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;tic Sullen.
P. ScnccitM. Editor and Publisher.
nana STATE mi
ni ds-aomcy of iba sevsral e untie
las st.u at lUlnolt at rqtiertetl to
d delegates to a ttt ainveaiina to be
4 at spring. II. Illinois. THURSDAY,
' Ufa DAY rP APKIL, 1179 . at 13
lockM., fjr tbe purpose of aomlr-atlag
,. tandl lata for tb cfflc of state treas
r, and ens einlidate for ik cffloa of
,. la superlnten lent of publia li strat Hob
.A to t'aasact uch othi r bnsiaets a may
ma before it Tha aevaral counties ara
titled to Iba following representation,
ad upon tbe vote for givsmmeutlo
t ; ' ' Tote for trw
NNillilM V,7
....... 1,117
I' 'M ..,..
m ...
! ttlttt
rroll ....
, iri.iUo....
J I7
i n
I 47
4 ;u
a m
8 1(0
I fittl
I 161
1 m
tta .
i tntd.... ......
ll ttaotrlaud ..........
tiCWlb MM KM
1 tWiltii hm.
, ; ftUgiM .......
i-a a a .
tXM ......
Bnaiiara ...
.... .
l.iB, .........
( .race
randy..... ..
:j ammo
an. os ...
rdia. ........
,' f
' J quoit .
f 1-KJB
r .m.
1 : ffcri-oo
, r r
-i luvit
ohatoD.... m.-
.BBaJ 'Hill
aokakit ... ..
St iir ...... ,
... t.48)j
. ma
.. 2.716
... a.440
... I.t'4
... 8.J.-7
.. a.bi
... a.W.
... 4 771
. 4.729
.... X.4S
.. 1.M4
.... 8 008
KI7 -.3.142
.. t Ul
.. l.wl
. 1.5
... 142
... J M
... S2I4
... I
Hra.... ........... ...
1etm .....h
, t e ai la ......
Itdlaon .............
' Lrlor...
I h. II
laaoa ...... .
la-rac .
icl iiouih..........
fell erjr - -.
lie 1-ean ....
Imard ....
letc.-r.... ........ -
. lorgaa .. . .
4a lirlt.. . ....
le. ,
tort .
' .4t '
I 440
4 T
" 49
1 411
a a
1 ii
2,9 S
1. Vtt
2. sa
aikl ...
aa at" ...
a mm ti
Vin 'olph-.M..
. ifhli.J ....M.
I Um k li'aod.
"Hue...... ..-
-angnig ...
iii it ..
, "hrl7 .......
Stark -.
! ' Imr.. ,
r ael......
V (.million ...
Htl h
iviw .,
Waahii I'M ..
Warn .iHw. -
Willi iibod ....
Woo dud .......
t a mm
' Toul .
:..275 V
Ttie committca uunDliuouly f eeninend to
the democra j of iba nortban Krioldlvl.
eion and second appellate district, that
tbf y huld their eoovcBtion, lor Ui.a put
poa of no-naallna; ilerk of the aur, rn
and sppeU'e ooartay for aa a uivimob a a
dUtrlct at Jollet, oa rhur.day, April 18,
- Aad for tha central gnnd divi-ioo and
bird srpe) ate tJaiiitt Hal il-dtlrte
appoti.UJ lro said divl-ion and dl.trlct.
to lbs state coatvantioa, to meet in ronro
tloa at Fpilaj'tel , on ibr day said tat
cost ntion i bvid. at 0 a. m , (or iba pur
paw ol nominating clerks ot tba turpreme
and appellau eourti lor said tlivlnlon ana
.JIatrii-t! ; v li " ..
r And (or .ft aoutbsro grand dtvilon an-J
fourth appellate dUttiet, that ibay bold
i tbelr eoDTeniloa at Uentra la, Tburdy,
'May 16, 187$, ,fw iba puqore of oomtna
Juoceltrksot iha tvprcmesnd appellate
'courts, lor said division and die'rl t;
! Tba ratio el ffrp ntalinn In tald on
' vantions to be the asms as la tba tate eon.
i ' J '. Cbstrmsn.
' Tao. Bauur, Beoratary.
C 0. McConnlck, C I HoIIm.
? J. B. Mann, ; . . W. K. Murphy,
A. P, UoudarJ, ' H. V. Burgeo.
i "1, . E. OotJel. : It. M. Ba.
i S. Th' aB Courtney, 13, H. P Hiuinay,
: t. Tboniaa Sbiriay. la. J A. Waiorv, s
I i. K fbaril Biaaup, It J lin W.biulih,
i h. K. II. ataiab, . 1 w.joobrjoe,
L 4. 8. Draki , 10. L. B 1'ar. .o,
1-7. W. A ' Steels, - 17. II. C O ike,
i . J. mS, ' " J W T. K. Bob on.
. W. T fvldsn, 19. tf. 2 Uuue,
In QfOIKe Ifununa.
1 1
AMwvisrr.MESl rsi.
i ruH cuMt avruKua couht, a. o d.
i trtaraaa'a ''" t. II. IL
; liKVi , f iahlMnaa iMtat. at a caal Am i
I i Jm4 f tha Mviirrntt Uiwrt b a 'htm UratMl
(' liivtti. IIUU'' J,n Hit 4t hina t tar
I ' IRsmewat o fi'inna ibug mtaaiKea, to ba htiS
j at CesuaUa, at y iui wt. xzjts
I. ' . rLHn Vltllk.1, tn-muis.
i, Wa are aaihorisci io aouaaa W. C ta
' f-unHK. if AAiBiaam UwKr. Macaodraai
i f-welarkof 4h AMtllata aart. fcwub district,
( IjiaoiS. eat J M la tn ixat of taa IXmi
tia cuaMiiUS 0aU4 to aaatt at . tralta,
; lata, ism. tau
Tub tt-rm of peace betwten Turkey
ttsasia tiara) t been cxmcluded and
C'jtjed. IbsBtghlust what ihe oomlltiom
cm tba lehgraph sioeai-ni staff. They
' C blletd, bom. lo bt of so liberal
' tlaracieT aa to irnder KnglUh Inter
'TVUOt irx're'rwlv lmottrble,
M , It" 'I
C3ABCTVX Of t rj try have been brought
jzX J, & Dwm and Thomas Gray,
-a'a fatbero-law, the ex-w cretary
j-r-cVVat of tba inoowr batik, at
4fr."--t',1r ''jr puhlMad
. c: :pi ' last July, falsify In tU
"Z: ti tUn i ton onk.
i xrsws iroTza.
Tha mills at Kali ttivcr. Mans., will
stop two wctka lit March aad two la
Four colored men were hanjrrdl at
Mai Ion, Ala., oo Fri-lay for tba tnurdvr
ol a white inin .
Tin Methodist churches geuerally
report th present as a year of great
spiritual prorptrity.
A moiinn for a new trial la the
famous $5,000,000 Emma nime stilt at
New York bat been tltuled,-..! u J J
Utn. c. At. Clay, 4i Madison county,
Ky.. bus l eeii granted a dlrorco by the
court of Fayette. .
The journej men tailors of Janetvtlle,
W., b bavt) been i n a atrike, have
dually yielded to the situation.
William II. Vsnderblll will settle the
suit between Mmoelt and his brother
Cornelius by psylng tbelatter$1.000.0UO.
John P nny, an extensive coal miner
and operator at WiKeifport, Pa., has
failed. Ills 1 labilities are between $200,
000 and $350,000.
I'lit) suit ol Mark T. Seymour aealnst
the Phillips & Colby Construction com
pany, t'pemtiiig the WImdukIii Central
railiuad. amounting to$U6,000, bat beau
mutually settled.
The In llanpolls Scnttiul reduced the
price of compoclJon lo SO cents a thou
sand (from 35), and the printers kuovked
off. 'I he fortuian and two buy a got out
a half sheet, Saturday.
St. Louis Ice dt alt rs bare a larve
force ot uieu cutting at White Btar
Lake, twelve roileg I rum St. Paul. Minn.,
calculating to shin 1.000 cur loads as last
aa cars cau bu lurnUbed.
The large woolen mill at Rome City,
I nd., owned by Clapp, Filter & Z intner.
man. and cloved lor a year but nm to be
atarted up, was burned last Friday. Los
$35,100, with no insurance. '
Dick Monte, coroner of Louisville,
Ky., killed liimtellat Mttnphison Fri
day. lie had gone into a watrcloaet,
and It la supposed was ex .wining the
pistol when it was discharged.
The illami Saving Society la the
lir.i ol tbe savings banks ol Cincinnati,
Ohio, to (all. It closed Its doors 8atur.
dity with liabilities reaching to $170,000
and assets appearing on the face of the
books at $15J,000, Jeat luff a deduleiicy ol
In Iieland the Cai hollo bishops are
vigoroutly tr)iii to put dowu the prau
tli ot holding wakei over the dead.
They tuvu ordered that none but tbe
Immediate relative if the deceased be
invited, and that no intoxicating liquors
be Used. .
The suit of General VY. Custls Lee
HglutF. Kautiuan andoibers, lor the
recoveiy of ihe Arlington estate, bought
in under Ihe direct tag t-ale by the gov
eminent, vi.s b run lu the United States
disirict court, at Alexandria, Va., before
Judge liughet, last Satm day.
The house of Mot It x Kaiser, at Fish
L Hiding, on the Mississippi. Itlteeu mile
outh ot Waterloo, Monroe county,
Illinois, waa burned. Frldxy morning.
ami the charred bodiea ot Kafoer. his
wife and six children, were taken from
therulun The tacts are meagre, but It
appears prohable that Ihe Are was caused
by ibe explosion ot a coal oil lamp.
The Canadian Artillery Association
have decided to send a team to Englaud
next year to oouioote tor prlxes offered
for that branch of the service. It is pro.
poaed to select the men lor this purpo-e
Irom thoi-e who have attended thi uliU
tary colleges ot the Doruiulon.
The Kentucky legislature has been
In session sixty dsys, and has enacted
Mve general laws. The legal limit ol the
aeulon Is alxty days, and iu order to get
(be small grim of necessary legislation
through, the lawmakera have been com
pelted to vote themselves au ludetiofte
extension of time.
The Pullman Palace Car company,
of Chicago, lias entered suit at Pituburg,
agalusl il county ol Allegheny, Pa., lor
property dtatroytd . during ihe July
riots. The property destroyed consisted
ot eight palace cars and their furniture,
and the arnouut of damages claimed is
:.804 0U. -
Mass meetings were held at Potts.
town. Pa., and New Albany, lud., on
Saturday, oy manutacturen and .work
ingmen, to protect against the adoption
ot Fernando Wood a tariff but hvrou.
greaa. It is estlLiad that about 1J.000
person were .present at tbe Potutowu
The Virginia genval assembly has
reflected the lollnwlng date officers:
Treasurer, U.M. T. II uutei: aeoond au
difor, General Asa Bogers: railroad
comtaisaloner. Colonel Thomas It. Car
er. O-orge L. Christian was elected
Judge ol the Huttings court. Ri.ihmond.
Judge Christian has bees clerk of the
supreme court ol appeals several years.
During February the total accession
of prisoners at the Michigan state Driaon
waa 16, and 1 who had escaped was re
turned. In the same period 28 were dis
charged by reasoo ol the expiration ol
sentence, 1 died, 1 waa pardoned by the
governor ana i granted a new trial. The
whole number In the prison March t.was
828. being 13 less than at the beginning
oi voruarr.
-A letter received at Rawlins. Wy
T., irom reliable partle on Snake river
aay the Ute Indian are acting In v rv
it nam manner, iney have alreadv
killed 139 head ot cattle, and threaten to
go on the warpath when the grass entries.
A letter from Bear river state that the
oeople are greatly excited over the aot Ion
of tbe Indians, and are preparing place
oi taiety lor their woman and children
IlTtr IrjoproTfmerjt.
congressmsn Kandall Gibson, of
Louisiana, on Monday Introduced la the
tower House ol Congress a hill providing
tor the appointment of a commitelon on
tha Improrstueat of lb MlsslMlppI rirtr,
Tha .Washington correspondent of the
HI. Louis fUwukiUan gives the loltowtaf
synopsis of tbe bill, which will be read
with (uteres I by the readers of the But-
Ian : 'J he bill provide that lb preal
dent of tbe Dulled Slates shall appoint
five englnrera, tleclguttlng one of tbe
nuuibt r for president, who shall prepare
plans aud estimate, which will secure, a
channel for ea-going vessels all season
of lha year from Cairo lo tbe tuoutb ol
the river. When these plana are ap
proved by the president of the United
States, ibe secretary o lha war ta to ex
pend sucb sum a may be appropriated
by congress to carry oa the construction
under tbe direction ot Ihe coiuuiUsion,
which is also to hav thedirecdun of u h
surveys a t.re now in progress below St.
Louis. The secretary of war U lo give
the otimiulssion all boat which shall be
needed. Alter the approval o Ihe gen
eral system of woiks, detailed plana are
to be prepared, a majority of the cow
mission to decide upon them. The com
mission Is to furnish the secretary ot war
with all these plans, and he is to adver
tise for bid for the work In part or a a
whole. One section of tbe bill provSt es
for the salaries ot the members of th
couimtalon. which amounts are li ft lu
blank. ' The last section provide tor an
appropriation i J $2,600,000 for the speedy
construction of tbe general system con
templated by the act. Tbe bill la bared
on the well grounded oplulon that Capt.
Eadswlll be selected president of the
commission. Senator Ctxkrtll will In
troduce bis bill In tha senate to morrow.
Cool, Very.
Wattr.ord miiUusI.
We hav received a circular from the
state central committee ol tbe Indepen
dent parly of Ibis state, aud we luppose
it was sent to HI lor publication, but we
most respectfully decline until the state
central commit est pay us Ihe sum ol
thirty dollars pledged lor the payment
of printing tbelr tlckeU for 1876. It was
cool, indei d,
Maoh Aatoniahcd.
llertland Plain Ifcalcr.
The Republican papers continue to
expre their astonishment ' that (lie
victorious Democracy should manliest a
purpose to take complete procession ol
things. The modest Republicans, you
know, always held aloof in lime of suc
cess! I.- t, ' i i
Coinage) for February.
The following tbe report of the Di
rector Of United State Uinta showing
tbe coinage duriug tbe month of Feb
ruary :
naarKUMTtof a. r acts.
DoUbie eaglet so;,iii
Kmclts m m... jo
talf cal
Qaaruraglei W
, 144,00
tax Uulian
t Mttt 0
. 3U7.34
. Total...... ,.m...m
- f 6ILYCR.
auroKitsTToiri. r.icts.
1 ndt f ollart ,,Ui,iOO
Hair lullara 449.U0
Quaitardull r
l niy ttiit...... Suo
i'lma 9(4 yo
I,5I5 200
tS 41"
Total. .4 ti ,400 i,m,W
ot War mm. rue s. uwi.
eivt c au..
ooo a I'j t
Fare coats.
is oo
SI 14)
Uat btnt
Total .. bit i 0 iu os
Toul coinage, 6 071,610 pieces, agtre
gating $8 469 309 Of.
Uesietwl ttepraaaUoi la lb rndltln
Jitsbville B nosr, ll.h.
la caaversatloa with let. ral represeaU-
tives ot lbs stata grange, wbicb met In this
city lat wek, a B tnarr leporur learned
some lata , eating aoU In regaro to tbs eot
dltlon ol Ue order la.TeaiierSoi. All tba
repreaentatlvss wit t whosa our rartn ta
ll e talked spoke ot tbe remark .Die ua-
urtase at msmbarsblp lathe ord-during
tba pat tw years, and gave various rea
son f -r It. Tbe main eauie sasms to bavs
bssa s wtnt of stablli y aad taai on tba
cat t ol members in general. These repra
S'UtaliVes alto said that tbs lack of leading
executive ability In tbs order had ooostj.
erabloiod wlta Ha piasent languUiioK
ute, aot only la Tennessee, but lo other
utes throughout the Unioa. U ap,ear
from the statement ol a former worthy ma
tr, that tha tuauing offljara ( tua grangei
bare not paid that attsuboa to Us order
that Its pioosr advancement required. u
aid th t wbea the ordsr was BfH Inaug
uraUd farmers were ready aad winintr to
J ua tmattdiattly, but altar remaining In it
awhile thai lost laterestlu tbs prooadlngt
aad soon dropped oft. Person jolosd tbe
order ferpsr-onal aggrandisement and flud
Ing toat tbelr alms la this direction coul i
avt be aoa iiapliahed, tby wttbdrew. Tbe
rafonar was iaiunaad that dur.ng lb past
two years two hundred grangis la Ibis
late bad beea coa-ahdaUu. ibera was
so mub animation eabibitei in th t movt
meat at tbs t art that granges were termed
U vailaaa dUtriuls In each couuty. The
weeaosrs soon leund that luta wauld aoi
pay, aad tky nomuianced tba sjtitm t
oonsoiioauoa in order to uuke tut orn-
isauou mora nenencial. a. corresbon eut
to the Southern Uubandmao, a graag oi.
gaa, aay that Uere Is perbapaanotber rea-
son Shtl usy te asaigasi la soma instance
at a aas t the deoteasloo, aud tbat Is
(bat, a. a general tblig, cnlyoneor two
members o( each family have Julned tbelr
grange, tbloklng the waa all tbat was aao.
eaaary. Tbls, b says, U a mUtiktn Idas,
aad auamagiog one wbere It prevail. It
was th detign of tbs founder ol tbs order
to bring toathr la on lasnllria (lie
grange all tka famines in rural oommunt-
tits. Us advlaas tbs meaibera to brain
srork with new asal and energy, to get out
ot we era rut aad bra nab ut la new
paths, fn some of tBoounus lb tubor-
uinategrsogesbava eaUrely dttd out.
'i i aa i
Oradaal Fraatclpatlon of Biaraa
cb tbo Cuban laUod
IIstsks, March 4 A proclamation
rla-ed Puerto l-rlnrtpe. M-reh 1,5525
Uptaue-Uentral Juvellar and Geuetal
Cauipiiaaais: Whereas. th lnurUM.ia
am kurrviHlrilia' lhHlrrn,a m i
. , 1." . " " wucrena
a mkliiri'V of flat alama hn r.uj,
the tosurtvotioti sttd aot flours Wlht
. OUR' MOTTO: " Tbe Best Goods at the Lowest Price."
Corner 8th Street and Commercial Ave.
r Dryj. Goods,' .Boots, and Shoes,
Clothing, fiats and Caps, Coflees, Teas, Sugars,
Bacon, Hams. Specialty in Butter,
Cheese and Flour.
Prints, Domestics, Bleached Muslins, Shirtings,
Flannels. Tickings Dress Goods, Silks.
A full line of Carpet, Mattings, Floor Oil
Ladles' and Aliases' Boots,
This stock Is entirely New and Freih. Spe -Ul attention given tn Country trade.
U ir Stc k einbraoei everyihiiitf neeilt-J In the City or Cnuntry. in Groceries or Dry
Goods. Please give us a call, examine our goods and orlt o belore you buy.
census luruied In the 'year 1870. or be
rouging to nisitters vi im parttinptiei il.
lectlyor Imlirectly In the Ini-u rt-ct on.
then-hv i cqnlring their llbertv tie lacro :
and whereas the sentiment is taken Into
acc unt, which iniired the present Imw
hi gratluat einancii'atinn n alavealn this
Inland, i In n lore, authorized by home
gorerttnv'tit. we prnelHlui :
Ariiclr 1 All slave (if both sexes
who wt-re In the lines ol insurgmts on
the 10th of February, will he tree It they
present themselves to the li-gltlmste hiu
thnritles of rovernment troops before
the la-t ilnv of Mirt:h.
AltTiCLE 2. Former ownert rf th e
(reeilinen havi' no tight to Indfiunlty II
they (tHk purl In insurrection them
selves, illrecily or Indirectly. .
Abticlb 3. Theto lormer owners rf
these Ireedmen who remained faithful
tothe Spani.-h government will receive
Indemnity In Ihe same manner which the
law of rndiml armlitinn p,escrlrMa,
Abticlb 4 All local aiHhorltles will
furnlxh psriein of lrei o!ttr,pnhlp t
thoae former sluvcs Include,-' In nrtlfil0
flrtf. giving direct nnd itetalled account
to heads of their rerctlve departments
Why Not, Indeed.
Pbllade tibial Imct.
Why don't Onem! llnyt nud his l'eu
tenants deniHinl thu li t rveuiinn ot 1'n.
sitlent Hayes to protect the ftloltle Sin
guire convicts 01 IYuih-j Ivhihm ? They
liave all, at one time or Hiiother, been
pmiulred lintnuiiity from piiiilfhiin-ni by
prominent leaders vrho cotitrltiuieit I in-tnen-ely
to the t hclon nt llavis. and
why are they now Hbnitlnnetl to tlieir tati
while thn l.onii.Ur.a returning boanl are
relalned in ollli:e hii1 Cotntnuml the ac
tiv support of the piv'ilpnt Hint citbiio-if
Wht don't General Il ivt get up a tele
rram to the conihmnel Mollies, and
have Shernmn ami a lot uf othi r poliiical
leaders siirn Ir, asnrin ih rioncr. of
sympathy ami faith in their innocence?
An Unkind Cub.
Slatt Kegi:er.
The people of MltioU mid of Ihe en
tire wrat are accused hy a writer lu tha
Irtnaon heonomw or Mvorlng tite repu
diation ol the iihiIohhI debt. It l on y
thirty years since ihe statA of lllmoi
was hurdi'iii'd with a much heaybr itrht
than Its proportion ol ihe national it. bt.
and w4 ahtnlutely wnverty-rtrivken.
But the tieopl.' adopted 'he con
stitution of 1748 which levied the
two mill tax on every fp'cl
ot personal anil real property, and have
lnce pl:l almost the lat dollar of that
deht. It will not be fortrnttrn that there
was a psrfv, respectHhle In numliera at
least, which lavored repiidiation.hnt f her
wereri gardirt aa noral hpers sud nut
little better than hnrs- hley. We
know of no state o ih Union that hat
eenurlia'eii a dent except Mi'slslpii.
The London Economic should have some
reference for I acts.
E-tate ot Msrgaret C ineron, Dereaed.
Tbe und-rtigned, bsvliv be-n -ppnlnieH
Admlu Nirttor ot tha Ettite ot Ma'airai
CamrreB. la'e of the County of Ala a tier
and -'tate ot Illinoia d eraaail, her' ti" glv,
nttnw (hrt be will appear he't re ihe
CouMy Court of Alexmdor Oountv. at the
Court House in Calm, at the .April Term
on tbe H it Monday in Ap'il nex', at which
time all person having elaitut smtrtst sal 1
Ca ata are nnilH d and reoitoted to sit nd
f r tbe purpoM f h vlng the M" i aiijui .
d All pertin Indebted lo ni Ka ate
ara fquented to make immediate psymuLt
to ine tinn raienen.
Dated Ibis rfb dsy f A. I. tn?.
V? U. UULLiKN, Admlnisu-ator.
Qivoa Away A ttraan. mrs'triout ib4 boii
rttraoritiMry book, totilltd ''lllr. IIOHK t'K
WOMiklt'" t'oattlalnr arlth aunrrmi Die
lortal illutiatioa ikt niyttrriei of tbt heaven (nil
etnta. Nataral .aad Saptrattu'al.l iddiltrt Vt kim
tteal, 8trwirt Cu 1 otitic. Witchat and It. bcrtft
tTttmi Snpmtitloat Abau'dtiict. Kalmtom,
rhinimeoi ,te. I order that all nay let thi. ctiri
mu book ftSt puhliiken hart runlnS In lv It
away toaS dial dmrr to Mt IL Adilmi.by portal
card. V I.I.KASU.N ACU..72S WathingtaSiracl
KVMot, M.u.
Parmtnently ourod no humbug oy oni
mootb's us, a ot Hr. OoularM't Celebrat
ed Fit Powder. To ovntne auffereo
that tbete powder- will do all we ;1aim l-i
them, we will -tend them by malU post
paid, a (rae trial box. As Dr. Uoulard it
th only physli-ian that hs ever made thn
dnwara a sprrial nudy, and a to oui
knowledge thou.indi have been perma
nently oured by tbt us f tbe-e powd irs.
we will gairanter a permatot cure r
every eae, or refund von all monry es-
Pnded. All autf rera abou'd give theac
owdrrsB'i early trial, and be convince:
of tbelr curative pter. -
Prle-, for larare box, $8. or 4 hox mi
810, entby mall to any pari ol U Hea
State or Canada ng receipt ol price, ot r
sxpreaj, C. O. D. Adtlreas.
Ma KnHnr. Sir. t. tr nklvn N. Y.
ir taltry by dcvoUng a try tint 1 1 iwrilnn ol
Jour leisure 1 1 rot to my Intrrtti . I 1(0 not z
put y- uui rabtKM I'mmjr twlebraleil KrattT'a
PianiM andiiro. unhts yt.u mm Si to ; but Ibe
Strvlo I requlr uf )a It both ilnant aud
irr.ifltai'le. r till ptrtnular ir . .'.d'lnrt
IIAMCI, F. IllCAT1 1 , Waidt BKtnti. N. 4.
Cloths, Curtain Damanks,
Children's Shoes, Genu Bots and Shoe
.tjolirr lu 'ontea,-tor.
Orrtca of Vics-Phes Dmr A 3rk
KKaL J1N Ot-R tHH AO'l t-T
Louis A N.w uvLasa U. It.
Mi W URLKAf a. Kab'v -.'J. 187 1.
To Comractoi :
Seled iT ipottlt ara Invite ! net I lOtb
M ri b t-r ihe vralln ol ihe (3) uilleN uf
laiiroad extendh a irom Kdui r. Kei
tU' k). up the exat bat k ot Ilia Ohio dver
to a poll, I npo le air , II Innls. Tldr
wirt extend, lor two ('.') mile through
i le,r-i1 land-, and one tniie ibrottgb ilmhei
already ii-ari tor a width of (10 ) on
buuilrel leei. Ibe mibiikmeM villi av
e-aae about (ti tilue ftei Id beixbt, th- ma
terial f rwi.teh will e olraliied entirely
Irmn tnr east , Ir, n I o n ie bandied' rue
teitiul'y wliti w ig'n-, c ris, tc mer ir
barrowr, . I bred buu and fertol tblr m
binkuieni, o an an average belnbi ol (7)
seven leei, win ne kruieu lor at icitsi a)
three trucks, and win ti e a top wi itb .t
(40 tony teei, tie wb le oi which la
thiourfh ulenrr-i I, nd. Tnia I a tleairabie
phceoi w -rk and well worthy the alien
tion ot nl examlnal on be cni.tra tn.
The work wilt be commenced tie tint
(1st) of April, next, -nd murt be niuli ted
by tbe 1-t id July fo lowing. Mnnibly as
ttni trt. piyalile In Ckrli, will e made as
tbe work ii ereser, a d tbe uml twenty
percent retained to I'su e com le'loit ol
cntra-l. a pinueoi tneune, soil aprei
II alion lor the work may b -een. a'd d
i-lred Inr roiatl n O' tained at the otl)e ol
th enmpisy's gen , Joo. e. MiK ), Fd
mo e, Ken ui-ky.
Hint i'lonld be addret-eJ to J. G. Mnp,
Division tiupeiiulendent, JacksiO, Tin
The hi' will he cpened aid contracts
awsr led on I Mb Jlircii. at J -.Kaon, I con
Tbe cmipiny r serve tba tight to ie
jct ny or au bid.
( true co- y ,1 Vice Hrr-nlout,
l"!" I" I" 1 Any Ptrwn vibo will mak
T ITIiila 1 and lorward me a lift of tbe
nameaol rrlialde ton of their acquaintance
Who wiih b, pro'-urtsa ini-tniment eiOi. r l'i-
-dii or urifaa t win ur ruy mti en nHTurt tu
ell i t m oae. ml lor every pitno I turead in
e'linglnlbi Irli.l m ithoi our year, I willcred I
theni with u, an? lor rrrry nrgaia 5, to lie ap
plied no inyment t ritb rap ano or ornao ;
awl wheo ll amu tt to a aura aulHi'lrnt to py
ror tnr iub rum.-ni, .eiectni at 'iie I.ut8i
W'loIAL fltlCK. I will Immidlalely tbiii
Ibe intirumrnt I'rae, or altrr a' J amuiiiit Ir
crwli 1 1 ibr baiant-e m iy iw paid ti lu ca.-b and
I will thna -hi(i IllelU III l.irli umrat, '1 HC)
need not lie knnwo IN the maibr, aud will lie
do na- their fr rndt a real aerilee a I shall
mike M'KI IAI. tit r KHStn th m. aelliuif a
-UPKKIUU IX-4TUIJ.HKM f ir from tiK-
1 1 A I V to I WO-TIIIKDS What I ordraril
atkul by aKemt. I'lraar Mnil n e a lirt at ou-'C,
aa.l alter you have mwl inqr.lrr, you cmd adil
lull. -iirrsa,
DAS IE!. F BRA TTY. KoAi7rn. S
LlalVaS. U.
Can Bo Beautiful
ly Tyed or Re
paired at a Trif
ling EzperiB9
C. O. D.
Old flats Made New.
Wo. 30. Eiiflif h Street.
Coal Coal,
MT. CARB 0 N (Big Muddy)
Oricre for Coal bv tin car-load,
ton, or in hogsheads, for shipment
promptly attended to.
To lirg consumers and all
manufactui er, we are prepared
to supply any quantity, by the
month or year, at u t f jrm rates.
Offlceo whannoat (not of Mlth itrtrt
"llos.o- Ualllday Uoither., oppotita St.
Ch'rla llottl.
Kcnitiail Hill, Twentieth (trtot.
tal Dump foiit of Hiirlv-tlgDtb (treat, or
I'OHumot drawer sou
B. F. Blake
f?aJnts, Oils, Varnishes
Vail Papor. Window Glass, Win
dow Shades, &c,
Alwaya oa band, tu ueltbrtied tUurtilnatl
Corner Blavantb atreat and Waahl
i too Avaoaa
f And At
Washington Avenue and Eighth Stroot
White Lead White Zinc,
Linseed Oil, Turpentine
Varnishes, Brushes,
Window Glass, Putty
Paints--1D Cok-hiy to th Bnsl,
Lubricating Oils
Illuminating Oils,
Lard Oil, Whale Oil
Signal Oil. Heatfoot Oil,
Tanner's Fish Oil
West Virginia Gils.
ThoElgi t rii ud nn Can
The Only Pdr eot Can ti
th- World. M ide of Glass
and Warranted rot to
Leak, Corrode or Break.
Every family should have
atsssa at aanwt i"
Tha best in Use. Patent Dome
onrl MAaurinn Pnrr.n Puma.
Manufactured by Wilson and
Eveden. We sell at their prices
Agency and Depot for Ayers and Jaynes' Medi
cines. Also for Wakefield's, Hartin's and Mc
Lean's Medicines. We control the celebrated
Aboriginal Indian Oil, Egyptian
Malaria King, and DeCinchon's
Peruvian Bark Bitters.
"La-t weak I bouKbta '0 cent r ki"f Wutum and done n y wasbln In one r,Jl
tbe usual time at le k tlian ba l tbe cot ol Boxp. My rlo bet were v,"hl t-r I old not
nave to rub them, and It dl I i ot brii Ir my woolmis. nd for on-e I war enabled to rt a
hot rl ner on Monday bo ladlis til it, aud you 1II t.V labor.ilue atd u.oney. III.
perfectly safe to ute IC MKH. A
5 and 10 cent Packages. Buy WASHINE AT BARCLAY'S.
JDr. Woods'
Wholesale and Retail
Golden Lion Cologne-0' r8nnutreaMan00
German Syrup and August Flower,
Homeopathic Medicines.
Irish, French and American Glues,
Gelatine for Table Ue-Very Cheap
Shoulder Braces for Ladles and Gentlemen
The Best Trusses, All Styles
Coarse and Fine Combs, and Hair Brushes
Shoe Blacking, Stovo Blacking
Buy Copperas, Blue Stone Indigo. Madder,
Wax Flower and Artists' Materials
French, English and American Perfumery
All Kinds of Almanacs Free to AU
The Best Extract of Buchu,
" The Best Sarsaparllla and Blocd Purifier
Holmans' Ague Pads, Woods' Pills,
Malaria King, and all Ague Medicines
Quinine. Smith's Tonic Kress Tonic,
Nursing Bottles, Gum Nipples and Rubber Clotb
Feather Dusters and Counter Brushes
Writing Paper. Envelopes, Pens and Ink,
Paper Bags, Wrapping Paper and l wine
dnoo Blacking. Shoe Dressing, and Stove PV,Uu
Furo Imported Duy Hum, '"fefplcmlid Ctiniida Tnr
A- am m a a s a. ' . Va tt at
soap u ti una aiiici-icuu onps avihv as
poricil llumlkcrclilcf Extractst in origi
nal Iliittlcis or In llrukcii naiitl-
tie as WMiitcd at low prli'CN
Buy Your Brugs
At Barclays' Drug Sluxo.
The Family Safeguard
Awarded First Centennial Premium
and adopted after a thorough Scientific
and Practical Test by the U. S. GOV
MENT, Highly Corrmended by the
Fire risk for Elaine and Gas
rate the same with Insurance
Companies. Used by Rail
road Street Cars and Hottls.
Fever Pills
at Dr. Woods' Prices.

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