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t'onnty Jmltfe.
W r auttoiwl to annnunrt Isaac t lf..rr-ll
it cao.li.liie for the ol'hre nUoiinty .Ii..ltr?
Akxaiuiei coiiuly, l the ci" Vneuilirr,
Wf re authoil"t loannonnce Kfuhm 8. Yorum
of Cairo, a a candidate, fur h otlu-e of cuuniy
hidftof Alxniifrci)un'y. l.l-clion Iimi lncsd..y
m November, 177.
Comity Clerk.
1 HQ Hi Independent candidate l.ir th r.ffit ftl
County Cleric, at the election to uc nun
and promi Jittifu.l to aitfn.l t tli ttntisi
of lhe office, if elected. W. K. HAW KIN-..
We are authorized to announce Henry Plane rt o
Thebc precinct, a a candidate tor C. imy C kit J
the election to be held Novem'.iPr fth.lfTI.
Tothe Editorof the Cairo Bi'LHTIn:
Please announce that lam an independent candi
dal for lh OilK-e of county cleit of Alexander
county, atll.e election to I held ,n V"1" r
next. JAMES W. flt-W AIM
W r tuthorired to announce Samuel . I.
Hjiutn m candi.lme for the onV d lounty
Ikrk atti.e election to be K M Novell. r uli,
We are authoriied to announce J.din P. H.-N s
I candidate for thr office of county cleik :.t ihc
election to be held November ih, h".
T .V. Vnim Af AVYander IVmntv:
1 hereby announce that 1 am a canJi-'ite for the
rftnoi County CUrk of Alexander conntjr, : -
rftcaof County Clerk
ject to your decision at youf rr-po-u- i--i.m.
,lr d ViivelliWr. l-TT.
s your decision
. on the Sixth da
Wry Respectfully,
lr raaly Ne-hal Miiprrloleiideitl.
We are authored to ann vjnre Mr; P. -V Tay
lor a a candidate lor rr-eiexui n m tr. i.n. r of
county tchool juperintrMlent, at the e: limi r
l.d ..-eniber a, 1-7T.
rr Coroner.
We areiuthorirec. to vjiounce llenrv t.',.:t ia
can!.di: fcr coronet of Alexindcr ciiy, ai t
electien to be luldNcv. U., lr".
The New York llr!J correspondent
t San Antonio reports that Cen. Ord has
Infractions to raise several regiments ot
Tex tale troops for service on the
froutier at once, and that he has gone to
Austin to consult with the governor. Our
Mexican neighbors are in such a nervous
condition of mind that this report w ill
douttless .iling them into vTr't0"ni1
htit. in our iudamt'nt. en
tirely needless agl'ation. It is under
itood that by agreement bow-en Hcn
erals Ord anl r.i-navides ibe I'nited
State, troops are to guard the western
and by far the most dlineult part d the
border line that part which 1 exposed
to incursion by hostile Indian?. For
this service the frw regular-; now on the
border are entirely lnsuflleient. and no
doubt the troops now to be raicd are to
help them.
Is addition to the.rr a'ons to be as-igi,
ed by the president In his message for
calling the extra session, the secretary of
the navy will call attention tothe defi
ciencies in the appropriation lor the pay
' ol naval officers for the closing three
'; months of the last llscal year. The secre
tary of state will present thecorrespond
' ence on the subject of American repre
sentation at the Par's exposition, and
urgo tho Immediate action ot eon
uress la sunplving the necessary
legislation. The secretary ot
the interior will lay before congress the
necessitv of making sonic modification
In the pension laws, so as to facilitate the
examination of pension cases, of which
fifteen thousand are now awaiting ex
amination. The correspondence with
the various state authorities at
the tluio tf the rail
road strikes, anl the reports ol the
I'nited States army Mlicers In command
at the scenes of the disturbances, will
also he sent to congrss. There will,
therefore, be no want of work lor con
gress, enough to carry the extra sc-inn
into the regular.
In Ohio there are fifty railroads, exclu
sive of the narrow gaugc.roads eight of
which did not pay their running ex
penses during the year 1S75. Thirteen
paid no Interest on their bonded indebt
edness. Seven are in the hands ol receiv
es. The gross receipts ot thec roads
for 1S7C amounted to $3l,llD,0J9, while
the operating expenses were $21,lOM,oG.",
leaving $0,714,48-1. The total cost ol
these roads, Including all debts, was
$317,222,2.12, showing that the net earn
ings are a trifle oyer three per cent, of
the Invested capital. '1 he total bonded
indebtedness ol these roads Is $170,000,
000, all ot which bear six per cent, inter
est or more, so that the net earnings will
not be sufficient to pay the Interest on
the bonded debt and leaving nothing for
the millions invested by stockholders, of
which there aro 17,000. If this is the
result of railroad investments In Ohio, the
leading stats In agricultural products,
with growing manufacturing enterpri
ses and coal and Iron in abundance, what
luust be the condition ot railroad pro
perty In le populous and favored
states V
Omaha, Neb., Sept., 28.-U has been
known to several parties in this city,
juur curreionueui included, .-inee
Wednesday that two of the Union Pa
clllc train robben had been killed near
Buflalo station, on the Kansas Paeitlu
railroad, and a large amount of tho
stolen money recovered from their
bodies. At the request of the Union
Pacific officials the Information has been
withheld from the public lor prudential
reasons. The clue which led to this re
suit, and which Is confidentially be
ueved will result also In the capture ol
the remaining members of the gang, was
obtained from a passenger who was rob
bed. He Identilled Collins, Hie leader,
who was oneot the men killed at Dullalo.
.Collins claimed to bo a cattlo man, and
Bade his headquarters at Oirallala. a
sUtlonlUmilcneMtof lllg Springs the
cen ot the robbery, where he is well
known. Last tali hodrovc some entile to
the Black JIW, and a Mr. Uuev 0
this city went through with him
Two Weeks ago last Sunday l'.iiey
Colllos at Ogallala. Riley was on the
train which w as robbed, and wag himself
" wounded while atandlug on the platform
of a car by a shot fired by one of tho rob
bers, and when the robbers came through
Uio cur he ruoopnizul Cwlii", iiotwiln
sUuiIIuk lus ina-k. As kooii s Kili-y
reached Omaha no gayo uitsmiurniaiioii.
Vnoiher n.isseii!r(r. a man riungetl in
business at ono ol tin) Jmlhiii iiireiu'loit,
also recognized CgIIiih. A ifay or two
preccc.Jinjjf tho Mliitijt o( Collins ami his
companions a ili-tectlve cnteroil tlir t uinp
ol Iho robbers at :t o'clnrk In tlie
morning wlillo tlicy wore ni i mm
k-arnnl iliat llirre wcro plx wrll-arninl
men and that tlicy wcro. mil In )iop.
sion of the plunder, lie Identilled t 'id
linn ami two others, lie departed uiiob
peryed and made a report to Superinten
dent Chvli of tho L'nion raeiiie. Upon
learuinif iheso facts and that the men
were likely soon to separate. Clark tele
graphed (ienerul Tope to have troops
scout nlonjr tho line o tho Kansas rr.cilic
nnd rndeavor to intercept tt'cm. 'I hU
wai done with tho result a ? I. liul
falo station U about aOi) mil- -otitii ol
Ills Sprinc, where therobbn v was com
nilTtrd. Tho money taken from the
bodies of Collins nnd I5a, bis compan
Ion, will arrive here to-morrow.
li e. riio'i avav imiws
Alio IT HIT..
.Mriuuv Coi-xtv, i: ., s pt. i I,
1 do td l. tu'l e lnt r .(.. i.
The notorious woman 1 1 wl.'.ni you
gave notice, Wallingford. - TilV.'iiy,
c.'i'.j Kiil'.er, .:.'. . Gentle, who clr.ims
trom the gowrniii nt over J.-.u.i'0 tor
hiT losses of i.n-.j'iTty tltiKiy? tic Lite
war, wa in.: born, a; n- if-ert-. iijum
the oivan, but I a n ifive rl"i!.i' M.-ii-- ol
Gt'orgi i. Her lather, .1 tin- .. W h.tt.i
more, eame le re lom Kra.-ikhn cmntv
about the year lO. He w.i- tiien a
very poor man, and has remained poor to
this ilar, never having l et n worth
at any time: nor did he cv r own an ai re
of land. Hit claim has n. found
ation. !ho married I'inckwy ton
tie, a poor man, about t no year W'.1.
shortly thereafter she stole j.'.o. Mil -o
managed as to have a poor little orphan
bov severely punished fr the Un-tt. In
10 1 her husband wnt into the onl-il-erate
army, when she entered own
fillv and notoriously into her p.-. tVs.
sioii. During the war .-he wvi.t itito
po-scssion and disposed ol all the per- j
onal property ol .Mrs. Dwihi. a e .d-by ,
l.uly, who hail gone south upon lii" ;tp
proach oftlie i-eiierai army, no,- -ne
became able to entertain and otherwise
incyrnti.itp berselfitito the cjond ar.l "es ol
the I- ederal otlicer- at I Mlton, many of
whom tl.mbile'a h ive reason to remem
ber her. While thiu enjoying the embraces
and eonlhlenee ol the Federal ollieer-nnd
soldiery, she proved tr.iitore-s to her ol 1
acquaintances m Murray, and had some
of i hem arrested lor treason ar..l other
high crimes, alleging that she hail read
tbeir eorresponnenee aui aeieu us : i
upon theirconduct but upon investigation
she could not read, and her statements
were proven to be tale, and had been In
stituted lor the purpose of levying blaek
m: il; yet she so far retained the eonlid
ileneeor connivanee ol General S. and
others, that they certify to the great lo.- s
of $siiO.(X)0 worth of her estate. The
tax digest shows that her father, tho
Georgia planter, paid jl.O.'i ior taxes. )
l'inckney Gentle, her first hu.band. still
lives in this county. Her son, a lad, lives
with him. She lelt this county in InI.i.
with the federal soldiery, and returned in
lR7.-, to obtain evhb nee of her great loss.
Two of her sisters certified lor her, not
withstanding the known fact that she nor
her father had ever been worth anything
more than etinrv bread and meat. ' '
' ' :i F. ViiiiNiu no.
iiu: 1 1; i.ks and Tin: .Missis-tei i iiivi u
The l.oui-ville Cnri:r-J:.u,iinl fays:
"On October 11th there will assemble at
St. Paul, Miiim sola, a convention cl
representative men ot the Mississippi
yalley to consider the subject of river
improvement. The call i.siicd by the
St. Paul chamber of commerce, shows
that Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wis ;on-
sin and .uissoim prounco i u,uou,uuu
bushels of wheat, which naturally seeks
a cheap water outlet to tiie world by the
Mississippi river,"iind that the poverty
ol water In t lie channel forces the ex
porters to submit to the cxturtiuii
ate demands of the railroad
men. The entire appropriation loijtlie
improvement of the upper M'.
below St. Paul does not exceed $3!),U0i,
which iJ, of course, entirely itisulllcient
lo remoyc the obstacles to navigation.
The people ol the upper Missi-slppi
X alley hav2 reason to complain of the
situation. Some millions have been ap
prised to make tin; insigniiiearit Fox
liver in Wisconsin :i navigable stream
for the benefit ol a few sharp
individuals, while the main artery ol
commerce hn0 been treated to a dribh t
of ?.'10,0f.0. It li likely that the St.
Paul convention will be largely at
tended, and it ought to be. The con
gressional representatives of the ttatcs
named have given their attention too
much to the Interests ol the railroads,
and the dispoMiion now is to bring a
pressure to bear upon them to study
more closely the Interests i,f ibeir con
stituents. Tho grievances of tho upper Missis
sippi valley people, however, do not ex
ceed those ol the people of the lower val
ley, a vast amount ol rich agriciiltur-
territory; lroiu ape Girardeau,
ilo., to the irulf. on both nideu
of the Mississippi river, is dependent up.
un jiciicnti mm HVKtcmailC leveeing to
enable the occupants to plant and contri
bute to the wealth ol the entire country.
According to the reports ol Generals
Humphreys nnd Abbott, the rect Mention
of the river banks would cost Silom.ono,
1'nls would place the required breut
work between the planters and Hie Hoods.
ii v a-iiington correspondent of the
New York;-mlU says of Gen. J Itini
phrey a estimate:
"This is a considerable sum ol money;
but southern men assert that the govern
ment would recover It lu a lew years in
the increased value ot government lands
still held there, while they say, on the
oiner iiaiiu, that It would establish on n
mm loiiiumwuii i iiu prosperity ol ;t very
fcic.li. iimi naturally very rich region, ami
nuuiu enormously increase the produi
mm oi conon, sugar and ru e, and thus
add to the general wealth of tht.
country. They tay lh.it tho states
aiong inn river banks can not do
the work; that the region has
outgrown the old patchwork system;
mm ii is useless to uiaKc small approina
lions to repair crevasses: that whatever
Is now done should be under the control
ol eminent government engineers, such
as t.on. Humphreys, and should be done
by the Federal Government, and on sei
eiitllleally correct principles. hen eon
gress metis, southern men will
strongly urge the advUablllty of such a
great and comprehensive Improvement,
and the nrgtnnents lor it abovo Mated
have already been presented to the prcsl
dent, who Is understood to take the
ground that while ho Is totally and earn
etly opposed io inch Internal Improve,
meut schemes n. lhc 'usiml
river and harbor omnibus, which
Is made up by giving every member and
senator a .slice, he would lavor somcgreat
una needed measure, rueh as this plan
lor a seientitlc leveeing of the .Mississippi
Is represented to be. lie has not com
mitted hlmsell to this plan, but it is be
lleveu from what ho has salt! that while
he would veto one ol tho old-fashioned
river and harbor steals, bo would consider
favorably a needed improvement like the
one in question." .
In referring to this national work (lor It
a national work), many northern journals
characterize it as "raid on the treasury,"
etc., while they consider the Improve
ment el the miserable little Fox river, in
Wisconsin, on which have been squander
ed, a very la idablo enterprise. I: is n
plain proposition, however, that it Is es
sential to the pro-pi rity ol ths people on
the upper Mississippi to have a pennant lit
live-loot stage ot water to St. Loins,
to take their w in at to market, It
is equally important that the people ol
the lower valley, who furnish millions
ot trade to the country at large, should
beseeurulin the possession of their
lands from the ovet whelming floods that
they may continue to lie factors ol the
general pro ?pcriry.
A-long as the Mis-iippi river Is
t ailed a national highway it is the duty
of the general government to see that it
i kept sii'li, and .1 part ol that duty is,
loicaiiv, to keep the river within banks
and privciit the vast destruction of
valuable property which occurs
fr..n time to time through crevasses. To
leave sii. h work to individuals or to
counties, through which medium it can
not be properly or tilet lively done, is a
palpaple Injustice. It is an amuslmrftr
rument of the opponent of 'he levees
that the river need no sued work, he
eitivp the ereva-ses carry of the surplus
water. iho--e oentlemen would not
probably care to ow n land in the vicinity
..f a crevasse, however. I'hey should
still ly the ti i'ure ol m vas-es n jime
in. re closely.
The li-t c f voters ot the city ol Phila
d -lphi.i, just completed by the city com
missioners, embrace--the names of 1-u..
.12.1 per--or.s.
The records oi Champaign county
-how that during' Iho month ol" August
hincty.three mortgages were placed on
larms in that county, amounting to about
ill.l.i;0, while only forty-four mort
gages were released in the same month,
'litis j; not a hopeful aspect cl the linan
chl condition. f'i the same month one
hundred and t!ii;tv--ix deeds were re
corded, -howinj tr.ni-ae'i.ms amonniing
to i?I7'1.oii.
Major General Pearson, commander
of the State Militia at Pittsburg during
the duly, riots, has been arre-ted on a
charge ot murder, the complainant alle
ging that he gave the order to tire w hen
the troop; were at the 2s:h treet cross.
tag, and as a result the father of the
complainant, while quietly sitting in his
own doorway, was shot and killed. Gen.
Pearson waived a blaring and was com
mitted to jail.
It is hinted that the patent otlice lire
was caused by an incendiary. A V'.i-h-ington
dispatch siy-: 'The lire started
suspiciously near the records of the land
olllec and the Indian bureau. It -tatted
in a room next to a store room, to which,
according to tlm testimony of one oiUciul,
large quantities of tires were re
moved only two or three day?
ago. The fin il alarm ivas not sound
ed for some time after its existence was
known by employes in the lepartuicnt;
and the lire originated in a room whcic
according to the testimony of its super
intendent, no lire has been started for
s jnie lime. The lire also developed the
fact that the girders ot tho top story
were of w ood, whereas it is learned that
the original contract called for iron. Al)
these matters will doubth. ss be investi
gated. General MeClclhm has accepted the
nomination for governor of New Jersey,
and bis election by a large majority is
conceded. The action of the New Jersey
convention in bringing Tittle .Mac once
rv.t; before the country bus re-awakened
the enthus.la-in with which Ids name is
always received, and the papers already
begin to talk of him as the nominee lor
1SS0. Tho Philadelphia CLrmU k names
the next pre-ideiitial ticket, "MeGlollan
Rtid Hampton.'1 It would be rather a
dilllcult undertaking to count Hum out.
I.MI'KHII.I.l'.I) PR AN" i K.
f-y-Misrvri.it was ii ii cum: on i iik ouavk
Mr. E.IS.WiishbuiTie.lor the past ciht
years I ' lilted Slates minister to France,
left New V ork 'ity on Saturday evening
lor his home In Galena, Illinois, necom
panicd by "Mrs. Wasbiinn nnd his (laugh
ters. -nr. asinuni was very
much engaged while in New Vork,
but before his departure held a
short conversation with a representative
of tho IlW','lnring which ho spoke very
freely of the present state of aflalrs In the
French Republic. if the recent manifes
to of .Marshal MacMahon he said: "Jt
must haye Intensified the feeling through
out France, nnd, taken together with the
imprisonment of Gainbetta, I think it
will add greatly to tho excite
ment which was prevalent
at the time I left. The position that I
occupied so long toward the French
government, where my relations have
always been very friendly under all ol
the live forms ol government which ex
Seted (lining theeight years of my resi
dence in France, disinclines, me to mukt
any -pcelal comments upon the political
contest now so unhappily raging in that
country." As to the result ol the im
pending election, Mr. Washbtirne e;thl:
"It is Impossible lor mu to give any
Judgment ol my own, but hi the last con
vcrsutlon 1 bad with M. Theirs, that
ureal statesman, who knew Franco bet
ter than any man living, assured me that
the Republicans, Instead ol electing the
Mi former deputies, would elect the
whole too. In a very recent eonvei-s.i.
Hon which I had with Gamhettii
he expressed the same opinion
flu the other hand, the govern'
nicnt parly expressed the hope ol sue
cess, or, at nny rate, they prolt sed tu
believe that they would reduce lhe );,..
publican strength so much that the Mod.
erate Fell would hold the balaueeof pow
er, which would curb any Kepublie-m
majority that might be elected." In aM.
swer to lhc question, "what would be the
elleet of an overwhelming defeat ol the
Republicans orof the Government partvv'
Mr. Washbiirne said: "No onn can lore.
leu. i nave uvea lonar enough in
i'mtiro to tinderstniid
Is extremely uu -ale to venture any pre
diction ato fulii'c political events.'' As
tolheellectol Ihccimlinnatioii by lhe
higher court ol the sentence on Gainbet
ta, Mr. Washbiirne made the sumo re
ply, adding, "Lei us hope licit the etlect
will not bo What many people In France
will see cause to fear.'' Mr. Washburim
Is of opinion that M. Jules Grevy will
assumo the lead of the Republican party,
and ho describes him as an able and hon
est man and an original and sincere Re
publican n man in whom the
country has v.rv Justly great confi
dence." Mr. Waliluirne said It was true
that he had helped dissuade General
Grant from visiting Paris, and he had
done so because the finding against the
government was extremely bitter, and
it was feared that any such demonstra
tion as General Grant's visit would have
given rise to. might be made the excuse
for such an outbreak as is feared to be
inevitable sooner or later. In his opin
ion, the clanger of i'ic present crisis has
not been commonly exaggerated; the
crisis reallv exists, and it will not end
without a very serious settlement. The
ex-minister describe! the general condi
tion of France as prosperous in the ex
treme. The crops this year are unusually
abundant. This Is especially true of the
vine crops, which give promise ot a sup
ply ol wine equal to that of LW. The
working classes, too. are generally well
oil", commerce tlouri-hes. and ''the only
cause ol universal dread is the black pol
itical shadow which da kens the other
wise cloudless horizon of the most beau
tiful of European lands."
MAE MIiTaI Al c I1"N.
l'y irtue of .iu order of I e 1'i-tmt Court o
tlie 1'mte.i StaOe, lor t, c Southern litlK't nl
Mo. n, 1 will. in
i Hfii-iiiv, ou'uiitu nil . i-:r.
At the liniir of eleven o'clock A XI.. on 111
(ireimna, Bt I'tiriiMii, iu the lotititv 'l John-
.n. au I Suite of I liimis, o'J.-r ut public yen-
iluc, to on' Il srneei uuIUer, the tn.e tv mill
lutelv owned and cccucicd hv I nine A Hush,
ui folium, 1.1111(1)4, now Haiikrutit, together
vi Ii all the liiiildiii'j biel luaclniiery I'l-rUin-iijjj
to said mill.
Wc L:ive here, and will sil!, iervl!iii',t wli i h
id neceeury , for c!ilpriu al once neon an e.x-ten-ivc
tnii iue.Jb in ciiltiuu- slave.- and lieuJin.
i)c.ni:tae pn.tH.rty to be bold aiv the IjIIoa
int': A lii'uvv two-ntmy inime Imildiin; mid
liru-k emine rom aiiuclicl, a sie.im enriiii' an l
Ijuil -r, u n -teuiii boxes, a c miieron sieain i iiitip
will) l iie a"d Inweattjclied, fiaivi. itrui'iatuiu-a,
cars, an t'.i.oiiUif nacliiiie, a ntnvecuttiis lo.i
liilne, two stave jointicir 11..11 lull", a l.e.idiu
Ijlaininj.' machine, a linlin; jointing' tiiiuuhte,
a heaCnur lurnir. machine, a tteam kiln; ul.o
shif-le nu'-i, e.-ilititir saws, concae can
thick SDtvs stave jointer knives, licadinx ioint.-i
Unw, iilaioers, etc.: also a J;:ai:kliiitli clioii
and tools, alum nnd hav room, caoix r elon
and barret scoji. and nil nect-ssary liels I'.n-
stiirinjf material: u..iiier W illi a ie.ise-noei in-tTej-l
in live acres of land, on which the above
h-scrib d l.'iiln;,-s c.aa I. a hw le.-.e rmininK
iv,jwarJs of twelve year. Facilities lor slo)
1UHK nru iiii-iiriiascd. A it. Ii of the Vin
cmees niilri.id runs directly a'.ont'side of the
sin:. Is u-i-l tor -turinu' inatri..l. There, is iih-niy
1 i;..o I limber m ar tics null, and a .-icvly and
"iistttiit dein ind lor a'l lhe -nick it can turn
1. 00'.. out for a bar -.nn . N'ovv I ti e tune to
buy. I roll) this tine: lorvfji-l biiiinesr can Is
lone tition a ri.-nu iicikci,
IKU.MS Ol SAI.F. Oije-thinlCK.-h in lui.d.
onedhiinl in six in.mitis, and i.e-tiord in
twelve month troin the .'.ay (.1 sale, tie' de
fcrred ii.ivnieiit' to draw ix ttei- c-nt interest.
and to I secured by I NviUviioiiio eroiml
trinity. iniurics can tie h.Mrr.-.-n to ti;e
undcr.iufned at Cairo, lllinoi-, or lo .lotin 1..
Mdlvey, at Format), Illinois.
IjF.olii.l. 1 I.SIIKU,
Caiio, Illrf., 'j.t , I, A-onec.
CHA.NCldlV NO J Ii. K.
m u- ' i i::;no,
M'l'y ot A. . elder.
l ire; t c. ml of AlcAali.'...-! (. V..IU . .lain
lerm, A. D. 1-7-.
K.i .tl'! 'J liiiir (i-on v:. .loi:n 11
Icribv .rce in (.r.aucer,'.
Arfi.'..oit ot the iiMi-rc-iiitric : of .1 a-.n If.
Ilioinpson the .lcfiiubii.t ;co icini'-.l hav
ing Ijccii tile-i in lie.' ccue of c.e c'.i:rk ol .u.l
cirtuil lour) of Alvxander tcuaty, n.u..c 's her. I,y
ftiven Id tie- s.ti.1 iv ti-reo.knl u.f:id.nil, lliat IS.;
clnpla'tniil filed her b.il of ( ni'i..:.iit m -.aid
cuun on tli-: cl an, cry v!-: Ctcri- if.in ll.i: ball d r ot
Srpiciiilicr, A. I, 1-77, .-uul tlial a sinuaoi:
ll.treupon issued out uf aM court .-ij cti.t .i .1 de
fendant, rctunuM- un the fust .Monday cf .lan
iury, A. I). 1-7 -, IO ii bylaw Ie.'J;..J. Now,
tl.crcfure, unless n i, lie- s.ud John II. 'ii.:n:is.ui
shall personally .11.. I ..ii:ar !.(to:c ibe sa d cir
cuit court of Alc:.ii'tr: ecumy nn i'ic iiri ilay of
the next term tio-r. f, 10 I,-: 'hc-lden at the to.nt
liou-e in the riiy ol ( .oi-., ;n -a d coiintv, on ibe
lii'st Monday of. I. inn. iry A.ll. b-7", and p'cad,
answer or demur u. tV -..o-l eoinuUinant'-i b.ll cf
complainant, the wne, ,o:d the tu iit. rs an I th.ns
therein gharijed and L-iied, will be taken as con
fes.ed, and a de'-e-o -ro icred na.nst 5 oil accord
ing 10 tiie ir.iyr of d bill.
lw Con, lib., S :o-. n.Ur 1 ;i!i, A. U. 1-77.
; i:ceiitor S otiee.
Kitate ul M. .1. .Mcf.iauley deceased.
The undiTDigncd, having been appointed
executor of the la-twill and testament of
M. J. Meuaiiley, late of tlio county of Al
exandur and state of Illinois, deceased.
hereby gives notice that he will appear be-
lore, iiib eoiini.v couri oi Alexander eountv,
at the court hou-e in Cairo at the -Novem
ber term, on the 3d Monday in November
iieiL, at, wnicu time all pctvoim tiaviBK
claims against said e-tate are notllied and
rc(tiesieu to attend for the purpose of hav
ing the same adjusted. All persona indebt
ed to siiKlDstaieare re(ue-tcd to make Im
mediate payment to the undersiL'iied.
Pated tht-. bill day of .September, A.I).
1 . 1 1 .
has, 0. Patifh,
l.aeenlrlx a Xollep,
Kbtate ol I.011I8 illatteau, dect-asi-d.
1 lie undersigned, having been Appointed
Executrix of the last Will and Testament
01 1.0111a riiatteau.iate of the County of Alex
ander and State of Illinois, deceased, here
by fives notice that uhn will
Iho C'ouutv Court or Alnv.n.L. C.M..in .1
the Court 'Home In Cairo at the October
lerm. ontnc Monday in October next,
it which time nil persons havlnx claims
against said J-Ntatc are nofleil and re(iicst
ed to attend for the purpose of havinj? the
same adjiii-tcd. All persons Indebted to
nam r.stuie are requested to innke immcdi
ate payment to the undersigned.
Dated thii'JIih tiny of Angii-t, A. I). Is77
M AliiiAltfJT lil.A'I'I'KAl',
r'W Kxeeutrix.
.. a.ii.
-ViiOie for riihllcrtlioo
1 His. is 10 1,1 .; NOTIf.'K, That on lhe '.et'i
day of Seiieiui,. r. A. I. 1877, a Warrant in llank
ruil(.y waiiviieiliiKaiml the estate of Usury It.
raynn ami f . rdinand K. Cauda, of I liirat'o. in
Ii" County uf (Jook, and State of Illinois, who luvc
iiti-n adiini'.-d llankrnnt nn llit-ir r,.n liiOAn
diat ilic payment of any delit ai.d the delivery n
any propcuy bclonKiiis to urn l.anknipK, to them
"r i.ir iiie,r use, ami tnc transicr 01 any property ly
or in, are lorhulil'-n ny I. aw" 'itiat a meeting 01
the ( rciitors ol said llankriipt to jirovc th-lr del.K
end to choose one or mrre Assignee ol their l-!s no-
wdl he In Id at a court of llankiuptry to he li,,bi 11
at Ihcclli, of it N. Illhbard, .Nu. I '.'i , Hm,.
Sirert, In the city of tliicaeo, hefott H,,im.r N, J,,.
n.mi, i.s(j. ii.-msisr. on liic'.'.ni ilny of II. iul-i,
n II. 1 - . 1, lit 1" o c lot K a III. , ny in,), r ot l .-nil.
no .. r',(nial notice by mad, will he itiven t
1 k il. tor's whose claim docs not exci-i-d s .0 (hi
ll.s- I. ,S. IIILIda i1, I . s. M.,r..l,.i,
I 1. Id ami Whilelipiisc, Alloincyt,
AtliiilulNlriilurW .olicp.
K-lute of DlldL'et Clark, deceased.
l he undersigned, having been appointed
administrator linn 'lestaiiientD Annexu
"f tho eslalo of lliid;:et Clark, late of
'he county of Alexander and
Mate ot Illinois, deceased, hereby
fives notice that be will appear beloru
the county court of Alexander county, at
the court house in Cairo at the October term
on the third .Monday in Oct. next, at which
tu.... ..11 1 1 ... . , .
....n: an pri sons nayiii vinous au'iilllM nam
etlatii nil! nutilled and reiiiestcd to attend
for lhe purpose ot Inivlie: the same ad-lu-tud.
All persons indepted to said es
tatu 11 10 reiiicsled 10 make immediate pay
ment to lint uililersl.tned.
Ihited, this 'Jlst. day ot Aut'iist, A. D.
1". Al.KKKl) OOMINtis, Adin'r.
Ml. c'um Testainento Annexo
, it. SMITH.
Physician Sc Surgeon.
Olllee In Winter'! Itlock, corner Sevenlli and
Commercial Avenue, (entrance on Heventh.
Uealdi-awl'hl.lwntb troei.wemof Wuflbiaitton
rrr am ho.vin.
Evansvlllo, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Puducah, Sbawnoetown, Evans
ville, Louiavillo.Cinolnnati
.1 M,i ...... i..Mv):Mwa -
uu nil w ay iauuiu(iii
The ehKuiit side-wheel steamer
.'HAiit a- I'ai-ONi.ros Clerk
t Will have Cairo every WKIi.SK.lDATat
o'clock it. rn,
1 he lh't iitt-Kiiier
ItL 1 I low inn Master
l.li. I iiiiiias I'leik
law vest airo eveiv SAT t'ltU.W.
Each boat inakcs close roumsaiotn at Cairo
with first-class Meatmen for hi. l.oms, Mi in
plus and New OrlciUis, and at Kvansville with
(he K. A C. It. Ii for slliioiuisSoiluand bast,
andwiththe Louisville Mad Stiatnm louall
potuts 011 the l.'ppir Ohio, (tavtntt throuithre
rt'li ta on lninhls tuid passoiKera lo all oliit
r"or uither Inforiiwliori apjily to
j Y.ut-.s. iiii.i.s, i-asseiircr As'. nt.
HAI.UD.VY HKOS., i ,.,,.
J. M. I'HILI.Il'S,
Or to li. J. OltAMMKK,
duH riii(. n b id and tttnerul 1 reiirhl Aireiit,
pi-.'i-.'e-1 v . e.vausv ill Indiana.
G-reenfield Ferry
.rpi'Ut cAiiioi
I lu: steam Kerrv boat
Nebraska City No. 2
Will I.e run regularly, leavin;; (ircen
lield's bin. lite.- at 7. U and 11 o'i lock a.m.;
1 : o. i i and " io o'.-hn k p.m. during uacb
Wi el. day.
i hi Mil). I iv -he will loave the lrnliD at
ami In neb ic k a. in. and at li lit. . and at
s.;u ji.ui,
MT.CAHBON(Big Muddy)
Orders for Coal by the car-load.
tori, or in hogsheads, for shipment
promptly attended to.
To large consumers and all
manufacturers, wo are prepared
to supply any quantity, by tho
month or year, at uniform rates.
Oltlccon wlmrfhoat, foot of roxth atri-et."
mice of HaUiday JJrothers, opposite' St.
Charles HoM.
ttfyptmn Mills, Twentieth afreet.
Coal Dump, loot of '1 hirty-eihth atrei t, or
l'03t Oflice drawer t.
B. F. Blake
1) alersln
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Aall Paper, Window Glass," Win
dow Shades, &o.
llwaya on hand, the celebrated ilhiBiinatln
Oorrjor KUyenth Street and Waahln
St. Louis, Mo.
CEstablishsd in ICS3.
JA8. KICK, A. M., '
J. If. lllHWOOD.
M OST Cninpli te, Thor'mirh Mlrl practioa
eo.ieie r. Study in the I hint MUtea-a
eo,i.:e mdi is le ible In eV. ry -OlUJH UIU cm
bill l.imr on ll,- m:i i,1 In...
Kor llluatrateil Circular,
ii m .. '"'"-A.lCK. A.M..L. II.,
OellUllv r-resldent.
:ill klmls of
Fino Boots & Shoos
Tho Best oi FOREIGN and DO
On Iland,
Theatre Building;, Cairj Us.
111 till.S liuH.'.tJf
fit? Commercial Hg!
imkyti lag limi -
And At
Washington Avenue and Eighth Street.
The Best Extract of Buchu
Sold By
The Best Sarsparilla and Blood Purifier
To Be Had at
Barclays' Drug Store.
Agency for Dr. Jaynes Medicines
Barclays' Drug Store.
For Holxnan's Aguo Fads
Go To
Chills and Fever Medicines
Shoe Blacking, Shoe Dressing, and Stove Polish
California Wine, Port
Tit . -n -a. m .
ii you want uoscnee's German Syrup, -w
One or One Hundred Bottles,
Tt1 vtvo rt a if T nm nn nnrl
Cream Tartar, Soda, Etc.,
Shoo Blacking, Stove Blacking,
Mucilage, Ink, Etc.
Paint BrushesVarnish
Coarse and Fine Combs,
White Lead, White Zinc, Linseed Oil,
Turpentine and All Colors
McLean's Cordial, McLean's Pills,
Hostettcr s Bitters
French, English and American Perfumery t
Wax Flower and Artists' Materials
l - i
Buy Copperas, Blue Stone Indigo, Madder,
Nutmegs, Spices, and Pepper
Homcepathic Medicines
All Kinds of Almanacs Free to All
Bottles, Vials, Corks, Sealing Wax
and Corks for putting up Fruit
Shoulder Braces for Ladies and Gentlemen
The Best Trusses, All Styles,
Quinine, Smith's Tonic, Kress Tonic,
Malaria King, and all Ague Medicines .r
Writing Paper, Envelopes, Pens and Ink,
Cough Medicines of All
Paper Bags, Wrapping
Feather Dusters and Counter Brushes 4
Nursing Bottles, Gum Nipples and Rubber Ciotn
Buy Yocr Brapg
AfBarclayo' Drag Storo
At Barclays' Drug Store. u
IS n
and Angelica,
For Medicinal Use,
T7o-n11n '
Whitewash Brushes,
and Hair Brushes
Paper and Twine
1 j
that It

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