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J. DSanLV, a. W. YATT
I ulletla Balldln?, Oor. Twelfth BtrM
end Washington Avsnua,
Cairo, XlllnoUi
tf-i ountr and Rail road Work SpeeleltT
rnCH Hocks From 7:30 A.M. to (JO
p.m.; Sunday from 7 to 9 a.m. Jloner
i rnii-r n;m, s.tu. u p;t, p.m.
tu. r.st.
ZH.m UUlDoliContnlBB
ipiooj Dsiiy.
Miss. Central B B
Cairo vlnrennes
It it-Dally.
Calm, Arkansas A
Tcias H B iMtly.
Ohl- Rim Bout
Dully rirl't Monday
Mies. Hlver limit
Up, Sun. Tu. Frl.
Ikiwn.Tu Tho Pat.
Thebes Kiiil I
Krlilay Saturday S
(i W. McKiaio, P. M
titirMslmvesCelmdslly 0 p
Csprvsa arrives al Cairo dally .:00a m.
toronimodatloti leaves Cairo daily ..tiOOa.m.
innimwUlion arrives daily (vc '
Slimier) U Mi m
61 Miles the Shortest Route
47 Miles the Shortest to
iwmi cintoti mmm
o4 Miles the Shortest to
tidiisapolis, M;..!jliia lb h
alakiag Same Connections,
I'sssbnger) by other route to make
unuwgUoi must rids all night wait
lav from On to Bix Hour at
mail country stations for
trains of oomieooag roads.
aenembor that fact and take eur
6:OU a. m. Train).reaching
nrille, GMitiLceMi
Trm tmn and arrlv at Cairo. a follows
tail Uave :U .
lied . 7:' p. m.
Mail arrives ............ I0. p. m.
ixed " tljAa. m.
fhrougu tickets and checks to all Important
Out' Pss Ag't. General Bap
L. B. CiitHCtl,
And Baltimore
With direct Connections (or,
1MH, Ijittof, Wlk,
mmm, m mi mm
Travelers lyslrinjf
Should remember that. the
In celebrated for Its
ilegant Coaches, Splendid Hotels, Grand
and Ueauttful tfountata and Valley (J
Sconeiy, aud the many points
lUstorloal Intent Along
lu Line.
fare will ALWAYS be m LOW
si by tny net Line.
Hun ThronB
Western and Eastern Cities.
for through tickets, bnggtge cheeks,
aovemnnt of trains, sleeping car aooonv
TiodatiorjM, eUi., etc.,',spply st ticket offices
at all principal points.
I't lien. TloketAgt.
..P. berry.
L. M. Colo
0n. Ticket iai
Tkoe. K. Hharp.
. AJrt.
Master of Tranap'a
To Consumptives,
Ccuumptlon, that scourft of humanity, Is
the great timed et the human ounlly, In all dU
ti countries.
t fbel oouflilrat that Ism la poiwuloa of the
tnlystin, inutlllble wuwdy now known to
bo profession tor the speedy, positive our ot
list dread dlwaaa, and lis unwelcome ooaoom
ImqW, visi Catarrh, Aethms, llronchitls, Ner
vous Uebllltv, etc., eto. I am old foy. I be.
leve la mediolna. Twraty-alght years expe
rranet as a busy practitioner In the best eon
mmption hospitals in the old and nsw world,,
tut taught me the value of proper medloa lion
both local and eonstitullonsl in the our" of this
great enemy of our race. I have found It bat
lam disreisslnff. 1 started em to say to those
suffering with consumption or any of the above
maladies, that by addressing ma, giving symps
lomt, they shall be put in possession jothls
East boon, without charge, and shall have the
nellior my experience In thousands of ease
sucoMStully treated. Full particulars, dtreo
tlous for preparation and use, end advice and
instructions lor sucoesslul treatment at you
own home, will be received by yon by return
Wall, free ot charts, by addrsufna
will 10 Jeflarsoa s treat LeuttTUl
VOL. 10.
ASK tee rooovtrwl
dy,VeV1)r bllout
sufferer, victims ot
fcyerar.il aue, ths
tieut, bow they recov
end neallh.cbccrml
spirits, and gool sj
petit ttey Will tl
you by taking Sim
mon's Livr Kfgn-
T r..r..r.r. . t t . ...I:..
ror vi sraroiA.uoN.ti ll'A iii.iauui r,
bilious attack., 6I0K UfcAUAt.HK, Coin:,
tireeaiou of boints, SULK bloMACll, Heart
bum, tie. etc.
ilna unrivalled Southern Itembdy Is war-
or auy iujuriuui tub.umwj, but is
coBtalnlag tiioas southern roou and herbs which
so all wise frovideo.ee has placwl in countries
where Liver Duesaei prtvil. it Will cure all
diaeaMil caused by Ucrungemaut of ths l:ver
anil aoaels.
The ayinptonia of Liver Complaint sre s bit
ter or bad uu m the uiouthi fmn in the bad,
eidea or juinU, often misWken fur rheuiua
lum sour stomach, lose ol autietite. boweis
eiierniicly cnetive ana lax. o-Ueiie, ioai 01
liwiuury with s inl'ul aeiiMliun of having
fitiie.1 te do someUiing wliirh ought to have
been done debility, low epulis, a thick yel
low a,.,urance Mime mm urn cyea, a urj
cough often miaUk-a tor coneuuiu'n.
buniSilmea many of theee sy luptoma attend
the diaMue, at otliere Very lew, but Ibe liver, ibe
larinil ora-an in the body, la generally the arat
of diaeaeea and if not rejrulall in time, grt-a
aunerug, wretcbedueai and iiKATU wi.l eii
I oan recommend aa an efflcaclous remnly for
diseases ot the Liver, Heartburn and lveiriia,
Miiiiiiobt' Liver itegdalur. Lawia Wuniix,
1 7 ilwuer street. AmUjUDI futiluaa'.cr. ftiil-
" We have tested its virtues, personally, and
now ttut for Uiiil-, liiliouaneu au
Throbbinc Headache it u the beet moiiciue tile
world ever aaw. We htve tried forty other
remedies before Bimiuoni' Liver Ucgulator,
but none of them gave ue more than teiiiporary
reiief; but the Kegulator notunly rdieV'd
but cured us." Lo. IsxauKAl-H su Mtesas-
obm. Atacoo. Ca.
Nothinr u so unpleasant, nothing so common
as bad bnath, and in near! every caw it cojiiea
from the stuiuach. and can be ao easily correct-
e.i if you will take buumons' Liver Ktiruiatur,
IM but neglect ao aura a reined y lor tula rv
puletve disorder. It will alj ujiprova your
Appetiic, ooiuvlexioo, ana u.nerai nealto.
This duuee.log alllicuou occur most fre-
uuentlv. Hie Uuturbancs of the otomacb.
arismg from liupericcUy dueeled contenU,
oauaes a severe pain in ths bead, ascomijanied
with disagreua!
nauMK. and this comlituu
what I
what in popularly known as dick Headache, f or
ICINE, Contains four medical elements, never
found iu the aims happy proportion In any
other preparation, vis: a gentie Cathartic, a
powuriui tonic, n uoeioeptirnabta alterative
and a certain Corrective ot ail impurinee ot
'be body, bucheignal auooea. has attended its
nu t at It is now rrgarUed as the
.Asa ltaiucdy in
i'LAiATH, DVSPhFolA, 11 E.MAI. lEl'Ur,5
bK, 81CK rlkvAUACHU, CO'JC, COJiollt'
Armed with this ANTIDOTE, all ehangca of
elluiaU and water and ibnd may be faced wltu
out tear. As a Keuiedy in MALAhluL
MAKuractciuio ohly sr
J. II. Zr.ll.EN,
1'hila.lelphia, P.
rnce 1 1 . oo. Sold by all DruKgUu.
slappiaMOr Misery, thai la the ques
tion I
Dr. W. . lloyt ot 25 years succcsdiul
practice kTuaiaiiU'es speUy and peiman-
cut cure ot all Chronic, Scrofulous, i'rl-
vate, hypDIletlc and female Diseases,
Hpermaterrhcta, or Bell-abuse, at his
Medical Institute, Airau &, Cheney liloek,
opposite the City liall i'ark, byracuee,
si. i . Medicine sent to all parts ol tne
U. S. and Canada. Don't be deceived by
advertising quicks who throng our large
cities, but consult Dr. lloyt or send tor
circular treatm; on his specialities tu his
P. O. Box 276.
Ladies. Mr great, liquid French
remedy, Amle Du Femme, or Female
friend, is untaillnir in the cure ot an
painful and dangerous diseases of your
sex. It moderates all excesses, and
bnofS on the monthly period with regu
larity, la all nervous and spinal affec
tions, pains lu the back or limb?, heavi
ness, latljrue on slight exertion, palpita
tion oi the heart, lowness of spirit, hy
sterics, sick headache, whites, and all
painful dlseasesoccasioned by a disorder
ed system it effects a cure when all other
means tail. 1'rice $2.00 per bottle, sent
by mall. Dr. W. E. lloyt, Box 270,
Syracuse. N. Y.
E. P. Kunkol'i Bitter Wine of Iron
The rreat smocas and delia-htof the ufoule.
in (net nothing of the kind has ever been ollerud
to ths Amerioan people which Tlas so quickly
found its wsy into their good favor and hiarty
aoprovai as E. V. Kunkei'i Hitler Wme of Iron,
t does ail it nroDOMS. and thua irivea univena
sstisfantioa. it is guaranteed to cure the Worst
canes oraypep or iodigeation, kidney or
11 var disease, weak new, nervoutnesa, cbnilipa
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flce, t' North Ninth street, Philadelphia. Ak
tor Kunkei's and take no other. Sold by all drug
gists. Dyspepsia, Dyspepsia. Dyspepsia.
K. F. KunVel's Hilter Wine of Iron ii a sure cure
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many years In the practice of sminent physicians
With unparalleled suceess. Symptoms are loss of
appetite, wind and rising offood, dryness in mnuth,
headache, dirtiness, sleeplessness and low spirits
(jet the genuine. Not sold in bulk, ooly in $1 bot
tles; Bold by all druggists.' Axk for K. K . Kun
kei's Bitter Wine of irjn and take no other. II
per bottle, orsix bottles for $r. All I ask is a trial
of this valuable medicine. A trial will convince
you atone.
Worms, Worms, Worms.
E, F, Dunkel's Worm byrup never falls to
remove all kinds of Worms. Heat, pin and
stomach Worms are readily removed by Kun
kei's Worm Syrup. Dr. Kunkei la ths only
successful tuilolaa In this ecuntry that can
remove Tsoe worm In from two to four hours.
He h is no fee until head ana all passes alive and
in this space ot time. Common sense teaches
if Tap Worm can be removed, all other Worms
can rsadliy be removed. Ask your druggist for
a bottle ol Kunkei's Worm Svrop. Price el. no
per bottle. It never fails or send to the doctor
for circular, No. Hi North Ninth ot., Failed el
his. Advtos free. ...
W. R. SlVIITH, JR., M. D,
Offlcs and Besidence :
No. at Thlrteenth-st., - - CAIRO, I LI
wvuuuu xuuvuuitu
sllv incraaaa
v. tr salary by devoting a very small portion ol
your leisure lime to my interest. 1 do not vx
pect you to rsavass for my celebruUKi Beatt 'a
Pianos and Organs unices you se fit to ; but ths
service 1 require of yon is both pleasant and
profitable. Full particulars (re. Address
. DANIEL P. BE ATT I, Washington, N. J.
I.D PCAVKIS WtTfin Itsa. ciwan.
estla Iks k nown world. Aotiuils Watch Fret It
ifSSM. AMrws,A.Cci,TSS)Cr
Ice-Water will be an Expensive
Luxury This Year.
The Sii! Vr.v Light and (be Price
tt-ry High.
ISt. luisilolje-Detiiocrat, April 2.
Kt. Louis Is staring au ice famine lo
the lace, nud the dealers are free to admit
that the price ot the coolinx'tommodlty
lit ion w ill reach $30. and possibly $40,
before the close ot the hcaied term,
The past winter has not been equaled
In mildness of temperature since 1303,
and old citizen will remember well tho
horrors of the summer that followed.
The temperature reached degrees that
will ever be memorable, and the seeds of
disease, which developed la the form ol
cholera one year later, were then plants
ed. The Ice crop has been a failure
throughout the north, and be lore the 1st
ot June hud arrived Ice was selling for
$W a ton, or one and a half cents
a pound. Coal very . seldom
acquired such a value. The price
advanced steadily during the next six
weeks, until I lie maximum was reached
ut $00 her ton, or two and a half cents a
pound, and this in lota ot thousands of
tons. Ice was neccs.-ary to lite that sum
mer, and the retail peddlers, holding the
people in their grasp, extorted prices that
sugar or flour will not bring now. The
situation Is not so grave this year, but
the outlook is bad enough.
On last Wednesday Mr. Garcone,
coiumin.-loncr of tmpplius, awarded a
contract lor 2,000,000 pouuds oi ice, to be
stored In the cellars ol the two Hospitals,
the Insane asylum and the poor house,
at $11,23 per ton, to Messrs. llutie, Loo
mls it Co. The same firm was also
awarded the coiUrat lor delivery otlce
to the city Jiall, tour courts, court
hous", waterworks, etc., at 92o per 100
weight, or $18 10 per ton. The beauty
of delaying the award ol contracts lor ice
until its ue Is exigent, is here shown.
lu order that iheaders ot Ihe Globe.
Democrat may thoroughly understand
and the prospects in ttiU matter, a report
er, armed wuh a list of Ike wholesale ice
dealers of the city, started out on an In
tervicwing expedition aud arrived at in
telligent results.
The otlice of Mr. J. M vKenna, of N'o,
5 Locust street, who dioV a trig bhslness
;it year, was Visited, and it was learned
that he would act only as a n ttilerduring
the coming Reason, being supplied by
llu.-e, Looinis & Co.
1 he office of llundle & Co., ol 200 S.
Fourth street, was visited but tiot fouud.
It was subsequently learned ttiat the tirm
were without stock of importance end
would probably retail during the 6um
Jaines A. Smiih, of 817 Xorth Seventh,
is absent from the city, looking at the
situation in Michigan and Wisconsin.
Call w as made at the office of J. 11.
McCoruiick, but that gentleman had re
moved his business to Nashville.
1 ortunate was the reporter to meet at
this point Mr. S. M. Hickey, a prominent
ice operator, who has just returned from
an extended northern trip and was brim
ining with information. Dropping the
form ol the Interview by which the de
sired information was extracted, Mr.
lilt key 's statements may be arranged
as follows : The outlook is bad. Ice will
be higher this year than it has been for
fifteen yeare. The stock in St. Louis is
40 per cent short. Ice is now beliif
wholesaled at from $8 to $;0 per ton, and
the price may reach $20 by June 1.
It the summer U very warm the short
age or loss by melting of ice will be cor
respondingly large, and this waste is al
ways attended by a gradual
which makes the people pay according
to the degree Fahreuheit reaches by the
Mr. Uickey has just returned from Osh.
kosh, Green Bay, Whitewater, Delavan
and other peluts In Wisconsin, where be
succeeded lu ' securing considerable Ice,
but by no means the amouut he desired.
The crop on Urn Wiseuuein lakes was
fully forty per cent, short ol the average
yield, and Is ot an inferior quality. The
stock purchased will be brought to St.
Louis us soon as possible. Mr. Illckey
spent several days in Chicago, and finds
the people there looking dolefully at the
situation. Mr. Illckey said "dealers,"
but the reporter not understanding ex
actly why a "dealer" should look "dole,
iul" at the bonanza which the sun must
surely develop, takes the liberty to inset t
'people" or better, "consumers." Word
comes from Dubuque and St. Paul that
tbey have got no more Ice than they
need, and ihese two cities have In the
past done much towards helping St.
Louis out. LaCrosse, Lkc City, Lake
lepiB and several other Wisconsin river
towns have several hundred thousanl
tons of Ice housed. It has been custom
ary to bring this supply to St. Louis by
boat. This Is out of the question this
spring as the river Is at a miserably low
stage; there is no snow on the ground
up-river, the frost Is almost out ot the
ground, and nothing but a rueterological
miracle can bring about a proper stage
of water to float the Ice transports,
The office ot tho Mississippi Ice com
pany, at 17 South Fourth street, was
visited. The company was last season
composed of Messrs. . C. Little and A.
E. L iTinan, ot St. Louis, and Messrs. D.
D. Meriam. N. D. Alunson and S. 11.
Davis, ot Qulncy, Illinois. Tho abso
lute and total failure ot the Illinois Ice
crop has led to the withdrawal of the
Qulncy members, and Mr. Little Is prln
cipally the Mississippi ice company. At
this place the statements of Mr. illckey
were In a general way corroborated, and
no new results reaehed. The last call
made was at the office of Iluse. Loomls
& Co., at the corner of Fourth street and
Washington avenue, where Mr. James
Ii. II tire cheerfully gave all the Inform.
Hon desired.
Mr. Buse said : "fee Is this month-selling
at $8 per ton to" peddler. On the
1st ot April the price will be advanced to
$10 per ton, and an advance will be made
each month following."
So uncertain Is the prospect that the
firm has absolutely declined to make
season contracts, thinking from month
to moo ih risky enough.
Tbtre Is at present In the city, Includ
ing old Ice left over from last season and
new ice, a supply of from one half to
twothlrd ot the -mount that the city
requires. The price must be raised "to
make good the detlcicncy. It Is more
than possible thai the price oi 18C3 will
be duplicated. It is more than probable
that ice will have to be brought here
Irom New Yotk by rail, and at a heavy
l ho reporter asked whether the Ice
manufactured In New Orleans could be
brought here, nd Mr. Huge replied that
it was out of tke question, as the manu
lactured Ice U not turned out in sufficient
quantities tor home consumption In
New Orleans, flat city being one of St.
Louis' best Ice customers. The state
muiits ol other gentlemen as to the supe
rior quality of ice In Wisconsin, and the
difficulty of getting It. such as it Is, to
St. Louis, were verified by Mr. Iluse in
Asked as to the supply on hand in the
breweries, Mr. Iluse said that about
200,000 tons of Ice left over from last
season was secured by the Anheuser,
Lempand Wainwrigbt breweries, and
that rendered their condition somewhat
easy, though tbey are by no means sap-,
The smaller breweries which hsve no
storing capacity, will sutler heavily, as
they will be forced to buy this summer,
as In the past, from hand to mouth.
Allowing the peddlers a fair profit on
their iue, say 100 per cent, families,
hotel., bar-rooms, confectioners, and the
thousands that are obliged to use ice In
one wsy or the ot ber.es n hardly estimate
the price that they will bo obliged to
Ice wholesaled at 2 cents per pound
will be retailed at 3J or 4 cents. Think
of it, family man I Think ol our little
cube of Ice on the door-step melting
away In the morning sun, at the rate ol
4 pounds aa hour and at 4 cents per
pound !
All suit erers from this disease
xioust o be cured should try Dr. Kiss
ner's Celebrated Consumptive l'owders.
These powders are the only prepsrstion
known that will cure Comumption and all
diseases of the throat and lungs Indeed,
so strong Is our fslth in them, and also to
convince you that tbey are no humbug, we
will lorward to every - sufferer, by nisi
postpaid, a free trial box.
We don't want your motoy until you are
ferfcUly saiished ol their curative powers.
I you life is wortb laving, don't delay In
giving these powders a trial, as they wil
surely cure you.
frtce, tor large box, $3. sent to ny part
f the United Stales or Canada by mail on
receipt of price. Address,
3H0 Fulton street. Brooklyn. K. Y
TiT a TOIUtail prices 9o only fW.
K I A IM I ll'arlor Urflans. price (k40,
-v s.i ws"only taper tree.
t BAS'L r. BEATTT. Washington. W. .T.
A.wsrde4 kfcbif eru st Centennial Eiposltkm for
Jl.ie ttiing qnUM an. urfOaa and lotting thar
antr of tm&ming and Jhvorinf. Ths belt lo banco
rer made. A. our bins strip irsd. -mirk b elossly
Imltatal on Inferior (nods, m that J.i'Wi'. fiat I
on every nluf. 8ld ly all dsabra. fort-mpls
Ires, lo C. A. scstos A Co., Kirs., reverslmrg, Vi
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tie, makes the lock-stitch, is simple in con
function, very light running and almost noise
less. It Is almost impossible for other machines
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mail on receipt of 35 cents. Prepared by Seth
W Fowl A Sons, 85 Usrriion avenue, Xloslon ,
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Adores. . '
IHOl. A.MOI. A. ;
OeslftUv . rissitev
APRIL 4, 1878.'!
Evansvllle, Cairo and Memphli
Steam Packet Co.,
Fadaoah, Shawneetown, Evans
vllle, Louisville, Cinoinoati
. and all way landings.
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Ed. Thomas Clerk
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J. M. fHILUfS, Agents.
duperiasendent and Gvtieml Frught Agent,
lo-a-iu-lv. Evans wile Indians.
To Inventors & Manufacturers
6ilmore,Smith & Co.
Solicitors of Patents and A ttorneys at
American and Foreign Patents.
No Fees in Advance, nor until a Patent
Is allowed. iVo F:cs for making Pre
liminary Examinations.
Special attention given to Interference
Cases before the Patent 03ke, Infringe
ment Suits In the difle.x'at States, and al
litigation appertaining to Patents or In
vent Ions.
Send Stamp for Famphlet oj Sixty Pages
SoOILMOltl . SMlTcT d; CO.,
63 F. Washingt on, D.
1878. - MKWYOWt.
As the time bss come lor tile renewal of sub J
sceiptlons, THE SUN woui i remind its friends
and well-wishers every whui-c that it is again a
candidate for" their cone iJeration and support.
Upon its record for the cast ten yrars it rtus
for a continuance of tho neurty svmputby ami
generous co-operation which uaveliithcrtti been
extended to It irom every quurttr of Ihe felon.
TheUrslly Mun is sfour-pagr sheet of J col
umns; price by mail, post-uaid, aa cents,
month, or (Ml 50 ptr yeur.
The Hnomj edition of Tnic 8tm Is an eight
Daire sheet of r.t columns. While uivinir Ihe news
of the day. It also contains a large amount of
literary aud inlscellaneous matter specially pre-
panni iur is. ana chkday Bui uaa met witn
great success. Post- paid M itOi year.
The Weekly Mun.
Who does not know THE WEEKLY SLWt
It circulates throurboul the Utiitcd States, the
Canaass. aud beyond. Ninety thousand fami
lies gr.it its welcome nags weekly, and rogHrd
it in the light uf guide, oounselo -. and tri-ml.
Its news, edilnrial, agricultural, andliierary de
partments make it essent'ally a journal for the
umily and the fireside Teruisi Onu Uwllar
s year post-paid. This price, qualiiy considered,
makes It ths cheapest newspaper published . For
clubs at ten, w'th 1U cash, we V, ill send an extra
copy free. Addivss,
fUIILlSlIER OK THE SUN. New York City.
Miff? PIANO, OUGAN best, tf Loo
islssill Startling news. Organs 12etpe t6s
Pianos ooly (180. CoJtltJoU. UrouUtrs Krec.
U. F.Ileatty, Washington X. J
CDCZT 1 Any Person wso will muke
r Itlabi t and forward me a list of the
names oi nimble iersous of their ucquain tunce
who Wish tu procure an instrument, either Pi
ano or Organ, 1 will use my best endeavors to
sell them one, and for every piano I succeed la
selling to their list within one year, I will credit
them With S1U. and lor everv orir&u A), tn lie an-
plied on payment of either a piano or organ ;
and when it amoui.ts to a sum suiUdcnt to pay
for any instrument, selected at the LOWEST
n iiULlfAl.t flUCE. 1 will immediately ship
the instrument, free, or aft-r nv unnunt i
credited the balance msy be paid :ne In cash and
I will then ship them the instrument, Tbey
need not be kaorn In the matter, and will be
doing their friends a real service, as I shall
make SPECIAL OFFERS to them, selliug a
HALF to TWO-THIRDS what la onllnnrilv
sited by agents. Please send iue a Hat at once,
ana alter you nave mads inquiry, you ean add
to it. Address,
DANIEL F. BEA TTV, Washington, N
Permanently cured so humbug by one
month's usage ot Dr. Goulard's Celebrat
ed Fit l'owders. To convinse sutlurerd
that these powders will do all we slsuu tor
them, we will send t.lm by mail, post
paid, a free trial box. As Or. Qoulard Is
the only physician that has ever made this
disease a special study, and as to our
knowledge thousands have been perma
nently cured by the use of these powd jrs,
we will gaarantee a permanent eure ir
every case, or refund you all money ex
pended. All sufferers should give those
Powders an early trial, aud be convinced
of their curative powers.
Price, for large box, 3, or 4 boxes tor
1 10, sent by mail to any part ot United
States or Canada on receipt of price, or
express, C. U. 1. Address,
m Fulton Street. Brjokiyn, IS, Y.
ft a Certain, Prompt and Reliable Remedy for
ths prevention aud our of
Consumption, Asthma, llronchitls, Catarrh
and all Diseases ot the Chest,
Throat and Lungs.
It la also earnestly nnommsndnd for all dla'nr
dor of the uervous awl hlooil systems being tin
equld as a nerve blood and brain lood
ruimona may o or.ireu tnrotign any scaler
In medicine or direct from Oscar O Moses, sole
proprietor IB CourUandt strsuti Nsw York,
l'rlos on dollsr ir boitls Important cirooiar
sent Ire to applicants
MH,, Un0
a. uX sHertisli FuM's ns st Laul. Ma
iSO. 55
Are net advertised as "cure-alls," hut ar specif
ics in ths diseases for which they an rvcom
Investigators of nainmk science have demon
strated beyond controtcnjc that throughout the
animal kingdom the "surWval of the fittest" Is the
only law that vouchsafe ' thrift and perpetuity.
Does nut the same principle govern tho commercial
prosperity of uiunt An mictior cannot supercede I
superior ankle . By leasee of superior merit, Dr
Pierce's Standard Medicines ha v. outrivaled all
others. Their sa'e In the United States alone
seeds on milliua dollars pc annum, while the
amouni-ciportcd foots up to several hundred thou
sand mor. No businsss rouldgrow to such gignn
tic proportions sad test upon any other basis than
that ol' merit.
Xx. iSaso'0
Catarrh Eemedy
Dir. Sago's
Catarrh Eemedy
Its cures ext ud over a period of 20 years,
Xx. Sago'a
Catarrh Eemedy
ltd sale constantly Increases.
IDx. Saso'a '
Catarrh Eemedy
vures py vjs nuia, sootmng enoet.
33x. Saeo'sl
Catarrh Remedy
Cures cold In head and Catarrh or Ozoena.
OPEN- T-sTlTTJEira..
Kockport, Mass., April 2, 1ST:,
Mr. Editor Having read in your paper the
reports of the remarkable cures of catarrh, I am
induced io U.-J1 what I know about catarrh, and
1 fancy the ' 'eDiiff' and inhaling tube" mak
ersmere dollargrabbers would beglad 11 they
could emblason a similar cure In the paprrs.
Cor years 1 suuercd with catnrrh. Tba nasal
ptussgi-e became completely closed. Snuff,
tlust, a.ihes, Inh.uing iuIh-s and "sticks" would
not woik, tliougb al intervals 1 Would sniff np
the so-cailcd catarrh snuff, until 1 becume a valu
able tester for such medicines. I gradually grew
w jrae uud no one can know how niu:h 1 suffer
til or what iruserabie being I wad. My head
ached over my eyes so that 1 Was conllned to
my bed tormauy surcebive days, suflering the
most intense puto, which at one lime lasted for
loS hours. Alll sense of tuste and eiuell gooe,
sight und hearing gone, nervous system shatter
ed and consttlutiowhioken, and 1 was hawking
and spitting seven-ciglits ol the time. I prayed
for tl'tttn to relieve m of my eunVrmgs. A la
vorabir notice in your paper of Dr. Sage's Ca
tarrh Remedy induced me ! purchasis ackage
and use it wiih Dr. Ssge's nasal douche, which
appllrs the remedy by hyilrostatlc pressure, the
only way compntiule witn common sense. Well,
Ms Ediuir, it did not cure ue in thru-fourths
ot a second, nor in one hour or month,, but in
less than eight minutes I was rslieved.l and in
three months entirely cured, ond have ri Imained
to for ever Is months, While using ths Catarrh
Remedy I used Dr. Pierce's lioMou Medical
Discovery to purify my blood and strengthen my
stomach. A also kept ny liver active and
bowels regular by tbe nss of hU Pleasant Purga
tive Pellets. If my experience Will induce other
sutferers to seek Hie mime meuns of relief, this
leite r will hsve answered its purpone.
Yours, truly, Is . 0. KENN CK.
' Thelollowiog named witnesses sre among the
thousands who luve been etirwi of Catarrh by
the use ol Dr. S'ge's Catarrh Remedy.
A V Downs New beneva Pa, l J Brown 8t
Joseph Mo, K 0 Lewis Rutland Vt,
Charles Korcrnp North Ch.'SWrtleld Maine,
Milton Jones Scnba S Y, J E Miller liridger
htation Wvo, J C Mrrryman Lfnuiport Ind,
M M Post Log.insjiort Ind, J W Bailey Tretuout
Pa, H II Avers La Porte Ind, Jesse M Sears r t
liranch ind, L L Wiliia is Canton Mo, W W
TnayerOnarga III, 8 U Nichols jr (ialvcston Tex
as, F Reiuert Slonevillc Pa, b W I.usk McFar
land Wis, Johnson Williams llclmick Ohio,
Mrs M A Curry Trenton Tenn, J O Jo lin
Keene XU,AJ Casper Table Kock W Va, Louis
In lei. Cr.lHtinrtOhin f '. H I hu0 s?lL,hB-
Mrs bemy ilaiKht San Francisco Cal. Mrs V. sl
I. allu.hu Lawrenceville N V, W J Graham A : el
Iowa, A O Smith Newman Ga, Chas E Rios
uaitimore mi, tiesse at sears uarllslH Ind, Danl
B Miller Ft Wayne Ini. Mrs Minnie A mains WO
"emncy-si .i i , ti r nan iiasnngs .men, m
f Manson Lowell .Maes, I IV Roberts Maiicona
' I CI... I , i , m '
nrituua, vuu o icuiiiy J iciTiBuurg rs, SI fj
t)ie i.oweu m, airs J J spurton laraden
Ala. ChasF Kaw Preilericktowa Ohio. Mrs l.ui-v
Hunter, Farmington 111, dipt E J Spaulding
Camp Slauibaiigh Wyo, I W Tracy Steamboat
Hack lows, Mrs Lydis Wait Shushan M Y. J M
Peck Junction City Mont, Henry tbe Jiantas
lui, l, r luminmgs rtanioui ill, s t Jones
Puebeston Four Corners N Y. Oeorge F 1U11
Ebonlo Cal, Win K liar trio Sterling Pa U K
Sam MS l'enn-st Pittsburg Pa. J It; Jackman
.Misuiis ' utpot Ky, ncnry tobui Ucncvt J, v,
bros Ilattie Pirrott Montgomery Ohio, L Led
W ok Chatham 111, S H MeCy Nashport Ohio,
WW Warner North Jackson Mich. Mis Munr A
Winne Darien Wis, John Ziegler Carlisle Stir logs
Pa, James Tompkins St Cloud Minn, Enoch
nuerrawnee utiy neu, dosepn r. stiller Xenia
Ohio, s II Nichols Oalveston Texas, II L Laird,
L'piier Alton 111, John Davis Prescott Arizonia.
Air Nancy Uruham Forest lirove Oregon,
Golden Kedical Discover?
Is Attentive, or Blood-cleansing.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Pectoral.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is a L'holagogue, or Liver Stimulant.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Tonic.
Golden Medical Discovery
Br reason of Its alterative Dronertlea. una J,....
oi the Blood and .-kin, as Sjrufula, or King's Evil
Tumors ; Ulcers, or Old Sores j Blotches; Pimples;
end abruptions, by virtue of lU Pectoral proper-
lies, It cures .Bronchial, Throat and Lung Affeo-
iiuiis, ii.ihici tiiunipiian ; Lingering ueughs;
and Chronic Laryngitis. Its Cholalngu properties
render it an one qua led remedy lor Biliousness 1 Tor
pid Liver, or "l.tver Complaint;'' and its Tonic
properties make it equally etlicaciousin curing Indi
grslion, Ixms of Appetite and Dypepsla.
Where the skin is sallow and covered with blot
chna and pimples, or where there are Berofvdous af
fections and swellings, a tew bottles of Uolden Med
leal Discovery will effect an enUre cur. If you feci
dull, drowsy, debilitated, have sallow color of skin,
or yellowlsh-bruwn spots on face or body, frequent
headache ordiislncss. bad tost in insuth, Internal
heat or chills alternated with hot flushes, low spirits
and gloomy forebodings, Irregular appetite, and
KiDjiue coated, yon are suffering from Torpid Liver
or "Biliousness.' in many cases of " Liver Com
plaint." only part of these symptoms ar exper
ienced. As a remedy far all such cases, Or. Pierce's
liolden Medical Discovery has no equal, aa it effects
perfeet cures, leaving ill liver strengthened and
lr. R. V. Ptsaca Is the sole proprietor and
manufacturer of ths foregoing remedies, all of
which ar sold by druggist. Ha Is also the
Author of the People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a Work of nearly oae thonaand pages,
with two huudreil and eighty-two wood-engravings
and colored plates, lis has already sold ef
this Popular work
Over-4.00,000 Copies!
TRICE (post paid) $1 60.
editress t '
It. V. PIEItCE, M. D.
World's) Dlspesisary, Mairaia, If.
m III If luiFuuiiKi. c. a, wiiflg wOrtirsioe
V s w wm, M Mink HkAai
City National
OAPXTA.L $100,039.
orrtcmasl '
W, P. ILeXLlDAT, Pratosat.
HJC5UY L. HAiiibAV, VlswrW.
8. Svaats Tatlos ' a. H.CunvQMA.
If. L. IUludav. W. P. RsixnTT
G I, WiLiiAsrsoa, ' 8 Tarsus Bias,
is., a. sirruB, t
Exchange, Coin and United Statu
Bonds Bought and 8 Vd.
DEPOSITS received and a gtaaral ssaklM
busineas duo .
F. Boss, President H. WeOS, euhi.' -
P. Nell, Vice Pres'l. T. J. Kerth, Asst. CssVf .
Corner Oo tsuaarolal At, aadltaltreet "
F. Bross, Cairo. ' Wn Kings, Caire. '
P. Neff, Cairo. Wm Wolfs, Cairo. '
A. fsuaanks, Cairo. B. L. Billiagsly, at. tools
H. Buder, Cairo. H. Wells, Cairo.
r . n. iinnaman, Bt. ixuis.
J. Y. Ucaison, Calcdoaia.
A General Bastklaig Baslasse Besle
Jjr Exchange sold and nought, uteres! aald
uu uiv oaviujiD scprujK)ai. SyOueosiOBS I
auu au ousmess prompuv sttsndsd to.
mm mm
CHARTERED M Ago 8 fl, If
Cairo, IUinolf.
INTEREST paid ea deposits Harsh Irises .
SvpteniMr 1st. Interest not withdraws Is
ded imme Uasely to Ih principal ef the OsvesH
thereby glln ,hw. eompond Ihlsrest.
Married Women and Childrsnx&aw . .
Deposit Monsvy and no ent -else
oan draw it.
s Opn every busliiessday from s. at. te I s.si,
W. HTSXOP, Tisasiuse.
Eoyal Canadian-
(of Montreal, Canada,)
Capital .....iie000.000 00, lttOold. "
British America -
(of Toronto, Canada,)
Assets (I,102,o66 70,
FIRE & MARINE (of MllJevtlle, K. J.,)
Assets H$l,442,887 64.
. Commercial
(of New YorkCityJ
Assets........ 651fi,34 66.
(of Philadelphia. Established In 1801,)
Assets..... $333,16100.
(of Dayton, O.,)
Assets.. ..$110,424 60. '
(of Freeport, 111.)
Assets ..;.. $456,877 83;
JQTOfficb In Alexander County Beak. 1 '
New-York Storo
QoodB Bold Very Olete,
Corner 10th street and Oommerci Avs-' '
R. SMYTH 6 00.
Wholeial ui Retail Dealeie la '
ForeiadAnd'iDoBMtla 1
wixes of aix tastiL"
No. 60 ohio;u.wr
Msvooua. pan its nave essssawsBy ,
large stock ol the beat srood ta tho ssssa i
Set, and glraswMolsl sttentloa S ths '-
mum hissuw sn onsinsss
mmr-w - , . . a - r -V '

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