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, mr, floor Iwr, caillnir, lidiua- mill iirliutd
lumber. Ulh B'I shingle. Odlnc ami yard
urct T Twentieth trtt and Waebliiitoii avmiin
Ii. U AKTMAX dealer la tjiietniwan, Tnyn,
l-a4 nil html of fancy arlivta. Coiiiiiier
: i! atomic, corner si elrwt,
WILLI AH WrNTKIt Slalh trtt belweca
miuiierclalawtiue and WanhlugUin acnue
t'lvtluDf and Merchant rallarlua;.
.JOHN AM KIM-MTi:luuit Tailor ami flcU-l
lb KraUy Mail Clothing-. 71 Ohio jfec.
Jtal Latale AgMeUa.
M. J. HOWLKY-Ikal Btt Agent. Buy
ad xllt ml eU'4, collect rem, pay taut
(ur iifin-reaidenla.etc. Conmitrrelal avuu, be
l won X Inth ami 1 with HrwU.
luininlaaiuit Hervlutata.
Cottun aui Tubaiwo Factor aut pro
iirictorl of tha Farm' Tobacco WarvU'Ui.
Ualfl CoUiuiinereial Atetiue
i (touvral r'orwarJIng and ComuioAioa
Ibcrcbant, lor Uie eele or farm, Uarilcu, Ur
banl ami Dairy I'rodue. n ' 'liio
Ueseral forwarUlog and Coniinbtloa
luer-'banw, aud dealtra iu all kluila of t roll and
fiodoea, 4 uMo lvr. Cbnaiimiutnt ollo
.ted, ioeiMflinilbMloBa(iJkaiiou.
i 1 " ' i i i i
Just recdved.SOObtrrelt click aisles
ut el Ohio Levee. II. I-noii ifi.
I b Tidal It at-It llaaatraeb lair
Just Received 6,000 of tbo celebrated
Tidal Wave, 5 ec-nt cigars. Try I Item.
I rale supplied. Pettii A Bird.
ar Hal.
rii.A.riAMa V'i tr(r. 1 r. .tt.i -1 Y.n.
Nj i w i"iiui ntg.'i4 in nrv v- ,
tlitluo, and one span hor and barneys. )
Tbe horses are sound, and hi gouJ ron.
dltlon, and tbe harnest almost new. For
terrai apply ai Henry rrobuie'", corner ot
Fourteenth at. and Washington avenue.
l.f He loleutaa a Laundry.
Mil? tattle Coleman ha reopen! br
uubdry on Fourth itrert, ltwn wah
!oton and Commercial artnura, and takri
(Mi i&eihod ol InforHdag br oil friend
and patron tLat b I ayaln at tblr aer
it., and aclUltt their pitrouips. it U
nJurejprlcfi to lult th tluiti
r BU.
1 he loilowln detcriber property fur
sale at a bargain If applied for soon, viz
Lots" and $, block M, with residence
aod Improvements, corner Ninth street
and Washington avenue; 3 houses and
Uits on north side of Twelfth street, cor
ner Poplar: (otfage and lot on Walnut,
iiar2.1rd. M. .1. IIowi i.y,
1-V-tf. IN-al Kslate Agent.
IO HvoHrd.
"The t'eeiles" is beyond all ijticitlon
'.!. best five cent cigar offered lor sale in
this market. lr. I red Teicbman Is the:
sole manufacturer of this celebrated
brand of cigars, and ofleret a reward ot
.) hundred dollai a to any person who
will find any In them but tbe pure Ha-
varia filler with Connecticut wrapper and
binder. The PeerlCM has become a great
favorite with Cairo smokers, and the
Jemand for I hem is constantly on the
Increase. The trade supplied on the
moet reasotiablA terms. Tor sale by
1 red Teli'htoan, Commercial avenue,
i.ear HlT'h street. Jyl-im.
tlna Aaralu.
td. ttiaiton has returned to his old
u.ud In the Reiser building, where he Is
setter prepared than ever to acromrao
lute hia patrons and tbe public who
may favor him with a call. He has gone
to coDaidcrable expense in fitting up a
ouplcof nicely furnished rooms, which
he has provided with all the latest Im
provements and conveniences. He em
ploys only first class workmen and those
who putronhie him will have their wants
attended to in atyle and will receive
ourteous treatment.
Wortiaef WarBli,!
Durlnj; the pnftent y ear, as in tbe past,
the grave will close over thousands, sim
ply because they uegleet tbe means
which would restore them lo health.
Meet the fell destroyer at the threshold,
and dispute bis luvalon by that more
.ban' woutlerful medicine, Dr. Morris'
iyrupof Tar, Wild Cherry and Uore
tiound. There U no cough or cold, case
ot asthma, bronchitis, blood-spitting,
weak lungs, croup or whooping cough
wtdoh will not yield more readily to this
great botanical remedy than any other
medicine. If you would avoid disap
pointment, and be speedily cured, ask
your druggist lor Dr. Morris' Byrup of
far, Wild Cherry aud Ilorehound. Trial
slie, 10 cents. Regular sien, 50 f nts
and. one dollar.
Prof. Parker's Pleasant Worm Syrup
li perleotly safe. Extremely palatable.
No physio required, "osts 2S cents
Try It. Mm
KlKhl Henr lha Old HtftnoV
Having withdrawn from the dental firm
of Cantae Wbltlock, Iwill lUllcontlnu
the pracllc ot dentistry at So. 1R8 Comtaer
ola) ave. betwetn tin and 9th streets, over
Uoldstme A Roeenwatw'a ator third
door north of flight stroet. I will be pleas
sdtoese ail my old friends and patjons,
and attend punctually to their wants lo
(be wu of dsnttstxy. Very Bes'py.
K. W. "V7B1TLOCK, D. P. fl.
ia tiI4 Com'l ave-A doors north of 8th st
-Children cry tor Pitcher's Castorla
ft is as pleasant to take an honey. It
outalni no morphine or other deleter
tovi Ingredient, nd I ure to .expel
worms, eure wind collo, regiriate the
bowels and itotnach, ud overcome Irri
tation cauaed by rah or tutting teeth.
Mother can rest, and children enjoy
beelth, w um Cutorl. It U to"
Ui, tt U certainly ipted. tsd It U
ckep. IWl.-lSw
'. j-ij-iiuru..
SUNDAY, January 27, 1678.
The Jackson county bond caw: U net
for trial next Monday,
Harry Wnlkeret a fr-e oyster lunch
evry evenluj?. "Don't you forget It."
Cba. A. Saup, a former attache ot
tlilt oltlce, ha lately been delivering
teniirerance lecture in Xaneiville, Ohio.
Oyster )iip lunch at Hai ry W alker'n
Cryaful talonn every rvenln at 8
o'clock. I.i.ll
Shell n8ter4 Jiit reoeived at the
Crystal inloon. Hakuv Wai ii k.
iihell oyattru tint received at the
( Jrvttal inloon. Hiiuir Waixir.
1 1-20.
Shell oystM Jut rewlvwl ot (he
Crystal saloon. IUrhv WiiaKt.
For Hutter, f.itt, Applt, etc., call at
No. M Ohio levee,
tt. IJ.Lbuiuiom
Uoh't forget tbe matinee of H'kley
Hibernlca at 3 o'cloek this afternoon.
Admission lor children 15 rents, and
adtflts 25 cent.
Query: "Why will men smoke com
mon tobacco, when they can buy ilar
burar Bros. 'Seal of North Carolina' at
tbe same price f"
Don't forget the fit oyster soup at
o'clock this evening at Harry Walker's,
corner Butb street and (,'orniDerclal av
uue. 1.1. If
WiMiiD A good boy, iii a responsi
ble position. Addreae, In own hand.
writing, P. O. Box &fi!i, city.
1 iirulrtit'J room, with or without hujid.
Centrally located. Bst of references
given. Address at once,
"fi," o. BoiTH Clt).
1'ahioh Concihi. A parlor nlrr
talntwnt will be given at tbt residence
of Mrs. Gilbert on next Thursday night,
January 1st. " Don't you forget It."
KaiiRNir.. ilr. J. 11. Kelley, of ihe
Planters', returned yesterday with bis
bride. May they live long and prosper
ay we.
Tua Chlrvbss. There will b the
usual Sunday services la the Episcopal,
Presbyterian, iethodLst and German
Lutheran churches to'day at the regular
'Ih(. PaHa. There has leeu luuch
complaint of late about the manner In
which St. JJary's park Is kept. Keci ntly
It has twooiue a n-gular pasture for hog'
and cattle, and much damage Is being
done to tbe young trees and boxing
around tbem. The attention of the city
authorities ii ctillpj to this matter.
Nut ice. A business meeting of the
Cairo Temperance Reform Club will be
held to-morrow, Monday, evening, Jan.
28tb, nt 7:30 o'clock, for the transaction
of Important business, A lull attendance
of the members is requested. As the
business to be transacted pertains only to
the club and Its members, the public are
not Invited. Will K. Haw xins.
Thk Cuno Casino. lu another
column of this morning's issue will be
found the card ot the Casluo society,
which gives a ball on the evening ol
February 4th, at Meeehl's ball. It was re
solved at tbe last meeting of the society
that no tickets be sold to Improper
characters, either male or female, which
resolution will be strictly adhered to.
Preparations are being made for the
event, which promises to be a first-class
and enjoyable affair.
KtHCBaB. We find the following In
the Paducab Aas .
"Henry Ward Beecuer will lecture at
Evansville next week, and we learn that
an effort will be made by some of our
citizens to Induce him to visit Paducah
Should they be successful, he will get a
crowded house to hear the man of tbe
many-sided character and reputation.
In spite of all the dlflerences ot opin
ion In regard to him among the people
of the country, uo one has questioned
hit ability and eloquence, and our peo
ple, without admiring him in any respect,
will doubtless be glad to sec one so noted,
as be, both before and sim the tilt, with
If Paducab can have Eeeeuer, why can
not Cairo. If he could be iuduccd to
come here people would pay the ad
mission fee merely to see hlra.
Hoftss This- Captured. Venter
day morning between 11 and 12
a young man called at Carle's llyery
stable on Washington avenue.near Tenth
street, and wanted to hire a berse, stating
that he wasted to go across the river
Into Missouri. In the course of the con
venation with Mr, Carle tbe young fellow
stated that he had borse with blm, but
that the animal bail been ridden bard
and be wanted to give him a tew duys'
rest and : would leave him with Mr,
Carle until his return. After question
ing the follow for some time, Mr. Carle
became convinced that tbo fellow had
stolen the horse, and accused him
with the theft. The lellow, alter
a good deal of parleying, virtually
acknowledged that the horae was stolen
and attempted to get away. However,
Mr. Carle succeeded In detaining him
until Chief Arter could be sent for, and
on the arrival ot Arter the lellow was
arretted and locked up. The horse, a
small sorrel, bllud ;in the right eye, .It
In Mr. Carle's possession, and tbe owner
can bave blm by proving properly and
paying charges. Of late horse thieves
have been driving a lively trad in tbe
counties In Missouri and Kentucky oppo
site thli point, and to far but few of the
faortH bate best recoysrid or tbe
I tblsrst oaptnred,
la Wbleh Jobs W. Carter tame
III Dealta-Tba I4a tbal II Cob.
titlad StuKid steaaied, bait new
lael lllolld-lbe laqaoat
Jonrn4 until Moariay Hemt-Tb
I HUral will rrobualjr lake riaea
Oa Tnearfay.
Incitement over the finding of tbu
dead body of Mr, John W. Carter still
runt high among the people of Mound
City, and nothing else Is thought or
talked of. Our reporter visited that
village again yesterday In the hope of
learning something new concerning the
tragic affair, and spont four or five
hours In talking to leading citizens
of that place aud listening to tho evi
dence as It wai given I lore the cor
oner's Jury.
As stated in the Bui.lbii.x yesterday
morning, the coroner's jury, after giving
the matter more thought, became satis
ied that they
at their first meeting in rendering a ver
dict of death by suicide, and the senti
ment among them that a further Investi
gation should be bad was unanimous.
Accordingly at 2 o'clock yesterday after
noon the jury reassembled In Judge
Mertz' olflce, and on motion of Dr. N.
R. Casey it was resolved to reconsider
their former verdict and to enter Into
a more thorough aud
All the witnesses ,who testified at the
first sitting, and a large number ot
others, were resummoned to appear be
fore tbe ury. Judge Mertz acted as
foreman ol the jury .and conducted the
examination ot tbe witnesses.
was the first w itness called, and he tes
titled to going Into the building about
seven o'clock in the morning and find
log the body Hnd giving the alarm. His
evidence was substantially at Mhtcd In
tbe Bn lktis yesterday.
testified ihtit he was going down town
about half past even o'clock and met
Mr. Kittle ou the railroad track who
told blm IhRt .Mr. Carter was dead.
They went Into the depot together and
saw Ihe body lying on the bed. The
room was quite dark at tbo time, but
they could see very well. Carter was
laying on bis back with his right hand
on his breast. The hand was covered,
but a portion of the tlbow was exposed.
He asked Mr. Kittle to move the body
and see If It was rigid. Mr. Kittle put
his bind under Carter's head, and when
he palled It out again bis hand was cov
ered with blood. The hand was covered
and be could not see the pistol. Mr.
Morris said that if the hand had been
exposed he could have seen the pistol.
Mr, Kittle did not remoye the clothing.
The bedclothlng oyer Mr. Carter did not
Indicate a struggle, and was arranged
abmit as one would fit them In covering
up. The head was lying forward nn the
breast, and Inclined slightly to the left.
There was no apparent fiUturbancp of
the bedclothlng,
Mr. Kittle was the next witiuss, and
be said be could i,ly coiioli-rute .Mr.
Morris testimony.
conductor on the Mound City railroad,
testified to Coding (he lump burning in
tbe ottice when he went in between
eleven and twelve o'clock, preparatory
to going out to meet the up train oti the
Illinois Central. The lamp was burning
when he went Into the room, and the
door leading to the bedroom was locked.
He blew out the light ami went out and
locked the door. He did not return
until a quarter before five o'clock lu the
morning, and when he went into the
office he found the lamp had been lighted
aud the door leading to the bedroom was
opeu. Ho did not go Into the bedroom,
but after putting away the mull and at
tending to souie other matters again
blew out Die lamp and went home. Ho
had seen a woman In tho bedroom on a
lormnr occasion, and knew that "when
the bedroom door wai locked he had no
business Iu there." The last tluse be
saw Mr. Carter allvo was about tlx
o'clock the evening previous, when Car
ter gave bim instructions what to do the
next day. Tbere wui five keys to the office
aoor John Carter, Henry Carter, Wntts
anu himself each bad one, and the tilth
was kept In a drawer la the office, This
key Is missing aud eaunot be found.
the young lady with whom It Is claimed Mr
Carter was on intimate terms, was next
called, and her temtmony Is given iu
full, as follows :
The tost time 1 saw Mr. Carter was on
Tuesday morulag. 1 did net see him on
Thursday at any Unio, nor receive any
communication from him. I did not
receive tbe note sent me by Mr, Carter
on Thursday : we were on intimate terms
and we have had no quarrels or difficulty
witnin the last lew days, i went to Dr.
Casey's with my sister, on Thurs
day evening back 1 saw a
bright light la the office nud saw
curtains up, and spoke of It, but
went on home. 1 was about to retire
when my sister said that a colored man
had been there with a note from Mr.
Carter, and that the man said Mr. Carter
told him It I was not In to bring It back.
I did not know of the death of Mr. Carter
'till my sitter told me of it.
Dr, Catey then rjuettioned Miss New-
gent ai follows :
Dr. C Nellie, It tt not true that you
have received presents from Mr, Carter T
Mist N. Yet, I have received present!
from him, but not lately.
Dr. C Have you made him presents ?
Miss N. I rasdo him a present on
Christmas day ol a cigar-holder, which
you may bave seen hanging In his orBce.
Dr. When did yon see Mr. Carter
Mitt N. -I saw him on Tuesday en the
itreet and spoke to him. I had Juit got
back from Anna.
Dr. C.-Nelllo, It It not true that yon
and Mr. Carter have hud quarreli within
the last yearr
Mitt N.-Yci, we had quarreled, but
nothing serious. Nothing of the kind
bis occurred recently.
Dr. C.li It not true that you bays
visited Mr. Carter'! olDce alter utgbt '
Miss K. Yes. I wss there in his office
ou Monday night.
Dr. C.-Ifivc you been there alone
with him ?
Miss N. Yes. i have been there nights
when there wss uo ou else with him,
but It has been a good while since I was
Dr. C Has Mr. Carter unuhiug you
gave bim?
Miss N. Yes. . He has a couple of
rings and some letters belonging to me.
I have nothiug lu his hand writing but
a card.
Dr. N. Nellie, dij you ever have any
trouble with Mr. Carter iu which an
other lady was Implicated ':
Miss N.-No.
Dr. C Did you eyer threaten hliu for
veiling otter parties f
Mist X. I never threatened to punish
him it he didn't desist from visiting
other parties.
Dr. C When did you write to Mr.
Carter last 't
Miss N, I wrote two letter! to him
from Anna, hut If he wrote to me 1 never
received his letters.
Dr. C Where were you going when
you wrote that your trunk vrmilJ be at
the depot 'f
Miss N. I Intended .to go away that
night. I first Intended to go In tke
afternoon, and then thought I would go
that night, but somehow 1 could not
fix myself, and I went to bed. I wrote
to him In the evening that I was going
away, and would send my trunk over at
six o'clock, and If be bad anything to
tay he could write to me.
Dr. C Nellie, was It not abiolutely
necessary tor you to see him before you
went away ?
Miss N. Xo, it wan not.
Dr. C- Did you not m c Mr. Carter at
10 o'clock on Thursday night, or was
he at your house?
Mlsa X. Xo, 1 did not see him on
TlmrsJay night. He was not at my
house on that night. Tbe last time I
saw blm was ou Tuesday morning, and
at noon 1 wss at the express otllce and
raw him ermiin-r from the navy yard.
Dr. C Did you ewr hear Mr. Carter
sy he was tired of life, and wl?h he
wss dead 'i
Miss X. Xo.
Dr. C-Nellie, ras thrc ever an en
gageinent between ynn and Mr. Carter r
Miss X. Yes; there was a marriage
engagement between us, but the time
had not come yet It was to have been
on the 2Sth ot next month.
Dr. C Was there any disagreement
between you that was calculated to
break of? that engagement?
Miss X. Xo, tltere was not.
The greater portion of the time while
Miss Xewgent was on the stand she was
crying bitterly, and answered the ques
tions propounde 1 with her lace covered
with a handkerchief. She is rather
above the ordinary heighth of women,
with a handsome face, bright black eyes,
fair complexion and light hair, and withal
quite good looking. Her conduct while
on the stand was modest, and she
seemed to feel deeply the position in
which she wa placed. She wore a com
mon blue waterproof, and hat covered
with a browu veil.
Millie Craln, an old colored woman,
testified that she had been oat attending
a sick woman, aud It was about 4 o'clock
In the morning when she went home.
Just after passing Carter's otllce she
heard a sound like that of the discharge
ot a pistol, which came from the direc,
lion ot the depot. She paid no attention
to It at the time, and went home.
A number ot other witnesses were ex
amined, but nothing further of Impor
tance was elicited, ine lnqiien was
then adjourned until Monday morning,
at 10 o'clock, when several witnesses
will be examined.
Public sentiment has undergone uo
change as to the manner ot Mr. Carter's
death, and there Is not three men In the
place who believe that it was a suicide.
All tho circumstances the position of
the burly , the wound In the head, and
a dozen other Incidents go to show that
ltjwas a case of murder. But who did
it and the motive, are mysteries which
It seems impossible to fathom.
It was not deflnately known yester
day whether tbe funeral would take
place on Mouday or Tuesday, owing to
the fact that It Is not known when the
relatives of tho deceased will arrive.
I he Odd Fellows of Mound City and
Cairo will attend the funeral.
Will Lkctcbb. The Kxcelslo r social
and literary society yesterday received
Information Ironi the lion. W. W. Rans
dull to the e fleet that he will positively
be here and deliver hit lecture entitled,
"How the other half ot tbe world lives,
or, Lite In outb America," on Tuesday,
February Cth, Mr. Randall ba the
reputation ot being a fluent and eloquent
talker, and since he bat been consul to
Chill and hat traveled In all the countrlei
ot South America, bit lecture will doubt
less be au exceedingly Interesting aud
Instructive one. lie Is the brother ol
tho pretent speaker of the house, and
has received from tbe press of the coun
try some ot the roost flattering testi
monials ai a lecturer. He should, and
doubtleso will, be greeted by a full house.
f'bnlce Lord.
Fred Koehler, corner Eighth street
aud Washington avenue and aim at the
corner of Eleventh itreet and Washing
ton ivenue, la telling the choloest family
lard Iq buckets .at the ruinously low
price ol cents per pound. IMm
Aurlloa Bale I ;
Parlor and bedroom furniture, carpets,
pictures, etc. No. 33 Tenth itreet,
Saturday, January 20th, at 2 o'clock, p.
m. The furniture to l.w sold It all new
and In good ordnr. l-J6-2t
All billt due the firm of Stuart A
Gholton mutt be settled on or before the
1st. All bills unpaid alter that data will
be placed for collection. . 1
19 lw. 9TCART A (iBOLSON.
Avova i
low WATia. Klte or 1'all
lJaport ....
Paducah ......
St. Paul
Keokuk ..
M. Loui
Saruaat Signal Service. U. A. A
If yesterday was the coldest day we
are to have this winter the rest or it will
be pretty warm.
It heavy snows do not fail lu the
mountain regions toon there will be a
lack of water In the rivers next spring.
The Thomas W. Means returned to St.
Louis yesterday with two barges of
The James W. Gad", yesterday morn
log, had 1,470 bales of cotton lor the
Tho Pittsburg Ditpatch asks, "Will
tbere be a new pool between St. Louis
and New Orleans or a fight, or what?"
and the St. LoUls Eotning Pott answeri:
"You can put up that It will be a tight
and a burst up too. It has lived Its
days." There scem( to be a good deal
of this kind ol talk lately, and It may
mean builnes. If it does the Anchor
line will no doubtextend to New Orleans.
The Golden Rule with 1,100 tons
ran from Cairo to Eyansvllle In
twenty-seven hours, making five land
ings. The City of Chester brought 336 bales
cotton lor resshlpment east and look
a moderate trip for St. Louis.
Tho Whale brought four barges from
the Ohio, and added one here that came
from St. Louis.
The Jim Fhl. tin ting lukou the HI
berniea troup to Paducah, Thursday
night, was late urrhlngat Paducab, nd
behind time ronilng down the river. She
left Mound City at about Ave o'clock, and
Just alter he got under way, and near to
the place where she lost her engineer,
her shaft broke, letting the wheel down
so that she came near losing the whole
business. In this condition tm floated
down the river nearly to this city and
called for help, which brought the Mon
tauk to her assistance. She Ii laying
near the stone depot waiting tor repairs.
The SC. Bernard Coal company bave
bought the Little Candor on private
Anothtr vesel drawlug twenty-three
feet has gone out to sea through the
Tbe John Gllmore aud barges will be
here from St. Louis to-day. Alto ' tho
Belle Shrevaport for New Orleans.
Since we learn that England won't
fight we are glad that wo disposed of
our jteamboat stock. Captain Jim Law
disposed of it for us to an African trader.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last
will be days long remembered by the
officers ot the Jim Flsk as marked days
iu ner history, on vreunesday evening
hcrengineer, Wm. Weston, was drowned
Just below Mound City. On Thursday
olglitthe du.th of Jno. W. Carter, her
Mound City ugent, occurred, and on
Friday evening she broke her shaft and
will lose over a week'i Hum In repairs.
The ldlewild towed theyiin. Ftsk to
Paducah last night to repair.
The Belle Moraphls has a medium car
go tor Memphis.
The Mollio Mooro arrived with 125
tons tor the south, and made additions.
The T. T. Hilloian brought wind,
Bradley says, and fook a car ot oats
The Mary Miller has a fine trip for
Pilot Smith, of tbe Mollle Moore,
stopped off here to go on the new steam
er, J. B. M. Kehler, due lu a tow days
from Pltlsburg. Pilot, Geo. Miller takes
Smith's place on the Moore.
At Wnablnertaalinll, frarr 4, '7.
Gents ticket $1 00
Ladies ticket SO
Ticket! can be hail of all tbe memberi
and In the evening at tbe hall.
Improper oharucteri will not be per
mitted In the hall.
l-27tf The Committee.
Dr. Reynolds. Cairo people will be
interested In the following, which we Had
In the Chicago Jourml of January 25th.
" The red ribbon movement bts Just
frot fairly itarted In this city. Last e ven
ng Dr. li. A. Reynolds opened a second
meeting at the hall, corner ot Haltted
street and Blue Island avenue, the at
tendance ot which was quite large and
enthusiastic. Meetings will ba held this
and to-morrow evenings at the tabernacle
on Indians street, and on Sunday after
noou at the West End opera house. 431
West Madison street, it Is proposed to
orgsnlze a "red ribbon club'' at the
latter meeting, to be called by that name,
During the evening 924 names were add
ed to the pledge of total abstinence."
Two hundred snd twenty -four
names In one evening Is good work
to begin with, and doubtless the dooto ,
will tske sll the larger cities ol the state
as completely as be does tbe smaller ones
before the people are aware of It,
Baa Tbl.
B lbs choice Rloeoffc, fl,
10 lbs A sugar, $1.
11 tbl best Hew Orleans sugar, f 1.
And everything else at rock bottom
prlaei. finis 4s Bird
Extraordinary Inducements to Purchaser,
until rtor OHxrlaitnxAaaB TOTeelc-
Willi offer to the Public tome
The Kioeat assortment of Ladies' Cloaks and
Umrmalied Attractions Silk Uandcrcniets,
eu gam aMoriment.
A Full aLd Complete Line of Gents' Furnishing Goods-void at astonishingly lew priest
fecuuyrn, n oow anu i anov articiei ol an ibades and colors.
Ladles hlioes actually at Cost.
Carpets and Oil Cloths la endless variety,
We take pleasure in announcing to our
are now orterlnir sneclal inducements to
days. A thousand new and attractive article! of vcrtu arc now on exhibition, im
vi. uvihb uiiucu inuri cairauruiuarny
Corner 18th Street & Oom'r'l Ave."
I Have Oponed an
And Toilot Artioloo,
To Which I Call the Attention of ta Public.
tSrl will mako the accurate compounding of pbysieuns prescription! a ipe
dally. O. E. 0'nAJLa.r
All Mi u ii 1,1 lluj sbelr tiroeerles I rout
. Petti A Bird.
Below we give a number ol reasons
why people should buy tholr grocerlei
from Pettis A Bird :
1 it. Because their stncki is the target'
frehest and choicest In the city.
2nd. -Because they lell goodiof every
kind tbraper than any other houe In the
3rd. lUetiUie they deliver goods more
promptly and In better .'Imp than any
other house In the city.
4th. live aue they keep the most com
plete slock, and persons desiring to
purchase 'ilflerent kinds of goods are not
compelled to go eliewhero because
Messrs. P. JL B. bave not got tbe goods
they want. .
Theso we consider substantial reasons
why our readers should buy their goods
ot Pettis A Binn,
Corner 14th st, and Washington avenue.
Also Just recrlved a lurpe lot of Yar
nell Bro.'s Baking Powder, tho host
goods made; only requires one teaspoon
ful to the quart ot flour. Give It a trial
and you will ue no other.
15-lm. Pettis A Bird.
Lessons in Drawixo. The uuder
slirneil having rented the German ichool
building on Fourteenth street, will open
a school where Instruction In drawing
will be given. Also Instructions In wood
carving. Lessons given every Saturday,
fiow 10 to li o'cluuk. Tuition $1 per
month. John C. Kleifoev.
In this connection we desire to state
that John C. Kleltgen and Peter Jaeger,
wood carvers, upholsters and cabinet
makers have opened a shop at the corner
ot Eight street and Washington avenue,
where they are prepared to do all work
iu their line on the most reasonable
terms. lw
Splendid Three Story Brick Res
idence at Auotion.
Will sell at public auction, ou the
premises, on
at 10'clock a. vi. for cash Jhe fine three
story bilck residence situated on lots 17,
18 and 1'J la Mock S4, ou Fifth street,
between Washington avenue aud Walnut
street, south tide, city of Cairo.
Tbe houso contains eleven rooms, and
Is In good coudition. Number one cis
tern and outhouses. Neighborhood and
surroundings first-class.
Persons desirous of obtaining a per
maucut homo will consult their lutereets
by examining this property and attend
ing the sale. Title guaranteed Sale
positive and without reserve. Any de
sired Information in regard to tbe prop
erty will be furnished on application to
tbe undersigned, nent, comer Sixth and
Levee streets.
Jodx Q. Uarwan, Agent.
Sol. A, Silver, Auctioneer.
Cairo, 111., January 2J, 1878. zl-dtd
Heiistlaeaa or Miry. thai 1 lb ltd-
Dr. W. . Hoyt of 25 years successful
practice guaiontees speedy and pet man
vnt cure ot all Chronic, Scrofulous, Pri
vate, Syphlletlo and Female Diseases,
Spermaterrhaa, or self-abuse, at bit
Medical Institute, Agan A Cheney Block,
opposite the City Hall Park, Syracuse,
N. Y. Medicine sent to all parts ol the
V. S. aud Canada. Dou't bo deceived by
advertising quacks who throng our large
cities, but consult Dr. Hoyt or send for
circular treating on hit specialities to his
r. O. Box 270.
Ladies My great liquid French
remedy, Auile l Feaime, or Female
Friend, it unfailing In tho cure of all
painful snd dangerous diseases ot your
sex. It moderates all excesses, and
brings on tbe monthly period with regu
larity. In ail nervous nnd spinal flec
tions, pains in the back or limbs, heavi
ness, fatigue on slight exertion, palpita
tion ot tbe heart, lowness of spirit, hy
sterics, sick headache, whites, and all
painful diseases occasioned by a disorder
ed system it effects a euro when all other
means tail, Price $3 00 per bottle, sent
by mall. Dr. YY. . Hoyt, Box 278,
Hyrtcuie, TS. Y. . -
I not itly earned la ihea
mum, but II can Bail la
tbr month tr ay on ol
either hi in aT wart ol the
ountry who I willfn to work
terwllly at tha employment w
raralah. u a wC la yaer
own town. Ten aaal not be
away from bob after nl nt. Toa eaa live
nw HH Via w w hbisj jruur apart
manual. WbaT axtiita who ar raaklaa
over $M par dav. AU who swt at ue r
a niaaay awt. bi i hu umm awj
IBOIBaeaM(uu a nprair as
t eaptdly i
itbJnet I)
ether hnaln. it toft tbJn t trv the
basin. Tr as and W oatAl IVm. Addrae
Blenu. H. H
. a iti.m
n a ca rutt'd, at.
unprecedented Bargain ia
and &XJm7SZCZ
Furs In the City. .
Collars, Cuffs and Ties ia lara variety am
quality and pattern.
patrons and the publle rrnerally that we
tho who nnrchia within th mti sl
low price!,
J. BCTtGElt.
Entire New Btook of
St. Louis & Cliicago;
Taa oniy uoaa itunning Twa
Daily Trams- from Cairo,
Train Ltav Cairo
t 'it) p.m. Fast fjr.pre, arrtvlDg U It.
Lwui 6:60 p. ul; Chicago, 7:30, a.tn.
2:20 p.ta, CINCINNATI etc LOTJ1A
VIAOjJS it A a a, AtlAJS
Arriving! n Cincinnati :80, ajn.: Lotus
..til.. y.ilf. a m . ni.H.nftU. J. la .
Passengers by this train arrive at above
U:no:o. m. Fast Mail witti sieeuers atUok
ed, for ST. LOUIS and CHICAGO,
arriviug in St. Lout at u:w a.m. uu
caeo at 4.30 p.m. Ceoneatlog at OtUa
or KrHnrhua lor CiucioDari, Louisville
and ludlauspolls.
farwuioTa by this 110 go UlOUg, t
ine fcui wudoui any asiay eaus4 sy
8undat Intervening.
AT I0:it.
Advertisement of cotapUn ltaee tkat
they make better time t han this on, are
are Issued either through Ignorance er a
nesirn to mmcaa me puouc,
For through ticket and lnformatloa,
tpiiiy ii uiiooi centra, n. u. uepoi, uure,
TBAI!S Aiuura At OAIIu
Cnreas ...!ie p a.
lull u I :S.a
J AH. J0UNS03,
Gen'l Southern Aft
J. H. .loves. Ticket Ant.
m. bjloce
Mr. Block desires to call tbe attention et
the Publlo to tbe faottbat be tue al
ways on hand a Urge, new and fasbianabte
siock or reaay-niauo custom soois ms
suoes tvnicu no win sen si
CallOalilin At
JiO.Iij.ti St, 8:1 Wi& & Cn in.
Cairo, Illinois.
Ctiy National Rank Belhflaf, 6p.mli.
TU 014 -it rtuUrkbed A fane u S At AVer
IUIaol4,sa4 tcBreMOllaA VI
165 000 000
.Arlington Houco
J. D. disane, Propr
LaU ot taa fit. OAailaa.
km tosh
taa'S o'mrtla'ta tWa - . taakaStb

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