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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, August 15, 1877, Image 4

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twl'i tBI far who ltr.1t tjlh'a
rrUoMa1 fl w will lonrard, Ji on mi;
"rkk iNMn," oiiniflnl Illustrate.)
Kvataly Joaraal nd IItial,rr' Uiwainr.
tail w cap? four rw ud fltgiuil premium
Irani, UtUd
A utwpMiw of th DuwMorf tool i f it urr
i . . . . . . i, ,1 ,hi .
uiuu. dt rroi. jomta, but u;fiu ,,
aaattallai lb kbrhaM tvla Of tba art. It
a vhlnk Mto,Ml cnfT ol in liinon-
i kooilAil noan deaetlntlT ol Ihf cbroinn. In
Itfaal iUauaioalfd color fur mining .
Art ol wtlt, food wli, a nilButr;
1 hart Hrt a word to tar ;
Da too know what to dai is?
UoUtet, 'Uf OU weddiag day !
J oat a tow, w aat at iuppcr
Wbtn th(uta il pan awav;
Toil aat tint aid. I sal tbi tue,
forty jar ago to-iUj 1
Tbaat what plana wa laid toftclhtr;
Wbat brava tbinta I mrant to do !
Cauld wa dream to-day Would, flail us
At tbia table nit and tou?
Bcttar , to doubt and yel I
Sometime think I cannot tell
Had oar dot b, ral 1 know, dear;
Vaa, Ut doctb all thing well.
Wall We've had our Joy and sorrow.
Shared our imllaa ai wellaa ttarsj
And tba Uat ol' all-1'va bad yaur
faithful lor for fori j yni'
Poor W' vt bton, but lot fbrtakea ;
Uriel w'v known, but iievvr abarr.e
Father far Thy nJleu luercle
BtlU Wt Dleas Iby noiynaiur:
Thia is a rttr chaurr
lor you to uutae mea
ty. Wa will pay you
lun. rah .miiimia-
Una and glva you atelualYc territory. . fml
ooitar, atoiu unMoeasary eorrnspoii'
feaoa, raoeiv your territory, and go to work at
not. Upoa receipt of which we will forward
Wrem'e outfit, oerttftcat of agency, etc. Shti
Mti tuple 1U cent, none free.
Addrea Tta Treaaur Publishing Co,
No. a Cedar 8tru New KorV
-tiJJ 1 1
Ayers Cathartic Pills,
VoiaUthopiirpoiea of a Family Physic;
Md tot curing Coatlvenesa, Joumlice,
Aiuufraauoiit x otu ocoinaon, xireain,
Headache, Eryaipela. Khcuma
llim, Eruptions and Skin Diaeaacii,
BUiouaneaa, Dropsy, Tumors,
Worms, Neuralgia; aia Din
ner Viil, for purifying the Blood,
Are tilt! must
t'fl'ectivn and
v,..,. ...... j,,,,-
covi'ivd. Tlicy
arc mild, lint
e fl'e c t n :i 1 1 ii
their ojumm
tion, moving
tliu Ii owe Is
surely a n I
without pain.
AItll(llll.!l L'l'll-
tic In tln'ir op
crntioti, they
Are still the moBt thorough and scorch
ing cathartic medicine that can be
mployed: cleansing the stomach niul
bowtls, and even the blood. In small
atom of one pUl a day, they stimulate
the digestive organs and promote vig
orous health.
Arm's l'iLL8 have been known for
more than a quarter of a century, and
have obtained a world-wide reputation
for their virtues. They correct dis
eased action in the several assimila
tive organs of the body, and arc so
ornposed that obstructions within
their range can rarely withstand or
evade them. Not only do they cure
the. every-day complaints of every
body, bnt also formidable and danger
ous diseases that have baffled the best
Of human skill. While they produce
powerful efl'ects, they are, at the same
time, the safest and best physic for
hildren. By their aperient action
they gripe much less than the common
purgatives, and never give paiu when
the bowels are not Inflamed. They
reach the vital fountains or the blood,
and strengthen the system by freein;;
H from the elements of weakness.
Adapted to all ages and conditions
hi all climates, containing neither
calomel nor any deleterious drua.
these Pillg may be taken with safety
tiy anybody, ulielr sugar-coating pre
serves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take; while being
purely vegetable, no harm can arise
flora their use In any quantity.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practiced and Analytical Cbeiniata.
tm.P El aty InCq018TSEVKKTWnRHF:.
"A Complete Plotorlal Hie tor y of th
Tlmee.-'The beat choapeat, and
moat iuooeaaful Family Paper
in the Union.
Harper's Weekly
norma or mi rum.
HARPBB'S WEEKLY ihould be In tmy
aunlly tbrougboat tut land, at a purer, more in
tonating, higher-toned, better-iUualrated paper
it lot publWhed la Urn or any other country.
Coouaarcial Bulletin, Iioeion.
The WJiklKXY it the only Uluitrated paper ol
UcdaV thmt 111 iti HUtnli.l ha-.,.tu-iu,i.u in
(pun aaauauonai paper. Brooklyn harks
Ttu lMdlua &rtl(.lM In if A KPL'U'J U'lt'L" I V
oa poUUcal topics are modeli of high-toned dia
atuaion, and iu pictorial illustration are eftcu
esrroboraUve argument of no mull fori.
Aiemlnar and Chmni..l v
The WEEKLY, baa to a still larger degree dia-
uwu a li eawpeiiwra as an illustrated news-
Mbw Tta k.1 i r. .. 1 . u .. . i i . . .
tbcU kind, and lta other reading nutter In at once
learned, brilliant, and amusing.1. In Illustra
tions are apunaant and ol rare exiKJl ice. Curia
lias Adrocate, N. X .
7oatage ireeto all flnbaoribera la th
. UniUd Statee.
HABPKR'S WJEKI.V,oneyear.. $4 00
"include prepayment of C. 8. iwabie ty
tt mblianara.
ubaeriptione to HARPER'S MAGAZINE,
wikkLf.and BAZAK, to one addresa forone
Tar, SIO 001 or two of Harper'a i'eriodlials, to
? ,tru for ont year, 17 U J : postage free.
Aa Extra Copy of either th MuguziD, Week
IT. or Bazar will be aupplieil arralia for evury
Uab of rive Subacribers at 4U" each, in one re
autunce; or. Six Copie for w, wiltiou
exya eopy. poitagt free.
Back number can be lapplitd at any time.
Th Volume of th Weekly cammi'iice Willi
year. Wnen so time ia mentioned, it will be
aJarttood that the subscriber withe la coid
aoea w.th the number next after the receipt oi
t arder.
Th Aantal Volume 6 Harper's Weekly, in
catoloU binding, wiH be lent by evpnes. free
' "penat, for7 0each. A complete Bet, com
rlalag Twenty Volumej, aeoi on rnxipt of eush
tnarat of 5 per volume, freight at expenje
Cloth Caw for earh Tolume. suitable for bind
twlUbe aant by mail, postpaid, on receipt ol
ladexct to taeh Tolurat lent (rati on itctint
tamp. '
JJewapaper are not to copy thl advertlKenwnt
Ithout the express order of IUrix r ft llrotlitra.
-U ew York
H MM: i
T the Working riaia.-W are now
prepared to furalah all clasws with consunt em
Wraaeat at home, the wa.ls of the tune, or for
Uvair spar aioments. Bualnee new, light ami
praltabl. Peraoas of aitbrr ki enslly earn
roafcJoatto $6 per evening, and a proixir
Woaal (am by daeollng their whole time to Die
Imaiae, Boy and girl earn nearly much
ataa. , That all Who aea thl notice may araJ
heir arUraaa, and teat the bualneas we make tine
anaralltled offer: T uch a are out well aalis-
ea w will send on doUsr to pay fer the
SSS" r f Ju,f Fn Particular; amaplw
waria Teral dollar to oommenia work on'
aSC tay,,l?te,tf PUWi.tion., all aiut
eataw,rk faaoaua efmsoa A Co, fort
fcrtHe ail hm
Dr.yJrlfBami.9ucrBor )
Of&ot 134 Commercial Avo.
a-M , . . Cairo, Ullnol.,
"taaoial attaaUon glrtn 'to th treatmao
wa( PUeawi sad dnt;ptculiar
a;. jfra
i t
this pArrn i. yys ritE iritd
Vr Advertising Cuutracte can lienaaule.
'Ihf Must Fjiiinrm l ivmp Miliinr sin"
I'rol. Ma MuIIit, I'iiiI iymlnll, III. Hun. W
h. olaiinlune, Ur- W. H, Canltwier, I'iiiI liu
1 y. H- A' I'rertor, I'raacea I'owit Colilw, ilif
lultof Arsyle, .la. A. Fronde, Mr. MiiIih-.Ii,
Mra. (lllibaiil, Mrs. Al.amlrr, Miaalhauht my,
.lin liiKilow, Ui-nrgv MaclimiaJil. VVin, Hlail,
Anllinny TrolloiH', Muttlicw Arnold, ll.uuy
klngBley, W. W. Story, Aufrlai.li, Uiirkiu,
I arlyle, Tennyson, llrowiiing. un-l umiiy ulln i,
are reuroscutcd in the nacin of
Littoll's Living Age
Jan. 1, W7, T1IK LIVING Atit eiiten iiion
Its l.l.'il Toluiiie, Willi tin-coiilinueil coliiini nilu
tinu ol tin lieal luru and Join littln of (lie cnluilry
niul with coilsliuitlv iucrwbing mwf.K
111 1.-77, it Wil.l I'lirliioll to ila rradcra the rn
diu'tiuua of the fiimiitinl uulhorb alio.' naiiuil
and many otht'rui eniliraciiiK Hit- 'lioii'st fi n. A
and Short Htorira ) tin' l.ruiliug i 'oreign Nov. 1
ieta. and an anuiunt
Uaappre&ched by any other Periodical
n tbR world, of lb most valuable literary an. I
tieutilic matter ol tlieiluv, Irom the pi na til tbt'
ea Hug KaaayitU, s.'.u iitisU, Critira, Hisi-ovrr-ers.
aud tditurs, repvenentiux every il'' nrl nu nt
of Knowldce and l'rogicdN.
TIIK J.IVlXli Al.;., (in which it,, imlv coiii
petitor, "KA'fcUY SA1 l.lllJAV, ' hit's bun
merged), is a weekly ninguiuc uf MXty-Lmr
pKK'L-u, giving niort'lliaii
double column octavo page of veaiHiiK-muili
yeitrlv. It in'i'si'iilb lu an iiuxiuiii-ne loim
i conbiilering it aiiuiiint 1 1 imttcr, illilier.ln.ci'K
f owing toila wet'kly ie.uc, and w ith a rulMucliu
eomiiieu-utvis uttcuiptru liy nootlit-ri'iililii'tiliuu
the liest Ksaays, Kevii'ws, Ciilick.;ni, 'Julia
hki'tt'Jira ol 'i ravel and liiacorery , i'oelry, -i'i,ii
lilc, JfiiigmpliiCMl, iiintvirii'ai unit J'oliumi In
fui'iiiMliou, Iriun the cntirt' lio.ly ol J-uit-i,i;D
rurluciioul LittTiiIur.
Ji in llieivlore inviiJuiilile lo every Aiiit rir.in
readir aa tbe only frefhuml iliiirnutth coiii)'iIn
tiuii ol no iniliSK'iiiialjlt' t'urrtnt lili-riitmv, in
dia)K-itHitblt I'tr.iui'V it rnilirari'o the I'l'oilurtiuiib
Tho Ablest Living Writers,
all liruni'ht's of i.itt'ruinre, science, rl, and
"Sllillilv iniliHlN'Ilflllile to mi i, in u-lui.U
o keepabnaet ol'llie Ihotiglii ol 'tbe like in
departiucnt oi science nr lilernture." Ho
'A pure and per ittiml nwrvolr und I'oim'aiiiol
entertaiuiiient and in.-truciiun. " Hun. Itclurt
C. Wiutlirop.
"The lirfei pctiodieal in America." -'I In., l.,re
L. Cuyler, ). 1).
"it ha noi'iiinl in any euuntrr . ''rhiliulel
pliin i'rcKS.
'Jtii'liraduces the beot tlioUKlit.s of h'. IthI
nnmls oi Iht civiliiiil world, ui'oanll inpicmi
living iuterem." Philailclphiu Iniiuuer.
"IllC lie! al'nll nlir erlei-tii: t.iil, i.M,ii..iL "
The Nat'ou. New York.
'And thecheapeet. A monthly thai ciinieeeverv
Wik. " The Advance, Lliicano.
"With it alone a render iimv firlv keen m,
Willi all that is important in the literatim,, n
tury, litit'.d. and acieuue oi the day." The
Methudt, Jicw York.
"The niileat e.-ta. Hie uuiwi tiitert,iiiiiiu.
Btiiries. tU'linest bdel'rv ol tlie 1 ii 'lNh l,,,,..,i,.,...
are here gathrud to gitlur." lllinuia htuie
'luillwuensalile to everv .me who rleairea
thorough toinieinliiiiii ol all that is ndiniriible
and iiulewurthy in tlu: literary w orld." -llntton
"Ouffht to find a nl.;ee in oerre i,i..,i,
Home. "-New oik liiueB.
l'ublliiheil auhi.v al .'" a vear, IVee
To all new subscribers fur ls77, will be een
gi-utis tlie six nuniliers el l.7i', con tainiuK, wn
other valuable mutter, the llrnt iiiFtullineiiia ol
new und poMerltil serial storv, "'I he .Maniiua
Lossie," liy l.l.HUi.K .M.i.l)i)S Al.W, m, a
appearing in 1 lie Living Are liuin udv m
Club Prices for lor tho bent ITonio
and Foreign Literature.
"Possessed of Titr. I.imno Ale ami one in
other of our vivacious A luerieuii monthlies, a
subscriber will Mini huiisell in t uiuiminJ ol tin
whole. Bituulion." I'lilladeliiluu l-.v'g litilli tin.
fur SlU.fiVTllR I.IVINH Al.K und eill.r one n;
the American III Monlhlira ur (ll.iin i' Hit kH
or llainr) will be setit lor a y.ur. b'th ..o-tpjnl
or, for is. so, Tna I.ivixo Am ami .-' -i ilmei',
St. Nicholas o Appletmi's .) ui n il
Addreaa III II.h(.Y. I ostun
'The King of All Publications Iunue I
for the Young- on Either Side of t)
Atlan tic" Southampton (K,,t!:.inl) Obnvti.
The tlilnl volume oftlii. iiniiiiip.irabk
-Magazine is now conipleu.il. W.lh I
eight hundred royal octavo p.igas, itnd Its
six hundred llliisliatloiis, its HiiiuiidUl seri
als, Its shorter utories, poems, 'tud okolt lie,
etc., etc., in its be, uititul lumliiip ol ted
aud void, it is the most stilemlnl irln.l.n.il.
for boys and Kirls evor hsticd from the
press. ITice, f i ; In full gilt,
"f)T. NICHOLAS is lull ol the i holeo,t
things. 1 ue puiilicatloii In, In all respects,
the best of it kind. We have never vet
seen uuiuoer luai viuh not sill priMiiglv
gooa." ine Lburcnman. Jiartlord Conr
St. Nicholas for 1877.
Which opens with November. 1H7U. begins
A short and very entertuiainK aerial rum
tae r roucu, l he lilngiloin ol tbe Uruedy,"
a diui j aoapteu to tile J. uailKhgl tlief season
Another serial, ol absorbing Interest to l.ojs
By J. T. Trowbridge,
author of the "Jack iluard .Stories," be.
gins in the Christliias Uolidav Aumher.
HosiJes serial stories. I'hriKtin.
lively bketches, poems and pictures lor the
uotiuije, anu some astoiibhitig illustrations
ofOrieutalsporU.wilhdrawiiiirs I y.siatuese
The Chrifltmas IToliday Number of
upcrbly illustrated, contains a very Inter
stim; paper,
Hy William aillcn Ilryaut ;
'Tba R... ij,i .. ,...,.- . .
, . . l'-! "" ij article, oy
Charles A. Barnard, splendidly illustrate,! :
The Clock in the nky." by Uichiird A.
I roctor; "A Christmas I'lay for Homes or
Mindar-Hcboois," by Dr. K;g!cston : "The
Pcterkin' Christmas Tree," by Lucretiu
I. Hale; "Poetry and Carols of Winter,'
by Lucf Larcom. with nietur.
Do Not Fail to Buy St. Nicholas for the
varuuuai xaouaava. .Trice lio eta.
During the year there will b liitiiresiino.
papers lor hoys, by William Cullen llryanl,
JohnU. Wbittler . Thnmas Hn-hou Willi. ...
Howitt, Dr. Holland, (feorge J!a!:I)oaald,
feanlord B. Hunt. Frank Ji. Stockton, ami
others. '
There will be Ptoriea. sinteh
poems, of special inti rost to girls, by Har
riet Prescott s'potlord, riisan Coolidge.
Sarah Winter avollotri?. Klimheth kh,..m
.aS'.P VT A'10". '-""-retiA P. Hale,
Cell Tbaxter, Mary Mapea lodL-e, and
many other. There will e also
Br Trofcssor Proctor, the Astron.in,u
with maps showing "The Mars of Each
Month," which will be likely to surpass in
interest any series on popular science ro
cenUy given to the public.
Amusement and ln.ri-.i..ti n in,
and Frolic and Wit and Wisdom, will be
mingled as heretolorc, and ,r. .N icnoLA
i;u7e toth. old.'"1 ,hc y,,nS "n'1
"There Is no masazinc rortbe younz thai
can ba eaid to eittal this choice pro Juetiua
of SCRin.VKR'g press. All tlie iiriicle.,
wnethcr in profe or rbvmc, are throbbm '
withyiUllty. 'Th. literature au3
e rtlstlo Illustrations are both superb '
The London Daily New says : " We wish
we could point out its enual in our own
periodical literature."
To meet the demand ror a cheaper
Nicholas uilt-Book, the price or vol
and II ba been reduced to ;i each. Th
three volume, in an elegant library ea-e
are sold lor 10 (In full gilt, i;,), so that all
may give their children a complete set,
I hese volumes contain more attractive ma
terlal tban tilty dollar' worth of the ordlu.
ary children' books.
Subscription price, .T year. The three
Jm. 'iT ttJld, 'Uu"rlPtiou lor this
7Broa,pvav, N. f
is ri:i r vttrn wni!
roic tiii: s:vi: i tio s
Stock Certificates,
Wcddinp; Invitations,
Or Anyth rig in
a or it i.x Tin: i.MKsrsr
Fosters and
Our iriV'i' V
luryift ,'Wf,l
s r ) ,: 1 77i-
til III- lilli nil i!iri
''nlir In il, s(,
' rno 7 . r.
. i:rn:i: m:j ,s mi, i, nr:.
i: I Kl. U'J-'S, ClltVI l.
Fid nil. I ; t,t:i.-i;,i t'uif
;,, ti,;f ,,(,
!( I'l i ff (l imilnl
il I'-iitl; i'-i iirr i irnlif y,f, jm ,i,l . ,,.
ii niul hurt !,i in, f inijilmj mi a i, f Inn, i
' i 'in fill nil i.filci : f,,r iimj rl, ; i iiliuii
il rir'niti
Railroad Blanks or Blank E;o.ts, Time Carth, Freight
Passenger Tariffs, Posters and EuIlclLi Card.,
7i shm t,
flan-It. -t in
'III in ill thl:'
mill ol m I,.
1-1 'I
Books and
xi:w 7 )7'.;
mi: most i.vr!ion;i, .i.ivz.v.v.-j; noon
''' ft i-i'f i:-:.hrt : , ,,..,, ii,;,
mnt. Iiinhhiitiir ,1,1,1 cnlUirCT It,,,,! :- i:, v ....
fftiss uf work lo .-',
C'lildliignis, Sihuiil
('itiiiiiyiKt, ;
Scientific or l, in i;
hii! ,K-flrti',.. ,t'r
f i rut-films irnrk.
Of inrii ihr'iiitl,,,, f,,r
( UHiill ( )Vffll
Lit'., iimile in,
un,l ..7,..7. , ,,',,
Bulletin Job Rooms
n iH ii uhiiI Hiivlhlu hi Mir lino ol
And yon uill Kel II , I ,
PPnMPT.V TVTT? A rTlT T7 o rtWfl A TVT w MHm
hi) uA I
City or County Bonds.
Bait Cards, Programmes.
the ;pc of really
I'll i 111-' .! .;'
n,.i, (,
mil In ;
l.ii w
, ,s7',i ti:ui:.x i:
lii'S. h'F.CEII'Ts
i'.i; is:.
in: i.i
i ) i:i;y cui ir
a if,
in tfti ,'i.
.,.., ()f,;
n rntm ..
', ! n-lih
M-nli'lllh. Ml
1 L&
Lippincott's Haga:inc
Ail Illii-ti',-d..j Mi,t!ii
!) 1 1 I '1 1' J.ilcr
a n ri '
'J lie .lli,tl l 1 1 1, ,( t,
ll'cl.tlj toi,,ii. ,, (j,,.
l"".l ' Id rtlll. it
Uslllli. je,!t .l.,um, ,.
V. Illll'
I ' 1 , 1 1 ' ' I
,1 .In"
'.ill I
. im-
lit) t-Il.i) I , H! I
s-p in ,1 I
Ir i. ii-.
'lei lu
ply i,f
''.-.,. .', ,,
'11 II I ' '.
: .1
I', at iihh'et und echil ,l i,,i,, .1 ,1..
eloi'S ilill bo t (i,,-,,,.i. ii... . ..,.
I ',,l.,el . . ' v I .
..,,1., . , I'll, llll
" ' iini.o 'I IT, fin ,'
present in
Ihe limn r.
a ciMjuiie anil Mr, kin
' maim.
: " -i'1'i en rn i si t,..ie ....
subjects ill L,,.,
render Lippiii
ill-l .lie! i ai
I 'll i -i 1 : in a w.inl, to
. 1
' Culltlllill' .
ii. a.-i'l, el,, I
. on Iriinl
I' si, i i i
x hii
ieliee and
r-ii' i .ii-
ll-I 1,1
"111 l.hl
a, I p,,,
l.il. ., Hr
, !l 1 1 . i n i
ii ,
1 I'-.
. i.iil) ti,i,
Th., ,jei
:iiie Cull.-,,,
tiali.M -.
In I'i-li :
' ':ii ill ol lln
i- , n. i'. :ti i,-.
H-1..I AMri.-;;,
"Il. lie
II 1',
LI I I I .N, 111 ,
.1"! ' I Vt il iu;
.MA i
i: il.,
'I, 'PHI I.
:'r(rif.l Featured for 1377.
.'. -
I V (li'.ll'.'e M ii"'lll.i.? a'JMi.i t
"A;ee l'oi'ls," U,l,.n .':ll,
'I i. those ,,i ,n,r r.-a. it i . v
Willi .'!;;;, o!,.;,'' ibis inu
tile pell lit In s .'i-;,,.,;!!).: t
"Ill I .'(,.
I rtll I .11 ill tJ-
sl.'iy Iron:
e'l w : :t. r iv, il
nd iiis leputa-
necil no
lilil) is .1 1.
1 1 1 1 1 n j -1 vt i,n,
firantee t" i-tfn r
oi .i
i'lv Hi
.' ,11 II,
lesiii.t; aim poiveiii, -ti.-i-v Ii i
e Ninemtier liiiiir,! r, v, li (j i-.,,,
e Oi ,-ii,i',ei' p.ti i, in ,,. 1 1 r i n i -1, . ,
all l.e'.V subset tl.efs i',,r I'" :.
I ,1'l.s
A I'l'ili,-
-, r..
' I'l '.l. W illar I I
I i
s I . V. I'll -I.
:! t.t:..i
"in per- m.,
ma u-1', op:
... A iv --
K I.
I 1,.
I" 1
ited '
i 'l v il l I,
.i i'-.
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l.oonarJ Scott Publin'iinn H i.
41 Barclay Si.. Xw Vorl:,
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lil, i',it,ire, a- w, II ,i u iiminari m the iriiiiupl
"I fleliee lilel art. I lie iturs lil,.:lv to i-'ili-. i
ill Kill'iipe -:l I'.rilt P pies l,,r ,!,s, : t --1 , , 1 , . ii,;
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IliiH here el-e to lie loltn.i. Il'ie
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Payatls Strictly n AdTscco.
i' er any onu Review,
r'cr any two Kbvichs,
cor any three Jtuviuws,
Kor all lour lteMew.-,
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ine, Kor llliie.kwoo,! .tii'i cue
Kcr IllaokwooJ mi,! two
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lour Itevaws,
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A tll ii'iiuiit of twenty p,,f ei'dl, v. j 1 1 lm al
low, I to elulisol four or inoio persons.
Thus: four copies ol llltiek ,M,(I, , ,;
Kl'viow will bo aunt. t VUl !4,,llu (l)r
MM, loiireopiusol the fi,..rluHi.'i., ,ti
Hui'lvwoo'llur ir is, 4i,i H) 0K
New .siii.s', ttiiiirs t,'iiiii) ii, eiit nj ir .1,..
yeiirl'S.V may Imvo, t eli.uv,.. H e
iiilitibefs for Hie lust, nurutei- ut t
I'l'iinilieitls as tliey may siiI,.,.Im' !o'.
NeiUier iremiiiuis to siili.enlicr- i,,,r ,li
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iii'.'ii'.r i., r, initie.l ilnv, t to Hi ,!,ii.'i i'
No lieliiiiiiiis(;ifeii to elulii.
Uretllar Willi liiniier p.u'ti, u,irs mey l,
li.'i'i on appli. s'.inii,
1"! Let."-.) J.sli !,.a,Vv- ft
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lirotmAWS AGUE
15 i.irii'Viloiis lii
Fl"iS.t'' ZaO
and Hum rirLvenls their
. r ii,. iiiiu linn I'ltli'li'i '' ,i ' ''. ""U
f ;i Illation. II oblOl l'sfli'l'l liod
. . '. jr "''0N, viii(:llier liiiioi.K, i.ialan.i
A...'m.iw' .V tf tho wearer irt )rtect hi-nlili. So
T Ion re1e;,)iof$2.oy.A!di.-Uo!
Tr..w Ma: ii.
Bf. WMttier,
!7 St. Charlcj'ilrect, St. Louis, Mo,
A tmkr (ffir1u5nnrt H-JI''il hottv,n Iwr
fi-i'M Iti in f; 'Wt tr-i.-. t ;,l of , i VrjU'Tftl, f.i'.XUhl
ndchronio IioonBL-i tt,-.r hit cih-r i-rni .m. ui au
Luui, ft ciy . ikL.ir, t,.( i roii In. 1 1
byphiln, QrjnorrhcBt, Ole"t. Striclura, Or.
chilli, Hernia, or Ruptur. all Urinary n8it
nd Syphilttio or ir.urcurial alTocliona of tha
throat, akin or bon, trt.,a t it t.rrr'!fi
lis:PM. OQ litmt kiMttltio pnw.v fcltfr-lT, Pnratrir,
Cparmcbrrhaa, Sexual Uobiltty ind Impal
ency, thn M-mit 'tf Hir-utiut to jouth, ietjtl t:tMi
t'i invurtr ytvi.orottcr flni"t, ml nurh fic-Jtic i'ut
f f ll fr iloWtP.g fffivt): DTK jtn-!, tPinlLKl niil(fi,
ii ti.f, ithi3-iof Klit drfvtit hi- rnirr. jilrr; t on tli
Nee, ihjit niiln?. eveul' n tuitxl. trof i- ini.ti.fonf jiit u
cf Km, lust or i mi )-., jt,-., 'fuj-nr.ii oarrii't
!rir;roporf tinhi'py,rn r.,)rtuADLf.r eir?4. Hmi.t
( ifl Vhi) fiinun Ij u I'v. ut Id fnU J nv '. p.,
furtwo it'Mtnf') iiii'irii. 'cin'.ltit ,fi it citlc er byrrn.l
til, il iuh'1, fri. t-s nr., .ii a; to tea ath.r.(.
Vttun it iu lhoui tut to vtit ti.ii ciiy f'r trtkUiiot.i,
Biflir.'iNl ctn t,e I'lit'.,) e ri r rt.ull fvrTwbfro. 'it-
B'.'fi M.-ii i,vuii'.'I, v :-r.j.li.ut? . W.li frntjiiy tutvl.
VtLci Ujuiaj. U A, U, 1 i'. H. fc.-ua,, Ij U.Ut I
PimpMei to -.ny .-f Crass, Ur Two Stamp
Pftnlaals4, al1 .hra. for !10 (Vu:n
Manhood and Wrfianiiod in Criran, both
tcge.ritr, lliuiiratsii, IS Cir.ti.
Orcf ll-.w . l . .. .i ivu ( '.' vn n, t. .1 to li i rtt";i (-i
ttia ff).,-,w liifj i.'.'Ma; Who ui rrrr. to h-Vrcj'-.T
to c i'it, V'i' riTiyfl t, ilDhow4, W-r.ia-!.
o f"t; 'Krtr; 1 ' - is of d. . ) ini ti'oai.1
liOfh.Killr.urry : V.Wtnb 1 Lij i lr nij t 'DjrinJ.
Tlie I'fiji.oi'ttT r.r "T',-ij- ..'in, sv.rt miry ..,
UlMTl' t'or t'i.t T.I'iat.'.aT D a.Mia ; M,i rl.1 It.
AU"f I f'.-! i 4 'i , 1 aiinrt fr - b'.tam II W!l t
ttr fnii-M.-Lj, il fi'i'.t lo u T-iA ''T HI aVt'il prfT.
t.en Irt'keJ i.p, lM irt' or loot, f( u -Aiy
tf t--ttn.g. It ' ti-n il ncrctnj of tufidlMl li'.f.r
a:ur(t,toujiif:"i n t in iact . o i tr. ),;', 1 rfc
to h.t c: ,aji.iitiin uirau fcor uu, ia ttc.ua
Iti oca.
'-r tvMtlHV BB-'-tl ft hut''fcf,10p(.)i
t,.L.i s.i:ji, tM4Civ.LJ autt,
CI7 St. Charles street, St. Louis, Mo
I) K .
I.,: I '.,
St. Cbru-le ttrrct,
. f,i;,.!
: .si u i"
i.i'xivl li.Lj I n
Cams ell
t o' i rit. .
mil i
"f FP.fVTK.
t'.ien, mi'
, Tiei.; lie y
II ,1 -I '
r' :
si. i.o r.
trill i
1,1 It
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i.l II:,
mil y r.'.r I ,.i
I. I ,
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urt. A . I
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il..,, ,.1,
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l 1: Mi,
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III l..e . tl
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r or tlie
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,lll : :.. ill IV.:, ,1,1 ! u. thirl , .
I i t," II, lliriiisr.e, u, , .,, I.
i' :n Ite- 1'ini :l, l,l.
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niM-l t
i.l' line, a- the
l.il .
,:, 1..
nr.: li. -ts'ti'i',' I .m l
re, , T.i"i lo tp or ,r ,1 ui ; . , ,t
I V .-II I Il I H I" ( 'I) , i l. e, .,
. 1 1: Ihe lir-:t rt'i.i .1 J-.11 In s;.;, ,v ,.
, loi-i tinrl.'i n i' . in, I l -l,, i, ,,
No. st'.etl'eei.O, . ill the , .1', .
I he i HI v ,. I.i h, l.., : '.-
.l-.l l,.t N.
Ill'V-ll-e ( ,
I in-.,, nil I i
I, I;. Ill I''",'
. .tlk, in
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i' ,,h
l'e Is lo he .-.. I to; ,
ol' tlie s.i. ! e,' ee. ,e,.i
p-tllll-MI 1-1 hi
I.l,' s line .l I
:u.' I !',,' i, i, nil, .-.
i'l ' I pel's,, nm .
Mi ll I-',". Oil tl
II.' ' "I III" i'.ll.
I lol' ,.l,e-ii,iil cm, l (if.ii l
, s a:,'l '.'A "!'.. Iii .i.ti,- '. ' :i
V :l:, l ,1 !,,,-:' .'e, ,.
l'r- ro
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I; P.
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o, 11.
ui.- ii".,.'it
.N : Ii. I.l il '
. 1,: "I the
l','- 1,1-1 ill tl,
ft,, of 1'
1,1. l!,,,t ll.-nry I'.. I'.
iv-,. ,1
r-rd f. . 1
v It. I'm
Ihl I, ,s,
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ul l lilll, -, V, II
lOllll'.-l III
1111 ol J-;..-.( . . r ! 1
',,,l illlpl- ,1, 1 w ill I f rJ, ,1 I,.
I 1 1, 1 i.u : , , II, 1 sV7 1 .j,,l 1 . ,,,, 1
tl'.it .1 writ of s. :;e ',,. ,,s I, is "' i ,
. . I .
,1 lii-.
s.iiil , our! in ..ii I , .i,,-e .,. iiot V",,,
,1 lli'l In ,1 . ,,, ...v ,,. s. ,,-,I.,t ,',. 11'
II I'.
li:,.i: s ..,i, tlie .!,! I ien y i . P., i s,, s,,
",..l y 1 11 .,,,,1 .,., r l,.;l, ,e , ,',,.,,, ., ,
M ,ii.l.,y 111 p'. i,,l,r 11 t;,n:i:,, ij,,;,!,.'
ll ;
IV loll I, .oi:, to 11 c 1 v,
' .lH..C'l ',. IH t ', I .1 s;,., s
1. -Ii-il I 1 1 1, 1,1 I I , I
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pi ii''ii,
vi'.," lilt, mi.
rulili.M ret I
Tin: r.i 1 'jo
: r
University of Virginia
Ol.ells Oelolier I, ,.'oni,,n,'s tl,,ojh niiie.
iiiulitli.. It ! ov.ilile'l in ., Inirl. ,,11 lie elmiii,,
ysp III, ivill, full .mrr.e:. In I'l.is' ,, , sririiee (nilli
pr.i, li.sin clutnucl mid I'liysu .ii Lulmralnrien,
t.il.'r.iltiie in l,.iii', .M iil eiiir, eiviiierriiiK, .itui.il
llisinry ami I'.at Ileal Afirirnlluie, l',i,ensM (in
i lulling i vvrytli,!!) i.l.iuit J ,00. Applv lor C'uia
Iohiib lo ,1 AMI I', HAKI'.lMiN, Al. II.,
I It ilrniiinot' the i'js.iliy; J'usi-gtlicc, Univcrnty
of iitiin.
mix r R BIL !.'.'., ..:'
J. "S, i vi ..;
j! Gt'iil t Fuiij
iIj iiruiil .ifl unlit al cure lorriveiy iiccc,
cl Liver find SIohmi Ii iliilu ullies. It loi'lJins only niinnli i .
vcnrliihln tfiiiiiouiuiH, und is worn fXACTLY Will Tit.
NLLDID, over Hie vdal'i, tlio ( iver und Stomach. Ii ce .
moves l(,i M(l,ly uf Iho liver, and arour.es tho stoniDuli fn i i
its dormant Me, arretiii( fcrmentotion, lorpor ami p. tin
l.y (jivimi it tlio nulunl itiin1ily of Mlo and fjaslrin on ,
II alio vilalict tlio ciitufi tuii Willi Mature' true lot .
tl aiTi'sti nil tititei'ioraleil niiii jioistnoii I'uiU i in um num
riiiu ti o ayitrm hy way 't
vt very rat l'i-! tr i
I or mi iIh ii.ul, unit I:j. i
.,1 liy i.iail, fn ti ut cli.ii '0 ,
miip Liver l'ii'J Co.. f.-J-
18 M.iitl.-n Lane, P. 0. Fv 2112. N. Y., or .liJ V. I i.'. i 1
Otfi'i't, On inibili, 0. A: Jtv Liutii)ist keep them.
I I'l 1 , I .,,-e. ',
, l l,ill,t tl sltiel. ,
'(,,. ,-i 1 I" e,e 111 ,'
,. , ,,. II l VI, I'll. Ill '
i r 'r'i liMi'iu in. I
I ,, .IomI'II
I'.. N,-
""! riMMr.il.
,, ', ,1 l.,l 1 I'M-
i Ii ii, e I II,,
l , ., , I l,,1. 1' I
( IIAM)LKR, F.ri.S.A.,
Lili) Pbyiicijn lo SI. Ceori)' and SI. Bartholo
mew a Hiipit.ili, Lordon, Curator t j
6t. tiiiabelli I, etc.
Afirr ifiirt rtf Vip mint f'i',or,om v
nrnrrh mot inmllitttoiii, mot ul,-r lln
jirurt irnl it iniliriii inn In trriitmriil in limit-
S'lli'lK II t,liilllH, tiro, Itlliollrr, .I..W,
Mil., lion. irKeii.t to thm A ntfi (mil ;ml,
ie tnr liillnirimi rrmriltea, hit milr in
rnrrrii mot jimnrrtii, tin- rfjirnrii ;' irhlih
in ittlrMliil In fill' ro 1 11 III 111 0141 rttftHtilit hi
t ril tliimtiilli, tlm lliiPinliiiUit I'ltTilojl i'l
miitf! ruoj unit tliHrmtriiijrtl mfieiif, 11 In
tntvn nut oiilif rrt'rlntil rrtlrt' mi'l lirto ill
f rom tin ir' rimtinttt'if unrt lint tmrf tu tu
riiitirullii mtrtit nt uitmrntti unit rhnntir
j rniii)iliilnlK, irhirU ire brm loliinlijnl tnt
, ttir. mutt eniiimU pluitieiant us A"".".
t 4 n row pnrn hi 7FP TT? f T7VP
1 powtrhtt 11 1 t it tin ;, ion; --.
j l i-Z ff, IU U'llOttl TIt , fttul AI'IIKI
i S I n r m hitii it tf rirtut wh irU rrmirr
1 4t hirttlutitth ami nwr-fallltttt, tvt if
it ni,t mn, t vill thoroti'fthf ?ritlt
rati' all ttinftintH uf tht Mnint. St f.r;rr
I itit ntH tire ttf n p'trrhf hnrmhan tjrtrac-
tutu, jtroflitrt ifitttifrrtt front TmtU
lfiftthi$t I'ntrhtr , fiii'l trfifrt; tin-re it
1 ttin .olitjhlr.it tttttit if' tiittniH in tltfl
, it m, it itrrrr mi in rhrtiritf thttt tUm-ust
timnfft thr mitiitin of' the tiliiii, or rje
jttltmij it tltriHitfft thn wtunf ami rnrinun
rlniHiittn tf thn binhf9 thwhit tiltoiritiff
tititt, iti'tttft, ittrrinif oil the ttrytium int't
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ttitiun. A vt rj hrit f tntve h)' tune
rtmriuft- unit yttirnt Hiiitf if, i,f i$ iim
flotthtt tl rrhtiinlitfi ttifl vttnttrrj ut rum-
' tiff trtinrl it hi inn, virimt i HtfW'itiim
4itihi, thti tint tu tne nj wrUicat trinntj.hm
unit tlif. ynntrnt tiincorvrif of' thr prrttrut
it iff, in thr trt-ttnit nt t rrrif litiMn
ivher the 1'tinnl HntiC it primarily tht
; tiiit vf thr lvion vr tlitonhr, mtrh cm
S( Httl I I.i fin'! th ttuu n tut tttut ann
c ft air thttt Irtut tn thin trrritile ojfUrtftutp
t'f' nhifh tilt ririliztit rnnnuinti tun
rotuisant, for Itihltrnl 'Iruth hnn unirrt
, ml that thf "bin of the f tthrr nlnitl
1 rjiff v vi' n unto Ihe tlilnl tnut fourth tin
1 rifitionu,'1 a ml tu It Ho K I : - 1K II S A Mm
is 1 1 1 ri. 1 it Kissi in tioys it in n
junrt't f nl ri-jurvntituf, rnitmnif the irrn k
t'f ttutn uuee more tu V9uime the, itiM-hLe
f'jrni of nuitiliofnt,
1 ne 1 1 TAM tn s jir isrs, r itr
A 11 v insttititLits, ut s si w 1 ro.v on
os71 .s, j.nin am KIHM.Y
4 try i'l. a vr.s, ..N I 11 1 as it s I id
ol H I It I I. 1 I Yf It II I l M A I IS V,
tl S lit I. A It 9 LA Itt, t.M LMS, i
1 1ll I I ft. it i TifftM t VfTt. St I Itt I t
I i lo xs OF Tilt: Hit MS. ftn
11. XV UmitS, hi) MA IE OM
I'l.A I MS (rtwt to the fintlrr irx it in it
l-ittin littnf ftonuht f'r aiMf ;-
tthh't ami tit licit tt f tmtlrjt, at it tuhr
itii-t-rt urtinti upon tht ir ailment) A
mi. itntus or i iiHftxfv insi isf
v haw 11 1111: m om is , .. 1
O , J.'Of (., it ia inrntuul.l. I
f.fi m n-rtttu r, in'f thlM rfwetti will
' 'ti ti ( tin A jt-t -titan if i ur f-r
I IllI I S trttft I i:l tiS unit ull MAI A
11 A I, I'filSOSS.
'i Lou it ,,'f 1 of T'9timonittl utttmt thf
truth uf thi ne, rlnlum,
1'rir, im fu,l(,tr$ ia Inryo MtW, t r
ijc hvttUt, J.
ft UiTTiOSi a nV, tfifft'i, tin it pott
tirr rtirr fur that ninnt if., re 4.1117 0 ,ii7
toeolv, iiiii n hrirf ctinrn" 1 ri ntni-nt iritt
rrt,,ro thr tl tiiiMtirr tirimitt In tll'-ir
riii utr, ulitli, anil jiromntr ( In nil In;
tirllun tif lltr ulnomrl, ,inrl intrntim , ,
inrron irriliihllth f I, Urn, 11 mot tut
2'i rnnnt jmraiifwf ' a onlrnlm-it tijr, ,4
tirrililtf rmliorrtl In tliim mirttt. II. e
fiinitarh i rflnrtil In hnillh niH llir .,,,.
imir nf tlir aititrni irill onre more i es.,,,,-1
in tin- jirrfiiriminff nf Itibor.
frirr. Our Itultm; in turtle btitllr, or
tix lutlUi, 'u.
A ulifjlt nn.riillnl mlt ifilt nflllm"
litlit tn ti nrrliniu fm y,, trliirli, 11 11 cur nt
jin- or limit;! trrnteit, munt. Inn toil t,n,
rmnll-ll mifl f militate in tt nrlllnl '!
' IllltlSt II ITls, or it-hat it vtirf, II,
,1.11,11,, ftlSSV.M l-riOS. To till mi1, rii,,,
'' Imrnmlnfi mm' anil r.rjirrtiiriilhni,
J lt.lt: H t:t).V ofer it tnmol, r- lliiblr, ,
permnnrnt rfluf. It tnifiinrutt -.i-ier-ritllim,
fimt iniihlf i tint 1111 Unit tu rj-i.il
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tiiunitittr it pnittm to in rttiritlor mtii
A.iirf of thti llinil, th fli llrriil ,1,1, unit ilr
hl riniimi Hint iiiiihI tf it iiUnl n' uroilii .,
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thnrlii tlralh. Tit .'I flll'ltX Itiit no niiiil,
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firrttt rt'tirf, hut lirntit tills tit rut brant1 ttmt
Intrrt tin, nit o ut in jioaisoii e lmiltl,,j
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':, Fifty Cent Jicr huttW, vr sU
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Tiinl Mutt trntt tn print nr thin fin In
fill ami tl itt 1 ration Main. Thn litmitl it
rrlitnlril in itt Trtitrnt fm to frfiunil
7111 tif tlrntttin pHi-atttipr trntt to prinlnrit
rnnfirttioii of II10 liotrrlH, tnrpiil nrtlon nf
ihtt tirrrt timl iiiitnrrow other emttrt are
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W9 Broadway, New-Yrk City ,
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