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The Cairo bulletin. [volume] (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, January 26, 1878, Image 4

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v-, i -. pr r" rsa r
Vi lfceyrt lttl,ilial
M I" j aleUnep end aiiOrrttie:, .rry alne-ie
egterifle he irtM werwrlptlisti at
I mm eminent f nj iitciAO
v . V ever. ConrcMlon, Ianammatioiis,
x worsts, vtoiin lccr, Worm ttmo, .
f S- l'ry'M-slle,i'r Trailing of Infanta,.
4. blATHMr, of 4. Wldmt or Adnlta, . '.
5. Ivieriter, Griping, Blliouat,'ll, .
. Ihalrriaavlcvrllll, Vomiting, . . . .
7. f'tssisrli, t'vlde, rtronckitls .
sV . TVesiralBla, Toothache. f'b, . .
ft. Headache, t-tck Hreilectie,'crli,"o, .
- ia. Myisevla, Biiicait htiiuiaeh
111. MrMNf r Pilnful I'friodt, . .
li. n line, too iromeo rrriucf, .
II lvn
rwna. Ornish, Jiifliiult llrratniiiy. .
ill ttlteiim, rvlNUia, Lruplluna. .
14. al
li. Hbfumil lul.
tli-iimailc i'auit.
va. trrantt Aaiir, ( bill I
ever, A;ruea, .
W. rile-, blind or iiimhn).
nmi viinuvi mt-i, nm,. .
! ' ,T' Vi. 11 arris, aeuti or chtorile, lufiuciita,
" V.t-o. iiirtiiK?41oitli..iliKut;ii,
14. fMB'iM. ami r-ore or v. oak t.ytt.
vL Aalhuaa. uiiwcmuI lircallilnir.
. f'.sr Dlarharitra. iruual.-ed liearirur.
M. shtoIiiIo. enlarged glsi.ua, s-vllln,
fieneml Debility, Pliyknl WVakneae,
si. Brapayand eeanrv Pwriiii'im, . . .
m. tym-siirkttc, fkk..vp tmw tiuing,
T K I It I . .irvel
n.-Wvoue IK'Ullliy. Vital VTeaWnen, J f.
' W. IBteasMaafli, Canker, . . -. '
K iriasiry Wfafcnrn,wttln?t!)el)etl, :
U Faiftfof Peril), orIthSunm. . . .
.-S. BslMCtMstitaf Heart, palpitation, etc. . I n
:U. KitllriMt-y, gpaeai. Si. Vitus' liauw, . 1 (i
4. 01tlerlan)ritdorelhrtt, . . W
v Chrvnlc ltiicoitiun and tniHiiotN M
, .s llllll CASES. -
Pu . kuuMaotdlrmiimt,
'rf oroteo.of 80UrvU!inuBook, .(M
Tlif rf hmIIm ar krnt ly I lie Vae
klnirle imx Ttal. i r
iwolr), fret mt rliarar, on rcwlptvl
Cr-trw. 44ilrm' .
fflke and l)pol. lin iil'ri bi. New o:i.
Far Aalc y all OrvicicUU.
Humphreys Unelo Mannal on the
care and txanaBtof dueaw and i cur4
t FRES cm appUu&tioii.
jjj By on bomB& vraoclwi, exwrnllni thrnuph a
t piiM i jvira, Btttllil w lunil lliui UHW in '.urii
I laaur tbotuand uaa ( Uun di-oases icu!iiu
. to waan. I Hire bren enabled to iiorfn t a
DO! potent aod Kroatil luadiclna Unit uipru
I U lwlicaiiona rrcniel by UuU c!:imi of li-
- vmm wuh fxmave cor unity anu exnewe.
I P Vo deaijmatc tblt natural anerifio componnd,
i ti aawaaacdk
1 Dr.Pierce'sFjYorite Prescription.
Iy till III a Vnl m faftftl WnM,lrtH
ot ray higB apiireelarloii ot It tsIiia, bacd npou
my own personal oUerriuion. At a ol.i ob
.aerTtr, I ita, while wiun-in(r lis positive rc
M.lt In tha l apwial diacHM Incident to Uie
H-paraie ora-arUtm ot womnn, (inKled it nut at
.tba cllaaaz or crowning ajem ol my
aaealeal career, tto ita merit, a xu
ttrr, gate, aad efficlnal rcmc ly for tbl clao
'f itlwww, mvd one that Trill, nt all limes and
Wider all rlreiunfttaottf. act kindly and in har
mony with the laws which aovem the timale
vtaea. I am willing to stale my regulation at a
j-tiytlctan. Kay, even more, so eonudent r.m I
bat it Will not disappoint the mo-t aaDKuluo
axpeetatlooanf a slusle invalid ladr whangs it
tor any o tbeaUmerits tor which I recommend it.
tbat I offer and eeU It umler A FOSITIVK
VCABAXTCE. If a tnatdal effoet la not
icxperlenocd by thoiiata two-ihlrds ot the eon
WhU of tbe bottle are used, I will, on return oi
UN bottle, two-thirds of -sbo mtdk'ine liarmit
been takaa aoeording to direelions, ami the cn
uelng oae for which I reeotnmend it,fromptiy
rt'tiuid the money paid for it. Had 1 not Uie
famt perl eet oonfdenc. in Its virtue 4, 1 could not
- was ft at 1 do nuder those conditions; but liav
tmg wltaataed Ita trolr nilraculo r.uret In thott
aaiwia oatwa, -I feel warranted and
isarfeetly aale in rlakittc aotu jiiy
tcyattatloli and mr taouey vu lit
tart la.
Tfce MMwIta: afe tmont; those diseases In
wtvMa aty I avert te Preacrlptlou hat
worked auret, at U by magic, od with a eer
tainly nerer before attnincd by any aiodioiiic:
teaeaTTlMta, Exeeative Flowing, Painful
Moolhly Periods, BupprenslOBs when from tin
sjataraleaaset, IiiwniiarUlet, Weak Bwk, 1to
LipwHt, er ialilaar ol the Uterus. Anteveriion ami
Kvtroveraion, Beariaa; Down aeotuon, Inter
tal Beat, Kenrout Uepreuion, Uebilitv, Des
iwadeney, Tnreaiened Miearritre, Chcnnio
Mwilteeitwa,- laflaiamttlon and Uireratlon of tlw
Vtaras, Impotencr, Barronness, or Steribty, Fe
wale Weaknest, and very many other rlironio
tUteaiM incident te woman not mentioned be.
fi mil affeotiooa of thit aature, my Favorite
freecriptioo works carta tbe marvel ol
(bewerld. Thit medicine I do not extol as
wmIL hut it admtraMr fulBtls at alncle
atcaa m snrveee. being a most peifeol
itueufle u au ebronie disease ol the sexual iyi
Km of woman. It will not ditviint nor will
I), do barn, in any state or condition.
Xdom who dalr further Information on
theee subiwtl ean obtain it in TilF. VEoiara
of oter tQO pared, rent, pnsi-pnid, on rerei)
id II JO. It treata Binntelv ol t)we dlsea-e
iiilir to fesaaiea, aod fire tnucU val liable
advice in rtgatd to die iwuutgcuieiit ol Uio?e
rl rs.ia: St VFFA LP, ,V. F
iiwii'ia IB AFFLICISO 1
AKniraent nnlrer'allT acknowledged a
theinoatreaowned (fulck enreeverbroagUt
before the publo in the Mineteeotti cen
tury tar the perlect eureot
Man and Beast!
ThU popular and great healinit remedy,
to long needed by fraffertng humanity, it
trlvtag aaboundeci proof of lta neriu by
all baring teetod iu utuivaled powers, and
by r
n'eaaei clalmirir it the moat power
ful remedy and quick reliever lrom agony,
Diamond Oil Fosesses
b bait conceit tr ted heallDt; propertJee,
tiaiekett tcteatlfle arte tor pain relief, most
ootabiMdTjaedloaied nocemltles, at a linl
maMlor toaaan Ijcwt, ever introduced
for public beneilt, .
Tliatwao f OxixYeiTlr.g
BIHa iK a s "'I i
to hike Ul hnlment la time,
MiiKaMIalattaUli aura en re far rhevp
jnatiam. Munyta, bruises, sprains, iwell-
lag, burjni. ,UM, leiona, uimori, puea,
Injured JLv, aeaitlj,. gout, dip tlierla,
aort throat, toothache, headache, lbtect
Mtat, b, Ho, tape worms, etc., for the
bumanraoe, and la - . -
r tweeney, ringbone, nrami, callous
alnevf. buru, rurba, euu, bruuet, lame
Baee, trained fetlock, apavint, colic, bottt,
windfall, poll cm, cattle, and sheep com
pialnta, and aJJ. general diseaeea in itock,
ana-e Waat autar a It loot of both nan
antaettjta - ,
rUAHQXP iOlL'li lor tale by Fiamx
ajiutA Mnt well reodmended by ail
druggia, BkyioTan, and every one who has
aver uaed tin ' frice, T9 cent per nettle,
f repared by
raaOaA,"lnllaapoUa lad, -
( LP. WaTlEEIEE, v
AttdrfpyAt Law
tm"Kiti. m on riiaMfiui
(Pilar AdrertUlpg lonhticU caa
( A lu MllllaMUlrr.
Laron Sclllif re w wealtby Orlno
Fonaianitbiukcr; be iiurcbwcd tlio f
mout ParitUapaUr of lh wealthy linan
oter lioi.e. The Barou Ir-rt bl fortune to
hi oa; tlie youngeet continue! the bank
ing lulne, and the cMm, Roger, enjoya
hlmiolf. 'l ie only dauifbte r U the Trlnceae
de taignu, a well-known leader of tbe
fMblonalilu world, and leparated from ber
hutband. HftRcr bad 150,1100 franc a year,
to addition te 8,000,009 Ira net kit blm by
his father; be chow to live in very buuib e
lodgings and did not at all live luuiptuoiitly
every day. lli rclativea have demanded
tbat bis foi tuno be placed under tbe con
trol of ft comu'II Judlclarire that is, to de
clare iiliu a minor, tboiib aged thirty-two
reirj. "Aiueng foine of Koirer'i eceen
Irkltien he bad a weaknem for buying up
allthoborseil.eateuat the rae. boplns
that, aoouer or later, tbe UwJ would be Arm;
be bad a iteam vesel for tilllnB wals by
raachlntry; be fnverted perpetual niotiou,
like many of bJ" predfOfEwrf, and au
"tlcttrio regulator" lor lotoruotivci, that
no one could romprcbrnd uor be explain.
.t the cliih. whoever win bl money be
instantly eeti to jvork to liive them nas-
Unaaeatlonablr tee baa auatained
work of the kind In the World."
Harper's Magazine.
Xutict) of the. Prtil.
The Maoaziki hat attnanl in Its one iiarbr
C-ntury and more ol u:tu-nr U thai point where
it uuy be said m il, in thcworLsof Dr. Jolinnon,
'lt It vtln toblaiue and uwUext to praife." Ihe
lustre of ita lor. Kg. inlawed rrpuiation has in
mind as Ihryuirs have im.wl, and it future ,
eeeina aa bri'lit if not brighler than at any time ,
aiuoe tbeKoldcn hue of prosperity eettled around 1
its lattraod best years. Brooklyn hsttle.
llnirra Slouthlv U market by ti:e foiue ci.ir-
aclorintics wlurh yaw it circulation from the firs
with the brttt r casit ol readers, it conibiH
rmdinginttter with illustrations in away to
nwke cleai aud viviJ the facts presented. Fic
tiios in. rely desitrned to cateh tbe eye of the
ipnonuil trc never iuaertrd, Chicago Journal .
Pottage free to all Subacrlcera in the
United Statea.
irAKfiN's SfA'JAZivs, one Tr....l M
Si .o ineludfb iirepaynient of I; . s. jioeuige by
be publishers.
hubcriitlon.s to nuriwr'H Mmrailne. Weekly,
and lluiar, to one ad'lree for one jiar, tl" ,
or. tw i f llaiTor's I'eriodldals. to one uddreea
or 0 P, year, 7 od, pottage free.
A i tra Cony of either ihe Slagaiiine, Weekly
or lhaar will f Ditiiplird gratis lor every l lub
of 1 ie hubecribers at l taeh, in one remit
tance.or feix ( opiia fur IJo i''p witr.otit eMra
cid'J'i lioetattelroe.
Hark numbers ran W ntiii!icd at any time.
The Volume ol the Miiuine commence with
the Numbers fvr June and December of each
yew. utN-riptions may comment with any
number. When no time It specified, it will be
understood that the sulisrriber wishes to begin
with the first numlier of the curren t vnlt itie, and
baoJi iiuiuUts w ill be sent accordingly.
A templet Set of liaier'a llKUi.ins, now
coTiprisirg W volumes, in neat cloth biuding,
will lie lejit ny 'Xims, trrisht at expense ol
iHircbntor, forW iiK-rvolutne. .Single ohnuet
by mail, postpaid, si H). t loth cases, lor bind
ing t OfDts, hy mail, jnnr.aid.
A Complete Anlyt'c.l Index to the flrrt Fifty
Volumes of Hirpcr'a .Vlugaiiiiiehas Just lieen pub
lished, rendering nvnilnble for reference the vast
and varied wealth ot infomution whieb consti
lutes this perlodleal a perlect illujrratcd literary
ovclopedU. evo, cloth, J o, half calf, i 25.
Sent poatag prepaid
Nowper are nr,t to copy thisadveTtisenr.enl
Without Ine express order of Ilurper A Brotbers.
Ad'.'rao, JiAlli Eli AI1KOI1IKIW,
W-tl" " NewTn.
Xt its Wortlx
To every reader ol this taper who sends ua tliis
certinoote and fl we will Jorward, for one year.
''Die Tniuure," a magnificent illustrated
Monthly Journal and Housekeeper's Mtgaiine,
arid one copy of our new and elegant preinluai
ohromo, ei, titled
A toaitertiece of the Du&seldorf school cl genre
painting, by l'rof. Jordan, size iio,S"lS ex
ecuted in tbs higheHt style of the art. Retail
price of, which it :, and a copy of tbe lollow
Inr beautiful poem descriptive of tbe ckronio, In
elegant lUuniuuted colore lorltaming.
Ay: but wait, good wife, a minute;
1 have first a word to say
Ikj vou know what to day is?
AloUiex, 'tie our wedding day!
Just as now, we sat at topper
when thevueatt bad gone away ;
You tat tlut tide, I tat thit tide,
Forty yean ago tn-duy I
Then what plant we laid together!
What brave things 1 meant to dii!
Could wedrearo to-day would Had ua
At thia table me and you?
Better to, no doubt and yet I
tfometlinee think 1 cannot tell
ITsd our boy ah, yea) I know, dear)
i'et, U doetb all lb ingt well.
Well we've had our joyt and sorrows,
Shared our smile at well as tears;
And the beet of all -I've had your
Faithful love fur forty years 1
Poor we've been, bnt not forsaken j
Grief we've known, but never ahaffe
Fatlier for Thy tndleM mercies
oim we Diewrinv uoiynnmet
Thit I a ran ehaiiee
for yon to ntake mon
ey W will pay you
large run column
none and tire you eieluaive territory. Send
na one dollar, avoid amneoeesary oorretimo.
dence, receive your territory, and go to work at
one. I'non receltit of which we will fnrwam
airent'a outfit, eertiSote of agency, etc Speci
men enple 10 cnta. none free.
.Address The Treasure PribUahlng Co,
No. 43 Cedar afreet. New York
To Inventors & Manufacturers
Solloltora of Patente and Attorneys tat
. American and Foreign Patente.
Xo Foe In Advanoe, nor until a Patent
la allowoj. JV Fui for making Pf-
Aminary Examination.
Special atUiUtion frlven to lnterferenco
CfMes before the Patent Office, lnfrinr
mtni uua in tue aiflcteat Stfttei, and all
litlutttion appertaining- to Patwitaorln
vent Inns.
Stud Slnmpfur 1'nmphUt dj Sixty Pug
uoirtnris , smith it co..
SCHfllll Tr U lIDDC. Vou eaa a-
wvimvii axJiVVllUllUi
Illy Inoreaee
de met i
i hut
aervloe 1 reuulra of you u
prod labia Full particular!
DAhiKL K.lliVa.TI,
Lfltil mmA
lit, Auurwae
WaeaiBftea, K. i
A Tt kit. ' A rear wmite. Ciwi,'
alegtrkuare. IStRieakawftafae
your Ulaiire time to my iatareat. 1
peel yon te canvass for my celebrated
I'iaiMal al Orvajaa ttaUaa Ma mm
From i Distinguished Phy.loiW
VO lnl disss hl enutlsd y re li!"
Una t'tia-rk. 1 lie te ns ofirncll. of Jasts.
of liMrlee.tlieliiDHiil vuli-,"e Bilnd.oiiiiur nore
Ti.e polsoa ft tUsirfhqtea iroebeii Mia tyni
fsciit evory vTti force., and husks url''t J""J
tobut of eoosMtu'lens. IdTiJred becauejrflt lime
nndi rstooil by mos'puyslcient. luipooialy tteaJeJ
ry quicks aod iTiailafabt, ,'h siifrririK fJ'-P
it htte little bspe to he rtllevtii of 1 tttlt side
el Hit a: tve. 11 iinnjMheu,tf.itSr'PS!a,!'"v
met,t of ttls terrlMe dl'Snti lr I 'ineJ.es wtttita toe
fetch 0 all rd,l"to hauls at erf eomMi'na
and tniitnupby, 'I no iic.nd MUmrto uutriM
tn lliod flo,teihy Df. fcanior J lo preparaUoa
ef lift fUwus i. fra I his uou my lit art y i'i'0L
t htliny It l.u. i to succeed When til lit oieal
I Utilise It liBciy to snccee;i u y
reuMilict fall, beftnselt strtk.t tM!?,?'!,h8
O setto, vis, haw 6-i, vh lh It heals tbe
B.lpaMvk-. liaiwn tobjiteaoncenalBixeil
rules, ai.d ui.les the v'.ial forces are loo fr it
Lsuiieii, wn-r. In the great ms.iorlty ef csert, escrt
on ntm.M.. p.
Koasocf i Block, 60. FaaaisfouiJi. V-1
MAY stfflr olslm tott oi.ii of the few popolar
rc-e vi.irf i.ic i rovnl of u.edlral
tVi o .Tiho piifi'arailoiit uuulty presenbed ky
r '!onir,oaware."si,i,l n C.ieiliigiil.'.ed lltyphv
tp.i.Milist my '.II i' .n.' !' lb M'iss. lledtcal
L--ie!( uromicli'liiit I eanieM) iibliely recon.uisad
or rreioriln the i;mi: l t orn ; r.-italnoe I recelied
f.) i.iuelt ri licf fi em I'm iws of li n:yyif. alter a
ll.oiMiiitn lrli.1 il I no lnireii.euli-,l ! pn.
I,,I"I1K irlkl li HI"! 11! leiTiniii', -
vat-1 i.JvI-e'1 lt.t'..c.s,i'i pr,tini I lisva sei.lta
voLr-U're i,o !'..tiiau toe if u;
tn u of u pstiuut
f EKTLKMKM, Vfo have told Sisrotip's Raw-
avr .... . ...... r..,ii. ai.i, e.-ir. .i..l ran sar
csailldlv that we r.erer nold a similar prsparatloa
tht' Kve meh nnivn-al t ill taction.
we ksva
to harn ili.t i.uteomi lal'.t y-1.
Wt aril !.! IS lllu l'Jl':i l rc wuutf u h-
ent iwdl'iii-s. t.'ct ;ir f-r. I'ariil.m "' J
wai.ts ef t(r,ii.ntii:t, d w tl.ti k those sralcteil
e!iuld bee"ii!i ced f lis grot incrtiifi tnalitiHr
erig'n-v will b! r. lec .1. We i::.v been In the
oitt b.S i..m rrfiei.uu twciisveatwristatitly,
a.d.-MeM-r!Mnrf"r at ai t h. but Waoe U
tr.tvsL If it-e i-.' Tjout k u Uiitktlor
or i, r ptrt t ' if.at jou wi;;. . . . WPJ . rn
Veiy tuny fours. f. I'al.tivip in
irbnlewle -lHeMil Ileal, i-t l- K-,r cVs sod
elatwnery, V.n.iiinti. Ji.d.,Ie.i. w, VSiU
Jlsch fsekagt eouW'.s Pr. Pr.r ford's Improve
Iulialtiig Tit. aod fill dirieru. s for ate, la al
raws. Price. 1ji. "r tala by all wuoleaai arw
rtsll ArnKiT'etn iMid d' ab rstlirondin'Al i the J nlt
Btiea.,iii'iiil... WM-.K POTrE-R.t.er.crtl
Anentakuii ffl.nlestle nruggws, UvS'ou. Miua.
An rieciro.Cnlvniilc ftntterr combined
vllh u It t w li I v vledii'ttled Sirenginrnlng
PlH.ier, lormlnu ihe beat I'liiater 1'ir
pnloe and mbr In the VVerld ol ledU
Ass cr''id eiirailveeud mtorstlve tgett Is rot
e.iiia.icU to- sny el, rrr; r cit ue !:.ir.e tU-try
or 11,0 hi a .li, art. t i.b ss tia v.iil H"irK ti Bed
the bodv. re'ioratlori hv means of ei trieyy le "
Hhie. ftlsine In.t riM- f til p'i).leia"H anil sot-
f'enna, ruiil hr cuert tiioitarils, urf vinttT Head,
mm an unt-nely arv, when no eti.er hsmaa
aite'icy cor.l'i tmvc suecccde.t. fin- Is ILe leuilaiat
c.iratlre eleisent bi Una Platter.
Ti e beslg pvoptrtlet ff onr own frsnrtnt bt
- earn anil ptsu ud ti' gnmaef Iho fcusl are too well
Vi.uwn to require dewrlptloa. -li.etr Krtterul,
EeaiUig.sooiaiiut.atii vr:iitl.ee!r, prone rlt,e ere
known lo Ibouewttui. Wti'i:. coct i.'d In accord'
aiicc wild luin and laiportar.t diacov-rlet Inj.bar.
rcscv, ilictfl.i'tilnii and tireng-.herdiie r roi;enlea
are increiited teutild. In this rcsneel our Pitr
la tin bent iuuse wiitiont the a.d of electricity.
Tlint combined . we bare rro gtatid raoiKctl
tseots la orie. i eli oi ivt.il h perioruit Us rui.cUon
wrij m.Ar t ptoi jiv more iih tuan toy lUib
Bim, lolio.i, :,, or p'.aeter '-ver bi (cr.i coin
i.ou:.dl in i'ie lislory of medicine. Vy one.
I'HH S,?iti.".
Hold be nil 'l.-aa'e anil netail Prarglftt
ttn."i:'.out IL' 1"' Ueil -lates slid t atiaila. ahiLy
yltK-ai piilllU. t'u pneiiir. leioa.Vaaa.
37 CCQll Place, LOUISVILLE, KVi,
i rrfdiiiy tu iM kwd lfji !r a u i ; LVtW yatV ku&
a3 1, fi.f --'- will
g&grf a'si'xSglXI'
armftiorrhea aud IinpotcneT
t lt rra'al t-f If.f-at uf 10 ' ''Hi, H--il 'il'T-N ,U .a
'-Itf Tftl. 7 1T fa'i". ki.t JlttJu .Lif 4iit f fU-fcl
llii; fV.-!: -' it.irta. rr;ti-1 J 'tblwnM, t'.ltl
'rf iLrvrtW). IriftiueMt f Aiatltt, lrrV lu M.-U tt, fcf.
I)' !- i , i'.i.n4Miit I ar A i . )i.'i. t. rft ji r ,. ) viiasA
(Vori-i B of lit-. i t, i ft i ivtt, r-cit
a r.i r n.rtn CVDtltT C i.h
ti n-r tir nir i--t. aw iioi
S'r r 5 1ST " Gonorrhea,
GLEET. Nniftbt. (.-vMtU, Rwnuft. lot RtUMxJ
rU iu.d "tetiaf , if 4ina- ttif at. r'rtj
ll - M.'-cC'li'wt Iftat m (eiif -IcSitii ubt'MTi ;t!fttt-lV
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v .e-l Pan.. Mt.r..in Ut-'V.b 'Mi fU'l wfl
rerofnaVflil e,ritrb bl lit? 91Tw, W ttCft 1 ttKrMli tj ltja.1 h
fl-lliiif'llr.f'n'irtaitt.'Q'. tl: -u lit mtji iitittH-lf
aVl Ufrfv t.J IDlil r f I (nihil Kr.
CprM Onaranterd la all Caie
CttrgH rvuH4 ul rvntu oi tttcy rs,Mtit.a.
OS tot ateea, m.i I. k, a4dre. , . fc akirty
Wl) eeaia. rteH I mt e, all. i.Mrm m ataea
VOm Iwi fnau a a U. ! r. al. etiMara. 1 4 t. aV
111 let) c
) vun tt sjci4
View of
BJA Ouidet Wedlock and
I A Ouidet Wedlock and
OOTlfiilvntial Imlu bi 11m
datiea o4 aiarrlta. aud tbe
-ejA,NOi!d'KuoJ Benieduetion and
A bnuk lor urleala. itnairi.
a-ale rtadUig. iW pagat, prlee
trn all diaonlm ol a Private Hafur uuiiu lrom Self
Abu, Bxaa, or Bert Dlaeaa, i'i tba 1x4
Bvana of eura. en larj.ijie.. price Ml tu.
A OUKiOAX I.KCTURC on thi-W dlteaaea tad
thoai til tae Tkroatand Lunt, Cataxrb.Buptur. lee
Ouior rublt.a.. prlee hi eta.
i.nli.r bock lent poiaphlflnn reertf of pr'eti or alt din.
wiMlnir Oift, bfautifatlT ilniatrairil. lor fi tu.
( Aiwiwa pa. by-it, s. us. aui tt. at. leuia. Xa
rl OONKUMPTIVf CURtO.-Wteea tad
tit aariaa ykl an 11 It I- ' .
mvmiw nai
SMluc frea aa
ft en a aii. earn
l,0oj tue II., intla., nam oi Udt mur.
OTtVZlatty IllwUaiTlirjM
JraaS C.H'i.a -rlitmrt .k.-re. Taa iiwra
iM.iia tureiiaa Va, t.1 fc.aa.a-, Kte T.ak.
-). , --Tt 1, P.tt,t - fVirayt- , Uv
seV'.V'til',, jr ,v art Iv. rrp
awtaal r Lf Afaa wti.AKY. rartiaasM Mittaae
UalJ u" K-vitiiLiiiH-oaiiit
a .a.
fitCBan.1"'1' 11 toA!l HIS.'lot,l-tUr)le-ltlJO
l tiMiui,:. ri . Ited.t) rBirlfl.i ral.Par
SMMtieuiai ir. ...). VI i u, i u. ht.Loiilt.aia
, '-' '. . AadBeatou , ' ' .
Oomiiiicsioii Merchant
s H OHIO laBTllt.
avparaiwa r rataa a.
aaraa uaatlytaua, aeataaafrea it, I, AT
MMla Bf MaM ' . AT
aliat ivnt, aoa at u. itoaata, M
kraai.M I. iw.mi, .a.- a,.a M
CRADI-WTt )., -T
Sr.T' r tart -" i siL XT
lirivalta-eviimi -rtlt aoa aM aia,all
I.Aniea u4 raailaraaa rftr l'i h, NS"" i
tw t-wU ant Cbmar o awilaM latmaaia tr 111 Ur
almfc-a e-aaeaaW,aar B. I.M. n.u Tf HjStt Baa
, :
Stock Certificates,
Wedding Invitations,
Or Anything in the ishapo of really
Postsro and
Our faeilitirt in th! Hue are utttttrpatteJ. Ordm fur anything, Ji oin titf
large! colored Potter to the malleti
Commercial Printing.
tfe., Ac, de.,
Etteiitfd in lattejnl ttylt, on good poper, and VER Y CH EA R
For thit Cfflti of icork tw are etpecially vxll prepared, and as we are doing
a large amount of it, and hau in our employ tnen of long experimee n mil
road printers we. ran fill all orders for any dncription of
Railroad flanks or Blank B:o'is, Time Cards. Freight cr
Passenger Tariffs, Fosters and Bulle'i j. Cards,
n slmt, anything in this line required ly Railroad Officers, on. tht vry
ihorteat notics, and at as low rates as any house in the vest.
Books and Pamphlets.
WORKMEN and Careful l-oof Readers, inmre to those who entrutt this
thss of Korlt to us, neat, handsome and CORRECT Boolcs, Pamphlets, Slock
Catalogues, School Catalogues, By-Latci, Ordinanets, Reports of Medical,
Scientific or Battvoleni Societies, dr., at rates as low as are mpsis'ent Kith
firti-clan work.
Blank Books
Of ectry dttci iption for County Ojfictrs, Railroadt, Monhinlf, Ma n
Etc., mad, up in he mint sultlcnti'tl and elegant m-jiner from f
material " . .
Wlien you want thing In the Hoc of
. An4 ym will get It doa
i li i. ' 1
4 t
City or County Bonds,
Ball Cards, Programmes.
handbill, teti le filkd in the JiESl
3 JD ,
The Best Family
v.. itaroTr ivretnitf'i aaalW laarnad
more work wlti ltsa labor tbva any ether
J. t. Jt-cUJtm, laaAgsr, OhVe an Salts
f Established 1830
1 I Absolutely Pure
LI and PALATABLE. I Ua;e I Use no other.l Iwhen
and PALATABLE. I iitae I Use no other.l Iwhere
ISO. '. l!llil.lt CO i'roir.4lor. l'lillMilcipiiiau,
ttf'MI llii1 .n'V, AhirA, iyu.tt, Juitnfi', una yj.'H'f.efm
ti.titrols in ua a-toniiiLiiiJily rhott time?. any d.:-iee
vhich ntlackfi or prowa out of these firpan?.
enrefor all Malaria;
vouanepciaticatSpiuftl I'moriBei, ueatiACtio.itiiK', I'mr
i!in, In speptia, etc. Tlieo tiuil mftny moro hat " i heir
r,r:,;ii iii the S'lmaarh ftjul l.ivtr. If vwir drwa'i:s l 1
' .. i k.v p tiiofn, aikiiea Holman Liver Fad CoiupKuy,
a V"il., r W. Fourth ft., CincinfiHii, O. J'lu'rf
f.'i M.ti.fJ.I I :.! f',
:-i 1. 1. tr., . 'I 1 .
PLASTERS 1 if l,v mng'O- "'oot I'latt?rt, 60 centt a pair;
Ilixly 1'la -te,-, I fonl-i e.; h. 52TBewHre t.t iriiitftlionn. Tak notio l-ut
thf oii'.-iii: ! Ilt lmaii'". lx-ivnt by Mail on receipt of pritv, po'tau fi '
aaav V ft le'ti. aat 11 rnHe.l lh. an.i ajtxral afi.'e. if
tY H . . .,-t,taeklSea.ilen.lrli,iall.tia,a4l.ii'
WL MT a B ' Law " Jir-trt Jif i rtlatJWaw, l'rvt). i, r.
mss JLJL Jaw w c.iu.atii. i.
ji't rAWw fitJiftww mt4 refl Mi9 etr-n-tr
f-f O'.'l iw(i:p. TU be-l lUa?ro
rrr trado. A" wit Kh Mrtt trttylr rcauk h eloeHr
liliUklff tin iUrV t f.-n-la. arif U4t Ji'ko'i Mt
t- iTf jslnf. i4'l vj i!1 rte!' . p-fil for tic
lb fa tl:9 lies is tait.
FOIt A.V AtliE
fit liic lieal ituJ In Ani-rica. 2.V)X--i acrea In
LnVm Nebra-ka, ntl Die Hue of tbe L'nion I'a
clttc railroad tew tor tain Ten years cred t
vircn, in .rest oDly '1 ier cent. Ibcae are the
only land fir fsl- on the line oftuit great riil
roal, fbe Werld'a llixtiwsr- eno for the
oew "fionx-r " tfte best iiuci for tlioto aeak
lna! new Home ever ti'jliliahet. Full aartlru
lars, with nmpa. tent tree. U. F. IAVl, Liaiil
AKut. L 1'. K. It.. Uc.al.s, Nch,
We will lurintr these hard tlma end ihe boll
daye di-pose of lice Hun ml .Sew I'lanot and
Oiaiit , t drst-claaa makes t lower prices for
cash or lntalnienta tkaa ever liefire offered.
Waters' I'ia' on and Cig irf are the be.c ua le,
Wirranted fir five years, llluatrated eataiour
mailed t.reat in uico cms to the trade, i'i
aiios. 7-ociaro, 1 11, 7 1 S-netav tisn irrsns ,
1 ttupi, H8, i sto 1 stopt. 6M, t1 stops,
a:o lu ttops, listopt V.. In lurfcct or
der, not nHi a re-r 61iet mntlo half price.
UuliAfK WATKKS e; bON'i, lnnDUhoturer
ami diale.'t, 40 cant ronrteentU atreet, Nov
Z Cure Fits.
Wl.en 1 say cure I do not menu merely to stop
them lor a time aud llien have theat r turn
aralii, I ineaa ar.dlcal euro 1 am a reiru.ar
iiUysician aud have mulv tlie di ate of 1 ite,
ipllsiey or Kalllrir Mlrknens u life loDfr atadr.
1 warrant inv remedy to caw to (lire lii worst
rates. liecma ott ers have failed Is no mv,n
t'nr not now teceirinjr a cure from me. hend to
UieatoncefnraTreallaeauda I'KLK BO m.K
of my infalibde remedy. .lre expreta aud
post pottoiHce. It ecus von notbiOK tor a trial,
and I Will on re vou. Address lilt. II. I,.
KijOT, lc3 Pear! street, New Vork.
In their own localitiea, carvneslnjf for the
Kirealile V iHitwr, (eularireit) Weekly ttnj
Monthly. Inrcewt t'nper 1st Ihe World,
Willi JlamrnotD Chromot t ree lliar Coiuinln
tlnnsto AgenM Term and Outfit Tree. AdV
Urest. V . i. VICKtU V. Atutual ., Uain.
A ft Extra Flna Mixed Car da, withiuir
tU 10 ota., yai-iai!i. U JO.Nib A CV..
Ka.ua. N. V.
I Kteil prlcet only .
I I trior Orfliiit. price k'W.
'only ag), Cner fits.
DAK't T. BBATTT, traihlnrloa, X. J.
10-8 1 OP ORGANS,
WHY f Al 'M
Tor a a I'laao. or W for an Oriran, when you
can have one of these tmiar-inteeo ta irood nt
he beet) sent on trial FHtt by the M AKOU AL
Ml r 1'iart aol and Urn to., 17 Unlver
tTl'loee, N. Y.
CAUTJsj n etylea) lc. fl bird eatrlifo,
with name, tlexptuing, CobltslOHJi.l.
qe Fttfilnnable Carrls-anowflalio Marble,
SO Ac. with name, uc. C, Walker A Co,,
Chetllaru ViUege, Ji. V.
OR Mixed farilt Willi name. In card case, by
SO mail, llu, L. I'. UUBltl.Nb.Scnodeck
0!JVKrTIOtl ran tie euredl Try TVI
'alUMAI AskyourdroKglat for it
IlnTiBt; tuurificl twenty yoare
batireen life and deatr, wild Ad I IK
AIA, 1 exiierlmeuted l.y com-
Koundlnit root and herbt and in.
aline tb meelkiuo. I foriuoata
IT ll-eoTererl a sure cure lor
ASTHMA and CA'lBKUf war
ranted to relieve any case ot U lla
ma Ln.iaotlr. to tba MJ.al taa lie dowa to
sjaarp, Aiynau, aa,v aianrtte
& ' 1 1 A. . . 1 .
as. aitnaiiki vovwid auraat, as
Tori, or Apple Creak, UhJ-
Wilta George Welnter, Hamilton, Wancoclt
touaiy, 111., kir maps and deeuilptiona ofvalir
abl-j farina la Olark cma J, Mo. 1' or aale L0 W
or lease on Ion time,
It is the Only Sewing Maohlntl
whiih has a
is the licutkst mm.
Tito Slmnlmt, the
Most Duraiile, and i
j.Tery juespeci
Sewing Machine!
etoaa tint ret Out Of Order, and Will 00
machine. lUuatraUd Clrtuiar furnlabed tin
rvoet, tt Waaatlt Artaas. tlca Ullaels.
Agent, Cairo. 111.
Far Throati Prescribed oold
lung H bv Phvsiclans.l I every
..! I
ing ft speeilii- ami iroiiiit ttoiion
The l'atl I a jirovf-riUTfl
And a i roriul ami l 'X'tir.vl
al, yiraleia, Rheumatism. Ner-
li tka nfxlan't ttia Wl, I. KiiianUne-,01 la It.f-
Ayer'sAgue Cure,
lor r'lver and Aaue, Intermittent
k over, tiuil I'uver, Hemittant TaTar,
Dauib j'unif , Periodical or Biliooa Trr,
I.e.. :.:.d i.iJced all the affaoUotu waioh
ttiifo i:'jiu iiiklKraOua, Diarah, or nlae
mi '.c Vi'.: r.t.
1 !.; ri' ;.''iril ri-rcrdy, prepared with
: i - -k. , '.- .vei; Inttredleiita, whhh
i.i. . I .... i.) ,-. r.' ilu- ft vereat eaae of CfalU
I ever :: ill.- i,n-i.r,illiir,l diaordcrt. 8w b
',:.. ' it r.i i aiii, a vf Hi ptoejteln tnalati
. .-ift '. ' ii.ii' 't I' C't anpeflorliy over
i.i'V '. r i.H.'.nMie yel t'lrfiovcrad for ta ewe
if i '.'. i ui-... ;tjt .t eotuiai no quiataevr
i , i. t tf e r.lo tit.- it are free froai
.1 ':.iiil-m or iu-.y l.'ijoikut eftetw, aa4
..r- ' I.' .dil y uf'.er nsk.a; It e before, ll baa
' -. .'. riel iu.f.Myrt dutltajt the last tlilrty
j r. r-; i il. ' tn. 'itM.nt i f tfceee dltretnf dl
It-, i tra uivsaryluat hni Uvn lit taeeaaa
i .' !: ) .. f .l'.r l tlie r pu'jiilon rf bte lofaikV
' . . hi..', te .if-.!y r naetede4 a a tuiv
r ii' K i. i I - :r.c li r tie l ever audi Aara rrf
. . ..i.l the thill anil Fever of the
. i. li, o!.nj I n.kin up.ly It. do no",
r. -t - -''Ml - ,::i -,s I ae!a ectitrae4.
'I !'C yrrat Vjiii ly cf .liordra alilili art
I:' . iniuikiii of line poitoti, aoch a Jfea.
iiiiul i, l!lieiiuitlinu, taatil. Ilatularhe,
Lllniliii ... Toothache, Earache, Ca.
taili, Atthrna, PalpltaUan, Bplenlr
Aft. iilnnt, llyeceriea, Patit Its the Baw
els, tulle. I'aralyala, and derangement of
tie Mtiirtiii h, all of wlilrh become Intertaltlrnr
ir j-.rlod'eul, hire ao apeedler remedy then
.t i,'H Ar.ti ( i nr, whlih ruris Uietn all allkr,
r.i i i r- u n ilit ayttem from future nltarks. As
h i.Miitlve, it la .f Immense servk In those
r.-i:tiiiiuhl. wliere Fever and Ago prevail,
:, It i;,.y- ihe deTek'iuer,t of the dlaette if tsken
'le' fir-t approach r f the preoionltory symrt
t.r,n. j rniellers and temporary realdeatt are
i.i . t.'i.'illed to defy these disorders, and km
vlll ,i r mirer If tlwy avail thminlvee of the
rotee'Jon this remedy iffurit.
1'or Liver Complaint, nrlslntf fi;m
t. ;,.i. ll:y, It ia an ( irslleiit r, nn.ly ; It stlniulutr
tuis organ into Lualtliy aetlvlty, and proda,e
rn-rry rrmaikahle cure wliere other medldrivs
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer it Co.,
aV tical and AaaljrHeal Ctsecntsla,
iOl.l BT ALL IXt.GCIfiT'l AVlHlWaUBa.
At the time has cent, for tb renewal of sub
scriptions, Tilt aVH would reoiiod lie friends
aod wtll-wlthert everywhere that It ia agala a
candidate for tkeir eon tilt ratio tad euppovt.
t poa tu record for the past tea yeara it niiet
fur a eoDtlnuanot of the beany avmpettiy and
icenerous co-ops ration whjch have hlthtrt-i been
extended to it I rem every quarter of the t'nloiu
Dally iseioor-vJt'nal ef'.'Seol-
o-eini prlie by mail, poti-oaitt. M orsia
rnonin. or 90 uv mr vcar.
The iint j eilfUon of TnB Sell k aoelgtit-
retfe slieet of M coiumnt. While alviax the news
of ih. day it also contains a large amount of
literary and mltcilaneoua matter aperlally pre
pared for It. Tut Krip.Y Hc hat met with
grant snoctna. 1'ott paid 11 X0 a yett.
'f ha Weakly Hast.
Who does not know TUB WKr EI.V fCXt
It circulate throughout the I'oltvd twt, tb.
Canaua, and beyond. Klneiy thousand fami
lie greet It welcome pagrt weekly, and ragard
It in the light of guide, counselor, and friend.
Ittnewa, editorial, agricultural, and literary it.
tiarttuentt make it esaent'ally a journal far the
inuilly and the flrtaidt Tttnti one Dollar
a year post-paid. ThU price, quality eooaldtred,
makes It the oheuneti ntwaaaper publinhed. Fur
cluljtofica with 1U taahtW will ae&d an extra
oopy free. Address, . .
H'BMH If OF THE HC. y.w Tork City.
Pohlle nolle h hereby given that we, the na
derslgned, have thle day iorrued a trtaertbrp
fur the purpoee of prtotiolog our reapeotiv legal
rofesIons. 'Hie tiyla of tbe Una tbtll U
IL'LKtV A fittK, Bald paruerthlp aball not
extend iotlie rlmiual practha. W retpeetfully
aolir.it a slur of the legal tmttneia, whleii, ir en.
trailed to our care, ahail recaave carelol tod
prompt atttnUoa. William C MvLatv,
Aroi'B Lra. .
Dated tblt tlitrUyerieenihr, A.I).,lTf'
,:l f;
i . t r a a aru w i
.V) 1 L- a
vara a kii jiummt,
frivi,, .:
U "at-S .

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