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Special axd Local.
IOIIT. OATHS, Local Editor.
Pa.soncer train for Mo
bile 11:57 a.m. 12:07 p.m.
Eimnitrtiii from Co-
lumliim, Ky 113 p.m.
If.x I ! train for Co
lumbia, W -m.
PMi(rpr tmin for Co-
lunibus, Ky 3:00 p.m. 9:M p.m.
MiSbisfiirri cextral road.
Passenger Train for
HiimuoldL. 135 p.m. 3:40 p.m.
Esiretraiu fur Hum
boldt, 7:05 a.m. 7:13 a.m.
1 h;e trains go no further than
Passenger train sor 'W.-
Orl.-nnn, l&lOp.m. 1415p.n.
Express train ror i'W
Orleans, 11:20 p.m. 11:25 p.m
Masonic ?Iecllus;s of ittkm.
J rh!)- LorMiK a 45. J. J. O'Connor,
W. John G. Mann, Soe'y., Meets tlh
Friday inch, month.
r. JosrVa Lnnaa, No. Ktt L. T.
Lln.lfy. Vf.M.;J.N. Hall, 8'x'y. Meet
1st Monday rack month.
tJl.lXTOX R. A. ClIAPTKE, No. !. R.
I. Chester. II. IV, Ja. O'Connor, J. IL
Ch.ppcll. 8. Meet 3.1 Friday each month.
J ackson Councit., No. 11, R.AR.M.
Rev. A. W. Jones. T. I. . M. J. K. Chan
pell, Recorder. ila'U) 4tb Monday each
T. oTT. f.
Madison Ixror No. 16. W. M. Itin
w.v. N. Uj; N. E. lancaster, V. tlj J. r .
Stark, U. M. . NeelV, 1'. 1. llttiup
toi,T. Mocts every Thursday niuU
firARK ESCAMrMRNT, NO. lO.-n. E.
rahicii. Cli. IV Jn. L. Litwaster, Bcrtl.
Meet every 2J and 4th Tuesday, tavh
nu.nin. ,
SuDR of TCiniwrance. - - -
ibinn rtlvlJ.-,. So. 93. Cunt. M. Cor.
Kit. w. ! mnt ererr other Tuesday
nftrtit, at Temperance Hall, opiolt the
Jab. CCOssor, B. 8.
Frleuls of Temperance.
I'bo Cau Kill of the Fnrnd of Temiier.
at-c, Kv. 1'. A. UaV, lreldctil, nioew
every olher Tueml'iy night, at 1 p. m., in
Tcmiierar. Hall.
E. J. BULLOCK, Secretary,
The Baptist Fcnial
The iiext action of thia Institution will
commence on Monday, Sept. 4, 1871, In the
bulldlnir known aa the Msdiaon Houae.
ToeTrutee are now hiving built a large
Chapel or Study Hall, In addition to tho
main building.
The boarding department will be under
tlie wiperviMon of tbe I'renldent.
Tuition rrora tlO to fiTi per aeaalon. .
racllitlea unnurpaawid for atudy, health
and moral training.
Catalogues now ready for distribution.
jyJ9-lt Principal.
Wholesale and Retail.
We have Jut received and opened In
Baud' Black, Na. 5, Second door
from Kelley'a corner, a large stock of pure
DruK and i bemlcUr PainK, OiU, Dye
stufls, Talent Medluinin, Cigars, Tobacco,
Pine Wines and L!1"". together with an
elegant assortment of Toiiet and Fancy
Goods. Our goodjjiave been carefully se
lected and purchased, by an experienced
DruggUkand we will so.! them at reasona
ble prices warranting every article to be a
represented. Physician and country mer.
Chants will llnd It to "heir advantage to ex
amine and price our goods before parehus
ingeWwhere. Jy2l.tr PEXPLETOX Si KEITU.
von SALE.
. We are offering very choice fruit In both
glass and tin cana, at very low price to
parties purchasing before they are stured
for winter. Vt'f'tv lulling as cheap as the
most economical can put up lor themselves.
1 Hiring the eniHing wwk we will fill lor
TllonlC ll avi.w cans at rrasonable prices.
Jackson, July , 1171.
(,'uU at Clark & Sou's
.Vnd pet a piilr of the rerfwted Hpmla
s. Best in use.
o-o i-o
II. 11. Anderson ACo's.
I?or Cheap GIuns
or Every !) rlptian.
jaly 1, 1S71 Sui. -
IIobliJHon lloiine.
This house has reduced tlio rates
for dur board to Twenty Dollars
per Month. ,
We recommend the following hotels to
the traveling public aa the very best In
thu r respective eltloa:
Loi'inviLi-B Hotel, Louisville, Ky.
Ppencxr Hot sK, Cincinnati.
Peabopt Hotkl, Memphis. -
Raksum'b IIotkl. bx Louis.
BaTTLk Hoi'S, Sashvllle.
KlCHMOND IbM HE, raducah.
lruit & Ifotatoes!
Peaclics & Irish Potatoes
Siles and returns promptly made. Strict
attentiou to orders.
J. C. JtfOY & CO.,
inly B-2in "12 North Sth St.. SL Louis.
J. W. CSlass & Sous,
Wilt be borne to-dny, after a five months
isj-"l the market North and East, buying
roods -for bis house and w III have
aoiae choice geods bought expressly for his
July and August sales, ami as they buy as
well aa sell lor carh, and buy only as the
seasons demand, he cnu sell you yourgoods
and rnnke a liviug profit, and as lowas
some houses prcpot to sell at cost. Don't
fnrg.1 that J. W. Glass J: Sons sell tor
for your Wool, Kag, Beoswux, Dried Fruit
etc., etc.
At the Romxsox HouaE, only
TwtsiY Dollars per Month.
3". BI. irker S; Co.
Will be found in the building between
t!e ethce of J. L. & S. C. Lancaster and
Maj. R. B. Hurt, after the 1st day of July,
and remain there until thl completion of
their new building.
Ucht Assortment
. Of Kose Classes, at
JuneS-2m. CLARK & SOX"!S.
J Oil UADU hM just fitted upfu the
Pot Ollice building, in connection with bis
Coutectiouery Establishment, a elog:uit
Ice Cream Saloon, whore lailics uud geuUe
men will be aetnmm(xUted at idl seasona
ble houri. Ho will also furnish Ice Croam
to families, parties, picuics, etc, on short
notice. With his experience, taste and
trood Intentions, he has no dcubt of his
' lility to please all who give him a Uial
?ooie 5c 1S1 wards,
1 Uniiieyt at Law, Lexington, Tenn.
Taylor Woods,
a Attorney at Law, Lexington, leun.
july 1j, lSTl-lJiu
; Pratuk S. Clark, iIauo Tuner.
I warrant my work twelve monCiS.
Orders lol't at Clark & Sou's Jewel-
. v ry btoro wiU receive prompt attea
I -1,ioil - . . aug-A-ly.
Go to ilclluiaii'ft
Tor cheang'oves and Tinware.
iv :
W. U. Bull, the gentlemanly Agent of
5. H uris A Co., of Cincinnati, spent seve
ral dart la the city this week. . The medL
cine manufactured by Uili icreat firm re
extremely popular in this section.
Ilena Assortment
Or Perfected Spectacle, for ladies
Dickinson. W i I llama Co, Cotton Fac
tors and General Commission and Produce
Merchant. 210 front street, Memphis.
B2T Pfcyalclan'e Prescriptions, na
natter now latrlcata. onapsasv
ded at all hoars af tn da aad
Bight, r aveeasnpllana aad tfcar
aga rr rug-gists, la the mas acca-
rata aad rcliaale manner, at PY
It) DBIO STORE. KTerr arti
cle gaaianteed pare, Oct-22-tC
Jacksoa Hoot and Shoe Manu
FIB, W. P. baa pro
vided bl; establishment on Lafayette
Street, un stairs, ti-n of Gilt Boot, with all
the modern improvements In the way of
tool and machinery, and is prepared to
do all kinda of work at Cincinnati pricesv
Hisstok of material U large, complete.
and of the mo.t superior quality, and
anything In ,tie Boot or Shoe line
can be manufactured to order on short no
tiue. n employ none but flrat claas
workmen, tnd bene guarantee all hi
work to be aa repreaented. Thia ia i
nmt worthy heme enterprise, and Is ao re-
daclng the price of work that every one can
purcliate flrnt claaa becta or aboca, cheap,
and bence deaerves tbe fine patrouage
already bestowed by our citizen.
(ien. Campbell ia erecting a brick office
on the Bank lot, west ef the Bank.
The police force has been Increased by the
addition of Mr. T. II. Newsom. He was
awvra In on Wednesday.
We have in our family tue Rocking chair
In which Gen'l. Win. T. Haskell was
We saw a man on the street this week
dressed In green. We could not learn
whether be was a Hibernian, Feenian, or
OAS Works. Messrs. Turnbolt A Hen-
ning, of the Jackson Got Co. are In the
city, making arrangement to commence
Immediately the erection of the necessary
The Ilev. J. E. Bright, V., D., a teacher
of long experience and groat success, will
open a Female school at the Carutbersjlace,
on Baltimore street, on the first Monday In
September next. .
FrxK Potatoes Our enterpndng
friend, C W. Green, laid upon our table on
Wednesday, to of the largest sweet pota
toes, of tho Bermuda species, that we ever
saw so early in the season. We suppose
they would weigh a pound or a pound and
a half each.
Fi.nr Wines and Lwcors Served up
In uneiiualed style at the "Hole In tbe
Wall," No. 2rt Monroe Street, opposite Pea-
bhdy Hotel. Alio a free lunch every day,
epicurean In every respect. The lovers of
'good things" should not fall t call at this
saloon when visiting Memphis. ap22-ly.
TEMreRAXCR Mkktino. The friends ol
thia worthy cause will meet in Temperance
Hall on Tuesday night next. It 1 hoped
that all the old members will turu out
The Rev. W. T. BoliXU, a most eloquent
speaker, will deliver an address.
Don't full to read the Interesting adver
tisement of Butzl & Mars, in another col
umn. These are wide-awake gentlemen,
and always mean what they say, and our
readers generally may be profited by ac-
'pting their Invitation.
"Ye local" was called otf en Thursday to
speechify on the Railroad subject, and
bence could not do full justice to his depart
ment. However, having done the best he
could In tbe limited time allotted him, he
hopes that this weet'a delicleuey will be
Persons desiring anything in tho line, of
Builders' Hardware, such as Locks of every
description, Uinges,Gate and Door Latches,
Sah Fastenings, Ac, &c, should call on C.
T. Batks, Tvh. has the Largest and most
complete stock ever brought to this market.
He also keeps Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mould
ings and Brackets constantly on hand.
Dr. KobL Fonner.one of the oldest ami
most distinguished citizens of Jackson, and
one of the most eminent physicians In the
South, has been quite ill for some days. We
but echo the sentiment of thousands, when
we express the hopo that ho may speedily
recover, and that many more years may
be allotted to him in this world.
Jacksox. As anadditional evidence of
tho steady prosperity of Jackson, we
would HUte, speaking from the record, that
l,0U0,C0O of brick have been burned here
this season, over 700,000 of which have been
already engaged. Thia city Is alive with
Improvement, and the demand for business
houses and residences Is far in excess of tbe
MiLi.K.N's Kbnkkit. Thl interesting
Concert will come off on the evening of
August ll)th. Extensive arrangements are
being made undv the management ol Prof.
Metculfe and hi musical committee. It
will be one of the finest mutlral treats ever
tendered to ourcitizeus, and Tomlin'a large
Hall will no doubt be erowdod. The Hall
will be seated In tlio latest style, the chain
being alreaJy ordered. Let everybody
turn out.
Tub MKMriiw Distribution. Mer.
Pussmore Jr. Ruffin, managers of the Real
Estate .Distribution, have announce.? a
postponement of the drawing until Au&'Ost
3 1st, because more time has been consumed
In' e,tabllshing their agencies throughout
(he U. S., than was at first supposed neoes
. . ... a
sir j. The day is now positively set, anu
there will be no more delay. All who de-
slro.a!ulr chance for some splendid Mem
phis propel tr, should write for circular and
chances at once, to Messrs. Pass.MORK A
Ui'ffis, Memphis, Tenn.
Oli-Fashion'kd Eatisu Hol'SB. I. W.
Norwood has associated with him In the
management of his highly popular estab
lishment, our old friend, Felix Rutherford,
widely known as one of the best caterers
In the country. There are few lovers of
good eating in this section but who remem
ber Felix Rutherford, and the bounteous
tables over which he has presided for a
quarter of a century. Norwood and Ruth
erford physically the very embodiment cf
generous living weighing In the aggregate
40 pounds, and men whole-souled and lib
,ral in their dealings they can but succeed.
KetiK'tjber that no expense will be spared
to make '.he "Old-Fashioned Eating House"
tbe best, cleanest, and most bountitul feed-
rtneed just go and see. julyiSMt
Most of our citizens remember Coates's
old hack, patched harness, and the poor one
eyed horse that used, before tKe railroad, to
carry the mail fit) m this place to Trenton.
Well we saw one day this week their perfect
counterpart. Every thing, even to the eol-
or of the horses, was the very same. As we
gazed ou the old fashioned hack and team,
we thought of our school days, when we
used to ride with Coate between this aad
Trer-tcn, In the better days ol Andrew
College. We never saw Coates teams out
of a slow dog trot but once, and that was
in Forked Deer bottom, when they got into
a yellow jackets nest. Tho old things cut
up some rather breezy ihlutsj -then.
Our junior editor acknowledged with his
best bow, the reception of an elegant French
Tricot Sacque Coat, presented him by P. H.
Tapp, of the live firm of Jones, Tapp A Co.,
Louisville. Ky. IP fits him as well as if he
had been melted and poured Into it, but it
will remain a puzzle to us how any man
could guess a proper fit for such a shape
However, Mr. Tapp has succeeded. Did
we not know the extent of this Mammoth
Clothing Emporium, we would fear that
the furnishing of this single outfit had
sounded its capacity in the line of French
Sacques, for our junior is not the "little
man" we rend of, but we are assured that
t ley have a tew more of the same sort left,
besides every variety of clothing at un.
usually low figures, and manufactured ex
pressly for the Southern trade. Our friends
visiting Louisville should not fail to call on
Jones, Tapp A Co.
IIonky! Money a Money!:: One of the
greater needs of Jackson, Is Increased
bauklng facilities. Merchants, cotton men
and speculators are greatly cramped In
their operations by want of bank accotnso.
dations. This fact is so potent, that we
Uike the responsibility of publishing to the
world, that there is not in tbe United States
a Utter point tor the establishment of
anuther bank, with a cash capitol of at
leasf $o00,0tH). We invite capitalists, and
for reference we refer to every merchant, or
cotton buyer in the city. Jackson ships and
purchases annually, not less than S0,OuO
bales of cotton, aad next year with our in
creased facilities, we will ran that amount
up to 30,000 bales at least. The city
growing with unprecedented rapidity, and
every branch of commerce Is on the increase.
We have but one bank, a good aad well
managed Institution, but of resource toe
limited to meet the great and Increasing de
mands of our trade. Let us hive another
bank by FalL or mors money in the excel
lent one already established.
We call attention to the advertisement of
the Finkle A Lysn Sewing Machine. This
Machine has been introduced into this com
m unity by tbe Messrs. Cozine Bros. an
has given universal satisfaction. Cozine
Bros, have a permanent agency here, and
guarantee their Machines as the beat in use,
and if you buy a Machine from them, and
ft gets out of fix, they hold themselves
ready to put It in good running order with
out additional expense. We recommend
their Machines to the ladies of this city snd
the surrounding country.
OUT BCBLXtva-In a Tillage not a great
way from Jackson, there flourished a couple
of men who by hard licks and economy had
saved up fi'jO each. They, as many others
have done before, concluded to quit work,
unite their capital and go Into the grocery
business. In a very few days after they
opened out a mutual suspicion that one was
stealing from tbe other sprung up in their
minds. Each one, then, .to get even with
the other, and save himself, commenced to
pock off goods on every favorable occa
sion. The dwellings of both were near by
the store, and the principal carrying
done whilst one or the other was at dinner.
One of them was much larger than the
other, and heace possessed more carrying
power; but the little one made up for his
physical deficiency In activity and energy,
Thus, in precisely ten days from the time of
opening they had cleared out the concern,
the sma'J one getting the last grab. They
were both a little astonished at the short
ness ol Urn la which the clearing wut waa
done, but each one was satisfied that he had
gotten his share. In thus closing ont their
business, they certainly avoided the ex
pense and delay of trustees, receivers, etc,
They accomplished the whole thing comfort
ably in just ten days, and went back to
work, satisfied with their experience.
Our young and go-a-head friend, B. A,
Pearson, living six miles east of the city,
realized this year off of sixteen acres ef
clover, first cutting (500,00. The same field
it ready for the second cutting, which will
swell the amount to fOM at least. This
clover was raised on a field that was well
worn, and not needed for cultivation.
There are thousands of acres of land in
West Tennessee ly.lnj idle. Why Is It that
they are not seeded with clover or some
other grass? By seeding the Idle lands of the
South, worn soil will not only be redeemed,
but the waste lands themselves, by the hay
that Is cut off of them, and the stock that
they fatten, will be made to pay as much ss
the best cotton lands. Let our planters go
work and seed all of their idle lands.
Learn a lesson from friend Pearson, snd
make your useless lands profitable, as he
has mcde his. AH honor say we, to on r en
terprising yauns friend, who, rising above
"old fogyum," has made even his idle lands,
contribute to his own wealth, and the
prosperity of the whole South. His exam
ple Is worthy of imitation. Follow it.
In olden times Samson, who, in a great
battle slew many thousand Philistines with
the jaw-bone of an ass, was shorn of his
locks, (la which lay tbe secret of his great
strength,) by bis wile, a Phllistiae woman.
Samson took his revenge by pulling down
the columns which supported a great Phil
istine temple, burying many thousand of
his enemies with himself in the ruins.
Jackson has a policeman, who, for many
years ha prided himself on the length and
exuberance of his beard. Recently in ar
resting a disturber of the city's peace, be
was violently shorn of the major portion of
this manly ornament. But Instead of pur-
uing the dire vengeance of Samson
against his enemy, he prudently, but with
sign resigned himself to the mercy of a
barber. His revenge was more practical
than Samson's, although his self-sacrifice
was not perhaps so great. Now he is less
salient, having no whiskers for his enemy
pull. But tbe fair and oily lock of
which he was violently and cruely depriv.
ed, were gathered up by our enterprising
friend Rosy, and may now be seen at Rosy'a
ttestaerant, In an elegant glam frame.
No Excche. Some of our good citizens.
we learn, refuse to take stock in the Agri
cultural and Mechanical Association, be
cause of the supposed location of the
grounds. To all such we would say that
the location of the Fair Ground belongs to
the stockholder. When stock sufficient is
subscribed, there will bo called a meeting
of the stockholders to decide the question
of location, and no fair minded man, we
take it, ean or wilt object to this oay equit
able plan. Every man ean't have his way
a such matters, and those who hold back
because they can't have fAefr way, are sim
ply trying to do themselves, what they
barge upon, and condemn in others. Tbe
grounds have not teen selected. Many
stockholders have their preferences, but the
question of location has not been officially
discussed. The majority will rule In this
matter, and no fair minded turn, or one
desirous of doing his part In the further
ance of a common good, can or will object.
We have before us a bright, a gresi futare.
An intelligent apprec.atlon of our interests,
enterprise and harmony, Is all that u neces
sary to make Jackson the largest inland
city in the South-west and Madison the
richest Inland county.
West Texnessee Fair. Maey of the
friends of this great enterprise met in this
city on Saturday last. A mong other tilings
it was resolved to have another meeting on
Saturday, the 5th day of August, at which
an elegant Basket Dinner will be spread,
Hon. Em. Etheridge, Cols. GrifBth and Kll
lebrew, will address the people. A larxe
attendance is expected, and it Is confidently
believed that . a permanent organization
will be effected. Let all who desire to
place Madison County and Jackson in the
front rank of enterprise, Improvement and
prosperity meet together on the 5th, pre
pared to do their part in pushing on this
great movement Fire thousand dollars ol
stock has already been subscribed, nearly
all of which has been taken in this city.
Our country friends have hot yet dene their
duty; but as ever, w have faith in their
good sense an 1 fairness, and confidently be
lieve that they will not long remain behind.
The plain truth of the matter is, Madison
county has slumbered too long, and if she
don't wake up row, awl tak hold of this
grand enterprise, with vim and earnest
ness, she wilt occupy the same position
among her sister eoanties that Rip Van
Winkle did in his old town, after a sleep of
twenty ;wi on the mountains. Fain are
being held in most of the counties around
us, and they have been of measureless profit.
We can make our Fair the most popular
aad profitable one in the District, if oar
people will only move in the matter with
intelligence, energy and liberality. In ad'
union to the advantages derived by stimu
lating Agricultural and Mechanical skill
and development, this Fair will put extra
thousand of dollars into active circulation
in our midst. Besides, the stock will pay
if we place the institution on the proper
basis, and conduct It with comprehensive
liberality which teill be done. Jackson
has already subscribed nearly $i000, and
if necessory she may be counted on for
$5000 more. Come, citizens or the county,
put your shoulders to the wheel and let us
unite in making our Fair a grand success.
Let everybody interested in this great
movement meet us on the 5tb, prepared to
contribute their mite. The good and pros
perous days of olden times, so much en
joyed by ail of us, can be called back again
with increased brightness. Shall those
happy days return t Answer this vital
question like sensible men like men of
life, of energy, of hope. Come let us rsaiioa
and work while it is yet day.
Fresh Lemons,
For sale at the Post Oitiue building, by
jyl5-4t J. DADO.
See Here!
Railroad Scrip for sale at Bank of ilidi
son. Call on N. S. White, Cashier.
St. Loum, Dec, 2, 1S09.
" Messrs. Thompson, Steels ii Price.
My family had strong scruples against try
ing any new Baking Powder, but, Dr
Price's Cream Bakng Powders being very
highly reconimendsd to ae, I prevailed on
my wife to try them. After one trial she
would not consent to use any other. After
using them daily for nearfy a year we can
recommend them as surpassing all others
in making whiter and better Biscuits,
Cakes, and Pastry. .
. Norman J. Coleman,
Editor Coleman's Rural World.
A Card to the Public.
The drawing for the Real Estate, held in
the distribution under our management,
which was announced to take place to-day,
is postponed until August 31, 1871. The
reason thia Indulgence is asked of the public
we briefly state : Our enterprise is one of
magnitude requL' log tbe establishment of
Agencies throughout the United States. We
have now secured them from New York
te tbe Pacific slope, but in doing so more
time has been consumed thaa w anticipa
ted. We are in work ing order everywhere
desirel, and place the day of drawing only
two months off lor the purpose of giving ail
our stents, far and near, full scope for their
best bibers. We started out to render the
people a distribution of valuable Ideal Es
tate that should be satisfactory to them in
the details of its drawing, and we intend to
maintain that point regardless of all else.
If fiere it to be any grumbling, we prefer
thai it shall occur in regard to the alight
delay we ask, than to have it take place
after the drawing is over. Oc the 81st of
August our enterprise will be perfected.
We do not, nor w PI not, require another
hour's indulgence.
Manager Real Estate Distribution.
Memphis, July 1 171.
LangstrothBee Hives.
Having purchased the right for the coun
ties of Madison and Haywood for the cele
brated Langstroth Patent Movable Comb
Bee Hive, I am prepared to furnish sample
hives with rights for 15. By using the
Mel-extractor and emptying the honey as
last as gathered by the bees, Irom 100 to 200
pounds of honey could be taken from one
hive In one season.
Full colonies: of pure Italian Bees for
sale at 25. Queens can be furnished until
October for $10.
Honey all sold. ' 2Co order for ftrtl ixAo-
nies of Italian bees will be taken after the
15th of Aagust.
Andrew Chapel,
jj 22-1 in Madison Co., Tenn.
C O riS!CN?aiEr.TS O F
Green & Dried Fruits,
And Produce Generally,
All consignments sold quickly and re
turns made promptly.
Commission Merchants,
No. 37 Walnut SL, Clnm., Obia.
July l,1871-3m-
Go to HofFman'u
For cheap Stove, aad Tinware.
Second Hand Engine.
J. in. Parker & Co., have on hand
and for sale one of Ihivali'a Portable
Steam Engines, ten horse power. It has
been running a Saw and Grist Mill, Lathe
and Shingle Machine. It is nearly new and
in good order, aid cost 1250 dollars cash.
The engine alone we ean sell for five hun
dred dollars, part on time.
The Extensive Carriage,
Bnssy, and Sprins "Wason
Of LA.IDIS it BCUvell, are turn
ing out a larj-e amount of first class work
every week. Their business has greatly in
creased, and they will doubtless be com
pelled to make a further enlargement of
their establishment. The reason is obvi
ous Their Wars always artvea Sat.
Isf action), and when they sell to one man
in a locality, they draw the trade of that
section. Their repairing department Is al
so on the Increase, as they invariably guar
antee their work, and employ none but
first class mechanics.
This establishment Is a credit te the city,
and we hope that it will continue to pros
per. The citizens ef adjoining counties
would do well to examine the work of this
extensive establishment before sending
further off.
t2T Brady's Bitters, "Everybody Takes
It," Brady's Family Bitters are now the
aio-a pop-tlar in the United States. They
are no humbug, as thousands all over the
United States will attest. See cards in
other columns. ly "
tif Thirty years have elapsed since the
Introduction of Davis Pain Killer to the
public, and yet at the present time it is
more popular -and commands a larger sale
than ever before. Its popularity is not con
fined to this ountry alone; all over the
world IU beneficial effects in curing the
ills that Hush is beir to," are acknowl
edged and appreciated, and as a Pain Killer
its tame is limited to no country, sect or
race, has never been equaled by any medi
cine in Europe or America.
It in sold by ail medicine dealers.
Dauk of Tennessee.
The old and new issues of the Bank of
Tennessee, ana all other uncurrent money
taken at the highest market value at
Dress Makliijr.
Mr. lee, an experienced Dress Maker,
offers her services to the ladies of J.kson
and vicinity, and will guarantee perfect
satisfaction in every case.
Rooms over Robertson & Bolts' Store,
where she respectfully Invites the ladies to
call and see her. April 8-tf.
Lfo to Hoffman's
For cheap Stoves and Tinware.
la sole Agent tor Henderson county,
for the sale of Mrs. Huddleston's Salve.
Go to Hoffman's
For cheap Stoves and Tinware.
A Fevr Wards ta the Ladle.
Many ladies, particularly mothers nurs
ing, complain of a tired, listless feeling, or
complete exhaustion, on arising in the
morning. On the wife and mother devolves
the responsibility of regulating the duties
of the household. Her cares are numer
ous, and the mental as well as the physical
powers are frequently called into requisi
tion. She often finds her slightest occupa
tion a weary task and existence a burden,
while at the same time the has no regular
disease. Hos tetter's Stomach Bitters, if
resorted to at this period, will prove an un
failing remedy for this annoying lassitude.
The effects of this potent agent are soon
seen in the rosy cheek and clastic step of
the head of the family, a with restored
health and renewed spirits she takes her
accustomed place in the family circle. If
this friend in need be regularly used, those
depressing symptoms will never be com
plained of, and not only wld lassitude
not be experienced, but many diseases fol
lowing its advent be aroided. Asa medi
cil agent it has no equal, while its pleasing
flavor and heathlul effect have made It a
favorite. It is free from all properties cal
culated to impair tke system, and its opera
tions are at once nv Id and soothing and effi.
cient. All who have used the Bitters at
test its virtues and commend it to use.
Special to the Avalanche.
Chlcat Conatjr.
LiTTi-K Kock, July 24. Chicot
countv has asrain been heard from.
It will be retuembereii that senator
iLason, (colored and Major Kagland,
white jrthe mter of jenerson coun
tv. were bom appoiatea uouuty
Judge of Chicot county some time
aso. Mason refused to surrender
tho office, imprisoned the Sheriff
and run ltagiuud out of the county,
together with Harbour, a nejrro,
the nawlv imported assessor. The
matter has created considerable
trouble since then. Last Monday
the county Court .met again, when
Kaslanu attempted to taice posses
sion of the otllce. Mason marched
four hundred armed nejrroes into
the town and again "cleaned out'
Karland. t urther particulars are
anxiously awaited.
I probably have as good means of
information as most person in re
gard to what is called the Kuklux
and am perfectly satisfied that the
thinsr is greatlv overestimated: and
if the Kuklux bills were kept out of
Congress, and tnc army at their le
gitimate duties, there are enough
srood and true men in all Southern
States to put down all Kuklux or
other bands of Marauders."
The Popular
Will be Closed
WE have made a further reduction
indiscriminately of items, will
snow mat will make them remember
Long after years. Give ns a rousing
On Friday, 2lst. at 4 o'clock, Charlie,
uuant son ui jtutnon ana baron spencer.
In Henderson county near Mifflin, on the
2otU, Mrs. Alcy Sle$pdl, wife ol W. L b le
gal!, in the 61.it year of her age.
She was a consistent member of the Bap-
ti-itchureh, and died in the full hope of a
glorious resurrection.
The Change at the Feakedy Hotel
The chanre in the DroDrietorshiD
of the Peabody Hotel, intimated in
our last issue, occurred yesterday,
Messrs. O'liannon & Morris taking
charpre. r or a number ox yeara Air.
E. O'Bannon was connected with
the office of the Louisville Hotel, as
one of its principal clerks. For a
couple of years past he has been at
the Overton, haviner in both idaccB
achieved a widespread and deserved
popularity, ibose who nave visited
the Overton, "and years a?o the
famous Planters' Hotel, Augusta,
Georgia, will testify to Mr. L. S.
Morns' great efficiency as a caterer.
Under their management the . Pea-
body will at once atta'i a rank a
mong the fimt hotels in the country.
Memphis Avalanche.
Improvements in Chattanoaga.
There are at present beinsr erected
and undergoing completion in Chat-
tasrnoosra, sixty-live dwelling's, at an
average cost. of $1,000, to 65,000;
eighteen stores, all brick, three-story,
of an average cost of $5,000,
$90,000; new Postoffice building,
$10,000; new Methodist Church,
$15,000;; Union depot, $50,000; gas
works, $70,000; opera-house.sioO.OuO;
new hotel, 150,000; total, $600,000.
Dramming- ' Advertisement.
A New York grocer estimates the
number of drummers sent ont from
New York city alone to be 25,000.
These average to least $1500 in sala
ry and commissions, or $37,800,000
aid to tho wholenumber lBBalariea.
If to this weadd their traveling ex
penses, $4 per day, and estimating
they are upon the road 150 days
daring tho year, we have an item
of $15,000,000 more, and an aggre
gate of $52,000,000, which is added
to the price or goods sold. As there
are about 300,000 retail stores in the
country which the goods eventually
reach, we find every dealer taxed
$175 per year to sustain this army
of drummers from New York city
alone. ' The writer does not insist
that under all circumstances the em-.
ployment of traveling salesmen
should be dispensed with. In intro
ducing a new article to the atten
tion of the trade, or a new or impov
ed package or manner of putting up
goods, in specialties generally, or
whatever can not be described in
telligibly, or understood clearly,
without seeing the article, then such
a course becomes an advantage to
both buyer and seller. But even
then, after such an article or staple
or manufacture has become univer
sally known, the "drummer" can be
dispensed with to the advantage of
both parties. Leading firms in eve
ry line of business, who have here
tofore refused to make known their
business in any way except through
the expense of maintaining a dozen
or more "drummers" 6couring the
country, have disepensed with their
services and returned to a system
of judicious advertising, which can
not fail to be highly remunerative-
Those who have tried the two sys
tems are loud in their praises of the
latter method. A firm laboring un
der the necessarily heavy expense of
maintaining a dozen salesmen at a
eost of $22,000 to $50,000 per annum,
cannot afl'ord to sell goods at as low
a figure as a firm whoso expenses
are reduced by the same amount.
uiueeu, experience proves iuai com
petition by tbe latter againtt the for
mer is almost impossible.
I his is the experience of a ew
York merchant, indorsed by the
New York Grocer, a recoils; zed
standard of authority In New York
commercial circles- Added to this
may be mentioned the fact that if
the country me reliant is sometimes
bored with too much drumming, he
is never bored by the advertisement
and usually trades with those who
advertise most and drum least. .
g" Tbe following, from the Dy
ersburg Gazette, with very slight
modifications, would suit other pla
ces we wot of:
The Dyersbcbo Suicide or
iiii iuhK. oomu wav it is smi-iue.
. r . o r- ? - ;
wbilo others assert that it is wilfnl
murder for the business men and
property owners of our town to Qui
etly sit still and see the trade of our
eearrrr go to Ulckiuaai; Brownsville'
and .irenion, lust simpiy Because
the roads leading to Dyersbur? are
impassable during the best trading
months of the year. Now that the
Railroad seems to have 'played out,'
all parties interested in the prosper
ity of our town must bestir them
selves, or Dyersburg will sink into a
merited insignificance. We need
better roads. There is not a single
passable road that leads into the
town. All that is needed is a con
cert of action and we can have good
roads. Tlten Dyersburg can have
a lucrative, prosperous, trrowins
trade. A citizen told us the other
ds , that he was assured that $10,000
could be raised on the Trenton road,
within ten miles of town, for the
purpose of improving that road.
This road question is a life or death
matter to our town. Whatever is
dona must be done before winter
sets in. Otherwise Dyeisburg will
again lose ner trade, just like she
did last season. o to work, right
Cayce's Confidence in Hi Spring
The Franklin lteview of Thurs
day 6ays: "John -SI. t ayce has re
turned trom nis trip tnrougn Con
necticut, New lork and other
Northern States. The object of his
visit was to make arrangment for a
more extensive prosecution or nis
spring development, and to ascer
tain if it would be to his interest to
work at home or abroad. Satisfac
tory arrangements were made for
manufacture of springs; and he indi
cates his intention of making Nash
ville the theater or nis operations
His intention now is to go quietly,
systematically and vigorously to
work in the development of his
power and the execution of his con
tracts. His intercourse with North
ern mechanics and men who were
born and raised in the midst of ma
chinery, in regard to the merits of
his invention, have only tended to
confirm his faith and increase his
Establishment of
&r MR!
Positively on
unprecedented in its figures, which
rive the Kood peoole of Jackson a
tue urea or .
call. .
Nashville aad Chattaaoera
Ball road smlu
The suit of the United "States tb,
Nashville and Chattanoosra Hailroad
Company, which has been pending
d.uw j v j uj ut; i iou7, iii uid Circuit
Court of the United States, haa been
compromised. Tbe railroad company
pays the United States one million
dollars in bonds of the company,
bearing four per eent, Interest,
running twenty and forty years.
The amount ia controversy was
about one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand, and was claimed
by the government for rolling stock,
material and improvements which
tho road received during and at the
close of the rebellion. - - '
- i . .
.When Antigonna was readr to en
gage in a sea fight with Ptolemy's
armada, and the pilot - cried out,
'How many are they more than we?"
the courageous King replied, "Tia
true, if yon count their numbers,
they surpass; but for howrmnr do
you count me?" Our God ia suffi
cient asrainst all the combined tnrre
of earth and helL"
Redaction la
aha Expenses of the
Radical Trick la Suppress Caaser.
vatlen Testimony.
The VUUaaly Thereaarhlr Esroot-
. aL . ..
Washington. July 22. The 'a
mount appropriated by Congress
for naval service for the fiscal vnr
ending June SO, was $19,000,000. At
me ciosa oi me year ir.'oo.ooo of the
above sum remained in the Treas
ury unexpended, thus showing- th
actual cost of the navy for the years
1870 and 1871, had been about 16,
200,000. This exhibits a great re
duction in the expenditures over
former years since the war.
A Characteristic Radical Trick.
One of the Vilest and most con.
temptibta of Radical tricks has iuBt
been unearthed ' here, and is to be
made a matter of immediate investi
gation. Messrs. Beck and Blair, the
Democratic members of the Ku-klux
Committee here, have been ereatlv
surprised at the non-appearance of
Erominent Souiheru gentlemen who
ad been innuuwed as witnesses be
fore the committee, and who it was
well Enow a were in a position to
give a correct and truthful view of
the Southcra situation. In view of
the unaccountable delay in the arri
val of these witnesses, a dispatch
was sent to the Southern papers last
night stating the surprise that was
expressed, and especially mention
ing as a singular circumstance that
such men at Generals Wright and
Gordon and Hon. T Hardeman, Jr,
of Georgia who were thoroughly
conversant with affairs in their pla
ces, failed to appear in answer to the
summons. The dispatch was pub
lished this 'morning, and before 1
o'clock to-day the following tele
gram was reuved from one of the
parties named as a dilatory wit
ness: -
Macox,Ga., July 21, 1871.
Sir I telegraphed July 11th that I
was ready to report, and received
July 12th from J. 11. French a reply
that I need not come, the committee
not having time for more witnesses-
" . "'. --.':
(Signed) T. Habdemast, Jr.
The J. C. ' French mentioned Is
the Uadical Serjeant-at-Arms of the
Senate, and he also acts as marshal
for the Ku-klux Committee, and
sends out all cubpenas. Mr. Harde
man's dispatch was sent at once to
Mr. Beck, whs called the attention
of the commiUee to it without de
lay, and demaided an immediate in
vestigation. Trench was sent for,
bat he could not be found, and the
inquiry was nut off until to-morrow,
and meanwhile new subpenas to be
issued for Hardeman and all others
who were supposed to have been
deceived and tept away by French's
lying and unauthorized telegrams;
for the presumption is that Harde
man is not the only witness who has
been kept awaj by him.
The question now arises whether
French did this on his own responsi
bility, or whetker he was urged to
it by a Radical member of the com
mittee. Certain it is that the com
mittee, as a whole, did not author
ize it, aud when Mr. Hardeman's
dispatch was read to-day every
member seemed surprised. Messrs.
LU"ir and Beck are determined to
tft the matter to the bottom, and
find out who is responsible for this
attempt ta suppress the tru';,. -
French went from Ohio to Orel in a
after the war, and be came up from
that State as a carpt-ba Congress
man. He believes in and swears by
Senator Poole, who is a member of
the Ku-klux Committee. -
Manufacturer of
Coacles, Malays & Buffies,
Opposite Gait House, -
UAS now n hand, and Is constantly
making the most complete stock of
Rockaways, Barouche, Top and No Top
Bugcies, ever offered in the city, made of
the best material and workmanship, which
he otters at prices that
Defy competition iu any Market
"W oman's Best Friend."
WTILL bring on the Menses when they
IT have Bot been established, also when
they have bvn suppressed trom unnatural
eauis. Will cure Rheumatism and Neu
mliriaof the back and womb. Will cure
Painful Menstruation, and relieve the head,
bark and loins of those distressing pains
and aches. Will check mencrrbagia or
'excessive flow." Will cure -Whiles" and
falling of the womb, when it is the result
of relaxation or bad health.
It is as sure a cure in all the above disea
se as Quinine is in Chills and Fever.
Ladies can cure themselves of all tbe
above diseases without revealing their
complaint's to any person, which is always
mortiivinz to their pride and modest.
It is recommended and used by the "bet
nhvsicians in their private practice.
For a history of the above diseases, cer
tificates ot lis wonuenui cures and direc
tions, the reader is referred to the wrapper
arounu tne-ooEue.
Manufactured and sold bv
Atlanta, Ua.
Sold bv all Druprist. Price $1 60. .
K3'Neely A KOBEKTS, Agents at Jack
son, Tennessee.
June :U1571-12m.
A large and well selected stock of Ilardware, Staple and Fancy, the best ever in Jackson.
fintlerv in Varietv.
Builders' Ilardware of all kinds J Extra Steel Shovels and Sweeps,
Carpenter's Tools, best made, 1 ft. Plowrp0- Casting AVn-on
Agricultural Implements, of . V r&'. lw onus, Castings, V agon
improved pattern. Material, Iron, JNails, etc.
I have a line stock of Guns, Ammunition aud Hunter' Apparatus, Flsbins: Tackle, Canary and
f 'as f Mockinr. Bird t'aire, KluUci sr, superior Rofrem" .-ior and len Knives, I lower and
Moss Baskets, Flower Stands and Trainers, Marbles and rocket Knives, for boys aad kern. Call gjejBn
and see my stock before
I am
lxlacliinery, Mowers and Reapers, TliresMiig Machines, ' Cotton- Gira, Saw Mills
JIain Street, Opposite Court Snaret Three Dort JteUne my Old Statui.
sit and Molding, Tenoning:, Mortising ami Sawing Machine, and eves?r variety of Patent Wood
Working Machinery, of the most Approved Construction, warranted Superior to any In use.
'w: ? DOANE, President.
juiyiLM-m .
How to Triumph ix Life. Lav
a course in life to pursue, and at all
hazards abide by it; first see that
your course is correct, and when
once that ia decided intellisrentlv. as
it also has approbation ef the best
men whether recorded or- occular,
make it your business to see that
this one thing of your life is strict! v
adhered to. .. i
. j. a. surrzLLK.
Memphis Rolling Mill
Manufacturers of
Bar Iron, Bridge Rods,
Office at Works on Wolf River in Chelsea,
t3T Old Boilers and other wrouirht iron
Scrap boughL - . marl9-6(n
i84o a a - r a a a i87i
Davis' Pain Killer!
This celebrated medicine has
won a deservedly high reputation as aa
alleviator of pain and a preserver of health.
It has become a household remedy, from
the fact that it rives immediate and perma
nent relief. Ills pureiy a vetrctable prep
aratten, made from the best scad purest ma
terials, safe to keep and use la every family.
It is recommended by physician and per.
son of ail classes, and to-day, after s pub
lic trial ol thirty years the avers? life of
man it stands unrivalled and unexcelled.
spreading it usefulness ever the wide
world. It large and increasing- sate sflVtfUS
positive evidence of its enduring fame.
PAIN KILLER was the tirst, and is the
only permanent fain Believer.
since the Pain Killer was nrt Introduced
and met with such unsurpassed sale, many
liniments, Beliefs, Panaceas and other
remedies have Deen onereu to ike public,
hot not one of them haa hlL&ined the tnil t
enviable standing of Uie l'ain Killer.
It is beeauM Davis' Pain Killer is what
it claims to be, a Reliever of Pain. Its
merits are unsurpased. If yon are sunering
from inb-rnal pain, twenty to thirty drops
will almost instantly cure you. There is
nothing to equal iL- In a few moment it
cure Colic, Cramp, bpaams, Heartburn,
liarrmea, . isyseuiery, r lux, niuu in toe
Bowels. Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Sick
la sections of the country where KEVER
and AGUE prevails, there is no remedy
held In gTeater esteem.
IT li recti on i accompany each bottle.
Price, 85 cents, SO cents, and $1 per bottle.
J. N. 11 A KRIS it CO., Cincinnati. Ohio.
Proprietors for the Southern and Western
t For sale by all medicine dealers.
fcSTFor sale by Dr. J. K. Nxwtoh and J.
CPybaS, Druggists, Jackson, Tenn. .
Coughs & Consumption.
The BALSAM is recommended by phy
sicians who have become acquainted, witk
its great success. J '
As aa Eipectorant, it tas hq EpaL
. J. f. HABRI3 CO., Cincinnati. O.
' ' - - - Sole Proprietors.
For sale by all medicine dealers.
Eor sale by J. F. Nkwtom. i. C. Pybas
and XtiLY i, Robkkts, Druggists, Jack
son. Tenn.
B. A. Ksbinan jc Ca., Louisville.
Jackson Cotton Market,
Cut littla cotton received this
week, and Middling cotton ranged
trom 11 to 19 cents. -4 . , k
Jacktsa neat afarnct. .'
Live Stock. Caltle, choice tic-
net; S arross; s&cood cdsss So tt fc
gross. Sheep pCrhead2 OOto 3j0.
r- - . i. ... ,n . a r ... ,01
Beef by quarter, 6(a3c; Shoat 12.
Memphis, July 27. Market ruled
dull and quiet. The dullness of the
New York and Liverpool markets
had a corresponding lenect cere.
Middling 19(rf,19.
The following list trivea the sellin a
prices at the leading Grocery houses
in Jackson:
Bacon, Hams, plain
. a is
Clear bides, . . ..... ...
' Shoulders, :
v at
, VMii
. i-t
l&A 13
Canvassed Hams,
Sufrar cured Hams,.
Flour, bbl ...
7 WMsSS 00
Salt. ? bbl
.3 OLKj
3 25(
. 13v
Lime, a bW
Cement. i bbl
Sugar, Crashed and Powdered,
vo'jee a .
" - BiC,"
" N. Orleans, common, . . .
" Choice Demarara.
. aovi
. si4 '
, ' 3IK.4
. tU 00
Coffee, Prime Rio,
t noioe -.
Corn Meal, ,
Vinegar, (Cder). .:
Spring Chickens f doz
DrttJ Angles, V B
Apples, y barrel
Irish Potatoes, new
Onions V gallon -
Cod Fish -
Fresh Fish -
Game Fish
Hides Dry Flint
44 Salt.
m . g,at
LerUter Sole, fi
" - Kips,
I' Side
VH 25
. 701 ou
. ftt5
. 34 40
2 K13 00
. 30vi 33
t$ 23
- Hi 10
1 ftovi
. i-xjf SO
1 00,4.1 SO
.1 0tx$
. 412M
tsui 10
. l.Vu!
. 14,4
. 14
.4 0143 00
.3 00l4 00
-4 tt-Kciollu
- Harness.
buying elsewhere.
Agent tot, and ean furnish at any time, all
(Send for ClrcuUra.)
, - ,
Hew Advertisements.
Memphis Conference
i : Female Instil nte...
IJIAIX Session be'rimf September 4', l87f.
Tuesday Evening, 6lh, Opeaior Ad
dress by W. P. Ilarrison. l. L.. of Nash
ville, and Cenoert by musician of Jacksoa.
Charges at former rales.
Apply for Catalogues,
jy i-Sm A. W. JuN" ES. Pres'L .'.
Dlanufacturlnar Cc's
WITH Its recent Improvements, Js tbe
simplest, most durable and ouuiplvi
Family Sewing Machine of all tbe varieties
now in use; and to any one wishis to pur
chase a reliable and tirtlas Machine,
containing all the
Latest lmprovetent unit In-
, i . mentions,
without the cotuplications- sf surisra, coe
wheels or delicate aad troublesome ad
justmmiU, the FICTUU" Machine 1
offered without a rival, it i the only lock
stitch machine that haa a straight "self
setting" needle, which cannot be net wrng.
Parties wishing to purchase a rst-r!u
Family hewlair Machine, should not fail to
call and examine it U-iure pun-ha-dag any
For tale, on reasonable terms, by
jy-lm Jackson, Tenn.
Bill tor Divorce -In Circuit
Court of Madison County.
Satlie B. White vs. John White.
IT appearing from the bill and affidavit
on hie in my ethce, that John While Is a
non-resident ol the State of Tennessee, so
that the ordinary process of law cannot be
served on him, it Is therefore ordered that
publication be made for four consecutive
weeks in the "Whig aad Tribune," a
newspaper published In Jackson, com
manding him. the aaid John White, to ap
pear at the next term of our Circuit Court,
to be held at Jackson, Tenn., on tbe first
Monday of September nex.t, aud plead an
swer or demur to complaisant' bill, ar the
same will be taken fur confessed and set
for hearing ex -parte.
blON W. BOON, CTk.
Uayne & Bond, Sol's for CotnpL jy2Mt
In Chancery at Canideu, Benton
County, Tennessee, ,
Wm.1. Morris vs A. K- Weakes, et sis.
IN this cause it appearing to tbe sslirf ac
tion ol the Court at the Jul v Term, 1671,
that the defendant J. li Wintz, ia a non
resident of the State of Tennessee; it Is,
therefore, Ordered by the Court that publi
cation be made for lour consecutive weeks,
requirinr. said Wintz to appear on or before
the tint Monday in Oetober next, and plead,
answer er demur to tbe aratndrd attach
ment and injunction bill of Wm. P. Morris
hied against bua and others, in said Chan
cery Court, or tbe same will be taken for
confessed and set for heariDjr, ex-pane as
10 aim.
jy2S-4t O. B. GREER, C. . M.
Administratrix Notice. 1 -
NOTICE is hereby pi von to all persons
having claims againi-t the estate of the
lata Wm. Ii. Hull, of liendersen countv.
to present them for settlement, either to me
at Mifflin, or my Agent, J. C. M. Garland,
awacsjion. All claims not presented witn-
ln toe umeprescnoed nv law mil be barr
july 2d-3L - Adaunistratnx.
In Chancery Court of McNalry
County, Tennu Petition for
.Railroad Charter. , :
Wm. R. Hunt, J. H. Edmondson Wu. L
V ance, J. S. 11 ate her. il. T. Lenimon,
Tom. Uale,j. X. rvttlL Jno. r. Kyan,
- J. D. Williams, John Mitchell. N. T.
Cherry, V. A. Sanders and Peter A.
' Andrews, petitioners.
ALL persons are hereby notified to ap
pear before the Chancerv Court of Mc
N airy eeunt y; Tenn., a or belore the first
auuua, in ociiiouurr, toil, asu suvw
cause- if anv thev have or know of. whv
Letters or incorporation snould not issue
to the petitioners herein, bv the name of the
"Con mb and Nasbville KailroaU Compa
ny, " with all tbe powers, privileges sad
Iranchiaes of a bodv politic aad corporate.
for the purpose of constructing and spera.
dary Hoe of tiie Stale of Teuoea- froas Uie
point where said Railroad, tx-innins: at
Corinth, ia the State ot Mis-issippi. would
cut the State tine, running In a North-easterly
direction through the teritory of the
counties of McNairy and Hardin, to Mue
suitable point on the Tennessee river, at or
near Hamburg or Pittsburg, or some other
eii-ible and convenient ioint oa said river.
with a capital of dollars, to be divided
into shares, ot tiny dollars each, and
with power to elect officers and make by
laws, when shares of the capital stock
shall be subscribed, as provided by the act
of Assembly, Chapter &4, passed January
20th, 171, aad approved January 171.
Tlioi. R. BECK, C. A M.
Bv J. R. Adams, D.CA M.
W. U. avilpatrick. ijoL jy--6t
la Chancery Court, McNalry
County, Tenn.
R. M. Thompson et al vs. Noah Stewart, et
ai Bill to Sell Land.
IN this cause it appearing from complain
ants' bill, which is. worn to. that defen
dants Noah Stewart. Philip blew art, Wil
liam Clark ana Lucy r Clark, are non
residents of the State of Tennessee: it is
therefore ordered that publication be made
in the "Whig and Tribune," a newspaper
published in the rity of Jackson, Tennes
see, for four successive weeks, couimaading
said Bon-resxieni ia appear i tbe next
term of said Court to be held in the town
of Purdy on the nrst Monday in September
next, and pieau, answer or demur to aaid
biU, or the same wilt be taken for confessed
as to them.
J. F. Mc Kinney A Pace, Sols. jy29-4t
In Chancery Court, McNairy
County, Tenn.
Daniel McDaniel vs. John Me Daniel et ai
Bill to Sell Land.
IN this cause it appealing from complain
ant's bill, which is sworn to. that Joba
McDaniel, tbe heirs at law ot Charles Mc
Daniel and the heirs at law of Hturb Mo
Daniel, whose names are unknown, axe non
resident of the State of Tennessee; it is
therefor ordered that publication be made
in tb " Whig snd Tril-tine,' a newspaper
published in the rit.r of Jackson, lennes
see, for four auccesdve weeks, command
ing said non-residents to appear at the next
term of the Chancery Court, to be held for
McNairy county, at Purdy, en the first
Monday in September next, and plead, an
swer sr demur to complainant's bill, or the
same a ill be taken for confessed.
Mr Kinne J & Pace, aula. - jySMt
Splendid Garden . Implements
kinda of
. D. I LYON, Eec'r.
t .
Valuable House and Lot
TAVLH to aril tb bouw an.llule !u li
V ...-s -i.l.. vss l? , sa I aihwl Jtlil.i-is.ir.sa
-aw- a nua I v ax vjt-- vs aiv; asa --". f '
the residence of Robert Brown. Tor h ouse
contains five rootcs. II nra sotu soon, i
will exchange it for a smalt tana ia tho
AtdI v to sue on the i-rmiises, nr. to Rob
ert ilrown. ...
july LVlf. JOUN lUUAu.
WANrFf, !et the Raleigh ' Woolen
Factory Wolf River, l miles from
Meet! 'his, wool for cash or to manuiaetore.
Fer fu'.l par titulars send for circulars.
je24-t;ia .- W. H. LAN Eft CO.
Spring Creek, Tenn.
THE NEXT SESSION of this Institution
will cesasaeace the 1st Msa
4av in Aasrast. Parents and Guardi
ans desirous of see urine superior educstiou
al advantages, may obtain them here Ui
much less -expense than is usually atten
dant upon a course Ol stuay purtueu away
from home. A thorough Er.r.-Usti, Scien
tific and Classical Course is pr-.-scribed ua
der the supervision of Iatruclora of lanrs
experience and acknowledged skill in their
profession. -
Those who wish to acquire French aad
Husie will have the opportunity here of
resehins- a rare deirree Ot proficiency.
. Painting, Iraw1ng, Embroidery and oth
er smameuUla at the usual rate.
Wail tii tUimUon, partioularly si
those preparing turnuslves for the profes
sion of Teacher, to the excellent education
al ad vantages oflered at Eprinsrdale lafctL
tut, tor here they will not only b thor
oughly educated and aceornpliabsd, but wilt
receivs some new Idea af school discipline
that will hereafter be very nseiui.
Boarding and lodiringcan be obtained in
wiv ate families at the moderate rale Of
13 ou per montn.
l oung lau v Hoarders are reouirwi vo room
at the Institute under the eare of Mrs, Tty.
lor, unless they are placed wiLh relative
Ten or twelve can be very comfortably ac
commodated. It is with gratification that we acknowl
edge the liberal patrenaire of the past Ses
sion. We hope to build up a r remanent
Prlvaia ScbMl in vour midst. Will
you not sustain us that you may get rid of
tnegreatevu oi codmudi catDc ui men
en? Orphan Daughter left in Indigent
circumstances, educated in the Literary De
partment free of charge.
g or uuormaiion ia r- garu w icrin sp-
ply to
Ten Hollars Ileivnrd.
AUG H f SORREL M ARK, branded oa
the left shoulder with a W- d years old
in tolerable order, was taken from tny sta
ble last Sunday night, by some person. A
mirro man named LUrain McCorry, with
his family, lelt my house on Sunday nU'bt,
and are supposed to have taken the mare
with them. I will pay ten dollars to any
lersoa who will return the mare, and in
formation as to who took her.
April Si, 1572. JNO. F. EXUK.
Manufacturer of
Tin, Copper & Sheet-iron Wcrk
And Dealt ia
Japsl.ail Britannia Ware,
XV iu the best style, and all knd of re
pairing la my line,
Extra Stove Vessels always on baud. AS1
goods and work warranted
Jackson, Tenn
fr-bll-ly ,"
' In Cltancery, at Jacluou.
Marv Raid, Complainant,' vs. Uarvy
. Usher .sad wife, and ethers. Amended
aad Supplemental BiiL
IT appearing from the allegations of the
amesMkml and supplemental bill in this
cause, which is sworn te and filed In open
Court, that the following named defend
as t therein are aoo-remdenta of tbe State
of Tennessee, so that the ordinary process
of Isw caaaot oe served oa isau, to-wit:
Harry Usher and wifr, Luctnda; Brad
and Head, children of Anthony F.
Read, deu'd snd whose names and irai are
unknown: Sally Rrnu.-k, Jas. K. McDsritt,
Virgil Kdte-.iU. Marcsllu McDavitt, Ds,
vid Mo ard aire, Martha A., Talbot
aad wife StJiy, Fanny Sanford aad others,
whose names and ages are unknown, chil
dren of Rosella Sandford; Wm. M. CornsU
ua and w lie, Harriet A Tho. A. Coon,
ton, John Reid Compton, Edmund H.
Compton, Robert W. Coroptoo, Jssasa F.
Compton, Jas. Hill and wile, Matilda F,
Wm. G. Miton and wife. Nancy Wj Ste
phen H. Compton, Saily Nall,.ir and Web
ster Duncan; 11. C. Ransom aud wife, Sarah
A., F. P. Randall and v. ife, Mary Jn Mattie
E. Meriwether and John F. Bead, and other
heirs of John Read, whose names, age and
residences are unknown, it is therefore or.
dcred and adjudged that publication be
made in the- Whig and Tribune," a news
paper published in Jackson, Tennessee, for
tour successive weeks, requiring said non
resident defendants and said defendant,
whose name are unknown, to plead, an
swer or demur to complainants amended
and supplemental bill before tbe tirst Mon
day in September next, tue same will be
taken for confessed and set fir hearing ex
parte as to them.
JC J. Read aad J. K. Stephens, Sola.
JttlyMw .
Jackson and 3IisccIaiieou;s.
Louis Solomon
IS bow opening at bis Dew store, oa South
side of Lalsyeoe struct, one ! East of
aeita a Vtaceat's, a new and a ell seleetad
stock of . .
Ready-made Gothing,
siioir. s Boom
Aad a ceaural assortment of Gentlemen's
All of which fid effers to the public at
very small profit. Fta CASH, and to ail
at the SAM E P&1CE3. He most respect
fully ask these wishing to bur goods la
hi lias to call aad examine his good snd
prices. It will at all times afford him
C'easure Is show his good, to ail who visa -m.
Jack eon, Tens-, May ZS, 1371-3m.
Jsa. so, vse-tf. -
Souilicm 7.ron Works.
! S. TRJmLl President.
U. vf. C. GATL3, Secretary,
. ' - - . ! I
XavBUfjKur6Tt Of . .
Bar, Eoilcry Hoop ; an:I
sheet in on,
Missouri and Tennesae ckareoal met-'
ai, and la enual to the best In the market.
July 1, IMTt-tt...
Life Insurance Co.
EICASTUS LYMAN, President. '
C. H. HKBBARD, lctssry. '
.,. r. axirri.l, ecretary. ' '
iUi, Valley Branca Cilice,: :
IS, Knickerbocker Building, ' '
. : j Madison Street, ' a
j . 'i . i " MEsrpins, tenn. ; '
I sssasBBssasaas'
S. R. Clark tt Co. .Manager, -
Asaetta Over .. i 7.AOO,COO OO
AaaasU IscrsSMOvM 4,000,000 OO
Dividends Paid Annually. V
Every desirable form of Policy i
; sued for amouuU. from -;
, ; , t,O0O to 5,000. . ,
Increase of Assets in four years
' ' past 5,fcS8,0Cl 00.
ai,vii ia Viuaiww titlis.saLU
iv a a v v a as as vv sr sas a a a uuwt at uiv '
Liberal, Prompt aad Fair. Dealing, with U
nraii.cn, uoia nana anu scaia."
' j . Gen. Agt, lleaiplus.
t j - ' ' DS. W. V. WILKERSON,
Gen. lit Jackson, Tena.
April ti, HJTV-U. ...
Life Association
CAPT. THOS. CLARK, late Clerk of th
Chancery Court lot Madison coxintpv
is appointed and bow enters upon his (tuts .
as District Arent for the eounues of il uii
too, GiWa, Weakley, llenrv, DecMur.
Carroll, benton, Hsa!ersfin, McNairy aad
Etheridge. All Branch Bonrds and Local
Agsata s.111 report to htm, and persons dr.
sinngsgsacles, or to solicit in said counties,
will pies- ad lres hint.
' Kathvilie, Tean., Nov. 6, 170.
Apent snd Bolicttors wanted rn every
county, town aad neighborhood. 1 tuesa
business, and can otter good and remunnra
: , nployment toactive snd reliable rai n.
rated and by all candid aad
Jiinti o-i; sxknowIeiUcd u-eea
this il wociatiu.r; ie equity of all iu
jib. mai .-tb'uv' sjftiness, its econoaiy
uid tit:t" oomnemi ittoali.
District Acent, Jacksoa, Taut. '
Ksv. IS, loTl-tf. . -
St. Louis Mutual
Parent Office, 513 Olivo St., ,
July lt,18Ks . $IXK),0O0.
' AftBl far Madlssa I.bsI). .
tr Odre on Shannon Kt'fe t.
Jackiton, Tennessee. -
marll-ui augl TC
West Tennessco
Jackson, -Tenn.
LAIiiaK number fcf valuable ;
' Aad .Desirable
For sale on the u4
Heasonable Terms !
From tea to twenty per cent ran be real
ized on the purchase of most of tite above
property; besides the large gain ia the ad
vance in price these land will make in lew
than live year.
Call si Chaacery Clerk's Office, Jacknon,
Tenu-, aad examine list.
CorrespondesMa soliukcxl from all Inter
ested in this section.
snsyS . ... Real Estate AgeeL'
For Slspepsla

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