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SUNDAY, gutofar pS. 1877. ..,
' r-r-j-r-i-rr
auuiMrr u rwi .
Mr. C. McLun, Eihth trtt be
Cwtn WblatOD Mil Oommerel.
urcRtut, toJtelarA)ait to elegant
M wspktf AUxk of Mlilluerjr ud
lTuy Go4 oi every kind. Among
etber iUoli w'iny eottou that she
I MUUf floe Wack trw hat lo all the
lttt styles at iron 40 to 50 ceuti; die
ga&t pattern ( price lower than wi
ever offered to the" trade; flower and
ftotbar freer 10 tent to $1; ulk and
? elvtU ) all tbo new ahade at price to
tfyli. la tte botlery lor ladle and child
reo Hoe liar atock la not equaled by any
other aeUbUatuaent In tb dtjr, and the
ak Ike udM to call and examine them
before going eUewber. ; Utt. MoLeaa
willeUbef goedaof til kind aiebeap,
if sot cheaper, than the aame kind of
good eaa bo bought elaewhere In tbi
market. She solicit an examination o
im atock aad prieee, bolierlng that ibe 1
pfpe4topleaMan wkosn may faror
berirltkfteaflmkoth. Ladle dctirlng
(o taw tat prea4 eaa hare the wme
1ooo tot from W to Herat. 5-7tf
Mr. Chaile Scboenmeyer ha received
largo lot of the oaWbnoad t'obden cider.
aktol vein) wMec) If Iteyond aU qiieiUon
the sect and pureet cider ever old In this
eltp. raanlUetdalrla It can procure
ti Mf In qnanUtlee to ult, by the
flat, quart or gallon, OX. 1a larger quantl-
tita. Pertotudaelrlng elder by tue dat
Jmb tbelr order fllM by AoiUjIog
Aft. tnfinaamTTir at hi aloon at the
ooraar ofTeathatmt aad Washington
iuw. v ttommm J"1
roaarfrfaeooatfnJBMDt f the eelebrated
OaUforaU Kkellng wine. . wblr-h Is
tfaoJ to any Kblno win, Thu
win lo manufactured from the
caktawtc4 Oeraaa pope, and baa no
tuperlotUthoeotrotry. And furtf,h
keep lUttbeM' br. the belt made,
aad a full Iloo of choke liquor and !
gan. Can aid see Charlie. Ho I al
way (14 to a hi friend, anl will be
ju4 roady to aorta them. A fr IiwpJi
omd mrr marnint at ten o'rlotk. tf
U ft Atttar C, togv-
10 m X. Orlaano
4 9 Bfat;.f;.n.?-.r......M....4.
$1 00
1 00
. 1 00
.1 00
. 23
t Walt Sagar
. 4
Marob,pr pooad......
lad all otkof flood ntj cheap.
' A lea, jaei reeofjod, a choleo lot of Pure
Sptoja. Jalutro Rngllth Table Haw
("all ami ae uir " J4-t
"anaioetr aa "
Jir. ft. JLatoM dealre to announce to
ra attliena oi Cairo and ' the surround
' tag eooalry, (hat he hu returned trom
(eJiforolawaBdkf!!1 eaating bit lot In
i oiro. boa opeaod a new atoek of BOOTS
AMD gftOK.) a tbo aame old ittnd, No.
140 Waahiagtoa ayeau. between Eight
44 Nlsth trta. where, whU thanking
t,u old frioad lor their paat patronage,
to datlaw to ahaka band with them, and
'fptyOeja a4any new euatomer
.with anythlag they tveed In kU line. Hla
4toi)k la, eomlng right la every day, and
! the bee t the market aflordi. All are
i!tit9call. I -I '' W
So IIS Cosamerclal' fevenoe, Winter'
il-rtk. yn no attentloa of tha ladle to
hat largo tloekef mil and winter mlUln
cry, d the latest designs, whleh sbo U
doilp fwmivint from Xew York and
ffeUadolphla. on .
KwaaV, ocioan aa,
aba wlU bold her
MebBtfiof M week, and wlshe all the
udi to oaQ and oxamlao her goods.
A act (took U targe aad complete Yia-
itor can tort asaured of finding ner
4ok to suit tfao moat buUdloui and she
will take (postal ordor for anything that
may not bA lartock. Ocl4-im
. CAnMUi.Oct.24,1877.
fitrlBt been detained on account o
x twir ot bnatne, I eoald not visit
Cairo ant aoonar. However, 1 will say
49 thoao wko lnfiand getting any winter
fow daft, al tbo fe,Charlo Hotel, where
mj astaple oa be seen for uita, over
eattelMOhbt. Consult your own
UitereaU and aall on no. No city ordl-
habco win kP n ttim "tUn ln
prloeat) break np monopolies. I'll tell
my $33 suit or 26; Upthrslupropor-
i . ' Mrw T UnTt
WW ... . " I
232s lli 1st Street, ETanarUle.lnd
4. Braiton baa returned to hi old
itafld to tbo Bobwr jiuDdlng, wkere bo I
hatlat natpand Ihbbovtr to aocommc-
jfff bla patrona and tbo public who
faaffjimklawltkaoall, Uabugone
to eoaldtabb pno In fUtlng up a
oowMofspJofaabtd room, which
an ban brortded Kh all tkt lateit 1m-
pleyowlj-WMut workmen aad Uiom
who paiTonla kin wljl tT tbelr wanU
.itmAtA to Ua otai aid will receive
ariawiV.:vV., C
, fjoellwotp Vov flato
omm tacr aal tlteber, one Heading
ue:W &. AM no Olgsaw
. " will take lumber In
aaysaast. For tm apply to
zLim.-. JwUi.t,UUln,Iil
JboBAIlt cotton la town." Inquire of
iuc pullue courts wero dull 4hujI
yclordy, - - .
tore! Joltu rJitroat aud daugbtit, ot
IMiuubu, are at the St. Charlei
ltev. Mr. French, Mrs. Dewey Vtu.
erable Father 1 la the city on a vleit.
UsMri. 8pragu and (Jlitlasle, niana
gen of the Georgia Minstrels aro at tbo I
St. Charles.
The St, Charles Is
crowded with
guetta, and F.gnew and
bis clerks are
busy as bee.
Dr. Itenlro ol tiauta Fe precinct, to a
candidate tor the office of county superin
tendent of school.
-it took 21 flat cars, 11 atock curs, 1
passenger coach and 2 engines to convey
tbe clrcu trumpery, actors, horses, etc.,
to Frecport, Ills.
Died, on Saturday, October 27th, 1877,
Mr. Hargaret Caton, In the 47th year of
her age. The funeral will take place to
day at 3 o'clock p. m.
Willi the revival of religion that is
troing ou In the city, spiritual phenomena
la receiving It due share ot attention al
many private residence.
, Mrs. John B. Wallace arrived home
yesterday after a protraoted absent to the
East, bringing with her one ol the hand
aomcst babes In the country.
Tames Reuse of Kvansville-, and Kd
Corlis of Metropolis, are spending Sun
day at the St. Charles. They will attend
divine worship morning and evening.
Do not trllie with a cough, cold, or
affection of the throat, lungs, or bron
ohlal tubes. I"r. Bull's Cough Syrup is
a positive euiw and prevents consume
Dr. Dan ttUter, who It was thought
could not wover trom the Injury to
celved the rushing t his lg by ws oi
the Illinois Central.! able tit he out
iieo. Fisher, jr., who has lxen visit
lng lis parents In Michigan during the
lut month, returned home Saturday
afternoon. While home fat wirnesvd
tile marriage ol his sister,
--Oar friend Aekeruun of the I'ulaskl
Patriot, was in the city yesterday and
called on tbeBmcm. Urn. Ackt-rnmu
publishes one ot the best weekly papers
In Southern Illinois, as well as tiring one
oi the best follows living.
-Baker' Cod I.iver Oil, Uuie, and
Wild ("berry qukkly relieves Throat and
I.ung diseases, and imparts rigor and
new life to debilitated conatltutions.
Pleasant In taste. J. t'. Bakkr & Co.,
(Oct 18, 5-w.J Philadelphia, Fa.
We regret to learn that Mrs. Margaiet
Caton, who, It will be remembered, was
crushed and mangled by the cars some
days ago, died yesterday morning. She
was about 47 years old, and leaves a fami
ly of tour children.
Babies ought to be well taken care ol,
their system does not allow the slightest
neglect. It your baby suffers Irom eollc
or bowel disorders, procure a bottle ot
Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup, a simple but al
ways reliable remedy. Only 23 cents
The ladk'B oi St. Patrick's Catholic
church are making extensive prepara
tions for a festival to be given by them
on Monday and Tuesday nights, Novem
ber th and 8th in Mr. John Sbeehan's
building at the corner ol Ninth street and
Commercial avenue. Full particulars
will appear herealter.
Yesterday morning, between nine
and ten o'clock, a drunken man lull of
the high sidewalk on Walnut above Four
teenth teet, andlntbefalainjured one
oi hla wrists merely. In a few minutes
alter sustaining tbe Injury his wrist and
arm became terribly swollen and gave
him great pain. The last seen of blm he
wu in search of a doctor.
A week or ten days ago we gave tha
particular of the shooting and probably
fatal wounding of a man at Charleston,
Missouri, by H. Clay Macgruder, an of
ficer of that town. A dispatch received
at a late hour on Friday night by Mayor
Winter, father-in-law ol Macgruder, an
nounces the death of the man who was
shot We have no turtber particulars.
-Tbe Rev. Mr. Morrison will deliver
sermon In the Presbyterian church at
11 o'clock. Sabbath-school a usual at 3
o'clock p. m. In the Methodist and Pres
byterlan churches. At night there will
bo no service La either the Methodist or
Presbyterian churehea, aa the two con
gregations are to unite In the services at
the flail.
Night before last while Mr. Anthony
Smith wu gathering the hay which was
left on the ground by the circus compan y,
he noticed a man sneaking towards his
hay pile. . Mr. Smith let blm. come on
and when about to take hla arms full o(
hay took alter him with his pitch fork
But horror! What was he doing? He had
been chasing the Rev. Jacob Bradley with
A beast in human disguise, Just as
Uie circus was leaving over the Illinois
Central, was seen to jump from the cars.
take In hla hand and strike another man
muck smaller than himself with a hall
link. The stroke felled the amaller man,
whereupon the beast pouncod . upon
himbeat and unmercifully kicked him
In the head till another attachee ol the
circus came to the rescue. Sesrch was
made foj a police constahle, but none
could be found.
Mr. S. Williamson la marking down
her goods, and I now selling straw hats
at price lower than ever. She Is now
ottering hat which heretofore
told at 79 cents to one dollar, for
M, 40 and W cent, and all
other good In proportion. Her stock ot
flower la very large and range from 10
cents to 13 In price. The price lor preiw
tajfand ramodllng itraw bats has been
reduced from 85 and CO oenta to 90 aud 80
cent. Mr. W. Invite all Inspection of
hwitoadiand price. tf
w Dr. Jotelyn, at hi denial rooms eu
Eighth street between Washington aud
Commercial aveuues, Is prepared to per
ioral all work In his line on the; shortest
possible notice aud lit tlie highest style
known to thu profession. Dr. Joculyu
has by his nevvr-Ill!u;r success lu
glvlug satisfaction lu his work became
Very popular with tho public, and we are
glad to know U reaping hla reward in
the way ot a Urjje aud lucrative practice.
-The second ol the series ot eutertain-
incuts to be given by tbe ladies of the
Kpiscopal church will take place next
Thursday evening at the residence of Mr.
Win. It. Oilbert, as we are advised, on
which occasion the ladies having the
matter in charge promise tbe public, us
we also learn, not only their urual colla
tion oi edibles and "au entire change ol
programme," but a new feature not
heretofore Introduced, ol all of which,
we presume, due notice will bo given
hereafter through the columns ot the
It Is hardly necessary to tell our read
ers that Farnbakcr, the clothier, has an
"ad" in this issuo, lor "Hoi," the priuco
ot advertisers, knows how to display his
"literature" to perfection. We have
looked through their stock enough to
satisfy ourselves that a real fine stock of
goods Is kept by them. When we see a
young gentleman with a nlcely-roade,
well-lilting garment on, wo know It is
from Farnbakcr. Ills prices, too, are
low. But why shouldn't this all be bo:
Capital and enterprise coupled with
youth, eiperlenee aud energy always
succeed as Is In the cae ol Farnbakcr,
the clothhT.
Having taken charge of the grocery
establishment at tho corner ot Four
teenth street and Washington avenue,
and put in one of the largest and best
eisortod stoeksof lamlly groceries ever
eihihited In Cairo, Messrs, Pettis A
1. 1 v reaiy ror nusiness, ami in
vite u.c uiu uiion or tne piruic to inetr
house. 'JVy have given special atten
tion to the selection ol
thrir good", and navlnc purrhawrt
lor cadi are prepared to r.onipete
with any other house in the
qlty on ug.ir, eoflw, syrups,
teas, hams, baeon, canned goods, and In
fact everything in the grocery and
provision Hue. They will, always Ui
on hand choice tresh butter, ejrgs, and
all kinds of country pmdiif. They will
Icliver goods in any part of (lie ity
free of charge and ou dhort notice.
Mcsrs. Pettis A Bird sol nit a share o
the patronage ol our citizens, lielievinir
that they ran give them better bargain
than ?an he obtained elsewhere. lm
1 It courcrl anil Orlrln.
The concert and oratorio given by the
ourijr ladies Thursday night, o far as
the performance was concerned wa a sue.
eess in the fullest sense of the word. All
acted their parts well, better in fact than
Ihe night previous. Among those who
Iruw lorth repeated rounds ol applause
we mention Misses Schuh, Pyatt.llear
den, Wilson, Minnie and Kate llely,
O't.aiighlin, lionergan, Jackel,
Fry, Hawkins, Uaffney, Morse, Foley,
Lo.iergan, Fitgemld, Christman, Tay
lor, Magee and Ulinsteal, in their several
solos and duetU, l oth vocal and instru
Those who deserve especial praise are
Miss Ilallie lteardun In brilliant varieties;
MlssMary Fitzgerald In her vocal solos
and ducts;) Miss Nannie Olmstcad.Maiiilc
Taylor and Miss Hattlo Morse, in their
various Instrumental performances.
The drama entitled "The yuecn's Mati
nee" was well rendered. Alias .Mary
Sweeney as Queen of the Celestial Em
pire, acted her part exceed
ingly well. Miss Kalo llely
Tong Ka; Miss Uelcna Pyatt repre
senting England,- Miss Kite J'urcell,
Scotland; Miss B. Foley, Ireland; Miss
Augusta Schuh, Switzerland; Miss Lou
Christman, Italy; Miss Emma Clottu,
France; Miss Nannie Olmstead, Spain;
Miss Mary Towers, the United States,
and Miss Mary Rendleman as Lady Ush
er, all acted well, Indeed. Miss Mary
Towers, who represented the United
States, was loudly applauded.
The solo and cborous which coucludcd
the entertainment was well received by
the audience, and all went home satisfied.
In their efforts to give an entertain
ment ot real merit, the young ladles ccr
talnly succeeded. '
hot at His Wire. 1
A colored couple living near the corner
of Washington avenuo and Fourteenth
street, had a lively row yesterday morn
ing which came near terminating fatally
to the wife. The names of the couplo we
do net know. '1 h3 didlculty nil grew out
of tho fact that the husband took another
"she nigger' to the circus on Friday
night. Tho wile told her husband just
what she thought of hlm.and sho was not
at all choice In the selection of her lau
guage in doing so. Mr. Husband
Got anarv and left the house.
He was followed by his wife who
kept up a constant fire of provoking aud
illnaturcd abuse until they came to tho
corner of Thirteenth and Poplar streets,
when the hiisbnud pulled at his pistol
and shot At his wife, the ball coming tin
comfortably close to nor head. He then
made tracks for down town; and the wife
doubtless concluding that he was a good
nigger to let uloue, retired to her "Httlo
earthly tabernacle" and took out her
nnlte on the children, the dog, and "olh
er liku articles" which she chanced to
find laying loose about the house.
I'.urApeitii lltl
RedumluM lu
Mrs. Harry Walker, proprietress of
the European Hotel, being well aware
ol the stringency of money, has reduced
rates to all who may wish regular board
to sixteen dollars per month or lour dol
lor per week, for day board. In tor
ncctlon with the European llotel Is n
first class restaurant where oysters
gsrueand all other delicacies will be serv
rd at all hours during day or night, (tf)
rAlA-'! "" ... wwifls.,. oil-. I""
UUlUllUillWSWMM UV WOWS, balvaj-o,
STATION. 'tow WATI. ttjie or t
n, Dt. T. IH.
1'Htiburft '. a " m
Kvantvilla I 1 0
radudj)... I 'i o
Cairo X S
til. I'aul t i o o
Dtveoport S U o
Keokuk T 11 II 4
81. Louis : 13 3 I X 4
JA"BT5M. WATsfly,
Pcrgcjm 8i;nal Strvitt, U. s, ,
Thu log yesterday morniug was the
heaviest ot tbe season. It begau to rise
about t o'clock night before lat, but did
not get dowu to business rightly until to
wards morning when It became so thick
that objects could be discovered but a few
feet, and It did not entirely lift until near
noon. Navigation wss entirely suspend
ed. New Orleans 5Ti, 23 : A genial,
generous, wbolesouled man Ryland,
who runs the wet side of the St. Louis
IUpublicatts In the city, and honored
us with a call yesterday. We were glad
to observe that our confrere looks as
fresh and happy as his river reports In
the Republican are always vigorous and
How In the world did it happen that the
boy got that far away from homer He has
been a river editor for about thirty years,
and In that time we doubt if he ever was
absent from his post ol duty half a dozen
times. Thirty years is a long time to
watch the rise and fail of a river, and
there are only a few writers w ho have
done so. Ryland has been faithful from
first to last and liecomes only more relia
ble as his cxcrleuee Increases. No won
der us younger lry of river reporters re
move our hats in his presence.
Cnptam Thorwegan Is snid to havu de
termlned to call his new iron-boat, the
"Charles P. Choteau." She will have
rooms for 20 people, and run between
Memphis and New Orleans.
.Ino. Ktiearer and r rank liiuklrk are
to tie the Charles Morgan's clerks 'he
coining season.
'I'll. river at this port roo 7 iiirhi-g
There Is a fair stiige in l In- lnuvr i iliio
and big water to .sr. f.onis.
The ('onimonweulth made addition
here, ard is well hidden for 'he south.
The little towhoat He Vol with one
tmrije In tow passed lo l'aduc:ih yester
day afternoon.
The Hillman hronht. mil n good trip
TheC, W. Anderson lor r.vansville,
Katie P. Kountz for Little Rock, II. c.
Vaegcr for New Orleans, City of Vieks-
burg for Vlcksburg, are due to-dsy.
Whartmaster Duke Ensminger lias
Ian ted 7 large posts on the levee be
tween fith street and the stone depot lor
boats to make fast to. These added to
thote Mr. Wilson had set last rear will
be quite enough to meet the wants ol
steamers and are very convenient.
Circuit Court.
fn t lie circuit court yesterday the ease
of Thomas Quilan for shooting f 'buries
,lgglns, a colored man, on' Poplar street
n August last, was still on trial. Con
siderable difficulty was experienced in
getting a Jury, and it was eleven o'clock
be lore the twelfth man took his seat lu
the iurv box. non. P. T. Llnegar is
counsel for the prisoner, and County At
torncy Mulkey conducts the prosecution
In the afternoon a portion of a evidence
was heard, and at five o'clock court ad'
journed over until t o'clock to-morrow
1'nrd or Tliauk.
The .Sinters ol Loretto, and the young
UJlcs connected with the recent concert
and oratorio, return their most sincere
and grateful thank! to Messrs, To wets,
Foley, Schuckcrs, Holy, O'l.oujhhn and
others lor kind services rendered.
Thankn, also, to the gentlemen ot the
Delta Band.
Intrriiilttent fever
Is so common in the country as scarcely
to need comment. The eauscs which
produce it aro such as cold, irregular
living, over exertion, low spirits, night
air, exposure to miasmatic exhalations,
&e. In larire cities where edge tools
and agricultural implements urc manu
factured, the grinder protects his lungs
trom the injurious cSocU of the dust
Hying ofl the griadstono by wearing a
respirator. The coal miner ere he dct
scends the shaft provides himself with a
safety lamp to guard against fire-damp.
Now It is equally necessary lor those
who arc brought in contact with any oi
the causes leading to Intermittent fever,
to provide themselves with that well
known and highly esteemed remedy
against It, the homo stomach bitters.
Yon Can Snve
Money by getting your building materia
of Lancaster & Rice, They are selling lum
ber at mill prices; a large amount of white
phic And cypress shingles ot the best bran
constantly on hand. Wo sell pine shin
gles at $1.75 per thousand; sawed cedar
posts at at 20 cents each; white pine floor
lng at $22.50 per thousand; pine siding
at $13.00 per thousand. Try your link
with this Ann. tf.
There I llnnaer Alicnil.
When those usually active little organs,
the kidneys aro neglectful of their duties
and grow sluggish, fatty degeneration,
Urtght's dhensc. diabetes, and other dan
gerous maJiadics, are the result of neglect
to remedy this inactivity tiy medicinal
means. When tho nil important func
tions of tho kidneys are imperfectly ills
charged, thoso organs need stimulating,
and ttio best posrihlo agent for that pur
posc-slnce It performs Its ofllce without
exciting them Is llostctter'a fitomach
Hitters, 'which, In combination with Its
tonic ami cathartic properties, possesses
valuable qualities as a diuretic Until
klJiicys aud bladdor are strengthened by
It.'nnd the vigor which It imparts to them,
and the gentlo but cflectnal impulse
which It elves to their operations, ,1s tho
best possible guaranty against their be
coming diseased. The bitters are Invalua
ble in other respect as well a the above,
since they remedy general debility, utcr
In troubles, chills and fever, dyspepsia
constipation, aout, rheumatism, and
other allmeuM.
The daily bulletin.
rpua IJULLKTLN Uiuhlislieilsvoiyuiorolog
(ucf pt Uoa.Uy) la lb OuIIvUb BuUduig, cor
nr Wubiagtoa aveuue and TwcUlb slreeU
Tut Bclutui Is scrvtd lo oily sabscrlbwrs by
lallhful curlers at Twenty-riv Cent a Wenk,
I'tytble weekly. Br MU, (ia advanos), 010 pi
bbuiui sil months, S6; tbree laontbs, 3) one
month, SI ii.
fulilith4 every Tfcurtlay morning at SI
pes aniuin. Invariably laulvanoe. IkepjsUK
a the Weekly wtU be pieptld at this oflloe, to
a subscriber wil obtain (or a subisilptloB
riceof I i year.
Buslout Cards, irianuu, .t36
One squire, one iMirtlon t SO
One equare, two lnterlloui,...M 1 BO
One nquare, one wmi , a 80
Uu square, two Wtwki S AO
One suuare, Urn weeks,. 4 00
One S'liire, on Uiuatb OU
W llllli
On squitre, one Inaextlun...... ....SI 00
Knell aulx.uril limertijo, OU
yp-Oii Inch Is a fiiare
I-To regular aJwrtlaers weoffer superior i
ilumuuiiU, Lotli as to rate ot charges and man
ner of illelayloK their (avors.
Oommiinfuatlons upon auUlrtota or
eral interoet to the pnbllo aolloIU-d.
1"AII HuaintMi Letters sboulil l wMresaed to
'lro Bulletin Compnay
A. B. B.fxrORD, Prenldent.
.. 1 AVLUK. VleerrwIUent.
W . UTSI.OF, Sbc't anil Trhumtrur.
I'.W. Barclay, tins. OiLii.Mtit,
K. M. BtocarLaTn, I'aulU. Hcueu,
It. 11. CrHNlNUIIAM, II. L. 1Ului".v,
J. M. Pniu-ii-.
INTKHKST i-aid or 'lapnsiie at tbe rate of all
percent. iranuum, March let and Septra
xr Ut. InU-reMt not withdrawn ii ailded imaie
liaUily to the principal of the depooiU, thereby
rtvin ii"i ".ivi-id luttntit.
...i, si wOmonand Children may
Deposit Money and no one
else can draw it.
Open every buaineeeday from 9a.m. to S p.m.
I J Maturilay evening lor eavinxa denoella ouly
roiu ti to b u'cliHik.
W. HTSLOP. Treaeurer.
City National Bank
CAPITAL $100,000.
W. P. TIALUDAT, Proai&at.
A. II. H AFF0HD, Caehieg,
WA1 TITIl HY8LOP, Aea't Cub lor.
, STA1TH TATLOI, K. H. ttmilNHA,
L. Halliday, W. I'. llAIXUAV,
, D. Wiluamoh, Brai'HiN liiaz,
A. Ii, fiArroitD.
Exchange, Coin and United States
Bonds Bought and Sold.
EPOSITS irctived and a g'ral banking
Imslseas done.
Bom, Prwtflent.
Kefl. V ice I'rue'U
H Write. Oaahlrr.
T. .1. Kerth. Aeet. rah'r
earner Oommerolal Ave. and Bill Street
oairo. HjXj.
v a. A.u i ' .i..
Win Klug", Cairo.
.' i:. Wm. Wnlr. r alro.
A'. Biiianki ratio. K. 1. Blltlngely, Bt I.mtH.
Wbi Woire, (
K nudtr, Cairo. II. W1H, airp.
.1, Y.OmeOD, ( ali-dotiia.
A eicnofnl Hnnklns; Biwln" 10,,
s.M..nuant,i and houuht. Interest paid
-tr.. ....!.. tiAiiartnwnt.
C'olleotione mado,
nit ail bueineee promptly attondtd to.
can Be Beautiful
ly Dyed or Re
nairedata Trif
Ladies' and Gents
ling Eipense-
C. O. D.
Old flats Mado New.
So. SO, ElRhtli Ntrfel.
i ssssssassi
mmGomov 18th Street & OomVl A
And Toilet Atiolcd( fiSi.SH
To Which I Call the Attention of tho Publte. - : -. .i.
fce! will make the accurate eoninoundlnir of nhvsldana nraaertnitXna' w-
lu Youlbs,' Bo
without tear of I
Boy,' and Children's Clothing arc kept in Ciito only ly as. We Wfc Wile eeeeiifaia
of being galn.ared. Itoye' garnitataeuet in reality within a laatll iracUua ( ataVa
jtrenu invariably disbelieve thu faet. and to uciimlly decelvo Uma aei
but becauMe ntrcn
aeep. u ii usually uune uy oiounert who do not
ere, and hMr nnen ilrlvei then away : HatlneU
a guoa article wnn:n can ue sola ai very low figures
bare dealt w'lh as
Th? .p."!f u"T of "f l0',Uf whe" ihfy flrea good artltle at a low price. C.Oai stftoklf ail fjak
andetylieh-geniiloegowle, no ewonde-bouihtat low price, tobeeold steord.agiy. Oar sb
V'fOi . . , ,, . .tm
FtaminerxiilcalW what ie shows yon, and hetrateaUny prlte, of J-aney Trlssmed llwtaeak.
and alxive all ire thai you are getting . J""
Dorner 6th Street and
hi in
Is Preferred to all Others J :J:
Int. They are made of the best "WAJPVTTa." ItUSUN. ' "
"Jliil. Itrtumiltt urn thr lilu unit ninitA tt tl.A luBt llnun ...h nt tln. bhb.ak.uA jl k.' &II
- , " i , y j ".-e iwiwi, w wm.
;ird, Thevarrmadeonlvbt expahle and experienced hindn, and are carefully iaipected sb4
are uuaur)i8fd by any other in workmanahtp.
4,h. 'I bey an nuarautevd to tit and give aatlaiactioninevery particular.
Try Them ana be Convinced
FOR SALE ONLY BY "'r 5 P0'.' " 'l.
Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Shoes, Carpets? Etc.
I nm now oflcring my entire
stock of
t or the et Thirty Itny
An I intfitil to ijuit the bumnen,
Cor. Oth Street and Ohio Leyee.
V. Xleisser & Son,
Auctioneera and Dealer in
New & Second-Hand Furniture,
Stoves, Tinware,
Hardware, Queensware,
Etc., Etc., Eto.
Corner 8th and Commerc'l Ave.
Wholesale Grocer
Anil Dealtr In "
Commission Merchant
recALattonllai gtv.w toonilgamuti i 1
fllllnn otdeti
"Artist Tailor,"
80 OHIO LEVEE, Cairo, Ills.
Arlington House
J. D. DEANE, Prop'r
Lata of tho St. OUarlea.
RATE1: 13.00 PEHDA.T
CHEMICALS, " ':1Wk$t6xi&l
- ' 6. X- O'DLAAA:
. 14.
aee the truth that good garments bold COM
aad Sbdii
baaiv n
mad. al one half l ae af
We take pride la
sijtaf ihalUMMWa
the Clothier,
v a .'Hi ,T
' t , .e"?r
ftesie) Osamlt))
' WtthetiiTstie
. . .. . ..... i j.:
4 Uilj ImsSBi
St Louio, Ho.
IAS. ilCK, A. . 'irrilMlfdt
J,H. HTOWOOD,: . ,v ....
11 TOST Oomp
neioach aawl
eoune 01
IT la the ITaM
eourae lndlapeaal
to m
every yoas
lit. . - r- v.. ..vcJt
Tor UlutntsA
THOS. A. BICS, A. If".
Prints, r '"Vi
boots &mn&
Coffoet Sugar & C7rt;
Speoialty la
k. 4f
Goods Delivered frcy
B. F. SloIZD
Paints, OilJ, VtrnliiC3,
7aU FPr tnadtrfi CUx
dow ShAdM, eko
. ... J . . . , .-..
. ' ' . 'I !t'a e u;mM.
llenva na kaa. - '- -.- -iAa-
. 'I .!., ii. -.., Htm
Ut 'ij ili i'A , "
Irca mm

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