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51 I
Oomer 10th Street s Oom'r'l Ave.
I Hata Opanad an Entire New Stock of
. toEDioonBS, cehocalb. statxonxby
And Toilot Artiolca,
' ti Which 1 Call tba Itttntion of ttw Public
1 will maka tbe accurate compoondln of physicians PMrlPyn' " 'l
onrsr hews,
SATURDAY, October 27, 1877.E
Saturday Oct 27
At reorganized and reconstructed,
tt Aeaaa)lea rrformr 3)
11 exponmU ol reflned mlnstrelry, In
new programme replete with darkey fun
and negro witticisms.
Admission, M and 7." cents.
Jtesmed Seats at Uartman's. .
Brief Lacale.
IM eee4ueB
Mrs. Harry Walker, proprietress of
the European Hotel, twlng well awaro
ot the stringency of money, bat reduced
rate to "all who may wish regular board
to tlitocn dollars per month or tour dol
lars per week, for day hoard. In cor
neotlon with the European Hotel la a
first class restaurant where oysters,
fame and all other deilcaeirs will be serv
ed at all hours during day or night, (tf)
their gdodi!; and hsvlug jmrcnasca
lor cash afO prepared to compete
with any Btber bouse In the
city on sugar, collce, . syrups,
teasuauis, bacon, cauuea goous, aoum
fact everything iu tuo grocery aud
provision line. They will always keep
on band choice IrcsU butter, eggs, and
all kinds of country produce. They will
deliver goods In any part ot the tfty
free of charge and on short notice.
Messrs. l'ottls & Bird solicit a sbaro ot
tho patronage ot our citizens, bellcvlutr
that they can give them better bargalus
than san be obtained elsewhere. lin
Ullavevy mm raaeey
Mrs. C. McLean, Eighth street he
tweea Washington and Commercla.
avenues, l Just In receipt of an elegant
and compUU stock of Millinery and
Fancy Goods ot every kind. Among
other articles we may mention that she
la selling line black straw bats in all the
latest styles at Irom 40 to 00 cents; ele
gant patterns at prices lower than was
ever ottered to the trade; flowers and
feathers trout 10 cents to f I; silks and
velvet In all the new shades at prices to
suit. )a the hosiery for ladies snd child
ren lUe ber stock Is not equaled by any
other establishment In the city, and she
ikU the ladles to call tnd eiauilne them
before going elsewhere. Mrs. MoIaa
will sell her goods of all kinds as cheap,
If not cheaper, than the aame kind ol
uooda m be bought elsewhere in this
market. ' Wa solicits an examination o
Uer stock and prices, believing that she Is
prepared to plea ail whom may favor
Ur with a call in both. J.adies desiring
lo have hst presMd esn have the same
Xcme for Irom 25 to 35 cents. - w
10 lb Amber C. Sugar
10 m X. Orleans "
4) lb Rio t'oflee
J Ob White Sugar
4 lb Soda-
4 Boxes Matches
tttarcb, per pound
4 Bart Soap...... -
Teal Oil. per gallon
And all other goods very cheap
aiiuv i.iat received. a choice lot ol Pure
Mustard. Eoglleh Table fcaure
and nckles.
...$1 00
.... 1 00
1 00
1 00
Tall and see us.
24 Ct
i,n.tuS HIMMir' BBS
"Hleelf Agal.' '
m. a Uaaon daalres to announce to
... "
ha citizens ol Cairo and the surround
tog country, that he has returned from
California, and again casting his lot In
1'j.iro. haa ODened anew stock ol BOOTS
in SHOES at the same old stand, No.
140 Washington avenue, between Eight
and Ninth streets, where, while thanking
hi old frlenda lor their past patronage,
be desires to shake hands with them, and
supply them and many new customers
with anything they need la bis line. His
trock Is coming right In every dsy, snd
i. .i.. v, i ha martAt afiords. All are
nvltcdtucalL J"
AM. L J.
lie rnmmcrclal avenue. Winter's
m,w ..Hi the attention of the ladles to
her large swek of fall and winter mlllln
ery. ol the latest designs, whlsh she Is
frnm New York and
nilladelphla. On
she will bold her
soatmuing one week, and wishes ail the
uJiM to call and examine her goods.
At ne stock is Urge and complete Tie.
itors can rest assuroa 01 anaing uer
toek to salt the most fastidious and she
wflltaka sptoUt orders for anything that
. nnt ha In atoek. ucivim
tmmf - " -
, s.mm.
, d. Braxtou has retorned to his old
stand In the Reiser building, where ha U
,' attr prepared than aver to aocommo
lata l patrons' and the public who
' may laf or hloi with call He has gone
to considerable expense In fitting up a
-erapUofsieslyfttralabed rooms, which
h, has pro'ktod u tab,,t ,m"
, provtioenU nd oonfenleooH. Be am-
ployo only AM slaaa wortmeti and those
' who pttfont hl wtU oav thatr wanti
rthxSatou ttilo thd irlll rseolva
.' coottMul treatmeot. - 'oii.
Weather pleasant. - '
Business on the levee yesterday was
brisk, and every one seemed to have his
hands full.
. Hiss Cora lierald, ol Klco Puss, Is
visiting at the residence of county super
intendent Tsvlor.
S. M. Ilealey, Ksq., civil engineer of
the Illinois Central mado a flying visit to
this city yesterday.
United SUtes Interns! Revenue Coliec
tor Willis appointed "Doc" Delaneyhls
deputy lit Centralis.
The attendance at the Odd-Fellow's
sociable was good, considering the In
elemency ot the veather.
Street filling on Walnut, between
Eleventh and Fonrteenth streets, will be
completed In a few days.
The election is drawing nesr and
the einlidates for the different offices
are all active and on the go.
The public schools are flourishing.
The attenaanre Is about on an average
with that ol the previous term.
The city council will meet in sjieclal
session on Tucsdsy evening, October .10th,
to receive bids for the reconstruction of
terlttlii sidewalks.
The Rough snd iteady tire company
after receiving the new suits which they
have ordered, will be entirely re-organiz-ed-and
then look for a big time.
We bave been detained by many cir
cumstances from mentioning the concert
and oratorio given at the atheneune, but
will give a full account ot It to-morrow.
A pretty picture la a healthy look.
ing aid well cared lor baby. By the use
of Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup you can keep
the health of your baby in splendid con
dition. 25 rents a bottle.
Thieves and burglars are carrying
things with high band in some ot the
villages In this part of the state, and yet
the officers are unable to capture the
thlerei or prevent them Irom robbing.
One of Uie easiest tilings to catch,
and at the asms time one of the most
difficult to get rid of, Is a cough or cold.
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, however, aU
ways proves equal te the emergency.
Mr. Powells, ol St. Louis, is in the
city. Mr. P. Is in search of a location
and has taken quite a liking to Cairo.
Should he conclude to locate here he will
In all probability go Into the grocery
and provialon buslaew.
Mr. Pat Mockler has opened s saloon
in connection with bis hotel on the or
ntr ol Third street and Commercial
avenue. The saloon will be under the
ibvee of Mr. Wra. Mockler. who Is a
nenhewof Mr. Pat Mockler. e wUh ban
Baker's Cod I.iver Oil, Mine, and
Wild Cherry quickly relieves Throat and
Lung diseases, and Imparts vigor and
new life to debilitated constitutions,
Pleasant In taste. J. C. Bakkr & Co.,
Oct. 13, 5w.) Philadelphia, Pa
A card irom the agent of Uie Sclden
Irwin troupe informs us that the man
agement of the company have concluded
not to appear here nex t week, as has
been announced they would, They will
come this wsy some time soon, however.
Remember the Georgia Minstrels will
give a performance at the Atheneum to
night. The Georgias have no superiors
and few equals In their line, and those
desiring to see a first-class minstrel
troupe should not (all to be present to
Yesterday Mr. Cbas. Hardy, not our
elty bill poster, but another Hardy, who
Is an employe in the washboard factory
on Fourth street, received a severe wound
In the head. Mr. Hardy was engaged at
a saw, which, catching a piece of board
and flinging It with considerable force,
struck Mr. Hardy In the bead. Although
the wound bled much It is not dangerous.
-Mrs. S. Williamson Is marking down
her goods, and is now selling straw hats
at nrlces lower than ever, sue is now
oflerlng hats which heretofore
old at 75 cents to one dollar, lor
85, 40 and 50 cents, and all
other goods In proportion, her Btock ot
flowers is very large and range from 10
cents to S3 in price. The price lor press
Ing and rcmodllng straw hats has been
reduced from 35 and 60 cents to 20 ana w
cents. Mrs. W. invites all inspection of
her bood and orloes. tf
rlle Itint.
Mrs. Sarah Lamb, a woman of the
town, was found at the corner ot Eighth
street and Commercial avenue at a late
hour on Thursday night lu a state of
beastly Intoxication. Chief Arter wss
notllled, und took her to the lock-up.
On the way the '-old woman" made it
lively lor Artcr. Three hundred
Comanchu Indians could not have made
it livelier. She did everything that was
mean snd wicked, and made more noise
than rnont men could have made. But sho
was llnally locked up. Yesterday she
was before Judge Bird on a charge of
drunk and disorderly and was lined five
dollars. She paid the tine and wan din.
l'r. rirailrv. lor king drunk, was
srrestcd by Ollloer Sargent. Bird lined
him two dollars. Pat settled the bill and
was permitted to retire.
John Mcduire and liicliard I'oacll
were lees fortunate than Bradey. They
were lined two dollars each lor being
drunk, and having no money, were sent
to the lock-up.
AS ftrhveuneyara.
ilr. Charles Schocnmcyer lias received
a large lot ol Uie celebrated Cobden cider,
(spiel wein) which Is beyond all question
the best and purest cider ever sold In this
T i'lles desiring it can procure
thL. dd r i:i jiiaiititlfg to suit, by the
pint, quart or gallon, or in, larger quanti
ties. Persons desiring cider by the bar
rel can have theirorderslllled by notilying
Mr. Schoenracyer at his saloon at the
corner of Tenth street and Washington
avenuo. Mr. Schoenracyer has also just
received a consignment of the celebrated
California Kiesling wine, which is
tqual to any Rhino wine. Tills
wine is manufactured from the
celebrated German grape, and has no
superior In the country. And further, he
keeps Mocrlelus' beer, the beat made,
and a full line of choice liquors and ci
gars. Call Rnd see Charlie. Ho Is al
ways glad to see his friend;, and will be
lound ready to serve them. A free lunch
spre:ul every morning at ten o'clock, tl
A Pnaelualioit Pucale.
Our friend. Henry I'lancrt, of Thebes,
hands us the following clipping. The
article lorcibly illustrates the necessity
of punctuation. It can be resit in two
ways, making it a very bad man or a
very good man, the result depending up.
on Uie manner in which It is punctuated.
It is well worth the study of teachers and
Mo U an old and exDericuced man in
vice and wickedness he is never lound In
opposing the work ol Inlqiniy ne takes
delight in tiio downfall of Ills neighbors
he never rejoices In the prosperity ol any
i.t his lellow creatures he is always ready
to oK&st in destroying ma peace oi
society he takes no pleasure In solving
the Lord he is uncowmouly diligent in
nwin or discord amone his mends and ac
nus'ntances ne r.Kes no pnue in laooruiR
. .. 1 . . .
to promote mo cause 01 unniiiiuj nc
Iim not been neglected in endeavoring
to stigmatize all public teachers he makes
no eftort to subdue his evil passions he
strives hard to build up Satan's kingdom
he lends no aid to the support of the
finsnel amonz the iicainens ne coniri
butes largely to the evil adversity he pays
no at' -ntlon to good advice he pays great
heed fs the devil He will never go 10
heaven he must go where he will receive
the just compensation oi rewara.
'I," U 1 11
fttodad CHr 'dlSskl count.
The following items are from the
Mound City rati M ot Thursday, 2.1th :
-herifl Wilson took John W. Wal.
ker, charged with the abduction of Mary
Nash, down to the Alexander county lull
Tuesday noon. It Is expected that his
trial will come off at me preseut term or
James Bull to-daV took possesslou of
and advertised for sale the personal prop,
erty snd efiects ct the Uiiin Lime and
Itouk Co. by virtue of two Chattel Mort-
Sigcs. First sale to be Nov. 23rd, and
e other Deo. 21tb, 1877. Good chance
to purchase mules, horses, wagons, &o.
For the convenience of the inhabitants
along the Narrow Gaugo railroad west of
us there is now established a mall rotito
from Jonesnoro to Mill Creek, thence to
Toledo, Alexandria county, and thence to
I'llin. This we understand is just lor the
preseut, and will be dispensed with as
soon as the C. & St. L. resumes opera
tions. -Shcrift Wilson and Charles W, Mcrtz
returned home Monday morning by way
of St. Louis. They had a very pleasant
trip, except that it rained almost Inces
santly whilo they were in the northern
part of the State. They delivered thoir
prisoners without any trouble or mishap.
The physician of the Uetorm School at
Poutiao pronounced the boy Lee Mc
Loiighliu ot unsound mind,
Our circuit court cleared the criminal
docket or all cases except that of Jemima
Mitchel, in which the Jury fulled to agree.
Judge Baker reduced hor ball bond trom
$)0 to $100 after her trial, and bolore he
udiourned court he reduced It again to
$50, ami last Saturday Jemima entered
Into this bond before Judge Mertz with
Pat Scott and Paton James as securities,
and was released from prison.
The thanks of this community, and
not only tho thanks but the patronage of
this community are due to Justin Cun
ningham for the getting ot a beautllul
hack, which he will run between Mound
'ity and Cairo. It is a genuine St. Louis
'apln hank, tlnlshed up In the (lncst style
and cost $100. JusUn has done this great
good thing for the accommodation ot the
people, and he deserves a liberal patron
age. He will commence running it as
soon as the mini dries up.
Caibo, IU., Oct. 24, 1377.
Having been detained on accjunt o
a pressure ot business, I could not vuit
Cairo any sooner. However, 1 will say
to those who Intend getting any winter
garments that I will be in your city lor a
lew days, at the St. Charles Hotel, where
my samples can be seen for suits, over
coats and fine shirts. Consult your own
Interests and call on me. N'o city ordi
nance will keep mo Irom cutting in
prices to break up monopolies, I'll sell
my suit for $M ; all others in propor
tion. WSI.P.SCOTT,
25-2t 212 14 Street, tyansvulc, lnl.
station. tow watib. RIm or Fall
FT, I. IT. IN.
PltUbarjr - 1 l"
CincinnAti S t
LonliTllle. 1 S 1
XrABivillt m.... . ' 7
PAdac'Ah..M .... 1 IX I
Cauo... I MM IIMMIIIIIIHI 1 1 I 1 I I 11
St. Pul ........... ,.,,.m 2 . e o
)rniort...-. .10 o o
Keokuk , ... 4 3 X I
St. Louis. .h IK! I. I 2
Btrgctm ignil Htrrita, U. H. A.
Wul Working Hiu-Uliifry For Hale
One Plainer and Matcher, one Heading
plainer, one Surfacer and one Gigsaw
machine, for which I will take lumber in
payment. For terms apply to
21-lm Ja.mks P.ki i., I llin, 1 Us.
' Some ot our butchers have taken ol
tense at one Item which appeared in the
BuLLsrrut a day or two since In which It
was said that a couple ot hogs had been
lulled on the Illinois Central rallroad.and
that the bodies were taken charge ol by
one ol our butchers, and concluded with
the word ''look out for sausage." The
vounsr man who wrote the item certainly
did not mean to cut odium on our butch
rs or to give out that they are hi the
habit of picking up dead hogs tor sausage
Th item waa written In a spirit or run
Having taken charge of the grocery
ritablLshment at the oornsr ol Four
teenth street and Washington avenue,
and put In one of the largest and best
assorted stocks of lamlly groceries ever
exhibited In Cairo, Messrs. Pettis k
Bird an now ready for business, and In-
vita tba attention of the DU.M14 to their
house. Theyhavs)glTn special atten
thin to the selection ol
Titer la Danger AUead.
When those usually active little organs,
tho kidneys are neglectful of their duties
and grow sluggish, latty degeneration
Bnght's disease, diabetes, and other dan
gerous maliadies, arc the result of neglect
to remedy this inactivity by medicinal
means. When the all important tunc
tions of the kidneys are imperfectly dis
charged, those organs need stimulating,
and the best possible agent for that pur
posesince It pcrlorms its omce without
exciting them is llostcttcr's Stomach
Bitters, which, in comb nation with Its
tonic and cathartic properties, possesses
valuable qualities as a diuretic. Both
klineys and bladder are strengthened by
itand the vigor which it imparts to tnem,
and the gentle but eflectual impulse
which It elves to their operations, Is the
best possible guaranty against their be
coming diseased. The bitters are lnvalua
ble In other respects as well as the above,
since they remedy general debility, uter
Ine troubles, chills and fever, dyspepsia,
constipation, gout, rheumatism, and
other ailments.
Hon. G. W. Wall of Du (Jnoiu was
In tho cltv yesterday uttendlng elrcuit
Mr. Sands, a nrominetit citizen ot
Springfield Is now in tho city, on impor
tant business.
How A. II. Irvln will soon leave the
cltv to attend to his duties as assistant
wardou of the Southern Illinois peinteu-
Letter Mt.
The lollowlng are the letters remain
ng uncalled for at the postolllce at 'airo,
Illinois, Saturday, October 2i , lbi i :
Anderson, Helen-, Adani3, Mary, Bry
ant, Mary; BencinI, Bull; Caflrcy, a;
Crowley, Mrs; Collins, Josie; Dickson,
Sallie; Fields, J; Hendrix, Bell, Higdon,
Nancy; Martin, E A; Martin, Nannie;
More, Annie; Spaulding, Jennie B; at-
son. Ttna: v ucox. tvaie nooti, aiiiou.
Ansina, Brano; Anderson, J K; Aider
Albert, Adams, Peter; Batto, A; Illnn
chard, A M; Brown A Sun; Baldwin, I)
H; Brown, C H; Clark, C II; Clark, C
5: Craig, J 31; Conroy, Patk; Dugan, .1
C; Dever, J W; Freeland, T B; Grey, M
E; Gray, A M; Grifleth, W T; Uinckel
& Cole; Haight, E A; Hughes, Joseph;
Hunt. .1 A: Ileiiuesev. T: llanmim, b t
Harriraan, W. C; Johnson, Isaac; John
ww a r H I 1 .
son, L,ee; iveene, &. ii.: J.ex, r.uaru,
Miller, D. W.; McCoy, J. A.; JIcNamar
ra, J.; McDonald, J.; McNeil, L.; Nelson,
John; Nason, K.; Penney, II.; Phillips,
Jeff: Oull Patrick; Ounn. Win.; Richard
son, C; Russell, Y. H.; Stewait, C. B
Tresham, W. B.; Wllllas, J.; Welch,
Robert; Watson, Willis.
Persons calling for the above will please
say "Advertised."
Geo. W.McKeaio, P. M.
The Mary Houston Is to be launched
ibis afternoon at Barnum's shipyard.
The Memphis Avalanche says cotton Is
so plentiful on Red river that boats are
not particular whether they take It or not
at i per bale. Up freights are $3.
Pittsburg dispatch to the Cotunereinl :
An unknown towboatran into the dredge
boat G. W. II. Bsyley about 7 o'clock
last night, at Laslicll's Landing. The
towboac was going down with two
barges in tow at full speed, while the
Bay ley was working a slow bell, and the
former did not check up until too lato
to avoid the accident. What f'amago tho
Bayley sustained Is not known dellnitely,
but It Is reported that her rudders were
Ir.Jured. She went to the bank near Ba
den, several miles below where the acci
dento cctirred..;,.. The John Penney took
out twelve barges of coal for Cincinnati,
100,000 bmhelx; the Storm ton packages,
containing 7.'),0 X) bushels coal and coke;
the B. D. Wood six barges, 110,000 bush
els, for Louisville. Tno Wood lelt a
bnrgn around at Horsetail, and the Jos,
IV'arne dropped one at the Trap.
The Cincinnati (.toitmercial ot Thursday
says Capt J. V.Reynolds and others sold
the Virgte Iz-o for $17,000 to the Cincin
nati and Madison peoples packet com
pany yestsrday. Captain W. H. herby
will command her in the Cincinnati and
Madison trade
Tho following is as an accurate a list of
coal shipped at the present rise as can be
had at this time: For Wheeling, 10 bar
ges; Columbia, 10 barges 115,000 bush
els; Ironton, 4 barges 05.00 ) bushels;
Cincinnati, C4 barges over 5H1.0C0 bush
ols; Madison, 12barges 120.0CD bushels.
Tho T. T. HilTman forl'sdiicoh, Silver-
thorne lor Evansville, Belle Memphis for
Memphis, are due to-day.
Three-lourths of tbe Thompson Dean
has been sold to Curran Leathers and
Captain Tabin at the rate of $75,000 for
the whole boat.
Captain J. M. fhillips went to Paducnh
last night.
Captain Juuics Lee of Memphis is in
the city.
The Dora Cabler out on time yesterday
brought a fair cargo for reshlpraent.
The Cabler met the Cherokee, Golden
City, Cetnia and C. W. Anderson above
Southland going along all right. The
riso in the Wabash helped the bars
Pilot James Deane of Smlthland, Is
making a trip to St. Louis to look at the
river. Ho has been sick nearly all summer.
The Colorada lound 10J feet from St.
Louis, and has a fair trip.
The Cache returned yesterday Irom a
successful voyage to New Madrid with a
barsre containing a locomotive and four
fl.it cars for the L. R. V. &. railroad.
The Polar Star passed to the Tennessee
river for staye timber. .
The Grand Lake and barges arrived
last evening from St. Louis.
iimmi: mm
. - , . . .t , j i
omcni t
A. B. SATTORD. Pnald.nl.
8. a. TATLOK. Viet Prsl4at.
W. HTBLOl", Scq't ana ITwuurv,
K. M, Stocilbth, Paul U. Bourn),
It. II. CmonuBBAM. H . L, Hallibay,
J. M. Puuxirt.
INTKUKST paid oi dopoiiU at th fata of ill
pnroent. per annum, March Utand nvptea
r lit. Iptaraat not withdrawn la addad taunt
Ilataly to tha principal of lb depaaila, Ibanaf
llTtna hm vl Inttrtrt.
w'otaea and Children may
Deposit Money and no one
elae oan draw it.
Open yrj kualnauftAj rrtmBa.m. tot p.m.
ai Saturday (Tanuigt for lavtna-a tlupMUa onif
routs to a o'clock.
W. HTBXOP. Traaaarar.
City National Bank
W. P. HAMJDAY, ITMldcnt.
a. n. arroai, cAhir.
WAIT'S UTSLOP. Aai'lCaablcr.
Staath Tatloi. tt H. Ci-mriMaiiAii,
(,. D, William rioM , Stbpbbn Hub,
. '
Exohange, Coin and United States
Bonds Bought and Sold. :
rru BiXamaTWrksat i
MB4 SCMarfraVy)! fm0 ettlaBataBrlti mmmtff 10
iaMkAd eiftktirttirBatf-TiM Oaaajlresa,
sayakls inakly. By lUa.'rjfi iiiaBsitCtBSB
aautai sMsMatas; ( Ouwllu,ll sew
1 1. .
rabuihat nwf naJWUf aMaaJatat l
pat aaaum, layatUMr tst a laaaa. - taa ntag
a tk Watkly IU to ftaraM at MaaaBta, M
- C a- 4,
. a s4l- ftA
Baalaass Carat, araaaaaa.i.b..
a aqaara, aaa BAaieta,
OMwraara, twa
Ua aa.aaa.
Ommmn, twa
Ob Maara, lana
(M sqara,
mum ,- . a as
was tm
aa tuBsa
Oi aquara, aaa raaarHna..
Baa aabaaqaanl laarta.
taut, m
trtt raialar UTaiWITSWtaSBM
aar tt AinUvlu Shalt savsna. -
OoatsaaalMtteM ess jrableeta a M
.. . . " n . .... ; 1 'l .
arsvl lalrt to tlu whlto sHa4.
KVOHITS racelrtd and Rcnctal tMAkiBg
mulBeta aone.
I', Nell, VioePrei'L
H. WtUa, Caahlar.
T. J. Karth, Atai. Cak'l
C jrnar Oommerelal Ave. and tth itrat
r. rroaa.
P. NflU, Cairo
Cufo. Wiu Kin
Kloftt, ( alio. ,
Wm Wolfa, Cairo.
fia Failure Known.
There is no case on record where ir.
Morris' Syrup of Tar, Wild Cherry and
Horehound has failed to give satisfaction.
On the other hand, whenever It has been
used by our people, in severe colds,
coughs, asthma, bronchitis, croup,
whooping-cough and consumption, they
arc enthusiastic in Its praise. Contain
ing no opium or other dangerous drug,
it does not constipate, and is safe to ad
minister In all conditions of health.Thls
is an important announcement, and the
suffering are advised to heed it. Irial
size, 10 cents; large sizes, 50 :cents and
One Dollar. Sold by Barclay Bros.
Also agents for Prof. Tarker's Pleas
ant Worm Syrup, which Is sure death to
worms. Pleasant to take and requires
no physic. Price 23 cents Try it.
A. kuianka, Cairo. B. L Bllltarjaiy, Ht 1.011 la,
K. Badar, Cairo. H. Wlla, Cairo.
V. R . IlrlnWnian, St. Unit.
.1. V. ClrmioB, Caledonia,
A flaxeral Bauklnc BxalBaa nam
t a
Cf-Esffhanir told and booxhl. fntanat paid
a tbc Sarin Jxpartment. Collactiona Bada,
nd all bualn promptlT attended to.
tfAH rraalaaMllaMSea II
Oratra) I
PITTSBUlXQil. r f ;
'.. J l "jh;S
F. Blako
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
for Reul.
Tho finest cottage in town. Inquire of
lw Georgk FisnER.
Y Cm Bv
Money by getting your building materia
of Lancaster A Rice, They are selling lum
ber at mill prices; a large amount of white
Dhie and cypress shingles ol the best bran
constantly on hand. We selt pine shin
gles at 91.7S per thousand; sawed cedar
posts at at 23 cents each; white pine floor
ing at 923.60 per thousand; pine siding
at $15.00 per thousand. Try your hick
with tills firm. tt.
. Call Batua-Ca.il mm Try Them,
HivliiB discharged Dr. Lower and
renovated my bath rooms, with Uie addl
tlon of a new receiver alter the latest
and most convenient style, I shall take
Brest nleasuro la giving baths either
medicated or otherwise, to all who may
Aall AH ma.
la Pa, D. Artir
Circuit Court,
In the circuit court yesterday Uie caso
of Smith vs. the steamer II. S. Turner
came to an end by the jury rendering a
verdict In tavor of the plaintiff, and
awarding him $150 damages. We un
derstand the case will bo taken to the
supremo court. Tho next caso called
was that oi John Quintan for an attempt
to murder, Qulnlan Is the man wno
some two months ago shot a negro
named Charles Lesrlev. on Locust near
Thirteenth street, A jury was being im
panelled when court adjourned.
Intermittent I'evar
Is so common Iu tbe country as scarcely
to need comment. Tbe causes which
produce it are such as cold, irregular
living, overexertion, low spirits, mgui
air, exposure to miasmatic exhalations,
Ac. In large cities whero edge tools
and agricultural implements aro manu-
lattured, tho grlndor protects his lungs
from the injurious effects of tho dust
flvinir oft the grindstone by wearing a
respirator, Ttie coat miner ere he ue
aramda the s halt provides uimscit wiin a
safety lamp to guard against fire-damp.
Now It u equally necessary lor those
who are brought In contact with any ol
the causes leading to Intermittent fever,
to provide themselves with that well
known and highly esteemed remody
against It, the home stomach bitters.
Arlington House!
j. D. DEANE, Prop'r
, Late ol the it. Charles..
Paducah, Shawneetovrn. Evana-
Vllie, iiOUlSVlue, uinuuuiau
and all way landings.
The elegant aide-wheel steamer
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
rVall Paper, Window Olaaa, Win
dow Shades, fco, ,
alwaji od hand, tha ealebrated ulutalaatia
Ooraar Eleventh Street aad Weaning
ton Avenaa
nii'd rttti
Ordara for Goal by thi ftis-laad,
ton, or In bogakadAVfor ahlpatnt
promptly attxtdd to:-
To largo oonrrtuaart ,4ai ail '
masafaetaran. wsy art prfyaxa
to auppiy any qttanuty, svy sva
month or yaar, at uniXorm rataa.
. .1
tMm.n h.WkA.t toot Af Bllth llMll
Office of HaUldar Hreloan. ewraeUa SH. '
Charles Hotel. . ' . '
Kt7pnaa Muu, Tweatieia aaraaf,
Coal DaniB, toot of Taiityrtktk S
Poet Office drawer BflQ.-, t
homeopathic. tsnKayxos
Brfriwhere Mrve4 J t f J
Micdlalnc kMinr. .aiMweia
irekrJwaaa'ttaw!! I - Hj
apwitaf Uia Walf fjMi ffV,Kfc8f-A
JValtMI B. Pl!fmoTON.
JlliRLKS 1'KillllMOTON
t Will leave Ulro every wau?ib,oaai ai
u'cioca ii, m.
The fleet ileamer
Bin Howard .
Ed. Tuoma
Uavea Cairo everv SATUJiDAS.
w..u xMt ihIim flniR ennnecUODl at Cairo
With flrat-olaae ataamert for St. Lou'fj
ibiaano: Hew oneana, anu V V117
i-uKTi. tiMiita'MaU Steamera tonaU
ic E. A C. K. H. for all points North and Kaet,
poinu oi the Upper Ohio, glvin- throujh re
wlBU on freight end paaaengera to aU points
tributary.. . .
Wot urtBtT inrorraauou bvii
JAUKS BlildS, PaeeeBger Agent.
ax a. l
Or to u. a, uuABBa.il,
inperlnlendent anil General rreifM faj". ,
Greenfield Forry
The Steam Ferryboat
mawlarhr. leaving Green
Ja. landins at 7:1ft. 9 and 12 o'efock a.m.t
Will be
4 4:30 o'clock1 p.m.
durUig each
I am nsw oflerlng my entire
stock of
For the Hex Thirty Days
As I intend to ijuit (he twmwj,
Cor. 6th Street and Ohio Leyae.
Wholesale flpVer ;
Aa4 Dealer la
Commission Merchant
"Noa. " - - ware'- :
. 1 Vavera. CoaeaatlM. tafaauaaaaaa. .
A Wareea, W.ni revet. Warm V 9
S. Srrfa-aila.ar Tnihlag aSa,.
4. DlarrAaeet, ot caiMrai at A4'
T. Catnrha, CeMa, BraeMbtUa,
a Nearal!, TeatBaeae. fateatae, . .
a. Heaaaaee. mis aireaeaae, vaiiBaa
10. DyepenalaV , WBoa
11. Kosmreaaat, ar Palafal Partaaa, . . .
It vfBiiee, aee
is. ym
it. aaiei
is. IUmm
is. frver
n. riiae.
is. Oaettl
i i. aMnenia iwvt . --"; " 1 1
ts. Draper aoi aeea V aenraa. . .
M. Nra.alekaeaa, mb bvmmWmh .
lel"y-ia, VI"n, l
aaatlaam, BArawejW raa, . .
mm ArM,lBrei(aawA. m
wis nrrvamv W": f " "?TT " a-.
va 's?
as Mi
CkBWalA iaewal- 1 4 aj mftrnm,
j ...j 'n.i . fAaaal ..K,, AV . , ?r
Case. Horoeta. wttn akAW WMB atj eM
Mauaal tt aWattaiaw. y-M-a
Cmae ateaeeeiiwiM-m
(MmVlf WmW-Wt WkWmttWmi .eWamawaweawA
iwntrKZaea J
ii j (o wui.
MC-Atatteatlot t'vea ISoBalgswtaalsaal
fUnut ordara , -
To BMlelera.". '
Sealed propoealiwul be ilwdaitte
office of Lanceiter Blee aatU tfca Ktk
tutu at 7 o'clock a. m., 2!f??f.it
tag as per plans aad speeMeaHaam saass a
Lvl; .1 th. office at L. Jk P. The fertt
receiving the contract wU be wqnlred A
Tba underngned rsecrvea tbe rlf M tt,r
jeet any oi au Bias.
On SoBday she will laave the Unduiii at
iMd tjnolo.l.a.lB, aid .'j
B,vr'"f lh A :!! ' M -
no. Fat"-. m.i
1. x.Tvsiau 1
BulidlD Coav PsllaFtra
watTABV. ..! . mm
' AootloaemaUBealeBlla
Mw 8fOGsi4UKi FeCa
Stovet, Tba-T
. ,..'S est- T'J' W-TMft "
! I 0' Agin 'mill? Uai
J tlA tafu 1kat .Imm .
a a-hi.
Ti hint f iafaA.-
. aw f 1 -
Aw.-l.l .ier'tt u. "ii I If;

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