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AUSTIN C. BRITTON, Local Editor.
Frank Halo was up from Knoxville
IttBt Sunday,
Choice seed oats for sale by J. W
Tho Bristol Ice Factory 1ms marie
Arrangements lo move to MorrlBtown.
Miss Cori, daughter of Judge A. J.
Brown, Is vl-slllng Miss Ida Reeves at
present and will spent about three weeks
here before she returns to her home at
River Bide, In Greene county.
Paul Klrkpatrick was over from
Maryvllle last Sunday.
Wank notary acknowledgments for
sale at the Uerai.d and Trihckk office
Notarial seals furnished at moderate
Among the lawyers present in town
this week are II. II. Ingersoll, of Knox
ville, II. II. Carr and A. R. John
son, of Johnson City.
Several farmers who started for
town on Saturday morning on hotse
back were compelled to dismount and
complete their journey on foot.
W. II. Littleton, the sewing ma
chine repairer, may be found at S. P.
Martin A Go's, agricultural emporium.
The corporation has fitted out Mar.
shal Campbell in a complete policeman's
uniform. He merits it.
Mrs. Chas. E. Dossef, after spend
ing about two weeks hero left for her
home in Brooklyn Monday afternoon.
The ladles who have Sewing Ma
chines should not neglect this oppor
tuuity of having them cleaned up and
tightened up for the spring and sum
mer work. Mr. W. 11. Littleton, the
machinist, Is still witli us and his work
is giving satisfaction. Give him a trial.
Cards are out for tho marriage of
Miss Leila McClure and Jno. S. Boyd
of Rome, Ga , on the 25 lnt. They both
have many friends here who wish them
a long and happy union.
Mr. Jno. 8. Matbes and wife went
down to Knoxville Monday and returned
Wednesday evening.
On last Sunday morning about nine
o'clock Napoleon Harris died from a
hemorrhage. Although he had been In bad
health for several years, and for the last
few months had been in the last stage of
consumption, his death was very sudden
and was a surprise to even those who
were around him.
Tf you face smarts after shaving try
a few drops of Rajlk on it. Samples 10
certs. All druggists.
Chas. Elam, who has been spend
ing some time with relatives here, left
forKnoxvllle last Monday.
A. T. Dosser, left for Rome Ga. last
Suuday, to attend the w ddlng of Miss
Leila McClure of that placo and Jno. S.
Boyd of Knoxville.
Miss Minnie Barkley and Berta
Munsey, two of our charming and
popular young ladies, spent lust Satur
day and Sunday at Limestone and re
turned Monday evening.
At the special term of the chancery
court, held at Jonesboro this week, a
motion was made for the removal ot
what are known as the "3 C's" cases to
the federal court and into the hands of
the receiver appointed by fiat
court. Judge Smith rendered a decis
ion on the cases which was a refusal to
uanafer to the federal court.
Quarterly meeting will be held at
the Methodist church next Saturday and
Sunday. All are invited to attend.
R. M. May has gone cast to lav in
one of the most complete line of spring
and summer good fur mens, women and
children ever on his shelves. He recom
mends every one to wait and look over
the new stock, which will include man"
a raie bargain, before buying elsewhere
J. R. Russell and Bon, Romeo, and
Eugeno Russell, le.fi Monday for St
Louis, Mo., where thev will engage in
work for the Wrought Iron Range Com
pany. Romeo will take medical treat
mem from the physicians of St. Louis
for a while.
Dr. Klncannon preached at tho Bap
tist church last Sunday morning and
A. B. Wilson was up from Greene
vifle a few days this week attending
chancery court.
Rev. J. E. Bmce. of Old Town.
Virginia, was married to Miss Edna Har
ris at the residence of her mother, about
hree miles south of town, lust Wedpes
day evening; Rev. J. 11. Chambers of
ficiating. Wanted.
Bright men who were raised to wQik
and are willing to earn their pay, be
tween the ages of 21 and 35, men who
have had some experience preferred, to
work south in the lightning rod business.
Silary worth inquiring -tibnut to the
riirht men and expenses paid. Unrells
ble men. disslpa.ed men, and boys, will
save me trouble by not applying.
Address, W. C. Gokhaw,
2.15 Lockbox 134.Wilson, N. C.
Advertlaed Latter.
The following is a list of the letters
remaining unclaimed in the postoffice at
Jonesborough, Tenn., and advertised
March lit 1891.
Garden, Miss Wenona,
Geo. Wm.
Gray. Nannie,
Lee, Uriah,
Landers, Otla,
Sanaer. 8. A.
If the above are not called for in t'ulrty
days they will be sent to the dead lette.1
office at Washington, D. C.
Oio. McPhkkson, P. M.
Old newspapers, forty cculs per hun
died, for sale at this otuce.
A SEW ENTlfllPltlSE.
The Merchant mid Trader h Hank of
What railrnuils arc to the commercial
world banks are to the liimncial. The
one offers facilities practically unlimited
for the distribution of products, and the
other offers a similar advantage in the
distribution of value. The function of
the bunking system of the country is to
put the mouey of the country just where
it can be used moat profitably, und to
collect small Bums which singly have no
industrial value, and put them at work
The advent of a new institution like
the Merchants and Traders bunk, just
open for business, in Jonesboro, must be
we'ooniod by all, anil it is both an index
and a promise of increasing prosperity.
Vi:bout apology, therefore, we under
take to intiodueo it to our readers.
When or by whom the idea was first
conceived will probably uever be known,
but last fall the people of Jonesboro
found themselves talking about a new
banking establishment that was to be;
and early in November the talk was crys
ta'Uzed into a suburipfn foi stock. The
paper was activuly circulated, and
resulted finally In the enrollment of the
fo.lowiug names for larger or smaller
Mrs. SaHleGrisham J W C Willoughby,
M. II. P. i'auhorst Mrs.lU. J. (Jrishain.
J. M. Fink.
11. II Kirkpatrlck,
J. B. Simpson,
It. M. May,
J. J. Hunt,
W. T, Pritchett,
IV F. O'Brien,
W. P. McCall,
Mr. und Mrs. W. II.
Samuel Kecbler,
W. P. Smith,
S. IV Slaughter,
U. L, Smith,
Mrs. Mary Reeves. J. L. Frank
Mrs. Ella Wurlick, Mrs. Al. S. Mahoney
J. II. Haws, E. H. Bachman,
0. A. Duncan, Mc. C. Wanner.
Deaderick & Epps, R. M. K. Deakins,
J as. A. Boyd,
I. N. Gather,
r . W. Hove,
H. C. Jackson,
E II. West,
J. S. Stuart,
Newton Hacker,
M. E. Hechi,
A. O. Mason,
L. H. Pat ton, .
W. 8, Shields,
J. C. Bacon,
I. B. Henlev,
Airs. Alaria IV Park,
C. F. Decker
James Turner,
W. G. Probst,
James S. Pritchett,
J. II. Peoples,
W. A. bhert'ey,
T. L. Earnest,
A charter was procured and in De
cember an election was held under it,
resulting in the choice of the following
board of directors, men well known to
the county, solid, conservative and prac
tical: E. H. West, R. M. May,
Newton Hacker, L. H. P-t on,
A. J. Pal e on", H. C. Jpckson,
R. N. Bo'bi ; II. Reeves.
J. J. l.jnt,
The directors chose the following ex
ecutive officeis:
E. H, West, president; Newton Hacker,
vice-president and attorney; Tate L.
Earnest, cashier.
The building on Cherokee street then
occupied by the postolllce was purchased
for its use, ami preparations made at
once toward opening for business, but it
was not until the first of the current
month that it was able to commence
actual work. The postolllce caused
some delay in finding new quarters, und
it took some time to bull the cavern of
rock and brick which now serves as the
vuult. This 6tructuro covers about
nine by twelve feet on the ground, and
is a solid mass of rock and cement to the
level of the bank floor, five feet or more
above the foundations. Upon this is
reared a double wall of brick with a four
inch ventilating air space between; an
aiched roof is likewise double, the air
space being carried entirely over it
From the upper arch lo the ceiling the
vault is carried up again In solid ma
sonry. It would drive a fire cruy to
ti'nt for an opportunity to ruin the con
tents of such a cave. The front of the
vault, admitting to the interior, is
guarded by a Hull heavy double door of
handsome pattern with combination
lock, a heavy boiler iron door flush with
the Inner face of the wall making a
lead air space between when closed.
This is the security the bunk has to of
fer against fire.
The burglar who prowleth by right
runs upon other difficulties peculiar to
his ctlling. The money and books aro
kept in a very handsome silver bronzed
safe with a profuse display of silver-
wa-e handles and th ings on the doi-r.
Your ear laid close to the metal after
banking hours will detect the faint 'tick,
tick, tick" which anuou ces the time
lo.:k, an invention which no living man
can open until It reaches the hour previ
ously set for it, and which has freed the
officers of banks from the old time
danger of bcin? roused fr'rn their beds
with a pistol at their ear to go and open
the safe lor some robber s convenience.
At e ght o'clock, a. in., the time lock
opens ltsett. ine cashier works the
combination, grasps a silver handle anil
draws the ponderous bolts weighing
five hundred pounds, pulls two excen
He levers, and the door swings open.
Al i hree ' p. m, he closes the door.
eiowds the flanges which make it ilr-
i'ht and powder proof Into their tel t
socket with the excentrics, shoots the
bolls with '.he bolt lever, throws off the
combination, and tho time lock t kes
charge of it, Thence forward until
morning tho bolt lever and the combina
tion lock are not in it, and can be played
witli harmlessly, the safe Is 30::3)x50
Inches in size, made of 8 Inch laminated
chilli d chrome steel, that no drill will
cut, and weighs 5210 pounds. The cost
was ft. 000 for this article alone, and
the professional burglar knows its style
well enough not to scratch it, with a tool.
Inside, the stalls for books arc cloptd
by one fo r: i inch steel double doors. and
a reserve cash eti Tiber o ccupylpg
anearly all the lower half Is closed -by a
chilled chrome s el door inches
thick, secured by a combination lock.
The banking room is well lighted,
glass forming the whole front. The
walls are handsomely pa pert d In pleas
ing pattern. The counters ire of an
tique oak and glass, neat and tasty, and
are well Cited out on the inner side with
diawres, dsk room, and rlosels below.
This woodwotk was supplied by C. B.
Atkln, of Knoxville, at a low price.
Although only open thre weeks, the
bank has made a creditable beginning, as
shown by Ihe figures given us which we
re not ut liheity to make public. lis
officers are shrewd and experienced
busines men, and lis security airainst
casualty as nearly absolute us humnn
means ran devise far better than tlut
of many an institution in much larger
cities. Read their advertisement vUe
wherein these col imns. and if you have
never done so try the experiment of
itifp lug a bank account.
N. B, PEMINE, Local Editor.
For nobby and stjlish neckwear cull
at Ware V lieebe's.
Thus. Curtin, of Bluff City, was
here last week. "'
Garden seed at the
RACKJiT Stork.
Or. R. L. Puttou was iu tho city
Large line of fine dress goods just
received at
Hon. H. C. Jarvis spent a few- days
in the city during the pust week.
Go to the Racket Store for Ferry's
chnier! Lnrden seed.
Hon. R R. Butler, of Mountain
City, was in the city Saturday,
Don't forget the mammoth stock of
white goods at
Q. Kiukpatuick's.
Prof. J. T, Browning went down
home Thursday and returned Alonday.
D. M. Ferry & (Vs garden seeds at
the Racket Store on East Alain street.
Misses Alinnlo Klrkpatrick and
Nettie Shortrldgo went over to Jones
boro Saturday.
Tho best and cheapest stirlm dress
goods at
G. Kikkfatkk'K'b.
--Last week a son of T. R. Burgle, of
Elizabethton, was thrown from a horse
und had one leg broken.
.Money saved at tho
Bee Hivk.
Tyler Campbell came down from
Elizabethton Saturday, where he and
Judge Brown hud been holding court.
Hon. J. Q. A. Remine, returning
from a trip to Carter county, was In tho
city Saturday, the guest of J. J, Simp
son. -The Bee Hive catches the trade these
Prof. John R. Proctor and Gen. J
T. Wilder, accompanied Secretary
Proctor and his party Iroiu this place to ,
J. 51. Wilson, of Knoxville, a mem
ber of the Proctor land company of this
place, also a partner In the Proctor coal
company, of Jellico, spent a few days
In the city last week.
Persons desiring to subscribe for the
Herald asp Tribune apply at the
branch office in with II. C. Hart on
Market street.
A. L. Brobeck and Mrs. Brobeck,'
of Wellington. Illinois, were reiris.
tered at the Piedmont one day last week.
They went from this place to tho neigh
borhood of Washington College to
visit relatives.
Orders taken for all kinds of books
and periodicals, that cannot be found in
store, at the book store.
The Johnson City Medicine Compa
ny, which was tecently organized in the
city for the manufacture of all kinds of
medicines, elected the following officers:
C. M. Taylor, president; W. K. Martin,
vice-president; J. M. Martin, treasurer;
T. J. Aldcrson, secretary.
5, 10 and 25 cents counters at the
G. A. Ross has accepted a positios
with the Comet. Air. R ss will nt
doubt make a good newspaper nan if hi.
sticks to it.
Alore sugar for the money at the Be
Hive than any where else.
I. N. and R. L. Boring, who recently
came In from Steubenville, Ohio, to
visit their sick father, returned to their
home last week, after witnessing a great
improvement in his health, which wasf
quite critical.
Garden and flower seeds at the
Bee Hivk.
Tennessee Luk is a candidate for
magistrate, subject to the municipal
election. Mr. Lusk is an old and res
pected citizen of Johnson City, and hi
general attainments und legal ability
would insure a most efficient official.
Ladies lawn tennis suits at G. Kirtft
prtrick's, store from
$ 1 25 to $2 00 per
Col. Georgo B. Cowlam
of Knox
izu ensay
vllle, the man who wrote the prize
on the Industrial future of the south.
spent two days in the city the past week.
Air. Cowlum's e;-say was published In
Public Opinion, Washington City. The
prize which he earned was 8100 in cash.
Big line of ladies and gentlemen's
spring huts jut received at
G. 11. P. Tollo, of Illinois, repre
senting the Masonic insurance company,
after spending a week in the city, re
turred lo his home. He expressed him
self pleased 3 wilh the outlook for this
section, and sail that he would piy us
another visit in tite summer.
Parties huv ig business with the
He'iald and Til dune call ut the branch
office on Alarket street, with II. C. liar:.
Dr. J. W. Cox gave an elesaut re
ceptiou Friday night In honor cf AL.
Strong and Aliss Hoskins, of Knoxville.
The reception was largely attended, and
the young people of the town had a very
gay time. Nice refreshments were
served, and everything was high-toned.
Alammoth stock of new spring goods
at G.
lUrkpatrick s, the cheap cash
The Y. Al. C. A. of this city, has
made arrangements to have Sam Jones
lecture here on the night of April 8th.
r r ti.i . . ...
air. doncs win oe nere, ana win no
doubt satisfy the curiosity of. a large
We have been requested to publish
the following ticket for aldermen of
; Johnson City, and with the understand
j ing that it is offered for consideration
resardl-ss of political affiliations: G. C.
Chandler, W. W. Faw, Nat. Campbell,
H. II Carr. Jack Crumley, J. C. Camp
bell. II. W. Hargraves.
' "Ayer's medicines have been sattsf.ic
t try in me tbrounhwut my practice, es
pecially Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which
has been used by many of my patients,
onw of whom says he knows it saved bis
, life." E. L. .Morris, M. D., Brooklyn,
1 N. Y.
If you are alllicto d with rheumatism
neuralgia, gout or other uodily pain,
if you have a sprained wrist oi miklo
you oimht ut once to procure a bottle of
Salvaiion Oil, the greatest cu e on earth
for pain. It only cos's cents a bottle.
' Lo! ihe poor yidinn! tlymsr with
cold. Non t some "good Samaritan
end bun a bottle or ur Hull's Cough
The depot question has at last come
to something definite. The old one must
go. The contract has been let und pre
limiuary arrangements are being made
Work will begin April 1st on a structure
to cost $15,000. It will bo put up be
tweeu the E. T., V. &'J. and tho E. T,
& W. N. C. railroads, and near tho juuc
Cogan & Co., who have tho contract
for grading the Bristol and Elizabethton
railroad from Elizabethton to BiulT City,
have paid off their Uidebtedness -due
muiuly to labor dollar for dollar; and
it is understood that tne grading on that
division will be completed, although
Duroud's indebtedness has not yet been
paid off.
We have tho largest stock of hurd
wure, wagons, harness, puints, &c., in
upper J.nst lenncssee, und pay no rents,
v e can save you money.
Tho Carnegio hotel will soon be
brought to completion. Tho inside
work was Immense,. 'According to lat
est arrangements, tho furniture und car
pets will cost J 14,000.
We are authorized and requested to
announce the name of Joseph P. Hurt as
a candidate for tho office of town con
stable, subject to the choice of tho votes
In tho coming municipal election.
Tho Ertv'in Maynct, the new paper
which will be devoted to the lutereais
of Unicoi couniy, has been delayed by
a misplacing of the outfit, which was
sent to Jouesbmo instead of this place.
The paper will be republican. J. F.
Toney is tho proprietor. Jackson Halo,
formerly ot Cleveland, will edit the
Seaver & Summers carry In stock all
Blze of gum beUiujTi.o best sunup
ana cuu lurnisii it wi tout the custom-
arv ilulni ,f ;
Lithographs of Robert J. Burdetto
nre posted tbr .ughout the city. Mr. Bur
detto will appear in tho Baptist church
In his famous lecture, "Tho rise and
Fall of the Alustache," Saturday night,
the 21st. Fifty cents will be the admis
sion fee. Tickets on Bale at Range &
Dulaney's book store. No extra charge
for reserved seats. Proceeds for tho
benefit of the church. It is expected
that Air. Burdotte will have a good
house, as he deserves.
You will find at S. W. Leach's wall
paper and decorations store tho largest
and best stock of papers In this pari of
the state. He has just received a large
stock cf the latest styles of match pat
teraso! emboss silks. You will always
find paper and prices satisfactory. Prices
ranging from the lowest to $1.50 per
roll. Air. Leach is in tun wall paper
business to slay He does h.-th a whole
ui'. nun luiiiu uusmess, aim win guaran
tee you lower prices than you can find
anywhere else In tin- section. Orders by
mail receive prompt attention.
, At the annur.l ir;a:.!i.; of ihe stock
holders of tho East Tennessee and West-
tin North Carolina railroad Wednesday
oi tue past wecK, tin; iotiowing directors
were elcted for tho ensuing year:
Frank Firmstone, A. Pardee. Jr., It. F.
Hoke, J. C. Hardin, George Richards,
John S. Wise and John R Fell.
At the conclusion of the election at
noon tho stockholders took a special
train for Cranberry, where they spent
tho night and a part of the next day.
Hon. J. R. Tanner, ex-treasurer of
the state of Illinois, came to the city
Thursday of last week. lie remianed In
the city the guest of Alaj. Cantwell until
Thursday evening, when he returned to
Illinois by way of Louisville. Mr. Tan
ner, Governor Fifer and other Illiiois
capitalists have invested In this city;
and the governor expects to pay us a
visit later on.
In court at Elizabethton the past
week, the case stile vs. Johu Crumley for
the killing of William Bowers, was
tried. This is tho third time Crumley's
cuse has been heforo,.t uy. Previous
to this ho was found guilty and sentenced
to tin; penitomiary for life. On the
ground of. technical errors, tho supremo
court grunted him a new hearing. This
lime the jury rendered a verdict cf
guilty, and Judge Brown fixed Crurr
ley's sentence at fifteen years In tho pe i
Ueuliuiy, Crumley's defense was on
the plea of accidental shooting. A
fellow named Fra.ier was an accom
pllce in the deed, but found an opportu
nity to escape from jail at Elizubothton,
ami has not been heard of since. The
killing occurred more thun a year ago.
A sign of prosperity is a well-dressed
man. You can boom the town by get
ting Ware & Beebe to make you a
nobby and stylish suit orovercoat. Spring
goods now iu.
Secretary Proctor and his party, en
route to Chattanooga, stopped in the city
a few minutes. They were informally
received. About three hundred people
greeted the distinguished party at the
depot. Gen. Wilder introduced the
Secretary, who tipped his hat and bow
ed ft courteous adieu lo the people of
Johnson City as the train pulled out for
its destination.
Judge Hart and party returned from
their trip south Saturday night. The
Judge expresses himself perfectly de
lighted with tho trip, and "Tobe" Is so
delighted that he declines to speak, bti
smi'es all tho time. They not only vis
ited Nashville, but saw the prosperous
Birmingham and other points of intert
est in Alabama.
-Will our nation fall? Will Johnson
City be depopulated in the future? Not
any of the above if there are native born
citizens enough to perpetuate present
plans, and it looks as If theie
will be. Recently Airs. George It. Brown
gave birth to two young stalwart Amer
icans; and Friday night Airs. Dan Whit
lock, residing In the city, followed the
example with a trio of young citizens.
Tho mother and two of the children are
doing well at this writing. Tho other
child did uot live,
"Once upon a midnight dreary," whllo
suffering from an abominable Influenza,
i iook ti into my head to try Old Saul
f1.!. I..- It . .
vmniui vuie, mm in twenty minutes
umo i was relieved
The right thing In tho riirht place is
without doubt Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup,
the best remedy for babies while teeth
ing. Only 25 cents.
Tho Wilder brigade may hold its nex
reunion at Worthlngton, Indiana. Tho
citizens of Worthington havo sent the
brigade a cordial invitation to meet there.
Gen. Wilder thinks it a favorable placo.
Maj. Cantwell, chairman of the brigade's
committee, baa written the citizens of
Worthlngton an informal acceptance on
the General's expression. The reunion
will not bo held before next August or
September. Gen. Kimball and the 14lh
Indiana regiment, will meet at the same
tune and place In the reunion of his
Don't forcct that Camnbell & Pou
der are still In tho general merchandise
business at the old kirkpatrlck stand on
Alain street rnd are selliug cheaper than
anybody. They have lots of new goods
bought that will be coming In soon, but
you can buy the old ones cheaper an
they are trving to make room for tho
new stock. Their heavy bed blankets
golug at cost.
Last week two heavy weights, Jones
and Patty, emigrant agents, got into u
dispute at the depot about tho sale of
some tickets. Their temper go to holi
ng over, and there followed a sudden
thunder, like a ton of brick falling from
the sky. It was Jones' stiff hat glviug
way under the ponderosity of Patty's
fist, Jones was by no means out of tho
light. Re gave Patty a bl .ck eye. This
o'l occurred in the waiting room, where
a number of ladies had gone to await the
anlval of the cars. There was a hurry-
ng to and fro a..iony that sex. hp.i1
hero was no hesitation, either. Nor
did any one stay to Inquire If the bag
gage was safe. It was like getting away
rom au Innocent mu'e's heel. The
heavy-weights., when It was ended, vis
ited tho recorder, paid some little dues,
and departed, seemingly friends. Every
body was delighted with tho show. Ii
s to be suppoied that there was no sale
of ' tickets after the ticket wagon got
busted up.
-We are now able to furnish the celo.
brated Oliver Chilled plow at 9.00. A
reduction of f 1.50 on the former price.
Farmers should take advantage.
Seaver & Summirs.
Last Thursday Gurley Hendrlx, a
twelve year old boy, son of Jacob Hen-
rix, of South Watauga, while doing
turns about Pafmer's factory, which his
father is conducting, accidentally got
caught in one of the belts and was car
ried into the mill gearing, where he was
whirled around for three minutes at the
rate of 105 revolution per minute The
mill was slopped and the boy was re-
leaeed alive
His condition was neces-
fcarily critical. His right leg was broken
In three places, below and above tho
knee, and his left leg In one place, while
one arm was broken in two places, und
ho Vas quite generally injured. The
doctor who waits on him thinks he will
recover; but it that is correct, he must
he made of sterner stuff than tho most
of mankind.
C. K. RtM'NE. Local Editor.
Air. Jno. Reynolds aged about 70
years whom we have formerly' reported
as being seriously sick died at his home
two miles east of this place, the evening
of the 9th lust. Air Reynolds was one
of the oldest and most highly respected
citizens In our community and
well and favorably known In Greene
and Washington counties; was a gallant
soldier In the Federal army and was a
pensioner at tho time of his death. He
leaves an aged wife and several children
all of whom are married: In the pre
sence of a largo concourse of sympathiz
ing friends his remains were laid to
rest iu the graveyard at the Dunkard
A remarkably handsome woman is said
to be the moving spirit iu a philanthrop.
leal movement in Russia to supply the"
poor of that country with Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup.
In chronic and stubborn cases of neu
ralgia, goui, and rheumatism use Salvi .
tion Oil. It is the greatest pain-destroyer
oi iiie age. frtce only 25 cents.
Miss HeBter Alilburn, who has been
visiting In Johnson City, returned homo
Dr. Nathan Alorelock and family have
moved into the old Mutb.es property where
they will make their home.
J. J. Simpson, of Johnson City, was
In ourtown last week.
S. B. Slaughter and Joo Allller went
to Jonesboro this week.
Airs. S. Strain, who has been visiting
for several weeks in Johnson City, re
turned home Saturday.
Air, Theodo e Hacker, of Jonesboro,
was in our town Saturday looking after
business mr.tters.
Aliss Alinuie Barkley accompanied by
Miss Berta Alunsey, of Jonesboro. is
visiting friends and relatives here.
Rev. Eskridge, of Jonesboro, preached
at this place Sunday night.
Officer Remine, of Johnson City, was
in our place Sunday.
a. proiraciea religious service, con
ducted by the pastors of the Al. E.
and Al. L. church south, began at this
place Saturday.
Dr. Jno. Ropp, who has been attend
ing the medical lectures at Nashville,
returned to this place a few days ago,
Dr. Ropp brings with him a fine fifty
dollar gold medal given on account of
superior skill in his profession.
Will Bright left this place Sunday
night for Knoxville,
J. Af. Williams Esq , went to Greene-
ville Alonday.
K. O. Huffaker, of Chucky City, was
In our t'iwn Sunday.
-. m, uihespie who uas been quite
sick, is Improving.
Ia Memory of Sitter Martha Oiborn.
To tub JoNEBuouo Baptist CniRcii;
Your committee, appointed to prepare
a memorial of Sister Alartha Osborne,
beg leave to report; that Sister Osborne
was a daughter of Richard and Isabel
Deakins, of Washington county, Ten
nessee; that she was born in this county
January 1st, 1831, and departed this lifo
at her home In Jonesboro, Tennessee,
November 17th, 1SD0; aged 59 years, ten
months and sixteen days.
She was converted when about fifteen
years old, in a meeting conducted by
ivev. Wm. A. Keen at tho resldenco of
Jcsso Hunt, and united with tho Lime
stone Baptist church in this county. On
Feb. 14, 1850, she was married to Bro.
James Al. Osborne, and sorao years there
after they moved to Sullivan county, and
for about three years Sister Osbomeas
a member of the Blouutvillo Bs.tist
About the year 1808, they returned to
this county and Sister Osborne became
a member of this church, together with
her husband, and she has lived in our
midst for over twenty years a most ex
emplary Christian life.
She leaves a husband and six liviug
children to mourn her loss, and has gone
to meet two of her childrcu who pre
ceded her to the other shore. There
Remind lsf, That in tho death of Sis
ter Alartha Osborno, the family has iost i
devoted and affectionate wife and mother,
the commtiuity an exemplary Christian,
and tho church one of its most pious and
eoi secraieu memners.
iiesoivttl 2nd. That we tender to the
husband and children of our dermrted
sister our heart felt sympathy in their
great loss aud commend them for con
solution to Him who has promised that
HI things shall work tosrethor for troml
in iuciii i mil tove UOll.
.1 i. .. i n i - - o - -
lUmlted 3rd, That as a further token
ot our respect for SU'er Osborne. thU
memorial be spread on tho records of th
church, and a copy of the same furnished
to tuo iamtiy or Ihe deceased. '
T. II. Reeves, .1 .
Salue Thomas, V Committee,
S. V. Dumoan. )
Absolutely Pure.
A Cream of tartar bakhiir powder. Hlirhest
of nil In leuvenlnir utrentftU. Latkst U. B.
The Inventive Age,
I Tim brut. Bnd
' cliettpent I Hunt ra
ted bl- we e k ly
Journal lor Inven
tors, younir and
. old published In
the world,
: l'rlce $1 a year
! with liberal pre-
115 lllli street,
Hello, John. Do vou know how It Is
that W. Al. Christian, of Johnson City,
is selling goods at a less rfrlce than
other people?
Yes, he begins this year to sell for
cash. Opens no more new accounts.
Sell for pay down, can sell tho same
amount of goods with less help and there-
iore at less expense; has no books to
keep and no account to annoy his cus
tomers, and will have no bad accounts at
me end or the year. Therefore he can
afford to sell at the very lowest price.
Don't fall to eo and see him. it will he
interesting to you to visit his placo and
Dusiness ana see ills goods and get his
The Cash System is the cor
rect one and the sooner the
whole country gets down to
that basis the better it will
be for everything.
And that is whv evervbodv i now
rushing to the store of W. Al. Christian.
Below you will find a few things that
cash will do.
THIS show;
30 cents will buy a 45 cents dress flan-
45 cents will buy a CO cent dress flan
60 inch bed ticking for 25 cents.
Ladies all wool shawl good size for
A beautiful pclce of black alpacca
lustre for 80 cents.
A new and handsome line of dress
goods at prices lower than you have
So you will find a general lice of goods
at prices to suit the hard times.
A new stock of beautiful calico.
A new stock of ladies hose.
The only house in the city where you
can get Ziegler Brothers shoes which are
the best shoes In America.
Always buy the red oil it Is the best
Everybody always has the best coffkk
but for the proof of the best call on the
For all of the above and for a thousand
and one other bargains In dry goods,
notions, boots, shoes and hats, groceries,
tinware and provisions. Call on or send
East Market Street,
Johnson Citj, T?nn,
Makes tho lives ..f many people miserable,
caiisin distress utter e:itlnK, aur momach.
siek headache, hoartbmn, los, of appetite,
a faint, "all gone " fooling, had taste, coated
DiJtrnca ,0"B," aml 'wtfularlty of
wisiribS the boweH. I'yspcpsladoes
AftOr nt ft well of Itself. It
Eatine- r,,'l,,lros ealvfl attention,
ami a remedy llko UixMfi
Sarsaparllla, which acts gently, yolcfllciently.
It tones tho stomach, regulates the dlges
tlon, creates a good up- e. .
petite, banishes headache, iCK
and refreshes the mind. Hoadach
" I have been troubled with dyspepsia, I
had but little appetite, and what I did eat
Heart dlstl,sse,l . dm m
uur httlo good. After ontlng I
wurn W0UlJ havo fallt or tlrcd
all-gone feeling, as though 1 had not eaten
anything. My troublo was aggravated by
my business, painting. i,ast
spring I took Hood' Sar- SOUT
saparllla, which did mo an Stomach
Immcnso amount of good, n gave mo an
ai'l'ctlto, and my food relished and satisfied
the craving I had previously experienced."
Geoiwb A. 1'aqk, Watcrtowti. Mass,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all drugKl.u. f ; ,lx f ur j.ro.,.m,u ,
by C. 1. 111)01) 4 CO.. Apothocarlo Lowell, J J.
100 Doses Ono Dollar
Non-Resident and Attachment Notice.
In the Chancery Court al Jonesboro.
ur . . . .
nathtngionuounty, lenn.
Hunter, Brown and Carrigcr, vs. It. A.
Preston et al.
In this case it appearing from the al
legations of complainauts bill, which Is
sworn to, that the defendants, K. A.
I'reston and the Bank of Abingdon, a
corporation residing and doing busi
ness at Abingdon, In Washington county,
Virginia, are non-residents of the state
of Tennessee, and that they are justly
indebted to coinplananta in the sum of
$1,005.00, duo by check flrawn by said
I'reston and accepted by said bank, and
that said K. A. I'reston is further justly
iudebted to complaintanls in tho sum of
$1,002.00 .amount of another unaecptoj
draft duo, and also lu the sum of $2,000,
balauce of purchase price of a trad of
laud, which will bo due In March, lsui,
und an attachment having been issued
upun said written allegation of the bill,
uud levied on the property of said de
fendant, U. A. Preston, non-resident of
the slate of Tennessee, ills ordered by
me that publication be mado for four
consecutive weeks, as required by law,
iu the Hkkald ad TiuisuKE, a newspa-
fier published in the town of Jonesboro,
n said county, notifying said non-resident
defendant to appear before our
said chancery court holden at the court
house in Jonesboro, to wit before the
Clerk and Master, on the first Monday of
April, 1SU1, being a rule -day of said
court, and make defense to said bill or
the allegations thereof will bo taken
for contessed and this cause set for
hearing cxparte as to them.
W. P. YOL'Mtl, D. C. & M.
This March 5th, 18U1.
W. H. Littleton,
Needles, Shuttles, Rubbers, Bands, and
: Fine Sperm Oil. :
tg'-Any part to any Machlno furnished
on short noticc.J
Parties wanting work done will leave
their orders with S. P. Martin & Co.,
next door to S. II. Anderson's stable,
Jonesboro, Tenn.
If you owe
or M. Christian,
ther by note
account please call and settle;
The Knoxville Sentinel,
Knoxville. - Tenn.
The Sentinel Is now beautfully printed
with new' type from Stereotype plates
upon a $10,000 perfecting press. Tho
great success of the Sentin. I Is due to
the fact that It prints all tub news.
While Democratic In prluciple it is just
and fair lo all parlies. Send for sample,
copy. The IIkeai.d and Tman.NB Bnd
Daily Sentinel one vear for $5.00. The
Herald and Tribune and Weekly Sen
tinel one year for $1.75.
JiauswvjDiiuaH k
""" ':4ytr " j
Old method of feeding underneath en
tirely done sway with. All the latest
modern Improvements. Adjusted lo
making all kinds of decorative and art
work. First class repair work done on
all machines. Beware of tramp repair
ers. For particulars call on rr address.
5, M, Diilard, Il'g'r,,
JvUuvU iit, Tcili

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