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'H I'?, ' ' " 1 WMlT Jod;..
W at .uhorffd loanaeunee lsaa L. Hairell
r ST candidal fc ISeoftcol County Juto of
AUundcf county, at the ensuing Noeeeiber, ifii,
- election.
We ar autaorired to ennannce Itenben S. To. uin
J Calces a candidate fur the prticj of county
- - "dp of AlennHer coup, y . r.lectt on first 1 ue- d.. y
a November, 1S7
' ,itr.
'.."Comety Clark.
We are aothftrlied to announce Henry Planerijuf
Ttieln prednrt, as t candidate for Oounty CUrk .it
the election to 1 held JJomnber tu, 1 K7T ,
To too Editor of the Cairo Bixltin:
Please aaaounce that lain an independent candi
date for the fllot of county clerk of Aleiandcr
county, atlhe election to be held In November
JAMK3 W. SltWAKl .
1 W are utlioriel to announce Hamad J.
Homra as a csodldete for tlie otBce of County
- lCerk the election to be teld oveiubcr ,otb ,
"" " Weare ktidwiticj lo announce .lolm P. Hdya
V fenditUtt for the office of county clerk at the
' election to be held November filh, lf77.
Asxa na organized a military com
r 1 tany, with K. B. Stinsoii ai captain ; W
S. llannere, flrat lieutenant ; Thus G
Stokes, second lieutenant, with n tull
complement ot nou-comtuUslonca olll
cert. The company U organized uuilur
the8tte law,aitd will npply to tlictgovor
; nor for arms.
- r A SrsusaFiuiD upocial to tho tit.
tr toata Republican ot the 23tli says:
f ' 'Th Southern ? penitentiary oouimls
; f iloners are here, and are a good deal set
l Hole by the refusal of the state officers to
ft confirm the location at Grand Tower,
t They hell a session to-day and adjourned
. to meet at the call of the president,
-which probably will not brins. them
' together until Monday next. It U be
lieved Chester and Grafton,'. with pur-
' haps East Carondelet, - are the places
from among which a selection will be
""madelbut the bankrupt condition of iho
. Chester and Tamaroa railroad hi an
argument against Chester."
T Republicans of Jolmon county
bt met jn delegate convention at the cotiit
boose In Vienna yesterday, Saturday the
36th Inst., and nominated candidates ft r
the county offices to be voted for this
fallJIai. A. J. Kuykendall was non
eihated for County1 Judge," P. M.' Jones for
clerk, Frank Thicker for treasurer, I.
T. Chapman ,lor superintendent ot
yi) schools, and J. P. West for couuty com
i.tlMloMr. There will be an independ-
:'ent ticket In the field also, and the .flk'ht
f.wfU be ;an Interesting one. John S.
Crum Is spoken ot as a candidate ajraioet
fc KojkenMW and In : the event ot his
making the race the Mdjor will find him
1! ' a hard man to defeat.
' Tim Jonesboro (tatttt ot Saturday
"say.: "The state supreme court, at Us
session In Ottawa next' month, will
choose twelve J udges, one tromeach dl-
txkK to compO the. appellate court. In
' tttrfl, Baker and Dougherty, one ol
whom will be appointed an nppellate
judge. , The people, ot the circuit do not
desire the removal of Judge Crawford.
TTeiian able uilge, uiid saves much
expense to the counties by doing biu-i-ness
without delay. We also understand
that he does not desire this position.
Judge Baker, we learn desires to be an
appellate Judge. It would be satisfac
tory, we presume, to give Judjc Dough
erty Baker's circuity and appoint liukcr
to the position desired. Wo have luul
do conversation with the honorable
, gentlemen, but presiimo that this ar
rangement would be satisfactory to nil."
" , " 'uz Democrats of Ohio opened the
t campaign on their side of the house at
' Cincinnati on Thursday evening. Spcc-
' ches were made by Hon. G. II. Pendleton
and Gen. E wing, in which the financial
blunders of the party in power were (lis
' ctfssea at great length. It Is evident that
f the question ' ot Unauce is
I to be made the leading question In the
; campaign in Ohio this fall, and that the
" ablest speakers ot both parties will be
: : brought to the front. The Democrats
have placed themselves on record as In
favor ot the remonetization of tho silver
,,,, dollar and the repeal of the resumption
act, while the Republicans Lave a usual
attempted to whip the devil around
the stump, and leave the, people
In " the dark as to lust what they
do demand. The great battle, how
ever, will be lor tho legislature, which is
. . to elect a United States Senator to sue
I ' ;ecd Stanley Matthews. hilo both
parties will endeavor to elect their State
" ticket, their efforts will be more particu
larly to secure the legislature. It Is
uuuerxioud htia mn th Ifepubllcans
secure majority In the legislature John
' Sherman will enter the lleld as a candi
v. date for Oi1t'nited States against loth
.Mattbf'wridOarllelU. .. i '
- a t. . -
i ; t . 1a' w . ; ' ' - . i . . . . -
Ti Manaffct! or l arortnnntr-
v. :..u Trom the JoneboroGi.ette.
" "' . TIM' Cairo and St. Louis railrou.i hn
ither been badly manaffed or
tunste., Last whiter, , during the river
blockade, they had a strike ou the road,
q utewbf toslno; a , large amount of bus!
nets, au this summer, during one ct
the best harvests of fruit and grain that
" Southern Illinois has ever been blessed
a ,'wlth, Iha road baa been otit of fix io
! some way that freight could not be
;,jn!PPfl' It with any degree of
.wiauiij , io wncioer it would
i:m njr , vleiCfs . or nut
,14 ,eral hundred car loads of wheat would
7 ',5?? hippd from tliia station to
liV&.l.,,,?Wrtnero,l this year, if it
M?ttnJ1n ' eon(,lt,on ,0 uke freight.
w'iSi?ERJ22i?ei,!f 1Ua"tUlM o wheat
Louis markets from Alto I'asa Mm
Creek, Hpringvlllo and itlVu pS J
WM' ihefe was not
IHJH of .whtM l" coumrv
Uiat there U now. Jt mutt certainly hi
earelessoesi and 'bad managiment
There never was a road in the rniti-ti
mateutof repair and In trouble fr
u mah at toe narrow gauge, and no road
JiSf thruXD better or richer country.
WltB a few energetic persons in
management It could be made one or tho
. test paying road in the state.
Bcrrelnry herinnn lu IIoS Wnleir
S rlvueleol l.i.i-rmiauui utini ibh
leeue With ibenonalirld Hpceck.
Ppecul Oispitih to Cinciniull Knfuiier.
WisnistiTON. Amrust 10. Friends of
Ex-rreslilent Urant hto quite Indignant
over that portion ot Sherman's ejietch
which ascribes to him tuo primary re
fipontlblllty lor iho recogniilon of the
Mcliolls government In Louisiana. They
say Hint if It was a proper thing lor Hayes
to do, there is no reason tor explanation
and apology now that it Is done; and that
it any creun is to De given aio ,uf
in view ol tl:rccxplanUonsund apolog
Ich, that credit should be given to Grant.
They deny, however, that Grant intend
ed to desert l'acknrd, and claim to be
able to prove that Grant's orders to
preserve the statu quo that 1 sunpij
to keep the peace were issued ;i the
direct request of soino of Purulent
Jlnycs' most lntlmatJ friends who repre
sented to Grant that Hayes desired to
enter tlio ollice unembarrassed by tho
necessity ot lollowiug nny decision his
predecessor might make regarding eon
testing governments. They claim in
other words, that Hayes, as represented
to Grant, appeared to desire to tako
charge of the solution ol tho Louisiana
question himself, and that Grants course
whs directed tn compliance with this
desire. They Idony, in tho most pos
itive terms, thit Grant ever seriously
entertained an idea of recognizing
Nieholls. They admit, howcr, that
in disuusinir the iiuestiou ot tho iulimu-
tiou or desire expressed by Uublicaus of
Haves, Grant may have uscu a remark
to the effect that he iniulit as well recog
nize Nieholls and bo done with it. They
thcrclorc, claim tliat the entire responsi
bility lor the present situation in Louis
iana rojts solely with flaycs, and tie
noiifice Socrctarv Hherman's efforts to
divide It with Grant as an attempt to
impose on the public. In proot ot this
claim they rciterato airalu the ott-re-
peatcd ana oitexpioueu cnargo tmii
Hayes' Louisiana comniission sent
down to - New Orleans to com
promise .things, was packed in Xich
olls's interest. In other words, they In
sist that Grant U entitled to whatever
credit may attach to a design to maintain
carpet-bag rule In Louisiana, and glory
in the allegation that up to tho las; mo
ment ot his official career he was really
opposed to home rule for the south.
Senator Ilamlln is reported to be a
strongly anU-lIayes as his colleague.
Senator Blaine. The expression thai
'Hayes has proved a traitor to his parly,
his country and his God, or words to
that effect, emood led in the resolutions
adopted by the Republicans of fctna,
in Maine, is ffiia to nave originated wnn
Hamlin. , ; ' , , .
Native rhlnrse Children.
The Carson, (Nev.) Ajrjitai says:
Many residents of ('arson are pioha-
bly nut cognizant of,, the tact litut a
school exuu Mi the yiciuity of China
town, held la the Chinese Christian
chapel building, ,' where the heathens
are taught our language aud customs by
a lady, whose name we couiu 1101, warn.
The attendance is gooa nnu regular, me
pupils numbering about 2b ot 30, whose
ages range' troin in, io- 'm.- auhhik
the nunmer . are several - young
Chinamen ' . born "".in .' Caliiorula.
'Ihe manner ' In'' which they
exnress tiieiueJvei In our tougue Is Very
cum indeed, aud sounus musical to the
ear. ii'hev devote, themselves- to their
studies with ereat ullhience and appear
over anxious to master ail that Is being
taught theuv The young pupils over
come the difficulty of articulating the
letter "r" in a comparatively ahort time
after entering the school, and are desirous
ot reaplug tm oennts or tnis cruue emi
Thotr desire M ifirowt.K'iJ' .JUf-.jilil,
There are some of the young scholars,
not more than ten years old, who work
all day in the kitchens or about the
houses of white people, and when even
ing conies, pack up their books and
scamper away to school with as much
glee and anticipation ot pleasures as
most of our boys at that ago would f x
perience running to a circus or to a pic
nic. We are not lovers ol the Chnieso
race, but we cannot help making our ad
miration apparent where it Is merited.
lildrn la England.
World London Letter
He has received Invitations enough to
satisfy the most ardent worshiper ot
St. Grouse, but f belive his great desire
to be at liberty to ramble about where
soever the mood Inclines him, to spend
as many hours a day in tho fresh air as
possble, ami to avoid tho pleasure ot
"society,'' with its attendcut penalties of
late hours and too many dinners. He
has been prevailed upon, however, tn jro
to two or three trlcndly entertainments
during the past week, where 1 have
had tbo opportunity ot meeting him,
aud on Thursday I had a long talk with
him on all sorts of subjects, and tound
him as keen-witted and vigorous in
thought and expression as ever. Un
Wednesday ho went out to Jfochampton
to dine, at invitation of the I Ion. Honald
Melville, and there met a very pleasant
gathering of English gentlemen, among
whom were Lord Houghton. Lord Stan
hope, Lord Win. Hay, Colonel Seymour,
and half a dozen others. 1 believe the
governor was very much struck with the
nne gardens oi this house (the earl ol
Meven's), in which are some magnifi
cent ceder trees. Yesterday ho was
taken to the house of lords by Lord
B. F. Blake
UfSlcrB IB
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
i7aU Paper, Window Olaes, Win
now onaaei, esc,
AlwsTi on hind, tie ctlebisuxl illumlnatls
Bro' BulldliiR
Corner Xievonlh fitreot md Wuhint
na atmim. (, w j
Wholesale Grocers
Oommission Mercha n
l7 Ohio Lttvee.i
Insurance Agents
City Matitaal laak Building, up-itain.
:h 01dtEtbUhod Acenoy In Soutt:
m Illlnoln, repraaontlnc ovx
t65 000 000
Slate Hooforo,
Aoofing and Guttoring a Specialty
Slate Roofiing a Specialty in
any part of Southern Illinois.
Lightning Bods, Pumps, Stoves
and Tinware.
JebMaK Promptly Dona.
St. Louis, Mo.
(Esiablhedln 1259.)
JAS. K10E, A. M..
l ini IpalS
MOST Ceiiipli'tf, Thorouirli ami Frattir
count m Mmly iu tlir I Hiu-.l siuu-a a
jouriM! iuitiaiwntilile to uvi'iy ymnK muti nn-
barkiiiK on the if i ol lllf .
forIUu.trated ClrcuUr,
W..L. H.,
Wli ole sale Grocer
Anil Dratrr in
i . , . i i 1 1 .
Commission Merchant
' Ka. 16 OHIO LEVEE.
PKC.AI. alti-titioi clvrn toconelRtimrnU antl
BU lOK oinm
" john'sproat,
Wholesale I'tali-r iu
Northern Ice
OUlce, Corner Twelfth and
Ohio Levee.
ICE by the Cur Load or Ton Will
packed lor shipping.
Adininialrntor'n Notuc.
Ketate ol .lolm C'ruiir. ucceaicd.
The uotier-lgoed having been niipnin'c
aammlslr.itnr or tlie cstule of Jultn Craig
late of tue county ot Alexander and etalo
of Illinois, deceased, hiTi'liy gives notice
tliat he will appear before the oounty court
oi Alexander county at tue court House in
Cairo attuti August term, on the third
Monday io August next, at which time
all persons having claims against suiil estate
ao uotinea ana reiiuosteu to attend for th
purpose of having the same adjusted. AI
persons indebted to said estate are ro
ipiested to make iin uodiute payment to the
Hated, this 20th day of May, A. D. 177.
James L. Sandrrh'
AtlmiuutrHirlx Notice.
Estate ot Timothy O'Callalian , deceased
The undersigned, having been appoint)
administratrix of tha estate of Timothy
O'Cnllahan, late ol the countv of Alexandur
and State of HUnoU, deceased, hereby gives
iiuucb luui. sue win appear uciore tli
county court ot Alexander county, at th
nnnrt. hallHA (ll ulrn nt th Aiuvitu
- ' ' - - " - - " " " " h v. fc .vi ill,
on tho third .Monday in August next, at
which time all persons having claims
against said estate tiro notitied and re
quested to utteud for the purpose ol having
the game adjusted. All pvraons indebted
io aatu emuie are requested to make hnuic
oiaw payment to tne untiorsigned.
DaUd this 10th day of .lime, A. D. 1877
Adminlairaior'a Notice,
Ksuto ot Bridget Clark, deceased.
The undowlgned, having been appointed
administrator Cum Tcatuiuvnto Annexo
of the eatate of Brhlget Clark, late of
tiiu tiouuiy oi Aiexanuer and
buiii oi iiunon, deceased, hereby
gives notice that be will appear before
iue county court oi Alexander county, at
the court house in Cairo at the October term
on the third Monday iu Oct. next, at which
time an pcraona Having Claims agalimt laid
eatate art notitied and requested to a('.nd
tor ios porpose oi having the samo ad
lusted. All persons indepted to said rs.
taie are rtnuetcea to mas immediate rv.v
ment to the uaderslgned,
Dated, this 21st day of August, A. 1),
10,1. A Lr KH.U CUMl.NUa. Atlui'r.
wtt. Cum Testauicuto Auuexo
To Consumptives?
Conmnuitlon. that ai'miriri. r t...,.,.,i.
thcRrral tfmid oi the buii.au family, lu all cl'vil
I ietl eonfldent that 1
r ' i ' mueoy now known to
u. uruiauionior tue apwtiy, poaltlve cura ol
ItaaM, TlJ Catarrh, Asthma, brniiciiltla, Nit
Voua Dtbillt. ate., nr. I .m ni.t ..... ' , t.1
in uinii uinniKT. miiu iim imwitituiin imi.m.n..
liuve Id liiwllc.iue. Xwrnty-vlKht ycarii xH-
inuT. H.vu.r iirauiuitiuor l l 111. ln.lt r...n
uuiiiiou wpiuua in meciHi and lie w Wurld.
hit taught me tho value of proper mllr n..n
both local and conititiillonal in ihn.im..., ,i,i.
rmi lunuj oi iiiirnn, i iiavv louiiu , Hut
am digreystiiK. I started .lit lo say to I Ik iff
atifferlog with cousuoiption or any ol th. above
i.iiuir., uiai uy auinvsainf me, Klvlng tyintia
Iiiiiu, Uwr almll ba unt In uonaruiim imhi.
K mat .boon, without tharire, ami aballhaVv Ut
lirnrOl of invrxticrienrv In fhnnn.ini. .,f
KUacetatUlly treated, full particular, dim;.
iiod. ior preparation ana use, and advice and
i.iniciiona lor ticoraanti treatment at your
wo noma, will I i,. ..... i..
Mil, oi Voaw, iy ;.i;i,;;.in7 ' "ro
.in. .,.l'1K-,u", ' l H.NKTT.
winy )., .Uflrrtuu ilrftt J.ouuvill
BAH fta.
Enterprise Savings
A. B. 8AFFORD. President.
H. 8. TAfLUlt, Vie Krisident.
W. HVSLOV, Seo'vanai,rttirr.
P.W. Rahclay, Oias. OAUOitan,
f. M. STOcaruKiH, I'ai'HI. Htnint,
J. M. FttlLLU-t.
INTKHKST pui.l on depnsita at the rate ol alx
percent, per annum, March.lst ami Hpteni
xr 1st. Jnuirmt not v, idulravvii U added imiue
liately to the principal of the deposits, tliernby
rivitui them comnouud ititcrest
Harried Women and Children may
Deposit Money and no one
else can draw it.
Open every buaineaailay rromtta.m. to S p.m.
a 1 Saturday evening) fur Having, deposit only
row tf to do'cl'K-k.
W. HT6L0P. Treasurer.
City National Bank
- $100,000
W . P. II A1.UUAY, Prraldrul.
11KNUV L. 11ALU0AY, Vox Pie.l.
A. II. HKFUitL. Caahii'V.
W A I 1 S K UVhl.OP, Aia'l Lkehln.
H I,. HAU.IOAV, VV. P. Uau.ihay
Q. 1). Williamson, hki'Hkn IIiho,
A . I'. Saitiiiiu,
Exoh&nge, Com and United Btatei
Eonda Bought and Bold.
DEPOSITS received akd
buaineaa douv
a general batik I na
t Uroifl, President.
P. ea'. Vice Prea'l.
H. Wells, Cauhler.
T. J. htrth. Asst. ai-li'r
Oorner CoiLUierclal Ave and bt Street
K, HnihS, tairo. Win. Kluiw Viro.
P. Ntt, Cairo. Win. Wolfe lairo.
A . Suaankit, Cairo. K. I.. Hilluigalt-y, . I.ouis.
K. liuder, Caito. II. Wellu, laiio.
F. II. Hrinltii.an, Ht. I.ouie,
.. Y. (.lemson, tslf Ionia.
A fcienvrnt Bnukiiia' Bnalneaa liouc.
(rxebanue sold and bouKht. InUrest paid
n the bavinira l'eparttiient. Collw'tioiia made,
ml allbuoinesa umuintlv attended to.
ISTew-York Store
Goods Sold Very Close.
Oorner 18th fit. and Commercial Ar;
C. 0. PATIER & CO.
WLoleN.lt! and Iktail UeaWa in
Foreign and Domeiiio
No. 00 Ohio Lovee,
Mh.lhh. fMYTII A CO. have aonatantly
a lara-v aluea ol the twet goods in tiiu mar
el, and give especial attention to the tvbolwalt
audi ol Uie buslnuaa.
Oct Washino lor Next MoiulnjN Washltig,
Three Hours' Rest
For Washerwomen,
A new and irrnml lalior-aavlntr linn tl,,n
rei oinnieudedby tho most lnulligent ami
I-.-, nun iioiiscKeepcra iu tun country.
WUShON I ku lli.uln ... ll ,..,K lnl,,ln .t.
. , ".".W 1. IV.I..UV .wjmiiii ,-iuili
ing or hand lu tuo sligbteit niauuer, .Void
o) all tfrocers. l'rlce, 10 cent.
1 IM.lt fltr.Kt M V
Cairo. '
.Mpec.lal Warrant No,' 1 . ' .
piiblif noifc I' herfl.y yjir'n that die eounlv
ic iiiol AleA in'lercounty nan r'ndrir fnilnineul
t'oi a sj.fi i.il u-Ssmcnt tipiui iiririy bcneliird
ty tff ...viiK impruvliir-i.K ul t.lc v .ilk, to.ivil:
llul KI, ADDIi lON.
Noiili M Hih ttrcrttetwofnCiinimrrelalaveniui
and poplar Mrtct
Sniitli hr IJth tr"t ln-tw eo ' 'onime rcial aven
ue and Poplar strn-t
Houih lidr Hlh trert l.rt.trcn IV inmercbl avenue
and Watliingian avrnun
North tide Nth belwen Wa-liinfion avenue ami
Walnut tret
Wait tide, Wjsliiiaon avrnue hulwecu 11th and
liih streeu
South id- Hill street Utweeii Wahhingtoa avrn
ue and Wubiut itieel , '
Ka"t ide W.nlmnton avenue batweeu Temb
and Twelfth trn
AV est ide I'upU'T ttreet bettvecn Hlh anil l"di
streets -. '
South ii.le Nth irct between M'aihinston
avenue (mil Walnut stiect
South tide 7th tre between t'ommerclal avenue
and Washington avenue .
North aid. 7th street between Commercial avenue
and Washington avunue
mill side 1 '.'til strt finntlng Lev street
Cornet ejst side t ommeri l.tl nenue aoiihslde
l.Mh street
Corner l.evre and tih '.tint-- south Hide
Isoutli Mile lih street beiHecu 1 C It It Hlilp and
Cununercial uveutn:
t urucr Comnierelal avenue and r.uutli si.lc 2nd
t orner lveu street snuili side Mh ,tre:i
Ninth side 1 1 ih inert b .iwren VVaahiuijtuu uv
cmie and Pophtr lrert
I oiner Levee and 4lh streets norlh side
North bide lith street lictwecti Wa)iiil!i"n asLutu
and Walnut street
North side llh sirft-t lictwteu Walnut and Cedar
Noiilt side b'tli nreet btlnecn I.evee street and
If Hit strip
North side lth street between 1 C 11 11 strip and
Conine ratal .iveniie
North Mil.: L0ih street between 1 C 11 K sltip autl
Ctjiiinercial avenue
South side -Mh street beiwcen lvec itreet and
JC It It strip
West.ide 1'uplar street betwocn lTth and Itjth
houlh side .nil street between J.tsec stieet and
Commercial avenue
Wesi side Cedar street between l '.lh and Pah
Wist side I.cee street between Mh and 1 Ith
As will mure fully apear Iroin lite certified r :..y
of the jiiU;incut on die in ihc otlice of the clerk of
the city of Cairo, 111. That a warrant lor the col
lection of such asscsiiiKiit is in the hands of the
undersigned. All persons interested are hereby
nuiified to call and pay the amounts .sessed, at
t'li- cullcctur's office, IJ' Comuierc.al avenue, witlun
:io days from the date hereof.
II. . PA UK Kit, Ollrf.tir.
iL.icd th;t -ltlidayof Aokusi, A. l. 1-77
Nolit e is l-rehy iven that by virtue'if ainjidTi ul
ll.e tli. tli'. t cmirt of tt:e l u.teil Stairs foi the
Southern distrlrt of Illinois', in the inalirr ot
Clail'urue Winston, bankrupt, I will up die
Nil, H.W Ol Si PTKalltKU,
,,i ih front dour of the court houe in (Vrn, A
aii'ltr ri.iuily, lllinui., rniiun'ticinir U I1' o'r.loi k a.
lo., sell at putilic auciiun the lollow.nr de.'rilcil
ir.il fslatr, of Hie raiil Claiti. rni VS iuston, to-wit :
1 ndividM j s1 '. 'r -4 set li'in -7 tiivn'htp l'i rane
'I u est
L'lid.vi'le'l 1;. w' e-ti'.l '7 tOWt'sl.ip 1
r.ing.. -I wi st
( tuli -id.l t.w siTtion X town.tp H nne 'j
.if t
N si'' setif,n 'l" ton-nsliip 1 1 rang- 'I ucit
S'.v '4 s'.v '4 section 'l'i township I 'i ratine 1 wf-l
Sw'i se'i se'.tlon 'S township l.'i rangp iwe-.t
Nv, sei tion l'J ti.wnship H nny ' vet
N .'. s'-1; setiun tl townsl ip I i ranne ;1 west
l.'i uv.,'4 ection.'l towns hp 14 r.ui;e :i r.
Ne'.i se;4 section 4 towu-.hlp 1.. raue ' 'r ,t
Sw'i st. lion 'i'. towush'.p l'i range J west
h' Dwl, section tli township l.'i lanyi- ilwrsl
K' rr.v.4 section '' tf.-.i nship p, raiij;c 1 wfsi
Sv.:4 atr.tioli !) township 1 1 range t West.
J w lection I.I township lo range '! sesf
W'j Iiwl4 isertion 7 township 10 range I west
Nw1 section :J town hip 10 rang 1 west
N. '4 li"1 sertion loto.vn hip Pi r.lng I wen
Nr54 nel4 srrnori to.vnship K rne '1 tv t
Se'A ne'4 srciion l townrhip 1 ' uiie 111 .t
All in Aitv.r.iiti 1 . iniv ll.ibsi. .
Also :
Si-i, r,. 1.. 1. 1 Io'. 'm l.ip 1'. 1 uifu J e.. :
Ne...li.. ol . ", '.e.t.oll 1 t.,-.s.l.j. I". ,.., t
..f.l , 1,1' Pu!
11-U luji'.
l.ot- a.-
inh.sak l.ai
tost r, M ti 11
ander, atil St
I. ." li.
tl ? I .1 ,' lit I ..
't Jl"l (O,
ul Ifct" .I'lalld
1.. I1 r il, ,
,t. l llhlioi-.
. t.looki, anil lot
Hi Loixk il, liti 111
out, i ijui.ty
i . l'X
tli- 1 1. le Ao 'ition to
I I." flu,-, i.l tin- -e ...
a'l.o'e.pr.teen. ift'.ntr., .'.in '
(Ji.e I. .olh
a-h ..rid
n- 'p'.Jr ?I,a'
ir..ul . 1. , Ce' ,t (it till ton
n Ll' 1 ..-r- Sf
. 1 ''t4i- sr. 1 1 lie reiei
l!o'. lor any oi lai.l
I .1' t . M .1
llo ley ,, S.uauel
..11 1
oi.' ):
I. I S i I.' i
' tut.' 1,1 IU111D14, t 01, i,t, of Alexander.
imuil Kiuitof .Mi-.aii In l oiinty, Seiitcm.
In-r l4-i 111, a . p. 1(7;.
tdmmiii K. ti'p.i.rn vrt. I. In, uud Is. (,urarlily
Kiti'.'iif i.uriiKl.ty, lai'i.l, 11. Hiirrouifli. .in.,..
pbiiivtiaiai'lity, ll. -skvtimnd .. Skvin. lilll
111 SvUKIH'ITy.
Allulavit ol Hit- noii-rri idnioe of .Imoh Hnr-
nuiKii, r-tij-ene ininiKtiiy, li. sleyin and I.
ciryiuui uiiMieienuauu alios e nainrd, having
iius,,,, u. i,-,r 1 1 me ciera u .aw Cir
cuit i-ourt of Alt-nandiTcouaty, notice la hen
by nivrit to the eaid non reaident delendanta.
that thociimtiiainHut Iim tllMil hm lull ..r
plaint in uaid i'itirt on the chancci y aido thereof
"ii uie uraiuayni -way, a. o. ii,7, and Unit a
euminoiia thereupon iaatied out oi aai l court
utauiM Hunt iieionriniiu, returnable on the
inipi Aioiutay ot .oay, a. d. Ih77, aa is by law
required . And un order having lieen entered or
ri i iiru 111 iiiiii conn at tnc .siay term s77, therel
of, that said cuuheslaud continued, with orde
of puldii.ation. Now, ihenfore. un leas you.
fl.a uul.l I I. ir 11 u J.
r.' ' 'ukiu ii. iiuriuwKu, r.iineue iiaruitlitv
H. nievin and J. slevm aliall pemonally he and
appear beiure tliinntd Circuit court of Alexan
der county on the llrnt duy 01 tlieniut term
thereol, to bt lioldeu at the court house in the
eny 01 i-iro. in bam county, on Iliu lirat .Mon.
day of September A. o. Ik77, and plead, nil-
aweror ileiiitir to the Haul complainant' e bill of
roiiiplaiut, the Hume, and the maltcraand thinga
therein charged and atated, will betuken as con.
Ii.-.1, and adet-ree entered uguinalyou accord
IllK 10 lliv iracr ui naiu uui.
.loiiall. Mii.ky, Coinplalnant'a Solicitor.
Cairo, ilia., July l lth, A. I). ImJ7. Oh.
Public notice ib hereby given that uy virtue
ui, uiiriTiii 111c cuuiii s:ouri 01 toe county
of Alexander In the atute of .lliuoie
rondereil at the June term of anid
court, 1-177, u)mn the upplication of the
underKlKned, to aell the reiil property 1,1' the
estate of I.ouia NanHaiinci, deivaited, to pay the
debta of the name, I, Harmon 11. Black, admin-
latrutor ue oonia non ot tue eatate ot Ixuiia Naa
auntio, late 01 Built county Hi ceased, will aell at
pu 0110 veniiue, on me mii ttay 01 September A . U
l"77 at the front door of the court bourn in the
euy 01 Cairo ai two o'clock p. 111. ol riaid dav
to the holiest and btMt bidder, lo pay the debts
01 vuiti lAiuiB isunnaiinn, ueoeuneu, tne lollowins
dericribed real ealale . to-wlt: Lot eight (h) 1u,
block seventeen (17), in the tliat addition lo 'lie
city ot Cairo, situate in eaid county and slate
ttavinK tnereon a line iwo glory prick bulldini;
atlaptsiit lot litisinisa and rodnlenci'. The said
property will be .old abaolutelyand ireefrom
any incumbrance, iucludliiir the the u.i,h, .
dower, vhli'h will be releaacdlo the purohaeer
witltout lbrther consideratliin. Terrua of aale :
On thotiaand dollars and one-half of aiirplna to
lie cash in hand, and the balance, iu six months
from tune of Bale. The deferred payment natal
ba evidenced by th) purclmaer'a note drawinir
six tier cent Interest with pertond security.
mi-, suiv- iMoiipup.- uiii me premiHea Hold.
Uated August 7th 177.
, . Hahmom II. IIlack,
Administrator de bonis nun of the eatate
J.oula Nanuanno, m,(
State of Illinois, county of Alexander.
s ircuti court 01 A exam cr eouiiii k, .. ,,1..
Frederick horsrneyer, vs. John . Ilarmuu, fiob
ert Howe and Waka iluhble. Iti4m chancery
Amilavtt ol the nun-remiif iice m' l(,,i... , n.: .
and Vak Hubble of the defendants alwve named
having been tiled in the oflne ul ihe .1, -1. i . ,;,i
circuit court of Alexander county, notice la hereby
given to the said nn-residcnf. defendants, that the
niplainant lias filed bis hill of ctimnlal,,, , . ...1
court un the chancery side thereol on the llth day ol
May, A. I, lKi7, and that a snminnm thereiiiKin
Issued out of said i wiit against said ilrfiniliuts, n
lurnah e on the third M11111l.1v ul li 1 u i--
as ny law re,uirru. And an onlerer has ing been
eniercd nl rccortl In said couit at the May term
III. 7. thereof, that rnid runs, n.,,.1 .....,.t.. 1 ..:.i!
.... , . . - . 1 ,1 ... ,.. i i,.
order of nuMlcalion. Now, Iheri fnre, unless y,ni.
the Miilltolieri llnweanrl Wake lluhhlr shall nei
sniui ly br and arneai brtnrr thrsaid circuit c.miii
"Alexander county on Die Inst day ol the nr
let 111 iheruof, 10 he ho,leirit ihe curt In,,,,,' l the
city oH a re, 111 said eminly, on 1 he first Monday
of (September, A, ll, lMi'7, and plead, answer ,,r
lie intir to the said 1 oiiiplainaiit'i hill 0 complaint,
the same, and ihe mailers and things therein charged
and staled, Hill he taken 11s confessed, and a ite
erw en leieil ni'auut r,ii acrording to the niayer u
. .ICIIN A. KKKVK.Cfeik.
MtLl.tV, I,IH.I1H,1 l,.M.ltN, Comnlulaatit's
Sobriluia. Cairo, Ills., July 1,1th, A. U. Hf,7.
0 'nwirtsmB ' s wtj t
HS.lr4SB.aj 1 eiiVtl0N si.i
hit 4.ssau v a si.iDiiv
tss.ii, ,aisati.i AHtlva
...V.l .b4l,M4BIlUl bWlBS.
A Ihorougli ipiamliy and
Of Cincinnati lumctenily establishes the fact
nn 1
Is almost Identical with tkt of the
III! JlrisO Well Watercairvillil.il lb. cirlyliuiti.
lutituv. Hence, by healing this waier and throwing its
in I1.1111I may reiiitre, ituei uy iiikiii ihc mdy or ihe
process ol absorption enabled lu produce all the dues lliai are etlectfd by tit. waters tt list Hot tpnogsl"
uue-half the linm and at least one half the ,cxeisc- rescuing the patit nt Irons Ihe arriila of long ai d
ch Aiiaiing trip, and from the utuckci v. iinuositlnli and rublicrv inseiaiibU lr, u vlu tn.i4 arolra'.le.
at the atoresald Springs.
11 is now conceeileu tliat tnesc vasir Ii nils arc Ine
iney remove liy agreeable processes anil with
every Idler and tissue of die system : restore functional
ty, lassitude and phy.i, al exhaustion, give health, strength .energy and vigor to aotk atM '"I brid,,
1 heir restorative und curative Mwer are ciiiiecially made nunilesl in disease of cMaie ch UMIe..
erysipelas, Ihopsy, Itlieuiualisiii, .latinilii e, Ciitarih, praraclcd I lulls and rrsci, Fea irrefigatit.es.
Syphilis, siroliilaund all disease ul the skin and 1.1. mil.
'Jbis process is uleasant and agn tabic, ami is always carclullv adaotrtl In the "n,h and see Ihi
Having fitted comfortable roini.s, w:tli all need'ul
and scicutillc treatiuciii.
I-nly patiente, for who ample pros isii.n has been niade,'willbe attended b) retnpeicnt (sasala aasi'Aa'
A. LOWER. M. a
Nos. 3'J and 37 Tenth street, iK'twecn w,t,n4-ton ami Walimr
; l CAIRO,.!! I .
N'iiik. This wanter rontalns 3.20 kri iron to 1 ifulln.: Hut Hurintra water btit i.c
to 12 gallons.
I have this dav lea-e.l my bath roouis und
Ark. The Doctor having spent ttevcrul yean at Hot Springs is are II post eel la all tnaaa
diseases to which tho watt-in arc applicable, aud palieuU may rely Upon tilt lo( ajpert-
ence ttntl uttentlon. . ' 4iJ
weak esbuusted feting, no energy or muragei
ll le is'au 1 1 e I .M K N 1 A I . OV Klt-W t U1K. IMr--.
KITIONSOit KXt'KSSKM.oraonie dram on
the syalem, la always cured hy llumpbrryH'
Hoineopalliii'. spuciib: N'o. t. 1 1 tone up and
invigorates the system, liniHstti atrength and
energy stoM, the drain and reuivenatfs th'
entire man. been uael IWviity years Willi per
feet siiccsiss by thousands. Sold by dealers.
Price f i peramgle vial, or $"' )ier package il
live vials aud $i isl ofBossder Sent by mail
"ii receipt uf price. Address 11 C M I'll KK1 S'
r iiliunetreel, N. Y.
For Scrofula, and nil
scrofulous disc a.if!H,Krj'
sipclas, 'oc or St. An
tlim'N J uv, rniptions
ami Kntptivfi (lisoascs
of the skin, Ulcerations
of tho I. iver, Stomach,
Kidney. Luni,, l'ini
ilo, l'listiiltf", I5oil,
iJlotchosi. 'J'ninor, Tet
ter, Salt Hhctiin, Srald
IIojul, JtiiiV'Woi'iii. I'Iccm, Sorr,
J i U-um;il i-iil , Xi iiiiilL,'!.!, r.iiii ill tlx:
UollL's. Siilo illltl JIpui),F lilill'J 'rills'-lit-ss,
Strlility, Li'ticolilprj. alisiiio;
fimii iiilii'iiiil nit nut imi, ami utrrinu
dtM'ti'-f, Syphilitir. ami Mercurial tli-
- ii.i... I)vyni.,; Fnuici.i
llOll,( UCIill Il-l.Uty, isJII fnt- riiM.
fvhi',' llis- lllooil.
Yellow Dork withlhe lotlitlrt
ff 1'otas.sium and iron, and is the
most t-llicai ioiH Died iriue yet known
fur the diseases it i; intended toeuiv.
Its iiivrredieitts ani so skilfully
combined tliat tin; full alterative
etfert of cadi is as-uted, and while
il is so mild as to lie h.inult ss even
loehildrcti.il is still so effectual ;iS
joiutiyr. nut from the systrm thoso
iiiiiiiiitie.s ami roi i uplioin whit li
develop into IouiIimhik; disease.
The it pulatioii it i n iuys m derived
from its cures, and tin; conlideuci:
which pi-oinitieiit physicians all over
the country repose iu j. pnn eu their
i'.)ierience of its tpseftilnrs.
(.'eitilieates iitleitiii"; its virtues
have accumulated, and are vu.
fclantly beiti received, and ;is many
tif these caes are publicly kuown,
they furnish convincine; cvideueo of
tho biipciiorify of this Sitrsaparillit
over every other alterative medicine.
So generally is its superiority to any
other medicine known that wc need
do no more than to assure the public
that the lest qualities it lias ever
possessed aro strictly maintained.
1'llEVAREli UY
Dr. . C. AYER 4 CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical anil Analytical CAemUf.
One tliinir Is now ihornopl.lu . i..l.l;.l,.,i v....
since rniti suffe red and human anemies n'llevlsted
pain, has there been anything which went so lar aa
f i-ur.iire agent as the C enUtir
.incments, I hese i.inements lui- .1..
year cured more cases ol Itheutnatism, Neuralsia,
huff joints, Caked Itrensts, Swellings, Poisonous
lines, Ijiuc Animals, etl., than all othes remedies
coinliined As the name of Centaur Implies half
hone and halfman, thehename the Ccniaiir I.ine
meiits are for man and beast. Hut not the same
Liniment. The White Mniment ia for mnn ih.
ellow for horses and animals. Herein this
.miment. oifters from other rem.,1;.. i,i,,..v.
some of the Ingredients are allli. in .!,!. eri....
contain the well-known witch haicl. arnica," carbol-
1 " Dl"er powenui Infrasllenis,
, ; ,'ll,ox' ,c'or "r -s'. John's church,
W akefield. C ay conniv. K,. i. ,n,,s,, ....,
years have I l)eeii sutterine from a weak bji k, caused
from a sprain more than u years ago. 1 have nm
fonndaayihini! to relieve me until I comineiicid the
tiseuf Centaur l.iiiement. I feel it my christian
duly to inform you that by its wonderful r lie. ts I am
entirely relieved of njin. .LuiuaiyAM, IH,;
.Messsrs.J. AlcClurc A Co.. druacisis. 1uel.
" leamstcrs pronounce the Yellow tent uir l.ini
liiciit sinieiloi to aiiy thing :licy have tier Used.
W ta ll several dii.cn bottl,. vcrv luonth. anil the
111K' i steadily Increasing."
These arc otilv samiile nf 11 ....la ........ .t,
niolilli. All the extracts. einl,n aio.i.s s.i...
num. ui i-iiniiar lestnnonla reaililii
ami ointments in existence arc not iliiiun iiue iciiili
the Kijod which it done hy these admirable On
laar l.iiiiinonls. For frost bins, sliims, "nil,, i, ,
.dt rheum, eto., nothing Is like the Centaur l.ini
nicnt, sslnle svrapiier. Por spavin, it.S b,ic,
Sweeny wind sails, poll oil, scratches, etc., no
Imiscs l ie yellow Centaur Liniment is eoiiallv
Rood. 1 hey are certain In their eBecla, 'they ilr.
rleasunl to use, they are handy and tli.y re th.en.
No family should he wIiIkau Cen'aur I.ini.n" , ,s
' h;yi,"0h one hundred times their cost
HI I h-y street, New Vork.
II l CO H11,
. s iikii. nr
Imriri., ui -4
. -f .. a? a.
-' Qi.tr . '. t .
ipulity analysis by ,
-1..' a o;:i io
thai in all eteniit inedlcthal properties lha
11 .!,.
Famed li Spp of irhni,
itfimu nr rhulnh4li ii.nise;4. ,lo. 1. .
hold !
vnpor. ihamed with such metliaaaMia ('.a-a
deceased iMiitioa of the uatieob wc an ihnntfi ,n
, ,' . I i
niut ihorougli and rapid blood asiristtr kaowa :n Ul
amaving swUtruts. and renairsiy. all iropurnsrs tiur-
and organic power. and in nbae ol iuiXlrexl vi a:
ippbaiues, patisuU caa rely upois atnalis., caulk its'
- - . . -
CAIRO, lULS. Julj.1Wi.lli:,. '
lir'tiro to Dr. A. Lower, ot IJot SLrlaars.
European Hotel
b Wj.ii..i,i antt r.,su:.trsUl
Transient Batea: $160 P pay,
Weekly and Monttuy Botr4r . ,
era Accommodated at
Batea toBniMlta
Timet- ' '
The Crystal Saloon
Billiard Parlors-11 '
Pool Rooms
In l i.inir.iivui w.tu Laropean, i Farni'f.il u
the lmi Style
THE BAtt'"'
il Lntt trlnas aaUU ui.ii
i ss.n
Dilaka Ma4a .''
-? rroprlrt'sr-
Beeala aeaveral etas) far iwaarty J'r'
Irlsaesaa ajstf aitMrlar Kvrrr alacLi
aarriao the well m mrlttEi ai
antsijieaitlcl4atv V ,
N. fi' ' '- ' .
4 Lr.rinlmil,el TelalB of Infant, . :
J Dlarrha-a, ocfclldr or AdBltaTr
. MeasJaraif-a, Hlc H.aaacbf. Verlli
,"' Z?Efrt'4' 0f '''I Vrliie, . .
1 ... H;rips, Diitoiis ntomarb,
C iilt kamat, Krvsip.1., Irapsfoaa.
U MeeaamatUaa, flhwauitit Patna, . .
17. Pitas, blind or bltedlnf, . ... . .
PiUsiy, tad Por.erW.sk Rr.a, .
' I'p'. " eBreait, lassawia? .
;l. UaaataTtACh, tUvJhTmss;
il. KrrsKala. Mkarnel ilasai K-uuT.
hi . vi... w .p 7 : '
v). Drraay and scant rrctkma. .
. wi sh.1 ass trasnusy. a n rascal
M. ssest-Mlekaesaa, ascktvo rran rMlar.
7. KIMy.laMsasr. Oravei T-TtV
VlUlWoaaaee. 1 1
n Store Hsra tk. Cuter, ........ .
ai. .1 rlaary Wrak ataa, wattlnj- lbs bad. :
ralafalPrrlaaa, orsrlihSrjasaia. . ; .a
siiaeaae or ataarf, (alpltaUona, .u.
i te
3.1. KallMC.
ppaanae, at. vita' Saaca, ,
wceratee; asirsuUsroat, . . . j
n,Ti"fi"Tttin Kriftlimi. i-i
rimi Oiin.
C Morocco, with abort M larva vlaW at I
JtaniiotdlmllotM, tl-9
Case Uoroccrj, of MlariTklssU look, ,M
Tkcae remcalM arc Mat ky tk
iBRlchsfxar rial, t My psart ml tko
Cfflce aad Depot, fnltoa Ht. Xnfai
Far aavly all lafajlaia.
VBtmphrtji' fipaella lUaaa aatlta)
cara aad traatsunt ot diaaaaa a4 lie enri
ant FREE oa applica.
Permanently cured so bumbujr ay ana
moDtb'a mue of Dr. Goulard'a ralabraa.
ed Kit rowdors. To eoiTiooe Nfaraeaj
tbat these powder will do all war-talk fjf
tliotn. We Will send than bar taa.IL tvaa
paid, free trial box.. Ail. Uoulara il
tbo only phTsiclaa that Laa aver atada Uil
(liieasu a special atudy, aad as te aji
knowledge tbouianda hat para permaa
nently cured by tbe us of theft powd at,
we will goarautee a peraanaat cura Iff
very rase, ot refund you all money aSa
fended. All luffaren should five Uaa
Powder aa early trial, aid be couvloatst
of their curative power.
Price, for larue bo, $.1, or 4 bo h t
110, sent by mall to aay part ol l iilUsI
SUtesor Canada ou receipt of price, oily
expres, C. O.D. AddreM,- '
uCO Fultoa Ntreet. Brvtoklya, it. V.
.Mothers will have rest sail their babies may ba a
healih, ,f ih.y wm nse l)r. Pttebtr'. Caswria for
wtndcolic, worm. feveriahiMM.sour aiouth, croup 1 r
slomache complaints. It Is .nlirety a eaetahle pr. -paraiien
and contains aeithar atireiaal morphine,
nor alcohol. It has pleasant tn take 'aa boa.)
iieitheruausnnrgripa.aiuijjuuptiio, 0 noy react
oy llieM.tence.
Ir. K. Iiiuurh, of IKnont, fldo, says
lam tialngt lastorla in my praeilce wtib U
must signal results, and find il a perfect (iibsiiluta
lor Ca-tiir Oil." ....
Ihis i nhut eveiy oae says Many nurses ia
New York use the "Casrarbs. .It is anaarttt lr
Messrs. j. 1 ft - successor, to Camutt
1'llclli'l, 51,
i -r'-'- i-if.rt.-r.-i
.nai....m .. .j4S"iV!,Uiear
I" n'ty msecl.
6. I "'fa-larts, Voasttle . . . . .
7. Vmpmhn, CaJdP. BroBr.tl.r!' . .
'. euralala. Tnnthjui.. r..A.
lar nt mm. Tmts a U fiataws, fall. .mij
t "UaiatAatcrtla'aaPukilaCo..! Lvsui aW

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