point ; L
Blake, steam pump, Chicago ; T Block,
feed trough, Sidney ; G Clark and A Har
ris, soldering process, Chicago ; C
Duecker, carriage jack, Tamaroa ; C Ells,
whlffletree eye bolt, Moline ; J Harper,
books, EI Paso ; C House, animal releas
ing device, Aurora ; C Hunt, steam boiler
furnace, Chicago ; F Jones ; quadruples
telegraph, Chicago ; J it II Kolling,
horse power, Arlington Ileiirhts : J
Brath, kettle lurnace, Chicago ; M Rich
ards, barbed fence, Oswego ; F White,
heating stove, yuiury ; J Zoellner, panta
loons, Chicago.
WbulMr- Tllilou to Nay About It.
(Baltimore Sun, May 24.)
tVn eminent citizen of Alabama, w ho
passed through Washington vesterdnv
on his way back from New loik, had,
while in that citv. an interview with
Mr. Tilden. He said to Mr. Tilden that
the people ol the South were convinced
that he had been fairly and lawtully
elected to tho olllce ot president of the
uuum mutes umi uie people of that
buuuuii, iu common wuu tuo grout body
ot the people of the whole rmt.wi
States, thought that Mr. Tilden, ns
the lawtully elected ruler of tho coun
try, should havo taken early utter the
election a decided attitude, and insisted
upon his rights; that had he dono so,
and tho proper announcement of the
vote ot the electoral colleges been pre
vented, tho house of representatives
would have elected hlin according to the
forms ol law, and made Itsell responsible
for his induction into the olllce which
neiongcu to mm. Mr. Tilden listened
intently to tin remarks ol his visitor,
a gentleman nearly twenty years his
senior, lie replied ho had thought care
fully and most conclentlously over the
subject in all its possible phases; that
he had become convinced
that should ho adopt the
course suggested It w ould be resisted by
the Radical party to theextentol drench
ing the land In blood; that bj shrunk
lrom the responsibility ot precipitating
another terrible civil war upon his coun
trymen, and .'consented to compromise
which averted so dread a disaster. He
felt as keenly as any one tho Impropriety
of the means by which the present result
had been brought about, but lor all that
uo aiu not regret tils own action. As It
was, the people of the Un ted States un
derstood it ; the Democratic party to-day
occupied such a proud attitude belore
the country as It had never occupied bo
fore, and no mortal power could resist its
triumphal march to luccvij la 1880,
About ttmu.
of tbi board of delegates
ot American IsraeliU-'s In New York on
Tuesdav. one of mo uuiegiues siuieu wuu
an effort had becu made to ascertain tho
correct number ol Israelites in tho
United States, mo nuniucr oi euuicues,
and other Btatistico ot uueresi. me
board had issued circulars to 300 con
gregalloiis and to 125 societies and in
stitutions, receiving replies from li 1 con
gregations and 174 societies, liiero are
several old synagogues in this country,
among which were mentioned the
Slicarith Israel, in New Y ork elty, found
ed prior to tho year 1081; tho Shearal
Sliomaylm at Lancaster, Pa., lounded In
177l; the Rodelph Sliolcru at Philadel
phia, founueu iunsu;iue UCUI J.IUIIIUI
at Charleston, S. 'J., founded in 1!0; tho
Miko Israel ut Savannah, and he Beth
(ieholem ill Richmond, Ya., lounded In
1790. Thero were, us far as tho board
could ascertain, 11,607 members who had
seats In tho synagogues. 11, Ml cliiUJnm
who attended Hebrew schools, and 9i
touchers, and the estimated value ot the
synagogues in the country was set down
at $.-,8H7,4itO, tho ll"brev population of
the 1'nl ted htates tho statistician estima
ted at 230.000, ot which number 00,000
reside 'n New York city and IS.OOO In
other parts ot New Yoik state. The
Hebrews havo fourteen public institu
tions, some of which were non-seclarlan,
as the Samal hospital, lifteen newspapers
and ningazlncs, and four secret societies.
Too Miull Twmlillr.
Vicksbiirg Herald.
Tho Northern papers and even some
of our home iounmls have a fashion of
nddrps-iins? ailviee to the .Southern peo
ple alter this manner : "The best policy
lor tho South now is Industry," or the
irifiit of iiiu'jmT-iiitri'cst.s, eie. ,v,iv
all this twaddle! Are Southern people
a peculiar species ot tho genus homo, so
entirely diflerent lrom otherpcople tiiat
they must bo specially and patronizingly
addressed in thisjway ? We have no objec
tion tosucti honnlies. in themselves; but
when written, as most ot ttiein are, updn
an unwarrantable Inference of our gen
eral inferiority to the rest of tho Atnerl-
eun people, wo have ,no patience with
I'( I'SOIIIll.
(link "burg Daily Pre-nj
Hon, John II. Obcrly has withdrawn
from tlio Cairo Bei.LKTix. In his card
he says; "Finding it impossible to give
proper attention to the newspaper, anil
at the sumo time not neglect my public
duties. 1 have taken this step." We re
gret Sir. Oberly's retirement he is one
ot the most Indefatigable newspaper men
In the state, and tho Bn.i.m in under his
guidance has been an abln defender ol
the party. The paper will hereafter he
managed by Messrs. W. F. and I,. C.
Sehuekers. Success and prosperity at
tend the new firm.
rouvv vkaim iikfmim; thi: ri nue.
Celebrated American
PUIS lourilciKUiic in 1 :;!(.
1 k'aacn-col'jicu, v, uli an
(lushes, urn dr' miK' nlic! simt on
one or both check:, ; the eyes bn oine
dull; the pujiiljdihle; an aiire semi
circle runs .ilon;,' the lower t ye lid ;
the nose U irritated , "swell and some
times bleeds ; a swelling of the iij-jk r
lip; occasional headache, with iiiim
lnin;,' or throbbing of the ears; ;u
unusual secret ion of saliva ; slimy or
furred lo:ieae; baath very foul, par
ticularly in the inornijirj ; appetite
variable, sometimes veracious, wiiha
gnaw ing seiisal ion of the stomach, at
others, cnlin.lv jone; fleeting pains
in the ftoin.ii h
i i annual nausea
lent pains throueji
; bowels ii ret;iilar,
aojls 0iniy ; not
vd with blood;
ha.id : urine tur
o i a- i' iiially dilli-
and vomkhv ;
out the abilume
at limes i cist i :
uiil'iV'i'i aitly tii
belly swollen aie
bid ; iv-.pir.it i'..i n i a
cult.and.ict ompankil
co'.i;;!isometinv.--,'.In an
iy hi' cough;
unea.y ami li .united sleep, tutu
pTimlin;,' of the teeth ; temper varia
ble, but eeneial!;,' irritable, iVc.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exi. t,
Will (ertainly vff." t a cure.
IT llol S NoV ION I . UN' Jli.fccVKV
n any form ; it i.-- an inr.oecnl prep;'
ral ion, , ,''. . , siyjih
(St injury , ,ht imxt truJrr infant.
The genuine 1k. .M'. l.,wi;s Via;
MiKl'CE hear; the r.hinatmx:; of C.
MVLane and l-i !'.m:.v; Jhio.;. on the
DR. C. (VifLANiL'S
liver pills.
Thoso l'ill.s nre not ri'dinimeiided
as a remedy for "nil tha ills that,
flesh is licir'lo," but in .illoeLions of
the Liver, and in ad iliotw (.'oni
plainls, J)y;)c;)da mid i-'ick llciid-nclir-,
or lise:i a of that elmraeler,
they Ktaml wiilmut a viva!.
AdV'K a?;d FEVER.
No b 'U-;r c.itliurt'o can bo used
preparatory to, cr after tuhinjr Qui
uine. A3 u L-iinpli! p'oiivo they nre
hkwari: or mrrATiox.
Tim jrouuiiK! me never Mignr
ICach box has a red wax seal on
tho lid, with tho iiupvesMon )..
MH.a.vk's Eivimi 1'jm.s.
Each wrapper hen r.Jtlio.'imtiiiV!i
of C, M'.'Lask and l'i.r;frxn Eitos.
Hold by ull resjeetiiblo (lniistsj
and country ptorekeepers gone rid ly.
Having cnkteil Into a co-pnrtnenliln, f..r Ihu
pumoii ol i.ru.:tllnn iH'nil.trv. lii ull it,
lirnachi'H, wol,l n-niKotlully Inform tlionv ui-vil-'"K
h nervli ul ilvnliil oirti)r, thm they
n pr6preil lu HtirnU to tlivir wuutu in evorv
tCrlliwt. '
'Jlielllllnilof tM'thilone In flit must tutiafiu
!ory msiinur. ImertlUK uitillclul iIi iiIiiihii, .
ways with a view of reatorlnir, lur m pran
llniljIo.ihelnMfiinloiiriui'l lintiinil iri'iiHlun
uiv mum iiuiiuvni incinnuH noil niull'rllllH
Teeth entiiMilctl slmoluHy H itlioiit pulu liy
luimnltraiia oxida Kim. -
'llii-y etrnil n Invitation to ill, to call nU
l tliein nrt lulielt lllwral uliiirv of ihflr put
oiiiik. Wurkyimramenl. Prlcru inuilrntt.
CA.MXi; A Willi LOCK,
i, . . HtirmoB Iknilttt,
tommticill cnu, liotwtvn til lint tin !
NTew-York Storo
Qooi's Sld Very Cloee.
'Jornor lOlh 81 ftud Commercial At,
C. O. P1TIER & CO.
Satiation & bird,
Wholesale Grocers
f7 Ohio Lnvee.
Wholesale Grocer
Ami lk.Ml.-r in
Commission Merchant
Ulliiu orl-r.
St.Oharlos Hotel,
oAmo, zxjXis.
Room and Board, 1st and 2d
Floors, $2,50 per Day.
Room find Bourd, 3d floor $2.00 For Da
Speoial Kates hr Week or Month
A limitcil nimilii r of vi-ry itcHirulilc Iain
rourim aiu li wcuinl ut ruisuimblu lutm lur tin
HumiiiHr montliH.
The St. Otmvlon Is the lirf:Bl atnlTiei t niipolnt
i'l llmisv in Nuullii-i'ii Illinois, ami Is tlic Itwli
hiitil in Cairo. Kiit- litistunilinx the " li
Uoi'k" ri'iliiclinn in jric'H, the luMu will,
liHinil, l,n libi-rnlly nijipliiil Willi Ilic very
of every Uiinif ilmt nin !. found in nmrkit.
Fine lnrne wimple roonn for coiiimcrciui tray
ilerH, on Krouml Itnnr, frivol' cliuitri!.
JAH liO(fHHKe(il'im,.-l."c.onvi'je,i to ami (roar
tliv liolel without cIiiiik''
i:. it, iovkw
4-lfl-lf rronrii lo X
Enterprise Savings
A. II. SA.PFHUII, I'ri-Bi.lent
H 8. TAYLOK, i J'rtwiiti'iit.
W . HYM.'Jr1, he.;'v mid Tr.'.iur,r.
I'.W. IUhclav, (Has (iAMumn,
F. M. ttTOCHfLKin, I'AI'Llf Mi mm,
it. II. C.'UWNINOIIAM. 11 I,. llAI.I.IUAV,
J. .11 I'llllXil't.
INTEUKST puid on di'pnf its at the mr oi ail
pcroent. iHiranimin, .March lnt and Htpteiu
jer lt. InUri'Ht nut wilh.lrnwn in wlded iiimie
liatuly to the principal ot the deposits, tberuliy
(iviiiKthcincniuwiiiiKl nili n-Ht
Married Womon and Children may
Deposit Money and no one
oloo can draw it.
Open every buaindtsilay rrom9u.ni. to II p.m.
uJ Saturday fvuiiiuis for bavins lfpositb only
rum (1 tott o'clock.
W.HTflI.OP. Trftmuror.
llrow, I'rraldpiit. H.
.Veil', Vlccl'rut't. 'I.
WclU, Oasbler.
I. Kerlli, AHht. auli'r
Corner Commercial Ave. and Ut Street
OAino, IIjTCjO.
K. Ilron, Ciilro. Wm. liluge, Cairo.
l Nell, (Jiilro. Win. Wolfe, Uiro.
A . Suennka, Ulro. It. I.. ililllnKaley, t. ton la.
fc, lliiilcr, Cairo. II. Wella, Cairo.
Itrlnliinun, Ht. Ioiiia,
V. Ui'iniim, Caledonia.
(JeiD-rnl llimkliic UnNliiCH Hone.
tTF.xrliuni;e Bold ami TioiiRht. IntrcHt paid
B the haviutra DepHrtuutnt. Collw.tiou Uutde,
nd nil lnHlneHu nrmiuitlv attundwl U.
City National Bank
CAPITAL - $100,000
W A I THl 11 v SLOP. Ash' I Caalilor.
f . 8TAATS TAYt.on, It. IF. Cn 1(II1AM,
II I.. llALMDAY, . W. P, llALMllAlf
U. 1). WlLLlAAIlioM, BTEPIIKN 1111IP,
. u. SArroiiu.
Exohango, Com and Unitod StatOB
Bonds Bought and Sold.
DKPORIT3 nwived and (ronral lanklni
or hardware Utile t"H(
I'ew Sla&dird E:issld hm; Keltic-
Medr only by h Btandard Manufcturin
Co, Pittaburir Pa. Kvny K ! muda ol
rant linn, WarrunM and guarantd not tn c6m
Uln any lead or arifnic or any odierpnlaunoui
tuatter whgntvfr Wm
P?AWfl1 "'ii-o'tave, line rosewood (not unl
ilAMUil over aix months). l;i0j cost t,
knA iU(JNt',w P'" wliolomile. Crait liar
nRttANSiraina. Neurly now. t-u- 2 mn.i ftir.
"""i,,r.i i. tiytopa jt5A: 7 atopiV") '
hIoi mi 1' atopn I'Mto 7U. liaro 0iiK)itniii
Hca. NewoiMantttholele, Hbwuiu imlta-
iioui. iirgtcvvr ninue, libAH, Ment on 'to
1 1 days' test trial, ilonvy rel'iix.lwl and fn-iirht
paid both wiij-! if minatisliictorv. Kst, Im'.
AKinla wanted. Hiaoount lo teaelii-ra, iniiiisleri
em. Adilr 'B.1 lisnii l r , llviitty, ashiiiKton,
New Jersey ,
a Week In your own town. Terms and
(DUU K'mnlUt free. II. II ALI.KT .t CO.. Port.
land, .Muine,
l Itiitloiinl IiiviiUiIh.-In Bickuejs
every iiiiition of the body sympathise Willi the
sent of theiliaoriler, Wt.en thustoiuach falls lo
perioral its tnuctlons, Hit liver, bowels, nerves
veins, arteries, etc, are all more of leasalleclrd
I llfe ueliilienti ivipiire a nieilicine, conibiu.
in the pmiwrtics of a stomachic, un altemtivc,
a purgative, a tonic., and a sedative to brinx
them hack to their dntv and all these elements
In heir 'purest and most ulecthe I'onni, are
united in
tol'j tkmmi SeUzsr Aqarie&t.
tin (treat saline renicdv for Indlirestlnn. nml its
eonc.oinituiiiron-i(-iniiii'j. S..M Uv nil ilrii'.
$55 o S77.V'k'r.AB!''..l!l.(.!'11'.''1'
piMa, Maine.
T -w - - (- K I' f
u. VlcKI'.UV, .u-
;) a day ut hom. Auenis H'tui(r,.'oJtr,i
i)li4 und terms free. J ltl K Jfc I.O., Auj(iil,
liy II, N. MaKiitre, who spent 12 year in ilii.n
rexion. Ijitest iiccounts of icold and kiher
ir-iiei:i3, uki leuiuuiii uiMi Km.iiiv lemiriyi,
I'lunite. liuntinK and llsliiufr, Indians, and aet
th'is' adventures with them, miniiiK ami wild
Western life, the waterfalls, boiling Keyscra,
noble Bi'cnery. imiiieno Rorires, etc. W ith il
tine illii-lratlons, and new map. fries OM.V
loCh.NTS. Sold by all newsdealer, or aetit
postpaid fur li cents by DON Nhl.l.KY, lM l
X CO, I'liblisheis I hicaifo, Ills.
C. C. r.KKRSM. D. , forniei-'y of Huston. li:.s
ah.irmleis cure lor IS I KMl'KliANCK, A-hu h
cm he irlvcn withuiil the knowledge o, the pu-
iii'IH. . i"o woe lur me
Opium Habit
l'erniani-nt cure imaratitecd iu both
IrugKibl" lor it. A (Ureas
lifcKKSA CO., llirmlnKl.uin, Couu.
was awarded the hit-best ,rje ai nle centennial
exposition lor lie line chew ng ipialities, (lie ex
ci lleuceapd laatiiii; rhanicter ol its aweeteuinx
and llavorinx. 1 1' you want the beat tobacco
ever made ak your itrocer fur this, and i-ec
that each pliiK bears our bine stripe tiaile mark
with wonts .lacksous' Itess on it. Sold by all
Jobls'rs. Send lorstunplc to C. A. JACKsos
ilt CO.. Manufacturers, 1'etersburK, Va.
P Extra Fine Mixed Curdei wuli name
UJ lO ct., poit paid. I JUNKS A; to
Nassau, N, V,
oe EX I II riXE t:AKIN, no two nli.e,
with name, IUi-Im. .1. li. II AKI1. It,
Maiden Itriiltc". N. V.
$5 t(l $20 Pfr.day at liomu. Samples worth
' free. f-'I'I.NSON ,V CO., Yml.
land, M.i lii
'Jasni.'s Palsat Papjrorrapl"
.L From one tc o thouruuri far-aimilirs of anv
ilestKn, writing , (tniwing, map, notices, price
list, examination papi r, etc., icing one writ
mid an ordinary copyingprets. The process is
simple, easy, and iapid Send for descriptive
circular, null noiliess Jlir. r HI I M,K, '
CO., .Norwich, Conn, or JOHN MONTI El II
K"i N. Sixth bl. M Loiiia. Jlo.
and Baltimcro
Willi diivct C'oMiiei'ilons lor
tiie east,
Traveler deiiriDi' u
Slioiild rrinicnilicr that tho
ils cclcbrateil lor Its
Klcf;unt Coaches, Splendid Ilotela, (iruud
and lioHiitiful Hoiintiiin and Valley
Hceneiy, and the many points
Historical Interest AIouk
Its Line.
Fare will ALWAYS be aa LOW
ai by any bar lino,
Hun Thrown
llotwcon tho l'i'Inelpal
Western and Eastern Cities.
For through tickets, bugttgo checks,
luovomcnt of trams, ttleepin car amvom
modiitioni, etc., ft.:., ai(dy attleket olllcci
ut nil prlmi)iil points.
i:. li. Uoriey, Li. M. Colo
Aaa't CJeii. '1 IckitAft. (iu. Ticket Aftf
Them. 1. Unrry, Thoa. It. bliarp,
Western l'asa. Ant. Master of Xransp'n.
Kuallsh BrussclB, Three lIy and lncruln
also, stair t'arppts.Velvet Hukii, Crumb
Cloths, Oil Cloths, etc., wry oboup
at the Old Place
Cnrpeti rarvfully packed and tout to an
part of the United Status lreo of charge.
Tho undersigned havo formed a
Business, heretofore carried
continue the
No. 62 Ohio Levee,
Under the firm name of
Stockfieth & Bross
And Invite their friends and patrons to call on them.
To my' former patrons and tho public generally :
fcCSig forwed a co Dartnorshio with F. Bross vuhn ic wait
and favorably known in the city and vicinity, I hereby return my
thanks for past favors and patronage; and solicit a continuance
oi me samo in mo luiure.
rjlJIE IIUIXETl.N ia publialied Ti-rymornlnK
(ixoept Monday) In Die Bulletin Building, cor
ner Washington avenue and Twelfth atmet.
Tin Buxletim it served to city subscriUra by
faithful camera at Twenty-Five Cent a Week,
payable weekly. By Wad, (in advance), 110 per
annum; six months, Vi; three months, 1; one
month, (1 23.
Published every Xnnrdlay inornini(at tl
pe: annum, invariably in adyance. Ihe poBtarc
on the Weekly will lie prepaid at this utile, a
ba eubscrltKra wil obtain for a subscription
rice ol 1 i year.
advehtisinc. HATES.
Uuuiucau Cards, per annum f!
One equate, one nsertlon, .. i OU
One ajuare, two insertions - 1 M
One Bquura, one wee , 2 W
Oat auare, two wcrka I 'Jt
One square, tliree weeks wi
One sqtire, one mouth, 's
One siuurr, one insertion,...
hucn siilisciiicut Instrti in,...
..tl io
... M
Ut'Orc iicii is a muuie.
UTo regular udn rllnrs wcoflcrauuirlot ip
Jiuni(ntfi, both as to rate ol cliurpra and din
ner of diHilayinn their favors.
Comuiut,li.a.Uo.ia unoa aiiblaota ut u
eral liitnreat to tho public eolioitnd.
tAII HiMiiissIxtti rs should lc a.Mresanl lo
Cnlro llnllelln t'liniimnv.
. .M . - .
Leonard Scott Publishing Co.
41 Barclay St., New York,
Contiune their aiUKoritfi Beprluta of tbe
KililMirgli Review (Whig),
l.oudou tuiirtPrly Kevliw(Coii!rvativc)
Wextniinster llevlcw (Liberal),
ItrllNh tiiHrlerly Keview (Kvangclicnl),
Tbe British Quarterlies give to tho render well
lieested iiifoiuutioii iinou the went events In
contcmiioraneoua history, anil contaiu masterly
crltlclsius on all that is Ircsn ami vuiuauie iu
literature, as well as a summary of Ihe triumphs
of science and art. The wars likely to conv .tlse
nil Europe will form topics for discussion, that ,
Will lie Ireutcl wun a luuroiignnesB aim auiiuy i
nowhere Ldse tn he found. Blackwood's Muku- I
tine la famous for stories, essays, and sketches
ot the highest literary men:.
TEEMS (Including Postage) :
Payalila Strictly In Advance,
(for any one Review, 9 4 00 per annum
Ifor any two Beviews, 7 w
r or any tnree Bevnewn, 10 00 "
or all lour Beviews, 12 00 "
Ifor Blackwood's Maga
zine, 4 03 "
For Blackwood and one
Hevlew, 7 00 "
For Blackwood and two
Beviews, 10 00 "
For Hlaz&wood and three
Beviews, 13 00 "
For Blackwood and tbe
lour Beviews, 16 00 '
A discount of twenty per cont, will bo al
lowed to clubs of four or more persons:
Thus : four copies oi Blackwood or of one
Itpview will be sent to one address for
tVl HO, four copies of the four Itovtows and
Blackwoodfor $18, and so on,
New subscribers (applying early) for tho
year 1877 may have, without charge, the
numbers for the last quarter ol 1B7(1 of such
periodicals aa tbey may subscribe lor.
neither premiums to subscribers nor dis
count to cltiba can be allowed unless the
money Is rotnlttcd direct to the publishers.
No premiums given to clubs,
Circulars wita further particulars may be
had on application.
The Leonard Scott PublkhiBj C-
co-partnership in the wholesale
on by F: M. Stockflcth, and wily
same at tho
moat succeeaful Family Paper
in tne union.
Harper's Weekly
NOIK I or Tin riass.
lIMil'KH'S WtEKI.V abouM I in . VHry
laindy tlirniiluiat the land, as a purer, morr m
! krotiuir, hixhrr-lunrd, iH-ticr-llliistruud . irr
i is nut imlillnhed in this or any oilier couinr.
. Lnniiiirrrial lliillctin, llomon.
' 'lhe VVKKKI.1' is the only illustrated paper of
fit day that iu its esatnlial rharucten-ticii i
nwi'X'iueil iu, a national paiwr.-Brooklyn l-.aiie.
1 he leiulii.K articles in lU UI'KH'S V( KhKi.Y
on politicul tupiet are tnislt-li of hifth-tiwol d s
cnsniiin, and its pictorial illuntralioui id .d en
mrroborative aiyiiiiicnt of nu small foice.
i Kiamliierand ( lironiele, . .
'Ihe Wr.LKIA has taastili larger deirn A -.
tnnwl ah eompelitors m an illustrsM nev r-paK-r.
Its editorials are anion the most able ot
thtir kind, and its other reaiiin nutter is at oix
i learned, brilliant, and amusniK. Its llliMtim
. tiniisarealMindunlaiidol rait exwilcniv. i iu
tiau Advocate, N. V,
PoaUtfe fioa to all Hobacribara Id H
United Btataa.
inr.l'Kli'S VSfchKLV. oneycar.H
i ll incltlilHri i,rr,nviiin, ,,f I! . h.
, , j W t ,r.BWV '- "M
iili-.rii.tioi, to IIAIti'KK'S MAfiAZINK.
KKK I.V, and BA A It, ti one address foroae
tar, tio Mi; or two of Harper's 1'eriodieols, Kj
uiieatMress for one year, 7 u'i; iiosIskc iiw.
An fxlraCupy of either the jlaiiajlne,
ly, or Itsar wi.l be supplied ((Talis for ery
I liilnf tive subscribers at Hun uh, iuouci
miltance; or, hix Copies for lei O", wittim
extra co.y, poMaKB lice.
Hack iiunib'TS can be supplied at any time.
'Ihe Volumes of the Weekly commence wkb
: the year. When no timeis nieniionM.lt will t
I understood that the sulcrllwr wishes to coi.r-.
! jiitnec vi tli the niuutier next after the rceeipt
his order.
1 'ihe Annual Volumes n Ilairier'a Weekly, ia
r.'ut cloth bindina:, will lie sent by express. fia
of eibeniu, for 7 wuiidi, A con plele an, cone
j priiK Twenty Volmnet, sent on receipt of c h
, at the rale of ki tU ier volume, freiKht at eiie
: of purchaser. .
I. loth Cases fo each volume sul'ttble fur bin l
inir, will lie sent by mail, postpaid, onrece pt l
Imletei to ench volume lent gratia on ieiri.4
Newspapers aro nr.t to copy tbl ailvertiwiue it
without llii express order of llarter A llroini .,
w-tl ew York
? i i h
i Tallin MorkliiK (inaa. We are no
prepared to f.irninh nil claaewith c,nlanl el
t ployment at home, the vrhole of the tune, nr U r
j their spare moments. Iluslnwa new, liidit ai I
, prolluhle. l'rrxom of either aex easily eat t
iroin fto cents to $i jr evenlnit, and a pios r
! Initial sum by devoting their whole time lo li s
biuiness, lioys ard girls earn nearly as inue
as men . That all Who see this notice rnav ner I
their addrrs, anil test the business we make III t
unparalleled oiler: To such as are not well auti
, lied w will send one dollar to pay lr l
j trouble or writing, l ull particulars, amapl.
worm aeveral dollara to commence ork oV
j and a copy ot Home and 'ireiik one of tl e
ariicsi anu oei illustrate! publications, all sci t
rt by mail. .Ilcailer, 11 yjii want permanen,
: prontable work (.xohi.x Siihon 4 Co, I'ur i
I and, Maine.
fct. l&aii .i:vert!l
i It: rubra Co.. Ut Loui. .Mj
riTTm this
UlJlltlM Worth I
tin w w
To every read,? of this paper who sends in th
certificate and fl we will forward , for one ya ,
' I lie Treasure," a inaKnitfcent lUiuUmuJ
Monthly Journal and Housekeeper's Jnlurazin.-
und one copy of our new and eieaaut premium
ehroiuo, entitled
A maetcrijecenf Uie Dusseldorf school tfirema
pnintinK, by 1'rof. .Ionian, al.e 'ju'ijxl.i' , e
ecuied iu the liiidiest style of the art. Ib-ta I
irice of, which is , and a copy of the lollo
Jiilt lieautifiil poem descriptive of the ehroiuo, U
eli'Kant Illuminated colors forframinK.
Ay j but wait, Rood wile, a minute;
1 have fli t a word to say
Io you know what to dur Is?
Afother, 'tis our weildina; day!
.lust as now, we sat at aupiier
when tbeiruesta had Knneawayj
You mt that side, I sat this side,
Forty years ago to-day !
Then what plans We laid together!
What brave thing:! I meant to dot
c;ould we dream to-dar would 11ml us
At this talile mJ Tour
lletterso, no doiiht and yet I
.Sometimes think I cannot tell
Had our boy ah, yes! I know, Uear
Yes, lie docth all things well.
Well we've had our Joys and sorrows,
Shawl our smiles aa well as tears:
And Ihe liest of all -I've had your
faithful love for forty yearal
l'onr we've been, but not forsnlieni
Uriel' we've known, but never shame
Father for Thy endless mercies
Still we bless Thy Holy name t
This Is a rare chanei
tor yon to nmkemon-
ev Wfl will nav vml
aionsand plve yott exclusive territory, heml
us one dollar, avoid unnecessary correspon
dence, receive your territory, and go to work at
once. I pon receipt of which we will forward
agent's outllt, certillcato of uijoncy, elo. Hneci
men copies 10 cents, none free.
Addivas Thu Treaaure Publishing Co,
No. 4,i Cedar Btreeu New York
tax sale Notice.
, To Jucob Christian, 3Iary Christian ami
Kmallne Christian :
1 You are hereby notified that at a sale of
. lands for the dclinqueDt state, county, dis
trict school and other taxes of the year
tn the city or calro, county of Alexander
and state of Illinois, on the sixth day ol'
September, 1H75, Martin Brown pu::haseit
thu und hfn hi no, undhf se ne, und hf sw
ne, und hf te nw, und hf ne sv, und hf nw
sc. All the above described lands are sit
uated in soctlon tbroe (il), town fifteen (1ft)
and In range three (il) west or Sd P M, lu
said county and state, and that the tirno
elvon by law for the redemption of said
lundiwillexplreon the sixth day of Sen.
tember, 1877.
Martim Brown, Purchaser.
Cairo, Ills, 4My 11, 1877 w

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