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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, July 21, 1877, Image 2

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ltr gullet in.
jHd(r C'lrruil I'onrl
V illlhrif 1 lo niiiimv tlir nail" ,,l
Aftir'W l l)u, of J lnoil I otiiily, hi ( jiii'.i
rial, for iu I. i Ik drai i" lii nl ciivinl, n m
ail ir IU"' "f Hit tfiiwal xnmlilv, tip
ur.vrl Jinn 1 ":. 't ' I'l'ivn' I n i in- i .urn
tit of Ah-vaavW. Ilarli., Kranltin, ,, k'.m,
iluul. rr, I'liU'ki. .-liin, I iiimi ami t
lu on. t.irclHii MiM M.I i) i;i .u(ii t, A.
1). 177.
Wa ata aviili HilrJ la ainuum' e I It- n enrol. I l.'i
Dtfuclirny, of Unmn Oa-uy, as ...ni.ti'l.'ic I ir e a..-
in tht hr.t iiid'ualc irctiu, .i,: mir:i t,) tlir ;,, i
Iht(tntr4l a.sainbly, ap,iio ! Juiia 'J. I,i
rompo-cil 01 tli rnuillias nl Alexin kr, ttaiiiii
r'rauklia, Jt' k"n, Juhnsin Man.!.., '' I'. l
jikki, Valine, l;nnm an 1 Wiiliaiiis.ni, t'.l'.'n'
I, nt Motley in .Vigiet, A. P., 1ST.".
To 111' voter of the lir-t iniliii.il di-niii. c i
oowd of ihe counties (if fr.tnklii. s.i'iii.s, llv.lin
Foe. Maaaa,:, 1'iila-kt, .WaatuUr. linen, .l.tcl,
a)!!, VVilliatmon and .Inbn lim, wiih ll.e airti,.it i
manv lYtcia. I hrebv annnnni-t niy-atf t.aii'!
itateior-Jii ire of the circuit cmitt, tinier llic aa .if
loo Cenertl oiwmhlv. apurjvcil, .lime, l77 at the
election, on thi fii at Monday in Annus!, 177.
taaxi iaM. Viii'Ni.m.oiin.
J.I-J - 1. I .'- -. i x
Hox. Wh. A. Hint ol New Orleans I
(aid to be the cniiiinr mini inr dud;;'
Davis' place on tlio supreme court bench
The Dcniojrats ol Wayne enmity will
hold their comity convention fur ih
nomination of a county Uikd on Aui'ii-t
Gen. Okd lum out1 thousand troop
concentrated on the Kin liran le from
Fort Clark, along the region most mli'
ject to raids.
Focrtkkx lie insurance companies' in
Sew York have $Vir,nx),(XK) loamil
upon real estate, and report ?..s..i()2
interest due and acerued.
Thk republicans (if I'lilaki county
have determined to hold a convention to
nominate candidates t,r eoiinty otlieis,
and all the faithful who desire to serve
"the dear people" in tlie county cilices
are announcing themselves "ulijeet to
the republican nominating convention,"
Thk Memphis Aiufam.i having been
afked to dellne Jlaycs' Southern policy,
lays no policy hits been discovered to
date. The president ban simply lui nid
the constitution of tlie I'niti d Males
loose, with Instructions to roam through
the gtates at its own sweet will. j
x i ... .
Thk Pan Presbyterian council now in
esion at Edinburf, has unanimously
voted to hold its next meeting in Phila
delphia in 1SS0. This body represents
the various sects which accept tlie funda
mental doctrines ol Presbyterianisni,
while difl'ering in sonic details o church
Thkrk is trouble over the circuit
judgeship In the second judicial circuit.
The democrats nominated llon..lohn II.
llalley, and now a few ot the dcteatcd
candidates are tryinjr to get up a "peo
ple's convention" to put another ticket
In the field. It is said, however, that
llalley cannot be defuatrd.
t'ACKAHii ol Louisiana lias ln-cn in
vited to make a rpcecli lictoic. the, lie-
publican statu convention of lVnnsvl.
Tania, and relate his grievances. The
president it is said lakes this as an nwi
cAtion that the Pennsylvania la piiliii-
cans are more Iu sympathy with Pack
ard titan they arc with .Mr. JIayc-. It
does look a little that way.
I'iuff Josr.ru is a wary customer, and
has been playing it line on lien. ;iloward.
The latter and his soldiers got Joifph
and his band iu a tight place ami was
about ready to pounce upon him, when
Joseph sent a messenger to Howard lo
tell him that he wanted to surrender.
While the messenger and Howard were
talking, Joseph with his band ot red c 'it
throats moved oil, and then it dawned on
Howard that he ha ' been duped, that
Joseph had got up the talk iu order to
gain time. lien. Howard is mad at
Joseph and will lick him if he can catch
Oks. Oni has received instructions
from Washington that will have the re
suit ot preventing any collision between
American and .Mexican troops. The
Instructions just received are to the cU ct
that General Trevine is to place troops
on the Rio Grand at points when; the
Iudians are likely to crossover, and he
Is to notify General Ord where those
Mexican troops are, and in case raiders
do cross over in their vicinity tlie work ol
punishing them Is to be lelt to the Mexi
can, and the I'niled States troops are
not to Interfere.
iTis-glvcnoutlrom Washington that
the Texas Pacific management are bring
ing influences to bear on the Ohio demo
crats to prevent them Jruni adopting the
customary resolution against subsidies at
their approaching sute convention. ( i .c
of the arguments used is that if tlie
northern democrats pronounce npiurvly
against the policy, as they have b. en in
the habit ot doing, it will strengthen the
administration republicans, who it is
charged, hope to organize the Ilou.-e by
means of an understanding that will nip.
port the Texas Pacific scheme.
The strike among the firemen on tlie
Haltlraore mid Ohio railroad continues,
notwithstanding the arrival ol several
hundred United states soldiers at Mar.
tliuburg, West Va., where the strikers
am congregatiDg, they aie undismayed
and present a bold Jronf. So freight
trains have been moving lor two
days, but passenger trains are runnim'
umnolestcu. The freight train m.-n on
the Pennsylvania Central also fjuit
their trains a, noon on Thursday, since
which time but little freight UiHiu i,as
has been done. No disorders have oc
curred on the latter road, however.
Thb .lom-sboro Caztfte ol this week
ayi: "Mr. Struuk, a gertnan gciuicman
1 1 company with Mr. Turlay, land agent
t the 1. 0. ILK. Co., Lax been pending
tall wtek la the examination of railroad
lands in the cat part of Union and vt-t
part of Johnaon counties with a view to
locating a German colony. The enter-
'liil. Ill
f i . l.i . tin' litdu-ii ni iii i
lYielids i lit' l.ill .! III. ill Hie (II. r
rilnliii;'. I Ik-i i' i- In! i i' .
emiiilry am U tv, :i'!.i'!' il In n
h.' Is
Ii t nl
in 1 1
il llh
ilill.' . . .iiiil. ,. ( Jt i- r
linis. I 'til ii, w 1 1 ill. t
ami ve;"'talic- e m u' l
Ut'ii :in. I troll
.r.v.vi'.l!. n- i..
abundance, Hint i Wi.i I '-u,:li p.'l ln.i
he l!li d ill r.il.-ilisr catlle. rluepali :
goats, It is to I.; h".i I ih it I Iu- I s 1 1 :
Will !f l ik' II up. Jlc! ln,c) I .iimI.c- iu
1 1 la 1 1 ft
v. uli i:i 'i i ,i!nl,ir!,i
i I c liiutel in 'il V v, In
' le Inline;
l I i alii;
IH .
IM A II I'l I I I' A
IV llill'i I ill
W.i!iin,'l :
i.i i . 1. 1 1 i ;
1 1:' -.l'..v I'
I.l 'I I I
ll 'i.e. i' ' : u
I 'lli.l I ' it-It' I o
IIII .',1 1'l.l'.
:h viv,
An n d pi-r in, i
ilciit i;.;..nii I
Hi' prc-i
iiiii t'le
it g .-ichoi-: hi- .-I'l'ithctu piiii. y w is
y Strut';' ill some eetiou.-J. 'I he nnl
k is nut I r. iii'jl'li' Inr a Ucpiilthe in
victtiiy l I I' t.ih t.
alltidi.ig lo lie oiilcr I
i his yi'iit email,
ll.l'i ling I. Ill: l;;N
i-uii-ijiai'iiK in I'l iiiicu caiiipaiiis
l c.tiupaiii
It Will have st di.-airois i licet, ad In;::
I'lilcss ihe III !!' r i hi" o citi.. u i eoloe
lnrw.ird u'l I lake a h u,d in I l.i- pniilic il
cimtesls :'l ll 'lllclt the cillll aiyn, II e
contriil ot I'liiy nei' Iiini'iy will p t--into
liie hands ot political hntuim r .
Willi Will IUMIliplll.lt.' till' cll'i'tinllS ill
their own interests. Itwa-the tiilniuii
Of IlliS gi'lltli ni.'ltl tillll tlH .e-l'lrll
Would see the neec-itv ul I i-cii.i ing Ins
order reganUm: tederal t llicials utter the
Very tir-t t ,;cl on held.
HrHin fit s f - Is r .
ill. UN
l.v siiii'i: iv cull
ami iiimi:
i mi'-.
Tlie ( 'bieago Kvciiing ,',e, wil of Tiles
lay, 17ih, says: Chicago elevators, n
icr ollicial returns, cnutalu Ji)ii,,'!'J2 hu-ii-Is
ol wheat: l,i:!7,;!J."t hit-hels ol corn:
!li! ill.'i bll'll Is l,' outs, J.,(l: l,ii-he.-
otiyeand ilu,:!'.i'.) Iiu-lnl.- ol li.irlcv.
niaUing a grand total ol J.iNI. h' I hit h-
n'iin-t 'J.t, l.:ll."t lii.ic. out. wtfi,
Mgn. ami ,i tit, IH.' Iin-li, . at tin- peliod
l.ii ear.
Milwaukee wari-hoii-cs eniitaiii J.'h,
2 liil-ht N ol wheat; i.l, tr.f h:i.-n'ls ol
rn ; r.!U hu.-hels i. oatv; )fi.!i-i.',
htishi Is ol rve. and l:i,.i.' hiislit-is (1
.New i in l and l.rooklyn warehnusi's
were stor.-l witii l.t.'i.tu; lnis,t Is ui
wtiea : ;i ;i ,:i'is hu-hels ol corn; NKI.ICtl
1 1 ? -1 ot ii.U; lrj!i hn-hels ol rve:
"i,MI Ini-hel- ol hartev: ls.",,i;n bu-hel-
ol malt, iunl l.f.ltili bu-le-ls ot peas.
JXpoi ts t mm the viihirtrd ports last
week include 2,"i.iilii h.trri Is of llonr :
ti'J.Oit bushels ol wheat ; l.UMl.:!2ii liu.-h-
els ol corn; !,ti7:t lin-hcls of oats;
JJ,si'. buheUotrv: ii.vis 'ju-hels ot
peas ; t,7H5 barrels of pork; 2.."27.07-J
jiouttds of Inii'iiVi and l.o.VI.-I.VI pounds ol
(rain in sight hi the states and ana
d.,, duly 7, 1.-77 : Wheat, j.im.sDu lm!i
es; corn, !,l-:i. i',;l bii-hels ; oats .'.'. ;).!!.-
M7 ImiIic: hiirlev, 4.-,s :i:n; t)u-ii..u,
ill-ll r'ilili-.
A M A I CM l. I' I'lifiM lit :
iiiii:-i.'' iiimsi i
Wa-IIIVi.IiiV. ,lliv P'i.-
it. II
"W Ul-
-The .V
; ,i
id !k-
iVi.;.-.;i rc. eiitly ainioiiNced. by
hie authority, that lien t ade 1
iMtlli; reconcile. to t he pre-i: ei t '-po.
Wy. l'llis II lr tat let I 1 1 'l 1 1, ,t lei 1 1 i 1 1 . mi
the c M-nator to lit" ,'..' I, in which
hesitjs; "While I am now, as ever, as
a n luiblieaii, anioii- t.ir the siicc -s ol
that pnriy. hdicving lint i; ,a.. !.. : i
"' to -letain the rigliis ot man
an, I pro:no:e tin- principle- ol u-l gov
erniiictii llian any political ir uii.ili,iu
ot winch we lent- any ac 'uunt, 1 c mnut
I" ! ni.t. in.v -i nunieni- to lie mi-rcprc
SCtltl-tl. .NOW, I s, ,,;,!, ,Kl. ,,, i,,, w
wiin i- your reli.il'le authority" lor Hi
aluivc st.itcincnl.' Certainly' 1 hav
aillhtii i. tl no one to make ki1c.1i a -tak
iiietit. or any n'lier. Mie.-e my letter t
-Air. I atnter, w inch w.i .-urn pttt iou..y
I'uiFii.-itt ti, i nave written to no
one on tlie pi-e.-.d-nt's olicy, ai
have spoken to vei v lew per.-oii
i, 1 1... . ..i ; ...,. . i 1
" "in tut -no ,i i, mm men jtiU'uvs In
ilelciise o tlie mini, nts ol that lettn
tiit.ii iciv oeieaoouis o p lo.-e. 1 rci'i I
to say uiAt all mat lias much transptiftl
in tlie south and in ihe north has hut
contirnicil me in tin: correctness, ot the
sentiments expressed in that letter. 1
iii anil inai i irreauv leal' tins nit ice
under tlie color ot what is called local
scii-govenimciil,' is hut an ignominious
surrender ol the principal ot nationality
ior which our armies louglit, and lor
winch thousands upon thouands ol
brave men ditd, and without which the
war was a tailure. and our boasted "ov
einiiieot a invth."'
lllnt'elliint'oii-i UeiriH.
Tin- l;enton.i),i(i,v.,avs the wheal
VicM in franklin county will )L. ;!iK),iiiiu
bushels this year.
Three hundred miners have arrived
at liiitidwood to take the place o, the
strikitii.' miners ol that place.
Grain shippers in Jacksonville have
ottered l 'I'i lor new w heat, hut no con -siittiinents
have yet )(.,., r,.p,t,., .lt
that price, or laintracts niiide. The
j " ill ill -uorgan eoimtv
been iiiiiui ii.se.
season lias
- 1 he Key. Ilaryy Spear, a Methodist
pa-tor in Ma-mi Cnv, lltim is. e.mfe-.,.,
hiinsi-ll'a thi' l, and has gon,-t,, prison,
lie stoic a package ot bills, worth i'l.i'UJ,
while making a call on u hank ea-hier,
who was :i member of Ids congregation.
Ilin-,1 h Slitniil4 r.rrri
. Thij Danville .t,f,vwM,,. o(- ,.
mst. says: Mr. Sunlit was in town on
Saturday With his hired man, ,iu, t
two tell -i singular story n!mt n li'dit
iitng -troke. .r. Smith was on a .,rim
drill in tne Held, and h.s hired iiiau"was
about twenty ni ls Inmi him. diggin".
Suddenly Smith heard the noise of tinm.
oer. and hi came uiiconscious. Tin; man
ul-o heard the noise, bneither of them
saw any tla-h ot It-In tiittr. The man
wetit to Smith, and iu about twenty
minutes l,u was i,tored to concioiisiic t
I hen attention was given to the n0rs s.
hierl tlieni was standing erect with
one loot lilted a little way trom t1(J
earth, and the other was kueelimr with
his nose In tho earth, ittxl hoth" were
stone dead, and retained their po-i'ioiis
until they were pushed over. The -up.
position is that in thi ch-i; the electricity
wpiif .'nuu the earth to Ihe si, v.
nii in nxine.
(-I'fciitl l)ii:iti!i lo llif ir Ymk Hi raM.)
Ma.mjoii, Me., July 1 1. It
good authority that golj was discovered
yesterday in Oldiowti, twelve mile-irom
this city, by men who were blasting or a
reservoir. Several miiicrs: n ho have had
large r xperience in tlie mines o rj'0..
ma, have pronounced It a rich deposit
JWs n large as ii pea are irnouiice,i
pure gold. J he ( xeitcinent over thu tlis
' ou iy is Intense. A capitalist ,.4 fr,pr,
rai ly'". atlo,'k ''"'"panv b.'
!,, . ,ebli,"l"i.' il the ledge In" go.
iiii.c I- ;l ": I I'll'. Illlil
II. SMYTH & 00..
;"l,.li' ttt.-i ... L.il i
t. i
i a:. a. ma m;.,
, CO Ohio Uvn.
OA IV-'. i, TIT.R.
M l .li '
I tv 11' .'IlilLlHUllf
! I''. I- in II i- Iniir.
'M 1. 1 1 1 ,. l.i liii alu
1 it.,,,
hi: i fi
VMS l'A U tti l.v.
ll.'JCLiS ' ii
:..sy ,
I'lMler.. Hi.
aiuls, Oils, Varnishes,
A'uli Papor, Window Giass, Win
flow fibadon, Ac.
in tiKli'l, tlie -!. l.ruti .1 illniiaiintui
;; ,' tin ririir
nrr hleviiuth Strmt nud Vnattln
ton AvAnuv
tvarisvii.ft, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Fudueah, KhtincotOrt ii, Evui.t.
vi Do, JjOui9viile,Ciunit:mi'i
unci ail wuy laudiuga.
t hi' fit k-iiiit m li -win-t-i t-1 a rti"
Vai.tkh H. I'ess-i .
.11 Mil. ks 1'l.s- :i si. i
t Will ;,u t n r
i li rk
W KliVF.siiAV at
vt ry
k ii.
: It 'll Al.
I II i MA i
I., ,ve
I Ml,
'tis S. lftili.W.
I.i .ii I'unt iit.iKc-t'niM- I'liiiiii'i'llnris l t'ttiro
H UH lil-'-ciiis- rli'-tllti i lor s. l.oii in , M, iii
Siliiniii l Si n- urieiiii., unit ui Kviinsviilt-witli
Iht- I-.. e. li. lt Inr .-ill I'uinis Xnrlli ninl Kant,
lir.ll tVlllltlll- t iMllUll!. Miol MCHIIU'IH l'lli.li
ixiints nil tin- l'i,. r Ohio, irivinr tiirmis-li n-
l'l i:ts nil Ift-iptil.- hll'l I'lifScllL't rs In i.ll tin, H
For ii r ' i 'it iiii'iiriinitiiiii uft'ly tn
I V --IKs ii.,, i, ,t l',,..h,'n(ri.r A.,,.nt
I i A t I IDA Y ItiiUS., ( ,
I. .M. I HIl.i.ll'S, AftfiilH
In t, ,) lit.MK(.
.-lUH'rihleii'tent no I t.-'iieiul f iviKht A Kent,
l'1-.l-iu-lv. Kvitiih till, hell,,, i,
v.titiKiy i-ioi:i;.
ITew-York Store
(Jootlfl Sold Very Clono.
Jonitir 19th (St. and CouimoreltO Av,
C 0 PATIE2 h CO.
Wholesale Grocer
Aid li...!.-r ill
Commission Merchant
N.. 16 OHIO LEVEf.
I'KL.AI. Vl't'iti'ii if. i-..
llilir.i" -trUra
ill) iii.iinm i, ; 1
Wholesale Grocers
vommission Merchan
7 Ohio Lflveo.
Ollie nr, K'kIiOi tr-t. tsstwM-n M',l,li,-i...
knit C'liunii'i'.
il nvi-mia, t ,nr, ,
ui i-
IniwitswMs. T . .
IIH I'.l I llltlr ! .'
. i j hi i' I'l iriwn Hi
I in
.'II I
1 1. a
' '111. I. I
in: Ii l !'.-ee I
i I.""- In,
' '."' 6 ";'i,,i,,ih,
tmiilV '.', .,, e
. i-- t :ie t . ii,,.
I llt'Oilf llti.HHI.i
' -e,',i w 'J ,..
' IMV ..Hi. If. '.. i
inn n nr. i,. ,tl. i,
' I" Ui' en., i ,
I l I lll'leM,,.
, ' llif ,H .. ,. ;
" ' '"'I ' an ...
"' I'-il-l . ,
- ui' , (
I-) I i:'
in i-ni'l , , ,
i; ) t.i ft. t, i '. .
, CU'Mf i7j I l i, f , I
; v,i, ullt
I .'I'l. 'lull ,
. i aid l"t.- ' ,.i
'; ' nl" 'I ' II 111. re .1
jlli-l'l.l ,,V1.
"t'J ll.f I ), I,, I
i ' a.". itli-l .,: ,
i !. I), in Mm.,
' -".CI'-. In II.
I'l'"0' :.. -.,,
I'.i; in I.l i,i i
lilt" r-.i ttti- i, J
-hi.! Ili-li, !.-n.,.
I "'l ierm,nu
ill'H'llilKi., t it tl.
"IK I llll' I'llle
in. i. .ii. in
1 1
it. r
twii- ii
in, t w
il ol I'i- ,i
. It'll 1 1.
', v. -In
.1- ll"l..'
II t- .', ,
I 'I ' ,
l! '. Hi
K'l.tff .'
' I.l- 't l'il"
1 II ,
'- ',
. W e
a v ". i i ii.'-.t in e , iii t ti,,. , :P)
i.:i.ii fwirl i.t Al, ,.!,., ... ..,v. ii,.,!.-,'.'
ii I,.
s- ' " "!' " ... . lal.,iil-, t.
i'.I'l., n "lit 1. .s I, It-,! l. t ,a ,. , ,,,..,,
o '"! '"1 tl.r C. , i,, ,. . ,V,,,,, ,,,!. ,i,
May. A. Ii i-,7 tl,..t ., Minn,,. ,,. .
" ""I -! '' "1 . ,,'1 .lef..,.,.,m
Mlll.llilc I.,! tl l,,! u.l:,y ,y, . II.
a- is I.', I;i .ah,. , r. .1 .m an i,,i,.i,., ,jv,i,
"' ' '"-'' I ' ''.Ml ! l!"i M.iy
i'-.i, I.., reef, it, .i u. ,: .t. lt.M11 ,.,!,,,,.,
. . lie. .iiioii. .v.'. ll,n re ...ml.-i.
.'1 Ii.
l 1 1. .At an.: V.,n: il,a,l,l,. vli ,
illt I... .
'.t Al-v.ui.!
ITI.I lii' I
' iiy ol I ,iir
I in, nil.
.I .
I" " ..I''.'.--. el c.r.uit
. "II lii'l Ili-l r: iy n t'l "
1 'l'!n:..tl!,::u; : l,r,:. ,.
. i ,
11 '.l 'liu.ii'lyi, ,,n th- liet
Ii 1-7,, .,n. ! I, .,.
""'I'I .iien-l's i.ill ,f n,,
ii. ci i :'ii,: ii.i'ii... " . , i
' 1 " 'i 1! ' '."III-: .,!,, . ,,.:
I., ii,.
ii,i u i'.
Mm tv
" "eiiaj i ,
IIV . ifl- A I. I .
I .
i' ,V 1.
, HI..,
s-ii.;v. i "i,i,:
l ily i::.:., A. .
I '..
I . 'HiV I a- ,jt i in
Northern Ice
fDII;.', Comer Twolfth
Oliio LCV'e.0.
tin -1
t- K i, (tie I
I'li-nl or Tun 'A i'l In:
I'Kel.t'il Inr Mill
I' iu.
rPIIK lift till
! I
I (evert. I Vnr
!, 'in l'",i, i,ii
tier Wattci-nt'in hvi-ihu- hi I T-a-e
1 us Mm i.KTi-; .9 nrfit ti mf.
V llt;-.T.;.:.
Hilt l.;! '-:ii : a
I wt;,ty-KUi- i.i r;:- a W .
M..', fia i-.d-.ttnti-J. '. '
. It ri-f coi.tiif, . ',;
I il I I
!t W-
Ji nuiii; kx lie
l"'l.ili, ! ".
rulilitatd every Tliur.s.
pc: annum, invriHlily m
n the Weekly will lie i :
'.a sulifcrilit rt- ,' "li. i
iv InnriKim t f I
Bubiueiis Cards, prr annum, .,
Or.e gijuare, ona uu-rtlmi
Une stjuurt', two instrUmm,
One nqliare, one W-
Ou siiimrt-, two wo. ks
i.ii.e sniiaie, thru;
One 4ijiiri, tun- iiiuik.'i,
' ill
.. i Ih,
.. 1 ..I
' U H I . 1
Uric E'iiare, ore- 1 dhi-tti. -n , .
Lll'-ll HUtfSt-ilfUl ill'lli. i ,..
If One inc.li is it :
JlllK IItl lltS, l).)tl KH In I
ni l of illfiilaj im ii,. ,.
'ti rt(.... in,, I iiu n-
OummuiilodtJonH uuna Kti..,ju of -fHn
mV Intenmt to tfcn vmV.U: ollatt4.
tfA'l Itiisim ss U-tteti' I. .,' i :. ,,.1,1,, hHl) ,()
!',r" Ml,,,, li nltl.'l
St.Oharles otel,
Room and Board, 1st and 2d
Floors, $2,50 per Day.
Room and Bomd, ;m Hoor t2.00 Tor Da
Special Rate, bv Wk or Month
-, ,. ' '"''U'l'd alit-KHoualila rules ..rtl.
vrrvtltitiv t I...I i.' . ; . ' ' :. .
,.r. .7. i : nir eiiiiiini rnui iy
I'll-rS, on KM Uli I ,i,.r l ..I....
t f ah iiiitiir,.;.; . . .7 .- , ....
11,1. T... 11 'ir, V ''"""Bill"!-!! lUUIl'l li'dlt
Hie lintel ttiui'.i t i li i,,.,'
I'roi.rli'- n
I. II. .Mllkkv, . I . ii,.04H.J. M. Lam-Z
Attorucy8 at Law,
i'r 1 II t : l ciiiiner i Avi'inn
l.lni'l ir A Iin'it ti
.Sun ptatr .j, y .
It oltlrs t
.-:T-::ii. I
' ml v ,.,,.. , , ,
lnnil I .. ,. ., i ,1. , ,,., ...
, 'll't I I'f n' . , !Ml,,j
i ti.,. I . I. .
i : ii in ni'V
i!" ' U'i ii
i',lll,m..;iJ - lWtutil ba-wf miiinln
, i. in s""""'''i Illinois, Mid Is the I, tut
C-'i H,ta fs"l'l'limiiillnK Ihe "II
A,.feM Opportunity ! ! !
Thi.i.Eold,nlarv;iirA,.,J,rd Za,
OVn DOtUft CASKET OaMalria
t one thirst f .ill rit Cent's Vli Chain -
niniTI nne NHi:itri I .L C... r,i
. JA"""" F- STOCKMAN, 27 Bond Street, Now York.
Il i 1
HI, .i.t It In,
' ' .i.i :
. I'r
r i 'i
it. ii
,i.i ,
1. ii
Nurt. Thi
to l-'galhuis.
1 ir v ; Hi - I
Ark 'llir)t.
i .ei -t-. iii a r ii l uiii.i-
ir !i:i,'n. -I,, i,t ...vKi'ti v.
.,i-,-,i-i- itj tiit. a tlii' '.V.tt
i nee and attention.
' are a. p i -..l,'
All i-title re rs (rmn ta1-
anxious in 1: ,.ur,., .llU , , ,.v , ,r
nei's I'elcl. rated i iii.mnpin,. I'. tv.n
I'i,, i.'i jue i(,. nri ,i
klinttii that will, lire I, ii,'.t,'i
lll-e:l-". of til.? tin,, : ;tt,l i,,,...
s" -I I' ''' i I l.iltll l.-l l e ill, .,',,
r.'Ii'. Illei t )il (f; , l,, , ,
wdi l-irw ar 1 . . i .;, ,-, r
I 'l-'l' .i t. it lit ,- ir'. i i' iv.
W 1 ill.li'l U.iln ,;r ,,., ,., , ,
I" I " I -a'.i-tl, "!',, I-,, ,; , ,.,,.',',
' V
tl '
It ) nil I'te I- w i-l lli - mi,
L'lVtr'.' tl.e.s,. ,iv er- ,t ii-
i .ii
.'. In
: en ,
I 1 r I: i-.-e l
.. sent tn
ma 1 1 I,-.
i"ii -. .-la'. . i.i i
I pre-. . A,; !', ...
'in Fnl'.i
n -l et t. Id
I'orni tuently cure, li, luint,.- i,v ,.,. !
month's iis ikc ol In, (.uular.r- ( ', e,-,. ,
el 1'it Towilers, 'l o eomiii"!- null rci s i
nun tue-u iiiiH uer- n; in, n; M 0 -laim ,r
tlieiii, we will n na tiient l.y i,iai, .. ,.,
paid, a tree trial Imx. As Iir, Cnulai'l i
tin) only physician that ha- cm r ttiuilc tl.i-ili-ea.-e
a special .-'n.iv, hn,i , ur
know.cd.'n thtiu.itiids Un-.e t.ct n i , rui.
iietiliy cared l.y Hit- u-e ,. .,- ),,., I,.r-,
we will (.'asraiili-e a pcriiiatiint cure in
every n-c, or ri liiiKl M'U ail inoi.-,' e.v
I'l'Ilih.il. All sntlVreia l,nil e,jV(. !..
ro.liler.s an early trial, iunl I.c ium in, i ij
il tlitii curative powers.
I'ric", for lar.'ii Imv. .:!, r 4 ti(.. .. ,
rhi. -I i,t hy mail id am trt ut I nucit
s'.kl.Min :tnii'!:i on tectitit of price, or t.v
i ','i -i l.. O. I. Aililri ss,
iiiio Kiilt.in iiii . Hi- ,1,1,1m, s. v.
NuN l!t
M' N"llt.i:.
In iif ( iit.iit (,'i.'iirl , N-j,;.
I lomin and lu i'v i-.y ,i-f .
Meiirv II. i'uv jri ;n. I I i p .
l M. If. J'.ivv.k A i., j
Ill-ll1Ilf!lt ,
I If'
la i,
A:Ti ti'i Itavitit!
'! il: of i'i- s., tl , .
ut tt.t: alimt: tiamcil
tl. Stiit.: ut llliimi
ii ..n: tu-iel v iinii:
i I-ImI In lh (T. r of ii ,
I', ll' .t II.: iv l:. I'.l. iiii . ,
li'tKt.eiu h.K
'!"lurl, ft fr.in,
..ii I'.,.
i:. ' y-
I ill a a c in iiteiii.il
t'.f III,: vinil t,l Hts.j nt; U(, . ,
st nl -.iiii tv is r.-mti r
'' I' iiii.iiiil ti. l im,!
)""! IM,. j.1,',1 '. I
.il ll" .1 ii. ..in him A
' i.i.-e: t!..,t a writ i f s
ll, Is
it .
'II t :ll -
.i'.I'.I s.ti.l . ..iirtiu s.ii'l i ,'i c n ,
C'l. "ii il,.- liist Mi n l.i,- ii. S.u
' ' 1 v. ii, III.- ..ii,,l li, my I;, I
I sun si
..II ,,:
" ".. iy he .nel .i',. nr l..,n: ...,., . . , . i n . . t, 1 1 1: , . I
'11"!.,; in to-l'lntl-iicr ll.'M ilul llr-n ,,',, ,-. rt. il,,,A
'.ii.' il.eiy mi l,.n,:, In tlir ri.nir.ti'., l,nil j,,.:,. .
":il v, ill I.t, i iitcinl ut.il iM yon f. r s:t , . I,,,, , l
,:";'-f mil. .f'Jllll A, lil'.i , i., i ,
.Ilill,-, JI, 1:77,- wit
Kt'iioi'i.'il attention iriven tn llnmenpallilt
tri al nii'iit ot surti' iil itii-ea-, , mi 1 t-cti i -ilisi.;i,tis
anil tliaeastia nl women mul
drcu. Oiliet) mi Uoinnii'ii;!'!! avenue neat
Ni'"'l "'''eel. I'AIKU. II.I,.
Slato Hooform,
Hooilng Rud Outt Jring a Specialty
Slate Roofiing a Specialty in
any part of Southorn IllinoiB.
Lightning Ecds, Puuirs, Stoves
ani Tinwaro.
fobblnit Prompt If Don..
-4. vs i,FiM-a miawiXIWT
inS"X nrm' " 0Rim f lh n.anl,fcturing CO I
i.rt ',' IVail-, one pil,v,j Co4P
- ' " K
All tli-
M 1 l i
ttt.4 l, i
l. '. ,s
a a
.1 'I..
I A I i l-lilli "!ll
an I . -.in f
V!i-i, M.I -'.
o' -i i in -' w , i r but I.l.'.
iinn " 1 tl!
a'i'l lit- M i - tn I it
-. - I,- ii... :.. .
I ' .' " ': 1- 7.
II. I.i.v.i-r. '. l..t '.-i i.nn
i- w -it i ,.:,.,! ii, ;, n,0.e
;' r, !y in ,,n ht. I,,,,- i w,,.,,.
mil j incut-1,.
oea.n Hotel
-1". i-ii Jjai,i,i.i
Ti-fn-iiTit r.ii'c;,: ,l.nj y'c- I:
V'j.-.-!;lv fin. I Moiithiy Unard
(. v. A cc Jin mo 1-ii.:-i ut
nittc to S;ut tho
Tho Crystal Sr. loon
Billiard Parlors -
Pool Rooms
'-' tin- I . , r .i .,. , ....
a : I
-lixciil Dfi,,!,, Mad a
II A ItllY
. cr.
r. winttier.
617 St. Charles itreei, Si. Loul3f Mo.
!'T':,"'T,','"',t"",M"1l-'1 fl"" .!- l-t.-f
" d thro-ViVi "" """' '" Vtinctal.HtMu-.l
, - ---- ...,u uin,T m-.iei.amBu
fiyphilni, tionorrhos, Clo-t, Stricture.' Or-
j o n?rm' or Rui'lur H Urinary D iot-.l
ntj 8yph,M,o or mercuridl irfecliuri of thu
Throat, trtin Or D llla. ara trpi'.d weh m....!!.!...
, ta-,., tia Ulct .ci.uilii- prmci.'l-j. fiaTclr, Pri.tu',
1 Sparmatorrho-j, fiesaal Uubilily and Irr.pot-
ncy, ..'.t-i.i Jtor B. il nl.use la jo.,th, Miu.l nee.,..
i'i malum ,a--,or other o.ii..., anl bi-b projuoo li-ira
5 Wut ".ll-"''H .. u: in'rium, arnilt.al amuihiua,
JiMUW,ili3-.alh'M,4r,ii, 11,-nii-ry. i imeli-a no iu
r.c-,pb;ik-ld,.,'.7.t.vCT..,o toaooittj ,,rr,niv,.coofjioa
yr lieu, Ion orarv-ai -i.ir, tv., rrtelrrlig rD'TT'.ttm
ln-)ropcr'Jruribap;y,.r.!.riiian-i,ilrciir. I'jm,l..t,
i-o p. iimi mauai tj um i,,.v. .. ui lo in:. .4 tnv-i, i ,
r.r tao --.. aiai-.pt. Cuu-.Maiti.u at cm, 0 or tr mill
u-V ..u:'";1' ' "r l,u"l nut m.
Wbm It la lucaTrotiinl 10 T'..tt tl.a cii- for trcaim.Lt,
-RsdK.aeit--n be .tut '.j ttp-isir ni.il ev.rr.li.-c. t '.re.
. leoaKanut'a-ie. I.n ,oot,uit.-altl-!.-aiii.Tt-t...
OCiiit Uua: A-il.ti. 71-.a. tisL..)., li al.lu'l J-.y!
Pamphlnt, to .-t; .)druss. for Two Sttmpi
I1ANII0 'jD Ail t):,.l,1o'cT'5t,t,, ,aai,
Bt nt aaalod, a,l thro, for 20 Cento.
Manhood tnd VVomanhood in German, bclK
Icrjatlicr, lllgatratsd, 15 Centi.
pflHis. I GUIDE.
KiegBm oloth ernt Bilth'ndfnr. BpaledfnrCOA
Over Llty wmuIki-uI .WitfKg, tiu to Iim; ivnicli 1 1,4
t!ic fcllDWlug auLj";U: V ho tnnf xtuirrr, tif n t, why.
fioper t?0 10 nuirry. Tliocinrrr (Int, .MtDbwoJ, Woman
ti'j'. J, I'li)Bka di?cuv.' Ihu fM.-n of c-..L'U':y ind xja;
WhtBh"'iii'lrjrry ; J.owl.fjtD t hp lDii may be lnzw3.
The Ft-yni.i.'-jj of R. prttl tloo, bd nuDC mora, lagi
Cumii or ooait mpUtli.f mntriiijefliKsuij rni iu
After k llfriniig omciKe, I tit tart Trum huoniu an wM 04
r-onl ounviftico.lt ought tg bo rcJ by ill Hull prn.
then looked up, not aronni, orloat.Mlt U wor:r.
of K'.rditig. lt coutntti thQoroamor Uidlcal liter
ture,thouKhUirtth're.l la n .ri ttct, mi word
r toy on wfiT) ui giv u oarttui peruMl, tou uaiut
ItB OCfltt.
roptimr F. dltloa, tares u ibcT, but p;nr cotf r, :10 vum,
SO coo U by ma it CbipcMt looil-guld lu tiaeiiuk. t r
wiiUr auJfwi, Qoolcilaf amouot,
617 St. Charles street, St. Louis, Mo,
617 St. Chnrlci Stroct, '
Treat; a'.l f.irmsof Veneral liicac, St tni
ltd laui-inns and .Sexual Dehiliiv, with
unparalleled .liece-s. o matter w ho failed,
ail or write; .i m j laltt or consultation free.
Cm rclcr to the medical profession in all
liarts of tlie t'oiintiv.
rijaciia asd
ill ll
Oflloo 133 Commercial Ave.
tiilio, lilinolc.
Siarltil titifntinn (ri,.n tn tho tr irnmn K
l hrniiii: lil.tii.t'i, met ti,i'.ist.t ,i'i'iili, i,','
- T''
UK. ( IIAMUiKi:, I'.l.. N. A.,
I i ' ) ri y'.i( i .i tc r tnrtr nnH f.. R.irth'ilj-
I. ii -i h .j' t l'-. l.'flKli'tl l'(Htut tO
i, Lluabrtli i, cli,
l'VT um? ff tmtst ttihiiflt'HH
hfirrr tin t n fft I'jitt inn , ttinl titt f .
1nu lit nl t (ifl mt t urn iit 1 1 1 ui in ut lo thuit
fitiuit ii futtii ittit, diir, ( fniiiiih j', .1.1 f
t.',., ii"' ftr' sint tit tfm I un rtftut fttih-In-
thv jofhHtnitf rt nitttn , hit Hill- lm
iip fit oii'l twtttt t'ttft tliv rfjtritt'if of uhirii
i.i utivitft in tut' 4 ut ittmtHHiH if limit it if iif
t t hifuittl thv uusithvitnl itflmiiijH
Mil Jl'iitnt mi't it iHiuiitilifi it i'irt it Ii
A if f Hlilif t'i rt iiuit I'i lit ' unit briiffil
fi'mit Unit- unit imint ttm hut liiliv turn
i itti u till if iiimi i ttlt mi ut a ttmt iht'oiur
Unit flu i til ., Illlilh llllVI' Ol I H IHljlllltfrit I'lf
thv must i tmtnut fihif;iiann. u fnjn ti
1 1.1: MAR.
Tif Inrmnnartililn Itrp T It 1 Tl 17' .
ii iiiie-i-, til lit llll I, '((, hi
rut in . Di amok 1 1 it , ,,, i i i it i-
f.'Vi", rtiwl'iiiiiiff iirtiin leitri rr ml it
'll i iirnl mi hit- iunl iti'miir-fitilimi, uwl tnf
I'l t iililimn il ) trill llmnltihlt i rilill.
't nil il in, n i,f ihn ll n ml, it itiijTK
iHntt.t ii rr uf n jiii ii-l,) ,,)), it, it rxtnir
iii), tin' jn-iulilrtn unlit, i; it rum rrmiiln
'';;'''ini I'mviiirm, n ml uhiru tlftc t
Ilia itliiililisl I ui nl uf ,i tl,4 aia-
. il hi n r tail iu i lulu,,, Unit ,1 latum:
I In iiinih tlir inl in in v tlw a Am, or rx
Jillititl it tlirtiutjh im miiiii mul rn rlo ui
i Im inn Ih u ' Ihr IiiiiIij, tin i t I, ij ulluu ini.
mill, imlrulf JiH-rhtii nil tli vrattiit) ititip
thrif projirr nm-iitul ttitd ftiitctlutml run
tlititiit. A Xfl'V In'iif 'iii' ii' limit trill
riiitriiirr mill imtiriU unimj it, uf its un
itintlitiit rrliiititliti mill iroiitlrrfttl rwrif-tit-r
prulii rtirit, it brinii, mnut ttltqtirntiftit-
ii I, hi, ihr i ri none mrdtrnl triiimil,,
.im till' yrittlrxl tlinrufl'l'il l,f thu pl-mi'iit
ttilr. in tlir IrMiliitriit uf rrrry itaena.t
iete.. tlir hli'iitl iltftf in jirimitriltf lit
flriit uf the litiun or ilintirtlrt't audi arat
SI Kit I'l I, A Hint thu tliottaantl unit onn
taunts Unit It'tttl tn thin Irrvibln tiflirtiott,
lif li'liirh nil rtrililril rtilltmttttilii'li urtt
ri.iii i;inf. fur tliltlirtit li'ttlli Inn umtrt
rtl tlnil tint ' fit hi of the fnlltrrt thu 1 1
vitit rreit unto tlir thinl tttnl fourth frn
ritii, inn." mnl tit It Kit li r . I K i H S Al
I.St i:i. It I. I.lt l OS.SI II l I ItiSS it r it
jHitt'rrftil rijitreitatiir, riiuniiifi tltr irrrrh
vf mint oitrr morn to trasiimo tlt lioU-lth
jm'iit uf tmtnlniuil,
Inr I I TASI III S i) IS 17.4 ST ft. rKJ.V
j4KY DIStlKltLli, t O.V.M f AIIOS ttlt
itsm i:.i ss, i ii in a s it HUt.Mr
t M 1-1. A IMS, 1,1 SI It 41 A Sit S I It .
or.i in: ii 1 1, i n, it i l im a 1 1 s)i ,
t, 1. 1 in i. t it rs la hi i ;. r.s is, '
jiii . i. itt.ii trot s i 4St i.it, st i in 1
aih t iittss tth' thi: ittts is, isitu.
1. 1: a i r v t: i: it s, r i: m Air ti m .
fl.AIMS Html to Ih ftntlrr nrjt it it a
tm,H In, i, i nuutiht for lilt urtutitltir, tunrri.
tihlr, mnl drliruln fi ut aim, an it
itinrt nrlinn i. thrlr iiilminti) AS It
Ai r roit tts nr t iinos it: ihsi asi:
is wiiif ii rut-: ii i. oo it is rut: sr. ai
or mi: rittti ni l , it i, tnruiu, ii.tr. j
lierirrrrunce trlili tltin rrutnlij will jruru
ii I'ualtttie ami pi't'tnttttru't rum ,
rllll. l.s rrnrf tEtLUS ami all M A LA
MIA h roisuss.
7,ou.,,n uf Tt'titimuniult ullril Iht
truth of tin an rtiiiniH.
fiirr, or liulhir, in lunw buttlr, or
tlx butlltt, $3.
C 4 ITnnX i a mifr, uprnlt, tlnil ptHU
II rr rurr fr Unit mnut tl, ,rui( of ail-
in, oini ii iirtr rnurtro trrntmritt u-ltl
n stiirr Ihr ihimlirr uriinm to tltrir prtM
tiur ttrrtiiith, mnl prumotr tl,r Itruttlnf
urtiiin uf Ihr utoiiiiirl, unit int, mints. Ihr
lie rri.it a irritiiliiliti) uf lilrrnru ami all
jimortn jnirmiinij ii niilintm-, li)t,
tlirrdilif rrmorrtl bu tl,ii mimt. Ihr,
stiinuirh i' rrttui t il In lintltl, anil the kr ,i
mili of thr itMrm will .itire murr rrrjiuml
in thr prrfiirmmtrr uf labor.
frlrr, ttur Hollar, in lunjr. bottlr, or
ix botthl, 95.
bronchitiFTnd lung
tuac nno.
A nli Oh I Ko-ralUil rohl ,r!ll rfltlmri
Irnil ti, .rriuun rnunh, whirli, ti,,rair,t
jnr ur built,, trintnl, mnut li,r hot ur
rrmilt-it must inoliinlr , ..,,,..i
".' ',',";V -' in for.,, ,l,
ilinilti, I ttS.SI MI J IOS . To all uttUi ri,,.,
i','.'".'. ,.".7"'f"f' r""l Jrlrtorati.,,
ll. At .OA .;',) a Kuuttil, riliahlr, ami
prrmuHi nl n li. L Jt nuiimn.ta ,,,,rrt,..
nitimt, ami i naT.lrH tho mili. ut to rxn.l
tlnil trrrihh, nrptic tlrpo,!, til,,, I,, if ,,(
intliout Judicium trratmrnt, mn,l com.
mititiriitrttx poison tn tlir. rmiruliir mil,.
Ilillirr of Ihr Hit;, tl, ,), , nil i in outt ilr.
at i-nii t in, tl,i mtiHt r,.fif urninni.
ami ttltiimtt, ,,-, ,,., (I)I(
ttmi lii ilnilh. lit. 4 I II I.O V Im, no rotttil,
much Ims ii ,; rior,t,ml tin . trill ut
villa remnrr thr tl.poiil, tl,, ,; l, ufordim,
limit rrllt f, lint l,,l, ,,. mrmbrmtr ami
Imrrn thr ptitUut in poiMaaion vf hrultlui
In ii , I liHHttr. J
PILES. Hemorrhoids.
.Villi rniixr Irnil tnprodttrr- thU pain,
fill and tlimrmnlni, tint,.. Tltn (. ,
rriardnl i it, return t tint ton or,,, tat
vim uf dnijilir pttrijatirr irmU to ,,n,d,
ronqiHtion uf tint bmctls, i.iri.irl orIon mt
thr hrrr, and iiumr-roun fit Inr ,.
the tource of thiii com i.lni.,1 i. it,
tiotliin,, effectual linn l,rrn pnmntrd to
thr ptthlir, which it-mild ranfdlu
imniptonta and iiltimiiti h, proru an rrtrcl
rf ..' . " fll.O.V ico ir a rr.,.l
which not oiy art, ahnn.it inittantlu, but
w ill ri morr. thu l,ir.,r,t t union of the part,
r'iles.i aOiorptlon, and ,,,,,.,
Intro rcrttrrd ot ttntij benefit, but hare,
been ru,l tenth, cured. I.nrr. '.. .
prior to uhI'iih thim i,,m,r..i , a...
Hint HitriuoitH Unit 11m ,,.. ..u:.r
rcer could expert (it life, would be bit all
line rut i on, ami rrmori,,.. It ... .j. X.. .
the both, l,,, a iiriH-rdnre which tirrrniitat.
with 1 ',1 , "", '"""'" I'"' brt hailed
mth ilrli.iht, and is now prrncribrtl b,t
tna u u practising physician,, who nrs eoii
ui:tntt of it, merits, us tho o,.o. .....,...
turn cure fur ril.l.s. "
J'ricr. l ilt, i t , ......
7TIK Atinm ErirraTm .
thnrouuU 4n lit eradication of the diif'fl
nit and various maladies tlruominuled.
and arc the result f ,,.,, V,rr?l ,
laborious, ,l Hcimtific inreslimttto'.,',
rmbraruii, a period v , ntats, (I
Juurotut and Amerlm. J '
...t "'"r'' ''erllo, rn compiled
Wtth, thousands of patients will bear wit.
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