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HrfnlNKrnrraliiofnrtwrntr year.
iKvfriwbrre proved the most ssAKK.
. mwpi.k, croSfeMirtLsa i:rriwi: r
4 Mettlrlureknawn. Tfaryiire Jimt whar.
I lb ! waat.savlng itrae, money.
nlrkaeaa and ntrrrlna. Every single)
4 asset-trie the well (rtr prmcrlplloa. at
aa eminent ahyelclan.
no. Cnre. Cent'1
t. Ferer,fo(rftioo, lu(!mrallor, ,
inc. .
W ".'.-"". ""P el.
. i tirrainruii, yonming, . . .
M T, fiiusrha. Coin's, Hronchiils
j . "Heuralerla, Tooiharhe Kareerke, .
t a, Headaches, Sick Headache, Vcriign,
1 1ft. nyprpla, Bilious rssomach. . . .
II. siitiirrt1, or I'sinfiil Periods, . .
2 11 bile, too I'riifs-t) Peilniis. , . ,
L it Crimp. Conirli, Pifliruli llrraiiilnr, .
.7 1. sall athetim, KrvKlptlat. Krnptlone.
W. is. UtactiuiatNni, Klienmsfir I'sius, .
U K lw anil Asme. till lever, Agnes,
17. Pile, blind or bkdinjr
,1 l. Ophlhaliliy. and Nue or Wink Kvee,
L W. I'nfarrh, acute or rhnmir, liirln.'iiss,
j u. WbanplnffCaiirh, virlrntcoagtit,
. ss
. Si
. 11
. it-
. M
. SO
. K
, !!)
, St
, Mi
1 tv
SI m Rinniii) "FP" " mir.ii.i
. f'.ar llvhars;e. impi.i.vd hearing.
. ssffrotalsu eiilarced Kir,us. S-'iliinL'r,
at. eVcneral Debility. I'lu-io! Weakness,
r liH,sy and scanty fM'cTeiii'.ir. . . .
Ml Sr-s.lri.iir. slck.,.-. tr. m rtillue,
! re"?. Ktdnev.Dir'a4. Grnvrl
V. nn, worm raver. nrm tone, .
1 f rln-4"4.Ir-. or Teething of 1
. ninrrao-t, or i nitdrcn or Anuiis, ,
. Ui antrv (:ti,inil 1HI1,...-.'.nil..
I . fcrrvem Debility. Villi: Weakness,
Z W. ssiirc MOUf n, t anker
i Ml rlnarv tYtabue.-'ttiif! the trad,
31. Painful Perlit, orwiih Spasms, . .
J M lllsenweof Hear!, palpitation-, ric. . 1
I . I'liUere-ey, Spasms, bi. vitim' Ijance, . 1 ('
I 31. nlb'.prla. olrwmrl offthr.mt. . . in
R 85. hron!c'onKriitMii-idi:iiiptioL, U-
C'a. Morowo. with above .IS Inrff viitlr- and
Manual of uitwlions, . ... I8.00
fa ae MorfKJCO, of 80 large t kil nn ilwifc, . 00
Thcsn rrinrdle arc lir iho rae
ln?lf lo or .!. n h v. Vrl t Hie
count ry, free at rltnr,r, u reccltot
KrU-t. thlrp'
I ii m ph iv ' Uffinr nw V, t- -rl I r 1 nr-to.
OllicrandDvlMt. W J'f.-i.- '. Nv Vo.W.
Vor hale by u'. ;i.srlt"i.
tTHumplireys' Spwifi.i H..imnl on thf
are and UMtment of dii-aso and its cur;
enl fREE on application.
Permanently cured bo humbug by one
raanth'i ueae of Dr. Goulard's Celebrat
ed Fit Powder. To conTince nutTurerH
that thew powders will do all we. slairo for
them, e will tend tbem It; mail, pout
paid, a free trial box. Ai Dr. Goulard ts
the only physician that his ever made this
dtaeaM a apeeial rtudr, and as to our
knowledge thousands bare been perma
nently cured by Uie use of these powd jr,
- we will gaarantce a pcrmatitsnt euro v
very caae, or relund you all money ex
pended. All sufferers should jjlve these
Powders an early trial, and be convinced
of their curative powers.
Price, for large box, fc'l, or K boxes loi
110, sent by mail to any part ol United
States or Canada on receipt of price, or ly
express, C. O, D. Address,
Zi'A Fulton Mreot. Brooklyn, JJ, Y.
To Consumptives.
Comumptlon, that aeourire of hnmanltr, la
thcKreat dread ot the human funiily, in all uril
wl countries.
I feci confident that I am In poaoeaaion of the
only sun, infHllihle remedy now known to
' tin profeaaion tor tke apmly. poaitive cure ol
list dread dise-uw, and its unwelcome conrom
itutn. viai Catarrh, Aathma, llronchitis, Ner
toua Delllitv, etc., etc. 1 am old fciry. I be
licre in medicine. Twcnty-irht ymra J-le-rienea
as a buay practitioner in the beat con
sumption hoepitala in the old and new world,
tua laufrht me Uie rolue of proper mwlica tin
both local and conatitutionul in the cup of this
treat enemy of our race. 1 bare found lk but
I am digrewalnR. 1 started ut to eay to those
aufiering with consumption or any of the above
Diautdies, that byaddruaaing me, Klvins; sympa
loint, tbry shall be put in iioaaeaaioa jothis
rcat boon, without charge, and shall have the
iDftl ot my experience in thousands of cane
eucoeiefully treated, aull particulars, direc
liona for preparation and ue, and advice and
iaatructions for succesaful treatment at yoNr
own home, will be received by you by return
until , bee ot charge, by addressing;
Idt. J01I.N S. Hl'UNETT,
w'tllv 187 Jefferson street Louisvill
All suflerers trora this disease
aoxious to be cured should try Dr. Kiss
ner's Celebrated Consumptive Powders.
These powders are The only preparation
known that will cure Consumption and all
diseases of the throat and luogs indeed,
so strong is our faith in them, nnd also to
convinc you that they are no humbug, we
will forward to every sutlerer, by mail
postpaid, a free trial bos.
We don't want vour mor.ny until you are
perfectly oatM-edol their curative pewent.
If you life is worth savine, uon't delay in
giving these cowdersa trial, as they wil
surely cure you.
Price, for large box, sent to sny part
f the United States or Canada by mail on
receipt of price. Address,
JOO Fulton street. Hrmoklyn, . Y,
saflissa 1 Any Person who will mnl
f tVCvEa a and fin wiird me a hat ol Hie
namea of reliable persons ol their acquaintance
wlto wish to procure an Instrument, Miner I'l
auo or Orfran,-1 will use my beat endeavors to
sell tbem one, snd for every piano I succeed in
sellinf to their list wiUiin on year, I will credit
them with and lor every ortran t j, to lie ap
plied on payment of either a piano or organ ;
and when it amouLU to a aum sufficient to pay
for any instrument . selected at 'be I.OVVI.nT
WHOLKsALK 1'ltKE, 1 will imnikdlately hii
the Inatiument, free, or alter any amount la
credited tlie Iwlanee may I pnid me In cash and
1 will then skip them the matrument, They
need out lie known-in Hie matter, aud will be
dolus; their friends a real service, as I shall
make hHKClAL OKKhlOto tliem, Mdline a
SLHKRIOH INSTia'MfcNi for from U.VK
HALK to rWO-lHIKl" wh.it Is ordinarily
asked by airenta. I'lease send me a liat at on e,
aad after you have made inquiry, u can add
to It. Address,
DA MEL y.DEATTlYMlu,t9U,n, S.J.
In pursuance of a judgment of McCratken Ccm
mon rieas Court, rendered at iu tptembcr 'I crm
Ib77, In the anion ol ,1. II Terrell's Adminmra
tor. pontiff rmml.(. U. Terreli'sheirs, etc. , de
fendasu, I will ou
(fteinj Coiintv Court day), at tie Couii I louse
rioorln Bluidville, Ky., Mil to the h1Kneu b d'1-r,
on a credit of 0, ii, H and Jl inonthi, the followuig
described propery, via i
Front luta os. 3, 4, and K, frontins on the M -sistippi
rivr ; lt No' cunUininK H aares; Lot
$ia. 4. containinc 'JO acres, and Cot No. a, contain
ing 14 acres lying in tlic town of Killmoie, at the
tarmiouau af the N. O. 8. I., L. aud Chicago
Railroad, opposila CairA, lllinoi.. Also batjt Lot
So. 2, wnicli Is sukdividtd imu two M, the one
containing 21 acres, the other containing Iim-'
axres, the whole lying In the l'etei .Slicppaid sur
vey ia llallard County. Kentucky, which waa di
vided Into the lots aforesaid by W. II . ltreves,
Oommlssioncr of this court, and for a more partic
ular descriptioa of the lota aforesaid reference is
. here Blade to te P'atuf Uiritioaonfik in this case.
Also the following trai ts of land, vii Lying in
Ballard County, near 1'idgeen'a Old Mill, being
the laud Hold by J. H, Terrell to William l'idgcuu
and bought baek by I. 11. Terrell under a judg
ment for the purchase money . Lying on the waters
' ml Shawnee Creek, beginning at a slake a large red
oak, two hickories and sweet gum pointers north
cast corner, the net north SI 0 west It? poles to a
s hue oak with sweet gam , white oak aad ash point
nrs, corner with Thomas Harlow, thence north lok
M-ilet to a stake with hickory, small black gum sap
Im standing as pointer on east bank of a branch
merwIU J . Id. Terrell's land, thence south 7 9
' rastltH's aoles to a atajte. with two white oaks a
jitrs, corner J ' H. Terrel's land, these UV
Miles to the beginning, cantaioing luS acres, being a
Mrtafth Urul coanyed by Camus M. Clay to J,
U, Tarrallt aad a part of th survey psiented to
Cel. Jalaa Haaslea, the same baa been i ividsd Into
. two lots, Dioa. I and 2, by the Commissioner afore
sold, wkfc report of divisioa is on file aad here
, .effused IQj The purchaatr will be required to gire
tnaat with good security, bearing interest Irom
' Slay aale, hatlag force of replevin bond on which
ueatlua msiy kwua when diss.
W day M Dsceaaber, 1T.
ti, . Klltvas, V,H.Kr.vu,
Arsonreyi. Commission
iiiis rvU'i k i on riLK mm
H hrsra Advertlaliif CoatracU caa be mawaVi,
I. el Vtiiir .l)(lilior Alnnc
So people are nuh tliorouga nuisance
tut those who are perpetually meddling wills
tbc business of their nelfedjbors-who are
always ou the itlcrt lor anything suspicious
always ready to believe the worst ol
everybody. What is it to you If your
neighbor doe bring home a brown paper
nackatre and a covered basket? You will
live just as Ion;,' II you never know what
they contaio. It is none ol your business
And il your flighty neighbor, .Mrs. Light
foot, Indulges hcri-clf in a new bonnet,
while ber devoted husband wear' patched
boots, you need nit fret about It he is the
only sufferer, not you. No uncd ol making
a hue anl cry over her supposed extrava
gance. Thf money did not come out of
your pocket, and conseiiuently It ii none ol
your business-. What If the minister does
call on Ann Smith twice a-wccU? Vi by
'excreiee your brain about it? Suppose
she Ins-sin tiwful temper aud powders her
face, as vou sav the docs her temper wiil
not tro'jblo you. Mind your own conenrtu.
hal dlrlerence does It make to you it r oio
Marin outsold" modest Mary Ymt need
not toil uro Maty hv long stories of what
you bnve henrd conwrning the matter. "1
though! 1 would ttdl you, my dear. I pch
lor vour good. omebodv should put you
on your guard agalnt trat treacherous
girl.'' As a natural cruisequcne. uiodost
Mary, her womsjily pride aroused, snrinas
into tho background leaving the field open
to her victorious rival. So you crush a
good girl's heart because you will not mind
your own buninc". Whatil they hitvo got
three do.en pairs of fitot kingu at fciulrc
Hill's. Haven't tlioy got aright to t As
long as you don't do the washing it ecd
not trouble you at all. What right have
you to watch their clothes-line 7 Kraploy
your time better. It limy be perfectly true
that dAehing Mrs. Gray sigirils to young Dr.
Wilde, Iroin her back windows. But 'vho
gavo you the privilege ol watching a lady
In her own house, where, if In auy place,
her privacy should bo sacred? Her dis
grace Is nothing to you ; it is none ot your
business. 11 we had our way, uioddlcrr
should be punished lilto any other offender
against Uie rights of others,
Is not easily enrned in the9
times, but it can be made In
three mouths by any one "1
either sex in anv part of the
country who is willinsf to w.rk
steadily at the euiployaient we
lurnihh. tvi a week in your
own town. You need not be
away from home after night. You can give
your sole time to the work, oronly your spare
moments. We have agents who are making
over $-0 per dav. All who enRaye at once can
make money asst. At Lie present time money
can not be made so easily snd rapidly at any
other business, it costs nolhln to try the
business. Terms and 6 otttllt free. Address
at once. H. IMLLET'T ft CO, Portland, Me.
To Inventors & Manufacturers
Gilmore,Smith & Co.
Solicitors of Patents and Attorneys at
American and Foreiitn Patents.
No Fees in Advice, nor unt a ratcnt
iR allowed. Jr Fees fur making Pre
liminary Examinations,
..Special attention given to Interference
Cases before the Patent Ulllce, Infrinse
ment SuiU In tlic iliflceat State, and nil
litigation appertaining to Patents or In
vent ions.
Send Stamp for J'amjMet oj Sixty Pot
F, S'., WaMnyton, IK C
Unquestionably tne bes sustained
work of the kind in the World."
Harper's UMagaino.
A'o(icea of the I'rcss.
T he Mauazisi has attained in IU cue quarter
century and more ol evutence to tint point where
it msy be said of it, in the worda of Dr. Johnson,
t It is vain to blame anduK'lcse to praise." The
lustre of its long-ago-attained reputntiou has in
creased as the years have aased, ami its lutum
seems as bright if not brighter than at any time
since the golden hue ol proierity settled around
us loieraon uesi years isrootayn r.agie.
Harpers Monthly is markeil by the same char,
arleristiea which gave it circulation from the lira
with the better class ot readers. It ennibme
reading matter with illustrntions in away to
iiiHKeeieiii aui viviu mo im'ts presentee, i'ic
hires merely designed to catch the eye of the
ignorant are never inserted, Chicago Journal.
Postage froe to all Subscribers' In ihe
United Statoa.
ITaxrER'a MAOAr.txs, one V'ar....l ii
Il ?n uieludes prepayment of L . t. postage by
be publishers.
Subscriptions to Harper's Manaine, Weekly,
and llatar. to one address for one year, l" t"1,
or, tw of lliirH r'n Penodidals. to one address
or o sp year, 7 to, postage free.
An xtra Copy of either the Magatine, Weekly
or Hseur will lie supplied frralis lur every Hub
ol five btirjacnbera at at no each, in one remit
tance, or nia Uipiea for m vu, svithout ealra
copy, wsuge free.
iiisck numliers can lie supplied at any time.
The Volumes of the ahigiuine commence With
the. Numbers for June and Deoeruber of each
year, huhscriptlons may commence, with any
number. When no time Is specified, it will be
understood that the sulisiTiber wishes to begiu
with ihe first number of the current vol vme, and
back numbers will be sent accordingly.
A Complete .Set of Harper's Mngazins, now
comprising W volumes, tu neat cloth binding,
will lie sent by express, freight at excne ot
purchaser, for2 'ii per volume. Smglevulnmes
by mail, poeipaid, ii OU. Cloth cas, tor bind
ing is cents, by mail, postpaid.
A Complete Analytical Index to the first Fifty
olumes of Harper's Magulue has Juat been pub
lished, rendering available for reference the v anl
and varied wealth of information which oonsli
lutea this periodical a perlect illustrated literary I
iniiiwin, ovo, cioiu, j uu, nail cair, a v.
Sent postage prepaid'
Newspapers are not to copy thissdvertlsement
Without Uie express order of Hurper ft lirotbera.
Addresa HAlU'Elt ft UllOTUKHS,
w-f New fork.
Notice is hereby given that application will be
made in due course of lime to His Kxceliency,
Shelby M.tuliom, governor ot the Slate of Illi
nois, for the pardoa of Dabney Johnson (color
ed) . convicted at the May term of the Alexander
county circuit court on a charge of larceny and
sentenced to Uirycar in the peuilenliary.
Cairo, lilt., dec. ID, lsT7.
et-a AVI"r tJ,lll- wlOO a io.,i.
'UsiJFU a Ml 4c;. st
fsa Una iaS Ktesns-W EIBI V
'1 nijtifvti
Hm ik i I tfls,
ilwl I
rttOi Contract
ClVa. lsetaet1,CVt,fc
t. cisaartvgPuH'gCc.lt Laab.Va
i,.'.."r Al'!r!f,i " Wears v'
OfTen YfarV Duration. Tho Dn
charges Thick, Bloody, and oi
Foul Odor. Senses of Smell and
Taeio W.Vii'v Gone. Entirely
Cured b
mm , mm cure,"
Vssirs.We: 'tV.tt Oenilemea-1 fpelco'ii-
r piled to aeVno-,cu,ro " 'i 'n nri-.it buinult
saPOKn'a HsJ'Ioal I Vrk bus been to uv. F.ir
ten years I have heu niKieted with in .a lo.uli'nme
dlscssc, aud rspfajluHy In thn winter tlnv tu it
heenmoal sorer.'. Ilio llseltamn ! been l!.l It
at i blo...ly, cmltllnc a f"l "dor so b id 'h it my
oieaenceliia ri.o'n with otlieta was t ery olbitnlvv
1.) them. One wet k uiu r eo'nn-iene'ntr tiin w ot
BsKronu'sliiDicsu ' r.r. Iv.i not trouhh u wl'a
It at all. M' s. cf nnd il, iviih n irei t
rSol'v gone, have now r.:!:y r i.iriu-1. :nl u. Ki'U
ral ta!lh Is unKhut.rr ;!,. ,);,'-.;,.,
CSAXon.ii'rr'., Mich., r.ov.3. .i
Oentt'-eni V jnfkw of fMvr-r m't r
mve'l h.'ri-io.na:itniltV'i,t. Mo:.'tk.-io-v..u I
shmil.1 h' .v.'d.i.io1i It H..-1 n fr 1 1. 1 - r -n-.y.
I liaiatnetlSas.il Ouw-i,. n'i.iriervl!,li'.se.i .an t
aiti "'H''' I have be'tia!)le i.n..p ;i " ' ' "'';
eiiiirire, I havonot te-.iM.'tor.-covrm.'- ., ',
Mate, and amell 'inHI line I . "
C'lii rfe any ' yoa r:m. to in-, null will
l-lieeif;il!V lliforto tfe-111 'n ijclnll I.! the h. II. .it
"mtM'i' '"" " uVm rutfirTif. rono.
Objoid Bafios, Mien.. .Nov. ii, ::!.
sira's Mbsol gee
Knt only prompt !y n rr.'ss I I- f fl".v i It d!i !iV
b Ciurfi.h.i'.!.y .; '.f.-tle .!!. ' -to.- ';
sound lii'iiliii all Ik cro 'i ," ' '
bifone a-et it . ' ' '' "
iBg SfleellOhMr-
Defective r.eesi:h', Inlinim i' n:ii! 'd ''"T
j;vea, I'uiiifUl ami tV;.l ! i:s' . !
yiearlnc; r.ari, iv.n.l-in ol Hie ! -.
letiHririliiriini tin I. .if, 1Cii: in,' .t
ill th f! vil, Dl vinr'-'. . " H I
aeho, Ilsiiia in t:..T. n vo (:
Seiisetot Ts.toHiiil Hnndl. :.i"i.': I - ; i
tho tvnln, ir.llim.i'i 'il' t ' i''' 'l"''n ' 'i
riitrldSoro'Jhtf :-V.: i- (.-'.! i't
CourIi. J.,roiiilui.s, a:-! l i-f iiu .; m HtJ
Hi'ti picl ' t. ' 1 i';t ';f'-l
tni.vintt in.-.-. ' ' ; ',' ''i' ' - :t
rcU'n.f.'r a--' t " !' ;
all U'.-.'Ic-ale . . .: ; i'" l
thro-ei.Mt'hnl ' -? ! . ...
IMlrKlMr ...-al-.u. u'.'i. . . 'l. '
! Voltaic Plasters
Av p.. rf m. (In. cup''- ' ' n" ' rv, romi ined wuu
a ).!.. v M.-.H: 'I I'l..-' -, f in.l.-ir 'ho
i-randest e.,ra'!v. s-i. lu. w-t: I ' f rn.-.leli.,
Si.rt murlv i-ii.v,- i-.-.i:..lli. r ' .MM-'.-nw,- :e
iocs., her.-ei.iri:'.'.ni--r- ia . w.-e,: t..n
the i'M I'lHii"i i'. - viioi" l!:ryuvi, u.
llale,lhl-ycfl'.rr. V'ley
);:'icvc.':i---'!oi ""rh" C!"---.
li, ,ice A l' Ciio . ii'f'tl.,. l.rnes.
1!. ve A. '.'-i 'io:.'T the Heart.
drll- b fif.'A lions .1 tin- l.lver.
l:e'.i;-ve .A'..-.!lo..si f ti.: .-j!'.n.
peiii 10 Al' ".'li.'Mai I l.h,' fcldnej'.
Il.l'.'ve AiVetii'iJ 1 1 ft he Hjiln".
Htli'ive.h ct..m"ft. J;mJ.
T.VH.-vo .V!. ii'i-.i'.t l I!". V'U'd-K-'lli-'.'fl
Aef'tiT''- i-f th'- .lelr.M.
Il..-v.. .I. ..Oiiiith H lie I.
lll-ileve A i c.io-i c. ."C .Le'ilS.
:ninttfr r.-bnteniv be thi riri-t of your siiTr.
Ii,i) trvoi'.sof t:..-' -I'la-tcrs. Kelnl t i..mui;m.
ti- :, u f let si. p
Vjv hiiTi'',rr'tnjf Utiiui'i;!al8 la
pliyfiiiBD 1. lo Il.c hvrefl..cu.
Tt errefsl to cull for roi.UVS TOT.TATC rr. A9.
Ttli lest von get sonm .vwrlliK-ss imltauon. Sold by
ill wb..t. salan.J IMtai lftWlT$lS
Daniel F. Beattys
PIAH03 ana 0RGA1TS.
iUN'tilK fAKI.OH UlttiANS are the sweeteat
toned and most )ierlect instruments ever beiore
maiiuiaclurei in this or any other country. The
I he world is challenged tu kiuuI them, best
discounts and terms ever before given. Kock
llottoiii panic prias now ready to Joblieis.
scents and the trade in general. An offer:
These celebrated instruments (either I'iimo or
Organ) boxed aud shipped anywhere, on five to
litteen days tesi trial, .sioney retundHl nnd
freight charges paid Isdh wars 11 in any way
efa. ltiiy. ruliy warranted lor six years
strict ly flrst-i'la-n. t. xtraordtnary Iiuernl
Iseounts given lo Churches, Sivoola, Lodges,
Hulls, Ministers, 'i'eiichers, etc., in order to
have them ii.trodurisl at once wheru 1 have no
agtnts. Thoiisiinils now in use. New Ulna
Hated A liVhKTTZEH (catalogue edition). with
list of testinumlnls, now ready, sent free. Es
tablished in I" '-1. Address.
decl-dly Usshingttin, X. .7
3? tot Place, LOUISVILLE, KY.,
A rsrUr1 div)t1 taA Wtltr 'I'liiilavt pUyilcitn -si'w
loi, Ola (snruct will vrorf.
PnroB all forms of PRIVATE,
Spermatorrhea and Impotenor,
M thr)t f if.l5tsia ih "iMh. ifvr.al (sfrHri to litv
liirrr yfift, r t(krr iuo--f, mA f.-in-tor mtf of lb" fete
lowing fftrtn Nnt-ni atisw, hrmit.ti fr'tuh-uini. (iilfbt ttji.
al- fin Ly rlrwihki, Di.niit-t of fiitlil. Oelf.UW Ueuior. I'dj.
M ilwr. iiii)pl4t" f (, A v.-rp,(,n tsi Ptv.rtv' f Vma.
('obfitslMi of IJm, Iaam tif fiexiia. 1 r-owtr. A? rdPtini
fjirnjpff imru(s.r 'inl.ar,., rt Ir.tjrouf lilr d4 nuic
utyiiMd. SYPHIliIS rhtvt,lr w4b.
n9vipaJtamht ',,tJ't,; Gonorrhea.
iiLstXsatsl. irtcmr, Orfiiilt, Rerun, (ic IttyiM
Pil. t fcn(:iiLwprtv.t 'U'turi qnli'kl cjr(J.
Ii t i! trul'. b( tb.-it vhjlcliD srfcn x i -f Ulnttentn
if t. oertsir r(.t of 1) ,utM, aril trmtiiin' tL.tiiiiili imm
11?. nutrtt rrtMMill. htnHnria iq..iiu i,u twe a
rt--wmiij'anl (ttnoni to bit crr. hn M t luiirbickl i
Ui tai-rit ft.f traiii-:t, ufMf'li). fall It ten. jiriatl
avl rlf i.y tiin 1 1 or ntiH mi.erf.
Gnrtsn Guaranteed In all Coseg
rLtgi riintb.t, uid coftripjbdtictitrii.'Ui cwiitiltiiiUU
W WO pitci, waf to tnf irldmi, iiry)T stlH, fVr tbirf
f"v cvt. t-laoultj ts rN1 bf til. A4'lrtM s.bMT.
OBwUn frvniif A. W i" p. W Putnl.j., j i 4 f.
View of Marriage !
A uld to Wodloek Si d
-onn.Knuai in-iti.r nn trie
hlotie ul insrrisim ami Ills
1,'su.e.triit until lur 11; iriea.
crei. ol Keproduetlon sr.d
I tho OlSeaaes of Women.
A book tor prlvntr., eon. el
"ate riad.ng. 'M ps(ei, price
A N 0.
nslldiorJ.rol aPnrate flnluie ariaii, IroinSslf
Abnae, Eaees.ee, or Secret Diaesseu, ,ia Uie In-rt
'""J Isroej ioe. prien Ji i w.
A C'LINir)Ai. i.Fr.tr1i c .... .1... ai
o" Throat oral Lungs, Catarrb Jiuptute, ibe
i.ilhri souk sent cottpsldnn preempt otprlre tor s II three.
rmtainmaVOMiif... h-sntiul v l;,imliil. Inr rta.
aaartaB. il uttj. o. is X. sib tu at. Lome. Me.
J aoutlr fJIUCfltM from Loliat.Iui.tl an alt rents,
uiva hbvibi iklltn, in ur H. Jrmtt sa.a ar.r1swi.nt.
baniA wlitfkcDrtd hiioclr efaiU. knti BA, ,iva. .hi.
"w.r. ..vaj B mxriBt n I10IUII4 U pty Mrnit.
esaiss sin prKK iran I IWsl t-JtS tf Itfri,
Al(r-r, CitAMX'K It CO,,
1,033 l(ce bt.s rhiU., nan lur Uitt p;trtr.
limir IKCKIliiist lUNunclsMiuaia H.V
Sin.UI'a,ksn..llhl',iLlia, niwu...isnr.i,u.fal
SlMlnS CI.'..., -(Ke.... rk.n... T... ill
.MtiairiuuCu,!J1iVwar,ll. )Vrt. Bmi
tfi. MATf:TTT.rCC!
I'lNEHT l'lug TtlllAf CO
world. A-.K I KIt IT.
TAR 8 Mi 0THK.
iTrat' K tir'.i.Krv irn:.itpi:
"v" IN Pl.Ki.
f - -a , r-i -,
i .... ... I n. .. n..i..i i..ttiir.
tn trtlvoveri" 1 I'l ih..rinBcvd-.iti. hack I'-rttliunt'-n
yiirva-id thatr..i:.i.li.i.tl'.iisofgiOTHan.le.:,i.2
?.r pr ats and stmitw u:.iteil v.tb Htr
tr,c ' to form t. curative I'lt, r. In --..ittl I ti.'ill.
IW.'l.Wri.tlirt henlt-g pro,a-i tl-a ,u fee sarrWw
.irii.,.'i,-...r. lieivtoturc In im tu Uiiiac.c'btUtC
r S3
is riti:iMi:i:i uitii
TOIl THE i:ix:rTiox OF
Stock Certificates,
Wedding Invitations,
Or Anything in the shape of really
Fosters and
Our fac'dltkt in (his line are uvsurpatmd. Ordcrt for anything, from the
largest colored Poster to the tmalle.it
Commercial Printing.
itrc., cCc, if'C,
EwenitfJ in tattejul ttyle, on good paper, and VERY CHEAP
Railroad Printing.
For thin ciass of work we are etptcially well prepared, and as we are doing
a large amount of it, and have in our employ men of long experience a rail
rvad printrr tee can fill all orders for any description of
Railroad Hanks or Blank Bco'is, Time Cards, Freight cr
Passenger Tariffs, Posters and Bullelia Cards,
In short, anything in this line required ly Railroaa Officers, on the very
shortest notice, and at as low rates its any
Books and Pamphlets.
WORKMEN and Careful Proof Readers, insure to those wh entrust this
elass of work to us, neat, handsome and
Catalogues, School Catalogues, By-Laws, Ordinances, Report of Medical.
Scientific or Benevolent Societies, ttc.,-
frst-chms work:
Of every description for County Officers, Railroads, Merchants, Ma n
Etc., made up tit the most suhstantial and elegant ni tnner from t
km Biilletisi Joli tows
When you want anything in llie line of
Aud yon will get it done
City or County Bonds,
Ball Cards, Programmes.
handbill, will he filled in the BEST
house, in the west.
CORRECT Booh, Pamphlets, Stock
ft), rates as low a ur cemvs't.nt with
-r,iJ. .ri. I
a i i w ii r
Bi. i. wen r i sa 11
- - :" i i.- Ji
V" "Snaisv- si'lA
' i '.i. : era ijj . uai . . i k r .a.
The Best Family Sewing; Machine!
The "NEW AMERICAN" li easily learned, does not get out of order, and will do
more work with less labor than any other machine. Illustrated Circular furnished on
J. N. IfeliENVKi, Manager, OHles aad Salesrooas, git Wabash Aresse. (Slcese, llllaola.
n. A. IIANNON, Agent, Cairo, 111.
Established 1830. Fur
Absolutely Pure I l
'and PALATABLE. I iliifisn.it
J.. ('. 1IAKE1C A ( Oh I'ropilelons, lMiilKdelpblit, Pa.
I lr-i ' ' .. ' lmt herp them, address Holman LivefPad Companj-,
fS M.ii'li !t l.itno, Nc'.v Y.'ik, or 218 W. Fourth St., Cincinnati, ' . J'tiro
$2.0;); u.,iai 1'a.u i i.uo. ivarHOLMAN'S MEDICATED
. PLASTEItS a 1Y magic Foot Plotter 50 cent n jmir;
Body I -la-tei ') conti cui'h. isiTBetvaro of imitations. Take nona hut
the oi i;'i i 1 i .1 man's. ft-jTSerit by Mail on receipt of jirice, pola fr-e
its ute'B sverv sell-si.iMiihUtl I. il.l to. luir r
i B s' ntlim.a. fr ..Is V .11 Dms.ui. i, i n.f
R H ' IL w If'sK. Joarr-H t'aiaiauoao, I'rvvinu., P
- ------ '- Jli.1. .
R. SMYTH & CO., '
Wbolcials and Retail Doaleri in
roreign and Domestic
nii:s OF ALL KII)S.
No. 60 Ohio Levee.
MESHS. 'MYTH A CO., have constantly a
laiye stock ol tbe lsl ki1 In the rrar
kst, anil (fivefpeeial attention to Ibe wbolr.
sals brant-a of the business.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
1'cr Fever and Ajruc, Intermittent
Fcvtir, Cliill Fever, Homittent Feror,
JJiiirib Afruo, Periodioal or Bilious Fever,
(Vc, r-.inl indeed all the aflections which
ur.i;o fiom malarious, marsh, or mias
ui:;lio poisons.
Tliis . a cotnpoiin.l rinifrly, jncprirf.l w itb
KriMiiii!,. I'n.iii viyi talili' li.jrri(liejin. whi.h
ran ly fulls to cure tin- severest cases of Chills
nn-! r'rver unci tU" roncoinllant diK.rJi-rs. Siieb
rciiieily the iH. ea.lili a ni tlic people In ni.ilnrl
on. ilMri.-is .1. muml. Its jn-nit suporlorily ov.-r
iiiiv clher iiii 'licin.. yet ilisrowr"'! for tlic cure
c f I 1 1 i in i n t tits l, iL;ii n contains no quinine or
iiilnetal. nn, I tin,... v lio t'lkc il Ale free from
l.niiii i' of f. i: i i,I in or liny Irijiirions cll'ectr, sn.
nr- ii l,.-.-,liliy after nslnir it in before. It has
h. en eMi'iisiii ly i-inploye.l during Ihe lust thirty
)i:irilii the Irenttnwit f thco ilistr..s.lng ilia.
..ni, r, mill so timarylnf has been Its sseorss
ili.il II li.i- K-'ilii.'d the repnlallon of belny infalll
hie. Il ran, be safely roconrnioailcd as a aorf
r. in. .ly and sperMe fr the- Fss-er and A (rue .,f
the Vct, find the Chill anil Fever of the
H.Hilli, whli.h, oTii-i. hr.'ken up by it, do not
ri-ti.m until the is main eomraolt .1.
The great variety of disorders wlii.'h arise
ti'Mii Hie inflation uf this poison, sii.li as We.u
imIkIii, Ithoiinintlhni, tiout, llea.Ia.lie,
lllln.luess, Toolharlit, Carache. Ca
lairli, Aathma, I'alpltatlon, Kplonla
AlTerlloiiH, Hysterics, Pnin In the Bow
ls, t'olic, I'aralyrils, and derangement of
lb.' Stomach, all of which become Intermltlent
or pi rl.idlial, have no speedier remerly thnn
At I li s Ac.tr. C't HE, which euros them all alike,
und prnt. ims, ihe system from future attacks. As
a pr'-u'titive, it Is 4iinmcno acrvlro In thee
roninimiltii'S a here Fever nod Ague prerails,
suit slays the devrlopnteiit of the disease if taken
on Ihe llrst approach of the premonitory symp
tom,. Travellers and tcmporsry rosidTits arc
Inns i nnhlrd to defy these disorders, ami f it
will ever sillier if they srail llirinsel-'es of the
i ruli'i li'iii this remedy aUunls.
For Liver Complaints, srisintt Trom
torpidity, it is an eiecllmt remedy ; it stimulates
tnls organ Into hsalthy activity, iiml produces
many remarkable curi a wlwro other uediciues
Prepared by Dr. J, C. Ayer & Co.,
'radical anil Analytical Chemists,
solo nr all mtuutiisTs Lvtiirwutiti.
Ai th time has com for thr renewal of sub
sceiptlons, THE SUN would remind its friends
and well-wishers everywhere that it la affain a
candidate for their consideration and support.
Upon Its record for the past ten years u relies
for a continuance of the hearty sympathy and
generous co-operation which have hitherto been
si tended to it from every quarter of the f nlon.
Tbe Iislly Hun ts a four-pane sheet of !i Wi
tt tins price by mail, poit-balil, 09 cents a
mouth, or 86 SO per year.
TheMuna y edition of The Ri-tt is an elght
pngs sheet of f, columns. While Kivlng the news
of Ihe day It also contains a large amount of
literary and miscellaneous insttsr specially pre
pared for It. Tits ni'miAY Htm has met with
great success. 1'ost-psld )t MO a yesr.
The Weekly Nrm.
U'ltA ,ln Mn I. maw TIT IT unrrtrr v e ,
II circulates throughout the Uulted States, the
Csnauns, sud beyoud. Ninety thousand fami
lies greet Its welcom pages weekly, and regard
It In th light of guide, counselor, and friend.
Its new, editorial, agricultural, end literary de.
trartiscnui msk It eaaint'ally a Journal for th
family and th fireside. Terms t on Hollar
year post-paid. This price, ijuallty considered,
lubsef no, with i eash, w wld tend an titra
I'UUUiiHaK Or 'rut? UN, Sew TorWCltr
It is the Only Sewing Machine
which has a
Tbe Simplest, the
Most Durable, 'and iu
Every Kespect
Prescribed Jold
by Physicians. I I every
Use no other. I I where
itpnil tin1 ..'(IT, Stumnrli, iSjiLen, Kidney, ami Jfn-n 0 ft
toiitrols in nu hMoiii.-hinply slusyt time) anv tllx-a-a
tvhich attAcka or grow out of thrs ori;aii.
VaAJUJUig i aIlfi a jiromt nnd ra.lici.I
cure for nil Malaria; also, Nuralj;iii, liheutnntistn, .Wr
votifnes, Sciatica, Sjiinnl I)isease, lleatlaclie.Colif, I ihi--llia
n, 1'j'crifpsia, etc. These nntl many moro hnro iIimi
origin in tho .Stomnch antl Liver. If your lt-i trL'i. t - il i
I. tbs safi tt ss.1 til" t..t, I. in.Ut'to.Ama In lias--
mm mm
A H 8AFF0RD, Pmldent.
S.. TAYLOH, Vice f rMldent
W. 11VSI.OI', Aoo'y snd Treasurer.
I'.W. Hauclat, ChaJ. UaUbiisa,
K. M. hTocsrLSTil, fait O. Bciii h,
U. ii. (,cmuHAai, B. It. Haluuav.
J. at. Pniixira.
INTEIU.ST paid on deposit at the rase ol ala
percent, per annum, Marcb island Seutcia
r 1st. Intenet sot withdrawn is added iinuie
liately to tbe principal of tbe deposiu, therebv
Itvin.fh.r.. id 181-4
Married Women tad Children may
Deposit Money and no one
else can draw it.
Open every business day Irom Ua.m. to I D in
mS,o1V'c7oeci'"f, "
W. HTBtOP.Treaanrar.
,; v,tJM.t.p'"ldt. H. Wells, Cashier.
I'.Keff. Vicelres't. T. J. Berth, Asst. Vash'r
Corner Oonunarolal At, and 0th 8tre
r. U. Jlrinkman, fst. Louia.
J. 1 . Clemsoo, Calcdoais,
A Ueacral Banklns; Bnaloaaa Doiip
."nif sold and bought. latere! paid
J '" "flllipirtiMil, Collection made.
nd all business promptly attended to.
Having struggled twenty years
betweenlifeand death with At I il
MA, I eiperiuienteil by com
pounding roots and herbs and In
haling tbe medioine. 1 fortuaate-
ltfu;f?rtmi. "nre enra for
e 11 fwi I. ..11... .... . . .
, v aik. auj im Ol A. III-
llia.luelanilv. so the na.ient un ii. ...
sleep. Jlymall, l. 00 per boa. Addres
l. E.ArsbKLI., Otlice 7.1 Astor House, New
oik, or Apple Creek, Ohio. Sold ny all drug
gi.sta. E. F. Kunkera Bitter Wine of Iron
The great success and eMIgbtof the people.
In fsct nothing of the kind baa ever been offer- d.
lo the American people wbiaa has so quickly
lound Its way into their good favor and heal ly
aoprovl as E. r. Kunkei liltur Win or Iron.
It do,, all it proposes, and thus five universal
satisfaction. It is guaranteed to cur tbe worst
caie. of dyspepsia or Indigastioa, kidney or
ltrer disease, Weakness, nvrvousnes, coastlpa
lion, a dity of tbtmacb, A. G.t tn gen
ii '"'n.21'' ". oosMo. epot and of.
flee. 1.9 North Ninth street. Philadelphia. Ask
for Kunkei i and take no other. Sold by all drog -
Dyspepsia. Dyipepeia. Dyspepsia.
K. F. Kunkei' Bitter Wiae of Iron is a sure cure
forih.sdissaae. It ha. been prescribed 1 de J T for
..IVf ''Pnselio of eminent physicians
.il,?..Pl,1JeledV"cc,," Symptoms a loss af
aepetite, wind and rising offood, drvnesi m mouib.
headache, dutiaess, tlKplessness aad low spirits
ft.. ri!,M'ii ?ld in B'k. only m loot
w.?.:. if!".1' ,ZU d'u,K- Ask for fe; V. Kun.
kel's Bitter Wine of Iron and take no other, tl
PJtb "''t or"1 ' for $-.. All I ask is a trial
you at once ssMUicm. A trial will cat-visc
Wornn, Worms, WormV
K, F. Dnkel' Worm Syrttp never fall to
remove, all kinds of Worms. Keaf. pi a aad
siomeeh Worm are readily lemovt 4 by Kua
kel't Worm Byiup. Ur. Kunkei I th only
suoceasful phjiiolan In fki oolintry thst eaa
remov Tap Worm In from tw to four hour,
fe n i no fee until head sad all passes alive aad
o till space ot time. Common sense readies
if Taue Warm nan brenuvd. nil other Worms
can readily lie removed. Ask your druggist tor
a bottle ol Kunkel's Worm Svnjp. Pries l.o"
per bottle. It never fails or tend to th aeetor
fur circular, No. 2o North Ninth St., I'bilsdtl
pkla, Advlc free.
your aalary by devoting a vary small fortloa of
your leisun um to my interest, i oo not e.
pent yon to raavaas rormy oelebratatt Beatty's
Plu9 andOmns onless rou s fltto : but tht
r r you i bota pleaaant i
1 nartlralara Iraa . Addraaa
both pleasant and
UA-NIEL V, BIAI'ir, WMhhjftoB, N. 3,
. Aflan
i ii
is. tW 4 msws
isslll'snwls 4-ssU-.se. hxm ...a
-- - - .,-ii'

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