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Mtt. Any bnalne Ann eoa he three line
f ww, lu UiU column under appropriate heading
; mwratu ol ll.art per month or li per year
eyittile quarterly In aitraau.
Hardware, Stavca anl Tin War.
HALLKY Dealer in Stove, Tin and Hard
rare, tlunlen and Fanner' Implement, Win
iuoil, Uvrriinrretort, I'utnpe and Ladder.
ir Commercial Avenue. Guttering, Mid Job
Work done on abort notice.
J. S.McUAHKY-Dealerln hard and toft lmn
'ier, flooring, wilinR, tiding ind eurfaoed
iurulwr, lath and tbtngle. Ofllo and yard
nrmiT twentieth etreet and Waahlnirton aTenue
II. HAUTMAN-DealwlnQueenawara.Toyt,
Iaiui and all kind of fancy article. Commer
avenue, corner titb atreet.
WILLIAM WINTKH .lxth atreet between
;iiminerclal avenue and Washington atenue.
lutbing and Merchant Tailoring.
JOHN ANTRIM -Merchant Tailor and aoalci
la lltntiy MadcUothtng. 7SOhlo Levee.
Heal Katate Agenelea.
M. .1. HOWLKY Beat KUU Agent. Buys
nd eell real eelale, collect rent, pay tai.ee
lor Dou-nnldeata.eU. Commercial avenue, ba
tweau Ninth and Tenth Itreeta.
t'oiuiuleelna Merchant.
IMton and Tobacco Factor and pro
prietor! of the ("antiera Tobacco Warehoiue,
v& & l-T Coinwmercial Avenue
l; General Forwarding and CommiHloa
merchant, for die tale of rami, Garden, Or
chard anil Dairy I'roiluce. W Ohio Levee.
(ieneral Forwarding and Commbuilon
tuerrhanU. arid dealer lu ail kind of Fruit and
1'roduce. M Ohio Lore. LonaiKument iolio
itwl. stencil furnUbed on application.
The knirbte of the above order meet
at their hall the tint and third Monday
i eaca month, Cotunurclal avenue, lid door
onto of lHli wn-e ,l6pra.
'. molmm.G. CM.
Kuirrtaof Pythia, meet every Frl
Uv iillil at half-pail aeran, in Odd
rullowi' Hall. liowa,
ChannelUir Connnandef ,
Mt-rt. ALF.XAKDKB I.ODfil, NO. 224
'k9t Ind.m-ient Order of Odd-Fel-'
rPljnJ:' lowt, meet every Thuraday night
.ni&r gl n.Jf.p, H.yrn (j, their had on
omnixrcial avenue, ix-tween bixth arW Serentb
't"rt r'. 1). KaxroHP, N. ,
iiold rvrular oummuoiraitlona la kia
r annlc Hall, eomer Commercial avrnne
' nll KlKhlb atreet, on the aeond and
I urth aloodav ol mth month.
Fob 1'kxt. Tlircecomlortiiblc room
tn a lioui-e, on Third street ktween
Wellington aiul Commercial avenue'.
Inquire ol Wm. McHii.k.
. t'uraitere at Pnbliri aal.
On tdo Utli iluyol Msrcb. ltl7S, bo
Kiiuiing Jat 10 o'clock a.m., and contin
tilnit irom day to day, too undenigised
will tell at auction to the hlghe bidder,
lor cah. at tie lurnlturc factory of Wi
Ham EicbholT, ioutlieaat corner ol Seven
tetntb utrcet and Washington avenue, in
ialro, Illinois, a lar?e left of furniture of
various klnd and dcscrlptionK, conjut
Ingof parlor scU, bedroom sets, bureaus,
bcadbtcad, vsaihstandi, wardrobe,
Ubles, IxxikeastK, Ui-ek", what-cols,
cradled, looking glaiaca, baby carriaxca,
bat rack, mattrceec kltcken iafc-a, a
Urge a.,ortinciit ol cbairs, drcwinj
cam-, etc. I'li kk Siir, Sheriff.
Mhehaycan Water, Ale. Beer, filler,
niarral aud keoa Kitin,
Mr. Andrev? Lobr haa constantly on
hand Irenb receipts of the fuinoua bhe
boyean water, and be U now ready to
till orders for any quantity, either bot
tled, in kegu, or by the jug. This wafer
is celebrated for IU efficacy in curlojf
ptles, constipation, dyipepaia, bcadacbe,
and dinetue of the atomach and liver,
It U pleitsunt to t)u taste, and sure to do
good to thoMJ ho take it. Mr. Lobr is
alo prepared to supply families wilh
ale, beer, or cider, put up in bottles or by
the quantity, aa rusy be desired. Alio
aoda and mineral waters in bottled.
Oooda delivered In any part of the city
without exta charge. 3-3-1 ru.
au Open letter. It aka far IiaeU.
HocAfoUT, Mans., April ad, 77.
Mr. Kditok: Having read lu your pa
per reports ot the remarkable cures ol
catarrh, I am Inddcei to tell "wbnt I
know about cutarrb," and 1 fan:y the
"anua,' and "iuhallng tube" makers
(mere dollar grabbers) would be glad If
they could emblazon a similar cure in
the paper. For 26 years I suflred with
catarrh. The nawtl pasangci became
completely closed. "Snnfi." 'duat,n
'shea," "Inhaling tubes." and "sticks,"
wouldn't work, though at .intervals 1
would sniQ up the so-called catarrh snuff,
until I became a valuable tester for such
medicine. I gradually grew worse, and
no one can know how much I sufletcd
or what a inirr.iblo being I was. My
head ached over my eyes so that I was
coiiiliicd to my bed for many successive
day?, suffering the most Intense pnln,
which at ono time lasted continuously
for ICS bourn. AH sense of moll and
taste gone, sight and hearing Impaired,
body shrunken and weakened, nervous
aystem shattered and constitution broken,
and I was hawking and spitting seven
eighths of the time, 1 prayed for death
lo relieve me ol my suflcrlng. A iavora
lle notice lu your paper of Dr. Sage's
(,'atnrrh Komcdy Induced me to purchase
a package and uho It with Dr, Tierce's
Nasal Douche, which applies the remedy
by hydrostatic pressure, the only way
compatible with commou sen. Well,
Mr. Kdittr, It did not cure me lit Ihroe
fourths of a second, nor In ono hour or
month, but iu loss than eight minutes 1
was relieved, and In three mouths entire
ly cured, and bnvo remalnod so lor over
sixteen months. While using tho Catarrh
Itemedy, I used Dr. l'ieroe's Golden
Medical Discovery to purify my blood
and strengthen my stomach. 1 also kept
tny liver active and bowels regular by
the uso ol his rieossnt Purgative Pellets.
H tny cxperlenco will induce other
Mifferers to seek tho sumo means ot re
lief, this letter will have answered Us
purpose. Yours truly,
, , S, P. RiMici.
TUESDAY. March 5, 1878.
Lacal BrevlflM.I B '
Churches were generally well at
tended kiunday.
Judge 'Marcbildoo, ol Thebes, U a
candidate for (be legislature.
Something New in Masks.
Coma and sea Them. At Hart-,
man's Crockery Store. 8t
11. W. Miller has gone to St. Louis
on business.
Don't forget the free oyster soup si
o'clock this evenings! Harry Walker's,
corner Sixth street and Commercial ave
nue. 1.4.U
Mrs. J. U. Metcalf has gouo to
New Orleans to attend MardI Gras.
Go to Hartman'e Crockery
Store for all Kinds of Masks. 3t
Tbs regular monthly meeting of the
city council will be held to night.
Seventy cars of coal are monthly
used at this point for firing the engines
on the Illinois Central.
For Butter, Kegs, Apple., etc., call a
No. 04 Ohio levee.
Col 8. 8. Taylor left yesterday for
Springfield, where he has gone on Im
portant business.
-Bartnaaa bay a phaalln and eamle
rnaeka by lb froaa, an be aril
them rbraprr tbaa aajr other honaa
In s alra.
Commissioners Summons and Crown
arrived In the city yesterday to attend
the meeting of the board.
For seed potatoes, choice ap
ples, butter, eggs, etc, go to G.
H. Jackson It Co.'s, No.' 64, Ohio
Levee. a,8.1m
We hear that Mr. Andrew Lobr and
family have gone to Medpbis, thereto
sec tho sights which art to bo seen to
day. Shell oysters Jt received' at the
-The city will be visited by an uu.
Usually large nnuiber of etrnn wn tn..u .
and It behoove:our people to show thrm
that courtesy for which ;h y are povir-
-Tha liiil, ... . . -
'" '"'a Hy ta as
... w incairy more,
Mr. Tbos. XV. Lsyman. of DuOnoin
and Miss Koslc Steagela. ol Hickman.
XT a I a. .
iveaiacay, were united iu mar-las i,
Squire Comings of this city yesterday.
Long life and fat babies. This latter re
mark is suggested by Commissioner
The parade of the Mystic Krewto"
day will bo the grandest affair of the
kind that ercr took Dlaca in thia rit.
The number of visitors Iroin abroid will
be unusually large.
Firat-rOnaa Ka.-I . . 11..
w.wU uvqi -at lUB
Planters House, $18 per month.
A line largo looking glass Is to bo
raffled on the 20th Inst, The ehanoei arc
only 25 cents, and there are to be but
eighty chances. Chances esn be secured
at the city brewery, where the irla-is ran
also be seen.
The advance agent lor the Mary
Anderson company was in the city yes.
terday makltig arrangements for the ap
pcarance ol that company here next
Monday night. Tho trouoe U one of the
best in tho country, and altno.-t sure to
draw a big crowd.
Oyster soup lunch at Harrv Vt alktr'a
Crystal saloon every tvenlng at 9
o'clock. i.i.u
-Deputy Sherifl Jack Hodm siient
yesterday at Hodges' park, and will be
at fcandusky to-day and Toledo to-mors
row for tho purpose of collectln taxes.
This will wind up tho matter ol collect-
lug U the country precinct, and farmers
who pay hereafter will have to come to
theherilTs office.
Firat.nl ana A- Kni . . .il
----- - - ",t vwuxu nt mo
Planters House, $18 per month.
-The regular March meetlnsr of the
board of county commissioners com
menccd yesterday, all the members ol the
board, Chairman Halllduy and Commls
sloners Brown and Summons beine- nrtv.
sent. The business to be transacted u
generally of so unimportant character!
luonjrn too members of the hoard in
no little nerclscdi over a live hundred
dollar debt which the oounty owes to the
wouiuera Illinois' Insane asylum,
and which, II not paid soon, will nut the
countv to no little trouble. The asylum
people threaten to send our insane home
If this bill is not paid, and in the em
barrassed condition ol tbs county the
memuers or the board are at a loss to
know how to raise the wlud Verily.
the path of tho county commissioners is
not strewn with rose, -j - !'
lEYAftllAnf ' law fvna4 U
had at Mra fttifaa n.l.. kA..4.
ing house, near Commercial are-
uuw on oeventn street, tor tie
per month. , 3l-3t ,
Io Justlcs Comiugi' police eour
yesterday a negro woman charged with
fighting was fined Ave dollars. An' at
tachment sulttrougut by 0. flsvthorn
Co., against? Dr. Q. 11. Iach, was
irtoa before Judge Bird, and occupied
(he greater part of tho last hall of the
day, Tbc doctor had a portion of his
goods or goods supposed to be his
packed and rcadv for ahlnmont Tt,ia
news coming to the ears of Messrs, H.
a v,, an Buacnmeni was sworn, out
and the cue oamo ud restnr(U
morning before , Jastiee :omlngst
wubu me aooror took a change ot venue
to J udge Bird's court Hon. D. T. 1 tna.
gar appeared for Dr. Leach, and tr. n
Wb I l. awaaaik.
macs anu is. uviugston lor the
piainmn. The ttootor demanded a Jury,
which returned a verdict for the plaintiff.
The amount lnyOlTl WM not large. ;
The Hosts of Xing Comus-The
Parade and Line of Maroh.
The several divisions will form on
Washington avenue and extend np the
cross streets toward Commeroal avenue,
where necessary, aa follows ; '' f ;
1st Division beaded by . the band,
Lord Momus commanding, will form
with right resting on south , side of
Eighth street.
2nd Division Count Leno command
ing, will form-with right resting on south
side ol Seventh street.
3d Division Headed by bund Prince
Uno commanding, will form with right
resting on south sldo of Sixth street. .
4th Division Lord Frollo command
ing, will form with right resting on south
side of Filth street.
Sth Division Lord Pleasure command
ing, will form with right resting on south
side ol Fourth street.
The procession when formed will movs
north on Washington avenue, halting at
the musiostanl near Tenth street, where
bis honor, Msyor Winter, and city
olHclals, will deliver Into the keeping of
the king, the keys of the c!ty. Alter the
pertormando ot this ceremony the fol
lowing line ot march will be pursued:
Up Washington avenue to 20th street
up 20th street to Commercial avenue,
down Commercial avenue to 1 Ith street,
up 11th street to Levee street, down
I-evee street to 2nd street, down 2nd
street to Commercial avenue, up Com
mercial avenue to 4th street, down
4th street to Washington avenue, up
Washington avenue to Uth street, up
Sixth street to Commercial avenue, up
Commercial avenue to Twelfth street,
down Twelfth street to Washington
avenue, down Washington avenue to
music stand, countermarch and disband.
All participants are required to assem
ble at 1:30 o'clock, so that all enn bo as
signed their proper places, as the pro
cession will move promptly at 2:30.
iiy order
Ueueralisslmo, Commanding.
a cnange in tnc line of March from
Washington avenuo out 17th street and
down I'ommerclal avenue instead ol on
20th u heretofore advertised. This
change has been made on account ol the
difiiculry In traveling on 20tb street.
That Terrible Heaarao-r.
l ever and ague, and its congener, bul
lous remittent, besides affections ol tie
stomach, liver and bowels, produced by
miasmatic air and water, are both eradi
cated and prevented by the use ol Host
etter's Stomach Bitters, a purely vegeta
ble elixir, Indorsed by physi
cians, and more extensively aged as ,'a
remedy lor the abovo class of disorders,
as well as for many others, than any
medicine of the ago. A laosuld ciroula.
tion, a torpid state of the liver, a want
of vital stamina, ore conditions peculiar
ly favorable to malarial discuses. They
are, however, surely remedied by the
great preventive, which, by lnvig
oratinz the system and endowing
with regularity as well aa
vigor, provides It with a resistant
power which cnablos It to withstand dis
orders not only of a malarial type, but a
host ol others to which leeble and ill reir.
tilute.1 systems are subject. The Bitters
are a safe as well as searching erad
leant, and have widely sunerseded that
dangerous drug, quinine, which palliates
out does not eradicate malaria.
Fimt-nlaaa Amv hnaS t id.
Planters House, $18 per month.
Editor Cairo Bclletin :
Sir: Please Insert in your columns to
the officers ot the Cairo and St. Louis
railroad, ray thanks for their kindness
in slng over their road, Iree or charge,
the board of county commissioners.
n ith many thanks to Messrs. Johnston
and Whltlock, 1 am, very truly,
Gko. W. Sammon-.
iv.i. i- :. : .
March 4, 1878.
DMaolatlon of Partnari
The firm ot Cross Co.. Cairo. Ills..
has this day been dissolved. The busi
ness, however, will be continued at the
old stand under the name of St. J. Pink
& Co. t
Sun copy.
KsrtoRAsn by the people as a sale, re
liable, harmless and cheap remedy. Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup.
;.SA.r?. We reerct to learn that Mrs.
John White, wife of the pilot of the tow
Doat, t'oiar star, has bccomo.insane, and
is now a raving maniac. Mr. White has
a Lcautilul home a few miles trom
Thebes, In this county. Mrs. White has
or late become so bad that it has been
found necessary to keep her tied the
awn 01 me time, sue win bo removed
to the asylum at Anna to-day.
1 lloaia AaTAta.
Jid. Uraxton has returned to bis old
stand In tho Reiser building, where be Is
better prepared than ever to accommo
date his patrons and. the pubUe who
may favor him with a call. Iio has gone
to considerable expense lu fitting up a
souplo of nicely furnUhml
" fv"1"! w saivai
ho has provided with all thoukt im-
prvTvioeiua anu.opnyenieaojs. ,Ht em
ploys only first dais v;orkerfan those
who patronize him wtil hnve'their wants
attended to in style and will receive
courteous treatment . , ... .
W ashiogtou, D. C. Hoy. 10, 1876. 1 J
I take great pleasure In'eettllytng Jto
to the mcay;ef Dr Bull's 'twig
Syrup, In use in my family nd. as a
specltlo for colds ot children oridWu: I
have found It tn ha a an m aim...
diau and always permanent. ' y , 1
very itSsptotrnriy, Ttos. U. PriC,"
Cairo, Ills., Mondiv Eveki.no,)
March 4, 1878.
The week opens up with a fair prospect
for livelier times in business clrelcs. We
bote an Improved and active order de
mand for flour, bay, corn and oats. In
the flour trade the demand Is chiefly for
medium grades, though choice and low
grades are In lair request. Prices are
not changed. ' Receipts of choice hay are
light, and there is but little on the
market. The demand Is active and
prices firm at quotations. Receipts of
corn are light, and the sudoIt on
the market Is small. The demand is
good at 40c, In Isolated cases higher
prices have been obtained, but thev are
above (be market. There is a good de
mand lor oats, and prices are a shade
higher. Receipts are limited and the
stock on the market small. Meal is In
good demand, and ctty Is firm and high
er. Potatoes are in rood suonlv and
fair demand at quotations. Receipts of
apples have been good, aud the market
is well supplied. The demand Is lluht
and prices slightly oQ. Choice butter
Is scarce and In good demand. Common
and low grade Is In overstock and un
saleable. Receipts of eggs are fair though
tho supply on the market is not laree.
and the demand Is good. For All other
articles sco quotations.
The weather Is line, clear and bleasant.
The rivers are up, though falling slowly.
way points.
Mtmnhu. Y!v.ti.ir
X. O:
Dry bbl 20 ;w
Oraiu special 15
Pork&Btef !U) 44
Uay 15 20
Bank landings 5 conts per 100 lbs., and
10 ccntpcr bbl. higher.
HaTOnr friends should bear Iu mind
that the prices here given are only lor
sales from first hands in round lots. In
filing orders and for broken lots It is
'necessary to charge an advance upon
these Hgures.-Bd
The order demand is good, though
chiefly lor Intermediate grades. Receipts
are lair and stocks good. Prices ore not
changed, though flrmer at quotation.
Sales reported were
400 bbls Various Grades on
nrders' l -Xfufi 50
2O0 " Various Grades on
order 4 nOQiO 60
100 Low XX..... 5 10
100 bbls. Family . 3 83
000 " Various Grades on
orders 4 G0(56 00
100 " Family 6 00
There Is an active demand lor choice
buy at quotations. Common and low
grades aro iu fair suddIv and ouiet. Re
ceipts ot choice are light and the stock
small, sales were 1 car choice Timotby
at $12; 1 car red top at $& 2 cars choice
Timothy at $12; 2 cars Timothy, (over
ripe), at $11 50; 2 cars low mixed at
3 50; 3 cars mixed at $10; 1 enr choice
Timothy st $13.
There is a liberal demand for corn at
45c. In some instances higher prices
have been obtained, but tbeao aro ex
ceptional casts and outelde the market.
The supply Is light and receipts limited.
Wales reported weie 2 cars choice white
in sarks at f.x ; 7 cars white in sacks at
45c; 3 cars white in bulk at 40o.
k ' OATS.
There is a firmer leeling lu oats and
prices are a shade higher. The demand
is good while ;ttau supply Is limited, and
receipts light. Sales were 1 cor mixed,
In bulk at 28c; 10 cart mixed, In sacks at
32c; 2 oars block seed oats, in sacks at
33c, i cars mixed, inlmlk at 271c.
' ' MEAL.
Meal is in good demand and prices a
shade higher.' The supply Is limited.
We note sales of 300 bbls city at $2 25
2 30; 400 bbls do at $2 30; 50 bbls country
kiln dried at $2 10.
' .Y., . BRAN.
Bran is in good demand nt if 15. The
Supply is light, .'-I
Receipts are lair ani the stock on tho
market is good. The tkiiand Is liebt
and chiefly tor the better grades. Prices
ore not changed from former quotations.
Sales were 12 bbls. Romunltes at $4; 10
bbls. varieties in poor order, $2fr2 60; 15
bbls. wiaesaps, $33 20; 5 bbls. choice
Ben Davis, ttQS 00; 50 bbls. choice Ben
Davis, $05 (0; CO bbls. varieties, 3a
4 50.
POTATOES. .. 7. v .
, Receipts' are liberal and the supply
good. v The demand is fair though not
active.' Prices are about as last quoted.
Sales were 25 bbls. early rose at $1 80;
1U0 bbls. pearkblows at 91 3.1; 23 bbls,
choice peachblows at $1 40, ,
Choice butter is scarce aud lu good
demand. Receipts are light. Medium
and low grades are In over-stock and
unsaleable. We note sales of 9 pkgs.
Southern Illinois roll at 16c; 5 pkgs.
choice roll at 1920c; 8 pkgs. choice
northern packed at 23o; 3 pkgs. medium
at 10c; 0 pkgs.cholre northern at 20(;i)22o;
10 pkgs Southern Illinois at Io20o".
Receipts are liberal and stocks fair,
though not large. The demand Is good.
Sales were 5 boxes at 9c; 1,000 dozen at
9c; 13 pkgs. at Ac-
Receipts arc lair sod tho market well
supplied.; Tho demand Is good, and
prices vnehsnged. Sales were "5? coops
nixed thickest at f ? 20&3 no 4, coops
old bens at 93 76: 10 coops mixed ohloU
ens at $3 30l W- t v '
We note sales ot 33 bbls choice north
ern at tXh 25. , ... .1
1 ' 'T. CABBAGE.
Cabbage Is In light supply and good
I demand at f 2 804.
- Hans werei.Boo ids, ary sart rm aid es
at Mo; 1 W0 lbs. shoulders dry salt, $3 00
m m xm lbs. bacon shoulders at 3!o;
eu a 4 aw a. rf- a 1 '
i,aw iu. 3. r. nams, oojiote.
1 1 a ff?- LARDir?rAtc
aavuTa i
statiow, , , tow watm. Uli or Fall
rr. rx. it. ih.
Cairo si 10 x 1
Cincinnati......., -;4 0-2O
lH-enport.n. ....... . S XI 1
rilUbor.a.M. S I X 1
lo I s - 1
St. Paul .....MM ......... I III
Keoknk Mw 1 a o O
St. Louii .zz.. la io 'x !
Serceant Sicaal Service. U. S. A
The steamer Aihlsnd from Fort fmlth to
New Orleans with a fine cargo of cotton
was found above Yicksbnrg by the Su.le
Silver la a sinkloc condition. The Susla
Silver remained with her twenty-lour
hours, and saved the boat and carsro. and
then Captain McCerd went by to Vkks-
ourg io settle salvage claims with the un
The Jno. Porter brought two barges ol
ore and one empty bante. acd roes to
Memphis with barges containing cotton,
ties, etc
The Lewis Coal company that Is now ea.
tablublcg a coal yard hers comes to sup
aiy me Anchor Line steamers with eoal.
And ws are told that Mr. Sol. Sliver, the
Anchor Line paseeeeer agent here will ha
tie Cairo agent of .the Lewis ICoal com.
pany, flol. ha made a most lucrasafnl
snatcher of black stachels and we do not
hesitate to predict that he will bo equally
iuccesBlul as a vender ol black diamonds.
The A. C. Donnullyand Andv Baum
wore full of freight and people for the
The City ol Vicksburg had a good trip.
and added 60 tons hero.
The Jno. VT. Garrett and burses went to
the Wabash to load for New Orleans.
The Centennial cleared for Now Orlean.
with 1200 tons, having made light additions
The II. C. Yeacer pa.ed to St. Louis
yesterday. Capt Towler stopped oil and
went forward by rail.
The fjoldun Cltv tar a firla&n Mi.
"j - ' - ' ' viiv.ii., VIII
of Cnester tor Memphis ami Jim risk lor
i auurau are uuo lo-uay.
The tltitd annual eelubrutiou ol the
Woman's Club and Library Association
will take place at the Library room,
Tuesday evening, March 5th. Exercises
win commence at 8 o'clock promntlv. A
cordial . invitation is extended to the
friends and well wishers of theassociation.
Below we give tho progromme lor the
evening's entertainment :
Address ot Retiring ... .. .... .
President, f. i Mr"' u- ii.Ct.ilc.
Select ReadlngDora, l ....
Tennyson ! 'J"' L 1 ruM-
Recitation PrUoncr) ,,,.,
otL'hillon f" ' "
Original Poem MrT B. Y. Gwrge.
Having routed ta the K. M. 1. C. a
great many Costumes for tbelr grand Car
Inavel and Masque Bull on the 5th ol
March, I have concluded tocometo your
city on the 1st of March and stay till the
Sth. I will bring the largest stock ol
Costumes ever seen In your city, and will
rent them at prices that will suit the
times. Any person wlahing Costumes be
fore that time can communicate to me or
my agent. . E. Pckckll, '
No. 100 South 4th St., St. Louis, Mo
Or Phil. H. Salt, Cairo, Ills. lw4
I.CBER 10rttA(jT.
City Clerk's Omce. )
Cairo, 1lu Feb'y. 14. 187S. f
Sealed proposals will bo received at this
omoe until six o'clock, p.m., of 1 uesday,
March 5, 1878. lor furuUbiog such lum
ber as the city may requiro tor the cur
rent tiscul yeurending December 31, 1878.
Said lumber to bo ot good and sound
White Or burr Oak. whitnnr vellnve i.lna
or cypres', and free trom sap or unsound
Kouu, auu oi kucu uimensions us may tie
renuired. ami to h diiivimii in .n..h
OUantitios. times anil nlai-oa within ih.
corporate limits as tho committee on
Birccia may uu cel.
The right to reject sny or all bids Is
reserved. ;. J. B. Puillis, City Clerk.
The traveling public will bear In mlnrl
that the old RESPONSIBLE JllinoU
Central railroad company will continue,
as hcretoiore. to make all Its connection
at Effingham, on all trains bound east,
still making from twelve to thirtv-slx
hours hotter time east than anv other
Hue. James Jou.vson.
Gen'l Southern Agt.
Fob. 2S, 1S7S. 3-1-Ot
The Merry laa ot Old.,
In reading of tho middle nam one Im
struck by the accounts given ot teats of
strength, etc., of tho hlo actors ol those
times, the suits ot armor worn, would
certainly Indicate the possession ol great
er pnysieiai strength than is ifi veloped
by men In these latter daj s.: " What
wrought the change? Men lived In the
merry days a more outsdoorlife than thla
advanced civilization ol ours can afl'ord.
There Is a greater consumption ol brain
matter, and that Increased demand on
moots! 4nd physical power necessitates
the use of a pure vegetable, stimulant
tonlo, such as the Home Stomach Bits
ters. , r . 1.1m
Citv Clerk's OrtiCK. I
Cairo, III,, Feb. 14, 1S78.
Scaled proposals will'' bo received at
tills Office Until U aVlnnk n m nt
day, March 4t h, 1878, lor the repairing of
inivaiiiiimiikuiiuie souinony side ot
Eight (8th) street., between Commercial
and Washington avenues.
Bids to Include filling and raising said
sidewalk to grade and the furnishing of
sound and suitable brick for sidewalk
purposes that may be required In replac
ing those worn out. ,
. I'bo work to bo done under supervis
ors ot the committee on streets and-Iri
accoreanco with plans and sncltiaatlons
of said committee.
The right to reject any or all bids is
reserved. J. B. Puillis, City Clerk.
A Masonic, Odd tytlow and Knight ot
Pythias watch cWm combined. The
Under will be suitably rewarded by re
turning sane to , f 0. F, Bi am.
, d-i-n . , i .
' 1 1 .
' ' ' Siealulan. ' , ' '
DTTsaltme'ats. bacon ..ra
inu nams, nerce, barrel and bucket lanl
laSilln aTOAVl alnnk anil r. ..i. i...
fNos. TB and 71 Ohio tayee.
Oponinc of tho Hat CQxnpcizx
aaaaaaBaBaBMaaaaaaaaBaBaaaiiaa- f 1 '
W ire jutt In receipt
Spring Hats, from the three most celebrated Philadelphia Hs!
Manufacturers, Stetson, Hlrsh
We do not believe in making an Customers wait "until we
ago East" for the latest styles,
A great many people read
sails, but we have made It a
truth, and we ask the readers
Advertisement as written. Call on us and be convinced.
FARNBAKER; the Clothier.
Old Father Time Caught at Last
OWING TO DULL TIMES AND GRK AT'SHRrXK AGK IN VAU;jt, we hare deiermiaed to
reduce the mice of our Shirty Hoar ft tern-Winding- Clark tj THHKK DOLLARS
eenttoanyaddreuiaihe Cnitcd State by eprea Free ott-pente to the purcbaer-each and m
Clock warranted for two yeare. Tali offer only remains good for liny daya from the data of thia aa.
IJTncae ClecU arc our own manufacture, how if the tine to lecure a good Clock for aluieet
Note Thaae tnnruMlona. Clocki can be rentrneil and money will be refunded If trorchaiert ara
lot utli&ed. Glee lull name, p at ofllor, county and itata aud nearest ezpreea offlca aa wi i.ad
r..... VrV --F - '",T V . """"7 "J wiouii ornerorregiatertd
i?i P010'0 Apartment delifer no rerliter.d iettcra or mony on money ordera to only
...Hv.i.wi.y.,11.., .vuivuit.uui iuu nuu.w u.
ordtrato . L. i KYtll
Notice is hereby given that the co-part-nerihlp
heretofore existing between the
ULdrst(jned, underthe nrmname of "Stu
art Gholson,"husthis day .been dissolved
by mutual consent, the said Gholson taking
the suet and asDumlng the debts of said
lirui, Chas. R. Stlart.
Cairo, ill. Match, , 187S.
Having ills day purchased Jlf. Stuart's
interest in the above firm, Us property, as
sets and good will, I take pleasure in an
nouncing that Uhall continue the kuInns
at the old suad; where grateful to my
friends and the publlo generally for past
favor and patronage, I repectfully ask a
eoiitiuance of such favors and patronage.-
V7. K. Oiioisoir.
Cairo 111, March 4. 1874. d-lm
I hayo the largest stock ot masks In
the city, and am selling at bottom prices.
Masks trom S cents to $3 00.
Phil. II. Salt,
Candy Factory, Eighth street anil Wash
, Ingtou avemie. 2-!M lw
N'ew Goods. Mrs. S. Williamson will
commence to recclvo hor spring stock ot
mlllinety goods on tho llrst of March,
and dally thereafter until her stock is
complete. Mrs. Williamson has also
purchased a full btock t notions and
jewolry oi aU kinds, which she will be
able to sell to her patrons at greatly re
duced prices. She has bought tor cssh.
and denes competition In her line of busi
ness, and Invites an Inspection ol her
stock. J4u
-Children cry tor Pitcher's Castorla
It is as pleasant to tuko as houoy. It
contains no morphine cr other deleter
lovs ingredient, and id sure to expel
worms, cur wind colic, regulate the
bowels and stomach, nad overcome Irri
tation caused by rash or cutting teeth.
Mothers can rest, and children enjoy
health.' who use Castoria. It is harm
less, it Is certainly speedy, and It is
cheap. n-lM3tw
Miell oysters fust received at the
Crystal s:iloon, IIarhy vVai.kkh.
Fiour, : .
Meal, .
Hay. ; , ' - '
Bran, ' .
ButUir. .
Eggs. -. ,
K.arly Rone,
I'imothy N.t-il,
Clover aeetl,
and Twine.
3-CK No. 7d, Ohio, Levee.
1000 Can be found 'at Hie loliowin nrlrna
Comic masks.... ...13 cents
Comic wax masks. 23 " '
Animal masks -is
Comic masks, for children & '
Satin curtain masks, oil colors.. .W
Cotton " " ...'is
TUremoaks. . 4...6O "
All to lie had at Daniki. IIaitmax'
Oroeiery store, ' J a-Jt
Notice U hereby given that the t&t
books lor the taxc3 ot the venr n.rr
having been turned over to mo, I am
now ready to receive taxes, and nro-
upon all tho neeesstty lor prompt pay-
menc its the time Is short.
, . ' . .Plteb Salt, Collector.
Cairo, Feb, 20, lt76Vtt.
Cnrncu XoTicii.-TTlieru will bo a
meeting1 of the members ol the Chrb-tlau
church on 18tli street, Wednesday eveu.
Ing, 6th Inst., lor the purpose oi attend-,
ing to Important business, and It Is
earnestly requested that every member
be present, or thry may altarwards re-
Bn-t,t"' ' V 1 ' ' . 'fBCSUKS.
AlftntltfM.lIt ' '
The Tciuperanos Cadett ol the Cold
Water Army are requested to meet at
the Heading iloora of the Cairo Temper
ance Itelorth Clubst 1 o'clock sharp p. tn.
lor thepurpoM of Joining In the proces
slon of King Cotnus, By order ol the
president. Jf wrrr Baies, See'y.
of Thirty-Six Different Stylet c:
and Hopes. ,
, 'MM,
but give them as fast as they
our Advertisement "cum grano
rule in advertising to tell the
of the Bulletin to take the above
in. Himi way oi oruerina our ctocka.
& CO., Clock Hanufaciurera, Clnnati,
Add rata
. City National Bank Building, up.itair '
TU Oldeat Established Agency tn Soudnra
Illinois, and repreaemlng ovar
185 OOO 000
Saloon and Restaurant.
Constantly on haud. AUo ha constantly
on band a
Large Supply of
At Wholesale and Retail.
At the Old Delmonico Jlotel,
5-im No. OS Ohio Iewee
Whole. al and Retail Dealen'iii '
Foreien and Domestio
No. 60. Ohio Levee.
MKSSUJS.'-MYTHACO., have eomUatlye
large stock ot the htm aode In the mar
ket, and gieeedpeciai attention to Die whole
nale branea of the bOAineM.
Smut lUhlailmi luauriulUuaiu. I
vMiipl. rwlHM,IU. rrtaUd,mlWi'iafijenH.
I'lvtt CUIiMla IUw-i trt-, laa Srwin.l
IM.imiaa dun-ual Uu,, U1 BNadvar, (in Vwa. S
r ir ii.-.nji fi.ni n.runji-fuv.
AI.AKV. r-rimirMI m'.tmm
n. Nap-qaime- KapraeaaaaV
liUna 8. A. OUaar A CO, A
till UoaM iu Ciaaiiud. O.
Arlington House
J. D. DEaNE, Prop'r
f Lta of the at Chailea : i
J! lutU-uttd Monthly Alayastnl,
tl.'h number eontalnt thirty-two paeea of
Miling ruattnr, many tine wood cut 1 iluitratioBe
anu out coiornt plate. A ucautilulaniea mas
atine ptinud on alcfnint pap-ur, and fiill of la
formaion. Jn EnullaU aixl Ocrnian. l'rice SI .
a rear.
ica't riower and Vegetable Liar-lea, SO ovale ,
in paorr oorere. In ekn.-uit cloth rwwraSl.
titk'a Ciiuhiaiia :u iliiiatni iruta. nnl v twei
ceatr. AtMn-M, Jnrnra Vlck. KocheAter. N.V.
Vtck'i UluitraUJ lYi-tJ. Catuloout.
' fct)Vf!ilr-ilT panee, 300 lllnarralloea, with de-'
ei'iiptionaef thouianiU of n beat Vegetable anJ
doWera in Uia World, and th r.v tn um. Ih-i-n.
nSfBll EII1HH riPal SSHh
all for a two rent poetase laiu-. IMnUS ia
(j.man and Kn-tlUb. . .
Vicx'a Klawet and Vegetable t-ankn, eenti . : i ;
lutiauer covert. In elrfant eleth aoeera, l. '''
- Kk' llmatrated MoaihlyaUiaA'M--Uaai. ,
Una llluatratiuni ami colored plate la every
aiunber. frlce SI a year, tire c-Htee for
AiIiIm.i J.ii,m VUlt 1 k. ..... V
I'tk't Flutter and YigfiahU Garitii.
le the moat beantirw, wor
rk ofiae
tmi to the
amrld. It eoataina near I r IM naa-aa. kitada-ala
f floe illustraiiona, ami an ckrwnao alaaat beaa- .
tllhUyilrawaraJooloied nan aatai. AkaSO .;.
reau ia paper eoTera, SI ia alota. frialad ia)
C-ermaaaxl BiiKlisk.
Vicka UatalafiM, iOO illmtratieai, oaly tela, 1
a i Iaaua VI..L A A. a al I, ! u
AUiuw muM& . ., aaucawaiT, K. I.
VL-k't Fluuttr and VtmtiokU Ritm ''-i '" h
Are planted M a aiuioa Mala la AawrW. t, h
Sea Vick'S Lalalosne
UiuMnHioaa, aaly . '
vi.. a. miii.uA affta.klu V..lu
SDilliirlk.aaanlerUordpiaohaUaiot '
Price el a year, fire coplea M AA,
Viek'i flower ard VeiM Oardaa, 0 eeaae. ;
Inr-percQTera. wllheUteit-Ui aavmJiTT'i
alll lit W nlAjJlralja-Ma akaaaa flm.mA a K. 1
Aikireaa Jaaa Viah

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